Café Seven
by bernanke41

George was a regular at Café Seven. Many would probably avoid having to drive clear across town just for a severely overpriced cup of coffee, but then again those people likely never wandered past Café Seven and its blackened windows or alleyway entrance.

For George, however, Café Seven fit perfectly into his lifestyle. At 72 years of age- and a widower of nearly four years- George began spending less and less time at home when most men his age were doing the opposite. Escaping to Café Seven a few times a week seemed to complement his schedule, and it certainly didn’t hurt to be greeted by his favorite waitress Amanda.

“Oh hi George!” beamed Amanda, throwing her arms over George’s shoulders and planting a gentle kiss on his cheek. “I haven’t seen you this week!” continued Amanda, brushing some of George’s thick white hair over his ear.

“Heaven’s to Betsy, how are you Amanda! I’ve been hanging out with my grandson Tommy. It’s his last few days off before school starts next week. You can see he’s not too thrilled to hear that…hahaha. Tommy, I’d like you to meet Amanda,” said George, motioning to his grandson who remained outside in the alley.

“George!” scolded Amanda, folding her arms over her chest. “Isn’t your grandson a little young… to see me like this?” whispered Amanda, trying to cover her barely clothed body.

“Not at all. I mean, I don’t think so. I’m sure my daughter-in-law wouldn’t be too happy, but Tommy here is eleven, and he’s going into the middle school next week. Isn’t that right Tommy?”

Tommy nodded and reluctantly entered the café to see what else was happening, which almost immediately changed to “get a closer look at Amanda”.

Amanda was dubious. “Are you sure?”

“Of course. Not to worry. Why don’t you show us to my favorite table in the corner there?” replied George, wrapping his right arm around his grandson.

George gently elbowed his grandson, calling his attention to Amanda’s delightful derriere, framed perfectly by her tiny white lace thong. Tommy’s eyes dropped from her ass to her silky thighs on down to her 5” red peep toe heels, until Amanda stopped at their table and ushered Tommy to his seat. George enjoyed Tommy’s embarrassment as Amanda clearly caught him checking her out.

“And what can I get for you today, cutey?” smiled Amanda, her long dark hair intentionally placed over her bare chest.

“Uh, I uh…”

“He’ll have one of those smoothies Amanda,” replied George. “Give him the one with the strawberry, banana and honey. He’s a growing boy.”

“You got it. So a coffee and a smoothie,” smiled Amanda again, retreating from the table to fetch the drink orders.

George relaxed in his chair scanning the unusually quiet café, especially for a Wednesday afternoon during Amanda’s shift. A baseball pregame show that no one cared about was on the overhead televisions, perpetuating that late summer boredom for which Café Seven provided soothing relief.

George and Tommy settled in with some small talk, and alternated between ogling the two other waitresses- neither of which was as pretty or dressed as skimpily as Amanda- and the game, until Amanda returned with their drinks. It was obvious to George that the freewheeling conversation he usually enjoyed with his grandson was not going to thrive in what was a brand new setting for Tommy.

Amanda could feel the heat of their stares on her skin as she approached their table. Then again, she always felt that heat, which certainly came with the territory being one of the few females in an establishment typically filled with men and boys. It didn’t help matters that she was usually the only waitress that was required to be topless, and it helped even less that she had magnificent breasts.

Tommy studied the movements of Amanda’s body as she smiled at the pair and positioned their drinks on the table in front of them. She backed off and held her now empty drink tray under her arm, standing nearer to George but facing Tommy.

George slung an arm around her waist, gently nudging her closer to him, to which Amanda complied. Moving with his calloused hands, Amanda placed the tray on a nearby rack and perched herself on George’s lap, semi-relaxing on his right leg. Amanda continued to try and hide her ample breasts with her long hair, an activity George quickly noticed.

“Amanda,” whispered George. “I know what you’re doing, and I can appreciate it, but it’s completely unnecessary. You have nothing to worry about with Tommy.”

“Awww, but he looks so uncomfortable here,” replied Amanda, as George slid his hand up her crossed legs.

“Well then, perhaps you could relax him a bit and make him feel more comfortable. Maybe talk him up a little.”

