The Chair
by Yashi

She was calmly reading her email when disaster struck.  One minute all was still and then the house shook.  Suddenly she found herself laying on the floor.  Earthquakes were rare in her area, and this one couldn’t have picked a worse time to hit.

The day dawned warm and bright.  She was up at her normal time and worked out for 30 minutes before going off to work.  As the CFO of a small, but very successful company, she was very busy until noon.  Kicking off her shoes under her desk, she had ducked out the back door and walked across the street to a small park.  After lunch she had several meetings -- nothing big.  At fifteen minutes after five she kicked off her shoes again and headed home.  Her house was at the end of cul-de-sac development, which had never been completed because the developer had run out of money.  Five years ago, as soon as she was confirmed as CFO, she had picked out the house because trees hid it from the road and her neighbors.

Smoothly the garage door rolled up and then down.  Pulling out her keys she opened the back door and shut off the security system.  Following her well developed routine she turned right and unlocked the pantry door.  Looking more like a closet then a pantry it held racks of clothes and a few pairs of shoes that she rarely wore.  Pulling her dress over her head, leaving her nude, she carefully hung it on a hanger.  Her staff would have instantly noticed the lack of tan lines.  Leaving the door open she walked out.  Entering the kitchen, she glanced at the answering machine, as usual nothing.  Idly she thought, ‘Maybe I’ll find a boyfriend someday, but nah that might not work out.’  It wasn’t that she wasn’t beautiful, she was, but she had to be in control. 

She pulled the refrigerator door open and grabbed a handful of carrot sticks and a bottle of water.  Going to the French doors she unlocked one side and opened it.  Stepping out she noticed the grass needed mowing -- later she told herself, right now her garden was on her mind.  Wow the sun felt great on her bare skin.

The garden was doing great and she spent over an hour weeding and hoeing.  Finished she put away her tools in the shed.  The small tractor started without a problem.  Her few friends would have been amazed at how much she knew about engines.  As she rounded the house and began mowing the front yard she felt the thrill that someone might come up the drive and catch her mowing her lawn in the nude.  Later, she put away the mower and went back to the house.

After a quick shower, it was suppertime.  Supper was a simple salad, picked from the garden on the way in.  She listened to NPR as she ate.  With a smile, she knew it was time.

As was her ritual she checked that all the windows and doors were locked and the down stairs security system was armed.  In the pantry she opened a medium size toolbox and began taking out her toys.  The first toy was her collar that she put around her neck and locked.  Then were ankle cuffs, wrists cuffs, and cuffs for above her knees.  Carefully she pulled out four lengths of chain and a handful of locks and set them on the shelf beside the box.  Five of the locks were painted green and the others were red.  After checking to insure all the other keys -- her house keys, the keys for her cuffs and her car keys, were in the box she closed it and locked it.  Smiling she thought back to the first time she had read a story about self-bondage on the net.  When she got up the courage to try it she discovered it was the most liberating thing she had ever done.  Not only did it release all her sexual tension, but also it allowed her to forget about work and the loneliness that crowded in on her life.

Assured all was in order she picked up the chains and stepped out of the pantry door.  Pulling it shut she gave the knob a shake to insure it was locked.  Her next stop was the freezer over the refrigerator.  She pulled out two containers holding ice.  The larger container contained two keys one for the pantry and one for the toolbox.  Until it thawed, she could not get back into the pantry, which meant she could not get her clothes or the keys to the green locks.  She couldn’t even get her car keys or the keys to the house.  The second container, a heavy old mug, contained keys on a key ring, for each of the red locks.  Sticking out of the top was a paper clip.  The larger container she turned upside down on the sink drainer where it would slowly thaw.  She did this nearly every weekend and knew that it would take at least twelve hours for it to release the keys.

Selecting a middle length of chain 14 inches long, she bent down and locked the ends to her ankles cuffs with a green lock.  Next, she took a six-inch length of chain and locked her wrists together, once again with a green lock.  Carefully she made her way upstairs carrying the extra chains and frozen cup with the keys.  Opening the first door on the right she entered her play room/computer room.  After closing the door she made sure it was locked.  Across the far end of the room French doors led to a balcony only accessible from this room.  She opened the doors and latched them open.

