Interval Farm
by Yashi


As the urge to sneeze grew she tried to lock her fingers around the key, but the force of the thunderous sneeze shook her, causing to her to drop the key and sending it skidding across the floor where it ended up under the refrigerator.

“Shit,” Tracy said aloud—there was no one in the house to hear her. “Now I’m really stuck.” She shook her head as she walked over to the refrigerator and knelt down in front of it hoping to see the key. It had slid just far enough back for her to see it, but too far back to retrieve it. Standing up she turned and walked over to the dog’s bed. Sinking to her knees, since she couldn’t sit, she made herself as comfortable as possible. It was going to be a long night.

Her adventure, as she called her solo bondage sessions, started at nine this morning shortly after husband, Ted, had left for Bremerton, Washington. He would spend a few days visiting friends and then fly to Japan for a series of meetings. After Japan it was back to San Francisco, and Tracy didn’t expect to see him again for at least two weeks. She waited an hour to be sure he was gone. It didn’t really matter to her if he caught her, but it made life easier if he didn’t know what she was doing. He didn’t approve of her adventures, but he didn’t interfere either.

To all who knew him, he was a macho male who went out with the boys, played a mean round of golf, and was often escorted by his drop-dead gorgeous wife. The truth was far different. Tracy could have been a model. She was five ten, with moderate size breasts and long shapely, toned legs ending in beautiful high arched feet. Her face was oval and her rich natural-blond hair provided a beautiful contrast to her dark blue eyes. Ted had fooled Tracy until after they were married. He was gay, but his job as an international labor lawyer in a macho world forced him to stay in the closet.

Tracy was part of his camouflage. At first, she was angry with him. After their lavish wedding, they had gone a dream honeymoon cruise. When he didn’t drag her into bed and fuck her brains out, her fantasy for the whole two months they had gone together, he told her he was gay. She had ripped off her sexy see through negligee as she collapsed in tears on the carpet at the foot of the bed. Ted beat a hasty retreat to the nearest bar. After an hour of tears Tracy had a revelation, she could demand an annulment or she could live the good life; practice her self-bondage, have more money than she could spend. Moreover, she could travel the world when she wanted to. She chose on the spot to continue the sham marriage. On the cruise, they were the picture of a loving couple and no one had a clue they were acting.

A week after their return to Ted’s New York apartment she had told him about her self-bondage and as long as he left her alone, she would continue the farce. When he agreed she had dragged him to a bondage convention and sale where she picked out an assortment of rubber-lined steel cuffs with matching collar, butt plugs, dildos, a leather hood, chains, gags, locks, a leather chastity belt, and a strait jacket.

The straight jacket was very special to her. The vendor had taken her measurements so she could customize it to fit Tracy. Tracy had her make a very important change. On traditional jackets, the arms fold across the body below the breasts. They modified the jacket so the arms went behind the back. The maker called the jacket a bolero. The bottom hem was so short it extended just below the rib cage; when it was buckled and locked it couldn’t be pulled up and over the head. To insure it couldn’t be pulled up, Tracy had to a ribbon of Kevlar sewn into the hem. Holes around the bottom above the Kevlar provided places for her to lock it her chastity belt with either chains or Kevlar straps. In addition, the top had cut outs so the breasts were exposed. She had gotten to wear it only once—when she went to the vender’s factory to pick it up. Tracy wanted to make sure it fit just right. Someday maybe someone would come along and she would get to wear it for real. That someone would never be Ted.

They lived in New York for nearly a year before Tracy got bored. To fit in with Ted’s charade Tracy had to dress the part whenever she went out. That meant short tight dresses, which didn’t bother her much. To spice up her life a bit she never worn underwear; more than once she deliberately gave a good-looking guy a cheap thrill by showing him her pussy. What she hated were the high heels. Before meeting Ted she figured she had worn heels maybe three hours in her whole life. Once to her high school prom where they ended up under a chair five minutes after she got there. Twice to dances in college where once again they ended up under a chair. They did add nicely to the 5’10” she stood barefoot.

After a colder and wetter than normal NYC winter she got spring fever. She just itched to be outside barefoot planting something, anything, in the dirt. Tracy started to surf the net and found a 350 acre farm with a big shingle-style Victorian, an office, a shed and a barn in Vermont. There was more land available at a price. Tracy had a degree in agriculture, specializing in field crops, and had worked as a research assistant. It took some convincing, but she finally managed to get Ted to look at the place. To her surprise and perhaps his, he liked it. He didn’t even balk at the $3.5 million price tag; nor did he have a problem spending another million for an additional two hundred acres. A month later they moved. Ted started an office in a nearby city. He still traveled, but Tracy was happier then she had been in a long time.

Once Tracy felt comfortable in her new home she started her self-bondage again. She loved being able to spend days in some form of bondage. More often than not she wore simple bondage—hobbles between her ankles and her hands locked six inches apart in front of her so she could work around the place. Today her predicament was more difficult than her normal bondage. After Ted left she stripped. For Tracy the only way to do bondage was nude. That meant barefoot, which was no problem since she only wore shoes when she went out with Ted. It also meant a nude pussy. Before she left NYC she had gone to a specialist who had permanently removed all the hair below her neck She often surfed the web and could never understand how a woman could be “nude” wearing heels or for that matter panty hose. How did her lover make love to her when she tied up and wearing panty hose?

Tracy started with her hobbles. Here she had added an innovation. Instead of chain they were connected with a 14 inch plastic coated steel cable, ¼” thick. The cable was permanently attached to the cuffs by creating a loop that was closed around the ring on the cuffs with a crimped fitting. The rings on the cuffs were large enough so she could lock them together when she wanted to. She added the plastic so the cable wouldn’t scratch the floors. Short of cutting the cable the cuffs were permanently connected.

After the ankle cuffs she put on what she called her chastity belt. It was a heavy leather strap wrapped around her waist and locked in front. A second leather strap ran from the middle of the back of the belt between her legs and locked in front. It split in front above her pussy so that it could be unlocked without unlocking the waist belt. Two staples in the front provided a place for the crotch strap to lock. The crotch strap had several interesting features. In back was a thick wide section just below the waist belt that held several secrets; a battery and a small box that held a radio receiver. The only way to change the battery was from inside the belt so she couldn’t take the battery out while wearing it.

Below the wide section the strap split just above her anise then reconnected just below. Today she had slid a butt plug up her ass and then fitted the strap over it. For the most part this was an ordinary plug, but it stuck out six inches beyond the strap making it impossible to sit. Tracy had to kneel, stand up, or lay down. Two shiny buttons fit just above and below her clit. They stimulated her clit when she walked and they could deliver a shock. The electronics in the back of the belt worked with the same transmitters that are used in buried fencing for dogs. She had installed transmitters in the all the doorways leading from the kitchen to the rest of the house except the doorway to the bathroom just off the kitchen and the back door. This insured she couldn’t reach her clothes, phone, or computer, and without the effort of installing locks on the doors. Once when she first used this system the phone rang in Ted’s office, and without thinking, she had tried to answer it. When she got to the doorway, the device shocked her so badly it knocked her to her knees. However, on the up side it gave her a powerful orgasm. The orgasm was great, but she didn’t want to experience a shock like that again in the near future. To insure the strap stayed in place she had her lower lips pierced in three places on each side and had tunnels installed. Once the strap, which had been sewn so that it was round like the strapping on a fine bridle, was in place she locked the thimbles together over the strap. She had her clit hood pierced, but she had not done much with the ring.

Before she locked her wrist cuffs together, she locked on her collar. Even when she wasn’t wearing the cuffs, she often wore the collar. Sometimes, for a change, she would lock her hands together in front and lock them to the collar.

The transmitters were controlled by a timer in the basement, and once it was set to activate stayed on until she went down to shut it off. Today the door to the basement was locked and the key was with the rest of the keys in what had once been an office, back when the farm had been a riding camp for girls. The office was about 25 yards from the house. This arrangement allowed her to work around the house wearing the belt. She wore cuffs above her elbows too, because she liked the way they felt, but she had no way to connect them and get free. All her cuffs were identical except for size. They were stainless steel one inch wide, 3/8 of an inch thick, and covered on the inside with a rubber compound.

By four o’clock, the time she had set for the transmitters to come on, she had finished her chores. In the kitchen she got a snack and a drink. Her plan was to have a nice orgasm and then free herself before watching TV and going to bed. After stepping though the chain connecting her cuffs, it was just a matter of picking up the lock from the table, threading it through the staple at the back of the belt and the rings on her cuffs, and locking it. The key on the table was for the shed/office door. To free herself she would have to walk across the yard to the office, unlock the front door, and get the key to the lock securing her cuffs to the belt. To get the rest of the keys she had to reach in a wood box that was nearly three feet deep. With her hands secured tight to her back there was no way she could reach them.

Now with the key to the office door under the refrigerator there was no way she could free herself. Tracy wasn’t too worried. It would be a long night, but in the morning, Liam, their farm manager, would show up around 6:30 am. Next to an old cast iron, wood burning cook stove was a dog's bed. She didn’t own a dog; she had bought the bed so she had a place to lie down while bound. No one suspected the innocent dog bed was for her. With a sigh she sank to her knees on the bed then rolled onto her side. Her thoughts turned to Liam. He was 35, five years older than Tracy. He was married to a nice woman named Lisa who Tracy invited to coffee every time Ted was gone. The three of them often had dinner together. She didn't worry about how Liam would take her nudity and bondage. He had seen her nude in cuffs and the ankle hobble and had never made a comment.

Tracy felt lucky she had found him. Liam was working in a factory because the vineyard where he had been working closed when the owner died. Liam came highly recommended so she hired him because he added the dimension to the farm she was missing. She knew about plants and how to grow them. He knew equipment, how to fix it, how to make maple sugar, how to log, and was a good carpenter. When she was feeling down about Ted she often day-dreamed that Liam was single.

Restless on the bed she got up and paced around the kitchen. The thrill of locking her hands behind back had worn off a bit. She loved the feeling of helplessness, but still it would be nice to rub her clit, and it was buried under the strap. It was hours until dark and she needed to do something. With a little effort she opened the back door and stepped out onto the porch that spanned the side of the house. The camp had installed a wheel chair ramp on the end of the porch. This made it possible for Tracy to reach the yard. She once tried the steps, but her hobble chain was too short and she nearly fell.

Tracy headed for Liam’s office. It had been an office and a bunkhouse for the administrative staff when the farm had been a camp. It too had a ramp so it was easy for her to reach the porch. She tried the door to make sure she had locked it; yes, it was securely locked and she could see the key she needed laying on the table. It would be very embarrassing if Liam tried it in the morning and it was unlocked.

Not wanting to go back in the house she continued past the office stopping to check the gardens she and Liam had planted. By next year she hoped they would have a real crop and could expand the number of local farmer’s market they belonged to. A few steps further on she stopped again to inspect the foundations for the new green house. Still restless, she continued towards the woods and the trail that led to the top of the hill above the farm. Stopping for a moment, she wondered if she should try it. The trail wandered up the side of the hill for over a mile and gained 800 feet in elevation. Normally it took her 45 minutes to make the hike at her normal unbound pace. It was a good workout! But tonight Tracy could only take 14 inch long steps. She did have several hours of day light and the moon was full.

“What the hell, it shouldn’t be that bad,” she said to the forest. That special place between her legs tingled. It had become increasingly hard for her to get off with simple bondage. In fact it had become almost boring. There always had to be a way for her to get free and that had taken much of the spice out of it. Tonight was different; there was no way to gain her freedom.

The trail started with a short downhill run into a valley carved by a stream that was almost dry in the summer. Someone had built a crude bridge across the stream so she didn’t have to try to navigate the rocks in the stream. The trail climbed steeply out of the valley, then turned to the right to follow the stream to its source, a spring that emerged from between two large rocks.

Nearly an hour later Tracy found herself at the spring. She was thirsty so she got down on her knees and drank the icy cold water. Another 45 minutes brought her to the summit. Silently she slowly turned in a circle admiring the view. The house was out of sight buried in the trees, but the fields beyond and the road was just visible. A soft patch of moss beckoned her to kneel to watch the sun set. With a sigh she sank to her knees to wait the evening spectacle. She couldn’t stay to see all of it. It would be hard finding her way in the twilight and while not impossible it would be very difficult in full darkness with the hobble and no hands to feel her way. The moon wouldn’t be up for another hour.

The sunset was everything she had hoped for, but it was time to go. A bit stiff, she got up and headed down. It took her nearly two hours to find her way back to the house. Joyfully she opened the door and walked into the kitchen. Carefully she locked the door. Nothing had changed, the key was still under the refrigerator, and she was still trapped. She knelt on the dog bed then rolled onto her side. Tracy was still wondering how long it would take to fall asleep when she drifted off, the first time she had ever slept in complete bondage.

Tracy woke with a start from a dream in which she couldn’t get her hands free to wipe her hair out of her face. She was amazed that she had slept so well. Perhaps she should do this more often. Getting up she went to the sink to get a drink. The next order of business was to find someplace to take a pee. The bathroom was available, but sitting on the bare porcelain didn’t appeal to her. Yeah, she grinned, “I took the seat off to make one more thing difficult.”

Opening the kitchen door she walked towards the office then turned and went behind it. There was a sandy spot under a tree. It didn’t take much to dig a hole with the heel of her foot. Squatting she let her stream go, she giggled, with the belt locked between her lips it was more a spray and dribble then a stream. 'What a beautiful morning', she thought. Finished she shook herself like a dog to get any drips off then filled the hole with sand using her foot.

