The Analysist and Mrs White
by emma_sub

I sat slightly behind Mrs. White as she sat talking in my consulting room. The light from the windows was catching the small blonde hairs that didn't quite make it into her tied hair. She was by far the most attractive of my patients, in her late twenties, obviously well kept and always smartly dressed in conservative clothes which nevertheless allowed her beautiful body to be elegantly displayed even though covered. She had been coming to me each week for months now. All her problems had apparently disappeared and yet she still turned up week in week out. The money was useful though it defeated me as to her reasons. I watched the movement of her neck, the slight throbbing of a pulse below the skin, the lace bra that only just showed as the light caused some transparency in her blouse.

Eventually my curiosity overcame me.

"Mrs. White, why do you come here still each week?" I had interrupted her and she looked around at me before settling back.

"To ensure that I am a fully balanced person." Even her voice had that sexy elegant quality to it. She was rather cool and patronising at times but still a very sexy woman.

"I think there must be more to it than that."

"If there is I am unaware of it."

"Maybe we should explore that question."

"Perhaps. If you think it would help."

"Your response suggests that simply talking about it wonít be useful."

"Oh, I didn't mean to suggest that."

"Can you remember when you first came here I used hypnosis to open up the problems initially and then we discussed them?" I stood and walked in front of her, leaning back on my desk. Looking at her face I saw a slight flush and her eyes shone far more than normal.

"Yes. Yes I remember. Do you want to try that now?"

"I think so. Though you must be in complete agreement."

"Yes. Yes." A little too quickly. She continued, "I am happy for you to do that."

I placed her under quickly. It was far easier this time as most of the suggestions were in place from before. I looked at her sitting still yet lithe before me. A woman like her would make any man happy I thought to myself before restraining my thoughts and bringing them back to the job in hand.

"Mrs. White, is there a reason for you wishing to continue these sessions that I do not know about?"


"Will you tell me?"

"It's the hypnosis." I looked at her for a moment totally puzzled.

"Please expand on that as much as you can."

"It arouses me." My face dropped in astonishment. If she had been aware of me I am sure she would have laughed. "It's the idea that you could control me when I am hypnotised, make me do things, wicked things."

"Sexual things?"

"Oh yes. I fantasise how you could make me do all kind of things, humiliate me, have sex with me, dominate me."

"Do you ever act out these submissive fantasies of yours with your husband for example?"

"Oh no. At first he was very dominant, and that was OK but he never really pushed it as far as I would have wanted sexually. Now he seems to get all the dominance and such like he needs from his job. I rarely see much of him and when I do he just wants to be passive now. Unfortunately sexually I am more dominant than him."

"And you would prefer it the other way around?"

"Oh yes."

"And you've not done anything with anyone else?"

"Oh no. It just wouldn't be socially acceptable would it?"

"So you keep it all under wraps so as not to cause any problems?"

"Yes of course. Doesn't everyone?" "

"How long have you felt as though you wanted to be submissive?"

"Oh for a long time. At school everyone saw me as a 'good' girl, non sexual, beyond those sordid kind of things."

"But you wished otherwise."

"Yes. Boys scared me a bit and my only defence was to be aloof. I couldn't get out of that trap. I was never allowed to drop that 'face' and be even a partial slut like the other girls."

"But you fantasise about being made to do things under hypnosis?"

"It hadn't occurred to me prior to you putting me under. After it I thought about all the things you could do. I've been hoping that you'd do it again."

"You know that I haven't done anything of the kind?"

"Yes I do, but I don't when I'm not under hypnosis. When I am normal I still think it might happen, might already have happened."

"And is that what you would actually want to happen?"

"Oh yes. It would be marvellous. I wouldn't have any control over it. You could do as you wished and make me be a total slut for you."

I looked at her in shocked silence. I could never have imagined Mrs. White even saying the word 'slut' before let alone acting like one. From outside came the faint sound of traffic, other than that there was total silence within the room. Mrs. White sat as she normally would, one stocking covered leg over the other, her hands in her lap, looking serene. I had an erection I realized suddenly. It was beginning to hurt in its intensity. I moved around the desk and sat behind it covering my arousal. I sat and thought a long while. Eventually after telling her to forget all she had heard or said and to feel pleasantly relaxed, I woke her.

I had considered the situation considerably during the following week. First I veered one way then the other. It wasn't until Mrs. White's next visit that I had fully made up my mind. By chance Jill, my secretary and receptionist, had taken the day off ill so the session took place with only me and Mrs. White, no one would interrupt. Fate was playing her hand. She looked as prettily pristine as ever, her make-up and her dress sense as immaculate as usual. She sat down and immediately I told her that I wished to hypnotise her again. The flush and the sparkle of eyes again showing as I waited for her consent.

I began by checking her latent submissive desires. They were still there, still strong, still hidden away from the world though not from her own knowledge. It was easy to strengthen them, it was something she really wanted, there was no difficulty in this. Strengthening her desire to be subservient to me was also surprisingly easy, it didn't appear to matter who it was, even the gender seemed irrelevant. I simply gave her the focus. That focus was me. We sat there for about 30 minutes as I gradually had her build a structure of a relationship where she could be the submissive to my dominant. For the most part I was using her own suggestions though leading these and building what I wished for from each new brick she provided. Eventually I was satisfied sufficiently for me to pause and assess my work and her beauty as she sat before me still under. My cock was rigid.

"Mrs. White I would like you to undress for me." Physically now, as well as professionally, I was taking a big step. I wanted to check out what she was going to offer me.

"Yes." Whispered huskily.

She began, with a dancerís grace, to remove her clothing. Undoing buttons and slipping off her blouse, reaching behind her to unclip her bra thrusting her lace covered breasts forward. I watched fascinated by the firmness of her breasts as she stood and unbuttoned her skirt, her breasts moving delightfully before my eyes. She slid the silk skirt down her legs and stood out of it. The hardness of her pink nipples obvious. Her fingers hooked over the waist of her panties and gradually eased them off her long legs. She wore no stockings and simply stood in her shoes and jewellery. It was certainly a sight for sore eyes as the sunlight reflected off the desk and lit her pale skin. Her pubic hair was sparse and there was evidence of moisture around the base of her blonde silken triangle. She was a dream. Her face now glowed and her tongue damped her lips often. She turned this way and that for me so I could observe all her beauty, even bending at the hips so I could view the bulging of her lips from behind. Finally I had her stand with her arms folded behind her back and her legs slightly apart. Her body was exquisite.

"Now Mrs. White, tell me the rules that you have just set for yourself."

"Foremost I must be obedient to you in all matters sexual or that could be considered associated with sexuality. Secondly I am to aim to give you pleasure. I am not to do anything which would harm or upset you in any way. Thirdly that any of my sexual activity or fulfilment will be at your command or with your agreement."

"And are you sure that is what you yourself really want deep down?"


"You will know these fully by the time I allow you your next orgasm Mrs. White. Your mind will gradually take in and accept fully these self imposed rules. Do you understand?"


"When did you last have sex with your husband?"

"Two weeks ago."

"Is that normal?"

"Yes. I often go through a period without having had sex with him."

"Your arousal will increase as the week goes on and you will feel the need to ask my permission if you wish to do anything about it. You will feel that you need to seek my permission before you can release those feelings of arousal and need."

"Mrs. White you know how a cat behaves around humans?"


"You are to get onto your hands and knees." She did so. "Now Mrs. White you are a cat. You will rub yourself against my legs as you move around me." She arched her back and crawled over to me. I could feel her warm flesh as she leant against my legs, rubbing the length of her body against me as she slowly moved around. A purr came from her throat continually. As she moved I could see her hips thrusting high as though her tail was straight up. The sight her of her pink rosebud was quite clear as was the fleshiness of her lips between her thighs, her breasts moved invitingly.

