Leila's Picnic Weekend

A fantasy by dah

Copyright © 1999 by dah

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 1

Leila woke up and looked at the clock by her bed. A few minutes past half-past nine. David was going to pick her up shortly. She thought back to Wednesday. She had gone with him to a strip bar. And David and Cyndi had stripped her naked. Stark naked, except for her shoes, and shoes don't count. They not only stripped her, they shredded her clothes, so she couldn't possibly get them back. She remembered the long walk to his car, the drive home, the stop to pick up beer. She blushed as she remembered buying that case of beer, stark naked, and her hand slipped down, under the black nightie, between her legs. The memory was making her hot. She remembered making love while waiting for the pizza to arrive. How humiliated she had been when she was forced to open the door to the pizza delivery guy. She had been naked, and looked totally dishevelled from sex. She also reeked of the musky odour of sex. How could David possibly force her to do something so humiliating? Force her! She was lying to herself; David had made the slightest suggestion of a request, hadn't even asked her out loud, and she had jumped at the opportunity. God, what a slut she was! She shuddered as she brought herself to a brief climax.

She also remembered the love-making. She had had two unbelievable climaxes with David before the pizza arrived. She remembered sitting naked between his legs, eating pizza, drinking beer, and caressing each other. She had persuaded David to stay the night; God it felt so good to fall asleep in his arms. She had been awakened next morning very early, by the glorious sensation of his beard tickling her thighs as his lips kissed her lips, his tongue doing the most wonderful things in her vagina. And after that orgasm, he had entered her and brought her to a second orgasm before he ejaculated. No other lover had ever paid so much attention to her feelings and desires. After that marvellous session, he had insisted they needed a shower, and they had spent a long time washing each other from head to toe. What a morning! She had been late for work, but it had been worth it. She had to have him again.

They had agreed that they were both too busy at their jobs to have a date that night, so they both agreed that Friday night right after work they would meet. By Friday morning, she had been so pent up at the thought of the upcoming date that she was having trouble concentrating on her work. She couldn't believe that it was only one full day since they had been together. Just before noon he called, and cancelled on her. Some stupid excuse about needing to work very late so he would have free time on the weekend. He got her to admit that she was free all weekend, and told her that he would make up for the cancellation on Saturday. She was furious at this late cancellation, but what could she do.

She thought of his last words on the phone. "I've a few things that I have to do Saturday morning, so I will be a little late picking you up. I'll pick you up between 9:45 and 10:00 a.m. We'll be running late so it is imperative that you be ready to leave as soon as I get there." She looked at the clock; 9:45 already. Leila still felt her annoyance at his high-handed change of their plans. She had wanted to be with him last night so badly. She needed a bath, he could damn well wait!

Throwing off her nightie, she trotted into the bathroom, and deciding that a shower would be better than a bath, adjusted the water and stepped under the flow.

She had finished her shower and was just drying herself when she heard the door buzzer being sounded furiously. She flipped the wet towel over the curtain rod, and picking up a dry one, used it to dry her hair as she walked to the enterphone. As she got there, there was a sudden pounding on her door.

She wrapped the towel around her body, and tucked it in. It hung from her breasts to just below her pussy, hiding her body, but gaped open on the left side except at the top, beside her breasts where it was tucked into itself. She opened the door and David burst in.

He gave her a strong hug, and kissed her fervently. "God... You... look... great... this... morning," he gasped out between kisses. Leila felt her anger at his cancellation flowing away. "We're already late. We've got to go now."

"But I'm not dressed yet," she complained. "I've only this towel."

"You promised me you would be ready when I arrived. You've already kept me waiting. Weren't you telling the truth?"

She knew he was teasing, and decided to call his bluff. The towel was a fairly thin one, but she was covered, so she said "OK, let's go." And grabbed her keys and clutch purse from the table beside the door. She stepped out into the hall with him, closed the door, double locked the dead-bolt, and dropped the keys in her purse. She was shocked when he didn't tell her to stop and go back to grab a dress.

"Come along," he said, grabbing her hand. "We're really running late today." He started down the hall, pulling her along too quickly for comfort. Her buns and pussy were flashing out under the towel at each step as the gap at the side was forced apart at every step. Her breasts were firm, but David was walking so fast that she had to trot to keep up with him, which caused them to bounce. Just as they David pulled her through the front door, the towel parted and fell to the floor. With her left hand clasped by him and her right one holding the clutch purse, she just couldn't grab it in time, so she found herself bounding down the steps and along the walkway in her birthday suit. She had to stop walking outside her home naked. One of these days one of the neighbours was sure to see her and cause a lot of trouble for her. Perversely, she felt both humiliated and aroused at this possibility.

David opened the passenger side door and ushered her in, apparently unaware that she had lost what little cover she had had. He walked quickly round the car, and slipped behind the wheel. Before she did up the seatbelt, Leila looked in the back seat. She knew that she could persuade him to let her wear the jacket she had seen Wednesday night. Damn! It was no longer in the back seat. All that was there was a picnic hamper, and an electric cooler which was plugged into the cigarette lighter. No jacket, no blanket, nothing to cover her. David was wearing his usual jeans and sport shirt, so she knew there would be no help there.

As they started off, she suddenly realized what was different about the car today. Her seat had a terrycloth cover that had not been there before. This was more comfortable than the original cloth and vinyl covering. As David drove through the city, he started to tease her again. He had to shift down and up as they approached and then left each red light, but between times, instead of putting his right hand back on the wheel, he would drop it onto her knee, and then allow it trail up her leg, the fingers caressing her inner thigh. He seemed to time the movement so that whenever his hand arrived almost at her genitals, he would have to remove it for another series of shifts. When he replaced it on her, he would start all over again at her knee. This aroused her, and it reminded her most forcefully of her nudity.

It was even worse as they approached an intersection with a large number of pedestrians waiting for the light. The car was in the right-most lane, since they would be turning right at the following intersection, and Leila realized that all those people would be able to clearly see her nakedness. The light turned yellow, and David started to slow down. "Go for it, David, you can make it in time." Leila did not want all those eyes devouring her nude body.

"I really don't think you want me to run it." Leila shivered as the car came to a halt right beside the crowd of pedestrians, and David's hand returned to her knee. "You see, sweetheart, this intersection has red-light cameras installed. They photograph any car running the red, and we would have run the red. The picture clearly shows both licence number and the occupants of the car. Would you really want that photo floating around the cop shop?" Leila shuddered at the thought of all those policemen seeing her naked body; then, seeing the gawkers on the sidewalk staring at her shuddered yet again. She could feel herself becoming wet with arousal as she basked in the attention.

Soon they were off the city streets and on the thruway. Mid-morning Saturday was always a relatively light time; those leaving the city for the weekend had left last night, and those who had to work today had long since reached their workplaces. Leila felt less exposed now, as David increased their speed to just over the speed limit, and turned on the cruise control.

Once they were well on their way, David said, "Leila, we've got a long way to go. If you open the cooler, you'll find a bag with two Danish in it and two cartons of orange juice. I think we could both use some breakfast." Leila suddenly found herself famished, she had been so disappointed last night that she had not eaten a proper meal, and this morning of course she had not had anything at all.

Leila undid her seatbelt, turned around, and knelt on the seat, leaning over the headrest to reach the cooler that was humming on the back seat, right behind her. As she unhooked the lid, David reached over and patted each of her bottom cheeks in turn. "God!" he exclaimed, "You have the most spankable bum. I just want to place you over my knees and paddle that little ass of yours." Leila remembered how he had done just that Wednesday night; spanking her in the bar, in front of everyone to punish her for biting him. That had been so humiliating. She felt the heat on her buttocks again, and her juices began to leak down her thighs. He always knew just how to turn her on.

She pulled out the two cartons of juice and the paper bag, and turned around, taking her place in her seat again. Holding the items between her thighs, she buckled the seatbelt again. One of the real problems of being nude in the car, aside from the humiliation of course, was the way the belt irritated her skin, particularly the way the side of the shoulder harness cut into her breasts.

As they sped along the thruway, she asked, "Just where are we going, David?"

"Just a little spot I want you to see. Lean back and relax, the drive will be well over an hour." David's hand this time was placed on her stomach, and slid straight down to her vagina, his touch sending shivers of pleasure through her body.

An hour away from home, and not a stitch of clothing with her. She finished eating the bun and drinking the juice, and then laid the seat back a little, and abandoned herself to the pleasure of David's touch.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 2

Leila sat up and looked around. She had not actually been sleeping, but she had been lying back in the passenger seat, eyes closed, relaxing. They had been driving a long while on the freeway; then she had felt the slowdown for the exit ramp, and the continued high speed, but windier movement as they had taken a two-lane highway for another long stretch. Now the car had slowed right down and was driving on a rougher surface. As she looked around she realized they were driving down a gravel road. She was totally amazed she could feel this calm; after all, they must be well over an hour away from her home, and she was stark naked; not a stitch on her, not even any jewellery, not even a watch. She was literally as naked as the day she was born. David's hand, which had been caressing between her thighs for much of the ride, had been removed before the turn, and David obviously felt he needed both hands on the steering wheel.

After a few minutes, they turned onto a narrow track through the bush that ended after a short distance in a wide grassy area, with low bushes on one side, and forest on the other. David turned the car around, and parked it near the trees, where it might get some shade. The low bushes would hide the car from the traffic passing on the highway, which was only about 50 yards away. David got out of the car, and Leila stepped out on her side, amazed at just how wet the terrycloth seat cover was. David had picked up a large bottle of sunscreen from the back seat, and was rubbing it on his face, neck and arms.

"The sun is pretty bright today," he remarked to Leila. "Perhaps you should put some on those areas that your clothes aren't covering." He grinned slightly at the joke. "Just sit here on the trunk, and I'll help you put some on." Leila sat on the trunk of the car, her knees well apart, her feet on the rear bumper. David squirted some of the white fluid into her hands and at his suggestion she rubbed it into her face, hands and arms. David, meanwhile, had started at her shoulders, and rubbed sunscreen onto her shoulders, front and sides, missing her breasts for the moment. Once he had covered the rest of her torso, and most of her abdomen, he leaned down, kissed both nipples and said, "We really must protect these little beauties." He then took some more lotion and massaged it carefully and thoroughly onto her breasts. For a split second Leila was upset by the word little, as she had always felt that her 34C bra indicated a less than sufficient chest, but she realized that the intonation he had used indicated that the operative word was "beauties", and that little was not meant to be taken literally, but was more a term of endearment. She recalled that he had said once that the stripper "Red Sonya" could be a "little hellion" with the same inflection on "little", and she was well over six feet tall, with at least a D cup. The tender care he was taking in ensuring that the sunblock was well applied to her breasts certainly showed that he was attracted to them.

After just a couple of minutes he finished massaging her breasts, and, taking some more lotion applied it to her ankles and the tops of her feet. She leaned back, resting her hands on the trunk behind her, and closed her eyes, revelling in his tender ministrations to her lower legs. Suddenly the blast of an air horn caused her eyes to fly open. She saw a semi-trailer disappear behind the woods and realized that while she was hidden from the cars on the nearby highway, the truckers could see over the bushes and, now that David was crouched down, had a clear view of her naked form perched on the trunk. She started to cover herself, then decided she was far enough from the road and the time she would be visible to a driver was short enough that it wouldn't make much difference, so she relaxed again and gave herself over to the sweet sensation as David's hands moved ever upward on her legs until he had covered the legs completely. A swift brush across her lower belly and then a hand sliding between her thighs, to her swelling lips and her front was now totally protected.

At his request, she hopped down to the grass, turned around and leaned on the trunk. Some lotion poured on her back and spread quickly but carefully and finally a brief massage of her buttocks and her entire body had been protected from the sun. She wondered if the arousal she was feeling from his touch was going to wash the lotion off her legs.

Too soon it was over. David locked her purse in the glove compartment, picked up the picnic basket from the back seat, ensured the car was fully locked, and guided her across the small meadow and onto the train tracks. As they started walking along the railway away from the road, she realized that for almost half a mile her bare butt would be visible to any car that crossed the tracks. She shivered from the thrill of being seen this way, wondering again at how quickly she was changing from the shy girl who had been ashamed even to shower with other girls after PE.

The heat of the sun caused her to perspire lightly, which with the lotion covering her entire skin, caused her body to shimmer. She could hear cars passing, back on the highway, and knew that anyone in those vehicles who glanced down the tracks would clearly see her naked behind. She glanced back. David was walking well to the left, so he would not be hiding her from the motorists' view. She noticed he was perspiring too, hell, he was sweating. She wondered if that was just the sun and the weight of the hamper he was toting, or could it also be the sight of bare behind, sauntering down the tracks ahead of him? Unconsciously, she imparted a greater sway to her hips. After a few moments, she slowed down so that David would catch up to her, and offered to help carry the hamper. After that, they continued along the tracks side by side, the picnic basket held between them. Soon they had rounded the curve in the tracks, and were hidden from the highway traffic.

Some distance further on, the tracks crossed a wide stream, or was it a narrow river? David slowed down just past the stream, and then after a couple of moments studying the forest, walked down off the track bed, and started along an overgrown path that angled back somewhat. This was much harder for Leila as the branches would scratch her as she worked her way through the undergrowth, unless she was extremely careful. Fortunately, the path was not long, less than fifty yards, she guessed, and they arrived at the shore of a small lake. The shore was fairly rocky where they came out of the wood, but they followed it a short way to a small sandy beach. This stretch of sand could be easily seen from the tracks where they crossed the stream, so Leila again felt exposed. Yet there was a rightness about being naked here in the great outdoors. She still felt the arousal from being nude, but there was a naturalness about it that she had not felt in town or in the car; yes, a return to nature.

While Leila was looking around, David placed the hamper carefully in the shade, opened it, took out a small black item with a short strap attached that he tied to a belt loop, and then he walked up behind Leila and put his arms around her chest, pulling her back tight against his body. His hands caressed her sides, and he said quietly into her ear: "We made it in time. Look over to your left, at the waterfall, where the stream enters the lake. See the rainbow?" Leila looked carefully, and saw that the sun through some very oddly shaped foliage, had created a circular rainbow, like a multi-coloured halo in the spray from the falling water. The only thing she had ever seen that was even remotely like this, was a similar halo around the shadow of the plane she was in on the clouds below. It was a very striking sight, that was almost worth the humiliation of being dragged over 100 miles, totally naked.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 3

As David's hands continued to caress her, she leaned back against him, and revelled in the feeling of arousal that pervaded her. It seemed to match the vision of the halo somehow.

After several moments of bliss, she heard David say, "We must come back here some time with my cameras, so I can get some proper shots of it; but I'll just take some test shots today." He took a tiny notebook out of his shirt pocket and untied the small point-and-shoot camera from the belt loop. He started to take a number of shots from various locations along the beach, climbing onto rocks, walking back almost into the forest, and forward to the very edge of the lake, making quick notes after every shot.

"He'll want to shoot me next," she thought to herself as she watched him work. She shuddered violently from apprehension at the thought of her vulnerability to embarrassing pictures, naked, defenceless, her private parts on total display, her nudity captured forever on film. "He'll shoot me like this then show them to my co-workers." She blushed furiously at the humiliating thought; she saw a small photo -- postcard size -- tacked to the bulletin board at her office; the entire staff stopping by the board, ignoring the management's memos, gazing fixedly at the eight by ten glossy of her standing on this beach, wearing only the sheen of perspiration and suntan lotion; she blushed a deeper red as she heard their personal comments about the poster of her tacked to the bulletin board. She shook her head as she returned to reality, her breasts heaving with the deep breaths she was now taking. She felt her arousal dripping down her legs, and smiled at herself. She had to get that imagination under control; a non-existent photo had grown from small shot to a poster in her fevered mind; besides David would never to that to her. Would he?

She glanced at him again. He wasn't even photographing her. He was shooting a damned rainbow, for pity's sake. Why wasn't he shooting her? He always said she was pretty. She knew he didn't really think she was good looking at all. She was furious with him, yet she was still aroused, her nipples standing out, hard. He should be wanting to film her, she was here, she was totally naked, her private parts on total display. As this thought recurred to her, she felt the humiliation again, and for the next several minutes her emotions swung rapidly from humiliation to arousal to anger and back to humiliation again.

"That'll do for now," David said as he put the camera down by the hamper, his words pulling her out of her emotional storm. "It's getting on towards lunchtime. If only you'd thought to bring your bathing suit, you could have had a swim to sharpen your appetite." She looked at his face, expecting to see the same grin she had seen when he suggested the sunscreen. "Of course, if you were daring enough, you could go skinny-dipping. But then you're far too shy for that." She could not believe it. He was totally deadpan. Not the ghost of a grin.

Leila put her hands on her hips, tossed her hair, then turned around and walked into the lake. A few minutes later, David had joined her. She was surprised to see that he was totally naked. She was still feeling very aroused, and started to fondle him. Then they swam to a shady spot at the end of the beach, where they made passionate love. She could not help moaning and screaming as she was brought to climax. It was the first time she had ever made love, other than in a closed room. There was something so sinful about having sex here, where anyone might see them; yet something so right about it, too; the most primal passion fulfilled in the primal forest, the birds in the trees, the sun shining bright.

After that wild climax, she lay on the sand in his arms, while both their breathing returned to something approaching normal. After a few minutes like this, she felt so warm and loved. Then David kissed her breasts, slowly, gently, and said, "I am really starving. I'm going to take another quick dip, then prepare lunch. It should be ready in about ten minutes. You can just rest until then, or do whatever you want." Once again he kissed each nipple, then kissed her mouth. She lay on her side with her eyes closed for a couple of minutes, then rolled over so she was lying in the sun on her back and spread her arms and legs wide, soaking up the sunlight.

After a few moments like this, she decided to wash the sand off before lunch. She opened her eyes, and realized what the noise that she had been ignoring was. A freight train was just crossing the stream. She wondered if the crew had seen her there, spread-eagled on the beach. She thought of the engineer gazing at her sparsely covered pussy, spread before him, at her firm youthful breasts, at her beautiful nude body. She paused and shook her head. Her beautiful body? She could not believe she was thinking that. Only a few weeks before she had felt she was too short, her breasts were too small, her sparse pussy not womanly enough. Where had this idea that she had a beautiful body come from?

She felt almost dazed as she stood up and walked into the lake for a quick dip. A couple of minutes swimming and she felt clean and refreshed. She swam back to the beach where David, now fully dressed again, was sitting on the sand in the shade of the trees, leaning against a rock with the items from the unpacked hamper on another rock beside him. He had set out a half chicken, a loaf of bread, butter, cheese, raw vegetables and honey. As she walked up the beach to him he quoted a verse.

"Here with a Loaf of Bread beneath the bough,
A Flask of Wine, a Book of Verse -- and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness --
And Wilderness is Paradise enow.

"A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread -- and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness --
Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!"

She laughed at the quotes as she walked over and sat down between his legs, leaning back against him. He had just poured a glass of white wine, and handed it to her. She took a sip, then looked at the food beside them. "Looks very simple, but filling," she said.

"You're right," he replied. "I love fancy gourmet cooking, but I always felt a picnic should be simple food, preferably food that won't spoil easily. Chicken salad goes bad so easily, but cooked chicken alone will last much longer. Besides, a picnic should be eaten with fingers, not cutlery." He tore two pieces off the bun-loaf, and spread some butter on each. Then, he half-sliced, half-tore several strips off the chicken and piled them on the bread. A sprinkle of salt and pepper on each, and he handed one to her, and started to eat the other. "I always think this is as good as any pre-prepared sandwich -- better." He picked up a couple of carrot sticks, and crunched on them, while Leila chose a celery stick.

"You're right, it does taste marvellous. Of course, this bread has meaning for me." David looked at her quizzically. "My mother used to buy this type of loaf occasionally. We would always have several slices each for lunch. My father would be lucky to even get a single slice when he got home for supper." While David laughed at her story, she wondered what her parents would say if they could see her now, sitting, talking naked with a fully clothed older man.

For the next hour, they sat together, eating, drinking, kissing each other; David fondling her naked body, keeping her simmering. When they had both had enough to eat, they stretched out on the sand, in the shade, wrapped in each others arms. Leila felt sexier than ever, lying naked outdoors, next to a fully clothed man. She could not decide whether she felt totally natural, a Sheena of the Jungle, or whether she felt even more turned on at being outdoors, where anyone could see her, miles from her clothes.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 4

They spent a long time on that stretch of beach, talking, touching, revelling in their togetherness. They wandered right up to the waterfall, he walking along the shore, she in the stream itself. She had crouched right in the waterfall, listening to the change in the sound as her naked body blocked the falling water. The rainbow had long since disappeared. She realized that she had not seen it after David had finished taking his test shots; he had actually had a reason for hurrying on the way here; if he had allowed her to dawdle around getting dressed, they would have missed that beautiful sight. She sighed as she realized he had kept his reputation for the truth, she could not claim that he had pulled her from her house naked for no reason.

Eventually, David indicated that it was time to move on. "I know the path out of here is a bit difficult for you. I'll take the hamper back to the tracks by the path, then you can swim across to the stream and climb up to the tracks at the side of the bridge. It's reasonably easy to climb, it's getting from there to here that is the problem if you mind getting wet."

Leila thought this was an excellent idea; she did not want to walk that overgrown path again if she could avoid it. She also agreed that she would wait on the beach until he reached the railway bridge, then swim over. David picked up the hamper and in a moment was hidden from her sight. She could hear him pushing through the undergrowth for a few seconds longer, then nothing but the sound of the falls. She was alone.

Sheena strode along the beach, deep in the wilderness, far from the works of man. Naked in the forest she lived, alone. She was ready to fight wild beasts to protect herself. Sheena listened for the sound of an approaching enemy. An unknown sound in the distance. Sheena existed no longer, only Leila, naked, vulnerable, alone. Had she heard the approach of a wild beast? The most dangerous beast of all, man? Would she have her throat torn out, or would she be raped repeatedly before having her throat cut?

A loud whistle caused her to start violently, before she realized it had come, not from the forest, but from the railway. David had whistled to get her attention, standing at the end of the bridge, and waving her over to him. "I must get this imagination under control," she thought as she slipped into the lake. "I never used to have such strong fantasies. I wonder why they are so rich now?"

She swam across the lake and partway down the stream before it became so shallow that it was easier to walk. David's voice guided her to the best place to climb the steep embankment to the tracks. She climbed quickly, bent over, using both hands and feet to climb the rocky slope. As she neared the top she looked up to see David in the very act of taking a shot of her.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking your picture. What did you think?"

"Why are you taking my picture?"

"I told you when we first met that I like to photograph pretty women, and that I like to photograph naked women; what did you expect me to do when I have a camera with me and a pretty, naked young lady in front of me?"

Leila couldn't reply. The fear and vulnerability had returned, but so had her arousal, enhanced by his calling her "pretty". She climbed the last few feet, stepped onto the tracks, placed her fists on her hips, and pouted at him. He immediately snapped another shot. "God, what an expression!" fell admiringly from his lips, as he fired off yet another shot. Suddenly, the camera started to whir as the film started to rewind.

David opened the hamper and pulled out a film canister. He quickly re-loaded the camera, as Leila wondered just how many shots of her were on the first film. She wasn't sure she wanted to know, so she didn't ask. She knew she would find out only too soon.

As they started back down the railway tracks, David reached over and took Leila's hand. She felt positively elated to be his lover, and strode along oblivious to anything but that and the care needed to step only on the ties so she wouldn't hurt her feet until they turned the bend in track. Suddenly she her the sound of a semi-trailer on the highway ahead, and realized that she must again walk that open half mile of track, only this time motorists glancing down the tracks would not see her naked behind, but would instead be able to see full frontal nudity. Her nipples, already taut from the pleasure of walking with David, became rock hard once again, and she felt the wetness increase in her. She wondered how David could walk beside her, not noticing how aroused she was becoming.

David, however, was glancing as often as he could at her gorgeous body. He hummed an old folk tune to hide his growing emotions. He saw her nipples tauten as the sound of the traffic reached them, and realized once again just how much Leila was turned on by the chance of being seen in this state. He hoped he had timed their walk back to the car correctly.

They were less than one hundred yards from the car when he heard the sound of a train in the distance. Very shortly the sound was loud enough that Leila heard it too. He felt her hand clutched his more tightly as she stiffened in fear.

"I think we'd better get off the track as soon as possible, love," he said to her. Fortunately the tracks were virtually level with the ground at this point, and they stepped off to the side and moved a few yards back from the tracks. Leila thought about trying to hide in the trees, but remembering the difficulty she had had on that overgrown path, decided she would rather wait in the open. Besides, there would only be the engineer and maybe a couple of crew. David slid his arm around her waist, and she put hers behind his back as they stood side by side, facing down the tracks. David's arm squeezed her waist comforting her, and then, as she returned the squeeze with her arm, he took hold of her other hand, making her feel loved and safe.

The gates at the highway had closed, and the signals were flashing as the train thundered around a bend on the far side of the highway, and then across the road, between the waiting cars, and then past them. Leila gasped as she realized that this was not, like the train that had passed as she lay on the beach, a freight; this was the transcontinental express. Hundreds of passengers were sitting in the train with nothing to do but look out the window at her naked form. She started to move her arm in front of her, as she saw the faces gazing out through the glass at her nudity, but David merely tightened his grip on her hand. "The dirty s.o.b!" she thought. "He wasn't just trying to make me feel loved; he knew I would want to cover myself, and he took my hand to prevent it. And probably to make me feel good as well. He is a real sweetheart, the bastard."

The instant the train had passed, David picked up the hamper in one hand, and letting go of her hand with the other, gave her waist another squeeze, then letting the arm slide down slightly, cupped one of her butt cheeks and gently guided her back onto the tracks. They were already walking along the tracks, his hand still caressing her buttocks before the barrier at the highway opened. The first vehicle on the near side of the road was a tanker truck with dual trailers. As it slowly started across the tracks, Leila remembered that it would be climbing a hill almost immediately, and it struck her that any cars following the truck would be positively crawling when they crossed the tracks, and the occupants would not get the split-second vision that they would get at normal highway speed, but would be able to really look at her. She started to blush. As the fifteen cars that were stuck behind the truck -- she counted -- crossed the tracks, she felt herself get redder with each one, imagining the occupants staring at her now public private parts. David's gentle caress of her ass only added to her confusion.

Hours later it seemed, they turned off the tracks and crossed the meadow to his car. David unlocked the doors, and placed the hamper on the back seat. He turned and took Leila in his arms, kissing her passionately. Highly aroused by her exposure to the train passengers and the traffic, Leila returned the kiss with interest. David's hands wandered over her body, caressing her buttocks, her breasts, the small of her back, her thighs, again her buttocks, her vaginal lips, until finally a couple of fingers slid into her. She broke the kiss, and threw back her head, moaning with pleasure as the fingers worked in and out of her cunt. She felt David's mouth on her breasts, sucking the sides of each breast, then sucking on each nipple in turn, teeth very gently pressing at the base of the nipple, tongue flicking the tip of the nipple thus held. She leaned back against the car, half sitting against the side of the trunk, feeling those fingers invade her, then almost leave, drive in again; her nipples harder than hard. His fingers touched her clitoris perfectly and she screamed her pleasure, then fell back, David's arm holding her up. She could not believe that she had had so forceful an orgasm in so public a place. She had seen David raise his fingers to his mouth, and lick her juices off, then he had placed that arm around her, while his head fell down between her breasts and he kissed the still red skin over her breastbone. As she sat there, bathing in the afterglow, he moved one had up behind her neck, and leaned forward to kiss her forehead. This was the same action that her father and mother had taken to let her know she was loved as a child, and, while this kiss had a passion that of course had not existed in theirs, the very similarity of the action made her feel truly loved, and as important at the moment, safe.

After a minute, she was able to sit there by herself, as David reached into the car and pulled out a couple of Kleenex, carefully drying her off a bit. He helped her into the passenger seat, the terrycloth cover soft on her skin. She seemed to feel all sensations more intensely than ever before. Slowly she buckled the seatbelt across her naked body, as David closed the door, then walked around the car and got behind the wheel. A minute later, they were moving back down the track and onto the highway.

Leila had the passenger seat tilted back, so she was not quite so visible to other motorists. She closed her eyes, and wondered when this day would end. She was still naked, still miles from her clothes, and David was not even driving back the same way they had come. While she hadn't really been paying attention during the drive that morning, she was somehow certain that he turned the other way when he exited the gravel road this afternoon.

"David, where are we going?" she asked suddenly, raising the seat back and looking around.

"There is something else we need to do today," he replied. "Don't worry, love." His hand fell onto her leg, touching her gently and sensuously, reminding her yet again of her nakedness.

"O.K. I trust you," she murmured. "I guess I have to. I can't really walk home like this." She saw the smile light up his face as she said this; the gentleness and affection of it warmed her heart, and also turned her on. She wondered what had happened to her to make her feel so randy these days. She knew it couldn't be the constant nudity, she was always so humiliated by that; all those people on the train, in the cars, looking at her. The feeling of humiliation increased again, but so did her sexual drive. David had just frigged her to orgasm, and now she wanted him again. She was shameless.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 5

Leila couldn't believe it. She was working as the receptionist today, sitting in the lobby of the firm's main office, answering questions from the public, signing for packages and taking them through the office to the recipient. It was a very busy morning. This wasn't her regular job, but today there was nobody else available, and she had been rushed off her feet. The office was warmer that usual, so she had removed the long jacket of her light brown suit, and hung it on the back of her chair. At 10:30 she finally had a minute to go back to the employee lunch room to get herself a coffee.

Brad and Phil were standing by the bulletin board with that old battleaxe Mrs Renwicke. She had it in for Leila, and she made no bones about that fact, and the two guys were always making mean comments about her. The three of them were talking quietly and laughing. The person who emptied the coffee pot had not made a new one -- Leila was sure it was Renwicke -- it was just like her -- so she started to make a fresh pot. As she emptied the basket, put in a new filter and opened and dumped in the packet of coffee, about a dozen more people came into the lunch room, both guys and girls. Phil and Brad called them over to the bulletin board, and Leila heard the gasps from the women and the whistles and low laughs from the guys. She pressed the button to start the coffee brewing, and then went over to see what memo was causing all the excitement.

A path opened up for her as she approached, and then the crowd closed in around her. Oh, No! There were three 8 x 10 glossy photographs of her in all her glory. How could David do this to her? She had known he didn't love her; nobody could love her. Then she realized that these shots were not from the lake last weekend. These had been taken earlier, and not by David. The first one was black and white, showing her standing in a store with her hands on her hips, totally naked. An advertisement for Coor's Light behind her. The beer store on the second date with David; it must have had a security camera. But who had seen her there, got the picture and brought it here?

The second picture was in brilliant colour. It showed her from behind, standing at the lights on the street corner, naked, in broad daylight, a couple of teenagers waiting on the other side, pointing and whistling at her nude body. She remembered this incident as she walked back to Dr. Hillock's office the day that Maria got her revenge. Her naked rear was in full view, and as she was turned slightly to look at David, her face was visible from the side. There was no way she could deny that this was her.

The third picture was the worst. It showed her standing on a dais, totally naked, a few scraps of white cloth on the floor behind her, with somebody crouched over them. Even worse, she was not standing straight and tall, she was giving a sort of curtsey, which spread her legs and opened her cunt enough to make her red inner lips very clear in the photograph, and a trail of moisture was visible, running down her thighs.

Leila blushed scarlet, and turned to run. Being seen naked like that by strangers humiliated her beyond belief, but to have her co-workers see it, the people she worked with every day, this was not humiliation; this was so far beyond humiliation that there was no word for it. She wanted to run away, but the group had her totally hemmed in.

"Can you believe she walked around our city totally naked?" asked Brad. "Can you imagine such a slut?"

"And it turns the slut on!" Renwicke's voice filled the lunch room. "When she is naked in a bar, she spreads her legs to give everybody a good show, and is so turned on by it she is actually dripping."

Leila felt like she was burning up; she was blushing so red, she was sure she was casting a red light on the surroundings. "Her breasts are really small." She did not know who said that. "If she likes to show them around, maybe she will show us." Leila went suddenly white, as another anonymous voice made that terrifying suggestion. Leila shook her head violently, No! She was too frightened to speak, her mouth was dry, she was gasping for breath.

"Stuck-up bitch will show to the whole world, but not to her co-workers," snarled Phil. He reached over and undid the top button on her white cotton blouse. She was so surprised by this that he had undone a second button before she reacted. She grabbed the front of the blouse with both hands, exactly as if all the buttons had been removed.

"She wants a little encouragement," came another anonymous voice. Suddenly she felt a tug on her blouse and it was pulled out of the waist of her skirt. She let go of the front of her blouse with one hand, and tried to tuck the hem back in as she held the front together with the other. She was not having any luck at this when somebody grabbed that arm, and she felt something cold against her side. She looked down to see a pair of scissors in Mrs. Renwicke's bitter grip start to cut from the hem up the seam to the armpit, then along the short sleeve. The other side was treated identically. Leila had let go of her blouse buttons to try to stop the old harridan, but somebody had grabbed that arm too, and she was now standing with her arms held out to either side, looking like she was being crucified. Mrs. Renwicke passed the scissors to Phil, who very carefully cut each of the buttons from the front of the blouse, including the two he had already undone. An anonymous hand grabbed the hem at the back and a quick tug pulled the blouse completely off her. Leila's blush spread to her chest. As she stood there in front of the office staff, she saw Brad approach with the scissors Two quick snips and both shoulder straps had been cut.

"Stop! Wait!" cried Leila. Brad paused for a moment with the point of the scissors just below the bra, right between Leila's swelling breasts, then slid the scissors up, one blade sliding under the material between the cups of the bra. A single quick snip, and it was only a strip of white cloth lying on the floor, leaving Leila naked from the waist up. There were gasps and cheers from the audience. Topless in the office, Leila could not believe how humiliated she felt. Even less could she believe that she was getting turned on by this. Her nipples had hardened and stood out from her breasts, pointing accusingly at her tormentors.

"The little bitch is turned on, look at her nipples!"

"My God, you're right! The slut is totally aroused!"

