The Accident?
by erica

Kami hated it when people discussed her attributes as if she wasn’t there.  It wasn’t her fault she resembled a Barbie doll with her NATURAL! 39-26-35 inch figure.  She couldn’t figure out what was worse - the guys spoke directly to her chest or the women who were intimidated by her looks and sense of humor.  Kami taught herself not to let it matter.  After all, her master degree in library science, an undergraduate degree in economics and a brown belt in karate weren’t tattooed on her chest or forehead, so no one cared.   She was free to be whomever she wanted and she let her sense of humor help (that and her job as head librarian at the county library).  The oversized blouses, long skirts and the French knot that firmly attached her hair to the back of her head helped.  Her no nonsense pumps added to the adaptation.  She had even developed a professional, aloof and courteous manner.   "Ice princess" was often mumbled behind her back after she turned down yet another date from the Neanderthals who were too cheap to purchase their own subscription to "Mathematics Monthly".  Kami had learned to bite back her own tongue so may times, she was sure it was scarred. 

Thank goodness for closing time.  Kami breathed a sigh of release as the last of the patrons left the counter.  Tomorrow was Saturday and she was off.  Not that she had any plans aside from grocery shopping, errands, and cleaning.  Just once, she thought, couldn’t she meet someone who made her blood boil?  Like life was really like her hot steamy romance books?   The historical, "bodice ripping" epics, "love at first sight" romances and the "meeting in a dangerous situations and falling in love" books.   Kami almost laughed.  ‘Like there were really guys out there like that’.  Kami shrugged into her well worn coat.  Librarians weren’t well paid after all.  ‘Great, more snow’, she thought, glancing out the side of the parking garage.  ‘I hope the idiots aren’t out on the road’.   

First the mud puddle, then the snow, the accident, the slush and then more snow.  ‘Fu-- it all,’ thought Steve.  Why did his last damn client have to be late?  It wasn’t like a blizzard out there.  Hell, it was only 3 inches.  Of all the nights he planned on being home at night, after canceling his dates and calendar.  His trial scheduled for Monday settled.  Damn snow and the pro bono case refused to cooperate.  So, here it was.  8:30 at night. Shuffling Mr. "brown bag" (Steve dubbed him) into the street.  The race was about to begin.  "I promise Mr. (what the hell was his name??  OH YEA-) Smith, I will get to the bottom of the lease/warehouse scandal.  I know you’ve been paying rent.  You need to know who you are paying it to.  I understand.  We’ll figure it out, don’t worry."  Steve slammed the door closed, barely missing Mr. Brown Bag.  Clang.  He leaned against it.  Ok.  28 minutes to go till race time.  "Nothing else wrong, please," Steve muttered as he shut down the computer. 

26 minutes until race time.  Steve raced out the door.

Friday night, a hot bath, a glass of wine, and the rest of the Leviticus stories for the week.  Kami thought about the evening ahead.  ‘I really hope Sir Richard finishes that bondage story.’ 

Her mind focused on his newest story and the heroine’s "lucky sufferings".  Sighing, Kami tried to concentrate on her driving.  She thought she saw the glare of a red light through her windshield. 

BAM!!!  A silver BMW ignored the red light and crashed into the passenger door of her Saturn. The metal/plastic twisted into some weird shape.  Shivers of glass "popped" around her.  Luckily, her seat belt caught, restrained her, and probably saved her life.  Kami breathed a sigh of relief.  Taking stock, she realized her legs still worked and a horn was blaring. 

Mr. Brown Bag -- and the race ahead occupied his mind.  Steve glanced at the dashboard clock: 17 minutes to go.   He would make it!  He was two blocks from his townhouse.  Steve failed to see the stop light in front of him.

WHAM!  A red car crashed into the grill of his BMW.  The air bag deployed snapping his head back.   That hurt.  Why did they have to have those damn things in cars anyway?  Weren’t they dangerous of something?  The clock, or what was left of it, told him the race was starting in 16 minutes.   Steve felt like pounding the remains.    

Kami was pissed.  She had just paid her car off and now it was wrecked.  The driver who hit her looked as if he wanted to bolt.  No way would she let that happen. 

Steve surveyed the damage, mentally calculating the damages to the vehicles.  Trying the doors.  The grill was shot, as was his whole front end.  The Saturn’s door was smashed and the glass broken.  He watched, almost in disbelief, as the door of the damn stupid red car opened.  A shoe appeared on the pavement.  ‘That crack on the head must have given me a concussion.  Why else would I be watching a damned shoe that wasn’t even high heeled’.  Anyone who knew him knew he was a leg person.  A leg emerged.  ‘WOW!’   Then she emerged.   Those shapely legs fit her beauty.  Hell, her coat barely buttoned across her chest.  Those legs.  He could almost feel them almost wrapped around his waist.  Her hair looked long, naturally blonde and curly, judging from the wisps that escaped out of her bun.  Did he detect green eyes flashing at him?  In a way, she almost resembled the librarian at the library.  But damn, no librarian could be built like that!

