A New Beginning

Copyright © 2002 by dah

Things are looking up. This hand should really turn things around. I can't believe how bad today has been. One week ago today I left my boyfriend -- that was good -- and came to London to make a new start. Of course that room is terrible, and the rent was due this morning, but when I told the manager I just hadn't had time to pick up my money, he gave me till tonight to pay, but he did take my key.

Why didn't I stop in and pay him after I went to the bank? I took out all the money I have - and no job yet. I know I wanted to go to a "wicked" club on my birthday, but I should have paid my debts first. Instead I came to this club. I have always wondered what a B&D club was like, but this seemed quite quiet. Although some of the outfits looked rather odd. And they did say it would become more interesting later. If I'd stayed downstairs.... If I hadn't entered this game....

I was talking to Steven -- God those eyes, so piercing -- when his friend came along and told him the poker game was starting. I know I'm good, but I should not be playing at this level. Why did he have to refuse me by saying, "This is a real poker game, girlie"? Girlie! That was what did it. I insisted on playing. And he did warn me, but I boasted about what a good player, what an experienced gambler I am. £400. Every penny I have. Lost it all in just under three hours.

If I hadn't been so stupid as to bet the money I need to get into my room tonight, I could have quit. But I need to win. They agreed to let me continue. £25 for my shoes, then £5 for my socks. I won back £40 then lost it all again and another £25 -- my skirt. I'm sure I was beet red as I slipped it off. Then that weak hand all round; but Jim won it and there went my blouse for the £10. Then a bit of luck I won two small hands - £10 and £15. They agreed my clothes would be treated like cash, and I can buy them back at the end of the game. If I have the money. And with this hand I will.

Dealt two pair, aces and tens. £25 and then the draw, and another ace. Oh God, my nipples are so hard, I can feel my teddy pressing against them. Don't let them see that and know how good this hand is.. Although this teddy is so thin that they can hardly help but see. What use is a poker face of the rest of my body betrays me? Another £10 and another £15.

"You gentlemen said this teddy is thirty pounds, so I'll raise you five." Oh, God, I can't believe the feeling; this is so turning me on. What's wrong with me? Thank God they agreed I don't have to actually put the clothing into the pot until the end of the hand. Take it off only when I lose or fold.

"I'll match the thirty..."

Look at that pot - £220 excluding my contributions!

"And raise you. I'll add a pony to the pot."

Steven can't mean that. Oh God, I have always wanted a horse.

"If she is allowed to wait till the end of the hand, so may I."

A pony. Oh God, that is such a big bet. But he smiled as he said it -- and that was the same smile as the last two times he bluffed. He won £100 on one of those bluffs. I must win this.

"Too rich for me."

"Me too."

"I'm out."

"I have nothing to bet. Can somebody loan me...?" No, they are all shaking their heads.

"I came to the club tonight to find a slave, a naked bound slave."

Those damn eyes, boring into me, but I could never be someone's slave. But I won't lose; I saw the bluff. And for a pony. And if I don't take the bet I lose the hand, and my teddy. I will be naked, and with nowhere to stay. Damn those eyes, they are making me so hot. But horses cost so much. Maybe I can keep it short. "Only for one week!" That surprised him.

"One week, I don't think..."

"One week, I insist, one week." He isn't smiling any longer; his bluff has been called.

"Very well, if you insist. My slave for one week will be your bet, if you make it. But I want you to fully understand what you are letting yourself in for before you bet. I want you to see what will happen to you if you bet and lose. You must play the part of my naked slave for the next quarter hour, or I won't accept the terms. Take off your teddy and drop it in the pot."

The bastard. I've called his damn bluff, and he knows he won't see me naked. If I don't agree, he will refuse the bet, and here I'll be, naked and locked out. So they get to see me naked for fifteen minutes. "It isn't necessary. I don't bet what I am unwilling to lose." No, he isn't going to accept my word. He knows his only chance to see me naked is force this on me. OK, the cards face down on the table. Left strap off the shoulder, and pull out the arm. Four men staring at me, nothing shown yet. But my nipples are responding. They actually hurt they are so hard. Right shoulder now. Let's give them a good show. Stand up. There. It has fallen.

