Chrissie - A Whore's Progress
by Zigin Dere


Later in the morning ... Chrissie is delivered to a young lady waiting in a hotel room. She continues with the story


It's not that I'm not used to work like this but usually there's a photographer and his team all around me. This time there was only a brief email exchange at short notice with some rather strict and a few rather weird instructions, but I'm not one to judge my clients, especially when they pay well.

Although he carefully listed everything I needed besides my actual working materials, I made sure I would be prepared by packing a second case with various things that might come handy on this job; probably way too much but that's a female habit I guess.

I drove to the address I had been given - a discrete private hotel - and got the key by giving my client's name at the reception. The room was easy to find. Not too fancy but clean. There was even enough natural light which I was worrying might be a problem. I arranged the two chairs in the room around the small desk underneath the window and spread my equipment over the near half of the bed, that being the only space available.

Half an hour to go. I went through the orders again and washed my hands. Checking the mini-bar there was the little icebox with a blue C on it as promised. Perfect. They were already five minutes late. Well, he had said that they were both women.

"What a surprise" I thought when someone knocked on the door. I opened it cautiously. Firstly I saw a cute girl in a black chauffeur's uniform carrying a big case. Very nice body but definitely not the "sub" I was meant to prepare so I introduced myself and asked them both in. The chauffeur said her name was Jude and the sub was Chrissie.

There she was. The sub. A little older than me I think but in a very very good condition. Proud and classy. Not as confident as the petite uniformed chauffeur, she was tall and her high heels served to emphasise this further. Her wrists and ankles showed some signs of having been bound in recent times and she looked a little disheveled – almost as if she had not slept all night. She already wore some unobtrusive make up which also looked a little the worse for wear. It was my job to change all that.

"Please would you take a shower so we can start?" I said, pointing at the bathroom door and she followed my request although she seemed a little insecure for a moment. He had mentioned that she wouldn't know what was going to happen. The chauffeur followed her and closed the door but she came back after a minute or two with a pile of clothes over her arm.

She put the clothes to one side and whilst the shower was crackling we had a little chit chat. Suddenly she pulled out a little device out of her pocket and pushed a button with a little devilish smile - only a second later I heard a loud sigh and several more as time progressed.

"Remote toy?" She nodded. "No offense, but please not while I'm working - wouldn't want makeup to end up in her eyes."

Another nod and she turned it off and put the remote away followed by a discontented moan out of the bathroom. The shower was turned off.

Utterly naked but totally self confident the sub stepped out of the bathroom and I brought her to the free side of the bed. "Please lay down, close your eyes and relax. It's your choice which side you want me to do first," and I showed her a bottle of silicone-based spray. I would have taken a bet that she would lay on her belly first and I was proved right. Now it was me starting to feel a little insecure as the chauffeur was standing in the corner and watching my every move.

After spraying her whole backside from the neck to the feet I started the massage. There was a movement in the corner of my eye - I understood and kept it in mind but didn't react to the chauffeur so far.

Starting at her neck and shoulders I gave the sub a firm massage, moving along her arms and then down her back. Next, I worked her firm arse sending goose-bumps running up and down her body. Then I moved on down her thighs and calves, ending up with a gentle foot massage.

I noticed she already had a perfect pedicure so there was no need to lay further hands on her feet.

"Would you please turn over?" Obedient, she obliged immediately. Once again I covered her body with the spray and began at her wrists before moving up the arms. I was curious how she would react when I reached her marvelous tits. Keeping her eyes closed she couldn't hold back a silent moan when I gently pinched her large prominent nipples between my fingers as I massaged her breasts. As I finished I looked up at the chauffeur and we nodded to each other.

Fractions of a second later the sub reared up as the chauffeur pushed the little button again. I couldn't hold back a big grin while my hands stroked down her perfectly flat belly. Shaving also wouldn't be necessary. What a shame; I always enjoy the intimacy and humiliation that shaving brings on these occasions. I massaged her pelvic area pushing her thighs apart a bit - she didn't resist but opened up easily, pushing her hips slightly towards my hands, and I could see the glistening secretions that marked her obvious arousal..

After I rubbed the area for a minute or so I took some more of the spray on my hand and started, first very gently, but quickly changing to a firm grip, rubbing her engorged clit whilst always watching her reactions and following her every lead. The chauffeur played with the little remote too and the sub quickly got so wet she soaked the sheets underneath her. We must have played that game for about ten minutes and a few orgasms until I moved on to her thighs. They weren't so relaxed, still trembling and tensed up from the last orgasm, but I massaged them any ways and she slowly let up a bit. Same with her calves again. Then a final gentle rubbing over her body to end the massage. Whilst using a towel to dab off the excess I signed the driver to kill the remote control switch and she did.

"Please get up, step away from the bed and spread your arms". She did this slightly self-consciously and the chauffeur realised it was time to unpack her case. I grabbed the tin of french chalk and my big tassle and prepared her body for the suit, starting at her arms so she could let them loose again. The chauffeur handed me the latex suit as soon as I was done with the talcum and I helped her into it. It fitted perfectly, as if made to measure, which it probably was, so no problems fitting it on. There was a long zipper at the front and between her legs up again between her arse cheeks. A little pulling here and there and it was closed.

Quietly I stepped behind her and put on her collar. If she had worn her high heels I would have had to step on one of the chairs to put her collar on but in her bare feet and with me standing on the tips of my toes it worked. The collar had some dangling little metal charm attached on to front. “Zig” it read. I had heard the name before, discretely whispered in BDSM and humiliation circles. He had a reputation second to none, and I had seen a couple of bootleg films of his work. Just thinking about them made me shudder at the thought of what she might be going through in the next few hours. I just wondered what she had done to incur the wrath of her previous owner.