Opening his cell phone, he called for tow trucks. 

"YOU STUPID JERK!"  Kami stomped over then to his car.  "LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID TO MY CAR!  I HOPE YOU HAVE INSURANCE YOU MORON!"  Kami pulled her coat tighter around her raising her 5’5" frame up.  "WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING ABOUT -- YOUR HOT DATE WITH A BLOW UP DOLL?" 

Steve snapped his phone shut and blinked.  His ears were ringing. His eyeballs popped.  Stacked.  WOW.  The remains of his dashboard clock blinked.  14 minutes until race time.  The screaming banshee was coming closer, so Steve exited the remains of his twisted, broken vehicle as if standing guard before the blonde could inflict any more damage to it.  The "goddess" advanced upon him still screaming.  Standing in front of him, she tilted her head to see who the idiot was.  ‘I’ve seen him somewhere,’ she thought.  Recognition dawned on her.  He was an attorney who often came in to the library to research vastly different topics: Steven Smith, whom the press had dubbed "Champion of the Underdog".  He was one of the few men who never drooled over her.  The few times he spoke to her, he spoke to her face. 

She looked like she wanted to scratch his eyes out.  Instinct took over.  Grabbing the blonde’s arm, he spun her around so her back side was against his chest.  He covered her mouth with his free hand.  He had to shut her and that screeching mouth of hers up.  Maybe the ringing in his ears would stop.  12 minutes to go

"Lady", he said as patiently as he could, "I promise I won’t hurt you and we’ll sort this all out at my place.  I’m only a few minutes from here."  His arm tightened around hers. 

Standing in the middle of the street, Steve stopped the first taxi.  Not easy with a squirming blonde under his hand.  Opening the door, he turned to Kami.  "I swear I’ll sue you for assault if you don’t get in.  Right Now."  Unceremoniously he shoved Kami in and slid in next to her -- practically sitting on her lap.  Anything to keep her from bolting and screaming more.  He soothed his voice, "I won’t hurt you."  Cautiously, he removed his hand from her mouth, sliding it down her arm.  Smiling at her, Steve held up his fingers in the Boy Scout pledge.  "Scouts honor."

A shiver of delight ran through her body.  ‘Why not,’ Kami thought, ‘his personal information was kept on file at the library.  She knew he didn’t have a record and she was sure he had never physically assaulted anyone.  Besides, this could be more fun than a romance book.’  Plus, she did have that brown belt in karate. 

Steve continued.  "Driver -- take us to 1476 Peartree Lane "If you get us there within 2 minutes, there’s $100.00 in it for you.".   The blonde relaxed against him.  Taking this as agreement, he let go of her arm. 

The driver glanced at them in the mirror and wondered what kind of game they were playing.  Something wasn’t right.  ‘What the hell, she was struggling, but now she seems happy enough.  I’ll take them, get the $100 and tell the cops later.’  His conscious rested then.    

Kami continued to study Steve.  His eyes had lost that glassy look.  Ok, no concussion.  Something inside her told him he wouldn’t hurt her.  He hadn’t glanced at her chest!  Heck, even if he tried, she knew she could take him.  ‘Ok.  I’ll play along,’ she thought, ‘after all; didn’t all romance books start with an accidental meeting?’  Kami sat up straight in her seat and smiled up at him.  Darn! He was looking at his watch, muttering and not even looking at her!   He was so close.  His cologne smelled good.  She could feel her breasts mashed against his chest.  He WAS practically sitting on top of her.  Kami felt wetness start to seep between her legs. 

Steve thought he heard a small sigh.  His watch read 7 minutes.  He began to relax.  Was it her surrender, the fact that they were almost home or how good her breasts felt against him?  Who knew the librarian had a rack?  And those legs!  He pictured them tied, spread eagle in front of him. 

The cab driver made good on his word.  There were about 5 minutes until the race and his house was in sight.  Always the gentleman, Steve placed his arm around her slender waist, and then helped her out of the taxi.  "Thanks," Steve called over his shoulder, tossing a $100 bill into the air.   

Kami told herself later that she could have dragged her heels.  She could have kicked.  She could have maimed.  For some reason, she did nothing but allow him to lead her.   Was that really wetness dampening her thighs?  After unlocking the door, Steve dropped arm, grabbed her wrist and hustled her inside.

Inside his luxurious town house, Kami felt herself thrust into the kitchen.  "Do me a favor.  Will you get us a couple of beers?  I’ve got to turn the race on."  WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING TO HER?  Kami could not believe she was allowing some guy tug her around.   She watched as he spun into the other room. 

Figuring the remote was already in his hand; Kami opened the refrigerator door, shrugged off her coat and grabbed the first two cans she saw.   How dare he dismiss her like that?  I’ll teach him.    With that, she clomped her steps, following the sound of a commercial from the entertainment room.  Bingo!  "HERE"S YOUR BEER, SIR."  Sneering, she shook the can, popped the top and held it over his head.  As expected, beer foamed out. 