Amanda proceeded to rise from George’s lap, and, in a way that only she could, seat herself on their table in the limited space between their drinks. Normally, having a person wearing only underwear sitting near food items would be a cause for concern, but with Amanda it was the furthest thing from thought. And when Amanda deftly crossed her thighs again- left over right- the two males of ages at opposite ends of the spectrum could hardly contain themselves.

“I really like these,” said George matter-of-factly as he analyzed the material of Amanda’s panties with his thumb and forefinger. “Of course that pink number you wore last time was out of this world.”

“Aww, thanks George,” replied Amanda, startled by George’s fingers as she had been focused on Tommy and the way he played with the straw in his smoothie. “You remember what I wore last time? That’s so sweet!”

“Amanda, at my age I remember everything you’ve ever worn,” laughed George. “Of course that’s not too difficult a task since you always wear so little! Tommy, why don’t you have a look, if of course Amanda doesn’t mind.”

“I, uh…okay, I guess so,” replied Amanda, although Tommy had already reached out for a feel before receiving her approval.

Over the next minute or so, Amanda found herself in the awkward position of trying to be polite while having her upper thighs and hips caressed simultaneously by one of her regular customers and his precocious grandson.

Deciding that two hands were better than four, Amanda dismounted the table and stood closer to Tommy, all the while providing him a much fuller view than before. He immediately returned his right hand to her outer left thigh, stroking his fingers over what had to be the softest and smoothest thing he ever had the pleasure of touching. Amanda allowed his hand placement, as at least he was no longer messing around with the tiny waistband of her thong.

“Amanda!” shouted Mark, the café owner/manager. “Please seat these new customers,” he continued, causing Amanda to whirl around rather stiffly in her very high heels, and Tommy’s curious right hand to sweep across her heavenly butt.

“Oooh, oh, okay Mark,” answered Amanda, trying to carefully compose herself as Tommy reached his left hand for her taut stomach. “I’ll be right back. I just have to help out. I have NO idea where Melissa went!” continued a perturbed Amanda.

Tommy watched Amanda very intently as she escaped his clutches and greeted the two middle-aged men that were awaiting a table. Tommy noticed what seemed to be a standard protocol, first with his grandfather earlier, and now with the two men who had just entered the café.

“Grandpa, how come Amanda sat on your lap, and now she’s sitting on theirs,” pointed Tommy, as Amanda was passed from one gentlemen’s lap to another.

“Well, that’s just Amanda’s way to being friendly, welcoming everyone to Café Seven,” reassured George.

“But she didn’t sit on my lap,” reasoned Tommy.

“Amanda wasn’t sure you were comfortable here, but I think she knows you are now, so why don’t you just ask her to sit in your lap? She’s going to come back after she takes their orders,” offered George, delighted that his grandson made such an astute observation.

After several minutes, Amanda returned to George’s table. George needed another $10 coffee, so he temporarily postponed Tommy’s line of questioning for a little longer. He could see the disgust on Tommy’s face when Amanda immediately whirled back around to retrieve another coffee for his grandfather.

“Here you are George,” said Amanda, placing the coffee in front of him again. “Are you okay with your smoothie, cutey?” continued Amanda, again approaching Tommy’s side of the table.

“Uh huh. Could you sit on my lap?” asked Tommy curtly.

“I beg your pardon?” replied Amanda nervously.

“It’s okay Amanda,” mediated George. “Tommy noticed that you seemed to sit in everyone’s lap but his. He was just curious if you could also sit in his lap.”

Amanda’s nervousness was heightened when George motioned for her to do so, which she obviously was none too comfortable with.

Tommy outstretched his hands in anticipation of receiving the 25-year old, 5’3”, 105 pound, 32C-22-33, long, dark haired beauty dressed in only a pair of miniscule white lace panties with little red bows, and 5” red peep toe heels. Needless to say, Tommy would be the envy of his classmates when they traded stories of their summer escapades. George watched with pride as Tommy confidently pointed to a spot on his left leg and accepted the dainty Amanda in his lap. Amanda was light and not too much larger than the only eleven year old Tommy, though even if this wasn’t the case Tommy would have endured whatever he encountered.

Amanda again tightly crossed her thighs, which resulted in more uninvited fingers tracing imaginary lines along her succulent upper left thigh. Tommy took it all in- the sweet aroma wafting from Amanda’s long locks; the incredibly smooth, tanned flawless skin; the feminine curves that kept going for days; the radiant smile she routinely flashed, trapping her reluctance and anxiety deep beneath the surface.