"Where? I can't see!"

These and other comments swirled around the room. Leila was glad now that her arms were being held; if they weren't she would surely have fallen to the floor.

"Let's give everyone a proper view," said Mrs. Renwicke, motioning to the two people holding Leila's arms. They marched her over to the table, and the battle-ax ordered, "Get up on the table." Leila was too shocked to obey, so Brad and Phil each grabbed a nipple and twisted it painfully. "Get up on the table, now!" The boys let go of her breasts, and she stepped onto a chair and then onto the table. "Put your hands behind your head. Very good. Now, turn around slowly." Leila obeyed the commands, frightened, humiliated and so horny.

"You like being in strip clubs, so dance like a stripper," commanded Mrs. Renwicke nastily. Leila tried to obey, twisting and bobbing on the table.

"She can't dance properly in that tight skirt," said Brad to the audience. Then, he turned to her. "Kneel down on the table. Keep your body straight, shoulders back. Clasp your hands behind your neck again." Leila did exactly as she was told, realizing how this emphasised her breasts. She felt something cold against the side of her left thigh, and heard a "snick, snick" sound. Brad was cutting her tight fawn dress from the hem, which had just covered the welt on her white holdup stockings, right up to the waist-band. She half expected him to cut it right off her, but instead, he made a second cut about half an inch from the first. Once that cut had reached the waist-band, he started a third, half an inch further over. "A good stripper often wears a fringe," Brad whispered to her. She blushed as he called her a stripper, but made no other move. She could feel her self starting to drip, no, to positively flow, as she saw all her office buddies staring at her.

Finally Brad had cut the entire skirt into narrow strips. "Now, dance." She stood up, and as someone turned on a radio, she started to move her body to the music. The strips of cloth spun out from her body as she gyrated, totally exposing the white cotton panties she was wearing underneath, as well as the tops of the white stockings. Except for her shoes, watch, and a thin gold necklace, she was otherwise naked.

"Christ, she's pissed her pants."

A couple of loud sniffs. "I don't think so. Smells more like cunt juice. I think the slut is really turned on." Leila knew she could not blush any redder, but she felt her body trying to express the unbelievable humiliation.

Suddenly Phil's voice rang out. "That costume is not quite right. Stop dancing." Leila stood still, her breasts heaving with each deep gasping breath.

"Kneel." She knelt back down on the table.

"Hands!" She clasped her hands behind her head. The crowd gasped as they realized that it needed only that one word to make her pose like a hussy, breasts jutting out, nipples carborundum.

"Knees apart. Wider! Wider! Good." She was know kneeling with her feet together, her knees a foot and a half apart, her body and thighs ramrod straight, the damp crotch of her panties peeking between the fringe. Brad pulled one of the fringes out horizontal, and cut it off at the waistband. Skipping the next one, he pulled out the third, and cut it off. He worked his way around the embarrassed girl, removing every second strip, leaving a very sparse fringe that exposed as much as it covered. "Perfect!" murmured Brad.

"Nearly perfect, but not quite," replied Mrs. Renwicke.

Perversely, Leila found herself hotter than ever. Her panties were as wet as they had ever been. Mrs. Renwicke slipped the scissors under the panties on the right side and a single snip sliced them from leg-hole to waist. Seconds later, the left side was also cut apart. The back of the panties fell away from her buns, leaving her backside almost totally exposed to the entire room. A burst of applause turned her entire body red. Only the wet translucent cotton glued to her vagina by her own wetness shielded that part of her from the audience's eyes. Mrs Renwicke reached between her legs, grabbed the end of the cotton hanging there, and, with a quick jerk pulled the remains of the panties away from Leila's body. She realized that her leaking vagina was visible under what fringe was left, and that her position was causing it to gape wide for the audience.

"Dance, whore!" snarled the old battleaxe. Leila got to her feet on the table and started to gyrate to the music again. The fringe flew up, exposing her cunt and butt completely to the office staff.

A couple of minutes later, she heard old Renwicke say, "Enough. It's time to get back to work now."As Leila climbed down from the table, she saw Josie prepare a coffee for her. Josie handed her mug filled with steaming coffee to her, and smiled shyly. Leila returned the smile as she took the coffee, and started back to her desk.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 6

As she was carrying a very full coffee mug, Leila was too involved in not spilling it to even try to cover up with the other hand. She walked down the hallway, through the open plan office and back to the receptionist's desk in the lobby. Only after she had put the coffee on the desk did she hear a low whistle. She looked up to see a guy in a UPS uniform standing just a couple of feet from her, holding an electronic clipboard so that she could sign for the large envelope he had already placed on the desk.

"That's quite the outfit, darling!" the UPS guy exclaimed as she scribbled her name on the little window.

Leila blushed, but decided to try and brazen it out. "Haven't you ever heard of casual Fridays?"

"Yes, but today's only Wednesday, and that outfit is way beyond casual. If you dress like that normally, I hope I have to make a delivery on Friday." Leila forced a light chuckle and the delivery man walked out the door, glancing back almost every step to get another sight of her gorgeous naked breasts.

Leila quickly grabbed the jacket from the back of her chair, and slipped into it. Since it was designed as a jacket, not a dress, it did not cover her as well as she would have wished, but it did hide all the naughty bits -- barely. "Barely is the perfect word," she thought as she looked down at herself. The jacket had only two buttons, one about half-way between her breasts and her bellybutton, the other midway between her bellybutton and the top of her vaginal slit. This meant that the inner sides of her breasts were fully exposed by the low cleavage, almost to her nipples, her nipples which were poking hard into the jacket, the unlined cloth teasing those most sensitive tips. Also, the jacket barely reached the bottom of her bottom, just touching the very top of the holdup stockings. If she stood still, she would be covered, but if she walked the jacket would pull apart at the front, letting her sparse pussy hair to flash out through the opening. Just as bad, there was a long rear vent, reaching almost to her waist. If she bent over, even a little, not only would she be showing her bare legs above the white stockings, but the jacket could fall open, showing her ass through the crack in the cloth -- showing her crack through the crack; she started to giggle hysterically.

She sat down on the receptionist's chair. The strips of cloth felt strange to her skin as she sat on that rough fringe, so she stood up, pulled the fringe and jacket up and sat back down, her bare bottom on the chair. The rough cloth of the chair teased and tickled her sensitive skin, arousing her yet again. She kept her legs tight together, as the jacket was falling on either side of her legs, her flowing cunt hidden from view only by the shadow between her legs.

She had answered a couple of quick questions for clients who had stepped in and was relaxing for a moment when she saw Josie step out into the lobby. Josie was this year's summer student, and looked like the stereotypical B-movie starlet. She was about five foot seven inches tall, with larger breasts that Leila's, probably a 36D, with very womanly hips as well. She had long, tousled blonde hair, and her sweet starlet's face looked even younger than her nineteen years. When Leila had first met Josie, she had been sure that she would be a bubble-brained floozy who would survive by flirting with the bosses, sleeping her way to the top. Leila blushed at the memory of that very unfair thought. Josie was actually quite as smart as she was, and was a hard worker. They had spent several evenings together, working overtime, and Leila had become very fond of Josie. She was very shy, as shy as Leila ("As I used to be," Leila thought blushing at the memories of her public exhibitions), but had trouble being taken seriously.

"I'm sorry, Leila," she murmured, "I should have stopped them." Tears welled up in her gentle blue eyes.

"Don't be foolish, Josie. What could you have done? It isn't that serious. You mustn't let those lovely eyes get all red. I'll survive. I survived the others."

"That's what I don't understand. How could you get naked in public like that?" Josie's voice trembled with emotion, Leila wasn't sure just which emotion, but definitely a strong one to cause such a quiver.

"I didn't 'get naked'. I was stripped by others, like today. Once that has happened, what can you do? The only thing to do is just make the best of it. I'll tell you the whole story sometime, if you still want to be friends."

"Of course I want to be friends. You are so brave." There was a short pause as the two girls looked at each other, then Josie continued, just as Phil stepped into the lobby. "I have an extra blouse and panties in my locker. I'll give them to you to wear for the rest of the day. I'm sorry that's all I can do."

"You don't want to do that, Josie." Phil's voice caused both girls to jump. "If you give Leila anything to wear, we'll just take it away from her. And to ensure you don't try to give her anything else, we'll take away everything you are wearing as well." Josie clasped her arms across her breasts as though she had already been stripped.

"I promised her..." she began.

"Don't bother, Josie," Leila broke in. "It's not worth hurting yourself, particularly as I'm sure Phil will carry out his threat, and I'll be even worse off than I am now. You'd better get back to work. And don't worry about me, I'll be quite all right." Leila wasn't sure if she really would be all right, but she wanted desperately to reassure Josie, probably the only real friend she had at the office.

The rest of the morning just seemed to crawl by. She spent much of the time with a hand between her thighs, fondling herself. The receptionist's chair was sodden with her juices, and the lobby reeked with the odour of sex.

Shortly after noon, a large group of her co-workers left together for lunch. Almost everyone who had seen her little exhibition in the lunchroom was in the group, except for Josie and the three ringleaders.

About ten minutes later, Josie came into the lobby and asked her if she had brought her lunch. "Not today, love. I was planning to go out for lunch, but I think maybe I will just skip it today."

"I was going to go out too. Look, why don't I slip over to the Food Court, and pick up something for the two of us, maybe soup and sandwiches. We can eat it in the lunch room."

"That is a marvellous idea, Josie. I'd like..."

"I've an even better idea!" Once again Phil's voice caused the two girls to jump, and they saw the three ringleaders standing right beside them. "We're taking you out to lunch with the rest of the staff, Leila. You're invited too, Josie."

"I can't go out like this!" cried Leila.

"Why not? You are fully covered, unlike those other times we've seen the pictures of. Dinner's on us. You'll have to buy your own, Josie."

"I just couldn't!"

"Let me put it this way, your jacket is going to that restaurant with me, but if you aren't there to bring it back, it will stay there!" Leila shuddered at the thought of being left naked again, and then sighed. Phil's eyes were hard, and she knew he would do as he had promised. Mrs. Renwicke face had a hard smile that looked downright evil. Brad's face showed primarily lust. Only Josie showed any signs of compassion, her sweet mouth slightly open, her eyes wide with shock. Knowing she was beaten, Leila stood up slowly. She would be in the noon-hour rush again. Fortunately, this time she would at least not be naked. The micro dress would cover her -- more or less.

"Just one second," said Mrs. Renwicke. "That fringe is looking pretty tatty." Leila glanced down at the remains of her skirt. The 'fringes' had begun to fray, and it did look rather untidy. "We can't have a member of this firm looking like that." She reached down and grabbed a handful of the strips of dress, giving them a hard yank. Since the remains of the skirt had been held on only by a single button, the zipper having been cut away, the button popped right off, and the skirt was hanging from Mrs. Renwicke's hand. "That looks much better."

The three of them hustled her out of the door, to the elevator. Josie followed, determined not to abandon her new friend. As they waited for the elevator, Mrs. Renwicke dropped the fringe into the garbage bag of a janitor's cart that stood nearby.

As they all rode down the elevator, Leila shivered, wondering what the rest of the day had in store for her.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 7

The five co-workers strode out of the building onto the busy sidewalk. Four of them were wearing normal office clothing, but Leila was only wearing a long suit jacket, white holdup stockings and pumps. As Phil and Brad hurried her along the sidewalk, through the mass of pedestrians, her pubic hair was visible when the bottom front of the jacket was forced apart with each long stride. They reached the corner just as a bus pulled up to the stop. The boys hustled her aboard. She knew that they and all the other people behind could see her naked buttocks underneath the short jacket as she climbed the three large steps. Phil paid her fare, and forced her quickly to the back of the bus. Josie held her hand gently, pressing it to give her moral support. As the bus started off, both girls had to throw their free hands up to catch the grab bar above their heads. Of course, standing with her arm stretched up above her head pulled the jacket up exposing her naked cunt to the five strangers sitting on the bench seat in front of her. She was certain that the people sitting on the other bench could see almost her entire round ass, peeking out beneath the micro-dress.

A hand started to caress her left buttock, and a second later another one started to massage her right cheek. She didn't bother to look around, knowing that Brad and Phil were deliberately teasing her, feeling her up and in that very act opening the jacket vent so that there was no question her ass was totally displayed to the strangers behind her. They obviously wanted her to object, to draw even more attention to herself. Well, she would not give them that satisfaction. She ignored the hands moving over her soft globes, the fingers running up and down the crack of her ass, the single finger toying with her tight sphincter, she ignored it all. Or, at least, she tried to ignore it. However, her body would not let her, her vagina, which had dried up from the fear she had felt on the street started to flow again. Her vaginal lips started to twitch from the sensations, her nipples hardened again against the rough cloth of the jacket, the sensation feeding back on itself: the cloth tickling her nipples caused the nipples to harden more, this caused them to rub against the cloth, which again increased the hardness. She was so unbelievably horny. Her vagina was a swamp. She felt a stream of her juices start to run down her thigh, as her cunt lips twitched again and again, causing her cunt to wink at the strangers in front of her. With one hand held by Josie, and the other holding the bar above her head, there was nothing she could do about that drip.

Suddenly she felt a finger touch the inside of her knee and slide up her thigh, wiping up her cunt juice. She glanced down to see the businessman seated directly in front of her, sensuously lick a very wet finger. The humiliation of a stranger tasting her cunt juices, caused a shudder to run through her. But her arousal did not decrease. Unbelievably, it increased yet again. The stranger's hand returned to her body, three fingers sliding up and down her vagina, rubbing along those sensitive lips. Suddenly she felt the middle finger slide into her cunt, then back out as the two other fingers ran back and forth along her lips. The feeling of this item pumping in and out of her brought her over the top. She let her head fall back and moaned as she climaxed, trying unsuccessfully to stifle the sound. As she tried to recover, her breasts rising and falling against the jacket as the men on the bench stared at her, astounded. The hands on her buttocks had stopped for a second, but now the caresses began again. Her businessman was no longer pumping her, but his finger was still totally buried in her cunt. How could she have let herself be frigged, be frigged by a stranger, be frigged by a stranger in public? How could she let two other men fondle her nude bottom in public, showing it off to others? She was acting like a total slut.

"Hey, slut, our stop's next!" Mrs Renwicke's voice cut through her thoughts, and she glanced over at the sound to see her standing at the rear door of the bus, beside Phil and Brad. Beside Phil and Brad? Their hands were still on her bum! How could they be standing over ten feet away? She dropped Josie's hand and spun around, the businessman's finger slipping from her, leaving her cunt feeling empty. Two boys, both wearing the blue blazer of a local private school, were grinning at her. She was horrified. They couldn't be over sixteen, but she could see a lump in the front of each of their slacks.

"You got a lovely arse, lady!" exclaimed the older looking of the two. "Your pussy looks nice, too. Want us to stroke it?" The bus came to a stop at this moment, and Leila turned and fled out the back door, closely followed by the others in her party.

She practically fell down the steps of the bus, stumbling against a passing gentleman as she reached the sidewalk. This gentleman caught her before she fell, but his arm around her waist pulled her jacket up fully exposing her naked buttocks to the crowd on the sidewalk.

"Are you all right, miss?"

"Yes, thanks," she gasped as she slowly recovered herself, still gasping deeply from the combination of the recent orgasm and following humiliation. She noticed his eyes were rivetted on her heaving breasts, and she blushed deeper, then smiled as he pulled his eyes up and, realising she had seen him staring, blushed in his own turn. He quickly moved off, still blushing, and Leila walked to the corner with the others, then turned down the side street, feeling a little better in knowing that somebody else could feel embarrassment.

At least here she felt less on exhibit; there were a number of people approaching them and still others catching up from behind, and passing them, but not the great hordes of people on the main street. Furthermore, the boys were not walking quite as fast as they had been when trying to catch the bus, so her jacket did not open at every step, and when it did flip open occasionally, it was not as wide, and did not give quite such a good view of her pussy. She was beginning to feel almost normal again. Her breathing had returned to normal, her skin was no longer a fire-engine red, and while she was still slightly aroused, her fluids were no longer flowing down her legs. Brad pointed out the restaurant, about a block ahead and on the other side of the street, to Josie. Leila knew she would soon be indoors again. She would be safe, out of the public eye. She sped up slightly, so she could get under cover as soon as possible.

Brad, like a gentleman, held the large wooden door open for the others to pass into the restaurant. Restaurant? It seemed more like a shrine. The walls were carved oak, the lights humongous crystal chandeliers, the decor positively dripping money. Leila could not go into a restaurant like this wearing only a suit jacket. She would have felt terribly embarrassed to enter this posh place if she were still wearing the entire suit, she would have felt terribly underdressed then, but now! This was just too ridiculous!

"I can't go in here wearing this! Not wearing just a jacket!" Leila started to voice her discomfort.

"You are absolutely correct," answered Phil. Surprised at his acquiescence, she turned from inspecting the foyer to look at him. He was pointing to a small sign engraved in an Old English script:

All coats must be checked.
No exceptions.

Her eyes opened wide. No! He couldn't mean what he seemed to be saying. "Bu- bu- but this isn't a c- c- coat. Th- th- this is my dress." The feeling of butterflies in her stomach was so strong she almost collapsed. Those traitor nipples were solid again at the thought of being naked in such a unbelievably high class establishment.

"You left that jacket on the back of your chair when you walked into the lunch room this morning. Do you always walk around without your dress on?" Leila tried to reply to this facetious remark; Phil knew that things had changed since then; but, before she could stammer out a reply, Phil continued. "You know that is exactly why coats must be checked. The management doesn't want them hung on the backs of chairs where people can trip over them, causing accidents and injury." Leila was definitely not going to take her only covering off and hang it on the back of the chair. When she said she couldn't go in, it was because she wasn't covered enough. How could Phil even pretend he didn't know this? The bastard was trying to make her strip herself, trying to prove she was a total slut. All these ideas churning in her head, prevented as single one from getting to her lips before Phil continued. "The management is very strict here. All coats must be checked." He had reached over and undone the bottom button. "No exceptions." He undid the second one. Brad, who was standing behind her reached over her shoulders, took the jacket by the lapels, pulled it open and slid it down her arms and off her body in one smooth motion, acting the part of a gentleman removing a ladies overcoat for her. The movement was so smooth and natural that Leila had been stripped naked before she knew what had happened.

"Bu- Wait. I. Nu-" Leila tried to speak, but she had been so surprised that she could only stammer incoherently. She had heard gasp of horror from Josie as she was exposed, and the coat check girl, who had been looking at her unusual dress with a haughty stare, stood like a statue behind her counter, her eyes wide, her mouth gaping open like a fish in its aquarium.

Brad laid the coat across the counter and dropped a couple of dollars beside it. "Claim check, please," he said at last, after waiting a moment for the girl to recover. She straightened up, closed her mouth, handed Brad a claim ticket, and took the jacket back into the cloak room to hang it up, slowly shaking her head in disbelief.

"You had better take good care of this," Brad said, handing the ticket to Leila. "They won't return items without the claim check, and you wouldn't want to lose such a pretty jacket."

"Wouldn't want to walk back to the office without it is more like it," thought Leila, as she took the ticket. As she had nowhere else to keep it, she slipped it under the welt of her holdup stocking, those stockings and her shoes being the only clothing remaining to her.

Phil and Mrs. Renwicke led the way across the foyer. "Come along," said Brad, and gave Leila two quick pats on her right buttock, just to encourage her. Knowing she had lost, Leila crossed the grand foyer with Brad beside her and Josie bringing up the rear.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 8

Leila had noticed a number of rooms marked with different names, that were obviously for private parties. She wondered which one they would be dining in. Phil was talking quietly with a tall man with an aristocratic air. Dressed in a black tuxedo like suit, his trouser crease razor-sharp, his shoes reflecting the chandeliers in their highly polished surface, his shirt so white it hurt the eyes, a black bow tie perfectly knotted under his chin, grey wavy hair, he looked at Leila with a glance so scornful that she wished the ground would open under her. Finally, Phil shook his hand briefly, and Leila thought she saw some paper in the maitre d's hand when he moved it briefly to his pocket. Then he said the first words she had been able to hear: "As you wish, sir." The voice was clipped. He glanced at her again with a supercilious sneer, then led the five of them through the door marked "Main Hall".

Leila stopped short the moment she stepped through the door. The room was positively huge. It was obviously intended for use as a meeting room, as there were five rows of five round tables, each table capable of seating ten or twelve comfortably. And beyond them, at the far side of the room, just in front of a low stage or dais another larger table capable of seating twice as many. And all twenty-six tables were occupied. Some of them had only eight people, but several had twelve, and most of them had the standard ten. She finally saw where the people from her office were seated, the large table at the far side of the room. Oh God, she would have to walk across the entire room stark naked but for shoes and stockings. She couldn't do it. She blushed at the thought of all those people seeing her like this, her traitor breasts popping the nipples further out. "Come along," said Brad again, placing his hand on her buttock and using that to guide her across the room. His hand gently caressed the naked globe even as it pushed her across the wide, wide room, it felt like a city block wide. As they neared the office's table, Leila realized why the room had been set up with that single table. On one side was a small dance floor, and on the other a band's equipment was set up, although nobody was playing. Leila decided it must be used only in the evenings. However, it was obvious that this arrangement could not allow a full row of five tables, so the management had placed the one large one there.

Mrs Renwicke was seated at one side of the table, facing the dance floor, back half to the band, and Josie was seated next, facing the low stage directly. These were the last two places at that table, and Leila wondered where the three of them were to eat. She almost fainted when the maitre d' led the two boys and her up the three shallow steps to the stage, to a lovely wooden table with three place settings. Brad had not stopped fondling her buns while the two ladies were seated, and as they walked up the steps, he ran a finger lightly down the top half of her crack, almost to the sphincter itself, and Leila, becoming more and more aroused from the attention, was also totally humiliated that over two hundred diners could not only see her nudity but witness the shame of her submission to such intimate caresses. But for some reason she was unable to protest.

The three were all seated behind the table in large carved wooden chairs, facing the rest of the diners. Since, unlike all the tables down on the floor, this beautiful highly polished oak table had no tablecloth, Leila suddenly realized that not only could the entire audience see her bare breasts jutting out proudly above the table, they could see her private parts under it. She brought her knees tightly together. She noticed Josie at the table below pick up and unfold her serviette. It was a heavy linen square about three feet on each side. Leila realized with relief that, even if her breasts had to remain on display, there was a way to hide the rest. She reached for her own serviette. The bastards had foreseen her plan. Where Brad and Phil each had a one of those lovely large lap-covering pieces of linen, she had been allowed only a small piece of very light cloth; less than the size of a regular Kleenex and of a soft and extremely light texture, it was obvious that it would not hide much if placed on her lap, and that it would never stay there for more than a minute; it would blow away or slide off almost at once. She would have to remain totally exposed to the entire room.

She turned down the offer of a cocktail. She did not want to become intoxicated under these conditions; these two guys weren't David and hadn't promised to keep her safe. As Phil and Brad sipped their drinks, she sat between them, feeling herself becoming turned on by the frank stares of the other diners. She jumped as she felt a hand land on her left knee. Then another hand started to caress her right thigh. How could those two feel her up in such a public place? David and Chris had felt her up in the bar that first day, but they had been in a corner and nobody had seen her -- well, only a couple of guys, not over two hundred, not her co-workers. But the idea that she was being so brutally exposed turned her on. Did anything not turn her on? She pulled her hands back from the table so she could grab those invaders, but a sudden squeeze of her left thigh made her turn to Phil. He didn't say a word, just looked at her and shook his head. Leila, beaten again, dropped her hands back on the table.

The two hands crept up her thighs, to the very top of her stockings, just inches from her naked pussy, her legs opening enough to allow both hands to move easily between her thighs, then they moved back down to her knees, the pressure pulling her legs wider still until they were at right angles. Her vagina was pouring moisture; it ran down her crack, and collected on the wooden chair under her buttocks, forming an uncomfortable puddle for her to sit in. Both hands slid back up her thighs, until they slipped past the top of her stockings and caressed the bare skin at the very top of her legs, and finally each rubbed against one of her pussy lips.

She felt pressure against her ankles, and realized that each of the boys had hooked his foot around one of hers and was dragging it out and back. Too aroused to think about what was happening, Leila allowed her feet to be slid back until each one was behind a front leg of her chair. Suddenly understanding what was wanted, she hooked her feet around the chair legs. Since this was not your normal plastic chair, but an old carved oak one, her legs were spread obscenely far apart. Although this was not quite painful, she would become very stiff if she spent long in this position.

Brad's hand left her right lip, sipping back down to her knee, and Phil's shifted over so it could slide straight up and down her slit. Suddenly she felt three fingers invade her cunt and his palm put strong pressure on her pubic area. She could feel her climax approaching, her breath coming in short gasps. She leaned back sliding her hips forward so Phil's fingers would put extra pressure on her clit. Suddenly she threw her head back, and, with a long loud moan, she came.

Unfortunately, at this very instant the waiter was just serving the shrimp cocktail. He was so startled by her violent moan, and by the sight of this naked lady humping the hand of the guy sitting beside her, that he fumbled the dish. He caught it before it fell to the floor, but not before a shrimp fell off the plate right onto Leila, and several dollops of shrimp sauce fell onto her breasts.

Leila opened her eyes, looking straight into the worried face of the young waiter. She breathed slowly, deeply, her breasts rising and falling. She suddenly realized that the entire room must have seen her orgasm, and as they stared at her now they must be seeing the sex flush across her chest and, oh God, with her legs spread wide they must be seeing her cunt, pushed to the front of the chair, wide open and dripping, but still filled with Phil's fingers. Blushing violently, she pulled herself back up in the chair and tried to clap her knees together. However, each of the guys had placed his leg right against her chair, trapping her ankles behind her chair legs, and forcing her legs to remain split wide apart.

Phil had managed to trap the errant shrimp against her pussy, with the palm of his hand. He carefully held it there as he slid his fingers out of her hole, then grabbed it by the tail and slid it up and down her still pulsing lips, collecting a different shrimp sauce, then raised it to his mouth and promptly ate it. Leila could not believe what he had just done. Looking down at her naked open body she noticed the shrimp sauce splattered on her breasts for the first time. There was a large dollop on her left breast, and several smaller splashes on her right one.

"I- I- I am so sorry, m- ma'am", the waiter stuttered. He moved as if to wipe her breasts with the small napkin in his hand, then pulled back, not daring to touch her nakedness.

"Don't worry about it," said Brad. "We can deal with it." He picked up one of his own shrimp, and sucked it clean of sauce, then used it to pick up most of the big splotch on her left breast. As Brad was eating the seasoned shrimp, Phil leaned over and licked the remainder of the sauce off that breast, paying particular attention to the nipple, which was odd, as it had received absolutely no sauce. Brad, having finished the shrimp, cleaned her other breast in the same manner.

She started to eat her shrimp, and listened to the buzz from the main floor. She heard Mrs. Renwicke explaining to the rest of her table just how much of a slut she was. She felt a hand drop to her leg just as the old battleaxe was describing how Leila had allowed two school boys to fondle her exposed buttocks, and how only a slut would do that.

"But I thought it was you," she muttered to the hand caressing her thigh through the stockings.

"Do you mean to say that you think it is perfectly all right to expose your ass being fondled to several strangers in a very public place, as long as whoever is actually doing the caressing is at least an acquaintance?"

"No. But. Uh." Leila couldn't answer Brad's question. She knew it was wrong, but it wouldn't have been quite so bad.

Mrs Renwicke was continuing with her story, telling how Leila had let herself be frigged by a businessman, a total stranger, how she had orgasmed on the bus in front of everyone. "Just like she did with Phil here a minute ago." Leila blushed, remembering the orgasm she had just had in front of, not a few bus passengers, but hundreds of diners. Brad's hand had slid right up her legs and was now fondling her dripping pussy, stroking the twitching lips. Then, the hand slid back almost to her knee. "Who but a slut would sit spread wide like that in front of everyone? She has had her orgasm but is still showing herself off." Leila realized just how true this was, and started once again to close her knees.

"Don't," Brad whispered gently but firmly. "Leave your legs open!"

"Why should I?" replied Leila, although she stopped the motion. Both boys had moved their legs away, but she left her feet curled behind the chair legs. "You must have heard her, only a slut would sit with her legs spread like this."

"Why? Because you want to!"

"I do not!" Leila was quite indignant at Brad's presumption.

"Oh, but you do. If you didn't you would have closed your legs first, then argued about it. Hell, if you didn't you would never have allowed yourself to be displayed like that in the first place. Now, do what you truly want, and keep those knees like that for the rest of the dinner."

Leila wondered why Brad sounded so much like David. Thank God David couldn't see her here like this. He would definitely leave anyone so slutty. But why did she want to exhibit herself like this? Why couldn't she just close her legs? She wanted to do it so badly, but she just couldn't.

As Leila pondered and ate her shrimp, she would feel one hand or another fall onto her legs, caress them through the stockings, or fondle her poor dripping vaginal lips, then leave her again. This kept on over and over, never quite giving her time to recover fully, and each time humiliating her further by reminding her just how brutally her nudity was being displayed.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 9

As she ate her last shrimp, Leila found herself swaying gently to the music. She realized suddenly that the band had returned and that they were playing a waltz. She loved the lilt of the music. As that song ended, Brad too had just finished his appetizer. Since they were not chatting at the head table, they had finished faster than the rest of the diners.

"Let's dance!" said Brad, standing up and reaching for Leila's hand.

"It's got to be better than sitting like this," Leila thought to herself, and unhooking her feet from the legs of her chair, stood up making a very strange sound as her skin pulled away from the soaking wood of the seat. Brad gave her butt a quick brush with his serviette to soak up the worst of the moisture, then led her down the steps to the dance floor. They started the waltz correctly, his left hand holding her right, his right hand on the small of her back, but only a few seconds later, that right hand had fallen to her butt cheek, and was caressing the sweet globe. Leila was too humiliated by now to worry about such a small matter, and continued to dance, not even appearing to notice that she was being groped. They danced a second air, but by the time that was finished, the salad course had been served, so Brad led her back to the head table, holding her chair for her like a gentleman would for a lady.

The waiter had obviously dried the chair for her, and her juices must have some special quality as the seat shone more brilliantly after that quick polish than it had when she first arrived. With Brad acting so gentlemanly, she sat like a lady, her knees together and slightly to one side, her ankles together, and her feet tucked slightly under her chair.

Brad took his own seat, and replaced his serviette on his lap. He saw immediately how Leila was sitting, and whispered quietly, "Legs." Leila turned her head toward him and looked at him, astonished. How could so gentlemanly a person be suggesting that? "Legs," he whispered once again. Leila felt her knees move as if pulled apart by an invisible force. Her legs spread wide and her feet hooked themselves behind the front legs of her chair once again, displaying her vagina to the crowd; her vagina that was beginning to flow once again. How could her body do these things when her mind was so dead set against them?

"You're really enjoying yourself, aren't you?" Brad murmured in her ear. She blushed again, but left her legs splayed wide; she wanted to deny it, but felt the dampness of her pussy, the hardness of her nipples; she was a slut, she was enjoying it.

She sat like that through salad and main course, totally ashamed, totally aroused. She could feel her pussy pumping trying to contract on the empty air, her honey once more puddling underneath her bare buns, soaking into her stockings.

As she sat there, she could not help but hear the murmur of comments from the table below. Tiny breasts, little girl's pussy, so short a girl, the phrases all drifted up to her blushing ears. When she heard the comments that she showed off because that was the only way she could get any man to look at her, and that no man could ever love a slut like her, she felt the tears starting to well up in her eyes. She knew it was true. Didn't David love her? But, then hadn't he seen her naked before he even met her, maybe he just wanted to use her and then throw her away. Just as she was about to burst into tears, she saw Mrs. Renwicke's supercilious sneer. She would not give the old harridan the satisfaction of knowing those comments had hurt her. And Josie, she was leaking a few tears, Leila couldn't let her down. Catching Josie's eye, she managed a weak smile that turned into a happy grin when Josie's tears stopped and she smiled back.

During dessert, her tablemates' hands, which had been fondling her legs every couple of minutes during the entire dinner, started caressing in earnest once again. As only one hand is needed to handle a spoon, the two young men were able to keep up a continual touch while gobbling down the frozen confection. Leila, fearing what was to come, also ate as quickly as possible, so the three of them had finished long before the rest of the diners.

At this point, the two turned their chairs so that they were facing her from each side, and each of them brought both his hands into play. They had her slide forward so that there was room between her body and the back of the chair for their hands to reach in and caress her back, which of course, with her feet still hooked behind the chair's legs, forced her legs even farther apart, opening her pussy lips wider still. Leila felt herself being more and more aroused as the four hands caressed almost every part of her body -- her neck, back, buttocks, earlobes, breasts, legs, stomach, shoulders, navel, breasts again -- her breath was coming in shorter, stronger gasps as her vagina became wetter still, until, while Brad was caressing her buttocks, both massaging and running a finger down her crack with one hand, and massaging one breast, the nipple squeezed between his fingers and Phil was pinching and twisting the other nipple with one hand while the other pressed against her pubic area, while the fingers stroked her lips, Phil slipped a finger into her empty hole, and she climaxed, her head thrown back, her body arching away from the chair, loud screams of pleasure filling the hall.

As her eyes refocused, after this extreme pleasure, she noticed the waiter was now pouring their coffee, looking down at the floor, she saw all the staff who were not actively serving, including the snooty maitre d', standing at the back of the room staring at her. Somehow, the knowledge she had shown her whorishness, not only to the upper class diners and not only to her friends, but also to these working men and women more than doubled her humiliation -- and her arousal. Although they had let go of her breasts, probably the better to show off her orgasm, Brad was still touching her ass crack and Phil's finger was still lodged in her cunt. She was so turned on that the feel of the finger slipping past her clit as Phil drew it out forced her into another orgasm, as strong as the previous one.