Steve, under normal circumstances, would not have lost his temper.  These circumstances were extenuating.  All he wanted to do after a damn lousy day was to sit down and watch the damn race where his little brother was making his professional debut.  But, no, because of a damn light, his brand new car was smashed.  The shrieking blond cursed at him then spewed beer all over him.  Cold seeped down his head and into the back of his shirt.  Luckily there were a few moments before the race began.   Enough Was Enough.  

Steve grabbed her arms, held them behind her back and slid the knot out of his tie.  The tie was now free, but THE wildcat wouldn’t be.  Holding her wrists imprisoned behind her back, he wrapped the tie around her wrists, looping each one, and then bound them together almost up to her elbows.  That should hold her.  No more beer over his head.  With a plop, he sat down on the couch and dragged her down next to him. 

Kami opened her mouth to SCREAM, but Steve was prepared.  Before she got a sound out, he grabbed the handkerchief from his pocket, wadded it and shoved it into her mouth.   He watched as she worked her jaws in an effort to dislodge it.  He held his hand over her mouth so the gag wouldn’t work its way out.  Damn.  What throat muscles!  He kept his mind from going there.   

Forcing patience into his voice, Steve continued.  "Look, lady, you screamed at me, tried to assault me, dumped a beer over my head and you are now doing your best to keep me from watching the race that I HAVE to watch and which, by the way, I paid good money to watch.   Do you have any idea what kind of day I had and how much I need to watch this race?"  His hand fumbled with the belt of his pants, then pulled it free.  He placed the middle of it around over her mouth, wrapped the ends around the back of her head, back in front of her mouth and then belted it behind her head.   That should keep her quiet.  Satisfied, he sat back then glanced at the TV.  The race was about to start.  Peace and quiet at last.   Now, maybe, his head would stop ringing. 

The remote in his hand, Steve turned the volume up.  He looked down his captive "Look miss, believe it not, I’m not going to hurt you.  You just don’t understand how important this is to me."   With that, he reached into his back pocket, removed his driver’s license and his attorney identification card.  He held all these in front of her eyes.  "If you decide to press charges, I could be disbarred.  I’m willing to take that chance.  That is how important this race is to me." 

Kami barely glanced down at the cards in front of her.  Ok, he was on the line.  Kami nodded, showing him she understood.  Looking up at him, she let her eyes see into his and nodded again. 

 "I’ve seen you around the library." 

Kami nodded again, "Mmpphhh." 

Steve continued, "I’m sorry about all this.  I can’t explain right now, but later, I promise to."  

"Mmmmpphhh.  Mmmpppppppphhh".  Her eyes seemed to smile at him.

The announcer was reciting the list of racers and their cars.  He had just enough time to change out of his wet clothes.    

While he was gone, Kami struggled unsuccessfully against the bonds that held her wrists together.  ‘I should have kicked him but he sounded almost apologetic,’ she thought.  Struggling more, Kami could feel more wetness seep between her legs.  A moan escaped her gagged mouth.  "mmmmmm".   Maybe if she tried to pull her wrists through -- without trying to break the knot -- she might have more success.  Kami began tugging and bending.  Anything to loosen the knot and get her hands free.   Then, yes, she would scratch his eyes out. 

Steve crept back into the room.  She looked so cute bent over.  He could see her outline of her breasts.  Sensing his presence, Kami stopped her struggling.  They both turned their attention to the screen for a few minutes. 

What the hell was wrong with him?  He had just tied and gagged the beautiful woman next to him.  The ice maiden who was anything but cold.   Would cold ice princesses screech?   Who would have thought the little librarian had legs like that?   No one could provoke him like this.  Steve tried to focus back on the race.  Nothing.  NOTHING detracted him from his goal.  It hadn’t worked in high school with the cheerleaders.  It didn’t work in college or law school.  Damned if that curly haired blonde was starting to distract him.  From the corner of his eye -- he could see that her struggling with the tie that fastened her wrists together.  A couple of her buttons popped open in her efforts.  She really was stacked.  An expanse of cleavage came into view, exposing a black lace bra.  Her breasts threatened to pop out from under their confines. 

Who would have ever thought the ice maiden was built like that? Glancing down, he saw that her long skirt had now risen about 2 inches above her knees.  What legs!  Always the gentleman, damn it, Steve leaned over to tug her skirt down.  Purposely, seemingly by mistake, his fingers reached her crotch.  MY GOD.  She was WET!!!!  He heard her soft moan underneath the gag.  Was that panting he heard?

