More Than Friendship
by hot2trot

Copyright 2000

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving two consensual adults. The Author reserves all copyright privileges and would ask that permission be obtained before posting this to your site and/or passing it around. For any questions, comments or what have you, please Email me at

I pick up the phone and hear a voice from my past.  My mind races back to my childhood and the companionship that Elaine and I had shared.  We had been as close as two peas in a pod.  “Hello.  Elaine, is that you?”

“Yes Lizzie, it is.  I need your help,” she said frantically.  “It’s Stephen.  He’s in trouble.  They’re going to kill him,” she cried.

“Calm down, tell me what’s going on,” I said as calmly and slowly as I could as I digested the information on her son.

“They say he killed someone, but he didn’t.  I just know he didn’t.  He couldn’t do that.  He’s my little boy,” she said still crying.

“Alright, I’ll get my ticket right away.  I’ll give you a call back and let you know when I should be arriving,” I volunteered.

She sobbed a few more times.  “It sure will be nice to see you again, even if it is under these circumstances.”

“Yea, I know.  Bye Elaine.  Don’t worry.  Everything will be alright,” I said, doing my best to console her.

“Bye Lizzie.  I’ll be waiting anxiously for you,” and with that she hung up.

I quickly dialed the airlines and arranged my flight into Kansas.  I then called and reserved a car.  Calling Elaine back, I verified her address and gave her my reservation information and approximate arrival time at her house.  She seemed calmer now, knowing that I’m be coming to help her deal with this predicament that her son had somehow gotten himself into.  I packed a bag with what I’d need for a few days then headed to the airport.

Everything regarding the trip went smoothly, for once.  I’d thought about what little she’d told me.  What could he have done that put him in this situation?  I hadn’t heard from her in so long and had no idea of what was really going on in her life.  Other than the usual Christmas card exchange, we hadn’t had any contact.  All I knew was that she had called and I was going to help her.  I didn’t even think about whether I should go.  It was automatic.  She was my friend and would be for life.

As I drove up to her house in the suburbs, I noticed it was neatly kept.  She had done well for herself, considering her background.  I got out of the car and grabbed my bag.  I strolled up the walk, up the stairs and onto the country style porch.  I rang the bell and waited patiently.  The door opened and there was Elaine – all four-feet eleven inches of her slender frame.  Her blond hair was shorter than I remembered.  She may have been short in statue, but when they talked about dynamite coming in small packages, they were referring to her.

“Hi Lizzie.  It’s good to see you again.  It’s been too long,” she said as she opened the door and welcomed me inside.

“Yes, it has,” I replied.  I sat my bag down and gave her a hug.  She led me over to the couch then began to fill me in on the details of the how and why her son was accused of murder.  I listened intently.  I’m not sure just how she expected me to be able to help her, unless she just wanted support.  I admit that I’m a fairly competent investigator, but I wasn’t licensed in this state.  ‘Yet, you did bring your gun,’ I thought.  Still, she just wanted me to do some poking around and see what I could find.  She handed me a list of Steven’s friends and their addresses and phone numbers.  I would start my work the next day.  I was tired from my flight and wanted to start out when I was fresh and rested.  We spent the rest of the evening eating dinner and just catching up on our lives.

I awoke the next morning.  It took me a minute to realize where I was and why I was here.  After I got up and had taken my shower, I went downstairs.  Elaine was up and working on breakfast.  We talked casually, avoiding any discussion about Stephen.  She headed to work and I began my work on the telephone.  I started with the first of the five names on the list.  I eventually reached a boy named Bobby.  He explained to me that to the best of his recollection, he, Ryan and Stephen were buying beer at a local convenience store at the time he was supposed to have been shooting the other individual.

My first real lead.  I went to the store that Bobby had told me about, showed my I.D., explained who I was and asked if I could view their video surveillance tapes of the time in question.  The manager reluctantly complied.  I’d hit pay dirt.  There in black and white were the three boys buying beer at the time Stephen was supposedly shooting someone.  Stephen even looked up at the camera.  There could be no dispute that it was him.  I don’t think that the store was going to be pleased though.  All the boys were minors.  They would probably be fined, even though an I.D. had been shown.  I asked the manager if I could take the tape to the police and he was again reluctant, but finally agreed.  I signed for the tape and off I went.

Upon locating the police department, I inquired within as to the detective working on the case.  He came forward and escorted me back to his desk.  I explained who I was and my connection to the defendant.  He viewed the tape and immediately concurred that Stephen was innocent.  After a few phone calls, I was advised that Stephen would be released in a several hours.  I immediately called Elaine at work and heard her scream in excitement.  I waited until Stephen was released and escorted him home.  His mother would be home shortly as it was close to five o’clock.