It was all too much, my cock hurt. I had her stand and return to normal human behaviour. I got up and sat against the front of the desk, unzipping myself and taking out my aching member. It would have been so nice and so easy to have her suck my cock. I could imagine it inside her hot wet mouth, but it wasn't what I wanted just yet. I wanted her to be fully aware, I wanted her to know exactly what she was doing and I wanted her to be desperate. I rubbed my length in front of her a while as I added a few other requirements into her mind before putting myself away again, with some difficulty. This included a phrase, "Chocolate Cucumber" that would put her into a trance for me whenever she heard it.

I had her dress and watched again as her body moved and slowly hid itself from me. I took her panties, retaining them, and telling her that she would not notice until on her way home. I held the expensive, damp piece of material hidden in my hand as I brought her around.

"Well I am sorry but your appointment has come to an end Mrs. White. I will give you another appointment at ten on Saturday morning if that is alright with you."

"Oh. I wasn't aware you held a surgery on Saturdays."

"I don't usually but I will make an exception and open up just for you. Is Saturday morning a problem?"

"No. No, that will be quite convenient actually."

I noticed her eyes drawn to what probably was an obvious bulge in my trousers as she rose to go and stood making small talk at the door.

On Thursday at noon my telephone on the outside line rang as I expected.

"Hello Mrs. White. Nice to hear from you. Is there a problem regarding your appointment?"

"No. No its not that." She sounded flustered, very flustered.

"Well, what can I help you with then?"

"This is really silly. I don't know why I'm doing this really. It's really embarrassing."

"Does that matter?"

"No. Yes. No. I need to ask you something that's all."

"Fine. Go ahead."

"It's just that... Oh God. I'm sorry. I'm really aroused. It sounds really silly. I'm sorry to disturb you. I wanted to tell you. I... I wanted to ask... I wanted to ask... if I could do something about it."

"Yes Mrs. White, what do you mean? What do you normally do when youíre in that state, can't your husband help?"

"No he canít. He's not here. He couldn't anyway... I need... you to help..."

"Me? Well what do you normally do?"

"I would normally masturbate." So softly I could hardly hear.

"Please repeat that."

"Look it doesn't matter. Oh God it does. I would masturbate. I haven't done it for days! I haven't done it since my appointment!"

"Do you normally call it that? Use the language that you use in your own mind Mrs. White."

"I normally frig myself when I get this horny."

"Well why didn't you?"

"It seemed appropriate to tell you... to ask if it was alright if I did." Choked.

"You want me to give you permission to frig your pretty little pussy? Is that correct Mrs. White?"

"Yes. Please. I don't know why, but yes, please! Please!" Almost sobbing.

"What are you wearing Mrs. White?"

"What am I wearing now? Jeans. T-shirt. Underwear."

"Well at the moment I am busy." I lied, whilst a soft moan came from the other end of the line. "Where are you?"

"At the house, in the lounge."

"I will phone you back in a few minutes. I will consider giving you permission. It might be appropriate, if you want to finger that pussy of yours for me, for you to remove all your clothes and wait for my call standing naked by the phone, don't you think Mrs. White?"

"Naked? Stand naked? Yes. Yes. OK. I'll do that. Please don't be long." Plaintive.

I left her waiting for 15 minutes, and then called. "Hello Mrs. White."

"Oh God, please."

"Please what?"

"Please let me. Please let me orgasm!"

"That's not the word you would normally use is it?"

"No. Please let me cum! Oh God it's getting worse by the second!"

"Are you naked Mrs. White?"

"Yes. I'm standing naked for you. God I'm so wicked! Please."

"Well I suppose so Mrs. White. You may finger yourself. But you are not to cum until I give you permission is that clear?"

"Yes. Yes."

"Stand with your legs slightly apart. Bend your knees outward. You may begin but keep the phone by your face."

"Now? With you listening? Oh. Yes." I heard a deep sigh. "I'm so near. Oh God I'm so near! I could cum immediately!"

"No Mrs. White. I will control that wonít I? That's what you want isn't it?"

"Yes. Uhhhh. Yes."

I made her describe her actions to me, how wet she was, how humiliated she felt. I made her stop at my direction. I made her start again. Eventually I counted to 10 as I played with my desperate cock. I would allow her to cum on the count of 10. I teased her by dragging it out. Her cries were desperate, almost echoing my own desperate need.

On 10 she came loudly. A few seconds later I came, also pumping into my tissues. My own climax was sweet and so necessary. My balls ached after I had finished, semen still oozing from me. The noises that came over the phone were bestial, grunts and whimpers and moans of ecstasy. I heard the wet squishy noises of her fingers still desperately pumping her cunt. Eventually she could speak.

"Sir, may I say something?" She sounded as though she was sobbing, her breathing still laboured, soft moans still escaping her. Her use of the title 'Sir' apparently being used suddenly without her conscious thought.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes. Oh yes. Thank you Sir. Thank you so much."

"Is that what you wanted to say Mrs. White?"

"No. I just wanted you to know, Sir, that I will be really obedient for you in future. I'll do anything for you Sir. I'll only do it when you let me Sir. I'll be really pleasing Sir. I will. I will. I'll be good Sir." It all came out in a rush, frantic to tell me, desperate to offer herself.

"That is a pleasing offer Mrs. White. We will see about whether or not I accept you at our next meeting. Mrs. White?"

"Yes Sir?"

"You mustn't cum until our meeting. You can touch yourself sexually but not cum. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir. If that's what you want, Sir."

"Yes. I will see you on Saturday."

"Yes. Thank you Sir."

On Saturday morning I opened up the office. There was no Jill, there was nobody there but me as we normally did not have a surgery at weekends. It was pleasantly cool inside and very warm out. I felt excited by the thought of her visit. I couldn't settle and my erection was uncomfortable within my trousers. I sat in the reception area until her arrival.

There was a knock and the door opened to reveal her in a blouse and skirt. She looked embarrassed but glowing. She looked around where Jill would normally be and seemed relieved before I waved her through into my room. When I walked in she was sitting nervously on the edge of the seat.

"I really am sorry, Sir, about disturbing you on the phone. I really am. I don't know what came over me, Sir." She was blushing profusely and I sat down opposite her turning on the tape recorder as normal.

"Itís alright Mrs. White. Don't worry. I want to explain one or two things." She looked a little more relieved though still sat right on the edge of the chair. "Now, you know that I hypnotised you last time?"

"Yes Sir, you said."

"Yes. You gave me rather a lot of information that you've kept hidden before Mrs. White." Her eyes went wide and her mouth made a silent 'O'. "Mrs. White I have decided to give you a very new secret therapy. You must however promise not to divulge this to anyone. Never tell anyone whatever passes between us in these sessions. It would make me most unhappy if you ever did Mrs. White. You will be good and do exactly as I say wont you."

"Of course, Sir. I will never say anything."

"Good. You have certain desires and lusts that normally would not be fully acceptable in polite society. Are you aware of that?"

"Well... Yes."

"We are going to act these out to ensure you are fully aware of them Mrs. White. So you see its in your best interests to keep silent Mrs. White. We need to confront them so that you can fully accept them."

"Yes. Thank you Sir." Her eyes betrayed both anxiety and excitement as I looked at her for a few moments.

"Now I want to hypnotise you again is that acceptable?

"Oh yes, of course."

"Chocolate cucumber". I put her under. She had almost a look of relief as she sat there before me.

