The Hypno-Submission of Jennifer
by emma_sub

Part 2

I always arrived early in the office. It was easier to get much of the work done then, freeing up the rest of the day for unexpected things and meeting with whoever needed me. The next day Jennifer, too, arrived at least an hour earlier than she normally did. I heard her arrive and soon after her quiet knock at my door.

She stood looking as pretty and sexy as ever, though she was trembling as though cold and her mouth opened and closed occasionally without her speaking. It made me feel a little concerned that everything was still all right.

"Strawberry oysters."

She seemed to relax and the trembling stopped. I spent some time soothing her and taking her deeper into her hypnotic state until I felt happier.

"Is there something troubling you Jennifer?"

"Yes. I can't seem to understand why I acted like I did with you yesterday. It just seems so out of character for me. I've never acted that way before."

"Do you wish it hadn't happened?"

"No. No. It was the best sex that I've ever had. It's just that it doesn't seem to fit in with my image of myself. How I want others to see me. I know that I am strong really, though I know I am a slut underneath, but I couldn't help giving in to being such a slut."

"Now remember what I say carefully Jennifer, I am happy for you to act like you did yesterday. I am happy for you to act like a slut with me. Do you understand that Jennifer?"

"Yes. You are happy for me to act like a slut."

"You'll also really accept this part of yourself concerning your behaviour with me. You'll continue to enjoy it as a secret part of your life."

"I'll really accept this part of my life and continue to enjoy it."

"You do not have to worry that anyone else will know."

"I won’t have to worry about others knowing."

"You won't worry about acting like a slut with me, though you will know it's naughty and wicked. You will want to continue to be a slut for me because it's what both you and I want."

"I won't worry and I will want to continue to be a slut for you."

"Is that why you arrived early this morning?"

"No. I am really horny again and wanted you to let me come." I let out a sigh of relief.

"Did you play with yourself last night at home?"

"Yes but it wasn't as good as during the day. I want to come for you. It makes it better."

"Every time you orgasm with me it will strengthen your desire to do it more and more, won’t it Jennifer?"

"Yes, it will make me desire it more and more."

"And orgasms that you haven't been told to have will leave you slightly unsatisfied."

"Yes, those will leave me unsatisfied."

"And remember Jennifer you must always be truthful with me whatever I ask and if you are sexually embarrassed it will make you hornier."

"I will always be truthful with you and if I'm embarrassed sexually it will make me hornier."

"You love doing as I tell you; it makes you aroused to be submissive."

"I love doing as I am told and acting submissively."

"You'll even ask my permission to go to the toilet when you are at work."

"I'll ask permission to go to the toilet when I am at work."

"When you wake up you will not remember this conversation. You will believe that you have just entered the room. You will be as horny and as embarrassed as before but your worries will have disappeared."

She stood without trembling, her face flushed.

"Ah, good morning Jennifer."

"Good morning Sir."

"You are very early. Is there something you want?"

"Yes Sir. About yesterday... " I sat back and she became totally tongue tied. "I hope... You said... You said that you didn't mind... that I was such a slut."

"No Jennifer that's correct. I don't mind if you are a slut. As long as you are a well behaved slut."

"Oh yes Sir I am. I am. I will be. I will."

"Is that all you wished to say?"

"No Sir. There is... It's just that... I'm... I'm... feeling so horny again and I just... just wondered if..."

"Say it Jennifer."

"Will you use me? Will you let me orgasm? For you?" Words suddenly in a rush.

"This is getting to be a bit of a habit isn't it Jennifer?"

"Yes Sir. I'm sorry Sir." Her burning face hiding in her loose hair as she looked down at the floor, a tear ran from one eye.

"You needn't be sorry." She looked up in surprise. "But it is becoming a habit and I think you'll need some routine. We have work to do here. You don't want to be fired for inefficiency do you?"

"Oh no Sir!" I could hear her panting a little. "I'll do all my work Sir."