“Sorry Tommy,” began Amanda, lifting one of her long hairs from his white t-shirt. “That’s the price of having long hair sometimes,” laughed Amanda, as she caught Tommy staring into her chest. “So your grandpa must be pretty cool to let you come here, huh?”

“Uh huh,” replied Tommy succinctly, wrapping his left hand tightly around Amanda’s small waist.

“Tommy, please watch those hands, okay?” scolded Amanda, as Tommy’s right hand again crept up near her panty line.

“Maybe you could instruct him as to where he’s allowed to touch, and where he’s not?” offered George, halfway through his second coffee.

“Can I touch your boobs?” asked Tommy with a mischievous smile across his face, which caused Amanda to look over at George in pleading fashion, only to be met with an innocent shoulder shrug.

“Um…okay I guess. But NOT while I’m on your lap,” answered Amanda, rising again to her feet thinking she wrestled back control of the situation until realizing that she was still going to let Tommy feel her up.

Amanda brushed her long hair back behind her shoulders, providing an unadulterated view of her globes. Tommy swiveled his feet into the aisle and slid to the edge of his seat so as to be afforded with the best possible vantage point to accomplish his task. Amanda stepped towards him, her feet together standing between Tommy’s legs.

Trying to maintain a measure of order, Amanda shouted at Tommy when he reached his right hand out and grazed the outside of her left breast before she gave him permission. He recoiled, dropping his hands to her hips, which from Amanda’s perspective was still better than having them on her tits.

Fully dressed in baggy jeans, the white t-shirt and sneakers, Tommy’s comfortable outfit and curious hands represented the perfect contrast to the feminine Amanda. After a moment of hesitation, Amanda issued the executive order and Tommy entered a level of heaven many before him only dreamed. He started relatively gently, but then couldn’t help himself and proceeded to squeeze Amanda’s orbs with reckless abandon until Amanda finally couldn’t take anymore and asked Tommy to stop.

Collapsing back into his chair with the widest of smiles, Tommy’s appetite was satiated, if only temporarily. Amanda again had to service her other table in Melissa’s absence, and did so with a level of embarrassment when she found that the other men in the café- however empty- enjoyed watching Amanda being felt up by George’s grandson.

A few whistles and catcalls were heard as Amanda tried to go about her business, until she returned to George’s table with a third coffee and a few words of apology. “I’m sorry about that George,” began Amanda, her head down and her usual smile faded. “It’s just that…”

“Amanda, you have nothing to apologize for,” calmed George. “In fact, I’m sorry for putting you in that situation to begin with. Listen, you’re a very beautiful woman, and what Tommy did- and wanted to do- was only natural. I mean, is there anything wrong with his wanting to touch you?”

“No, I guess not,” replied Amanda, her infectious smile returning. “I just didn’t want you to be uncomfortable George.”

“Nonsense. It was fine. Although, I’m kind of jealous of my grandson. I didn’t get a turn…” kidded George, as he reached out his left hand towards Amanda’s chest.

“George!” replied a shocked Amanda, as George cupped her right breast. “You’re not setting a good example for Tommy.”

“I know, I know, but you make it VERY difficult to be worried about good examples. All kidding aside, here’s an important question: Are you going to ‘ride the pole’ today? Because you’d usually be on it by now,” said George, now holding Amanda around her waist.

“Oh George, I hadn’t planned on it today. It’s not very busy, and… are you going to ask Mark? I’d really prefer not to have to do it today. George?”

“Well Amanda,” replied George after another sip of coffee. “Ordinarily I would understand, however, I did bring my grandson here today, and I’m sure he would be very interested in seeing it. In fact, he would be of great help with his skill set.”

“What’s the pole, grandpa,” asked Tommy, unsure of what his grandfather was speaking.

“It’s a special form of entertainment here at Café Seven that only Amanda performs,” answered George, looking back at Amanda for her reaction. “And I think you can help her.”

“How could Tommy possibly help me?” asked Amanda, thinking about what her performance called for and what Tommy’s role would be.

“Now since everyone seems confused, I’ll try and clear up the confusion,” began George. “Tommy, the pole is basically a game with three roles: We need an evil villain, a damsel in distress, and a hero to save the day.”

“What’s a damsel in distress grandpa?”

