A New Path

Part II

by Yashi


 The moment Lee Ann went over the side into the dark, raging storm I pulled the throttles back to the idle position and hit the auto pilot. It was critical that the Lass maintain way or we would broach. If we broached the sea could knock her down and possibly sink her.
 I rushed forward in the storm induced darkness. As I reached the area on the deck where Lee Ann went over, I ran into a line stretched over the life line cable. It was a safety rope I had spliced around the hand rail for just this sort of disaster. When ever someone was on deck in bad weather they were suppose to clip into so that if they went over the side they wouldn't be lost.
 "Lee Ann!" I yelled as I grabbed the line and began to pull. My first pull on the stretched line told me someone or something was on the other end. I hoped it was a someone.
 "Lee Ann!" I yelled again, but didn't get a response. My second pull was much easier then the first. I began to reel in the line as fast as I could. As soon as I  had some slack I began walking the line back toward the door into the pilot house. There was a opening in the life line cable near the door. If I had to pull Lee Ann aboard, it would be much easier then trying to get her over the cable.  By the time I reached the opening I could make out a orange life jacket and someone swimming towards the boat. Within minutes she was alongside and I was able to grab her jacket. Working together we got her on board and inside. Sliding the door shut I pushed the throttles forward to gain more headway in the storm. With one hand on the wheel I turned to Lee Ann. She was laying on the deck gasping, water pooling around her.
 "You O. K.?"  She raised one hand and waved. I took that to mean yes.
 The storm began to ease and I could see sun light in the west and the seas began to die. I eased the wheel over so we were headed south again. Lee Ann rolled over and began to unbuckle her life jacket. Gaining strength she sat up and pulled it off. Realizing that she needed to dry off and get warm she quickly pulled off her clothing. I still had my hands full with the boat. Nude she managed to stand and staggered into the forward cabin. A few minutes later Lee Ann returned wrapped in a wool blanket. A towel around her head. I pulled her to me and kissed her on the forehead.  She leaned against the bulkhead next to me.
 "Man I though you were a goner for a moment." I said softly.
 "Yeah, so did I. Boy am I glad you secured that safety line up there. I saw it earlier when I was checking out the boat. When I went to drop the sail I clipped it on just in case."
 "Smart move."  We cruised for a while in silence.  The sun came out quickly and by the time we reached the mouth of the river it was if the squall line had never occurred. We worked our way up the river.
 "Wow, that was something!"  Lee Ann broke the silence.  I knew she would be thinking about her brush with death for a while.
 Finally we made the float and tied the Lass up. With the return of the sun, now beginning to set, the temperature had gone back up. Lee Ann dropped her blanket and towel to help me with securing the boat.  We packed the sails and washed the decks down with fresh water to prevent a build up of salt. Lee Ann retrieved the soaked clothing, rinsed  it in fresh water and hung it to dry.  I loved to watch her work nude. When we finished I retrieved the cuffs and locks she had been secured with the night before.  She noticed what I was doing and gave me a shy smile. After our adventure with the storm I wasn't sure she would want to play. But when we were ready to go up to the house she turned her back to me and crossed her wrists behind her back.
 " After all that happened today, are you sure?"
 "Yes, I'm getting to like this. Even if we don't do bondage, I really love going barefoot and nude. It's sort of like being reborn." I locked her hands behind her back the knelt down and secured her ankles 18 inches apart.
 "You're nuts, but I love you."
 Lee Ann turned towards me smiling, tears in her eyes, unable to do anything about it. She didn't reply in words her beautiful smile was enough.
 "I've been thinking."  She paused I waited for her to go on.  "As I said before, I really like what we are doing." We started to walk towards the house, I had to match my steps to her shorten stride.  "In a few weeks I'm going to take a summer course. It is one of those seminar courses and we have to do an ongoing individual project. Over the course of the class we have to write a journal and keep track of what we are doing."
 "What's the name of the class?"
 "It's called 'Life on the Edge, A Sociological Look at Non-Mainstream Lifestyles'"
 "Sounds like our weekend." We both chuckled.
 "Well I've been thinking about us and it struck me that I might be able to do something really interesting." I wondered where she was going with this.
 "How about public bondage?"
 "O.K. and how do you plan to pull that off?  Aren't you getting a bit carried away?"  I wasn't adverse to the idea, but wondered if she was going a bit fast.
 "I might be, but I don't care. Let's see," She paused to think.  "if I had just taken up golf as a hobby what would you advise me to do to improve my game?"