Kami could feel herself reveling in the helplessness she was almost feeling.  Blushing, he now knew how hot she was.  If only her legs were tied.  Her breasts bound up.  Stories from her books and the website went through her head.  A load moan came from behind her gag.  "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM".  She could feel her legs reach out on their own accord -- begging for them to be tied at the ankles or forcibly tied apart.  She didn’t care as she sunk down into the couch.  If she got any wetter, he’d think she wet her pants.  Not that she was wearing any.  Kami almost giggled.  Visions of an ice cube, Sir Richard’s stories, romance novels and spankings crossed her mind.  ‘mmmm’ Drat!  She had almost worked her arms free.  Tugging up rather than across seemed to be doing the trick. 

Steve read the reactions from her body.  Wasn’t this what he thought about?  His body responded and he felt himself growing hard.  A beautiful, bound and gagged woman.  Waiting for his touch.   Should he play with her?  Tease her?  Bind her some more?  Show her who was boss?  Watch the damn race? 

Hormones took over.  Leaning over, he kissed her gagged mouth.  Felt her lean toward him.  Her moaning made lust take over.  More rope was needed.  After all, he was boss right now. 

With that -- after not even glancing at the race -- Steve left the room.  Kami groaned.  She clutched her legs together, rubbing her thighs furiously.  This was the closest she had ever come to bondage and darn!  He had to be a gentleman!  Only a few more minutes of rubbing would produce an O.   Almost furiously, Kami leaned back, savored the gag in her mouth, and struggled against the tie that bound her.  She concentrated at the wetness between her thighs. 

Steve crept silently back into the room.  A dream come true!  He watched the librarian wiggle against her binding.  She wanted an orgasm.  Behind his back he held several long lengths of rope and a nipple chain.  Stuff he couldn’t believe he bought -- but hoped some day to use.  The women he casually dated weren’t interested.  Who would have thought he’d practically have to kidnap a woman? 

Kami was almost there with her orgasm.  He couldn’t allow that to happen.  After all, he was back in control. Bending over, he grasped both her ankles in his hand.  What perfect legs.  Thin ankles, perfect calves and thighs just begging to wrap around his waist or be tied wide open beneath him. 

So intent on her near "o" Kami screamed into her gag.  HOW DARE HE INTERRUPT HER?  She was so close!  "MMMMPPPHHH," she tried to show her impatience.   

With a quick cinch and a knot, Kami’s ankles were soon bound together as were her calves and thighs.  He tied the rope two inches above and below of each knee.  Steve reached up and POP!  The remaining buttons on her blouse came undone, exposing that sexy black lace bra.   Hooking his fingers over the top of the cups, he pulled down.  Her breasts sprang out.  WOW!!!!  Legs, breasts and a trim waist.  Wonder what her ass looks like?  First things first, he told himself.  Time to bind her arms even tighter -- so she couldn’t wiggle.  Just to show her.    

He started by wrapping the rope around her breasts and under her arm pits.  Bringing the ends toward the front, he twisted the rope over the swell of her breasts, and then looped the base of each breast tight.  Over, under, over, under, tighter and tighter, crossing and knotting the ends underneath.  That lifted them even higher.  Her 39 D chest was swelled out impressively, nipples standing out prominently.  Unable to help himself, Steve leaned over and licked them.  Yes.  They became just a little more pronounced.   He fastened the nipple chain to each nipple then tightened the clamps so they were tight -- but not too tight.  He was sure she had never experienced them before.   

Grabbing up some more rope, Steve ran that around her upper arms, down and around her elbows and wrists. 

"MMMMPPPHHMM".  Steve could hear Kami moaning through her gag.  They were moans of pleasure, not begging him to stop.  Just to be on the safe side, he slid his fingers up to her crotch again.  Wetter than before.  A yank on her nipple chain and he heard her moan and felt more wetness.    

With the second last piece of rope, Steve then fastened her bound arms to her waist and chest.  She was helpless now. 

Kami could not believe the sensations shooting through her body.  Bound and gagged just like her romance novels and the website.  At the mercy of a handsome stranger.  Kami really didn’t think she could get any wetter -- until he tugged on the nipple chain -- and added more rope.  She just had to let him know she was enjoying this.  "MTHHHSSSGRRRR".  She looked up into his eyes as he was standing over her.  Nodding her head, she moaned again.  Steve took this as her consent for him to continue.

He took the last long piece of rope, wrapped it around her waist and left the ends free.  That skirt had to go.  Lifting her, he tugged it up off leaving it puddled on the floor.  Looking down, he felt himself salivate.  She wasn’t wearing any panty hose -- just thigh high stockings and a barely there black lace panty!  He could see wetness outlined on her nether lips.  Steve felt himself growing harder.  ‘Control’, he reminded himself.  ‘Control.’ 

Picking up the ends of the rope that dangled from her waist, he twisted them into one thick strand, then down between her crotch, up her backside and making sure he separated the cheeks of her ass.  He fastened the ends to the rope encircling her breasts.  Ok, an impressive crotch rope.  The more she tried to move or bring herself to orgasm, the tighter the rope would get.  Unable to help himself, he tugged on the nipple chain.  She moaned again. 