“Great question. A damsel is a girl; a damsel in distress is a girl that gets captured and placed in some state of distress.”

“So that’s Amanda!” exclaimed Tommy, as Amanda shuddered at Tommy’s youthful enthusiasm.

“Right! That’s the only role Amanda can play. But now we also need a villain to capture her, and a hero to save her. What do you say? Do you want to play?”

“Sure! What do I have to do? I want to be the villain,” responded Tommy to absolutely no one’s surprise.

“Well, all you have to do is tie Amanda up, and then secure her to that pole over there? See the pole in the center of the room, with the little platform? But you have to do it so that it’s realistic, so Amanda can’t get away.”

“So I have to make it tight?” concluded Tommy.

“That would be correct, my boy,” replied George.

“Awesome! Let’s do it!” exclaimed Tommy, shooting to his feet and approaching Amanda.

“But George, shouldn’t you explain the game to him, and how I am freed from my ‘distress’”? asked Amanda, her arms folded, a chill coming over her with Tommy standing inches away. “And don’t you think it’s inappropriate for Tommy to do the tying?”

“Are you suggesting that you should tie Tommy up? I mean, c’mon Amanda!” said George.

“No… George I’m not suggesting that! I should be the one tied up,” explained Amanda.

“Then, what’s the problem?” quizzed George. “I was just suggesting that maybe someone other than Tommy should tie me up. He’s just a boy. Isn’t this all too much for him?”

“I’m not a boy!” shouted Tommy, grabbing Amanda by the waist and motor boating her between her breasts.

“Tommy! Stop that! It tickles!” giggled Amanda, turning away from Tommy, until he reached around and fondled her breasts. “Tommy!!!!”

The rest of the quiet café looked up as the gorgeous Amanda removed the eleven year old boy’s curious hands from her ample breasts. Tommy quickly apologized profusely, spun Amanda back around toward him, encircled her waist with his arms and gently rested his head on her chest.

“You two make a cute couple,” joked George, as he watched his grandson drop his hands slowly back over Amanda’s bare bottom.

“Your grandson is cute, George, but he’s also very fresh!” responded Amanda, allowing Tommy’s hands to reside over her butt. “Here I thought he was shy…but he’s really very, very naughty!” continued Amanda, raising her arms and resting her elbows over Tommy’s shoulders.

“He is shy, but you made him more comfortable,” explained George. “So do you think we can start the game now?”

Amanda was very reluctant, imagining what it would be like to let Tommy tie her up. But this was unfortunately a necessary part of her employment at Café Seven. She earned a good living, even working slow shifts like today. She collected a larger percentage of the tips, and she was also provided with a six-figure guaranteed salary and a small ownership percentage, returning to her a small share of the profits. After all, the game itself was drawn up when one day Amanda jokingly placed HERSELF into handcuffs, and everyone agreed that this should immediately become part of Café Seven’s daily offerings to its patrons.

Hoping today would pass without “Ride the Pole”, Amanda was now resigned to having to “play”, so she went back into the office and explained to Mark that George, and his grandson Tommy, wanted a game. Mark beamed, as he was afraid a slow day like today would come and go without the game, and with all of his responsibilities and the guaranteed salary he was paying Amanda, he was always looking for a way to introduce a game. Things were picking up for him, because he didn’t even have to initiate discussions with George and Tommy in attendance.

After being informed that Tommy was to be the villain- which Mark was also delighted by- Mark brought Tommy and Amanda back to his office to explain the few basic rules and any questions that Tommy might have.

Mark explained these four rules:

1. The “villain” is solely responsible for Amanda’s safety and security, until such time as a “hero” wins the game and assumes that role. He didn’t use the general term “damsel in distress”- nor did the form Mark showed Tommy- since Amanda was the only person to have played the “damsel in distress” role since the café opened, and would likely be the only one in the future.

2. The “villain” was to use any and all materials provided to him by Café Seven to “capture” Amanda; no outside props were allowed unless approved by Café Seven management.

3. Excessive touching of Amanda is prohibited.

4. Removal of Amanda’s remaining clothing was prohibited.

5. $100 entry fee for those wishing to play.

Since this was a slow Wednesday- and since George and Tommy initiated the game- Mark waived their registrant fees, hoping some of the other patrons would want to play.

“But wait, where are the materials,” asked Tommy, unsure as to what he was allowed to use.

