Breaking Boundaries
by hot2trot & MasterCowboy

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving two consensual adults. The Author reserves all copyright privileges and would ask that permission be obtained before posting this to your site and/ or passing it around. For any questions, comments or what have you, please Email me at

**It's said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. This idea came to me after a night between U/us. Whether the desire to lose weight was so great, the desire to explore my inner demons, or just to be pushed to my limits, I know not. A scene from Leviticus' The Valley is the inspiration for this story.

I lay on the floor, huddled in a ball, pondering my current situation. I can't blame Kyle, for it was I who had requested this. His words echo in my head "Are you sure about this Lizzy?" No, I wasn't sure, but felt it was something I had to do. It had been two days since I'd been locked in this shed with its floor of concrete, hay for a bed, and a bucket for bathroom relief. A cuff was around my neck, another around my left wrist, both locked and attached by a semi-heavy chain to a ring in the ceiling. There was just enough slack to allow for lying on the floor and moving to the position where the bike sat in its trainer.

Breakfast consisted of oatmeal in a bowl and a bowl of water with a straw. To be allowed breakfast had its cost though -- my mouth as a receptacle for His cum. The privilege of just eating also had a two-fold price: 1) I was available for His use -- anytime, in any way -- without my pleasure being considered; and 2) I was required to exercise on the bike three times a day for an hour each time. The bike was my only pleasure which I was allowed. I had to work for that pleasure though. The seat had been customized to accommodate a large dildo which was attached in a manner that when I pedaled, I would get fucked. The faster I pedaled, the harder it was driven in and out of me. This was all fine and dandy in the beginning, but as time went by, my pussy became sore. I didn't want to be on the bike at times, but the alternative could be worse as I soon found out.

I do not know how He knew whether or not I was exercising, but somehow He always knew. The first day I did not get on the bike, and that night I was pulled to my feet, my back, butt, and breasts whipped until I was whimpering and begging Him to stop. As usual He told me why I had gotten the punishment. I did not give Him that excuse again for the same infraction. The wooden shed had a door that was locked, but could be opened at anytime by Him. I never knew when He would appear, or what He would take from me. All of a sudden the door would open, the outside light would flood into the dark, cool space, and a bare light bulb which hung from the ceiling would provide a blinding light to my darkness-adapted eyes. I could feel the breeze from the outside on my bare skin, for I wore no clothes.

How long I remained in that shed I do not know. The days and nights ran together; the only way that I knew it was a new day was when He came in, fucked and came in my mouth, left fresh oatmeal and water, emptied the bucket and returned it, and put fresh hay down. Then there were the showers. Cold water blasted on me as I was forced to expose every inch of my body for Him to clean and tease. My body shivering from the temperature of the water and force of its blast as it stung my skin. My inner demons were emerging. The fears I was forced to face all alone in the dark on a hard cold floor. Past and present mixing, real and imagination intertwined -- Hallucinations mixed with reality as one day rolled into the next. I had told Him that no matter how much I begged, not to take me out of this ‘prison' until He felt it was time. I would beg and my cries seemed to fall on deaf ears at times. My sleep was restless, tossing and turning, thoughts mixing together. Be fucked, washed, fed, exercise to pass the time, and wait for another day to go by until I definitely knew I would see Him again.

Some days He would appear more than twice, other times, just one more than the regular morning visit. Never knowing when to expect Him or what to expect from Him.


Kyle had His reservations about her request from the beginning, but had permitted her to go through with it. He gazed at the monitor in His bedroom. She was sleeping now, her body twitching to and fro. Five days had gone by. He carefully watched her physical condition by the color of her skin, the looseness of her bracelets. He had not told her about the camera He'd installed in the corner of the small building. The sophisticated piece of electronic genius had a light sensor which monitored the ambient light and could operate in low light through the use of a night vision lens, then just as easily switch to a regular lens for bright light conditions. The monitor which sat on the desk in His bedroom was hooked up to a slow-record tape machine. A stack of tapes sat on the desk by the machine. When He was downstairs, He could also view her for the kitchen contained another monitor ready and operating. Her stamina had amazed Him thus far. He had not expected her to last as long as she had. She had only begged several times, and that was days ago.

A part of Him enjoyed the ability to be able to use her, anytime and in any fashion He desired. He was releasing a part of Himself that He'd dare not let surface before. At the same time though, He could not help but be concerned about her well-being. His Love of her was His reason for living. He'd seen her struggle to maintain her regimen of exercise. At first she seemed to enjoy the ability to pleasure herself for as often and as long as she desired, but soon the initial enthusiasm waned and her nymphomaniac craving was overwhelmed by the constant intrusion of the silicon dildo. He had specifically chosen the girth and length of that pleasure/torture toy, knowing what would happen after repeated use, multiple times a day, for days on end. His initial plan was to have a butt plug attached to the bike saddle, but changed His mind at the last minute for fear that it might be too much for her. The decision had not been an easy one since she Had told Him to wanted to push her boundaries. Oh, they were being pushed. If she didn't do it, He did.

After fourteen days His concern rose greatly. In the monitor He had viewed her sleeping, but when He had walked in she had not responded to His presence. Bending over, He picked her up. Her eyes opened, but were glazed over. A part of Him could see that she did not know who He was. He had been rather severe with her the night before, but at the time she had seemed to handle it well considering her condition. Now, He was feeling bad, wondering if He'd pushed things too far.

Removing the locks from her bonds, He picked her limp body up and carried her into the house and up the stairs. He laid her on the floor and proceeded to draw a warm bath. He needed to bring His pet back, back to the person He Loved. Her vivacious spirit and warm smile that lit up the room when she saw Him -- all that was missing from the female lying on the carpet in the bedroom. She was almost unrecognizable; a vestige of her former self. Would she forgive Him for the way He had pushed? Worse yet, would she blame Him for the way He had pushed?

He picked her up and carried her to the tub, sliding her slowly in the warm, soothing water. Stirring slightly, her eyes fluttered open, then closed again as a soft moan escaped her lips.