Slowly, so slowly, the intense feeling passed, and her breath slowed, although her naked breasts were still heaving with her deep emotional gasps as she picked up the coffee and took a sip. She gazed out at her audience and was amazed to see that only a few of the women (including, of course Mrs. Renwicke) had expressions of disgust. The rest of the women and all of the men were looking at her with what could only be termed awe. This reaction gave her the confidence to review her position as she drank her coffee. She was seated on as stage, in front of some two hundred and thirty strangers and twenty co-workers -- not to mention the staff, on display, naked but for shoes and hose; although the table she was at hid part of her body, the entire audience could see her naked breasts, nipples, dammit, still hard above the polished oak, and since there was no tablecloth and she had no serviette, her privates were visible below. Sitting as she was, her feet still caught behind the legs, spreading her legs wide (why did she not, could she not close them?), her pussy was on total display; both sets of lips, shining with her juices, clearly visible to all. And the rest of her? Not only her lips were wet, her whole body was covered with perspiration from the violent orgasms, her hair was matted with that perspiration, God she must look a sight!

When she finished her coffee, she realized that the coffee had triggered her bladder and she told her two companions that she had to go to the ladies' room. Brad and Phil agreed it was time to start back to the office, and both rose, Brad pulling out Leila's chair for her. As they walked around the table, she placed one hand down to shield her pussy from the gazes of the other diners. Somehow, she felt even more naked as she approached the steps; walking through the tables so close to all those strangers would be terrifying.

"If you don't keep your hands to your sides, I will tie them behind you -- and march you back to the office that way," Phil stated in a tone that left her no doubt that he would do exactly what he threatened. She dropped her hands to her sides and walked down the aisle between two of the rows of tables. Somebody started clapping, and this spread like wildfire, and Leila, once again blushing, made a triumphant exit to a standing ovation.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 10

Leila slipped into the ladies' room closely followed by Josie, who was determined not to abandon her new friend. Leila had dashed right into a stall, as her bladder was not willing to wait, so Josie also had a quick pee. She was just checking her makeup when Leila flushed the toilet and stepped out of the stall.

"Oh my God, Leila, are you ok?" asked Josie, grabbing her hands and squeezing.

"I'm fine, Josie, but I really look a mess." Leila wasn't quite sure if the first statement was quite true, but the note of concern in Josie's voice warmed her so much, she didn't want to hurt her in any way. The little deception would help, and the second part of the statement was definitely only too true. She gently pulled her hands away from Josie, and tried to untangle her matted hair. "I really can't go back to the office looking like this." Then remembering her nudity, she started to giggle at the unintended truth of the statement. Josie started to laugh too. Then, taking some paper towels, Josie dampened them with warm water and quickly sponged off Leila's arms, then her back and buttocks. Leila shivered as she felt the damp paper caressing her sensitive globes. She looked away from the mirrors over the sinks, only to realize that, in this high-class restaurant, the management has realized ladies might need a full-length mirror near the sinks. As they had installed two such mirrors on facing walls, Leila was confronted by a whole series of nude Leilas, each one being fondled by a young blond in a business suit. The sight of this infinite series of nudes was arousing, and immediately became more so as Josie dampened some more paper towels, and started to wipe her front, first her shoulders, then her breasts, heaving with the deep emotional breaths she was taking, around the base of each breast, and then smaller circles, until the nipple was reached and cleansed, then her stomach, and finally a wipe down her sparse pubic hair, and along her lips. She could not help but draw in a gasp of air as Josie sponged that most private area, sliding back and forth along it more than was necessary, certainly more than she had on any other part of Leila's body. Leila spotted a instantaneous look of lust on Josie's face when those pink lips twitched under her ministrations, followed immediately by a look of surprise, then surmise. Leila felt she knew exactly what Josie was feeling -- that first feeling of desire for the nude body in front of her, next, the shock that she had these sexual feelings, after all she was not a lesbian; finally the idea that, while she was definitely attuned to men, maybe an adventure, some loving friendship would be enjoyable -- a side dish to complement, not replace her main desires.

"Those stockings are a total mess, and you'll never get them clean again." Leila was shocked back to reality by the voice, looking at the Josies in the mirror squatting beside the nude ladies. "We'd better take them off and just throw them away. Step out of your shoes." Even though this would leave her even more naked, Leila agreed to the suggestion by raising her feet one at a time so Josie could slip off her pumps. Then, Josie placed her hands at the top of one welt, and slowly, gently slid it down Leila's leg. Leila leaned back, resting against the sink counter, closed her eyes, and gave herself over to the sensuous feeling of those hands caressing her thigh and shins, until they reached her ankle, then raising her leg to the pressure from one hand behind her ankle, as the stocking was pulled off. She sighed as she placed her foot back down, the sensations ended, only to feel them begin again as Josie just as sensuously removed the other stocking.

Once her legs were bare, Josie had her stand up straight, away from the counter, so she could get at all sides easily (she said) and quickly sponged down the legs as well. When the ablutions were complete, including to her not very great surprise, but definite pleasure, another quick wipe of her genital area, Leila stepped back into her shoes, and looked carefully at the naked lady in the large mirror. She was shocked to discover that although more skin was visible, somehow she looked less nude, not more. She realized that the very fact she had stockings on indicated to all who saw her that she should be dressed; and furthermore, the stocking tops broke the line of her body, causing the beholder to focus on the nearest body parts -- her pussy or her buttocks.

Josie, meanwhile, had retrieved a comb and a small brush from her purse, and was making a great improvement in Leila's hair. While far from a perfect coif, it was no longer a tangled, matted mess, but rather a slightly mussed but acceptable hairdo.

At Josie's suggestion, Leila examined the stockings, picking them up from the floor where Josie had dropped them and inspecting them. Her juices had not stained just the tops, but over half way to the knee. Moreover, she could see the start of a run in one of them. She wadded them up and threw them into the waste bin. Then, after thanking Josie with a big hug, relishing the feel of Josie's suit's fabric on her bare skin, particularly her extra-sensitive nipples, she pulled herself erect, threw her shoulders back and walked out to the foyer.

She walked over to the coat check window, in front of the entire office staff, which was still gathered there, obviously loathe to miss the sight of her walking through the streets in just her jacket. She asked the girl for her jacket.

"Your claim check." The girl had recovered her snooty attitude. There was definitely no 'please' in that sentence, and the expression of disdain was unbelievable.

Leila reached down... Her ticket had been in the top of her stocking, but she had removed her stockings. It must have stuck inside... No, She had examined both stockings thoroughly, and it was not on the floor when she picked them up... from the grate of the floor drain. The ticket must have fallen down the drain! "I think it fell down the drain in the ladies room."

"A likely story," sniffed the girl. "I can't give out a coat without a claim check..." Leila stood there, trying to think what to do, She couldn't walk through the streets, naked. After a long pause, the girl continued, "... or some form of proof. Do you have a receipt with you, ma'am?" Leila could not believe the effrontery. Nobody carried the receipts for the clothes they were wearing, and even if she normally did, where would she carry it dressed -- make that undressed -- like this? Why was she so obstinate? Then she remembered. As she had stepped out of the washroom, Phil had been looking straight at her. He had then stepped over to the counter and spoken to the girl very briefly. And Leila thought she might have seen him pass something over. He must seen that she no longer had her stockings and was not holding the ticket, and, realizing what this meant, have bribed the little bitch to be a stickler for the rules.

"Come along, Leila, we'll be late for work. You can collect it another time. It's quite warm out today." Leila blushed again at the thought of doing what Phil was suggesting, but what else could she do? If only David were here, he'd get her some clothing. Or maybe not, but at least she'd feel safe with him. Leila gulped, turned towards the door, and shivered as she took her first step toward it.

"Oh, Leila, were you looking for this?" Leila felt Josie's hand touch hers, and she grabbed the small square of paper from it. "It fell out of your stocking in the ladies' room, and I guess I forgot to give it to you." The smile on Josie's sweet face indicated that she had deliberately forgotten. Leila knew she had been right there and had heard every word of Brad's warning when he had checked the jacket, obviously she wanted to tease her a bit, but would not subject her to the cruelty of such a public exposure.

Leila quickly placed the ticket on the counter, and just glared at the girl. She shrugged, glanced at the stained square, and retrieved the jacket. Leila had never been more grateful for anything. She slipped it on and fastened the two buttons; at last she was clothed again.

The entire group set off together. Phil and Brad kept her moving at a brisk pace, so that her pussy would flash out the front of the jacket, and so that the vent at the back would part displaying her naked buns to the entire staff, and any other nearby pedestrians. As bad as that was, it was worse when they stopped at a light -- and every light seemed to be against them. As soon as she was standing still, her legs, buttocks and pussy would be assaulted by many hands. Not only were the touches humiliating, but the ministrations pulled the jacket up far more than the walking ever did. Many times she would be standing at the curb, a male hand on either thigh, pulling the front of the jacket up and aside, leaving her pussy on full display to the crowd across the street.

It seemed like hours, but eventually they reached the office building, and after a ride in a crowded elevator that was a sheer horror of hands, Leila was finally able to sit down in the receptionist's chair behind the desk and relax. She had survived the office discovery of her escapades. Now she need only sit quietly until she could go home.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 11

About an hour before quitting time, she and the rest of the staff were called to a special meeting in the main boardroom. By the time she arrived, all the chairs, both those at the long table and those around the edge of the room, had been filled. She tried to stand at the back of the group that were too late for seats, but a number of willing hands pushed her to the very front. This was the first time Leila had actually seen her boss. She knew him from pictures both in the Annual Report and of certain company functions, but this was the first time she had actually been in his presence, and during his talk his eyes seemed rivetted to her cleavage and her legs. Why must she meet the boss for the first time dressed like this? She tried to listen to what he was saying, but her churning stomach took far too much of her attention. Fortunately, the details of the message were unimportant, it was basically a thank-you for all the hard work that had been done....

"There is just one final matter. You all know that this office has a very definite dress code. Over the past few months, people have started to dress more and more inappropriately. You have all been warned several times. There will be no further warnings. We simply will not put up with this behaviour. transgressions will be punished immediately and severely. You, there!"

Leila realized he was pointing directly at her. "M- Me, sir?"

"Yes, you! Step forward here." Leila walked up the room until she was standing beside the head of the big table right where he was pointing. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is an example of what I mean by inappropriate attire." He grabbed Leila's shoulder and turned her so that she was facing back down the room. She could see all her co-workers' faces, and they could see her beet red one, not to mention her deep cleavage. "You all realize the micro does not meet our dress code. Young lady, did you really believe that this outfit was appropriate for our office?"

"N- n- no, sir, bu-"

"So you wore it even though you knew it was inappropriate. That makes it even worse." Leila was too upset to even try to reply. The injustice was obvious, but how could she explain it without telling of the pictures? That would be a total catastrophe; better to just be quiet. "So you agree that it is inappropriate?" Leila nodded. "That outfit should not be worn at the office?" Another nod. "So you should take it off." Leila nodded automatically, then stiffened as she realized what her boss had just said.

"Take it off?" Leila could not believe her ears. She just stood there frozen.

"You said it should not be worn in the office. If you shouldn't be wearing it you must take it off." A pause. "Now!"

At that single explosive syllable Leila's hands flew to her waist and she unfastened the two buttons. She glanced at the boss, and saw Mrs Renwicke's grinning face beyond his stern one. She slipped her sole covering off her body and passed it to the boss's outstretched hand.

"As you can see, we will not allow inappropriate clothing in this firm." With that statement, he dropped the jacket into the wastebasket against the rear wall.

"Now for the punishment for your transgression. You need to receive a spanking and you will receive it right now."

"You need... a spanking... right now." The words just rang in her ears. "A spanking." Here in the boardroom. "Right now." In front of all her co-workers. Leila's body froze. She couldn't breathe. Her stomach contracted into a tiny knot of fear. She turned a pasty white as all the blood drained from her face. "A spanking." Her vaginal lips twitched. Her nipples, which had softened, popped back out again. "Right now." The words echoed again. In front of the office, Mrs. Renwicke, Josie. Her breath came in great gasps, her pussy clenched and released. This was too humiliating. She could feel her face turn fire-engine red. Then the fear; she froze again. The humiliation. The conflicting emotions raced alternately through her mind and body.

Mrs. Renwicke pulled a chair between Leila and the wall, facing away from Leila, and told her to bend over it. When Leila didn't move, she took her by the shoulders and turned her around so she was facing the wall, and pushed her feet apart until they were just wider than the chair. She then pushed Leila's shoulders forward. Leila, feeling herself falling, placed her arms down on the seat of the chair and lowered herself until she was bent right over the back of the chair, her head below the level of the seat. With her legs spread like they were, She knew that her privates were once again on display to the entire office. Only this time, the boss could see them as well. She knew she would never survive this humiliation.

Leila felt the boss's hand gently caress her bottom. When it raised off her cheek she braced herself for the coming blow. The first blow fell on her left cheek. It was not a pat but a hard, open-handed slap. Two more blows in quick succession on that cheek, then three slow, but equally hard ones on her right cheek. Then he paused, and his left hand slid down the crack between her cheeks until the tips of his fingers were running along the insides of her lips. She shuddered and widened her legs even further. Then two more blows to her right cheek and two to her left. The pain was mounting and the tears started to flow from her eyes. She felt the warmth in her buttocks and without seeing them knew they were already a bright red. His hand gently swept over the red cheeks, bring a very slight measure of relief. Again his fingers ran along her slit's wet lips, exposing her arousal to the entire office staff. Another ten hard spanks, one final caress on the blazing globes, and the boss told her to stand up. She straightened, the tears running from her eyes, and turned to face the rest of the office, their faces somewhat blurred by her tears.

The boss told everyone to get back to work. Since she was at the head of the board table, Leila was the last one of the staff to leave the room, and she was also walking somewhat more stiffly and slowly than the others. She walked slowly back down the hall, across the main open plan office and into the foyer, seating herself carefully in the receptionist's chair, trying to minimize the pain in her behind. She looked at the clock -- only about fifteen minutes until she could go home.

Just eight minutes before quitting time, she was still shifting uneasily in the chair, trying to find a position in which she would be comfortable despite her burning buttocks and counting the minutes till she could get away, when she glanced up to see a guy in a FedEx uniform holding a large envelope and staring at her. What was he looking at? She glanced down at herself and realized she was totally naked. How could she possibly have not remembered that? She clamped her knees together to hide her pussy as much as possible.

"My friend at UPS told me about you at the lunch counter today, but I really didn't believe him. He said you were almost naked, but mentioned a small skirt. I really gotta apologize to him for thinking he was exaggerating about the naked beauty." Leila blushed, but the phrase "naked beauty" turned her on, again.

"Legs!" Phil's voice sounded quietly from just behind her. Her knees opened automatically until her legs were spread as wide as possible; she could not keep them together. Why had Phil chosen this moment to enter the foyer? Phil's hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her chair back from the desk, turning it sideways so she was fully exposed and directly facing the FedEx messenger, who had already moved to the side of the desk to see her better. Then the hands slid down to her breasts, fondling them and tweaking the nipples, causing them to harden even farther. "She is a little beauty, isn't she? Particularly when she sits like this." Phil removed his hands, leaving her totally exposed. She continued to sit like that, legs fully apart, while she signed the clipboard for the gawking messenger, his mouth fallen open with surprise at her extreme exposure. She almost giggled, he looked just like Don Knotts in The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

"You'd better take that in right away, and hurry back." She jumped up at Phil's command, picked up the package from the desk, and as she started to walk to the door, she heard a low whistle from the FedEx guy. "Yes, that is a pretty pink, isn't it. The boss spanked her for wearing a micro-dress to work."

"If she has a dress, why isn't she wearing it?"

"It was totally wrong for the office. She couldn't be allowed to wear it around here, so the boss confiscated it."

As she passed through the door, she glanced back to see the guy nodding mechanically at this bit of logic. Glancing at the name on the package, she stiffened suddenly. The boss! She had to take this package to the boss. Dressed like this. Naked but for shoes. Of course he had already seen her naked, but to have to flaunt herself to him again. She walked dejectedly across the main office, hearing but not really noticing the comments being made both about her nudity and her red butt. When she reached the boss's office, she stopped, took a deep breath to steady her nerves, and stepped through the open door.

"Ah, good, I've been waiting for that,." he said as he looked up from the papers on his desk. He took the envelope, then looked back at Leila, his eyes sweeping from her head to her feet and back up. He paused a second and then said, "I hope you realize there was nothing personal about the punishment earlier." She nodded, dumbstruck. "It is just that we do have a dress code. We cannot allow employees to wear anything that is not businesslike. You do understand?"

"Uh, yes sir, I didn't... uh..."

"Good. And you won't wear a micro skirt again?"

"Uh, no sir, I won't, I mean, uh, I didn't..."

"Very good! Then we'll say no more about it."

The tone was a definite dismissal, and he picked up the envelope and a letter opener. Leila turned and left the office. Walking back to the foyer, she was very downcast. What a way to meet her new boss. Some first impression she must make prancing round the office naked as a jaybird.

When she got back to the foyer, Phil and the FedEx guy were still talking, and from the leer she got from the messenger, she knew Phil must be describing her escapade during the lunch hour. She reddened at the thought that the story would be all over the FedEx offices by tomorrow -- worse -- with his friend at UPS, all over both offices. She dropped into the chair, clamping her legs together, holding her arms across her chest; she needed to hide herself from the world. God, what she wouldn't give for a dress!

"Leila!" Phil's voice cut through her thoughts. He was glaring at her, at her arms, at her knees; she knew what he wanted. She dropped her arms to her sides and opened her legs about eight inches. Phil stopped glaring, and the messenger smiled at her easy compliance. She was furious with herself for obeying so quickly he didn't even have to speak the command. The messenger would be telling all his friends just how slutty she was. She would not give him the satisfaction. Once again she clamped her knees together and crossed her hands over her breasts.

"You are a recalcitrant little bitch, aren't you?" Phil strode over to her. "You must be punished for that." He took her arm and lightly led her to the end of the desk, then moved the telephone to the far end, by the computer. Leila could not understand why she was obeying without protest. "Lean over the desk." She lay her body along the cold top of the desk, turning her head to one side, stretching her arms out to grab the edges of the top, her breasts squashed against the blotter. "Legs apart. Wide." She spread her legs as wide as she could, knowing how exposed she would be to the messenger, but unable to stop herself. She felt Phil's arm across her back, his other hand caressing her round globes, the still pink skin stretched taut by her position. Then two hard smacks, one on each cheek. She shrieked from surprise and pain. He had put some real English into those slaps. Once again the hand gently caressed her buns, and a finger slid down her crack, causing her lips to tingle and moisten. Why do I have to be such a slut? If David ever found out he would leave me so fast...

"Say, why don't you finish the punishment?" Leila stiffened. Phil couldn't mean what he was saying, allow another man to spank her, a stranger, swat her bare behind! Impossible. Too humiliating. Why, oh why were her nipples so hard? Why was she starting to drip? She couldn't be turned on by such an outrageous suggestion.

She felt a second hand caressing her cheeks, from the other side. "I think ten more should do it." Phil was permitting, no, was causing, a stranger to spank her. Both hands withdrew from her globes, and then the spanking continued. A brief pause halfway, to allow the messenger to caress her buttocks and vaginal lips, and, Oh Lord, to tease and tickle her most private, puckered orifice, and the ten blows, delivered hard, by a strong hand, had returned her backside to its neon red state. She was extemely sore, but she was still juicing wildly. She was so sick, why else would humiliation turn her on so?

Leila returned to the chair and sat down gently. Looking into Phil's eyes, she knew what she had to do. She spread her legs wide. By putting her weight on her thighs where they touched the side of the chair seat, and leaning against the chair back, she could remove the pressure from her burning buttocks, and at the expense of a brutal exposure obtain some relief from the pain.

Phil and the messenger had both left, and she was alone in her exposure for the few minutes left to the end of the day. Just as quitting time arrived, Phil, Brad and Mrs. Renwicke entered the foyer together. They invited her to join them for drinks, but she declined. She did not want to become intoxicated in her nude state. When she realized that they were not going to leave her behind, she just grabbed her clutch purse from the drawer of the desk and walked out the door to the elevator. Her buttocks and pussy had been grabbed a few times, while waiting, and Leila was dreading the ride down, when the boss joined the group. While this humiliated Leila once again, at least the trip down the elevator was quiet. Nobody dared to touch her up in front of the boss.

As she stepped onto the sidewalk, it struck her that she was naked and alone, miles from home, and without enough money for a taxi. She would have to take a bus, and that meant two changes. She shuddered, and started for the bus stop, through the crowd of pedestrians. She felt herself pinched and fondled by the passersby and wondered how she would survive. Just before she reached the stop, she found herself surrounded by a gang of youths. They were looking at her in a way that indicated no good, she knew she was about to be gang raped. Two grabbed her by the arms, while the others started to fondle her exposed private areas. She had opened her mouth to scream, when a policeman drove up, and the gang scattered.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 12

The officer got out of his vehicle, and walked over to Leila.

"What do you think you are doing, Miss. You can't walk around the streets naked like that." Leila found herself aroused one more time. The threat of rape, a horrid gang rape, had turned her right off, but the sight of this big burly man, and his deep, soft voice were turning her on again. She couldn't think of what to say to him, and just stood there, her nipples popping out again, her pussy twitching and moistening. "I can't let you walk around naked, you're breaking the law." Leila's heart jumped at the thought of being arrested, taken to the station, surrounded by all those cops, all those felons, trapped naked behind bars, naked, unable to hide herself, hands cuffed behind her back. The humiliation of it; what if a reporter saw her, photographed her? "Young lady arrested for public nudity, film at eleven." She would never live down the humiliation. Everyone would know about her peculiar desires, her friends, her parents. She was totally aroused at the thought, totally humiliated at the thought. "I really should take you in, but I was working late last night and I don't feel like driving back to the city, so I'm going to get a room for us here."

"Wha..." Leila looked up into David's face. A dream, she was just lying in bed dreaming. No, she was in his car. Well, that was all right then, they had gone out for a drive. That naked embarrassment was all a dream. She glanced at herself, as her thoughts steadied. She was naked, she had been with David all day, naked. That part was not a dream; neither was her arousal, that dream had made her so hot she had to make love, no, she had to have sex -- now.

"I said, I was working late last night and I don't feel like driving back to the city, so I'm going to get a room for us here." Leila nodded in confirmation, and started to fondle herself as David got out of the car and stepped into the motel office. Leila could see that they were in some sort of town, but didn't know what town it was nor how big. And she didn't care. She just wanted David to get that room, so she could make love with him.

He was back in a minute, and pulled the car over to room 42, at the far end of the U shaped building from the street. As soon as he had parked, she hopped from the car, and dashed over to the room door. She pulled open the screen door, but of course the other door was locked. As she looked over her shoulder, she saw David snap another photograph of her as she stood there, naked buttocks directly in front of him. She was anxious to get inside, but for once she was not being driven by the humiliation of being naked but rather by the urgent need to relieve her sexual tension. She turned around, still holding the screen and asked him to please open the door. He took one more photo of her, this time her full frontal nudity, then he picked up the electric cooler from the car and carried it over in one hand, the key in the other.

As soon as the door was unlocked, she burst through, ran to the bed, yanked down the covers, turned, dragged David across the room, undid his belt and trouser button, unzipped the fly, pulled trousers and underpants down to his knees, and pushed him back onto the bed. David had already been somewhat aroused by watching her nudity in the car while she was sleeping, and he started to harden immediately. Leila didn't wait but hopped on the bed with one knee on either side of his hips and quickly impaled herself on him. She started to bounce up and down, greedily, selfishly, one hand pressed to her pussy, putting extra pressure on her clitoris, but she was so aroused when she started that barely a minute had passed before she was throwing back her head in ecstasy, moaning and crying her way over the top, shuddering with passion, her pussy clenching and unclenching against the still hardening organ inside her. Her orgasm passing, she let herself fall forward onto David, and lay there, gasping, her nipples rubbing on the shirt she had not taken the time to open, let alone remove. A small "Aaw" indicated her disappointment as David pulled out of her.

"Leila, I've already told you, you are the exhibitionist, I am only a voyeur. I like to do my lovemaking in private." She realized what he meant when she saw that, although the screen door had closed on its own, the main door was wide open, the way she had left it, and anyone passing could look in, and anyone could hear her passion. She blushed, the sex flush on her chest deepening with embarrassment. David quickly shut the door, and pulled the curtains on the window. He then removed all his clothing and returned to the bed. She quickly pulled him inside her again, but this time she was as attentive to his desires as he was to hers. Very little time had passed before they had arrived at a simultaneous climax -- she was overjoyed at this after the selfish way she had taken him at first -- and they lay in each others arms cuddling and kissing.

After about a half an hour of time, so happily wasted, Leila started to tell David part of the dream she had had, nervous that he would reject her when he found out how depraved she was, but not wanting to hide something she felt sure could be very important to their relationship, but David stopped her, mentioning that he still had some things to do that day, before the stores closed. He slipped into the bathroom, where he took a quick shower. Leila, for her part luxuriated on the top of the bed. She was still naked, but for the first time that day, she was not in public, at least here her nudity was totally private.

She was still drowsing pleasantly when David returned from the bathroom his shoes and trousers back on, still drying his hair with a towel. He suggested that she take a shower, while he finalized a few arrangements. She was only to glad to wash off the sweat from their latest bout, as well as the residue of the sunscreen that had been applied so long ago. However, since she had showered that morning, she was finished in under ten minutes, except for her hair. David was on the phone when she reentered from the bathroom and she heard him say something about before six o'clock, but that was all. He then hung up, and helped her dry her hair, then lent her his comb so she could at least neaten it if not style it.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"We are going to a store to get you fitted for the dress I promised you."

"I can't go into stores like this." Despite her dream, she was still upset at the idea of being seen by others; today had been bad enough with the trains, but those were only glimpses at a distance, she could not bear to be seen by a clerk, up close with no escape. "And I couldn't go out again like this today, I just couldn't."

"Leila, you've travelled over a hundred miles today, why would you baulk at a few blocks? Besides, as you can see on the television, the big game is on, so everyone who doesn't have to be at the stores will be home watching. Who'll see you?"

Leila thought about this. He was right about the game, she knew that very few people would be out this evening. And he was promising her a dress, the dress, something she could wear on the ride home tomorrow. Leila took a deep breath, and, raising her head, strode past him and out the door. She walked straight to the passenger door, even though that side of the car was towards the road, and waited for David to check the door to the room -- why did he bother, it wasn't as though they had left any valuables. She chuckled at the thought, but it stopped suddenly when he turned and started walking toward the street.

"Where are you going?" she cried, unknowingly echoing her earlier words, but this time with a much more plaintive tone.

"Come along, love, we only have a short time before they close." She had her hand on the door handle as he came back. "Oh, no, there's no sense taking the car for such a short drive, we have to conserve energy. Besides, it's too nice an evening to waste it. Come along." His arm gently circled her waist, and she let go the door handle to stand beside him.

"I- I- I-" Leila knew in her heart she was going to walk it, but she was determined not to make it seem too easy; she believed in her heart that he enjoyed "forcing" her, particularly when he was forcing her to do exactly what she wanted, and she wanted to make him happy. "I- I can't walk the streets like this, I wo- wo- won't go. I'll stay here."

"O.K." She could not believe her ears, he couldn't be giving in so easily. "Of course, I'll probably stop for supper on the way back."

"I'm not hungry." Her petulant little girl voice.

"Fine. But just what do you intend to do for the next hour or so? There's not even a bench out here."

Leila realized that David was not going to open the room door for her. "I'll get a key from the clerk." She shivered at the thought of walking into the office naked, but was determined to try something.

"Right. To the office." David started off to the street with these words, and Leila lagged only a second until she realized the office entrance was right on the sidewalk. "Do you really think he will give a naked stranger a key?" Leila looked at his serious face. "A stranger with no identification who doesn't even know for sure how she is entered on the register? I doubt he'll give you a key. Of course, he might be willing to open the room for you, if you persuaded him that you had gotten locked out accidentally." Leila brightened at this statement, exactly what she would do! "Of course," David continued to muse, "he would probably want some evidence you actually belong there, a driver's licence, credit card, even a suitcase, or at least the clothing you had on when you arrived."

Leila gave up, she was beaten again. The little frisson of fear that she felt every time she was about to embark on a new naked adventure, forced to display herself in front of strangers, by a cruel and despicable tyrant, a tyrant who she knew as surely as she had ever known anything would stop this whole affair if she insisted. She knew subconsciously, but she would not admit it even to herself, that David was forcing her to do what she most wanted.

Together they stepped out onto the sidewalk, and turned down the street, now holding hands. Leila could tell that this was not a city, but it was definitely a large town, a town that had a distinct downtown. They were walking down a commercial street, stores on both sides. In the second block she saw a small restaurant on the far side of the street, but she was too busy looking around for voyeurs to notice much else. David had been right, there was almost nobody on the street, although a half a dozen cars passed, three of them honking the pleasure of the drivers. David waved politely at each one that honked, but Leila only shivered and blushed each time, imagining the thoughts and, worse, the remarks of occupants of those vehicles.

Just before they reached the fourth intersection, David guided her across the street to a brightly lit store with a sign in front reading "Les Franck Men's And Ladies' Plain and Fancy Shoes".

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 13

Leila stepped through the door that David was so politely holding open for her. She looked around the large floor area, the centre was wide open, except for a couple of stands containing shoes, with most of the shoes on wall cases and counters along the two sides of the shop, men's to her left and women's to her right.

Towards the back of the room, there was a double row of chairs, cheap metal with dark red vinyl on seat, back and arms. It looked like any other shoe store. As David guided her towards the shoes on the wall back near the chairs, she whispered to him, "I thought you mentioned a dress. I can't see any clothing here."

"Sweetheart, how can you be properly fitted in bare feet? We have to get some dancing shoes first."

She realized how correct that was, then jumped at the sound of loud cheers behind her, louder than the applause in the restaurant in her dream. How could such a crowd fit in this small store? She glanced over her shoulder and realized that she had heard the TV, tuned to the big game; the clerk had his eyes still glued to the set, he had not noticed her nakedness yet.

"Yes, sir, can I help you?" The young man had left the TV -- she could hear a beer commercial playing on the set -- and was walking up behind David. She realized that he was perfectly positioned between the clerk and her, so the young man had probably still not realized how undressed she was.

"The young lady requires a pair of very fancy shoes."

"Certainl..." Leila almost giggled as David turned, exposing her nudity to the clerk, and the clerk's jaw dropped. "Yes.. The young lady... of course... your size, miss?"

Leila was about to tell him when her eye caught David's, and she saw his smile and the gentle shaking of his head. "I'm not sure. It's been so long since I bought any shoes. Perhaps you'd better measure."

"Measu... Uh... Yes.." He was stammering as he looked down at her naked body, but she thought his eyes were focussed just below her stomach, not down on her feet. "Measure.. Yes... If you'll... uh... take a... seat," he finally managed to stammer out.

She turned back to the rows of seats, and then she saw it. For some reason this store had a raised platform against the back wall, and on this dais was a large polished wooden chair. It was probably pine, certainly not oak, and was not ornately carved, but it was almost the same size as the restaurant chair from her dreams. It looked like a chair that might actually be used in a coffee shop that wanted something inexpensive, yet with more character than the standard vinyl monstrosity. What was this echo of her dream doing here? She felt the dampness in her loins, the mystery was turning her on; did anything not turn her on?

"What is that for?" she asked waving toward it.

The clerk pulled his eyes from her nudity, to look where she was pointing. "Oh yes, that. They used to sell women's clothing here, and that dais was used to model dresses. See?" He stepped behind the curtain into the back room, and three floodlights came on, centred right on the chair. "It should be removed, as it's only a nuisance to us, but it was just too expensive to do until they have to make other renovations," he explained as he stepped back out.

"No, I meant the chair..."

"Oh, that." The clerk sounded positively disgusted. "Well, a few of our customers are too damn fa... uh, too large to sit or at least sit comfortably in the regular chairs, so we keep that chair available for them."

"Why don't you use that one, Leila?" David asked, as her gently took her arm and guided her to the polished seat.

Leila sat in it with a shiver, the polished wood on her bare bottom reminding her inevitably of her dream exposure, only here there was only the empty store in front of her. And, oh lord, the window. Seated on the large chair up on that dais, she realized that her entire body would be visible to any passerby who happened to look into the store, and under those lights she might even be visible from across the street. As the clerk, who had finally managed to introduce himself as George, sat in front of her on that odd little stool used in every shoe store, lifting each leg in turn to measure her feet, she could see him glancing frequently between her thighs, and knew he would be able to see her pussy, her wet lips, moistening at this new exhibition of her sluttishness.

Once George had finished measuring, and she could never recall measuring being done with such care, he spoke to David for a minute, then disappeared into the back room.

"What was it about this chair that caught your eye? It was not just that it is unusual for a shoe store."

"Well, you see, in my dream, I was sitting at the table in a large wooden chair, on a dais, almost naked, at the front of a restaurant, and this chair, it was just such a coincidence."

"And you were sitting just like this?"

"N- n- no." How could she describe the brutal exhibition she had allowed? She couldn't look at her love and admit it, so she closed her eyes before continuing. "They had me spread my legs wide, and hold them there."

"Just sit now as you were then." His voice came from just beside her ear, and she felt his hand gently caressing her thigh. Unable to resist, she moved her legs apart, feeling for the chair legs with her naked feet, a very different feeling from the dream, and hooked her feet behind the chair legs; she knew she was exposed totally to anyone who might pass the store, and the same was keeping her aroused. "How did they get you to do that?" The soft voice was behind her, now, his hands caressing her shoulders and arms.

"The first time, the two guys seated on either side of me hooked my feet with theirs, and pulled them to this position."

"The first time?"

"The second time, one of them just said 'legs' and I couldn't help myself. I... I just..." Her voice trailed away in embarrassment.

"I have to hear all the details of this dream." His hands moved as he started to talk, sliding down from her shoulders cupping and caressing her breasts. She looked up and back, gazing into his eyes as he stood behind her, letting her emotions flow with the feelings his hands were generating.

