The Lesson
by hot2trot

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving two consensual adults. The Author reserves all copyright privileges and would ask that permission be obtained before posting this to your site and/or passing it around. For any questions, comments or what have you, please Email me at Copyright 2001

Elizabeth came in from outside.  The snow had started falling softly.  Now, as she stepped in the door, the wind began to pick up, swirling the snow around as it began to come down heavier, the flakes were becoming larger.  She loved this time of year.  Everything appeared so pristine outside, so calm.  She looked out the French door at the mountains.  She couldn’t see them, but knew where they were and exactly what they looked like.  She had gazed at them many times, memorizing their features.

She saw Kyle coming towards her, a load of wood in his arms.  She opened the door just as he ascended the stairs to the deck and began to approach her.  She moved out of the way as he came in and placed the logs and split wood by the fireplace.  She came closer to him, brushing the snow off of his hair.  “It’s starting to really come down.”

“Yes, it is.  We’re supposed to get a foot or more tonight.”

“MMMMMMmmmmmm.  I just love the snow, and when we get more, well,” she laughed, “it just means that you’ll have to work to get the truck out of the drive.”

“Oh, you think that’s funny?  Maybe I’ll just get your butt out there and have you clear it all away.”

“Yea, like you could.  You couldn’t get me out there unless I wanted to go.  And there’s nothing that you can do about it either, hotshot.”

“You think?”

“Don’t even try.  You’re not going to do anything, so I don’t have to worry about it,” and she laughed as she sat down on the couch just to prove her point.

“Go on, just keep it up,” he said as he sat down beside her and put his arm around her.

“But dear….,” she whined.

“It’ll be your butt,” he said laughingly.


“I’m just seeing how deep a hole you can dig for yourself.”

“Well, I’m just being my self, maybe just a bit more spunky.”

“I can see that, and I’m just using reverse pushing.”

“Are you calling me a child?”

“No, you are definitely NOT a child,” he said as his eyes roamed up and down her body, taking in all her womanly curves.

“Then what am I?”

“A woman aching for a spanking,” he said as he smiled.

She immediately recalled an article she’d read about different ways to get your Master’s attention so that he’d have no choice but to spank you, and decided to try a few ideas of her own.  ‘Besides,’ she thought to herself, ‘if I’m going to get into trouble, I might as well do a good job of it,’ and she giggled softly.

Elizabeth got up and walked down the hall to the bedroom.  Kyle became interested as to what she might be doing, and got up and followed her, shaking his head for he knew that she was just going to get herself into more trouble.  He knew her so well.  He stood silently watching her.  She had gotten his bag from out of the closet and placed it on the bed.  She was now rifling through it.

Picking up the leather wrist cuffs, she stared at them for a moment before tossing them over her shoulder carelessly “nope, don’t need these.”  She next removed the leather leash.  “Come here Rover, we’re going for a walk.”

At that point he had had as much of this as he could stand and walked into the room, closing and locking the door behind him.  “That’s enough,” he said firmly.

She paid no attention to him, but continued her exploration of his forbidden bag.  As he walked up behind her, she pulled out a collar.  “Hmmmmm, wonder how this would look on Scruffy?  Where is that cat?”

“Quiet!  The dog already has his own leash.  Now, go pick up my cuffs and give them to me,” he said, ignoring her comment about the cat.

Elizabeth silently stood motionless, feeling his presence behind her, thinking just how far she wanted to push her Master.  She then turned around and stared into his eyes in defiance.

“Go pick up my cuffs and give them to me.” he said again in a stern but even voice.

Slowly she walked over retrieving the cuffs.  She dropped down on her knees, spreading them slightly.  She raised the cuffs up to him, looking him in the eyes when he took them.  He revealed nothing in his gaze, but kept his emotions hidden.  She knew she was playing a dangerous game.  She had done many things for which she would most likely be punished.  Would she get away with looking into his eyes instead of averting her gaze, as she knew she should?

“Undress. Now.” his voice was firm and unwavering.

