Chrissie - A Whore's Progress
by Zigin Dere

Part 1


Well, it's time to get ready for my night out. My outfit is lying on the bed. I just have to raise the nerve to put it on. A large glass of white wine may help, I tell myself as I pour it with a slightly trembling hand. I sip it slowly as I look over the various parts of my costume for the night.

With a small sigh of anticipation I put down the glass and step out of my dressing gown ready to ease my luxury talc over my torso. My hands slide sensuously over my curves, my hips, my back. I can't resist the temptation to raise my hands, slowly caressing my breasts, lingering over my nipples, playing gently with them. My mind drifts - fond remembrances of times past.

"In for a penny . . " I sigh as I pick up the shiny black corset before me. My senses react to the feel, the smell, the sensation of latex as I gently stretch it over my fingers.. I slide it gently around my body, luxuriating as it encloses my breasts, squeezing my nipples. Gently, I close it; one breath and it already has me in it's grasp.

I pick up the slender black silk thong. I slide it up over my legs, the material feeling soft and slightly cold against my skin. It pulls snugly up between my legs, cupping my freshly-shaven silky-smooth mound and nestling between my buttocks as I pull it high and tight. I look at the image in the mirror before me. Will I really have the nerve to wear this?

But there's more to the outfit yet. I gently finger the suspenders hanging from the edge of the latex corset; six whipcord thin straps with metal clips. The stockings feel gorgeous, proper Aristoc sheer black nylons with a point heel and razor thin seams. I ease my foot into one, pulling it over my ankle and gently smoothing it up the length of my leg. The feeling is exquisite as the sheer nylon slides up my thigh, I make sure the seam is as straight as I can get it, hugging the curve of my calf and on up my thigh to where the thick welt fits tight around my leg. I clip the first suspender on at the front, pulling it taut, then the back, reaching as far round as I can get it, to make sure it lines up with the seam, a little more adjustment on this one, it needs to be really tight at the back. Then the middle one, pulling the stocking taut for that extra secure feeling. The other stocking is next, following the same routine, caressing the nylon as it slides up my leg, loving the feel as the clips close and the nylon is pulled tight across my flesh.

I look over to the classic little black dress hanging ready for me. I'm horny, I'm very horny and I don't know how the night is going to progress, I just feel very, very excited at what might happen to me later.

I pick up the dress and slide it on, smoothing it over my nylon-clad legs, only then realising that it hardly covers my stocking tops. The smallest lean forward will expose my suspender clips for all to see, along with the white flesh of my upper thigh. It barely conceals the shiny black latex corset that grips my breasts. When I pull the zip up it settles, hanging gently over my trembling limbs.

Now for the shoes. Lovely they are, glistening black patent leather, four inch heels which taper to elegant spikes. I lift a tape measure to check them - size matters and if I get it wrong he will never forgive me. All is perfect. I slip my nylon sheathed foot into the first one, wriggling my toes to get them to the end of the closed-toe shoe. The double ankle strap I buckle tightly, clipping the little silver padlocks around the buckles (I hope he remembers to bring the key!) When the second shoe is on and strapped just as tightly, I stand and walk a few steps, tentatively. I often wear heels, but these feel different, they feel like I'm on stilts, the muscles in my calves are taut and I have to walk with my back straight and my shoulders back, emphasising my breasts even more.

I slip the soft leather choker around my neck. Fastening the buckle I pull the single chrome emblem, his mark of ownership, around to the front and let it dangle there, set off delightfully against the black leather. Now I check my make-up, add a few little touches. My lips are dark red, shiny with gloss. My eyes are bordered with silver-grey eye-shadow and my nails are as shiny and red as my lips. A single silver bracelet on one wrist and then I check out the siren that I see in the mirror.

I am ready.


My mobile gently chirps. The car will be with me in ten minutes. I pose in the mirror. Wriggling my hips, I adjust the dress - it only just conceals the stocking tops.

Last time I waited like this I found it hard to contain myself - and the thoughts of what happened then left me both excited and apprehensive. Who would call for me, where would they take me, would I be used, abused or simply shown to strangers, one and all. I had dressed to order - he was adamant about that. The stockings. Not hold-ups, he hated them. Stockings - your favourite ones - he let me chose something, but even that was playing to my weaknesses. The leather choker. firmly sat around my neck. A sign of submission to those who know. The little chrome emblem at it's front - a badge, his badge, a sign of my ownership. a simple mark of my status.



Completely so.

The latex corset was new to his little games and I mulled over in my mind what it might be for, where it might lead. The little black dress was an old favourite, but coupled with the stockings - the tops of which it only just concealed, was something new. Sitting, bending, anything like that would be a torment - exposing to the view of all the decorative stocking tops and black suspender clips stretching down from the clinging, cloying latex that was still concealed beneath the elegant black dress. Would I be more exposed as the evening went on. Where would I be taken, and who would be waiting. I could feel my nipples harden, pushing into the latex. My hand reached down, caressing my stockings, moving gently upwards, crossing the boundary onto my naked upper thighs and on. Caressing the slender silk that barely covered my freshly shaven .....

The doorbell rings. I come to my senses. Opening the door I took in the young chauffeur who stood there, cap in hand. She looked me up and down. Knowingly. A slight frown said it all. She knew what might be in store for me. A hint of disdain crossed her faced - and then was gone.

"My name is Jude. Are you ready, ma'am?" She turned, and I automatically followed, watching her gently swaying hips of her boyish figure. If only ....

The limousine waited outside. Black, elegant, without the tawdry chrome that signifies the young girls going out on the town. She opens the door and gestures me in, indicating the centre of the inviting black leather seat that spans the rear of the limo.

"Just a moment" she says as I settle back into the soft leather, feeling it's cool soft surface gently caress my curves. She steps in and reaches behind me. Gesturing that I should to lean forward, she opens a leather sleeve in the seat. My hands are pushed down into the arm-binder and my wrists are snapped into cuffs behind me. She grins and pulls tight the cords that bind my elbows so they almost touch, thrusting my breasts forward. "Are we comfortable, ma'am?" she whispers, lips gently caressing my ear lobes.

She pulls back and her eyes penetrate deep into mine. "If only" they seem to say as her eyes fall to my legs. Gentle hands push my knees wide apart, forcing my legs back against the edge of the seat. She releases unseen leather straps and pulls my legs ever wider before the taut leather bindings click into place. "Only the driver can release your bonds", she says, with a hypnotic glaze in her eyes.

Softly, she moves her hands up over my calves, caressing the stocking with her fingertips. "Perfectly straight seams", she murmurs softly. "He will be pleased." My sharp intake of breath marks the point where her fingertips start to caress my naked thighs. Abruptly she stops, only to pull a small golden sphere from her pocket. Instinctively, I know what it is, what it is for, where it will go. My face gently reddens with embarrassment. She reaches down again. lifting the edge of the dress and exposing my all. My silken thong dampens as I watch her gently run her tongue over her lips. "Ohhhhhhhh" I murmur as she gently pulls it aside and parts my swelling labia. I feel the cold as she gently pushes the golden sphere inside me. A short chain remains the only indication of my violation. At it's end a small gold symbol hangs, matching the one on my choker. Transfixed by this badge hanging down from my "lips" she eases the slight silken covering back and smoothes the short black dress over my thighs.

Suddenly, she snaps back to attention and pulls away from me. Reaching up she releases the built in video screen and swings it down from the roof. As she works it's controls it springs into life. There I am on the screen, dressed as a slutty whore. Last time? Was it recorded? My face flushes again as she looks over to me and then back to the screen where men start to crowd around me. She looks me over again, a gentle smile on her face, hiding more than just her amusement at my predicament. "Enjoy", she says.


The door is shut and she walks around the limousine and slides into her seat. A gentle whirr and the smoked glass screen rises in the divide between us. I am alone, secured and watching my humiliation unfold on the screen before me. Arms pulled tight, legs spread and breasts thrust forward I cannot help but watch the screen before me as a dozen strangers, drawn from all parts of life, advance one by one ......

The limousine gently moves away. As it moves I feel the golden ball stir within my innermost parts. It softly buzzes, distracting me briefly before I am drawn back to the scene unfolding on the screen in front of me. As I watch the sensation grows in intensity and I realise that the little orb within is a remote control vibrating egg, but who is controlling it, ever varying the speed as I watch my humiliation on the screen before me.

Where am I bound for? Why am I bound? What will happen to me over the next few hours.

Only he knows.