 "Practice, I guess would be one step."
 "Yes! And that is what I'm doing, I'm practicing bondage and since it turns me on, is so much the better."
I couldn't argue with that.
 "But you didn't answer my first question."
"I know that several of the girls are going to get a piercing. One big component of this class is to recorded the reactions of other people to a non-mainstream life style. It can be done two ways. The first is to simple interview people about what they think of this subject or to interview people who live a non-mainstream life style. The second is to do something that will evoke a reaction from someone else. The only caveat is that it can't be illegal."   I had to chew on this for a minute.  We took a few more steps.
      "So you want to do public bondage to see how other people will react?  You realize that other's have done something like this. I read about two people who chained themselves together for a year as an art project. I don't think they speak to each other now."
"Yes, I've heard of the that. I want to do it solo, just me. I'm going to see the professor next week and see what he has to say. Will you help me, please."
"Yes, of course, when are you going to move in?" I wondered if I could slip that in and what would be her reaction.
Without missing a beat she said; "Next week after finals. My lease on my apartment runs out at the end of the term. I was going to fight with the landlord for an extension, but now I don't have to."  I caught a glimmer of her grin in dark.

The week flew by. Lee Ann spent every night at the house.  The whole time she was nude and had her ankles cuffed together with a chain. We both had a great deal of studying to do so play was minimal. During the day, when she went to class we removed the chain, but left the cuffs on. She went to class barefoot in jeans or a dress.  After her last final Lee Ann went and saw her professor for the class.  He was intrigued by the idea of public bondage and though it would be a good project. But he told her to see the department head to make sure it was O.K.  The department head  was an older woman who told Lee Ann she was nuts, but as long as it didn't interfere with the class and it was of her own free will it was O.K. with her.  The next two meetings went more smoothly then she had hoped.  The first with the head of campus security lasted all of five minutes. Basically he told her there were no rules about that type of conduct on campus and as long as it was self imposed, there wasn't anything he could or would do about it. He was nice enough to tell her that he would explain to his officers what was going on and to leave her alone unless she asked for help.  Lastly she went to the town chief.  The chief told her about the same thing as the campus chief, but he did say that he didn't want her driving cuffed so she would have to have someone driver her around. Lee Ann agreed to this. He also suggested that she have someone with her to protect her. And he agreed to tell his officers about her experiment. So, a week before the class started she was ready to begin.
After some discussion we decided to have another BBQ. We would invite the professor, his wife, Cindy and one of her dates.  When Lee Ann contacted the professor—Dr. Steve—he suggested we invite the rest of the class or at least the ones who where still on campus.
Saturday was hot and cloudy.  Lee Ann dressed in a simple sun dress with nothing under it. It tied at the shoulders so she could remove it after her hands were cuffed. Lee Ann and I had had a discussion on what to do with the keys to the cuffs she would be secured with. We agreed that they would not be available without some work.  After thinking about it for a while we decided that we would do a variation of the tried and true ice cube trick.  But in stead of freezing the keys inside a block of ice we would put them in a block of concrete.  I built a form out of 2x8's 20 inches square and covered the inside with a coating of oil.  About the middle of the afternoon, after everyone had been fed I pulled out the wheel barrow and mixed up a bag of  mortar mix cement.  With everyone watching Lee Ann brought out her cuffs. They were leather covered steel. The wrist cuffs were connected by a 4 inch chain.  We experiment with different length chains to connect the cuffs and chose this length for two main reasons. First she could type comfortably which was important to her work. Second she could slip her feet between her hands and with a little effort pull her hands up behind her back. More importantly she could reverse the effort and return her hands to in front of her.  We agreed that on weekends and when I felt like it we would add a waist chain.  I could secure her hands behind her back by locking the wrist chain to the waist chain.  We also talked about cuffing her ankles, but decided to forgo that idea until we saw how the hand cuffs went over. As it was she planned on going barefoot for the duration of the summer. We did however agree that we would lock cuffs on her ankles, but not connect them.
When the concrete was mixed I took a small plastic container and wrapped a string around it.  Lee Ann placed the keys to the both sets of cuffs in the container. She also put the keys to 2 small pad locks in the container. If we decided to add the chain between her ankles she would not be able to get to that key either. Next I took a coat hanger and suspended the container in the center of the form. With the help of those watching we filled the form with the concrete. Once it set up Lee Ann or I would have to break the cement with a sledge hammer to get at the keys.