Then he looked from her eyes back down her body, and she dropped her eyes to inspect her nudity, her bare breasts, her wide open pussy, wondering if anyone on the street was looking in at her, unwilling to raise her eyes for fear she would see yet another stranger gazing at her nudity. She heard the rattle of the curtain on the curtain rod and George's steps on the wooden floor, and unhooked her legs from the chair, bringing her knees together. Just as George sat on the little stool in front of her, David pulled a small packet from his shirt pocket, and ripped it open.

"You really should wear socks when you go out to buy shoes," he commented as he handed her the moist towelette he had extracted from the package. "However, maybe it will be OK if you just clean your feet."

Leila could not believe that once again he was making these ridiculous statements about proper dress perfectly deadpan. She bent forward and raised her right leg, pulling it up and in until the ankle was resting on her left knee. She realized as she wiped that foot, paying particular attention to the grimy sole, that she was displaying her naked pussy very clearly to the male clerk sitting on the little stool, his face only a couple feet from her dripping vagina; she had almost hit his face when she brought her leg up. She blushed furiously to think she was flaunting herself like that to him, it was one thing to do it in a dream, but this was real life. She continued to blush as she repeated the entire process with the other leg.

"Will that be all right?" she asked softly, looking directly at George, who was trying not to stare at her exposed pussy, and not succeeding very well.

"Ye-, fi-, fine, ju- just fine," he finally managed to stammer as he finally raised his eyes to look directly at her face.

She allowed him to slip on a pair of pumps. The size was right, but David appeared unhappy with George's selections. He and George stepped away from the chair, and she was unable to here just what David said, only catching the words "Missy Lee", "black", "minimal" and "around four".

While the two of them were talking, an tall, elderly gentleman with thinning grey hair, entered the store. He did a brief double-take as he saw the naked young lady on the wooden throne, but quickly recovered and strode briskly across the shop, sitting down in the vinyl-covered chair that was situated most directly in front of Leila.

George nodded an understanding of David's statements, and the two of them returned to the chair. George picked up the shoes he had brought out, then stepped down to tell the gentleman that he would be with him as soon as possible.

"No hurry," the gentleman replied, and Leila felt that for once this phrase was spoken with a timbre of sincerity that is normally missing.

Once again, David's hands had fallen on her shoulders, and he had begun a gentle massage of her tensed muscles. As she slowly relaxed, he murmured, "That must have been a very sexy dream."

Her eyes had closed as she relaxed under his sensual ministrations, and she drifted back to the restaurant, again sitting naked in front of the entire audience. Her breath came faster as she felt the shame of her exposure. She heard the steps as the waiter approached, and Brad's voice suddenly whispered quietly, "Legs." Leila felt her knees move as if pulled apart by an invisible force. Her legs spread wide and her feet hooked themselves behind the front legs of her chair once again, displaying her vagina to the crowd, her vagina that was beginning to flow once again. How could her body do these things when her mind was so dead set against them?

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 14

"Jesus!" At the sound of the strange voice, her eyes opened. She realized that she was not in the restaurant, but in the shoe store, sitting with her legs spread wide; David, not Brad, had been the one to speak the word that had positioned her like that and the strange voice was that of the distinguished grey-haired gentleman sitting but a few feet away. George was standing there as well; it must have been his steps she mistook for the waiter.

She couldn't believe she was exposing herself this way. Her legs twitched as though to close, but before they actually moved, she realized that David was still caressing her shoulders; he had positioned her this way, she would let him control her display. There was something very freeing about subordinating her will to somebody, somebody she trusted completely.

It seemed as though she sat there for ages, now dripping wet, with the two men in front of her frozen, their eyes boring into her exposed sex. It was probably less than a minute, but not that much less, before George recovered, and walked over to sit on the stool in front of her, unable to prevent himself from staring hard at her pulsing pussy. He opened the box he had carried out of the back room, pulled out a black shoe and held it up for their approval. It consisted of a thin sole with a stiletto heel that must be over four inches high. Leila had never worn any heel much higher than two inches. She had thought that wearing higher heels would only show up her shame at being so short. The uppers consisted of two very thin straps that would form a cross above the ball of her foot, plus three equally thin straps that rose from the sides and back of the heel to a final strap that would surround her ankle, closing with a small gold-coloured buckle. A shoe as near to non-existent as possible, and with that impossible heel! David couldn't want her to wear these. She looked up at him, and he nodded to her.

George held out one hand, and she unhooked her right ankle from the chair, and placed her leg in his palm. He slipped her toes under the straps, and carefully buckled the strap around her ankle. She placed that foot on the floor, and they repeated the actions with the left leg. David had moved around to stand to one side, slightly in front of her. She grasped the hand he held out, using his arm to help her rise, as she tried to stand on those impossible heels. She felt her buttocks clench as her body strained at the unaccustomed posture, her calves and thighs tightening, her shoulders back to help her balance, thrusting her breasts forward, pulling them up so they rode high and round, displayed to their best advantage.

"Perhaps you should help this gentleman now. It may take her a while to decide if they are suitable," David said to George, as she stepped down from the dais and walked along the carpet.

She approached the full-length mirror, noticing that she was walking with a swing to her hips that she did not normally have. She knew that her buns were tauter than usual, as she fought to adjust to the tall heels, and that they were displayed to perfection. She was proud of her toned body; she was ashamed that she was flaunting herself this way. As she stood in front of the mirror, she saw what she had felt before, that the shoes were forcing her to stand with her shoulders well back, and this posture had the side effect of displaying her naked breasts to their best effect.

"They do show off your body well, don't they?" David cupped her buttock, and gently caressed the taut bun, as he stood beside her, gazing at her reflection with her. "Both front and back." She suddenly realized that the other men could see that intimate touch, the first such caress in front of them; glancing in the mirror, she could make them out in the background, pretending to be totally involved in measuring his foot, but, she noted, glancing at her surreptitiously, eyes devouring her pert buns.

Leila turned sideways, looking at her silhouette in the mirror, pleased with the curves of her body, then started to walk back to the chair, meeting George on the way as he headed into the back room to get a pair of shoes for his other customer. She remounted the dais, and took her seat in the large chair once again, shuddering slightly as her buns touched the wetness on the seat, her own wetness. She had placed her legs together this time, thus hiding her sex from the stranger, but realizing her naked breasts were still on display.

"Do they fit all right?" David had taken a seat on the clerk's stool, and as he asked this question he picked up each foot and felt the straps that crossed above the ball of the foot, then placing each one back on the floor, but positioning them over eighteen inches apart as he did so.

"I guess." Leila was unsure about her ability to wear a four inch heel. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to dance in these, though."

"You managed to walk with no trouble immediately. With a little practice, you'll be able to do anything in them." David's hands cupped the backs of her ankles, reaching around her legs, then slid up, gently massaging her calves as they moved. "You'll feel it here the first few times you wear them." The gentle fingers slid up to her knees, then across the kneecaps and up the soft skin until they were half-way up her silky inner thighs. "You'll probably also be a little stiff here as well." She gasped as his fingers caressed her legs, inching toward her hot pulsing pussy. Was he going to feel her up here, in front of these strangers? She blushed at the very thought. She could never allow him to do that. She so wanted him to do that. Again he was rousing feelings in her, contradictory emotions, all the stronger for that very reason. Perhaps, she thought, it was the fact that she didn't know how she felt, didn't know how she should feel, that kept her from becoming used to the constant exposure he put her through; this exposure she so hated; this exposure she so loved.

David stood up, leaving her still waiting for the intimate caress she had been half expecting, as George returned with a pair of men's shoes. George sat down in front of the gentleman, and showed him the shoes. When he nodded, George started to fit it on his foot. Noticing David, who had walked over to the two men, George looked up and asked, "Have you decided?"

"We'll take them, thank you."

"Very good. I will be with you in one minute."

George turned back to the gentleman, who was so engrossed in looking at Leila's nudity that he had not even noticed that George had paused, or at very least, had not been bothered by it one whit.

David, meanwhile, had remounted the dais until he stood beside his lovely girlfriend. "You will probably be standing quite a while during the fitting, so why don't you just sit here until I have finished paying for those shoes?" he suggested, letting his right fingers gently circle her hard right nipple, the light touch on it and her tender areola sending shivers through her body and causing her to become even wetter. Leila saw the gentleman's eyes widen as he noticed the intimate caress she was receiving, and the shame of being handled this way in public, coupled with the physical pleasure from the touch itself, prevented her from making any intelligible reply, other than two quick nods of her head and several deep gasps. Leila could not believe that anybody, not even David, could know her well enough to continually rouse her to such an extent; but he did it too often and too well for it to be mere coincidence. She continued to breathe in deep gasps, each breath forcing her breast against the fingers idly tracing circles on it, each breath and each matching touch arousing her more and more.

George had finished fitting the gentleman's new shoes, and was now standing just below the dais as he cleared his throat. David looked back over his shoulder at him as he said, "If you are ready."

"Of course." David smiled at Leila, then turned and stepped down from the dais, following George to the counter at the front of the store to finish the purchase. Leila, left alone for the moment, again felt the enormity of her position. Still seated on the wooden chair, or throne, as she liked to consider it, the spotlights focussed on her nakedness, visible to anyone who should pass by the store and look in, her legs still spread as David had placed them, with an elderly stranger walking up and down only a few feet from her, she was as exposed a slut as she could be.

Ostensibly checking the fit of the shoes, the elderly man was walking about only in the small area directly in front of Leila; and his eyes were not looking at his potential purchase with an occasional glance at her, rather they were gazing at her nudity, with only a very occasional glance elsewhere, probably so he would not fall over the furniture. When he was standing at the very edge of the dais and directly in front of her, he stopped and placed his right foot up on the dais. Bending forward, he reached down and fiddled with the laces. His eyes, however, were not on what he was doing, but he was staring directly at her dripping pussy only a few feet from his eyes. Leila saw the desire in those eyes devouring her private parts. The gentleman stood up briefly, putting his right foot back down on the floor, and his left on the dais. Leila noticed him squirming slightly as he made the change-over, and also saw his hands pause to adjust the crotch of his trousers on their way to fiddle with this shoe.

Leila was enchanted that she could inspire such a response from someone as old as him. She decided she would try to give him a bit of a treat. But before she could do anything, other than become wetter still, David and George returned from the front of the store. She was so involved in looking at the man, who had stood back up, that she did not notice David stop partway back, unhook the small camera from his belt, and take a couple of pictures of her, poised on her throne. The spotlights were so bright that no flash was needed, so she didn't realize that there was now a permanent record of her visit here. George stopped beside the gentleman, and only David stepped up onto the dais. Leila used his outstretched hand to help her rise to her feet.

Looking down at the chair, David smiled, "Lord, you made a mess of that chair. You really should clean up after yourself, luv."

Leila turned around and saw the pool of juices she had left on the seat. She blushed as she realized how turned on she had been, and how the gazes of the other men were still affecting her.

"Here." David passed her a soft rag. "George was kind enough to loan us a cleaning rag. Don't leave his workplace like this."

"Well, here's a treat for both the guys," thought Leila, "though not the treat I had planned." She took the cloth and standing with her feet still about eighteen inches apart, she bent forward at the waist, keeping her legs as straight as possible in her new high heels, and polished the wooden seat. She knew she was giving the two men down on the main floor a perfect view of her buns, anus, and vagina, and the thought only turned her on more. She knew David wanted her to show off, so she was happy to do it.

When she had finished drying the wood but before she had time to straighten up, David said, "Stay like that a minute. Pass me the cloth." She handed the rag, which was now soaked in places, to him. "You need to be cleaned up, too." David refolded the cloth, and wiped off both buns. Then, with her private parts still pointed directly at the others, he ran the rag down the crack of her ass and between her legs, wiping her thighs and her pulsing lips. She could not believe he had done that; it was one thing to be seen, but quite another to be touched in such private places, and it only emphasised how slutty she was; once again she was feeling the deep humiliation; once again she felt naked.

"There, that's better. We'd better hurry if we are going to make the next store on time."

She pushed herself upright, and turned towards the room. She stepped down from the dais, and as she reached the floor, she tripped and stumbled forward, falling against the elderly gentleman. He had raised his arms to catch her, and his right hand grabbed her left side, sliding along her left breast as it did, while his left hand clasped her right buttock, and with these holds, he steadied her.

"I... uh... I'm... ah... sorry," he muttered as he realized just how intimately he had touched her as he tried to prevent her falling. Strangely enough, his hands were slower to react, he continued to hold her until she had fully recovered her balance.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you so much!" Leila breathed. "Thanks for saving me." She slid her arms over his shoulders, pressed her body right up against him, and gave him a long kiss on his cheek. When she stepped back, he was blushing as deeply as she had been earlier, but did not seem displeased by her very personal thank you.

Leila then stepped over to David and took his hand. David looked around; then, holding up the rag asked, "Have you a waste basket around here?"

"Oh, I'll take care of that!"

"Thank you, George." David handed the damp rag to George, and together he and Leila walked across the room. As David opened the door for her, Leila glanced back at the two men. The gentleman was still standing exactly as he had been when she kissed him, and George was standing there, still staring at her backside but holding that damp rag just a couple of inches below his nose. She smiled, gave them a quick but friendly wave and then stepped back out onto the sidewalk. Once again she was outdoors, totally naked and exposed.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 15

She looked up and down the street, wondering where they were headed next, then David gestured gently, indicating they should continue away from the motel, away from safety. With a little sigh, she started down the sidewalk. David paused for a moment, and when she glanced back over her shoulder, she could see that he was just gazing at her firm buns, made very taut by the high heels. She continued on, but gave a real sway to her hips, knowing that this would add a teasing movement to her naked backside.

David gave a low whistle of admiration as she stepped down onto the cross street, and caught up to her with a couple of quick strides. She was taking shorter steps, and walking more slowly than when she had been barefoot, but she did not try to reduce the sway in her hips.

"Those shoes really do something for your walk." His arm fell across her back, his hand lying on her shoulder, with the fingers on her chest, just above her breasts. "By the way, darling, just exactly what did you trip on back there? I didn't see any big holes in the floor." She gasped with surprise, as his hand had slipped forward during the question, sliding down her breast until he was pinching her nipple between his fingers, arousing her again with this very public sexual caress. Since she had been walking near the edge of the sidewalk, he had come up on the inside, thus leaving her as exposed as possible. Well, she couldn't complain about that, she had chosen to walk out there; she had chosen the extra exposure.

"I- I- I- Well, the old man was staring at me so... He was so turned on." His fingers pulled her nipple out, twisting it back and forth, sending signals of painful pleasure through her body. "I liked how he wanted me.. He deserved... I wanted to thank him, tease him. I didn't really trip. That is, I did, but on purpose, when I knew... when he would catch me." David's caresses, not to mention the humiliation at the public nature of those touches, were making it hard for her to breathe other than by gasps, not to mention the difficulty of trying to put together coherent sentences.

They soon arrived at the next intersection, obviously one of the main cross streets as it was the only one to have a traffic light, all the others had been stop streets. Naturally the light had just turned against them. David's fingers let go of her nipple, his hand slipped back over her shoulder and down her back until he was cupping her butt cheek, gently squeezing and releasing the large muscles. His hand on her cheek reminded her of the spanking she had received in the bar, and she felt a slight foreboding. She shivered at the thought, and then again as she noticed that a green car, a convertible but with it's top up, had stopped at the light, facing them, and three -- no, four -- teenage boys were gawking at her. "At least they can't see where he is caressing me," she thought, bringing her arms in front of her, holding her hands over each other in front of the pussy, but out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of a car pulling up to the intersection on their side. Without question, this car could not have missed seeing that caress. Humiliation, juice flowing; again she wondered why she still felt humiliation after all this time, and why it turned her on so.

"I wonder," came a gentle murmur in her ear as the hand switched from the grasping motion to a gentler circular rubbing, "I wonder if it is right for you to be teasing old men like that." The shame at her current exposure, shame at how she had flaunted herself in the shoe store, and the feeling of foreboding all increased; her breath started to come in deeper gasps, which caused her firm breasts, pushed forward by the posture enforced by the new shoes, nipples already hardened from her arousal, to rise and fall as if presenting themselves to the lads in the car. She thought about bringing one arm up, across her breasts, but decided that that would only draw more attention to her nudity, so her tits continued to flaunt themselves as David continued. "Such teasing could be dangerous to them, perhaps even fatal, and I'm sure you wouldn't want that. Don't you think that," and here the rubbing was replaced by a gentle pat at each word, "you deserve to be punished?"

Leila thought of the spanking she had received in the bar, at being watched by several men as her bum turned red under his hand, at her orgasm there, at the shame of playing pool naked, with her buttocks shining like Rudolph's nose. She felt the heat rising in her body, the passion in her loins. She remembered her dream of, was it really that very afternoon? She remembered her boss spanking her in front of all her co-workers; her pussy positively flowed. Then she remembered the final spanking by Phil and the FedEx messenger, the blows and caresses of a stranger. She wondered if the boys in the car could see how aroused she was, could see the trail of fluid starting down her thighs; she could just imagine herself bent across the hood of that convertible, her arms pulled out, held by one of the lads, her legs apart, two more boys standing, one on each side of her alternately spanking her bare ass, till it glowed red, she felt the pain, then the two hands teasing her, one touching her puckered rear orifice, the other caressing her lips, as the four lad stood directly behind her with David, watching her punishment, her ravishment. She felt two fingers enter her, one in each hole; the thought was too much, with a moan, she climaxed, and slumped, held up only by David quickly moving his hand from her bum so he could encircle her waist and prevent her falling.

The orgasm was not too severe, and after a few seconds she was able to stand upright again, but her chest was pink with sex flush, her nipples ramrod hard, and she was a positive river below, her juice flowing down her thighs, her breasts jutting forward hard, rising and falling with the huge gasps that were the only way she could breathe.

"Now that you've come, you can go. The light's green." At David's teasing murmur, a blush of shame reinforced the sex blush, as she realized that the light had changed with her climax. She shuddered as he gave her two quick pats on the rear, but stepped off the curb and walked across the street. After such a blatant display of total abandon, such public sex, she decided that to try to cover herself would be ridiculous, so she let her arms swing gently at her side as she walked, and she swivelled her hips as she walked in a gesture of bravado; if they were going to stare at her, and they were, give them something worth staring at.

As she stepped up on the curb and sashayed past the car she realized that neither of the cars had started, but were sitting stopped at a green light. She saw the looks on the faces of the teenagers in the car; the laughter was gone, they were regarding her with a look of almost religious awe. The shame of her actions, and the pleasure of this homage to her beauty combined to keep her simmering with passion.

"Well, if I'm ever tired of waiting for a light again, I now know what to do." She realized David was talking to her, and looked at him quizzically. "It is obvious your orgasms trigger the light to change. Just imagine, every time I approach a red light I finger you to a climax, the light turns green, and we continue through. Again at the next red light and again at the one following that. Orgasm after orgasm, turning every red light green, and I can drive across the city without having to stop." Leila chuckled at the thought, and blushed as she realized he was teasing her about coming in public. She had never before felt this emotion, laughter, arousal and shame, all combined. If she had been asked, she would have said they could not exist together. Actually feeling them now, she still wasn't sure it was possible. David was always doing such weird things to her mind.

"By the way, Leila," his hand again started to pat her rump on each word, "just what was it that brought you to climax? I wasn't doing anything to you."

The pats brought back the memories with a rush, along with the arousal. She was so turned on she was panting, short quick gasps. She tried to explain. "You... spank... bar... My Dream... boss spanked... delivery Oh God! man too... boys in... car over... hood... many... long... story... fantasy..."

She was still trying to make a coherent sentence, breasts tingling, chest heaving, pussy lips pumping, when David stepped ahead, stopped and opened a door for her. As she stepped in she could make out the sign, Missee Lee Couture on the window.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 16

Missee Lee Couture was smaller than the shoe store, and brightly lit. As Leila stopped and tried to catch her breath, to let her emotions subside, an extremely short Oriental lady slipped over to them, so short in fact, that in her high heels Leila positively towered over her, a new experience for Leila. Leila realized that this pretty young lady could see all the signs of her arousal, the hard nipples on her breasts, moved by the deep breaths, the wetness of her pussy, the juice flowing down her thighs; what a first impression to make! Worse still, this was not, like the occupants of the car, some stranger but someone who would get to know her, someone she would have to talk to. How would she be able to do any such thing after the shame of this first impression? She continued to blush as David introduced the two of them to this oriental doll, who was the owner, Missee Lee.

As soon as David had given his name and mentioned some earlier telephone conversations, Miss Lee gave a quick double clap. This signal brought a tall good-looking blonde from the back. The assistant gave a slight double-take at the sight of a blushing, totally naked customer, but recovered quickly and walked swiftly over to the other three.

"Sue, please prepare Miss Leila for measurement and fitting." The blond extended a hand which Leila took automatically. As Susan led her to a raised circular modelling platform, about six feet across which stood in the middle of the floor, David and Missee Lee walked over to a large desk at the side of the store, which was piled high with papers, cloth, buttons and fasteners, still discussing the earlier phone calls. "Did you find the right fabric?" was the only phrase that Leila could make out, although she did see the nodded reply.

Susan told her to wait there on the platform, and disappeared into a back room. Leila looked around the store. There were a large number of dresses, very expensive looking dresses they were too, but not the crowded shelves and racks she was used to in the stores she knew. Obviously, this store was dedicated to fashion, and not mass merchandising. She was delighted at the thought of having a one-of-a-kind designer dress, but wondered how revealing it would be. She had seen a number of fashion shows on TV recently, and designers seemed to be covering less and less, and to be using see-through cloth more and more on those areas they did cover. "Speaking of covering," she thought, and looked to her right at the window. Once again she was on a raised dais, under a spotlight, visible from outside; but at least this time she was standing with her side to any potential viewer, not exposing her private parts directly.

At this point in her reverie, she realized that Susan was returning from the back room carrying several white cloths, and that a second assistant, younger and shorter, was following her, carrying a tray with two small bowls and some other items that she could not quite make out. This girl placed the tray on a small table next to the platform, and Susan soaked two rags, one in each bowl, then partially wrung them out. She began to wipe Leila's back down with first one, then the other, while the other girl knelt down and gently removed Leila's shoes, setting them aside on the table and placing a terrycloth rag under the naked girl's feet. Leila realized that one of the bowls contained soapy water, and the other plain rinse water. Susan was giving her a sponge bath! Leila blushed at the concept; she was standing in a fairly public area, visible from the street, being bathed by a stranger. Even though Susan had only touched her back above the waist, and was now working on her arms, because it was a bath, the touch seemed extremely intimate, more personal than an actual caress would be.

The other assistant, and she did not even know her name, had picked up another thick, absorbent, terrycloth rag, and was carefully, lightly, sensuously drying her back. Susan had finished her arms and sides, and was now beginning on her upper chest, while the other girl was starting to dry the damp arms. She was so aroused by these intimate touches; her nipples were pointing and hard and her pussy was becoming damper and damper again. Susan was using a wetter cloth to wash her front, tiny drops of water running down her hot skin. Susan washed her chest and belly, paying unnecessary attention to her sensitive breasts, particularly the now solid nipples.

Trying to minimize her arousal, Leila looked over at the two standing at the desk. David and Missee Lee were studying drawings, David pointing out things, Missee Lee either nodding and making changes on the papers, or shaking her head, sometimes violently, and pointing at the drawings herself. Leila realized these must be drawings of the dress David had promised to buy her, a special dress to go out for a night on the town, dancing. She had never thought, when he had promised, "I will buy you a new dancing outfit, including new shoes, and take you out for a whole evenings dancing -- at a good night club, too!" that she would be receiving a one-of-a-kind designer gown, and certainly not that she would be totally naked for the purchases. Of course, she had been dressed like this when the promise was made!

Every thought returned to her nudity, her arousal, her present condition. Susan was now kneeling behind her, washing her buns and legs. Using a separate cloth, Susan washed the crack of her backside very carefully, but she also washed and rinsed those special globes with far greater care than the legs. Since the assistant had dried her upper chest and belly and was now massaging her breasts with the terrycloth towelling, breasts that were definitely already dry, while Susan was caressing her buttocks, Leila was not becoming any less aroused. Her breath was coming in short gasps again, and the drying of her breasts was causing a significant dampness elsewhere.

Before she climaxed, but barely, Susan finished with her buttocks, and began to carefully wash her feet. By the time her legs and buttocks were dry, again the buttocks being most carefully towelled, Susan had finished her feet. While the assistant quickly dried her feet, Susan was carefully soaking and gently wringing out the cloths. Leila could not recover from the feeling of amazement and shame; being bathed in public, being given a sponge bath like a child unable to clean herself, being so intimately handled by two strangers, two people to whom she had not yet been introduced; visible to passersby on the street.

Suddenly she felt a damp cloth rubbing her most private area. Susan had returned with the soaked cloths and was now swabbing her pussy, running the cloth between her legs and again rubbing the lower portions of her buttocks. The assistant immediately busied herself drying those globes, so that Leila felt caresses on both her privates and her buns.

"If they keep this up, the washing and drying will backfire, leaving me wetter than ever, legs covered with my own juices," thought Leila, consciously trying to think of anything that would reduce her arousal.

"All done," the assistant murmured as she finished drying between Leila's legs. She then knelt again and powdered Leila's feet, then slipped on the high heeled shoes which Susan passed to her, removing the cloth from under Leila's feet at the same time.

Leila relaxed, now that the bath was complete, but was suddenly shocked as the two girls started to powder her from head to toe, patting the powder on with large puffs, then gently wiping her entire body removing any excess powder. Although the caresses were gentle and quick, they did keep her aroused, and when they ended so did the smell of the baby powder they had used. The innocence of that particular scent so contrasted with her nudity, with the sexuality that was emphasised by her current horniness, that it made her humiliation deeper, and therefore increased her arousal. She stood proudly, waiting for what would come next, as Susan slipped over to notify Missee Lee that her customer was ready for a fitting and the assistant took the tray away into the back room, and then returned, ostensibly adjusting the clothes on some of the mannequins, but actually gazing surreptitiously at the naked beauty standing there.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 17

Missee Lee, the young oriental designer, approached Leila's nude form, carrying a measuring tape; Susan followed with a clipboard. Leila was asked a series of personal questions: name, home address, date of birth and so on; then Missee Lee started to measure her, as David took a seat in the only chair nearby. She could not help but wonder at the extent of the measurements. Of course her height was measured and hips, waist and bust; but so was her neck, wrist and ankle, the length of her arm, her upper arm, her lower arm, back of hand, fingers. As Missee Lee started on her legs, Leila tried to distract herself by asking a question of the designer.

"I hope you won't feel this is too personal, but your name, Missee Lee, how did you get it? Surely it isn't your real name."

"Well, it is and it isn't. My name was Lee, but not Missee Lee. When I was just a child, I was fascinated by two cultures, my own heritage, and, for some reason, British culture." She paused to give a couple more numbers to Susan. "When I played with my dolls and held pretend tea parties, I would always have scones and biscuits with the tea. One day, my best friend at that time came over and said she had just read a story in the Swallows and Amazons series about a young oriental girl who loved Britain, but stayed in the East because her culture required her to follow her father's wishes. Since the girl and book were both called Missee Lee, she started to call me that, and the nickname caught on. Later on I read the story, along with the rest of the series, and decided I quite liked being named after her. When years later I started my designing career, a few of my friends still called me that from time to time, and I felt it offered a little something that a simple Miss Lee did not; yet it was still definitively me." A long pause occurred, as she gave the various leg measurements to Susan. Leila was surprised that she took every length imaginable, as well as measuring around the leg at every major point. The touches, particularly on her upper thigh were keeping her simmering, and she concentrated on the story to reduce her damnable arousal.

"The funniest thing, though." Missee Lee paused in her measuring, having finished all limbs, and stood up, musing. "Just the other week, I read Swallows and Amazons to my young niece and nephew, and was amazed at a coincidence in names. You've met Susan here; well I have two more assistants, who are not working today, one of whom is named Margaret."

"Peggy." Leila was startled to hear David murmur this name.

"And the other assistant, who joined at the same time is named..." She paused for effect.

"Nancy!" David said laughingly.

"Actually, it's Ruth." As David started to laugh, she continued to talk, half to herself. "I had forgotten the stories, and never noticed the coincidence in names until I reread the book. The only assistant who doesn't fit into this strangeness, is this young lady here." She motioned the other girl over. "I never introduced you to Mavis."

"Mavis!" David positively whooped with laughter. Leila, who had never read the series mentioned, had been smiling politely as the humour of the names was lost on her; but he was laughing so hard at this name that she started to worry that something was wrong. Mavis, on the other hand, was looking quite upset. She had often been teased about her name, but she liked it and saw no reason for him to laugh so hard at it.

When he recovered some composure, there were actually tears of laughter in his eyes. "I, I'm sorry," he gulped, as he gasped for air. "There is truly a fatality in names. Unless you are a real fan of Arthur Ransome's stories, you won't know their history. The Swallows were based on a real family, and Titty, the one you are thinking of..." He paused to get his breathing under control. "The real girl... her nickname was Titty... her real name was..." He started to laugh again, but quickly got it back under control. "Titty's real name was Mavis."

As Missee Lee started to chuckle along with David, the three girls looked at each other and shrugged. They couldn't see the joke. The sense of missing out on something made Leila feel closer to the two assistants, made her feel a little less vulnerable.

"Truly there is a fatality about names. We now have Missee Lee teaching Susan, Titty, Peggy and Nancy."

The two assistants looked puzzled. "Who's Nancy?" questioned Mavis.

"In the Swallows and Amazons series," David explained, "the Amazons are two sisters, Peggy and Ruth. Ruth, however did not like her name, and called herself Nancy, particularly after her uncle said that a Ruth could not be a pirate, because pirates are ruthless." All three girls looked a bit disgusted at this pun. Leila's expression changed quickly to a look of wry amusement at her situation. She just could not believe that people were calmly discussing children's books in front of her while she was standing totally naked in a public store. Children's books of all things.

Missee Lee quickly recovered, and returned to her measurements. Leila had never felt so closely examined in her life, a doctor's visit wasn't even close. Base of neck to top of breast, distance between nipples, distance between breasts at narrowest point, back of waist to top of thigh, crack of buttocks to side of body -- top, centre and bottom, neck to belly button, belly button to top of pubic hair, belly button to vaginal lips. The touches were becoming more and more intimate, but just when she thought she would be unable to hold herself back any longer the measurements ended.

Missee Lee then hung a small chain around her waist adjusting it so it was just the right size to lie around the top of her hips. Next she brought over a top. Leila was surprised at this item, because the cloth, although quite light, did not seem to be of a fine enough quality for a high fashion dress. This top tied around her waist a little more than an inch above the chain, and except for the string tying it on was backless. It rose a couple of inches then separated into two pieces that rose to points, covering her breasts. From each point a narrow lace rose to attach to a third one that was pinned around her neck. This reminded her somewhat of the ankle straps on her shoes. Leila was somewhat bewildered at this, but then Miss Lee started adjusting the straps, measuring the gap to the waist chain, taking in bits here and there, cutting the cloth, basting changes right on Leila's body, marking the cloth with tailor's chalk. Leila winced from time to time as scissors or needle appeared ready to puncture her delicate skin, but the seamstress was extremely skilled, and never quite cut her.

Then this top was removed, still covered with pins and chalk marks, and Mavis brought over an unusual dress of the same odd material. This dress could almost as properly be called a poncho. It fell to the floor both front and back, with a neck hole that was cut to the belly button in front and the small of the back behind; but it had no sides. Leila asked if this was to be her dress, and Miss Lee replied that it was only being used to make a pattern. Still, Leila thought, it covered her completely front and back. From the side, one could see she had nothing on underneath, but that was all. It was comforting to be dressed again.

Once Miss Lee had the dress hanging properly, she sewed it to the waist chain with little loops of thread. Then carefully pulling the front and back tight, she cut away the edges until the front and back parts could just barely meet at the waist. She continued to cut, mark and pin the skirt, totally ignoring the portion of the dress above the waist. These adjustments went even more quickly than those she had made to the previous item, because with the separate front and back, she was able to mark or pin an adjustment and leave it to her assistants to baste the changes. Shortly the skirt flaps had been narrowed to her satisfaction, and adjusted so that the front brushed the tops of Leila's feet, while the back actually fell below her heel. Leila realized that she would have to wear heels with whatever the final dress was, or it would be dragging on the floor, and she would be stepping on it. She would have to spend the entire evening in these high heels, so she had better get used to them.

Finally, the assistants removed the dress, and Leila once again found herself totally naked. She was amazed at how much more naked she felt after even those few minutes wearing the pattern dress. She blushed at her nudity, and her nipples hardened once again.

"I think stockings are out of the question," David said to Miss Lee. "Too tarty with that design."

"She really doesn't need them with that skin," replied the designer. "However, I have a pair of socks that would be acceptable if she insists on something, and would be absolutely perfect with a short skirt." She walked over to the side of the shop, and returned with a small pair of thin lacy ankle socks with a fringe around the top. She handed them to Mavis, who knelt at Leila's feet, undid each shoe, slipped a sock on the foot, and re-fastened the shoe.

"They remind me of the socks in ZZ Top's 'Legs' video, only black instead of white."

Leila did not remember the video, but David's voice certainly sounded pleased. She looked down, and thought that the socks were very cute. She would gladly wear something so pretty.

"We'll take them. But I think she should also have some gloves to finish the outfit, something matching; black and lacy."

Missee Lee immediately obtained a pair of short, lacy black gloves, wrist length, with a ruffle around the wrist. "I also have opera gloves, but with the dress, and particularly if she wears those socks, I think these are a better choice."

Leila slipped them on, a perfect fit, soft and sensuous, the ruffle rustling slightly.

"You were right," David agreed. "Those are perfect. We'll take them, too. Now, will we need another fitting?"

"No, I am sure we can do this without; but it will take a while. I have another couple of rush orders; one is a wedding dress, so it has to be perfect and it absolutely must be ready on time. So it will be at least two or three weeks, maybe more."

"No problem; the sooner the better, of course, but I do want this to be flawless. I promised to take her out for the night, including dancing, and I want the night to be perfect." Leila was surprised that the two assistants had gasped slightly and raised their eyes at the word "dancing", but did not ask why they were so surprised.