As she walked up the ramp to the porch she heard Liam’s truck coming up the hill. He pulled up in front of the office and parked in his usual spot. Liam got out of the truck a wide smile spread across his face and gave her the once over.

“Got a problem?” he asked with a grin.

Just like him, blunt and direct, she liked that. “Yeah, I dropped the key.”

“When,” He made a twirling motion with hand, indicating she should turn around.

“Last night, it’s under the fridge.” She turned around showing him how she was bound.

“Ok, I’ll see if I can find it.” He walked around her and into the kitchen. A few minutes later he came back holding up the key. In his other hand he had something else, the dog leash that always hung by the back door. “This doesn’t look like a padlock key.”

“No, it’s your office key. The rest of the keys are in there.”

“Shall we take a walk?” Before she could react he clipped the leash to her collar. Unable to do anything else, Tracy fell in at his shoulder; he matched his pace to hers. Her head was spinning. She never expected him to leash her. What was he going to do with her?

Across the front of the office porch was a railing. He tied the end of her leash to the railing out of her reach, then went up the steps and opened the door. Tracy though he was inside for a long time. The key to the padlock holding her hands behind her back was right on the table.

He stuck his head out. “Where are the rest of the keys?”

“In the wood box.” 'I should have told him that,' she thought. “I have to go real bad,” she called.

Liam looked out again, “why can’t you piss right there?”

“Ah, it’s the other end and I have a butt plug in.”

“Ok, I’ll be right there.”

A few minutes later he came out with a handful of stuff.

'Shit,' she though, 'he went through my suitcase of toys'.

“Is there anymore besides what is in the suitcase?” he asked.

“Yeah, there’s a strait jacket upstairs in my room. It’s on the top shelf of the closet.” She realized that she couldn’t lie to him.

Liam laid the hand full of stuff on the floor of the porch. He picked through the pile and picked out two things. First was a blindfold and the second was a lock.

“From now on, no talking, do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said softly.

He fitted the blindfold over her eyes and secured it behind her head. Tracy trembled with excitement. No one had ever done anything like this to her before. She felt him fumbling with the lock holding her wrists. To her surprise he only freed her left wrist. He let her shake the stiffness out of it before capturing it again. Bending it behind her back again he pulled it up and locked it to cuff above her right elbow. Tracy had always wanted to find a way to lock her elbows together, but had failed.

What was he doing? she wondered. He seemed to be making her more helpless then she was. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs. Soon her right forearm was parallel to her left and locked to her left elbow. A tug on her collar showed her which way to turn. Liam guided her around the building to the woods near where she had pissed last night.

“Stand still so I can undo the belt.”

“But. . .” is all she got out before he stuffed ball gag in her mouth.

“I told you not to talk.”

She saw stars before she heard the slap. Then the pain exploded in her tit. He had slapped it! No where near as hard as he could have, but it certainly got her attention, especially since he had caught her nipple.

She danced a little jig, her fingers twisting behind her back.

“I said hold still or I’ll get the crop!”

It was hard, but she did as he bid. The pain was fading.

He unlocked the belt, and the locks holding her lips together, then pulled it down between her legs.

He barely had time to pull the butt plug before she let it go. He knew that she couldn’t help it. Her sphincter had been stretched all night and it would take some time for it to regain its shape. He waited until she was done then removed the butt plug from the belt before he put the belt back on. In front of the office he tied her leash to the post so he could clean her up. The garden hose worked well, yeah the water was a bit cold, and she squirmed in the spray, but it didn’t bother him. When he finished he led her to the house.

In the kitchen he had her turn her back to the table while he cleaned it off. She stood helpless wondering, if he was going to take her on the table. It would be rape and she had a hard time getting her head around that. She wanted to make love to him, but she wanted it to be consensual.

Once the table was clear he helped her lay belly down so he could arrange her as a living center piece. He pulled her ankles up and locked them to her arms, then locked them together.

Liam fixed breakfast, eggs, bacon, toast, home fries and coffee. When it was ready, he sat down in front of her and removed the blindfold first, then the gag.

“Ok, now that I’ve got your attention, tell me why I found you like this morning. I don’t have a problem with it; in fact I enjoy what we are doing.”

“I’ve been into self-bondage since I was a kid.” She offered a hint of blush spread across her face.

“How about starting at the beginning?”

“Short or long version?” she asked.

“Long, we’ve got some time, you aren’t going anywhere for a while.”

She gave him a long look and then started, with a smile. “Well let’s see, I grew up in Princeton, New Jersey. My father, Al...Albert is an Anthropology professor. He had strange ideas on how to raise his daughter,” she paused as he fed her a forkful of breakfast. “He has always been interested the stories of feral children, you know, the kids who are lost and end up living with animals?”

“Yeah, I don’t remember his name, but there was a French boy and a few others. Most lost the ability to use meaningful language. I guess after a certain age humans have a hard time learning any language.”

“Right,” she went on, “I know he would have loved to have studied one in real life. But there aren’t many of those kids around, so I sort of became his surrogate wild child. When I refused to wear clothes or shoes, I guess when I was five or six, he didn’t fight me, he just folded up my clothes and shoes and put them away. I even went naked in the snow.

“We lived in a secluded house on the edge of town. Beyond our backyard there were several hundred acres of farm and conservation land. Dad took me out and showed me how to find my way around and he set certain roads as boundaries. I didn’t mind, I could walk for hours and still not cross the boundaries. People don’t realize there are still places like that in New Jersey.”

“What does your mother do?”

“My mother, Lynn, is a professional musician, she is always on the road.” She coughed little. “More coffee please.”

“What did she think of your father’s efforts to raise you?”

“I think she was a wild child in her own right. I rarely saw her wear shoes at home. She always had that earth mother air about her.”

“What did you do when it was time to go to school?”

“Dad found me an alternative school that some of the other families had set up. I had to wear clothes, but I could go barefoot.”

“Where did the bondage come from?”

“When I was 14 or so I was walking home from school. I was just in time to watch one of the other girls from my school arrested for shoplifting. I wondered what it felt like to be handcuffed. I guess it was the first time I got turned on. One day the boy who mowed our lawn left the shed door open. When the wind started to blow, I went out to close it. I had been in the shed many times before, but this time I noticed the chains and ropes hanging on the walls. They were left over artifacts from the previous owner. It didn’t take me long to figure out how to use the chains and a few locks I found in a drawer to play various self-bondage games. Or, as I call them now, "bondage adventures".

"Behind our house there was a small field, then a large block of woods. I found a cellar hole right in the middle of the woods behind our house. It was a magical place. An old brick arch was all that remained of the chimney. I stashed my bondage gear in there in a plastic bag.”

“How you feeling?” he asked before he fed her more breakfast.

“Great! This was a neat idea, putting me a hog tie and feeding me like this and letting me tell you my story. Thank you. I’d sit in the woods,” she went on, “nude and in chains watching the farmers work their fields and pretending I’d escaped from the castle. Sometimes I was a serving wench and sometimes I was a princess who was chained up by a cruel stepmother.”

“Did the farmers ever catch you?”

“Nah, they were too busy driving their tractors.”

“Speaking of driving tractors; I have to mow the field beside the green house foundation. And you have early peas to weed, so we need to get moving.”

“Well, I sure as hell ain’t going to do much tied up like this!”

“Well,” he mimicked her, “I guess we are just going to have to do something about that.”

She giggled. He dumped the dishes in the washer and freed her from the hog tie, then led her out to the office and tied her to porch again. He went inside and selected a few items that he thought would interest her.

Liam started by removing the belt. With that out of the way he clipped a short chain with a 2 oz weight to the ring through her clit hood. A small bell hung from the chain. He released her arms so he could secure them with two ten-inch chains to her collar. Using two separate chains insured that she couldn’t reach much of her body by pulling one hand up to her chin. This also meant that she had to get down on her hands and knees to weed. Together they walked out to the garden, and he sprayed her down with sun block and gave her two bottles of water. To make sure she didn’t run off he locked her ankles to her thighs with belts, so she had to walk on her knees.

Liam mounted the mower on the tractor. The grass was knee high and would make great hay. He cut for two hours, all the while keeping an eye on Tracy until he figured she had enough sun. When he reached the garden he noticed she had only drunk about half of one bottle of water.

“Why haven’t you drunk more water?”

Her eyes widened as she caught his anger. “It’s warm.”

“That’s a lame answer and you know it. It’s pushing 80 out here.” Liam knew perfectly well she meant the water.

“I was talking about the water,” she said sarcastically.

“Oh, the water is warm. Are you going to start hauling around a cooler? Don’t you have enough problems with the bondage? I can make that even more fun.”

A quick flash of fear crossed her face. 'Ah', he thought, 'she does have limits, but what are they?'

“Enough of the bull shit. You need the water and it doesn’t matter if it is warm.”

He handed her the water and she drank the rest of it without a word. He freed her legs so she could stand. “Good. Let’s go up to the office. I need some coffee.” He picked up the leash and led her into the office. When he pointed to the floor she knelt without a word. The coffee maker was all set so all he had to do was turn it on.

“How was your morning?” he asked.

“Interesting, much better then I’d hoped.” She kept her eyes on the floor.

“Why won’t you look at me?”

“Because you’ll know.”

“Know what?”

“You’ll know,” she looked up, tears were leaking from her eyes and just starting to run down her cheeks. “You’ll know that I’ve love every minute of what you’ve done to me this morning. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was fourteen years old. I guess I’m afraid you will get the wrong idea and stop.”

“Wrong idea, I don’t think so, I knew from the moment I changed your bondage and clipped the leash on your collar that you wanted this. Stop? Hell, I think we’ve just begun.”

The tears were still running down her cheeks, but she was smiling.

Liam said, “We have more chores to do and need to make a trip into town. I'd better get busy.”

After we finished the chores he freed her so she could slip a dress over her head. In town they made a few stops to buy food. Tracy had a problem at the local grocery store as usual. The bitch that runs the place always gave her a problem about her bare feet.

They got back to the house about four. Tracy took off her clothes and hobbled her ankles, then asked, "Please, Liam, put my arms behind my back—wrist to elbow as you did before."

"You sure?" She nodded. "OK". He fastened her arms and fed her a few leftovers from lunch before he went home.

The next morning Liam found Tracy as he had left her. He changed her bondage to the way she was the day before and told her to finish the peas. This time she drank all the water. The rest of the week was more of the same. He freed her completely Saturday morning so they could go into town to visit the local farmer's market. Ted was coming home on Sunday so he left her free when he went home.

The rest of the summer was about the same as that first week. When Ted was gone, Tracy spent most of her time nude in some form of bondage, but now she couldn’t free herself. Lisa, Liam's wife, and Liam would often have dinner with Tracy when Ted was away. Occasionally Ted and Tracy would visit Liam and Lisa.

Lisa had never been very modest or shy. It seemed natural that she followed Tracy’s lead when they visited Tracy and spent most of her time nude. Liam and Lisa had never experimented with bondage. He had brought up the subject a few times and she had shied away from the idea. However, the more time she spent with Tracy she began to see the beauty in it. As a result she let Liam cuff her when they were at Tracy’s and once in a while at home. Liam knew the first time they made love with her bound she really enjoyed it.

The summer slid into fall. Liam cut wood for use during the winter and some to sell. He and Tracy had also selected a site for a sugar house. Before snowfall a local timber framer had it up and enclosed. The holidays came and went with little change. Tracy and Liam started planning for spring, ordering seeds and more equipment for the farm.


In late January the phone woke me. I checked the clock to find it was one am.




“This is Sergeant Linda Steward of the San Francisco police department. I’ve been trying to reach Tracy Roberts, but she isn’t answering her phone. Your name was in Ted Roberts’s cell phone. Do you know why she isn’t answering her phone?”

“Well, I don’t know why Tracy isn’t answering her phone. I’m sure she is home, but she might be tied up or she may have shut the phone off.” I wasn’t going to tell her that Tracy had her wrists locked to her elbows behind her back. “Where is Ted and why do you have his cell phone?”

“Are you close to them?

“I work for them as their farm manager.”

“Ah, Ted was murdered in a…um…g…bar fight tonight.”

“Were you going to say a gay bar?”


“I knew he was gay. I can’t imagine he was in a fight of any kind. I’ll go check on Tracy and tell her what is going on. What do we need to do next?”

“I need her to come to San Francisco to ID the body and make whatever arrangements she wants. Is she his sister?”

“No, his wife.”

There was a long pause; “His wife, but I was told he was gay, or do you mean he was bi?”

“He was gay. She didn’t know it until after they were married. Tracy agreed to stay with him if he let her have the farm. She’s a country girl at heart — he married her as a trophy wife, to help his career.”

“I understand. Please call me and let me know when to expect you’ll be coming.”

“Ok, I’ll take care of it. I suspect we’ll see you sometime tomorrow morning.”

I took her name and number, and got dressed. Lisa woke up as I ready to leave. I told her what was going on and that Tracy had to go to San Francisco, but she might want me to go with her. We kissed and she wished me luck.

