A Saturday Away
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Author's Note: This is a work of fiction involving a wife and her husband. The Author reserves all copyright privileges and would ask that permission be obtained before posting this to your site and/or passing it around. For any questions, comments or what have you, please Email me at dazmom@hotmail.com

part 1 - the slave

The day began beautifully.  We had gotten up early and gone out on the boat, watching the sunrise from the water.  I’d packed a lunch for us -- cheeses, meats, crackers and a bottle of champagne were all chilling in the fridge.  It had been a long week and we both needed this respite very much.  Just to be away from everything and everyone, to be alone with each other.  Our marriage had been on the rocks for a while and we were hoping that this might help put a spark back into it.  I’d been sunbathing on the deck most of the morning while you’d been fishing; so much for us doing things together.  This was not what I had planned or hoped would happen.  ‘So much for fantasy and best laid plans,’ I thought wistfully.

Since I was starting to get a bit warm, I decided to take in dip in the cool water. I got up slowly and dove into the water gracefully, hardly causing a ripple.  I glanced over at the small island, wondering what was on it, but decided that I’d better not investigate.  I swam around for a bit, on the surface and under it.  ‘Seems you didn’t even hear me enter the water, for you haven’t come and joined me,’ I thought as I treaded water and looked over at the boat.  Wait, I didn’t see you sitting on the bow as you had been or anywhere on the deck.  Where were you?  Maybe you went below deck.  As the thought entered my head, I felt something grab my legs and pull me underwater.  I struggled to reach the surface but to no avail.  I then was released and turned around.  You had snuck up on me.  You wrapped your arms tightly around me, pulling me close.  Your lips claimed mine and I breathed in precious air.  That didn’t seem to help my head though.  I was lost in your kiss.  Dizzy with the desire that was stirring in my loins.  You kicked us up to the surface finally.

"Just what do you think you are doing?  Sneaking up on me like that.  How dare you scare me!" I proclaimed in an exclamatory tone.  Did you see the fire that you had lit reflecting in my eyes?

"Sorry, just wanted to surprise you.  I didn’t mean to scare you," you apologized quickly.

"It’s ok, this time, but don’t do it again," my tone easing into a more playful voice.  I pulled away from you a little bit, and couldn’t resist my urge.  I raked my hand across the water, splashing you.

"You’ll pay for that," you stated calmly, your eyes glinting mischievously.

I started to swim away quickly’ then dove underwater, hoping to hide.  ‘If only I can make it to the boat,’ I thought.  I came up for air and looked around for you, but no luck, you had gone under.  I began to swim cautiously towards the side’ then felt you grab my foot.  I managed to kick away, and swam away from the boat, hoping you’d follow me.  I glanced back.  My ploy had worked.  I swam furiously, circling around and losing you.  Reaching the boat, I pulled myself up quickly and quietly.  ‘I’ll just lay low here,’ I thought as I lay down on the deck, closing my eyes.  ‘Maybe he won’t think to look here.’  I proceeded to remove the top and bottom of my suit.  What a surprise he would have when he came back.  Maybe he’d go easier on me.  I could only hope.

I felt the boat rock a bit, but thought it to only be the movement of the ocean. After a few moments I felt hands on my shoulders, rubbing suntan oil onto my back, down my arms, over my shoulders and neck.  "MMmmmmmm, that feels good," I cooed.  I felt your hands disappear, then felt a line of oil being placed down each leg.  You quickly began rubbing it in, then went back to do the job more thoroughly.  I felt your fingers slide between the cheeks of my ass, while the other hand slipped between my legs.  Firmly, yet gently, you rubbed my lips.  My legs began to part.  I wanted you to have full access to anything that you wanted.  I couldn’t think, was only reacting.  Your fingers parted my lips, and stroked my hardening clit.  ‘God, that feels good.’

I began moaning.  I feel a finger slip into my ass, moving slowly in and out, then a second.  ‘Please, oh, please, don’t stop,’ I thought, or did I say it out loud?  I don’t know, but you inserted a third.  Your fingers were moving deftly over my clit, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.  I was so near heaven I could touch the stars, just a bit more and I would join them.  You suddenly stopped your ministrations.  Where had your hands gone?  They weren’t on my body anymore.  I glanced back and saw you lounging in a chair, a smile covering your face.  I turned around and sat up.