Yes they are standing out, but I wish they were bigger. It is always so embarrassing to ask for a B cup bra. Low whistles; I should be offended, but they are a form of applause. Embarrassing to ask for a B cup! What about showing my B cups to four strangers. Jesus, it can't be. That feeling in my pussy. I can't believe it. I am pushing my only covering down over my hips, my pubic hair is visible, oh god, I can feel the blush on my face. But none of them are looking at my face. They are focussed on the top of my teddy. Another inch and my lips will be uncovered. Will they be able to see how wet, how sensitive they are?. Down to my thighs. On the floor. Pick it up, drop it on top of the cash.

Now what?

"Turn around, spread your feet about three feet apart, lean forward until your forehead is on the seat, reach back and pull your cheeks apart so my friends can have a clear view of you."

He can't be serious. I'm not doing that.

"If you don't do as I request, at once and without argument, I will not accept the bet. My slave must always obey, must obey immediately and must obey without question. Any failure is always punished, and a second offence even more severely. If you cannot follow my simple orders here, I cannot accept you as a slave. The punishments would become too severe."

Damn him. He knows he has me. His bluff is called. Well, let them look. He won't be so high and mighty when he has to pay out. I wonder who he is calling?. Well, let them look. That is all they will get. A pony. It is worth it. God, I've never been naked in front of a man. I even made love with my boyfriend only under the covers, only with the light out. God to think one of the reasons I left him was that he kept insisting on seeing my body. And here I am not only naked but bent forward, pulling my buns to display my anus, not to a man but to four. Four strangers.

Jumping jacks. Damn him. God, my breasts are bouncing. Jesus, the movement is making me hot, if I'm not careful I will come in front of them.

A knock? Steven is pointing to the other door, not the one we came in. Not someone else. He said no hesitation. God, I can't be turned on. Tile is hard and cold on bare feet. Take it easy, a deep breath. Now open the door. A waiter. He doesn't seem to be surprised to see me like this; of course not; not in this club.

Four glasses. He is placing one in front of each of the men. No wine for a 'slave'.

"Give the girl the bottle. She will pour. You may go."

Fine. I'll pour their damn wine. Then I will win the hand. Yikes. How dare they grab my legs like that?

"My slave's body belongs to me. My friends have the right to touch. If you were really my slave, you would be punished for pulling away like that, and punished again for splashing that wine on the table. Finish filling our glasses."

You won't beat me like that. I can ignore.... What am I doing? Standing naked in a room, pouring wine for four strangers while two of them caress my legs. And my bum! Oh my god! I can't believe I am being turned on by that. Pour very carefully.

"Put down the bottle and come here."

Lord those eyes. His hand on my stomach. Down, fingers running through my pussy hair. What does he mean, if I were his slave I would be totally naked? I am totally naked. Those strong, delicate fingers on my lips. Sliding in. "Ooooooh." I just came! In public. While this man fondled my pussy in front of his three friends.

"Go back and sit down. Legs apart. A slave never puts her knees together. Place your feet outside the chair, halfway back. That is how you will sit. Now do you still wish to bet?"

"Yes, I bet one week." Wait till they see this hand.

"I call."

I needn't speak. As Hoyle says, "The cards speak for themselves." Put down the two tens. Now lay the three aces beside them, gently. I love the sound of those gasps - a full house, and I win. Steven can't have a higher one. He lays down a nine, another, a third, a six. Yes! Three nines and... Another nine. Oh God. Four nines! Four! .

A week. I can't believe it. And I am so turned on. O God, I am so sick, so depraved. "Please, give me one more chance." I must get out of this. "Please, just one more. Double or nothing!"

