Lucy is Shown Off
by emma_sub

I lay in the bath feeling excited. I watched the water lapping around my sensitive mound, now totally hairless after being told that I should shave it all off. It looked so prominent now, a cross between innocent and slut, which, I now knew, summed me up. I had to ensure that it was really smooth for tonight; Marianne was coming to take me out in a couple of hours. It was the first time that we had actually gone out, as opposed to making love in her flat or the house. I was frightened yet elated. I felt like a teenager looking forward to her first date. We were going to a pub, but not the downstairs bar. On Thursdays the upstairs bar was for ladies only, it was lesbian night. I had never been to anything remotely like it -- I was terrified and excited at the same time.

My nipples were hard even though the water was hot and I could feel the soft pulsing of my vagina and the ache behind. I wanted relief but I knew I couldn't. The last time I had played with myself was a couple of days ago over the phone for her. I loved the unexpectedness, the wickedness and the feeling of doing her bidding as I had to strip off after having to strip naked in the house. That last time I had been in the kitchen and the idea that someone might see in, see me naked and frantically masturbating as I held the phone was in itself exciting. After that she had told me I was not to do it again until after we had been out. She had told me that she wanted me hot and ready for when she saw me. She was right, I was very ready.

Id spent hours looking through my wardrobe to find just the right thing to wear in the morning. Marianne had specified a skirt, a relatively short one too, a tight top and hold up stockings. It had limited my choice but Id gone out and bought things I hoped would be what she wanted, including new underwear. Id already learnt that I desperately wanted to please her.

The few times I had seen her had made me realise that I loved sex with women, regardless of my initial disquiet, and that I became excited at the things that she would have me do. They weren't just straight, no that wasn't the right word, (!), it wasn't just the normal things that a woman could do with me, but more the more embarrassing things too that excited me. When she made me exhibit myself to her so she could see or watch, when she made me take up embarrassing positions, things like that, I found that I became even more aroused. I felt like a little girl with her even though there were only a few years between us. I always felt that she was in charge and I was safe. It made me both excited and secure when I was with her. Secure but insecure, it was such a strange heady mixture of feelings and emotions.

With the bath towel wrapped around me I looked at the bed as I went back into the bedroom. I slid off my wedding rings and put them away into my purse. I remembered her visit here the previous week when she had made love to me all over the house so that I would remember when I was alone or with Andrew, my husband. It had succeeded too. Even doing mundane tasks like pouring coffee at the table would bring rushes of excitement and arousal as I remembered laying on the kitchen table as she kissed between my legs, watching TV with my feet on the footrest brought memories of kneeling up on it naked for her. The few times I had answered the door had made me blush as I remembered my nakedness as I let her in. Naked, as she had stipulated. The worst was in bed of course. With Andrew, in bed, I was aroused because of my memories and yet he wasn't what I wanted. It was agony. Strangely hed wanted me often. We hadn't had sex this month before then. Maybe it was my pheromones, maybe I was giving off my arousal so much, I didn't know. I closed my eyes and felt Marianne's fingers in my wetness, felt her fingers on my breasts, felt her relative lightness on my body.

He knew I was going out with Marianne tonight, just a new friend as far as he thought. He had never met her. He had accepted it without the vaguest surprise or question. I was secretly stunned after my soul searching, my doubts, my fears at letting him know. He didn't show the vaguest interest or suspicion. It was both a relief and a letdown. Id cooked a meal for him and he sat downstairs apparently happier that I was leaving him to lounge around and watch and listen to whatever he wished whilst I tarted myself up. That was the correct word I thought, that was what I had become, that was how I would act for my wonderful lover. When I heard the door I rushed downstairs to answer it, Andrew was half way and looked at Marianne. It was the moment that I had been dreading when they first met. I felt my face colour not knowing how to handle it. She was divine.

She handled him with such ease, I could see him eating out of her hand by the time Id retrieved my coat. He was actually looking at her with some interest and had begun flirting rather obviously. I had to smile; I didn't know whether to be jealous of him or her. She even winked at me as she leant forward to kiss his cheek and let her coat fall open to reveal a deep cleavage down her shirt for him. "Make sure she behaves wont you," he said to Marianne. I blushed. "Oh don't you worry I will. She'll be a good girl." I wanted to die. "It's all girls together tonight, don't worry."