"Good. Now take off your clothes."

She struggled out of her blouse quickly and it was only when she was unzipping her skirt that she seemed to realise what was happening and then the realization seemed to set in. I could see short quick breaths suddenly lift her breasts but then she carried on, placing her skirt with the blouse on the chair. From my discussions with her under hypnosis I had learnt that she spent ages choosing which slutty set of lingerie to wear under her efficient business attire. I told her that I liked her black lace underwear and she appeared appreciative, smiling and having to wet her dry lips before carrying on further. She looked so self-conscious as she took off her bra.

"I'm sorry my breasts aren't bigger for you Sir."

"You have beautiful tits. They are fine as they are. They look so eager. Are they eager?"

"Oh yes Sir. Thank you Sir." She smiled and looked so grateful. I watched as her nipples visibly tightened. She pulled her obviously sodden knickers over freshly shaven lips and stood very self-consciously before me, just managing to keep her hands by her side, displaying her body to me in my office, naked whist I was clothed. She was shaking again but this time I could tell it was the lust caused by the humiliation she was feeling.

"Well! What have we here? You have shaved that little cunt of yours! Why did you do that Jennifer?" She had shaved her lips, as I had instructed her under hypnosis, so that they were obvious and smooth. She had trimmed her mound into a narrow triangle with the point directly on the opening of her slit.

"I hoped... I just hoped... that you might like it Sir... I don't know where the thought came from... I've never... I've never ever done anything like that before... I just... suddenly felt like... you'd enjoy... looking at me like this." She was blushing terribly, with blotches of arousal all over her breasts and neck.

I came round the desk and sat on it. I was standing within touching distance and I presumed it was obvious that I had an erection.

"Mmm. Yes my little slut, I like it very much. Part your legs further." She complied, closing her eyes as I examined her. The tops of her thighs were wet and her lips were bloated and pouting. "Yes I like that a lot. That's how I would like to see your cunt in the future Jennifer."

"Oh good. Thank you Sir. As long as that's what you want."

She jumped as my fingers begun lightly exploring her shaven flesh, not entering simply touching. I felt a sudden emission of liquids escape from her and dribble out, hips thrust forward in offering. I played with her lips between my fingers, fondling and squeezing, bringing pressure on her clit. I heard her whimpering softly, then moaning as a couple of fingers slid up inside.

"You're sopping aren't you slut?"

"Yes, Sir. I can't... I can't help it Sir."

I pushed in and out of me a couple of times, I thought she was about to come and so stopped, leaving her gasping air desperately.

"Not yet little one. Not yet. Be good."

My wet fingers went to her breasts, tormenting. I caressed as though physically exploring then squeezed them harder. I could smell her on my fingers so I was sure she could. I took her nipples and pulled the breasts out into cones, letting them bounce back, and then rhythmically squeezed on her nipples. I spoke to her softly, telling her to tell me what she was doing for her boss.

"I'm being really naughty. I'm standing naked for my boss and letting him do what he likes with me. He can see me, all of me. I'm, so hot. I'm almost coming. My boss is playing with my tits. I've got to wait. I'm such a slut for him! Oh God! Oh God!" Her breathing was heavy and laboured.

"Do you want to come, Jennifer?"

"Oh yes! Oh Yes! Please Sir!"

"And if I allow you to come, what will you do then?"

"I'll suck you Sir! I'll suck your cock Sir! I'll do anything Sir!"

I turned her around and made her bend over, leaning on the desk. She pushed up her perfect little arse to me as I slapped her thighs apart gently. I thrust my thumb into her cunt deeply. She was so wet. My fingers ran over her lips and clit as I pumped powerfully into her and it was splashing with each thrust. I noticed that she was straining to keep her mouth tightly closed to stop crying out; instead she was making animal-like grunts against the desktop. It didn't take long before my physical ministration overcame any reticence her body might have felt. At that moment I had all of her. I looked down at her as she was regaining some composure, my thumb still embedded inside her, my fingers sodden around her generous lips. She looked divine, her waist narrow before the flare of her hips and her tight young buttocks, her breasts pressed to my desk and her hair flowing over the surface.