"I don't know. I would need some incentive to risk so delightful a slave. Besides, double or nothing would leave you sitting here naked. Even if you won."

God almighty. He is right. What am I to do?

"However, I am feeling lucky tonight. So I will give you one chance. For a monkey. If you win you will have cancelled the week, can buy back your clothes and have most of your original stake back. Of course, if you lose... A pony was worth one week, so you know what a monkey will be. And since a single preset bet makes a mockery of poker, we should just draw for it. Are you ready to risk so much on the draw of a single card, little girl?"

A monkey? What is he talking about? But he says if I win I will have almost everything back! But a monkey must cost less than a pony! This makes no sense. Little girl! How dare he? "I'm game, A monkey. High card wins."

Jim is shuffling. Why are you trembling so much? Fear? Only partly. Deep breath. Slow deep breath. God. I am so naked. I can feel my breasts lifting to the men, my nipples hard and pointing at them. The air is caressing me, every naked inch. But particularly between my legs. So damp there. So cold. Oh god, I am so excited. Slow breaths. Don't let them see your excitement, don't let yourself come in front of them. O god, I hope they can't see just how wet I am. Jim is holding the cards toward me. Cut them. Put down the stack. Pick the top card of the remaining stack. Turn it over. A seven. A measly seven Less than half. I am finished.

He picks he turns it. Not a face A seven. I can't believe it. We tied. Jim is passing the cards to me again. Pray. Pray hard. A ten. Still not good but better than before. Oh God, just let me win this one hand and I will never gamble again. He has his card. He is looking at it. No expression as he picks up the telephone. Let me see it, damn you! He lets it fall, What is that roaring in my ears? A King. A bloody king. I am dead.

But what do I owe? What did he mean by a monkey? Wait a minute. That story I read years ago at grandpa's. By what's his name... Sapper. That was it. The Diamond Hair-Slide. I remember it, now. The bet was a monkey -- that was central to the plot, but he was so angry when the loser actually went and got a live monkey; he had been expecting money, But I can't remember how much! And his comment: "I suppose if we'd been playing for a pony you'd have given me a cab-horse." Or something like that. Why couldn't I remember that when I needed to? Steven was never betting a horse, just money. But how much? God I am such a fool.

"Er, um, ah... Exactly how much have I lost?"

"You don't know?"

"I think so, but I am not absolutely sure. I just want to check."

Bill has a nice smile, even if he is looking at me a little too hard. Of course, I have to expect a man to look at a naked woman, and will have to expect it now for... how long? What is Steven saying?

"A pony is, of course £25."

Twenty. Five. Quid. I bet a whole week of my life against twenty bloody five pounds. "Oh. I thought it was more than that."

"I wondered why you insisted on making it a full week. I had planned to ask for two days and settle for twenty-four hours. But since you insisted, of course I am only too happy to agree."

One day! Oh God. I'm such a fool. I had the knowledge that it was money, not a horse; but refused to remember it. "And a monkey?" I don't like the look of Steven's smile. God, I am so scared. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. And so aroused. Bill is going to answer me.

"Five hundred pounds."

Five. God almighty Hundred. No wonder he said I could buy back my clothes and still have most of my original stake. Pounds. "That means..." Oh God, how could I have done this. "That I owe you..." I am actually dripping, This isn't happening. "Twenty,,," God! Oh, God! "Weeks..." Nearly five months. "Of slavery."

"Twenty-one actually. One owed from the final poker hand, plus twenty more from this draw."

"Twenty-one weeks, ooooooh!" O lord, pull those hard nubs. "Oh God, oh God, Oh GOD."

I am so ashamed. I just had an orgasm - another oh, no, another orgasm in front of four men. Five men. What is that cart? A television set, VCRs, a camera? Who is he? Look at them all staring at me. Though I can't blame them.