My mind is a blur as I watch the scene that unfolds before me. A dozen men treat me as their plaything. Am I the only one to see this? I squirm uneasily, trapped in my bonds. He will never forgive me if I cum now, cum without his permission. Then the video stops. The limousine slows, turns and comes to a halt. Are we there?

The seconds tick by. Then the door is opened. Quickly, my chauffeur steps in. Grinning, she looks me up and down. I am helpless, my legs spread wide, the devious built in arm binder securing my wrists, my arms, forcing my shoulders back and thrusting my breasts forward. I feel so exposed, so vulnerable, as this boyish minx gazes and grins.

From her wrist hangs a small box. She lifts it into her palm and her fingers clench tight around it. I tremble as the golden orb hidden deep inside starts to vibrate, gently at first, but then more insistently. It stops and I sigh. She approaches closer and kneels before me. "Did you enjoy the film?" she asks, staring into my eyes. Her hand caresses my stocking tops, lingering around the clips pressing into my flesh. Moving gently forward she reaches out caressing the thin silk that is my only protection. "Mmmmmm" she purrs as I shudder to her touches. Swiftly she draws back and I feel the urgency of the vibrating egg within as she works the remote control in her palm. I can't, I won't, I mustn't! I do not have his permission, but the feeling grows inside. I am at the mercy of this young vixen. "God, Oh God, Oh God" I scream as she watches me, I cannot stop myself and she knows it. No words are passed, but she knows she has won. I slump into my bonds again and she is gone.

The limousine moves off once more and the screen before me bursts into life. This time it replays my humiliation. I watch myself orgasm, straining against my bonds, ecstasy in my face, my will to resist broken with such ease.


Minutes later the car slows to a halt. A hidden speaker springs into life and her soft female voice whispers, "time to compose yourself", and with a click my bonds are released. I slide my arms free from the arm binder, adjust my dress, take one deep breath and the door opens. We are outside the Royal Opera House. A uniformed attendant takes my hand and leads me into the building and through the crowded foyer. The grand staircase beckons and he leads me up towards the crush bar, turning briefly to tell me "He is waiting". We enter the crush bar, and I take in the scene, the crystal chandelier hanging, sparking, above our heads. On he sweeps turning to the right, following the curve of the auditorium until he opens a discrete door and I enter the box. I take in the red, gilded auditorium. The gentle hum of the orchestra warming up, tuning. I am transfixed. Two figures sit with their back to me, a vacant chair between them. He is tall, dark, as handsome and devilish in aspect as ever. To his right, though, is a stranger to me. Not as tall as him, she is clothed in a long black cloak, wrapped around her as if protecting her. Long blond tresses cascade down her back and as she turns I see that she too wears a black leather choker displaying the very same symbol, sign of ownership, that I wear. I am frightened. Who is she? What is she to him? He who commands my every breath.

"Come", she says gesturing towards the chair placed between them, "sit". "Andrew", she says looking straight past me. He turns, gestures and says "Chrissie, meet Kimmie". Before I can take it all in, the house lights dim, the applause dies away and the conductor beneath our box raises his baton.

On stage, the Duke of Mantua is holding a party - well, it looks more like an orgy. Actually it is an orgy. The Duke saunters about the stage taking his choice "Questa o Quella" - "this one or that one" he sings eyeing up every woman before him. Suddenly he looks up - gazing at our box. Our eyes meet and for a moment I think I could be the chosen one - but no .. he turns to flirt with another. Thoughts race through my mind. What is happening to me? "This one or that one". Oh My God!! Is that what Andrew is thinking? I look round to Kimmie and then to Andrew - is he making a choice - and who will he choose? What will be the fate of the loser?

On stage things are hotting up - a woman is being thrown from one man to another - bit by bit her clothes come away and she is exposed to the view of the Duke and his men. If only it was me - being exposed as the wanton harlot in front of the courtiers, in front of a theatre audience - humiliated. The chorus seize a man. He too is stripped, completely. The music rises to a crescendo and he is thrown down on the naked woman who lies on the stage, spread for all to see, Gods, how I wish it was me, disheveled and debauched for all to see.

An old man enters and the jester pokes fun at him. "You have the nerve", he sings, "to complain about your daughter , and her beloved honour .... which we so kindly took". The old man will not be tormented; as he is dragged away his thunderous voice curses the jester for all time. Is that my fate? Am I cursed? Will Kimmie be his new plaything? My mind is a whirl, the opera moves on. The interval arrives and I wake from my reverie. Champagne and canapes are delivered to the box. Andrew looks to Kimmie and she takes them, passing a glass in turn to Andrew and myself. There is a glint in her eye.

The opera resumes, but my mind is elsewhere. I know not what is happening.

Andrew reaches over to Kimmie and unclips her opera cloak. Beneath it she is hardly dressed for the opera, indeed she is hardly dressed. Torn "stay-ups" - not even stockings. A skirt that one can but call a "pussy pelmet" and a ragged cut-off top with holes where there shouldn't be. He seizes her hair and forces her down on her knees in front of my chair. On stage the Duke sings "La Donne e Mobile" - "Women are fickle" whilst offstage Kimmie's hands caress my inner thighs. She eases the black silk thong aside and fingers the emblem, his emblem, dangling from the chain linked to the golden orb buried deep inside me. Kimmie pulls at his emblem. Slowly the golden orb emerges. "Mine now, I think" she whispers, slipping it into a pocket in her long cloak. What can she mean?

As she tucks it away, Andrew pushes her head down between my legs and her lips make contact with mine. He looks me in the eye. "Chrissie ..... You ...may ..... not.....cum" Kimmie has other ideas, however. Voices float up from the stage; "Bella figlia dell'amore". The Duke is bent on seduction, but my mind is elsewhere, Kimmie's tongue is working wonders and soon I am hanging on the edge between heaven and hell. Andrew whispers again, "Chrissie ..... You ...may ..... not.....cum". My whole being rises in ecstasy as the this street whore slut dressed for a night in the gutter wraps her tongue around my clit - I am about to cum .... please .... please ........ then Kimmie pulls back. I can hardly turn my eyes back to the stage. The jester's daughter lies there, stabbed and dying. The old man's curse is upon him. Am I accursed too? Am I the old toy, to be cast aside by him in favour of this new slut he has found. What will happen to me?

The applause dies down and the curtain calls are over. The audience disperses and after a few minutes we gather ourselves. Kimmie wraps the cloak about herself once more. Andrew gestures and Kimmie follows, demurely. In my turn I walk behind, down the elegant staircase and out through the foyer into the cold night air. Outside, the limousine waits and the chauffeur walks round to open the door for the three of us. She whispers gently into Andrews ear and a flash of anger briefly crosses his face. He nods. The girl catches my eye and I sense a truly evil grin for a second. What does it mean? What did she say to him?

Kimmie and Andrew sit in the luxury of the big leather seat. Then he gestures to me to sit on the carpeting at their feet. The doors are shut and locked, and Jude walks round to the drivers door, climbs in and the car moves off. Kimmie looks into Andrew's eyes, but his mind is clearly elsewhere, deep in thought. Suddenly, he turns to Kimmie and pulls her cloak back unveiling, once more, the little slut. Torn hold ups - not even real stockings and that little band of tartan than tries to pass for a skirt but fails dismally. Who is she? Where did he find a whore like her; a common slut? I look up at her. "God" I think, the slut doesn't even shave herself. Has she no sense of decorum. The smell of her obvious arousal fills the air I breathe.

"Time to return the favour," he says. "Make her cum." Seizing my hair he pushes my face deep between her legs.

"Yes", she says, "make me cum, Chrissie". Andrew pulls at my hair again and I am forced to use my tongue on this brazen hussy.

The car moves off, but within minutes it stops again in a quiet side road.

I raise my head and look into his eyes; finally, he speaks. "Chrissie, do you have something to tell me?"

My face flushes as I whisper "No, why, what do you mean?". My mind spins, what does he know, what did she whisper in his ear? What is happening?


Kimmie looks into my face gloating. As she does the video screen springs into life again, re-running the humiliating video I had watched earlier.

Andrew turns to face me and utters two words.

“Explain yourself”

The video rolls .......

I watch myself enter a hotel room. It's an ordinary room, I am dressed in everyday clothes. I strip and shower and wrap myself in a towel. There is a knock at the door, and a voice calls, "Room service". I open the door a little and then wider as I see it is the lad from reception. "Your bag Miss, it was dropped off at the desk". I thank him and take the bag.