An hour later Lee Ann checked the concrete, it had begun to set nicely. She wrote her name in the top and the date. She picked up the ankle cuffs from the table and without hesitation locked them around her ankles. Next she picked up the wrist cuffs. The yard was silent as she locked the first one around her left wrists. Looking me straight in the eye she quickly locked the other around her right wrist. Until we broke open the concrete block her wrists were locked four inches apart! The group let out a collective sigh. It was almost anticlimactic; so simple an act, but what would be the long range ramifications?  I could tell from the sweat on Lee Ann's face and her body language that she was really turned on, we would have to do something about that shortly.  I had a few things I wanted to add to Lee Ann's "jewelry."
"Lee Ann," I said, "I have something for you. She looked up at me.  I pulled a collar from a bag I had hidden from her. I showed it to her.  "O.K.?" Lee Ann just nodded, tears filling her eyes. I fitted the collar around her neck and clicked it shut. I had the key hidden away.  Lastly I pulled to small items from the bag. Knelling down I fitted two tiny bells to her ankle cuffs.
"Ladies and Gentlemen what do you think?"  Everyone clapped, saluting Lee Ann. I got the impression that more then a few people in the group were kinky.

Sunday we decided to sail up and see Jimmy and his family.  I called ahead and found out it was Kate's birthday, she was turning 19.  The trip up was uneventful, unlike the last trip down.  Jimmy and Kate met us at the pier. Kate was barefoot as usual, at 19 a striking woman in a simple granny dress and wild flowers braided in her hair. Lee Ann watched her staring at the cuffs.  Jimmy glanced down at them, smiled and then ignored them.
Always the eager student Lee Ann plunged in.
"Kate." When Lee Ann spoke her name, Kate looked up at her. "What do you think of my new bracelets?"
"There're cool man." Like a dam bursting the questions flooded out. She sounded more like a kid then a nearly grown woman. "Where did you get them?  Are your hands really connected? How long have you had them on?"
"I got them in a store in Boston and yes they are connected by a chain. I put them on yesterday."
"Would you mind taking them off so I can look at them?"
Lee Ann glanced at me, I shrugged my shoulders, "Your on your own now." I replied softly. This was just the sort of thing Lee Ann had set out to do, provoke a reaction.
"I can't."
"What do you mean? You can't? Why not" Kate looked puzzled.
"I don't have the keys."
"Where are they?" Kate glanced down at the ground. "Wow! You have anklets just like your bracelets."
Lee Ann held up her right foot and slowly waved it back and forth so Kate could see the ankle cuff.
Jimmy broke up exhibition. "Kate we need to get home for lunch, so walk while you are talking please."
I chuckled. Kate smiled and took Lee Ann's hand.
"O.K. Daddy, we's walking and talking." She broke up in a gale of laughter. Lee Ann chimed in with her own.
The girls started off. Jimmy put a hand on my sleeve.
"What is going on?" He asked softly.
I explained to him Lee Ann's goal and that the keys were in a concrete block at the house. In fact that morning I had pulled away the wooden form and pushed the block under the corner of the deck where it looked like part of the support for the deck. I didn't want anyone walking off with it.
Jimmy smiled. As we followed the giggling women up the street he said; "Kate is impulsive. Don't be surprised if she tries what Lee Ann is doing. My wife and I have never gotten into that sort of thing, but we are open minded and if Kate wants to try something like that we won't stop her. We have always let the children try things as long as we know it isn't going to hurt them. After all that is sometimes the best way for them to learn."
I nodded my head in agreement. I couldn't help the vision in my head of the lovely Kate in handcuffs and barefoot in leg irons. But I knew that I would never touch her, so I shook my head to clear the vision.
At the farm house Bea and Jill questioned Lee Ann. They both looked at the cuffs just as Kate had, but neither were interested in trying them on. Kate stood off to one side, her head down. At first I though she was staring at Lee Ann's ankle cuffs, but I quickly realized that her thoughts where miles away when Jimmy had to speak to her several times before she answered him.
"Kate! Kate!" Jimmy called her name. Finally she looked up.
"Yes." She shook her head. "What?"
"Take Lee and your sister out to see the animals. And this time don't let Lee step in the cow flaps." Everyone laughed at the memory of Lee Ann and the stains on her feet from the cow shit.
"K. Dad." Kate looked up at him, he was only an inch or two taller then she.  "Dad would you mind if I tried something like Lee Ann is doing, but, but, just for short time?"
"Do you remember our rules?" He asked her.
"If it doesn't hurt us, we can try it?"
"Thank you." She gave him a big hug.
