by Yashi

Prelude to an End

On a warm June night the sound of a truck engine woke me. My bedroom window is on the street side of the building and my windows were open. The town is very small. All that is left of what was once a fairly good size town are my general store, a barber, a post office, and about 50 people. Some of the store fronts on Main Street have been converted to apartments or they are empty. The only reason I noticed the engine was that it stopped for a few minutes before it drove off. It is unusual around here to hear a truck—especially at four am. The first shift at the mill doesn’t start until 7am. I got up, got dressed and went down stairs. It was just getting light so I turned on the porch light. Up here in Vermont my store still had a porch. When I opened the front door I was greeted by a soft warm breeze. I stuck my head out and glanced around. To my astonishment I saw a dirty, naked woman kneeling a few feet to my left with her hands hidden behind her back.

Chapter 1

Unlike many of the kids I knew I don’t like winter that much, but when you live near Boston, you don’t have much choice in the matter. The bay made for a damp penetrating cold. It was the end of Christmas vacation so most of my friends were off skiing. I was a senior in high school and I had been doing an internship with my father who was a lawyer. That had ended yesterday so I had a few free days before school started. Despite the furnace chugging away in the cellar it was cold in the house. I curled up under a blanket to watch TV before my parents got home. A knock on the door startled me. I got up and went to the door. Two men were standing there. One was my father’s partner and the other was a State Trooper. Before I fully opened the door I was crying, because I knew something bad had happened.

“Sandra,” Frank, my father’s partner said. After that I only heard a few words—“car crash—your parents are dead.” The next few weeks were a blur. Without really knowing how, I found myself moving to Vermont to live with my Uncle Al and his wife Mau. I didn’t have any choice. I was seventeen and I wouldn’t turn 18 until June 15th, Al was my only living relative.

I’d met Al and Mau twice, once at my grandmother’s funeral and once at a Christmas party. I liked Al, but Mau scared me. I think she was Filipino, but I’m not sure. After losing my folks it was very hard to leave all my friends from school. I had already applied to several colleges and I figured I could live with Al until it was time to go to college. Then I’d be back in my world.

The new school was hard to get use too. I didn’t fit in. I was the only girl who wore dresses or skirts. Most of the girls wore jeans. But I managed to hold my own. Graduation wasn’t any fun as I missed all my old friends. Graduation was Saturday afternoon and then there was a party, but I didn’t stay long. Sunday night I didn’t feel good after dinner so I went to bed early. Monday was my 18 birthday!

I woke up Monday with a headache feeling, as if I’d gotten drunk the night before—I done that only once and I didn’t like it so normally I don’t drink. As my head cleared a bit I had the feeling something was terribly wrong. It didn’t take me long to figure out what it was. Before I even opened my eyes I discovered I could barely move and worst of all I was nude! Someone had stripped off my PJ’s and tied me up! When I looked around, I couldn’t see much because I was lying on my stomach, my hands were tied behind me and then to my ankles. I looked around the room as best I could and discovered that all my things were gone.

“H….” I tried to yell, but got a massive shock. I shook my head, the headache was worse. It took me a few seconds to figure I was wearing a shock collar. A friend had a dog that liked to bark. The only way to stop him was with a collar that shocked him when he barked. While I was thinking about this, Mau walked into my view.

“Ah, you awake. Good, time to show you where you live from now on.” She did something behind my back and my hands were free from my ankles, but not free from each other. Mau clipped a dog leash to my collar and gave it a jerk. “Get up stupid girl.”

I managed to roll over so I could swing my feet off the bed. I discovered my feet were connected by a chain. Another tug urged me to stumble to my feet. She turned and led me from the room. I wondered what Al would say. Outside I noticed his truck was gone so I knew he had left for work.

Mau led me around the garage to a small barn that had been a kennel for some very expensive dogs back when Al was a hunting guide. There were four stalls, or at least I call them stalls, that are about 4 feet square. I’m 5’8” so the only way I could lay down was corner to corner with my feet pulled up. Each stall had a narrow sliding door on the front and another door at the back. The back door led to a fenced in run, the chain link fence even ran completely over the top of the run. The run was about thirty feet long by six feet wide. A small part of the run was cement, the rest was sand.

Mau pulled the door open and pushed me in, then slid it shut. I heard the click of a lock. The stall was bare except for rubber matting on the floor. An automatic water bowl was fastened to the wall in one corner. I had to take a piss and there wasn’t any place to go except outside. I hobbled to far end of the run. The chain between my ankles was about sixteen inches long. The ankle cuffs were some sort of metal with four rings on each. I felt the cuffs around my wrists and figured they were same. I also found they were so closely connected that I could barely bring my hands around so I could see my one of my hands, much less try to slide them down over my butt. When I reached the end of the run I dug a hole with my heel and did my business. As I was walking back to the stall I realized that there were no locks on the cuffs. Only the ends of the chains had small locks on them. To my horror I realized that the cuffs might be permanent, since I couldn’t feel a way to take them off.

As I entered the stall or perhaps I should call it a cell, Mau was waiting for me.

“You rest today. You see doctor tonight,” she said. She put a plastic bowl on the floor. “Now you eat.”

I don’t know what I was thinking; I guess I sort of panicked. Anyway I lowered my shoulder and charged her. I managed to knock her down and was almost to the door when she grabbed the chain between my ankles. With my hands trapped behind my back I had no way to catch myself. I fell flat on my face knocking the wind out of me. Before I could do anything she was on top of me. Roughly she pulled my legs up behind me and hog tied me. She dragged me back into the middle of the stall. She was very strong for her size. In the stall she reached up and pulled down a control box that I hadn’t noticed. It lowered a cable with a hook on it from the ceiling. She clipped the hook between my ankles and my hands. With a whir the electric winch lifted me off the floor. I tried to scream, but I luckily I didn’t have enough air; otherwise I would have been shocked. When I was at her eye level she stopped the motor.

Standing in front of me she cackled and shook her finger at me. “You must learn you cannot get away.” She said. Then she left the cell for a moment. When she came back she had a crop. She cropped my breasts, my belly and then walked around behind me and hit me three times on my pussy. Despite the collar I screamed. Each blow raised a welt where it landed. I know more than a few strokes broke the skin. I passed out as much from the affects of the collar as the beating.

When I woke up I was still hog tied and hitched to the cable, but at least some of my weight was on the floor. My whole body hurt. I could feel blood running down my breasts. I don’t know how long I hung there before she came back.

“You no hit Mau again?”

All I could do is shake my head. I hoped there would be another time for an escape. Maybe Al would help me when he found out what is going on. She freed me from the winch and unlocked the hog tie. She did give me some water on the floor, but nothing to eat.

Mau left me for an hour or so, without a clock I had to guess. I managed to get to my feet and staggered out the door to take another pee. I kept hoping that Al would come home and find out what was going on. I heard a truck—his I think, but he never came out to see me. Sometime after dark I heard another engine, but I didn’t recognize it. A few minutes later Mau slid the door open. She was carrying her crop and something else I didn’t recognize.

“Kneel!” She ordered.

I did as I was told. The blood had dried on my chest, but the memory of the pain was burned into my brain for life. Mau walked up to me, tucked the crop under arm and unfolded the object in her hand. It was a leather hood. It didn’t have either eye holes or a mouth hole. Before she slid it over my head she pulled a pair of ear plugs from her pocket and stuffed them in my ears.

I barely heard her tell me to get up; helpless, I did as she told me. Mau must have clipped a leash to the collar because I felt the pull and followed. Outside in the cool evening air I faintly heard voices, but not what they were saying. I was led across the lawn and stuffed in the back of a small SUV or Van. They threw a blanket over me and then strapped me down. A few minutes later the engine started and we drove away. I didn’t know where I was going or who was taking me.