"Mrs. White did you enjoy the orgasm you had when you came on the phone for me?"

"Oh God yes. It was the best that I can ever remember having. It left me so amazed."

"Describe how you felt from the beginning please."

"My arousal had been unusually high last week. I wanted my husband to have me but neither of us made a move. By the time I phoned I felt so horny. I needed to let you know and hoped you'd say it was OK and tell me to finger myself."

"Hadn't you previously?"

"No. It hadn't seemed right somehow."


"It was so embarrassing phoning you. It made me hotter though and having to stand naked for you at home was so humiliating and I loved it. Then when you let me play with myself it was as though you were playing with me as well, as though I was your puppet, your toy. You were in control. Making me bring myself near and then wait was so frustrating yet so wonderful. It really forced me to understand that you were in control. You had taken away my responsibility and I could simply do as I was told and act as you wished."

"How did you feel about me controlling your release?"

"It was really arousing. More arousing than I thought possible."

"Did you want me to continue controlling what you do sexually at future times?"

"Yes. More than anything."

"Did you imagine anything as you waited or when you were playing with yourself?"

"Yes. I thought of people seeing me standing naked. I thought of you walking in and seeing me standing naked and so obviously needing to be fucked. Of you making me do things and fucking me."

"Now Mrs. White you are to undress for me after I bring you out. You will undress when I ask you to. You will be very aroused by exposing yourself to me. When you are naked you will not attempt to cover yourself no matter how embarrassed you are. You are to ensure that you are fully exposed to me. Exhibiting your body sexually will arouse you."

"Do you understand?"


You will understand that I am your Master in all things sexual and that you must obey me. Obeying me and being aware of your place will make you aroused though the knowledge of your submission will embarrass you and that sexual embarrassment will cause your arousal to increase. You will always find sexual humiliation deeply arousing. You will also be aware of your excitement and why it is so. When I bring you out you will not remember any of our conversation. Do you understand?"


I brought her out of the trance and she looked happy enough sitting there normally again as though she hadn't even been aware that she had been under.

"Mrs. White there is something I want you to listen to. Please do not interrupt until you have heard it." I had her attention. I rewound the tape and began playing it. As she listened her face became redder, her eyes were wide at first and then they closed and her head dropped. She was squirming around more and more in the chair. When it had reached the point before I had instructed her to undress I stopped it. Her eyes remained shut and she was trembling. Every now and then a quiet "Oh my God" would escape her mouth. I stopped it before the instructions; she heard only her description of her actions.

"Mrs. White look at me." Her head lifted and her eyes opened onto mine. "You see I know don't I? I know everything you think. I know what you fantasise about and what you want. We have to confront these feelings and see if they are real Mrs. White, don't we?"

"Yes Sir." Quiet words. The sir had returned again I noticed.

"Mrs. White I want you to undress again for me. Do you want to do that for me?"

"Yes." Husky voice. She continued to look at me wide eyed. Another silent nod was slow but without hesitation. "Again? You mean I've undressed for you before? Oh you mean on the phone?"

"No Mrs. White. You did it last time we were here." I took out her panties from my pocket.

"Oh! Oh my God! I thought..."

"Yes Mrs. White. You took all your clothes off for me to look at. You realised that I needed to inspect what you were offering me."

"Oh God! Oh God." Quiet, whispered, her face blazing. "Did you...? Did you...?"

"No Mrs. White I didn't. I could have though without any difficulty. I will when I want to, you understand that don't you? Now you are to undress for me, again. Will it be because you want to or because I have made you? That's an interesting question isn't it?"

She stood and did what she was told, though there looked to be just a little inner struggle.. I watched her slowly peeling off her clothing. The skirt then the blouse, her black lace underwear even slower. Her body was divine as she moved. Her pert breasts were tight and capped by nipples which were obviously very hard. Her entire chest was flushed. There were faint pink lines where her underwear had been. When she was totally naked for me she stood trembling before me, one foot in front of the other slightly crossing her thighs, her hands clasped beneath her neck for a moment, her arms hiding her breasts, before dropping them, allowing her full nakedness to be revealed.

"Now I think we will drop the Mrs. White, it is hardly appropriate in this new situation is it? I will call you by your first name Stephanie, or I may call you other names at times. What do you want me to do with you Stephanie?"

"I want... Sir this is so humiliating... I want you to use me... sexually, Sir." Her voice so husky now it was as if she had a bad throat.

"Well I think if you make it obvious that you are worth being used sexually, if you make sure that you are going to be good for me then it wonít be a problem Stephanie. Do you think you can show me that you can be satisfying?""

"I will try Sir. Thank you Sir."

"I have taken charge of your sexual life Stephanie. You will go along with that Stephanie because I have hypnotised you. You don't have a choice now."

"No Sir."

"I mean all your sexual activity. It means that any activity that you could be sexual in the least way is under my control.." I waited a moment to let it sink in. "It means that you will perform for me as and when I make demands on you. It means that I will regulate your orgasms. At times your clothing or lack of it. There may be all sorts of things." She continued to stand trembling slightly her lips had parted and she was unable to stop herself licking them. Come here and kiss me. Kiss me and show me that you are worth it, then you can undress me."

She did. Her hands tentatively reached around my neck, her soft lips reached up for and found mine, her soft body pressed then rubbed up against me. I could not have helped but be aroused by her as her mouth opened for me, as I felt her breasts and thighs and mound against me. She was moaning softly into my mouth long before I pulled her away. Her fingers shook slightly as she undid the buttons of my shirt. As she bent to unfasten my trousers her eyes fixed on the very obvious bulge throbbing there. I had to stop her from touching my cock as it sprang clear of my underwear. I had to stop her kissing my sensitive throbbing length. I was frightened of losing control over myself let alone her. I had her sit on the edge of my desk, and then lay back. I watched as she pulled up her legs and opened them as if an offering at my altar. After a while her face surrendered to her need for reassurance and she turned her head to look at me.

I moved between those beautifully parted legs. Her pale skin was silhouetted against the dark wood of my desk. I looked down at her cunt. Her lips looked full, they were parted and the inner surfaces glowed pink and wet. Her pubic hair was wet and pressed against her, only the higher regions looking a darker blonde than her hair, wispy and shinning.

"Stephanie keep your eyes on mine all the time. Do you realise what I can see?"

"Yes Sir." That totally arousing mixture of wild lust and humiliation obvious in her eyes.

"What can I see Stephanie?"

"My... my... my pussy Sir."

"No Stephanie, it is not your pussy, it is your cunt. That is what it is. A slut's cunt. Because you must be such a slut offering this wet dripping cunt to me to fuck in my office, mustn't you?" My voice was gentle even though my vocabulary was coarse.

"But itís so horrid a word Sir... Itís my... cunt." Broken now, she continued. "And I'm such a slut Sir. I'm your slut Sir." Her body trembled again as another wave of arousal hit her.

"Why is your cunt so wet and open for me slut?"

"I'm excited about you wanting me Sir, seeing me. That I am going to use me, like the slut I am, Sir."

My eyes travelled up her body, over her stomach as it angled up ready for me to take her, over the step at her ribs, to her breasts. They were flattened now as she lay but still looking pert. The aureoles prominent around her up thrust nipples. She moved her hands beside her nervously. There were marks from the perspiration from her palms on the cool wood were they had once been.

I allowed my cock to touch her open cunt lips. A sigh escaped her and I could see that she was attempting not to press against me, not wanting to annoy me with her impatience. I rubbed the length of my cock over the slick juices coating her, over her parted inner lips. It must have touched her clit as she suddenly arched off the table. Her wide eyes were still on mine as they opened again.

