Your Master Requires Your Obedience

Author's note: I never planned to become the king of sequel writers, but that is the way my imagination often works. This is a sequel to Jack Peacock's "Your Master Requires . . " stories. I tried to reach Jack Peacock at the web address he gave on the Leviticus website, but my email bounced. Zack doesn't have an up-to-date address for him either. So unlike my previous sequels, this has not been approved by the original author. Jack Peacock, if you are out there somewhere, I hope that you like this piece.

Kelli Herren leaned back against the wall of a cell with her emotions in a whirl. She and her master Matt had been called into the office of the Director of the school for submissive women where they were both on the staff, and the Director had given her an impossible order. Or at least it seemed to her that the order had been impossible. Apparently Matt and the Director thought that it was possible, or the Director wouldn't have given it.

She had felt compelled to say "No", to her Master and to the Director. She was feeling severe guilt. True submissives never refused orders, did they? But trying to follow that order would make her feel horribly guilty in a different way, and besides, she didn't have the necessary skills to carry out the order.

Besides the guilt, there was fear. She knew that refusing an order would have unpleasant consequences.

Besides the fear, there was anger. How could they ask her to do something that she really couldn't do?

Besides all these, there was frustration. With all of the other emotions swirling through her brain, she had been unable to give a clear explanation of what was wrong.

And all of these emotions had been compounded when Matt and the Director had looked at each other, and Matt just nodded. The Director picked up a phone, and two wardens had come in promptly to take her away to the secured area.

She was placed in a cell wearing correction chains of a style she had worn once before. A bar connected the cuffs on her wrists, and another connected the cuffs on her ankles. A chain linked the two bars, short enough that she had to hold her hands below her waist when she wanted to stand up. Besides the chains, she wore only a collar and a chastity belt, the only wearables allowed for students in the school.

She had an extra source of mental pressure this time, unlike the previous time that she had worn these chains. Her cell had a set of stocks in the middle of the floor. The stocks were clearly designed to hold a woman standing, completely immobile, bent at the upper back, with legs spread wide apart. The implied threat was obvious. Sitting in the cell, waiting for the next warden to come through the corridor, wondering if that warden was about to lock her in the stocks, was almost worse than being locked into that thing and left there.

Kelli had begun to get control of her emotions when the situation got worse, in a way that she hadn't expected at all. She heard the corridor door being unlocked. She knelt at the back of the cell facing the cell door, hands on thighs, the correct position when a warden was in the corridor. The warden unlocked the cell door and said "In", and Cathy Kincaid joined Kelli in the cell. Cathy was wearing an identical set of chains. The warden said "Your old correction-team partners Diane and Cindy aren't here right now, so it's just the two of you this time." And then he locked the cell door and walked off. They heard the corridor door being opened, closed, and securely locked again.

Cathy turned to Kelli and said "Hail, hail, the gang's half here. It looks like our fates are linked together again. Do you have any idea what is going on? I was resting in the teacher's lounge between classes when a couple of wardens showed up and told me my privileges as a teacher had been cancelled. Then they put me in these chains and hauled me down here." She looked up at the stocks and said "ergh". She had horrible memories of the time that she had been locked into those stocks.

Kelli replied "Oh God, I'm sorry, Cathy. I never meant to get you involved in my problems. It's all so horribly unfair! I had to refuse an order, and now they've got you in punishment chains too." Tears began to trickle quietly down her cheeks.

"You refused an order? That has to be serious. Can you talk about it? What did you refuse to do?" Cathy sat down companionably next to Kelli by the cell wall.

Kelli sniffed hard and began to explain. "There are dominants in places like Chicago and New York who would like to put their submissives in here, but it's a long haul from their homes. Some of these women get invited to take vacations in Las Vegas or Disneyland or someplace else that puts them in convenient snatching range, but that has risks of its own and doesn't always work well. I've been told that one snatching team almost got caught by hotel security.

"So now it seems that this school is starting up some outstations back east. They are remodeling some trucking warehouses with special concealed areas that are designed to hold women. Modified eighteen-wheeler trailers will be used to carry those women from warehouse to warehouse. A group of new students can be assembled by local snatches and then brought here all at once. Trailers don't have windows, so the students won't be able to see where they are being taken, and nobody will be able to see them.

"I was asked to ride along with a shipment of new students that will be leaving the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Monday of the week after next. I was supposed to pretend to be snatched too, and serve as an example for the new students so that they would know how to behave and wouldn't be quite so scared.

"I hope you can see why I really couldn't do that."

Cathy answered "Why not? I've done that. It isn't all that difficult an assignment."