The next day Elaine and I were discussing just how I’d discovered the proof of his innocence.  I continued to tell her that I’d be leaving the next day.  I didn’t want to impose on her hospitality any longer than necessary.

”You really helped me out Lizzie and I’d like to do something to thank you,” Elaine said her voice full of contentment.

“Oh, you don’t have to do anything.  That’s what friends are for.  To be there when you need help or support,” I replied.

“I know, but I still want to do something for you.  Please let me.”  She paused.  “Do you trust me Lizzie?  I mean really trust me to the point that you won’t question me when I do something?” she asked thoughtfully as she stared into my eyes.

“What exactly are you talking about?  You know I trust you, implicitly.  Why do you ask?”  I questioned.

“I want you to answer me, yes or no.  Either way I’ll respect your decision.  If you say yes, then I will do something to you that you’ve probably never experienced and will be mind shattering.  If you say no, then I won’t question your reasoning or judge you.  Now, I ask you again.  Do you trust me?”

I was silent for a moment, not sure exactly where she was going or what she was talking about.  I decided that since you only live once and what she offered did sound interesting, “Yes.”

She went over to the phone and dialed a number.  I heard her talking to someone.  From her tone I assumed that it was a man.  I heard her mention “properly trained slave” and “borrow.”  ‘What in the world was she doing?’  I was now totally confused.  She came back over a few minutes and we started reminiscing about the past, the innocent days of our childhood.  I don’t know how long we had been talking when the doorbell interrupted us.  She went over and answered it, escorting a young lady into the room with us.  She led her past me and into the solarium.  The young lady in question was in her late twenties, medium build, and auburn shoulder length hair.  Elaine quietly told her something and closed the French doors to the room.  She came back over and sat down beside me.

“Remember earlier when you said you trusted me?  Well, I ask you once again.  Do you trust me; will you not question anything that I ask you to do?”

“I already told you that I do,” but I could tell that was not the answer she was looking for.  “Yes, I trust you and will do anything that you ask of me.”

“Good, then let’s get started.  That was Yvonne.  She is the property of a male friend of mine.  He is her Master.  She is his slave.  He has allowed her to come over here to me in order to expand her training.”  She paused.  “I am a Mistress.  Will you be my slave?”

I can only imagine how my face looked to her.  I was totally unprepared for this.  I had heard of this type of thing, but had never known anyone that actually participated in it.  This was something that I would have never suspected in regard to Elaine.  After I closed my mouth, I was totally speechless.  I didn’t know what to say.

Elaine stood up and took me by the hand.  I rose and looked down at her.  ‘Just what did she want from me?’  She led me towards the French doors.  Standing behind me she reached around my waist and opened them both at the same time, letting them swing open.  What I saw before me was Yvonne in a kneeling position, her head bowed, her hands behind her back, and she was nude, not a stitch of clothing on her.  She did have a black leather collar around her neck.  If I was shocked before, then I don’t know how to describe what I was feeling now.

I felt a hand pushing at my lower back, urging me inside the room.  Elaine came around in front of me and took my hand again, leading me over to a couch.  As I looked in her eyes, I saw something different.  She had changed.  “Undress, NOW!!!” she commanded.

I stood there for a moment, utterly shocked by what she was asking me to do.  I mean we had undressed in front of each other when we were growing up, but this was different.  A long time had passed since we’d even seen each other naked and here she was asking me to do this!

“I’m waiting, slave.  Do you have a problem following my command?”

‘Wait, I did tell her that I trusted her and would listen to her.’  I slowly pulled my shirt off and laid it on the couch.  I then unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down.  Glancing up at her, I could see that she was not pleased that I was taking so long.  I pushed the black denims off my hips and added them with my shirt.  I paused.  ‘Did she expect me to take off everything?’

“Go on, take off the rest,” she said in an annoyed tone.

‘Had she read my mind?’  I undid my bra, and held the cups in place, then lowered it and laid it with my other clothes.  Last but not least, I lowered my panties down, feeling more than just naked.  I felt totally exposed, my entire soul open for her to view.  My head was bowed.  I felt ashamed.  My body wasn’t as toned as hers or Yvonne’s.

She walked over to a weight bench.  “Come over here, slave,” she commanded.

I realized she was talking to me when Yvonne didn’t move.  I went over to her reluctantly.  

“On your knees, slave.  Keep your head down.  Don’t look at me.”

I assumed a position similar to the one Yvonne was in.

