Flying on the Ground
by hot2trot

I’d had a long stressful day and needed to relax.   I drove to the beach, removed my sandals and started walking.  I strolled along, the sand between my toes and the water lapping over my feet as the tide came in.  As the sun started to sink into the ocean, I stood and watched the awesome sight, enjoying the peaceful yet hot reflections that shimmered on the water.  A fighter jet soared across the sky above the sun, the sonic boom echoing loudly.  As if by magic, unexpectedly at the same time as the boom, I felt a pair of hands on the back of my neck. They began gently massaging my neck and shoulders, immediately relieving some of the built up tension.  ‘Am I dreaming?  This can’t be real!’ I thought.  I felt soft lips begin tracing the path the hands had forged.  Those hands continued to my front, sliding inside my shirt and rubbing over the cups of my bra.  They teased my nipples and then slid sensuously inside the cups.  I felt myself being turned around, unable to resist the control his hands exerted over my body.  Dressed in a flight suit stood a naval aviator; I knew my deepest fantasy was about to come true.  I had to be in heaven.  A kiss was placed on one cheek, then the other.  His lips then sought out mine, barely touching me.  If it weren’t for his hands still on my shoulders, I would have fallen.  I was melting and then realized ‘oh my gosh, this is a stranger!’  My entire body started to tense up.

“What do you want to do to your fighter pilot?” he asked as he gazed into my eyes.  My heart skipped a beat.  ‘Wow!!!  This man was good, so confident!!!’  I began to relax again.

I grasped the zipper and slowly pulled it down only to discover he wore nothing underneath.  A smile covered my face, then grew as I slipped the suit off his muscular shoulders.  ‘Nice taut muscles on his shoulders, arms, chest and abs.  Where do I start first, everything looks so delectable.’  I decided to start first by kissing his tan chest.  Reaching a nipple, I drew it into my mouth, sucking gently, then biting slightly.  He quickly drew in a breath, surprised by my actions.  I laid kisses across his chest to the other nipple and repeated the process.  Continuing my trek down, I forged the way with my tongue and lips.  As I let my tongue circle his belly button I heard an intake of breath.  I placed my hands on his inner thighs and began rubbing up and down his legs.  My lips were the next thing he felt as I placed kisses on his thighs.  A moan of pleasure elicited from his lips.  My lips then started zeroing in on the next target, his balls.  I sucked one into my mouth then moved to the other.  My next maneuver surprised him.  I took them both in, sucking gently while letting my tongue roll around them.  “Oh God, how did you know I liked that.”  I quickly began to realize how much control I held over him.  My tongue leisurely trailed along his shaft, running up and down, sucking on it every now and then.  I zeroed in on the head, circling it with my tongue, then began slowly drawing it into my mouth, inch by inch.  Eventually I felt the head tickle the back of my throat.  Holding there I sucked and ran my tongue over him.  I slowly drew back out only to take him back in faster. I started sucking harder than before, somehow managing to go still deeper.  As my mouth worked in and out feverishly, knowing that he would shoot his load at any minute, I prepared myself for the impending explosion.  I felt him grip my head and hold it so that my mouth remained on his cock.  Suddenly his body quivered, I tasted his hot thick juice as his cum shot, not once but again and again.  God, he tasted so good.  I began moving again, milking every last bit of that precious juice, being extremely careful not to spill a drop.  His moans increased with each movement.

Once he released my head I slowly traced back up my previous path and eventually reached his lips.  I let my tongue trace his lips, only to have him suck it into his mouth.  Our tongues engaged each other, exploring, tasting.  He placed a hand behind my head, his fingers weaving into my hair and continued to kiss me passionately.  I began moaning into his mouth.  What was happening to me?  I’d never responded like this to anyone.  Slowly he drew back, “how do you propose to make me hard again?”  Before I could answer, he commanded “strip for me.”  I wanted to protest at his attitude, but decided that I could trust him.  Prior to leisurely sitting down on the sand, he let his flight suit slip off his legs, then sat down on it, ready for his show.  My eyes became fixated on his legs.  They were as toned as the rest of his body.  How did I manage to be so fortunate to have this man choose me?  My fingers began to shake as I unbuttoned my shirt and let it slide off my shoulders.  Reaching behind me, I undid my bra, holding the cups in place with one hand.  I drew first one arm out of the straps, then the other, slowly lowering the cups to reveal my bodacious breasts.  Once the nipples were revealed, I tossed the bra towards the shirt.  Seeing the expression on his face and the desire in his eyes, I began to feel more confident, my shyness slipping just as my clothes had.  I slid my hands over my breasts, grazing my nipples then pinching them as I moaned in my own self-pleasure.  Provocatively my hands caressed down my stomach to my jeans, unbuttoning them, the slowly zippppppp.  His eyes were riveted as I moved my hips from side to side, sliding the jeans down slowly.  How much of a tease did I want to be?  I decided that I wanted to be totally wicked.  I then turned around, bent over and wiggled my butt in his face as I slid them down my legs.  I was wearing a thong, and felt him give a love tap to my ass.  Kicking the jeans away, my thumbs slid inside the band of the thong and lowered it off my hips keeping one thumb hooked in the band.  I tossed it toward his face.  He caught it and lifted the soaked material to his nose, smelling my fresh juices.  “Mmmmmmmmmm.”

