Something Different
by erica

Author’s Note:  This story was inspired by a letter I read in Forum magazine many years ago.  I wish I could give the writer some credit -- but I don’t even remember his/her name.  I don’t have the magazine anymore.  Please blame any misrepresentation on my faulty memory -- and the rest of my story on my imagination!

"Ok, Baby, are you ready?"  Keith looked up from between Jeannie’s legs to search her face.  He knew, without being told, she was ready.  Her taste was still on his lips.  Slowly, gently, he eased his way up from the foot of the bed.  Carefully, he checked her moisture again.  She was ready.  He rubbed his rock hard cock one more time then slowly, inch by inch, he slid himself into her waiting wetness.  Mindful of her, Keith pulled her closer beneath him and began thrusting.  Jeannie, as always, matched his thrusts and used her muscles to squeeze him in more.  He could feel her coming closer to the peak, and he pushed a little harder.  Bingo!  She started to orgasm again so Keith let himself cum too.  It always felt so good, so right, so home.

Jeannie felt Keith ease himself off of her and pull her closer to him.  He truly was a considerate lover and husband.  He was everything every woman ever wanted. 

Because of their vast difference is sizes, Keith was considerate.  He stood 6’4", she was 5’2.  He had dark black hair.  She was sandy blonde more brown than blonde.  He treated her like a small porcelain figure: afraid to touch her because she would break.  When she was twenty five years old, it was cute.  Now, 10 years later, something was missing.  Her girlfriends thought she was crazy.  "A lover who thinks more of you then himself?  Are you nuts?" was often their reaction when she tried to tell them.  "Fred just tells me to brace myself and 1 minute later, he’s done!  Meanwhile, I’m still trying to brace myself".  Jeannie smiled as Brenda’s words came to her. 

Predictably, Keith lightly removed himself from the bed and came back with a warm washcloth.  After cleaning her, he cleansed himself and brought them both a cold drink.  It was a wonderful lazy Saturday morning.  The kids were gone were gone until 5:00.  Keith eased himself next to Jeannie, stroking her soft skin.  He loved her so much.  She was his life, his heart, his soulmate, the mother of his children.  She was too beautiful to even touch sometimes.  He always felt in awe of her.  So, why did he feel that...

"Something is missing, dear."  Jeannie’s head turned against his arm.  Her hair draped their bodies.  She did it again.  Read his mind.  Jeannie turned to her side and looked up at him.  "Honey, you know I love you.  You really know how to make love and you make sure I come several times.  But..."  Jeannie looked down at the covers lying at their feet then took a deep breath.  "Something is missing.  I am not a small little cute thing you can carry around on a pillow.  I am a woman -- and you treat me like a goddess.  I love it -- but I’m tired of it".  Afraid she was going to run out of steam, Jeannie looked into his eyes.  "Can’t just once -- you treat me like an object? A thing of pleasure to be used for YOUR benefit?"  Just once, can’t you treat me like a", she whispered the word, "slut?"   Jeannie felt Keith stiffen beside her.  Oh no, she had disgusted him.  She was afraid of that.  She watched as he left the bed -- then the room.  His wide shoulders barely made it through the doorway.

Why didn’t she listen to her friends?   She really had it all!  A wonderful husband, a beautiful family, her job, her friends, orgasms in bed.  What was wrong with her? 

She loved him!  He was her soul mate, her best friend.  As her friends always told her ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.  Why hadn’t she listened? 

Keith left the bedroom in shock.  Was she suggesting what he thought she was?  "No way."  Keith grabbed a glass of water leaning against the counter. 

‘No way," he thought again.  His dick was already semi hard.  ‘She could not mean she wants to be tied up and used.’  Keith drank some more water and thought of the websites he’d been visiting lately.  Beautiful women, tied, bound and gagged for their man’s pleasure.  ‘No way -- but what the hell?’  Keith finished off the water and purposefully looked around him....

Keith returned to their bedroom. He carried a footstool under his arm -- and a dishtowel in the other hand.  He placed the stool in the middle of the floor.  "Kneel on that -- with your legs spread open".  He glanced at the stool then at his wife on the bed.  "NOW." 

Jeannie was too shocked to move.  "I said NOW, woman.  When I give you an order -- you’d better move,"  Keith moved towards the bed, grabbed her long brown hair and led her over to the stool.  Practically thrusting her on to it.   "Now, kneel and open your legs.  It’s time for an inspection."  Jeannie did as ordered, too stunned to do anything else.  "Place your hands under your breasts as if you were trying to entice me".   