Next there was the contrasting latex corset to go on top of the suit. Adjusting it until it was perfectly in place I walked around her several times. then I strapped it up entirely using two straps - one from the top down one from the bottom up towards the middle. It might seem old school but still is the best way to tighten up a corset so I put my knee on her spine and started to pull tight in several steps before binding the straps together. It looked as if it took her a moment to get used to it and breathe properly before she stopped sounding as if she had just climbed several floors of stairs. I would have thought it might take her rather longer.

I asked her to look straight forward and stretch her arms straight before putting them behind her back. I had to correct the position a little to form a good V-shape then I unwrapped her new toy. Instantly the smell of leather fanned out in the room. It was stiff and heavy. Obviously brand new. Poor girl - there wouldn't be much chance to move at all in it. Even less so than in a well-used one.

After sorting the straps and holding them aside I slipped her hands into it, slowly pulling it upwards. Did she know what it was yet? Had she ever worn an arm-binder before? I didn't think so from her reactions. Her arms shivered a little already. It passed her elbows and encased half of her upper arms. everything below now was stuck firmly in the mono-sleeve. On the upper end there were two straps to fix her upper arms in it by laying each of them tightly around her shoulders and fastening them tight. Three more rather longer ones were on the outside of the arm-binder. One to hold her wrists together and hold them tight and close. Another strap just below her elbows to pull them towards each other for a more restraining position. She winced as I tighten that one up! Finally another one above the elbows to keep the whole construction in place. Pulling too hard on them wouldn't even be possible due to the stiffness of the new leather.

"You may now put on your high heels again. As soon as you feel yourself lose your balance, just lean forward towards me - I'll hold you."

It really looked like she had a hard time to step into these very high shoes without catching herself off balance but she finally managed it without help. She really surprised me with this. Even the devilish little driver seemed impressed for a moment, especially as she stayed upright after the remote control button had been pressed a couple more times.

"Now sit down please." I showed her the chair. With my standard working routine I prepared her skin for the makeup and put a little amount of concealer and foundation on. While it dried I combed back her hair with some wet gel all straight towards the neck. He hadn't mentioned photos specifically, so I chose to stick to a natural look using mineralising products. Powder. Blush. Some golden shimmer eye shadow. A classic black liquid liner. Brow gel. Black mascara too. I suspect that she had never had that done by anyone else as she blinked real hard twice but it still didn't cause flaws.

For the lips he wanted red. Bright shiny red. So, picture-perfect red lips it was. Balm first, so her lips wouldn't dry out. A good foundation for an even canvas. Some powder on it. Working with the liner from the inside out, and a nice firm brush to apply the lipstick. Blot some gloss on top. Perfect. Some fixing spray and the makeup was done.

He had mentioned something about a latex hood but I asked him to put that on “on location” later as the sweat would immediately smear the make up. He had agreed so it was just one more item to go.

I needed to do one last thing.

I turned to the chauffeur and asked for the ball gag. It was a custom made device in bright blue with a black leather strap. Like so many of them it was designed to humiliate a slave and to keep her drooling, This one had many little holes in it - far more than usual. Uniquely, it was a two-part globe which you could open. I hinged the two halves apart and then opened the mini-bar. The contents of the icebox resplendent with the letter “C” were two hemispherical ice cubes. Not transparent as I had expected but completely white. I had an idea why but quickly pushed that thought away and adjusted the two cubes into the ball. They were a tight fit, but I eventually settled them in and closed the globe again.

"Please open your mouth wide."

She obliged and the ball gag fitted exactly. I buckled the straps firmly at the back of her head and then helped her get up from the chair.

The chauffeur and I quickly packed up our supplies. When we were about to leave the room the perky little chauffeur turned to face the sub and with a very cheeky smile on her face she asked "Chrissie, how do you like the taste of your spunk-ice-cream?"

Even though that was my thought earlier I think at that very moment I must have had the most stupid look of my whole life on my face. Had she really just said what I thought she said?

The sub's face said it all.

Without awaiting an answer Jude left the room and the sub followed. So did I.

I wondered what was about to happen to her as I closed the door behind us and we all left. I am sure she did too.


I really did not know what to make of this. When I was led into the hotel by Jude, I felt nothing more than used and abused. That wicked minx had left no stone unturned. There was no part of me that did not feel totally violated, sore and bruised. My arms, legs and torso still carried the last of the marks from the ropes that bound me. I could still taste her sweet pussy on my lips and tongue and I could not forget how she had ravaged me and carried me almost to orgasm time after time. How sore I felt from the attentions of those seven men and that final long lingering kiss from Jude. What was happening to me?

Entering the discretely hidden hotel I thought that I was to be thrown to the dogs, given up for all comers to use. What happened seemed almost to be worse. Here I was, weary after a sleepless night; a long night that took all my senses to the extreme but somehow excited me again.

As the makeup artist had gently applied her skills to each and every corner of my body I had started to tingle again. I hadn't realised that Jude still had that vicious little remote control and that the batteries deep inside were still not flat. Each time she pressed that button I had that sensation of dark pain and dark pleasure. I did not know whether to scream out in agony or ecstasy. The makeup artist was good. Very good. Jude had whispered her name once: Liz.

Liz seemed to have some telepathic understanding with Jude – the little shocks or trembles that came from the toy deep inside me seemed coordinated with the breaks in the makeup routine.

My whole being shuddered with anticipation as, bit by bit, I was clad in latex. The new arm-binder smelled delicately of new leather – I almost came as I drew in the scent. As it was roughly tightened behind me and drew my shoulders back I sensed my tits were thrust forward and my nipples – never small – tightened and hardened more that I had ever known. If Jude had slipped that latex mask on I would have come on the spot – but no – apparently that was for later.

