ericaís Escape
by erica

Dear Bastard:

No, that wouldnít work.

Dear Bastard SIR:


Dear Sir:

I couldnít believe it when you closed the door.† He wonít really leave me here, I thought.† No way.† Most women probably would have panicked.† But, as you Sir Richard had so eloquently put it, I was a grown, bright woman, so I refused to panic.†† (Heíll be back).

Do you have any idea how wonderful I felt?† I was kneeling on the elegant carpet of the Renaissance Hotel.† My wrists were cuffed together in front of me, but a length of rope had pulled them up over my head so that my elbows were pointing at the ceiling.† That rope was tied strategically to the rope that circled my breasts -- across the swell of my chest and underneath, then cinched in the front and the back -- enforcing the immobility of my arms.† My thighs were bound together a few inches above my knees.† Sir Richard had deviously tied a silver torpedo inside of me and had placed a butterfly vibe to make sure that it stimulated my clit.† (Can we say WOW!† Multi O?)† (Heíll be back).†

However, his piece de resistance was the clover clamps which were grabbing my nipples.† Sir Richard looped the damn things through the bindings at my legs.† Now I finally KNEW AND EXPERIENCED what nipple clips really were.† (I prefer the term nipple chain.)† I soon found out that every time I moved they would clasp on harder -- and tug more.

With that, I relaxed, leaned back and allowed the sensations to overwhelm me.† Unless youíve ever experienced it yourself -- and only a true sub would know this (and I finally did).†† I reveled in the stimulation.† (I hope he takes his time coming back!)

Perhaps I should explain how I a grown professional woman ended up in this predicament.† Well, Sir (bastard) Richard and I met through -- what else -- the internet.† He wrote some stories. †I love to read and had feelings about that subject, so we started to "talk".

My husband and I had been separated for months.† (I would like to say we stayed friends, but, well, we didnít).† I was left with four daughters to love.† Luckily, I had an education, went back to work, and since I worked in a "manís" world, I was self reliant.† And that is probably why NO ONE would ever guess I was really "submissive" in real life.† I found out that since I was really 5í2", blue eyed and blonde hair, people though I was a pushover.† Not so.† Sir Bastard (Richard) could read between the lines.† (Heíll be back!)

Until last night, Sir Richard and I had never met.† Now, I could FINALLY say that my "fantasies" had come true!† See, since I was little, I had dreamed about being tied and used.† Although I had been married before, my EX husband was never really into it -- even after I begged him to tie me up.† So, through the magic of the internet -- Sir Richard (my FAVORITE author) and I "hooked up".

After the MOST THRILLING night of my life, he left me here bound, gagged, clipped, and helpless...† (See why most women would have panicked?)† But, despite, (or is it in spite of??) all of that, I reveled in my helplessness.† (Heíll be back!)

MMMMmmm, soft moans came from behind my gag.† I shifted my weight to get a better orgasm.† MMMMMM... (I only wished you were here, Sir, to enjoy the show!)† A few more Oís later, (and, for the record, real women donít count them -- we just enjoy them)... I REALIZED HEíS NOT COMING BACK.


I could feel sweat break out on my forehead.† My nipples, which were already standing tight and at attention thanks to the nipple chain, now stood up more prominently.† (Was that possible??)† Instinctively, I jerked up, causing the chain on my breasts to pull sharply.† "OW".† At that, I began to struggle.† Call it an instinct or a need to survive.†† I KNEW I had to free myself.†

Was that a sound I heard?† OH MY!† Were the maids coming?† I had no clue what time it was.† Was that another way of showing me what total control you have over me, Sir?

STOP.† RELAX.†† I told myself this over and over.† Relax.† Donít struggle.† Stop.† Breathe as deep as you can.† (I think my brain finally kicked in).† Take stock.

Ok, you trust Sir Richard.† As a true Master, he would NOT have left me here without a means of escape. †All I had to do was go around the bed, through the door and to the key for the handcuffs that were in a dish.† Simple enough.††† (Oh, yea, and saying the invasion of Normandy was just a battle)† (NO!† DONíT PANIC!)† (OH NO!† THE KEYS WERE FROZEN INSIDE AN ICECUBE!!!)

Sir, I tried a few half hearted attempts at walking on my knees and/or trying to crawl without the use of my hands.† (Letís just say I am now on close and intimate terms with the carpet!)† That was NOT going to work.