I began to giggle as we left the house, Andrew still watching until we had driven off into the darkness. My body was so alive. I was full of anticipation and sheer lust. "I want to show you off tonight. You are going to be good aren't you?" I already knew what she meant by being good. She actually meant obedient, obediently wicked. "Did you hear me," she said after a few seconds. The adrenaline coursed through my veins with the nervous excitement. Whatever it was Marianne would make me feel wanton and naughty I was sure. "Yes. Sorry." "Well?" I looked nervously into my lap, began to fiddle with my bag. "Yes. I'll be good for you," I croaked, my throat dry.

The car pulled to the side and stopped. She undid her belt and mine and leant over and kissed my mouth. My mouth melting into hers, my arms clasping her tightly. My insides melting too. "Good. You must not show me up." Words into my face. Her breath smelling of peppermint. "Oh no, I wouldn't. I wouldn't." "Remember that my little sub." Her hand slid inside my coat and lightly over my breast. It had the desired effect. I arched to it, feeling a sudden gush, a sudden heat. The hand was removed as quickly as it had caressed leaving me desperate for more. "Now remove your bra and leave it off." We drove off again. I took off my coat and unfastened the offending item of clothing, pulled my arms through the elastic straps on each side and pulled it through the arm hole in my tight top. My breasts were obvious as the tight material hugged them, my nipples poking out ridiculously.

We parked in town and left our coats in the car. It was cool enough to affect my nipples through the tightness of my top, though not uncomfortably so, as she took my hand and led me. There was electricity in her touch, her hand, her arm movement touching as we walked, yet I couldn't help looking around to see if there were people on the street who knew me. "Women hold hands all the time, stop it." She poked quietly and squeezed my hand reassuringly but I knew I was being told.

At the pub we found the staircase and she walked ahead of me allowing my eyes to take in the wonderful sway of her black trouser-covered hips. She looked so sexy, she did whatever she was doing. Such poise, such desirability, I could never imagine me acquiring that, I thought. Suddenly I became aware of the relative shortness of my skirt, of the stockings that I was wearing, of the view from behind that I might be presenting. I also became aware that I was damp.

Upstairs there was a large room fairly well filled with people, all women. I had never been in a situation with only women like this. As we approached the bar a number of women stopped talking to say hello to Marianne, she appeared both well known and liked by the crowd here. She ordered a white wine each and I became aware of the looks that I was receiving from other women around us. Some questioning, some blatantly predatory. I felt myself being assessed as only women can assess. I followed Marianne through the throng and across the small dance area to one of the tables at the back. We were in relative darkness as we sat able to view the crowd. We both placed our bags on the spare chair and our glasses on the table. She then kissed me! In front of all who cared to be watching. It was the first public kiss. Gradually she was able to relax me and my mouth melted as she played with my lips both with her own and her tongue. Sitting down I was trembling, unable to decide if it was nerves or excitement. I drank my wine a little too quickly.

"You look lovely Lucy. Perhaps the skirt is a little longer than I would have liked but you look very edible. You can relax now my sweet."

"Its all so strange for me."

"I know but you'll get used to it. It isn't as frightening as you think. They seem to like what they see."

"Why do you think that?"

"Because I can see that they want to get you between their legs that's why." She laughed and I looked at the table. My nipples ached and I could see them clearly. I covered them with my arms. "Stop that." I looked up and gradually moved my arms back. "I don't want you hiding your charms now do I?"


"Sorry Mistress! You will call me Mistress."

"Oh yes. Sorry Mistress." Oh God! Calling her that was so exciting, made me know my place, made me think of having to do her bidding. I knew I was wet inside my knickers.

"Remember what to call me. You want that don't you slut?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I want you to always be aware of that. Aware that you want me to have control of you, that you have given yourself to me willingly and I now control your dirty lusts. Is that not correct slut?"

"Yes Mistress. Please don't call me a slut Mistress."

"Have you changed?" Her voice heavy with irony. "Weren't you one last time we met?" I hung my head and looked at the table. "Don't you remember begging me to allow you to lick me? Don't you remember begging me to allow you to come? Don't you remember offering yourself wantonly as you crawled about on the floor for me?"

"Yes Mistress" I whispered knowing my wetness.