David and Missee Lee had moved over to the front, and he passed her his credit card, then signed both bill and charge slip.

"Darling?" David was standing near the door, his hand out towards her, so Leila stepped down from the platform, and walked over to him, now "dressed" in shoes, socks and gloves; but otherwise as naked as she had been all day. She had been hoping that David was going to buy the dress today, giving her something to wear for the rest of the day; she realized she should have known better. David held the door open and she stepped out onto the sidewalk. Once again outdoors, naked and exposed.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 18

Leila stood on the sidewalk, waiting while David said a quick good-bye to the designer and her assistants. He slipped an arm round her waist and turned her back the way they had come earlier. She felt relieved at this, they were already several blocks away from the motel; the motel that was her only refuge from this exposure. She realized that, except for the few minutes being fitted in the poncho dress, she had now been naked for over eight hours, all of it in public or semi-public places, such as the car and shops, except for that short period in the motel.

As they walked up to the cross street, and stood waiting for the light to change, Leila felt totally aroused, more aroused than she had at the same light earlier. She was still naked, except for shoes, socks and gloves; David's hand had slid down from her waist and was caressing her buttocks in much the same way as he had caressed her before, hand fondling her globes, fingers sliding down the cleft between her buns, once even slipping between her legs to touch the lower edge of her lips; but, even without the extra stimulus of being watched from passing cars, her nipples were as hard and her pussy as wet as they had been before.

She mentioned this to David, just as the light turned green, and also wondered aloud why it should be so.

"Do gloves have any special meaning for you?" he asked. "Or did your mother ever say anything to you about them?"

"No, never. Not that I recall." She thought back to her childhood as they ambled down the sidewalk. "Wait. There was my grandmother. When she gave me my first fancy gloves, special ones to be worn only to church and very fancy events, I remember she told me that a correctly dressed woman always wears gloves. 'A woman isn't fully dressed unless she's wearing gloves.' Those were her very words."

"That's it, luv. You have a subconscious connection between being properly dressed and wearing gloves. You've probably switched it internally to 'A woman is properly dressed when she is wearing gloves.' So part of your mind is saying 'I'm wearing gloves, I'm dressed.' But this only brings your mind back to thoughts of clothing and reminds you that you are not dressed. So your nudity becomes more central to your every thought, and this constant reminder turns you on. And does it ever turn you on, I can feel you quivering in every muscle."

Leila blushed at that last statement, but his comments rang true; they fitted with what little psychology she had learned at college. Gloves are something worn in addition to one's basic clothing; wearing them emphasised the fact that she was wearing nothing else. She was truly an exhibitionist, revelling in the idea that people could see her nakedness; her hard buns, undulating as she walked in her high heels; her firm breasts, jutting out in front, nipples hardened; her little pussy, the sparse triangle of hair, the bare lips below. Thinking about the show she was putting on kept her simmering, and David's hand on her bottom didn't hurt either.

"David, will I ever get to spend some time wearing clothes? I seem to be naked all the time when I'm with you. Will I ever get to be properly clothed again?"

"Why Leila! I thought you enjoyed this. You certainly seem to." His hand had slipped between her legs and his fingers were sliding along her wet lips. She blushed an even deeper red, but couldn't bring herself to answer. He knew that wasn't what she meant, so she just pouted at him. "Okay! Okay! I'll answer that question. Will you be clothed again? You know what our winters are like. I really can't see you walking nude through snowdrifts up to your pussy, running naked through snowstorms in below-freezing weather, or walking barefoot through a foot of slush. Once winter comes, it will be too cold for these games, so we've got to play as often as possible during the summer. Then, again..."

Leila shivered. Those final words hung in the air, fraught with possibilities. She knew he would not have her walk barefoot through the freezing slush; there was too great a chance of serious illness, but winter also had its warmer days. She could see herself, naked but for boots, walking on an open trail, snow crunching under her feet, nipples hardened by the cold air, sun warming her body, keeping the cold from being too uncomfortable. Or, again, running through a snowstorm -- snowstorms could occur on relatively warm days -- nipples hard from cold, shivering lightly, the falling snow melting on her body; a short period of cold, to be followed by a period warming up -- cuddling in David's arms in front of a roaring fire, or in bed, under a pile of covers, warming herself against his body. As with the boys in the car, her imagination carried her up and over the top, she shuddered as another small orgasm wracked her body, David's arm the only thing preventing her from falling full length on the dusty pavement; which was only fair, as it was his mind games that had brought her to orgasm.

As Leila recovered from the flurry of emotion, David said, "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling rather peckish right about now. We haven't eaten since lunch, and we only had a very small breakfast. Besides, I've been told that orgasms tend to give women an appetite, in which case you must be absolutely famished."

Leila blushed again; she had never before had this many climaxes in a single day. David certainly did know how to keep her aroused -- and happy. She was happy; she knew she shouldn't be; that these feelings were those of a total slut, not the proper young lady she had been raised to be. But, much as it pained her to admit it, her continual emotional roller coaster, her continual physical arousal, they had definitely given her an appetite. Her breathing was still ragged as she gasped, "Back. motel. Phone. pizza."

"Call for pizza and eat it in our motel room? Excellent idea. A large pizza would probably do the two of us." Leila was ecstatic that David had concurred. They would be heading back to the motel directly. She would still be naked, as she had no clothes with her, but she would be in private. She would be able to relax, and if she worked it right, she would be in the bathroom when the pizza arrived, so that nobody else would see her nakedness. They were about half-way back to the motel already, and she had not seen anybody viewing her since they left the dress shop. She was slowly recovering her composure, but her breasts were still heaving as her breath came in gasps, and her pussy lips were still pulsing from the latest climax, as David continued, "On the other hand, this little restaurant could give us a much more varied bill of fare; and I really feel more like a dinner than just a pizza. Don't you think that you could do with a proper dinner, too?"

Leila was aghast at the idea. A dinner would probably take an hour, with at least one waiter or waitress, plus any number of customers. Glancing through the window, she saw that nearly a dozen men were seated at the counter; fortunately, they were all watching the TV intently, and nobody had spotted her -- at least not yet. Sure, she had sat totally naked in a restaurant in front of a whole crowd of people; but that had been in a dream. This was real life. Being naked in front of this dozen customers would be more embarrassing to her than that dream exposure had been. Once more she felt the humiliation of her nudity increase; her nipples hard again. Why, oh why, was she always so aroused by shame?

David's arm, which had been around her waist supporting her ever since her latest climax, now slid upward until his hand cupped her breast, his fingers brushing the hard nub of her nipple. Without waiting for her to recover enough to answer his question, he added, "Yes, you really do want to eat here, don't you? Let's go in, then. Do you want to sit at the counter, a table, or possibly a booth?"

Leila shuddered again at the thought of walking into that restaurant with all the customers there. At the counter? With all those men sitting right there? No, that would definitely be totally out of the question. A table? She remembered sitting at a table in her dream. The chairs in this restaurant were wooden with open-work backs, inevitably reminding her of her dream. She could not imagine sitting in this reminder of the dream restaurant; moreover, her bare ass would be visible through the back of the chair. No, it would have to be a booth. "A... a booth... at the b... back," she managed to stammer.

"OK, then," David replied, "you can pick the seat you'd like." And with that, he pulled open the door, and ushered her through.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 19

The blast from the air conditioning hit Leila as she stepped into the restaurant, and she shivered -- only partly from the cold. She heard a number of exclamations from the row of men seated at the counter. A quick glance told her they were not looking at her. She could hear the cheers from the TV set as well; obviously the game was still going on, somebody had scored, and everybody was concentrating on the game. She could not believe her luck, thinking how embarrassed she would feel under the gaze of the dozen men sitting there; she shivered again, this time from sexual feelings. Quickly she walked past the counter and straight on to the last booth, slipping onto the bench seat that faced the back wall, away from the view of those on the counter stools.

David took the seat with his back to the rear wall, and looked around the restaurant. The design was somewhat unusual. The bar was situated to one side of the door, looking rather more like an old soda fountain than a bar, but with comfortable bar chairs replacing the stools. Beyond this was a series of booths, extending back to the one they were seated in. Across from the bar was a matching series of booths, stretching back almost to the back wall, with a break half-way and another at the back wall, allowing access to the second half of the room, a more conventional looking dining room with numerous tables, properly set with checkered cloths, and wooden chairs that inevitably reminded poor Leila of the chair in her dream. Behind the wall David was sitting against were the washrooms, reached by a short hall that continued straight on from the way they had entered, a fact that had not yet registered with Leila. The kitchen was at the same level as the washrooms, but on the far side of room, appearing more connected with the dining room.

David noticed a salad bar near the far side of the dining room, and next to it a steam table that was not in use at the moment. Also against the far wall, about half-way down the room, was a small dance floor with a jukebox beside it.

Leila had removed her gloves, and placed them on the table next to the wall. David took her two hands in his and squeezed them lovingly.

"You look absolutely gorgeous, my darling." He raised one hand to his lips, gently kissing the back of her hand. "I particularly liked watching you walk down the aisle in those heels. They impart the most delicious sway to your hips." He kissed the back of her other hand, gently, lovingly, lingeringly. Leila felt her nipples harden; the caress was so loving, so sweet, so sensuous; she felt the love -- and the lust.

"Hello, I'm Gwen. Do you want... My God! You're naked." A tall buxom girl was standing by the booth, wearing the classical diner's waitress' uniform. David smiled at the reaction, while Leila blushed redder than she had yet been that day. She felt an unprecedented shame at this shocked reaction; all previous reactions had been more muted, or approving; Gwen appeared to be simply shocked. Leila wanted desperately to cover herself, but David continued to hold both her hands quite firmly; she could not pull them back and use them to hide her nakedness.

"Pleased to meet you, Gwen. I'm David, and this is," and he kissed Leila's hand again, "Leila." Unable to get her breath properly, blushing still, Leila merely nodded to Gwen, and gulped.

Gwen, surprised that there was no reaction to her statement, looked steadily at David, ignoring the nude girl entirely, and fell back on her routine to carry her through this odd experience. "Do you want to see a menu?"

"Please. We need a good dinner as neither of us has eaten much today. Isn't that right, darling?" Leila still could not speak, and just nodded her head, as she accepted a menu from the waitress, David having let go of her hands. "By the way, how's the game going?"

"They just tied it up. There's a good chance they will be going into overtime."

"Ah, that was what the cheering was all about when we came in. Thanks."

"Gwen!" One of the men seated at the bar was calling and waving her over.

"Why don't you go serve them, while we think about what we'll have for dinner?"

"Okay, I'll be back in a minute," and with that, Gwen hustled off to the front of the room, slipping behind the bar. She was immediately busy, setting out new beers for the men on the stools. David and Leila looked at the menus silently; Leila trying to ignore the coolness of the red vinyl seat on her bare butt, and concentrate on the choices offered. It seemed no time at all before Gwen was back, holding her order pad, pencil ready, trying unsuccessfully to ignore the nudity in front of her, and trying just as unsuccessfully not to be obvious about it.

"Have you decided yet?"

"I'm not quite sure, is there anything you would specially recommend?" asked David. "Oh yes, and what is the soup today?"

"The soup is vegetable, and the spaghetti is pretty good today. I had some for supper myself, and the sauce is excellent, with mushrooms in it."

"Spaghetti. Sounds good. I'm always worried I'll get the sauce all over my shirt. But of course, Leila doesn't have to worry about that." Leila blushed again, furious that David had again pointed out her nakedness to the waitress. "I think I'll have the soup to start, then the spaghetti. How about you, Leila?"

"The same," she muttered, too ashamed to look directly at the waitress.

"That will be two, then. Oh, and a litre of the house red to go with it."

Gwen scribbled on her pad. "Two soupe du jour, two spaghetti, litre house red. Very good. A salad comes with the dinner, you can get it at the salad bar -- all you can eat. I'll be right back with the soup." She headed off to the kitchen, not noticing that Leila had suddenly stiffened. If she went to get a salad at the salad bar, she would be in sight of all the men at the bar. If the game ended, they would probably leave, but the waitress had said that the game was probably going into overtime. That would mean the men would stick around for a long time yet. She was almost certain to be seen. She shivered again, her nipples hardening, knowing that if one of the men saw her walking across the room, he would tell all his friends and she would be the centre of attention. Why was she so turned on by this thought? She was far too shy to enjoy the crude remarks that were sure to follow. Wasn't she?

Gwen returned almost immediately with two large bowls of steaming hot soup -- large chunks of vegetables swimming in a dark broth -- and a basket of rolls and crackers. She placed the items in front of the hungry couple, then headed off to the bar to get the wine. Once again she was back almost at once. David had opened a four-pack of crackers for himself, and Leila was crushing hers into her soup. He quickly tasted the wine and nodded to her, and she left, shaking her head at the idea of a nude girl eating dinner in the restaurant.

Leila and David started in on their dinner with a good appetite. The soup was excellent, far better than they had expected. It was not a canned soup, but was obviously made by the chef, and he had left the various vegetables in large chunks, not the tiny pieces found in prepackaged soups. The broth was highly flavoured, and the portions were not small. This was a definitely a place run by somebody who loved his food.

The two of them talked, about the food at first; why Leila crushed her crackers into the soup, why David kept them separate for the crunch; the surprising quality of the soup. Then they just chatted about various subjects. It seemed no time at all before the last spoonfuls were swallowed.

A minute later David stood up, and offered his hand to Leila. "Come on, let's get our salad before the spaghetti arrives. We wouldn't want the pasta to get cold." Leila took his hand and stood up. The unusual feeling of her skin pulling away from the vinyl seat suddenly reminded her of her total lack of clothing; their conversation had been so normal, so commonplace, that she had managed to forget her nakedness, but the coolness of the perspiration evaporating from the back of her thighs brought her shameful state back to the very forefront of her mind.

She began, half-heartedly, to sit down again, but David continued to guide her away from the table toward the salad bar, carefully not noticing her reluctance. Leila glanced quickly at the bar; everyone's eyes were glued to the TV set, so she walked quickly to the salad bar, moving to the far side, so she would be as hidden as possible. This meant that, unlike David who walked around the table, she had to reach across to get the various items on the side away from the wall. David watched her closely, enjoying the unusual movements of her breasts as she stretched across the various fixings. It was marvellous to watch the body's movements, and he thought to himself that this beautiful interplay of muscles, bones and skin takes place every time somebody tries to reach across the bar, but unfortunately cannot be seen under normal clothing.

"I just gotta get rid of that last beer." Leila barely heard the statement, but it was enough to catch her attention as one of the sports fans got up from the bar and strode very quickly past their empty table into the little corridor where the washrooms were. For the first time Leila realized that sooner or later probably every one on them would pass right by her, seeing her sit there totally naked. She gasped as she realized just how poor a choice that table was, particularly sitting on the side she had chosen. The men would be hurrying in, but once they had relieved themselves they would be walking out more slowly, looking around, and she would be the first thing they would see when they came back out. Mechanically, she continued to build her salad; suddenly, her appetite had lessened.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 20

Leila had just finished making her salad, and David was adding a few last baby corn to his heaping plate when the man returned from the washroom. As he stepped out of the corridor, he glanced at the booth beside him, and Leila realized that, were she seated at her place, he would be looking directly at her. She moved a few steps sideways, so that David's body was almost between her and the man. He glanced over at them, as he continued to walk back to the bar. Leila thanked her lucky stars that she had not returned to her seat. The salad bar hid her lower body, and the sneeze guard prevented her breasts from being seen by him, when she wasn't hidden by David.

She looked over at the bar, and saw that all the men were again staring at the game. Leila took a deep breath, and walked back to their booth as fast as she could without dropping bits of salad. She felt relieved to be seated again, hidden from the group of sports fans.

David had stopped creating his salad in order to watch her walk away from him, but as soon as she was back in the booth, he added a few Harvard beets to his plate, drizzled a spoonful of Italian dressing over the whole, and then slowly ambled back to the table.

"You," he said as he seated himself, "really do look fabulous, walking in those shoes. Truly a 'wiggle in your walk', love." Leila blushed and smiled. She always felt so sexy when he talked to her about herself, particularly when he said he loved her, or called her 'love'. She didn't know how to respond to his compliment, so she concentrated on her salad, eating it slowly and waiting for the main course to arrive.

It wasn't long before Gwen arrived with two plates of piled high with spaghetti, drowned in a rich meat sauce with mushrooms, and a basket of garlic bread. Her opportune arrival distracted Leila, and she did not notice another of the sports fans pass behind Gwen on his way to the washroom.

Gwen smiled at both diners, then took another long look at Leila. She imagined sitting in a public place totally naked. She felt the conditioned air on every inch of her skin; she felt David's eyes devouring her nakedness. She felt goose bumps on every naked inch. Gwen shivered, and realized that the shiver was not imagined, nor were the goose bumps; she was aroused, and curious about the feelings that the reality of nudity would raise in her. She would have to talk to her naked customer before the evening ended. She moved back toward the bar, standing leaning against a booth table from which she could see both the couple and the bar. She wanted, no, needed time to think about the feelings that Leila's public display was raising in her.

David and Leila were both devouring the delicious pasta with great gusto. Leila had twirled a reasonable amount of spaghetti onto her fork, and was raising it to her mouth, a half dozen threads of pasta trailing from fork. She and David had both learned that the correct way to eat spaghetti, originally a peasant dish, was informally; wrapping the pasta too carefully on the fork was a parvenu method.

"Jesus!" Leila's head jerked up at the strange voice. The stranger, the fan whom she had not seen enter the washroom, was standing just inside the corridor, staring directly at Leila's naked breasts, at the hardening nipples, at her naked legs under the table. Since the wall bulged into the room at this point -- probably a chimney or sewage stack -- this table was only a booth for two, not for four like the others against this wall. Leila blushed as she realized that in her anxiety to get as far away from the bar as she could, she had not only chosen a seat that could not be missed by anyone returning from the washrooms, but also the only one that would not let her slide in away from the aisle, the one that kept her most exposed to passing eyes. She wondered why she had not realized the extra exposure she had forced on herself. She thought of asking her lover, but she could hear his reply in her mind.

"You didn't do this without realizing it. You knew, at least subconsciously, that this seat would expose you and you wanted this exposure." She had no doubt that his words would be exactly that. She would not give him the satisfaction of rubbing her nose in her sluttishness. Leila looked at the stranger, then at David until she caught his eye, then back at the stranger. He never noticed her eyes on him; his eyes were rivetted to those gorgeous mounds, to the two nipples that were pointing directly at him.

David looked across at Leila and smiled at her. She kept glancing back to him, and caught that smile, that evil grin; she blushed as she read his mind. "You are turned on by this exposure aren't you, my sweet slut?" She heard those unspoken words in his smile, and the knowledge that she felt that embarrassed her; the thought that she knew he knew, yet made no objection humiliated her even more; and the thought that he knew she knew he knew and that she accepted the unspoken judgement without contradicting it shamed her even more, turning her upper body red, and, inexplicably, turned her on. David glanced over his shoulder at the stranger, looked again at Leila, smiled even more at her blushing, then, finally, turned in his seat and cleared his throat. The stranger's eyes swung over to David, he blushed at being caught staring so rudely at a young lady -- even if she was as naked and as beautiful as Leila, then continued on his interrupted return to the bar, looking somewhat dazed and shaking his head.

"She... she's naked. Stark naked!" he stammered to Gwen as he reached her. "The guys won't believe it!"

"Don't tell them." Gwen smiled at the startled look on his face. "If you tell them, they won't get the full shock of seeing her. If you don't tell them, you can watch their reactions when they notice just how little she's wearing."

The man nodded slowly, smiled to himself and returned to the bar.

David, meanwhile was enjoying the sight of the embarrassed Leila, as she forced herself as close to the wall as possible. She had finally ingested what had been on her fork, and was preparing another forkful, unmindful of the fact that when she had jumped at the stranger's exclamation she had spattered herself with spaghetti sauce.

There was a large dollop on her left breast, and several smaller splashes on her right one.

David tore off a piece of garlic bread, and leaning forward used it to pick up most of the big splotch on her left breast. Leila glanced down, and seeing the sauce on her breasts, remembered her dream; remembered the waiter spilling the shrimp sauce on her breasts, and one of her companions cleaning most of it off with a shrimp and then eating that shrimp. Exactly as David had used, then eaten, the bread. This reminder aroused her to the very peaks of passion; she was once again gasping for breath. Since he was seated across from her, unlike Brad and Phil in her dream, David could not lean over and lick off the remainder. However, he did reach across the table and, with gentle fingers, wiped the remainder of the sauce off that breast. He licked the sauce off his fingers, then once again his fingers returned to that breast, ostensibly to finish cleaning it but actually paying particular attention to the nipple, which was unnecessary, as it had received absolutely no sauce. This caress parallelled the actions in her dream; where her nipples had not received any sauce, but were licked extensively by her companions. As the fingers of his right hand continued to fondle her left breast, David's left hand cleaned her other breast in the same manner, and after those fingers were licked clean, they returned to her body, caressing both breasts as she became hotter and hotter.

Leila's mind whirled between the dream and the current reality. Her legs had opened and her knees were now quite wide spread. One of her hands slipped below the table top and slid down between her legs, caressing her throbbing sex, a finger, then two sliding into her sex, putting pressure on her clit. She had never frigged herself in public before; others had done it to her, but today, now, David was seated on the wrong side of the table to touch her there; anyhow, his hands were too busy fondling her sensitive, tingling breasts. Quicker and harder her fingers moved, thrusting in and out of her until she brought herself to a climax, throwing her head back and, unable to fully stifle her joy, moaning with abandon. Fortunately, there was a miraculous save made at this exact moment, so her moans were drowned in the yells from the fans both at the bar and on TV.

As the roars of approval continued, Leila imagined all those thousands of people watching her in the throes of orgasm, and applauding her. She sat a moment, dreamy, floating on wings of imagination; then slowly reality intruded. David was no longer caressing her; the no-good tease had returned to his meal, and was just taking a large mouthful of spaghetti. He followed that with some salad. She realized her hand was still between her legs and slowly extracting it, reached for a napkin, but David was too quick for her, and caught her wet hand in one of his. Raising it to his face he first sniffed it, sighed and then slowly, sensuously licked and sucked her fingers until they were clean.

"Magnificent salad dressing it makes." Leila giggled at his remark; she again wondered at just how much she giggled when David was with her -- and chuckled -- and laughed. She wondered again at her ability to laugh and to be happy in such a humiliating situation. She looked down at herself; her body was glowing with a sheen of perspiration, all but the backs of her thighs and her buttocks which were again in a puddle of fluid. She shifted in her seat so that she was seated at the very end of the bench; while this did expose her more to the eyes of whoever should pass by, at least it was a drier seat.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 21

Leila attacked her spaghetti; the brief sexual interlude had increased her appetite significantly. David also continued to devour the pasta and salad, drinking the wine as well. He noticed another of the sports fans pass quickly by on the way to the washroom, while Leila's eyes were on her food.

Gwen stopped by the table and informed them that regulation time had ended and the big game was going to go into overtime. There would be, however, a twenty minute break before play resumed. As she was talking to the two of them, one of the sports fans rushed by. Obviously he had waited until a break in the game, and nearly waited too long. Gwen talked to them for a couple of minutes, then, just as she started back toward the bar, the fan returned from the washroom. He caught sight of Leila as he exited the corridor, and the scene with the previous fan was replayed with only minor changes. Leila was sitting closer to the edge of the bench now, and her pubic area was more exposed to him than it had been to the previous one. This time, however, it was yet another fan darting into the washroom that jerked him back to life, and he wandered back to the bar. Gwen managed once again to request that the other fans not be told, and this one agreed to the suggestion just as the previous one had.

Leila finished her pasta main course and the wine in her glass, which David immediately refilled. Leila, still feeling nervous at being seen by these strangers, swallowed almost half the glass in quick gulps. The wine was getting to her in more ways than one, and she realized that she would have to visit the ladies' room at once. She looked back at the bar and seeing that none of the guys were looking at her, got up and started toward the corridor, still glancing over her shoulder.

"Holy Shit!" Leila's head spun back at these words. The third man was returning, and was understandably surprised when a totally naked woman almost collided with him. He had automatically raised his arms to fend off the approaching body, and before she could stop, Leila found she had moved her right breast right into his hand. David started to laugh at the startled expressions on both faces. He laughed harder when he noticed that the men at the bar had all turned this way and all but two were sitting with stunned expressions on their faces, while the other two were also chuckling.

Leila blushed a deep red, a colour that was almost matched by the lucky man, stepped quickly around him and darted into the washroom. He looked at his now empty hand, shook his head and slowly walked back to the bar.

"Was that girl really naked?" David could just make out the astonished question from one of the men who had not yet left the bar.

"Very," was the only reply.

Gwen returned to David's table to ask about dessert. David replied that he would wait for Leila to return, but then asked, "I wondered about this restaurant. It does seem to have a rather schizophrenic appearance. What's the story behind it?"

"That's rather a long story."

David asked Gwen to sit down and explain. She agreed and was about to slide into the seat just vacated by Leila, when she noticed the puddle on the bench. She trotted back to the bar and returned in a moment with a bar rag that she used to polish the seat cushion before seating herself.

She had just begun to explain the history of the little restaurant when Leila returned. She stopped beside the table, a bit surprised to see her place taken by the buxom waitress. She could also feel the eyes of the sports fans on her body as she stood in the aisle, totally exposed to their lustful gazes. She blushed as she noticed one of the men get down from his stool and walk back towards them -- towards her. She turned so her back was to the aisle, and the tops of her thighs pressed hard against the end of the table. Surprisingly, this still did not leave enough space, and Leila twitched as she felt a strange hand slide accidentally across her naked behind. Gwen noticed this little twitch and started to get up so Leila could return to her seat, but David motioned the waitress back down.

"Leila, Gwen is going to tell us the history of this place. Why don't you sit down right here?" He patted his lap as he spoke. Everyone had already seen her, what did she have to lose? She slid onto his lap, her thighs scraping the underside of the table. David's left hand slid around her waist and down between her legs, as Gwen told how there had formerly been a small malt shop with a soda counter and a few booths right beside a restaurant. Leila was listening with half her mind, as she realized that being on David's lap rather than on the bench itself raised her just enough that her breasts were visible to the guys seated at the bar. David was displaying her once again. She saw the guy who had brushed her bottom return from the rest room, and another start back toward them. Obviously the sports fans were all using the break before the overtime action began to relieve themselves. Leila heard Gwen tell how the malt shop had started to fail and had been bought by the restauranteur, how he had run both for a while, then had removed the wall between them but kept the original decor in both, creating the current unusual restaurant; but her mind was paying more attention to David's hands. The one hand was still stroking her vagina, the other had now wandered up her torso and was busying itself with her breasts, caressing, kneading, fondling the globes, tweaking, twisting the hard nipples; again her vagina was soaking wet.

She had finished the wine while listening to the history of this place, and when Gwen asked about dessert, she ordered peach pie à la mode while David chose apple pie with cheese. Gwen left the table to get the desserts and the coffees that they had ordered, and Leila prepared to return to her own seat; however, David's hands continued to fondle her private areas, keeping her aroused, and instead of moving to the other bench, she merely pressed her body harder against those naughty hands. David's right hand left her breasts and, grasping her wrist pulled her hand to her breast and started using it to caress that lovely mound. The hand drew circles on that tit, her fingers flicking the hard nipple, and David's hand moved her other hand so it could begin to caress her free tit. She could see the men at the bar all gazing at her as she fondled her breasts, the wantonness of this act arousing her almost as much as the caresses themselves. David's manipulation of her private parts and her buttocks were bringing her closer and closer to a climax. She saw yet another of the men start back from the bar, closely followed by Gwen, carrying two plates of pie and the coffeepot. A whisper of "Legs", and she spread her knees as far apart as she could, allowing the fingers that had slipped into her to put more pressure on her clitoris. The man and Gwen had both stopped, and were staring unabashedly at her naked breasts and well-displayed pussy. Even as aroused as she was, she could not miss the look of naked lust on the face of the man, and she imagined being grabbed by him and taken, wildly, passionately, first by him, then by every man in the restaurant, being forced to satisfy manually and orally those who were still waiting to rape her open pussy. She was on her knees in the aisle, sucking one stranger seated sideways in a booth, her hands pumping the hard maleness of two other men, a fourth behind her, pumping her just as David's fingers were siding in and out. Unable to control herself she flew over the top, flooding his hand with her juices, screaming her pleasure, bouncing on her lover's lap, thrusting her breasts forward, cupping them in her hand, displaying them for the entire restaurant. A series of shudders convulsed her body, like the aftershocks of an earthquake.

She heard the watching man mutter "Fuck!" as he hurried past them to the washroom, probably to relieve himself in more than one way. A burst of applause from the bar shocked her, shamed her, pleased her, aroused her. She obeyed David's command of "Twist your nipples," capturing them between her fingers as she started to massage her breasts sensuously again.

Gwen had placed her burden on the nearest table, and then leaned on that table herself, her legs obviously weak from the emotion that sexual sight had raised in her. She wanted, or, more accurately, part of her wanted to strip off her clothes and bring herself to orgasm exactly as Leila had; but she knew she could never return to this place, let alone work here, if she did anything like that. Her mind's vision of herself, lying naked on the table she was currently leaning against, her head at the wall, one foot on each bench, her breasts, too large to stick out from her body like Leila's did from hers, sliding slightly to the sides, her blonde pussy spread wide, one hand manipulating those DD-sized breasts, the other massaging her pussy lips as her fingers slipped into her vagina. She could hear the applause of her customers as she pumped herself to a crashing orgasm. Shaking her head, she let the fantasy evaporate, and slowly straightened up, taking deep breaths to allow her emotions to return to normal before she picked up the dishes again.

Leila couldn't help but notice the effect that her climax had had on Gwen. The knowledge that she had so aroused this female acquaintance brought her still closer to another climax. Her own hands on her breasts and David's fingers pressing on her clitoris and fondling her buns had aroused her to the point that her breath was again coming in ragged gasps.

"You've got two more fans, love. Over by the kitchen door."

Leila looked at the place David mentioned. An older, rather corpulent man, obviously the chef, was standing about halfway between the kitchen door and the salad bar, staring unbelievingly at the naked body perched on a customer's lap, being brought to orgasm. A youngster, still a teen, probably the dishwasher, was standing between his boss and the kitchen door, gaping at the sexy sight.

"They must have heard your scream, and rushed out to see what the matter was." The thought of those two, particularly the teenager, hearing her climax, and now seeing her in all her glorious shame was too much for Leila, and she climaxed again, with another scream, followed by a series of shuddering moans. The entire restaurant stared at her in amazement, this was definitely not a normal occurrence, but the dishwasher's face had an expression of almost religious awe; he had probably never seen a real live naked woman before, and had certainly never watched one orgasm.

It was fortunate for Leila that she was sitting on David's lap for, had he not slipped his hand up from her buttocks so his arm encircled her body just beneath her breasts, she would have slipped to the floor under the table. Her muscles were butter, melting butter, she had no strength left in her body whatsoever. As he clasped her hard against him, she lay back, her head lolling on his shoulder as she drew gasp after shuddering gasp, pulling each breath deep into her body, deep into her soul, trying to draw some strength from the oxygen.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 22

Leila recovered quickly, at least to the point where she could sit up without help. She could not understand how David could force her to exhibit herself like this, how he could force her to have not one but two orgasms in public in front of strangers. No, she must be honest. He had not forced her. He had never forced her, he had aided or guided her, but she had chosen every shameful action herself. She blushed deeper as she admitted to herself that she wanted to expose herself, even as she denied it with great vehemence. She would not allow herself to believe that she wanted this. It was David who was doing this, but he did so much for her that it was worth the shame to be with him. She knew that it was not David, even as she blamed him, but she shoved that thought aside.

David gently raised her hands back to her breasts with his free hand, and she started to fondle them once again, the feelings imparted by her hands and by David's hand, which had not been removed from between her legs roused her immediately to a slow simmer. She was astonished that after two such violent climaxes she could still be so quickly aroused, and felt ashamed of the strength of her sexual feelings.

Gwen arrived at this point, placed the two pies on the table in front of the couple, and filled the coffee cups. She indicated she would be back with the milk and sugar in just a moment, and headed back to the bar. She made sure that all the guys had fresh drinks, and then returned to the loving couple with the sugar and milk. She slid into the seat across the table from the couple. David had taken a mouthful of his apple pie, and was now raising a fork with peach pie and ice cream to Leila's mouth, as Leila's hands were too busy for her to feed herself. After he had slipped the food into Leila's waiting mouth, David replaced the fork on the plate, but deliberately turned it so the handle was pointing towards Gwen. She looked at him; he smiled at her and nodded his head gently; she returned the smile and started to prepare a forkful of pie and ice cream while he took a mouthful of apple pie.

Gwen slowly fed the naked girl, while David ate his own dessert. The situation amazed her; she had never before fed a naked customer, a naked customer being sexually aroused by herself and her lover, a naked customer fondling her breasts and exposing her nudity to all the other customers in the restaurant as they passed by on the way to the washroom. She found herself becoming aroused by the situation, as well as by the sight of the beautiful naked body across from her. She wanted to ask why, but her breath was coming in such short gasps she did not think she could form any questions.

Leila was astounded at the situation. She could hardly believe she was stark naked in a restaurant in a small town. But, even stranger to her was the sensation of caressing herself sensually while eating, of sitting on her lover's lap with his hand on her pussy, his fingers in her vagina, while she was eating her dessert. The combination of the satisfying feeling of becoming full from a tasty meal and the pleasure of sexual arousal had not only not been experienced by her before, it had never occurred to her that they could be felt at the same time. She remembered various discussions from her college seminars; how food was used as a substitute for love, how sex was often seen as a confirmation of love; the two feelings were close in that respect -- maybe that is why they felt so good together. She then remembered the pizza she had had that night with David. He had been caressing her then while she ate, and she had been snuggling with him, but while the touches were sensual, they had not been as blatantly sexual as those she was experiencing right now.