"Cheryl, this is the club owner and manager, Mr. Kuprasso. In order to protect everyone, you, me and not least himself, he requires that anyone being taken out of the club as a slave who didn't enter as one must sign an agreement, so there can be no future charge of kidnapping or coercion. And to ensure there is no doubt about it you will read the agreement aloud before signing it, and that will be taped."

Oh God, no. Not pictures of me naked. What am I thinking? I can't believe that nobody will take my picture in the next twenty-one, oh Lord, weeks.

"I just have one question. Before I indenture myself, what about my stuff?"

"Slaves don't own anything. And you had better start calling me master. You don't want to forget later."

"I understand. Master." That word is so exciting. The word Master is actually arousing me. "But at the end of my time. I will have nothing then, and since I already owe rent on my room, I don't know what would have happened to everything."

"This is where you are staying?" What does he mean? Oh yes, I had to give my address when I signed in. And I gave the right one. Just nod. "I know the place. Yes, your effects would be sold long before then. And what do you owe?"

"They will need at least forty before they will give me the key."

"Forty pounds which you don't have." Why didn't I think of that? Of course I don't have it. "I could of course pay the money, but I would need to be repaid. Then there is the cost of storing... how much stuff?"

"Just one small suitcase."

"A suitcase. For several months. At, say, ten per month. Plus the forty, Nearly one hundred pounds. Plus my time. That will bring it to over one hundred. If we add it to your time that would make it a bit over twenty-five weeks. Hmm. Here's the deal. Since that would be nearly twenty-six weeks, or half a year, we'll just make the agreement six months, and in return we will pick up your stuff tonight, and I will store it until the end of that period."

Six months. Half a year. O lord that sounds so much longer than just twenty-five weeks. But I'll need something. When I leave. Though if I continue to feel like this, will I want to leave? Will I even be willing to leave. "OK. Six, oh, months."

"I am sure you made the right choice; you are a natural slave." How dare he insult me like that? Natural slave indeed. "If you weren't, you'd have brought your legs together long ago instead of sitting with your knees wide apart. No, don't bring them together, you should get used to sitting like that, well exposed.."

Oh God, he is right. I am obeying his command; my feet are still well back beside the chair. There I am on the television. Sitting behind the table, the agreement being placed in front of me. Of course my face is visible, but so are my breasts, and it is obvious that I am excited by what I am doing, not coerced at all.

"Once we start the tapes rolling, please read the entire agreement aloud, in a clear voice, then immediately sign it -- all three copies, one for me, one for Mr Kuprasso, and one for you. One of the two tapes will be kept by Mr Kuprasso, the other is for me, but Jim will take it and my copy of the agreement, since he's my solicitor. Are you ready?"

Of course not. And never will be. I am nodding; how can I agree? I can hear the tapes start; Mr. Kuprasso nods.

"I, Cheryl McCormick, being of sound mind," yeah, right, "do hereby agree to become the slave of Mr. Steven Eisen," Eisen, perfect name for him, particularly with that steely gaze, "...period beginning at 00:00:01 on the twenty-third day of June..." Immediately after my twenty-second birthday. God, what a present I have just given to myself. "... at 23:59:59 on the twenty-third day of December..." My god. I will be leaving on Christmas Eve. Summer is just beginning and I will be his slave until Christmas bloody Eve. No way!

That girl on the television, she actually looks pretty, her firm breasts look so much larger than my poor things, must be those hard little nubs. I can see the mouth move, but I can't hear anything. That pretty thing can't be me.

"...explicitly consent to..." Lawyers. "Bondage..." how will he tie me, or will it be chains, in a dungeon, or hanging from a tree. "Corporal punishment..." Six of the best with a cane? Over his knee for a spanking, oh god, concentrate, you must not climax now. "All sexual activities..." Oh my lord, yes, take me, make love to me, fuck me here on this table. Deep breath. All, what does all mean? Will he lick me? Require me to suck him? Give me to his friends? Right here, Jim in my cunt, Bill in my arse, my master in my mouth, and giving hand jobs to the other two. What Have I let myself in for? Deep breath. You should be quaking with fear, not simmering with arousal. I can feel a drop forming, falling onto the chair. Concentrate. Yes the girl in TV is still reading, her mouth is still moving.