Ok.† I nudged myself backwards to the bed.† (Not an easy task with two vibes going at once!).† I knew the only way I would be able to reach the key would be to walk.† I KNEW getting up to my feet was going to hurt -- I just didnít realize -- HOW MUCH IT WOULD HURT!† By bracing my back against the bed, I half jumped, half stood, into position.† (Not an easy task when your hands are cuffed and tied up around your neck -- with a clover nipple chain looped through the bonds at my knees.† So, after a few attempts (I swear, I was afraid that I would pull my nipples off!† Is it possible to do that, Sir?)† I finally was able to stand!†† (yea, erica!)† (OW!† - but behind the gag, it came out like oohhh".†

I think at that point, I finally realized I was drooling (ick).† Between the panic and sweat and drool, my body was wet and I was shivering.

(Ok, girl, letís get moving)† At that point I felt triumphant, so I let myself feel the vibes again.†† Between the buzzing of the torpedo and the stimulation on my clit, ANOTHER "O" overtook me.† (Ok, so call me a slave to pleasure).† At least I felt more in control -- which is HARD when one is bound, gagged and helpless -- BUT I enjoyed the pleasure!† My fantasies had come true -- better than I dreamed of.....

I have NO CLUE how long those lasted.†† I just felt safe, secure, bound, and wet... Reality slowly came back.†

(Get to the other side of the room).† So, I did.† Step by step.† Inch by inch.† Bound by the rope near my knees -- hobbling, I made it.† (I have NO idea how long it took me!)† But, I did it!

Sir, if you could have been there with a video camera, you could have sold the tape for a good laugh.† Tight clamps on my breasts, a Big ball gag that made me drool, hands cuffed over my head, two vibes working their magic inside of me, and me struggling all the way).

Inch by inch, I made it to the dish that held ice cube holding the key.† Yes, my nipples were tugged but NOT as tight as they were if I were crawling.† I was really afraid they would pull my nipples off -- but I knew You wouldnít do that to me!† (Course, I still canít believe you LEFT ME like that!)

Oh Shit.† The only way to reach the ice cube was to get down on its level.

I wish I could say I sank gracefully to my knees.† I didnít.† "OWWWW" -- which came out as "wooowwwoo"† (Geez, I hoped the no one was around to hear me -- or if they did, I hoped they thought I was in the middle of orgasmic bliss -- with someone!)

Being on my knees didnít cut it.† I couldnít bend backwards to reach the dish.† (You were a MASTER at tying me, Sir!)† Ok.† Think.† Wait!† Another O!† (uhhhhhmmmm)† (Erica, swallow, quit drooling!).† (ummmmmm)†

I donít remember how long it took me or how I did it, but I found myself lying on the floor by the ice cube dish.† (Sir, is that what they call "sub-space"? Where the pain and pleasure just blend into one huge never-ending O?)† I held the ice cube in my hand so that the rest of the ice melted, which in turn started me shivering and drooling and forced into another wave of orgasmic bliss....

You would have been proud of me, though, Sir.† I finally managed to unlock the cuffs.† (Which was a lot harder than I thought because my arms were asleep!)† Once I was able to move my arms, I untied the rope from my knees, and then practically ripped out the offending torpedo from inside of me.† That done, I hobbled back into the bedroom so I could finish escaping -- in private -- lest anyone come in!

I next removed the butterfly stimulator.† (Thanks for leaving that, Sir!)† Next came the HARD part -- the nipple chain.† Ok, you know me, Iíve read about them -- but had NEVER experienced them.† From what I understood, it would hurt worse more coming off then while they were on, so I figured Iíd better keep my gag in.† Gingerly, I tried cupping each breast then gently, eased one off.† OH MY GOD!!!† Ii canít tell you how true that is!!!† THAT DOES HURT WORSE!!!!† I think I screamed into my gag -- which came out wooooooowwwoooooowwww...† Dare I leave the other one one?† No, I couldnít do that!† Bracing myself, I lifted my other breast then yanked as gently as I could.† Another scream tore from my throat.†

Ice, all I wanted was ice.† (Who was it that said they would sell their kingdom for an ice cube?† I raced into the other room, grabbed two cubes from the tray and ahhhh!† That felt sooo much better.† Still holding the cubes in place, I returned to the bedroom so that I could remove the ball from my mouth.† (Iím not sure which was harder -- trying to untangle it from my hair, or flexing my jaws)† Gee, I never realized my mouth could open that wide!

It took a few minutes of searching, Sir, before I was able to find my dress.† I could NOT find my underwear or bra, though.† Dressing as shakily as I could, I applied some make up, fluffed my hair, put all the toys into my suitcase and left the hotel room.† As I walked the corridor, I could swear I was glowing, exhausted and that my face showed all that that I had just experienced.† Something must have shown, because I did notice some admiring glances from men.† (Or maybe, they knew that without nylons or panties, I could feel the breeze under my skirt -- and tickling my womanhood.† Especially, since I was now "clean shaven").†

I made it home, unscathed, took a nap and dreamed about the most incredible night of my life.