She shivered as another of the sports fans passed by on the way to the washroom, walking slowly to let him see all of her wanton display; without conscious thought her hands slid under her breasts, cupping them, raising them, presenting them to him; her legs were spread wide and although David's hand hid much of her privates, it was obvious that his fingers were buried deep inside her. The man passed by and her fingers returned to her hard nipples, brushing, then squeezing and twisting them. She accepted another mouthful of pie from Gwen; a stranger was feeding her as if she were a baby; a total stranger, sitting right in front of her watching her every slutty move, knowing that she was so involved in her sexual manipulations that she could not even spare one hand to feed herself. The shame was almost overwhelming.

David had finished his apple pie, and Gwen was just getting the last piece of Leila's peach pie when the chef stepped up to the side of the table. He asked whether they had enjoyed their dinner just as Leila accepted the final mouthful, so she could only moan her appreciation. David put down his coffee and indicated his pleasure with the food.

"The soup was marvellous, and the coffee -- I drink it black, so flavour is very important. You must have a private blend as I have seldom tasted a better brew." Leila could not believe that he was discussing the food so calmly, while his fingers were becoming more and more active, bringing her back closer and closer to orgasm, Oh God, not another. Leila did not believe that even she, as big a slut as she knew she was could have a third orgasm so soon, particularly since she now had two strangers right next to her.

The chef continued his chat, indicating that he did not recognize the couple, and asking where they were from. David told him they lived in the city but had spent a day getting back to nature, and were now staying at the motel.

"I know it's none of my business... on the other hand, I do own this place, so maybe it is my business; why is the young lady naked?"

"I'm sorry, we should have introduced ourselves. My name is David, and this is Leila."

"Stefan Andropoulos." He held out a meaty paw, which David shook. Leila let one breast rest for an instant as she also shook the chef's hand. She was so aware that he was inspecting every inch of her exposed body.

"Why is she naked? Well, she had said she would be ready at a certain time, but was still wearing only a towel at that time. I just said we had to go right away."

"I... called his... bluff. Walked out... in towel." Leila could only gasp out words; she was too aroused to manage a full sentence in one breath.

"Called my bluff? Leila, it is very dangerous to call a bluff... particularly since I wasn't bluffing. Anyhow, she walked out, but the towel fell off at the door so she was left naked."

Stefan looked astonished at this statement. "But there is no car outside. You mean she walked all the way here from the motel, stark naked?"

"Oh, no! I mean yes, but it wasn't at the motel that this happened; it was at her apartment in the city this morning."

"You mean she has been naked all day?" Gwen asked, shocked but aroused at the idea.

David assured them both that Leila had indeed been naked for nearly twelve hours now, and recapitulated the whole series of events; the ride through the city where the pedestrians could glimpse her nudity, the walk into the woods, the freight trains, the walk back to the car, the passenger train, the walk from the motel to the shoe store, the time in the shoe store, the time at Missee Lee's, the walk to the restaurant. Leila relived the events as David skimmed over each one; she felt the humiliation building, her hands massaging her naked breasts, shame piled on shame, his fingers in her vagina, their eyes on her twitching nudity; without further warning another orgasm convulsed her body, another series of loud moans escaped her lips, a decreasing series of shudders shook her as she relaxed, held tight in David's loving arms.

She realized, as she slowly recovered, that David had removed his fingers from inside her for the first time since she had returned from the washroom two climaxes ago. He raised the hand to her face, she could smell her arousal on it, see the wetness coating his fingers. Remembering how David had cleaned her hand earlier, she reached out and took hold of his wrist, guiding his fingers to her mouth, sucked each finger clean, and licked the excess dampness off his palm. It was only then that she saw the other two gazing at her, stunned by the wanton exhibition. She blushed scarlet at the thought of what she had just done, lowering her eyes. She saw her naked body, wet with perspiration, her hair falling matted beside her face, her breasts reddened by her shame, but with nipples still engorged and hard.

"I've got to go to the washroom and tidy up," she murmured to David. He pulled her head round and kissed her lips, then patted her naked behind as she rose from the table. She shivered under the unwavering gazes of Gwen and Stefan, her legs still unsteady from her recent orgasms. She tottered towards the washroom, but as she reached the little corridor, she heard David's voice telling her to turn around. She turned toward the table, but his seat was empty. She continued to turn until she was facing directly down the aisle. "No!" she cried as she saw him standing, camera to his face, focussing on her naked, bedraggled, unkempt body. A brilliant flash blinded her for a second, then she turned and fled as fast as she could to the washroom. She was embarrassed further as a second flash had lit up the hall just as she started down it.

"I'll take her my makeup kit," suggested Gwen. "She needs a brush and comb, and I think my lipstick would suit her. I could also get her my spare uniform. What do you think?"

"She'd like the makeup, and I'm sure that she would really love to comb her hair. But the clothing... I don't know if I can explain this properly. I believe she truly enjoys being exposed to other people, but she also feels it is wrong. She would be happy to be clothed again, but would miss being exposed. And she won't be able to refuse the clothing, as she feels it is wrong for her to be naked; she must be 'forced' into it."

"I see... I think. Very well, I'll take your word for it and just get the makeup for her; I won't mention clothing." Gwen slipped away to the kitchen, and returned in a minute with her purse, slipping directly back to the ladies' room. David and Stefan chatted for a couple of minutes, then Stefan went to the bar to chat with his friends and keep the alcohol flowing and David wandered over to the jukebox by the dance floor.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 23

When David saw Gwen return to the main room with her purse, he slipped some coins into the Jukebox, and selected a few tunes. The first one was a classic rock'n'roll tune that he knew Leila really liked. Sure enough, when she returned a couple of minutes later, she was swaying in time to the music as she walked. David intercepted her before she sat down.

"How about a dance, lover?"

"A dance? Now?" Leila was surprised at the suggestion. "But you don't like to dance. Wait a minute, you wouldn't count this as the 'evening of dancing' you promised me, would you?"

"Leila! I'm insulted." Leila could see the smile trying to break through behind the hurt expression he had assumed. "I would never cheat you like that. Besides, I promised you a new dress for the occasion, and you still haven't got it." Leila's hands automatically tried to cover herself at the reminder that she was naked. She felt better now that she had cleaned herself up and brushed her hair, but still the nudity was humiliating. "It's been too long a time. I need some practice before the big night, or I might have to cancel. Come on, let's practice."

David took her hand and led her, unobjecting, onto the dance floor. Just as they arrived, the song ended, and a second one, this time a slow ballad, began. She melted into David's arms, feeling the cotton of his shirt tantalize her hardening nipples as her breasts brushed his clothing. She felt the rough denim of his jeans as she pressed her crotch forward into him, hoping to feel a bulge against her, shamelessly enjoying the sensation of his clothing against her bare skin. They had turned so his back was toward the bar and she could see the guys all staring at them; she was happy that his body was hiding her from those hot stares. Her arms encircled his neck; in the high heels her face was nearly level with his. David's arms enfolded her body for the first half of the song, but during the second chorus the hands started to roam over her back, sliding down until they were at the small of her back, turning on the dance floor until her naked backside was in full view of the sports' fans, who gazed happily at the sight of David's hands sliding downward until they cupped the firm globes, holding her body so that she lay against his body, even while standing upright. They continued to move like that for another song, David kissing her newly painted lips from time to time. The sensuous touch of his lips on hers, the feel of his hands on her butt cheeks, the knowledge that this intimate caress was being seen by a dozen strangers, the gentle rubbing of cloth on her distended nipples, all conspired to arouse her yet again, until she started to feel a few drops run from her lower lips down her thighs, a thin trail proving her sexuality to any observer.

When this song ended, Stefan called them over to the bar. David guided Leila in his favourite manner, with a hand cupping one of her beautiful, firm buns. Leila blushed as everyone gazed at her full frontal nudity, her hard nipples, her newly wet pussy, and noted that her butt was being fondled by her lover. The very fact that she was blushing shamed her more, and increased the blush -- and her excitement. She was walking, extremely exposed, toward a dozen lusting men. The possibilities that flowed in her imagination were extremely erotic to her, again increasing her arousal.

The men had moved at the bar so that there were two empty places right in the middle. Leila shivered from excitement as David guided her there, and the two of them climbed into the tall chairs.

Stefan offered them drinks, paid for by some of the men at the bar. David took a brandy, and Leila decided on a white wine. The game was starting up again, but the men's attention to it did not seem to be as strong as it had been before the end of regulation time. The jukebox was still playing rock'n'roll, and Leila started to sway to the tune. One of the men, wearing a mechanics overalls with the name "Jake" embroidered on his shirt, slipped off his chair and approached Leila. He barely whispered as he asked her if she wanted to dance.

Before she could answer, David broke in. "You know you love rock'n'roll, and I can't dance it well. You know you want to go for it."

Leila glared at him. She was going to use him as the excuse -- "I can't abandon my guy" -- but he had removed that option. She remembered a similar situation when she had been asked to play darts, and he had accepted for her, but that time she'd only been topless. Moreover, in darts your partner doesn't put his hands on you; but the more she thought about it, the more the idea of dancing naked with a clothed stranger turned her on. "All right, I would love to dance. Thank you for asking."

As she slid off her chair, taking the hand Jake held out for support, she couldn't help but notice the stunned expressions on the faces of the others at the bar. They had obviously never expected their friend's offer to be accepted. "Shades of that dart game," she thought as she walked to the dance floor. The current song ended just as they took the correct starting position for this style of dance. Holding hands, other hand on partner's side, his hand just level with her naked breasts, her backside facing and totally exposed to the men at the bar, they waited for the next tune to start. When it did begin, she recognized it as one that was twice as long as the average song, and very fast. Jake started to move to the music, and was he a good dancer.

He stepped lightly, leading her gently but firmly; far better than David did; she loved her sweetheart, but she was not blind to his shortcomings; he was not a great dancer. Jake had her stepping quickly around the stage, then swung her out away from him so they were both facing the bar, joined only by their outstretched arms. She felt the exposure deeply, first her buns facing the audience, then as she spun out, her pussy hair fully visible and her vaginal lips flashing out from between her legs, while her breasts bounced and swung to her body's gyrations, their every motion totally exposed to the staring audience. Then she swung back, now flashing her buns at them. Then both her hands in both of his, they danced apart, his eyes coveting her naked breasts and pussy as they both leaned back away from each other. Arms up in the air, he spun her around bringing their interlocked hands down in front of her body, his arms lying along hers, her naked breasts caressed by the bare skin of her arms and the sleeves of his shirt, while her body was pulled back tight against him, his shirt and coveralls against her back, coverall pants rubbing against her naked ass, they moved in this conjoined fashion for several seconds before he spun her back to face him, then again separated so they were both facing the bar once more.

She continued to allow him to show her off, trying to lose herself in the music. It had always been so easy to just forget her surroundings and float on the music, ignore how her body was being watched; but she had always been clothed before. Her nudity prevented her from ignoring the surroundings, made her very aware of the audience, of her partner, of even the flow of air around her body. As the music reached its finale, Jake took her and at the very end dipped her right back; her left foot was on the ground, her left knee bent at almost ninety degrees, while her right leg was pointed straight out at the very end of the bar, giving the audience the clearest possible view of her soaking pussy, her body was held parallel to the ground, Jake's eyes fastened to the breasts jutting straight up, his arm around her had slipped slightly so she felt his hand on the top of her buttocks, but she didn't complain as the entire dance had made her feel oh so sexy.

Several seconds later, Jake pulled her back upright, and she leaned against his strong body, panting for breath.

"That was a marvellous dance, Jake. Thank you so much." She slipped an arm around his waist and started back to the bar, his arm around her shoulder. When they reached her chair, she turned back to him and gave him a real bear hug. "Thanks again. I have so much fun dancing with a good partner." And with that she squeezed hard, making sure he could feel her solid nipples through his clothing, and kissed him on the cheek. The roar of approval from the rest of the spectators brought a blush to Jake's face almost as deep as any of Leila's.

David whispered gently to Leila, suggesting it was about time to move on, and that he would just make a quick stop in the men's room first. He walked quickly to the back of the room, and disappeared into the corridor, leaving Leila feeling very alone, very exposed and, of course, very aroused.

She remembered the feel of the eyes burning into her naked flesh as she danced with Jake; she could see the same look in their eyes again as they stared at her bouncing breasts as she sat right in their midst. She recalled the feel of Jake's sleeve on her hard nipple, brushing her bulging breasts; she closed her eyes and suddenly felt his hand on her bare breast. As his hand kneaded her hot flesh, the fingers of his other hand pinched and twisted her hard nipple, sending pulses of pleasant pain through her body. Suddenly other hands started to caress her other breast, she gasped at the strange emotions caused by two strangers caressing her intimately. Other hands quickly joined those four. Someone was massaging her shoulders and neck, others her thighs, still other fingers slipping along her vagina; she leaned forward with her elbows on the counter to allow two more pairs to slip down between the chair back and her body and fondle her naked butt. The multiplicity of hands, all strangers, was bringing her nearer and nearer to orgasm. Suddenly she arched her back, threw back her head and released her emotions in a loud moan.

A brilliant flash of light made itself known even through her tightly closed eyelids, and her eyes snapped open to see herself in the mirror behind the bar, sitting alone, all the other customers still seated in their chairs, their eyes and mouths open wide in astonishment. David was standing to one side, camera in hand; the flash had been his camera taking a picture of her climax, her orgasm brought on, not by the caress of strangers, but by her own low, evil thoughts. And all these men had seen her. She had climaxed in front of them all. This was the greatest shame of all. The previous orgasm, with only two strangers close by, had been brought on by David's manipulations, but this one was hers alone; and who but a slut would bring herself off in front of so many men? The blush covered her entire body as she gulped the remainder of the white wine. She wanted only to leave this place, to run somewhere and hide. She swung round in chair, until she was facing David, only to be blinded by another flash.

"Can't leave you alone for a minute," David grinned as he stepped to her side. She blushed even deeper, then deeper still as he leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nipple. David leaned across the counter and shook Stefan's hand goodbye, but Gwen scurried around the end of the bar and got to Leila's side just as she slid off the stool.

"Do come back again," she said as she hugged David.

"We definitely will," he replied as he squeezed back.

"Make him keep that promise." Gwen hugged Leila more strongly, pulling the naked body against her covered one. Leila felt the rub of polyester and cotton against her skin as she hugged back. She had known that the men would not mind her being a slut, but had feared that Gwen would be repulsed by her actions. She was so happy that Gwen seemed to like her still. "You must come back again. I want to chat with you. I somehow didn't get time today." Leila was ecstatic that Gwen wanted to be her friend. She had made only a few friends since moving to the city, and none who had first seen her naked. Well, David, but he was more than a friend.

"Let's go, Leila!" David slipped an arm over her shoulder, and turned her toward the door, then letting the arm fall behind her gave her a light but loud smack right on her posterior. She grinned at him and walked beside him to the exit. As he held the door open for her, she stepped into the doorway, then turned so she was facing the bar, called out "Good-bye, all," and blew the guys a kiss. Turning back, she stepped out onto the sidewalk.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 24

Once again Leila was outside stark naked, except for lacy socks and very high-heeled shoes. She felt David's hand come to rest on her buttock, as she swung towards the motel, only two full blocks away. David used that hand to turn her so they crossed the main street. She noticed that he had timed his move so that they would be nearing the centre line just as a car, containing three men, passed in the far lane. She saw the expressions of lust on their faces, heard the yells and shivered. She enjoyed the reaction, but wondered how safe she was. Would David be able to protect her? She knew he would, and again she felt her arousal beginning. She had to calm herself.

Once they had stepped up on the far sidewalk and turned toward the next intersection, David removed his hand from her buns and took her hand in his. So they strolled along, happy, holding hands like the lovers they were. They were only a few yards from the intersection when David suddenly stopped and held up their clasped hands in front of them.

"I knew something wasn't the same. Where are your gloves?"

"My gloves! I totally forgot them. I left them on the table when we went to dance, and we never returned to the table. I just didn't think of them."

"You wait here. I'll go get them. It'll just take a second."

David had barely finished speaking when he dropped her hand and strode back across the street. He barely heard her plaintive "No," as he smiled to himself. He made sure he got to the restaurant quickly, and once there, hurried to the back table. He extracted the gloves from behind the napkin dispenser where he had secreted them earlier that evening, to minimize the chance that the waitress would find them and return them to Leila before they left.

He returned to the very front of the bar as quickly as possible, but then stopped to ask Stefan a couple of questions. From this position he was able to see Leila on the far side of the street and was prepared to dash out there on a moment's notice. Except for one very short elevator ride, this would be the first time that Leila was naked and alone in a public place; certainly the first in such a very public place, standing on the sidewalk of the main street, and he wanted her to have enough time to experience it fully.

Leila was shivering as she stood on the sidewalk, naked and defenceless; she had never in her life felt so alone, so vulnerable. David had left her here, exposed, no longer nude, just naked, totally and utterly naked. She sucked in another shuddering breath as she shivered again. It was still a balmy summer's eve, but she felt cold. Anything could happen. Those four boys in that car at the stoplight might come by again, grab her, kidnap her, rape her... or worse. Another shiver caused her breasts to shake gently, she saw the motion by peripheral vision. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, all the stores were now closed and locked, she could not duck into one of them to escape a... a... well, anybody. Glancing at the plate glass window beside her, she noticed her body partially reflected in the darkened storefront. Not easy to see, but this partial reflection let her see her breasts and pussy, reminding her, as if she needed reminding, just how naked she was.

She was so busy looking at herself in the window, that she did not notice that David had exited the restaurant, had crossed the street at once, and was now slipping along the sidewalk, being very careful not to make any sound. A car approached from the direction of the motel, thus being on the near side of the street. Leila moved closer to the corner, so she was no longer reflected in the window, and turned her body so she was facing the wall, leaving only her bare behind exposed to the view of the car's occupants. She heard the laughter of several voices, both male and female, thank God, and she rested her brow against the brick wall, letting the fear drain from her body; she was safe once more. Damn it, fear seemed to turn her on, she could feel the tightness in her nipples, the throbbing in her vagina; was there anything in the world that would not make her hot?

"'Ere, 'ere, we can't 'ave this! You can't walk around the streets naked like that." As these words rumbled over her, a heavy hand dropped on her shoulder, and Leila shuddered at the thought of a night in prison, being paraded through the station naked, in front of all those cops, in front of all the felons. Leila straightened up and swallowed as she turned to the officer.

"Please, officer, don't... You bastard!" She was looking into David's laughing face. "You no good, stinking, bloody..." Her voice trailed off as laughter, the hysterical laughter of relief, took over her body. She fell forward into his arms, convulsed, tears of relief starting to fall from her eyes. She quickly recovered and David again slipped his arm around her shoulders, as she drew on the black lace gloves, experiencing again the feeling of extra nudity they seemed to give her. At the corner, David swung into the side street, guiding a startled Leila along this new route. She felt arousal building again as the safety of a private motel room distanced itself from her. David stopped halfway down the first block, checking out the opening hours of a photo developing shop. Leila wandered on a few yards, window shopping. As she was standing, looking into the window of a store, David snuck a couple of quick photos. Dusk was falling, and those would probably the last shots he would be able to take without flash.

The next two blocks were residential, small houses with yards that looked large to the city dwellers. Leila felt even more out of place here than on the main street. It felt as though she was invading these people's privacy, as wrong as forcing herself into their private home, nude. Fortunately, all the children seemed to be inside, or in the back yards, as no one seemed to see her; certainly there were no childish shouts of glee or surprise. At the end of this short walk, they crossed another wider street, a boulevard that wound back and forth, trees growing on either side, and found themselves in a park-like area that sloped down to a small river. A few large trees, some bushes, but mainly just a lawn, well cut and very green grass. David guided her across the open park to a large tree near the water. Her high heels sank into the soft earth, and she had to lean heavily on him to keep from falling, but with his help Leila made it to that place, and sat down on the grass.

The sun had disappeared already, but the sky was still a brilliant mix of orange and pink, a sunset that David sat down beside her to watch. They said nothing for a while, just sat on the grass, she leaning on him, extremely aware of the cool sod beneath her naked bum. As the display faded, David lay back, stretched out on his back. Leila, too, pulling his arm straight out from his body, lay back beside him, her head resting on his sleeve, the rest of her body intensely aware of the cool blades of grass tickling her naked skin. Yet somehow that felt correct; once again she was nude in nature; now it was her shoes, socks and gloves that seemed wrong, out of place, not her nudity.

The two of them lay there as dusk fell, talking a little about this and that, but mainly just relaxing in the gathering darkness. Finally, David suggested she tell about the dream in detail. Leila was shocked at first; she had planned to tell him all about it, but in the privacy of a bedroom, not lying naked in a public park. Looking back towards the road, she could see lighted windows in the houses they had passed, while across the river more windows glowed like eyes in the dark. She shivered at her exposure, although the darkness was hiding her from all but the closest eyes. The streetlights were too far to expose her nudity.

With a little sigh, she started to recount her dream adventures, beginning with the shock of finding her pictures posted in the office lunchroom. She shivered with emotion at the remembrance of that event; she had thought they were pictures of today's outing. What if... Her hands started to caress her naked body, her thighs, her taut belly, her soft breasts and hard nipples, as she broke off her story.

"What if... The pictures today, what if copies... I mean, the developer could..." She could not get out a full sentence; the horror of having her naked adventure exposed to all, particularly her coworkers was taking her over, arousal at the idea completed her discomfiture.

"We'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen, won't we?"

"Promise me you won't let the developer do that!"

"Don't worry, love. I promise I will make sure he doesn't." David's reply calmed her somewhat, but though he had rolled onto his side to be able to watch her better, to be able to see which parts of the dream most aroused her, she was not looking at his face, and had missed the sudden gleam in his eyes as he responded.

Leila continued her story, telling of the stripping in the lunchroom, the morning in the office in just her jacket, the trip to the restaurant, the exposure in the restaurant, the return to the office, and working the afternoon naked; all in extreme detail, the telling bringing her back up almost to climax as she relived that horrifying, exciting day. She could not explain her feelings to herself; she felt extremely exposed, lying naked on the grass in a public park, but simultaneously she felt protected, hidden, covered by the darkness. She was glad David had made her tell the story here, not in the motel; there she would have been enclosed by walls, but the darkness seemed to protect her almost as well, while leaving the possibility that she could be seen by someone walking across the grass, seen sprawled out naked, as a sort of spice, just a tinge of danger.

It took a long time to relive the dream, but eventually she got to the final event, the policeman accosting her on the sidewalk, she in her glorious nudity.

"I think that is why I accepted your joke as a real policeman so easily. Your words echoed his, and I remembered my fear of arrest in the dream subconsciously, even while the real fear arose."

David had her recount her imaginings on the street corner, and she recounted the scenes she foresaw, paraded naked in front of dozens of officers, seen by all the other arrestees, locked in a cell open to the view of everyone else. David chuckled.

"You have a tremendous imagination, you know. A small town like this with dozens of officers! There might be four at shift change! I doubt if anyone was arrested here tonight; possibly a drunk who would be dead to the world, sleeping it off." Leila blushed as she realized how unreal her imaginings were. "Still, it is reasonable, as you are conditioned to the city, not a small town; although it is probably scenes from TV, not real life, that fed your fantasies. I wonder... You were awfully turned on sitting at the bar; were you imagining something erotic then?" Leila felt a sudden panic rise in her. She could never tell him that she imagined all those men fondling her naked flesh. She could never admit what a slut she was. David felt her body stiffen through the arm she was still resting on, and guessed at the reason. "Was it like the boys in the car, were the men all touching you? What were they doing to you, spanking you?"

"No, just touching, fondling... all over... they... my body... all of them. My cunt. My breasts." Both her hands rose to her breasts and began massaging, caressing, fondling them, the lace of her gloves tingling and teasing her bare skin. A sudden but gentle touch on her genitals, fingers sliding over her vaginal lips, then sliding into her, pressing her clitoris, rousing her deepest feeling.

"Touching you, like this?" The hoarse whisper did it, she felt herself climax one more time, her body bucking against his hand, her own hands squeezing, massaging, hurting her breasts, as she let out a shuddering moan, through clenched teeth, trying to suppress it. She did not want to bring people running to the scene, she must not scream as she had in the restaurant. She twisted and bucked and the feelings began to subside.

"All of them, caressing, touching, fondling... fingers inside you, on your breasts, buns..." The new whisper sent her off again, another climax on top of the first. Another moan, and another as she tried to suppress the sounds; but not the feelings.

She lay back, her body once again covered in perspiration, hair a mess. David removed his fingers and licked them clean with obvious enjoyment. His hand then fell back to her body, his fingers tracing lazy shapes on her naked skin, from her throat down between her breasts, then further down to circle her belly button. Sensuous caresses, these, not sexual, at least not blatantly sexual. Leila basked in the afterglow of her orgasm; and wondered at the strength of her sexual feelings. She tried to count her orgasms that day, starting with her climax on the beach in the forest, her first climax outdoors. No, that was wrong, she had had one at home in bed, when she first woke up, then on the beach. After that they were too frequent to count, even if she ignored those in her dream, although the condition of the car seat indicated at least one was probably real. Seated on the car in the meadow, making love in the motel, in the shoe store -- in front of others, oh God, in the street in front of the carload of boys, in the dress shop, in the restaurant, here, and that was not a full count. She had never had more than two a day; maybe three if she had one in the morning as she had today, but with a lover she would be lucky to get one, two was almost unheard of. But with David, with his games, she seemed to be continuously aroused, and she would never have believed another woman who claimed as many orgasms as she had actually had.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 25

They lay in the dark for a while longer, David tracing strange patterns on her bare skin, gently teasing her. Leila even fell asleep for a while, exhausted by her many experiences that day. When she awoke, David was no longer lying alongside her, his arm under her head. He was sitting beside her, knees up, arms crossed over them and his chin on his arms, watching her as she slept. He leaned over, raised her hand to his lips and kissed it.

"I think we should be getting back to the motel. After all, I paid for the room and the bed; it seems a real waste if we sleep out here the whole night." Leila blushed at the thought that she was so comfortable naked that she had been able to fall asleep in the middle of a park, where anyone could walk by and see her. Even though it was dark, a respectable girl would never do such a thing; of course, a respectable girl would be fully clothed to begin with.

David pulled her to her feet, then carefully brushed off the bits of grass that were stuck to the dried perspiration on her back and legs, and even more carefully brushed off her butt. Then he walked around to the front and gently kissed each nipple, then held it for an instant between his teeth as his tongue flicked back and forth across it, causing each one to harden again.

Leila gasped from this touch, and started to simmer again. Was David not going to ever let her emotions subside? They walked slowly back to the boulevard, David supporting her until they reached the hard sidewalk, where her heels would no longer sink in. Walking on tiptoe in these shoes was impossible without someone to lean on.

David led her down the sidewalk to the next intersection, and then across the broad street and into the narrower side street. This was another residential street, like the one they had come down. Leila realized that the street lights were glistening off her naked body, and prayed that nobody would be in their yards at this late hour. This time her prayers were answered, and she made it the two blocks to the commercial section of town without incident. Just as they were about to start up the final block that would bring them back to the main street, a police car cruised by on that thoroughfare; the sight surprised Leila, and frightened her as she remembered her visions of a crowded police station. She sagged against David, but recovered her nerve when he murmured that at least they knew where the cop was, and that he would probably be away on his rounds for a while.

This gave her some of her courage back, as well as an incentive to get back to the motel quickly, to get indoors before the police returned. She walked quickly up the final block, her high heels clicking surprisingly loudly in the still night. As she reached the corner, she suddenly felt the full impact of her nudity once more. She stopped and waited for David, who had fallen back a few steps, to catch up to her, before stepping into the main street. He slapped her buttocks when he came level with her, and the loud smack echoed through the silent streets like a gunshot. Everyone for a mile around must have heard. No, she was being foolish, it was just the silence of this moment that made it seem so loud.

David's hands grasped her upper arms and swung her around to face him, her naked buttocks now facing the street.

"God Almighty, you look sexy walking under the streetlights in those heels!" His arms slid under hers, encircling her body and pulling it tight against his clothed body. His lips locked on hers, and their tongues began to battle each other. Leila forgot her nudity, her fear; only her desire for him, for his touch, for his kisses, remained. Her arms were around his neck, pulling his lips tight against hers, while his arms surrounded her chest, forcing her sensuously against his body, crushing her breasts against his cotton shirt. She was highly aroused once again, but this time she did not want just an orgasm, she wanted to feel him inside her, she wanted to be made love to; no, she wanted to be ravaged by her lover. She crushed her lips against his, and signalled her desires by thrusting her tongue into his mouth, invading him as she wanted to be invaded. She pressed her body harder against his, feeling the coarse denim press against her pubic area as she rocked her hips against his, feeling the cloth slide along her naked skin, feeling the denim fly pushing away from his body harder and harder against hers; she felt his arms reduce the pressure on her ribs as his hands slid down her back to cup her bare behind, pressing her hips even harder against his, the fingers massaging and caressing the big muscles, as the hands forced her ever harder against his erection.

A brief eternity later, they broke the kiss, pulling their heads apart and both taking deep breaths of the cool night air; but their bodies were still pressed together at the hips; she was still grinding against his jeans, as his hands still busied themselves, keeping the sensations flowing in her always sensitive buns.

"Let's get back to the motel. Now. Please!" Leila could barely whisper her request, but the last word was filled with emotion, it sounded almost painful. She peered around the corner, looking both ways; the street was free of traffic. She stepped around the corner, and started down the sidewalk; the motel was only about half a block away.

"Stop there!" She had just reached the second streetlight when David's command halted her in her tracks. "I've just got to get a picture of you leaning against the lamppost, it's just so right." Leila turned toward him and opened her mouth to argue against this delay in getting back; she could feel her pussy flowing again, she so wanted to be taken by him. "I really want this, love, and it will only take a minute if we hurry." Leila realized that any argument would only increase the delay before she could deliver herself to her sexual desires, so she simply nodded, and leaned against the post.

"No, darling, face the street. She would be looking for cars, in order to see her johns." Leila realized he would be depicting her as a prostitute, a street-walker. She shivered at that thought; would not the police see her as just that if they passed before she could return to the motel? Another shiver of fear, another increase in the dampness between her legs. She turned towards the empty street, and positioned herself carefully, as wanton a pose as she could. Her right hand on the lamppost, her left on her hip, which was thrust out to meet it; her right foot taking the weight of her body; only the left toe on the ground, that leg a little in front of the other.

"Perfect. Just hold that." A sudden flash of light, but before she could move David gave another order: "Don't move! Hold that pose while I get the front view." She remained stationary as he moved into her field of view, and she watched as he stepped out onto the street. A moment later he had found his position and one more flash painted her with light. Her nipples were rock hard at the thought of the wanton display, of the depraved pose, for what could be more depraved than a hooker, a hooker so desperate she would get naked to solicit.

"Terrific! Just one more pose and we're done." One more! Hadn't he got enough? Yet this terrible exposure was getting her ever higher, she could feel her juices starting to run down her thighs. David had her stay by the lamppost, but instead of leaning on it, her right hand was placed on her right hip, mirroring her left, which was then moved back so it rested on the top of her left buttock. Her hips were still thrust to the left, but her feet shifted so that they pointed almost at right angles, the right one pointing toward the street as before, the left one almost parallel with the sidewalk's edge; weight on the left leg this time, right knee forward, right foot up on tiptoe. This pose had her naked pussy pointing slightly up the street, so it could be seen by approaching cars, but her breasts were in semi-profile to those same cars, her nipples pointing almost straight across the street, an angle that showed them to their best to the traffic on this side of the street.

"Lick your lips, then turn your head so you're looking at the car." She had to attract this man, she had not had a single client all night. If she didn't make at least $150, her pimp would beat her. He had been so angry that she had made nothing so far that he had already ripped off her clothes, telling her that if she didn't get a john when she was naked, he would know she was trying to avoid work; no man could resist her nudity. Leila played this mini-drama in her head, licking her lips and feeling the fear and excitement of the commercial sex to come, the fear of her pimp, she ran her tongue once more over her lips leaving a glistening coat of moisture behind, turned and looked at the approaching car.

She gasped as she realized that there really was a car approaching; a green convertible like the one she remembered from earlier that day, but this one had it's top down.

"David! There's a car coming."

"It's okay, they can see me. Now you must look up the street and smile; your face must invite them to choose you; you can't afford to go home with no money." These words echoed the drama of her mind, so fitted with the pimp concept that Leila had licked her lips and smiled invitingly at the four teenagers in the car approaching before she realized what she was doing. It was the automatic reaction of the imaginary prostitute. She remembered David's earlier comment about her imagination; he was right, she had an unbelievably active one and it was working overtime right now.

"Perfect! Just perfect!" The flash dazzled her again, and the words followed. "Just hold that pose. You did perfectly last time, don't move a muscle." She remained a statue, her eyes following the convertible that was now about to pass her, moving at a slow walk.. She could, of course, no longer see David; she was alone with four lusty teenagers; their remarks left no doubt just how randy they were. She held her pose, but the ribald comments caused her to blush, the humiliation again adding to her arousal. Her nipples had so hardened that they were actually pointing slightly upwards, not straight ahead, and she could feel the tiny rivulets running down her thighs. One of the boys saw the traitorous track and pointed out to his friends just how turned on she was. Leila felt fear mix in with the humiliation; they were not enclosed in a sedan; not only could they all see her clearly with nothing between them and her, but they could just leap out of the car, grab her, throw her into the still moving vehicle and be off before anyone even knew what had happened. Would she be tortured, beaten? Maybe spanked? Or would she be gang raped by the four? Maybe by them and all their friends taking her time after time after... The flash broke into her reverie. An a moment later David's hand was on her shoulder and she relaxed.

"Thank them for helping you in your role." Leila could not speak, but she turned and blew a kiss to the slowly departing car. The cheers returned seemed overly boisterous for a mere four throats, and Leila basked in the approval, both theirs and David's.

They walked the few remaining yards to the motel with her arm around David's waist and his lying across her shoulders. David noticed just how aroused she was and asked her if it was just being seen by the boys, or if her imagination was working overtime again. Blushingly, she admitted the fantasy of being kidnapped and used by the boys and their friends. By the time they got to the motel driveway, his fingers had begun to caress her breast, and as they started across to their room, his hand was once again fondling her nipple and breast, while she was now so aroused that she needed to keep a tight grip on David to keep herself from stumbling.