What was in store for me? That red lipstick was immaculately applied. I had not expected the ball gag which Liz had so triumphantly applied, pulling the buckle as tight as she could. Drawing air into my lungs, the ice chilled it generating a shiver of excitement. A few drops had melted onto my tongue – a strange salty taste – when Jude looked me in face and revealed what was in the ice. My face must have been a picture, but there was nothing I could do but to swallow each melted droplet.

As we left the room Jude clipped a discrete leash to the back of my leather collar. Then I remembered that the collar bore a new emblem.

Oh. My. God!


I had heard the stories; I had seen a few clips.

Zig knew how to take women to the brink and beyond. It was said that after one session a girl would never seek solace anywhere else. It was addictive. Women had begged, bribed and pleaded in desperation for the intense humiliation that he provided. It was said that he had no equal. Soul and body had been laid bare before the world and yet they came back time after time for more, so it was said. I once met a cheap little whore – or so I thought from the way she craved humiliation – but bit by bit she had told me what a session with Zig was like. She was a pain slut and he had tied, teased, trained, and tormented her for hours. Floggers, a crop, a whip had all played their part, but she said it was the way he had with clover clamps – tight on her nipples, the chain joining them hooked to a ball gag in her mouth. When she threw back her head to scream at his torments it only made it worse and the little chrome chain pulled the clover clamps ever tighter. First she grimaced, then she grinned at me as she described how a second set had been applied to her labia, the lips drawn down and stretched by the weights he gradually added to the chain, stretching her lips, pulling the clamps tighter and tighter till she could not stand the pain yet begged for more.

I was beginning to realise what might just be in store for me. But why the immaculate make up, the exquisite detailed latex? The wicked ball gag and ice cubes which slowly dripped salty liquor on my tongue?


Once again Jude installed me in the back of the limousine. No need for straps this time – she just locked the ties around my wrist to a secure point at the back of the seat, gently and sweetly kissed my face. Turning abruptly she pulled the video screen down again. It lit up with the scenes of my undoing.

Then she whispered to me – “Zig saw these and was impressed. After he saw the remote feed of your night in my hands it only confirmed what he had agreed with Andrew.” Her lips gently teased my ear lobe and again she whispered softly; “It's his first full length film – but I doubt it will be his last”

She paused.

“Lucky girl – you are the star!”

Oh Gods, Oh Gods, Oh Gods – what have I got myself into?

I sat back in the limo as Jude drove, my thoughts wandering. My mind drifted – the stories I had heard were enough to excite any girl. The man was a legend – and here I was destined to star in his first full length film. Equally I wondered if I could cope. The abuse, the pain, the humiliation.

My mind drifted back in to fantasy and my juices began to flow.

What was about to happen!

The limo stopped and after a quick phone call the doors to an austere warehouse-like block opened and we drove in. The doors closed behind, plunging us into darkness.

Jude stopped the engine and floodlights lit the austere delivery bay in which we were parked. The kinky minx, resplendent in her cute little uniform, emerged and walked around to the rear limo door and opened it. Her hands lingered as she undid the bonds that held me in place before motioning me out of the vehicle. As I emerged two burly bouncers emerged from the shadows.

“Is this her?” one asked and Jude nodded. I just stood still as they checked me out – top to tail, as they say, before turning back to Jude, telling her to go through to the office as they might need her to appear, albeit briefly, in the shoot. She positively glowed like the cat that had got the cream as she sauntered away and I watched that cute little arse disappear into the darkness.

Each of the men took one of my arms and forced to walk away. Was I about to meet the legendary Zig, I wondered? What was about to happen?

I was taken through to a prison-like reception room, but before the formalities, whatever they might be, a woman with a clipboard marched in. She looked me in the eye before turning to the two burly bouncers and announcing that Zig wanted her for a screen test straight away, in number three dungeon. The look in their faces suggested I should be very very frightened, but she grinned and said he wants her to play the Domme for that little shit we picked up earlier after Andy sacked him. Apparently he had been posting pics that he took surreptitiously this morning. Zig doesn't want his new star exposed “that” way.

She led me off down several long corridors and stopped outside a set of double doors marked “Studio – Dungeon Three” and opened one for me to peer in. A fully equipped dungeon with all the tools of the trade – clearly designed for torture and severe pain. Centre stage was a naked man strapped to a wooden frame with his head obscured by a tight red leather mask.

She consulted her clip board and turned to me. “I think you know Waldo. Zig found out he was posting pictures from a group session you had just before you came here.”

I nodded in silence.

She continued, “He was not pleased. Andy had gifted your body to his loyal workers, and he abused that privilege. Andy sacked him on the spot and we collected him in the van straight afterwards.”

I looked over to the man who had used and abused me earlier in the morning. Many whip lashes crossed his body.

“Zig had him strapped down”, she continued, “and we all took a turn with the whip, but he said he wanted to save him for you once you had learned he had posted you all over the web”.

She paused. “Let's get you into make-up and costume – you can pick what you like, Zig says – and then he is all yours”.

As we walked away in search of make-up and costume she confided “You won't ever get to play the domme here again, so make the most of it – Zig says there are no limits and no safe word for the bastard.”

I've never dominated a man before but for this little squirt I wanted to make him wish he had never lived. For a few hours retribution was to be mine and Waldo would know it.


Told in Chrissie's own words:

Ohhhkaaayy, this is new situation for me. I've never been a Domme, the one or two occasion where I've tried being dominant have been rather embarrassing failures, yet now i have this one chance to get even, hmm.