"Who owns you slutty sub?"

"You do Mistress."

Gradually regardless of my arousal she managed to relax me and she seemed totally at ease. There were couples dancing at the small-designated area, couples of women. There were no men to be seen. Mistress sent me to get two more drinks, a tonic water for her and another wine for me. I had to go on my own, which at first didn't seem so daunting, until I was a few steps from our table. I could feel the wetness of my knickers as I walked. Suddenly I felt so defenceless away from her. I squeezed through the crowd and reached the bar and ordered our drinks. A hand slid over my bottom! I turned to see a woman retreating grinning. A woman! I felt out of my depth. On the way back clutching the drinks and my purse I was touched again by someone else and then again. By the time I had reached the table I was shaking. I told Mistress in shock but she only laughed at my discomfort. She put her hand on the table palm up. "Give me what belongs to me. Give me those tits." I leant forward and placed my breast in her hand. Rub them on my hand." I did knowing it must look disgusting to anyone watching. I was so excited. I rubbed myself lewdly against her. I was a slut, her slut. Her mouth came to mine and I felt her tongue enter me as we kissed. As she did her fingers squeezed my nipple, squeezed I hard making me moan into her mouth.

"Excuse us!" Mistress moved back from my mouth but kept hold of my nipple. There were two women standing by the table. They could see! They had seen! My face was burning. "Oh hello." Mistress sat back releasing me. She obviously knew them. I was too embarrassed to look up; I just wanted them to go. "Sub stand up and let these friends of mine sit down." It took a moment for her words to sink in. I looked around in horror. Eventually I stood and picked my bag from the other chair. They quickly sat leaving me without a place. I looked around for another chair but was told to stand next to Mistress. The two other women looked at me grinning. One was tall with short blond hair in a dress the other short and squat looking in a leather jacket. I just wanted them to leave us. "Say hello slut." Oh my God, the shame. "This is Mistress Kim," indicating the tall blond, and this is Miss Annie."

"Hello Miss Kim, hello Miss Annie," I stuttered.

"Hello slut," Miss Kim smiled, Miss Annie just looked up and grinned. I wanted to die. "Don't let us stop you Marianne."

"Oh its alright. She was getting a little frisky that's all. Weren't you slut?" I didn't know what to say standing there beside Mistress. My mouth was dry and I could feel myself trembling. "Weren't you?" impatience in her voice.


"Excuse me?"

"Yes... Mistress." I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.

They laughed and began talking about the women there, looking around and pointing out things to each other. They all totally ignored me. Then I felt Mistress's hand on my thigh at the bottom of my skirt. She began stroking as she spoke. It felt so nice, the warmth of her hand on me. I moved slightly nearer so that my leg was against her thigh. I felt so secure there with her stroking my legs. I felt as though I was her pet being stroked. It was so good feeling I belonged to her even if it must have been obvious to these two women. Each stroke was just a fraction higher than the last. The feelings spread through my already aroused body. Her caresses alternated between soft and gentle then firmer and back again. These women could see what she was doing to me, see me meekly accepting it. Her hand felt wonderful up the inside of my thighs gradually reaching the flesh at the top of my stocking. I sighed inwardly and looked around as I became aware that other people may see but we were reasonably hidden even if Miss Kim and Miss Annie could see.

My legs parted without conscious thought allowing Mistress greater freedom to do with me, as she liked. As I realised what I had done I part closed them again. "Apart. Keep them apart slut."

"Sorry Mistress." My face burned with shame. My groin burned with desire. I knew it was more than simply being caressed now. Mistress was demonstrating her control over me. Her wonderful control over me. I had to be good for her. I wanted to be good for her, obedient. The intimacy, my shame and her control all mixed so well, so explosively. As the edge of her hand grazed my covered lips I groaned. I thought that the pulsing between my legs must communicate itself to them all, almost as if they could hear it. I was being exhibited as though I was a sex object. I knew I was. I knew I enjoyed being treated like this.

"Where did you two meet?" I heard Mistress Kim ask.

Suddenly I realised she was asking me. "Out shopping Miss."

"I think she needs more information than that, slut. What were you doing as we met?"

Oh God that hand caressing so near. "Sorry Mistress." I couldn't go on but just then I felt the touch of Mistress's hand as glided over my buttock and took the elastic of my knickers, pulling.