When I open it I find a short black PVC dress, size 12, a deep waisted black PVC suspender belt, a pair of black patent thigh boots with 5" heels (I measure them just to be sure) a brand new pair of block fully fashioned nylon stockings (size 10, just right) and a black leather dog collar.

There is a brief note in an envelope, it reads "9pm, be ready".

I dress myself with slightly trembling hands. The suspender belt feels good as i wrap it around me, doing up the hooks and eyes at the back. the stockings feel lovely as always as i slip my legs into them and smooth them.

I pull the boots on next, zipping them right down to the sole them sliding my legs in, zipping them up to the top and standing with some difficulty, wobbling a little as i need my legs to flex the material, not leather I think to myself, too flexible, but not PVC either, quite comfortable as I get used to them.

The dress, well, the dress is tight, that is to say I can only just get the zip done up by breathing in and pulling really hard. It makes my breasts bulge over the low front and the skirt only just reaches beyond the dark stocking tops.

I leave the collar off for now and apply my make-up, a little powder, some blusher, dark grey eyeshadow and black eyeliner to emphasise my eyes. Lips are glossy dark red as usual.

I check my watch and see it is ten to nine, i put the collar on loosely and add a pair of black lacy gloves that come up to my wrists, then sit on the loo for a minute.

At nine precisely there is a knock on the door, I check through the peephole and open the door quickly. He looks me up and down and just says "Excellent" before he clips a leash to my collar (which he takes a minute to tighten properly). "Come" and he is leading me down the corridor towards the lift, my heart pounding like it's going to burst from my chest as we walk along the longest passageway I have ever encountered (or so it feels). Into the lift and i swallow as his finger hovers over the lobby button, then moves up to the 5th floor and presses. He grins at me and whispers "Not quite ready for that yet, Chrissie".

The lift pings open and to my intense relief there is another empty corridor in front of us. He walks me up to room 513, he's in no rush though i am almost wetting myself.

He knocks on the door and pushes me in front of the peep hole. I see the light obscured for a few seconds before the lock clicks back and the door opens. A man I have never seen before stands inside and looks me over appraisingly "You weren't shitting me then man, she looks ok, come on in".

As we enter the suite I hear quiet voices from a second room and some laughter, some glasses clinking. "Take her into the bedroom, you said there's one more thing she needs to be wearing?"

I am guided into the bedroom where lying on the bed is a latex hood. It has obviously been worn, probably recently as I can see it is stretched and deformed slightly. The man picks it up and says "I'll just go and prepare it for you". He walks from the room and I'm told to sit on the end of the bed.

After a few minutes there is loud laughter from the next room.

The door opens and he returns, holding the hood "Close your eyes and let's complete the outfit then". I close my eyes and sweep my hair back as he lifts the hood. I feel the latex across my forehead and over my hair then a horrible wet, slimy sensation as it slides across my face. the inside of the mask is coated with something, slippery and little jellylike, I feel more of it as he smoothes the latex over my face, lining up the eye and nostril holes and making sure my mouth is visible. The collar is loosened slightly and re-tightened over the bottom of the hood as the rear zip is closed, puling the slimy rubber tight across my face.

"I hope you like the feel of it, three guys who couldn't wait just jacked themselves into to it just for you, how does it feel to wear the cum-hood, slag?" I drop my head but he grabs my chin and makes me look at him "Do you like it, slag?" He stares at me as I nod once, wordlessly and he pushes three fingers into my mouth as his other hand holds my leash. "Come on then, let's start the party"

I am lead into the lounge area of the suite, to find ten more men sat or stood around, most half dressed. There is a movie running on a TV screen in the corner, some woman being fucked by two black men at once.

"Jeez Andy, she actually put it on? It must stink in there, but i guess it's only going to get worse for her"

I'm pushed to the floor and made to crawl up to the first man and kneel up. He looks down at me and unzips his pants, lets his cock fall against his hand with a splat. "Me first, eh? OK, I'll try not to stretch her too much for the rest of you, open girl" So saying he slaps his cock against my cheek a couple of times, the latex adding a sharpness to the meaty thwack it makes. Then he pushes it between my lips, pushing straight in, hard and deep. I back off slightly and he puts his hand on the back of my latex covered head "Oh no sweetie, you get it all, no half measures" and he keeps pushing as my throat tries to relax, as his hand holds me steady, as I struggle not to gag on the head of his cock as it pushes past my tonsils, concentrating on keeping my breathing steady, not panicking as his hand pushes me onto it and it forces its way into my throat fully.

I kneel there, hands holding my five inch heels behind me as he starts to fuck my mouth, holding my head firmly so i can't pull away he pushes himself in and out of me, every third or fourth thrust taking my face flat against his belly as I fight to breathe, to stay relaxed, to stop the muscle spasms that my body so rightly wants to indulge in. Drool begins to run down the front of the hood as he continues to pump into me, both hands on my latex covered head, grunting as he pulls me onto his thrusts. I close my eyes and try to seal myself away into a different world, one where I can breathe and swallow as I desperately need to, then suddenly he grunts and pulls me hard to him, I feel a hot rush in my throat as his semen floods into me, his cock spasming in my throat and making me try to choke even more.

I gasp and splutter as he pulls out, a last couple of spurts of slimy white sperm catching the front of the hood and dribbling down with my own saliva. "Thank God that was quick" I think fervently to myself then realise that there are eleven more guys stood next to the first one, each of them with his cock out and slowly wanking as they move towards me . . . .

Suddenly the screen goes blank for a second. Then I see myself strapped into the back of the limousine only a few hours earlier. The camera pans briefly across to the door and, once again, I watch Jude climb in. Her fingers play on that damn remote control and the camera pans back to my face which says it all. I sigh. The camera pans down to my legs, my stocking tops and we watch Jude's fingers caress the clips on my stockings and pass briefly across my damp, slender silken thong. The hand draws away and we see my face again – it is in the throws of orgasm. “God, Oh God, Oh God" I mouth before slumping into my bonds.

Andrew finally stops the video and watches me squirming in front of him. How much does he know?

“Did you have permission to cum?” he asks.

I know the answer, but dare not utter it.

Kimmie's huge grin grows bigger by the minute.


"Jude", he commands, and the smoke glass screen separating the driver slides down. Jude turns to look at Andrew, a wry smile on her face. "You win" he says and a look of ecstasy crosses her face. What can he mean?

Slowly he starts to explain. He reminds me of my vow - only ever to cum with his express permission. He reminds me that I had nothing to tell him when he asked, adding that Jude was a little more forthcoming. He asks Jude to restart the video screen once more, one last time, and she obliges. It springs into life. Kimmie is transfixed by the scene as, once again, I see my restrained self thrashing in the throws of orgasm within the confines of the limousine.

"Now have you anything to say, you faithless lying little whore."

My whole being shakes. I cannot speak. "Oh! don't bother - we can see it all, can't we, Kimmie? I am disappointed. Very disappointed."

A gloating Kimmie nods in acquiescence.

Andrew leans forward and gently unclips the leather choker bearing his emblem - a token that I had so proudly worn, and he tells me that I would not need it again. In it's place he buckles on a thick heavy black leather collar with a single large ring fixed at the front. My fate was sealed.

He explains that Jude had told him that she could seduce me, driving me to orgasm, if she had ten minutes alone with me. Andrew had placed his trust in me, and in my vow to him, and I had let him down, I had dishonoured him. I had played without his consent. I had cum without his permission. It had taken Jude much less that ten minutes to achieve that overwhelming orgasm..

Jude had promised to submit to him for a week if she lost, to anything and everything he might ask. I thought back to my time with Andrew - he could utterly destroy a woman in a week if she resisted - and Jude must, surely, have known that. She must have wanted something really badly. What could it have been?

Then I realised. It was so obvious. I was the prize. If she won, Andrew would simply have to pass me on like some common chattel lost in a wager. He would have to surrender me and I would never serve him again. Now my collar - the choker with his emblem - was gone and my fate was sealed.

He turned to the chauffeur. "Home Jude; after that she is yours for the night. You know what to do in the morning." The smoked glass screen rose again and the limousine sped on, taking me towards I knew not what.

Andrew and Kimmie get out at the top of the drive outside his mansion.

Jude took the car on to the coach house that now garaged the cars. Above it was a small coachman's flat - now the chauffeurs home. What did she have in store for me, the prize she had won in a little wager; a wager that was the trap into which I fell. I was hers for the night, but what was to come after that? Jude knew, Andrew knew, but I could only wait through a night in Jude's hands to find out what my ultimate fate would be. As I pondered on what was to come a sweet smell permeated the sealed compartment of the limousine and slowly but surely I fell into a welcome sleep.