Well, I can't say I haven't been given all the opportunity, it would be very rude not to do my very best. The studio coordinator, Sally, she introduces herself as, takes me to a dressing room.

I walk into the room and take a peek at the stuff on the hangers, lots of nice things here, but I want something that isn't going to make me feel vulnerable, which is my usual state when I'm dressed up. I see a post-it note stuck on to one hanger, it reads "pre-worn, but little used" hmm, won't matter too much if I get it dirty then... holding up the hanger I see it's a metallic blue latex catsuit, quite thick latex with a high collar and a discrete back zip and delightfully, it's my size!

I sit in the little swivel chair in front of the mirror and look for something to help me slip into the suit a little easier, all the while my mind working overtime about what I should do with Waldo the Worm. I pick up a plastic bottle of silicone lubricant and lightly smear it over my legs before pulling the catsuit legs over my feet and up to my thighs. Standing up i apply a bit more of the lube to my body and pull the suit up over my "fat ass" (ohhh he's going to pay). Sliding my arms into the sleeves I shrug the suit up over my shoulders and wriggle my neck and arms to settle it. I zip the back up using the little lace attached to the zip tag and walk up and down a bit to let the rubber mold itself to me, it feels gorgeous, hugging me tightly under the buttocks and around the belly!

I consider a collar but decide against it, I'm not the sub here, I have to keep reminding myself!

I walk to the shoe rack and look over the selection, I can only assume that the mysterious Sir Zig has a real shoe fetish going on as the range is amazing, several pairs here that I could never even walk in, or at least not without some serious practice. I have an inkling of what I'm looking for and eventually find them hanging from clips at the end of the rack, half a size too small, but they will do for the purpose. Patent black leather boots, smooth and shiny with a wicked 5" (yes, definitely 5") stiletto heel, they remind me very much of the opening sequence of Men in Black 3, hopefully my fate will be more pleasant than hers (ohh though that tongue gave me the shivers!). I slide my foot into the right boot, pushing it in firmly and drawing up the zip enough to cover my ankle, I stand and work my foot fully into the bottom of the boot, yes, tight, but a little pinching will keep me in the right mood for this. I bend and pull the zip slowly up, making sure I don't catch the latex as it covers it. Fully zippered the boot comes to within two inches of my crotch, with the second one on I stand and totter slightly, feeling quite amazing as I look down on the world.

There are an assortment of objects on the dressing table which have caught my eye, one intrigues me as it appears to be a short strap with two black latex lumps attached to one side. I pick it up and turn it over, and it dawns on me that the rubber lumps are actually two small dildos, one slimmer than the other. 'Well, no reason why I shouldn't have a little extra enjoyment,' I think to myself as I pull open the crotch zip on the catsuit. A small dab of lube on each of the dildos allows me to slowly push each one inside myself, giving me an incredible feeling of fullness. The strap sits snugly inside the crotch of the catsuit and with the zip fully closed I feel marvelous, quite turned on in fact.

Hanging on the clothes rack I also noticed a leather harness affair earlier, I now pick this up and find it's a body harness, so I slip it over my booted legs and pull it up, work my arms through the shoulder straps and buckle the straps across my chest and belly. I tighten them so I can feel the straps pulling on my breasts and bum as I walk, it's an interesting feeling and makes me feel oddly protected, almost like a warrior queen. 'Would Boudicaa wear this into battle astride her chariot?' I wonder dreamily.

Now, I need some gloves, and it appears Sir Zig also has time in his life for these besides the shoes, as again there are many diverse pairs to choose from I settle in the end for a simple pair of long black latex gloves, a little lube of the hands and arms and pull them on. I'm not sure if they are a size too small or just designed to be very tight, but I wiggle my fingers to the ends of the gloves and pull them up my arms almost to my shoulders! A pair of black leather chrome studded wristbands go on next and I'm so pleased with the look that I add a similar pair of thin studded straps around my upper arms, just below the tops of the gloves.

I strut up and down a bit and check myself in the mirror, sheesh, is that really the timid little girl from the Valley? She looks so scary!

I open the door to the dressing room and step out (a little unsteadily it must be said). Sally is sat down the corridor and walks over to me as she sees me exit the dressing room.

"Oh Chrissie, good choices, if a little trashy, but we do have to do something with that hair of yours! This way!" She walks along the corridor and into another room which looks very much like the dressing room, once again with a huge backlit mirror and a whole array of cosmetics and haircare products.

She directs me to the chair in front of the mirror and says "Do you want to do the honours or would you like me to? I do have a little talent in this area, Zig expects his helpers to be proficient in a number of useful skills."

I ask her to please carry on as my hands are a little shaky already and I can't imagine what sort of mess I would make of things (though I'm not too happy about the hair comment). As she works on me I become uncomfortably aware of the dildos pressing into me as I sit backwards and forwards at her behest, maybe that wasn't the most brilliant idea I've every had ...

First she wipes my face clean with an astringent, then applies a foundation, a little darker than I would normally go, but I let her get on with it as I don't want to prolong my stay in the chair. She spends some time on my eyes, black eyeliner, three colours of eye shadow (dark green, grey and gold), blended in sweeping curves that flick outward from my eyes to give an exotic Oriental look, and thick black mascara accentuating my lashes. My lips are painted a lurid blood red with a fine brush, the corners of my mouth painted with a little upward twist to give me a permanent cruel smile (not too Jack Nicholson I hope) thinly outlined in a darker plum red then glossed to the point they almost look artificial. A light sprinkling of a fine metallic blue glitter adds to the exotic element.

"Now, the rats nest" she mutters and I feel my hair being brushed out and pulled back, brushed and pulled back until she can pull it up into a small bun on the top of my head, where she secures it with two long gleaming steel pins before dousing me with lacquer from an aerosol.