"Do you want me to fuck you Stephanie slut?"

"Oh please Sir. Please. Please fuck me."

I held my juice covered cock and placed it at her opening, watching her face all the time. I thrust deep. Again she arched off the desk as she moaned and I slid into her up to the hilt. Her body pulsed against me, hot and wet and needy inside. I began slow but powerful thrusts into her receptive body, my hands holding her hips. My hands touched her for the first time. She was tight but wet. Her vagina sucked me. As I fucked her I reached over and felt her breasts, felt the hard nipples. I fucked her, this sweet cunt that was now mine to have as I pleased. The control I managed over myself, stopping myself from cumming quickly, was very necessary.

"Is this what you want?"

"Oh yes. Yes Sir. Oh God!"

"But you are a married woman!"

"It doesn't matter. Oh. Please. It doesn't matter it's you I need, Sir."

Her body was responding to me more and more. Her need was obvious on her face as she desperately kept her eyes on mine, though they were beginning to flutter. Those eyes that were swimming with humiliation and lust, knowing her submission.

"You may cum when I do." The ache between my balls was getting more and more difficult to control with each thrust into her, tight, hot, ridged body. The slapping of our bodies as I took her was loud in the room. Soon I couldn't hold it any more. I exploded inside her. Seconds later her body convulsed in front of me. The sight of her cumming and the contractions of her around my shaft brought more from me as she cried out and jerked her head from side to side.

I pulled from her after a while, semen dribbling from her as I did. I sat in the chair again, my cock resting wetly against my stomach.

"Stephanie, come here." I watched as she pulled herself stiffly from the desk and stood before me, her face red, her mouth hanging slightly open. "I'm going to put you under again. "Chocolate cucumber." Soon she was standing still, looking normal but in her trance.

"You may play with your body as we talk but you must always be aware and concentrating on my voice. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Her fingers cupped her breast and gently caressed them, squeezing the nipples gently. Her other hand cupped her mound and pulled the combined juices from inside her rubbing them over her lips and clit slowly.

"How do you feel about being fucked by me?"

"I feel lots of things. I feel humiliated that you watched me and made me fuck you but I've never had such a good orgasm before, my body feels so satisfied. I feel proud that I have performed for you and that you were excited by me sufficiently to cum in me. I feel such a slut for having enjoyed it all so much."

"Do you want it to happen again?"

"Oh yes."

"Even though you feel such a slut and felt so humiliated?"

"Oh yes. Especially for those reasons."

"Have you ever sucked cock before Stephanie?"

"No. Never."

Never?! Not even with your husband?"


"I want you to kneel before me now and clean my cock of your juices and my cum. You will enjoy sucking cock. You will always want to clean me with your mouth after I have fucked you. Do you understand?"


"Begin now then." She did, kneeling between my legs. Her mouth sucked and licked and kissed my length and balls, she took me deeply inside her hot mouth, and she obviously enjoyed it. Eventually I pulled her away from me and had her stand. Her fingers went back to playing with herself. She was obviously fairly aroused again even though we had fucked only minutes earlier.

My cock was stirring but I decided to dress. She remained passive as I did so. Then I brought her out of the trance allowing her to remember all that was said and all that she had done. I told her to dress and watched voyeuristically as she did so. As she was at the outer door, leaving, I stopped her. I knew I wanted more. Simple impatience. Even though I would now have her at my disposal I was hungry to make use of her, now.

"Stephanie, I want you to expose your cunt to me."

She looked slightly shocked, amusing considering what had just passed between us, but she complied. She slowly lifted the front of her skirt to reveal her underwear. She was biting her lip slightly, then her mouth opened a little wider as her breathing changed rhythm. She held the hem high and with her other hand tugged down her panties, a little on one side then a little on the other, until they were tight around her thighs. The thin damp patch of her pubes showed and, just, the used puffy lips of her cunt.

"Do you like exposing yourself like this to me?"

"Yes." Her face red again, her eyes fixed on the floor.

"Before next week I would like you to shave your cunt lips. Not your mound, I like your hair there, just the lips so that they show at the time I want to see them. Snip it then use conditioner on it, it's easier than foam."

"Yes Sir." Soft quiet.

"Now get over Jill's desk. Bend over it. Stick out your butt and spread."

She hobbled over to the desk with the panties tight around her and leant over, still with her skirt up around her waist. Her buttocks looked rather pleasing. I pulled her panties down her straight legs. Her legs moved further apart. I ran my hands over the globes. God it was too much. I undid my trousers and took my hardness out. Iíd just fucked her. With cumming earlier and with the lubrication of my spunk inside her still I lasted much longer this second time. There was something good about fucking her clothed, especially as I was doing. She was crying out against the desk as I came. Again I allowed her to orgasm as I did. She was good. Her animal-like sexual nature came out very quickly each time. How her husband could refrain from using her every opportunity he could was a mystery to me. When she had calmed I slid from her to find her moving without being told. She knelt between my legs again and used her mouth on me. She felt so good as her mouth pleasured and cleaned me. I could not think of a better use for her.

"Chocolate cucumber." She knelt before me. "Stephanie you are to return to me every Saturday morning and your purpose is to sexually satisfy my needs. I am going to satisfy myself in lots of different ways but you must ensure that you do your best to sexually please me. Do you understand that?"

"Yes I do."

"Remember that you are only to orgasm when given permission by me. You will also make sure that you are at my disposal if ever I tell you to meet me if I feel the need to use you at times other than Saturdays."


"You will crave to have my cock inside you. You will crave it even when you are not with me. You will crave to feel me filling you, to have my spunk inside you and to taste my spunk."

"Now Stephanie you may go and clean yourself in the toilet and you may then go. I will see you next Saturday."

After I brought out of her trance I returned to my own office and left her to depart.

The following Saturday she returned. She looked very nice in a thin blouse that easily showed her bra and the length of thigh showing had my attention. However there was something else. She strode into the office, her body language was very assertive. I looked at her with some surprise and concern.

"I'm pleased that you have returned Stephanie."

"Well I didn't have much choice did I?" Something was very wrong.

"Chocolate cucumber." I could actually see her body relax in front of me. "Why are you acting so assertively, so defensively?"

"I'm frightened." Her voice was completely different to only moments before.

"What are you frightened of? Are you frightened of me, what I am doing?"


"What is it then?"

"It's me that I am frightened of."


"My lust and desire has suddenly overcome me lately. Itís so strong. I canít think of much else. My desires are so strong that they frightens me. I need it so much and I am frightened that you will not want me. I have learnt to frighten men off, to be a bit withdrawn. They chase me then. If I show how much I want them they will get bored and go for someone else. I am frightened that you'll leave me just when I suddenly need more than I can get from elsewhere."

"Do you think I am bored?"

"Well you fucked me last time, maybe that one time satisfied you and you don't want me anymore. You didn't phone. You didn't show me that you did."

I looked at her for some time, surprised by what I had heard. Eventually I spoke.

"Stephanie, this is an instruction. You will not be afraid of either your rising desire or that I will only want you that once. You will realise that it is nothing to worry about and not attempt to hide your arousal from me. You will be embarrassed about having such strong sexual needs and desires but it will not frighten you. Your feelings of humiliation about it will still arouse you further. Do you understand?"


"Did you come here today wanting to be used sexually?"


"How did you hope that would happen?"

"I wanted to be stripped and fucked."

"When I bring you out of this you will feel much better and you will remember our conversation."

When she was released from her hypnosis she sat and looked at me for a while, then her eyes dropped and she looked at her hands in her lap. Eventually I told her that she should undress and show me her body. There was quite an amount of voyeuristic enjoyment in watching her strip. Her embarrassment was obvious which added to the feeling of control that she brought out in me though I knew that once any sexual activity began she would begin to loose al her inhibitions. I was proved correct.

