by Yashi

Chapter 1

It had been a long haul on a hot humid day and it had started to rain about an hour ago. I stopped for a drink half way up the steep trail. It was dark here under towering hemlocks with the clouds blocking out the sun. The rain had done little to lower the temperature. I'm not sure why I glanced her way -- I know she hadn't moved or made a sound, but suddenly I was aware that a small figure was sitting against a hemlock trunk maybe twenty feet to my left. She was sitting with her legs crossed and a small pack beside her. It took a moment to register that she was completely nude. It was too dark to see her clearly, however I could tell she was dirty -- clearly she had be on the trail for a while. Her long dark wet hair hung down around her shoulders.

"Hi." I broke the wet silence.

It was spooky the way she just stared at me. For a second I wondered if she was real or even if she was alive. If someone told me she was an elf I would have believed them. I leaned forward and there was life in her eyes. The eyes followed my moves, but she made no sound. Suddenly it dawned on me that she might be deaf and dumb. I didn't know any sign language so I considered my options. She seemed ok and she did have a pack. Perhaps I was intruding on a private meditation. Nodding in her direction, I decided to move on.

I took maybe ten steps when there was movement behind me.

"Hay, wait up I'm coming," a sweet voice called out to me.

I looked back to find she was up and moving towards me. I just managed to keep my mouth from gaping open. She was taller and thinner then I expected with small hands, feet, and breasts -- a very beautiful woman who some might think was too thin.

"I'm sorry I didn't answer you, I didn't know what you were going to do when you saw me." She stuck out her hand, "I'm Morgan." Her pack dangled from the other.

"It's a pleasure, I'm Steve."

"Where you headed?"

"About ten miles north -- my car's parked up there. Where you headed?"

"I don't know, but if you don't mind I'll tag along."

"Sure." I looked her up and down. "You warm enough?"

"Yeah, I spend most of my time nude."

"How long have you been hiking?"

"Two days." She looked at her feet as she dug a small hole by twisting her big toe in the earth. Despite the rain they were a dirty brown -- part dirt, part tan. Like the rest of her there were no tan lines. Morgan glanced up at me, "It started a week ago with my boyfriend Guy and his friends, David and Alice. Three days ago, we had a fight. Guy and David wanted Alice and me to have sex. I'm not into girls or at least not when I'm forced into it." She looked for my reaction before going on; "Anyway, Guy took all our clothes and put them in a bag. He hid the bag and told us we wouldn't get our stuff back until we did what they wanted. Well Alice and I decided not to play their game and we refused to do anything they asked. Two days ago, Guy took the bag with our clothes and burned it. They pushed us in a tent together and told us they would burn the tent with us in it if we didn't do what they wanted. I waited for dark, grabbed a bag with a little food and some other gear, cut a hole in the back of the tent and took off. Alice doesn't like the woods and she said she would never run around nude in the woods so she stayed behind. I didn't want to go back the way we had come, so I pushed on. I got lost for while, but found this trail this morning."

"I see, so what's next?"

"I'm not sure -- all I've got is in this bag. Guy owned the place where we lived and I ain't goin' back there."

I wasn't looking for a girlfriend, but she needed some help and was certainly pleasing to the eye.

"Well you can tag along. I haven't got much with me in the clothing department, but I do have some extra food."

Morgan flashed a smile at the mention of food, "I ate the last of my food this morning and I don't care about clothes, if you don't mind."

I shrugged my shoulders, "If your nudity doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother me."

I didn't mention it to Morgan, but I had to wonder if she had walked around in a big circle and we would run into her boyfriend further up the trail. If that was true I wasn't too keen on dealing with him and his friend.

"There's a shelter about a mile up the trail. We'll break for lunch there."

She just nodded. I waved her forward and she started hiking ahead of me. I watched her from behind for a second, then turned and started after her.

We found the shelter with no problem. I pulled a freeze-dried dinner out of my pack and set up the stove. Ten minutes later we ate. While we ate Morgan opened her pack and dumped the contents on the floor of the shelter. There wasn't much of a pile--twenty feet of rope, a knife, food wrappers, matches, a toothbrush and paste. The toothbrush and paste she put back in the bag.

As she took the last bite of her lunch she said, "Have you ever tied anyone up?"

"No, but I've seen bondage on the net. It looked interesting, but I don't have a girlfriend and I've never had one that wanted to be tied up."

"Well you do now."

"Do what now?"

"A girlfriend, you have a girlfriend -- me."

"Assuming a lot aren't you?"

"You said you didn't have a girlfriend and you aren't gay are you?" When I shook my head, she went on. "Well you are with me, so for now I'm you girlfriend."

I just stared at her for a few minutes as she tossed the knife back in the pack and then using the matches, she burned the wrappers in the fire pit in front of the shelter.

Picking up the rope, she held it out to me. I ignored the rope and stared into her eyes. After a few seconds, her eyes dropped, but the rope didn't. She glanced up and then said, "I really like you and I know I'm being forward, but something tells me you will be good to me and that I can trust you."

With a sigh I said, "Ok." I reached out and took the rope. I'd never tried to tie someone up before, so this was a first. Who can refuse a pretty, nude girl? "Turn around." She did so without hesitation.

The rope was, as I said, about 20 feet long. I found the middle while I tried to figure out what to do. Inspiration came when she reached up between her shoulder blades to scratch a bite.

"Let your hands hang at your sides." She did as I asked. I wrapped the rope around her chest above her breasts and passed the ends through the loop created where the middle of the rope folded back on itself. I pulled it tight and tied it off in the middle of her back trapping her arms at her sides. I took her right arm and folded it up until it rested against the knot. I tied it to the rope. Then I tied her left wrist to her right so her arms formed a "W" behind her back. I still had plenty of rope left so I wrapped it around her -- first above her breasts and then below. Finally, I tied a knot between her breasts and wrapped the remaining rope between her breasts trapping them and making them stand out. Picking up her pack I hung it over her shoulders. I checked for circulation in her hands and fingers, I had learned something in first aid. When she looked up there were tears in her eyes.

"Thank you," she whispered. "It feels really good."

I just smiled down at her. "One last thing," I told her. I fished around in my pack and pulled out a short length of rope. I tied it around her neck to use as a leash. I might not know much about bondage, but I do have an imagination and I think she looked good that way. I picked up my pack and started up the trail with her in tow.

Several hours later we neared the trail head. I stopped and turned to Morgan. We had stopped several times to check her circulation and so we could drink some water.

"We'll be at the trail head in a few minutes. Turn around I'm going to untie you." She didn't argue and did as she was told. It took her several minutes to work the kinks out of her arms, but she smiled happily the whole time.

Finally, she took a deep breath and said, "Wow that was neat." She looked up, into my eyes. "Thanks that was like nothing I've done before..."

"I can't say I understand, but you are welcome."

At my car I dug around and found a pair of shorts and tee shirt that fit her. They were leftovers from one or two of my girl friends -- unclaimed they had ended up in the car to be used as rags. I noticed that the rope marks were fading already.

"Can I give you a ride someplace?" I liked her, but call me old fashioned and I didn't really want to take her home. The bondage had already pushed me close to the edge of telling her to go find someone else.

"Please, it isn't far to my parents' house--maybe 45 minutes."

"No problem."

We drove for nearly an hour through the late afternoon sun with only an occasional word of instructions from my companion to break the sound of tires and wind. Finally, we turned up the driveway of a large old house with large well-tended gardens and vast expanses of lawn. As a friend of mine used to say, `Steve, we's in high clover now!' This was a Daddy Warbucks spread.

"So what does your dad do?"


"Job?" I offered helpfully--maybe we didn't speak the same language after all.

"Oh, he's a judge. He hated my boyfriend; he kept saying that someday he would send him up to the state pen."

"I see." I had no interest in having my mail forwarded to the state pen and I nearly dumped her at the entrance. "And what do you think he'll think of me?"

"Oh he'll like you, you don't smoke, you have a job, and you're nice." I'd told her about my teaching job at a local college.

"To be honest I only dated Guy to piss him off. I'm glad I found you."

But was I glad I'd found Morgan? I wasn't sure, on the surface she didn't fit in my world; either as the girlfriend of a low life I'd thought she was when I first met her or as the spoiled rich girl I discovered lived at the end of a long drive. I didn't know and I'm not sure I wanted to find out. I figured I'd say hello to her folks and then disappear, it would easier for both of us.

The house was beautiful and I'd love to own it, but on my salary, I couldn't afford the upkeep on the lawn, much less the rest of the house. I pulled up right in front. I gave Morgan a quick once over--the rope marks had nearly disappeared and you had to look carefully to see them.

"Let's go," she called as she jumped out.

I reluctantly followed her dirty bare feet up the large polished granite steps. She pulled the heavy door open and held it until I caught it. Inside I found a richly appointed hall. A lady, not much taller then Morgan and in a nice summer dress greeted us. She gave me the once over as Morgan introduced me to her mother. I figured they had some kind of security system that alerted them when I drove up the drive. Her name was Sally, and I swear to God she looked like the Sally from my mother's second grade reader I'd found when I'd cleaned up her estate.

Our timing was perfect and supper was on the table. We made a quick detour to wash up and by the time I got to the dining room a place had been set for me. Morgan disappeared for a few minutes and reappeared in a beautiful summer dress, her hair wet from a shower. I noticed she was still barefoot. Dinner conversation revolved around my job -- I didn't mind too much. I was the new kid on the block so to speak and the Princess Daughter's date so they wanted to vet me and make sure I wasn't Jack the Ripper. As soon as possible after dinner, I said good-bye and left.

Chapter 2

The next week went quickly. I had three summer courses to teach that kept me busy. I thought about Morgan once in a while and was still coming to terms with the conflict in my mind. For the first few days I was sad that I hadn't given her my address and phone number, but by Friday I was glad I hadn't. Besides there was a new professor on campus and I'd found out she wasn't married. I was trying figure out how to get an introduction.

On Friday, I had one evening class so I didn't have to go in to work during the day, but I had to finish some paperwork so I went in anyway. When the paperwork was done, I went home to grab a bite before class. I lived two miles from campus in a converted barn. The house had burned sometime in the past and someone else had developed most of the farm. I'd bought the barn and slowly, but surely turned it into a comfortable home. When I pulled in the driveway I noticed someone sitting on my stoop, but I couldn't identify the figure. None of my current students knew where I lived and it was doubtful any of my former students would look me up at home.

When I got closer, I suddenly realized it was Morgan. She was nude, just like the first time I'd seen her and sitting beside her was the same small pack she had been carrying. She was leaning back with her legs splayed out, to the limit of the chain between her ankle cuffs, on the steps giving the neighbors a clear crotch shot. I wondered if she was an exhibitionist or if she just a free spirit who didn't really care. As I parked I looked around to see if any of my neighbors where checking us out. The coast seemed clear.

"Hi, ahhh, what are you doing here?"

She gave me one of those looks all women give men -- are you dense or are you putting me on?

"Waiting for you, I missed you so I figured I'd stop by."

I stood there for a few seconds. "How did you find me? I don't think I gave you my address."

"I might not be to smart, but I'm pretty good with numbers. So I had a friend look up your license plate and here I am."

I could imagine what her "friend" looked like; tall, lots of muscles, wears a State Trooper uniform and likes to bust the heads of anyone who messes with the Judge's daughter. I wondered for an instant why he hadn't taken care of Guy, of course by this time he might have. She moved over as I climbed the stairs and unlocked the door. When I glanced down at her, I could see her hands and realized that her wrists were cuffed. Great, here is this young woman camped on my steps, nude, with her hands cuffed behind her back and wearing ankle cuffs with chain. I just shook my head. She made me angry, but at the same time, this strange woman fascinated me.

I quickly made supper as she wandered around the kitchen checking the place out.

"Keys? Supper is ready." I called. She kneeled beside the pack and fished around inside for a minute before pulling out a ring of keys. Standing she brought them over to me and held them out. Taking them, I released her wrists. I handed her a plate and she carried it to the table.

"After we eat I have a class to teach. Will you be ok?"