Satisfied she was obeying, Keith went to the closet.  He hoped he had heard her correctly.  That she wanted to be treated like an object of desire -- a slut.  Just when he thought life couldn’t get any better.  She was offering herself to HIS and maybe her -- fantasy.  ‘I am the master, now,’ Keith thought, ‘How could he treat her like the slut she seemed to want to be?’

Jeannie had no clue what he returned with in his hands.  She tried to peek over at him -- but he was watching.  "Did I say you could look over at me?  No, I did not.  Therefore, you will be punished". 

Keith stood in front of her -- his cock now hard.  "Now, suck me".  A hand in her hair and a forceful thrust showed Jeannie he was NOT kidding.  "Now, suck me, baby.  Let me feel your talent." 

Back on familiar territory, Jeannie’s mouth expertly opened.  She brought her hands up to fondle his balls.  "No hands.  I want to feel your mouth around me."   Jeannie didn’t drop her hands.

WHAP!  The dishtowel whipped across her butt.  "I said, drop those hands.  Drop them and place them behind your back.  Clasp your wrists together and keep your legs open."  His knee opened them up further.  His fingers shoved himself deeper into her mouth.  "Suck me baby, suck me."   His hands tangled in her hair and thrust her closer.

This time, Jeannie complied.  She held clasped her hands behind her back, relaxed her throat, and swallowed his penis into her mouth.   Holding him full in her mouth, trying NOT to gag, she flicked her tongue against his balls.

‘This cannot be happening,’ Jeannie thought.  ‘This was Keith!  Her gentle, handsome husband.  Why was she now on her knees -- on a footstool -- sucking him?’  The feel of his hand forcing her mouth onto him added to her wetness.   She tried taking him to the back of her throat and gagged. 

The dishtowel landed on her ass again.  This time he had twisted it and left a sting.  "Swallow it all."

Tears welled in Jeannie’s eyes -- but she blinked them back.  Knowing Keith, though, (and she thought she did!)  He had plans.  ‘Yes, legs are still spread,’ she reminded herself as she tried to suck him full in.  Her efforts paid off -- he was now rock hard, hard enough to cut diamonds.   She felt his hands in her hair again.  This time pulling her mouth away from his dick.   He was hard and dripping.  She felt satisfied, but hungry for more.  Jeannie opened her mouth to say something, but...

While her mouth was still open, Keith knotted the towel and shoved the knot in her mouth, tying it loosely behind her head.  "Stay there and don’t take that towel out of your mouth.  Keep those legs spread and your hands behind your back."  Emphasizing his point, he smacked her bare butt with his hand.    

Jeannie heard Keith leave the room.  Was this kind of like being a slut was all about?  If so, it felt so good!  She could not believe the wetness dripping out of her.  Hearing Keith rummage around in a kitchen drawer, she was tempted to touch herself.  But she had been ordered -- ORDERED -- to keep her hands behind her back.  How could he order her?  Furtively, since he was still in the kitchen, Jeannie decided to give in.  He would never know!  He was too busy looking for something.   

Jeannie eased her hands from behind her back.  After first squeezing her plump 36 breasts and tweaking her large nipples, she moved her right hand down, across her belly and down to her mound.  Her pubic hair felt silky between her fingers.  She felt the hair from her head brush against her elbows as she moved.  Slowly, she eased her hand down.  Leaving her thumb on her mound, she placed her ring finger on her "hot" button, and slowly began to insert her long finger into her channel.  She closed her eyes and thought about being tied.  She was so engrossed with her thoughts and feelings, she never heard Keith leave the kitchen. 

Keith stood silently in the door of their room.  Blocking her exit.  She was so beautiful.  So strong, caring and funny.  After 10 years of marriage, he was more in love with her now than when they first wed.  Best part of all?  She was his!  He just hoped he didn’t push it too far or read her wrong.  Yet, he reminded himself, he knew her body and he knew his wife.  ‘Let the games begin!’  Keith strode into the room. 

"DID I NOT TELL YOU TO KEEP YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK?  What part of KEEP YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK did you NOT understand?"  The command in his voice stilled Jeannie.  "Did I say you could touch yourself?  NO!  I don’t think so.  You don’t seem to understand.  You are MY SLUT. That is S-L-U-T.  MINE.  You are here to satisfy me -- NOT to satisfy yourself.  Now.  Put your hands behind your back like I ordered."