I glanced at Bea, she had a worried frown.  I'm sure she wasn't to keen on what her daughter was contemplating doing.
"What are we going to about Kate?" Bea spoke as soon as the threesome was half way across the yard. All three of us had been watching them running towards the barn. To my surprise even Jill had shed her shoes and was barefoot.
"I don't know, what do you suggest Harry? You brought Lee Ann into our lives."
"I can give you several answers, but . . ." I didn't finish, I just went on with; "I'm sorry you feel that way about Lee Ann. As soon as they all come back we will leave."
"No, dam it." Jimmy turned toward me. "We like both of you and we want you to stay. But the problem is yours. You need to figure out what to do."
I looked at Bea, she was listening, but still looking out the window at her children; one growing, one grown a woman. The problem was sort of mine, but it was also Lee Ann's.
I waited a few minutes, then said. "If the problem is any ones, I think it is Lee Ann's, but that's beside the point. I would take the bull by the horns.  I would either cuff her or tie her up. If she doesn't like it, then there is no problem and that is the end of it. If she likes it, then there is nothing you can do about it. She will have to decide how to deal with it in her own life. However, she has the advantage over so many people. She has your love and support. You can make it easy for her to deal with."
Jimmy and Bea were looking at me, nodding there heads.
Bea said; "If she likes it, does that mean she will have to run around in some form of bondage all the time?"
"Oh, don't be silly Mother, I doubt if it will come to that, but if she does, what harm can there be? Only we know what is going on." Jimmy had picked up the New England habit of calling their wives Mother.
Bea nodded her head in agreement.
"O.K. Harry, it is her birthday and you can tie her up if she wants as a present." I was surprise that it was Bea who spoke.  "Make it hard and tight, don't damage her, just make it so she thinks twice before asking again." Her eyes were hard and nasty, the eyes of a mother defending her kids.
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah!"  I was caught off guard by her wicked smile.
"Can I ask her to put on a bathing suit or something like that, it makes it easier."
They both turned from the window and looked at me.
"What do you think Jimmy?"  Bea asked.
"No. I want this to be an unpleasant experience. Nudity has never been a problem. Bea and the kids often run around in all stages of undress so I think it should be nude, in the barn on the main floor."
"I don't like that, but I have to agree with you." Bea spoke and then turned back toward the window. "When they come back. I will take her out to the barn and explain what is going to happen. If she still wants to do it, then I will take her dress and come in the house. You and Lee Ann will go out to the barn and tie her up. When you are done one of us will go out and check her. We will not untie her until she asks to be or at the end of an hour. If she lasts that long. After that we will sit down and talk with her about it."
I was, to put it mildly, having a hard time dealing with this turn of events. Yes, I like bondage and it is a big part of my life with Lee Ann, but this was a whole different kettle of fish. Reluctantly I agreed to carry out their wishes. I was more then a little afraid that this would open Pandora's box just as it had with Lee Ann. Could I or any of us deal with the consequences?
Ten minutes later Jill, Kate, and Lee Ann returned. Bea took Kate aside and spoke to her. A few minutes later they headed back to the barn.
Jimmy, watching Bea and Kate, said; "Harry, just inside the door, on the right side there is a grain room. On the back wall are hanks of rope. It is a nice soft, flat, braided rope they use in the paper factor to carry the paper through the rollers. There are a bunch of different lengths. Use what you need."
Lee Ann gave me a startled look. She started to speak, but I held up my hand. She looked puzzled, but didn't speak. Jill had gone off on a mission of her own and had not heard.
Less then five minutes later Bea came in carrying Kate's dress and nothing else. I knew Kate hadn't been wearing a bra, but I didn't think she went without  panties. I figured she had bargained with her mother to keep them. Taking Lee Ann by the hand I led her out the door towards the barn.
The barn was a typical New England barn. It had a long aisle down the center with stalls on either side. The whole idea was that you could drive in one end of the aisle with a load of hay, unload it into the loft and then drive out the other end. The aisle was at a right angle to the house and the left side of the barn was a few feet higher then the house. Behind the right side of the barn the land dropped off so that you could drive or walk into the cellar from the back of the barn. Kate was standing casually at the far end of the aisle leaning on the door jam staring out across the fields. She turned as we entered the barn. To my surprise she was nude and had a nice over all tan. It was clear she had spent a lot of time out doors nude. I wondered if her mother knew. Turning right I found the grain room and the rope.
Lee Ann had met Kate half way. They stood together talking quietly.