"Why can't I go with you, I'll stay in back of the class and keep quiet."

I though it over for a minute. "Sure if you have something to wear and we take those cuffs off."

"I brought a dress, shorts and a top."

"The dress should work, what does it look like?" When she pulled it out of the bag I realized it was the same one she had worn for dinner at her house. "That's a great dress and it looks good on you. How about shoes?"

"Shoes? I tossed out all but two pairs on the last day of school and I haven't worn them for five years. You would be amazed at what you can get away with when people know who you are."

"I'll bet. Let's go." As I headed for the door she pulled something out of the top of her pack, then hurried to catch up with me. In the truck she pulled out the keys and took the cuffs off her wrists and ankles. I'd nearly forgotten about them. Then she fastened an anklet around her right ankle. It had elephants and bells on it.

I glanced over at her as I drove. "I know this may be a delicate subject, but I've been doing some math in my head. You said you got out of school five years ago, so that means you are -- what 23, 24?"

She looked at me then giggled and laughed. "No silly, school can mean several things. I meant college. I graduated with a degree in political science. I'll be 29 in two weeks."

Wow I thought to myself, she is only two years younger then I am and she looks only a few days over 16.

She glanced out the window for a few seconds. "Oddly I've always gone barefoot, you know around the house, out to the pool and once in a while into town, but about half-way through school I went hardcore. I was studying the civil rights movement and I found this website online about people who go barefoot a lot. Well I joined and I threw out all the shoes I had at school and went barefoot everyplace. They tried to toss me out of the cafe, but I threatened to sue them and they backed off. It has been an interesting experience defining discrimination in America. I mean my father is a rich judge and I know more about the laws then anyone I know, except my father's lawyer friends. I never realized how conservative and up tight this country is. You know the places I really hate?"

I wondered for a moment if she was being rhetorical, but realized she wasn't. "No."

"Wal-Mart is at the head of the list with MacDonald's next. After that any place that has a `no shoes, no shirt, no service sign'. Do you realize there aren't any state laws regarding going barefoot in these stores? Yet they all put up these false signs."

I turned into the parking lot. I suddenly realize she was a completely different person then I'd thought. She confused the hell out of me.

It was a small class titled "Intro to American History" and many of the students were taking it to fulfill a history credit. I hadn't planned it, but we were doing a chapter on civil rights and the 1960's. I introduced Morgan and I noticed several of the students, both male and female glanced at her feet. One girl, smiling, as she turned to face me kicked off her sandals and put them in her bag. A convert for Moran I thought.

As the class progressed, I directed several questions to Morgan and she provided some very deep insight. I was beginning to wonder if fate was hiking with me when we met.

After class, we headed home. Morgan replaced her cuffs she had left in the car on the way over. As soon as we were in the house, she stripped and handed me a lock. Almost without thinking, I locked her hands behind her back. Opening her bag I pulled out her hobble chain and connected her ankles. She was seducing me into her life style.

Over tea -- mine hot, hers iced with a straw; we began to explore each other's worlds. Morgan was a lot smarter and better educated then I had ever dreamed back there on the trail. She told me how she had gotten into self-bondage. I told her about a dream I'd had for years. I always wanted to have a vineyard and winery on a farm at the other end of town that looked good. We chatted for several hours.

Morgan must have sensed my uneasiness. I wasn't sure if we going to sleep together. When I'd first seen her nude she really turned me on, but since she was nude most of time it had taken some of the edge off.

I forget what we were talking about, unexpectedly she said; "you don't have to sleep with me if it makes you uncomfortable, after all this is only our second date." She giggled.

"I was afraid to ask and I didn't want to push you."

"You aren't the one pushing. I know I'm the one pushing or as they say in B&D I'm topping from the bottom. I fell for you the moment I saw you in the woods. Say I'm crazy, it's just the way I feel."

"I'm not sure I understand were you are coming from. I do know you are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Let's go to bed and we can talk about it some more in the morning or next week or whenever." I finished with a grin. She gave my comments a big smile.

"Could I ask for something, please?"

"Sure, what's on you mind?"

"Can you tie my hands the way you did in the woods?"

"You aren't planning to sleep that way are you?"

"Ahhh, I don't know, but I was hoping we could have some fun before going to sleep."

I got up and dug around in my catchall drawer for some rope. Upstairs I unlocked her wrists and sent her to the bathroom. When she came back I lashed her wrists as I had the first time we met. Morgan jumped into bed with no help from me. I studied her for a moment and then unlocked the chain from her right ankle and relocked it to the foot board. After all, I didn't want my date to escape did I?

I nearly came as soon as I entered her. It took a lot of willpower not to, but I managed to hold off until she was ready and we came together. I rolled off her and we cuddled until we dozed off. The sun woke me, its first rays just peaking over a nearby ridge. Suddenly I realized Morgan had been tightly tied all night. When I turned to her she was laying on her side facing away from me. Quickly I checked her hands. They were warm and she had good circulation. My touch must have woken her because she moaned softly and turned toward me. Groggily she looked at me.

"Everything ok?" She asked.

"Yes. How are your arms? I'm sorry I didn't untie you."

"I'm great, but I need the bathroom and," she blushed, "some more loving would be nice."

I got up and unlocked her ankle from the bed. Morgan got up and headed for the john. I sat on the edge of the bed thought about everything that had happened over the last 12 hours. My thoughts when interrupted when Morgan called to me.

"Steve, I need a wipe in here."

I went in and wiped her. It was strange; none of my other girlfriends wanted me in the bathroom when they were in there, much less asking me to wipe them. Of course, she was at a disadvantage with her hands trapped behind her.

Afterwards we went back to bed for an hour of slow, erotic lovemaking. Finally, I untied her. It took a few minutes for her to get the kinks out.

"Awesome! I can't believe I just spent the night in tight bondage it felt so good!"

I watched as she stretched. When she finished she picked up the lock from the beside table and tossed it to me. I locked her wrists behind her back again. It appeared this was becoming her normal state. The chain from the bed went between her ankles.

After breakfast I left her laying on her stomach on the floor watching Ken Burns' "Gettysburg" while I went down to get the keys to the farmhouse I'd told her about last night and some food for later. She seemed very happy nude with her hands cuffed behind her back and hobbled. I could only shake my head in wonder at this beautiful girl/woman.

An hour later I pulled into my driveway to find a strange car parked where I normally park. I pulled onto the lawn so I wouldn't block whoever it was. I climbed out of my car and grabbed the bag of food. Glancing at the car I noticed it was a vintage early `50's MG TD that had either been carefully restored or was in super condition. I opened the door and stepped into the kitchen. I could hear two female voices in the living room. One I knew was Morgan's, the other I'd heard, but couldn't place it.

"Steve?" Morgan called.

"Yep." I called back.

Putting down the bag I walked into the living room. Morgan was nearly as I'd left her except now she was sitting on the couch--still nude, still with her hands cuffed behind her back. Sitting across from her was the last person in the world I'd expected to see in my living room, her mother!

"Steve, you remember my mother Sally," Morgan said. I was amazed how at ease she seemed to be with her mother.

"Yes." I advanced and held out my hand. She rose from the chair and shook my hand. "Nice car, you don't see MG's very often anymore."

"Thanks, Mark gave it to me as a wedding present."

For a moment, an awkward silence depended on the room. Without missing a beat, Sally went on. "Morgan has been telling me about the farm you are going to look at. Your idea of a winery sounds like fun. Two years ago we spent a month in France and Germany visiting the wineries over there. I loved the countryside and it would be great to try and capture some of that here." She paused and looked at her watch. "Oh, I've got to run, we're having dinner for Congressmen Edwards tonight." She glanced from Morgan to me, "You're both welcome.

"Thanks, Mom, but I'm not sure what we are doing yet. We may be tied up at the farm," She stopped and started to giggle, and then we all broke down into laughter.

With that her mother stood. I got up and escorted her out to her car.

"Steve," Sally turned to me, "please take care of her. She has been searching for something for a long time. I didn't know what it was until I saw her today. Bondage has never been a part of our lives -- the Judge and I tend to be pretty conservative, but Morgan has always been different. From the time she could undress herself she would take off whatever I'd dress her in and run around nude. Even when dressed she would be barefoot. I have no idea why she likes bondage, but if it doesn't hurt her and she is happy, I can live with that."

"If you two decide to do something about the winery, let me know. Money isn't a problem." She studied me for a moment. "I know you're properly too proud to accept it, but maybe we can work out some sort of family business deal. Anyway take care of my girl." She held out her hand and I shook it.

"It was good meeting you again. Of course you are always welcome here." I gave her my best smile.

"Yeah, next time I'll call," she got in the car. "Especially if the Judge is going to be with me," she finished with a grin.

Like mother, like daughter I thought -- both unsolved enigmas.

She backed out of the driveway and was gone.

Back in the house I found Morgan still kneeling where we had left her, a shit-eating grin lighting her face.

"Wow!" I spoke first, "I thought I was dead there for a minute. What did she want?"

"Not much, just checking up on her very naughty daughter." She giggled. "You ok?"

"Yeah, I guess I'll get over finding my girlfriend's mother having a nice morning chat with my bound girlfriend. Are you sure you want to keep doing this?"

Morgan studied me for a moment, then in seeming seriousness, "Well not really. You have been too lax with me and these chains give me too much freedom. I think you need to get a straight jacket or maybe a single sleeve. If I had been wearing either of those I couldn't have let her in." She paused for a moment and then started laughing.

I just shook my head. She was something else.

Thirty minutes later, we pulled up to the old farm gate. We were in the old part of town. Settlers moving into the area had found this wide area of an old river valley. The river was off to our left behind the gate. The farm owned the water rights. Across the road to west was a railroad track with a picture book station. Further west, adjacent to the tracks, was a common. Surrounding the common in a semi-circle were half a dozen house. Behind the houses was a hill covered in forest.

Morgan jumped out and opened the gate as I drove through. We crossed the bridge and climbed a low hill. About two- thirds of the way up was an old Victorian. Morgan caught her breath at the sight. It was a wonderful house. Clearly, the last owner had spent money on it, but the grounds needed attention. We pulled around the house to a level spot in front of the barn. As we got out of the car, we were transfixed by the view to the south. I could easily imagine sitting on the front porch for hours and watching the valley below. I had been here once before. A student of mine and his folks lived here, but they had all been killed in an airliner crash. There was no other family alive and as part of the will the place was to be sold as is with all the furniture intact.

Morgan shook herself, "I never dreamed a place like this existed. My folks' place is larger, but it doesn't have the chartictor this one does. I want to see the inside."

I held up the keys. "Let's go."

She held up her hand, "Wait a second." She stepped back to the open car door, untied the cloth from around her hips, and tossed it in the car. Next came the bit of cloth covering her breasts. Nude, Morgan rubbed her breasts, "That's better."

I chuckled, "It's been, what, twenty minutes since you put those on?"

She gave me a pout then stuck out her tongue. "You know I hate wearing anything except ropes and chains."

"Yeah I've noticed."

We wandered around the house. It was perfect; they had done a lot of work and spent a lot of money on fixing it with paint and Bradbury wallpaper. I think Morgan was ready to move in. As I headed for the front door Morgan grabbed my arm.

"We didn't check out the cellar." She pointed to a door under the stairs.

I gave the door a tug and it opened easily. A set of stairs led into the dark below. I felt around and found the light switch. At the foot of the stairs a bulb tried to push back the darkness.

There more lights in the cellar, but it was still a gloomy place. A few cobwebs decorated the ceiling, but it was dry and the floor was dusty. Morgan wandered around while I stood at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey, come over here and check this out." Her voice floated from a dark corner.

I made my way over and found her standing before a large very heavy steel door. It appeared to be a bank vault door and I couldn't imagine what it hid. I look around and found an unlit bulb hanging nearby. When I tried the switch on the cord the bulb lit.