"There, you still look like a sub to me, but you should make an impression on that little prick," she says, smiling ever so slightly.

I'm just glad she's finished so I can stand again (wobble wobble 'till I get my balance again). I get a jolt when I look in the mirror, i don't know who that woman is but she's stunning! Sally leads me back out into the corridor and down to the door to Waldo's cell.

"You have three hours Chrissie, it's your one chance, teach him that women shouldn't be exploited without their express permission, and you know that Zig will want it done with suitable commitment."

And with a stinging slap of her hand on my rubber covered buttocks she opens the door and in I walk. Or should I say strut? I do like these boots, now I've learned to hold myself upright I find them much easier to walk in, and that posture really makes my boobs stick out!

Waldo is still sat miserably in the corner, a thin chain hooking him to the wall. He looks up as I enter and the lustful smile that spreads across his face is enough to harden any feelings of forgiveness I may have had for him. I walk over to stand above him, legs slightly apart as I look down. "Waldo, I have been given leave to teach you a lesson for posting my pictures, that is, a rather extreme picture, without first checking with me. The picture you posted was not yours to display, it belongs to another who has given me the opportunity to make you feel sorry for yourself."

He frowns slightly, but oddly the smile doesn't leave his face. I reach down and grasp his hand "Come on, stand up, be a man for once".

I stand firm on my heels as he pulls himself up, but once he is on his feet he doesn't release my hand, in fact with his other hand he reaches around and grabs my bottom, in that peculiarly unsavoury proprietary way men have of thinking they can just grab a girl anytime they feel like it. Without conscious thought my knee lifts and makes quite solid contact with his testicles and he drops both hands to his wounded pride with a "Whoooo!".

"I saw that in a film once," I say, trying not to ask him if he was alright "So best you learn to behave."

He coughs and splutters for a bit, bent over and holding himself before he recovers a little composure. "That's ok Chrissie-baby, you can kiss it better for me later, OOFFffaaagh!" This last because my knee has gone in again, harder, and again as he starts to straighten, squashing his dangling ball sack and shriveled penis into his crotch, a little dribble of fluid leaving a smear on my nice shiny black boot leather.

"Look what you've done Worm!" I exclaim, in my best Dominatrix rasp. "Lick it off this instant!"

Pushing his head down I raise my leg in front of his face, to my utmost surprise he licks at the fluid, whatever vile secretion it might be. I watch as he cleans it all off, and pull him up straighter "You enjoyed that, worm. I could tell"

Pushing myself against him, trapping his body between the cold unforgiving wall and my warm rubber clad body, I begin to move my leg very gently between his, the taut rubber pressing against his damaged member until it begins to swell.

"Hmm, well, quite the man aren't you? Like a little humiliation do you perhaps? Look, something's come up!"

I lower my hand and take his semi-erect cock in my tightly gloved hand, using my thumb to grip it firmly under the head and teasing the end with my rubber-covered fingers. "Does he want to play after all" I breathe, leaning in close to his face, beginning to stroke him up and down as he hardens in my hand.

"Mmm oh yes Chrissie-babes, I knew you couldn't resist, you're such a tart aren't you?" he laughs as my other hand goes to his nipple and gently caresses it.

"Oh yes Waldo, you're so right, I'm such a desperate slut I can't resist the sight if a big manly cock like yours, it drives me wild, oh yes, oh please, oh I want it so much, will you let me have it? Will you? Oh Waldo, I'm so worthless and cheap, look at me, how can you get so turned on by such a blatant tart?" as I say this in my little girl voice I lean into him, still working my hand up and down on his now very hard cock, my other hand stroking and gently pinching his nipple, my rubber covered body pressing against him and my breath caressing his neck.

He pushes against me and I push back, letting him feel my hot body under the latex, stroking his cock strongly now with my hand clenched around him. "Do you want to kiss me Waldo?" I husk as I hover my glossy painted lips in front of his face, looking him in the eyes as I keep stroking, firmly pulling his foreskin back over the head of his cock as my thumb works across the purple head with every stroke.

"Oh yes, yes, kiss me Chrissie you tart" he gasps, and I grip him harder stroking mercilessly now, smiling coldly and staring in his eyes as I pump him, pump him, pump him and then pinch that poor nipple between my rubbery finger tips. I feel his hips jerk against me and then a warm flood over my hand as he can't stop himself. I look down in time to see thick jets of white semen shoot across my boot tops and onto my latex coated belly.

I smile coldly and push him down again. "Lick it Waldo, eat it, swallow it, the greasy hot and sour slime of you own uncontrolled genitals, clean it all off and swallow it down and be thankful it's yours and no-one else's".

I give him a minute to clean me then pull him upright "And did you enjoy that?" as he opens his mouth to voice some inane comment my knee drives into his balls again with all the weight of my leg behind it, and then again, quickly silencing him and dropping him to the floor. A quick kick from the toe of my boot into the base of his still twitching cock leaves him incapable of doing much other than squirm and moan while I unclip his chain and handcuff him (wrists behind his back of course, as handcuffs should always be used).

I pull him over to a short padded bench in the middle of the room and push him onto it face first, so he is lying with his torso along the bench, with his knees supporting him on the floor. He's still gasping a little for breath and I take advantage of this to slip a harness over his head and pull the glossy red ball gag into place in his mouth, he wriggles nicely as I pull the straps tight, pulling the ball right back between his teeth and causing a delightful sound, half splutter, half groan but 200% full of despair as the buckles are closed.