Her hand pulled them down my thighs. The others probably could tell initially but must have been very aware as Mistress took them to my knees below the bottom of my skirt. Her hand slid up and touched my lips just ever so gently. I groaned again as they all watched my burning humiliation. "Tell them slut."

"I was trying on some clothes Miss."

"I am becoming impatient."

"I was in the changing room and.... " Fingers parted my flesh slipping over my wetness. "I was... I was... oh God... Mistress I cant."

"Tell them." Impatience in her voice though her fingers moved without changing.

"Touching myself Miss." My eyes closed, trying to hide hoping for something to happen to me, to transport me away.

"You were what?" Incredulous. "You were playing with yourself? In the changing room?"

"It was just a cubicle Miss. Yes. Yes Miss I was."

"And that's how she saw you? Catching you playing with yourself? Fingering yourself in public?"

"Y... y... yes Miss."

They all laughed but it didn't matter as Mistress slid a couple of fingers inside me and I nearly swooned and bent my legs a little to force myself down on them. "Well! Did you bring yourself off you little slut?"

"No... No Miss." I was panting now.

"Mistress... did... that."

"Well you lucky cow! One of them said to Mistress.

Her fingers were sliding in and out of me know. I was being fingered openly. Though they couldn't actually see them in me they could easily tell. I was swaying and moving like I was being fucked in front of them. I heard whimpers and knew they were mine. Sweat dripped slowly in my armpits and on my forehead. I lost thread of the conversation under the touch of Mistress. My juices were all over my thighs, I had spread as far as my knickers around my knees would allow, I was having trouble standing and needed a hand on the arm of Mistress's chair to remain standing. Oh God it was so awful having my submission so displayed. So awful and so exciting. Suddenly there was emptiness inside me and I felt a slap on my thigh. "Answer Miss Kim. You're married aren't you slut?"

"Yes Mistress." Mercifully the fingers returned.

"Oh you are? And you have cock up that little slit of yours?" It was Mistress Annie now.

"Yes Miss." It was difficult concentrating. Wet slippery fingers were rubbing my clit every now and again. "Oooh. Yes Miss... when Mistress... ahh... tells me to." Nothing seemed to matter now except my needs. There was no dividing line between my humiliation in front of them all and my desperate arousal.


"Mistress... tells... me... to have sex at times... ahhh... I have to... do it... then. She tells me the time... and place... and position I must... be used in." Telling them was so good, fuelling my excitement.

"My God Marianne! Do you come on this cock slut?"

"No Miss. Mistress... doesn't allow... that... oooh... I have to... wait... until... afterwards... use... my... fingers... Miss... ooooh." The fingers were becoming more and more insistent in me, over me. I was nearing a point of no return. Her thumb was rubbing and pressing against my bottom.


"What? Oh... sorry Miss. So... that I.... know... know my... my org...asmmms... don't belong... to his cock... Miss."

"Whom do they belong to?"

"To... Mistress. To... my... Miss... tress!"

I came suddenly. I didn't mean to, I really didn't but I couldn't hold it back any longer. It hit me like a wall. Suddenly that feeling of being paralysed and stiff, then feeling as though I was tumbling out of control. I heard grunts, felt my body jerking. All the time knowing I was being watched as I did this. My insides felt like liquid and the waves broke and broke over me. It was amazingly strong. As I became more aware of anything else I found myself on my knees with my head resting on one of Mistress's thighs. My breasts felt large and my crutch was just one large pulsing mess. I could see the knees of the others below the table, and a hand up inside the skirt of Miss Kim vaguely. I felt the dirty smelly hand of Mistress over my face, over my nose and top lip. Her fingers covered me in my juices, made it so I could smell my shame obviously without escape.

"You weren't given permission were you? You should have known shouldn't you? You were good my little submissive but you know you'll have to be punished don't you? I cant have you coming whenever you want can I?" Her words were so soothing as I gradually calmed. She was even stroking my hair.

Punished? Oh my God! My pussy twitched as I thought about it. "Please Mistress."

"Please what sub?" I thought about that for some time. I wasn't sure what I meant.


"Please not here Mistress." I whispered into her trousers.

"Don't you think you deserve it slut? Don't you think you have been a bad little sub?"

