by Yashi

After I got out of the Navy I knocked around for a while.  A sort of left over hippie girl got me interested in bondage photograph.  I'd tried both on a girl I'd met in Scotland, but had never done both at the same time.  It soon became apparent that I was good at it.  But it didn't pay very well so I started working as a carpenter.  My father had been one most of his life and had shown me the basics.  After working for a few contractors I got tired of lay offs in the winter and few benefits.  When John offer me a job in his custom mill work shop I jumped at the chance.  That was more then years ago.  Most of the time I build stairs for him and earn a decent wage year round.  Since I lived alone I didn't need much.
About six months ago my helper got itchy feet and decided to move on.  I'd been complaining ever since.  Well today, about midmorning, I'm in the middle of setting up the forms for a curved stair case.  Because of the shape I have to re-saw the planks and then glue them back together.  Anyway John comes up to me trailing this woman.  She was dressed in sneakers, jeans, and tee shirt.  A real looker, she was almost as tall as I am with blond hair, early twenties my guess.  She could be a model easy, so I figure she was a client checking on a job.
"Harry, this is Brena" he turned to Brena.  "Brena this is Harry, you'll be helping him build stairs." With out saying another word John turned and left.  I think I caught a smirk as he turned way.
I was speechless, this yuppie looking princes was my new helper!  Yeah right! She must have taken a wrong tern at the mall. Finding my voice I managed to mumble something like; "Nice to meet you."
"It is an honor Sir." She had a faint Scottish brogue, as if she had been in the U.S. most of her life.
"Are you Scottish?" I asked, already guessing the answer.
She smiled and if it were possible she became even more beautiful. I could not for the life of me figure out why she was single, but she told me she was and still lived with her mother! Some luck guy was going to get a real prize.
 "Yes, my mother and I came over when I was ten.  Mom was looking for a new job."
I soon discovered that Brena wasn't half bad.  She was eager to learn and actually worked hard.  A few weeks passed and we finished the stairs and took them out to the job site to install them on a warm Wednesday morning.  After they were installed I set up my camera and lights.
"Man you're really into taking photos aren't you!" Brena observed.
"Yeah, I use to be a photographer.  I prefer people, but this keeps my eye in and some of these shots we use in our catalog."
"Would you photograph me sometime?" She put one hand on her head and the other on her hip and vamped an old fashioned model.
"Sure, that sounds like fun." You bet that would be fun I though, but after all you are young enough to be my daughter.  I didn't want to come on to strong and figured this was just one of those things that would pass.
"I'm free Friday after work.  My mother works until 6 and most Fridays I walk home." Brena continued.
I stopped trying to take pictures.
"Well, ah, well most of the shots  I've done lately are nudes."
"So, do I scare you."
"No, but you are young and . . ."
"Hell," she said softly, "I'm almost 28 and I wasn't born yesterday." She seemed a bit angry.
"You do look a lot younger." I added lamely.  Plucking up my courage I added. "If you really want to do this we can go up to my place Friday, do a shoot and I'll take you home.  Ok?"
"Sounds good to me."
I finish what I was doing and she help me pack up.
We made it back to the shop just in time for lunch.  When we sat down in the lunch room, Nancy was just starting some story about the Internet.  As always I tuned her out.  She liked to gossip and often told tales about the people she knew.  I figured if I kept my mouth shut, she couldn't put words in it.   Brena was sitting across the table from me.  Suddenly I was pulled out of what ever world I was in. Nancy had said something about bondage.
". . . I found this web site." Nancy was, as the Brits would say, going at "full chat." "They had these naked women and they were all tied up!  I called Ralph in," turning to Brena,  "he's my husband you know.  Come see this, can you can't believe they put this sort of thing right out in public?"
I tuned her out again.  She would go on like that for hours. I looked up to see what Brena's reaction would was.  She was studying  me with a faint smile on her face.  I wasn't quite sure what to make of her.