When they finally reached the entrance to number 42, David pulled the key out of his pocket and opened the door without removing his hand from her tit; the constant fondling following the past few hours adventures was driving Leila to the point of distraction. As soon as the door was unlocked, Leila dashed through and ran to the bed.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 26

Leila threw herself onto the bed, landing on her back with her legs apart, arms outstretched toward David. She could not believe her eyes when he carefully closed the door, turning on the light, then started to unbutton his shirt. She was hot, she was frustrated, she wanted him now. David hung his shirt on the back of an armchair, and sat down deliberately undoing his shoelaces, then removing each shoe. Leila knew he was teasing her; at her place he had always kicked off his shoes, sometimes loosening the laces first, sometimes just forcing them off; he never sat down to take them off. When she gave a grunt of displeasure at his delaying tactics, he just smiled at her and suggested she take off her gloves as she wouldn't want to get them dirty. Leila sat up on the edge of the bed, pulled off the black lace accessories, rolled one into the other, and shied them at David's head. David was watching her as he removed his socks, and merely put up a hand and grabbed the missile out of the air. He finished removing his socks, then carefully unrolled the gloves, muttered "They're damp," and hung them from the dresser, pinching the ruffles in the closed drawer to hold them.

Leila threw herself back on the bed again, this time in the very centre, her head on the pillows, her arms outstretched, her legs spread wide so her feet were almost at the very edge of the bed, displaying her wet pussy to her lover, inviting him to take her forcefully and immediately. Another grunt or moan, she did not want to bother with speech, as she shoved her hips forward, pushing them toward him, demanding his attentions.

"Of course, love! Right away." Still wearing his jeans, David hurried over to the bed, as Leila sighed with anticipation. He reached down to grab her ankle and slowly, deliberately undid the strap of her high heeled shoe. He eased the shoe from her foot, placing it on the bed, then gently pulled off the black ankle sock. Picking up the shoe, he carried it and the sock to the side of the room, and placed the shoe against the wall, with the sock lying across it. He returned to the other side of the bed and grabbed the other ankle. Leila tried to pull her foot out of his hand, but he had been ready for his move, and held on tight. Leila was so frustrated by the point that her moans had begun to sound like meowing. As David undid this second shoe, she pounded the mattress with her other leg, and meowed like an unhappy pussy. David finished removing that shoe, pulled off the little sock, carried them over to the wall, and carefully placed them alongside the other shoe and sock.

"Is my little lady ready to go to sleep?" David asked as he sat down on the edge of the bed, leaning forward to kiss one of Leila's hard nipples. Leila gave a little scream of annoyance and her hands flew to his belt. Shaking with anticipation, her fingers undid the buckle, twisted the button out of its buttonhole and slid the zipper down. She pulled up on the waistband of his pants until he was forced to stand up. She pulled herself out of bed, standing in front of him, her hands letting go of the jeans and clasping his waist, then sliding down the sides of his body, slipping inside jeans and jockeys and forcing both over his hips, down to his knees and finally to his ankles. As he lifted his feet, one by one she slid the clothing off them, then threw it onto the armchair as she stood back up. She fell back onto the bed, grabbing his arm, dragging him after her. David was already hard, her display in front of the teenagers had turned him on, and her blatant come-on once they were in the room had him more than ready.

She had got herself repositioned on the bed as before, her legs spread wide again. She pulled David on top of her, grabbing him and urgently guiding him into herself. He had just begun to pump, when the past hour's arousal and the feel of her lover inside her brought her over the top one more time, and she climaxed with series of shuddering moans.

As her senses recovered, and she became aware of the rest of the world once more, she could feel him still hard inside her. His hands grabbed her wrists and pulled them up until her arms were stretched out wide above her head; with the outstretched legs her body now formed a cross. David whispered a fantasy scenario to her, and one more time she became aroused, her imagination taking her to great heights of emotion. This was followed by the most passionate, most animal sex she had had in a long time, bringing both partners to a sweating, crashing orgasm.

Since both were tired from the long day, she fell asleep in David's arms, content to be alone with her lover; her last conscious thought was that while it was exciting to be naked in public, it was sweet to be safe and private again.

She woke around eight o'clock the next morning; the sunlight coming in the window had disturbed her sleep. As she stretched, she slapped David accidentally, and that slap woke him. They spent the next while just talking the inanities that close friends and lovers use to pass the time, but then, without her quite knowing how, her dream of the previous day was brought up, and David asked to hear the details again.

She wasn't sure at first that she wanted to retell it here, the excitement of lying naked in the dark last night had been so special. She was afraid that telling it here would take away from the joy, like telling a ghost story in broad daylight, instead of in the fearful night. However, David looked so eager to hear it that she began to recount the adventure for the second time. When she told of being stripped in the lunchroom, David gently fondled each part of her body as she described its unveiling. When she arrived at the fancy restaurant, David moved them so that she was lying with her back to him, and as she described the lunch, he used the arm she was lying on to tease her breasts while the other hand worked its evil design on her privates. She was being aroused again, before she even got out of bed, and she could feel him growing hard against her butt.

She continued through the adventure, her imagination and his hands arousing her further and further until, by the time she was stripped naked by the boss, she was yearning for her lover to ravish her -- and told him so. David claimed he was too old and feeble to be able to take her this early in the morning; or was that just too lazy? She knew he was not too feeble, and was just teasing her, which is why she finished the story with David lying on his back and her sitting on him, filled by his erection; bouncing up and down while he reached out to play with her breasts and pussy. She managed to just finish the story before the combination of it and the physical sensations she was experiencing brought her over the top, dragging David over with her.

They both dozed again for a while after their exertions. When they awoke again, the morning was almost gone. Leila could not believe she had climaxed yet again. She had never known how deep, how strong her sexual drive was. She had always felt a little ashamed of herself when she had two orgasms in the same day; she felt that only a voluptuary would permit her body those excesses, but now...

They took a shower together, washing each other's body, but because of the earlier romp, the extra touchings were sensual rather than sexual, light caresses and gentle massages to make muscles feel relaxed, rather than to arouse. A lot of hot water later, they stepped out of the shower, and dried each other off, again rubbing sensually, each one letting the other know that the lust they had shared was matched by their love.

Clean and dry, they returned to the bedroom and David slipped on his underwear and jeans. He said "I think we could use something to eat, don't you?" and Leila nodded her agreement. "I saw a machine in the office yesterday. I think it had donuts in it, or something like that. Why don't you run over and get a couple of donuts for each of us? Hmm. No change. Here's five dollars; I'm sure the clerk will have change. I'll make some coffee; I hope this complimentary stuff is OK."

How could he suggest that she do that? Leila was furious at David for trying to put her on the spot; after all he was already half dressed, and she was still naked -- and without any clothes with her, was likely to remain so.

"Or, if you would prefer, we could start back immediately and stop at that truck stop we passed on the way in." Leila shuddered. She had been asleep when they passed that particular truck stop, but she remembered another one they had seen; acres of trucks, all neatly lined up. She could just imagine all those burly men, all sitting at tables, drinking coffee, staring at her naked defenceless body. She felt herself becoming aroused yet again, even as she blushed and shivered at the thought of all those staring eyes. He would stop there, too. No, her best bet was to get the donuts; but she didn't have to be naked. She couldn't wear his sport shirt, as he had already slipped it on, although he had not buttoned it up, but she slipped into the bathroom, grabbed the solitary dry bath towel, and wrapped it around her body. It overlapped by about three inches, so she tucked it under itself, and examined the impromptu dress. Hanging as it was from her breasts, the very top edge of the areolae could just be seen peeking out from under it, and the bottom edge barely covered her pussy and butt; the slightest tilt of her body forwards or back, and she would be exposing something to the public. But it was better than nothing.

Stepping back into the bedroom, she saw him look up from tearing open the packet of coffee and pouring it into the basket of the small coffee maker but, before he could say anything, she attacked.

"I don't see how the motel can complain if I wear this. After all, I'll just be wearing it in the motel. Or on their property, at any rate."

"No, you're right. They can't complain." Had David given a slight emphasis to the word 'they'? He pulled the fiver back out of his pocket and handed it to her, then followed her as she skittered out the door.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 27

Leila walked quickly across the parking lot towards the street. She had seen David pick up his little camera as she walked to the door, but refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing her look back. She could feel the towel gape open at her side with each step she took, and wondered if she was flashing anything to someone who stood at just the right angle. She decided that she wasn't, that all her naughty bits were covered. 'Naughty bits' was such a delightful phrase; much nicer than 'tits, ass and cunt'. When David had first used it, she had asked him where he had heard it, and he had said he wasn't sure, either in a British comedy or British book -- "You know, real English, the original stuff." She smiled again at that phrase of his, as she pulled open the door of the office.

The air conditioner was not working, but an oscillating fan was blasting air across the room. It caught the edge of her towel, and tried to blow it open but was just not quite strong enough to raise the heavy material; it could only cause it to flutter teasingly.

She walked up to the counter, trying to appear calm, trying not to let the butterflies in her stomach show to the clerk. The clerk was a fat man, but unlike Stefan, the chef she had met last night, he did not seem well-fed and happy; but rather just fat and slovenly. His eyes devoured every inch of her body as he slowly got change from the cashbox behind the counter. The phrase 'undressing her with his eyes' just didn't seem sufficient. He was fondling her, assaulting her, raping her with the ogling stare. Fear rose in her, though she was fairly sure he would not dare to assault a customer; he could be traced too easily by the police.

She accepted the handful of coins and stepped over to the tall shiny machine. There was only one package of donuts, which she immediately purchased being extremely careful to squat down to pull the package out of the bottom of the big machine, so as not to expose her bare backside to the clerk. She failed to realize that the polished metal kick-plate below the delivery drawer made a passable, if slightly hazy, mirror.

One doughnut each just didn't seem like enough food, so she decided to purchase a package of bran muffins as well. Once again she gave an unwitting show to the man behind the counter as she squatted again to pull out the package. She started toward the door with her packages, when she noticed another machine, this one full of fruit juice and milk. She remembered that David wasn't fond of the taste of most tinned orange juice, but that he liked the bite of grapefruit juice in the mornings; 'wake-fruit juice' as he jokingly called it. She placed her two packages on the top of this machine and quickly purchased two tins of grapefruit juice, giving the happy clerk yet another glimpse under the towel.

Holding the remaining change and both of the cold tins in her right hand, she stretched up to grab the other two packages from the top of the machine. The movement of the towel caused by the fan had been slowly working it loose, and each time she squatted her legs had pushed the towel up more, hastening the process. This stretch was the last straw, and as she stood on tiptoe, just as she pulled the packages off the machine, the towel dropped to the floor at her feet, exposing her gorgeous naked buttocks to the grinning clerk. Leila froze. With both hands full, she could not even grab the towel and cover up, nor could she use her hands properly to hide her most private areas. She did the only thing she could think of, walking over to a small table about ten feet away and placing the four packages and the change on it, scurrying back to the fallen towel while trying to cover her naked breasts and pussy with her arms, picking it up and wrapping it back around her. She was blushing red as she knew the man behind the counter had certainly not looked politely away, but had made the most of his opportunity to see every inch of her nudity.

She tucked the towel back under itself, and carefully, very carefully squatted slightly to pick up her purchases and the change. She made her way to the door, which thankfully opened outward with just a push, then realizing she had not spoken to the man and was being impolite, turned back and said, "Thank you for the change."

"No, ma'am, thank you!" he replied with a grin. Leila blushed again, and hurried out through the doorway to the parking lot.

The wind had risen in the few minutes that she had been in the office, and her makeshift dress was whipped about by the strong breeze that whistled through the lot. She realized that the bottom of the towel was being pulled both upward and away from her body. To make her humiliation even worse, a couple was busy loading their car in front of the unit across from and three doors down from her room. The woman was the first to catch sight of her, and she paused for a moment, surprise written on her face; then she turned away and told her husband of the spectacle in the parking lot. He looked at Leila just as a fierce gust whipped the base of the towel away from her body, leaving her naked from the waist down. If she hadn't had her upper arms clamped against the sides of her body, holding the towel in place, it would have blown clean away. Leila was humiliated once again at her exposure before strangers; the blush covered her entire body. Luckily for her, her nudity seemed to entertain rather than offend the elderly couple. At least they were smiling at the sight, not running to a phone to notify the police of another case of indecent exposure.

She had seen David, now fully dressed, place the cooler, which had been in the room all night, plugged into its transformer, onto the back seat of the car, just after she exited the office, and he had now finished plugging it into the cigarette lighter. He picked up the camera, and as another violent gust struck her towel, took a shot of the half-naked girl. The combination of the humiliation of her exposure and of the permanent recording of it plus the feeling of the rough towelling against her skin was turning her on. Again. She could feel the moisture growing in her vagina, and she knew that if her breasts could be seen, the nipples would be pointing straight out, hard as hard.

When she reached the car, David had still made no move to open the unit door for her. She knew she would have great difficulty trying to get it open with both hands full, so, since the car and motel combined to make a partial windbreak, she dropped the two packages of food on the hood of the car, transferred the grapefruit juice to that hand, and said, "Here's your change."

She dropped the coins into David's outstretched hand, ignoring his thank you. Unfortunately, the strongest gust yet chose this instant to whip through the parking lot. Since both her hands were busy, the towel, which had of course been loosened by the previous gusts, blew clean off her body, and about a third of the way back to the street, leaving her standing stark naked once again.

"Damn!" was the only sound she made.

"Don't you think you'd better get that before it blows all the way to the street?" Leila could not believe that David was going to make her chase it, naked as she was. Wouldn't a gentleman run after it for a lady. "I am a lecherous, dangerous and cruel man. If you stay with me, you may just find yourself stripped naked in public again some time, perhaps when you least expect it. You have been warned." These words, the warning he had uttered at the doctor's office, rang in her ears. Of course he would chase after it for her -- if she were not naked. The only reason he wasn't doing it was because he wanted to flaunt her nudity, no, he wanted to let her flaunt her nudity. This passed through her mind even as she turned and ran for the towel. She was running hard, and as she was still carrying the two drinks, she could not conveniently cover herself. A second gust blew the towel almost all the way to the street before she managed to catch up to it, but finally she was standing with one foot on the errant piece of cloth, gasping for breath.

She was unsurprised when a car drove by at the very instant she put her foot on the towel; ashamed, humiliated, but not surprised, not the way her luck had been running with that damn piece of terrycloth. In order to run faster without dropping the tins, she had taken one in either hand, but she now placed both in her right hand and bent over to grab the towel in her left. Feeling that fate had somehow witched the towel so that it would not cover her properly, she decided not to take the time to put down the drinks, fasten the towel and pick up the drinks again, but simply picked up the blasted thing, and walked back to the unit naked, carrying it at her side and making no effort to cover up. The deep breaths she needed to recover from her mad dash continued all the way back to the car, her naked breasts heaving, imparting a fabulous motion to the hard nipples, her lips visible below the sparse patch of hair. The unknown couple frankly stared at this nude vision, a Venus come to life; while David recorded the walk for posterity.

Just before she reached the car, she heard the whirring sound that she remembered from the railway bridge yesterday. David had finished another roll. She didn't know how much of the first roll was devoted to her; after all, he had been taking pictures of the rainbow as well; but she was sure that this roll was entirely devoted to her bare body. Nude pictures of her. She remembered yesterday's dream; everything had begun with, had happened because of pictures of her naked. Already aroused by the current humiliation, she felt herself getting wetter and harder yet again. She wondered if she were normal; maybe she was a nymphomaniac!

David's arm was around her by this point, his hand holding the food packages, as he guided her into the room. She put the drinks on the desk, and threw the towel toward the bathroom.

"Terrific choice, darling. I knew I was right to send you for breakfast. We can each have a wholesome muffin and juice, then follow it up with the sugar rush from the donuts, and the caffeine high from the coffee. A perfect blending of good and bad -- like you."

This gave Leila the perfect opening to mention her worry about her psychological health, and ask if he thought she was a nymphomaniac. She was shocked and hurt when he burst out laughing, and tears started to rise in her eyes, her body sagged and her nipples tried to hide themselves inside the breasts.

As soon as he saw how hurt she was, David tried to become serious. "I'm sorry, sweetheart; I wasn't laughing at your fear, I know that's real, but the idea is so..." He paused to catch his breath before continuing. "Actually, originally any woman who could have multiple orgasms was classified as a nymphomaniac. Of course, the drawback to this definition is that it includes almost every woman. And yes, that definition would include you. I think the current one, however, requires that a woman have a morbid need for sex, her life is controlled by that need, and that she is never pleased or satisfied with her sexual experiences. I don't want to boast -- hell no, I do want to boast, but I think you were both pleased and satisfied last night." Leila could not help smiling at his phrasing, and she was feeling better about herself, but was not yet totally happy. "Moreover, I've heard that because a nymphomaniac is never satisfied, always demanding, always taking never giving, she is the worst sexual partner it is possible to have, and that certainly does not describe you." This compliment was obviously an honest one, Leila could tell from his voice that he had been happy with her last night; she had certainly been happy with him. She was feeling her old self again, and her nipples were popping back out to join the festivities.

"Of course, there is always 'every guy's' definition of a nymphomaniac, and I think by that one you definitely are a nymphomaniac, one of the worst." Leila couldn't think what he meant, but could hear the laughter in his tone. She just looked at him quizzically. "You don't know it, Leila? 'Every guy's' definition is 'A nymphomaniac is any woman with a sex drive greater than mine.'"

Leila could not help but giggle, as David had delivered the definition in the best professorial tone. He leaned over and gently kissed each rising nipple. "If you are still worried, we will make an appointment with a psychiatrist, but it will just be a total waste of time and money. There's no way you're a nympho. You just a gorgeous young lady with a strong, healthy, normal sex drive. And one hell of a gorgeous body!"

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 28

Leila was reassured that she was normal, or at least normal enough, and that, whatever her faults, she was loved, so she was able to join David in consuming their muffin and juice, while the two chatted about various inconsequential things. This allowed Leila's normal good humour and sunny disposition to reassert itself. She then poured the two coffees, adding creamer and sugar to hers, leaving his black. When she carried them over to the desk where David was sitting, he had her sit on his knee while they ate the donuts. Since these were covered in powdered sugar, the process was not as neat as mother would have wanted. The sugar from Leila's donut dropped onto the tops of her breasts, with a small amount falling between them on her chest and some even on her belly. David leaned forward so the sugar would not fall on his shirt. However, since Leila was sitting on his knees, the sugar covered her thighs, not his.

Once they had finished the donuts, David leaned down and carefully licked the powder from the tops of her breasts, and the area between them. When he had cleaned as low on her body as he could bend, he continued his work on her nipples. Leila remembered how, in her dream, Brad and Phil had licked her nipples to clean them even though no shrimp sauce had fallen on them; she recalled how last night, David had carefully cleaned them, even though the spaghetti sauce had missed them.

"Why do you insist on 'cleaning' my nipples when they were never dirty?"

"Because I am always careful and conscientious in my work." David raised his head for that reply then returned his mouth to her other breast.

"Because you're a sex maniac, you mean!"

"That too!" Leila laughed aloud at this reply. "Well, if you insist on my cleaning the dusted areas, you'd better sit up on the desk."

Leila, a little startled, rose and slid her naked backside onto the polished wood of the long counter that combined desk and dresser. David swung the chair round and pulling himself between her legs licked the tops of her thighs clean first, then followed this by treating her belly similarly. Finally, he cleaned the pubic triangle, and, moving down carefully cleansed her lips. He could feel her arousal, see the reddening of the lips and smell the fluid flowing in her. A few more minutes on those lips, and his tongue slipped inside her, gently flicking and pressing on 'her little man in the boat'. His careful cleaning of her nipples had done a good job of arousing her, and it was not long before she felt her next orgasm. Less furious than the ones she had had in bed, it nevertheless left her feeling happy and relaxed.

"Clean inside and out," he announced as he stood up and gave her a gentle kiss on the mouth. She could taste her arousal on his lips, in his moustache. Another experience she had never had before meeting him, she happily thought as she drifted in her pleasure.

At David's suggestion, she had another quick shower, so she would feel clean and refreshed when she got in the car. After drying herself, she borrowed his comb, the only way she could do anything with her hair. At least it would be clean and neat, even if the style was simple.

David told her she looked marvellous and they hugged, clasping each other tight, basking in the joy of being together. As her head rested on his shoulder, Leila could just smell his deodorant, he always wore the same one. Deodorant! It suddenly struck her that he had taken two showers since they left her place. There could not possibly be any deodorant left on his body. And suddenly she realized why she had been feeling something was wrong. That was not the shirt he had been wearing yesterday. He must have his overnight case, the one he kept packed at all times, in the trunk of the damn car. He had clothes in the car the whole time. He could have at least given her a long shirt to wear, but he had not said anything.

She was just ready to give him such a blast, when it struck her: he had changed his shirt and put on deodorant, but not shown her the suitcase. Why? She knew he liked to be clean, but he was not a fanatic about it; he would be willing to wear the same shirt for a second day, so it wasn't that. Did he really think she was that blind, that stupid? Then she realized that this was a message, he was telling her that if she couldn't take the drive home naked, she could have something to cover herself with. He had given her a sign that he knew she would see, but that she could overlook. She remembered the faint shake of the head he had given when he wanted her to stay nude in front of the pizza boy; this was the same type of signal. He obviously wanted to keep her naked, but was giving her an out.

His care in allowing her this option made her feel loved, and the love gave her strength. She remembered his words, "I can't promise not to hurt you, even deliberately, but I will try not to harm you." Humiliation was hurt, but it was a hurt she found she loved, and it certainly did not harm her. Nor would driving home naked today. She would not comment on his change of clothing, but she must think of some way to let him know that she had noticed the sign, without actually telling him.

He had felt the tension rise in her body, then fade away again, and as the tension faded, he felt her nipples harden again. He murmured in her ear. "God, you look gorgeous. I can't believe I've been this lucky." Leila was so happy, she couldn't reply, but just squeezed him tight. "Checkout time is noon, so we've only got five minutes, love. I've put all my stuff in the car. Better collect all yours."

Leila glared at him for his teasing, he knew she had nothing. Then she remembered her shoes and socks. And her gloves. She walked over to the dresser and pulled out the drawer, releasing her new black lace gloves. Glancing in the drawer, she saw two very small bags imprinted with the name and logo of Missee Lee Couture. They hadn't been there the night before, she was sure. Obviously with the two bags David was telling her not to wear either gloves or socks. She had already decided she did not want to wear those high heels today, even if they did give her a sexy wiggle to her walk. She carefully folded the gloves and slipped them into one of the small bags. Then she picked up the socks from where they were lying on top of her shoes and dropped them into the other bag. She would have to wash them when she got home.

She walked over to her lover, held up the two little bags and the pair of shoes, and said, "That's it. I have everything, here."

"I want you to travel light, and you still need two bags just for the weekend. And you can't even fit everything into them. Women!"

Leila refused to let his teasing get to her, but decided to give back as good as she got. "Well, what can you expect when you insist I be perfectly dressed for every different occasion."

"Touché! But you certainly chose your prettiest outfit this morning." With those words, David bowed to her, very gently kissing the tip of each nipple, then he straightened up, and led her out to the car, opening the door for her and handing her in as if she were dressed to the nines and they were on their way to a formal affair.

Leila was surprised that the terrycloth seat cover felt so comfortable. After yesterday's extended exposure, the car felt friendly, homey, safe. She chuckled to herself as she thought of how naked, how exposed she had felt in that very seat, and how differently she felt today. Even the stare from the maid, who caught sight of her walking to the car when she stepped out from making up the room of the couple who had seen her naked just a short while ago, did not bother her. David's love and support had her almost on a high.

David started off, but, to her surprise stopped almost immediately. They were just outside the office, the front of the car only inches from the edge of the sidewalk.

"Do you want to pop in and drop off the key?"

The idea of that clerk seeing her nudity again, and this time getting a longer, clearer view, made her actually shiver. There was nothing she wanted less, but what excuse could she give? She was about to acquiesce when she suddenly got a brainstorm.

"I'd love to," she began, her heart leaping ecstatically at the flash of surprise that glimpsed in his face, "but if you want the receipt, you'll have to go in and sign it yourself. It's not my credit card."

"You're right." She saw a new glow of respect in David's eyes. He had always said he was attracted by intelligence, and she knew that he understood that she had made use of the fact that he always kept the receipts for all credit card purchases. "I'll be back in a minute."

David quickly left the car and entered the office. Leila was no longer so sure she had made the right choice. She could hardly believe how much difference his presence made. Now she was sitting alone in a car, naked and defenceless, nothing to cover herself with, only feet from the sidewalk. A family strolled by at this moment, dressed in their Sunday best. She had her arms crossed over her breasts, so they were unable to actually see anything, but she felt terribly exposed. What if one of the children had been fooling around and had run up beside the car, he would have seen that she was naked. She blushed at the very thought. The time seemed to drag on; a couple of cars passed. It seemed like the better part of an hour, though she knew it was just a couple of minutes. She saw the four lads from last night walking along the sidewalk. They caught sight of her and surrounded the car, staring in, devouring her nudity. One hand slipped down from her breast to her crotch and she started to fondle herself, turning herself on.

She could see the four lads watching her frig herself, and had almost climaxed when one of them opened the door and got into the driver's seat. She gave a little scream as she turned to fight him off.

"I can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?" laughed David, as he started the car. Leila smiled sheepishly as she realized she had let her fantasy run away with her again.

"Sorry it took so long," he continued, as he pulled out of the lot and turned onto the main street, so she was now riding naked the same route she had walked naked yesterday. "The clerk insisted on telling me about the most extraordinary event that happened just this morning. I wish you'd been there to hear about it." Leila was listening with only half her attention, as she saw the very lamppost she had leaned against last night. "It seems that this morning a real looker walked into the office wearing only a towel, a towel that barely covered her, and asked him for change for the machines." Leila blushed at the memory of the clerk's eyes on her scantily covered body.

"Not only that, but she bought several items from the vending machines, and every time she squatted down to grab the items from the machine she spread her knees apart enough that he could see everything reflected in the machine." A feeling of total shame washed over Leila as she realized that the care she had taken not to bend over had been totally wasted. Still aroused by her fantasy outside the office, she dropped her hand back to her privates, and started to manipulate herself again.

David grinned at the sight of her, as he continued. "After she had got everything and was picking it up, her towel fell off and she ran around the office naked, putting her stuff down before she put the towel back on. Don't you just wish you dared to do something so exciting?"

David's gentle teasing on top of her memory of the office adventure plus the fantasy of the four lads was enough to make her come one more time, her third one already that morning. As she was in the throes of passion, she did not notice that David turned down the very street they had walked down last night and parked the car.

As Leila recovered from this latest orgasm, she suddenly realized that the car was stopped, and her door was wide open. David was standing on the sidewalk, holding out his hand to her. She automatically undid the seatbelt, took his hand and stepped out of the car. It wasn't until she heard the car door slam shut that she realized that she was once more standing on the public sidewalk totally naked. She wrapped her arms around herself and shivered.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 29

Leila could not believe it. She had been certain that David was going to drive them straight back to the city, and had been planning on a late lunch in her own apartment, safe and sound; yet here she was, nude, exposed, standing on a public sidewalk barefoot to her ears; she could not believe he had done that to her. She also could not believe that she was still so ashamed by this, nor that she was turned on by it, even after the three orgasms she had already had. Her behaviour was totally indefensible.

David started down the street, and Leila hurried to follow. She walked close behind him, using his body to shield her nakedness; she kept glancing behind to ensure that nobody was catching up to them, enjoying the sight of her naked ass. She was amazed to find that she felt just as humiliated, just as vulnerable, just as aroused as she had yesterday. She wondered why she wasn't feeling more jaded.

They were now about halfway down the block, and David opened the door to the one hour developing lab. Leila stayed glued to his back as he walked up to the counter, looking over his shoulder at the young man behind the counter. She saw a tall, spindly character who seemed to be in his mid-twenties, with flaming red hair. He must be over six feet tall, but she wouldn't be surprised if he was no heavier than she was, he was so thin.

"Can you develop these two rolls right away?" Leila had been afraid of this; if the answer was yes, they would have to come back in an hour or so, and they would hit the weekend traffic on the way into the city. She did not want to be trapped in a traffic jam, sitting naked in the car.

"I'm afraid I can't start them for a few minutes. But if you come back in about an hour and a half, they should be ready."

"I'll wait, thanks." Leila could not believe her ears. There were only two chairs in the small store, both of them in full view of the window. There was nowhere she could hide from passers-by. She could not believe that he would be so mean as to keep her exposed for that length of time.

"You see," David continued, "those films contains shots of a young lady, a nude young lady. She's very shy." Leila almost broke out laughing at that statement; describing her as shy, ridiculous! If she were shy, would she be standing in a store, bareass naked? Yet she had always considered herself to be shy, and her friends and parents described her that way.

"She made me promise that I would make sure that no copies were made of the photos, and to keep my promise, I have to stay here. It's no reflection on you, I can't take them to a major lab because the film would be out of my sight even if I stayed there."

"I quite understand," the thin man replied. "I know one young lady whose photo was copied by a processor. When she found out, she said it felt almost as bad as if she had to walk around town naked. I'll start them as soon as the processor is back up to temperature. Just have a seat. You, too, Miss." With that, he turned back to the printer, and continued to print the roll he was working on.

David gestured toward the two metal chairs against the wall. Obviously, they were intended only to allow those who had returned a few minutes early to sit while waiting for the final few minutes; not to sit for the whole time, and certainly not intended as a comfortable seat for a naked woman. Leila gasped as she felt the metal, cool against her hot skin. She could not believe what David had done. He had managed to turn his promise to protect her from exposure into a way to expose her even more, and do it not only while keeping his promise, but actually by keeping his promise. He was devious, mean, cruel, sweet, kind. She was furious at him for this; she hated him for it; she loved him for it. Leila realized just how complex her feelings were. It was not that she didn't know whether she loved or hated him for this exposure, it was that she loved and hated him for it.

She had taken the chair that was nearer the counter, but adjusted it so that she was turned three-quarters away from his work space. This would prevent him seeing her naked breasts and pussy, and while the top of her ass might be visible to him under the back, it was the best she could do. As the chairs were against the wall opposite the entrance, she would be fully visible to anyone who passed down the street; she just prayed that the street would remain empty, a possibility on a Sunday noon in a sleepy town.

She and David chatted about various nothings. Even though she was furious at his tricking her, she was determined not to let him know he had got to her, and therefore carefully avoided the subject of his trickery or her nudity. After what seemed to her to be ages, but was probably only about ten or fifteen minutes, the technician announced that the machine was ready, and he was about to start processing the films. David replied, and then the two of them continued their conversation. Leila could not believe that the technician had not yet noticed that she was totally naked.

After a few more minutes, David mentioned that he was getting thirsty, and asked the technician where he could get a drink. The technician mentioned the restaurant that they had been to last night if they wanted alcohol, or if just a soft drink, there was a convenience store just across the road and three doors down. David had wandered over to the counter in order to talk more easily, and at this point he called Leila over. She glared at him, but stood up and walked over, carefully keeping David's body between herself and the technician.

"I'm absolutely parched. Here's the money, would you just pop over to the store, and pick me up a Pepsi, a one-litre if they have it. Would you like a drink? Um... we never got your name."

"Ian. And thanks, I'd love a Mountain Dew."

"Mountain Dew. Great. Leila, would you pop over and get a Pepsi, a Mountain Dew, and whatever you want for yourself?" David pulled out some money, and handed her a bill. Leila just stared at him; she could not believe her ears. She was totally naked and he was fully clothed, yet he wanted her to go to a store, alone, unprotected, while he stayed here. "I'd go myself, but you know I have to stay here to keep my promise."

Damn him! He was doing it again. He was using his promise to protect her from humiliation to actually humiliate her. And she knew she couldn't do it. It was one thing to be nude with her boyfriend to protect her, quite another to be walking around alone naked. And she wouldn't be able to hide. After all, there would have to be a cashier who would see her nakedness. Leila shivered at the thought of such an adventure, recalling just how vulnerable she had felt on the street corner last night, when David had run back to the restaurant for her gloves. She shivered again and glanced down at her nipples, distended and hard; she knew that neither the shiver nor the hardness of those little nubbins was caused by the air conditioning; both were a result of the terror she felt as she imagined herself doing what he suggested. A result of the fear, and of the arousal, blast it. She knew that, while the thought of going into a store alone while naked terrified her, it also aroused her -- like everything else apparently. She could feel the moisture beginning to dew her lower lips.

"Well, love, what are you waiting for?"

His calm tone, slightly mocking, infuriated her and she reacted without thinking. She snatched the bill from his hand and headed for the door, barging right through it. It was the feeling of the wind blowing down the street on her naked skin that brought her back to her senses and reminded her just where she was -- outdoors, on the sidewalk of a public street, naked, alone, totally, absolutely, completely naked. And she still had to go to that store. At the thought of that, she stopped and was about to run back into the photo shop. The vision of David laughing at her, mocking her, stopped her in her tracks. She realized she was being unfair to him; David would not mock her, he would be very gentle, would commiserate with her, would probably offer her some clothing; he would be too kind; she knew that she would feel she had failed him and failed herself. No, she had to get those drinks, and not because he wanted her to, but because she needed to prove to herself that she could do it.

She looked up and down the street, sighing with relief when she saw that nobody was in sight. She had exited the store without making any sort of a check; she could have walked into an entire choir on their way home from church or a band of Hell's Angels; what had she been thinking of?

She trotted across the street at an angle, her pace making her breasts bounce lightly. She felt so exposed, out here in the middle of the street, visible from any of the windows on either side of the street, easily seen by anybody passing by on either of the cross streets, well away from any possible shelter; she hurried across to the door of the convenience store. She stopped just to one side of the entrance. The deep emotions she was feeling kept her breathing in long deep gasps, each inhalation raising her breasts and presenting them to whoever might be in front of her; her vagina was hot and just starting to drip. She shuddered with anticipation, took an even deeper breath, pushed open the door and stepped into the store.