There was a moment of shocked silence. Then Kelli looked away from Cathy and curled up into a defensive position, with her knees right in front of her chest and her arms wrapped around her lower legs. She asked "You!? You have really been a - a Judas goat? How could you do such a thing?!"

Cathy answered, "Why, I would never do such a thing! I could never be anything as nasty as a Judas goat! How could you even think that I would ever do anything that must be so very mean, based on your tone of voice when you talk about it? But just to be sure, I should ask one important question. What is a Judas goat?"

That was the start of hours of explanations and discussions. Thinking about it afterward, Cathy suspected that mealtimes and lights-out in their corridor had been delayed so that her conversation with Kelli could continue.

* * *

Eventually a food cart, and then a bedding cart, went down the corridor where Kelli and Cathy were being held. Both women had worn the same type of chain rig before, so they knew how to work within the limitations of their chains in eating, personal hygiene, and sleeping. Cathy stretched out flat on her back to sleep, with her hands by her hips. Kelli curled up into a knees-on-chest position, on her side, so that she could use one arm as a pillow.

The next morning began routinely, with the usual bedding-pickup cart and breakfast cart making their way down the corridor. Then came the familiar sounds and voices of wardens ordering the students out of the other cells on that stretch of corridor, and then handcuffing the students and linking them into coffles, and taking them away to classes or whatever. Finally Kelli and Cathy were the only inmates still in a cell. The corridor felt extra-quiet with no muted distant sounds of other people.

Again a corridor door opened, and again Kelli and Cathy knelt in the back of the cell facing the door. Two wardens unlocked the cell door and entered. One of them ordered "Kelli, come over here by the door. Turn around. Face the stocks."

The other warden walked over to the stocks and said "Cathy, come here." Cathy bit her lip and gave a short sigh, but she followed orders. She had given a speech to her cellmates just after her previous time in these stocks. She had spoken on the importance of following orders even when it wasn't easy, and especially when it was hard. That was the way a submissive could fully show her love and trust for her master. Now she had to prove that she believed her own speech.

The orders continued. "Left foot in the keeper loop." When that foot was in place, the warden bent down and undid the cuff on her left ankle. "Right foot in the keeper loop." With her wrists still chained to her right ankle, Cathy shifted her legs farther apart to accommodate the wider spacing of the stock ankle board as compared with the bar for the ankle chains that she had been wearing. The warden closed and locked the keeper board to restrain Cathy's ankles, removed her other chains, opened the top boards, and said "Put your wrists and neck in the keepers." Cathy was quickly locked in.

The other warden said "Kelli, remember that she is here for you. Think about that when you have your interview with the Director. Very few women get two chances at that. Come along now."

The wardens took Kelli out of the cell and locked the door carefully behind them. Kelli glanced back briefly at her friend that the wardens had left confined rigidly in a strained position, but she wasn't allowed to linger. She was happy that the wardens set a slow pace. It is not easy to walk quickly when your ankles are chained to opposite ends of a rigid bar.

After the usual zigzag hike through the unmarked corridors of the secured area, Kelli and her wardens came to the changing room. One of her dresses was hanging by the wall. A warden took her chains off and ordered "Dress and sandals. Now. The Director can be impatient." So Kelli dressed quickly. Her punishment chains were replaced by simple handcuffs behind the back, and the journey resumed.

They reached the Director's outer office, where the receptionist used her intercom. After a pause of a few minutes, the Director himself opened the door to his private office and ordered Kelli to sit in a wingback chair in front of his desk. She sat down and immediately discovered that this chair had been designed for restrained women. There was a large V-slot in the back that comfortably accommodated her handcuffed arms.

Three men were sitting on a couch at the right side of the room. They all wore power suits and ties. They were presumably on the board of directors for the school. They looked like a jury, with the Director acting as judge. Matt was nowhere in sight.

The Director looked sternly at Kelli and demanded "We need to hear your explanation for your behavior in this office yesterday."

Kelli answered "Yes sir. I am hoping that it was all due to a misunderstanding. I'm not sure that you were asking for what I was refusing to do. Do you know what a Judas goat is?"

The Director barked "Explain!" That was the cue that Kelli had been hoping for, so that she could give her speech:

"The original Judas goat was an animal kept at a slaughterhouse for sheep. The goat's job was to lead the sheep into the slaughtering pen. When all of the sheep were in, the gate was closed behind them and the goat was allowed to escape out the other side. Then the killing could begin. That way there was no big problem in rounding up the sheep.