"I declare that I am signing this agreement of my own free will." Well, I guess so, but if the option is to walk out of here naked, with nowhere to go is it really? Yes, Cheryl, admit it; you put yourself in this position, nobody else.

A nice big, bold signature. A second one. Third and last copy. Done. I cannot believe how happy the face in the TV is. That woman is going to spend six whole months as a slave. Mr Kuprasso has stopped the machines, but not the camera. My face and tits are still visible, nearly life size in front of me. He has taken one tape himself and given the other to Steven. Jim has passed one copy of the agreement to the owner, and Steven is now talking to him,

What is this rushing in my ears? Why am I so hot? I can't believe what I have done. What is Jim saying to me?. My copy. Yes? He will hold it for me as my solicitor, solicitor only in this matter. Or give to Steven. Store with effects. What do I want? Be business-like, your slavery doesn't begin for, where is that clock, six whole minutes. "Y- y- you, Jim, p- p- please." Business is over, Kuprasso has left. Steven, no, Master is paying Bill and Jim, and taking my clothes from them. He is buying something for me to wear home tonight.

"Cheryl, you have now agreed to be my slave, and that agreement takes effect in four minutes. Before it does, I want you to understand your position. You are my slave. You will call me Master. You will obey me at all times, and obey any free person, man or woman, as long as their orders do not contradict any of mine. And remember, any request however polite is an order so far as you are concerned."

Oh god, oh god, he means it. I will be his slave, and therefore everyone's slave. O god, I am soaking.

"You own nothing. Your very body belongs to me. I am taking your identification in case I need it sometime in the next six months. It belongs to me for that period. This clothing that you lost tonight is mine. It would have been mine even if you had not lost it in the game. You are thinking you will be wearing it when we pick up your effects. Wrong!"

What is he doing? He has picked up Bill's lighter and holding my lovely skirt over the waste basket. He isn't going to throw it out?

"I don't need these clothes. I like to keep my slaves naked at all times."

My skirt, he is burning my beautiful skirt. No, slave, he is burning his beautiful skirt.

"I want you to thoroughly understand just how naked you will be." My, his blouse. Burning that, too. "If I take you somewhere very public, I may give you something to cover yourself, so I won't be annoyed by the police, but don't count on it, and if I do it will be for my comfort, not yours." The teddy in flames, too. My god, he has destroyed it all. I will certainly be leaving here in the nuddy.

I can't control it any longer, naked im public. "Ow-ooooo-oooo, ohhhhh."

Where am I? I never came like that before in my entire life. Oh god, I am still here, it was no dream.

"Finally for now, that is the last orgasm you are allowed to have without my permission. If you cum without permission, you will be punished. Now stand up and walk over here."

My legs are jelly, but I can stand. I must! Standing in front of him. His hand on my pussy. A leather strap with buckles in his other.

"One minute. I want you to think about this. On the stroke of midnight I collar you. Then downstairs, where Shannon will make you fully naked, as the rest of the club watches. You will be displayed until two, then we will go to your hotel for your effects. You still naked."

What does he mean, totally naked: I am totally naked. His hand on my pussy. Oh god, that is what he means. My pubic hair will be removed, my lips will be fully displayed. I can't. No choice. The leather is on my neck. Ouch. A hard slap on my bare behind. His hand on my other bun, pressing, guiding me to the door. Not the door we came in, but the waiter's entrance. Jim holds it open. Out of the room. From the bottom of the stairs in front of me, a mob is looking up at my naked body, at my hard nipples, my wet shame.

Well, this is why I came to London. Today is most definitely a new beginning!