She slowly removed her sweatshirt and reached back and undid her bra.  Placing both articles on the bed, she then unbuttoned her jeans, stood up, unzipped them and lowered them off her hips, adding them to the previous items.

“Pet, you are going to be punished and I will not be easy on you.  First, you got into my bag without permission, and second, you hesitated when I told you to get me my cuffs.  Now, give me your wrists.”

She did not hesitate as she presented her wrists up.  He reached over to the bed and picked up the cuffs, first securing one wrist, then the other. He then locked them together. Immediately she resumed her previous position, only this time lowering her head, as a proper slave should. She knew that she was about to learn her fate, and did not relish the next few moments.

"Go bring me the wooden chair."

She walked over to the corner, picked it up and brought it back, placing it in front of him.

He placed the back of the chair in front of her, the back resting gently against her tummy.  “Bend over it.”

She did exactly as she was told, not wanting to add to her infractions.  He bent down and lifted up a chain from the front of the chair, attaching it to the cuffs.  Walking back to the bed, he retrieved the ankle cuffs.  He turned and bent down, placing one around each of her ankles then attached them to each of the rear chair legs.

As if overcome by the realization of her situation, knowing that she was in over her head, Elizabeth cried out “Let me go.  I don’t want to do this anymore.”


She realized that she was not going to be released and grew silent.

He turned back to the bed.  “This is just what you need,” and came back with a ball gag.  He brushed her hair back and turned her head toward him. “Open your mouth.”

“I don’t want that.  Keep that away from me,” she protested.

“Quiet!  I said to open your mouth.  Do it, Now!”

“Oh first you want me to open my mouth, then you tell me to be quiet.  Will you make up your mind?”  She did not know why she was talking back to him.  She was not in any position to do this, but there were times that reason did not come into play.

Master smacked her butt and when she opened her mouth to howl in pain, he inserted the gag, buckling and locking it in place.  She continued to protest, but he paid no heed to her mppphhhhh’s.

Turning again back to the bed, she strained to see what he was getting next.  He turned around, sitting down beside her and placed nipple clamps on the chair.  His fingers played and pinched her nipples as she moaned in pleasure.  She couldn’t help herself.  His attentions felt so good.  When her nipples were hard, he attached first one clamp, then the other.  She moaned slightly at the increased pressure, but quickly moaned louder when he tightened them.  Reaching underneath the chair he pulled out a string attached to the underside of the seat and tied it to the chain between the clamps, making sure it was slack free.

Returning to the bed, he pulled out a paddle.  “I’m going to start with this and work my way up.”  He could see her shudder, as her eyes flew open in slight terror.

‘Start with this?’ she thought.

Placing his free hand on her ass, he began to rub it.  She unconsciously moaned.  Suddenly whack…whack…on each cheek, then his hand was rubbing again.  Without breaking stride, he continued.  Whack…whack…whack…whack…making sure to cause pain as even as possible for both sides.  With each contact her body jerked upward in protest, pulling on her nipples; her muffled screams broke the silence of the room, each louder then the last as her flesh began to burn.  Also, with each contact of the wood she slipped deeper and deeper into sub-space.  Then again his hand lovingly caressed the heated skin.

Stopping and reaching over into his bag, he pulled out his cat.  Seeing this, her eyes widened in anticipation of the leather stinging her already tender flesh.  His fingers spread her legs.  Moving up and down her legs, he flicked it back and forth, increasingly getting a little harder each time.

Initially, she tried to avoid the contact by moving her hips back and forth even though she knew it was useless.  She moaned more than before as the little bee stings were inflicted upon her tender flesh.  Tears began to well up in her eyes.