I examined the door and found a two brass plaques. The first was solidly riveted on and read, "Jim's Wine Cellar, Enter at your own risk." The second was engraved with a long number. I glanced at Morgan, she shrugged her shoulders and smiled. I pulled on the handle and found it was shut tight. Squinting at the number in the dim light I spun the dial. With a soft click the lock opened. I pulled on the handle again and the door swung open. To the left of the doorframe was a light switch. A quick flip and the lights in the small vault came on. It was maybe eight by ten feet with iron racks down either side. Some of the racks had been removed leaving only the vertical sections. I stepped into the room. For some reason boards had been laid on the concrete floor. Morgan stood in the doorway just staring at the room.

"What are you thinking?" I asked.

"It's neat. I wonder what it would be like to spend some time in here. Ever since I can remember one of my fantasies has been to be locked in dark jail cell." She paused for a moment, "Do you think I could try it?

"Sure, but the door has a panic handle and you can get our easily, that wouldn't be much fun." I was beginning to figure this out -- tight bondage equaled a happy Morgan. She was rapidly becoming more then just a girlfriend. I wasn't sure about the bondage, but if it makes her happy, I'm all for it. "I don't have any rope or cuffs..."

"I do!" In a flash, she was up the stairs, after a quick flurry of steps I heard the screen door slap shut. Five minutes later she was back with her bag. Under a nearby light was an old worktable. With a flourish, like a magician, doing a magic trick she dumped the bag out. I collected the keys while she picked up her cuffs and collar. She sat down on the dirty, dusty floor and began putting them on. I went back in the vault and decided how I would secure her. Her comment earlier about how I wasn't binding her tight enough still rang in my head.

Back at the table I selected several chains, a ring gag, a long shackle bicycle lock, and a handful of padlocks. Yesterday I didn't even know what most of this meant, but I was learning quickly. When she was ready, I led her into the vault and had her lie face down on the floor between the racks. I began by locking her wrists behind her back and then I locked her ankles together. Opening the bicycle lock, I threaded on end of a chain through the shackle; then I locked her wrists to her ankles in a tight hog tie. Next I secured her upper arms to the vertical racks. She tried to wiggle forward to take some pressure off her arms, but I put an end to that by taking the chain between her wrists and ankles and securing it to a horizontal bar above and behind her. In short she was now pulled back by the one chain and forward by two chains.

"Are you ok?" I asked her as I squatted down in from of her. I could see the strain on her face.

She stuck out her tongue. The imp, I was going to have to do something about that tongue.

"I'm great, you're getting good at this."

"Open." I fit the ring gag into her mouth and locked the straps behind her head. I held up a finger, "One more thing. You have to learn to stop sticking out your tongue at me."

Actually I found it kind of cute, but it gave me an the idea for what I was going to do next. Back on the table, I found two pairs of wicked looking nipple clamps. I sure as hell didn't want to try them. Morgan had shown them to me this morning and had told me she had never dared to try them. Well she was going to today. Back in the vault I pulled her breast out from under her chest. Her eyes went wide when she saw the clamps. She did quite a bit of muppphing as I put the first one on, but there was nothing she could about it that made sense. Flashes of pain crossed her face as I put the second on.

"Stick out your tongue." She shook her head. "Those clamps aren't very tight and I can find other places to put them, so you had better stick out your tongue.

I had her beat and she knew it, tentatively she stuck out her tongue. Quickly, before she could pull it in I clamped it. This got a big reaction! But I wasn't done yet. I pulled up the chain that connected her nipples and ran the tong clamp chain down, through it and clipped it onto a ring in her collar. She had to keep her head bent forward or she would pull on her tongue and nipples. Drool ran down her chin and formed a puddle on the floor. Morgan glared at me for a moment, then smiled around the gag, her eyes sparkled. She was definitely enjoying this.

I pulled the combination off the door and stuck it to the table. Then I swung the door shut and listened as it locked with a soft click. Above the door was a tiny vent and I could just make out a glimmer of light through it. I flipped the switch and the glimmer disappeared.

Off to my right was a door we had not opened. I suspected that it led to the bulkhead and then outside. It was locked, but the house key ring held the answer. It opened easily when I turned and pulled on the handle. At the top of a short flight of stairs, two doors opened into the back yard. In the bright sun, I blinked a few times.

To my left was a patio. Suddenly I realized the vault extend outside the house and was under the patio. The back yard was walled in and I would guess it covered an acre or so. In the back corner was the barn and through an arched gate was the driveway and my car. The barn, like the house spoke of wealth. Inside there were six box stalls running down the right side. To the left was storage space and a grain room. All the walls were paneled in bead board. I was willing to bet the barn cost more then the house where I grew up. The bars on top of the horse stall were brass, as was all the other hardware. With a smile, I knew someone that just might find themselves polishing all this brass -- nude in chains.

Shutting the barn door, I returned to the yard. I didn't plan on leaving Morgan for more then a half-hour. Or at least I would go down, see how she was doing, and maybe take off the clamps. Surveying the yard I noticed an old apple tree near the front corner. Morgan would be tired and horny by the time she came out of the vault. I was horny as hell and the tree looked like a good spot to bed my captive. I went through the arch to the car and pulled out an old blanket I kept for emergencies. Under the apple tree I spread it out. Checking my watch I saw it had been 45 minutes since I'd chained Morgan.

Returning to the cellar, I gathered up the extra gear and put it in Morgan's bag. I went up, locked the doors, and made sure the house was secure. Back in the cellar, I opened the vault door as quietly as I could. Dimly I could make Morgan out; I wasn't surprised she hadn't managed to free herself. She started as I turned on the light then went back to slowly rocking her hips -- about the only part of her body she could move.

Quickly I removed the clip from her tongue. There were a few spots of blood on it, but she drew it back into her mouth. Of course she couldn't close her mouth because of the gag. Next, I removed the nipple clamps and then unlocked her from the racks. Lastly, I undid the hog tie. I picked her up and carried her out of the vault. Her eyes never left my face. In the yard, I carried her to the blanket, dropped the bag and then laid her on the blanket. Carefully I unlocked the gag and took it out of her mouth.

She licked her lips, "Water please."

Gently I held the bottle to her lips. The water was warm from sitting in the car so I let her drink freely.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Never better," her voice was stronger. "Man, I'll never accuse you of going easy on me again." She smiled up at me.

Confident she was ok I unlocked her ankles. Morgan stretched her legs and wiggled her toes.

"Please, I'm so horny..." her voice trailed off.

I stripped off my shorts and lay down beside her. Frantically we made love in the shade of the apple tree. Sated we dozed for an hour, and then made love again.

We decided to explore the land behind the house. An old road provided a way up the hill. Fields gently sloped off to either side. I couldn't imagine a better place to grow grapes. About half way up the road divided to the left. I had been told it circled around and ended up half a mile north of the diveway. Two thirds of the way up we entered a beautiful stand of trees. Soon a brook crossed under the road in a stone culvert. Off to our right we could see the flash of water and decided to investigate. An overgrown trail ran along the stream. About 50 yards from the old road, we broke out of the trees to find a beautiful swimming hole. An outcropping of granite formed part of a bowl. Over the dark stone the stream dropped into dark pool about the size of an Olympic swimming pool. At our feet, a sandy beach curved around to the right to where it met a man-made stone dam. Ready to wash off the reminders of our lovemaking and the sweat from climbing the hill we carefully waded in. It dropped off quickly and I dived to see what the bottom looked like. Morgan, her hands still trapped behind her back by the cuffs, was more hesitant, but soon threw caution to the winds and waded in. She soon discovered that if she flipped on her back she had no problem kicking her way around the pool. Happy and refreshed we climbed out and sat on the rocks to dry.

Making our way back to the road we continued up the hill. Shortly we came to a clearing just below the summit. A cabin sat with its back against the hill. A wide porch ran around two sides and chairs remained as if waiting for the owner to return. We climbed up and turned to look at the view. If the view from the house was beautiful, this view was spectacular! I would guess we had a 180 degree panoramic view from east to west. We sat in the chairs and stared for over half an hour without saying a word to each other.

Finally Morgan broke the silence. "I don't give a shit what they want for this place. Gramps left me some money and I'm going to buy it." She dragged her eyes from the view and looked at me. "I hope you want to live here too." She looked worried.

"Yep, I want to live here too. Even if we don't do anything about the grapes, this is a fantastic place." Morgan jumped and promptly sat on my lap. Of course, she couldn't hug me, one disadvantage of being bound, so I had to do the hugging for both of us. For at least another hour, we just sat and looked. Finally, I suggested we head down and get some lunch. It was mid afternoon and I was getting hungry.

When we got to the house I unlocked Morgan's wrists from each other, but I left the cuffs on. She wrapped a cloth around her hips and tied a cloth over her breasts. We drove down the drive and stopped to look at the train station. It was in good repair and I wondered who owned it. A westbound freight went by as we stood there. I noticed there were two sets of tracks, so a local passenger train could be unloading while the freight would have a clear track. Turning to the west we followed in the wake of the train. As predicted we found where the farm road met the highway. To our left the road continued across the tracks and down into the old town. A freight yard and building spread north from the road along the south side of the track. We turned left and headed into the town. After the freight yard was a small park and then the bank with "Closed" and "For Sale" signs hanging in the windows. At Morgan's urging, we pulled up in front.

It was a large; two-story brick building that ran back from the street to small parking lot in the rear. Large old trees shaded it from the afternoon sun. We walked around and peeked in the windows.

"Well Steve, I guess we found your winery. Maybe we can put in a restaurant too, it looks like there might be room."

I stood back and looked around, damn if she wasn't right; I'd seen the ank before, but hadn't thought of making it into a winery. "If we had the money we could find an old steam locomotive, with a few cars and run it back and forth to the city. People could come up for the day, visit the vineyards, tour the winery, and eat. I don't want to turn the house into a bed and breakfast, it might cramp your -- ah passion." I finished with a smile, "but some of these houses might be for sale and that large one over there," I pointed to a large Victorian, "might have been a hotel. It sure looks like it."

"This is a strange place," Morgan said as she looked around. "I can't figure why they spent so much money here. There couldn't have been much work except farming."

"I never studied the place, I just know the guy who built the house on the hill was an architect and this was his summer farm around 1903."

We walked down the street around the common. People were sitting on their porches and several were working in their yards. Nearly half the houses were for sale including the one we spotted that looked like a hotel. Indeed, there was a sign over the door that read "Rock Maple Inn." An old man sat on the porch watching us as we walked climbed the steps.

"Hi, do they still rent rooms here"? I asked.

"No sir." He wasn't paying much attention to me, he was studying Morgan as if he'd never seen a pretty girl before. He repeated himself, "No sir, they closed the place two years ago. Nothing around here for people to do, you know, none of them theme parks."

"What are they going to do with the place?"

"Oh it's for sale." For a moment, he took his attention off Morgan and looked around. "The sign is around here someplace." Unable to find it he went back to watching Morgan who was studying the common and the kids who had started a ball game. They didn't have enough kids to have a real game so they were just tossing the ball around.

"Thanks..." I finished, not knowing his name.

I glanced at Morgan and understood why he was watching her. The sun was lower now and she was silhouetted, her "skirt" was translucent. It was very clear she wasn't wearing anything under it.

"Peter Talman, that's my name, I should have introduced myself," the old man spoke, filling the silence. "Would you like to walk around the place?"

"Not today. My name is Steve Edwards and this is Morgan O'Connor. We'd love to tour the inn, but we're hungry and it's well after lunchtime."

"Well you are welcome to come back at any time. I noticed you coming down from the Sargent place. Are you thinking of buying it?"

"Yes we are thinking about it, but I'm not sure if we can afford it."

"Well I worked up there and both my dad and my grandfather did too. In fact my grandfather helped build it. I think you folks are going to be happy up there so I'll tell you a secret."

This got Morgan's attention. She turned around so she was standing sideways to us, she put her foot up on the post she was leaning on the skirt fell away from her leg leaving it naked from sole to hip. God was she sexy!

I hoped Peter didn't have a stroke watching Morgan before he told the story.

"In the basement of the barn there's a dungeon. You get there from the basement of the house."

"We found the wine cellar," Morgan interrupted.