I don’t know how long we drove; sometimes the roads were rough dirt, I could hear the stones hitting the bottom of the van and sometimes on tar roads. Finally we stopped and the straps holding me down were released. I was hauled out of the van and led into a building. I wondered if it was some kind of office—the floor was cool against my feet. My leash was attached to something and then I felt someone swab my arm with something cool. Vaguely I smelled alcohol then there was a prick. Someone had given me a shot! Within a few minutes, I felt dizzy and after that, I don’t know what happened.

When I woke up I was laying on the floor. My arms were locked behind my back wrists to elbows. I was still wearing my collar, but the hood was gone. My ankles were hobbled. On my face I was wearing what felt like goggles that blocked all sight. When I tried to move it caused my head to spin like it did after Mau drugged me, so I lay still. I guess I dozed until my bladder got me moving. With difficulty I got to me knees, and then managed to get my feet. I staggered around until someone grabbed my arm. If I could yell, I would have—I had no idea there was anyone near me. They led me a few steps and then said, “Squat.”

I did as I was told. The same voice, female, said; “piss.” She didn’t have to tell me twice. When she saw I was done she pulled me to my feet. With a firm grip she led me to another area. This time she didn’t speak, just pushed me down onto the floor. There was a tug on my collar and a click. I guessed she had locked my collar to something. As I lay on the floor feeling sorry for myself I notice my stomach ached. It was a deep ache, sort of like when I had my period, but there was also a surface pain too. Sort of like I’d been punched in the stomach and the skin had been cut at the same time. My nipples hurt too and there was a pain just above my pussy. I figured they had pierced my nipples and either my clit or the hood above it. I hated not being able to see what they had done to me. There was nothing I could do so I let my body drifted off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I spent at the clinic, if that was what it was. ‘Voice’ as I named her, took care of me. She was neither gentle nor rough. I would say she was just professional. She would come into my cell and dress my piercing. At some point she came and led me out of my cell to another room. There they strapped me into a chair. They spread my legs and started working on my pubic hair. At first I wasn’t sure what they were doing. Whatever it was painful and smelled like burnt hair. I realized they were removing my hair. I didn’t want my pubic hair removed, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I cried under my goggles. They spent several hours down there and I could only imagine that they were removing it permanently. The next session two people worked down my legs. Then they worked on my arms—all the way up to my shoulders. By the time they finished I figured I didn’t have any hair below my neck.

Time didn’t pass slowly. Each day, I guess it was “each day,” Voice would drag me to a room. There she would lock me to various pieces of exercise equipment. Sometimes I would be forced to jog, other times I had to row and there was the stationary bike. After hooking my collar to whatever device I supposed to use, she clipped clamps to my nipples right in front of my piercings. While they hurt, it was nothing like what happened if I didn’t start moving right away. After a minute or two, the clamps would start shocking me. You have no idea what pain is until you’ve had your nipples pierced, clamped and shocked. The only thing I think of that would be more painful was to have the clamp on my clit.

One time Voice came and got me as she always did. This time she took me someplace different. Of course I couldn’t see where we went. When we got there they strapped me into a chair, maybe the same chair they used to removed my hair. Anyway, they strapped me down and someone examined my belly by rubbing it and pushing in on it. Then I felt a tug and something cold on my skin just above my navel. They did it three times. I was released from the chair and Voice led me away to the exercise room. While I was exercising I started to think about what they had just done. One of my girl friend's mother had her tubes tied so she couldn’t have any more children. It dawned on me that was what they had done to me! They were pulling out the stitches. I stopped rowing and just sat crying until the clips shocked me back to reality. I started rowing again. I wanted to get strong so I if I ever had a chance I’d kill Mau.

Life went on. Voice got me up as usual. She clipped the leash onto my collar and led me out of my cell. I found it odd because I had counted the steps to the gym many times and I knew we were going a lot further this time. I heard a door open and felt fresh air on my naked body. She led me to a car and I was put in the back just like last time. Sometime later I was home if you can call a stall in a barn home.

Mau put me in my stall and left me. I still wore my goggles so I was blind. I managed to find my way outside and take a piss. Then I lay down and went to sleep.

In the morning Mau came and got me. I’d managed to do my business before she arrived. She led me out of the stall and hooked me up in the cross ties before she took off the goggles. My eyes were sensitive to the light for a few minutes, but I soon got use to it. This soon became our usual morning ritual. Every morning she would come into my stall, snap a leash to my collar, and lead me out to the aisle that ran down the center of the barn. She or Al had fixed two chains, one on either side of the aisle. They were just long enough to reach across and snap together or just long enough to snap onto my collar. With my arms locked behind my back and the chains snapped onto my collar I couldn’t go anywhere or fight Mau.

I didn’t know what she was up to at first. Mau started by putting a belt around my waist. Then she ran two straps through rings in my collar and down to my nipples. My nipples were still sensitive, but that didn’t stop her. When I looked down I saw they had put rings in about half way up my nipples and vertical barbells at the base. I’d learned about piercings from my girl friends in Boston who had them, but I’d never considered doing it to myself. I didn’t like they had done it without my permission. After I thought about it for a while I decided that I liked them. It took longer to come to terms with my loss of pubic hair.

“You like,” Mau asked, “They pretty, just like this.” She reached between my legs and pulled up on a ring that went through my clit hood. She looked at my face and caught the flash of anger at what they had done. She cackled, “You think someday you get away? Never as long as I’m alive, you be an old lady before I die. Maybe if you no careful you die before me. I no have kids, now you no have kids.”

Mau left me standing in the aisle for a moment then returned with a pair of shears. “You stand still or I cut you.” She cackled again. She hacked off most of my hair, leaving it about two inches long. I couldn’t see what I looked like, but I knew it wasn’t pretty.

Finished, she led me out of the barn. In front of the barn was a mower. It was one of those you pull behind a garden tractor. I’d seen it in the barn the last time I was in there. Someone—maybe Al, had added a seat and a set of wheels under the tongue. The tongue had a ring on the end of it, and Mau backed me up to the tongue and locked it to the belt around my waist. Then she started the engine. Before she climbed onto the seat she shook out the set of reins that ran to my nipple rings. Once she was ready she gave me a snap on my butt with the whip. I got the message to start pulling. There was a bit of trial and error, but after a while I got the hang of following her directions.

Every day I did chores that ranged from mowing the lawn, pulling the cultivator, weeding the garden, splitting wood and hauling it to the house. In the winter they rigged up a gym in the barn so I would stay fit. When it snowed I had to shovel it naked. The floor of the shed was heated—they didn’t want the dogs to get cold. I don’t know how low Mau set the thermostat, but some mornings I could see my breath. Somehow I got use to it.

At first I tried to keep track of how long I was I was Mau’s slave. When I realized how depressed it made me I gave it up. To keep myself sane I built a fantasy world. I discovered that if I whispered very softly the collar didn’t shock me. I created a fantasy world where I was a princess captured by an evil witch. Someday, a handsome prince would come and rescue me. I dreamed that since I was bound he would have his way with me. Sometimes I would fantasize that I would fight Mau and win. One night I discovered the heel of my foot fit very nicely against my cunt. A little rocking, the bondage, and a large dose of fantasy rewarded my efforts with a nice orgasm. I would not have done this otherwise. Bondage was something the girls at my old school talked about once in a while. Nevertheless, no one I knew actually did it. Yeah, I’d wander around the house nude when my folks were gone. It felt good on a hot summer afternoon. However, it never crossed my mind to try self bondage nor did I ever play tie up games like Cowboys and Indians when I was a kid. In my small section of Hell I would sit outside on those warm wonderful summer nights and spin a story.