"Yes Mistress. I've been a bad girl and deserve it Mistress." My eyes as wet as my pussy. I knew I was a bad girl, that I had let her down when I said I wouldn't.

"Where do you want to be your bottom smacked then subby?"

"At your flat Mistress. Not here, please." The thought of her doing it here, over her knee, everyone seeing, that was just too much for me to bear at the moment.

"Will you be good for me there? What will you do for me subby slut?"

"Yes Mistress. I'll do anything, anything."

"Are you sure that's what you want little sub?"

"Oh yes Mistress."

"You want to go back and be smacked hard?"

"Oh yes Mistress, please."

"Very well. I suppose, if I must we'll have to go home."

"Thank you Mistress." Everything seemed so normal. The fact that I was begging her to take me and smack me seemed totally appropriate to me.

"Very well but you are spoilt you know that? Stand up and pull up your knickers girl."

"Yes Mistress." I did as I was told. The act of pulling up my underwear in front of people seemed so much more embarrassing than actually having them around my knees for some reason. My thighs were cool with their stickiness.

After saying my apologies and kissing Miss Kim and Miss Annie goodbye, very aware of my juices covering my lips I was led away, all the time with my juices strong in my nostrils. I was too embarrassed to look if people we passed took any notice of me as we left. Before we got into the car Mistress made me kiss her. I was past caring if others could see. It seemed so ridiculous to worry about that after I had been so wanton minutes earlier in front of people. I simply pressed against her and let her mouth use mine.

The drive was short and it was only a matter of minutes before I was standing naked for her in the flat. She sat on the sofa as I stood. "You have such a nice body for a naughty slut."

"Thank you Mistress. I am so sorry I let you down."

"Spread those legs and open that cunt for me."

Feeling grateful to her I did as she ordered, the fingers of one hand over my shaved mound opening myself for her inspection. My lips feeling bloated. "You liked having me finger you in front of my friends didn't you slut?"

I had. I had felt proud and dirty and wicked and it had aroused me more than I could have imagined to be displayed like that for her friends. "Yes Mistress."

"Next time I'll have you naked, just like this. You'd like that too wouldn't you?"

"Yes Mistress." Oh God. Oh God. I thought of other women there looking at me like this, naked spreading myself as I was for Mistress. I was so aware of my position. So aware of having to stand like this, the cloyingly sweet humiliation. Could I do this in front of her friends? Could I lower myself any further? I knew the answer. I knew that I enjoyed this degradation more than anything else. I could imagine them looking at my pussy with Mistress's fingers inside me, seeing my nakedness, seeing my willingness to be used.

She sat clothed still, assessing me. I hoped more than anything that she found me attractive, sexy. I desperately wanted to please her, wanted her to want me. My body was like a spring, ready to be used. She moved, sitting further back on her seat, beckoning me to sit next to her. I sat and she turned me to face the rear so I was facing her, my knees to the back. Her fingers slid up my neck into my hair, her fingers like a comb, until I was held on them. As I was pulled forward to her my mouth opened for her. I felt her mouth on mine harshly her tongue inside me, owning even that part. Her harsh kisses subsided into more gentle ones as my lips softened and dissolved against hers. Her hand was caressing my breasts and it too followed the pattern of her lips, harsh squeezing caresses then more gentle ones after the flesh my nipples were sensitised further.

"You taste nice." I knew what she meant. "You wanted me to punish you here, didn't you?"

"Yes Mistress," I whispered against her mouth, trembling slightly.

"What did you do wrong sub?"

"I came without your permission Mistress."

"Lay across my thighs, bottom up." I complied with her wishes feeling clumsy as I lay over her. She had put a cushion in her lap forcing my hips higher. I was apprehensive yet excited. My face against the sofa seat looking away as she pushed on of my legs off the edge so that I was spread as well as being raised for her.

"You will count each slap. If you fail we will begin again."

"Yes Mistress."

"I will not be severe this time. You were a good exhibit even though you came. I am not unfeeling about this."

"Thank you Mistress."

"Only ten on each buttock tonight."

"Thank you Mistress."