Kami felt like she had died and gone to heaven.  The books she read never described these feelings of her helplessness.  The feel of her heart racing, the wetness between her legs, if she didn’t have an orgasm soon -- she would soon explode!

Steve, satisfied, looked down at his handiwork.  He loved watching her squirm -- trying to get free from the bondage that he applied.  He couldn’t control his clients, he couldn’t control the weather.  But, DAMN! He could control this leggy, beautiful, busty, feisty and mouthy blonde.  Those "How to Tie Up a Woman" websites came in handy, Steve thought.  Picking up the remote, he turned up the volume.  The race was on, he was hard as a rock and she was waiting for his touch.   Life was good. 

HE WASN’T EVEN WATCHING HER!  Kami wasn’t sure if she was relieved or aggravated.  ‘Just like one of those old gangster movies where the "dame" was tied and gagged in the closet’, she thought.  The thought turned her on some more.  She tried rubbing her legs together -- but they wouldn’t move.  Kami couldn’t remember when she had ever been so wet and ready.  ‘Why doesn’t he just take me’?   She answered her own question.  She was totally helpless.    

Out of the corner of his eye, Steve could tell that Kami was nearing the end of her rope, so to speak.  He couldn’t keep the chain on her breasts or the rope around the base of them much longer.  No permanent damage -- and he wanted to play with her some more.   Besides, his erection had grown so damn hard his balls were starting to hurt.  Standing up, he reached for the remote and made a show of turning the race off.  Kami looked up at him and drooled.   Her rag was almost as completely soaked as the couch cushion beneath her.      

Scooping her up, Steve carried her to his bedroom and laid her gently down on the bed.  "Are you enjoying this as much as I am?"  She nodded.  "Good, it’s time for the next step.  Now, this is going to hurt -- but I can’t help that.  Can you stand a little pain?"  He grasped her nipples as he asked.  Her eyes bored into his.  She nodded.  "Ok, these are coming off".  With a twist of his wrist, he removed each clamp from her breasts.  "UUUUGGGHHHOOOWWWW" came from behind the gag.  Was she crying in pain or from the frustration of them being released?  Steve figured he had plenty of time to figure it out. 

Kami was grateful for the rag in her mouth, it stifled her screams.  THAT HURT, yet felt so GOOD.    

Steve continued loosening the bonds of her confine.  Kami pouted under her gag.  "Don’t worry, you will be soon tied again," Steve chuckled.  The belt, gag, and the rope holding her arms against her body were removed.  Before removing his tie from her wrists, he firmly held her wrists together, unbuttoned her blouse and removed it.  To do so, he untied her right wrist, slid off the blouse, and then placed a handcuff on her wrist.  Tightening it slightly, he placed it in her lap.  Repeating the procedure, her wrists were soon cuffed in front of her and she was almost naked, except for her thigh highs and lacy panties.  "What did you say your name was, Ms. Librarian?" 

"Kami."  Her voice sounded as dry as it felt her throat.  "Water.  Please."  Her green eyes begged. 

"Well, Kami, you know who I am".  He handed her a glass of water.  She nodded and kept on drinking.  "Do you want to keep on playing?"  

Kami almost choked on her water.  "You JERK!  You ruined my car and haven’t even apologized!"  She stood up to straighten her point.  Her green eyes were flashing and she advanced up to him, holding the half full glass of water in her cuffed wrists in front of his face.    

Steve flashed what he hoped was his winning smile.  "OK.  Ok."  He held his hands up in mock surrender.  Damn.  He wanted to tame this wildcat.  Coughing, he admitted, "I’m sorry for ruining your car.  I’ll buy you a new one.  Happy now?"   Was that his pants or his heart getting tighter?  Why did it have to be her?  She had great legs, an incredible body -- but a mouth that wouldn’t stop.   Maybe he could just keep her gagged. 

"No!  I don’t want a new car.  I love my car.  Quit trying to buy me off."  Kami smiled up at him.  "And, yes, I want to keep on playing."  She held her cuffed hands.  "What now?"   

"That would be yes, SIR."  Steve reached down and jerked her panties off.  "Now, sit."  His hands pushed her shoulders down.  She sat.  He tightened the cuffs.  "Now, are you going to sit here quietly until I return?"  Looking down at her, he could tell she was torn.  To show her who was boss, he picked her up, sat on the bed placing her over his lap face down.  Her breasts brushed against his thigh, her cuffed wrists spread out in front of her on the bed.  One arm held her on his lap.  He used his free hand to give her a few spanks on her now bare ass which was wiggling nicely.  Steve increased the tempo.  She was soon moaning against him.  Steve continued spanking.    

Finally, satisfied, her ass pinker, he stopped the spanking.  "Now are you going to stay here quietly and not move?" 

Kami nodded.  The redness of her butt seemed to intensify, spreading to the heat in her crotch, making her drip more wetness.  Steve slipped out from underneath her, leaving Kami face down on the bed. 