Mistress turned around and opened a drawer in the bureau behind her and pulled out something.  “I have something special for you,” she said, her voice not as harsh as before.

She turned around and was hold a leather collar.  She leaned forward, moving my long brown hair out of the way and slipped it around my neck, buckling and locking it into place.

I felt as if she owned me.  I had no desire to disobey her commands.  I only wanted to please her.  ‘Why was I feeling like this? Was this all caused by a small piece of leather?’  I was shaken from my thoughts by her voice.

She again retrieved something from the drawer.  “Present your wrists,” she commanded.

I was confused and did nothing.  She must have sensed my confusion for she repeated her command, but this time rephrased it.

“Put your wrists out of front of you, slave.”

Each time she called me “slave” I felt smaller and smaller, like I was nothing.  I did extend my arms out in front of me.

She put a leather cuff around the right wrist, buckling and locking it, and then proceeded to do the same with the left.  I noticed two metal rings attached to each cuff.  She then reached back into the drawer and extracted two more cuffs.  She walked behind me, bent down and wrapped one around my left ankle, buckling and locking it in place, then again, proceeded to do the right ankle in the same manner.

“Lay down on the bench, on your back,” she said.  Seeing that I was complying with her order, she turned around and removed some rope from the drawer.

She took one arm and pulled it down vertically, attaching it to one of the legs.  She ran a piece of rope through one of the rings on the cuff, and then wrapped it around the leg several times.  She then lowered my other arm down and passed the rope through a ring on that cuff, securing it around that leg then tied it off in between the two front legs of the bench, out of the reach of my hands.  Moving to the bottom of the bench, she pulled my left leg to the side and with another piece of rope secured that ankle to the leg of the bench.  She then moved to the other side and pulled my right ankle to the side, securing it to the remaining leg of the bench and tied off that rope.  I could feel my sex exposed for anybody to see.  What made things worse was that I shaved around my sex.  One of my boyfriends had liked me that way, and I’d never changed.  I wasn’t sure what Mistress had planned for me, but I wasn’t in a position to argue.

She called Yvonne over.  “In between her legs, slave.  I want you to lick and suck her, use your fingers but I don’t want you to make her cum,” she said firmly.

I felt a soft tender touch of hands on my thighs, then a tongue running up and down my lips.  A shiver passed though my body.  I was starting to get excited by all of this, not repulsed as I thought I would have been.  Her tongue parted my lips and lightly touched my clit.  Oh, I was starting to not be able to think.

Mistress must have been undressing while I was being properly teased.  For the next thing I know she is leaning over my head, her nipple right above my lips.  She lowered down a bit until it was touching them.  ‘Surely she didn’t mean for me to, well, suck on it.’

“Go on, suck it in.”

I parted my lips and drew it into my mouth.  She moaned.  I don’t know how I was able to think due to the fingers that had been slipped into my wetness and were being worked in and out of me as a tongue flicked against my hard clit.  Mistress started talking.

“I’ve always been attracted to you, but you never suspected anything.  I wondered how you’d react when my chance came to show you how I felt about you.  I’m pleased so far.  What about you?”

I could only respond, “uhuh,” as her tit was in my mouth.  She pulled back and lowered the other one for me to lavish attention on.  Her fingers lightly pinched on of my nipples.  I moaned.  Then she ran her tongue around it before drawing it into her mouth.  I’d only had this done by men.  Women were so much more knowledgeable than the opposite sex on just what we liked.  I don’t know why I hadn’t ever thought of that before.  I continued sucking on her breast, teasing the nipple with my teeth, and biting gently, my tongue flicking it back and forth.  I was really enjoying this, my moans increasing every second.

“I told you not to let her cum.  Watch it, she’s getting close,” Mistress said.

‘How does she expect me to be kept on the edge like this?  I’m giving and getting more attention by experts, someone of the same sex, than has ever happened before.  On top of all that, I’m being dominated by my best friend who’s much shorter than me.  This is too much.’  But Yvonne did back off, holding me just on the verge, but not letting me get the satisfaction that I so desperately wanted.