She was as good as her word. When told she stood up, the look of satisfaction on her blushing face obvious. As she knelt between my legs I noticed there were images of her breasts on the shiny desktop caused by her sweat.

She slid over my cock deliciously. I wanted to make it last but it didn't take long for me either as she alternatively licked and sucked as her hands fondled my balls and thighs. To compensate I had her keep me in her mouth for quite a while after she had swallowed my fluids. It felt good her passively sucking and licking me inside her mouth as the glow of orgasm slowly receded. When I had her stop it was obvious that she was torn between obeying and giving up her task.

Afterwards I felt relieved that everything was still OK. To be safe I decided to strengthen one or two commands. I had also realized that things couldn't work unless Jennifer could function as my secretary. We needed to have a routine of sorts.

"Strawberry oysters." She was squatting naked between my legs, a dribble of semen at the corner of her mouth. "You enjoyed that didn't you Jennifer?"

"Oh yes. I would like to be made to do it again and again."

"Do you like my cock Jennifer?"

"Yes I love it! I love it inside me. In my mouth. Especially in my cunt. Part of your flesh hard and deep inside my body. It's like the physical embodiment of your control over me."

"Do you like my control over you Jennifer?"

"Yes. I love feeling you take away all my responsibility."

"Good. Now listen carefully. Every morning you will come to me in the office early. You will be hot and in need of being used by me. Each morning you will be desperate for me to bring you off. You will want to let me you suck my cock and come in your mouth."

She repeated my instructions diligently.

"Afterwards you will be able to keep your work and your desires separate in your mind during the day. You will be able to work very efficiently and yet be able to feel both satisfied from your earlier orgasm and your desire to be submissive and be fucked."

Again she repeated back to me all her instructions.

"In the afternoon at the end of work your lust will have grown so that you are desperate to be used again. You will wait until everyone goes and then come to me and beg me to fuck you and use you in any way that I wish. You will want me to fulfil your desires to be a slut and you'll want to be the best and the most obedient slut I could wish for."

As she repeated back my commands I knew I had found heaven.

"You will desire me to treat you as I do more and more with each orgasm I allow you to experience and with each humiliating act I have you perform."

"Each time you allow me to orgasm and with each humiliating act I perform I will need you to treat me more like you do.

I watched as she dressed. I couldn't believe that I now had such a beautiful girl in my power.

During the rest of the day her work rate was amazing. I saw her working hard whenever I passed her desk, her ponytail back in place. She cleared all the backlog of work that had arisen due to her having her mind on other things the previous day as well as planning ahead. If anything the problems were due to me not having my mind on my work! Once during the day she came in and stood looking embarrassed.

"Please Sir may I go to the toilet? I promise not to play with myself Sir."

"Why do you wish to go, Jennifer?"

"I need to wee Sir." Her face coloring.

"Do you need to piss badly?"

"Yes Sir."

"Well if you must. But after you've finished you must come in here again and describe to me exactly what you did.

At the end of the day I heard the gradual emptying of the office and on my last excursion from my office I saw her much more red faced than earlier, her hair down. Soon Jennifer reappeared at my door looking as beautiful and, superficially at least, innocent. From the mouth in that innocent looking face however issued words that were not quite childlike.

"Your secretary has completed all her work Sir and everyone has gone. Your slut is here now," she giggled. "Please Sir, would you fuck me? I would love you to fuck me Sir. I need your cock inside me, I need to come."

"Are you a good secretary Jennifer?"

"Yes Sir. I try to be Sir."

"Are you a good slut too?"

"Yes Sir. I'm really trying hard to be Sir. It is embarrassing to know what I'm like though, but I'm beginning to accept it now."

I went over to her. Her red face and mottled neck betrayed her aroused state.