I don't know how much time passed, but as I gradually came to my senses again. I felt cool air gently caress my goosebumps. What was I wearing? I slowly opened my eyes and realised I was on my feet, with my arms bound behind me, my elbows almost together. My dress was gone - but the latex corset was still there, my stockings were still in place, seams perfectly straight as ever, and I was balanced on my 5 inch heels but a spreader held my legs apart. I felt a pull on my wrists and realised a rope ran from them to a pulley on the ceiling. God, what was happening to me? I looked around and realised I was in the middle of a large, brightly painted coach-house with room for several cars on the grey painted concrete floor. Several pieces of furniture were placed around the space. Some were finished in black leather and had straps attached. Stocks, a pillory, a wooden horse and a couple of other strange looking benches. My hands jerked upwards and I naturally bent at the waist.

"Awake, are we", the voice behind me said. I knew that voice, it was Jude, but it carried a tone I had not heard before. "Comfortable, are we? That will soon change". The pulley squeaked as my hands were drawn up and up behind me, pulling, straining at my shoulders. It hurt and she wanted me to know it. It started to make me moist and she knew it. That cute young minx knew what she was doing and knew how to do it well.

Steps approached from behind, but I could not turn to look at her. She seized my hair, twisting it sharply and her warm breath whispered into my ear.

"You are mine" ....

"I won you" ....

"The stakes were high"...

"I hate to think what Andrew would have done if I had lost"........

"He can be an evil bastard ......"

"But".............. "I Won"........... "And you are mine; tonight. I can do whatever I want".......

"That was the deal........" “.....and he hates it"........ "Having to surrender you up to my every whim"

A shudder ran through my taut body.

"Frightened", she said - "you should be, I can be an evil bastard as well".

With that she walked around to face me and I looked up and stared into her face. The trim little chauffeur's uniform was gone - in it's place a set of black all encompassing overalls and that cute little face topped by her cropped blond hair.

She lent forward and extended a finger running it from my gently puckered tight anus and up between my lips till she reached my clit and gently tweaked it. "Mmmmmmmmmmm" she said, as my wetness betrayed my arousal, raising her finger to her lips and gently sweeping her tongue across her fingertip. "How sweet"... "Now lick it clean" she ordered, pushing her finger between my lips. I had to obey. I had no choice.

Undoing the top buttons oh her overalls she eased out a single pert breast surmounted with an erect nipple pierced with a silver barbell. "Do not bite" she said, leaning forward and pushing it between my lips. Her sweet perfume filled my nostrils and I slowly started to work my tongue around the pierced nipple.

She sighed. I was doing something right at last. I suckled that sweet little nipple for all it was worth - whilst her mind was elsewhere she was unlikely to do her worst, but for how long would that last? Unexpectedly she pulled back. Was it that she realised she was enjoying my attentions too much? She looked around us - surveying the items of kit stood on the floor. Then she marched decisively to the wall - beside a winch was a rack - all sorts of tools hung there. Beside them I was stunned to see a set of floggers, whips and canes - plus a range of leather cuffs, ties, ropes and chains. Oh My God! She plucked a flogger from the rack. A black handle from which issued a set of leather thongs. Turning to the winch mounted beside the rack she cranked the handle. Click by click my wrists were pulled up, straining my shoulders. What a sight I must have presented. My ass stuck out, framed by the straps clamped to the latex corset and supporting Aristoc's finest seamed stockings, my legs spread by the spreader bar between my ankles.. The minuscule black thong might just as well not have been there - I was exposed to this young woman's view and with nothing I could do to hide my shame.

Slowly she walked up behind me. She must have seen how I was trembling, part with fear, part with anticipation. I could hear her swinging the flogger through the air, feel the wind on my legs. Whoosh. Aaaaaaahhh. FUCK! It hurt as she brought the flogger up between my legs. Not once; not twice but three times the strands hit my most delicate parts, drawing my breath, making me shriek. FUCK!, FUCK!. FUCK!!

Before I knew it she grabbed the top of my stockings, sliding one hand down inside each one. I heard the "ripppppp" and the stocking tops were shredded, the seams twisted. Any sense of elegance was gone. No longer could I hold any pretence of being "the lady". Now I was "the slut"; "the whore" the victim of the tight, taut, cute, petite girl whose nipple I had so sweetly sucked only a minute ago. She walked round and looked me in the face, grinning at me and knowing I could do nothing, bent forward, my arms tightly strapped together and straining as my hands were held at the end of the chain. Her hand lifted my chin up, forcing me to look at her. Leaning to one side she whispered into my ear. Gently she whispered as her lips tickled my ear lobe, "we have all night and I have only just begun" ...... "No limits; you are mine".


Jude stood before me and eased herself out of the black overalls she wore. Rolling them down she tied the arms around her waist tight above her hips. I watched, taking in the immaculate little body before me. I saw that it was only the one nipple that was pierced; the one I had so gently suckled a few minutes ago. From almost nowhere she produced a chain with a looped handle at one end and a strong spring clip at the other end. She clipped this onto the ring at the front of the rough, crude collar that Andrew had buckled in place when he relinquished his ownership of me. Reaching up to a winch control, Jude lowered my wrists – relieving the strain on my shoulders and I made as if to straighten up. Before I could move Jude, though, snapped at me – kneel! I sank to the floor in obedience and she unclipped my wrists from the chain hanging from above.

Jude pulled on my hair to raise my head upright and tucked my hair gently behind my head. Before I knew it she smoothed a latex mask across my face leaving just one small opening for my mouth. I was plunged into darkness as my eyes were covered and the smell of latex filled my nostrils. I could but feel the latex wrapped over my ears suddenly dulling all the sounds around me. Finally the latex was stretched tight and secured at the back of my head.

She freed my ankles from the spreader bar and a tug at my neck encouraged me to move, I knew not where. A hand guided me and I was positioned on some piece of apparatus. My legs were forced apart and positioned against some sort of frame which sat between my legs. My ankles tingled as cuffs were fitted around them and I heard a click as each one was secured – I felt so exposed and worse was to come. Something metallic and cold slid over my skin – thighs first and I quickly realised that Jude was cutting away what little cover I had been left with and I could only imagined the growing heap of tattered lingerie beside me.

I could feel fingertips exploring my body as she worked away – and I felt a sense of growing fear alongside growing excitement over what she might have planned for me. Gods, I was tingling where it mattered and I could sense rapidly growing wetness. Suddenly I sensed a change in mood and my wrists were pulled down roughly, cuffed and clipped into place over what felt like some sort of wooden horse. My arse felt so exposed and my soaking cunt felt ready – ready for anything that might come my way.

Silence ruled and it was a couple of nervous minutes before I heard Jude feet padding across the floor. Silence again. Then a sudden swish. I screamed as the flogger hit my arse and woke me from my erotic revelry.

Swish .... and a second scream ......

“Count” yelled Jude

Swish – a scream and I enunciated “Three”

“And thank me” added Jude.

“Three – thank you Jude”

When we reached six I felt on fire, burning and agonising, but there were still more to come.

Jude continued purposefully and I screamed louder and louder.

“Twelve” and “Thank you Jude”

She paused and reached to pull my rock hard nipples whilst her other hand caressed my wet and wanton cunt.

I breathed a sigh of relief, but it was not to last for long as each nipple was gently pinched in turn before a painful clamp was applied and my stomach muscles tensed with the pain. The clamps pulled – even more so as Jude must have added a weight. Each time the pain dulled I felt some weight added until the pain no longer eased.

Hands caressed the tight black latex over my head and a single finger toyed with my tongue. My mouth eased open and then another shock – a soft gag was stuffed in my mouth. A gentle manipulation and I felt my mouth slowly fill – “Oh My God” - and I realised the gag was slowly but surely inflating under Jude's control, forcing my jaw uncomfortably wide.

Jude led me across to what I knew must be one of the pieces of equipment I had seen before I had been hooded in the delicious smelling black latex. Her hands manipulated my limbs and I was laid over some sort of wooden horse. My legs were strapped to angled uprights with my pussy and arse exposed behind me. Not content with that, Jude pushed my neck down till it rested on the horse, the top nestling between my breasts. As she did so she clearly could not resist pulling at the painful nipple clamps she had applied earlier. “Mmmm”, I heard her whisper, “must find those weights”.