Mau always kept after me. She would crop me just to see me cry. Once in a while she would lose her temper. One afternoon, I think it was August, we were cultivating the garden. The wind was blowing hard and I was tired. We had mowed the lawn in the morning. That was tough hard work even though I was in great shape. You figure I was pulling close to 300 pounds—Mau didn’t go much over a hundred but the mower must weigh at least two hundred.

Of course I was hobbled so I had to take short steps. There was one row of cabbage left to do when it happened. As I neared the middle of the row Mau pulled hard on the left rein. I knew she saw a chance to screw with me and took it. Startled in mid stride I tried to turn left—what else are you going to do when someone is trying to rip off your nipple? At the same time a strong gust of wind caught me. Without my arms to help me regain my balance and unable to take a longer stride. I fell across the last row of cabbage. I knew the shit was going to hit the fan.

Mau was on me in a flash. She paused only long enough to unhitch the cultivator. Then she beat me with the crop, yelling and swearing the whole time. I took it for as long as I could then I started to scream. After that I don’t remember much. The collar kept shocking me until I passed out.

I don’t know how long I was out. When I woke up the pain was so bad I could hardly catch my breath. Mau was sitting in front of me, smoking her foul smelling cigarette. She actually rolled her own.

“Stupid bitch, ‘bout time you woke up!” she started cackling. I swore if I ever got free and I heard someone cackle like that, I’ll strangle them on the spot!

“Maybe you not be so clumsy next time!” she went on. Mau got up and grabbed the chain connecting my ankles. She pulled me a short distance from the garden. I was too weak do anything about it. Besides it would have been a mistake, a mistake that might cost me my life. She stopped this time, who knows if she would next time. She pulled my legs up over my back until she could lock them to my wrists. Then she locked my ankles together. Even without the beating, the hogtie would have been painful by itself. You have to remember that my wrists were locked to my elbows, so I was bent back in a bow; my nipples barely touched the grass. I couldn’t imagine how I could live with any more pain. The old bitch just walked away leaving me bleeding on the lawn.

I lay there for a maybe ten minutes when I heard a thunder storm coming up the valley. Before long large rain drops began to pelt me. I was grateful the cool rain cooled the fire of the beating. It was also the first time in weeks that I was clean. Mau didn’t believe in washing me. She did brush my teeth, but that was about it. At some point my period had stopped. I was grateful that I didn’t have to deal with that mess anymore. It was at least an hour before the rain stopped and she came out and led me back to the stall. I got one day off before I was out mowing the lawn again. I was in so much pain that I cried myself to sleep for days. If I could have found a way to kill myself I would have—anything to stop the pain.

After the beating nothing changed. Mau made me do all the things I’d been doing. Slowly I recovered. Winter came and went, it was warm again. One night, I don’t know how, but I knew something was wrong. The previous day had been like all the others. I don’t know what time it was in the morning. What I did know was the screen door on the house slammed shut, waking me. That meant someone was coming. You have to understand I had become very tuned into that door. I had gotten to the point where I could guess her mood by how hard she slammed it or didn’t slam it when she tried to catch me sleeping. Al never slammed it; in fact he seemed to close it so gently that I rarely heard him leaving in the morning until his truck started.

I scrambled to my knees. Mau wanted me kneeling, with my head down, in the middle of the stall when she walked in. To be found any other way meant no breakfast or a cropping, or both. Painfully I had learned that lesson a long time ago. The lights came on. I just stared at the floor blinking. To my amazement the door slide open and a male voice said: “Get up and come out here!” It was Al! I could not understand why he was here. A cold fear rolled through my body. Maybe he was going to rape me. From the day I figured out they had sterilized me I had been dreading this.

I didn’t dare hesitate. I climbed to my feet and walked out of the stall. Al grabbed me by the arm and turned me around so my back was towards him. He fumbled with the collar for a moment and then took it off. I felt more naked without it then being nude in front of Al. I watched as he took a soft leather collar off the wall and buckled it around my neck. He added a leash, then turned and tugged on it. Clearly he wanted me to follow. I could have protested. I didn’t have the shock collar on anymore. I just could not form or get the words out I was so shocked.

Instead of leading me to house Al led me to his truck. He opened the passenger’s side door and helped me in. Life was getting stranger and stranger.

“Mau’s dead.” He said in a flat dry voice after we pulled out of the driveway. “I didn’t kill her. She said she wasn’t feeling well last night and went to bed early. This morning she didn’t wake up. I took a first aid course at the mill once so I knew how to check her breathing and pulse. I got nothing. I’m taking you to a friend. I know he will be good to you.”

Al didn’t say another word as we drove through the night. After only a few minutes I noticed the truck had a clock! The first one I’d seen in a long time. He pulled up in front of a store. He helped me out of the truck and led me up the steps to the porch. He pointed to a spot on the floor. I knelt on the spot as I had been trained. He pulled the leash around behind me, looped it over the hobble chain and hooked it back to my collar. I couldn’t stand up if I wanted to. My arms were still locked wrist to elbow. I had spent at least 75% of my time with my elbows locked to my wrists. I think Mau liked it because it made me helpless and it kept my hands up out of the way when I was hitched to something. With a thump Al dropped a cardboard box next to me. Then he took an envelope off the top. It had a clip on the corner that he clipped it to my right nipple ring. I felt like some sort of dumb animal unable to give account of myself. Without another word he got in the truck and left.

It wasn’t long it was before the lights came on. A tall guy stuck his head out of the front door and looked around. I could see his eyes go wide when he saw me. He walked up to me and looked me over.

With a grin he said, “Gee I wish I’d get deliveries like this every day. You OK?”

I was so surprised that someone had asked me if I was ok that I forgot that I could speak. Instead I just nodded my head.

Chapter 2

“My name's Harry.” She just stared at me. I was beginning to wonder if she could speak. Or judging by the way she was bound perhaps she was gagged in a way I didn’t understand. I also considered that maybe she couldn’t speak for some other reason. When I went behind her I saw the leash holding her in a kneeling position. I unhooked it and helped her to her feet.

“Let’s go inside and get some breakfast. How’s that sound?”

I didn’t expect an answer, but she said in a soft husky voice, “Please, I’m hungry.” My dick started to twitch. I’d always had this thing about women with soft husky voices who are into bondage. After my wife died I subscribed to several sites that feature beautiful women in bondage. One had a tattoo of a panda bear on her right thigh. She was always my favorite. More important, this girl’s body reminded me a bit of her, except a touch thinner and much taller.

Not sure what was in it I picked up the box next to her. I figured it was her clothes or something like that. I led her through the store to the stairs leading to my apartment. I put the box in the closet at the foot of the stairs. I wondered if she would have any trouble climbing the stairs hobbled the way she was, but when I indicated to we needed to go up to get breakfast she didn’t hesitate. I followed her up the stairs, admiring the view.

In the kitchen I pulled out a chair for her. She shook her head and knelt on the floor.

Sandy thought, 'Call me crazy or perhaps paranoid; I'm still not a hundred percent certain that this isn't a set up. Until I am sure, I'm going to play the dutiful slave. Is Mau going to suddenly burst in with her crop and start beating me because I'm sitting a chair?'

I liked that she knelt on the floor. I figured it was time to see what was in the envelope clipped to her nipple ring. After all, it had my name on it.

I opened the envelope. Inside there was a key and a letter. I spread the letter on the table. After reading the first line I turned to my guest. “Sandy? I think you need to read this.” With surprising ease she stood. Clearly she was well practiced being bound.