"Enjoy that, I know exactly how it feels and how much it restricts you, do yourself a favour and don't get too excited, breathing can become quite difficult otherwise"

With his hands cuffed behind him and face down on the bench this leaves his fat hairy ass sticking out for all to see. I fetch more straps and run one around his thigh just above the knee, slipping it around the leg of the bench and fastening it tightly, same with the other leg, making sure he can't pull away from it or close his legs. Then a favourite of mine, the elbow strap, around the elbows and pulled tight, pulling the elbows together behind the back, painful and humiliating.

I stand back to look at him, his legs slightly apart, cock and balls dangling like overripe shrivelling fruit, almost touching the little metal plates on the end of the bench but not quite. I select a riding crop from the rack on the wall and make some nice swishing sounds just out of his range of vision, then let him have it right across his pale white ass cheeks, left, then right , then left, seven or eight times, strong sharp swipes with all the swing behind them that I can manage.

His muffled squealing is quite the delight to my ears, so he gets a few across the back and the soles of his feet for good measure, oh this is fun, maybe I could get to enjoy being a Domme after all? I amuse myself by rubbing his balls with the toe of my boot, every time he makes a noise that sounds at all pleasurable the crop cracks across his buttocks, jiggling the wobbly man-fat. I raise the toe of my boot and push it firmly against his little puckered anus, he squeals beautifully and I wonder of he's been trained previously.

"Did you want to fuck me, you worm? Did you ever think you'd get the chance? I wonder just how much you want it?"

It's impossible to tell what noise he is trying to make through that ball gag, I can see his eyes bulging and desperately rolling from side to side as he drools around the big rubber ball. I give him another crack with the crop before pushing the handle forcefully two inches into his ass "Just hold that for me a second," I say warmly as I walk over to the bench at the side of the room.

Hmm, such a selection of tools and toys! My eyes roam over the various clamps, tweezers, clips, chains, straps etc. etc. as I pick up and idly toy with the odd one, making sure I can be seen just out of the corner of his watering eyes. My eye is caught by something and I grin, I've never done that before, could I? Should I? Maybe this is the time? I'll just try it on for size . . .

I slowly walk back over to the rear of my prey, my heels clicking sharply on the polished floor. I stand behind him and consider, should I follow my natural instincts and find some lubricant? Then I remember his laugh earlier, no, I don't think so. I tweak the riding crop from out of his butt, causing him to whimper and clench up as I kneel behind him. I push two rubber covered fingers firmly into his tight hole and work them around, causing him to jerk and writhe on the bench. I push them in and out a few times roughly then go up on my knees.

Leaning forward I whisper "You wanted to fuck with Chrissie? You should definitely be more careful about what you wish for, Waldo." So saying I guide the swollen bulbous head of the black latex dildo now strapped solidly to my crotch to the opening of his rectum. I spread him with my two fingers and push the big black knob-end against him.

"Say Thank you Waldo ..." I murmur as I push hard forward, opening him with the smooth dome of the black rubber cock, pushing in and in until the big fat head disappears inside him and he contracts around the shaft, then pushing further still as I listen in delight to the frantic muffled sounds he spits out around the gag. Mmmmmm this is good, I could get to like this, as I begin to thrust rhythmically into him, jerking my hips forward as I hold his and pull him back on to me. After a few minutes of this I begin to realise the action is also working the small dildo inside of me, the big monster pushing back against the base of it's little brother and working against my clit as I thrust.

An added bonus, and I grin widely as I begin to speed up. I reach forward and stroke his back, teasing his neck with my rubber fingers, trailing my other hand down his side and working in under his sagging belly to pull him closer. I feel a thrill of surprise when I feel him begin to respond under me, oho, maybe Waldo has been holding back a secret from us, the low moaning and the slow writhing of his hips as I continue to plunder him certainly give the impression that this isn't his first time. I lean forward and rest my rubber covered breasts against his back, pinning his tightly strapped arms between them.

"I hope you're not getting hard, my little fuckslut."

A quiet whimper answers me and a very slight nod of the head, I laugh out loud and run both hands down his sides again, then under him to tease his nipples. He tenses and moans and I know he is enjoying his fucking, well, good, we like a little mutual enjoyment, and that dildo inside me is doing it's job, oh so well, I can feel myself climbing the slope to a crescendo, the rubber working inside of me as I slam the big dildo into the unresisting Waldo.

Just then it happens, Waldo goes rigid underneath me and then starts to jerk like a madman. I've been waiting for this and I lean my weight on him, reaching my arms around to grab the edges of the bench and pull us tightly down on top of it, incidentally pushing his cock back against the metal plate which is wired to the four 12V car batteries in the corner. It's like riding a rattlesnake on speed, I hang on as he jerks and twitches, spittle dribbling around the ball gag amid an amazing range of sounds as he whips his head from side to side and I feel his arms futilely straining under me.

After a few seconds it's more than I can stand and I'm overwhelmed by one of the most intense orgasms I have every experienced, screaming out as my entire body goes rigid, clamping onto the dildo inside me and thrusting the black monster to the hilt into my wildly bucking fuckdoll. I slump down on top of him, releasing my hands and allowing him to slide back enough to clear the electrodes. I lay full weight on him for a few minutes, panting happily and feeling his trembling body squashed under me.

Sally comes in and smiles briefly. "You almost had me fooled there, Chrissie. Zig certainly has a way of encouraging people to act how he wants them to, do you think you've given this worm reason to respect women in the future?"

I slide on to my knees, allowing the foot of black rubber to slide out of Waldo with a disgustingly liquid "Plop!". "I suppose, he did seem to be enjoying himself there for while though . . . hmmmm, I don't suppose . . . " I pull Sally to one side and quietly put a suggestion to her.

"Hah, yes, I think we might have some in the kitchen... give me a minute."