Friday came and as we always did we stopped at 3 to clean our part of the shop.  Brena seemed very happy. At 4 we punched out.  I hadn't mentioned anything to Brena so I wondered if she was going to go through with the photo shoot.  She was behind me in the line to punch out.
"I need to go to my locker and then I'll be right out." Brena said over my shoulder.
"Sure, I'll meet you at the truck."
I went out to the truck and unlocked it.  It was hot from sitting in the sun all day so I opened the windows.  Leaning against the hood I watched the shop door.  I didn't have to wait long before she came out carrying her back pack.  To my amazement she was already barefoot.  She sure knew how to turn me on.
"Ready?" I asked her.  The hot pavement didn't seem to bother her.
We drove out along the bay road, so named because it followed the outline of the bay at a distance.  She didn't say much, just watched the woods and water as we drove along. Several miles out of town I turned into a obscure dirt road.  As I stopped she turned and raised her eye brows.
"Mail." I got out and check my mail box.  Nothing much, a few bills.
As we drove further into the woods she watched the road intently.  I figured the remoteness was making her nervous.  I was about to say something to calm her fears when she spoke.
"Do you see much wildlife crossing the road?"
"Yeah, there are a few deer that I see nearly every day and once in a while a turkey."
"I hope we see something."
  About a mile off the tar road the dirt road opened to fields on both sides.  A house, my house, stood off to the right.  On our left a large old barn.  The road continued down the hill as a dirt tract, there were no other houses on it.  In front of us was a panoramic view of the bay.  I pulled up in front of the barn and shut off the engine.
"Wow." Brena exclaimed, "this place is neat.  How many acres do you own? Do you own down to the bay?"
"Yes, I own down to the bay, we can walk down there later.  I own just over 300 acres."
She turned to me, "How could you afford to buy that much . . ." Her voice trailed off, thinking she may have gone to far with the questions.
I didn't mind so I told her the story.
"Well when I was 18 I worked for the farmer who owned this land.  His family received the land as a grant from the King of England before there was even a United States.  All of his family were dead and he had no one to leave it to.  So I bought him out for $8,000 dollars.  In those days that was a lot of money, but I worked hard and I didn't have a family to support.  I had visions of working the place as a farm, but I went in the Navy.  When I got back I decided that I still liked farming, but not full time.  Thankfully I kept the place.  A guy offered me 5 million two years ago and I turned him down."
We got out of the truck.
Brena followed me into the kitchen.  I sat right down and took off my boots and socks.  Feeling better I stood up.
"Want a drink, something to eat." I asked.
"What you got?"
"Oh, water, soda, and some dark beer."
"I'll  take a beer."
I fished two bottles out of the fridge, set them on the counter so I could dig up a church key or bottle opener.  As soon as I'd opened one she snag it off the counter and took a long pull.
"Let's go out to the studio." I said as I head for the door at the back of the kitchen.  We entered a short hall way.  About half way down on the right I opened a door.  Reaching inside I flipped on the light to revel a fully equipped darkroom.
"Neat."  Was her response.
A few steps further down the hallway, a doorway opened out into a large room.  Many people were surprised by its size, 40 by 50 feet with a vaulted ceiling.  From the road the house looks fairly small and it was until I added this wing.  To our right was a work area where I matted and framed my work.  Several of the walls had bookshelves along them.  The far end of the room was nearly bare.  Only an old fashioned love seat and a simple wooden chair stood against the wall.  In front of these were several light stands and a camera tripod.  Brena wandered around sipping her beer exploring the room and reading the titles of the books as I pulled my camera out of a draw in the table.  Quickly I loaded the camera with film and locked it on the tripod.  As I began to turn on lights I glanced up to see what she was doing.  Brena was watching me.
"Ready." Called to her.  Without hesitation she unbuckled her jeans and let them drop.
Putting down her beer she pulled her shirt over her head.  She wasn't wearing anything underneath.  She tossed the shirt over a chair, stepping out of the jeans she scooped them up with her barefoot and tossed them over the same chair.  Retrieving her beer, nude, she strode across the room to the couch.  No question about it, she was one of the most beautiful women I'd worked with.