As I approached I heard Lee Ann say; ". . . you don't have to do this you know."
"But I want to. When I watch movies and the heroin is tied up I know it is fake and I know I could get away. It has always fascinated me, I just never got up the nerve to try it." Kate kept looking back and forth at us, seeking validation of her feelings.
"Turn around Kate." I told her. I selected a ten foot length of rope.
Kate did as she was instructed. She said; "I've done yoga and I'm very flexible."
"We'll see.  Now listen to me. I will give you a save word. That word is 'popcorn'. I will not gag you, but I don't want to hear that word unless it is very important we stop, I'm talking on the order of life and death. Do you understand?
"Yes, but I don't understand why?"
"Believe me you may not today, but if you continue down this new path you will."
I began by having her hold her arms straight out from her shoulders. With Lee Ann's help I wrapped ten turns around her chest, five above her breast and five below. I tied the rope off behind her back. Taking a short length I wove it between her breast and pulled the first ropes together trapping her breast, she moaned softly. Her nipples were as hard as rocks. Moving behind her back I pulled her right wrist up until it was parallel with the breast rope. Taking the extra length of breast rope I took several turns around her upper arm just above her elbow. This force her elbow toward the middle of her back. I tied the rope off and did the same with the other elbow. She didn't say a word. She just stood there her eyes closed, her respiration's shallow and rapid. To finish her arms I took another short section of rope and tied her wrist together so that her wrists crossed and her hands were higher then her elbows. I then tied them to the breast rope.  We walked her over to where a cow stanchion had been removed. A short chain remained bolted to the floor. I helped her sit down. Using a short length of rope I tied her left ankle to the chain. Digging around in the straw I found a second chain and tied her thigh to it so that there was a tension on her leg, the ankle rope pulling down and the thigh rope pulling up. Looking up I found the chain, which matched with her thigh chain, hanging from a large beam. The chain was directly above the one on the floor. Picking up a long length of rope I tied it around her right ankle and left it for the moment.  Stepping back I decide what to do next. Lee Ann just stood watching. She too was breathing rapidly.
"Want to try this?" I asked her. She nodded yes.
I picked up the length of rope I had tied to Kate's right ankle and threaded it through the chain attached to the overhead beam. I then ran it through a second chain, behind her, and down pulling down on it I pulled her leg up until it was nearly vertical. To secure it I ran it between the rope around Kate's breasts and around her wrists then tied it off. This made her lopsided and I could tell she was in some distress, exactly as requested. I wasn't finished yet. Returning to the grain room I found a bag familiar to every old fashion house wife, a clothes pin bag.  Selecting two pins I slipped them in my pocket.  After a short search I found a ball of heavy twine.
After returning to Kate I threaded a length of string through one of the pins.  I clipped this pin around her left nipple then ran the string around her up raised leg. Kate went ridged for a second then moaned softly, but didn't open her eyes.  Next I clipped the second clothes pin around her right nipple. I pulled slack out of the string until she was forced to lean against her leg, then I tied the string off to the pin. She was trapped. If she leaned forward to ease the pressure on her wrists and nipples, the she pulled on her leg. If she leaned back to ease the pressure on her legs, then she pulled on her nipples.
Sensing that I had stepped back she opened her eyes and spoke for the first time.
"Done? Toes, you didn't do my toes." She said somewhat plaintively.  "I love having my toes tied."
Picking up the ball of twine I proceeded to tie each toe of her upraised leg to the rope supporting her leg. That seemed to please her, she gave me a faint smile.
As I stepped back I heard soft foot steps behind me. Turning I found Bea walking slowly towards me, her face pale, as she stared at Kate.  She was barefoot. I checked Kate to make sure she had good circulation.  Bea stopped in front of Kate, then motioned  Lee Ann and I to follow her.  We followed her out the door to an area where the was a picnic table and chairs around several tables. Bea sat in one of the chairs, I took another and Lee Ann sat on the ground at beside me so that she was between us.
"I need to explain something to you." Bea began.  "When I was a child my father and mother experimented with bondage. Back in those days it wasn't something anyone talked about. I was about five when my father lost his job. It was very hard for a while until he could find another job. Of course the new job wasn't as good as the old one and paid less." She paused and watched Kate, who was rocking slowly back and forth trying to find some comfort or trying to cum.  The Bea went on.