When she stood naked before me I had her separate her thighs, I could see that she had carried out her instructions with regard shaving. Her lips showed beautifully below her wispy triangle of hair. The slit between them was obvious and the lips bulged and wetness showed. This time I made sure I took full opportunity to fondle her body with my hands. I felt her give herself as she offered me her mouth and my hands roamed freely over her tight heavy breasts and then down between her thighs. Her cunt was already very well lubricated, her juices covering my hand. Her cunt lips were so smooth under my ministrations and as I sunk two fingers slowly inside I felt her muscles grasping and spasming. After I had brought her to gasping heights I had her suck my fingers clean as I watched the revulsion that was initially obvious on her face turn to something far more animalistic.

I fucked her on the floor. She eagerly took up position on he hands and knees. As I rutted her the gasps were interspersed by pleas to be allowed to climax. I fucked her holding her hips as my shaft speared deep up inside her body, pulling her harshly onto me time and time again. Her language became more basic and coarse as I made her describe what was happening, what she was, what she wanted. I allowed her to cum before me and though I held her steady with me inside her as she screamed out and her body shook her movements as she ground against me plus the squeezing of her vagina around me forced me to cum as well. After she begged to be allowed to suck me. She was good, she was a good slut and an eager one. My cock remained rigid as she sucked me clean and I took her now sopping cunt yet again this time with her bent over the desk.

Our Saturday routine was set. Each week she would come and give herself. Each week her limits would expand and her knowledge of her sluttishness increase. She became an enthusiastic and devoted sex toy. During the week I allowed her to phone me with a request to be allowed to cum. Only once per week she had to strip for at least half an hour and be aware of her nakedness as a purely sexual thing before asking permission to masturbate over the phone. I rubbed myself happily on the other end of the phone, each time cumming myself.

There was one other aspect that began a few weeks later. She sat dressed before me after she had just arrived, deep in trance.

"Stephanie when I you awaken you will believe that there is another man here in the room with us. You will think it is your husband. When you are awake you will do everything I tell you even though your husband is present. Do you understand?"


"I will tell him to fuck you. You will feel everything that you would when being fucked Stephanie and you will know that while I have given your body to him to use that I am watching you. I will tell you to fuck another man for me Stephanie. Will that be a problem having to be used by someone else because I am ordering you to do it?"

"Not if you order me."

"Will it excite you to know that you are doing that for me and that I am watching?"

"Yes, very much. It is something that I shouldn't do but I am being made to."

"Good. When it is happening you will feel exactly as if you are truly being fucked and you will be able to describe what you are doing and feeling. You will not realise that your husband is not really there until I tell you that he is not. Do you understand?"


"Chocolate cucumber" I brought her out.

Suddenly she went bright red and looked guiltily into her lap, occasionally looking around surreptitiously.

"Stephanie I want you to undress for this man. I want you to let him see your body."

"He's my husband, Sir!"

"I don't care Stephanie, he's just a man to me. I want you to display yourself for this man. I want to be proud of you in your nakedness." Slowly she stood and began undressing for me, and for the fictitious man. Finally naked she stood trembling but displayed herself more at my command. Her crinkled hard nipples rose and fell noticeably.

"Now kneel down on the floor and present yourself nicely so that he can fuck you.. I am going to give you to him to fuck."

"Oh please! Oh please!" Though she was begging me not to make her she complied as though totally willing, finally kneeling on the carpet with her back arched and her legs apart, exposing her wide-open cunt to the man she believed to be behind her.

"Stephanie, he has a big erection and he is going to stick it into you. He's been given my permission to use you and he is going to fuck you hard and fast. He is going to start when I count to 3. You may cum when I give you permission if you need to."

"Yes. Thank you Sir." Her voice barely audible and her head hidden behind her hair as she looked toward me and away from her pretend lover.

"1, 2, 3." A groan came from her throat and her body arched as she believed a cock was entering her.

"Oh God. Oh God. He's nearly as big as you Sir!"

"Yes. And remember I am watching. Remember that you are doing this because I have control over you sexually. I have haven't I Stephanie?"

"Yes! Yes!" I caressed her swaying breasts as they shook with her movements and squeezed her pebble like nipples.

Her beautiful body continued to grind and push back onto the cock only she knew was there. It was obvious that she really believed she was being fucked. Her face was full of concentration, strands of hair were beginning to stick to her damp face and whimpers and a soft mewling sound were coming from her mouth. It was strange yet arousing seeing watching the sight of someone being fucked yet with no one else there.

I moved in front of her and took out my aching cock. Combing my fingers into her hair I lifted her face onto me. She slid down my length and then began to convulse as she attempted to restrain her orgasm.

"Yes Stephanie you have two cocks in you. Such a naughty slut. You have to take both of them don't you?"

A strangled noise came from her mouth and her head bobbed desperately.

"The other man will cum when I do. You can then cum yourself. Make sure you are really trying to pleasure both of us now Stephanie."

Again the bobbing movements and then the exciting hot movements of her mouth sucking rhythmically up and down me. It was heaven and I was not going to stop myself spurting deep inside her mouth when the moment arrived. Her mouth pressed down in time with the perceived thrusting of the cock into her dripping hungry cunt. The ache at the base of my cock increased and then overtook me. I was vaguely aware of hearing my own loud sigh of pleasure as my hips jerked and then pulsed with my seed flowing into her mouth. She gagged a little but then controlled herself and her body seemed to tense as she was expecting spunk to fill her both ends. I watched as her body stiffened then relaxed into her own orgasm, the shaking and muscular spasms almost bringing her mouth from me until I held her head down. Muffled screams came from my groin as her orgasm hit, gradually dying to soft moans.

"He's coming out now Stephanie. Hold still until he has dressed and left." We both stayed as we were, her mouth still on me, the movements less pronounced as she sucked me dry, her hips still raised and presented fully after her rutting.

"He's gone now. He's left the office. You can come up."

"He knows doesn't he? He knows all about us! He knows that I am such a slut and giving my body to you!" Her voice rose with concern and fear.

"Chocolate cucumber". She knelt silently before me.

"You must never speak of this with your husband. Not even a hint or a single word or phrase. You must never bring this up, nor will he. Do you understand?"


"As far as you are concerned it is still our secret and you must believe that he did it after being hypnotised by me. Understand?"


"You will remember being fucked. You will remember your excitement at being offered to another man by me. You are happy that I think sufficiently of you that I feel confident that you will be a good slut for me that I can trust you to pleasure others."

"Yes." My sudden concern faded as I realised I had covered a possible problem.

"On Tuesday evening you will have sex with your husband. You have to regardless of whether he feels like it or not. If necessary you are to use every device that she could even using your mouth on him if necessary. Remember you are to continue as though your sluttish behaviour in front of him had not occurred. Your husband is to cum inside you as he fucks you but you would have to wait for release until you described what happened in detail and have been granted permission. Do you understand?"


"You are to realise that your husband means nothing to me. I am simply instructing you to have sex with another man than me?"


"All the time you are seducing him and being fucked you will be aware that you are carrying out my instructions and doing it for me again. Having sex because I require you to do it. It is happening only because I want you to do so and that you have been given to another by me even though he does know that himself. You will only have sex with him on the day and at the time you are instructed. Is all this clear to you?"