"Do you want me to put down the beer?"
Even the way she carried the beer, sort of like you would a pencil was beautiful.
"No, you can use it as a prop.  I'll shoot one roll with you lounging on the couch; then when I change film, we will change what you are doing.  OK?"
"Sure.  Whatever you want is fine by me." She took another pull on the beer, it was almost gone.
The first roll went well, she took direction well and had a natural way in front of the camera.  Quickly she learned what I wanted.  No cheese cake, just honest poses.
"OK, that's the fist roll." I told her.  She got up and wandered around for a minute, then spoke.
"The other day when Nancy was talking about that bondage web site she'd found, you really perked up didn't you?" Brena was watching me like a hawk.
"I didn't know what to say at first, then chose honesty.  "Bondage has been a hobby of mine for a while and I was just interested in hearing her reaction to the site."
"Would you tie me up."
"Are you sure that is something you'd like? It isn't something I do the first time I work with someone new.
"I don't know. Beside we have been working together and I trust you." I noticed she hunched her shoulders, bent her right knee and cocked it to the left so only her toes were on the floor.  I habit I knew from working with her that meant she nervous.  She wasn't the only one.
"Well, I need you to be sure.  Before I do anything."
Brena squirmed around for a second.
"I guess I'm a bit scared, but excited at the same time.  It's not something I think about often, but the idea really. . . ah," she blushed, and dropped her eyes to the floor, "turns me on."
"We can try a few simple things and see how it goes.  If it bothers you, we can stop anytime."
"OK.  Do you have some rope or something?"
I pointed to an old fashioned chest under the window next to table.  Together we walked over to it.  I opened the top to reveal all sorts of neat toys.  Brena just stared.  I reached down to pull out a bundle of rope.  She reached out with her hand and grabbed my wrist.
"Can we use the cuffs?" Brena, releasing my wrist, pointed to a special set of leather and steel cuffs I'd had made for a Scottish girl many, many years before.  She had worn them many times before my ship pulled out. We'd lost touch over the years.  So I though it was only fitting that this Scottish lass should try them.  I picked them out of the chest.  Brena turned around and put her hands behind her back with out my asking.  I locked the cuffs on her wrists.  They fit perfectly.  They were already locked together with a small pad lock.
"How do they feel?" Brena was silent for a few seconds as she twisted and pulled.  I knew she wasn't going to free herself.
"Ummm, I like them, it's almost like I've worn them a long time." Turning around she put her right foot on the chest.  "You are going to do my ankles too aren't you?"
"Yep."  I pulled the ankle cuffs out and secured the first one to her offered ankle.  Then kneeling down I secured the second one to her left ankle.  They were connected by an 18 inch chain.  She spread her legs as far as they would go, pulling on the chain.
"Man, I've never felt so secure." She giggled at her play on words and rewarded me with a wonderful smile.
"Let's get going." Brena hobbled back towards the love seat and chair.  I pulled the chair away from the wall and motioned for her to sit in it backwards.  I pushed the love seat out of the way so that only she and the chair would be in the photo.
The second roll went even faster then the first.  She was great, pulling and straining just enough to show off  how helpless she was.  The second roll finished, I stepped around the camera.
"How you doing?"
"Great.  This is more fun then I ever dreamed it would be."
I could smell her arousal five feet away.  Dam I wish she wasn't so much younger then I.
"Do you want me to let you go now?"
"You said you were going to do at least three rolls didn't you?"
"Yes, we've got at least one more to go." I had two more, but I figured I'd play it one roll at a time.
"Well can we change to something else?" She manage to slid off the chair and stand up. "What do you have in mind."
"On the web site Nancy saw, I got the address so I could checked it out. One of the girls was in ah, I think they called it a hog tie. You must know, her hands feet were chained together behind her back."
"That's a bit rough for your first time."