As I drove through the cold early morning I had time to examine my feelings. Was I upset? Yes, but it wasn’t as if Ted and I had been great friends. Whenever Ted was home he was always distant. I was, after all, just an employee who worked for Tracy, although I generally took the lead so the lines of authority were blurred. Of course I knew about the sham marriage they shared. Out in public they appeared like the perfect couple, but at the farm they were rarely together. Ted had his space on the second floor and Tracy orbited between my office and her office off the kitchen. In good weather she was outside most of the time.

Tracy took the news as well as could be expected. After I freed her from her bondage I held her while she cried. When the tears dried she managed to pull herself together.

“I can’t say I loved him, I didn’t, but he was a friend and he gave me all of this,” she waved a hand to indicate the farm. “I want you to go with me. I don’t think I can do this alone. Ok?”

“Yeah, no problem, I told Lisa I might go.”

She made a few calls to arrange a flight. By four AM we were on the road. I made a quick stop at home to get a few things, and then we were off to the local airport where a leased Hawker 800 was waiting for us courtesy of Ted’s company. A few hours later we were in Frisco loading our bags in a limo. We would stay in the company penthouse. When we got there someone had picked up all of Ted’s things. Two days later we headed home. Frisco is ok, but I’ve never been fond of cities and I missed my wife. Tracy had arraigned for his body to be cremated and the ashes mailed home.

A month later Tracy asked us to move in with her because, as she pointed out; we lived in a one bedroom ranch and she lived in a five bedroom Victorian. We rented out the ranch and moved in.


The girl knew what she was doing was wicked, or so she was told many times, but it felt so good. Of course her father didn’t know what she was doing, but to him any kind of sex outside of marriage was wrong. Misty loved to wake up early in the morning before her parents. It was her time to do what she pleased before her bullying father started to tell her what to do. At eighteen she had graduated from high school yesterday, this morning was her private celebration. Last night, as she did every night, Misty had taken off her very prim, proper, and dull PJ’s and hid them under the second pillow on her bed. As long as she could remember she slept nude, and despite her age her father would have spanked her with whatever was handy, most likely his belt, if he caught her. That was why she always waited until she was sure they were in bed before taking them off in case he walked in on her. He had a bad habit of doing that.

At this moment she was laying on her back with her ankles crossed and bound with the belt from an old dressing gown. Yesterday’s panties carefully stuffed in her mouth because she was afraid she might make noise. They were also her punishment for what her right hand was doing between her legs. Her left hand was tied to the head of the bed with an old piece of clothesline. She loved the fantasy of not being able to get it free. It didn’t take long to work up to a nice cum. The girls she went to school with would have been amazed. Masturbation was not a subject covered in the strict church school her father had forced on her. Finished, she quickly untied her wrist and her legs. Climbing out of bed she went to take a shower. Misty paused just long enough to spit the panties into her hamper.

Fully dressed, including shoes—which she hated, Misty was in the kitchen starting breakfast when her folks came down. Ed, her father arrived first. No “Morning” or even a “Hi”, the first words out his mouth were; “Did you pray this morning?”

“Yes, Sir.” Of course it wasn’t a prayer he would have agreed to, but she wasn’t lying. She had indeed prayed, “God please let me make it through another day without a whipping.”

Ten years ago Ed had fallen under the spell of a born-again preacher with the unlikely name of Billy Rocket. Billy wandered into town after being kicked out of three other towns. Or that was the story, but the truth was he had been kicked out of many more and the cops in several states would like to know where he was hiding. Ed believed firmly in the old adage; “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” The fact his daughter was no longer a child hadn’t escaped his notice, but he loved spanking her.

A few minutes later Cecile breezed in. At least she wished Misty good morning. Neither ugly nor very pretty she was the sort of woman that would have made a good spy. Nondescript, she just seemed to blend into the background. Ed let her keep her job as a hairdresser because his meager salary as a car dealership manager and salesman didn’t cover the bills. Of course, if he didn’t tithe 15 percent of his income to Billy’s new church, they would have been doing a lot better.

“After breakfast,” Ed spoke around a mouth full of eggs and bacon, “we’re going out Interval Road. Billy told me there were some souls out there that needed saving. Misty, you put on a nice dress and we’ll go as soon as I’m finished eating.”

Cecile didn’t say a word. Misty just said “Yes, Sir.” She had to wait until they finished eating before she could have her breakfast. She had to change her dress, of course, since the one she was wearing was a 'nice dress', but it wasn’t nice enough for him. It looked like she wouldn’t get any breakfast. Quickly she picked up the dishes and put them in the sink. Ten minutes later she climbed into the car.

“I’ll let you slide for making us wait,” Ed told her, “as long as you make an effort to save some souls today. You hear?”

“Yes, Sir.” Misty knew he set her up to fail, but there was nothing she could do. Someday she was going to find a way to escape. First she needed a way to make some money. Two miles out of town, they found a drive that led off to the left. It disappeared into the trees. Without hesitation, Ed turned up the driveway. It never crossed his mind that the owners might not want company. He was doing God’s work.

The road climbed out of the valley through a stand of pine, and beyond that a gate stood open. On the post next to the gate hung a sign that read; “Please respect our privacy. Keep out.”

Ed laughed; “When there are souls to save, God will always open the gate.” In a few minutes they emerged from the woods to find fields on either side of the road. An imposing Victorian house with a wide porch was on their left, but that wasn’t what caught their attention. A beautiful nude woman, her wrists and ankles clearly chained; sat on a riding mower, a tall handsome man stood talking to her. They looked startled by the intrusion of a strange car.

“I just love people who can’t read.” Liam said to Tracy as they watched the car come up the road.

Tracy giggled; “I bet they didn’t expected a naked, chained woman on a tractor.”

“You, ok with that?”

“Of course, it’s a turn on,” she said with a giggle.

Liam had meant it as a rhetorical question. “That’s what I figured. I guess I’d better go see what they want. Are you going to finish the side lawn?”

“Yeah, it shouldn’t take long, maybe fifteen minutes or so, then I’ll do brunch.”

“Good. By the looks of them, I’ll bet they want to pray with us or some silly shit like that.”

“It looks like there are two women. Why don’t you try to make them strip?” Tracy said with a smirk.

“Ok, I’ll see what I can do. I like the way you think.”

“Hi,” Liam spoke first, a good offense and all that. “May I help you?”

“Hi, my name is Ed, this is my wife Cecile, and that’s my daughter Misty in the back. We’re visiting neighbors spreading the word of God.”

“I’m Liam, we aren’t religious. So you are wasting your time here.” He hadn’t seen the inside of a church since his mother died.

“How about the lady; perhaps she might like to pray with us?”

“Tracy? Dammed if I know, but if you want to ask her, she should be done with the side yard in a few minutes. But, ah, we have a few rules around the farm.” Liam didn’t believe this would work, but what the hell.

“Rules,” Ed interrupted, “what kind of rules?”

“Well you see Tracy hates wearing clothes so she made a rule that all women who visit must be naked. It makes her feel better if all women visitors are naked.”

Ed started drumming his fingers on the steering wheel, “You’re crazy; are you some sort of pervert?”

“Nope, I just work here. She owns the place. In case you didn’t notice there is a sign on the gate telling you not to come up here. I want you to turn your car around and leave.” By this time Liam was a little pissed.

“Father—I’ll do it. If you think it’s really important, I’ll take off my clothes.” Misty never knew why she spoke up. It just came out in a rush. “I don’t want to, but I’ll do it.” She knew she was lying, but it was just a little white lie she thought. It had been a long time since she had gone skinny dipping with Liz, her best friend. Misty knew it would feel great to feel the sun on her skin. Of course her father would kill her if he knew. A sudden though crossed her mind—maybe there was a God and he had sent her here for a reason. Maybe she could find a way to escape her sad life.

The silence hung heavy in the air for almost a minute, then Cecile said; “Ok, I can do that for the Lord.”

Liam could see Ed didn’t know what to do or say. He couldn’t believe that his wife and daughter volunteered to strip in front of us. Liam was dumbfounded that the girl in the back had volunteered. It was hard to see her, but she looked cute. I knew there had to be more to this whole thing then it first appeared. Why would a woman, about 18, voluntarily strip in front of her father and a complete stranger? Either she was very religious or she was a secret exhibitionist.

“Well if they don’t mind, I guess I don’t mind.” Ed paused for a moment, and then went on. “The Lord sure works in mysterious ways.”

Liam wondered when Ed had last seen the girl naked. Maybe he was hot for his own daughter. His stomach turned at the thought.

Misty opened her door and stepped out barefoot. She had already kicked off her shoes and used her toes to take off her socks. Quickly, before she lost her nerve, she unbuttoned her dress and pulled it over her head. She quickly folded it and laid it on the rear seat. She glanced over just in time to see her mother doing the same. Cheered that her mother was supporting her, her bra quickly followed the dress. She shut the door. Ed got out of the car just in time to see her panties sail through the open window. Misty almost rubbed her breasts, and then realized her father was staring at her. She didn’t want him think she was enjoying herself so she did what most girls might do and covered her pussy and breasts. Then realized how silly she looked and dropped her hands to her sides.

She stared her father in the eye and said; “You said I had to help save souls or I’d get a whipping, well that is what I’m trying to do.” Of course down deep she was thinking more of saving herself than the good looking guy or the naked woman.

Her father’s eyes narrowed, then he smiled. “Bless you my child, the Lord has spoken to you.”

Liam was dumbfounded that the two women had stripped. His comment had been intended more as a way to get rid of them. He decided that it was best to go with the flow. “Let’s sit on the porch.” He turned toward the house, “Tracy should be finished with the lawn in a few minutes. I think she made some ice tea this morning.”

Liam led them up the steps. When the house was designed a turret was built on the corner of the house. They had extended and rounded the corner of the porch to match the tower on the corner so there would be room for a table and chairs, but now there were only small tables between the chairs. It did force the impromptu guests to sit in a circle, a great way for Liam to check out the girls. He thought, 'Yeah, I know I’m supposed to be a responsible adult, but as I tell my wife, “When I stop looking at women, check my pulse.” One thing that really made him curious was that neither Cecile nor Misty had tan lines, but they did have a tan. He didn't think Ed noticed.

They barely sat down when they heard the mower stop. Ed just sat and looked around checking the place out and thinking about how much it cost. Before he had time to launch into his missionary spiel Tracy stepped on to the porch. Ed just stared at her as if he had never seen a woman before.

“Hi,” Tracy said, “can I get you some ice tea?” The guests agreed and she disappeared.

A few minutes later, she was back with a pitcher and glasses. She served everyone and then went back into the kitchen. When she reappeared, she was carrying a glass with a straw in it and a pillow. Tracy placed the pillow on a small oriental rug beside Liam's chair then filled her glass from the pitcher. Ed and the women watched in fascination as she carefully placed the glass about 18 inches in front of the pillow. Liam was beginning to wonder what planet they had dropped from—hadn’t they ever seen a woman get ready to settle herself on the floor?

Finished, Tracy turned to Liam and held out her shackled wrists. He looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back. He unlocked her wrists and waited as she turned around so he could lock her hands behind her back, wrists to elbows; it had become her standard bondage position.

“Thank you Master,” she said softly as she knelt on the pillow.

Liam introduced her to Ed and his family. Almost before I was finished introducing Misty Ed started. “Tracy, do you pray to God?” he asked in a stern, fatherly voice.

She looked up at Liam. “You may speak as you wish,” he said. He had noticed lately she was deferring to him more often than she had before.

“Thank you Master.” She turned her attention to Ed. “Do I pray to God? Who is God? Why does he allow all this evil in His world? Did you ever consider that God is solely a human construct to be used to control people?”

Liam tuned out most of the argument. Instead, he studied Misty; he knew she would be great in bondage. Liam had learned not to argue with Tracy on a subject like religion—not from having any disagreement with her, he agreed with philosophy, but because he knew the depth her knowledge of the subject. It was one of her father’s favorite subjects and a lot had rubbed off on her.

Finally after nearly an hour Ed had had enough. No matter what he said, she had a counter and then found a way to trump him. He jumped up and yelled at Tracy, who just knelt on her pillow, leaning forward occasionally to sip her ice tea as if she wasn’t in the middle of a hot debate. I was about ready to tell him to leave or I’d call the cops when he stalked off the porch to his car.

“Cecile, Misty, get your asses down here right now, we leaving!” he yelled at them.

Misty looked scared, but Liam thought she would have gone with him. He wasn't sure what Ed would have done to her, it wouldn’t have been good.

Cecile looked at Liam and softly said, “Do you mind if we stay a while longer?”

“No, stay as long as you wish.”

“Ed,” Cecile called, “Misty and I are going to stay for a while. Perhaps we can work a miracle” she glanced at us and gave us a wink. “I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

Ed just waved and some would swear he gave a very unchristian signal—the middle finger, as he left in a cloud of dust. Everyone sat silently watching the car disappear down the drive, each alone with his or her thoughts.

Misty broke the silence first; “Ah…Tracy, may I ask you a question?”

“Sure if it’s OK with my Master.” She didn’t look up at Liam; she just kept staring at the fields across the road, but he knew she was far angrier then she appeared.

Liam looked at Tracy and then Misty, he thought he knew what she wanted, but wasn’t sure. “Of course you can talk.” He most added that he wasn’t her master, or at least not yet. He figured they could have that conversation later, in private.

Misty looked nervous; “Please tell me what it’s like to be tied up.”