“Nice- you just want to start playing. I like that,” kidded Mark. “Don’t worry, the materials are all in next room. I’ll show you what we have.”

“Is Amanda going to still wear that?” asked Tommy, staring at Amanda seated in a guest chair to his left. “Yes and no,” answered Mark, to which Tommy’s heart sank. “Amanda will be making some minor alterations that she considers more appropriate for her well-being, but while also not taking away from the general spirit of the game from everyone else’s perspective.”

“But it’ll still be like this?” pointed Tommy, hoping everything would remain the same.

“Just about Tommy,” replied Amanda. “Now, one last thing I wanted to mention about rule #3- I saw you earlier with Amanda, and just remember to keep things under control. Keep in mind that Amanda will be tied up, so some level of touching will not only be allowed, but encouraged. Now the tighter and more restrictive you make the ‘capture’ stage will probably be in direct correlation to how much touching will be necessary.”

“Mark, I don’t know if that’s the best way to put it!” exclaimed Amanda, fearing that he was planting ideas in young Tommy’s head.

“I think we all know what I mean,” interjected Mark. “So do you have any other questions Tommy?”

“I… don’t think so,” replied Tommy.

“Okay, let’s let Amanda get ready, and then she’ll meet us in the next room with the materials.”

Mark pored over a whole wall filled with bins of brand new white nylon rope, handcuffs, rolls of duct tape and other devices that could be used to gag Amanda. Tommy was shocked that he would be allowed to gag the pretty Amanda, and his heart began pounding with excitement when he realized that he’d be in total control of binding Amanda. A few minutes later, Amanda returned to the materials room, and Mark’s and Tommy’s attention instantaneously transitioned from the wall of bondage items to Amanda’s unparalleled sexiness. Tommy was more than relieved when he saw Amanda, and the “alterations” she made to her outfit. All she did was succeed in making it sexier, if that was at all possible.

Amanda added elbow length opera gloves, and attached a lacey white and red garter belt over her panties, along with white ultra sheer thigh high stockings with lace tops and a red seam down the back to accent the red in her thong and high heels.

Tommy essentially ran over to Amanda and clutched her in a bear hug as Amanda explained that the gloves and stockings helped guard against nasty rope burns and marks, especially since she wore a very short skirt to the café. Tommy didn’t care, because at the end of the day, Amanda was still topless, and even though she adorned her legs in very sheer stockings, Tommy liked how they basically covered nothing yet still offered spectacular views of her bare upper thighs.

“Okay, then I guess you’re all set, champ!” concluded Mark, now that Amanda was ready. “Have fun!”

Shivers travelled down Amanda’s spine after Mark exited the room and pulled the door shut. Almost immediately, Tommy emptied a basket of six 25’ coils of rope onto a table and unfurled the first one, readying it for use. Amanda placed her hands together in front of her, until Tommy corrected her and asked her to place them together palm-to-palm behind her back.

Tommy gripped Amanda’s lace garter belt, separated the rope in half, positioned the loop end against Amanda’s wrists, ran it around her arms once and proceeded to pull the remaining length through it. He cinched it as tight as he could (eliciting a soft moan out of Amanda), then began winding it around her thin wrists, pulling it as tight as he could with each pass. When he neared the end of the line, he reinforced the ties by passing the remaining rope vertically and parallel to her wrists a few times before tying it off with a strict double knot.

Amanda’s wrists were now totally immobilized, and she quickly grew frustrated by Tommy’s skill and know-how, and just how tight her bindings were. She turned around after she noticed a pause in Tommy’s progression, only to find him readying the remaining rope.

“You’re going to use all of that?!?” she quizzed, not understanding why the boy needed so much.

“Of course Amanda!” quipped Tommy, not understanding why Amanda was surprised that he needed so much.

And so it went. Before long, Tommy repeated the same process as with her wrists both above and below Amanda’s elbows, completely squeezing together the poor girl’s elbows and wrenching even her upper arms as closely together as they could seemingly go. Amanda quickly learned that there was no way she could remain bound this way for any period of time, so she turned back towards Tommy to try and reason with him.

“Tommy, do you have to be such a naughty villain?” asked the now-in-high-distress-damsel Amanda. “Can you please loosen the ropes? I promise I still won’t be able to get away. They’re just so tight!”