Guiltily, Jeannie placed her hand back behind her back and clutched her opposite wrist.  Feeling herself blush, she looked up at him.  Softly, quietly, she looked up at him and worked the towel out of her mouth.  "Does this mean you are going to punish me now Sir?"  Her eyes glowed with expectation.

Keith felt himself harden and melt.  Who could resist a plea like that?  He couldn’t!  He could make BOTH their dreams and secrets come true.  She was depending on him.

"Ok.  Now, place your hands back under your breasts and keep your knees open.  Remember -- you are offering yourself to me."  Jeannie did as she asked.

Keith inspected the wares she was displaying for him.  Her breasts weren’t overly endowed -- but as she reminded him -- anything over a mouthful was a waste.  Her nipples, though, were large and prominent -- sticking out in stiff peaks.  He knew -- without even checking -- there was wetness between her beautiful cunt lips.  She was his and he would make sure that she knew it. 

He started by massaging her firm tits.  Working his fingers down to the points of her nipples.  While stroking them, he heard her moan somewhere in her throat.  Keith pinched them hard into full attention.  Her moans got a little louder.  "I feel you are ready for your punishment, now."  His hands left her nipples.

Jeannie jerked with a start and watched while he took out some clothesline from his pocket.  So that was what he was doing in the kitchen.  Keith tied one end of the rope around her slender waist, leaving the other end to trail down.  Keith took the long end of the rope and pulled it down past her stomach, between her lower lips and jerked it up the crack of her butt.  Nearly taking her off the stool with the movement.  He then made sure the rope not only bisected her lips, but he pulled it deeper it her.  Before cinching off the end to the rope at her waist, he tied a small knot which landed expertly across her clitoris.  Pulling it as tight as he could he heard her groan.  Pain or pleasure?   It was both.  He had expertly applied their first crotch rope.  There was one more, smaller piece of rope left so he tied her hands together -- palm to palm after looping the rope around her wrists first.  Once they were tied -- he placed them at the small of her back and cinched them to the rope around her waist.  The more she tried to pull, the tighter the rope between her legs would go. If she moved, the knot on her clit would press against her love button more. 

Keith slid his hand down the rope -- making sure it was tight.  When he found her wetness, his fingers pushed the rope aside then entered her dripping box.  He stole some of her wetness to the bottom of the knot.  She was a slut to be used, but he didn’t want it to hurt too much.  ‘Real men do take care of their play toys,’ he reminded himself.  Lastly, he untied the towel from around her neck.  Twisting it and knotting it into a large knot, he forced the knot between her teeth -- and tied it tighter behind her head.  Not caring this time if he twisted some hair. 

Reaching down to grasp her arm, he guided her off the foot stool to kneel in front of it.    

Jeannie tried struggling against his hand that held and guided her down on her knees, but she was unable to get free. 

Keith thrust his struggling Jeannie onto her knees.  "Kneel before the footstool.  It’s punishment time."  His harsh command left a red mark on her butt.  Jeannie leaned over the stool.   The rope between her lower lips pulled tighter.  The knot at her clitoris tugged at her.  She felt totally exposed -- but it was not to his satisfaction. 

"Open those legs, slut.  Let me see that beautiful hair and spread those cheeks.  You WILL open up for me".  Keith’s voice showed his excitement.  Yes, this was great. 

Jeannie bit harder into her towel.  Ok now, she really was a slut.  She heard Keith move behind her.  She heard the rustle of pants and a belt coming off.   She swore she would never forget that sound.  Rustle, slide, whap!   Didn’t sluts get wet at the thought of being spanked?  If so, she was one.   Jeannie heard one more crack before the belt descended on her ass.  OUCH!  That stung!  She felt more wetness drip onto the rope.  ‘Who knew he could be so good at this?  The belt landed several more times -- each time creating a mark against her skin.  Jeannie lowered herself against the stool -- allowing him access and letting her breasts dangle free.  

Keith was and was not pleased with her compliance.  He felt something surge inside of him.  It was time to treat her like the slut she was.   Keith pulled a couple of clothespins from his pocket.  "I’d love to see you in nipple clamps -- but, we don’t have any yet."  At that, he roughly grabbed her breasts and applied a clothespin behind the edge of her hard, stiff, pointed nipples.    Those great sites he had perused were paying off.