Steve went to his large closet and returned with a ping pong paddle and a few more items.  She was close to wiggling and humping against the bed.  ‘Who knew she had a great ass too?’  Kami stilled on the bed, waiting for his next move, not daring to look at him to see what he had planned next. 

Steve leaned over the bed, paddle in hand and applied a few well placed swings.  Her now lightly pink cheeks start to redden.  Steve felt his balls start to hurt.  He was so damn hard.  ‘Control.  Control.’ 

"Ouch!  That hurt you bastard." 

"THAT would be ouch, that hurt, Sir."  A few more swats followed.  "Do you want me to stop, Kami?" 

"No, I was just commenting"

"You forgot the word ‘Sir’.  "Who is the one who is cuffed?  Do you think you can give me orders?"  Smack.  Smack.  Smack.  Punctuating his point. 

"No, Sir.  I’m sorry, Sir." 

Steve continued the spanking a few more moments. "Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes, Sir." 

"What have you learned, Kami?"  Steve gave those beautiful red globes a couple of gentle swats. 

"Sir, I am not in charge.  I am cuffed and you are in control, Sir," Kami mumbled into the bedspread. 

"What’s that?  I can’t hear you."  Steve swatted a little harder. 

"Sir.  YOU are in charge, Sir.  I am the one who is cuffed and powerless under your domination, Sir."  Kami turned her head speaking to his pants.  Thank goodness he was enjoying this as much as she was!  She wiggled her butt enticingly.  Steve obliged. 

"Oh YES!  Please don’t stop, Sir."  Steve didn’t stop.  Not because she asked him.  It pleasured him to watch that wiggling red ass.   "When you want me to stop, say, thank you for punishing me, Sir, I’ve had enough." 

Steve varied the thrusts of his paddle.  Being careful not to spank at the same tempo, the same cheek, or on the same spot.  Her punishment continued between soft and hard swats.  

Much later than he expected, Kami finally repeated her stop words.  Incredulously, he almost drooled at the magnificent sight.  The former white ass now was colorful.  Different shades of pink and red contrasted with her skin.  Her blonde hair escaped the knot at her head and spread down her back.  He wanted her now.  ‘Control’ was his mantra.  Her cuffed wrists clutched the bedspread.  Her pussy wiggled against wrinkles her squirming had caused.  She was breathing heavily. 

Ding Dong.  That sounded like the doorbell.  Steve and Kami looked over at each other.  "Please. Don’t let that be the cops," in unison. 

DING Dong.  The bell refused to stop.  DING DONG. 

Kami jumped up, cuffs jangling.  "I need clothes and I think that’s the police."  Steve was already emerging from the closet, key in hand.  Loosening one cuff, he shoved the key in her hand.  "You undo the other one.  There’s plenty of clothes in the closet and drawers".  Steve was already halfway down the stairs. 

Without a backward glance, Steve raced down the steps. 

"Damn him!"  Kami stomped her foot.  "He’s not the one who is cuffed and naked."  Angrily, she jammed the key into the cuff, popping it open.  Opening drawers, she rummaged for something to wear.  Pulling the first thing she found, she got dressed then rubbed her sore ass.  "Damn him. He can sure make me feel good!  He is not like anyone I have ever met."  Kami smiled at herself in the mirror, fluffed her hair free and laughed at what she was wearing.  A pair of his sweat pants that she had to roll up.  A blue shirt that buttoned down the front.  Kami purposely left the top buttons undone.  "Well, it’s not sexy or anything but I’ll show him that I am a woman and not some discarded doll he can play with."  She fluffed her long hair again.  Head held high she descended the stairs.

DING DONG.  "One second, I’ll be right there," Steve yelled at the door.  Scooping up Kami’s clothes under his arm, he shoved them under the couch.  Surveying the living room one last time, he opened the door.   The police had arrived.  "C’mon in officers."  The door opened, admitting the pair.

"Mr. Smith?  I’m officer Kays and this is officer Kufs.  We’ve had a report of an auto accident and a kidnapping." 

"Sweetie, you didn’t tell me that you were expecting company!"  Kami entered the room.  It was all Steve and the officers could do to keep their tongue in their mouths.  Long blonde hair, her braless 39 D chest showed through the shirt.  Her slim waist and were those his sweat pants?  They never looked that good on him. 

"Hi Officers," Kami held out her hand, "is there a problem?"  She smiled up at the two uniforms in the room. 

"Uh, Kami, I think they think I kidnapped you."  To everyone’s amusement, Kami threw back her head and laughed.  ‘Damn, what throat muscles,’ Steve thought again. 

"Why ever would you think such a thing?"  Kami could not stop laughing.  The police watched as she enjoyed their embarrassment.  Her breasts swung and her ass wiggled.  When she could stop laughing, Kami continued.  "Whatever gave you that idea?"

"Well, M’am, we found two motor vehicles abandoned and had a report from a taxi driver that a young woman had been forcefully kidnapped and taken here."  Officer Kays spoke his disgust to Steve. 

