The Hypno-Submission of Jennifer
by emma_sub

Part 1

I had never done anything like this before. Since learning to practice hypnosis I had only done safe things. Though I had used it surreptitiously to find about people’s thoughts I had never used it for any sexual purposes. That changed with my new secretary, Jennifer. Actually she had been with me about six months. Jennifer was a good secretary and unlike my previous one she was rather good looking, blonde, 23 years old, generally wearing suits and glasses, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She looked a little prim and proper actually and was always very professional.

One afternoon I had been listening to her complaining about her bad habit of chewing a couple of her nails, not that I had noticed. She seemed quite annoyed by it so I mentioned that I might be able to help with hypnosis. Some people managed to stop smoking, why not stop chewing nails? She seemed very dubious at first but after thinking about it she said she would give it a go.

I sat her in my office and we went from there. She was an amazingly good subject, she relaxed quickly and soon I allowed her to let the heavy weight of her eyelids lower and close. She was under. It took only minutes to implant the necessary suggestion to allow her to cease chewing her nails but she looked so enchanting I was drawn further. I took her deeper then had her think of me as the closest friend she could possibly have, almost another part of herself so she could feel that she could speak honestly. In fact to strengthen that I had her admit to me how dreadful it was to tell lies and that it would make her feel easier to share her innermost feelings.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No. I had but it has just finished."

"Did you have sex in that relationship?

"Yes, but it was pretty boring."

"Why do you say that?"

"It was just ordinary and mundane. We just used the old missionary position and never tried anything new or exciting."

"Why didn't you suggest it?"

"I didn't want to. I wanted him to. I wanted to be led, be told what to do."

"What about sex with other boyfriends?"

"The same really. I seem to always get the wrong type. Actually I think I intimidate them. I don't mean to, it just seems that I bring the wimpishness out in them."

"Do you masturbate?"

"Oh yes."

"How often do you need to?"

"About twice a week."

"Is the sex better on your own than sex with your boyfriends?"

"Oh yes. Without a doubt."

"Do you use fantasy when you masturbate?"


"Describe them to me."

"I have probably three standard ones."

"Tell me about them."

"Well, one is where I have been taken to a party by someone, someone who is powerful, someone who dominates me. At the party another man finds me attractive. I can see his eyes roaming all over my body as he chats me up. My boyfriend doesn't mind. When we leave this other man comes with us and we go to a bar. Here my boyfriend makes me pull up my dress and show the man my knickers, they are really brief. I have to do it, there's nothing I can do. I pull up the hem of my dress. I'm frantic, other people might possibly see. The humiliation is adding to my excitement, as I have to display all up my legs and my knickers. Then he tells me to pull down my knickers! Down my thighs. I have to spread my thighs wide to fully display myself, my cunt. He can see me, see that I'm aroused, see that I have to do as I'm told. My boyfriend talks to the man about me as I sit there and then he makes me frig myself as the man watches and I cant stop myself coming."

"Another is when I'm at a party from college and I'm made to wear a blindfold and stand in a room. I don't know who or how many are there. The people begin to touch me through my clothes, then they take them off and touch me all over, finger me. Soon I'm made to suck someone's cock and as I do someone fucks me from behind. All the time hands touch me up, some of them women. They all laugh at me each time I come and I come lots. I'm fucked over and over and have to suck lots of cock."

"Another is I'm in the Headmaster's office after being caught doing something wrong, something really wicked and dirty. He makes me strip for him and then spanks my bottom. When he does I can't help coming and he can't help but see. It's so shameful but I can't help it. After he sees that I've come he fucks me and I have to keep going back to him."

I sat open mouthed as I listened to this beautiful prim girl saying all these dirty things. I would never have believed it, never even considered that butter would melt in her mouth, little did I suspect! When she finished she sat there passively waiting for me.

"Do you come when you masturbate to these?"

"Oh yes."

"Your sex life is nothing like your fantasies, is it?"


"Why didn't you tell anyone before?"

"It would be too embarrassing to say."

"Wouldn't that have been arousing though, the humiliation?"

"Yes." She thought for a moment, "But I would only want to tell about my desires if I had been told to tell and outside sex the humiliation would be initially stronger than the arousal so I couldn't do it."