Tracy pulled her attention away from the field to look at Liam. Her eyes searched his face as she said, “I feel secure when I’m bound.” Then she turned to Misty, “But it is something you have to try to really know if you like it. It can be frustrating, even painful, when you get a cramp or if you screw up the bondage, but all of that is part of the turn-on.”

“Can I try it?” Misty was twisting her hands in her lap, her eyes on her feet, stretched out in front of her. They were very nice feet, just like the rest of her. She glanced up at her mother who just smiled. 'Maybe,' Misty thought, 'just maybe he would really tie her so she couldn’t easily get free like she did at home'.

Tracy said, “If Liam and your mother say its ok, then I see no reason why you can’t.”

Liam started to say it was OK, but Cecile spoke first. “I don’t have a problem with it.”

“It’s cool with me,” Liam seconded.

“Ok, let’s go see what we can find in the office.” Tracy said, as she gracefully stood up. There was no way she could pick up the pillow or the empty glass.

She started to turn her back towards Liam so he could unlock her when Cecile said, “you don’t have to free her, I can help with Misty.”

Misty smiled and said; “Thank you.”

They went off to the office while Liam sat and though about what had just happened. It certainly didn’t bother him that Misty wanted to be bound. He suspected that she had experimented with it. She got undressed fast enough when he suggested that she and her mother should be naked, so he thought she had spent some time naked. She was an inch or so shorter than Tracy with brown hair and green eyes. Her breasts rode high on her chest and he doubted if she would ever need a bra, and he really loved her long legs and feet.

Fifteen minutes later Liam saw them come out of the office and start walking towards him. To his surprise, Cecile was leading Misty with a leash attached to a chain running between clamps on her nipples. Ouch! Tracy wore them once in a while, but Lisa wanted no part of them. When they reached Liam Cecile handed him the leash. “Your slave has been secured,” she said with a smirk. She was as an interesting woman; Liam wondered how she had gotten hooked up with Ed.

“Thank you.” Liam turned to Misty. “Turn around please.” She did, and he saw that she was bound the same as Tracy—her arms parallel behind her back, wrist to elbows. Her ankles cuffed and connected with a fourteen inch cable.

“You look good Misty. What do you think?

“I feel great. I don’t even mind the nipple clamps. They hurt at first, but I guess I’m getting use to them.”

He didn’t tell her they would hurt more when they came off.

Misty asked, “I wonder if I could try a hog tie? One of my girlfriends said that was really hard.”

Liam noticed Cecile’s eyebrows go up, she was clearly wondering where Misty had gotten that information. He shrugged. If she wanted to try a hog tie, then he’d put her in a hog tie.

“You know a hog tie can be hard so I’ll go a bit easy on you the first time.”

“Please make it hard, I want to see how bad it is.”

“Ok, get down on your knees and lay down on your front.”

She managed to do it with surprising grace; first lowering herself to her knees and then turning and rolling onto her shoulder so she wouldn’t land on her breasts. Finally she rolled onto her stomach so she could straighten out her legs. Liam didn’t know if they had talked about this, but Tracy had brought a bag of locks and chains. She turned around and he took it from her and freed her arms. She needed her hands to do lunch.

This was Misty’s first hog tie and she said she wanted it to be a challenge—then it would be a challenge. Liam started by locking a short chain to each ankle cuff. Then he pulled her left leg up over her butt and secured it to the cuff above her right elbow. He did the same with her right leg. This pulled her back into an arch and it forced her to cross her ankles. Cecile pulled a ball gag and a hood from the bag and tossed them to me.

Misty’s eyes were closed. “Misty, open your mouth,” she did without opening her eyes. The ball was large and he had to squeeze it with his hand so he could put it in. It took a bit of doing, but he got it in. Misty didn’t open her eyes; she accepted it without a sign. He pulled the hood over her head and smoothed her hair as best he could before he pulled the laces tight. The hood had two holes for her nose so she could breathe, but it didn’t have any holes for her eyes or ears. In fact it had two padded ear cups to insure she couldn’t hear anything. She was deaf and dumb to the world around her. A small lock insured that it would not be removed.

Once Misty was secure Liam sat in his chair and picked up his ice tea. Once he was settled Cecile started to speak. “I’d like to get Misty away from Ed. He hits her for the smallest thing. Not hard enough to do real damage, but it’s not good. His favorite phrase lately is ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child'.” She looked down at Misty slowly rocking back and forth, lost in her own world. “I know I should stand up to him, but I can’t because there is so little money. If he kicks us out we are homeless, or worse yet he kicks me out and forces Misty to stay with him. Is there any way you can keep her here and put her to work? Perhaps some sort of apprenticeship? I know it’s a lot to ask of two people we just met, but . . .” her voice trailed off.

“I don’t see a problem. I’ll talk to Lisa, my wife, and ask Tracy about taking her on. When do you want her to start?”

“What’s wrong with right now?” Cecile asked. “She is already here, nude, and in bondage. When Ed shows up we’ll leave her here.”

“I’ll free her from the hog tie for lunch, but after lunch I’ll send her and Tracy up the hill so they won’t be here when Ed shows up. That will give you time to talk to him without Misty.”

“Great. I don’t know if you can pay her, but someday I hope she can go to a real college—she’ll be the first one in our family to go. Ed wants to send her to some religious school down south. As far as I can tell, about the only thing they learn to do is teach Sunday school.”

“I think we can do better than that. We can cover college for her in exchange for working here. Did she take her SATs?”

“I don’t think so. Ed told her not to— he said she didn’t need them.”

“Well, we will have to see about that.”

The screen door creaked as Tracy pushed it open. She looked at Liam and Cecile and then down at Misty. A broad smile spread across her face. “Master and Cecile, lunch is ready.”

“Thank you, we’ll be right in.” Liam released Misty from the hog tie, but left her bound. Then he removed the hood and gag. She blinked in the light.

“How long?” she whispered.

“Not long, 20 minutes or so.”

“It was great, but next time I hope you leave me for more time.”

“I would have, but lunch is ready. You and Tracy are taking a hike later.”

“Oh, yeah, I haven’t thought about it, but I am hungry— Master.”

After lunch Liam bound Tracy with her arms parallel behind her back as usual and led her and Misty to the office where he picked out a 3 foot long chain. He locked one end to Tracy’s left wrist and the other end to Misty’s right wrist.

“Tracy, take Misty for a hike up the hill and check out the views.” He looked at Misty, “We need to talk when you get back. Your mother wants you to stay with us for a while. Around four or five this afternoon, if Lisa is back we’ll sit down and talk about the future.” He switched back to Tracy. "It’s a little after one now, as I recall it took you an hour and forty five minutes to make it up last time. Take your time and spend an hour or so on top. Any questions?”

Misty asked,“What about Ed?”

Liam was a little surprised when Misty called her father Ed instead of Dad or Father. “Your mother and I feel it is better if you aren’t here when he comes back. As I said, we will talk when you get back.”

Misty smiled and nodded her head. “Thank you.”

Liam removed the nipple clamps before they left. Misty did a little dance as the pain washed over there, then smiled. “That hurt, but I’m ok now.”

“Good girl, you’re doing fine. Enjoy your hike.”

They turned and headed for the trail. Liam's dick twitched as watched two beautiful naked women walk away. The hobbles didn’t seem to bother them any more than having their hands locked behind their backs. Tracy’s soles were nearly black from going barefoot all the time. He stopped and considered for a moment: she had been barefoot continuously for four months. He wondered how long before Misty’s soles matched Tracy’s.

Cecile and Liam talked a bit more when he got back to the porch. He discovered that Ed had gotten her pregnant when she was seventeen, two months before they graduated from high school. At first he didn’t want to marry her, but finally they did get married in front of a Justice of the Peace. Ed worked at odd jobs until he landed the job at the car dealership. When his boss moved on he was promoted. Cecile confided that she led a secret life. She and five of her friends she knew from the hair salon where she worked met at least once a week in the summer and at least once a month in the winter to have a girl’s nudist party. Sometimes they played cards; sometimes they’d hike or go swimming. It didn’t matter as long as they could spend a few hours naked. Like Misty she had been a nudist from childhood. Cecile told Ed that she was going to a bible study group and he never questioned her.

Cecile wanted the best for Misty. She knew that she was very smart, but didn’t know how to help her. She couldn’t leave Ed and take Misty with her, as she had said before there just wasn’t enough money.

Liam said, "We can take care of Misty and we will do what we can to get her into a good college. It might take a year or so— she would have to do something about her SATs or find a school that didn’t use them."

Cecile replied, "Oh, thank you. That would mean so much to me. And Misty is a good girl. She'll work hard to repay you."

As the conversation wound down Cecile borrowed the phone and called Ed, and Liam told her that she was welcome to visit any time and if she wanted to bring her ‘bible study group’ they were welcome.

Half an hour later they heard Ed coming up the drive. Cecile thanked Liam for the company and food then said goodbye. He promised they would take good care of Misty. Cecile met Ed at the edge of the driveway. When he stopped, she climbed in. They had a few words, Liam was too far away to hear what was said, but after a few minutes, the big car roared down the drive. Liam smiled when he remembered that Misty’s clothes were still in the backseat of the car. A few minutes after they left Lisa drove into the yard.

Liam walked over to her van and opened the door. They kissed before she got out of the van, and he helped her unload the boxes from the back before they went into the house. In the house she stripped without being asking and crossed her wrists behind her back. He quickly lashed them together and led her upstairs.

Liam. A Bit of Fun

I tied Lisa spread eagle on the bed then spent twenty minutes playing with her. She loves to have the inside of her thighs rubbed and her nipples twisted gently. I discovered soon after we started experimenting with bondage that she didn’t like pain. Too much pain and she shuts down. When we were ready I entered her, and a few minutes later we came together. I lay down beside her and after we recovered I told her about Misty and her family. An hour later I freed her and we took a shower together. At her request I locked her hands behind her back.

About five Tracy and Misty showed up. They were laughing and giggling about something. Lisa had supper ready so I freed their hands, but I didn’t remove the chain connecting their wrists.

I introduced Lisa to Misty then asked, “Misty, how long have you been interested in bondage?”

“About two years. I have a friend named Liz who has a computer, we don’t have one at home. When I go over to her house to study she lets me use it.”

“I didn’t think that your church let its members use computers.”

“They don’t, but Liz was never a member. We met in first grade and we stayed friends even after I went to church school. Anyway, we were surfing the net one day and we found a site that had bondage stories. After reading a few I wanted Liz to tie me up, but she was to shy. The next morning, I tied my feet together. It felt so good I had my first cum.”

Tracy held her arm next to Misty’s, “why don’t you have any tan lines?”

“Liz doesn’t want anything to do with bondage, but she loves to go skinny dipping in the creek behind her house. On a hot day it’s a great place to hang out.”

“You’re mother told me you want to go to college, is that true.” I asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t have any money.”

“What are you interested in?”

“I’ve always been interested in the brain and how it works. It is what makes us what we are. But I’m really into Sociology and how society operates.”

“True.” I couldn’t argue with that logic. “Do you realize that you will have take the SATs before you apply?”

“Of course, I wasn’t born yesterday. I took the test at the same time Liz did, I didn’t tell anyone.”

“How did you do?” Lisa asked.

“According to Liz I did very well, I got almost a perfect score. When I was in tenth grade, they gave us an IQ test. They told me mine was around 145.”

I nearly dropped my beer, Tracy’s fork hung in midair, and Lisa just gaped at Tracy.

“Shit man,” Tracy swore, “I’ll call my dad as soon as we finish here and see if he can help you.”

“Why, what can he do?” Misty looked puzzled.

“He’s a professor in New Jersey and he may be able to get you in next fall, instead of waiting until next year. You should have started the application process a long time ago if you want to go this fall.”

“Cool that sounds great. Thank you, I guess there is some sort of God and that is why I’m here.” She noted Tracy’s frown and giggled.

After dinner Tracy called her dad and he agreed that he would do everything he could to help her go to school. When Tracy finished we sat on the porch to watch the sun set. I called up my favorite NPR station on my laptop and we listened to a Celtic music program. While we listened I decided that Tracy and Misty should spend some more quality time with each other. I had a surprise for Tracy. I locked their hands behind them and led them down into the cellar. Tracy’s eyes went wide when she saw the new wall and the door.

“What . . .” Tracy started to ask?

“Hush, all in good time,” I told her. It had taken months working part time to finish the room. I didn’t want Tracy to know what I was doing, so I had to work when she wasn’t around, which was hard since she rarely left the farm. So I worked when she was bound to her bed so she couldn’t come down to the cellar and interrupt my work.

I built the new room in a corner of the basement. When I first started working for Ted and Tracy there had been a leak in the piping that heated the floor. A rare occurrence, given how careful the contractors were not to puncture the pipes, but it did happen. In some odd moment of foresight I had them cut the defective section out and install a control value creating a new zone. It wasn’t easy, but it did work. When I came up with the idea of building the room I put it over the new zone. Thus, the temperature in the room was regulated without affecting the rest of the cellar. I knew that even at normal room temperature a nude bound body could lose heat faster than it could generate it causing the person to become hypothermic.

The design of the room was normal—two by six framing with foam insulation. Inside there was space to hang gear and two cages. I wasn’t sure when I started this project what size I wanted so I built two or I should say, I ordered and put two together. One was three feet wide, by three feet high, by four feet long; the other was six feet on each side. I had plans for the house so I figured that the smaller could be a day cage and the larger would be used for longer term. Tonight we were going to use the smaller. It opened two ways, the top swung up until it rested against the wall behind it, and then the front dropped down onto to floor. A perforated rubber mat covered the floor of both cages to provide some comfort from the cement floor and floor drains allowed for a wash-down when needed.