"Kiss me, slut." Her mouth opened eagerly as she lifted her mouth to mine. As we kissed I began to unbutton her blouse. I could feel her mouth offer itself, her lips were hot and I could feel her body impatient against mine as my tongue entered her. I unfastened the buttons and pulled the material over her arms pulling her arms back, thrusting forward her breasts. Her bra was front fastening and it followed her blouse over her arms. The soft mounds and most obviously rigid nipples pushed into my hands and I couldn't help but squeeze them feeling her squirm deliciously against me. Still kissing me she began to press and rub her breasts against me as my hands slid over the curve of her back and buttocks. She lifted herself to give me greater access and moaned softly into my mouth. My hand then explored under her skirt, into the top of her very wet panties, over the slight curve of her stomach cupping her smoothly shaven mound. Soft mewing sounds came from her as I rubbed over the fleshy softness. It was now obviously much more sensitive now the hair had been removed and the combination of her agitated movements and the touch of her flesh was becoming too much for me.

Within moments she was on hands and knees on the carpet at my command, her panties, blouse and bra discarded and her skirt up around her waist. I couldn't think of a more beautiful sight than her firm rounded buttocks pushing up wantonly with the plumpness of her smooth lips prominent between her parted thighs.

"Please. Please." Soft pleas came from beneath the hanging blond hair as I undressed unhurriedly all the time gorging myself on the sight of her immodest exhibition. Jennifer made me so hard! I took my throbbing erection in my hand and placed it at the entrance to her cunt. Her sex was tight but well oiled for me. As she pushed herself back onto me a deep sigh came from her and I slid easily within. It was heaven, feeling her heat around me, feeling it squeezing me, feeling the mastery that my cock deep within her gave me. She wanted to move up and down the length of me but I restrained her by holding her hips, wanting to take my time, though her tightness and heat were exciting me rather too much. I leant over her and felt her hanging breasts and squeezed her nipples. She pleaded and pleaded to be given permission to climax. Listening to her made my cock twitch.

Eventually I began to fuck her slowly. At the same time I parted her buttocks and watched as my cock slid in and out, her lips sucking desperately along my length on the out thrusts. Her pink private orifice winked at me. I probed the outside of it with my fingers eliciting a startled cry from her. I pushed deeper, my finger embedded into her, her back arched and her head jerked up presenting her throat. A grunt came deep within it followed by soft whimpering. Soon my motions increased and I began really rutting her. She responded wonderfully, her body animal like in its frenzy to be used, my hands having to restrain her movements at times. All the sensations increased dramatically and I felt the tightness in my groin and the almost painful release as I spurted profusely inside her. As I did she began crying out in her own climax. Her body shuddered and tightened, shuddered and tightened as it thrashed around skewered on my cock.

Our routine worked wonderfully. Every morning I would let her come to release her tensions and then be sucked off, each evening I would find my release in her body. However the sessions we had were definitely not routine.

It was a Friday morning and Jennifer was kneeling up naked on the floor before me. She had just completed her morning blowjob and I'd allowed her a second orgasm on her fingers.

"Strawberry oysters." I put her under hypnosis again, taking her deeper and deeper until I was happy that I would encounter no overrides from deeply held fears or conventions.

"Do you enjoy doing as I tell you, Jennifer?"


"Do you like being my slut, Jennifer?"


"Do you want to be a really good obedient slut?"


"There is more to being a slut than just exposing yourself to me and being fingered and fucked by me. You have to learn to do other things too."

"I have to learn to do other things too."

"Can you remember your fantasies?"


"The ones where you were made to expose yourself to a stranger and where you were punished as a schoolgirl?"


"You will be a good obedient slut. You are to do all I tell you. Some things will be similar to the things in your fantasies but there will be others too. You will want to demonstrate to me what a good obedient slut you are by carrying out all my instructions."

"I will want to show you how good and obedient I am."