Each week I would instruct her to have sex at a particular time or refrain from having sex that week. Each time she was to understand that I was offering her body to another. She became so aware of the fact that I could use her even when I wasn't even present that she admitted her arousal and frustration when being fucked at these times that it was like physical pain. She was far more humiliated by this than even having to frig herself off for me over the phone. The first time she described seducing and fucking her husband she was sitting naked for me. Her thighs began to squeeze together and she rocked on the surface of the chair as she described the events. Her need was obvious and building. I told her to lean back in the chair and as she did her thighs opened revealing her reddened lips covered in her wetness. I allowed her to touch herself as she was talking and she did so without thinking to start with, by the time she realised it was too late for her, she was begging for release between gasps of narrative. She came with my permission as she described how she felt with someone's cock inside her, someone that I had told her to fuck. When she stood the chair was stained with her considerable leakage.

Eventually I decided to make use of her in the evenings. As she sat dressed and ready to leave one morning I put her under again. Her face, as she sat there, betrayed none of the animalistic sexual gymnastics that she had so recently partaken of moments earlier, other than a flush around her cheeks and throat.

"Stephanie I wish you to meet me on Tuesday evening in the multi-story car park near the office. Do you know where that is?"


"I want you to be on the first floor near the west side. You will not realise beforehand that you are to meet me though you will have made an excuse to your husband previously.

Part 2 Stephanie's story

I had been horny as usual all day. I vaguely remembered times in the past when sex wasn't such a large part of my existence. Each day now I would be hot and wet thinking about the previous Saturday or the times I had had to fuck Andrew my husband. I still found it difficult to believe that I was such a slut in my behaviour with Stephen or Sir as I mostly thought of him. When I fucked Andrew for him I still thought of the time that he had watched me in his office. Having two cocks in me was amazing; that image and the image of Sir watching me do his bidding was such a continual turn on. I realised that Sir was hypnotising me of course, that he was behind everything that I was becoming but that in itself was so arousing. It was so good being such a naughty slut, so fulfilling. I was determined that I should continue to be good for him. I couldn't bear to think of him deciding that he had had enough of me. What would become of me then?

On Tuesday I realized that I must do something. The vague realisation that Sir had commanded me under hypnosis was there but I couldn't focus on exactly what it was. I knew I was to go out in the evening but not where. Andrew would be late home so I left him a note saying I was going out, giving an excuse that would satisfy him. I guessed that I would be meeting Sir so I had bought some new matching underwear: a front fastening black bra and very brief thong. I blushed as I dressed. The clothes that I picked out weren't the classiest that I possessed but I wanted to make sure that he had as easy access to my body as I could offer him. I covered my underwear in a thin woollen cardigan and a skirt with buttons down the front.

I drove into town and parked in the multi-story car park on the second floor. I sat there for a few moments not understanding why I was there but aware that Sir had probably had me come here to meet him though it was something new to meet him outside his office. My lack of real understanding of what I was doing and why didn't worry me for some strange reason.

Suddenly Sir's car pulled into the space next to mine. Immediately I saw him I felt myself flush and become excited that he wanted to see me and possibly more. I locked my car and climbed in beside him. He smiled at me and I leant over and kissed him, the warmth of his lips sending shudders running down my spine.

"Hello Sir. I thought the reason for me being here was you." I grinned at him.

He grinned back. "Yes Stephanie I thought you would guess. Turn and face me I want to hypnotise you again." My insides turned to jelly at his words.

Suddenly I was aware of him driving the car out of the car park. I remembered that I was to be hypnotised but had o memory of what he had said. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't. It was like that. I accepted it. We drove out of town. Before long we were on the motorway and at stopped at the entrance to a car park next door to a service station. It wasn't part of the service station car park but a separate one. He told me to get out and sit in the back. It felt strange being in the back as he drove fully into the car park. We passed a few cars near the entrance and then we pulled into the car park proper. Inside there were about four cars all widely spaced and each had people standing around outside them. We parked a distance from all of them and Sir got out and sat in the back with me. So this was what he wanted. My body had hoped for something like this, I was so ready, I wanted him so much, his hands, his cock. Oh God yes!

After shutting the door he took me in his arms. I felt his lips run over my ears and held him tight before relaxing into his body and kissing him full on the lips. I felt my body heating up as my lips parted and he took my mouth with his tongue. I was swooning, I loved him kissing me, his kisses were so different to Andrew's. He pulled away from and looked at me. Suddenly I noticed a movement behind him out of the window! There were a couple of men outside looking in. I cried out and held Sir tight.

"There... there are men outside!"

"Yes I guess so. Look there are two behind you as well." I turned to see two more leering in behind me too. I felt myself shaking with anxiety. Would they be dangerous?

"We'll have to go somewhere else."

"No this will be fine." He pulled my mouth to his and we kissed again. Suddenly I felt his hand on the outside of my cardigan at my breast. I went to take it away but my hand simply covered his and instead of removing it I held and squeezed it on me. It felt wicked allowing him to do this whilst being watched. He continued to kiss me and my insides were melting. He put the hand covering his around his neck then I began to realise that he was undoing my buttons. I squirmed under him as this was going on and then I felt the coolness of his hand on the upper slopes of my breast. It felt so good, but there were people!

Gradually his kisses and gentle fondling had their effect, I couldn't fully concentrate and the importance of the men watching lessened in importance. His hand left my breast and slowly moved my cardigan over my shoulders. My apprehension returned as I knew my bra was now showing clearly in the half light inside the car, but he continued and the wickedness returned to fuel my rising arousal. He slid the cardigan down even further trapping my arms behind me causing my breasts to thrust forward. I felt bound, felt unable to resist.

"I think they will be excited by the sight of your breasts Stephanie."

"Oh God. Please." My nipples hardened more, aching now. I remembered being given to Andrew by Sir. Having to undress for him. This was the same though worse, these were strangers. Andrew had seen me naked even though he was fucking me because of Sir.

The straps were eased down over my shoulders and then his fingers found and opened the front clasp. I felt the material slide off them as I looked up into his eyes. My nipples were puckering more in the coolness of the inside of the car and I could imagine the sight to those outside. His fingers took them and it didn't matter as much, his hands kneading my sensitive breasts. The skin felt taut as though the breasts were enlarged inside it. My arousal was soaring and he pinched my nipples as he kissed me. My breasts were bare and displayed. I was being fondled in front of people. I wasn't trying to escape. I was in fact eager! How much of it was me? How much ordained in hypnosis? Sometimes I could tell that my actions had been imprinted, doing things that I would obviously not and feeling it, but at others, even when doing things I would never have done it still felt right somehow. I stole a glimpse at the faces outside. The men looked hungry. I shuddered and then I wanted them to feast on me, on my body. I thought of their cocks, hard cocks. I thought of them hard because of me, of my tits. My back arched, pushing them out, more obvious for them. I felt my vagina fill.

Within my fluttering consciousness I became aware that his hand had moved from my breasts and I felt it on my thigh. It slid up the inside, rucking up my skirt with it until I knew the full length of my thighs was on view. For a moment fear gripped me again. I leant my side into Sir, though still not hiding my flesh. His fingers touched me through my panties and I jerked uncontrollably as they began teasing my covered cunt hidden under my skirt still. My breasts were on display and it was obvious to all these dirty men that I was being fingered over my panties. I was gasping into Sir's mouth as we kissed again. I was told to free my arms. I did so and then he had me unfasten my skirt. It was physically difficult but it wasn't something I could not do. I knew that even if I refused he could hypnotise me and make me. He could make me do anything he wanted! But that wasn't the biggest reason; I wanted these hungry men to see me. I undid the buttons as I felt his fingers move under my panties now and touch the flesh without any obstruction my eyes closed and I sighed. I was so hot, so hot. He had my panties around my knees and I was naked now my bra had come off fully. I was naked for him to use and the men to see. My face was burning but my cunt was so needy. I had to let him; I couldn't bear for him to stop just now. I stole another glance at the men leering in through the window and I thought I was going to cum right then. Their eyes didn't meet mine but were focused on my tits and cunt. That's what they wanted, that's what I wanted them to see. My cunt was so wet! I looked down and saw my thighs spread without my knickers confining them. I had no idea of them coming off nor of my opening wide for his fingers. Fingers were sliding so obviously inside me. I was throbbing and throbbing with need with each movement. His fingers glistened in the dim light, everyone staring at them. I couldn't believe the performance I was giving. I was so proud that Sir thought my body exciting enough to share with these strangers. Naked, laying back, thrusting up onto those wonderfully arousing fingers. Then I groaned as his hand left me.