Now it was my turn to sit and think, but my mind was a whirl. I decided to bring her out but first give her a trigger phrase to put her immediately under to give me time to think. I also told her to forget everything about being hypnotised, not to remember even telling me about her nail problem which she would now overcome. I made sure that she felt good, rested and relaxed and to think that she had just come into the room to discuss her appraisal.

After a week I couldn't help myself. I called Jennifer into the office and told her to sit in the chair.

"Strawberry oysters." She looked blank as she stared off into space.

"Remember me Jennifer?"


"You would like someone to make you do as you are told, wouldn't you Jennifer?"


"I am going to tell you to do things, Jennifer and you'll want to do as I tell you won’t you, even when you're awake?"

"Yes. I'll want to do as I'm told by you."

"You'll realise that you have to carry out my suggestions."

"Yes. Your suggestions as well."

"If the things that I tell you are sexual and make you feel ashamed you will especially want to do them won’t you?"

"Yes. Especially sexual things."

Over the next few days I gradually suggested a number of things. First I increased her innate arousal level whenever she fantasised about being made to display herself and masturbate in front of someone. Over a period of time she would become more and more aroused each time that she thought of me and each time she was aroused she would think of me. That the arousal she felt when feeling humiliated in a sexual way would increase until it overcame social convention. That when she was to be with me she would feel to need to stop wearing tights and begin to wear hold-ups and far sexier underwear. That she need to be totally truthful when I asked her any questions especially if she was embarrassed or humiliated by them or the answers. That she would feel a need to please me and carry out my requests. That she was really happy with her job and didn't wish to leave regardless of what happened. As an afterthought I had her undo her ponytail and let her hair free whenever she felt aroused.

A couple of weeks later Jennifer came into the room to take notes as usual. She sat in front of my desk and I joined her on another chair. I watched and noticed that she looked a little flushed. She was also wearing rather a shorter skirt than normal and I could easily see her bra through her blouse. She began to slip her hair out her ponytail.

"Are you alright Jennifer?"

"Yes. I'm fine thank you Sir, just a little hot that's all."

"Hot as in warm or hot as in horny Jennifer?"

She blushed vividly and for a moment I thought I'd blown it but she lowered her face and mumbled, "As in horny."

"Speak up Jennifer."

"As in horny, Sir." She looked utterly mortified. "Oh I'm sorry Sir, what will you think of me?"

"I just think you're an attractive, healthy, young girl who likes sex. You do like sex don't you Jennifer?"

"Oh yes, Sir." She squirmed a little on the seat. Her hard nipples were quite visible lumps through her bra and blouse.

"Are you really horny Jennifer? Really hot and wet for it?"

"Yes Sir. Oh God."

"Are your panties wet?" She closed her eyes and whimpered softly.

"Yes Sir."

"Would you like to show me how wet they are?"

"Oh God. Yes. But I couldn't. I couldn't."

"Yes you could. Just slip them off and hand them to me."

She sat there looking confused and hot. Her tongue continually played over her lips. Eventually, after I had almost given up hope she slid her hand up the side of her skirt and pulled. Then the other hand, then lifted as they came into view down her thighs. She pushed them quickly off and handed to me a tiny black ball of silk. I opened them out to reveal a really tiny G-string. They were warm and wet and the insides were stained with her juices. I smelt them. They smelt strongly of feminine musk.

"Oh please don't. Oh please Sir. This isn't right. Oh God Please."

"Are you still horny? If you are I don't think you should sit on your skirt. Slide it from under you. Try and always sit like that when you're so aroused. You mustn't stain your skirt."

She waited again, obviously trying to make her mind up, before lifting and slipping her skirt from under her bottom. She closed her eyes and she tried to sit still but couldn't help rocking back and forth a little. We sat there for a while like this, I watching her, her rocking gently. Suddenly she stood up.

"Do you mind if I go to the toilet Sir? I really do need to go."

"What do you need to do there?"

"Please Sir! Please. I need to... I need to touch myself. Down there. I need to frig myself. Oh God! Oh God!" A tear ran down her cheek.

"OK. You can go and frig yourself. Think of me knowing what you are doing."

She fairly flew out of the room. I smelt her knickers as I held them to my face and I noticed a thin damp area on the leather chair.

During the day, whenever I saw her she looked flushed and never looked me in the face. I didn't mention anything nor did she; but I noticed her hair stayed down and when she was sitting she didn't sit on her skirt.

