The Importance of Trust
by Yashi

The crunch of tires on gravel woke Cindy from her post orgasm haze.† She wondered briefly who it could be; the doors were locked and if someone tried to break in they would set off the alarm.† Only Ted, her soon to be ex-husband, had keys and knew how to turn off the system.† She relaxed as the twin vibrators began the job of bringing her to orgasm again.† A few minutes later the car hadnít left and she though she heard a door shut.

"The bastard, I bet he figures he can talk me into dropping the divorce," she mumbled behind her gag.† "And I thought a restraining order would work!"

Cindy wondered if her ears were playing tricks on her.† There was nothing she could do; she would just have to wait until she could free herself.† The dildos were doing their job and she was getting hot.† It was just what she needed after finding out Ted was cheating on her.† Theyíd had five good years and then a month ago her best friend Donna, told her she had seen Ted at a bar with some hooker.† When she confronted him he had flatly denied being at a bar with anyone.† She believed him, but she was hurt and wondered what to do.† Donna offered to have a private investigator she knew check it out, so a week later Donna gave her the report outlining Tedís infidelity.† Cindy had kicked him out that night.† Two days later she had Donnaís lawyer draw up divorce papers.† The first hearing had gone well, Ted didnít even have a lawyer and he agreed to the restraining order.

Cindy thought she heard another noise -- maybe footsteps, but she wasnít sure.† Why did she need a restraining order against Ted?† The thought had never crossed her mind.† Ted was many things in her life -- Dom, lover, friend, partner, husband but he had never been violent with her.† Why had the lawyer insisted she have a restraining order against him?† She shrugged as best she could.† Her bondage did not allow her much movement.

Suddenly there was a soft flash of light, as the door at the top of the stairs opened.† Cindy fought her panic, there was nothing in this world she could to stop or change whatever was going to happen.† She had started her game an hour ago when she filled the ten-gallon bucket with water.† A plug prevented the water from running into a second bucket sitting in a contraption Ted had built to hold it.† When she pulled the trip rope that pulled the plug out fill the bottom bucket and it would sink to the floor.† Grabbing a box of locks and chains she carefully placed it in front of where she would be bond.† Nude (she hated wearing clothes) she sat on the dirt floor of the woodshed and locked her ankle cuffs to two chains secured to concrete anchors buried in under the floor.† They held her feet four feet apart until she could free herself.† Two keys hung from a short length of coat hanger pushed into the floor between her legs.† One of these keys freed her ankles.† The other would free her hands from the chain tied to rope hanging above her.† The rope ran up to a pulley and then down to the bottom bucket.† Next, she gagged herself with her favorite ball gag.† It took some effort to get it in her mouth and was why she liked it.† It was part of a head harness that included blinders preventing her from seeing anything that wasnít directly in front of her.

Squatting Cindyíd picked up a chain, dildo and a butt plug from the box in front of her.† She ran the chain around her waist and locked it together behind her back.† A leftover section hung down to the floor behind her.† With a little effort she inserted the plug in her pussy.† After pumping it in and out a few times she judged it was well lubricated.† Slowly she pushed it up her ass.† Quickly inserting the dildo she held it in place with her left hand as she pulled the chain up between her legs and locked it to the waist chain.† A quick flick of her finger turned the dildo on.† It had a delay and wouldnít start for two minutes, just enough time to finish her bondage.

Now came the fun part.† Grabbing two locks, one red and one green she sat down in the dirt again.† She slid backwards toward the buckets.† The chain and plug dug into her, but she ignored them.† The green lock she laid behind her on her right.† The red lock she held in her left hand.† She key to the red lock was in the house.† The key to the green lock was between her feet.† If she mixed them up she would be stuck.

Reaching behind her, she carefully locked her wrists together with the red lock.† Grabbing the green lock she managed to stand up.† Awkwardly she searched with her hands until she found the chain and trip rope.† Leaning forward she slid her hands up the chain until she counted ten links.† Carefully she threaded the lock through the chain and the lock holding her wrists together.† Without hesitation, she gave the trip rope a pull and was rewarded by a snap behind her.† Then a tug on the chain/rope locked to her wrists.† She had about thirty seconds to chicken out before the weight of the water was too much for her to lift.† As the bucket filled, it pulled her arms higher.† If she had counted links on the chain right the bucket would hit the floor and stop at the point were her position was painful, but not unbearable.

It took a few minutes for her to adjust to the strain on her arms.† Then the dildo began to work its magic.† It wasnít long before she had her first organism.† All the pain and fear from the last few weeks faded in a wonderful haze.† Faintly she could hear the water running out of the bucket onto the floor.† It had to run between her feet to get to the drain.† The weight of water in the bucket was too much for her lift.† She had to wait for the water to run out of the holes Ted had drilled in the bottom.† They had worked on the bucket for a whole day to get the timing just right.† It would take exactly two hours for enough water to run out for her to lift the bucket high enough for it to relock in the holder, giving her enough slack to reach the keys between her feet.† Ted had made sure she would have to sit in the muddy water to reach the keys.† Ted loved her muddy and dirty.† He would often take her out after a rain to find a muddy area so he could lock her in a hog tie.† Once he had taken her out in their canoe to a muddy bog.