He then began to work on her thighs, bringing it down harder than before.  The cries of pain became constant, mixed with whimpers as tears began to flow down her cheeks.  Leaving her reddened legs alone, he concentrated his attention on her ass.  He brought the leather cat down harder than he had on any other part of her body.  She howled in pain, but at some point the pain became intermixed with pleasure.  By the time he had left behind her ass to continue on to her back, easing up on pressure with which he applied the cat to her sensitive skin, she was extremely aroused, each stroke bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.  Soon all of her that was in full view of him from behind was red.  His hand soothingly rubbed the seared flesh, easing some of the discomfort he’d caused, for he knew that she could only take so much at one time, and didn’t want to push her past her limits and totally lose the person that he loved.  Yes, she could be stubborn and opinionated, along with being a brat at times, but he loved those qualities in her because she was constantly challenging him, but still always learning and growing.

Replacing the cat back into his bag, he pulled out a crop.  ‘How would she handle this?’  It had been some time since he had used it on her.  ‘We’ll see, yes, we shall see,’ he thought with a smile on his face.  He could see that she was starting to enjoy what he was doing.  He had known that she would eventually get to this point; she always did.  “You are doing very good my pet,” he said in a reassuring loving voice.

He slid the end of the looped crop down between her cheeks, then ran it over her nether lips.  Pulling it out he saw that it was very wet.  “Have you cum pet?”

She barely heard his voice, which sounded as if he were in a tunnel, and shook her head no as she also moaned her muffled response.

“Are you sure?” he asked again.

Again, she shook her head, this time positively indicating yes.

“Good.  Remember that if you do cum your punishment will be much more severe.”  Replacing the crop back between her legs he proceeded to hit her lips firmly, hard then soft, then hard again, always varying the pressure that he applied.  Closer and closer he pushed her, always bringing her to the brink and then backing off.  She pushed herself up on her tiptoes.  Her moans indicated that she wanted to cum.  “Not yet pet,” he told her.

She moaned in frustration as he continued to apply the flat leather to her most sensitive zone.  She knew that he was about to push her over the edge, then fortunately for her, he stopped.

No sooner than she realized that he’d stopped, he bent down behind her and she heard a hummmmm and felt a vib touch her clit.  This was almost too much for her bear.  ‘I’m going to cum,’ she thought to herself, then he slid it down and inside her pussy.  He moved it slowly all the way in, then almost all the way out, then in again, and out, each time moving it faster and harder.  Her hips came alive and began to try and fuck the silver plastic.  Her begging moans of “please” seemed to fall on deaf ears.

“Don’t you dare cum.”  Sliding it out he rubbed it against her enlarged clit, moving it faster and faster.  Somehow she managed to hold off the impending explosion.  He could hear her begging to cum and knew that he was about to push her past her limit.  ‘How much more of this can she take?’ he thought.  ‘I know she is close.  What can I do to push her over the top?’

Stopping for only a moment, he removed the vib, took his fingers inserting them inside her making sure that were extremely wet, then smeared the lube around her tight little asshole.  “This is the final part my pet.”  He took the larger plug that he had and began to insert it, moving it in and out until he had it fully buried inside her.  Retrieving the vib he again started working it in and out of her cunt.  She began to moan in only way that he could understand.  She was saying “please,” albeit muffled, he understood it.  “Cum for me pet,” he said as he slid the toy out of her and touched it firmly to her clit.  She wasted no time in following his command, she couldn’t.  Her body was his, under his control, waiting for the word from him before reacting.  She exploded, her entire body shaking with satisfaction.  Her juices ran down his hand.  He loved seeing her like this, content and so totally sated.

Letting her come down, he released her wrists from the chain, untied the string attached to the chain of her clamps and went behind her and released her ankles.  Her legs were so weak now he had to help her up. He then laid her down on the bed, lying down next to her.  She snuggled up to him, totally content.  He pulled her to him.  “Have you learned your lesson for today pet?”  She shook her head yes, moaning softly.  Reaching behind her head, he unlocked and removed her gag.  “I love you,” he said almost in a whisper. 

Elizabeth sighed against him, too spent too say much of anything at all, but yet wanted him to understand that she loved him too.