With one hand pushing my neck down she wrapped some straps about my wrists and elbows and tightened them down onto the horse's legs. I felt so exposed, but unable to see anything through the latex hood. My arms still ached in the armbinder albeit gently resting on my back. That didn't last. A quiet whirr stopped and I felt my wrists lifted and hooked onto something. Then the whirr started again and my arms were gently, slowly and firmly lifted away from my back. As they rose my shoulders tensed and the pain grew as twisted uncomfortably until my arms felt almost vertical and twisted out of their sockets.

Then a silence. Nothing. I could not move other than to try, painfully, to lift my head a little. What was Jude planning? What was about to happen?

The black latex hood deadened the sound and heightened the senses that remained. I could just hear Jude walking about, a gentle rattle of buckles and the occasional “swish” of ..... well I could only guess ... something that would not be a pleasant experience for my already heightened senses. It seemed as if an eternity passed, with nothing more than a few faint sounds. All of me ached; my arms felt agonisingly stretched and I could only guess what might be in store for me.

Without any notice a hand started gently to caress my arse, moving down towards my exposed pussy. A single finger explored my growing wetness; another started to tickle my inner thighs before pinching and pulling my lips. That gentle touch contrasted with the severity of my bondage. The fingers gently explored, excited and aroused me. I sank into my bonds and began to find that place that women go when they lose control and feel nothing more than the excitement of arousal and the expectation of sexual ecstasy. Two fingers explored my cunt and another slide forcefully into my tight ass. My sphincter contracting tight around it. My emotions were on edge. This was a girl who really knew how to excite a woman. Gently she played with my clit and almost brought me to an irresistible orgasm before I heard her step back from me.

Suddenly there was a swish through the air and a whip hit my arse forcing a scream from my lips.

A brief pause and the gag was deflated and removed – easing my aching jaw.

“Count”, she ordered, “and thank me”!

I started .... “One”, and, “Thank you Jude”

As we reached 12 my arse felt red raw and on fire. I hoped a dozen was my lot, but Jude went on. That gentle feeling of arousal was being replaced with far more powerful sensations. Pain, emphasised with each subsequent blow, which brought in it's wake a feeling of intense sexual pleasure. One by one I counted and thanked the little minx through gritted teeth. Each time came a return to the pain of another blow. She stopped at 24 and I knew I could have taken no more.

Oh ye gods, she truly knew how to inflict a whipping. My arse burnt with pain and surely was a palette of bright red crisscrossed with deeper red welts. Whilst searing with pain on the outside my innermost feelings were different. The orgasm before Jade started had been a real rush but something told me that it was just the start. Pure pain on the outside but a craving for more humiliation and abuse rose within me. I know that whatever Jude was going to do next I would relish every moment. I feared and dreaded what would happen but I also knew inside my self that I wanted it to happen and that Jude was completely in control and I could feel myself flush with growing excitement. Somehow this little minx could excite me as never before.

Perhaps it was the notion of being punished for my indiscretions; for betraying Andrew.

Perhaps it was the sense of being absolutely at the whim of this young girl.

Perhaps it was the complete and utter humiliation of being “won” in a wager.

Above all it was knowing how much Jude had wagered to win me for a night. I understood the risk she had taken – I could imagine how Andrew would have played her body had she lost. I am sure she could as well. Somehow she must have felt that the prize was worth the risk.

Gently the hands, the fingers returned to my beaten body. Jude's finger tips explored the tender welts that the whip had left before fingers again explored my most private places. “Oh! We are wet” she whispered as the pain surrendered to the prospect of orgasm once again, but it was not to be. She knew, she understood, exactly when to stop.

I tensed, expecting the whip again, but I heard Jude walk round and stand in front of me before pushing my head up. Fingers played with my lips, pushing my tongue down. Gently something soft pushed at the entrance to my mouth. The strap-on stretched my mouth open wide and continued to force it's way in reaching the top of my throat and that sensitive spot which forces one to gag. Andrew had trained me to accepted being deep-throated without gagging, but this was huge; this was something else. Jude forced it into my throat and I lost all sense of the surrounding pain – all I wanted to do was gag – and still she pushed. I struggled to breathe through my nose, inhaling as I did the gentle intoxicating aroma of the latex. As I started to choke, Jude withdrew and I relaxed. It didn't last long as she forced the strap-on back into my mouth. One hand forced my head up and the other started to play and pull on the clamps squeezing my nipples even further.

My mind danced from one painful sensation to another and back again; I wanted to gag so much and my throat kept tightening and squeezing the invading strap-on. My brain had other thoughts – I was in sexual rapture – as this woman played me for all I was worth.

Slowly she slid the strap-on out between my lips, and before I could relax and close my mouth the gag was pushed back in and quickly inflated.

I could see nothing but sensed Jade was changing ends.

Hands gently caressed the rising welts from the flogging. I could feel the ache as she drew her fingertips along the reddened lines she had left across my arse. Bit by bit those fingers explored further, reaching into the cleft in front of her, easing across my sphincter and moving on to slide up my wet and wanton slit before gently manipulating my clit. Flexing against my restraints only served to heighten the sensation and as Jude's fingers played gently with my softest spots I suddenly felt the need to cum again. Jude sensed me tighten in her hands and pulled back starving me of the impending orgasm. For several minutes she played me, taking me to the verge of ecstasy before pulling back and leaving me utterly frustrated.

The fifth time she took me to the verge of orgasm I was desperate to cum, but again she eased back, gently running her fingers through my wetness – and them sliding back to my sphincter. Gently she worked my wetness into the mouth of this other opening. First one finger, then two and finally a third worked their way inside that muscular ring.

The strap-on was already wet from my oral attentions, but it still came as a shock as Jude worked the big fat strap-on into me. It was almost as if I was being split in two and despite my shrieks Jude pushed hard and it slid all the way in. I felt full beyond belief. Jude started to withdraw before plunging back in as hard as deep as she could. At the same time one hand slipped round and seized my clit pinching it as hard as she could. My “Oohs” and “Aaahs” alternated with shrieks of pain and ecstasy as Jude plunged in and out whilst she gently worked my clit. Once again as I neared a climax she pulled away and left me desperate for more, but it was not to be. Jude was determined to leave me frustrated.

Once again I heard her feet on the floor walking I knew not where. A hand seized my head and pushed it up and back. Something nuzzled at my lips – the only part of my face not enclosed in latex. Her finger, I thought, until I heard a gentle whisper telling me to suck but not to think of biting. For full five minutes or longer I worked at Jude's ever hardening nipple. I could sense her rising excitement as I worked away – gently using my lips, tongue and teeth on her sweet nipple. After five minutes it was replaced with her other nipple and I followed the same gentle formula and I could sense from her little sighs of pleasure that my efforts were appreciated. Maybe my success here might be rewarded by being allowed to take my own pleasure. I could but hope!

Jude left me there. Strapped to the wooden horse for what seemed like an age. All I could think about is what she had done to me and what she might do to me in the hours to come. My mind was working overtime – I felt humiliated, excited, exposed and vulnerable to this attractive little minx of a chauffeur who had wagered so much for a night with me as her sex toy.

At last I heard Jude's footsteps approach. She lifted my chin and I felt her slip something – a leather collar perhaps, around my neck and then, trembling at the prospect, I felt her buckle it up. A click followed and I could feel something hanging down from the collar – a leash, perhaps?

Slowly I heard Jude undoing the ties that held me to the frame, naked apart for the latex hood and leash. As she finished, I felt the leash tug at the collar around my neck. “Walk” came the command, and I followed meekly at her heels, my head hung down. I am sure I was going round in circles for what seemed like ten minutes of more and I started to feel oh so disorientated.

“Lie down!” came the command, “face down”.

I obeyed.

My arms were folded across the small of my back and Jude pressed on by tying them tightly together and I must admit to being excited by the tightening of the ropes around my arms. A pause for a moment and I heard the clink of something heavy and the rattle of buckles. Jude was now working my feet into some sort of boots, or so it felt. My feet and ankles certainly felt oh so encased. Gently my legs were spread and once again I sensed that the “boots” were being attached to something. I soon found out what. A gentle whirring and my feet were slowly but surely lifted from the ground. The rest of me followed and I was soon swing in the air suspended upside down with my legs apart.

Up I went – not sure how high to start with. The winch stopped and I could sense a warm whispery breath over my inner thighs and pussy. No sooner had I taken this in that something warm and wet, yet a little rough engaged with my labia. Jude was letting her tongue work me over and it was not long before my clit was doing overtime telling me someone was enjoying themselves at my expense.