Now she was stuck and someone was walking up behind her.† Suddenly a figure appeared in front of her carrying a thick pile of folders.† Behind the gag she started chanting softly, "Oh shit, oh shit..."† It was the last person in the world she expected to see invading her home -- her sister!† "Margaret -- not Maggie -- Margaret and donít you for forget," she had told her more then once.† She was dressed in her usual power suit.† To be honest Cindy had admitted to herself, a long time ago, she rated it.† Margaret had left for college when she was eighteen and Cindy was sixteen.† After her freshman year, she rarely came home.† In few years, she graduated and went to law school.† Now she was a Superior Court judge.†

"What the hell do you want?"† Cindy tried to ask around the gag, but the sounds didnít make sense.† Margaret just smiled at her.† She glanced around and found a lawn chair folded up in the corner.† Dropping the folders on a nearby worktable she pulled the chair over so she was sitting in front of Cindy.† After checking the chair was fairly clean, she sat down.

"You look good," Margaret said.† "Maybe a little stressed, but good."† She smiled at her little joke.† "I expected I would have a hard time talking to you about Ted.† But it looks like you have taken all the fun out of this little lecture."

She reached over and picked up the folders.† "Ted came to me right have your hearing.† He explained to me what was going on.† I told him I couldnít do much officially, but I gave him the name of a very good investigator I know.† Ted went to him and asked him to help.† Iím not going to go into great detail," she paused as Cindy struggled to deal with her orgasm.† When Cindy was finished, she went on, "Iím going to leave these with you so you can read them.† The bottom line is Donna has a rap sheet longer then my arm.† Sheís been running swindles up and down the east coast for a dozen years.† The investigator you hired is her brother-in-law.† Together they convince women that their husbands are unfaithful and the woman needs a divorce.† Then they keep working on her until they end up with everything she owns.† You fell for this.† You should have known better."† She taped the folders on her lap with a long red fingernail; "You should have talked to me.† I am your sister."

Cindy didnít know what to think.† She knew Ted wouldnít cheat on her, but in a moment of weakness, she had believed Donna.† Now she was going to pay for it if she could stop the process.

Margaret stood up.† She looked in the bucket.† "It looks like you have another half hour or so to go before you can free yourself.† Itís only two oíclock and the court doesnít close until five.† If you hurry, you can get the restraining order vacated and ask Judge Fallon to stop the divorce.† I talked to her this morning and she knows you are coming.† We are going to see what the DA can do to bring a case against Donna and her brother-in-law."

Cindy struggled to get free, but the water bucket was still too heavy.† Margaret carefully placed the folders on the chair and started to walk away.† Then stopped and said, "If Ted isnít around the next time you want to play, let me know, Iím very inventive."

Finally, nearly an hour later, Cindy managed to pull the bucket up and free herself.† By the time she reached the Courthouse it was almost four-thirty.† After freeing herself and removing the cuffs, she had thrown her a dress over head.† Barefoot and frazzled she trotted up the steps of the courthouse.† Luckily, the guard knew her; Ted had helped him out when he was building an addition to his house.† He let her in with only a smile at the way she looked.† The judge was waiting and it took only a few minutes to complete the paperwork.

Paperwork in hand she jumped in her jeep and headed to the motel where she knew Ted was staying.† It was ten of five.† At ten after five, Ted pulled in and parked in front of his room.† Screwing up her courage Cindy picked up the paperwork and a thin box from the passenger seat.

"I hope he will see me," she whispered as she got out.† She had gone over in her mind what she was going to do a dozen times in her head.† "I hope I can do this."

Cindy knocked on the door.† There was no answer; she knocked again, harder this time.

"Yes?"† Ted asked as he opened the door.† Surprised he just stood there for a few seconds.† "Are you trying to get me in trouble?† You have a restraining order against me!"

Cindy couldnít speak; all the words she had rehearsed froze in her throat.† Shaking his head, he stepped back, allowing her into the room.† After shutting the door he stepped around her and stood in front of her, his arms folded waiting to see what she wanted.†

Finally, a few words came to her.† "Iím sorry Master."† Without hesitation, she pulled the dress over head and tossed it on a chair.† Nude she knelt on the floor and placed the papers on the floor in front of her, almost touching the toes of his boots.† On top of them was a thin square box.† She slid back until her feet touched the door.† Cindy lay prone in front of him, her hands crossed behind her back, legs spread as far apart as space would allow.

Ted picked up the box, staring at it thoughtfully and then laid it on the desk.† He glanced at the tops sheets then laid them next to the box.

"Get up," he said softly.

Cindy scrambled to her knees, then stood, head down, hands held behind her back.† Her body shook with tension.

Ted turned and picked up her dress.† "Get dressed and go home.† Iíll be along later and weíll talk about this."

She glanced up at his stern face, tears sliding down her cheeks.† Without another word she left the room.† It took her five minutes to stop shaking enough to start the jeep.† "At least he is coming home." She softly chanted to herself.

Ted relaxed with a sigh.† "I wonder how she will survive without bondage for a month."† Then he grinned, that should be fitting punishment for not trusting him.† He just wished he could get his hands on Donna.† He wouldnít be so forgiving with her.†††