Placing his fingers under her chin, he tilted it up.  He kissed her softly, passionately, on her lips until she lay even more relaxed in his arms.  He unlocked her cuffs and she placed her hands on his chest, her fingers moved in circles round and round all over.  His moan of contentment told her all she needed to know.  She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly to her, then moaned at the unexpected pain from her sensitive nipples.  She had forgotten that the clamps were still on.

“I want to do something for you,” her eyes reflecting the desire to give him pleasure also.  She had not yet accepted that he received pleasure by seeing her in such an euphoric state, and knowing that he was the cause of it.

“You don’t need to do anything,” he replied quietly and kissed her forehead.

She traced a finger along his strong jaw, over his lips, then down his chest and over his hardness.  Looking at her he could see the wanton look in her eyes, the desire to please him.  He knew she wanted to taste him, to feel him in her mouth.  That was something that she loved to do as much for him as herself.

“It’s ok pet, you can take it out.”

She undid his jeans, slid the zipper down, the carefully released his cock from its confines.  Wrapping her hand around it, she began to work it up and down.  He moaned at the intimate contact.  Placing his hand behind her head, he guided her down to his crotch.  She immediately drew him into her mouth, vigorously working her head back and forth.  Someone might have thought she was possessed and he was the cure, as frantically as she moved.  Her lips tightened a little more each time she drew back, and she would let her teeth lightly scrape over him.  She knew that he loved that.  His fingers became entwined in her hair as he held her head.  Faster…harder…deeper she moved, taking him higher and higher, ever closer to nirvana.

“Ppppeeeeetttttt,” he cried out just before groaning in satisfaction.  He held her head firmly as he came, making sure that she swallowed all of his hot cum.  He knew that he did not need to do that, for she loved how he tasted, never wanted to let a precious drop of his fluid escape her lips.  She continued to suck on him gently, milking every available drop as if it were gold.

Finally he pulled her back up to him.  She pulled her knees up and to him, cuddling up next to him as her head rested on his shoulder.  Master leaned over and kissed her softly.

“I love you,” she cooed.

“I love you,” he whispered back.  He leaned over and slowly released the clamps on her nipples.  She moaned in pain, but he quickly began to rub the soreness out of them.  He noticed that she had wrinkled her face up when he had freed them and sensed that she had almost cum again.  Picking up the vib, he handed it to her.  “Cum for me pet.”

Whereas at one point she would have been too shy to do this in front of him, she hesitated not the slightest anymore, for because of him, she had grown so much.  Rolling onto her back, she turned it on slow and slid it between her lips and over her still sensitive clit.  Moving it further down, inside it disappeared as she worked it in and out slowly, but quickly increased the pace.  She pulled it out and ran it back over her clit again, almost cumming, but before she allowed that to happen, slipped it back deep inside of her.  He reached over and began to rub and pinch her sensitive nipples.  He knew that she was close.  She turned it up more and again stroked her clit with the humming toy.  She was so close.  How much longer could she continue to tease herself before she gave in to the undeniable pleasure?  Again she penetrated her wet abyss, moving it briskly in and out with practiced ease, then sliding it up again to her clit.  And with just a slight touch, she exploded.  Her body trembling as he slowed the teasing of her sore nipples.  He pulled her to him, enjoying the pleasure of seeing her cum.

As she came down she realized her job was not yet complete.  She lifted the toy to her mouth, parting her lips with it, and cleaned it off as if it were his cock.  Slowly sliding it in and out, her tongue moving over it.  When she was satisfied with her through cleaning, she handed it back to him.  He leaned over and placed it on the nightstand, then pulled her back into the protection of his arms.

“Thank you Master,” she whispered, “you are too good to me.”

“Yes, I am,” and he paused before continuing, “but making you happy, makes me happy.”

He continued to hold her close, quietly relaxing in the afterglow of their shared experience.  She still had much to learn, but he knew that he would be there to teach her and that she would eventually accept all of his commands, without talking back or fighting him.  When she did that was when she would be the happiest she had ever been in her life.  For, at that point, she would truly trust him totally, accepting his decisions regarding her, for he would do anything to protect her and keep her safe.