"Nope," Peter shook his head as he rocked back in his chair, "if you are standing in front of the wine cellar the bulkhead door is to your right and then there is a built-in set of shelves. If you reach around the right hand side there, about halfway up you'll find a spot you can push in. Pull out and the whole thing will swing towards you. You might give the latch a shot of oil next time you go up. Anyway, once you get it open there is a set of stairs that go down and then a tunnel that goes out to the barn. I was in it once and it scared the daylights out of me."

"I'm sure we'll go back up there, it's a beautiful house and we really do want to buy it," Morgan said.

I noticed she seemed more agitated then before and she didn't ask what was in the dungeon. I suspected she wanted to find out for herself.

"Yep, it's a great house, old man Sargent knew what he was doing. Almost all the houses on the common here were designed by him and built by his construction crew for his friends. The Inn here was built for people who didn't want to live here or didn't want a summer house."

"Thanks, Peter, for the story." Perhaps I was a bit abrupt, but I did want to keep moving. "We've got to get going; perhaps we can stop in again real soon."

We stopped and ate a quick late lunch at a place I knew that had outdoor tables; it was to nice to eat inside.

At home, Morgan stripped at soon as we walked through the door. She asked if she could have her hands cuffed in front instead of behind her back. Of course, her ankles were hobbled 12 inches apart. She wanted to check her email and I'd told her she could. As soon as she was set on the computer I went off to call the real estate agent to tell him we were going to look at the house again. I also told him that on the way home Morgan made it very clear that she was going to buy the house. She even called her mother on the cell phone and set up an appointment to meet with her and the family banker first thing Monday morning. He was very happy with the news and told me he would tell anyone who asked that it was under contract.

After I checked on Morgan, who seemed engrossed with surfing the net, I went out and sat on the deck. I had a lot to think about. We had gone from just friends to lovers to what, partners in a multimillion-dollar business in about 24 hours. It really blew my mind and I needed some time to digest what was going on. I had to admit the bondage was turning into fun, not to mention the great sex. A guy could get used to this.

Half an hour later Morgan came out with her bag and a pillow. She was carrying two extra cuffs I had noticed in the bag. She laid the pillow on the floor and then knelt on it. I loved the way she curled her naked feet under her naked bottom.

"What are the extra cuffs for?"

"They go above my biceps."

"I take it you want me to put them on."

"I can put them on myself, but you need to unlock my wrists. Please?"

"Sure, hold up your hands." I unlocked her wrists and watched as she slid the cuffs up her arms and snapped them shut. "So, what's up?" They looked like amulets.

"Nothing much -- I checked out wine making gear and I emailed an old friend from college. I hope you don't mind," I could see uncertainly in her eyes. "She went on to do an MBA, I asked her if she would like to help us. I warned her that if you didn't approve the offer was off."

I rocked back in my chair and didn't say a word for a few minutes. I wasn't sure I wanted another person in the equation.

Finally I asked, "Does she know about the bondage?"

"Yes. She was my roommate and she knew I did self bondage once in a while." Morgan smiled, "In fact she helped once in a while."

"What's her name?"

"Chelsea Kensington."

"Sounds like the merger of two English towns." I quipped, and Morgan giggled.

I had been watching her fidget and got an idea to make her uncomfortable for the night. I rummaged around in the bag and found two long shackle locks. I motioned her to turn around so her back was towards me. Using the two locks, I locked her wrists to the amulets and using a third lock, I locked her wrists together. I had her sit so she could lean against her legs. Picking out some rope I had her bend forward until her breasts rested on her legs. Getting up I tied one end of the rope to her right amulet and ran it under her knees, up to the left amulet and then back around to the first one. I did this several more times. This forced her legs tight against her breasts and insured she couldn't straighten her legs out.

To make her life even more interesting I unlocked the chain between her ankles. Using another length of rope I tied one end to her right ankle, ran it behind her back, between her wrists and then down to her left ankle. As I pulled the rope tight it forced her feet back until they were next to her thighs. I ran back in the same way to her right ankle where I tied it off. I still had a few feet of rope left over and I didn't want to waste it. So I ran it up to her wrists and tied it to the lock holding her wrists together. I pulled gently on her hair forcing her head back. I ran the rest of rope through her mouth and back down to her wrists.

I looked deep into her eyes to see if she was ok. There was nothing but lust there. Gently I picked her up and took her to bed. It was awkward, but I managed to find a way to make love to her. After an hour or so, I released her head and her legs, but left her wrists locked behind her back. Finally, I secured her ankle to the bed and we slept.

Chapter 3

In the morning, I released her wrists and we made love again. We took a shower together. Morgan was very quite.

"Are you ok? Was that to much last night?"

"No," her smile lit up the room. "It was awesome! I couldn't believe how great I felt."

"That's good, you're very quiet this morning and I wondered if you were ok."

"Oh, I'm ok, I'm just wondering what we are going to find."

"Well there is only one way to find out."

We skipped breakfast and headed over to the Sargent house.

The cupboard was exactly where Peter told us it would be and I had no problem finding the latch. When I swung the cupboard open, a cement tunnel that led off into the darkness greeted us. We had brought flashlights, but when I swung the light around in the tunnel I noticed there were lights mounted on the ceiling. I found a switch just inside the doorway on the right. When I flipped it I didn't have much hope it would work, but to my surprise all but a few of the lights I could see came on. Morgan was hesitant to enter the tunnel, but I pulled a leash from my pocket and clipped it on her collar. This morning before we left the house we dug through some of her things that her mother had dropped off yesterday. One small locked bag yielded a beautiful leather-covered steel collar. It was nice enough that I didn't think anyone would make much of it. After all, there was a woman on a popular TV show who wears one all the time. So, I put it on Morgan and tossed the keys in my desk draw. Of course once we got to the house Morgan had stripped and I locked her hands behind her. With a tug on the leash I pulled her into the tunnel.

I'm sure the tunnel was over 50 feet long and gently sloped into the ground. After a few minutes we came to a heavy safe- type door very similar to the one on the wine cellar. An envelope hung from a hook imbedded in the cement door frame. I lifted it off the hook, opened it, and read.

"Welcome to our play house. If you are reading this, then we are no longer around or you know someone who knows our secret. Below is the combination for the door. Have fun, but play carefully. Look in the back for a ladder bolted to the wall. It leads up to a secret escape door in the barn.

P. Sargent"

I tried the lock and the door swung open on the first try. I looked for a switch and found five. Not sure, what they all went to I hit all five at the same time. The lights and the size of the room dazzled us. The room must was about same size as the barn above--about 30 feet by 40 feet. Moreover, the ceiling was a good 12 feet above the floor, which was the reason the tunnel sloped down. The room was warm and dry; a bit dusty, but that was to be expected. Once our eyes adjusted, we stared around at all the equipment spread out across the floor. All of it appeared to very well made and it looked like the builders had raided several medieval dudgeons. Morgan seemed to lose her fear and practically pulled me over to a squat, square steel cage bolted to the floor in the middle of the room. I wondered if she would even fit into it. A heavy lock secured the door. I looked around and found a ring of keys hanging next to the light switch. After several tries I found the right key and the heavy door swung open without a sound. I walked around it and noticed it had squares of steel with holes drilled in them welded to the sides of the cage. A new search led me to five steel rods standing in the corner. Each rod was about one inch in diameter, covered in thick rubber--like pipe insulation and the ends were drilled. One end had a bolt running through it and a lock hung from the other end. It was easy to tell where the rods were intended to go.

Morgan had just stood and watched as I explored.

"Please Steve!"

"Ok, we'll give it a try;" I released her wrists, "you're going to have to crawl in backwards."

The girl for whom the cage was made must have been about Morgan's size because everything fit perfectly. I began by sliding in the bar under her stomach and across the front of her thighs. The second bar went behind her butt. At first, I was puzzled by how the third bar fit, but then I realized that if I folded her legs up it would go under her ankles. This would force all of her weight onto her knees. Two holes provided anchor points for her ankle cuffs so her legs spread out against the sides of the cage. The fourth bar went across the middle of her back, under her elbows, and I secured her wrists to the sides of the cage. The last bar went under her chest just below her breasts. Two braided wires secured her breasts.

Morgan looked up at me, "Gag please?"

"I'm sorry, but for once we didn't bring the bag."


I swung the door shut with a thud and locked it. Morgan pulled and struggled against the cage. At first, I was worried she would hurt herself, but I quickly realized she was just testing her limits. I can't explain why, but in the cage, her eyes shut in concentration, sweat covering her body she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. Not that I didn't think she was beautiful before, but it was if she had an aura. With a sigh, I turned to explore the rest of the dungeon. A cabinet held more chains, gags, dildos, and lord knows what. A lot of the gear I didn't recognize; Morgan would have to show me what it was. Finished with my tour I went to cage.

"You ok?" She just shook her head yes.

Morgan closed her eyes savoring the bondage. Suddenly an image appeared. She opened her eyes and the image disappeared. Quickly she closed her eyes and the image reappeared and began to move as if it were a movie.

The girl woke, stretched, a happy smile on her face. Morgan noticed she was laying in the sun on the porch at the back of the house above. The girl rolled onto her knees and stood, with the distinct rattle of chains. Her hands were cuffed wrist to elbow behind her back, a thin chain connected her ankles and a long thin cable connected her collar to an overhead wire. She glanced around the yard and noted the only thing that had changed during her nap was the angle of the sun. Off to the west clouds where gathering and she knew it was going to rain before the afternoon was over. Stepping off the porch she followed the overhead wire to an apple tree set against the high stone wall that enclosed the yard. Selecting a spot in the soft soil she dug a hole with her heel, squatted and peed.

Returning to the porch she knelt at the low table and drank from the self filling bowl. She noted the food dispenser still had several days' supply in it. Turning she sat with her back against the house wall. "I wo..." Startled by her own voice she lapsed into silence. It was the first time in -- she had to stop and think -- maybe three days since she had spoken. Once she had spoken a great deal, a famous actress and singer her life had been full of noise and music, but one day a man had come along and captured her heart. Later he captured her soul and finally her body. Her body, she looked down surveying the suntan and dirt, and smiled at the chains and cuffs adorning her ankles. She remembered when the very idea of being either tan or dirty; much less nude or bare foot would have horrified her, but now was normal and made her very happy. She glanced up at the clouds again. If Master didn't come home soon -- he had been gone four days, she would most likely get wet. It didn't really matter to her except at this time of year the rain was often cold. Suddenly, off in the distance was the sound of car climbing the drive. With a smile she stood then knelt on the rug beside the door, rocking back on her heels she spread her knees as far as they would go and bowed her head. Master found her there half an hour later.

Morgan smiled in the dark, it had been so real -- suddenly she knew it had been real and the cage she was in had belonged to the girl on the porch.

I went to the ladder described in the letter as an escape route. Above the ladder, set in the roof was a hatch with a lock on it. It was tough, but by hanging onto the ladder with one hand I was able to open the lock. When I pushed up, the hatch rose smoothly. The ladder stretched out of sight into the gloom. Figuring I had nothing to lose I climbed the ladder. At the top was a landing and another locked door. Once again, a key on the key ring opened it. Stepping out I realized I was in a section of the barn between the silo and a feed bin. When I had been out here yesterday, I never noticed this section of panel and the knothole that served as a key hole. Returning to the shaft, I locked the door and climbed back down to the dungeon.

When I squatted down in front of the cage Morgan opened her eyes and smiled.

"Please, Sir, help me get off." She dropped her eyes, blushed, and said, "The bondage is great, but, but, I don't have anything down there to rub against."

"Down where?" I answered with a smirk.

I think I was beginning to understand what it was about bondage that turned her on. It was the feeling of helplessness that the bondage gave her. She was released from her inhabitations and what ever happened wasn't her fault. I'm not a shrink, but I'm sure there was a great deal of pressure for her to conform when she was a kid. The nudity and going barefoot were her ways of rebelling. Somewhere along the line, she discovered bondage.

"Bast..." She ended with a shriek as I reached through the bars and pinched her nipple hard.

"Now, now, that's no way to talk to the guy who holds the keys." I was grinning, but I don't think she noticed.

"Sorry." There were tears in her eyes, but there was still fire behind them.

