by Yashi

I watched her dance.† The spotlight followed her every move as she slowly stripped, a Middle East belly dance tune played in the background.† When it ended there wasnít a sound in the club, then gradually the conversations picked up.† She walked around the small stage picking up tips and occasionally shaking her tits for an extra dollar or two.† Grabbing her clothing she disappeared.

I sat and waited, sipping my soda.† A few minutes later, slightly out of breath, barefoot, wearing a simple green skirt that buttoned down front and a white blouse Mandy appeared at my table.† Tonight was special for her, but she didnít know I knew.

"Hi Sir," she said as she sat down.† Iíd never told her to address me by anything other then my name.† Somewhere along the line she had started calling me Sir.

"Great dance tonight, Mandy."† I slid a fifty across the table.† It insured I had her for the next hour until her last dance of the night.

I looked down at my soda, then up at her.† She slowly unfastened the top button of her blouse.† She was good it would take her most of the hour to strip.† Considering all she was wearing was the blouse and skirt her timing had to be good.

"Why are you sad?† Sir," she asked.

I toyed with my drink again.† This was going to be a long hour.† Realizing how perceptive she is I decided to simply tell her what was going on.† It would only take a few minutes.† I didnít want draw it out for the whole hour.† She had already earned the fifty.

Catching her eyes, I said, "Tonight is the last night isnít it?"†

Instantly I saw the tears well up in her eyes.† Mandy nodded, and then whispered, "I know, but I donít want it to end!† Can you tell me why?† Why we canít go on meeting?"

I studied her face for a moment.† "This is your last night here, right?† Your next dance will be your last -- on that stage."† She kept nodding her head agreeing with what I was saying.† "Tomorrow is graduation.† I know you are looking at a teaching job in Denver."† A flash of surprise crossed her face.† "When I realized how much I love you I had you checked out.† I didnít ask him to go into details, just the simple things like where you are from and where you are going."

Mandy sat back, remembering her job; she unbuttoned the second button on her blouse.† I made a motion with my hand and she reached down and undid a skirt button, then put her feet up on the empty chair next to me.† Her soles were black.

"Do you remember when I first came here a year ago?"† I asked.

"Yes, I couldnít figure out why you asked me to do a table strip.† Youíre so handsome and... well my body is nice, but my face is kind of plain."

"Mandy you are beautiful, from head to toe."† I would have tweaked a toe, but the house rule was no touching.

"What if I told you I didnít want to go west?† I know you are married," she glanced down at my wedding ring, "and I donít want to be caught between you and your wife.† I just wish we could work something out."

I reached down, took my ring off and laid it in the middle of the table.† "I came in here a year ago because I was lonely.† My wife and my daughter died last year in a crash.† I was at home cooking supper, when I heard a car in the drive.† Rita was a lawyer and she always picked Deb at school on her way home.† I waited for a few minutes wondering where they were.† Then there was knock on the door.† A State Trooper told me a drunk going the wrong way on the interstate had hit them head on.† They died instantly."

Mandy just stared at me.† Then she undid two buttons on her skirt.

"A few weeks later I couldnít stay in the house any longer, it was too painful, so I put it up for sale.† Somehow, I found this club.† You were the second girl that danced that night and you were barefoot.† I found out you danced Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so I stared coming in and watching you.† You know the rest."

She smiled for the first time, and then undid another skirt button.

"I wanted to take you home a long time ago, but I didnít know how you felt about me.† I was afraid that you were just being nice because of your job.† Also, Iím not sure if you can deal with my lifestyle."

Another skirt button came undone.† Then for good measure, a blouse button followed.

"What do you mean?† What sort of lifestyle are you talking about?"

I took a sip of the soda.† It was crunch time. "My wife loved bondage.† When I become serious with another woman, I want her to enjoy the same thing."

Mandy leaned forward, "If I go with you tonight, you will expect me to spend time in bondage?"

I said, "Yes, that is what I want."

She leaned back and studied my face.† Her fingers, on their own, undid the last two buttons of her skirt and it fell open revealing her shaved pussy.† She spread her legs as far as she could without lifting them from the chair.† Giving me an obstructed view.

"Ok.† Is the bondage going to be tight?† How long?"

"Secure, not tight, I donít want to hurt you.† How long?† As long as we are..."

"No.† Oh, sorry for cutting you off -- I mean how long will I spend bound at one time?"† It came out in a rush.

"You will be nude and in some form of bondage all the time.† If you are doing things around the house or garden, your hands will be bound so you can work.† Of course, you will be hobbled.† At night or when you arenít working your hands will be behind your back.† As for how long -- youíll have a safe word."

Quickly she undid the last few buttons on her blouse.† With a shimmy, it fell from her shoulders.† We were running out of time.

Mandy stood, "Where do you want me to meet you after the dance and what should I wear?"

"My car is across the street.† Meet me right outside the front door.† Wear just the skirt and the halter top you had on when I came in."

Grabbing the skirt and blouse she hurried away.

I watched her dance.† She started wearing a cotton dress that hung below her knees.† Slowly over the next fifteen minutes, she ripped it off her body.† When she was done, she tossed the remains of the dress to the audience, and then picked up her tips.† I hoped they tipped her well it was her best.

I slipped out the front door, picked up my car and pulled up in front of the club.† I got out and leaned against the passenger side.† Ten minutes later two figures immerged from the ally next to the club.† Clearly one was Mandy, the other, judging by the size was Ted the bouncer.† Mandy walked right up to me and climbed in as I held the door open.† I shut the door and turned to Ted.† He held out his hand.

"Take care of her." He said as he shook my hand.† "Sheís a special lady and if she ever wants to dance her again, sheís welcome.† Even if she doesnít, donít be strangers."

"Weíll stop by in a few weeks."

I walked around and got in the drivers seat.

"Feel around under you feet, next to the seat."† She did.† I glanced around as I turned on the inside light.† I reached down and found the cuffs Iíd installed for my wife.

"Do it," was all Mandy said.† I locked the cuffs around her ankles.† She pulled on them and discovered they were locked to the seat base.† She didnít hesitate as she unbuttoned her skirt and pushed it to the sides; spreading her knees at the same time.† I reached behind her seat.† Without even looking to see what I was doing she turned away from me and put her hands behind her back.† I cuffed them together.† Finally, I fixed her seatbelt, then mine.† I started the car and headed home while she danced in my chains.