Dear Harry, I’m not sure you remember me, but you helped me out a few years ago when I was laid off and in a jam for money. You gave me credit when no one else would. This is Sandy, my niece. Please take care of her. My wife Mau made her a slave a long time ago. I’m very sorry this happened to her, but there was nothing I could do about it. Many years ago, on the night I got out of the Navy, there was a murder at a party in San Diego. I was drunk and I wasn’t thinking when I picked up the gun that was used to kill the guy. I was so angry about what happened to my buddy I tossed it out the window into the bushes. When I left the house Mau followed. She told me that if I didn’t take her with me, she would go to the cops. She knew where the gun was and it had my prints on it. What I didn’t know until last night was she had picked up the gun and hid it in her bag. And it wasn’t until last night that I discovered it had been Mau who killed Jack. After I was sure she was dead I searched her things. To this day I don’t know what happened to the case. Without the gun they didn’t know who to look for.

When my sister and brother in law died in a crash, Sandy came to live with us. When she turned 18 Mau drugged her and destroyed most of her things. She moved Sandy out to our kennel where she kept her bound all at all times. I tried several times to stop Mau, but every time she threatened to turn me in to the police.

I’m sorry Sandy, but I would have died if I went to jail. At least I was able to free you. I know there is nothing I can do to make this up to you. I don’t know Harry that well, but I do know he is a good guy and will help you.

I’m sorry I was so weak.

Uncle Al

Sandy was crying. I led her to the couch and pulled her onto my lap. I held her and stroked her hair while she cried. My wife and I had done this many time during her final days. I told her she was ok and everything was going to be ok. After a few minutes she quieted. When I was sure she was ok I helped her off my lap onto her feet. I went to the bathroom and got her a damp wash cloth. Her eyes watched my every move as I raise the cloth to her face. Then her eyes locked on to mine. Carefully I washed the tears and dirt from her face. For the first time she smiled. It melted my heart.

“We need to get going. Nan, short for Nancy, will be her in half an hour with the donuts and pastries.” I told Sandy. I need some time to get my head around the letter.

I led her to the table where I picked up the key that had slid out of the envelope. “Turn around so I can free you.” The locks that held her were easy to unlock. However, I couldn’t find any way to take off the cuffs.

Sandy said, “You can’t take them off. Maybe you could cut them off, but I’d rather wear them then go through all that.” She watched my face as she spoke to see how I would respond.

“In that case we’ll leave them. Besides it will be easier to secure you again.”

“Ah, you like the idea of a bound, naked slave girl?” Sandy suddenly realized that not only was she not a teenager anymore, but she had a sense of humor. She thought, 'He's good looking and seemed nice. I really liked it that he held me when I needed to cry.'

“Yeah, I like the idea.”

“Well, Master will have to teach this poor slave girl her duties, because I know something about farming, but I don’t know a great deal about running a store.” She hesitated, her soft voice caught, “And I don’t know how to pleasure a man. They sterilized me,” she blushed as tears started down her cheeks again, “so I can’t have kids.”

I took her in my arms briefly, “its ok. Maybe we can adopt. . .”

“No I don’t want kids. How can I be a naked bound slave girl with kids running around?” A smirk flashed across her face.

There was nothing I could say, I just nodded in agreement. I wondered how far this would go, if indeed anything had started. A few seconds of consideration told me that yes, something had started. I always thought love at first sight was a hoax, but this woman was different.

“Go take a shower and I’ll start breakfast.” She really needed a shower and we needed to do something about her hair, it looked like it had been cut with sheep shears—actuality it probably had been.

By the time I finish cooking bacon and scrambled eggs she was back. She was still drying her hair. I was surprised at how fast she was. My wife had often taken an hour to do the same thing. I noticed that she was deeply tanned; she didn’t have any tan lines except those hidden beneath the cuffs. Her feet were clean, but stained a dark brown. Her piercings stood out against her dark skin. However, what got me the most were the scars that had been hidden by the dirt.

Sandy folded the towel and laid it on the end of the counter. I glanced at her and noticed she had an odd look on her face.

“Something wrong?” I asked her.

“No, not really, I looked at the calendar and I just realized that it has been six years since I took a shower.”

“You mean by yourself?”

“No, they gave me a shower when they sterilized and pierced me, but Mau never gave me a shower. The only time I could clean up was when it rained. I’d stand outside in my run until the rain made me so cold I couldn’t stand it. Of course without hands, there was very little else I could do.”

God, this woman had been through hell! “How did you survive?”

“I told myself stories. I invented a whole world where a handsome prince would come and rescue me and then,” she paused for a moment, blushing she looked at the floor, “he would take me away and make love to me.”

I chuckled, “So when the prince didn’t find you, you went looking for him.”

“Yeah I guess you could say that. Now all I need is for him to chain me up again and make love to me.” Sandy laughed. "That may seem odd coming from a woman who had lived in bondage for six years, but long time ago, my mother had explained how people identify with their situation or job. I just can’t think of myself in any other way then nude and bound. It feels strange standing in your kitchen unbound."

“Well breakfast is ready, we are running late and we have a shop to run so I guess that part of the story will have to wait until later.”

We ate quickly. I led her downstairs to a corner near the front windows where there was several racks of clothes.

“I think one of these dresses will look nice on you. I carry a few things like work shirts and jeans for locals. These dresses are the creation of Mary Jo. She’s Nan’s daughter and an artist. She prefers photography, but once in a while works in cloth. These dresses are all hemp. Pick one out and try it on.”

Sandy looked them over and selected a nice deep green summer dress with gold trim. She slipped it over her head. It had two strings that tied around her neck. The hem fell to a little less than half way to her knees. As long as she didn’t bend over too far no one would know she didn’t have any panties.

I looked her over, “you look great! The dress is perfect on you!”

Before any more could be said the door opened. Nan and Mary Jo walked in carrying six boxes of pastries. Jerry, Nan’s husband, was away in Iraq. He wasn’t paid as much as he made at the mill. To make up the difference Nan had started selling her pastries. She did wedding cakes too, but there wasn’t much call for those. On the other hand the pastries went over well and I rarely had any left over. Also to help them more either she or Mary Jo filled in for me at lunch time, in the evening and on weekends. The store made just enough to cover the expense. After my wife’s death I’d sold out my business so I had enough money to live on without taking anything from the store.

I introduced Sandy to Nan and Mary Jo.

At ten of six I put some cash in the register. We were ready to open for another day.

Sandy asked, “Can I help? I know how to run the register. I worked at a store when I was in high school. As I said, I don’t much about how to run store, but I can run the register.”

“Sure, almost everything in here is marked with the price. I haven’t gotten around to ‘bar coding’ the place and I don’t think I ever will.”

The rest of the morning we worked together. Sandy had no trouble keeping up. Her smile charmed everyone who came in. After the morning coffee rush I started setting up for lunch. Doc Larson came in about 8:30. Doc’s a retired shrink who moved to Vermont to get away from New York City. He’s also a member of our Thursday night poker game. I gave him a very short version of Sandy’s story. Immediately he was interested in talking to her. We agreed he would have lunch with us at around 11.

About 11 Nan and Mary Jo showed up and took over. I made three grinders for Sandy, Doc Larson, and me; Sandy grabbed three Cokes. I led her towards the back deck.

“Here,” Sandy handed me the Cokes. “I need to get something upstairs. Is it ok if I take this dress off?”

“Sure, no problem,” I had told her Doc would be joining us.

I went out on the deck and put our lunch on the table. A few minutes Sandy came out nude with the locks and hobble chain I’d taken off her that morning. She held the locks out to me.

“Please, may I wear these?” She asked with a smile.

“Sure.” I locked her wrists together in front of her. “That’s so you can eat.” I knelt down and hobbled her. As I finished Doc came out the back door onto the deck.