Tracy is a bondage gear shopaholic. She spends hours online buying gear that we never use, “It looked neat!” is a common refrain when UPS shows up unexpectedly. To curb her efforts to support the entire bondage gear manufacturing world I put a limit on her online time. I should have cut her off sooner--we have enough gear to outfit a whole platoon of slaves.

After opening the smaller cage Lisa and I put hoods on the girls. These hoods just covered the eyes so they couldn’t see, but didn’t cover their mouths so they could talk. I wanted them to talk if they wanted to; I still wasn’t sure where Misty was coming from or how much she could handle. We released Tracy from her current bondage and put her in her straight jacket, but left her feet free for time being. After running a chain around her waist I fastened the ends together with a lock then locked a second chain to the waist chain. Several small locks secured the jacket to the waist chain. I helped her step into the cage and sit down with her back to the bars. Oddly we didn’t have a second jacket so after freeing Misty’s hands I fitted bags over hands and then secured them parallel behind her back. Then we fixed two chains the same way we had done Tracy. After helping her into the cage she was sitting opposite Tracy. I secured Tracy’s right ankle to the chain hanging from Misty’s waist chain. This forced Tracy’s foot into Misty’s crotch. Tracy’s left ankle was secured to the side of the cage. I fixed Misty’s ankles the same way. I gave them both large drinks of water before I locked them to the bars behind them. I didn’t think they would be getting much sleep. I closed and locked the cage—I say locked, but I used just a spring clip. There was no way they were going anywhere.

Both Lisa and I were horny as hell so we just checked the doors to make sure they were locked and went to bed. After making love we fell asleep with Lisa secured to the bed. I woke up a few hours later and turned on the TV to watch what would become my favorite show—the girls in the cage. I piped the video feed from both the house security cameras and the cameras in the cage room to the 50-inch TV in the master bedroom. I could watch them from my computer, but I figured it might be fun to lay in bed with Lisa and see what was going. They were talking and from all indications, they were negotiating if they were going to try to get each other off. Tracy was reluctant because she was an adult and Misty was still a teen . Misty wasn’t sure what to do. In the end they came to agreement when Misty pointed out that their Master had chained them so they had no options. It didn’t take long for either to cum. It was clear that Misty was a quick learner with her toes.

Monday dawned clear and hot. I freed Lisa so she could take a shower and then start breakfast. I went down and let the girls out of the cage. I got the impression that they would have liked to stay a bit longer, but we had places to go and things to do.

I had an appointment at 9 AM with our lawyer. After some discussion, we decided that all four of us would go into town together. Tracy found a dress for Misty. At exactly nine we trooped into Carl’s office. His secretary was on the phone when we entered, she looked up, smiled, and waved toward his door. An elderly couple offered to sell both their general store and the restaurant next door. I figured that it was a good deal. We could sell our fresh produce in the store and we could provide organic meals next door. I’d been in the restaurant once or twice and I wasn’t impressed. I knew it could do a lot better. The restaurant was the only place to eat or get a coffee for 20 miles in any direction, yet the place opened at nine and closed at five! It's a restaurant, not a bank. It took about an hour to sign the papers conveying the small general store and the restaurant to us, or more correctly to Interval Farm LLC.

I had also discovered that the same woman, Ann, managed both establishments and lived upstairs over the store. After all the paper work was signed we headed over to the store with Carl, a detective named Peter from the police department, and Charlie, a sheriff’s deputy. Around here, only the sheriff can issue eviction notices. Ann had been mailed a registered letter informing her that she had to be out of the building by Saturday midnight. A cop had reported that she was still in the store and told him that she was the one who owned the store. Carl had checked all the records for both the store and the restaurant and found a clear title. The buildings were owned free and clear by the elderly couple, period, end of discussion. I could not for the life of me understand where this woman was coming from. The only conclusion I could draw is that she was delusional. That’s all I needed!

When we entered the store a pretty, dark haired woman, about 25 years old, dressed in jeans and tee shirt, was almost jumping for one foot to the other. I smiled at her, but she didn’t look happy. The clerk had her back turned and was talking on her cell phone. She looked up to see who was coming, but then went back to her call.

“What’s wrong?” I asked the jumping woman.

She looked around, then said softly so no one else could hear her, “I got to take a pee. That damn woman wouldn’t let me have the key because I’m barefoot.”

I walked around the counter, grabbed the key from its hook, and handed it to the woman.

“Where is it?”

“Through that door to the right,” I pointed towards an unmarked door. I had barely finished speaking when someone behind me started yelling. I turn around to find the clerk, I remembered her name was Tammy, waving and yelling at me.

“What the fuck are you doin’? That bitch can’t go in there barefoot!” She started around the counter, but stopped short when I held up my hand.

“Where’s Ann?”

She eyed me for a moment. I could see Lisa and the other girl smiling. “Who the hell are you? You can’t march in like you own the place and. . .”

“But I do own the place and you are fired.” I raised my voice just loud enough to carry over hers; “I’ll find Ann without your help.” I glanced over at Peter and said, “Will you please make sure she leaves the premises?” “Sure thing,” he said with a smile. I got the impression he would enjoy escorting her out the door.

The back door slammed as a short, heavy set woman stormed into the store.

Her language wasn’t any better than the clerk's. “What the fuck is going on here?” She looked at the girls, “You three get the hell out of my store.” She pointed at Lisa, “Are you dumb or something? I told you the other day that you can’t come in here barefoot. Now get out before I call the cops!”

I’d had enough so I asked the deputy sheriff to do his job, “Charlie, serve her with the paper work and if she doesn’t leave I want her arrested for trespassing.”

“Yes sir.” He seemed as pleased to take care of Ann.

Ann stood open mouth as he read the eviction notice. When he finished, her eyes narrowed and she said; “you have to give me notice before you can do this. You can’t just take away my store.”

“Well lady, you were given notice. I have here,” he turned over a few pages, “a copy of the receipt from the registered letter that was sent to you last week. The bottom line is that you were notified that the store was sold by its rightful owners to this gentleman. You were notified in the same letter that you had until last Saturday night to vacate the premises. Therefore you have a choice, you can either leave on your own right now or I will arrest you for trespassing.”

“Fuck you,” Ann swore at him, “you can’t arrest me on my own property.”

“Ann Brown, I’m placing you under arrest for trespassing…” before he could finish she knocked over a rack of newspapers sending them flying.

Before the last paper hit the floor Peter was calling for backup. Within minutes two patrol cars arrived and Ann and the clerk were on their way to jail. Tammy had pulled free from Carl to help Ann. It would be a while before they would be on the street again.

When the fight was over turned I turned to find the woman I’d given the key to standing a few feet away. She held up the key.

“What was that all about?” she asked as she handed me the key.

“It’s a long story. What’s your name?” I asked.

“Megan Campbell. And yours?”

“I’m Liam, the lady over there,” I pointed at Lisa, “is Lisa, my wife. Next to her is Misty, a friend and employee on our farm. And on the end is Tracy, friend and I’m not sure what else to call her.”

“Submissive or slave works,” Tracy said.

“Me too,” Misty chimed in.

Megan looked from one to the other then at Carl. I could see she wasn’t too sure what to make of Misty and Tracy’s claim.

“Oh, that’s Carl, our lawyer.” I finished the introductions. “We bought the store so we could have a place to sell our produce. The restaurant next door happened to come as part of the deal. I’m not sure what we are going to do with it or even who is going to run both places yet. Lisa said she is interested.”

“I might be able to help you.” Megan said. “I just finished a management degree at UNH. I planned to live with my boy friend up in Barre. I managed to finish packing my gear early so I wanted to surprise him. Late last night I caught a ride with a friend and showed up at his apartment just after seven this morning. He was surprised to see me and asked if I wanted to go out to breakfast to celebrate.” She paused to watch as Lisa turned the OPEN sign around on the door so it read CLOSED and locked the door. "I dropped my backpack at his place and we went down to an outdoor café that he likes. All I took with me were the clothes on my back and my purse. I even left my shoes in his apartment. Anyway, we ordered and he excused himself to go to the men’s room. I don’t know why, I guess I just had a feeling that something was wrong. I saw him slide into a booth with another girl. The booth behind them was empty so I sat down. I heard him telling her how he would make up some excuse to get rid of me so they could go to the fair as they had planned. I was so mad I walked out and started hitch hiking. I ended up here.”

I studied her for a moment, before I asked, “Do you want a job? You and Lisa can manage this place and the restaurant next door.”

“Thank you. I had no idea what I was going to do. You realize that I don’t have shoes or anything to wear except what I’m wearing until I can get back to my apartment to pick up all my stuff.”

“Well we don’t have problem with no shoes,” I heard a giggle behind me. I turned to find the girls smiling at me. “I’m sure Lisa can find you something to wear until we can make a trip to pick your gear up.”

“Great! I’ve always want to try something like this.”

My phone rang. It was Tracy’s father. He had arranged to have a meeting with the admissions people on Wednesday morning and wanted to know if we could make it. I didn’t hesitate to tell him yes. We would have to leave the next morning. After I hung up I told the girls and they were delighted. Ralph, the police chief arrived, to find out what was going on. He had been out of town when the call went out for backup. Before I had a chance to say anything he asked if he could search the place for drugs. They had been watching the store for a while, but hadn’t been able to gather enough evidence to bust Ann or Tammy. I gave him permission and told him he could start anytime he wanted to; we were going next door and we hadn’t touched anything.

Next door we found another surprise. The cook was really a chef name Larry Larson who was there as a victim of circumstance. He had recently been a chef at a posh Boston restaurant. His wife had grown up in our area, and she insisted in moving back to town where she grew up so she could be close to her ailing mother. He didn’t want to leave her and their baby so he agreed. Of course this was the only restaurant in 20 miles so he took the job. Ann was noted for not being able to keep help so there was always a need for new blood.

A man and woman walked in as Larry finished his story. I didn’t know them, but it was clear that the girl/woman who could have been a dark fairy princess in the “Lord of the Rings” was a submissive. Just the way she carried herself spoke volumes about her. Cuffs around her wrists and ankles indicated how deep they were into bondage—she was comfortable with them and herself in public.

“Hi, I’m Steve and this is Morgan,” he spoke first. “We have a winery at Station Village and we were wondering if you would be interested in trying some of our wines?”

I glanced at Larry, then the girls. “Sure why not?” I waved vaguely at our group, “I’m Liam the owner, this is Larry the chef,” he held up his hand, “this is Megan, who works for us; Lisa my wife and manager, and Tracy,” I hesitated and looked around; there was no one else in the place. “A submissive who works on our farm,” I noticed Steve and Morgan’s eyes go wide, Tracy’s beaming smile let me know she was very happy that I’d gotten her status right this time; “And Misty, another sub who works on the farm.”

Steve said, “Morgan, please go out, ask Terry to come in and bring a mixed case of wine so she can explain what we are doing.”

A few minutes later Morgan and a woman came back. Morgan had the case of wine and the woman had a case of glasses. Larry cleared off a table and had brought out a small bowl.

Steve introduced Terry as his wine maker as he started to open the wine bottles. Then he stepped back and let Terry take over. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for all of us to realize that not only were the wines great, but Terry really knew what she was doing. When she was ready to switch from whites to reds I grab a glass of white.

“Excuse me, but I need talk to Larry. Thank you, its great wine and we’ll buy whatever Lisa, Megan and Larry think we need.” I looked at Lisa, “Buy a few cases for the house to please, the Cayuga is great. I think it will go great with strawberry short cake.”

“Sure thing boss,” Lisa gave me the sassy smile I’d found so endearing when we first met.

I led Larry outside to the porch. I explained to him what we were about and I quizzed him on what his plans. He was very happy when he heard about the change in management. I asked Larry how much he was making, a pittance, and doubled it on the spot. He was also very happy to have a new full benefit package. After the wine tasting, we closed both the store and the restaurant until we could get a handle on what we had. Lisa and Megan would do an inventory on the store and help Larry with an inventory of the restaurant. We went back inside where the wine tasting was winding up. Steve invited all of us to his place for a BBQ. He did add one caveat—they had a house rule and the girls had to be naked. The girls started laughing. He, Morgan, and Terry gave them a startled look.

Lisa recovered first and informed him that, “We have the same rule.” That got a chuckle. Larry wasn’t sure how his wife would react to the “no clothes rule”, but he would do what he could.

After they left, I left the girls and Larry to pick up and close the restaurant while I went next door to see how the cops were making out. The cops were having a field day. They had found enough drugs and paraphernalia to send Ann and her cohort away for a long time. I called Carl, who had gone home while we were talking to Steve and Morgan, to find out about Ann’s personal affects. When he told me that I could throw most of it out because it belong to me and only stuff like her driver’s license needed to go to her. By the time we wrapped everything up we had time to go home to pick up a few things before it was time to go to Steve’s.