“I guess it’s a good thing that you put those gloves on,” countered Tommy, whose excitement was directly proportional to Amanda’s frustration.

“So you’re not going to loosen them?” pleaded Amanda.

“I have to make it real, like we did when we did knot-tying in the boy scouts.”

“Well, I don’t know what you practiced your knots on, but I’ve been tied up a lot and this is NOT comfortable.”

“It’s not supposed to be comfortable for you Amanda,” said Tommy, offering yet another superb response to Amanda’s complaints. He placed the fourth length back on the table, and instead reached his hands out along Amanda’s waist.

With each struggle, Amanda’s breasts bounced, and her chest was forced outward by the severe rigging of her upper arms. Her hands and arms were completely invisible behind her, making her breasts all the more inviting.

Tommy couldn’t help it- after all he was just doing what came naturally- and after the unfinished portrait that he painted, he couldn’t help but put his remaining work on hold in favor of sliding his mischievous hands north from their position across Amanda’s frilly garter belt until they landed over her full orbs. Amanda didn’t even have the energy to file a complaint, instead firing back with her darting eyes and creased lips, as Tommy felt her up again until his heart was content.

It was only when his grandfather entered the room to see what the holdup was that Tommy grudgingly removed his hands from Amanda’s heaving breasts. George quickly left the room with a feeling of satisfaction after finding his grandson copping a nice long feel of Amanda’s assets while she was already bound.

Amanda let out a long breath when Tommy finally stopped touching her, her body clenched as tight as her bondage as if to fight the onslaught. Tommy reinforced Amanda’s wrist bindings by first looping his fourth length of rope around Amanda’s stomach, then forcing Amanda’s arms taut against her back so that she couldn’t even twist them from side to side. They were locked into place behind her, and that was that. Tommy added a fifth and sixth element both above and below Amanda’s breasts, and connected them with both elbow ties. If nothing else, they drew even more (unwanted) attention to her tits.

Just when Amanda thought Tommy was finally finished, she watched him grab a roll of duct tape and proceed to wind it around her already useless hands and fingers until the roll was totally exhausted. It appeared as though Amanda’s hands were jammed into thimble, totally restricting her ability to make even the most minor of movements with her fingers.

“Tommy, please tell me you’re done,” asked Amanda, as she turned towards him again just in time to see him holding a large white cloth, which Amanda surmised was to be used to gag her. “Tommy, do I have to be gagged? Why?”

“I think it makes the game better,” smiled Tommy, now holding the cloth closer to Amanda’s lips.

“But wait… when will you untie me?” queried Amanda. “Please promise me that you’ll untie me.”

“I just tied you up!” reasoned Tommy. “I’m not sure when, but I’ll probably untie you later.”

“Probably!!!” exclaimed Amanda. “You are so naughty! MMMPPPPHHHHHH!!!!”

Tommy pushed the cloth in between Amanda’s pretty lips, reached for a second, and, after more struggles, a third piece of cloth. Amanda’s eyes widened, then they closed as Tommy inserted the third cloth as far as he could, then quickly grabbed another roll of duct tape and began taping the gag as tightly as possible into place. When he was finished, the entire lower rim of Amanda’s face was covered with duct tape.

With Amanda so tightly and inescapably bound and gagged, and wearing so little clothing, Tommy was ready to unveil her to the rest of Café Seven, but not before some more fondling and caressing of Amanda’s feminine body.

With a few more tables now occupied, about 10-15 people lined Café Seven when Tommy led Amanda back out into the main room and towards the pole and platform. He stopped at his grandfather’s table - George had since switched to water with lemon- and nearly caused him to spit up his drink when George analyzed the rigid riggings his grandson had locked into place. Amanda tried to control her breathing through the large gag, which got heavier by the second as the cloths took on more of her saliva. George made out several inaudible moans from Amanda, who tried to gain George’s attention as she was being guided over to her pole.

Once there, Mark helped Tommy back Amanda up to the pole, her feet positioned in small custom sized wells fitted to the platform. Tommy added a couple of ties both above and below her knees, as well as at her ankle level, then secured Amanda to the pole with four separate knots above her breasts, across her stomach, over her knees and above her ankles. Mark switched the platform on, and within seconds Amanda was gently swiveling around the pole so that the whole café could get a full look at her “capture”.

The End

Copyright© 2012 by bernanke41. All rights reserved.