“Hi,” he said with a wave. Doc was in his late sixties, tall; thin, with a hawk nose, and a shock of white hair. He pulled out a chair and sat down. They had met briefly in the store so I didn’t have to introduce them. He unwrapped his grinder and opened his drink. The he looked at Sandy.

“Harry tells me that you have quite a story to tell,” Doc said.

“I guess.” Sandy hesitated, than said, "I'm not sure I wanted to tell anyone, but Harry. Doc, you might think I’m making it up, or worse, that I’m crazy."

“I like real stories. And I won’t think you are making anything up,” Doc said between bites.

“Ok.” She had the feeling he could read her mind.

Sandy spent the next hour telling Doc about what had happened to her. Only once or twice did he stop her with a question. When she finished he sat and watched her for a moment.

“Sandy, you had a rough time. If I can help you, please call me as soon as possible. You’re riding a high right now because you were just freed. I don’t know when, it could be hours or days, but you will crash when the enormity of what has happen to you sinks in. Sometime soon you should make an appointment to get a check up.” He paused for a moment. “What do you see in the future?”

“I’m not sure, but I hope Harry will let me stay here and work in the store.”

I smiled across the table, “you may stay here and work in the store as long as you want. I love having you around.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m curious.” Doc asked, “Why are your hands locked together?” Sandy glanced at me and then gazed out across the yard at a mountain named Camel’s Hump. “It makes me feel secure. I don’t know if I can explain it. It’s like wearing an old shirt or favorite hat. I’m not comfortable wearing clothes anymore. Of course I haven’t tried shoes, I don’t want to.” She paused, and then went on. “You see what happened to me was different from what happens to most people who are kidnapped. My mother had four degrees, Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, and a PhD in Psychology.”

Doc interrupted, “What was her name?” Sandy told him. “I never met her, but I’ve read all her books. I’m honored to meet her daughter. Now I understand why you survived.”

Sandy nodded and went on. “My father was a lawyer. They had many discussions over dinner, over coffee—any time they were together they talked. We didn’t have a TV until I was a teenager. After 9/11 they decided to tune in to the world. I learned a lot from listening to them. I know, from my mother, about Stockholm syndrome. I think the difference with me is the time, free time if you can call it that, that I spent with Mau. For example, Patty Hurst was with someone nearly all the time. They never let her rest and they never gave her time to think. If Mau made one mistake it was she gave me time alone to think. After she put me away at night I was free to do as I pleased. Of course I was bound but I could sit outside and watch the stars or I could sit inside if it was raining or cold. I learned early on to whisper. Sometimes I recited poetry or told myself a story. One night I learned to pleasure myself with my foot.” She took a drink.

I was dumbfounded by how frank she was.

“Somehow I worked bondage into my fantasies. Now bondage is a big part of how I get off. In fact I’m not sure I could get off without it. I just wish I could remain bound and nude all the time. I guess you might say that I built my own world around my slavery. A world where I was happy in my bondage and where I knew a prince would set me free. The only other alternative I can see was to go insane.”

“Well,” Doc rubbed his chin, “I don’t think nudity and bondage would be a problem. In Vermont you can’t undress in public, but you can be nude. I’m not sure why, but that is the way it is. As for the bondage, I’ll talk. . .” He was interrupted by the screech of the screen door. A short guy stepped onto the deck.

“Hi guys!” It was Ralph Nelson, our police chief. He’d stopped by earlier to pick up his morning coffee and I’d mentioned Sandy to him. “Hope you don’t mind me stopping in. Nan told me where I could find you.”

“No, pull up a chair. We were just talking about what Sandy wants to do.”

Doc looked at Ralph, “Sandy has been through hell. The short version is that she was held in bondage and caged by her uncle’s wife, Mau, for six years. Her uncle set her free early this morning and told her Mau was dead. She just told us that she would prefer to be nude and in bondage forever.”

He nodded then said; “I got the word today that a woman named Mau and her husband died last night over in Worchester. So that confirms that part of the story.” He paused for a moment. I saw tears in Sandy’s eyes, but she didn’t say anything. Ralph went on. “Did Doc tell you nudity is legal in Vermont?”

“Yes.” “Good. As for the bondage, I don’t see a problem with it as long it is what she wants and it is self imposed or imposed at her request. I suggest we have a public meeting hosted by the selectmen to let everybody know what is going on.”

“Good idea.” This was going to be interesting, I thought. “When do you think we could do that?”

“Well it has to be posted 24 hours in advance. Today is Saturday and their regular meeting is Tuesday night. I’ll talk to Sherry and see if she can have it posted Monday morning.”

“That ok with you, Sandy?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I guess.”

I could see she was nervous, but it was the best way to deal her wish.

She glanced at me. I caught her eye. “It’ll be ok. I’ll be there to support you.”

Sandy smiled, “Thanks, that will make a big difference.”

I realized I was hooked on this woman.

Ralph stood up. “I’ll tell Jimmy that if he sees a beautiful nude woman in chains walking down Main Street, just make sure she’s ok and not to bother her.” He looked at Sandy, “Just so you know, Jimmy’s my deputy. He’s a great guy and really knows what he’s doing.”

“Thank you for helping me.”

“That’s what I’m here for. I grew up in New York City and was on NYPD for thirty years. As soon as I could retire, I did and moved my family up here. I saw a great deal in my time years on the force and I swore that I’d try to make this department as friendly as possible. See you later.” He tipped his ball cap in Sandy’s direction and left.

Tuesday night we gathered at the Town Hall meeting room at 6:30 PM. After the chairman called the hearing to order Doc got up and gave a brief description of what had happened to Sandy. There were a number of gasps from the dozen or so people in attendance. When he was finished they asked Ralph his opinion which was about what he’d told us at lunch on Saturday. I was asked if I was willing to look after Sandy and if I was willing to give her a job. Of course I answered yes to both. Finally they asked Sandy if this was what she wanted, she said yes. Then Anne, the only woman on the board this year, asked Sandy if it was true she had been beaten. I’m not sure why Anne didn’t believe that part of the story.

“Yes,” Sandy answered, a catch in her voice, “I was whipped frequently.”

Anne looked across the table at the other members of the board, “Do you still have any marks from these whippings? Before we go any further, I’d like to see them to confirm your story.” I’d know Anne since I’d moved into town and I never realized she had a cruel streak in her nature. Why couldn’t she have let this go? She could have spoken against it—instead she wanted Sandy to strip in public. Then it crossed my mind that maybe she was gay or into B&D. After that I realized that she was just testing Sandy.

We were sitting in the second row; I was next to the aisle and Sandy next to me. Without hesitation she stood up. I reached out and gave her hand a squeeze. She smiled down at me and mouthed the words, “I’m ok.”

Sandy stood in the isle and turned to Ralph. “Is it ok if I take off my dress?”

“Yes. I don’t see a problem.”

Without a word she reached up and untied the bow behind her neck. When she let go the dress dropped to the floor there were gasps and mutterings around the room. The light was fairly good in the room and you had to be blind not to see the scars on her back. She bent down, picked up the dress and handed it to me. I put it on her chair. She walked to the table with her hands at her side and stood in front of Anne. Anne’s eyes went wide, there were just as many scars on Sandy’s front, including her breasts, as there were on her back. Without a word she slowly turned to face the audience. I looked around to see the reaction. Several women held their hands to their mouths. Even more had tears in their eyes. Some of the men stared at her—others studied the floor.

Sandy glanced over her shoulder at Anne. Anne sat motionless, her eyes fixed on Sandy’s back. Sandy walked back down the aisle. I moved so she could reach her seat. She moved her dress to the next seat. Nude she sat down a very faint smile on her lips.