I wanted the girls to shine. I started with Tracy. I locked her belt on so I could lock her straight jacket to it. Then I put her in her straight jacket. Of course I hobbled her; she would have been upset if I hadn’t. To tell the truth I had become so use to seeing her hobbled it was strange when she wasn’t. I also locked her collar around her neck. Misty was next. As I said we didn’t have two jackets, but we did have a single sleeve. It took a bit of effort, but we got her elbows to touch. She looked great in it and you could smell her musk 10 feet away. To complete her bondage I added a chain around her waist so I could lock the end of the sleeve to it and of course a hobble. I was going to let it go at that, but she wanted a collar too.

Megan stood watching in awe. She had stripped without a word as soon as we arrived home, but now she didn’t know what to make of the bondage.

I turned to her, “You want to try some of this? It doesn’t have to be as difficult as what they are doing.”

“Sure. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it should be interesting. I’m always up for an adventure.”

“Ok, we’ll do something simple. Here, put these on your wrists and ankles.” I handed her a set of lined steel cuffs just like the one Tracy and Misty were wearing.

“I’m going to touch you, is that ok.” In this strange new PC world I felt I needed to ask her permission to touch her.

“Of course; if they let you do all that to them,” she nodded towards Tracy and Misty, “then I don’t have a problem.”

I wrapped a chain around her waist and locked it on with a small padlock. This chain looked like a very long dog collar. In addition to the two rings on the ends I’d just used to lock it on, it had three other rings, one on each side and one in the back. Squatting, I locked two longer chains to her ankle cuffs. Standing again I ran the chain from her right ankle up through the ring at the back of the waist chain. I took her left wrist, brought it behind her, and locked it the ankle chain. Then I did the same with her right wrist, except it was locked to her left ankle. In order for her to use her hands she had to either squat or lift one of her feet to give her enough slack. When I was finished she walked around for a few minutes.

“Cool, I could get used to this. Is this all?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant. “Collar?”

“Sure.” I locked one around her neck. We had plenty of those—I guess I’ll have to get Lisa to order a few more strait jackets.

Lisa got off the easiest. With two girls in strict bondage, yeah, I know they’re women, but that is the way the like to be referred to; I needed her help to take care of them. I locked her wrist cuffs together with a 6 inch chain and hobbled her with an 18 inch chain.

With everyone ready we left for Steve’s. Megan was nervous until she realized that nobody else was. We took the back roads because that way was shorter. Really, it was shorter.

It had been a long time since I’d been to Station Village. The layout hadn’t changed much, but it did look great with the bank all fixed up and converted into a restaurant. The hotel looked like something out of a movie—very Victorian and very elegant. We turned left in front of the station. The driveway climbed out of the valley through rows of grapes then a band of woods then more grapes. As we emerged from the woods our eyes were drawn to a huge Victorian. Unlike the one we lived in, this was the real thing. Steve had told me it had been built around 1918 by a noted architect. It sure was a great place.

A girl I had never met appeared at my door as soon as our Suburban stopped. She was nude except for her simple bonds—ankles hobbled, wrist cuffed and held together by a six inch chain.

“Hi, I’m Jill, Welcome to Overlook Winery and Vineyard.”

“Hi, this is my wife Lisa,” I pointed her out, “then there’s Tracy on the far side, Megan in the middle, and Misty on this side.”

“Great! Steve asked me to greet you and then show you around. He’s out back bothering Alice, our chef, while she trying to cook supper.” She giggled.

“Cool.” As I opened Misty’s door, Lisa was on the other side helping Tracy out. Megan was able to slide over to my side and I helped her out. She seemed to tolerate her nudity and bondage very well for a novice who had never considered this way of life.

To our left was a stone wall with a gate, Jill directed us towards the gate. “Please go through the gate, everyone is excited to meet you.”

I wondered how many people were at this BBQ.

As we walked toward the gate a car came up the drive, it was Larry and his wife. I turned to see how she would react to the sight of nearly naked girls in bondage. I didn’t want any problems—I wanted all of us to work together. Jill went over and opened Larry’s door as she had done for me. Stepping out he waved at me. His wife got out of the car and stared wide-eyed at the girls as they walked through the gate. I let the girls go ahead while I waited for Larry.

“Hi Liam, this is my wife Chloe.” She looked like a natural blond about 5’ 6” tall, medium size breasts under her tee shirt. She was wearing shorts and her long shapely legs were tan. “Grandma is watching Teddy.” He finished.

“Hi Chloe, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“It’s pleasure to meet you,” she said. “Do the girls always, ah, dress like that?”

“No, not really, most of the time, they are completely nude in their bondage, but tonight they wanted to dress up a bit. Tracy owns the strait jacket, so she got to wear it. Misty has never tried a single sleeve so she wanted to try that. And Megan is new to this so I figured she would get to wear something easy.”

“Oh, how do you manage to control them? Don’t they ever want to get free? I’d think they would try to run away.”

I smiled at her. “This is their life style and they have no reason to run away. Tracy was doing this solo long before I went to work for her. I’m their Master, but they serve voluntarily. I suggest that if you have never tried this sort of thing, don’t judge it until you have.” Chloe looked up at me then at the gate. “I don’t know, I’ve gone skinny dipping and walked around the house nude when I was pregnant, but I’ve never done it in public. Larry told me it’s a ‘house rule’ and,” her voice caught for a moment, “I guess I can give it a try. I don’t want Larry to lose his job.”

I looked into her eyes, “Here” I waved my hand to include the house and land “the nudity rule isn’t mine, and even if it was, it wouldn’t affect your husband’s job. At home we have the same rule and once again, it wouldn’t affect your husband’s job. However, I think you will find that you may be the only woman wearing clothes and that might more awkward then being nude.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I don’t have problem with nudity, I guess I was referring more to the bondage.”

“You can try bondage, now or in the future, just like Megan, but you don’t have to live that way. It is up to you and Larry. Tracy and Misty can’t live without it. Lisa can take or leave it, but I notice lately she has begun to crave it.”

Chloe nodded, then without another word kicked off her sneakers. Barefoot she quickly stripped. Nothing sexy, just a woman undressing, I found it odd that she didn’t seem to have problem undressing in front of a stranger. Perhaps she was like Misty, a sub stepping out of the closet or at the very least a nudist.

Another car was coming up the driveway, so I led Larry and Chloe inside. At least fifteen people were milling around talking to each other. I was right; there wasn’t another woman in sight who wasn’t nude or for that matter who wasn’t in some form of bondage. Morgan approached us with drinks on a tray. I heard a gasp from Chloe when she noticed Morgan. I could understand why, Morgan wasn’t carrying the tray as much as she was wearing it. She was wearing a leather belt around her waist with a strap that ran down between her ass cheeks then up through her pussy. A butt plug with a tail protruded from her ass and she swished it as she walked. Two steel tabs on the front of the belt bolted to the bottom side of the tray. Two chains ran from her nipple rings to the far corners of the tray and then down to meet again at a ring in her clip hood. The belt had a hole cut in it to accommodate the ring and chains. It was also clear that she was wearing some sort of dildo. I also noticed she had a brand on her inside of her leg. Chloe noticed it too because she turned to Larry and said, “she’s been branded.”

The turned to me and asked, “is the brand real.”

“Yes, Steve branded her on their wedding day.”

“Oh my,” is all she said.

Gagged, Morgan, couldn’t speak, but a sign hanging from her collar read; “Welcome to our BBQ. Please help yourself. If you want anything ask Jill or write a note on the pad.” Below that it said; “Pools open.” Larry and I selected wine while Chloe took a soda. Morgan smiled around the gag and gave me a wink. When she turned to serve someone else, I noticed her arms were folded up and bound in a reverse prayer against her back.

“Excuse me, I see the girls need my attention.” Larry and Chloe were so entranced by the people around them they hardly noticed when I walked away.

I walked over to the edge of the pool where Tracy, Misty, and Megan were standing with their toes hanging over the edge of the pool. They didn’t notice as I walked up behind them. Misty was speaking, “I love to swim, I wish we could go in.”

“Yeah, but we can’t, wearing all this bondage gear,” Tracy replied. “I guess there is a down side to bondage.”

“What’s the problem?” I asked, they jumped a little, startled by my voice.

“We want to go swimming, but we can’t, bound this way.” Tracy said as she turned towards me.

“Do you want me to free you?”

“No Sir, I like the bondage more than swimming right now.”

I said with a grin, “The secret to swimming to keep your head and keep kicking.”

All three turned to me puzzled. Without hesitation I gave Misty and Tracy a push that sent them into the pool. “Remember to kick” I called after them. They hit the water with a splash. In a moment they surfaced sputtering and silly grins on their faces.

In unison they said, “Thank you Sir!”

Megan watched with a look of horror on her face. After she saw no harm had come to her new friends she smiled at me as she jumped into the pool.

“Keep an eye on them Lisa,” She had walked over to see what was going on. “I’m sure they’ll be ok. Do you want to go in?”

“Not right now, maybe later.” I kissed her before I went over to where Steve was keeping an eye on Alice cooking on the BBQ.

“Hi Steve,” I stuck out my hand and he shook it.

“Hi Liam, I’m glad you made it. He glanced around, “I’m surprised Chloe stripped.”

“Yeah, she had a bit of problem with it, but I pointed out that she would be the only one dressed and that seemed to do the trick.”

Steve chuckled. “How did we get so lucky? All of these nude girls running around—most of them in bondage; it’s better than Playboy.”

“All the Playmates I’ve ever heard of are high maintenance bimbos.”

He laughed, “I can’t figure out why they all wear heels and think shopping is the only sport in the world.”

“You’ve got it,” I agreed. “This is a great place you have here. I’d love to see the house sometime.”

“I’ll have Morgan give you the grand tour when she done serving.”

“I love that tray set up! It’s a wonder Tracy hasn’t found one of those.”

“Oh, we had them made; I’ve got three of them.”

“I can think of one or two girls that would love to help Morgan.”

“I’m sure that can be arranged. Jill!” he called. She came right over. “Liam needs a tray set up.”

“Tracy is going to love this. Let’s go find her.”

Tracy was sitting on the steps that led into the pool. I motioned for her to come out of the pool. Without a word I hooked my finger in the ring in the front of her collar and we followed in Jill’s wake.

The house was awesome. I know that word is overused, but the house was simply awesome! In the pantry off the kitchen Jill pulled a tray set up off the shelf. About the only thing we had to do was trade Tracy’s chain belt for the one that was bolted to the tray. Tracy didn’t say a word, but an amused smile was fixed on her face. Her eyes really lit up when I pulled out a butt plug with a tail that was close to her hair color. Jill did up the belts while I rigged the chains. A penis gag completed her outfit. It was so long she had to swallow as I stuffed in her mouth. A bulb pump inflated it. When she started to show real distress I stopped pumping. Her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk. Jill handed me a tube of lube and I greased up the butt plug. I had Jill help her lean over the kitchen table so I could install the plug. She grunted a little, but that was about all she could get around the gag. I finished by running the crotch strap around the tail so it wouldn’t some out. Tracy looked great in the new bondage and tail. I checked her jacket to make sure it hadn’t loosened up.

Back at the party I led Tracy over to Steve. He was ready to serve the food. After Jill loaded her with drinks, I noticed that the chains running down to her clit had slackened off, so I’d tightened them up a few notches—more notches than were needed, but it was fun to watch her walk.

The dinner was great. After dinner we sat around and talked. I discovered that Jill was their Lawyer. We met another women, Chelsea, who was their Business Manager. Both Morgan and Tracy were freed from the trays and gags so they could eat or more correctly fed since both were still bound. Steve mentioned that they did this most Monday nights. Mondays were slow for his staff so he put on the BBQ for them as a way of thanking them. Around nine we said good-bye and went home. We were given a standing invitation for every Monday night. We could have stayed later, but we had a long trip to New Jersey in the morning.

The trip to NJ was on uneventful. We picked up Misty’s mom at the hairdressers on our way out of town. Tracy’s folks were happy to see us. As soon as we entered the house Tracy stripped off her dress, and Misty quickly followed. After dinner Tracy took us out to show us where she had spent most of her childhood. After looking at all the thorns on the wild roses, I understood how she could go barefoot and naked almost any place!

Wednesday morning we took her over to the college. Tracy took me on a tour of the campus while Misty and her mother met with the admission committee. The place is beautiful I knew Misty would be happy here.

We met Misty and her mother at a small restaurant that has an outdoor café. A waitress came over to take our orders. She took one look at Tracy then looked under the table.

“Yep, it must be Tracy, barefoot as always.”

Tracy smiled, stood up, and hugged her. “Hi Sue, it’s good to see you again. Guys this is Sue, a good friend from school.” After introductions Sue took our orders. We had a good time eating, talking and watching the people go by. Misty was very excited about the school. Clearly the interview went very well.

After lunch we took a ride to a nearby town. We pulled up in front of a mini-mall that looked like a transplanted old Scottish country town. I led them to a storefront with a sign that read, “Body Art.” Before we went inside, I took Tracy aside and explained to her that I wanted her to have a few special piercings. Before I could finish, she said, “Yes, anything you want, yes!” She stood on her tiptoes and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

The store was divided into two areas. In the front was a jewelry store with all sorts of interesting jewelry made for piercing. In the back were booths for artists who did both tattooing and piercing. A woman named Suzan was waiting for us. I had contacted her on the net and made an appointment for Tracy to receive several piercings. After Tracy filled out and signed the paper work Suzan led us to a small room at the rear of the store. Misty and Cecile waited out front.

“Tracy, I need you take off your dress and sit in this chair.” Suzan indicated a heavy-duty chair that resembled a doctor’s exam chair, except this one had straps. She indicated a middle age man standing on next to the chair. “This is Dr. Shelby; he will be working with me today, Ok?”