Needless to say my wicked little mistress knew exactly when to stop and when to start all over again. Orgasm denial can be such a pleasure and such a pain. The blood rush to my head heightened my senses and the combination of clit and Jude's tongue almost did the rest.

It was not to be, however. After what seemed like endless pleasurable torment Jude pushed me away and I felt the hoist whirr again raising me further upwards. Not too far this time, before I felt Jude grasp my latex clad head over each ear and pulled me forward again. My lips were the only part of my head not covered in latex and they soon made contact with Jude. This time it was my tongue in place to pleasure her private places.

Somehow I knew that this little exercise would take just as long as she had spent pleasuring me, but equally I realised that there would be no orgasm denial this time.

From time to time Jude gently pushed me away as she caught her breath, but eventually I sensed her leaning back as she let loose a riotous orgasm. One moment she clamped her strong muscular thighs tight around my head, the next she let out the most thrilling screams of ecstasy. I had never experienced a female “squirter” before and it was quite a shock as she let loose and filled my mouth with her copious juices.

I had completely lost all sense of time – my ordeal seemed endless but, somehow satisfied my inner desires. Jude was clearly experienced in what she did – I had certainly never received such intense treatment before – she was definitely something special. My mind turned to her explanation of the wager with Andrew and what she might have suffered had she lost. I knew what Andrew could do and I knew Jude would not be the sort to submit to a man.

It was several minutes before Jude relaxed – though my gentle attentions to her pussy lips and clit no doubt helped prolong her pleasure. All I could think of was what might be coming next and how I might delay it's onset.

It was not long, though, before Jude regained her composure and I found myself fully naked and bound to a cross against the wall. The provocative little minx, clad again in her black overalls, strode up and down in front of me. She had left the front of her overalls unbuttoned all the way to the waist and I couldn't help but admire the firm pert boobs on display. They looked absolutely delicious – the worrying thing was the mean look on her face.

Eventually she seemed to come to a decision and walked up to face me. Her lips reached out to mine – though only for a brief erotic kiss. No sooner had she drawn away than she ducked a little lower and took a turn suckling at each of my rock hard nipples. It almost seemed that I had won her over and that she was submitting to my desires. Not so, though. She reached deep into the pockets of her overalls and pulled out a pair of clover clamps linked by a short chain with a ring at it's centre point.. I had only ever suffered with clover clamps on my nipples once before – and that was an experience I would rather I could forget. It was certainly an experience that would pale into insignificance over the next minutes.

Jude squeezed my left nipple and applied the clamp. I tried to make do with a simple “ouch” but changed my mind as it bit and screamed out loud. Jude looked pained and dropped the other clamp before walking across to a cabinet drawer across the way. When she returned she was carrying a bright red ball gag which she thrust into my wide open mouth and buckled tight behind my head. “That”, she said, “is because you can't keep quiet”! Before I knew it she had taken the other clamp in her hands and released it to clamp firmly over my right nipple. This time all I could manage was a few guttural noises. More was to come. Jude tugged downward on the chain, tightening the painful grip of he clamps even further. Next came a pair of leaden weights which she hung from the middle of the chain. I was in exquisite agony one moment only to switch to equally exquisite ecstasy the next.

Jude stood back and admired her handiwork.

We both eyed each other up for several minutes. Eventually I broke eye contact. Jude grinned at this little victory and seized the weight on my nipple chain, pulling it hard, tightening the clover clamps and making me squeal – a squeal evoking both agony and ecstasy. For what seemed an eternity she toyed with the weight, the chain and the ever tighter clamps. My nipples were on fire, my senses burning with desire.

I had never met a woman like this one.

Jude walked over to the cupboard and extracted a whip. In Andrew's hands this would have evoked a real fear on my part. In Jude's hands, though, I felt a thrilling sense of anticipation. I watched as she warmed up her whipping arm, practicing flicking the tip one moment and the next cracking it to break both the silence and my nerve.

Gently she started to flick the tip across my taut stomach. At first it did little more than tickle but before long Jude worked it harder and harder, creating a burning sensation as it generated red stripe after red stripe. I still do not know how Jude maintained her accuracy and started to raise the point of strike by the barest fraction of an each time. Eventually it reached to very bottom of the weight on my nipple chain. Each stroke not only left another red stripe but also set the weight swaying and tugging at my nipples. The initial strike was so hard to bear, but the after shock lingered as the weight swayed.

A pause.

Then as I reveled in the sensations that enveloped me Jude let fly one softer stroke – right up between my legs and wrapping itself around me to finish with a crisp snap which sent me into rapturous pain. My face must have said it all .

Jude stood back and started the process all over again – the whip gently then firmly striking across my belly and chest. I was transfixed – this minx in front of me knew how to excite me, to thrill me, to be her plaything and to leave me wanting more and more and more.

I shudder as she looks at me, the knowing eyes and the very slight sneer as she looks at my trembling body. I can feel my body tingling, reacting to her work as the thin tip of the whip lashes across my breast and then my belly and back to the other breast. I moan despairingly, almost completely muffled by the bright red rubber ball firmly strapped into my mouth, lips stretched wide around it and the black leather strap pulled tight to hold it in place. A thin trickle of sweat runs down my forehead and past my nose, pooling briefly just above my lips before joining the thin dribble of drool which I am incapable of stopping leaking around the gag. She lifts my chin with a delicately manicured fingertip and brings the whip up between my legs again, holding eye contact as my body jerks at the feel of the lash across my bald pubis. I have never felt a sensation like it, pure fire burning up from my exposed sex, a jolt of pain and heat that builds in my belly as the lash switches up again, her eyes smiling at me as she flicks the supple leather. My eyes close as a third blow falls directly across the swollen lips of my pussy, making me jerk and try to gasp ineffectually. She leans forward, pulling the weight hanging from my poor nipples as she does so, leaning in so that my vision is filled with her face, her eyes boring into mine as the lash catches me yet again on my suffering pussy, the fire burning stronger and stronger as the pain and stimulation battle within me.

Her face hovers right in front of me, her sweet breath wafting over my face as she whispers “Do you want it, Christine? Do you want to experience your relief at my hands?”

I nod desperately, closing my eyes and opening them to see her gloating smile as she realises just how desperate I am. The lash falls on my bald pussy three more times, cutting wickedly up under me and catching the cheeks of my bottom, making me arch my back “Do you want me to whip you to an orgasm? Is that what you want? A truly humiliating BDSM climax brought on by a superior woman?”

I strain to turn my face away from her, hating myself as the whip curls up underneath me yet again, finding the slippery inner lips of my pussy open and yearning for punishment.

“Give in Chrissie, we both know what you need, we both know you enjoy being controlled, forced, used. Give in to it, there’s only the two of us here, no-one else need know, let it go, indulge your body’s needs, give yourself up to your Mistress as we both know you need to”.

I look back at her, tears in my eyes, lips still strained around the ball gag as the sounds start deep in my throat, a guttural noise, driven by the quick lashes of the whip on my exposed cunt, the not so gentle tugs on the chain pulling my stiff nipples.

“Chrissie, let go, be mine, do it, give up yourself to me, come like the needy pig you are, not the Lady you pretend to be, let me hear the real Chrissie as she gives herself to Mistress!”

I hate myself as I feel the orgasm build in my loins, the fire coiling and burning up through my body, the evil whip lashing up between my puffy wet cunt lips, catching my hard clit and making me jerk wildly as I feel the grunts come, the horrid pig-like grunts that I make when my climax is one of those undeniable ones, the sort that drive upwards from the abdomen right through the diaphragm and force an intense primal sound from your throat (at least if it wasn’t obscured by a big red rubber ball-gag). She laughs as my body jerks, each jerk tugging the chain on my nipples and accompanied by the whip raising a sensation like a dozen wasp stings on my sore and swollen mound.

“Good girl Chrissie, good little pain slut, let it all out for me.”

My eyes close as I lean my head back, thighs forcing open and inviting the whip as my body goes rigid. As the tremors stop and she kisses me lightly on the ball-gag the shame floods me, knowing she knows how turned on I was, knowing she will use that against me, knowing that’s exactly what I want her to do.

It’s some time before I take note of anything other than my trembling body and my feeling of shame, when I do I find she is sat on a chair close to me, legs open and a black rubber dildo working between her thighs. She looks at me and smiles as she pumps herself with it.

“Was that good Chrissie? It was for me, I loved it when you let go and I could see that just at that moment you didn’t care, you were so desperate to get what you needed. You feel different now, I can tell from your red face, but let’s see what we can do about that.”