Larry, the Chairman, cleared his throat. “Ah, thank you Sandy. There isn’t much we can do about the past to help you. It’s too bad someone didn’t find you and help you sooner. I don’t know of any precedent for this, but I’m going to do it anyway. I make the following motion: We the Board of Selectman direct the police department and the citizens of Chester to aid Sandra…” he looked around.

“Townshend. My last name is Townshend.” Sandy offered.

“Thank you. Let’s see. ‘We the Board of Selectman direct the police department and the citizens of Chester to aid Sandra Townshend in any way they can. Furthermore Sandra has the permission of the Board to be nude and bound in public and be granted permission to enter any town building nude and/or barefoot without interference.’”

Anne said, “I second the motion.”

“Is there any discussion?”

Mary Jo stood up. “Yeah, like, ah, I like the first part, but I disagree with the second part. I think that any person should have the right to enter any public building nude and/or barefoot. It is our taxes that are paying for these buildings. I go barefoot and I’ve been reluctant to go in the town offices or the library barefoot.”

Liz, or as some of us thought of her as “Dizzy Lizzy” because of her eccentric ways stood up. Like many eccentrics she is very smart. “I agree with Mary Jo,” there were several chuckles, because Liz rarely agreed with anyone. “I think you ought to amend the motion to include everyone.”

Anne spoke up again. “I want to amend the motion as follows; ‘We the Board of Selectman direct the police department and the citizens of Chester to aid Sandra Townshend in any way they can. Furthermore, all people have the permission of the Board to be nude and bound in public. All people are granted permission to enter any public building nude, bound, and/or barefoot without interference provided they are bound of their own free will.”

I was amazed by what Anne wanted to do. This could be real interesting. I smiled to myself when I thought about the motion. She missed something very important, the grade school. I debated on saying something. In the end I let it go. I doubt anyone will ever consider going to school bound and nude.

Teddy seconded the motion to amendment the motion. There wasn’t any discussion. Larry then asked if there was any further discussion of the motion. The Board vote unanimously to pass the motion. Then Board voted to close the public hearing portion of the meeting and went in to regular session. They didn’t have much on the agenda so we left. Several of the people at the meeting met us in the hall. They shook Sandy’s hand and wished her well. Mary Jo came out naked. She had pulled her dress off in the ladies room.

“Sandy,” Mary Jo took Sandy’s hands as she spoke. “We need to get together, that is away from the store. I want to introduce you to my friends. If you don’t mind I’d like to photograph you.”

Sandy looked at me. “I think that would be great,” I said.

Sandy smiled, “Cool, we’ll set up a time.”

“I’ll be there in the morning to drop off the goodies so we can talk then.” They hugged and Mary Jo turned and went out ahead of us. We headed back to the store. As soon as we stepped out of the Town Hall I turned Sandy so she faced me. I planned to give her hug to celebrate her winning over the board. As soon as my arms went around her she wrapped her arms around me and held her lips up to be kissed. I would have been foolish not to kiss her. After what seem like an age I broke it off.

“Let’s go home before something happens right here.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” I caught her impish grin. Grabbing her right hand I spun her around and pulled her hand up behind her back. She pulled her left hand up so that it was parallel to her right.

“Please,” she said so softly I barely heard her.

I fumbled around in my pocket and found two locks to lock her wrists to her elbows. All the way back to the store she kept bumping into me and giggling. Upstairs I led her to the bedroom. At this point I didn’t care that I’d only know her a few days. Sandy jumped on the bed and rolled over. Naked I followed her. In one motion I buried myself in her cunt. It didn’t take more than a few strokes before we both came. It was the most mind blowing organism I’d ever had. Spent, I rolled off her. She lay still for a moment then rolled over towards me.

“Thank you, that was great—beyond great, even beyond fantastic!”

I took her in my arms and kissed her.

She looked up at me. “Next time can you tie my feet too?”

“Sure.” “Don’t go anywhere; I’ve got to take a pee.” She rolled out of bed and took off for the john.

The next morning we were up as usual, and the next week life went on as it had except we made love as often as we could. I went online and found new ways to tie her up. Of course we had many new customers for a few days. I was surprised to find that even though the novelty wore off, many of the new customers keep stopping in. Mary Jo started going nude and in bondage full time. When I asked her why, she told me that she was doing performance art. She and Sandy became great friends.

Friday we worked our usual hours. After supper on the deck—I love the deck; we do BBQ almost every night—weather permitting I sat back and relaxed. Sandy was bound with her arms across her back as usual. Life was good. I did notice that Sandy seemed restless. I wondered if Doc’s prediction would come true that she would crash as the reality of what had happened to her sunk in.

“Harry, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, you aren’t gagged.”

“Is it ok if a woman,” she paused then looked into my eyes, “asks a guy to marry her? Mary Jo told me that some of her friends did it that way.”

“Yeah, customs are changing. I don’t think it is very common yet.”

She stood up from her chair and knelt down in front of me. I noticed tears and perhaps a bit of fear in her eyes. “I don’t want to wait until you make up your mind if you love me or not. I know I love you. Will you marry me?”

I studied her for a moment. The tears had started to roll down her cheeks and the fear was growing. I knew I loved her, and I would have asked her to marry me someday. This was very sudden, hell we had only known each for just over a week. Of course it would be a while before the ceremony.

“Yes, but with some conditions.”


“We all change, but I’ve grown fond of your nudity and bondage. I want you to keep doing those things.”

“Of course, it is the only way I’m comfortable.”

“And no matter what happens you remain you. Bondage is ok, but you aren’t my slave or sub. When you have something to say, say it. If we are playing and I don’t want you to talk, I’ll gag you. Understand?”


“Come here.”

She stood up. I motioned for her to turn around. I unlocked her wrists.

“Now let’s celebrate.” I took her in my arms and she hugged me back. I picked her up and headed for the bedroom.

I guess when you have friends you can make things happen fast. Sandy had managed to accumulate a large number in the short time she had been in town. So pulling a wedding together in five minutes was a piece of cake for her team of experts. Mary Jo wanted to whip out a dress, but Sandy said she wanted to do it nude. Instead Mary Jo did the dresses for the bridesmaids. Mary Jo, the maid of honor, was going nude.

It was a very simple wedding. Most of the town turned out. Penny, a well know EMT and a Justice of the Peace from a nearby town did the honors in a field behind the church. She didn’t have a problem with the nudity—she did the service nude! Ralph walked Sandy down the aisle to give her away since her father was dead. We postponed a honeymoon until later in the summer.

On a quite Monday morning three weeks after we were married the phone rang in the store. I picked it up to find it was a woman calling for Sandy. I told her Sandy was out on the deck with a friend. If she wanted to hold I’d go get her. To my surprise she said no, she would be at the store in an hour. “I need to talk to her about her estate. I’ve been trying to find her and I don’t want her running away again.”

“Running away, I think you have the wrong Sandy. She has never run away. She was with her Aunt and Uncle until about six weeks ago.”

“That doesn’t make sense. They told me she had run away.”

“Look lady, I don’t who you are, but she has never run away, in fact there was no way she could have run any place.”

“Is she, ah, physically OK? I mean…ah…has she been in an accident or something.”

“No. Look since you are on your way you can ask my wife to tell you her story in person.”

“Your wife…shit…oh shit…! Sorry I almost drove off the road! Please don’t tell her I’m coming.”

“I’m not going to tell her anything or let you bother her unless you tell me your name and why you want to her.”

“Oh, sorry, my name is Joan Willis and I work for her father’s law firm. She knows me; I use to visit her parents with my husband. I need to talk to her about her parent’s estate.”

“Ok, you know how to find us?”

“Yes, I have a GPS in my car.”

“See you soon.”