The next morning Jennifer came into my office with her notebook as usual. She really did look embarrassed although I could see that she was trying desperately to look professional, her face was scarlet and her hair was down. Her nipples stood out again even under her bra and the mottling on her neck and upper chest disappeared down beneath her blouse. She stood before my desk as if too embarrassed to sit in the chair that she had used the day before.

"Strawberry oysters." She was still, her breathing calm, her eyes staring off into space. "How do you feel today Jennifer?"

"Well, thank you Sir. I'm ashamed though. Of what you had me admit yesterday. Of what you will think of me."

"Do you wish it hadn't happened?"

"In some ways I do but it was so arousing. No, I don't. I don't know Sir, I just... well I..." She trailed off. "You knowing how I felt, why I wanted to use the toilet, knowing I hadn't any panties on all day, it was so shameful, so embarrassing. It made me feel so hot though, it was so... so very exciting in a wicked way, and that made me feel more ashamed still and also even more horny."

"Did you play with yourself last night thinking about what happened?"

"Yes Sir."

"Did the idea of being made to do my bidding arouse you?"

"Yes Sir."

"Jennifer when you're aroused you remember that you feel a stronger desire to carry out my orders or suggestions connected with sex in any way. Doing my bidding will make you feel pleasure. Each time you carry out an order or have to answer truthfully a sexual question your arousal will increase and it will make these needs stronger. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Fine. Now you will wake up when I tap my pen on the desk and you will remember nothing of this conversation." I tapped my pen and saw her look at me as if thinking she had been daydreaming. I decided that we would act out her fantasy a little to see where it went. "Are you wearing panties, Jennifer?"

"Yes Sir. Please Sir, don't. I can't." Obviously she guessed at the direction things were going in.

"Pull up your skirt and show me them Jennifer."

"Please Sir, don't make me."

I sat waiting. Eventually she let her hands drop to the hem of her skirt. It was tighter than yesterday’s. Gradually she rolled it up her thighs. I saw her that she was wearing pretty hold-ups, then the suggestion of her panties. She stopped.

"Further Jennifer, up to your waist." A whimper escaped her mouth and she closed her eyes. She pulled the hem higher; finally it was high enough for me to see the length of her stockings, the patterned tops and the soft white flesh above as well her panties and a small amount above. She was wearing a virtually transparent, tiny pink G-string. I could easily see her pubic hair through it and it was obviously wet. She looked divine.

"Turn around."

She did. The globes of her firm cheeks were there for me to see, the string disappearing down the crack of her lovely firm behind with just the suggestion of more between the gap at the top of her legs. A tempting sight.

"And back."

She pleaded with me again, though her breathing seemed a little laboured and she kept moistening her lips with the tip of her tongue.

"They look very nice, Jennifer. So sexy. They are tight around your lips, in fact your lips looked quite swollen. You're also noticeably damp down there." She was squirming, her eyes still closed tight. I wondered if she imagined a blindfold. "Do you want me to see more of you?" She groaned loudly then nodded. "Slide your panties down until they are around your knees."

Her eyes flew open then closed quickly again. I waited and watched in silence. She took her time but I was enjoying her discomfort as much I realised she was. Eventually her fingers took the elastic and pulled them down until they were around her mid thighs, then lower. I'd noticed a sliver of mucus connecting her cunt with her panties break as they were initially pulled down. She was ready. Her pubic hair was thin, wispy blonde, her swollen lips obvious.

"Now part your legs as far as they will go." They parted slowly until her panty elastic was tight, giving me a better view. It was a truly wonderful sight her standing there looking like a typical librarian yet with her skirt around her waist and panties around her stretched thighs.

"Open your eyes. You're displaying yourself wantonly aren't you?"

"Yes Sir."

"What can I see?"

"You... you can see my... my pussy, Sir."

"Think of it as your cunt. Jennifer, tell me what I can see."

"You can see my... my ... cunt. Oh Sir that's such a dirty word."

"But you're a dirty girl aren't you?"

"Oh yes I am."

"Only wicked girls would do what you're doing wouldn't they?"

"Yes. Yes Sir."

"Now think of yourself in the toilets yesterday, Jennifer. Think of what you did. I want you to show me what you did. Show me now."