"Why did you stop?" I asked, totally confused.

"I told you that you’d pay for splashing me," you replied matter-of-factly.

My mouth dropped open.  "You mean that you are really going to hold that against me?  It wasn’t that big a deal," I claimed in an exasperated voice.

"When are you going to learn respect for me?  First you splash me.  But then you had to make things worse for yourself by running from me, slipping out of my grasp and hiding.  What did you think I was going to do to you?  Or, did you just think that I would forget about it and let you get away with one more thing," you stated as your eyes pierced mine.

My head dropped down.  I had disappointed my Master.  ‘I think I really messed up this time,’ I thought.  I couldn’t look back at him.  Those eyes.  I couldn’t meet those eyes or have them look into the depths of my soul and see what lay hidden behind the thin veil of privacy that I maintained.  I started to turnaround, but in an exasperated voice, you commanded, "Stop!  Enough of this.  Come over here.

I slowly crawled over to you.  You pulled me up and into the circle of your arms.  As you held me tight, you whispered, "I just wanted you to learn a little lesson.  Don’t worry.  I still love you, baby."  Your mouth found mine, kissing me gently, then deepening as your tongue parted my lips and teeth.  You held my head firmly, increasing the pressure on my lips.  I melted into your embrace, becoming one with you.  We were as close as two people could be.  Without letting go of the hold on my lips, you stood up, walked me backwards, and gently laid me down on the deck.  You controlled your every motion with me so smoothly, just like you controlled everything in your life.  You continued to kiss me thoroughly as you rested on one elbow, yet managed to hold me tight against you.

part 2 - the Master

As she lay there still under my control she felt her arms being maneuvered over her head.  But she could not complain still locked in my kiss.  By the time I released her from it she realized I had attached them to something that not only held them secure but also apart.

"Hey is this necessary? Release me?" she shouted.

I just looked at her and smiled. "Do you want me to finish what I started earlier?" I asked.

"Well yes, if you want to," she replied in a sheepish voice.

"Oh, I do want to, but in my own way," I replied with a mischievous grin on my face.  I then produced a scarf and began to blindfold her.  She began to wonder just what did I have in mind for her now.  I then helped her up.  She began to protest but I warned her that if she did not behave things would be worse for her.

‘What could be worse,’ she thought.  ‘I am already naked and now he has me standing up so that anyone passing by could see all of me.’  She then heard a rope being pulled through a pulley and soon realized it was attached to the bar to which her wrists were secured. It was pulled up until she was almost standing on her toes. She heard him move away and then come right back.  Soon she felt something being attached to her ankles; then they were spread apart.  When he was done she was fully exposed. He stood back and looked at how the sun glistened off her oil-covered body. With a smile on my face I stepped closer to her kissing her sweet lips. My hands began to tease her body.  Gently playing with her hardening nipples first then pinching them, and listening to her moan loudly.

My hands glided down over her belly, just barely touching it.  They slid on down between her legs and parted her lips.  She inhaled deeply and said, "Please."

"Please what?" I asked.

"You know what I want," she replied.

"You are going to have to tell me," I said as I continued to toy with her lips.

"I want you to make me cum," she finally said.

Without saying another word my fingers slid in hard and fast.  My thumb again played with her hardening clit.  My fingers probed and searched until they found that sweet spot inside of her.  Her body began to shake, her breathing erratic as I stroked it.  She began to beg me,"Please don't stop".  I just smiled and moved faster and harder, notletting up.  She screamed, "I'm cummmmmmmmingggggggggggggggggg" as wave after wave of bliss flowed over her body.

I thought she might hurt herself, so I let her down and removed her restraints.  Instead, she just collapsed onthe deck.  I lay down next to her, holding her in my arms as she relaxed.  Shefinally leaned up and looked deep into my eyes and said, "Thank you baby."  Then moving closer, kissed me deeply, passionately, as the sun began to set.