She stands up and reaches up to where my wrists are fastened, releasing them and clipping them together behind me, then she frees my ankles. I can’t resist as she pushes met towards the chair she was sat on, sitting me down and pulling my arms back behind me before securing them to the back of the chair. She parts my legs and ties my ankles to the crossbar of the chair legs, then my knees to the top of the legs, pulling me open. She makes sure the nipple clamps are still secure, giving a sharp tug that makes me suck in my breath. She loosens the strap on the ball-gag, letting it slide out into her cupped hand, covered in my saliva which she wipes on my face, giggling. She knows, she knows it’s the humiliation that I crave. She knows as she slips the thick black rubber dildo up between her thighs and lowers herself to ride my thigh. I can feel the base of the dildo working against my thigh as she slowly rides it, staring into my face. She knows as she pulls the thick black rubber dildo from her slippery pussy and presses it to my lips, still warm and salty tasting as she pushes it into my mouth. She knows as she takes the photograph of my red lips stretched around the black rubber, my eyes outlined in kohl as I stare into the camera lens, knowing that this will be yet another picture used to degrade me in front of her friends and possibly online. The thick black rubber head is pushed to the back of my throat and my eyes close involuntarily as I try to master the urge to gag, her soft chuckle as she puts her hand on my head and pushes the dildo past the restriction of my throat sends a fire of humiliation through my belly and a flush of blood to my face as I hear the clicking of the camera shutter.

“Pretty Chrissie, Posh Chrissie, Rubber Cock-Sucking Chrissie . . . " she purrs as she works the thick rubber head in and out past my tonsils, deliberately making it as hard as possible for me not to retch, my eyes watering with shame as I set my mind to conquering it. “I think you need this, don’t you Chrissie? I think you’re more than ready for a little more exposure and I think we shouldn’t deny you what we both know you really want, time for Posh Chrissie to go in the Pillory Chair for a few sweaty hours I think?”.

After ten minutes or so of my throat being stretched by the black rubber cock she relents and slides it out of me, again wiping it across my face as she giggles. She walks behind me and I hear rustling and scraping noises, then her nimble fingers probing at me from underneath. The chair has a large hole in it’s base and she is working her fingers into me from under the seat. She knows just how to manipulate me and it isn’t long before three of her fingers are working rhythmically inside my slick pussy, pushing up and clenching then pulling back, making me feel like something is trying to crawl up inside me. As I begin to react and my slickness increases the fingers are slipped out and back in, driving in a little harder each time they are removed and re-inserted. Then suddenly a different sensation, something larger and firmer is pressed up against my opening, then forced inside me, stretching me open as it is firmly pushed upwards. I try to relax, to accept it as I am penetrated, but it’s difficult, the intruder is cold, dry and I feel myself wriggling to work myself down over it. I am filled to my limit by something large and thick, it feels like a cock in shape, but larger than any I have had and without the reassuring warmth and resiliency of a live person. As she stands up and walks round in front of me I see myself in the upright mirror she turns to face me, I am straddled on the chair, tied firmly in place with a large dildo on the end of a broom handle forced up from the floor into my aching pussy. I moan in a mixture of shame and desire as I see myself, dressed in fetish wear, tied helplessly, nipples dragged down by the weighted clamps and impaled on an improvised fucking prod. As she walks behind me again and I feel the hated red ball-gag pulled into place and I know this will not be a quick session, I get the feeling I will be in this chair for some time.

“I know you’ve just come really hard for me Chrissie, I know you are really, really sensitive down there at the moment, but you have to be taught that when I want you to be aroused you WILL be aroused. Just relax and let me teach your body to obey me   without your mind interfering. I am going to condition you to become wet and needy just by walking close to me, I want you ready for sex even when you only hear my voice on the telephone.”

Saying this she slides one hand between my legs while the other holds up a large white device, it looks something like a Moulinex hand dicer but it has a big round ball on the end and I can see the word “Hitachi” stencilled along it’s base. As she slides the rounded end between my legs she clicks a switch on the side and it begins to vibrate strongly as she presses it against my sore lips. Pressing it firmly and increasing the pace of  the vibration makes me begin to squirm on the seat, working the large dildo inside me as I strain against my bondage.

“Good girl Chrissie, so responsive, you’re going to be easy to train aren’t you?”

I gradually begin to ride the dildo, despite my misgivings, I want this, oh god how I want it! The feeling of the big rubber cock inside me, the relentless vibration on my pussy, the constant pull of the clamps on my nipples and her sweet, taunting voice as she brings me to the edge of orgasm again all mix together in an avalanche of torment. When she removes the vibrator before I come she just laughs delightedly as I thrash against the ropes, jerking myself wildly trying ineffectually to finish myself   on the dildo. She knows me well, she knows that she has just desensitised me enough that I will never manage to work myself over the edge like this, but the vibrator is powerful enough to keep bringing me back to the edge, again, and again, and again as she continues to enjoy my need, my desperation, the pleading look in my eyes each time she takes the stimulus away. How long, oh gods how long must I endure this torture, how long until my blessed release is allowed by my Mistress, how long until I am again grunting like a pig for her as she controls my darkest desires for her own pleasure.

Jude's vicious manipulation of my senses continued for what seemed like an eternity, but eventually I sensed the cold light of dawn start streaming through the windows. Jude rested as I hung limp in my bonds. Once we had both relaxed a little she untied me and I knelt on the floor in front of her as she sat, legs spread, in a simple plain chair.

I could smell sex, raw sex. Jude's hand pushed me down till my tongue made contact with wet pussy. Pleasure me, said Jude. And I did.


It seemed an eternity since Jude had approached me in those black overalls. I had been tied, teased, tortured, whipped, flogged, shafted with the strap-on and was used and abused every which way. As I looked up towards the roof lights I could see it was beginning to get light outside. I recalled that I had only been promised to Jude for one night and that was now coming to an end. There was not one inch of me that had not suffered, both in pleasure and in pain. I had never known anything like it, not even in Andrew's hands, I had to face up to it – this little minx knew what she was doing.

The dilemma for me was in imagining what might be to come. Andrew had said to Jude “You know what to do in the morning”. Jude may have known, but I most certainly did not. What did fate hold in store for me that morning. All I knew is that I had been strapped to the frame again – and without a hood or blindfold this time.

Suddenly, the coach house bell rang. Jude appeared, looking slightly flushed and clearly having had to wriggle quickly in to her black overalls. She had started to close up the front hiding her pert little boobs and those nipples I had so ardently serviced with my mouth, but the bell rang again and I could hear a loud knocking.

“Shit,” muttered Jude, “they are here already”.

She skipped over towards the side door and let in seven men, varying in age. To start with they only had eyes for Jude who had not quite managed to close up her overalls and cover her boobs. One of the men then spotted me tied and displayed and they suddenly lost all interest in Jude.

“This way, gentlemen”, she said, leading over to where I remain tied, displayed and immobile.

“My dear”, she said, “meet the domestic staff”, as they lined up in front of me.

“Let me introduce them!

"Simon, he is Andrew's butler. He also deals with the punishments for the errant girls in the household. I only ever crossed him once. Never again!

"James the footman. He is forever tripping about the house on late night errands when our visiting ladies need something attended to late at night after they have retired.

"Bill the handyman. Bill is very handy about the place – and very imaginative, Who do you think made up the 'ahem' furnishings you have been tied to. He does like to see them put to good use now and again.

"Waldo, the head gardener. We all remember that demo by the feminist tree huggers last year. He had six of them naked and chained to the trees in the orchard all day. All the staff took turns and I finished them off with flogger practice before I donned that strap-on you saw last night. I polished the last one off with the bullwhip. I'll wager they will never be able to hug a tree again without thinking back to that day in the burning sun.

"Luke, the under gardener. Luke is new here and very young. Look how he blushes. We all reckon he has never had a woman before. I think that is about to change, don't you?

"Ralph, the head groom. Ralph looks after the stables and the tack. He maintains the saddlery and is very adept with the surplus leather from major repairs. He made those whips, crops and floggers you enjoyed last night, not to mention the cuffs and straps that held you in place for me.

"Spike, the stable lad. Look at that tent in his trousers – that's why they call him Spike. He is very popular with the ladies after they return from their ride."

As Jude introduced each one they started to disrobe and I was left in no doubt as to what the next hour was to hold in store.

"Guys," she said, "you know the rules – there aren't any. I'm going for breakfast and will be back in exactly one hour to get her cleaned up and tidy for her next appointment. What happens between now and then is up to you." With that the petite little dyke turned her back and retired up the stairs to her flat.