"The word picked up another meaning during World War II. The Nazis would pick one particular Jew and have him lead the other Jews into the execution chamber. Then the Judas goat would be allowed to escape, the rest of the Jews would be killed, their bodies would be disposed of, and the goat would be assigned to lead the next batch into the chamber. If a Judas goat tried to warn the other Jews, or stay in the death chamber and die with them, then the goat would be pulled out and given an extra-slow, extra-painful death. And then the Nazis would find themselves a new Judas goat and resume the work of Holocaust.

"You don't kill students at this school, of course, but I thought that you wanted me to do the same sort of betraying to new students being brought in. I would ride to the pickup point in the front of the truck with the driver and the wardens. If we stopped anywhere, we would all get ordinary motel rooms. Then when it came time for the pickup, I would go to the back, and chain and strap myself in while the wardens brought the students out, and pretend to be snatched myself.

"Eventually we would arrive back here, and the wardens would exchange comments about 'Special security arrangements for that one', meaning me. I would be taken away by a waiting warden specially detailed for that purpose. The students wouldn't know that the special-detail warden was Matt, who owns me, and the special security arrangements consisted of being chained to our own bed alongside him.

"I couldn't betray new students like that. For one thing, I would feel much too guilty. For another thing, I am a lousy actress, and the students would see right through me. I would be recognized as an obvious phony, pretending that everything is all right. If a phony like that is needed, then the real thing must be really terrifying, or at least that is what I would think if I were a new student.

"I couldn't be that kind of Judas goat any more than I could fly out of here by flapping my arms real fast. That is why I said 'No'. Pointing out an impossibility isn't the same thing as refusing an order.

"So if you want me to be an example for new students coming in by trailer truck, I will have to be a Paul goat not a Judas goat. Judas betrayed Christ. Saint Paul stayed right in there with the people he was teaching to be Christians. He was beaten and jailed along with them, and eventually he was martyred along with many of them. He had no back door that he could sneak out of, to avoid the consequences of his actions.

"So I will have to face the same rules and consequences as the new students. Each trip will start with a snatch, just like a student snatch, with no warning. I will have to travel out to the pickup point already chained and strapped into my seat in the back of the truck. If we stop overnight, I will be caged in the outstation warehouse just like a student in transit. And when we get back here, I will go into quarantine with the new students. I will be kept in the secure area, and if I misbehave, my improper behavior will be discouraged, just like for any other student. I will have to earn my way back into Matt's arms by being a superb example for the others.

"Of course I will need to have long breaks between trips. For one thing, I will need to keep up my work as the staff dietician. And for another, I will want to be with Matt more than occasionally, and I hope that Matt will still want to be with me. I won't be able to go more often than once a month. Once every two months would be much better.

"Given those rules, I think that I could work as a new-student escort."

The Director said "That was quite a speech."

Kelli answered "Yes Sir." She thought, But what do you think of my ideas?

The Director said "As you know, we do just about everything here according to the rules."

Kelli slumped a bit in her seat. I tried to persuade them, she thought to herself. But of course now the rules are going to get in the way. I don't want Cathy left in those stocks forever. I'll volunteer to take her place, if that is the only way to get her out.

* * *

Cathy had listened as the cell door was closed and locked. Kelli and the wardens moved off, and a corridor door was opened, closed again, and locked. There was a moment of near-total silence in the cell. Cathy thought, Please convince them quickly, Kelli. I don't want to stay here for hours and hours.

There was another rattle as a corridor door was unlocked. It sounded just a bit different in character than the door that Kelli had been taken through moments earlier. Cathy realized that it was at the other end of the corridor. Booted warden footsteps came closer. The cell door was unlocked and opened. The warden unlocked the top bar of the stocks, pivoted it out of the way, and ordered "Stand. Stretch." Cathy did so, feeling very grateful.

The warden was Matt, Kelli's master. He said "Hands out, in front", and he handcuffed her wrists there. Then he unlocked the ankle keeper bar and told Cathy to "Come along".

The rules required females in the secure area to "wear restraints while being escorted between rooms". The rules did not specify how those restraints were to be worn. She knew that women - even teachers - were commonly handcuffed in back. But she did not even think about asking why her cuffs were in front. Matt was wearing his total warden face. She knew that she could get no consideration from him if she spoke out of turn.

There were still no signs, markings, or other clues to location visible in the corridors. But as a teacher, Cathy had been in and out of the secured area many times. Something about the number of gates, the spacings between gates, and the sequence of left and right turns made her think that she was leaving that area. Matt brought her to a solid locked door, paused for a moment, and looked distractedly at the wall. Cathy realized that he was receiving a message from the radio that was concealed in his warden helmet. Then he nodded, opened the door, and took her through one final gate to the locker area.