“Very soon—I thought it was further, I should be there in about ten minutes.”

She has a GPS and she thinks she had an hour to go! I wondered if we would ever see her, she might end up in Buffalo.

Before I had a chance to see Sandy and Mary Jo a few people came in. When they left I went out and asked Mary Jo to take care of the store. Sandy asked why and I told her she had company coming. I didn’t tell her who it was. I want to see her reaction when Joan showed up. I’d barely finished telling her when the screen door opened. A tall woman in a smart gray pants suite stepped out. She glanced around. When she spotted Sandy her jaw dropped.

“Sandy, where are your clothes?”

I glanced at Sandy, she smiled then her face turned angry; “I don’t wear them anymore Joan. Where the hell have you been all these years? Mau drugged me and keep me as her personal slave for six years. It would have been nice if you or some of your PIs had rescued me.”

“Oh my God,” Joan said, “I had no idea. We got a letter from Al that said you and some boy had run away. You’d gotten married and he went in the Navy. The last they had heard from you, you were in Japan. That was over 5 years ago!” She seemed truly upset.

Joan went on. “We sent all your reports to Al and he said he would try to get them to you. A few weeks ago a report came back marked, 'unknown, return to sender,’ so I was tasked to see if I could find you. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I wasn’t sure how I could track down a sailor whose name I didn’t know. So I started looking for marriage records. When I went to the county clerk to go through the records they were arranged with the latest on top. I opened the first page and your name was near the top of the page. At first I wondered if it was really you, but I checked out the notices in the paper and I knew it was you.”

“You said ‘reports’, what kind of reports?” Sandy asked.

“Your estate reports, you didn’t know?”

“No. I woke up on my 18th birthday to find myself nude and hogtied. From that day until a few weeks ago, when Mau died, I lived in a dog pen with my arms locked behind my back, just as they are right now.” I pulled up a chair and sat down; this was going to be an interesting story. Mary Jo stuck her head out of the door. “Lunch?”

“Sure.” We gave her our order and she went back inside.

As we ate, I fed Sandy, who knelt between us, as Joan started her story.

“Your parents left you a large estate. Currently it’s about 8 million. At their request we sold their house and put that money in the estate. We kept and have maintained the house in Maine along with the boat. According to the will you were to inherit the estate when you turned 21. However, the estate was going to pay your college bills. And per their request we never told Al. We just sent the reports to you. I guess he never opened them or knew anything about the estate.”

As she spoke I was thinking about a box that was sitting in a closet not far away. I got up and retrieved it. I set it on the table and opened it. Sandy and Joan stood up to see what was inside.

On top was a short letter from Al. All it said was he had saved all these reports and he hadn’t shown them to Mau. Under the letter was a large envelope. In it was Sandy’s important papers—birth certificate, passport, social security card, drivers license, and guardianship papers naming Al as her guardian. Also there was a packet of papers about her parents, including all the same papers as Sandy’s. In addition were news paper cuttings about their accident and deaths. There was a copy of her parents will in a sealed envelope with Sandy’s name on it. Under the papers was a large photo album with family photos in it. Sandy asked me to set it aside. Next were the reports. Joan pulled one out and slit it open with her finger nail. Inside was a monthly bank statement of Sandy’s bank account. The one Joan chose was issued the month before Sandy’s escape. I read the bottom line. Joan had been wrong—the figure was 9.1 million after all taxes. I sat down.

After a few minutes I got my brain in gear. Out of the blue I found myself married to a very rich woman. I loved her, but would she want to stick with me. I turned to look at her. There were tears in her eyes.

She spoke first. “I love you, do you still want me?”

“Of course I want you. I didn’t marry you because of money. Nothing has to change, the money can be put away—just as it has been for the last 6 years, and we can live pretty much as we have. Of course if you, we, want to take a vacation or move out of the store that’s no longer a problem.”

She smiled at me. “I’m not sure what I want except I want you.” Joan looked from me to Sandy then at the box. “There is just one more thing that we need to talk about. Sandy, you do realize that Al was your only living relative. Therefore you will own his farm as soon as the paper work is done. It will take several months to settle the estate, but when that is done it will be yours.”

Sandy stared off into the distance for a moment. “Can we go see the farm?” She looked at me. Her expression told me this was important to her.

“Sure, I’ll see if Mary Jo can stay a bit longer.”

Ten minutes later we were on the road. I’d freed Sandy, but she hadn’t gotten dressed, she had been nude since the selectman’s meeting. Joan had a map. To my surprise the farm was six miles west of the store. Somehow I had never connected the dots. When I pulled in the driveway Sandy put her hand on my leg. The place didn’t look that bad. The lawn needed mowing and the garden was so over grown that I doubted it could be saved, if anyone wanted to save it. I shut the engine off. We sat in silence for a long time before Joan opened her door and stepped out. Sandy looked at me. There was fear and anguish in her eyes. I smiled at her. Slowly she smiled back, then opened her door and got out. I did the same.

Sandy walked around the car and reached for my hand. “I want to show you something.” She led us around a garage to a small barn.

In the barn Sandy pointed to the first stall on our left. So softly I almost missed her words; “that’s where I lived for six years. Shit, I’d forgotten how small it is.”

Joan stepped around us to take a look. “You mean you lived in there? I find that difficult to believe anybody could do that. When your hands were free why didn’t you try to break out?”

Sandy studied Joan for a moment. “You don’t get it do you? I told you back at the store I was kept in bondage for six years. When my hands were free my ankles were locked to something and I was wearing a shock collar.” She pulled her hand from me and stepped to the wall across from the stall.

“This,” she showed it to Joan, “is a shock collar. Just like you’d put on a dog to keep it from barking. You should try what I went through so you can understand what happened to me. So you can understand why I’m angry at you for not trying to find me sooner. Even if I’d run away, do you think I would have ignored all that money for all these years. What the hell do you think a sailor makes? I don’t care if he was an admiral; he sure as hell wouldn’t make 9 funkin’ million in a hundred years. You know, I wish I could lock you up for a few hours so you would know what it was like.” Tears ran down her face. She turned towards me and stepped over until her naked breast where pushing into my chest. Sandy looked up at me. I reached out and held her while she cried. I realized that it was good for her to get this out. Slowly her tears wound down.

“Please,” she looked at me again, “I want to remember what it was like.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I have to try it again so you can release me. It has to be real and you can’t release me until you feel it is time. Please!”

I took the shock collar from her hands and put it around her neck. Then I folded her arms up, wrists to elbows. Lastly I hobbled her. When I opened the stall door she just stood in the aisle. I took her arm and led her into the stall. I stepped out and slid the door home. I snapped the clip into the latch. Joan stood there shaking her head. Sandy had turned towards the door then knelt down.

“You don’t believe all this do you?” I asked her.

“No, I don’t understand how she or anyone could have survived. I’m sure there must have been a way for her to get out.”

“Then you should try it.”

She turned towards me. “I’m not some naive kid. I would have found a way to get out.”

“Bullshit, Joan, you don’t even have the guts to try it.”

“Ok,” I could see the anger in her body, “I’ll try it for the rest of the day—until dark. I’m sure I can find a way out.”

“No deal, Sandy had no say in when she got out. If you want to do this it must be the same.”

“Ok, but it can’t be too long; I have to be back in Boston tomorrow afternoon.

“We’ll see how it goes.”

She turned away from me and put her hands behind her back.

“It has to be the same way, no short cuts.”

She turned towards me, “What?”

“Strip! Now!”

With a sigh and a shrug of her shoulders she kicked off her sandals and got undressed. While she was doing that, I checked the tack room and found several extra sets of everything Sandy was wearing. I checked the shock collar and found it was working. I set it on low. Sandy’s was set on high.