As she turns and walks swiftly out, I saunter back over to the bench and unstrap the big black cock from my waist, not without an oddly disappointed feeling. I rummage around on the bench and then wander back past the quiescent Waldo Worm, watching his eyes pick up the large knife that I am dangling between my fingers as I walk round him.

Sally returns and beckons me to the bench with a smile, I go over and she bends in close. "Got them both, you have ten minutes" she says.

I thank her and busy myself at the bench, slicing up something that Waldo can't quite see from his prone position. I then pick up the strap-on dildo again and wipe the shaft all over with what appears to be a lumpy dark paste, making sure it's all coated. Then I walk over to Waldo, circling behind him and crouch down.

"You know, I've never had a dominant bone in my body before today, but I suppose only by being submissive yourself can you truly understand how to make someone suffer!" Saying this I thrust the ice cube firmly into Waldo's now loose anus, there's a brief muffled screech and then a long moan as the coldness seeps outwards. "Cold? Never mind, maybe there will be a change in the climate soon? Now don't you forget who's the boss in future, and always remember she'll be wearing stilettos!" And with that I thrust the big black dildo all the way back into him, pushing the ice cube far up inside and clipping the straps together to hold it in place.

Sally puts her head back in the door and says "Time's up, Chrissie."

I walk over towards her, then pause. "I'm done, but can you give him another half hour on there to contemplate the folly of incurring a woman's wrath?"

"No problem at all Chrissie, and um . . . please remind me never to piss you off."

Smiling a huge Cheshire Cat grin I pause just long enough to pick up the remains of the diced Scotch Bonnet chilies I spread on the dildo and catch the beginnings of his girlish wailing before I walk out of the door, heels clicking along the corridor to the slightly muffled manic screams of desperation from the room behind.


As I walked away I could hear the screams getting louder. Waldo was far from comfortable and I was enjoying it. My mind calmed and I started thinking about where am I going next. Sally was walking behind and I heard her phone bleep – a text perhaps. Was it about me?

She gently muttered something to herself before lifting the phone to her ear and speaking gently.

“Your room?”

“Your bed chamber...”


"Blindfold? What about a latex hood?"

"I'll take her back to wardrobe."

"The black one with just the opening at the mouth?"

"Your wish is my command!"

Sally put her hand on my shoulder. "It's back to costume for you – a little extra. Zig was watching your little scene and wants you prepared and brought to his chambers – now."

Well, there were a few things to be done first. Sally took me down to the costume department. I was still wearing the metallic blue latex catsuit, of course. It was thick latex and had a high collar with a discrete back zip and fitted like a glove. Sally looked me up and down, like a plumber reviewing a central heating radiator with a slight leak and deciding that a new boiler was needed.

“Strip,” she said.

Well, I needed no prompting – it was just something about the way she took control of the situation. I needed her help to peel off the latex, but at least there was only that one layer. Before I knew what was happening she slipped a lightweight set of eye pads into place, tying them gently behind my head. I had absolutely no idea after that what on earth she was doing beyond her hand's gentle manipulation.

There was a pause for a couple of minutes, and I guessed that Sally was sorting out a new outfit. “Hummphh” I heard and she started patting me down again and I could detect the faint aroma of more talc. Then I was asked to step into something. The smell of latex returned to my nostrils and Sally worked a new outfit up over me. It felt strange as she worked it up and around me. There were areas where I felt the latex clinging tightly around me, but my breasts seemed free. This was confirmed when Sally “tweaked” my nipples. The new outfit was also loose around my upper thighs – and it seemed to go no further. Sally gave me a big thwack on my bottom before strapping up a couple of buckles on the sensitive part at the back of my thighs. The penny dropped. It might be a latex outfit, but it left my arse totally exposed at the back and my breasts exposed at the front.

More was to follow...

“Keep still” Sally prompted as she started to powder down my face before slipping a tight latex hood over my head. Gradually she worked it into place letting it fit tightly around the back of my head. Fingers then pushed their way into my mouth before working the latex around my lips and a couple of small nasal breathing holes were lined up with my nose. At least I could breath even if my exposed mouth was filled with I dare not guess what.

There was more to come. A gentle clanking told me that the cold sensation around my ankles was a pair of steel ankle cuffs and I was soon to find out that they were linked by a short chain. Sally stood up again and must have looked me up and down for a moment before she pinched each nipple in turn. “Hmmm,” she said, “already standing proud and hard.” I certainly was not ready for what came next, though I should have guessed. First on my left nipple and then on my right Sally applied some form of nipple clamp. They were clearly joined by a chain as I felt both clamps tighten as they were tugged simultaneously.

Sally whispered to me “I do like clover clamps; the way they tighten and increase the pressure as they are tugged. Just like this!”

I winced as the clamps closed further in response to her pulling the chain and thought a detected a wicked little laugh as the pain bit hard. She finished with a firm smack to my exposed bottom before affixing a collar and leash which she used to lead me away down the corridor and then up a couple of flights of stairs before we stopped for a minute and she knocked on a door.

“Enter” came a voice which I knew had to be “Zig”.

“Thank you, Sally, you can collect her at 0900 in the morning. Goodnight” and that was it. I heard the door shut behind me and I stood there trembling with fear and anticipation.

What was about to happen to me?

After what seemed like a good ten minutes of standing and trembling in the too high heels Sally had laced on to my feet I felt a gentle tug on my leash and was walked forward a few steps until a hand pushed against my rubber covered belly stopping me in place.

“Hmm” a deep rumbling throaty sound, close to the side of my head made me flinch. “Good! Chrissie then, are you ready to please me, girl?”

I could only nod and give a muffled “Yes Sir.”