"Dad began to drink and beat Mom. The still did bondage, but he used it to punish her for his short comings. By the time I was seven he started to use bondage to punish me. You can't imagine how painful and scary it can be for a seven year old to be tied up and stuffed in a closet. It went on for six years. Every time Dad had a bad day, and there many because of his drinking, he would come home and tie me up. He would make me drop my slacks or skirt. Then he would tie my hands behind my back and make me bend over. He would take his belt and give me a spanking. Without letting me pull up my pants he would put me in a hog tie and then put me in the closet."  Once again she paused. She was shaking. She was watching Jimmy. He was in the barn inspecting Kate. Finished he picked up a short length of rope and played with it as he walked towards us. When he reached us he stopped behind Bea's chair, dropped the rope on the ground and put his hands on her shoulders.  Bea reached up and laid her hand on his. Looking up  she returned his encouraging smile.
"Anyway, I'm not sure how long Daddy would have gone on. It is possible that he might have killed one of us. One night on his way home a cop stopped him. In a drunken rage he tried to run the cop over and the cop shot him dead." Bea fell silent.
Lee Ann looked up at her and said;  "I'm sorry about this. Harry can free Kate and we will leave."
"No," Bea answered her, "Harry was right, he said that if we let her try this she would either like it or hate. Well I can tell she likes it.  I don't want what happened to my mother to happen to Kate.  When my mother's father caught her tying her feet together, just for fun, he kicked her out of the house. She was sixteen. Needing someplace to go she moved in with my father. You've just heard the rest of the story. We can't change Kate, but we can support and love her.   In fact, we should thank you. If you hadn't done this today, we might never have know until something happened and then it might have been to late."
I sat there, watching Kate, wondering what to say or do. Jimmy broke the silence.
"Stand up Love." He stepped back from Bea's chair and picked up the rope. He lifted the lawn chair out of the way as he stepped up behind Bea. Gently he pulled her hands behind her back and tied them. I couldn't fully read the expression on her face, it was a mix of horror, fear, anger, and most surprising, lust. I was amazed.
"Please, help her get off and then release her." Bea said very softly.
Jimmy took her by the arm and led her across the pasture towards the stream that ran across their property.
Standing I held out my hand to Lee Ann and helped her to her feet. She kept shaking her head in disbelief.
"I don't want to touch her, can you please help her?" I asked Lee Ann. She just nodded yes.  As we turned towards the barn I asked her; "What do you think?"
After thinking about my question for a few seconds she said; "I don't know what to think. I do know that I like what I'm doing and plan to keep on with the project.  I think we need to talk about this some more later."

Epilog: Two years later.

Lee Ann's project went well. She got an A+ for her effort which helped her grade point average.  At the end of the class we planned a "block" party with the idea of breaking open the concrete block and freeing her. But it didn't work out that way.  We had the party all right, but with a twist. Instead of attacking the block, Lee Ann took the chain and padlocks and locked them to her ankle cuffs. In the weeks before classes started in the fall she would be forced to shuffle along 18 inches at a time.  The night before classes started we broke open the concrete and freed her. But she kept the cuffs on.  As I write this she has been barefoot nearly two and a half years. She has not taken off the cuffs and spends most of her time in some form of bondage. Jimmy hired her to work in his store during the summer and he lets her go barefoot. We are talking about getting married when we graduate.
My studies have gone well. I've been accepted in the Master's/Ph.D. program and I've been asked to stay on and teach.
Bea and Jimmy are doing well. A while back, after a few beers, Jimmy told me that he took Bea down to the stream and made love to her with her hands tied behind her back. They have never done it that way again and bondage is not part of their lives. But it did help Bea deal with Kate's fetish. And she is much more comfortable with the subject.
Kate graduated from high school and went off to college in Vermont. She came back after a semester and told us it wasn't right for her. I hope she will go back someday. She lives here now. She works for her father Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday ten hours each day. Like Lee Ann she goes barefoot constantly. When she gets off work she jumps in the car and comes down here.  Also like Lee Ann she wears permanent cuffs on her ankles and wrists. While she is with us she is always in some form of bondage, always nude. Right now the two girls are down in the garden planting. Both are nude in cross chains.
Jill has shown no interest in trying bondage herself. However, she has gotten very good at tying up or chaining up her sister. On the nights Kate spends at her folks home she is always in bondage.  Jill has dreamed up some fiendish ways to keep her occupied.
 Lee Ann, Kate, and I have talked about our relationship. We are in complete agreement that as far a Kate is concerned my relationship with her only extends as far as bondage. In fact I rarely bind in her, Lee Ann does, but not like a Dom, more as a sister.  They seem happy together as sisters in bondage and that makes me happy.