She began sobbing softly but her hand slid down and she cupped her mound. After a while a painted fingernail parted her lips and a deep sigh interrupted the soft sobs. I watched as a couple of stiff fingers played around her clit, occasionally slipping inside herself for lubrication. Her knees bent a little opening herself further and I noticed her other hand was on her breast. Her fingers rubbed her clit and lips from side to side, getting quicker. It didn't take long. As she neared she began to use her thumb over her clit and slid her middle fingers inside. Her sobs had disappeared, now she was making soft grunting noises. Her hips were pushing back and forth. Her fingers pumped faster inside herself, almost harshly and squelchy noises came from her cunt betraying how wet she was. I almost came myself.

"Stop! Stop now Jennifer!"

"What? What?"

"Take your hand away Jennifer!"

"Oh Sir! Oh Sir, I can't"

"Yes you can. Do as I say Jennifer!"

Her hand moved away slowly. Her fingers were coated with her juices. I could smell her. She was gasping. Her cunt was open, her lips wide and dark pink. They seemed to glow. Her open mouth opened and closed like a fish.

"What do you want Jennifer?"

"I want you to let me come Sir!"

"Do you like displaying your cunt to me?"

"Oh yes, Sir. Please. Please."

"What are you begging me for Jennifer?"

"Please let me come, please Sir."

"Would you like my fingers to bring you off? Would you like me to finger that hungry cunt of yours?"

"Oh God! Oh God! Yes! Please Sir!"

"Take off your panties. Come round the desk. You'd better take off your glasses too."

She did as quickly as she could, nearly falling as she pulled off her panties. She came up to my open hand as it rested on the arm of my chair, her thighs parting as she moved to squat her cunt down over my hand. She ground down on it. Her wetness was amazing. My fingers slid inside her so easily and she ground her clit against my palm. Whimpering sounds were coming from her mouth. It was quick. She came strongly. Her teeth were clenched as her head thrashed about. My hand was soaking as she held my wrist tightly and rubbed her cunt desperately up and down on me.

After long minutes she calmed, her head falling onto my shoulder, still holding my wrist. I whispered in her ear.

"You are not to frig yourself anymore at work, do you understand Jennifer?"

"Yes Sir, but..."

"No buts Jennifer, if you are so horny that you need to touch yourself you are to ask me to bring you off."

"I don't think I could do that Sir. It would be so embarrassing."

"Yes it will. Imagine how it humiliating it would be begging me to finger your needy cunt." I felt her vagina spasm on my fingers. "Imagine if I made you strip naked for me first and then beg for it." She was rubbing on me again. "I suppose if you were really good I might even stick my cock in you and use you. Only if you told me that you really did want to be fucked though. Would you like that Jennifer?"

"Oh God! Oh Yes. Yes Sir. Please. Oh Yes! Yes!" Her body was now bucking again. "I wouldn't mind doing that for you. Of course you'd have to always have my approval before you could come." I thought she was going to then for a moment, then she seemed to fully understand.

"Oh God Please! Please, I want to come again now?"


"Oh God. Please?"

"No. You're not the only one in need of release."

"Oh I'm sorry, I never thought..."

"Would you like to suck my cock first, Jennifer?"

"Yes. I don't think I'm very good though. I'll try. I'd like to please you. Please let me show you how grateful I am Sir."

"First you must clean my fingers. You've made them rather wet, haven't you? Wet from your cunt. Wet because you've acted like a slut haven't you Jennifer?"

"Oh God. Yes Sir. I'm sorry Sir. I shouldn't act like this."

"It's OK Jennifer. I don' t mind you being a slut. It's our little secret. And while you suck my cock you can touch yourself, but you must not allow yourself to come again until after you have swallowed my spunk."

"Oh yes. Oh yes. Thank you Sir."

She lifted herself off my hand and knelt, sucking each finger clean. I watched her face; framed in her hanging blond hair, gradually change from displaying the humiliation of what she was doing to displaying strong arousal. She looked up at me with such a beautifully innocent face and asked if they were clean enough and then leant forward and opened my trousers. My cock ached. She took it out gingerly as though afraid it would break, then as she looked up at me again began to lick and kiss its entire length. I moved forward and opened my legs further to give her more access as she took my knob inside her hot mouth. She was obviously unused to doing this and I sat and watched and enjoyed as I could see and feel her gradually trying to find the most pleasing things for me. At one point she gagged after attempting to take me deep inside but gradually she got the hang of things and was able to pleasure me like she was born to the task. She was also using one hand on herself and it was obvious from her facial expressions that she was enjoying her task. So was I, her mouth was having the desired effect on me too, nice and hot around my length as she sucked me inside and alternatively played her tongue and lips around my knob. The increasingly animal like sounds she was making and the sight of her pretty face at my crutch added to the sensations. I came in spurts inside her mouth. It took her by surprise, but only for a second, then as she swallowed her body jerked in orgasm and whimpers and the occasional gagging noises came from her still cock-filled mouth.