I am turned and led forward again, then turned again and pressed backwards slightly, staggering a little. My left wrist was suddenly lifted high and wide and a strap buckled tightly around it, holding it slightly above shoulder height and held out to the side. My right followed shortly after and my ankles were also strapped into place, my legs spread as wide as the chain would allow. There was a soft grunt and the chain was removed, allowing my ankles to be spread much farther apart, leaving me with a very vulnerable feeling and a definite pull on my thigh muscles as the ankle straps were fixed to something solid.

A slap of his hand on my belly and a low chuckle and he moved behind me, running his hands over my now uncomfortably stretched body, making me writhe a little. After a few minutes of squeezing and exploring me I heard what sounded like a chest being opened. Things rattled and scraped and again that low chuckle.

I felt the chain on the clover clamps being unhooked and sighed a little in relief, however the clamps remained on my nipples, leaving me wondering.

A touch on my recently waxed pussy made me jerk like an electric shock and then I gasped as two fingers pulled one of my thick lips out, stretching it and pinching it, I tried to move my leg to relieve the pressure but no luck, then a sharper pain as a spring clamp was clipped on to it, pinching down on the soft flesh. A second was then put on right next to it and I was released. Only for the same to happen to the other lip, pinched, stretched clamped tight with two clips.

The pain was quite intense but began to numb quite quickly as a finger played inside me, running around the top of my little hole and spreading the slick moisture there, I couldn’t help but gasp a little, bringing that all knowing chuckle again.

There was a tug on one of the clamps on my lips, but it didn’t stop, it kept pulling and I suddenly realised that a weight had been hung from it, pulling my lip down. The same happened on the other side and then on the other two clamps, it was incredible, feeling like I was being pulled in four directions, relentless pressure stretching me open as I tried to wriggle to relieve it. No good, the pressure kept on and on and the finger dipped into me again, making me jerk and sending a stab of pain up through me as the weights pulled.

Suddenly a tug on my left nipple as well and a weight was applied to the clamp there, pulling the clamp tight and pulling my hard nipple down, making my breast sag like an old woman's tits. The other nipple suffered the same fate and I found myself trying to hunch my shoulders to relieve the weight; l unsuccessfully, as I was strapped in position so I just added to my discomfort.

“Time for you to be brought to your knees young lady,” I hear and suddenly there is a whirring noise and I find my wrists are being lowered. They are still held straight out to my sides though so I have to begin to bend my knees as my wrists are pulled lower. As I begin to crouch forward, legs apart, the whirring stops and I hang there, part suspended, part wedged, breasts and pussy in constant pain from the weights. Then a finger is pushed into me, then a second, then three, sliding into me so easily it is obvious that I am extremely aroused by my treatment. They pump in and out of me, curling around and up, proving my g spot, pushing to the sides of me and exploring inside me. They pump rhythmically into me as I pant and struggle to hold my position, the weights jiggling and tugging in reaction to my movements. I feel myself giving up, feel the orgasm approach, try feebly to fight it but know I’m going to fail.

The fourth finger goes in, stretching me wide, and the pumping becomes harder and more forceful the weights keep bouncing and tugging sharply on my tender parts, I begin to grunt softly and don’t need the “Come, you easy slut-whore, some like the kinky slag we both know you are” before I tense, hard, jerk, spasm like an idiot on come loudly, almost mewling my desire for this treatment.

“Hah! Well done Chrissie, you are certainly learning, but time for my own pleasure now”. So saying the whirring starts again, lowering me further, forcing me lower until I am almost (but not quite) kneeling, my head and chest thrust forward and my whole body stressed with tension.

“Now then, take a deep breath girl” Two hands grab my head and my mouth is suddenly filled with a hot, hard cock, stretching the latex sheath in the hood back my throat and instantly making me want to gag. I work hard to control myself as he takes his pleasure, head held firmly as he pushes in, pushes in, pushes in, relentlessly going right to the back of my throat and pulling all the way out again before forcefully thrusting right back in again.

There is a sudden short whirring again and I drop a fraction of an inch and sizzling shock zaps through my pussy, making me jerk and wiggle like crazy. He laughs as he continues to  push himself into my throat, gruffly explaining that the weights are just above a metal plate which has a small electrical charge on it, so every time I let myself drop against the strain I will get a shock right onto my poor pussy.

I take several more shocks before he finally comes, some involuntary and a few because he has deliberately pushed me down, laughing at my desperate movements and sounds. But finally he clamps my head to him, forcing himself deep into my throat and I feel the strange sensation of his cock spurting hot come inside the latex sheath, a slight saltiness penetrating into my mouth. After an eternity of him holding me and emptying himself he slides out and causes the frame that I am strapped to to rise, making me straighten up as my joints and muscles creak in despair.

As I begin to think he might release me I feel something large and round pushed into my mouth, the latex stretching around it and the salty taste returning more strongly. I realise this is a big ball gag as he straps it tightly around my head and buckles it at the back “There, Chrissie, a few hours standing there on your heels savouring the taste of my cum as it seeps through the pinholes Sally made in the latex will no doubt do you the world of good, don’t be getting up to any mischief now until Sally comes to get you at 9. Night night, my silly sweet rubber doll”


Zig studios had already issued a couple of short films which featured Chrissie. The one with Waldo had created a lot of interest and there had been a couple of approaches from other studios and on-line producers asking for Chrissie's services as a domme, but she had decided it was not something she wanted to pursue and Zig agreed that this was best for the time being. This was reinforced when the second “short” was issued and the “short” rapidly became a best seller in it's category. It was clear to all that Chrissie was a born submissive and the invitations for her to domme disappeared only to be replaced with offers to appear as a subbie.

Jude herself was approached by a couple of the on-line producers and soon found herself wondering whether to move into films on a full time basis.

The End

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