He took the handcuffs off and said "Dress. Now. Wear all of it." This was also surprising, because the clothes that were hanging, waiting for her, included not only a blouse and skirt, but also a bra.

When she was dressed, Matt took her through another barred gate to another solid door. When he unlocked that door, she found her husband and owner Robert waiting for her on the other side, dressed in a dark gray three-piece power suit and tie.

Robert stepped forward, seized her in his arms, and bent down to kiss her. She looked up to accept the kiss. He said "Congratulations, Cathy! That was beautiful, an absolute work of art! I have never been prouder of you! . . . Cathy?? Cathy, what is wrong?!" She hadn't stepped forward to move into his arms. She hadn't greeted him, nor had she said anything else. He felt her wrists, which were behind her as if cuffed, but she was wearing no restraints.

Questions from masters need to be answered. Cathy said "I have not been given permission to speak, sir."

Robert stood there for a moment, absolutely dumfounded. He knew the Mr. Vader vs. Mr. Wimpy lecture that the teachers gave as part of the school training program. He had heard Cathy practice it once or twice. He realized that his woman had been getting too much Mr. Vader lately. So he backed away from her and took a strap that supported a set of keys away from his own neck. He said "Cathy, for you, today, all of the special restrictions that apply to students in this school are suspended. You were put into a cell with Kelli when she was feeling very emotional. Authority figures like wardens and directors could never have calmed her down. But you said what had to be said, you got Kelli's brain pointing in the right direction, and you deserve the highest congratulations from everybody on the staff. As a symbol of this, you will now wear these keys around your neck. Tomorrow, when you go back in to teach another class, you will probably want to give the keys back to me for safekeeping. But tonight, if you want to have fun, you will not even have to convince me that that would be a good idea." And he draped the strap onto her neck.

She knew what the keys fit, of course. One of them was for her collar, and the other for her chastity belt. She had no intention of unlocking either of these items at that moment; her master would have been unhappy if she had. But allowing her to hold the keys had to be one of the highest compliments that Robert had ever given her.

Cathy wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered into his ear "Thank you, Master. I was afraid that this was some sort of test. I got almost this close to you once before, you may remember. And then I was disrespectful to a warden" - she spared a glance at Matt, because he had been the warden - "and I wound up spending several more weeks under extra-strict student discipline. I didn't want that to happen again."

"That is understandable," Robert replied. "Come on, let's go up to the Director's office and watch how it all comes out."

* * *

The Director said "As you know, we do just about everything here according to the rules."

Kelli slumped a bit in her seat. I tried to persuade them, she thought to herself. But of course now the rules are going to get in the way. I don't want Cathy left in those stocks forever. I'll volunteer to take her place, if that is the only way to get her out.

The Director continued "But we don't have any rules to cover this situation yet. Kelli, these are the men who have been organizing our new outstation program. Gentlemen, is Kelli's proposal acceptable to you?" All three nodded. The Director concluded "Kelli, it appears that you have just written the rule book section to cover special escorts - the beta edition of this rulebook section, anyway. We will even accept your terminology and call them Paul goats. We will see how it all works out and amend the rules as necessary. Thank you, Kelli. You could have avoided an uncomfortable night in the secured area if you had given that speech yesterday."

Kelli saw an opportunity and did not want to miss it or mess it up through lack of sufficient respect. She asked "May I still have permission to speak, sir?"

"Yes, certainly."

"I couldn't have given my little speech yesterday, because I was upset and didn't have my thoughts in order. My friend Cathy was a great big help in calming me down and getting my thoughts organized. Now she is locked into a set of stocks in the secured area, and she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment. Can you arrange for her release?"

The Director put on his most forbidding expression. "We have rules and policies here that make some actions impossible. Releasing Cathy Kincaid from the stocks in the secured area is not permitted, now or any time later today." He shifted his glance and added "You agree with that policy, don't you?" This question was aimed past Kelli at somebody else in the room, somebody hidden from Kelli by the wings of her wingback chair.

Cathy's voice answered "I suppose so. Before you could release me, you would have to lock me up again. And I certainly wouldn't want that." She took several steps forward and came into Kelli's view. She was fully dressed and wore no restraints.

Kelli looked exasperated, relieved, and happy, all at the same moment. She laughed and asked "How long have you been back there?"

"For pretty much all of it. We heard the Director say 'Explain' just as we walked in the door."

"You must have been assigned to calm me down and get me ready for this meeting."