She began immediately. I counted them out. They stung fearfully and I could not help squirming in her lap though I couldn't feel her through the cushion. My cheeks felt hotter and hotter as the smacks continued. Tears filled my eyes, sobs filled my throat. The heat spread through me with the pain. It became so difficult to concentrate. Her hand felt like hot coals as it slapped. My face was wet against the seat. My buttocks were on fire as she concluded the twenty, but it seemed so strange that glowing heat that made my buttocks feel so large. I felt myself panting and a feeling of almost regret that the session was over filled me. I was in a world of my own.

"Turn over. We have not quite finished sub." I rolled off and repositioned myself. I felt in a daze. The feel of the cushion caustic against my sore flesh. The position was awkward too. My hips pushed high to her, my open pussy pushed up high in front of her with my feet on the sofa and my knees spread. I was so hot, so very hot, and tingling all over. She took a tissue and wiped my face. I was so grateful. "Play with those tits sub. Get them ready for me." It felt so good to touch them, pull them, squeeze them. She stopped me after a few minutes. "Hands away." After I did the surprise of what followed shook me.

She slapped my breasts! Each one twice. I think it was the shock more than the pain on my sensitised skin but I cried out. Then the sting kicked in. "Again." My hands covered my tormented breasts again, rubbing them. Attempting to rub away the stinging. Fearful this time. Again I was told to remove them. Again they were slapped. I was shaking all over now. They felt so alive in their stinging. I was so aware of my body, my breasts. My nipples throbbed amidst the stinging. A hiss filled my ears and I lay back panting.

"Now finger that cunt of yours."

"Oh Mistress please don't slap me there! Please!"

"Do you want to give yourself to me?"

"Yes Mistress. But..." "But nothing sub. Don't I own you sub?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Body and soul?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Then that dirty cunt of yours belongs to me, doesn't it?"

"Yes Mistress," I was almost sobbing. I didn't have a choice. My vagina pulsed wildly.

"Do it!" I did. Even knowing what was going to happen I did. My entire body shook as I fingered my pussy pushed up in front of her. I was so wet I couldn't believe. I thrust against my fingers wildly.

"Stop!" Unwillingly I moved my hands away. She waited. My body tense expectantly, my eyes closed. Suddenly the slap. I heard it before I felt it. The slap of her hand on the flesh of my bare mound. Then the pain in the flesh around my clit shook me so much I pushed up rigidly from shoulders and feet.

"Fingers again." Blindly I obeyed. My fingers digging almost brutally into my pussy and over my clit. Over and over, round and around. Grunting as I did it. Nearer and nearer.

"Stop." Hesitation and then abeyance. Slap, and again. Pain, pleasure, which was which? Gasping, my body under the sole control of my sensations. Fingers again, slaps again. Fingers, slaps. Suddenly I imploded. I was unaware on which I peaked but I felt myself go so still, so stiff for what seemed like hours, then I screamed as it crashed. My body was wild, bucking, thrashing, vaguely aware of falling off Mistress's knees onto the floor with her next to me. Breathing stopping and starting as fireworks exploded behind my eyes and within my body.

Mistress held me as I stood minutes, hours later. I could hardly walk as she led me to the bedroom and onto the bed. I curled up in a ball on the sheets, my mind a blank, physical sensation all. My body tingled all over inside and out and still occasionally throbbed really powerfully, almost orgasmically. I opened my eyes to find Mistress naked and climbing onto the bed with me. She held me and I clasped my arms around her and pressed the length of my body to hers, feeling our breasts squashed between us our legs entwined. Suddenly I burst into emotional tears. I couldn't stop crying. Sobs racked my body as I held desperately against her. My face and her chest wet with my outpourings. Gradually, with her arms holding me tight I calmed.

"Oh Mistress... Oh Mistress... Oh Mistress." I began kissing her. The nearest skin. I kissed her neck and shoulders and arms. I kissed over her breasts, over her face. I felt her hands guiding me. Down her body, between her legs. Oh yes. I pressed my face against her, rubbed into her wetness, lapped all I could lap. I held her to me and kissed and worshipped her cunt. Her cunt. Her cunt. I kissed her lips, each one, kissed her clit, licked, sucked kissed again and again. I was hers. I was hers as my tongue gave her as much pleasure as I could possibly give her. Kneeling between her legs where I belonged I repaid as much as I could to my Mistress until her body stopped twitching and she pulled me up to her mouth again.

"You are mine now. There is no turning back for one such as you sub."