A middle-aged oriental gentleman was standing behind the counter with an oriental woman about the same age, probably his wife, seated in a chair beside him. Leila blushed at the astonished stares she was getting from them, but decided to just brazen it out. She walked quickly to the back of the store, her naked buttocks burning from the feel of those four eyes following her.

She pulled out two one-litre Pepsis, and a Mountain Dew, then paused and put one of the Pepsis back. She was feeling so emotional that she decided she would be better off without more caffeine. She pulled out a ginger ale instead. Holding the three bottles in her arms against her body, the cold making her shiver again, she walked back to the front of the store.

The man was obviously enjoying the view of her nudity, his gaze burning into her skin, her nipples, her pussy. The woman, while not as entranced by the sight, did not appear to be antagonistic. Leila placed the three bottles on the counter, along with the money, standing very close to it to try to hide her privates, at least partially.

She was surprised when he only rang up two sodas. When she pointed out his error, he made no attempt to correct it, but just said, "You from photo store. You photo model. I give you free drink, as pretty lady." She realized that they must have been watching her from the time she left the photo store all the way across the street.

Leila took the change and thanked him, and, since he made no move to put the drinks in a bag, picked them up and held the cold bottles against her body once again. She slowly walked to the door, feeling the anxiety mount one more time. Pulling the door open, she checked that there was nobody in sight, then stepped out onto the very public sidewalk. Once again she took the direct line back, angling across the street. She continued to blush as she thought of those two people watching her through their window, seeing her naked buns wiggling from side to side. How many other eyes were on her naked body, staring at her through the many windows that opened on this street? She could not seem to prevent her arousal from continuing. How could David possibly have known that she would enjoy this so much? She could now just make him out through the storefront window, standing near the counter, looking out at her. She shivered again.

She sighed with relief when she stepped through the door, feeling much safer to be back with her lover, even if she was still visible to the public. She handed David his change, and explained why there was so much when he commented on how cheap the drinks had been. He then took the Pepsi and Mountain Dew from under her arm and she scuttled back to her chair, sitting down again, still facing more or less away from the counter, nervously drinking her ginger ale. She wasn't sure just why she felt all these butterflies in her stomach; maybe it was the fact that it appeared she was to spend so much longer in public that was turning her on so; she could not be sure.

David wandered back to her chair for a moment; she knew it wouldn't be for long as he had left his drink on the counter. His hands massaged her shoulders for a moment, making her feel safe and relaxed. He bent over and nibbled her ear lobe, then whispered to her just how gorgeous she had looked, walking naked across the street. His hands had slipped down from her shoulders and were playing naughty games with her breasts, caressing them gently, barely touching them, just enough to arouse her more, but not enough to fully satisfy. She was reliving the feelings she had had while in the street, and when David returned to the counter, she remained on this higher plateau, feeling the dampness trickle down between her legs and collect on the chair seat under her.

Shortly Ian had finished printing the two rolls; David had dutifully stood at the counter the whole time ensuring he kept his promise to the 'shy girl' sitting naked only a few feet from him. Ian rolled up the films, which David had requested not be cut, and placed each one back in a canister, then collected the two double sets of prints and brought them to the counter.

"You have a very beautiful model," he said as he passed them to David, who called Leila over. She tried to keep his body in front of her, but he stepped to the side and turned as she walked across, exposing her blushing nudity to Ian for the first time.

"She's naked!" David just smiled quizzically at Ian's exclamation. "But she went to the st... She wasn't... I mean... she didn't go over there naked?"

"Of course." David stated this as if it were the most natural thing in the world for a young girl to be running around town absolutely starkers on a Sunday afternoon. David had glanced quickly through the shots from each roll to be sure that there was no serious problem, but when Leila reached the counter, he did not show her any of the pictures of her. Instead he spread out the first five shots from the first roll. "You've done a marvellous job of printing, Ian. Leila, look at the colours in the rainbow, aren't they just perfect, exactly as we saw them yesterday!"

Leila was amazed at just how brilliant the multi-hued halo was in these prints, but what she really wanted to see was herself. The rest of the pictures were all of her, yet he hadn't shown her one. She knew he was teasing her, but would not allow him the pleasure of hearing her beg to see them, the pleasure, she was sure, of telling her why it had to be postponed, so she said nothing.

David signed the credit slip, placed his copy and the card back in his wallet, and, saying good-bye to Ian, guided Leila to the door with the words, "We have to hurry, it's already after one."

Why did this phrase cause such a sinking feeling in Leila's stomach as she stepped through the door into the street?

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 30

Leila could still not believe it. Earlier, she had been certain that David was going to drive them straight back to the city; yet she had found herself nude, exposed, standing on a public sidewalk barefoot to her ears. Over an hour later, and she is once again standing on the same public sidewalk, in the identical state of undress still just as ashamed by it, still just as, no, even more turned on by it. Over an hour gone and she had made no progress toward home and safety.

She wondered what the oriental couple were thinking if they could see her now. While sitting in the shop, it had dawned on her that they must have thought that she was a model who, in the middle of a session, had decided to run across for drinks without taking the time to get dressed.

She breathed an audible sigh of relief as David turned back towards the car, his arm around her waist holding her tight to him. Somehow she had felt that he was going to expose her more, taking her down to the river to show her body off in the park without, this time, the cover of darkness. She was relieved that she would soon be at least partly concealed in the car, she remembered how safe she had felt sitting in it earlier today.

Half-way to the car, David suddenly looked over his shoulder, then turned into the street, his arm around her waist still keeping Leila hard against his side.

Leila was again a cauldron of seething emotions. She was shocked that David was not taking her back to the car; she was unsurprised that he was going to show her off some more, she had expected it; she wanted so badly to be safe and hidden; she wanted so much to be completely exposed to many people; she was totally ashamed that she was naked in public; she was totally aroused by her public nudity. She could feel her stomach churning, she could feel her vagina twitching.

As they arrived at the intersection, she could feel her emotions intensify even more. This was the very spot she had stood last night, alone and naked, afraid and aroused, the first time she had been naked in public alone, except for the short time in the elevator the day she met David. Her stomach was still churning, but she was unsure how much of the emotion was from her current situation and how much was from her memory of those fearful moments last night.

They stopped on the corner and waited for a single sedan to pass by on the other side of the street. Leila had been on the inside of the sidewalk; unusual, as David tended to keep her on the street side to expose her better, and being on that side, could be clearly seen by the approaching car. Leila could not see the occupants clearly, but was sure there were at least four, and all appeared to be adults.

As soon as the road was clear, the couple walked across and turned to walk along the main road. Leila realized that David must be taking her to the restaurant. Well, she knew that they wouldn't be there long; she knew the standard health rule: "No shoes, no shirt, no service". She realized that they had broken that rule last night, but surely Stefan would not dare break it at such a peak period as Sunday lunch, and yesterday she had at least been wearing shoes. Peak period! The implication of her thought struck her. It would not be just a couple of people sitting at the bar today. How many diners would be there?

A few more steps, and David reached over and pulled open the door to the restaurant. He gallantly held it for her, politely allowing Leila to enter first. "Gallantly, my ass," Leila thought to herself. "He wants to show me off. He just doesn't want me to be hidden behind his body."

The first thing she noticed as she stepped inside were the expressions on the faces of the five men seated at the bar. Since there was no important game on the TV, they had all turned to see who was entering their locale, and the surprise they felt at seeing a lovely, naked young lady showed clearly on their faces.

Gwen had been standing behind the bar, serving one of the men, and she ran round the end and over to the couple, grabbing Leila in a bear-hug. "I'm so glad you came back today," she exclaimed. "I was afraid I wouldn't have a chance to talk to you soon, if ever. Where do you want to sit?"

"We'll need good light, today," David replied.

"I've a perfect table, bright light, right by the window."

"No!" squeaked Leila. "Not by the window. Please!" The thought of sitting close to the window, visible from the sidewalk was just to much for her. She had been in such a position for the past hour, but that was on a side street, not on the main drag in full view of the much heavier traffic. She needed time away from the public gaze, but if she couldn't get that, she wanted to limit the number who would see her as much as possible.

"Not by the window, then," agreed David, and Leila sighed with relief. Gwen nodded and led them through the break in the row of booths, almost all of which were filled, and into the dining room portion of this very unusual restaurant. She led them to a table situated in the middle of floor, about three-quarters of the way toward the back of the room. This placed them almost as far back as the steam table, but not quite and directly under one of the two large lighting fixtures. Leila realized that she had probably increased her exposure once again by making a choice as bad as her decision yesterday to sit on the path to the washrooms. Had she accepted Gwen's suggestion and sat near the window, she would have been seen close up only by a few of the diners, and would have been exposed on the street side only to pedestrians headed one direction, and only if they bothered to stare into the relative dimness of the room. Now she would have diners on all sides of her; she would be brightly lit by the overhead light, almost like the spotlights in those two stores -- she shivered at the memory -- and, worst of all, she would be seated where anyone heading for the salad bar, or to the all-you-can-eat brunch on the steam table, would pass right by her, able to gaze on her naked body.

The restaurant was almost as full as the booths had been. Nearly every table had people sitting at it; surprisingly enough almost all were adults, the two family groups had only one babe in arms and four teenagers, no young children. Leila could not help but feel all those eyes staring at her. She felt more naked than she had ever felt before.

She had never been naked in front of so many people, except for the second time in the bar, but since that had been a strip club, there had been feeling of appropriateness in being naked that was definitely missing here. She looked around again and decided that she was right, that there were even more people here than there had been in the bar when she had lunch there that first day, though not by many. This exposure felt more like the walk on that crowed street trying to get to the bar; the inappropriateness of her nakedness, and the number of people seemed to match today, but somehow on the street the looks had seemed more fleeting, and the stream of pedestrians moving with her had seemed more friendly somehow.

David held a chair for her, on the far side of the table, the position that would expose her profile to the diners at almost every table, and a frontal view of her breasts to the people in the booths. The chef and his assistant, serving brunch at the steam table, would only be able to glimpse the side of her breast from time to time, but would also have a three-quarter view on her naked buns through the back of the wooden chair. Leila giggled suddenly and then had to tell her lover the reason, that she felt extremely covered once she sat down, because of her dream. Here she was not raised up so that her vagina was at other diners' eye level, and furthermore the checkered tablecloth hid her lower front from view, unlike the bare table in that fantasy. She could only marvel that a fantasy about being even more exposed than she currently was should make her feel less exposed.

Gwen had hurried off and now returned with two glasses of ice water. In answer to her question, David said that they were both going to partake of the brunch. It was only when Gwen hustled away with the statement that she would be back to chat when things slowed down, that Leila came to the realization that brunch was self serve, like the salad bar last night. Even as the thought struck her, David shoved back his chair and put out his hand to help her up. Blushing furiously again, Leila rose and walked with David over to the buffet. She could feel the eyes of all those diners focussed on her naked buns; she saw that David had walked around the next table instead of following her, as this would leave her totally exposed to the entire room.

She started at what had been the salad bar last night, and was today used for cold items, picking up a glass of orange juice as a starter. She decided to forego the cold cereal, and instead headed for the hot food. As she picked up a plate here, she noticed that she had lost her lover; David had picked up a half grapefruit, corn flakes and milk and retreated to their table. She knew he always had a large appetite; too large, he always said, patting his stomach; so she had expected him to head for the hot food immediately; that was one of the reasons she had decided against the cold cereals; she did not want to be left at that table alone. Now, here she was, alone at the buffet, naked as the day she was born, a strange couple on either side of her. She took a deep breath to try to calm herself.

Stefan, the chef, had helped the couple before her, and smiled as he started to serve the nude beauty. He suggested she begin with scrambled eggs given a new twist with the addition of some corn, with both bacon and sausage on the side and a slice of toast. Leila was feeling so flushed that she could only nod. She noticed that the man standing beside her (the other couple having returned to their seats) was looking at her nudity with even more candour than Stefan, and that his wife did not seem thrilled by it. She kept elbowing her husband and whispering such gems as: "It's rude to stare" and the simple "Cut it out!"

As Stefan was laying the final item, the toast, on her plate, he surprised her by saying, "When you've finished that, you must come back for my private speciality -- banana pancakes. I'll whip some up specially for the two of you."

"I ju- just couldn't. I'm getting too fat."

Stefan burst into laughter and said, "Too fat! There is not an ounce too much fat anywhere on your body." Leila gave him her sunniest smile when she heard that. "Believe me," he added, "I've looked." Leila's face went truly neon at these words. They brought home to her again just how very naked she was. Not only that, he had said it loudly enough that several tables must have heard; he had reminded them as well. She saw several diners swivel in their chairs to watch her as she turned from the buffet and walked back to her seat. Carrying the main plate in one hand and a small plate with butter and the glass of juice on it in the other, she could not use her hands or arms to shield any part of her anatomy, and the entire room was able to see all of her one more time.

"He's right, you know. You certainly are not fat in any way, shape or form." Leila smiled at David's compliment. "And while I'm sure everyone here has checked you out from top to toe," David continued, bringing her blush back to its brightest, "I've not only looked, I've felt every square inch of it as well."

Leila tried to concentrate on her food, but an unusual number of people seemed to be going back for seconds, and virtually every one of them chose a route that brought them right past her chair, even if that resulted in a circuitous trip. Leila knew they were all checking her out, and from the small amounts of food that many picked up, the majority were making the trip solely to get that close-up view. The knowledge that she was on display like an animal at the zoo, and more naked by a coat of fur, kept Leila blushing from humiliation, and as always the humiliation kept her extremely aroused.

When David got up to get his next course, she was only partway through the large omelet that Stefan had given her, and she tried to concentrate on the food as she sat at the table alone. She could feel the eyes burning into her bare body, and somehow being the only person at the table, even though her lover was in the same room only a few steps away, made her feel very alone, very vulnerable, very aroused.

When David returned to the table several minutes later, she realized that the extra time had been used by Stefan to cook a special order. The home fries were, of course pre-prepared, although Stefan had made them with his own special recipe, adding small amounts of finely chopped peppers and onions. However, beside the large mound of potato was a breakfast steak with two fried eggs lying on top of it, a heap of fried mushrooms, and a half tomato, with three slices of buttered toast on a side plate. She commented on the amount of food he was eating this weekend, only to blush brightly when he replied that the he had to keep his strength up if she were going to work him like she had over the past twelve hours. She slowly polished off the food in front of her, while David did the same to his plateful.

By the time they had finished, it was after two o'clock, and Stefan called them over to his station. Some people had left by this time, as the brunch service was supposed to end at two, but a number had ordered a special coffee or other small item to allow them to sit and look at the little nude lady without seeming overly prurient.

David got up as soon as Stefan called to them, and once again offered his hand to Leila. She sighed as she took it and stood up herself. When they left the motel, she had thought she would be at home, safe and secure, out of the view of others, long before this. Yet here she was, walking through a public room, naked, the only naked person, once more. She blushed as she thought how her bare buns were once again exposed to the entire room.

Stefan piled two plates high with pancakes, slathered on butter and then drowned them in what turned out to be real maple syrup. Leila had not wanted to accept any more food, despite Stefan and David's assurances that she was not too fat, but Stefan seemed so proud of this dish that she just didn't have the heart to refuse. She took one of the plates and tried to slip behind David for the walk back to the table; she still wanted to shield herself for the diners' stares as much as possible.

"Ladies first." David stepped aside and with the slightest bow waved her through.

"Would you be quite so polite if I weren't naked?" Leila's question was hissed in what could only be described as a vicious whisper.

"Probably not," was David's whispered reply, a chuckle making itself known under the words. "But they all want to see your beautiful body, and so do I." Leila blushed once more at the reminder of her nudity, as if she needed reminding. "I didn't get to watch you walk up here, and I want to see those gorgeous globes as you walk back."

With a plate in her hands, Leila could not cover herself; besides which, she thought, it would only draw more attention to how humiliated she felt, if she tried to shield the naughty bits. She felt the relief keenly when she was able to sit once again, hiding at least her lower body from the crowd's gaze.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 31

Leila continued to feel the shame of being nude in a restaurant as she slowly ate the banana pancakes that Stefan had insisted she try. He was, she decided, justly proud of them; light fluffy body, with the slices of banana offering a delightful change of texture, the maple syrup adding a positive blast of sweetness. The food was good enough to take her mind off her humiliation -- almost.

Gwen had finished serving the rest of the customers, and as the brunch was officially over, she was able to accept David's request for her to sit down when she had brought the coffee to their table. She again asked Leila about a couple of the experiences of yesterday, and Leila told them one more time. David thought Gwen was interested in trying public nudity herself, but was unsure how to broach the subject, so he had Leila describe her original stripping by Maria. Gwen asked several questions that showed her intense interest, and Leila answered as best she could. When Stefan stepped over to the table, leaving his assistant to clean up the remains of the buffet, Gwen seemed to become more nervous and less inquisitive, a sure sign that she did not want her boss to suspect her interest in this particular perversion.

David confirmed for Stefan that Leila had now been naked for over twenty-eight hours, most of it in public or semi-public areas. Stefan's expression indicated something between amazement and disbelief, so David suggested he might like to see more proof of this period. Leila shivered as David picked up the envelopes of prints from where he had left them on the table, realizing that she was about to be naked twice at the same time, once in real life, once in the pictures.

David opened the first envelope, and showed the two guests the eight shots he had taken of the rainbow halo in the falls. This was followed by two shots of Leila lying on the beach, spreadeagled. The first shot was taken from the side and, while her hips and breasts were clearly seen proving she was nude, the camera angle was too low to show her private parts. For the second shot he must have climbed on one of the rocks, as he was shooting down on her, her breasts even more visible than in the previous shot and her lower lips clearly shown between her legs.

"How could you shoot me like that? You never let me know." She felt betrayed, defiled.

"Leila, you wanted me to shoot you. I was watching you, your facial expressions, your body language, while I was choosing the places to take the shots of the rainbow; and you were positively livid that I was more interested in the falls than you." She looked away from him, and he gently took her chin in his hand and turned her head back to face him. "Look me in the eye and tell me you did not want me to take those shots." He paused and looked her directly in the eyes. "You chose to lie like that, eyes closed, when you knew I had the camera," he continued when she made no reply, "now don't tell me that wasn't an invitation."

Damn his eyes. She lowered her gaze, blushing one more time. He knew her too well, better than she knew herself. She could see the shock that had been evident in Stefan and Gwen's faces when she gave vent to that despairing cry melting into a wry amusement; this exposure of her emotions humiliated her as much as, no, more than, the exposure of her body. She watched the redness creep down her body as the humiliation struck home. He was right, she had wanted him to photograph her. But what other shots that she knew nothing about did he have in those two innocent-looking envelopes?

She watched as Stefan and Gwen inspected the two revealing shots, blushing again as they made polite but pointed comments about her beauty.

The next two shots that David showed them showed the beach from a distance, with her running across it, leaping in sheer high spirits. She remembered her fantasy of being Sheena, and smiled to herself at the thought, but this was a fantasy she would wait and tell only to David; she felt it was too childish, or maybe childlike would be a better description, too childlike to confess to anyone else; she would have enough trouble telling her lover. The next two shots were also distant; she was crouched like a trapped animal; she remembered the sudden fear at the unknown sound. A fear unnecessary it was true, but very real at the time. In none of these pictures were the details of her body seen, the camera was too far away for that, but Leila felt that her body language showed her emotions all too clearly; those exposed feelings made her feel more naked than her current lack of clothing. She shivered at the thought of that most private part of her being exposed to these new acquaintances.

Four shots showed her swimming across that tiny lake, the first showed her walking into the water, the next two gave only the basic shape of her body, but the last one showed her naked buttocks as David shot down at her from the bridge. Four more had been taken as she climbed the rocky hill; bent over using her arms as well as her legs, there was not the explicit frontal nudity of her spreadeagle pose on the sand, but she was very obviously naked in all of them, her breasts hanging down, visible between her arms or under an arm in three of the four. At last the first shot she had known of at the time, nearing the level of the tracks and standing up, then a second as her body straightened, a full-length nude pose, standing on the tracks; the nudity seeming more explicit with this symbol of civilization a major part of the scene. She could no longer be seen solely as the innocent child of nature.

Finally there were two shots of her pouting at David, portrait shots that showed her from the top of her head to her waist, her wet tousled hair framing a face with the moue of a little girl annoyed at her parents, the face of innocence above the nude breasts of a woman, adult and sexual. Both Gwen and Stefan gasped when they saw these particular images, the ambiguity of the combination of face and figure, the flash of the eyes. Even Leila could hardly credit it; she had never had a picture of herself that looked half as striking. Maybe David would have an enlargement made for her.

David carefully replaced all the shots in order in the envelope before opening the second set. The picture on top of this second group was one of Leila sleeping in the car, her seat tilted back, her hair tousled, her mouth open in a sensuous "o", her breasts slightly flushed, her nipples hard and jutting out. She knew it was during her dream, but she wondered just when David had taken the shot. From the angle, she felt he could not be driving, and so it was probably taken in the motel parking lot. The other two both gave a little "aw", when they saw the innocent look of the sleeping face. This shot complemented the previous two, with the childlike expression, but the sexually aroused body.

The next three shots brought the neon back to Leila's body. They had been taken in the shoe store, why had she not noticed him shooting her? She looked at the shots; she was seated in the wooden chair, with her knees about eighteen inches apart. At least it was not the earlier pose with her legs stretched so they pointed in almost directly opposite directions, the ninety degree spread was bad enough. In the first picture, she recognized the head of the other customer fig-leafing her as he crouched with one foot on the dais, pretending to adjust the shoe, while actually ogling her privates. Leila remembered the long hard gaze, and felt the butterflies in her stomach take off. The next two shots had a clear view of her body, her naked breasts, her naked, flowing pussy. Even in the photo at that distance, the sheen of the juices coating her lower lips was outstandingly visible.

Most of the diners had left; they had finished eating, and did not wish to seem as lecherous as they actually were, so they had paid their bills and left. Leila sought refuge from the sight of those pictures in checking out the remaining people, just five women and nine men, including Jake, with whom she had danced last night.

One of the other men chose this moment to approach Gwen, and ask for his bill. As he saw the shot in her hand, the third of the shoe store ones which was the closest and clearest of the three, he gave a low whistle and muttered, "Gawd, that's fantastic."

"Thank you, sir. Would you like to see the rest?" How could David say that? Leila's stomach did a complete flip-flop at these words; it was bad enough to have two such recent acquaintances as Stefan and Gwen view them, but another man and a stranger at that; David knew she would be upset at the idea.

"Gawd yes, I'd love to, but I'm with my friends..."

"They'd be welcome too, if you think they'd be interested."

The stranger said he'd be right back and headed for his table, bill forgotten. Leila gulped down the last of her coffee, and then it struck her that the food, drink and excitement had worked together and she needed to go to the bathroom badly. She excused herself and dashed for the cover of the hallway and the ladies' room. Just as she stepped into the hallway, she looked back only to see that delegates from the other tables were now approaching the one she had left. Surely David wouldn't let them all join the group and see all those shots of her naked.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 32

When she returned a while later, the entire group had moved down to a large table halfway to the window, and were seated there, looking at photos. She blushed as she approached, knowing that these strangers had all now had time to few her body frozen in time, imprisoned in all its glory on pieces of paper. David got up from his seat and turned to greet her. She had been unable to keep her arms from in front of her body, thinking of how these eyes would be looking up at her, probably staring at her naked breasts, comparing them with those of the girl in the pictures.

She jumped as Stefan, who had just returned from behind the bar, set a tall wooden stool beside David's chair. She wondered why he had brought that over when there were so many more comfortable chairs still empty.

"While you were gone, everybody looked at the first roll, the shots in the woods." Leila blushed again, thinking of all these people staring at frozen moments of time. "Both Stefan and Gwen thought that the rest of the group might like to compare the pictures from the shoe store with the real thing, so Stefan brought over this stool specially for you. Why don't you just hop up there?"

David wanted her to flaunt her nudity in front of all these people; her stomach churned with emotion, her nipples hardened, her juices started to flow once again. Slowly, inevitably, she climbed onto the stool, sitting carefully with her legs close together.

"Head up. Shoulders back." Leila sat up straight, her breasts thrown forward by the strict posture. She heard an appreciative murmur from the table. "Legs." Blushing again, she moved her knees apart, placing her heels on the front rung, touching the front legs of the stool. "Legs!" The whisper was quiet, but very intense. Blushing deeper still, she spread her legs wide, as wide as ever she had in her dream, her knees pointing away from each other, her feet on the side rungs, her naked, dripping pussy lips spreading apart, her juices again staining her thighs. A louder murmur arose from the table at this brutal exposure

"If this keeps up, I'm going to have to start calling you Lia," David chuckled. When Leila questioned him with a look he merely said, "Ask me later when we're alone," and she accepted the need to wait.

David sat back down, and took the first shot from the envelope, the one of her asleep in the car, and after showing it to her started it on its way around the table. This was shortly followed by the three of her in the shoe store.

She remembered how she was displayed in those pictures, her knees were spread it was true, but only at right angles, not like the excessive display she was giving now. Of course, after a certain point, nothing was hidden; yet, somehow, the extreme spreading of her legs, the thrusting forward of her chest, these seemed to make the exposure more blatant, stronger, more sluttish. She continued to redden as she saw person after person at the table gaze at the photo, then ogle the reality of her nudity. She knew that on this stool, her private parts were almost right at eye level of the seated audience, again just like her dream, but here there was not even a table to give her a pretence of cover. Her breath was coming in deeper and deeper gasps.

David passed up the next shot, then stroked the back of her calf as she regarded it for the first time. This one was a full length shot from behind as she walked down the sidewalk, naked but for high heels. She had not known that this shot existed either, obviously shot on the walk from the shoe store to Missee Lee's. While this only showed her naked backside, not much more than she would be showing on a beach if she wore a thong bikini, somehow the fact that it showed her walking naked outdoors on city streets made it feel as sexual, as humiliating as the most blatant of the shoe store exposures.

Leila continued to feel the shame and the arousal as each group of pictures made its appearance and was passed round the table: the two shots of her heading for the washroom, naked, aglow with perspiration, hair bedraggled and unkempt, one shot of her front, one of her ass; two shots at the bar, the first from the side, head thrown back in the throes of orgasm, the second a full frontal exposure, in both the other, watching patrons visible in the background; the four shots under the streetlight, posing like a prostitute, looking up the street for customers, the passing car visible in some shots, her excitement visible in all. These shots caused more comments to be exchanged by the rest of the audience; they realized this was a pose, a form of acting, and were discussing the fantasy as well as the reality. She could not make out all the words, but the tone was generally appreciative and friendly. Shame at her nudity fought with pride in her ability to pose, each emotion trying to arouse her more. She closed her eyes, breathing deep, trying to lower her arousal.

A bright flash of light, noticeable even through closed eyes, brought her back to reality. She looked again at the audience and saw that David was standing beyond the table, camera still at his eye. My God! How could he photograph her with her legs spread so far apart? She knew that the audience would be visible in the shot, though only the backs of their heads so they would not be recognizable; it would be obvious that this was not a studio pose, but a shot of her exposed to the public. The shame was mounting more and more, as he took another shot. She started to close her legs; but he shook his head no, very slightly but obvious enough to her, so she kept them spread wide. Why did she let him do this to her? As she puzzled over this, David took a few more shots from various angles.

When David returned to his seat, and pulled out the next shots, she realized that only this morning's photos were left, and the first two of these showed her in the towel. The first showed enough of the open side that it was obvious she was wearing nothing underneath, but neither showed her more private areas. The next three were of her walk back to the room, the towel blowing up, exposing her naked pussy to the camera's critical eye. Leila blushed again when she saw these, but somehow, she didn't feel the exposure the same way as she did the others; the makeshift dress at least made her appear to be trying to keep covered. Finally, four shots of her from behind, naked buttocks bouncing as she chased her towel; these ranged from close to the camera to one almost at the sidewalk, her foot finally on the towel; followed by four more of her walking back toward the camera, brazenly nude, carrying the towel and drinks, making no attempt to cover up. This brazen attitude was obvious and she felt the humiliation rising again at these shots. One of the shots even managed to show the stranger couple watching her. She was so ashamed that all these people could see how she had flaunted her naked breasts and pussy before these strangers; that they could know that her present attitude on the chair was not an aberration, but something she did too often. She felt her juices flow even more at this final humiliation.

What seemed a long while later, when the last of the pictures had made it around the table to the accompaniment of many quiet comments and numerous glances at her nudity currently so carefully displayed, David carefully enclosed them all in the envelope. He spoke to Stefan for a moment, then stood up.

"I think we had better get going shortly," he said, looking over at the clock on the wall. "I'll just make a quick stop before we head off." With those words, David headed off to the washroom. Leila maintained her position on the stool, but being alone made her feel more vulnerable, more humiliated, more aroused, damn it.

Only a few minutes later, although it seemed much longer to her, David was again standing at her side. "Time to go, love. We want to be home in time to get a good night's sleep before work tomorrow. Let's go, my little Lia." Leila stepped down from the stool, the relief she felt at standing with legs together only emphasising to her the humiliation of her previous wide-spread exposure. Each of the audience members shook her hand good-bye while gazing one final time at her nude body; Stefan gently kissed her forehead, and Gwen hugged her close, whispering a thank-you in her ear and also said she might try a naked picnic with her boy-friend some weekend soon.

Leila then took David's arm, he guided her to the door, followed by the majority of her audience who for some reason had all decided to leave at this time. David held the door open for her, and she stepped through, finding herself once again on the public sidewalk, totally naked, totally exposed.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, Part 33

As they turned and walked back to the intersection, Leila glanced back over her shoulder and noted that while some of the diners had turned the other way, six men were still trailing after David and her, gazing mesmerized at her naked buttocks, her buns that David was fondling once again. This was the first time she had been followed by a group of people while she was walking outdoors, naked, except of course for the walk back to the office in her dream. She knew that the arousal she felt was going to continue, at least until they got back to the car.

At the intersection, while she and David waited for a car to pass on the main street, the group caught up to them. Two continued along the main street, and one turned down the side street. The other three waited with them, still gazing at her nude form. The car now past, they crossed the main street and continued down the side street, until they were level with David's car, and still they continued on. Leila glanced at David, wondering where they were headed now. A minute later her unasked question was answered, as David guided her into the convenience store. Two of their companions continued down the street, calling goodbye to her as they left, only one followed those naked globes into the store.

"I just thought I'd pick up a couple of drinks, in case we get stuck in traffic, so we won't have to stop at a truck stop on the way home." Leila shivered at the thought of being seen naked by all those burly men, then relaxed as she understood that David had just told her that she would not be out of the car again until they reached her place.

They walked together to the back of the store and picked up several cans of Pepsi, and then returned to the cash register at the front of the store, where David picked up a couple of chocolate bars as well. Leila was blushing again under the frank gaze of the oriental gentleman behind the counter, his wife was not present this time. The remaining diner had not accompanied them to the back of the store, but had watched her naked progress up and down the aisle, and was just purchasing the Sunday paper as they returned. Leila wondered if he had planned to stop in and buy it, or if it was a ruse to disguise his interest in her. David paid for his purchases, and this time the storekeeper put everything into a plastic bag. Together they left the store and finally they returned to the car. The other man remained standing by the convenience store door, his gaze following her all the way back to the car, not moving on until the body of the car partly hid her.

David opened the passenger side door first, and Leila slid into the front seat. She was amazed at just how safe and private she felt, given that her naked breasts were visible to anybody who looked in from in front of or beside the car. As she luxuriated in this strange comfort, David opened the rear door and slipped the cold drinks and the chocolate bars into the electric cooler.

Just a minute later, he was strapped into the driver's seat and they were headed out of the town.

"Before I forget, David, just who is this Lia that you were calling me?"

"It's the heroine of an adult book -- two books actually -- Biker's Girl and Biker's Girl on the Run. She loses her clothes in the second chapter of the first book, and is basically naked for the rest of the two books, no matter what she is doing." Leila felt a delicious shiver run through her body at these words, or was it at the touch of his hand on her thigh. "She is naked, riding on the back of motorcycles, naked in a jail, naked in the forest. But very early on, she is forced by the bikers to sit on a stool in a diner, totally naked, with her arms at her sides and her legs spread wide, open to the gaze of all the people in that room. The same position you were in on that stool this morning." Leila could feel the moisture in her pussy as she remembered herself on that stool, as she added dozens of rough, leather-clad bikers to the audience. She had to calm herself. She tilted her seat back and let her body relax, closing her eyes and just giving herself over to the comfort of a private world, empty but for her, and that hand gently touching her left thigh.

As on the trip out, she didn't quite sleep, but she let herself hover on the edges of Lethe. She kept her eyes closed even when she felt the car speed up when they reached the thruway. She drifted in darkness, the occasional air horn letting her know that another truck had been passed, another trucker had glimpsed her nudity, another person was thanking her; but while she knew this was happening, it did not register as something that required her attention.

An unknown time later, she felt the car slow as they reached the city; fortunately the Sunday night traffic was relatively light, and they were not trapped in a traffic jam. As the car wove its way through the city streets, she returned to full consciousness. She knew her long, eventful weekend was drawing to a close, but she did not want to be alone just yet.

"David, I don't want to be alone just yet. Will you please stay at my place tonight?"

"You mean that instead of going home and stretching out across my own waterbed, alone, you expect me to stay at your place, sleep on your bed, not alone, but having to share it with you, your body bumping mine, your head lying on my arm, probably cutting of the blood and making it fall asleep! You really expect that?"

"No, of course not, I'm sorry..." Leila knew she couldn't expect him to put up with all that. If only she were more loveable.

"Of course I'd prefer to stay with you. But I'm going to put a condition on it anyhow -- you will not put anything on until you get ready for work tomorrow."

Leila beamed as she agreed. She was loved, and her lover's teasing only proved it. She knew she would be late getting in to work tomorrow. But it would be worth it.

Leila's Picnic Weekend, The End