The room was bare except for a table with a computer on it and an odd-looking chair.  She had made the chair herself.  Soon after discovering self-bondage, she had taken a woodworking class.  Her instructor had urged her to create something original; the chair was her effort at self-expression.  More importantly, it was part of her bondage. 

The seat of the chair was a narrow triangle with slightly rounded corners perched precariously on tall legs.  The back support was a four by four inch maple post with six holes drilled at right angles to the seat through it.  A rope hung from the lowest hole waiting for her.  Despite the obvious heaviness of the chair it was oddly graceful.  She ran her hands over the smooth, sensual curves that defined her wooden lover.  Like a lover she knew the chair would hold her in its warm embrace.  She flicked a speck of dust off its varnished surface.

A thread, with a loop in the end, hung down directly over the chair.  Taking the loop she hooked the paper clip over it.  Carefully she laid the mug on its side on a shelf to her right.  A bucket below it, half full of water, testified to the number times she had done this.  Three hours from now the water would melt and the key ring would swing down so she could release herself from the chair.

She moved between the chair and the desk.  Reaching between her legs, she tipped the chair back so she could slide the chain hobbling her ankles under the front leg.  Carefully she pulled the chair toward the table until it was in just the right position so she could lean forward and reach the keyboard.  Looking up she checked the cup -- it was in the right position.

Now to finish the bondage.  While the computer booted up she threaded a chain through a hole in the back of the chair and locked it on to her right ankle.  Pulling up her ankle wrapped the free end around the back so she could hold with one hand while she lifted her left leg.  With a click, her ankles were secured to the chair -- both under the chair and now her heels touched her butt.  Reaching behind her she pulled the rope around and tied it around her waist.  "It wouldn’t do to fall out of the chair," she muttered to herself with a grin.  A shudder shook her as she had her first mini-orgasm.

Picking up a short chain from the desk, she secured it to her knee cuffs, pulling them close to the point of the chair.  Lastly, she locked the middle link of the chain between her hands to the ring on the front of her collar.  Leaning forward, with her nose only inches from the keyboard she opened her email.

There wasn’t much email; however, there was one she had been waiting for.  It was from the author of a story she really liked.  Halfway through the email, describing a new story, the house began to shake.  In surprise, she jerked back from the keyboard.  The violent move coupled with the earthquake tipped the chair over.  She landed with a thump on her right side.  The fall knocked the wind out of her for a few seconds.  After a few minutes she was able to take stock of herself and discovered that nothing was broken, but she was trapped.  Bound the way she was there was nothing she could do to free herself.  To her horror, the mug was still sitting stubbornly on the shelf -- it had moved closer to the edge and if the quake had lasted just a few seconds longer it would have fallen off.  In fear and anger she fought her bonds, but it only made her horny.  A nice orgasm shook her. 

She didn’t know how long she lay there since there were no clocks in the room and the computer had shut down.  After awhile her right leg started to bother her from the weight of the chair lying across it.  At first it was just the pressure annoying her.  Suddenly the leg cramped and tears came to her eyes.  Slowly the cramp faded, but she knew it would come back. 

At some point she noticed the light in the room was fading.  Considering the time of the year it must be well after nine.  "Shit," she said out loud, "I’ve been trapped for only an hour!  What will this be like after a few days!  God, what happens if I can’t get free," clearly she wasn’t getting free by herself, "and they send someone from work to check on me?  This could cost me my job!" 

Suddenly the house shook again -- it was an aftershock nearly as strong as the initial quake.  She glanced up just in time to see the mug drop off the shelf.  This time lady luck was with her.  The timing was perfect.  There was still enough ice in the mug to hold the keys, but the weight of the mug, plus the ice was enough to break the thread.  With a thud it landed inches from her hands.  Carefully she reached out and pulled it towards her.  Most of the ice had melted and with a tug she pulled the keys free.  Two minutes later her hands were free from the collar.  Of course they were still locked to the chain holding them 6 inches apart, but at least now she could free herself from the chair.  It took ten minutes to free her ankles from chair.  She stood and stretched as far as the chains would allow.  ‘God,’ she thought, ‘I’ll never do that again -- at least until tomorrow night.’

Stepping through chain holding her wrists together she turned and picked up the last green lock.  With a click she locked her wrists together behind her back; bedtime and time to find a new way to get herself off.