"Easy kid, I was just teasing you." I was rewarded by a wonderful smile. I took pity on her and slid my hand between the bars, down her butt, and found her clit. It took only a few strokes for her to cum.

As I got her out she said; "Steve I had a wonderful vision I want to tell you when we get home."

I sat on the floor behind her so she couldn't see me watching her. Despite the slight chill in the air Morgan was covered in a light sweat. I debated on releasing her or leaving her in the cage a while longer. I wanted to do some more exploring so I opted to release her. We wandered around the place and explored every corner of the house and grounds. As always she was nude and her hands were locked behind her back. Around noon we hiked up to the swimming hole and took a dip. Afterwards we went down to the village and walked around the whole place. We met several new people and it was clear Morgan was making plans. I'd know her only a short time, but I had learned that when she had this certain look on her face she was figuring all the angles.

Later, we had dinner at a Tex-Mex place I knew. No one said a word about her bare feet. Life was good.

Monday morning I planned to get some chores done and work on school issues, but Morgan asked if I could go with her to see the lawyer. Her mother would meet us there. I wondered if she would dress up and turn into the proper little rich girl. No, instead she remained true to herself and tossed on a simple summer dress. She didn't even ask me to take off her cuffs. Of course she went barefoot since she didn't have any shoes. On the drive over she took a lock out of her bag and quickly locked her wrists together in front. I was busy with traffic and didn't notice right away.

"I hope you brought the key to that lock, because I didn't. I didn't think this was the time to be fooling around."

She studied me for a few seconds, trying to figure out if I was kidding her. "No, you're the one in charge of the keys. I don't consider this `fooling around', this is what I am." Then she broke into a giggle, "We don't have time to go back so I guess they'll just have to live with it."

I found the exchange interesting -- no panic, no `we got to go back,' just "they will have to live with it." I wondered if I could live with it.

The lawyer's office was in a large Victorian in a quiet, downtown neighborhood. I got the impression of quiet, understated power. This law firm didn't need a multimillion-dollar high rise to advertise its status. This was a place of old money and power. We parked in the back and I helped Morgan out. I glanced around as we walked up to the door. There were the usual BMWs -- top of the line, two Ferraris, a Lamborghini and a certain MG. All in all a lot of rolling money, I was out of my depth and I was escorting a barefoot, cuffed woman -- how strange can life get?

We went in and everyone we met greeted Morgan as an old friend. No one seemed upset by the barefoot girl with her hands cuffed. Morgan led me to the elevator. It seemed odd, but there was even an elevator operator! It didn't cross my mind at first, but later I realized that he guarded access to the upper floors. He opened the doors and we walked in. On the third floor the doors slid smoothly open. We stepped out into a short entrance hall lined with photos and very expensive artwork. At the end was a receptionist, to her right was a coat rack. Morgan led me to it and turned her back towards me, over her shoulder she said, "Please untie my dress." Startled I did as asked without thinking and the dress slid to the floor leaving her nude. She stepped out of it, then stooped, picked it up and tossed it on the rack. The receptionist had barely given us a glance as Morgan stripped now looked up and gave us a warm smile.

"Good morning, Miss Morgan, they are waiting for you."

"Thank you Nancy." Morgan led us deeper into the house. I glanced at Nancy as we passed and I got the impression that she was nude except for jewelry. At this point I was beginning to wonder when or if I was going to wake up, surely this must be a dream. We encountered two other women and both of them were nude too. At the end of another hallway we found a third woman behind a desk.

"Morning Jill," Morgan spoke first.

"Morning Morgan, I see you haven't changed--you have always been your own person. I'm so happy you're happy." Jill gave a me wink. It wasn't until we were on our way home that Morgan told me Jill had be a long-term friend of the family. She had been a very good defense lawyer until she got a murderer cleared of charges only to find he was really was guilty. Unable to come to terms with what had happened, she had left the bar and found this job. She had seen Morgan in several `odd' situations when Morgan hadn't been careful enough.

The meeting went well. I sat in the background and watched, Jenny the real estate agent handling the sale, tried to come to terms with a nude, handcuffed woman spending several million dollars. It was also fun to watch a new side of Morgan, sharp, smart, strong, sometimes funny, but always on top of the situation. I couldn't deny that I was in love with her. I didn't know if I will ever come to terms with the bondage. It had never been part of my life before and I wasn't sure I liked it, but it made Morgan happy and that makes me happy. Anyway, I'm not going to bore you with the details, but suffice to say that when we walked out of there we or I should say Morgan owned the house, the bank, and the inn.

I helped Morgan into her dress while she talked to her Mother. I had to wonder where my place was in all of this -- it had been my idea; I didn't have much money to buy into the company the lawyers had just created and so far, I had sort of floated along behind Morgan's parade like a kite. "Oh well," I comforted myself, "she's mine until she gets board with me!" Lost in my introspective I hadn't been listening to the conversation until Morgan called my name.

"Steve?" She turned around to face me, a smile on her face. "Did you hear? I invited my folks up to the new house. Is that ok?"

"Sure, why don't we pick up some stuff and do a barbeque?"

"Great," her mother said, "see you around two?"

"Yeah, do you know how to get there?"

"Yes, Morgan, emailed me the directions last night."

Chapter 3

"So what do you think?" Morgan asked as soon as we were in the car. I had to wonder if she could read my mind.

"I'm not sure what to think, all of this is going a bit fast for this old man."

"Old Man!" She giggled, "you are only a few years older then I am, don't dodge the question." Her tone turned sharp.

"Morgan this has happened very quickly." I wasn't sure where to go with this so I figured the truth would be the best line of defense. "Before I met you I had stumbled on a few webs sites that featured bondage, but I'd never given it a thought. As for the house and the rest of it, I'm very happy you bought it, but I have to ask," I glanced at her. She was just studying me. "What is my place? I don't have the money to buy into the company and I don't have the business experience to manage a multi-million dollar company. About the only thing I know for sure is I love you." I glanced at her again and again she didn't say anything, she just studied me. I let the silence hang between us.

"I'm sorry," she startled me when she spoke. "I hadn't realized how fast this whole thing was moving. I come from a family that does things fast. We see something, figure out if it is worth the effort and then move forward. My dad tends to be more methodical because of his training and his job, but mom just goes for it. I tend to be somewhere in the middle." She paused for a minute, glanced out the window then went on. "I want this to work and I just fell in love with the house and I didn't want someone else to buy it. Do you understand?"

I glanced at her as I drove. Her face was set and didn't give anything away.

"It isn't all about the speed; it's about what is my place in all of this? I had a dream, how can I follow that dream? I don't have any money to carry it out and now you own the house and land, not to mention the bank and inn." The silence fell again, covering the suspended conversation.

We reached my house without another word. I got out of the car without looking at her. I didn't know what to do or think. But it was true I felt my dream had been hijacked and I wanted to know if I was going to be allowed to participate. Maybe I hadn't made myself clear -- emotions do that. I hated to lose her, but perhaps it was better to end this now and while it would be painful it would be better for both of us.

I opened the door and turned to see where she was. She was standing right behind me staring up at me.

"Please, don't throw me out." Morgan spoke softly, but firmly. "What I did, I did for you, and us. We can stop the bondage if you want. I would rather give it up then lose you. It was my dream to live in bondage, just as the winery and vineyard are your dream. I think you know now why I didn't have a real boyfriend."

"I'm not going to throw you out, but from now on let's talk about what's going on and what you are trying to do. I kind of like the bondage and the nudity; I don't fully understand all of it, but I don't mind."

"I'm really sorry I didn't talk to you. I will from now on."

I reached down, took her hand and pulled her into the kitchen. Without letting her go, I kissed her. I hadn't gotten a real answer and maybe I never would, but for now, I'd go along and see what happened.

I freed her hands and headed up to the Sargent house. We stopped to pick up some food and got there before her folks. After setting things up, we explored the house again -- neither of us could get enough. At five of two, her father's Caddy rolled into the yard. To our surprise, Chelsea Kensington was with them. She flew in to see what we were up to, but didn't know how to reach us so she went to Morgan's folk's house and caught them just before they left.

I had planned on eating first, but everyone wanted to check out the house and land, so we did the grand tour -- except for the dungeon. Everyone was very impressed, including Morgan's father, Mark. I found I liked him. He was, as I would expect of a judge, very precise, but at the same time mellow. The sort of guy who would stand on the bridge of a sinking ship giving orders, while quietly smoking his pipe. By the way, he smokes Captain Black Blue pouch and drinks his single malt scotch on the rocks.

Chelsea turned out to an extrovert -- I can't or perhaps I don't want to know, what it was like to hang out with her and Morgan while they were in college. I'm sure it must have been fun, and more then a bit hectic. She was nearly as tall as Morgan with blond hair, blue eyes, and a full figure. She was like Morgan in another way, her shoes disappeared as soon as she got out of the Caddy. Not a bad package and if I hadn't been with Morgan I might have asked her for a date.

After we ate we sat on the porch and talked. It was a good time; ever since I first saw this house I had dreamed of sitting on porch with friends. I told them of my dream to have a vineyard and a winery. Soon they began planning and it wasn't long before Chelsea pulled out her laptop and began taking notes. I felt like I was sitting in on a runaway board of directors meeting and the more I thought about it I realized that it wasn't a bad thing. All I needed to do was give them some direction and they took off on my project -- cool.

Around seven the meeting broke up and our guests headed home. When I suggested we spend the night, Morgan was surprised. I pointed out that the beds were still set up, I pulled out a bag I had hidden in the car at home; we had fresh linen.

We picked up the dishes and took them into the kitchen. After setting them on the counter she laughed as she pulled her dress over her head and tossed it on a chair. I wondered what was so funny.

"What makes you think I want to sleep with you?"

I studied her dancing eyes searching for an answer.

She went on, "there is a perfectly good dungeon downstairs and a very nice cage. This girl is wondering if she might spend the night or at least part of it in the cage." She dropped her eyes to the floor just in front of my feet.

I stepped forward and lifted her head with my index finger under her chin.

"I don't mind," I looked deep in her eyes and saw the hunger there. "All you had to do was ask."

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir."

Without another word I led her downstairs and out to the dungeon.

After I turned on the lights I turned to her. "I know you enjoy this, but don't get used to spending every night down here -- tomorrow night I want you in my bed."

Morgan smiled up at me and nodded, "I understand."

I secured her in the cage as before, but with one addition. I didn't want to gag her so I looked around and found a long round stick that might have been a cut off broom handle. I slid it through the bars below her face.

"Open you mouth and you can rest it on the stick. I'm not going to gag you." I leaned into the cage and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Good night."

"Good night, I love you, and thank you," she called as I shut and locked the door. On the way out I flipped all the lights off and shut the door with a thud.

I missed her, but she wanted the cage and there would be other nights. It was early -- only about 8 o'clock, so I took a walk down to the village.

There were kids playing on the common and the bar was open in the old Inn. Maybe we could build a playground for them, but it was a nice, old fashion scene. It was hard to believe that Morgan now owned the inn. She had told her lawyers to let Peter continue to run it until further notice. I/we had plans to fix the place up, but for now he could run it.

There were only half a dozen people in the place and at first, they were standoffish, but when they heard who I was from Peter they started asking questions. I assured them that the village, the bank, and the old house would remain much the same except they would be fixed up as needed. A few asked about jobs and I explained we hadn't got that far in our planning yet. All seemed happy that we wouldn't be tearing the place up and that we wanted to work with the people and not against them.