I started by locking the collar a round Joan’s neck. Then I put her in the cross ties.

I walked around in front of her. She was staring at the floor. I lifted her head with my finger under her chin so she was looking into my eyes. “Don’t try to talk or yell. It will hurt. Nod if you understand.” She nodded yes.

I bound her the same way Sandy was. I unhooked her from the cross ties and led her into the stall next to Sandy’s. I opened the outside door and checked the run. There were more weeds in it then Sandy’s, but nothing she couldn’t walk through. After I slid the door closed I locked it.

Leaving the girls I went and checked the house to make sure it was ok. I cracked the upstairs windows to let some of the smell out. The inside of the refrigerator looked like a strange science experiment. I found trash bags under the sink and started cleaning it out. When I finished I loaded the dishes in the dish washer. I went through the house to make sure there was no food or trash left around. After dealing with the house I checked out the garden. It needed weeding, but I decided that it could be saved. I wondered how Sandy would feel about pulling the mower again. I’d have to ask her.

Confident the girls would be ok I drove back to the store and picked up some supplies for dinner. I also made arrangements for Mary Jo to cover the store. Back at the farm I put the food away, then went and checked on the girls. Sandy was kneeling in the center of the stall. Judging by the trash in her hair I figured she been laying down. Joan was pacing back and forth studying the stall.

“Did you forget something I asked her?”

“W….” She fell to her knees shaking her head, her mouth open gasping for air. When she gained control she looked up at me with a mix of anger, pain, and not a little hate.

“Gee, I was going to tell you, you forgot to kneel when I entered the barn, but now I know you forgot two things. How did that shock feel?” Joan’s mouth opened, but she didn’t try to speak. I picked up her clothes and left the barn. Before going back in the house I dumped her stuff in the car and locked it.

I cut up the sandwiches I’d gotten from the store put them on a plate. Then I opened three cans of soda and put straws in two of them. I carried the food out to a picnic table under a tree in the back yard. This time when I entered the barn both girls were kneeling. One at a time I opened their doors, starting with Joan. I snapped a leash onto her collar and led her to the table. I pointed to a spot on the ground. “Kneel there!” She did without any hesitation. I unhooked the leash and wrapped it around the seat on the table, ran the end through the eye on the end and clipped it back to her collar. With her hands secured behind her back she couldn’t free herself. I did the same thing to Sandy as I’d done with Joan.

“You can eat,” I set the plates on the seats in front of them. At first Joan turned up her nose at the food, but then I guess hunger won out and she started picking the pieces off the plate. Sandy was finished way before Joan. Of course she had plenty of practice.

After lunch I removed both of their collars. “Well Joan, you didn’t get free. Did you learn anything?”

“Yeah, don’t trust a stranger.”

“Have I hurt you? I told you not to talk. Didn’t you just have lunch? You issued a challenge and I took you up on it. So what’s the problem?”

Joan sat back as on her heels. “You didn’t give me enough time.” She paused, her eyes closed to slits, then opened wide. “I’ll make you a bet. If I get free on my own by noon tomorrow, you owe me a thousand dollars. If I don’t then you can keep me bound for the rest of the week.”

“What about your job?”

“I’m not worried about that. I need to get back tomorrow afternoon for an appointment, but that shouldn’t be a problem and,” she paused for effect, “I’ll be a thousand richer.” “You’re on with one stipulation.”

“What’s that?”

“No violence, you can’t hurt me or Sandy in your efforts to escape. Nor can you tie me up or secure me in any way. If you do you had better send in your notice right now.”

Joan didn’t hesitate; “You’re on.”

I put their collars back on that took them back to the shed. I checked the mower out and figured it would be fun to do a little mowing. With that idea in mind I checked the garage out. In the back there was a fairly complete workshop and a stack of wood. It didn’t take me long to find a stick that I rounded over and drilled to fit the shaft on the mower. I started the mower to make sure it worked before I went to get the girls.

I took Sandy out first. She sighted softly and rolled her eyes, but she was smiling. I kissed her. After locking her belt to one end of the stick I locked her ankles together so she couldn’t walk while I got Joan. I locked Joan to the other end of the stick.

After finding and hooking reins to the girls—I used bit gags because Joan didn’t have rings in her nipples, I started the mower and off we went. It took most of the afternoon to get them to work together. At the end we got the lawn mowed and looking much better. Joan held up well. My guess is she works out.

I didn’t wash them before I put them back in the stalls. I found a lawn chair and sat under the tree and enjoyed a beer. Life sure was interesting. A movement caught my eye. Joan was wandering around her run. Finally she squatted and took a pee. She didn’t notice me watching her.

A little later I started the grill and pulled out the steaks I’d picked up in town. While the grill was heating up I shucked the corn I’d picked and made a small salad. When everything was ready I went and got the girls.

I had them kneel next to the table the same way there were at lunch, but this time I locked their ankles together and then locked their ankles to each other. Chains also ran from their ankles to their waists. They couldn’t stand and had to move together. Joan was on Sandy’s right. I’d noticed she was left handed. I released Joan’s right hand and Sandy’s left so they could eat their corn. I also took off the collars.

Sandy looked at the feast, “thank you Master, the food looks great.”

Joan didn’t say anything. I put a plate in front of Sandy and she started eating. Joan gave me a dirty look then said, “Thank you, Maaasterrr.” She had a hard time getting the Master out. I put a plate in from of her.

“You’re both welcome.”

Life was good. I had two naked women kneeling at my table eating with their fingers.

“Sandy, what do you want to do with this place?” I asked.

She licked the steak juice off her fingers. “I’d like to keep it. It’s close enough to the store that we can live here and keep the store going. Before I came here, I’d never done anything with plants, but now I love the gardens and would like to expand the landscaping around the house.”

“Don’t you want to go back to Boston?” Joan asked.

“No, why should I? Yeah, sometime I’d like to visit a few of my friends, but this is home. My husband and Master lives here and I’m sure as hell not going to leave him.”

Joan nodded, “this is a nice place, I could almost live here myself, but I’d miss the city to much.”

I listened with interest. It was good to hear Sandy wanted to live here. As Sandy had said it was close to the store and she could have gardens. After supper I locked their free hands behind their backs again. We watched the sun slowly sink in the west as Joan filled Sandy in on all the things that had gone on in Boston. I put them back in the stalls again. I missed sleeping with Sandy, but it was only one night.

The next day, after breakfast, I freed Sandy’s hands one at a time so I could lock them to her collar. I led her out to the vegetable garden. I locked her ankles together with about six inches of chain. The other end of the chain I ran up to her collar. She couldn’t stand upright and she couldn’t run.

I pulled the cultivator out of the shed and hooked Joan to it. I also removed her collar. I had to use a bit gag again. I found it odd when she said, “You know, if we keep doing this I’ll have to have my nipples and hood pierced so I’m like Sandy.”

I shook my head and smiled. “Well, we’ll have to see about that.”

Around nine I freed both women. Joan didn’t mention the bet until we finished eating. “Well, I guess I lost the bet. Are you going to keep me bound for the rest of the week?”

“No, you need to get back. I called your boss last night and he needs you back. Sandy and I have a store to run. So you’re off the hook for now, but when you have time we’ll pick up where we left off.”

“Great, I hate to admit it, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.” Nervously she looked around, “Actually I hate to admit it, but I started to like it. My husband is going to have fun when I get home. The best part was no pressure, I didn’t have to worry about anything, and you took care of everything.”

“Yep, that is one of the things I like,” Sandy chimed in, “I didn’t like Mau, and what she did to me. But this works for me. Isn’t it strange how something simple can change your whole life?”

The End

Copyright © 2010 by Yashi