"Mmoowpph".  Keith rewarded her attempt at speech with a swat across her twitching ass.   This time he used his hands on the unmarked portion of her skin.  Keith watched the red start to appear on her butt.  He enjoyed the view of her.  Gagged, tied, waiting and wet.  ‘Hmm, pain slut -- or just slut?"  The decision was his.  Since she seemed to enjoy the pain, he made his decision.  It had been in him all along.

"I told you.  It’s punishment time."  Time to push the envelope.  Keith began swatting her upturned ass.  Each stroke was harder or softer than the one before.  Between his hands and the belt, he heard her moan from deep into her throat around the gag. 

A few more stings and Jeannie was crying into her gag.   Her long brown hair shrouded her face.  Tears streamed down.  Keith adjusted the pins on her nipples.  He made a show of checking the rope between her legs.  Pulling.  Prodding.   WETTER than he expected.   He let himself inspect her body.  His hand roamed her curves, tweaking the rope and adjusting the clothespins.  From behind the dishtowel he heard her softly moan.  Oh yea, she was HIS.  To use as HE saw fit.

Keith knelt down at her side.  Brushing her hair off the floor, back onto her back.  "Princess?  I’m not finished yet."  Jeannie groaned which came out -- "mmmhhhphh."

"You seem to forget.  You are MY slut!  A toy to be used at my pleasure.  Your feelings mean nothing to me.  However, since I love you, so, I will take that into consideration."  As he spoke, his fingers trailed down her body.  Exploring every inch and nuance of her skin.  He lightly jerked the pins at her breasts, then brushing her hair back onto her back.  His fingers roamed further, down the curve of her neck, her skin was so soft.  Down the small of her back.  His hands caught her tied ones and he explored further.  The gentle curve of her ass, the redness marking them as his.  Her wetness dripping between her legs.  It was time for step two.

"You are such a good slut.  Now, we are going moving on to the next level."  Swiftly, Keith removed the clothespins on her breasts.  Jeannie was greatful for the rag in her mouth.   "mmmpppoowwwwwhhh."  

"Yes, princess, I know that hurts.  It gratifies me that you feel it."  He couldn’t begin to express his feelings, but Jeannie seemed to know.  She looked up at him and nodded.  ‘If only he knew how good this felt.  How right.’  She wanted to express that but could only signal him with her eyes.

Keith helped her up then escorted her into the kitchen.  Keith led her to the short end of the table.  "Bend over that." 

Jeannie obeyed and moaned again.  She could not remember being this turned on before.  If he touched her right now as she wanted -- Jeanie was sure she would explode into a million tiny shattering pieces of orgasms.  Trusting Keith, she mashed her breasts against the cold wood of the table. 

"Spread your legs wide -- bring them up behind the legs of the table."  When Jeannie spread her legs wider -- she felt the rope split her lips even more.  The roughness teased her.  Reaching into the drawer, Keith deftly found two more towels.

Making sure her legs were behind the table post, he tied her ankles neatly to the posts.  Safe, secure, immobile.  But, just to be sure, he left her there and returned to their bedroom to collect a handful of neckties.  When he reentered the kitchen, she was as he left her.  There was however, slackness in the binds that fixed her ankles to the table posts.  Keith quickly and effectively fixed that.  Silky neckties really could make a tight tie.  Jeannie would have laughed at the pun.  After fixing the ties into place, he removed the towels.  He used a couple more ties around her knees.  She was firmly affixed and knot going anywhere. 

What a beautiful sight she was!  Her long brown hair streamed down her back and flowed over her face.  Her beautiful, talented mouth was silenced by the knotted towel between her teeth.  Her long, graceful legs were tied -- wide open - to the table posts.  The crack of her butt -- and her butt hole were exposed.  Those beautiful nipples were pressed against the wood of the table.  The piece de resistance?  The clothesline that bisected her gorgeous ass then spread those beautiful lips.     Her clit had a moist knot over it and she could do nothing about it.  Constant stimulation.  After all, she was his slut and he needed to see that she would respond to how he thought she would.   Keith leaned over and kissed the side of her face.  "Baby, you are so beautiful and you look gorgeous spread out like a feast for me." 

Jeannie could not believe one of her fantasies was coming true.  All she knew was that she was tied and helpless -- left alone at the mercy of her husband.  ‘Who was this hulking stranger?’  At this point, she wasn’t even sure she even knew.  She felt his hands in her hair, she felt the whisper of his voice.  "Remember, little one, you are my toy".  The echo of that wet her even more.  Between the feel of his touch, the wideness of her legs and the bound position, Jeannie relaxed. 