Mistress raised up, turned around and straddled me, her wet pussy right above my mouth.  I tentatively extended my tongue and touched her lips.  I felt her quiver.  She was dealing with a virgin bi and knew it.  She was relishing the fact that she was the first to initiate me into so much that I’d never experienced.  She lowered more and I parted her lips, my tongue searching for her clit.  I licked at it, flicked it back and forth, and then licked again, harder this time.  Moving down, I inserted my tongue and started fucking her with it.  She moaned more.  I could taste her sweetness.  This tasted so much better than a man’s cum.  Moving back to her clit, I moved against it faster and harder.  I then got an idea.  I wrapped my lips around her clit and drew it into my mouth.  Biting on it gently, flicking it back and forth with my tongue.  I could hear her really moaning at this point, so I sucked harder.  I felt her cum, but didn’t let up on my attentions until she pulled it away from me and presented me with her pussy.  I licked up her juices.  The ones that I’d caused when she came.  ‘WOW!!!  I’m eating my best friend’s pussy.  I would have sworn that I’d never do this, yet, here I am, drinking down her cum.’

She pulled away when she had come down sufficiently from her orgasmic high.  She moved away.  I thought I heard her getting something from a drawer, but wasn’t sure.  Leaning down, she kissed me, her tongue parting my lips.  A woman had never kissed me, but again, I was doing a lot of things I’d never done before.  When she pulled away she whispered, “I have something else special for you.”

‘What could she have for me that she hadn’t done for me so far?’ I thought wildly.  Barely able to think as Yvonne continued driving me crazy with her tongue, lips and fingers.

I felt a dildo on my lips.  I parted them and it was inserted further.  ‘What is she going to do, gag me with this thing?’  Little did I know until it was fully inserted in my mouth, my lips held wide, yet my gag response didn’t happen.  ‘Now what’s she doing?’ I thought as I felt straps on my cheeks and figured out that she was buckling and locking it into place.

She moved away from me and retrieved something else from the bureau and called Yvonne over to her.  I heard Yvonne moan.  After a few minutes she told her to go back where she was and again, not to let me cum until she told her that she could.

‘What was going on now?’  I looked down and saw something that I’d never seen before.  Yvonne had a dildo extruding from her pelvis.  She was wearing a strap-on!!!  What I didn’t know was that it was double ended.  She had a dildo inside her.  I felt the head of the dildo part my lips as she glided it inside me easily.  She buried it deep inside me, and then started moving slowly, increasing her speed slowly.

Mistress had retrieved something else from the bureau without my noticing, at least I didn’t notice until I saw her attaching a dildo to my gag.  ‘What was she going to do?  No, she wouldn’t.  Oh my gawd, she is!!!’ I thought as she straddled me again, lowering herself slowly over the large dildo.  She sank slowly until it was buried deep inside her, and then started moving up and down.  Each time she moved down, she forced the dildo in my mouth further down my throat.  I instinctively started sucking on the faux cock.  Just when I thought it would go too deep, she would rise up, and then come back down, driving it deep again.

In the meantime, the cock in my pussy was pounding against me in earnest.  I was moaning loudly.  I’m not sure if it was from the pleasure I was receiving from giving a blowjob or because I was being fucked with pure abandon.  I was so close, wanting to cum with each stroke.  Finally I heard Mistress starting to cum, and moaning, “You can cum now, slaves.  You have my permission.”  As Mistress’ juices flowed down my cheeks, the cock in my pussy fucked me faster and harder, until I couldn’t hold back anymore and my body began to shudder in pleasure.  I moaned against the cock in my mouth, feeling Yvonne drive deep into me as she also came.  I felt her legs quiver against my thighs.  Her moan resounding loudly in my ears.

I stir from dream, my eyes opening into the dark room.  Five A.M.  ‘Wow, that seemed so real.’  I could feel the wetness between my legs.  ‘That was one hot erotic dream.  I don’t think I’ve ever had one like that before.’  My hand slid down between my legs.  I was even wet by my clit.  I slid my fingers over my clit.  ‘Oh that feels so good.’  I wanted to moan, but was afraid that I’d wake my husband who was asleep next to me.  I slid my other hand down and parted my lips, fully exposing my clit.

Sliding two fingers in deep, I pulled them out and started playing with my clit, rubbing it fast and hard.  ‘Oh gawd, yes.’  How I wanted to cum.  Again I slid my fingers back inside me to re-lubricate them, then immediately brought them back up and continued the attention to my ever-sensitive clit.  My hips began lifting rhythmically off the bed.  Faster… harder I rubbed back and forth.  I felt my orgasm was right on the brink and with more effort I worked the hard nub.

I screamed in my mind as I came and shuddered.  ‘How was I able to not scream out loud?  That was phenomenal.’  I slid my fingers back inside me then brought them to my lips to taste my own juices.  Oh, how I loved how I tasted.

Rolling back on to my side, I cuddled up to my husband.  He was totally ignorant of what had just gone on beside him.  I closed my eyes, my body totally relaxed and drifted back off to sleep.