"Do you want another boyfriend, Jennifer?"


"Why not?"

"There isn't a reason for having one. I have a good social life; you give me the sex I need as long as I do what I tell me. I don't need one."

"Do you ever think of sex with someone else?"

"Not now."

"If I told you that I wanted you to fuck someone else what would you do?"

"I'd have to do it."


"Because I want to please you. If I didn't you might not give me all I crave. I don't think I could cope without that."

"Is the thought of my telling you to do things with another man exciting?"


"Jennifer, when you come into my office this evening you will see a man here but you will not recognise him, even if he looks, smells or sounds like me in any way. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I will not recognise the man in your office this evening."

"You will know the man is there to take away any feelings of guilt you have for acting the way you do. He is to punish you and the punishment will remove the burden you feel for being a slut. It will not stop you wanting to act as a slut but will simply absolve you for the things you have done so far. Do you understand?"

"He will absolve me from the sluttish behaviour that I have done so far."

"When you are with this man you must treat him as you do me, telling him the whole truth and obeying any commands."

"Yes. I will treat him as I do you."

"The only difference will be that if and when you need to come you can unless he says otherwise."

"Thank you. I will be able to come when I need to with this man if allowed."

"You know that you are a naughty wicked girl who cannot help but give in to her desires and need to be taken in hand."

"Yes. I need to be taken in hand about my wicked ways."

"It will be as though you are a school girl and he is your Headteacher. You will feel excited and aroused but you will not be afraid with this man."

"I will not be afraid."

"You will feel very proud and aroused because I have decided that you are good enough to be loaned to this man to use and punish and you will want to show me that you can perform like my good obedient slut."

"I will want to show you how good I can be for you by pleasing this man."

I went through my instructions a few times until I was certain everything was as I wanted and then woke her up gently increasing her satisfaction and feelings of relaxation from her orgasms. Out of her trance I told her to dress.

I watched her dressing, her breasts jutting as she fastened her bra, her athletic legs as she stepped into her panties, her shy giggle as she felt the cold dampness of them against her hot sex. "Jennifer how do you feel about being such a slut?"

"I know I'm really naughty Sir. Really wicked. But I can’t help it Sir. I really need it. I suppose I need someone like you to somehow help me Sir, to tell me what to do, use me. It excites me Sir."

"This afternoon you are to meet a man in my office, Jennifer. I am loaning you to use as he wishes because that is what I wish my slut to do. He will also punish you for being a slut, and that too is what I wish. I want you to do completely as he says. Whatever he tells you to do you must do it. It will prove to me that you really can be my slut."

Her eyes were wide as she fastened the zip of her skirt, "Who is he Sir?"

"It doesn't matter. It is my wish that you are to tell him everything and he will punish you for being such a slut in the past, but it won’t stop you being one in the future."

"But Sir, if I need punishing can't you do it to me? I don't know him! I can't tell him everything! It will be too embarrassing! Apart from anything else he might tell someone!"

"Yes you can and he won’t. I am telling you that is what I want Jennifer, do you understand? Don't you worry; trust me everything will be alright."

"What will he do? Will he smack me? What will I have to do? Will he make me undress? Oh God!"

"You'll have to wait and see Jennifer. You are to prove to me that you are obedient enough to be my slut."

"If that's what you want Sir." Looking demure again regardless of all she had done, I let her go from the office.

In the late afternoon I moved my chair around to the side of the desk nearer the door and waited for her to come, in my erection making itself known within my trousers. There was a tentative knock and then she entered looking very uneasy. Looking as demure when she had left me in the morning, though her hair was down. She was chewing her lip nervously.

"Hello Jennifer. You don't know me do you?"

"No Sir, but Mr. Clarke told me to expect you, to come and see you."

"Come and stand before me. I've been told that you have been rather wicked Jennifer." She didn't speak but looked down at the floor at my feet. "Haven't you?"

"Yes Sir."

"You've been acting a little unseemly haven't you Jennifer?"