Kami continued.  "Yes, that is true, Officer.  There was an accident, but we got it all straightened out."  Kami hooked her arm through Steve’s.  "No one has kidnapped anyone."  She stood up straighter to prove her point.   

Steve took over.  "See, I was in a hurry to get home, because my brother made his professional racing debut tonight.  Since no one was hurt, we decided to handle the situation ourselves."   

Kami was content to let Steve handle this one, wishing the police would just go away!  All she cared about right now was that she was wet, hot, and finally meeting someone who respected her and turned her on like she had never been turned on before.  Her pink cheeks tingled at the thought.   She wondered what else Steve had planned for her. 

After what seemed like hours, the officers finally left.  Steve closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief.  "Technically, you know, I did kidnap you." 

"Not really.  I let you take me away, so technically," Kami chuckled, "you didn’t."  Looping her arms around Steve’s neck, Kami leaned into him and looked up into his eyes.   "I don’t know what it is, but I feel good!  My butt seems to be on fire but the heat spreads to my crotch, and you are the first man enough to see through my disguise and make me feel like a woman."  At that, she stood on tiptoes and gave him a kiss. 

Steve felt her breasts against her chest.  Her arms around his neck.  Her grinding pelvis against his now hard again penis.  He needed those legs underneath him.  Savoring the kiss, he finally disentangled himself.  "Are you sure you want to keep on playing?"  His eyes glinted evil but his mouth smiled.  Who wouldn’t?  She was gorgeous.  "I will be in charge.  You will be my submissive.  I will use you -- and your body for my pleasure."  His hand went between her thighs and found moisture.  "Are you willing to give yourself to my pleasure?" 

Kami tightened her hug.  It didn’t even take her a second.  "Yes, Sir, I do want to be your submissive for tonight."  ‘Any night, actually,’ she thought.  "I trust you.  I know I will experience things I’ve never felt before and some of them may be unpleasant.  My only request is that you don’t screw me in the ass, but I know you won’t do any permanent damage."   At that, she took her arms off his neck, stood back, and held her wrists behind her back.  Inviting him. 

‘My God, who could refuse?’  Steve looked down at the waiting woman in front of him.  Her chest heaved and her nipples stood out.  That shirt was practically see-through!  The feel of her white, soft globes turning red under his hand ran through his hand.  Those legs!  Those throat muscles!  He could almost feel her mouth on him.  No ass?  No problem!  To be in control of this wildcat even if only for one night. 

"WE WILL play by MY rules. You will be gagged, spanked and punished for my pleasure.  I promise not to leave any lasting marks or fuck you in the ass.  But, you are solely here for MY pleasure."  With that, he gripped her hair back, thrusting her face up to him.  "Do you understand?"  His other hand held her wrists together, imprisoning them as they were still behind her back. 

Kami felt as if she were about to melt.  She couldn’t move or nod.  She’d read enough bondage stories to understand what he was telling her.  Her breathy moan sighed the sound. 

"Let’s go back upstairs, little one."  Steve held her hair and marched her up the steps into his bedroom.  "From now on, you will not be allowed to be unbound." 

Somewhere around the 9th step, Kami realized she no longer had control.  She wanted and needed to be bound.  She needed to serve!  Her knees jelly, she was thankful for his strong grip. Fear and excitement swept through her. 

"Strip!  I want you to strip, slowly, sexily and enticingly."  Kami seemed to balk at first.  "Strip or I swear I’ll use my belt on your still tender ass."

Remembering the sting of her butt, Kami began to remove his clothes from her body.  Trying to sashay, and look sexy. 

When she was finished, Steve led her to the four poster bed and pushed her down onto it.  She landed on her back and tender ass.  "Stay there."  Kami complied.  Steve bent down for the handcuffs which were left on the floor.  He cuffed her wrists together and spread her arms over her head. 

Kami forced herself to lie quietly while Steve went to his closet. A few seconds later, he was back.  He wrapped some cotton clothesline around her ankles.  Fastening a loop around each ankle, then to the bed post, he continued restraining Kami.  When he was finished, her legs were tied wide open.  Her chest pointed to the ceiling.  From her arms, he ran a piece of rope from the chain at the cuffs to the head board.   She was bound, but not helpless enough.  Time to put those throat muscles into work and make sure she didn’t scream.

Steve removed his pants then positioned his knees on either side of her head.  As if trained, Kami opened her mouth to receive and pleasure him.  Every instinct in her being opened up to swallow him.  She tongued up and down his shaft, swirled, and sucked some more.  She really wanted to bring her hands down to finger his balls.  She tried, but the cuffs and rope stopped her.

While he was pumping his engorged dick into her mouth, he had one hand on her chain of her cuffs and the fingers from his other hand sliding into her waiting wetness.  He used the thumb to flick at Kami’s clitoris. 