Tracy looked around then pulled her dress over her head and hung it beside the door.

“Please put this on her, sir.” Suzan handed me a leather hood from a nearby table. I stepped behind Tracy and started to put it over her head. Before I could she quickly turned her head and looked up at me, she gave me a wink and a smile—then mouthed, “thank you, I love you;” then turned around so I could install the hood. It is a full hood with no eye or mouth holes, just two for her nose so she can breathe.

I helped her sit in the chair. I strapped her down then stepped aside so Suzan could take over. Doc sat on a stool in front of the chair and put on a pair of gloves while Suzan raised the front of the chair so Tracy’s feet were at a comfortable level for the Doc. He swabbed the top Tracy’s right foot with a Batedin solution to disinfectant it. Then, starting at the top of her arch gave her several injections of topical anesthesia to numb the area. Finished he pushed his stool back. Suzan had her own stool and rolled into position so she could work on the foot. Next to her elbow was a small table that held her piercing supplies, two silver chains wrapped in plastic, more than a dozen small open rings, a pair of ring pliers, and a small bolt cutter. Suzan started by unwrapping one of the chains and laying it on the top of Tracy’s foot. The bottom end was at the junction of her big toe and her first toe. Suzan looked up at me, I motioned it should go just a bit lower. She moved it down a quarter of an inch and I nodded my head that it was in the right spot. She made a mark with a pen then set the chain aside. With a curved needle she pierced the skin and inserted a ring.

Tracy wiggled slightly, but other than that she didn’t give any sign of discomfort. Picking up the chain Suzan inserted the end into the open ring. When she looked up for confirmation that that was what I wanted I nodded again. She squeezed the ring shut. Moving up the foot she ran the free end around the back of her ankle under the ankle bones. She used a piece of wire to connect the free end with the main part of the chain. I unstrapped Tracy’s leg for a moment so we could manipulate her foot. We tried several combinations until I was confident that while Tracy would always be aware it was there, it wouldn’t impede walking. Suzan used the pen to mark a series points one each side of the chain. When she was finished there were six marks. I smiled, “that looks good to me.”

Suzan quickly pierced Tracy then inserted the rings, threading the chain into the rings as she worked. She stopped when she reached the top of the arch. Picking up the small bolt cutters she removed the excess chain before replacing the wire with a self-locking ring. She ran the chain around Tracy’s ankle then locked all three ends together. Looking down at the foot it looked like she was wearing a sandal. The chain ran up the arc of the foot where it ended in a ring. Then the chain ran around the back of the heel. Suzan pushed her stool back stood up and walked around looking at Tracy’s foot. “Wow, I love it! I’ve never seen this done before, it’s great!”

“I love it too, thank you!” I said.

Doctor Shelby gave me thumbs up as he started to work on the other foot. Carefully Suzan did the left foot so it was a mirror image of the right. When she was finished I unstrapped Tracy and helped her stand up. The piercings need dressing, but I wanted to her to see what we had done. I was sure she knew we had done something to her feet, but with the anesthesia I didn’t think she understood what we had done.

I helped her to her feet. She swayed a little, but quickly gained her balance. I helped her take a few steps so she would be in front of a full length mirror before I removed the hood. Tracy blinked a few times in the bright light then looked in the mirror. When she saw the chains her eyes went wide and she covered her mouth with her hand. She started to cry, “They’re beautiful. Oh my god they are beautiful. Thank all of you so much!” She turned to me and threw herself into my arms. Startled, I almost didn’t catch her. She kissed me on the mouth, her tongue trying to reach between my lips. I’m only human so I opened my mouth so we could French kiss of a few seconds. Tracy stepped back, her eyes glazed, “Whoa, I’m glad you are married.”

I stepped to the door to invited Misty and Cecile in. Misty came in first, she looked at Tracy, then at me a puzzled expression on her face. I pointed at Tracy’s feet. She looked then kneeled down to get a better look.

“Wow! Sandals, but I though. . . wait a minute.” She looked closer. “Neat! When, I can I have that done to my feet—and, and I want my nipples done and my clit hood done too.” Misty looked up at me. I noticed she was almost panting.

I looked at Cecile. She was nodding her head. She glanced up and stared into my eyes, then smiled. “I never knew you could do that.” Cecile turned to Misty, “I don’t mind, but I’m not sure when we-you can afford it.”

“Are you sure you want to do this Misty? We aren’t sure how well this will work. None of us see a problem, but you do realize that it will make any type of shoe hard to wear.”

“You know I don’t wear shoes, so that isn’t a problem. I don’t see why it isn’t going to work.” Misty crawled over to me and knelt in front of me, “Please, Master, can I have it done?”

I turned to Suzan. “Can you do the same for Misty right now?”

“Sure no problem; do you want her nipples and clit hood done now too?”

“If you have the time, I don’t see why not.”

Suzan led Misty out front so she could show her driver’s license to prove she was over 18 and sign the paper work. Cecile had helped Misty get her license on the sly so Ed didn’t know. I followed them out to see what Misty picked to wear. The chain and rings for her feet were the same as Tracy’s, but she picked out a slightly larger set of rings for her nipples. Her breasts and nipples were just a bit larger than Tracy’s so the larger rings look better. Then she spotted a set of bar bells with stars instead of balls on the ends.

She looked at me and did that woman thing—you know, twisting her hands and twisting her right foot. “May have those too?”

“Explain.” I wasn’t sure what she had in mind.

“I want the rings against my skin and the bars a little further out.”

“Ok, I don’t have a problem with that, they are your nipples.”

Tears came to her eyes, and then firmly she said, “No they are your nipples, just as the rest of me belongs to you. I knew from the first day we met that I belonged to you.” She stared into my eyes, “Yes you are married to Lisa, but we—me and Tracy belong to you. Lisa knows this and accepts this. I don’t know why you can’t accept it.”

I smiled at her, “Ok Suzan, you heard the lady. The bar bells go vertical and the rings go horizontal.”

“Yes sir, I’ll run everything through the autoclave. It will take a few minutes.”

An hour and a half later we left the store and headed back to Tracy’s folks place. The girls were funny, they kept holding up their feet to look at the chains. Misty was sore, but didn’t seem overly bothered by the pain.

The next morning we drove back to Vermont.

The following Saturday I took Megan to New Hampshire to pick up her things. I took Lisa’s van and we easily managed to stuff all of Megan’s gear in it. Megan moved into the apartment over the store and immediately began to clean and paint the whole place. She, Lisa, and Larry had already done a lot of work on the store and restaurant. Business was really taking off. The contractors and tradesmen loved the new hours—6am to 9pm. They could drop in and get something to eat before going to work. The locals loved the food and the wine. Larry started something new for the town. Friday night he invited local musicians into the restaurant for an open mike night. Saturday was folk night. Morgan heard about it and she soon became a favorite. Later he would add a “Jazz on Thursday” night.

Chloe helped when she could and they often went to Steve’s BBQ on Monday night. I was very surprised to see she started to wear a pair of handcuffs behind her back. When I asked Larry about it he said that she had decided to try it on her own. I gave them a set of cuffs like the girls worn. To my amazement I rarely saw her without them. Another convert; I don’t know what will happen in the long run, but I’m sure it will be fun to watch.

Now that Lisa is working in town, I felt a couple of things needed to happen. So on a warm Saturday morning I held a family meeting. Even Cecile dropped in; she had become part of our extended family. We rarely saw Ed and occasionally I worried that he might be a danger to us, but he seemed to keep his distance.

First on the agenda were workers for the farm. Tracy had gone a little overboard and planted what seemed like every square inch that wasn’t fallow was planted in some crop. I was busy clearing new land and haying the fields we already had. Not to mention trying the keep this circus, or perhaps commune is a better word, on an even keel. When all you field workers are women in bondage, it sounds like heaven. But for me it is a lot of extra work. Often you have to feed and wash them; you also end up running all the errands because they can’t or shouldn’t drive. And needless to say having a nude, bound woman wandering around town, as nice as it might be in a story, isn’t an option—at least not in this town. I digress.

We sat in circle on the porch.

“With Lisa working in town we need a few new workers.” I started, “does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve been thinking about a couple, who might not be into the life style, but can tolerate us.”

“Boo, hiss, no fuckin’ way,” Tracy countered. “No way will there ever be another guy living here, with or without a wife. If you go down that road, then I ask to be released and I’ll go live somewhere else.”

Shocked, I just stared at her. I knew she felt deeply about the farm and what we were doing, but I never realized how strongly she felt.

“Like yeah I feel the same way,” Misty seconded Tracy. “God, men are so dense. We are yours. Another dude would cause conflicts and problems. I think a slave can only really serve one master at a time.”

“Ok,” I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

To my surprise even Lisa waded into the one sided discussion, normally she let the other two do all the talking; “Liam, I love you and I’m very happy with our lifestyle. I never thought it would turn out this way, but I’m glad it did. We don’t need another guy living here. How could you find someone who wouldn’t take advantage of us? It takes a special person to live the way we do and part of that is having a large ego. You have a big ego, but you manage it; it doesn’t rule our lives. Let’s keep what we have and find a way to add to it. We found both Misty and Megan by accident; let’s see if we find at least one more woman like them.” She turned and smiled at Megan who beamed back.

“Thank you all.” Megan looked at each of use in turn holding our eyes for a few seconds. “I knew something was missing from my life, but I had no clue what it was until I took the job and stared living here. I even like the occasional bondage and I never realized how good it feels to go barefoot all the time. I can’t wait for it to snow!”

Cecile said, “I think I can help you out. Donna, one of the girls I work with, has twin daughters who are,” she paused for a few seconds, “twenty-two if I remember correctly. Donna and her husband have a family garden and a few horses. The girls just graduated from college; Amanda or Am as they call her has a degree in environmental science. Heidi did a dual major in botany and art—she loves to draw plants and write about them. They are real free spirits. All three are a member of my nudist club.”

I had been studying the all the bare feet gracing the floor in front of me. Two pairs were connected by a thin cable. The chains running up their arches looked great and didn’t give them any problems. In fact, the piercings had healed very fast. I looked up, made eye contact with each of the girls, then said “Ok Cecile, you’ve sold me. When do you think they can come visit us so we can meet them?”

“I’ll call Donna right now. They on the other side of our hill, there’s an old road that runs around the east side of the hill, I’m sure they can ride over any time. Last Friday I mentioned to Donna that we might be looking for some help.”

“Great, give them a call and see what they have to say.” I looked around, all the girls were smiling. They call me Master? Yet most of the time they get what they want. But I know that when I push them, they do what I want. I sat back and picked up my coffee.

An hour later we heard the beat of horses coming fast from the east side of the house. A few minutes later two beautiful white horses came prancing and dancing into the yard. As use to naked woman as I am, I was a bit shocked to see two girls not only riding bareback, but also nude. Between the four of them the horse wore the most—both wore leather halters with lead ropes. No saddles, bridles, bits, or reins just lead ropes. The horses were so well trained that the girls controlled them with their legs and by shifting their weight. They called hi then slide off their mounts and tied them to the hitching rail in front of the office.

“Hi, I’m Am,” Am said as she walked up to the porch. “And this is my little sister Heidi.”

“I’m not her little sister; I’m only 15 minutes younger.” They both laughed.

Both girls were about five-five with broad shoulders, long strong legs, and small breasts that rode high on their chests. Clearly they were use to working hard. About the only difference was their hair. Am’s was brown and worn short, Heidi’s was longer and multi colored—mostly purple with some black and blond highlights mixed in. And let’s see Am’s nipples and nose was pierced. Heidi had all of the above plus her left eye brow. Yep I decided they will fit right in.

“Wow!” Am exclaimed when she saw Tracy’s new piercings on her feet. “I… I never saw anything like that! Those are neat, but how do you keep them on—glue?”

Misty giggled, Am and Heidi looked her feet. “Cool, you have them too. But I can’t figure out how they are held onto your feet.”

Tracy and Misty looked at each other. Misty nodded to Tracy, deferring to the older woman.

“They aren’t glued on, they are piercings. There’s a series of rings underneath that hold on the chains.”

“Both of you?” this time it was Heidi who asked.

“Yeah, it was Liam’s idea. We got them done in New Jersey.”

“We’ve been thinking about some tats,” Am said, “I want a horse’s head on my back and Heidi wants a Dragon.”

“I hate to interrupt, but we need to talk about jobs and the farm,” I figured I’d better jump in before then went off on a discussion of tats and piercings.

The girls' arrival marked a big turning point on the farm. They worked harder than most people I’ve ever met. Every morning they’d show on their horses, turn them out to pasture, and go to work. This let Tracy concentrate on managing things. She set up a CSA with the help of Cecile for the girls in her nudist club. Am and Heidi never got into bondage like the rest of the clan, but they didn’t hesitate to tie Tracy or Misty up, once in a while, just for the fun of it. All in all the girls made a fine addition to the clan. In the fall Misty went off to New Jersey. She came back every holiday and spent as much time in bondage as she could.

* * *

After a great lunch, I sat in the office pretending to work, but I was spending most of my time watching the girls work. It was one of those late May afternoons that hints at the summer to come. It was Friday and Misty would be home tomorrow. All of us were looking forward to having her home for the summer.