"Yes Sir."

"Tell me about it."

"I can't Sir, it's too embarrassing."

"Yes you can, and you will. It is Mr. Clarke's wish. Now how did it all begin?"

She squirmed as she stood before me; her face red, her eyes wide.

"It... it was... I began to feel really... really aroused whenever I was around Mr. Clarke." She stopped hoping that I would speak but I simply sat waiting until she began again. "I couldn't help it. He made me really hot. I... I started going to the toilet... I needed to... I really did. I went and... and had to... to masturbate." Then suddenly it was as though a dam had burst and the words began to come out in a torrent. "It was really embarrassing and then Mr Clarke knew what I was doing. He knew! Then he said I could do it here, in front of him! I know it was bad but I couldn't help myself. I wanted him to see me, see my body, and see me being a slut for him. I did it, in his office! Lifted up my skirt, took down my knickers and... fingered myself in front of him!"

"You stood there wanking for him to see?"

Yes. Oh God it was good. I love doing that, having him able to see me, my body, and my sluttish behaviour. He knows I love being naked for him. I want him to see me. I want to be able to please him, excite him. I've even shaved myself so that he can see and touch me, my pussy, easier." Her breathing and her excited tone gave her aroused state away. Now that she had started I could see that she wouldn't stop.

"You've shaved your cunt? Show me."

"What? Oh God! Oh I couldn't. I've never met you before!"

"Mr. Clarke told you to obey me didn't he? You are mine for a while, Mr. Clarke has offered you to me to punish. Part of your punishment is to demonstrate to me that you will obey Mr. Clarke even when he isn't there."

"Oh God! Oh God!"

"Haven't you taken off your clothes in front of anyone else?"

"Not a stranger Sir! It's really humiliating Sir."

"But you are secretly aroused and excited by it aren't you Jennifer?"

"Y... Y... Yes Sir." She looked at the floor.

"Now show me. Strip. Carry on talking. Did you bring yourself off?"

She began to unbutton her blouse. Suddenly I realised that she was wearing different underwear from the morning. She now wore a cream, virtually transparent camisole, her pink nipples very obvious. She must have bought it at lunch time in anticipation of this afternoon!

"No Sir I didn't, though I was going to. Mr. Clarke said that I could use his fingers if I wanted and of course I did. Mr. Clarke made me come. It was wonderful." She stepped out of her skirt. Her panties too were different, matching her camisole, loose French knickers and as diaphanous. A darker damp patch obvious and making the material even more transparent.

"So he let you come in his office, even gave you an orgasm himself, did you do anything for him?"

"Oh yes Sir." She was undoing the tiny buttons on the camisole. "Yes. I sucked him. I sucked his cock. I swallowed his spunk." Her breasts swung beautifully as she removed the camisole.

"And did you enjoy that Jennifer?"

"Oh yes. All my friends... they said it was awful, and they couldn't possibly swallow, but I know they are wrong now. It felt and tasted divine. I hope Mr. Clarke enjoyed it." She was standing naked now. I could see trembling slightly and her hands were desperate to cover herself but she was being good. Her tiny arrow of hair pointing down to her luscious cunt.

"Did that happen every morning?"

"Yes. No. Well it was always similar. The next day he did it by the open door as soon as I asked him. Pushed my against the wall and roughly put his hand up my skirt and into my knickers as he kissed me. It felt so dirty, gorgeously dirty doing it like that. Other times I'd exhibit myself totally naked for him and he'd finger me, or he'd want to watch me. A couple of times he's licked me as a I lay down on the desk. Licked my cunt. Put his mouth to me, to my cunt. Oh yes. He's begun to put a finger up my bottom as well. Up my rear hole, inside me. I know I shouldn't let him but it feels good. It makes me feel really slutty then."

"You're excited talking about it aren't you Jennifer?"

"Yes Sir. Oh yes."