"Open my trousers, take me out. Suck me. Show them what you can do." There was a ringing in my ears as I fumbled with his fastenings. I felt him lift and pull then down further. He was so hard and hot. His cock was superb, so beautiful, so demanding of me, my prime user. I leant over kissing it, but he made me kneel on the seat. It was so awful, so humiliating, so exhilarating, as my mouth enveloped his manhood my bottom was raised high for the men outside. They would see the bulge of my lips so near to them. I knew I was really wet, they would see my juices glistening. His cock was wonderful inside my mouth as I sucked it deep feeling it possessing me. His hand snaked below me, pushing one thigh off the seat. My mouth bobbing up and down on his meat as it filled me. One foot was on the floor now, I was spread, open, exhibited to those strangers with such hard cocks outside. My concentration was gone, my thoughts rebounding from one sexual thing to the next relentlessly. My body out of my own control.

"I think they like seeing you. Seeing that dripping cunt and eager mouth. Don't you?" Again I bobbed my head on him as I tried to mouth the words around his thick cock. "Touch yourself. Make yourself cum."

Thankfully my head was hidden as I did as I was ordered but I never considered not doing it. My pubic area was wet, my fingers slid over me and then into me. I used the wetness, lubricated my clit, fingers stiff as I rubbed myself frantically. All the time thinking of the men inches away, watching this lewdness. I came. My body convulsed, my mouth had to slip off him, juices soaked me. What had I done?

In a stupor I felt him moving me, awkward in the back of the car. I was over him, straddling his legs, opened. My fingers found him, found that wonderful cock and I slid down its length, tears dripped down my cheeks as I groaned in delight. I had to hold the seat behind me making sure that I was exhibiting myself. My tits thrusts forward, my legs splayed showing his cock entering and sliding out as I moved desperately up and down that hard flesh, so glad it was inside my body, going so deep within me, possessing me. He allowed me to cum when I wanted. I became mad in my desires. I came over and over. His hands touched me, fondled, and squeezed my tits as I bounced up and down on him. Once his fingers slid between us and touched my clit sending me spinning again. Oh God the men! It didn't matter. Nothing mattered except being fucked. I wanted them to see me used by Sir as he had seen Andrew use me. The car was full of noise now, grunts and cries and whimpers, mine. Jerking on him, thrusting out, displaying, wanting, wanting. Within my own noise I heard the deep groan from him that signalled his own orgasm. It triggered one final tearing orgasm in me. I slumped against him, feeling wetness leak from me, hearing my blood pumping, feeling his hard body hot through his shirt. My body pulsed with sensation as I half lay not wanting to move.

Finally I was lifted from him, not wanting it. Then I took his cock again into my mouth, sucking our juices, tasting the earthiness of his semen and the tanginess of my own spendings. So tired but satisfied to hold him and clean him. Pulled of I sat spread, passively allowing his fingers to take his semen on his fingers to my mouth, hungry for his seed still. Finally I cleaned myself with tissues as he watched. Only one man remained outside now behind slightly misted windows. Sir was dressed again by the time I had finished. I was also allowed to dress and sometime during the next few minutes the remaining man disappeared into the night.

We drove away. Both of us silent but content inside the car as twilight set in. Nearing our town Sir stopped the car in a small secluded side road. I looked at him and I knew he wanted me again. I felt myself shudder with excitement and my chest tighten. He opened his door and came round my side and took me out. Without words being spoken he turned me and bent me at the waist, with my hands on the car and my legs spread. My skirt was lifted. He wanted more. He wanted my body again. Outside. Here by the road. My panties were pulled down to my knees and I could feel further leaking from my cunt. My breathing was deep as I waited, my breasts hanging beneath me. Suddenly he thrust into me. It was easy, I was easy. Then he surprised me and came out after only a couple of thrusts. I felt his hands part my buttocks, opening me further. I felt his cock against my anus! Oh God! No! He pushed and it slid off. Please God no! Again he tried to enter me there but I was too tense for him. After a few tries he had me stand and face him again. I had a feeling he had put me under. I felt relaxed. I was aroused. I wanted him to fully use me. Make use of me in every way. He had used my cunt and mouth. My bottom was virgin, no one else had used me there, I wanted to feel that he had possession of me everywhere. I wanted to know that I was fully his. It was wicked but it didn't matter. I needed to feel that I was totally his.

I was turned and resumed my previous position, kicking my panties away. He sank deep into my sopping cunt and then his palms spread me. Oh God yes. I knew myself relaxing as I felt the heat of his cock rub against me, against my virgin opening. I was still a little tight but my muscles had stopped contracting. His smooth knob pushed slowly but firmly and I pushed back onto myself onto him. My head arched up and my mouth opened as I held my breath forcing his member into me. His knob pushed through and we both stopped a moment. My breath came out in a deep animal sigh. I could feel him pushing deeper, stretching my anal ring around the thickness of his slippery cock, deeper and deeper. It hurt, it was uncomfortable but I adjusted to him, feeling my body now totally stuffed by him. It was as though he had his arm inside me, I felt totally servile as I accepted what felt like a huge invasion of him inside me. I felt myself shaking as he began to move in and out, the pain and discomfort changing to something far more earthy, debauched and stirring. Oh God I wanted him to take me. His hand cupped my sex, rubbed me as he rode me. I felt him rub his cock through my inner thin membranes. His finger ground over my clit as he powered in and out slowly, the ring of my opening running up and down his length. I was being buggered. I was just a collection of orifices. I wanted this. The stinging in my anus changed from burning to a more acceptable throbbing. Suddenly arousal hit me as I thought of what was being done to me. My bra was too tight as I leant over and gasped for air. My hips were controlled by the rhythm of his cock. Orgasm was rushing at me like a runaway bus. He came in me, I could feel it differently to when he came in my cunt. A hand managed to cover my mouth as I screamed and shook beneath him.

After that evening I couldn't believe what I had done but the thoughts always left me longing for more. For days I could feel the stinging in my bottom. Each time I did the feelings of being possessed fully swept over me. Now I had given myself fully, in every way in every hole, privately and pubicly. There was nothing I had not given him. He had my mouth, my cunt, my mind and now my bottom. He had shown others that he possessed me. I was owned.

I began to notice men furtively looking at me far more. It embarrassed me and I couldn't keep from looking down instead of keeping the proud faÁade that I normally could hold. Nor did I do anything to stop them; rather I allowed their looks of appraisal without hiding myself or turning away. In the house I wore less and less even when I knew I wasn't allowed release, when out I kept buttons loose that I wouldn't have done, even occasionally not wearing a bra. I loved the caresses of men's looks and my nipples and juices would respond every time. At home I wanted to be naked, to be aware of my sexuality on display.