About ten I headed up the hill. In the master bedroom, I made the bed and took a shower. I laid down on the bed and debated whether to check on Morgan. As I looked around the room something didn't look right. I couldn't put my finger on it, but one wall seemed odd. Curious I got up and examined the wall from one end to the other. The wall was to the left as you entered the room and backed up on the bathroom. About half-way between the door and the bathroom was a walk-in closet. It suddenly struck me that there was a large unaccounted for space behind the wall. In short the wall was a good 12 feet from the hall door to the closet door and the closet was four feet wide and 8 feet deep. The bathroom wall was about 12 feet long and flat which meant there was a space 8 feet deep and about 8 feet long in the wall. There was nothing on the wall like a bookcase that could hide a door. So I began looking at the wall in the closet. There was a shelf unit about 6 feet high and 3 feet wide just inside the door. Remembering how the door to the dungeon hall worked I searched the shelves. Sure enough on the left hand side was a latch -- well hidden and if you didn't know what to look for easy to miss. I lifted up and the shelves swung out. The room was, needless to say, dark, but I felt around and found a light switch. Unlike the dungeon these lights were soft. To my amazement, the room was filled with state of the art video gear. There were a dozen monitors across the back wall and a large screen TV on the wall to my right. Under the monitors were DVD and VHS recorders. A computer sat in the corner. I wandered around for a few minutes until I found a few switches. With just a few clicks I brought the system to life and discovered nearly every space in the house and most of the yard was covered. Someday I would have to figure out where the well-hidden cameras were, but for now two images caught my full attention. There were at least two cameras in the dungeon--one inferred and one low light -- sort of like the low light goggles the military uses. I could see Morgan on both and with a joy stick I could move them; suddenly across the inferred screen information began scrolling across the bottom. It showed me her heart beat, respirations, and temperature. Wow! Whoever had set this system up really knew what they were doing. Somewhere, perhaps in the bar under her chest, well hidden, wireless sensors were monitoring her. She seemed just fine.

I went to bed for a while. I got up around 1 am to check her, I missed her so much I went down and got her out of the cage. Back upstairs we made love and fell asleep in each other's arms. The video room would remain my secret for now. Later I would discover I could send the images to any TV in the house.

Chapter 4

Next morning the sun woke us. At her insistence, I tied her to the bed and we made love again. With the day started, we went downstairs to eat breakfast. Morgan called her mother's house and arranged for Chelsea to come over to my place to pick Morgan up so they go shopping. I still had my chores to do and I had to turn in the end of semester paperwork. An assistant had given the final exam last night and I had to check on it.

About 10 we arrived at the house. Chelsea, in her rental car pulled in a few minutes later. I waved bye as they left, picked up my bag and went off to school. I discovered I had a faculty/administration meeting and I spent a boring three hours listening to a rehash of the semester. Don't ever think for a minute that there isn't heavy-duty politics in a school system. Afterwards I went saw my department head and turned in my paperwork. As I walked out of her office, my cell phone rang -- it was Chelsea.

"Steve have you seen Morgan?"

"No, she's with you." I wondered if Chelsea had lost her mind.

Her story came out in a rush. "As we were walking out of the store I had to go to the ladies room. You know it's right at the entrance, so I stopped and she kept going with the cart. When I walked out to door a green van nearly ran me down and I had to jump out of the way. Man was I pissed! When I got to the car the full cart was resting against the back bumper, but I couldn't find Morgan." She stopped.

"How long ago did this happen?"

"Maybe fifteen minutes ago."

"Did you get a license plate number on the van?"

"Yes! After I find Morgan I'm going to call the cops and maybe they can get the guy."

"I want you call the cops right now." I didn't want to alarm her, but I was afraid Morgan might have been kidnapped. "Tell them everything you told me."

There was a short pause.

"You think she might have been kidnapped, don't you?"



"She is a judge's daughter and they do have money."

"Shit! I never thought of it that way. Bye, I'm calling 911 now!"


Morgan woke up and wondered what happened to her. Her first thought was this was a joke Steve was playing on her, but she trusted him and knew he wouldn't play this kind of joke. Her head was pounding so she figured she had been drugged, Steve would never drug her. She took stock of her condition and found she was bound and gagged nude with chains in a hog-tie on the dirt floor of some sort of garage. A chain ran from her neck to a steel post that held up the roof. Ten feet away was the back end of a van. She rolled around a little to see if she could get free, but the bondage was too tight and it raised a small cloud of dust. She lay still conserving her energy. This wasn't fun bondage and it didn't turn her on.

Sometime later, the garage windows were dirty and it was hard to gage the light, a side door opened. Three people walked in wearing masks and stood over her. Even in the gloom she knew one was a woman and after a few minutes she figured out who they were -- Guy, her ex-boyfriend; David and his girlfriend Alice. She started to say something, but something in her warned her not to let on she knew who they were.

Alice pulled out a digital camera and started taking pictures. The flash seemed unusually bright in the gloom. Without a word, the one she knew to be Guy waved his hand in the direction of the van. Alice put away the camera, hurried over to the van doors, and opened them. Guy unlocked the chain from the pole and he and David carried her to the van, with little effort the put her in the back. Guy climbed in and pulled her forward until she was against the back of the rear bench seat. He ran the chain around its support and locked it, then jumped out. Alice sat in the middle seat and to Morgan's surprise David pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her right ankle to the seat support. It seemed Alice wasn't a full willing partner in this deal. Morgan also noticed for the first time that she was barefoot -- a condition she would never have agreed to willingly when she knew her. Her feet and legs were very dirty which Morgan found strange, Alice had always been very careful not to get dirty.

The van started and they drove out of the garage. Morgan had no idea where they were or which direction they were headed. It was an uncomfortable ride, the chain around her neck kept jerking as she rolled around. Without her hands or feet she couldn't control her body. They drove for at least an hour on fairly smooth roads before turning onto a rough dirty road. Morgan could hear the small rocks hitting the underbelly of the van as they rocketed along. Suddenly they slowed and she was thrown against the seat, as the van stopped. Someone got out and then van moved on. A few minutes later the van stopped again and the engine stopped.

The side door opened first and David unlocked Alice from the seat. Morgan couldn't tell, but she thought she heard them talking. Then the back doors opened and Guy unlocked her from the seat. With David's help they rolled her out of the van and lowered her to the ground. Once again, they surprised her. Alice was standing nearby completely nude with her hands behind her back. Guy rolled Morgan onto her back, knelt down behind her so her head was between his legs. He leaned forward so he could hold her shoulders down. The gravel was painful enough, but his added weight really hurt and she gasped in pain. Guy ignored her and nodded at David. David grabbed Alice, pulled her over and pushed her down between Morgan's knees. It was clear what he wanted. With a whimper, Alice leaned forward and began licking between Morgan's legs. Morgan squirmed around, but there was nothing she could do. After a few minutes, the guys tired of the show -- simply because there wasn't much of a show. Morgan wasn't getting turned on and wasn't very good at her task. David grabbed Alice by the hair and gave her a shove towards the van. Morgan noticed that Alice's hands were tied.

Guy got up, scooped Morgan up, and carried her over to a hole in the ground. At the bottom of the hole, Morgan could see a wooden box. He laid her on the ground then rolled her over. She didn't move, afraid she might roll into the hole -- it wasn't that deep, but she knew falling in would hurt. After a few minutes of fumbling, she was freed from the hogtie but he left her hands and feet chained to each other. He pulled out the gag and with a push of his foot, he rolled her into the box. With a screech Morgan fell on her side in the dirt at the bottom of the hole, the box had sides, but no bottom. It knocked the wind out of her and all she could do was gasp for breath as the two men fitted the top on the box. Sunlight filtered through cracks in the top until they started throwing dirt on it. She had to close her eyes because of the dirt filtering down. She started crying.


After I talked with Chelsea I tried to figure out what I could do -- nothing, so I did the only thing I could do, I went home and made sure there was no sign of the games Morgan and I had been playing. I did call Morgan's parents and told them what was going on. Her father said he would see what he could do -- I'm sure the some very high police officials received calls in the next few minutes. Shortly Chelsea arrived escorted by the cops. I spent the next two hours telling the cops what I had done during the day. Finally they left. Together, in my living room, Chelsea and I just looked at each other, too numb to speak. Chelsea began to cry, I went to her and took her in my arms. We both cried until we ran out of tears. Like a zombie, I stepped back, took her hand and led her to the kitchen. She sat in a chair at the table while I looked for something to eat. Stress burns a lot of energy.


Morgan struggled to free herself, but after a few minutes she knew it was useless. She didn't have much room and the chains were too snug. She couldn't stretch out or sit up and had to remain curled up. After a while she realized that they must not have wanted to kill her because there seemed to be a hint of fresh air in the box. Blind in the dark she let herself drift and soon fell asleep.


I found some leftovers from Sunday night and heated them in the oven. Around 8 pm, Morgan's father called and told us the kidnappers had called and demanded one million in cash, but didn't seem clear on when or where. He hung up quickly because he wanted the phone open in case they called back. Together we picked at our food and finally around 9 went to bed.

The phone jerked me out of bed; I glanced at the clock, it was 4:30 am. I snatched the phone off the hook. It was Morgan's father. A peal of thunder nearly drowned him out. He told me the police had spotted the van Chelsea had seen and tried to stop the driver. But he had sped off and they had given chase. The van crashed and the two men in the front seats were ejected -- killing them on impact. The van burst into flames and when they finally put the fire out they discovered the remains of a woman chained to middle seat. Her body was too badly burned to identify and she wasn't wearing any jewelry. They wouldn't know until after examining her dental records if it was Morgan. He also told me that the two men killed had been Morgan's ex-boyfriend and his friend David. My heart sank, the bastard had taken her for revenge and now it looked like he had killed her.

I got up, went out to the kitchen, made coffee and sat at the kitchen table. A few minutes later Chelsea stumbled into the room from the spare room. I did a double take -- all she was wearing was a cut up tee shirt.

"What? This is the way I always sleep when I'm alone."

"I see you are just as modest as Morgan." This brought a giggle and then she turned serious.

"I don't like calls at four thirty in the morning." She asked as she grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down. "What gives?"

I told her the same story that her father had given me.

"What are you going to do?"

I thought for a minute, "I'm going to get dressed and take a hike. There isn't much I can do if she is dead. And then I'm sure her folks will make the arrangements and if she is still alive we must find her. Taking a hike helps me think and gives me a chance to think about what happened."

"Did you notice it's raining out there?"

"Yeah, it started around midnight. I've got rain gear and it doesn't really bother me."

"Want company?"

"Sure, I've got another jacket I can give you."

With few words, we got dressed, threw a thermos and food in a bag and headed out.


Morgan woke with a start. Something was dripping on her. At first she wasn't sure what was going on and then realized it must be raining. That meant she wasn't buried very deep and it raised her hopes of being found -- if she didn't drown first. Suddenly there was a noise above and she realized someone or something was digging above her. She swore under her breath -- those assholes must have come back to rape her or have Alice try to rape her. Morgan took a deep breath and resigned herself to her fate.


We had driven a few miles when Chelsea broke the silence.

"Did Morgan ever tell you about the things we used to do?"

"No, she told me you knew she was into self bondage."

Chelsea chuckled. "That is the understatement of the year. Almost every weekend we would do something. For example I would hogtie her, nude of course, in the closet and then invite some of our friends over for a party. We'd sit around drinking beer, watching a game on TV while she was just few feet away trying to get free without making any noise. Sometimes I would make her put on an old trench coat we had. She cut the bottoms out of the pockets and I would cuff her wrists together under the coat. We go shopping or sit in the park and nobody would know she was handcuffed."

The memories were too painful and I let the conversation fade.

As we pulled in to the trailhead parking lot, the rain let up. The trail I chose was about six miles long and formed a loop. I grabbed the bag and started up trail. I quickly realized that Chelsea was smart going barefoot. My running shoes were quickly soaked through.

After an hour we reached a haul road. Thirty years ago, someone had mined feldspar further up the mountain and hauled it out this road. The trail skirted the open pit mine and I had often wondered at the effort the miners had put in for what must been little return.

Soon the trees to our left thinned and we were looking down at a large pit. It formed a large horseshoe cut into the mountainside. Across from us were an old steam shovel and an open shed--neither had changed since the last time I'd seen them. Suddenly lightening struck the mountain a few hundred yards above us. We both realized that we were in danger and had to get out of there. I took Chelsea's hand we started down the mountain. When I judged we were about even with the open side of the pit we cut across through the woods and found our selves on the floor of the pit. I pushed her ahead of me.

"Run for the shed." I yelled over the fast rising wind.