"Do you want to play with yourself as we continue? Play with yourself in front of a stranger Jennifer?"

"Oh God. Yes. No. Do... would you... do you mind Sir?"

"No that's fine." A hand tentatively cupped a breast. Eventually her other stole slowly across her thigh.

"Mr. Clarke said I could come if I needed to Sir."

"Yes that's alright. I'd like to see that too. Now carry on. Didn't Mr. Clarke fuck you? Didn't you want that too?" Her fingers began moving furtively.

"Yes. In the afternoons. I was always really horny by then again. I would always need to beg him to fuck me then. And he did. It was wonderful. He fucked me on the desk and on the floor. From the front and from the back."

"Which did you enjoy most?"

"Well it was really good being able to feel him between my thighs and see him but when he made me kneel on the carpet and rutted me it felt really good, like I was an animal, just an animal. Especially when he had me... ahh... oh..." Her stiff fingers were moving rapidly over her clit now. Her other fingers squeezing her nipples. "Sometimes I had to kneel on the floor and crawl... ahh...crawl about for him...ohh... rubbing my nipples on the carpet and my bum high... uh... uh... I've got to come Sir... Oh Sir...Uhhh.... Uhhh... Yes.... Yes... Yesssssss..."

I watched as her body convulsed, her knees nearly giving way. Her chest covered in a deep flush. Her breathing gradually came back to normal, her thighs now wet. Without prompting or removing her hands she continued.

"It was so embarrassing, so arousing doing all that. Then he would come behind me and really fuck me hard Sir. Ahhh... I loved him taking me hard... sometimes he would put his finger... his finger... in my... oh, in my bottom... and he would come inside me and... oh... and I wouldn't be able to stop myself coming...ahh... and... and it was so good... ohh. And... and... ahh... I would suck his cock clean Sir.

"Show me Jennifer. Show me how you displayed yourself to Mr. Clarke."

She dropped to the floor beside her discarded clothes facing away from me and began rubbing her breasts against the carpet, her back arching as she moved. Her hips were thrust high and her swollen cunt and the little rosebud of her anus were displayed clearly.

"What can I see Jennifer?"

"My bottom Sir, and my cunt."

"Yes Jennifer I can. I can see that fat juicy cunt of yours, can't I?"

"Yes Sir."

"Tell me what I can see."

"You can see my fat juicy cunt Sir."

"And what is your fat juicy cunt for Jennifer?"

"Ah... ahhhh... To be used Sir."

"Who by?"

"Mr. Clarke or... or you Sir."

"And you're offering it to me to use?"

"Yes Sir."

As she was ready, willing and able what else could I do but make use of what was being offered to me? I let my eyes feast on her as I undressed before sinking my painfully erect cock deep into her moist depths. I fucked her hard and fast. I fucked her and felt her hot vagina twitching around me. I fucked her through each of her thunderous orgasms. I fucked that delightfully young, tight cunt of hers until I came in a powerful climax of my own.

After I had come I stayed inside her for minutes on end letting the feelings wash through me. Eventually she stood upright before me as I sat on her chair, with my cock softening slightly. She looked a little bedraggled. Her hair sticking to her face, her breasts reddened by the carpet, spunk dribbling down her thighs onto the tops of her hold-ups.

"Are you a naughty little girl Jennifer?"

"Yes Sir. I feel like a little schoolgirl Sir." Her head was bowed, hiding her face a little with her hair as she looked at the floor in embarrassment.

"A naughty little schoolgirl who is standing naked before her teacher?"

"Yes Sir."

"A naughty little school girl who has offered herself to a stranger and still has spunk dribbling down her thighs?

"Yes Sir."

"And what happens to naughty little schoolgirls Jennifer?"

"They get smacked Sir."


"Over the knee, on the bottom, Sir."

"Do you need spanking?"

"Yes Sir. I am a very naughty girl."

"Yes but you are an obedient slut. That's good. And after your punishment it won’t matter how naughty you feel as long as you continue to be obedient, will it?"