Lisa had found a going-out-of-business sale at a garden supply store a few towns away. They had several green houses and truckloads of supplies we could use on the farm. We bought the lot and now they were hauling the stuff home. The four of them were making shuttle runs back and forth. Am and Heidi were using a rental truck while Tracy and Lisa had our full size van. Tracy and Lisa had come back before lunch and were starting to unload boxes into the shed.

The doors and the windows in the office were open. Off in the distance I heard a siren. I listened for a moment. Sirens were rare in this rural town. I figured it must be an ambulance or maybe a fire truck. I glanced at the girls then turned back to the spread sheet I was working on. The roar of an engine caught my attention. Someone was screaming up our driveway! All I could think of was that they were lost. I noticed the siren was getting closer too. I started to get out of my chair as a truck slid to a stop in front of the office. The stop was so violent the truck ended up sideways in the drive—it’s front end pointing towards the shed. A familiar figure jumped out and pointed something at Lisa. She had just started walking towards the shed with a box in her arms. She’d turned to see what was going on. Tracy was in the shed.

The figure screamed something—I caught something about “lezbo bitch” then a gun shot rang out across the farm. Lisa staggered and went down. The cruiser skidded to a stop behind the truck. The shooter, who I now recognized as Ed, turned and fired at the cop. He went down in the dirt next to his cruiser. By this time I’d made it to the door. I grabbed the old 30-30 Marlin deer rifle I kept behind the door. Ed had started turning towards the shed again as Tracy raced to Lisa’s side. Without thinking I cocked the rifle and fired at Ed. He turned toward me with his rifle up; his face a mask of surprise and rage. I heard him scream “Bastard!” I fired again and he fell back into the truck, bounced off the seat, dropped the rifle and landed on his side in the dirt. He kicked a few times and lay still. I kept my rifle pointed at him as I walked to where he lay and kicked the rifle out of his reach. I need not have bothered, he was dead. Then I went to the cop. He was bleeding from a chest wound. The rifle round from Ed’s high-powered rifle had gone through his bulletproof vest. The vest was never been intended to stand up to a large caliber round. I picked up his mike and called his dispatch. I told them we had a cop and three people down. Then I turned and ran to Lisa.

Tracy was on her knees, her head on the ground, her fists pounding the ground. A river of blood ran from under Lisa. Her eyes were open and she was trying to speak to me. I dropped to my knees beside her and lifted her into my arms.

“I love you.” She whispered and then she was gone. Gently I laid her on the ground. I wanted to hold her, but I knew that we needed to help the cop. That fuckin’ Ed had down enough damage; I wasn’t going to have another death on the farm if I could help it. I grabbed Tracy’s arm. She stared at me.

“Get the first aid kit, we have to save the cop!” I was surprised at how calm my voice sounded. “Lisa’s gone and there is nothing we can do for her.”

I got to my feet and ran over to the cop. He was barely conscious, and kept muttering about how he needed to call for back up. I ripped open his shirt and found a bullet hole a few inches below his left collarbone. Every time he took a breath I could hear it whistle. Tracy had pulled herself together enough to get the first aid kit. I grabbed a plastic pad and covered the wound.

“Hold that while I tape it down. He’s got a sucking chest wound and we need to seal his chest.” As soon as I got the pad taped down his color began to improve and he seemed to be doing better. I hoped the ambulance would reach us in time.

By the time we finished an unmarked cruiser slid to stop behind the first. It was Pete, the Detective who had helped us at the store. He jumped out with his gun drawn.

“It’s ok Pete, it’s all over, that asshole over there just killed my wife and almost killed this officer.” I don’t know how I was able to do all this so calmly, but I guess you never know what you can do until you have to. Pete nodded holstered his gun and went to check Lisa and Ed.

Less than a minute later a pickup with strobe lights pulled up. Penny an EMT-I from a nearby town who often ate at out restaurant and sometimes visited us had heard the call and came flying. I heard later she was doing 80 on a narrow dirt road when she passed a lost State Trooper going the other way. He never did figure out who it was. She flew out of the truck with her jump kit and took over. She checked the cop, then Lisa and finally Ed.

Tracy and I retreated to Lisa’s side. I sat next to her and pulled her onto my lap. Tracy sat next to me and gathered her legs and feet onto her lap. We sat there sobbing only dimly aware of Life Flight landing in our field and carrying away Officer Jenkins.

Chief Ralph showed up and came over to us. He knelt down in front of us. I could see tears in his eyes before he wiped his face with his sleeve. “I’m so very sorry, she was a wonderful woman. I’ll remember her every morning when I go for coffee.” He hesitated a moment, “The coroner needs to see her and the State Police need to talk both of you.”

I gently laid Lisa in the dirt. Somehow, it seemed right. She had loved the dirt of this farm and all the good things it grew. Tracy and I went and sat on the porch swing. She pulled her legs up so she could wrap her arms around them. I put my arm around her, seeking comfort in the touch of her body. Tracy snuggled closer. A few minutes later a State Police detective appeared from the direction of the driveway. He wanted to talk to Tracy first. I told him he could use the office, I was going in the house and get a drink.

An hour later the Detective found me on the porch of the house. While he was talking to Tracy the medical examiner had examined Lisa and had her taken away. Simon, the undertaker, had stopped by to express his condolences and to ask the funeral. Tracy said Lisa had wanted to be cremated. He said he would take care of it. We would have a memorial service later in the year.

After I told the Detective my story he walked around the area for a few minutes. Several techs in white suites showed up and took all kinds of photos and measurements. Several hours later the police circus packed up and left us to grieve in peace. There was little they could do, Lisa and the murderer where both dead and there was no one to search for or charge. I found Tracy on the office porch. I led her to the house porch.

Instead of sitting with me, she went in the house. A few minutes later she came out nude with her straight jacket and her hobble. I look into her eyes. They were dark pools of grief and anger. Without a word I put on her hobbles and then the jacket. Tracy laid down on the couch and put her head in my lap.

“Master,” she said, “why did this have to happen to Lisa? Of all of us girls she had the least to do with Misty coming here. She was the kindest, nicest person I have ever met.”

“I don’t know Tracy. This world is a strange place. All I can say is that Ed was crazy. If Ed was an example of what god can create, then I don’t want anything to do with him.”

Silence surrounded us as the day passed without our notice. I had no idea where the hours went. I know it was near supper time when I heard the soft thud of horse hoofs. Am and Heidi rode around the corner of the house. Their horse shone bright in the late afternoon sun. Without a word they rode to the pasture. The gate squealed as it always did when they opened it to let the horses lose in the pasture. A few minutes later they appeared on the porch.

“We’re so sorry.” It was Am. I could hear the tears in her voice. They’d been around long enough so I could tell them apart by voice.

“It’s ok. You were lucky you weren’t here. Where’s the truck?”

“Our house, we’ll get it in the morning.”

They pulled cushions from the chairs and sat on either side of me with their backs against the couch.

After a long while I started to get up. The sun was behind the trees and dusk was filtering through the trees. Tracy moved down a bit and I put a pillow under her head.

“Can I get you something?” I knew it was Heidi asking.

“I need some coffee. It’s going to be a long night.” “I’ll get it.” She got up and went in the house. I sat down and Tracy put her head back on my leg. A moment later Heidi called from the house, “Sis, I need you.”

Am got up and went in. I couldn’t hear what was going on and I really didn’t care. A few minutes later, Am came out with several large candles and put them on the porch tables. They offered a soft glow to the porch. She also stuck half dozen sticks of sandalwood incense around. Then she went back in the house. Later I heard something odd, but I couldn’t figure out what it was, not that I really cared. Am stepped onto the porch, and then held the door for her sister. In the dim light of the candles I realized that both of them we wearing hobbles and their wrists were cuffed in front of them. I was stunned! Neither had shown any interest in bondage until now. After handing me my coffee they sat down and drank theirs. Heidi shared hers with Tracy. The coffee was excellent.

I was barely half way through my coffee when a car came up the drive. It was Larry, his wife, and Megan. They brought food and flowers from the restaurant and store. People had been dropping stuff off all afternoon. Behind them came Morgan and company. Few words were spoken—it wasn’t time for words. Everyone found a spot as we held a vigil.

Out of the night, softly at first then louder Morgan began to sing. She knew all the songs Lisa loved. Am and Heidi joined in. I realized that the three could be professionals if they tried. I sobbed softly, it was so beautifully.

The candles had burned down until they were half their original size. Despite the coffee I had been dozing. Tracy was asleep. Others were either just sitting around or had found places to sleep. I had to take a pee so I walked around the corner of the house. While I was pissing I looked up at the stars. A meteor crossed the sky. It brought tears to my eyes again. Lisa loved shooting stars.

I went in the back door of the house and grabbed more blankets. I’d barely spread the blankets over the sleeping girls when I heard a car coming up the dive. A few moments later the head lights swept across the house. The inside light came on as the driver’s side door opened. It was Misty and her mother. Cecile was driving a van that I’d never seen before. I didn’t want to face them tonight. Their father and husband had murdered my wife and I’d shot him. This was not a night for words. All the girls were awakened by the van.

“Am, please turn on the porch lights.” She got and did as I’d asked.

Slowly Misty and Cecile walked up the path. As they entered the light I could see both were nude and Misty was hobbled. Judging by the rope around her chest I assumed her arms were bound behind. Cecile was leading her by a leash attached to her collar. Before she climbed the steps Misty, her head bowed, spoke. “Master may I come up?” I could hear stress and sadness in her voice, but no anger.

“Of course, you haven’t done anything wrong. And neither has your mother.”

“Thank you Sir.” Once she was on the porch Cecile dropped the leash. Misty walked over, dropped first to her keens and then lay face down at my feet. Her face inches from my feet. Cecile, her eyes red from crying knelt a few feet behind her. In the light I could see Misty’s hands were bound in a reverse prayer. Her thumbs touched the back of her collar. When I looked closer, I realized under the ropes her wrists were locked to her collar by her cuffs. Her shoulders must be close to dislocation. I knew even for her it had to be very painful. Without a word I untied the ropes. I held my hand out to Cecile. She reached into the pocket of her dress and pulled out a key. Her eyes on the deck handed it to me. I released Misty’s wrists from her collar.

“Why?” I didn’t get an answer. “Misty, Cecile, why was she bound this way?”

“She wanted to be punished.” Cecile spoke in a soft flat voice.

“I see. Well, no one should or will be punished for this. Do both of you understand?”

“Yes,” both answered.

Reached out and slid my fingers under Misty’s chin and tilled her head back so I could look into her eyes. “Misty, you didn’t do anything wrong—nothing. You have no reason to feel you should be punished. Ok?”

“But I…”

I cut her off, “Misty, with my and your mother’s help you got away from your Father. You’re the smartest person I have ever met. Hasn’t it crossed your mind that you could be the one laying in the morgue this morning?” Her eyes went wide for a moment. “I know your father beat you and it could have gotten out of hand; especially after what happened yesterday. He didn’t just kill Lisa, he tried to kill a cop, Tracy, and me. No, you are doing just what you should be doing, going to college and becoming a wonderful woman. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.” Her voice was clear and sincere this time.

“Cecile, the same goes for you. He was your husband. He must have been good once.”

“No, Ed was never good. From the first time we met he forced me to do just what he wanted. He never tied me up or beat me—well a few times. Ed was a monster. I thought I loved him at first, but after he got me pregnant with Misty he always controlled me. If I didn’t do just what he wanted then he would hurt Misty. It wasn’t until that day you agreed to take her and protect her that I was finally free to do the things I wanted to do. I think what set him off was I filed for divorce two weeks ago and they served the papers yesterday morning, just before he came up here. I am so terribly sorry for what happened. I don’t know of any way I can make it up to you and Tracy and all the others who loved her so much.”

“Just be yourself. Remember none of this is your fault. As I told you before, you did your best to save Misty and that is very important.” The silence gathered around us again.

“Master,” it was Misty, “may I have my wrists bound? Please.”

I motioned for her to turn around and locked her wrists together.

Several hours later, I had to take another piss and I need to go for a walk. I got up and went around the house to take a piss. There were so many people asleep I don’t think I could have gotten in the front door. After pulling up my zipper, I turned to find three shapes standing a few feet away.

“Can we go too, Master?” It was Tracy.

“How, never mind,” It seemed the whole crew was going. I didn’t count all the shapes, it didn’t matter; I turned and led the way up the hill as the night slowly turn into day.

* * *

Six months later the leaves started to change and we were putting the farm to bed for another year. I asked Tracy to would marry me. After thinking about it I realized that I’d loved her for a long time before Lisa’s murder, but I ignored my feelings. Now we needed each other. The second night after Lisa’s death Tracy had crawled into my bed. After supper all the people who had come to hold a vigil left us left, they knew we needed time alone to heal. I didn’t try to make love to her or anything else. I just held her; she couldn’t hold me because she was still wearing her straight jacket. It was almost midnight when another form crawled in on the other side—Misty, her hands still locked behind her back. I rolled onto my back and held both of them.

We held the wedding over Thanksgiving so Misty didn’t have to take time off from college. Morgan and her friends set the whole thing up. Unlike her wedding it was very simple. Despite a chill in the fall air, most of the guests were nude.

Life goes on. All our endeavors continue to thrive. Cecile moved away, but we got a card from her saying that she’d found someone new and she’d bring him to visit. Misty graduated, got a PhD in two years, and is teaching at a local college.

The End

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