Tied to the frame there is little I can do but wriggle and squirm a little, hands are suddenly all over me and my breasts are quizzed and tweaked and my pussy is stroked and probed. To my amazement I begin to feel arousal instantly and I can feel myself getting wetter. Unfortunately so can they and Simon grins as he says “Let’s get her off of there so we can all get at her”

They release me from the frame and to my surprise Simon opens the closet and tells Luke to pick something for me to wear. He pulls out a black satin corset and hands it to me. Having no real choice I quickly slip it on and the sheer nylons that are folded inside it. I’m also given a pair of long black latex gloves that almost come to my shoulders and a wicked pair of six inch heels.

I tremble in anticipation, knowing that every single one of these men is going to enter me, and I can only surrender to my inner desires.

I’m told to kneel and Simon presents his cock for me to suck,.Eagerly I take the head between my lips and lick gently all around it, under the foreskin and around the shiny purple head. I slide my lips back and forth over the swelling and gently catch the ridge at the base of the head with my lips wrapped under my teeth, gripping firmly but not hurting. Simon pulls out and is replaced by James , pushing eagerly into my mouth, I cup his balls with my latex clad hand as he works himself in and out of my mouth.

AAAaaargh! I jump as a loud crack and hot stinging sensation across my ass signals the first stroke of the riding crop that Waldo has been swishing about, a second crack follows almost simultaneously as Simon shows he can be just as accurate across my other buttock. James is holding my head and I suddenly feel something slide around my neck. Ralph pulls the collar tight and buckles it behind my head, clipping on the leash and pulling it just enough to let me feel the control while not interrupting the rhythm of James cock in my mouth.

Another few strokes of the crop across my buttocks and then I feel someone kneel behind me, I almost choke on James cock as I am entered roughly. Hands grip my hips as the unknown cock is thrust deep in me, fast and hard, sliding inside my wetness.

“Time for her to give Luke a little treat,” Simon says, and I find myself facing the tentatively twitching cock of the youngster. I put my rubber gloved hand around him and guide him into my mouth, tasting the sweet dribble of pre-cum already seeping from his hard cock . I work my mouth on him a few times and gently massage the base of his cock before suddenly a flood of hot semen spurts into my mouth and he almost squeals. God there’s a lot of it and some spurts across my face as he pulls out and almost falls to the floor. Close on this flood I feel a hot spurt inside me and whoever is mounting me from behind clenches my hips as they fill me with more slimy semen.

Spike takes my mouth next, and he’s no joke, I have to be careful as he’s big and he’s a pusher, I try to pull away but another cock filling me from behind pushed me right back at him. I gag slightly as he pushes deep to back of my throat and I put my hands on his thighs to push him back. All this gets me is my hands grabbed and handcuffed behind my back. A couple of straps are also put round my arms and pulled tight, my elbows almost touching behind my back. Spike just chuckles and my heart sinks as his hands grab my head and pull me onto him, thick cock pushing back into my throat as he pulls my face hard into his tightly curled pubic hair. I want to gag, but Spike just pushes harder. Suddenly I feel him spasm and his huge cock seems to swell in my mouth before filling my throat with his hot sweet cum.

From the corner of my eye and past the smears of mascara that adorn my face I see Bill walking over to me with more straps and shortly I have one more around my upper body, crossing over my breasts and holding my arms even tighter. The second goes under my breasts, pulling them up and squeezing them between the two straps.

Spike pulls out and pushes me upright, whoever was in me from behind also pulls out and as I rock back on my knees I see it was James. He lies down and beckons me to straddle him, I hardly have to move as Simon and Spike lift me onto him, sliding down on to his slippery cock. Simon moves around in front of me and again his cock enters my mouth.

A sharp crack of the riding crop across my white ass tells me Waldo hasn’t forgotten me and I start to wriggle on James in earnest. As I begin to ride I feel other hands on my buttocks, pushing in between and one finger penetrates my tight anus. I feel a cold dribble and the finger slips in and out easily as the lubricant is smeared liberally. Then hands on my shoulders hold me still as a stiff cock is pressed against my puckered star and slowly is pushed harder and harder until I begin to dilate and suddenly I am filled to the hilt with cock in all three of my holes.

My hands are still bound tightly behind me and I can only move to the rhythm of the three men using me and nearly fall when Simon pulls out of my mouth to spray his hot cum straight into my face making me gasp.

He’s almost immediately replaced by Bill, he’s already been wanking himself watching my humiliation and hardly gets himself in my mouth before he comes, his sperm flooding into my mouth and dribbling down my chin and down onto by breasts. A sudden hot sensation in my insides and Waldo's hands clutching at my shoulders let me know that he has come in my back passage and James isn’t far behind, I can feel the spurts firing up inside me.

As Waldo pulls out James rolls me off of him onto my back and Spike moves in again, sliding his cock into my sloppy pussy and spreading my legs wide. Ralph kneels behind my head and leans forward over me to grab my heels. He pulls them up above my head and spreads me wide open for Spike. Then Ralph leans even further forward and his cock slaps against my cheek. I crane my head back a little and he enters my throat, sliding straight in and slapping his sweaty balls in my face time after time as he uses my mouth. Spike pulls out of my cunt and I feel him nudging against my asshole. I try to wriggle, God’s he’s so big, but the straps and cuffs make it useless and he slowly stretches my tight hole as he pushes relentlessly in. I choke and gag on Ralph's cock but that just makes them laugh and they work me over thoroughly as the others cheer them on.

Luke comes over and hands spike a large black rubber dildo which he proceeds to drive firmly into my poor pussy and work in me as he fucks my ass, surely Luke isn’t the innocent he seemed, I think, as Ralph pulls out and my face is sprayed yet again with hot slimy man cum.

Spike grunts and slips out of me and a fountain of white come shoots up the front of the black Basque spraying my breasts and belly liberally.

As he rolls back and I think I’m done Luke drops between my legs again and sliding the dildo out of me pushes in his rejuvenated cock, now harder than ever, he fucks me hard and as one hand grabs and squeezes my breast hard enough to make me gasp the other pushes the slimy dildo throat-deep into my mouth as he takes me again on the semen stained floor.

“Right, guys”, I hear Simon say, “times's up and we have work to do. Just put the pathetic slut back on the frame where you found her."

Hands quickly drag me from the floor, strip off what vestiges of attire I still have and carry me back to the frame suspended behind me. The straps are again wrapped around my limbs, though I sense I am stretched tighter than before by the gang of seven. As they secure me I can feel Luke's hands stray and gently caress my clit – as he does I feel a final climax coming and scream out loud. As I do I catch Waldo out of the corner of my eye. His arm flicks and I feel the agony and ecstasy as the crops flicks viciously across my arse.

I have been had. Well and truly had.

The guys slowly file out and I am left alone. Cum drips from every orifice and I am in no doubt that this slut has been used and abused.


A few minutes pass and I hear feet gently patter down the stairs. Jude stands before me, still in her overalls. “What a mess – I think we need to get you cleaned up before your next appointment”.

What does she mean by that?

Before I can blink she turns a hose on me – a freezing cold jet of water which makes me shudder. Jude grins and starts to play the jet over my body. My face, my breasts, and then up the inside of my legs. Slowly she walks towards me and starts to play the fierce icy jet over my cunt. The pressure of the jet starts to force its way between my lips and Jude lets it focus on my clit, burning at first then almost caressing. Slowly the feelings of cold recede and a warm swells within me. As the last of the mess of cum that the guys have left within me are swept away I submit to another wild orgasm induced by this kinky minx of a chauffeur. Finally my screams of pleasure fade away and I slump on the frame, water dripping all around me.

Jude carefully loosened the straps holding me tight and helped me down onto the floor. From somewhere she found a bundle of towels, telling me to dry myself down, before directing me to a washroom. She gave me a box of clothes – nothing that special, but I was able to tidy myself, dress and establish some sort of passable appearance. As I finished Jude came in – resplendent now if her chauffeur's uniform and looking immaculate, so unlike the girl who tormented and used me all night. Gently he held my head up and kissed my lips, sweetly but firmly and with passion. Reluctantly, she pulled away, snapped a collar and leash about my neck and led me back to the limousine.

Settling me in the back she clipped the leash to a secure chrome ring. Almost as a second thought she turned and bared my legs before sliding “that” little toy back into my red raw cunt before closing the door and walking round to climb in to the drivers seat.

I was off again, but knew not what might be in store for me.

We drove for about twenty minutes – and a whole new experience opened up for me.

End of part 1

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