Chelsea suddenly stumbled as her foot sank in soft mud. I managed to keep her from landing head first, but she did end up sitting on the ground. We both looked at the muddy hole she had stepped it. A black pipe stuck a few inches out of the ground nearby. Something was very strange and we couldn't figure it out. The storm, temporarily forgotten, raged around us as we sat there staring at the hole. I looked around and discovered two new shovels and a pick lay in the weeds a few feet away. I didn't know what was in the hole, but I sure as hell was going to find out. I grabbed a shovel and started digging, but the water kept running in and I wasn't making much progress. Chelsea saw what I was doing and what my problem was; she grabbed the other shovel and dug a ditch to lead the water away and over the side of the spoil pile. Digging together we made good progress and in a few minutes we hit wood. We kept digging until we knew we had uncovered the top of a box. With the top clear of the dirt I stuck the shovel in the crack between the top and the side. To my surprise the top wasn't nailed down and came up easily until I was able to grab it with my hands. Chelsea helped me flip it over. We stared into the dark hole for at least a minute before we realized what we were seeing. It was a nude woman!

"Holy shit, it's Morgan!" I yelled above the wind and rain. Together we got her out of the hole. Of course bound as she was she couldn't walk so I carried her to the shed I propped her up. She was cold and shivering so hard her teeth were chattering. The first order of business was to get a fire going. While Chelsea gathered up some wood and old papers that had blown into the shed I dug in my bag for a towel and jacket. Quickly I dried Morgan off and put the jacket around her. She was crying so I kissed her and told her I loved her. Within a few minutes we had a fire going and the old shed warmed up. Chelsea pulled out her cell phone and called Morgan's folks and the cops. I sat and held Morgan next to the fire as we both cried. An hour later the cops arrived and took us down the mountain.

Morgan's parents, the FBI and a whole platoon of bodyguards met us at the hospital. I had to fight to stay near her. Finally, hospital security stepped in and asked that only family members remain. Suddenly I found myself on the outside looking in. Somehow, maybe because she was a long-term family friend Chelsea stayed with her. After an hour or so she came to door and found me.

"They are going to keep her overnight as a precaution. It looks like an open and shut case. Morgan identified the three killed in the van as the kidnappers." Chelsea paused and looked around at the media setting up camp around us. "She's asking for you, but her folks told the security people that no one is to visit her tonight. I'm sorry, you saved..."

I interrupted her; "We saved her, understand?"

"Ok, I'm just saying that I know how much you love her and now you can't get near her. I'll do what I can."

"Thank you. If I can't get in, I'm going home and get some sleep."

"Night." She turned and went back inside. A security guard quickly closed the door after.

I went up to the Sargent house and collected all the gear we had left up there and locked up the place. I wondered if I would ever spend another minute there. Back at my place I took a shower and went to bed even though it was late afternoon.

I must have dozed off right away. The phone pulled me out of a dream.


"Hi Steve." It was Morgan; "I miss you, but they gave me something to make me sleep and I just wanted to say I love you before I doze off."

"I wish I could be with you."

"I get out in the morning and I'll let you know in plenty of time to meet me."

The phone went dead. Someone had hung it up and I didn't think it was Morgan. I went back to sleep, at the very least Morgan was safe.

Chapter 5

I got up at 5, unable to stay in bed. I put the coffee on and took a shower. I had barely sat down with my coffee and a bowl of cereal when I heard a car in the drive. I glanced out the window and saw it was Chelsea's car. A few minutes later I heard steps on the stoop -- they were soft and I figured she was still barefoot. I pushed my chair to get the door when suddenly, without a knock, it flew open. A nude figure launched itself across the room.

"Morgan!" She almost knocked me off the chair as I caught her. Chelsea softly closed the door. I hugged her for a moment, pushed her back a bit so I could look at her. "Are you ok? Where are your clothes?"

"I'm a bit sore, but other then that I'm great. Clothes? I don't wear them, remember?" She said with a giggle. "And I ditched what they gave me at the hospital in the car."

Chelsea poured coffee for the two of them -- Morgan refused to leave my lap. We chatted for a while, each of us filling in bits of the story. Finally silence fell and we sat enjoying each others company.

"So, what would you guys like to do today?" I broke the silence.

Morgan spoke first. "I think we need to go to our place," she exaggerated the `our', "and show Chelsea the room we found."

I looked at her in amazement. "Are you sure you are ready to play again?"

"Oh yeah! Yesterday wasn't play and I know that. I was scared shitless the whole time, but I need to get over it and the best way for me to do that is play again."

It made sense in a way. Sort of like the racecar driver who needs to get back in the car after a big crash. Until they take a few laps, there is always the question, `do they still have the guts to do it.'

After Morgan tossed a dress over her head, we headed out.

The house was beautiful in the morning light. As soon as the car stopped Morgan jumped out, pulled off her dress and ran around on the lawn turning cartwheels as she did. Chelsea and I just watched.

An out-of-breath Morgan ran up to us laughing and crying at the same time. The stress of the last few days had caught up with her and she was letting it out.

"Let's go downstairs," Morgan said when she caught her breath.

I debated for a moment as we had agreed not to share the secret with anyone, and I didn't want to remind her in front of Chelsea.

Suddenly fully sober she went on. "I know what you're thinking, but I need this, please."


Chelsea looked puzzled as I unlocked the door and we trooped into the house, then down the stairs to the basement. A few minutes later we were in the dungeon. I could tell all the toys and appliances astonished Chelsea just as they'd done to us when we found the room. Morgan walked over the cage and lovingly ran her hands over it.

Perhaps I was just a little pissed at Morgan, I'm not sure, but I decided that for once I was going to take charge and the hell with it.

I turned to Chelsea, "I'm starting a new house rule."

She looked up from the stocks she was inspecting.

"Please strip, fold your clothes, and put them on the floor outside the door. From now on, unless I tell you otherwise you will strip whenever you are invited down here. No exceptions, no questions, leave whatever you are wearing on the table at the bottom of the stairs."

Oddly, she didn't argue or say a word. She just kicked her shoes off, dropped her jeans, and pulled her Tee shirt over her head. Nude she picked up her clothes and took them outside. Silently Morgan watched with just a touch of awe in her eyes. When Chelsea returned I led her over to the closet, selected a pair of leather cuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back. Next, I selected a leather and steel collar that I fitted around her neck and locked it. Taking the short leash already attached I led her to the cage and told her to get in. I didn't try to fold her up the way Morgan had been, I just had her sit inside, it was tight, but she fit.

I took Morgan by the wrist, led her over to the cabinet, and applied cuffs to her ankles, wrists, and elbows. I also locked a belt with a crotch strap around her waist. A collar with leash completed her outfit. Taking her by the leash I led her to the padded horse and had her bend over it so her ass was up in the air. I locked her wrists to her ankles. Returning to the cabinet I pulled out a butt plug and a plug in dildo -- batteries run down too fast. With those and a tube of KY jelly in hand I returned to Morgan.

"Spread your legs." She moved a little, but not as much as I wanted.

"What are you doing?" There was a slight hint of fear in her voice.

Without a word, I put the things I was carrying aside and squatted down beside her. I pulled her right leg out and using the chain already anchored to the leg of the horse I clipped it to her ankle. Going around to the other side I did the same with her left ankle.

"Please can we talk about this? I've never had anything back there and I don't think I want to do this." The level of fear had gone up several notches.

"Do you want to safe word out?"

"I... I don't have a safe word..."

"I know. As long as you are driving this bondage thing and getting your own way then everything is fine. But when someone takes charge you get upset. Poor little rich girl has to be in charge all the time -- even when she is bound. As I recall from the websites I've looked like it is called `topping from the bottom.' Well I'll tell you what. Since you don't have a safe word, I'll let you pick one now and if you want to use it, fine. However, you should know that it will be the last time. No going back, no playing around, no nothing--this will be the end of the trail."

I backed off and let her think about it. I looked over at Chelsea. She was crying. When she saw my look she just nodded in acknowglment of what I had said.

With a shudder Morgan said, "Go ahead." There were tears in her voice, "I'm sorry. This slave will never question her master again."

"Cut the crap Morgan! You aren't my slave and you never will be. We are friends, lovers, and god knows what else, but you will never be my slave because that isn't what I want from you. I want you as you are. Now do you really want to go on or do you want to end it right now?"

"Can I..."

"No you have to answer me right now -- either `yes' we go on with no reservations, or `no' and that ends it."

"Yes, you asshole - that's what you want isn't it? Big man wants all the control."

I saw red for a few seconds. "No that isn't what I wanted, I'm sorry that is the way you feel about me Morgan." I could hear her crying.

I went over to the cage and opened it. "I'm sorry Chelsea that you had to see this. Please come out." With my help she unfolded herself from the cage. I turned her around and unlocked her cuffs. I handed her the keys. "Please release her."

Without another word I walked out of the dungeon. In the yard I pulled Morgan's dress out of the car and hung it in plain sight on the porch. Choking back tears I had to lean against the car to catch my breath for a moment before I headed home. Morgan had been the first woman I would have given my life to and now it was over. When I pulled out my keys I remembered the house keys and took them off and hung them with her dress.

Chapter 6

Morgan was having trouble breathing because she was crying upside down. Then she felt Steve release her right ankle and then her left from the legs of the horse. She still couldn't stand up because her wrists were locked to her ankles, but that problem was soon solved and she stood up.

"I'm sorry Steve," she spoke as she turned around. "I'm not sure I can handle some..." Her words died away. Steve wasn't there. Chelsea stood a few feet away, arms crossed under her naked breasts. Morgan knew her well enough to know she was pissed. Without a word Chelsea turned and left the room, picking her things up at the door.

The realization that Steve had walked out on her suddenly dawned on her. The one person she needed and wanted was gone.

"Shit, Fuck!" She screamed at the room. She knew it was all her fault. All her fault for playing her games -- most women played games, but Morgan prided herself on being the best. She had always been able to wrap men around her finger. Her late boyfriend had been no exception. Now the one man who had stood his ground had walked out on her. Morgan collapsed in a heap crying.

Chelsea emerged from the front door just as Steve started the car.

"Steve wait!"

I heard something and looked up in time to see Chelsea running across the lawn. I had nothing against her so I waited until she opened the door, tossed her shoes on the floor and jumped in.

"Are you going to wait for Morgan?" Chelsea asked.

"No why should I? This is her house and so as far as I'm concerned, she is home."

"You're right, I never thought about it that way." I drove down the hill.

Later Morgan got up and made her way upstairs expecting, to find either Chelsea or Steve waiting for her. The hour had given her time to think and she made up her mind that somehow she would make it up to Steve and no matter what he wanted or how he treated her, she would be his. There didn't seem to be anyone around so she went out on the porch and found her dress and the keys to the house hanging from a nail. Steve wouldn't leave without them. He might be pissed at her, but they had a vineyard to plant and a winery to build.

Angry with herself, frustrated, and very sad she sat on steps leading down to the yard and began crying again. Thirty minutes later the sound of a car drifted up the hill. Morgan pulled herself together; Steve must have taken Chelsea back to his place so she could pick up her rental car. Now he was coming back for her, but it wasn't Steve, it was Chelsea.

Chelsea pulled up next to the house and got out.

"Where's Steve? Is he ok?" Morgan called to her.

"Steve has gone north to visit his friends. He put his house on the market and isn't coming back."

Morgan skidded to a stop. "But... but what about us? What about the vineyard and..." Her words faded as she sank to the ground.

Chelsea took pity on Morgan, sat on the grass next to her and took her in her arms, together they cried. Later Chelsea helped Morgan into the house and upstairs to the first bedroom they came too. Morgan calmed a little and they talked until early evening. Chelsea tried to consol her friend, but with little success. Exhausted Chelsea found another bedroom and went to bed. Late in the night something woke her, so she went to check Morgan. The full moon was so bright she didn't need to turn on the lights. She found her with the window open and leaning out looking at the ground. Morgan offered little resistance as Chelsea pulled her away from the window and put her back to bed. She hurried downstairs and found Morgan's bondage bag. After pulling out a length of chain she went back to Morgan and chained her ankle to the bed. Sad and depressed she went back to bed.