"No Sir."

"Good, ask me then Jennifer."

"Oh. Please, will you smack my bottom Sir?"

"Come on then, we haven't all night. Over my thighs now."

She placed herself over my naked thighs holding herself in place with her hands on the carpet, her hair hanging hiding her face. I could feel her side against my sticky cock and the heat of her mound against my thigh. She spread her legs and lifted up her buttocks without any direction from me. I looked down at her. Her firm pert buttocks could have been a schoolgirl’s. She was beautiful. Again I could hardly believe my luck. She was trembling; the waiting must have been a strain.

I gave three smacks to her left buttock without a pause. She arched up in surprise and a soft cry came from her. The flesh of her bottom vibrated with each smack. Another three top the other cheek. She was prepared this time, had some idea of the pain, and was able to contain her motions and noise. Her cheeks, with a tinge of red on them, clenched and unclenched and began to push up towards the next smack as though wishing for the contact. I looked at the little puckered opening. My cock twitched, her body rejuvenating my responses.

"Has Mr. Clarke ever fucked you here?" I asked as I began to slowly run my finger around the sweaty opening.

"Oh no Sir! His finger Sir. Just his finger Sir."

"Has anyone ever fucked you there?"

"No! No Sir!"

"Haven't you ever offered it to Mr. Clarke?"

"No Sir. But... well he never asked to Sir. It would be really painful there Sir."

"But shouldn't you offer? He has had his cock in all your other openings hasn't he?"

"Yes Sir."

"Don't you want to please him fully? Don't you want to feel as though he has the right of access to all of you? You're not being fully obedient are you?"

"No Sir. I never thought of it Sir."

"Can you imagine how nice and dirty it would feel to have his cock up here? I can imagine seeing a cock sticking up here." I pushed in deeper. Her breathing was quite audible.

"I think... I think I should Sir."

"Good girl. Good little slut."

I began spanking her again. This time I smacked one and then the other cheek alternatively, her flesh turning a comely shade of pink. She was sobbing softly now, though she was also pushing up to meet each rhythmic smack – pushing up and then pressing her mound against me. It looked and sounded divine as she arched up higher to receive each slap on her flesh. Her squirming was having an effect on my erection too. Her sobbing gradually changed to whimpered grunts. I felt her and my juices on my thighs and noticed that she seemed very aroused now. Her cunt lips were open again as though they were sucking a make-believe cock into them.

I stopped. Her movements continued for a moment.

"Please Sir! Please Sir!"

"What Jennifer?"

"Ohhh. Please carry on Sir!"

"You want me to spank you?"

"Yes Sir! Oh, oh, please Sir. Smack me, Sir, please."

So I did. Her grunting became louder and more animal-like, her movements more agitated. Suddenly she tensed, her body stretched and a keening sound came from her mouth near the floor before her body writhed about in my lap and juices sprayed over my thighs. I watched her as it took her a while to calm down. Jennifer had come a long way. Now even without hypnosis she was responding to her innermost cravings.

I made her stand in the corner, her hands on her head and her pink bottom presented to the room. Her body still shook occasionally. After I had dressed I went over to her.

"You are to stand there as you are until Mr. Clarke returns."

"Yes Sir."

"You are a good obedient slut, Jennifer. Mr. Clarke will be pleased with you."

"Thank you Sir." Real gratitude in her voice.

"We might meet again. I don't know. We'll see what Mr. Clarke wants.

I sat in her chair outside the office, my cock hard and demanding again as I thought back. I drank a coffee and washed myself in the toilets. Then I returned to the office and the naked Jennifer. She had passed my test. Now there were others.

"Hello Jennifer."

"Oh, oh, hello Sir. I'm really glad you've come for me Sir."

"Good. You look as if you've been enjoying yourself." Her buttocks glowed pink and on her thighs the liquids reflected the light from the window. She was beautiful.

"Strawberry oysters."