After she rested a while with her face against my cock I put her back in a trance. She knelt obediently between my legs still with her skirt rolled high. I questioned her and increased the pleasure that she would receive when being submissive or embarrassed sexually and then gave her specific instructions.

"You are fully satisfied physically with what has happened and this will last all morning. You are very grateful that I have done this to satisfy your needs. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir. I am fully satisfied and will be all morning."

"You know yourself to be a slut and grateful that I don't mind and fully accept you as a slut. You are grateful that I will keep your secret safe. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir. I am really grateful that you don't mind me being a slut I am and also that you will keep my secret."

"After lunch your desires will slowly increase again until by the end of the day you are desperate to be fucked. You will need to ask me to satisfy you again after work. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir. I will gradually feel the need to be fucked again later this afternoon and I will need to ask you to satisfy my needs."

"You will be embarrassed by your need to ask me but the embarrassment will fuel those needs even further. Do you understand?"

"You will never at any time do anything to embarrass me in front of other people because of your strong sexual needs, nor mention what I have done to you to anyone unless I tell you to. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir. I'll never ever do anything to embarrass you because of my strong sexual needs or mention what you've done to me."

During the morning she again had her hair up and whenever she saw me gave a shy embarrassed smile. Late in the afternoon I heard a tentative knocking at my door and in she came closing the door behind her. Her hair hung loose again and she was looking at the floor, her face flushed.

"What is it Jennifer?" I said looking up from the files on my desk.

"Sir... I just wondered... It's just... I'm really sorry to disturb you near the end of the day Sir..."

"Jennifer what is it?"

"I'm really sorry Sir... I really am Sir." I let the silence hang until she continued. "It's just that you said I couldn't use the toilet anymore... I had to come and tell you Sir."

"Tell me what Jennifer?"

"Tell you... tell you... when I'm really... really hot and horny Sir. That when I really needed to... to masturbate I was to... to ask you Sir."


"Well... Please Sir, please, I'm desperate. Will you help me Sir?"

"How Jennifer?"

"I've been wondering... if you'd like... to fuck me Sir." Her voice was barely audible, her face scarlet.

"Is that what you want Jennifer? You'd like me to fuck you?"

"Yes Sir."

"Then you'd better ask me, hadn't you?"

"Please Sir, I'd like to come. Please will you fuck me Sir?"

"If you're really good I will but you'll have to wait a while."

"But Sir! I've been waiting. I need it. I need it!"

"Go back out and you can come back when everyone has gone from the office."

She eventually did, though reluctantly. The wait was at least as difficult for me as for her. My cock was throbbing inside my trousers as I sat and willed everyone to go home. Eventually she returned, slipping quickly through the door, her face scarlet still.

"They've all gone now Sir."

"Good, now what is it you want again Jennifer?"

"Please... Fuck me Sir."

"Are you begging me like a slut Jennifer?"

"Oh God! Oh. Yes. I'm begging you to fuck me Sir, like a slut."

"Well in that case you'd better undress. Take off your blouse I haven't seen your tits yet have I?"

"But Sir, couldn't you just... do it quickly Sir?"

"Maybe some other time. I want the pleasure of seeing you stark naked first, would you deny me my pleasures too Jennifer?"

"No Sir. I'm sorry Sir." She began undoing her blouse. As she did I came around the desk and sat on the front to enjoy her display.

Blotches caused by arousal marked her skin all across her chest and throat disappearing under her bra that matched the panties I had seen earlier, pink and virtually transparent. Her nipples jutted prominently and provocatively pointed up at me through the gauzy material. I found it difficult to slow this down as my cock was demanding attention but I certainly enjoyed the show. Next I made her remove her skirt and she kicked it away. She stood still waiting for me, trembling, obviously both embarrassed and impatient. She looked as sexy as anything I had ever seen standing half naked before me as her breasts rose and fell. Then I gave her permission to remove her bra. Her breasts were so beautiful, not big, as I already guessed but were a nice pert handful and looked large on her small frame. They bounced slightly as she trembled. Her nipples were hard and long, her aureole wide and dark against her smooth pale skin.