"Just remember, baby, this is going to hurt you a lot more than it’s going to hurt me."  WHAP!  His hand again struck her bare ass.  Making sure she had no reaction time, Keith spanked her again.  Harder than before -- and enough to make it echo out of the room. 

"MMppphhh," escaped the knot in her mouth.  Keith took that as a sign of consent.  She was his.  A few more swats later, Keith was satisfied.  Redder.  Ripe for the plucking.  He eased his pants off his crotch.  MR. LUCKY was going to be lucky.  Jeannie’s pink and red butt still twitched from the spankings he gave her.  Pulling the rope away from her crotch, Jeannie’s hands raised up higher.  Wetness dripped onto his palm.

"Well, slut, I see you are enjoying this.  That pleases me.  So, we are going to see how you will handle the next step."  Leaving Jeannie bound, Keith went back to their bedroom. 

Keith started opening her dresser drawers, knowing she kept a vibrator hidden under the clothes that "didn’t fit her anymore".  Translated, he knew, she felt ‘too mom’ or ‘fat’ to fit into them. 

Ahh!  Success was great.  His fingers clutched the box and withdrew it from the back of the drawer buried under her "tight jeans, slutty tops and g string underwear."  Jeannie would kill him if she knew that he knew she even had a toy and where it was.  However, this was their fantasy, so, ‘All’s fair in love and war.’  Keith withdrew the box from its hiding place.  The box wasn’t even dusty!  Keith removed the silver thing, turned the bottom of it and watched it vibrate.  ‘Oh, yea, Jeannie was going to love this!’

Jeannie struggled  to get free of the ropes and ties that bound her.  Enough was enough.  She wanted to be fucked right now.  In order to do that, she had to get free.  What was first?  The rag in her mouth?  The tie at her knees or ankles and the table legs?  No!  It had to be the rope around her wrists that tugged on her ass, then pulled at the "secret places" inside of her.  Keith was, well, who knew what he had planned next. All she knew, right now, was that she was married, and in love with, the stranger who left and controlled her this way.   Jeannie dripped and struggled again with the table legs.  She needed to be fucked.

Keith re-entered the kitchen where Jeannie waited.  Wet, open and waiting.  "Baby, I’ve got a surprise for you."

Jeannie jerked with a start.  She didn’t even hear him leave the bedroom.  She heard her vibrator turning on.  BUZZZZZ.

Jeannie swallowed and tried to speak through her gag.  "Sir?  Keith?  What the hell are you doing?"  Unfunately, it came out as "Srr?  Moan, Mmooodddd..."

"Quiet, slut!"  His belt came down again.  Jeannie quieted.   That felt so good!  It hurt, but this was Keith - her gorgeous sexy husband who was no longer treating her with kid gloves.  She knew he really wouldn’t hurt her.  But, would he?  This was not Keith -- yet it was Keith.  He was doing his best right now to mark her ass some more.  Branding her to him.  

"OW!"  That last one stung.  

"I said to be quiet!"  Keith put the belt away knowing she had had enough.  Making a show out of massaging her ass, he guided her face, mouth and gag to the side of the table.  Keith removed her gag and slid her upper body closer to him.  Jeannie tried to open her mouth to take him in.  It felt so different standing up and so close and yet so far.   His hardness started to ooze.  Hell, he thought, his hands buried in the back of her head and tried to bring her mouth closer.  Her bondage held her to the table.  It was the same mouth, the same tongue -- but she couldn’t reach or serve him.  As only she could.  A feeling of power came over him.  This was how it was meant to be. 

Jeannie would never be able to describe the feeling shooting through her.  For ONCE!  Just once, he was treating her like a woman and not a princess.  Warm thoughts ran through her.  His hand behind her hair felt comforting, inching her closer.  Not even mindful of the position of her body, she eagerly, she reached him and engulfed him in her mouth.  This was heaven. 

Keith could not believe it.  It was better than a bondage video -- but so much more.  HIS woman was serving him -- and if the drops running down her thighs were true -- she had never been more turned on in his entire life.  Yet, he wanted more -- and knew she did too. 