"Please!  If nothing else I just want to try it. It looked neat."
"Ok, but as I said before if there is a problem tell me and I'll let you go."
I helped her lay on the floor.  Taking out the key to the pad lock that connect the chain between her ankles I unlocked her right ankle.  Pulling her legs up I threaded the chain between her wrist cuffs.
"How's that feel?" Brena tested the bonds.
"Ok, I guess, but they seem lose.  Like there's to much chain."
"I can fix that."  Getting up I went back to chest and took out a six inch length of chain.  Returning I swapped chains.  Now her hands and feet touched and she had a nice arch in her back.
"That better?" I half expected her to complain.  She didn't, just test her limits and then lay still.
"Much better, you don't have a gag do you?"
"Coming up." No pun intended, I was getting into the spirit of things now. This may only be her first time, but I wanted her to be pleased with the way things went. Hopefully there would be a next time.
I found a nice black ball gag in the chest and showed it to her.  I didn't even have to ask her to open her mouth.
Returning to the camera I lowered it closer to her level and started taking pictures.  She didn't need much encouragement to struggle.  I could tell she was really getting into it and must be getting very turned on.  Sure enough about three quarters of the way through the roll of film her body went ridged and then after perhaps a minute relaxed.  I knew she had had an orgasm.   Hopefully she was enjoying this so much she would want to do it again.  I did.
Brena's eyes flew open, blushing she looked at me to see if I knew what had happened.
"You're doing great!  Everything Ok?" She nodded her head yes and smiled behind the gag.
The roll was finished so I was.  I quickly undid the hog tie and took out the gag, but didn't free her hands right away.
"Wow,  That was the craziest thing I've ever done." Her voice husky with emotion. "Can we do it again soon?"
"Sure, perhaps next week?"
"Ok, just name the day."
"Let's see how the photos turn out and then we'll set a day.  It's getting late and you wanted to go down to the bay.  So we need to get going."
"Are there many people out there? I mean on the way to the bay."
"No, I don't get many visitors.  There may be a few fishermen on the bay, but we shouldn't see anyone."
"Great, would you mind if I went like this?" She wiggled her arms to remind me that her wrists were still locked together.  She was still wearing the ankle cuffs, but they were no longer connected.
"I don't see any reason why you can't, if that is what you want."
I help her to her feet and we headed out.  The trip was uneventful.  The sun was setting, putting the perfect ending on a wonderful day.  Brena dabble her feet in the water and wadded in a bit.  Finally we head back to the house.  Reluctantly I freed her and she got dressed.  In the truck she bent over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  It was all I could do to keep from stopping the truck and giving her a real kiss.  I was afraid to think of where that would have led.
"Thank you.  That was the best time I've had in a long time. I never knew it would be like that.  Next time I want to do more, maybe we can go outside."
"We'll have to see what the weathers like.  I've always liked working outside."
"Would you mind doing a whole Saturday?" Brena asked.
"No, but I'm not sure my heart can stand it." I replied. She just giggled.
She and her mother lived in a nice two family house on the outskirts of the next town.  I pulled up in front.
"Can you come in for a cup of coffee?  I'd like you to meet my mother."
"Ok, that would be nice."
Brena led me around to the back of the house, up the steps, across the porch and into the kitchen.  A strikingly beautiful woman almost my age was sitting at the kitchen table.  She was barefoot, wearing jeans and a white blouse.  A pair of reading glasses perched on her nose.
"Mom, this my friend Harry from work.  Harry this is my mother Denise."
Denise stood up from behind the table and extended her hand. I reached out to shake it.  With her left hand she pulled off her reading glasses.
"Nice to meet . . ." She stopped speaking as our eyes met.
Dumbly I stared at her.  Dimly I heard Brena almost yelling at us.
"MOM!  What's the matter?" She must have seen the blood drain from her mother's face.
Our hands parted as Dee sat down heavily.  I leaned against the door frame.
Calmly she turned to Brena and said; "Brena meet your Father."