At the weekend it was raining and I drove to our Saturday meeting with no clothing whatsoever under my Mac other than a suspender belt and stockings! He laughed and called me a perfect slut. I felt so proud. Master used all my openings again and I was left exhausted, sore and fulfilled.

The following week I found myself shopping for a new black dress, new underwear and hold up stockings. The dress was silk, simple and classy but when I stood looking at myself in only my stockings and underwear I knew that Sir would be happy with the sight of me. I looked like some sexy classy whore. In the afternoon I bathed and shaved my cunt lips. Later I put up my hair. I spent a long time ensuring that I looked perfect. I put on my new clothes, checked myself out, worrying about small imperfections. Andrew hadn't arrived back as he was working late so I left a note for him telling him that I would be late and not wait up. Andrew had become much more passive and accepting as I had begun to carry out Sir's commands and dictate the sexual activities to him. It was almost as if he wanted to renounce any control he once had over me.

I met Sir in the car park again. When I got into the passenger seat he told me that he was going to hypnotise me again which sent shivers of excitement down my spine again. . After I was unsure whether he had or not but I certainly felt aroused and relaxed. We drove in his car but I was uncertain where we actually were even though it was only a few minutes from the car park. I hadn't really been able to concentrate. We parked on the road by a house and he led me up to the door.

I had no idea why we were there or where we were. Nor when the door was opened by a middle aged man could I recognise him either. Sir took my arm and we followed the man into a large lounge. As I looked around I saw two sofas and two armchairs facing an empty fireplace. There were four men present other than Sir. One was perhaps younger than him, the rest older. Strangers. All wore suits most had drinks. I was led over to the fireplace and stood facing the men as Sir moved and sat on the arm of a sofa. They all looked at me, assessing. I wanted to close my eyes and hide but found that I couldn't. I could blink normally but I had to see them, allow them access into me through my eyes.

One of the men spoke. A deep voice, a voice of command.

"Why are you here child?"

"My Master is offering me to you. To satisfy your needs by your use of me." It was like a trigger. The words simply came out without conscious thought yet I knew the profound truth in them. I felt myself trembling and my eyes searched for Sir. He nodded comfortingly and my trembling ceased and I was very aware of the deep throbbing of my sex. My mouth was dry and my breathing coming fast.

"You are content to be offered such?"

"Yes. I am." Suddenly I felt relaxed. I felt like a queen. My sexuality reigned supreme. I was my body, my needs, a sexual object. Nothing else about me mattered. Sir and these men would allow me to be what I desired. They would know how to treat me, what I needed. They would satisfy me.

The man who had spoken gestured to another and this man rose and stood behind me. I found Sir's eyes again. Feeling so humiliated that they all knew me for what I was, I was caught on his eyes. As I licked my dry lips I felt a hand at my back, the zipper being undone down my spine. I knew I couldn't move. Only to assist, only when commanded. I felt the material of the dress slide a little against me, the cooler air on my back. The dress was slipped from my shoulders and fell down me in a slow motion descent until it fell from my thighs around my feet. I knew what they could see, the image of checking myself in the mirror strong. My skin was hot and moist. The eyes of the men ran over my body. My breasts ached and my sex throbbed, breath came in and out of my mouth quickly, raising my breasts. A whore, nothing but a whore. I noticed a couple of the men taking off jackets.

Again the touch at my back. My bra skilfully undone. The feeling of constriction in my breasts released. Suddenly cool hands on the undersides of my breasts, sliding over my skin and lifting and removing the flimsy material. I leant back against the body there. It fell to my feet to join my dress. Fingers squeezing my nipples to make them even more erect. Squeezing quite painfully until they elicited a sigh from my mouth. Eyes looking at me, at my excited tits, at my body, at the offering I was for them. The hunger was there. I noticed erections. Erections because of me. My stomach muscles tensed as I felt the hands slide down my body. The thin string of my panties pulled over my hips, just down the tops of my thighs, pulling unwillingly away from my wet cunt. His fingers roughly parted me, entered me as I whimpered, held. The fingers were removed, covered in my lubrication, held up for inspection, wiped across my stomach. His hands took my lips and spread them wide, opening up the insides of my cunt for them. I couldn't see what they could see but I knew. Displayed openly now. Eyes feasting. Knew what they could see.

"Slut. You like being exhibited don't you?"

"Yes." The shame. The excruciating arousal.

I was turned. My buttocks to the room as I looked up at the man's face. Pressure on my shoulders. A soft command. I bent from the waist. Watched him extract his cock from his trousers. Smelt the maleness, felt the heat of it, saw the veins throbbing. My buttocks now thrust high, legs parted as far as the panties would allow. Fingers in my hair pulling me lower. His hardness slipping into my mouth. Sir could see. My actions, my body. My mouth stretch over this strange cock. Knowing the obvious bulging of my sex could be seen behind me. Hands on my buttocks, different ones. The panties were snapped releasing my legs to widen further. Two fingers entered me. The second set of fingers in me within minutes. Slut. The cock in my mouth forced down my throat until tears came from my eyes, whilst fingers slurped disgustingly in my wetness. My mouth and vagina sucking the intrusions wantonly now. The fingers were retracted, a cock replacing them, entered my body. Panic for a second or too as I had two cocks plundering, controlling me again. Finding a rhythm for them. My nipples squeezed, not knowing who by. Semen exploded in my mouth. The cock pulled out, embarrassing myself by attempting to follow it to keep it within. Onto my knees without the man behind releasing me from his cock. Spunk on my mouth, dribbling. Rutted until I was about to cum, suddenly knowing that I was allowed. I could hear my cries as from afar, my body held so as not to interrupt his lancing. Breasts rubbing over the carpet. Liquids dribbling from me. The thick manhood withdrawn. Turned over onto my back. Naked knees into view before my face, my hair taken again to direct me to another proud erection. Gagging again initially, sucking joyfully on it. Vaginal mouth. My legs lifted, buttocks placed on other bare knees hidden from me. Entered again. Used. Fucked. Rutted. My body exploding and again. Feeling the pressures of the onslaught moving my body. Eager, not wanting to be left empty. Swallowing more spunk, a slightly different taste I noticed in a moment of calm. My cunt released too. Moaning. Hearing myself begging. What for? Turned again. Kneeling up. Bitch. Their bitch on heat. Semen taken and smeared over my anus. Fingers spreading the lubricant inside too. Grunting as I was invaded there by hard flesh too. Filled so full, stretch, some pain but enjoying it. Hands on me from both sides. Hands on my body everywhere. Explosions rocking me. Desperate. Exhausted, wanting more. Hot spurting and another buggering me. On and on. Turned this way and that. Fucked here, there, everywhere.

At one point I saw Sir next to me, looking at me, watching a man using my body. He was naked. He smiled at me. An orgasm crashed through my frail body as he held my eyes.

Eventually I was aware that I was kneeling on the carpet on hands and knees without having been used for a while. My face rested against the pile of the carpet as my hips were still thrust up for use. My hair had fallen; it was stuck to my face with sweat. I could hear movements behind me but didn't move. I was exhausted. I stayed in that position breathing and resting as I felt globules of spunk sliding down my thighs to my stockings from both cunt and arse. My mouth ached, my stretched bottom stung, my bloated cunt felt tender. I didn't know if I could stand, would my legs obey me? My body so strummed with satisfaction that tears collected in my eyes.

Soon I knew I would have to stand and face these men who I had been given to by Sir. Soon I knew I would have to stand naked, dishevelled and coated in their spendings before them. I would have to see their eyes on me again as they sat dressed again. I knew I would stand and thank them, thank Sir. I knew that this was what I craved. I knew that I would need Sir to use me and offer me again soon. Slut. Oh yes.