Tight.  Slick.  Both her mouth and pussy pulled tighter.  Steve felt her moan around his shaft.  Kami could feel his balls constrict.  He was so close to coming!  If she did this, her tongue flicked again, his finger would thrust into her harder.  Her mouth gagged under the fullness of his penis.  Flick her tongue and gag or not get finger fucked?  Kami had no control -- she needed an orgasm NOW!  She flicked her tongue again, and sucked him more into her mouth. 

Steve knew Kami was at the end of her tether.  ‘Control,’ he reminded himself.  There was something to be said for delayed gratification.  Reluctantly, he pulled himself away from her mouth.  Damn those throat muscles! He was going to use those again.  Picturing her kneeling before him.  He pulled himself out of her mouth.  Kami screamed.  "No, please.  Don’t stop."

"I have not given you permission to speak, and since you forgot to address me as Sir, I will NOT allow you to come yet."   Steve reached into the nightstand and removed a big red ball attached to a leather string.  "Open up." 

When she didn’t comply fast enough, Steve tweaked her right nipple.  "I said, OPEN UP."  This time she obeyed.

He forced the ball behind her teeth.  Kami held her head up so he could fasten the ends together.

"You don’t seem to understand, Kami.  You are here for my pleasure.  I decide when -- or if -- you come.  Understand?"  Kami nodded.  "Now, I think it’s time for you to cool off a minute."  He studied her.  Satisfied she was comfortable with her gag, Steve left the room.  Kami heard him descend the stairs.

‘Control,’ Steve reminded himself down the staircase.  ‘Control.’  Control was a hard thing when he had a beautiful, tied and wanton woman waiting upstairs.  Grabbing a glass and a couple of ice cubes to fill it with, Steve hurried back up the stairs, grabbed what he needed then snuck up the steps. 

Peering into the bedroom, Kami lay where he left her.  Tied in an inverted Y.  He secretly watched as she tried unsuccessfully to escape her bonds and/or bring herself to an orgasm.

"Still haven’t cooled off yet, I see." 

Startled, Kami "mmmmppphh" into the ball. 

"Well, wildcat, I think I have just the thing to help you cool off."  With that, Steve showed Kami the glass of ice cubes and smiled devilishly. 

"MMMMppphhh," Kami tried to twist away.  "Mmmmmoooohhhh!" 

Steve advanced to the bed.  "Mmmmoooohhhh," Kami begged behind her gag.  "Mmmmmohhhh."

Steve started by caressing her breasts with his hand, tonguing those gorgeous nipples to attention.  He could feel Kami relax under his ministrations.  Stealthily, he removed an ice cube from the glass.  Holding a melting cube in his hand, he held it over her so a drop landed on her belly.  "MMMMMPPPPPP".  Moving his free hand to her hair, Steve held the melting cube down her body.  A drip onto her mound, a few drops on her clit.  Steve’s tongue followed the path of the droplets. 

As expected, Kami was squirming and trying to moan, but Steve held her hair tight.  The cube drops continued onto her nipples, her chin, around her neck.  Deviously, he brought the cube down to her skin and circled her breasts with it.  Steve’s tongue still followed.

Kami wasn’t sure if she was hot, cold, or on fire!  All she knew was that she wanted, no needed, to be taken by him -- right NOW.  She tried thrashing on the bed, which sped up the melting of the cube.  Steve took the remains of the cube and inserted it into hot, wet, pussy. 

"MMMMPPPOHHH."  His control over her complete for the moment, Steve could not delay any more.  His balls were starting to hurt again. 

Quickly stripping off the rest of his clothes, he climbed onto the bed and reached into his nightstand for a condom.  Repositioning himself, Steve entered her in one slick motion. 

In hard, out soft.  Her clutching cold, yet HOT wetness felt his every move.  Kami moaned louder, matching the rhythm to his thrusts. 

In out.  Hard.  Punishing.  Soft.  She was so near the edge.  Steve pushed harder.  Filling her, taking her with a vengeance against the rope that held her. 

Unbelievable!  They came together.  Kami thought that happened only in books.  Steve had never felt that kind of closeness or control before.

Limp, he lay on top of her a couple of seconds, and then disengaged himself to the bathroom.

Kami lay exhausted, still tied.  The heat of her butt had slowed to a slow warm.  Aftershocks tingled her body.  She tried tugging on the ropes that bound her.  What was it about him?  Why did he remind her so much of the heroes in her books? 

Steve removed himself from the bathroom.  Kami, limp on the bed, tried to smile at him from behind her gag.  Seeing her, Steve felt himself get hard again.  

"No, honey, I’m not going to untie you completely.  I’m just trying to think of how I want you tied and gagged next." 

Steve grinned and Kami’s green eyes glinted.  He removed her ball gag, and then undid the ropes at her cuffs.  It was going to be a beautiful weekend and more, Steve thought.  She had a lot to learn and he was just the man to teach her.   With that, he put the thought of the accident behind him. 

"I wonder who won the race?" Kami asked mischievously as soon as she was able to speak.  Steve laughed.  ‘Yes, it was going to be more than a weekend -- if he had his way.