"What kind of girl begs her boss to fuck her? What kind of girl strips off in his office?"

"A slut Sir." Her head hung in shame. "I'm sorry Sir."

"You needn't be sorry. As long as you are a good slut your secret is safe."

"Oh thank you Sir. I'll be a good slut for you. I will, honestly." Her body trembled.

"Come nearer, I want to touch your breasts, slut." She came nearer, standing close. Her eyes closed as I caressed them gently and she moaned softly I my caresses became firmer.

"Put your arms around my neck slut and offer me your mouth." Her arms snaked around me and she pushed up her open mouth to mine. As my mouth took hers I felt her body first press and then grind against me. Keeping one hand on one breast I clutched her young buttocks with the other as my tongue fucked her mouth. Realising that I needed to keep control I made her stand back and remove her tiny panties. Her mouth opened and closed silently as she stood obviously highly aroused and desperate. Finally I had enough, I needed more.

"Lay on the desk. Lay like the slut are, lay like you know you should."

She sat against the edge and pulled herself up. Before lying down so that her hips thrust over the edge she mouthed 'Yes. Yes.' And then lay back and lifted her knees high and held them apart. Her cunt was bloated and shiny with her juices and the small pink anus peeped at me. As I watched her lips peeled slowly apart and exposed inside her cunt.

"Can you imagine how you look?"

"Oh yes Sir. Oh God. Oh God!"

I released my throbbing erection and dropped my trousers not taking my eyes of her offering. There was nothing more I wanted than to sink my length deep inside her hot young body but I managed to restrain myself and draw out my pleasure. I pressed my hard flesh against her open lips, rubbing slowly up and down the wet valley. She whimpered and her head thrashed from side to side as I rubbed between the lips of her cunt with my hard cock. Taking my coated cock in my hand I guided it to her entrance, waiting until she was begging again, then thrust powerfully inside. She was very well lubricated but tight. I withdrew and on my second thrust managed to impale her fully on me. As I did she came, grunting and thrashing about on the desk. Her spasming inner muscles played over my cock beautifully as she oozed and I waited for her to calm. Without allowing her to fully recover I began slowly but powerfully to fuck her. I could feel, see and hear her excitement mounting quickly again. I stopped my movements, feeling her desperately trying to move around to continue her pleasure and withdrew until my knob was just within her.

"Please! Please! I'm... I'm almost there, again!"

"You're a greedy little slut aren't you?"

"Oh yes! Please fuck me. Fuck your slut Sir!"

"Alright slut, but only if you wait until I say that you can come again. Do you think you can do that? Do you think you can be a good obedient slut?"

"Yes! Anything! I'll be good. I'll be obedient."

"Remember, only when I let you." I began to slowly insert my rigid cock deeply again. I fucked with disciplined strokes, knowing my own enjoyment, knowing that I was near to losing my own control. She thrashed about and constantly crying out 'Please, please' as I looked down on her beautiful body made more so by her very obvious sexual surrender. She felt so good around me, the twitching and sucking of her vagina, the tightness, the oozing of her juices. My cock felt harder than it had ever done, pleasure rippled through me from it and I knew I was about to come. As I felt the ache grow too strong in my balls I said "Now."

She arched off the desk in an explosion of pent up need. I drove deep inside her heat and exploded myself as her cunt sucked and sucked my spunk into her. I had to hold her hips to keep us joined as she bucked and grunted like some demented animal under me. She surely was beautiful then, her face contorted with pleasure, her hair sticking to the sweat that covered it, she even had strands of hair in her mouth. Her breasts rising and falling as she sucked air into her lungs as she spunk into her cunt moments before. She certainly did not look the hyper efficient secretary just then.

Sitting, I watched her pull herself off the desk. She moved to wipe away the semen trickling down her thighs from her still gaping sex but I stopped her. I made her part her thighs so she knew that I could see.

"Now clean me slut. With your mouth." She looked down at my still erect cock sticking up. It was obviously covered in globules of spunk and her own secretions.

"Yes," she whispered, and she knelt between my knees. "Yes," again and my cock slid deep into her mouth. I could feel her sucking and licking my length, cleansing me, taking the evidence of our rutting inside her. After satisfying herself that my balls and thighs and cock were clean she rested her face against me, my softening flesh against her cheek.

"Strawberry Oysters."

She didn't move, her eyes still closed.