I wasn’t sure what he would do next, but was definitely surprised as he grabbed me and pulled me down on top of him.  He then rolled me over, picked me up and gently laid me on his flight suit.  His mouth laid kisses over my neck as I tilted my head back to increase his access.  His lips roamed to my ear, sucking on the lobe, then blowing inside.  ‘Just how crazy with desire could this man make me?’  Tenderly placing kisses on each closed eyelid, he then gave attention to the other ear, blowing in it then nibbling on that lobe.  His tongue lazily journeyed down my neck, continuing over my breast.  He circled the nipple and drew it into his mouth.  I felt it harden as he sucked more intensely, then began biting.  A trail of kisses led the way to the other breast as he repeated the process.  Moans of pleasure erupted from my throat while his hand continued to caress and pinch the other nipple.  He began kissing his way down further, circling my belly button with his tongue as his hands moved up and down my inner thighs.  My legs parted of their own violation.  I had no control over my body as long as he was touching me.  He could do anything to me, and no matter what I said, I wouldn’t stop him. I craved this man with every pore of my body.  He parted my lips and blew on my clit, then up and down my slit.  I quivered all over.  His tongue lightly circled the perimeter of my lips, then snaked just inside my cunt, teasing me.  Sliding up, he slowly circumnavigated around my clit, then drew it into his mouth, sucking gently at first then increasing the pressure.  I felt him slide a finger into my extremely wet pussy, moving it in and out and then he inserted a second.  My hips began moving against him of their own free will.  I was helpless to do anything but succumb to his touch.  He then began sucking on my lips, driving me even more wild with pleasure.  His fingers were moving quickly in and out of me, his mouth on my clit sucking, while his tongue moved wildly over the throbbing nub.  “Please don’t stop, make me cum, pleaseeeee!” I begged.  He inserted a finger into my ass.  I could no longer control the intense emotions running through my body, letting the release happen, my body erupting from the buildup of desire.  “God yesssssss.”  My entire being spasmed with pleasure, continuing for what felt like an eternity.  Finally, I begged, “please come here.”

He slid up and surprised me by slipping his cock deep inside me.  Only thrusting a couple of times, then sliding up my body coming to rest above my chest.  “Clean me off,” he instructed as he presented his cock to my willing mouth.  ‘Oh yes, I get another chance to have him inside my mouth.’  I encircled the head with my lips, letting my tongue linger over it, then quickly drew him in.  My tongue made quick work of tasting and touching every spot.  What might have been missed was sucked off, much to his pleasure and mine.  Just as quickly as he’d presented it to me, he removed it from my willing mouth.  ‘Oh what a tease, this isn’t fair,’ I thought, but in one fluid motion he rotated his body so that he had positioned himself where we could both give and receive pleasure.

He immediately let his fingers probe my hot wet pussy while his mouth began an assault on my clit.  His tongue flicked back and forth then continued as he began sucking on it wildly.  Moans of pleasure erupted from my throat.  I took his cock deep in my mouth, moving quickly, feeling him quiver as I sucked.  My hands moved to his ass, squeezing his tight buns.  His mouth moved to my cunt where his tongue began fucking me hard and fast.  With one hand working on my clit, the other slid under me then two fingers penetrated my ass.  They began moving in and out with practiced ease.  Unable to hold back, I ceased movement on his cock as another orgasm rocked through my body yet again.  His tongue began lapping up my sweet juices in an attempt to lick me dry.

“MMMmmmm, you taste so good,” he moaned.

“Come here, I want a taste,” I implored.

Once he had satisfied his appetite he climbed off me and repositioned his body over mine.  His mouth descended over mine plunging his tongue deeply into my mouth.  My tongue tousled with his in a mock dogfight, moving to and fro as if engaged in a fierce battle.  He then lifted his mouth from mine.

“MMMmmm, you are right.  I do taste good,” I said in response to his earlier comment.  I gazed into his eyes as a moan of  “pleaseeee,” elicited from my throat.

“Please what?” he questioned.

“I want you,” I begged.

“But where do you want me?” he queried sexily.

“Inside me, please,” I begged shamelessly.

“But where?” he looked at me as if he were unknowing, his eyes glinting mischievously.

“Please don’t make me say it,” my eyes begging him as much as my voice.

“Yes,” he sternly commanded.

I paused for a moment, knowing he would not give in.  “In my pussy, pleaseee,” I responded, begging shamelessly again.