He reached down for the dishtowel that dropped on the floor.  He knew she would be protesting if her mouth wasn’t busy.  Jeannie tried to follow his penis lower.  Her mouth sucked him like a snake would swallow a....  With a groan, Keith eased the head of his dick from her mouth -- and picked up the towel from the floor.  Stepping back, he balled the towel and shoved it into her mouth.  He heard her gag in the process and saw her cheeks puff out.   Keith then pulled another necktie from his pocket.  Making short work of tying the ball in her mouth and behind her hair, he was ready. 

Keith looked down at his handiwork.  A dream come true!  His beautiful wife was gagged and attached to the table.  How many times had he pictured this?  She was much more beautiful than any model then he saw on the computer sites.  Even better?  She was his!   His mind left that thought as he pictured her tied spread eagled out on their four poster bed.  Yep, she would deliver.  That would be next -- if she survived this as he figured she would. 

Once his princess was completely immobile and gagged, Keith checked her wrists for burns, marks or soreness.  This added to poor Jeannie’s punishment.  Everything checked out ok, so he hiked her arms up just a little bit more.  Looking down at the slut on the table, Keith picked up her vibrator and turned it on high. 

Jeannie tried to move at the sound.  ‘I can’t believe he found that’ was her thought as she felt the rope that had been digging into her thrust aside.  His fingers groped her wetness.  She felt her vibe being shoved roughly up into her slick, wet, channel and his hands move the ropes back into place. Keeping the object inside. 

Her mouth stuffed.  Her pussy was vibrating.  She was spread wide open.  Just when she thought she couldn’t get any wetter, Jeannie felt Keith position himself behind her.

"Ok, SLUT.  Now you should know what a toy feels like since you are one.  MINE.  Your mouth is, well, pretend it’s a cock.  Your pussy is vibrating and now..."   With that, Keith pulled on her long hair in his hand and held it like a lasso.  Her head pulled back.  Jeannie was so busy concentrating on the different sensations assaulting her -- the roughness of the rope -- the fullness of her mouth -- the constant stimulation on her clit and in her pussy -- she wasn’t aware that he had lubricated then even entered her tight ass.  The searing, torn in two feeling soon brought her back down to reality.

"MMPGGGHH".  Jeannie tightened in response to the violation of her.  ‘Damn -- that hurts!’

"Relax, baby, RELAX."  Keith adjusted himself and the vibe inside of her.  "Relax."  Jeannie started to slowly relax. 

Keith had been in love with her great ass since the moment they met.  This was the FIRST time in 10 years that he had been able to act upon his urges.  Like an expert, he let go of her hair, massaged her still pink cheeks, pushed himself in harder then groped at her breasts that were squashed against the table.  Soft moans came to him from beneath the gag, which encouraged him.  With a last thrust he thrust himself as deep into her virgin hole as he could.  Which was quite a bit.   "Mmmpphh."  Keith knew those pleasure sounds well.  This time, though, she was having more than one of her multiple o’s.  Keith held one of his hands on her back, and used the other to hold the rope at her waist.  This thrust the vibrator and clit knot harder.  The vibrating tightness of her channel added to the stimulation of her ass.  Pumping for all he was worth, Keith emptied himself into her.  Keith felt Jeannie go limp, then thrust against the triple assault orgasm he had forced onto her.  Another couple of thrusts and he was done.  Jeannie, however, still vibrated against his organ.  "MMppOOOHHH..ummppp..UMMMM..."

Before she could tighten her ass again -- he liked Mr. Lucky just where he was -- Keith pulled out.  He watched the vibrations gyrate through Jeannie some more as he stepped back.  She truly was amazing.   

Afraid he made her endure too much, Keith removed her bondage and took out the invading items from her.  She was still vibrating and moaning as he rubbed circulation back into her extremities. 

Jeannie felt herself ease back into reality.  WOW!!!   Her mouth was dry, her ass sore, her she couldn’t seem to stop cumming.  She slumped against the table leg and looked up at her master/husband.  "As soon as my legs can stand, Sir, would you like a warm washcloth?  Perhaps a cold drink?" 

Keith leaned against the counter.  "Well, slut..."  He looked down at the quivering jell of his wife on the floor.  "Yes, but once you recover, and attend to me; we have a date with our bed.  After that, the kids will be home.  HOWEVER, I am warning you now.  I’m going shopping tomorrow.  I think we need some supplies."  His voice trailed off as he smiled down at his wife and helped her off the floor. 

Jeannie looked up at him.  "Yes, Sir!  That would be different."  Jeannie brushed a kiss against his muscle.   "I love it and YOU Sir."