The next three days were hell for Chelsea. Morgan wouldn't do anything for herself. Chelsea tried to feed her, but she wouldn't eat. In desperation she called Morgan's mother, but she was trekking in Nepal with friends. Morgan's father was concerned, but he told Chelsea Morgan would pull out of it. Morgan's doctor said the same thing.

By the third afternoon Chelsea knew that Morgan was trying to starve herself to death. She hadn't eaten any solid food and spit out most of the water Chelsea had given her. Chelsea just couldn't take it anymore. She sat the kitchen table, for an hour, with her head in her hands sobbing.

Finally she said to the room, "Fuck it, I've had enough of this!" Picking up the phone she dialed a number she had forced herself to memorize.

I had just walked in the house after unloading a load of hay when the phone rang. Linda, my friend answered it and without a word handed it to me.


"Steve, its Chelsea. I know you didn't want me to bother you, but you have to come back. I think Morgan is trying to starve herself to death. No one here will help me and if you don't come back I'm going to call 911 and let the cops deal with her. You know as well as I do they'll have her committed."

"Ok, I'll be there in about two hours."

"Please hurry. I chained her to the bed because I thought she was going to jump out the window the first night."

"Ok I'll be there as soon as I. Bye."

I threw the few things had brought with me in a bag and turned the car south. Two hours later I pulled up in front of the house, got out and looked around. The lawn needed mowing and the flowerbeds needed attention. Chelsea ran down the steps and hugged me. I was amazed that she still nude.

"God am I glad to see you!" Chelsea spoke first, "I'm very worried about her. I didn't know if I should tell her you were coming or not, so I didn't say anything."

"Where is she?"

"First bedroom on the right."

"Thanks, why don't you start making supper, please."

A big smile lit her face, but she didn't say anything.

I went upstairs and looked in the first bedroom on the right. The curtains were open letting the soft afternoon light stream in. The room was bare except for a bed. Morgan lay on her right side facing the room. Her eyes were closed and she was in a fetal position -- hands under her chin, knees against her breasts. She was still wearing the same cuffs I had put on her, the chain snaked across the sheet to the footboard. I approached the bed.

"Morgan?" I called softly. There was no reaction at first. I glanced at her naked breasts, she was breathing. Then, suddenly her eyes opened. She studied me for a moment.

"I thought you left me." Her voice was so soft I had trouble hearing her. Her words bore no anger, just sadness.

"I came back."

Slowly she extended her legs pushing the chain down the bed. I once again marveled at her naked beauty.

"I'm sorry about what happened." She coughed a couple of times. I picked up a glass of water from the windowsill and helped her take a drink. This time she didn't spit it out. A minute later, with my help she drank the whole glass. "Can we talk?"

"Of course, if you are up to it."

"I am now." There was new life in her voice. "I talked to Chelsea about what happened and then I began to think about the whole thing. That led me to think about my life in a new way. You were right; I am nothing but a spoiled little rich girl. Sometime during the first night I decided to jump out the window, but Chelsea stopped me and put this chain on me. I must have fallen asleep because I had a dream. In the dream we were back in the dungeon. This time I didn't challenge you and you did what you wanted with me. It was beautiful. Suddenly I was awake and I realized where I'd made my mistake."

"Mistake?" I asked when she didn't go on right away.

"Yeah, and the mistake taught me a very valuable lesson." She stopped again.

I knew she needed more water, so I got up, took the glass and went across the hall to the bathroom. I still wasn't sure where she was headed in this confession. It was very clear to me what her mistake was, but I wanted to see if she understood why I was angry with her.

Back in the bedroom I found that she had managed to prop herself up. She took the water and slowly drank the whole glass.

"My mistake was in not trusting you. I knew it then -- hell I knew the first day I met you I could trust you and I know it now. But for just a few minutes I lost it. I guess I panicked and slipped back into my role of always playing games with men." She stopped to collect her thoughts.

I asked her, "What about this trust? What if I ask you kill someone or to do something illegal? Or what if I took you down to the dungeon right now and put you in the same position you were in three days ago? What about a safe word?"

She shifted around on the bed and with a little effort crossed her legs in front of her.

"All of that doesn't matter because I trust you." I found that a bit odd.

She went on, "I trust you not ask me to kill someone or do something illegal. Because of my trust, I trust you to take me down in the dungeon right now without a safe word and do whatever you want with me. I'm weak from not eating and you know that so I trust that you will not hurt me. However, when you choose to take me down there, and I hope you do, I know that you aren't going to ask more of me then I can handle. I may not think I can handle what you ask, but if I just have faith in my love for you and trust you, then everything will turn out ok."

Boy that was a mouth full, but I was beginning to understand where she was coming from.

"I see, but what about a safe word? What about the winery?"

"No safe word, now or ever -- if you will have me, I am yours without reservations. As for the winery, this house, and anything else I own they are yours. I also trust you to listen to me and treat me as a partner. I promise that I will try very hard not make decisions without your input. If I slip you have every right to punish me in any manner you see fit."

"What happens if you panic again?"

"Remember," her eyes bored into my mine. "Bondage is fun, but it isn't a game. If I panic, I panic, but that doesn't matter. That is my problem not yours and since I don't have a safe word then you have to have the strength to carry on way you are doing no matter what I say."

I considered her words. I realized that the other day had been a test and I had flunked it. She had gotten me angry on purpose. She was lucky I didn't lose my temper completely and beat her or do something worst. Chelsea, locked in the cage, couldn't have helped her. What Morgan hadn't counted on was that I would walk out. So the question remained did she really mean all that she had said? Could I trust her? Yeah that word trust had been over used lately, but it was the key to this, for that matter, any relationship. I decided that if I loved her, and I did, that I would take her at her word for now -- I would trust her.

I didn't want to let her off the hook too easily so I told her; "Ok, but I'm not comfortable with the idea of no safe word. I will decide later, perhaps at the start of a session, if there will be a safe word." Morgan just nodded.

I looked up, a nude Chelsea was standing in the doorway. "Supper's ready."

"Thanks," she turned to leave. "Chelsea." I called her and she turned back to us. "Where do you stand in all of this? For example you are still nude."

"I really don't know. I like being nude and in bondage sometimes, but we do have a company to form; not to mention run. So, I guess if you don't mind I'd like to be nude around the house and went I'm not busy -- like at night I'd like to try bondage. I'll leave it up to you to say when, how much, and how long."

We went downstairs and ate supper. I had barely gotten used to a nude Morgan and now I had two beautiful women running around nude. I made sure Morgan ate slowly. She seemed to be ok. I wondered for a while if maybe I should take her into the Emergency room, but she seemed unaffected by her ordeal. After diner the girls picked up and washed the dishes. While they were busy I went downstairs. In the dungeon, I found a bag and filled it with toys. I still had a lot to think about, but I had concluded that either I would come to terms with this or else I could kiss the whole thing good-bye.

Upstairs the girls were waiting for me.

"Let's go out on the porch and watch the sunset." They both agreed enthusiastically with the idea.

On the porch I had them move all but one chair to the east end. The last chair I turned about to face west.

"Morgan, please go get a pillow off the couch. Chelsea I have a few things for you." I pulled a belt, rope, and ankle cuffs from the bag. "Put these on your ankles." She did as I asked her. "Turn around." I tied her wrists to her elbows behind her back and her arms to her chest. When I finished I had left several feet of rope left over hanging down the middle of her back. By the time I was finished Morgan had returned to the porch so I locked her wrists together behind her back and told her kneel on the pillow.

Returning to Chelsea I put on the belt and a collar. Taking the loose ends of the rope I threaded them through a sturdy ring in the ceiling. I was willing to bet that at least one other woman had been bound here. Pulling on the rope forced her to stand on her tiptoes so her heels were an inch or so off the floor. Morgan watched without a word. Picking up a new piece of rope I tied her left ankle to a porch support post. Her right leg I folded up and tied it to the back of the belt. Sitting in the chair, Morgan was within easy reach to my right and Chelsea was to my left. I stroked Morgan's hair while I drank my wine from supper.

After half an hour Chelsea started to fidget. "Are you ok Chelsea?" I asked, wondering if she had had enough.

"Yes, Sir, I'm ok."

"Then why are you fidgeting?"

"It's nothing Sir."

"If it is nothing then why are you dancing around?"

She didn't answer me. I reached in the bag and pulled out a riding crop. Morgan's eyes went wide, but she didn't say anything. Chelsea was slightly in front of the chair and couldn't see what I was doing.

"Chelsea I am waiting for a truthful answer." I suspected that she was very turned on and wanted relief.

"I'm sorry Sir, I'll stand still." I didn't wait. Holding the crop in my left hand I pulled back the tip with my right hand. Letting go with my right hand I let it slap against Chelsea's ass.

She jumped and let out a screech.

"Ouch! I'm sorry, I'm horny, and I can't do anything about it." She told me in a rush.

"Now why didn't you say that in the first place? You could have saved yourself some pain."

"I was too embarrassed."

"I see, well we will have to figure out something for you."

I turned to Morgan. I knew she knew what Chelsea had said, so I pointed to Chelsea and stuck out my tongue. I watched her eyes. She didn't hesitate before nodding yes. I had to wonder if they had been together when they were roommates.

"Well Chelsea, Morgan thinks she can help you. Are you willing?"


"Have you ever done this before with Morgan?"

"No, but I've thought about it."

"Ok Morgan, let's see how quickly you can make her come."

Morgan half turned around towards me and lifted her hands. Clearly, she wanted me to release her.

"What?" I asked her.

"I need my hands don't I?" She asked over her shoulder.

"No. Why?"

"Well you want me to make her come, so how can I play with her."

"You can start with your tongue."

"Ok, but I've never done this before."

"Well there is always a first time for everything. I'm sure you'll figure it out."

Morgan got up and moved around in front of her friend. Hesitantly she leaned forward and buried her face in Chelsea's muff. I moved my chair forward and watched as Morgan began to lick her. Satisfied I slide the chair back. The sun was on the horizon and the sky filled with color. Chelsea had been moaning, but now became more vocal, urging Morgan on. I knew it wouldn't be long before she came. I picked up the crop and waited. Just as Chelsea began to buck her hips I snapped with the crop. She bucked even harder and let out a low keening. Morgan sensing her job was done leaned back. Looking around Chelsea she gave me a smile and a wink. Cheeky girl I thought. I motioned her back to my side. Chelsea slowly wound down.

After a few minutes softly she said; "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Right Morgan?"

"Oh, you are welcome and thank you." Morgan replied.

The sun was below the horizon. "Well, it is time for bed. It was a long day and I'm ready. Chelsea, where do you want to sleep?"

"It doesn't matter Sir."

"The forecast is for a warm night, so I guess you can sleep right here."

"I'd like that."

I let her down from the ceiling and untied her ankle from the post. Pulling out a chain I locked her ankle to the same post. Then I untied her arms and after she had shaken out the kinks I put cuff on her wrists and locked them behind her back.

I picked up the chair and put it back where it had come from.

"Morgan, grab the pillow and go upstairs."

As soon as she left I turned to Chelsea. "I'm sure you will be ok here. Any questions?"

"I have to pee Sir."

I chuckled, "Now you tell me."

I opened the door in front of her and pointed down the steps. "I think you have enough chain."

Carefully she made her way down the steps. Just as she stepped onto the lawn the chain pulled tight. Unable to go any further she squatted. A few minutes later she returned to the porch. I locked the screen door behind her.

"Good night." I gave her a brief kiss on the forehead. My reward was a brilliant smile.

"Thank you Sir."

"You can drop the Sir. I never told you to use it."

"Thank you Steve, I always wanted to..." she paused, "have sex with Morgan."

I turned and went upstairs. There I found Morgan sitting on the side of the bed waiting.

"What's up?"

"You didn't mind me doing Chelsea?"

"No, I'm surprised that you haven't done it before."

"I wanted to, but I was afraid she'd reject me."

"Got to piss?"

"I did."

After I secured her ankle to the bed we made love and fell asleep.