I felt his hard member slid in me, stopping only after he was completely inside.  He rested there for a moment, both of us savoring the feeling.  I wrapped my legs around his waist.  Slowly he drew out then back in, completely burying his cock in my hot cunt.  Gradually he increased the speed of his strokes, steering me toward the precipice again.  Leaning over me his tongue started licking the sweat off my breasts, taking a nipple between his teeth, rolling it back and forth.   That’s all I could take.  I could hold off no longer and proceeded to climax while holding him tightly against me.  My body shuddered as I contracted against him, keeping him securely inside me.  My breathing was still ragged as he pulled out of me.  Sliding further up me he stopped once he rested above my chest.

“Hold your tits together,” he directed.

He slowly slid his member in between them, moving slowly, but increasing his speed quickly.  Each stroke brought his head to my lips.  My tongue reached out to touch him each time he was near.  I gazed at his face, watching for a sign.  He tensed.  “I’m going to shoot.”  I opened my mouth, ready to receive whatever might land on my waiting tongue, but only felt hot cum spilling onto my breasts.  Moans of ecstasy elicited from him as I felt him shudder.

“Oh god, that was fantastic,” he proclaimed.  He leaned down, his body sliding down moist skin, his mouth hard on mine as he kissed me, exploring the recesses of my mouth.  I moaned into his mouth uncontrollably.  No one had ever kissed me this hard, deep and passionately.  Not until now, that is.  Finally breaking the contact, he gazed into my eyes.

“So, are you satisfied yet?” he inquired.

This man was incredible.  How many more times could he cum?  Although I had already experienced more passion in my life during this one encounter than ever before, I wanted more.  Do I answer him truthfully and risk him thinking me to be a wanton slut, or wimp out?  What the hell!  You only live once, I decided.   “No, I want more, if you’re up to it,” I teasingly challenged.

“More what?” he asked quizzically.

“More of you,” I stated in a subdued yet passionate voice.

“You haven’t told me what you want yet,” he declared soothingly. “Tell me now,” his voice more demanding.

“Please, I want more of you, inside me,” I pleaded.  My hips squirming against him, silently pleading.

>His knee parted my legs and settled down between them.  “Where do you want me?” he asked huskily.

“Well, there are two available areas down there, take your choice,” I playful said.

“Which one do you want my big hard cock in?” he asked.  Then before I could answer, he declared “put it in one.”

The decision was simple, as my hot box craved penetration again.  I grasp his shaft, stroking him firmly, then guided the head to the entrance of my wet abyss.  I felt his hips descend on mine, hard and fast.  There was no stopping him as he easily lifted my legs to rest on his shoulders.  The fire in my eyes and the lust expressed on my face and by my body was immense.  His thrusts continued, never slowing, only causing the ultimate crescendo as I felt my body tense and my pussy contracting around him.  He kept up his furious pace.  With closed eyes I threw my head back as my body quivered all over as he continued his assault.  Again and again this man continued to rock my world.  I could see the satisfaction on his face as knew he had pleased me.  He was not the type to give up easily, always reaching his objective, completing the mission and returning safely.

I felt him slowly pull out of me and roll me over.  His hands grasped my hips and pulled them towards him until I rested on my hands and knees.  I felt a slight pressure against my tight little hole as he slowly began to slide in.  I felt my muscles relaxing as he penetrated me.  Inch by inch he slowly entered me until his cock was buried deep in my ass.  He then just held that position, not moving as I acclimated to the intrusion.

“Oh, baby, your ass is so tight, feels so good” he moaned.

Holding my hips, I felt his hard member slide out then back in.  As I leaned forward, I let a hand roam to my breast as the other one continued further down to begin working on my clit.  My hand was caressing and fondling a breast, pinching the nipple, then moving over to the other one to lavish attention on it.  My other hand, meanwhile, was busy stroking my rigid nub.  I began moving faster and faster against it, rubbing harder with each stroke.  He continued to fuck my ass as his hand came down on one cheek, SMACK.  “OOOoowww,” I exclaimed.  He knew just what to do to make me go wild with desire and passion.

His pace had quickened to the point where he was ramming his missile in and out of me, his balls slapping against my rear, my ass contacting his stomach with each thrust.

“Are you close baby?  I’m gonna cum,” he asked and proclaimed huskily.

“Please, fill me up.  I’m right with you,” I responded.

He continued pummeling my ass a few more strokes, then announced “I’m cumin, cum with me.”  I felt his release as he shot his load, wave after wave, into me.  At that very moment I also crested, my body shuddering, explosions going off in my head and my body showered by the affects.

I collapsed forward feeling his weight on me as he laid down on top of me, his cock subsequently sliding out of me.  He began rubbing my back and gently kissing my neck as we relaxed in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

“Do you know that I’ve never been made love to like that?  No one has ever made me feel this satisfied and weak.  So completely sated.”  I said wearily.

When I turned my head to look at him, his lips descended on mine gently; his tongue probed my mouth in a deep passionate kiss. After his lips released mine, I cuddled up to his hard, exhausted body and we drifted off to sleep.  My last thought:  ‘Maybe I was really dreaming!’

The End

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