Cupid’s Valentine Part 2
by Master Cowboy
Copyright © 2006

He decided needed few more things before fun begin bedroom retrieved quiver hanging on wall walked into room stopped admire female gift again wonder who could have done this him as turned and closed door saw note stuck the back of it simply said “from your holiday friends enjoy a big smile came across his face for that exactly what he was going to do.

As he turned back facing the woman he begin looking through his quiver. Besides those love arrows that he kept, there were a few special ones. The first one he pulled out had a long feather on the end of it. He moved closer then reached out with his arrow. The tip of the feather gently touched one of the woman’s nipples. At first she moved not knowing what it was but soon relaxed as he circled each one in turn. He then moved down until he found another bare spot of skin just above her pink spot and again he toyed with her. Finally he could wait no longer and began tracing the outline of this pink area. He did this slowly and ever so slightly, just barely touching it. Her moans began to grow with each touch, as did her wetness. After a few moments more he decided it was time to try something else.

After replacing that arrow in the quiver he removed another and some smaller objects. Now bending down in front of her he reached and released her chained nipples. A moan followed by a sigh escaped from her still gagged mouth. “There now, isn’t that better?” he asked; she nodded in reply. He began to massage them to lessen the pain. One hand retrieved one of the small objects he had taken out and then attached it to the nipple ring the other hand was holding. She did not know what it was until he’d released her nipple, and then she knew. Now instead of her nipple being pulled upwards by the chain it was now being pulled downward by weights.

She groaned as he let the first one fall and then once again after the second fell. Leaning back he admired his work even to the point of reaching over and making them sway back and forth. He then picked up his arrow and put it between her legs, stroking her inner thighs at first, and then her pink spot. At first all she could tell was that it was not the feather but something small and yet firm. He began tapping it against her thighs and pink area. When this happened she knew the feel, it was a crop. With each tap, which seemed to grow harder with time, the wetter she got. She was not sure how much longer she could hold out before cumming; but she knew she had to or things might get worse.

He was beginning to really enjoy this. He decided to look and see what other places on the woman needed his special attention. As he got up and walked around her he saw two partially exposed cheeks in the rear. ‘They surely don’t match the red tape wrapped around her,’ he thought and with this he gave each one a good smaaacccckkkkk… If she hadn’t been bound as she was she surely would have jumped but all she could do was wince and lean up on her toes. This, of course, also caused the weights on her nipples to start swinging again and she moaned louder. He continued to smack each cheek without any pattern until the glow was the right shade of red. Walking back to the quiver, he replaced the arrow and removed another.

This one he knew was the one. She would not be able to hold back from cumming once he started with it. At first he just placed it between her legs slowly touching that now wet pink spot. Again she could not figure out at first what he was using until she heard a familiar buzz. When he turned it on he heard her gasp and then moan and a smile came across his face. He stroked it against her lips slowly working them apart. Once spread, it began going deeper and deeper inside. Her moans got louder and louder with each stroke. He alternated between several strokes and leaving it resting deep inside, or he held it just barely between those lips, but every few moments he would stop it right against her clit. This drove her crazy and there were loud gasps between her moans.

To her, time had lost its meaning with this kind of pleasure/torture for it seemed to go on forever. The weights on her nipples were swinging, her pussy was getting wetter and hotter, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. He knew this but also knew she did not want it to stop, so he continued. Faster, harder, deeper with each stroke and then he turned up the vibrations. Another large gasp escaped from her lips along with a larger moan. A few moments later she could no longer control her eagerness and wave after wave of pleasure washed over her as she came. It was so much that she finally fell over on her side.

He removed the arrow and then the weights. Having put them away he began to slowly and carefully cut the tape that bound her. He lifted her back up to her knees and removed her gag. Finally he removed her blindfold. Once her eyes had adjusted, they became very wide when she saw it was Cupid standing in front of her. She could not believe it was he who had done all this to her. She spoke softly, “Did you…”

Before she could finish, he nodded yes.


Again he replied yes. Finally she stopped talking and decided to accept; she began noticing his firm muscular body and this big hard on staring her in the face.