Cathy gave a snort of laughter and said "Our dominant men! They always like to mess with our heads. I told you the truth last night. Up to that point, my only briefing was 'Your teacher privileges are cancelled.' Matt released me from the stocks about a minute after you left the cell. He stopped at a steel door for about a minute on our way out. I suspect that he was waiting for a radio message saying that you had left the dressing room before he took me in. Robert joined me after I was dressed and gave me a further explanation. "


A new voice joined in. "I'm right here, love. I came in with Cathy and Robert. I am as proud of you as Robert is of Cathy, and you should have heard the praise he heaped on her when they met. Stand up and turn sideways. I need to get those cuffs off of you."

The Director said "I'm glad that things seem to have worked out, but I still have some further financial planning to handle with these men who are organizing our new program. I don't like tossing you out of my office, but duty calls."

Kelli smiled at Matt and said "There is another way that you could make me happy, you know. You don't have to take the cuffs off. You could just take me back to our apartment, preferably right now."

Cathy smiled at Robert. As they all left the Director's office, she said "Master, if I give you these keys for safekeeping, will you promise to give them back to me the next time we go on a trip to Las Vegas?"

"Why so?"

"I want to be able to wear my skimpy bikini by the pool in Mandalay Bay. If I don't have any money, or any ID, or any keys, or any clothes besides my bikini, then you will still be in control and I will still be under your thumb, where I like to be. But I don't want to be trapped in my chastity belt absolutely all the time."

After a pause, Robert said "I think that I have been outmaneuvered."

* * *

The following Saturday Cathy and Kelli were enjoying lunch together in the staff cafeteria. Cathy recognized a person that she hadn't seen in months, walking across the cafeteria with a tray of food. Cathy waved a hand and called "Laura! Laura Ferren! Over here!" Laura looked up, spotted Cathy, smiled, and came over to her table.

"Old friend?", Kelli asked.

"Yes. Kelli, this is Laura Ferren. I was her Paul goat during my second visit here. I became a teacher here partly because of an essay she wrote, saying that I had been a big help for her. Laura, this is Kelli Heller, the staff dietician, and the first person who ever volunteered to go through the training program. Several other staffers have since volunteered to follow in her footsteps. I wouldn't be surprised if all of the female staff wants go through training eventually. It's the only way for a woman to really understand this place."

Kelli turned to Laura and asked "She helped you too, then? She has been a big help to me, twice now. She is good at that."

"Yes, she is," Laura replied. "I don't know how I could have gotten through it without her." Laura turned to Cathy and asked "You just called yourself a Paul goat; what is a Paul goat?"

"It's a name that Kelli chose for a woman who accepts student status again here, to act as an example for new students. She named the job after Saint Paul, who acted as an example for early Christians and suffered the same martyrdom as many of them."

Kelli added "It's going to be a regular thing, now. The school is organizing remote pick-ups through out-stations in places like Dallas and New York. Groups of students will be brought here in the trailers of eighteen-wheelers. There will be a Paul goat snatched for each shipment, to help the new students adjust. Of course the Paul-goat status will be confidential, and a Paul goat who misbehaves will be corrected just as firmly as an ordinary student."

"A Paul goat has to be something of a martyr, then, accepting punishment?"

Cathy replied "Perhaps not. Remember she is supposed to be a perfect example. If she is never out of line, she will never be punished. She doesn't have to pretend to have a bad attitude, like I did for my second visit. She can always say something like 'My master sends me back from time to time to make sure I don't forget.'"

"I remember your second visit", Laura answered. "You were really hurting when they finally released you after you had spent all day locked in the stocks."

Kelli asked Cathy "You mean you were locked in those stocks before?"

"Eight hours straight, I'd estimate. Based on my experience last week, I can say that the last seven hours and forty-five minutes were the worst."

Kelli explained to Laura "She let herself be locked into the stocks without a single protest. She had no way of knowing that it would be for less than fifteen minutes. She's got guts, and she's got amazing trust in her owner Robert."

Laura answered "I hope that I can be as trusting, if it ever comes to that."

Cathy changed the subject by asking "So Laura, what brings you here today?"

"I came with Frank. He said that he had some business to transact here, and he brought me along. I have never seen this side of the place before. It's certainly much nicer than the other side."

Kelli responded "It's even better if you have your owner right here. Besides being the dietician myself, my husband and owner Matt is one of the wardens. We have a nice apartment."

Cathy looked up and said "Speaking of wardens, here come two of them now. I don't think that they are eating lunch. They look like they mean business."

The wardens came toward their table. They didn't say anything, and they kept their stern warden-look faces on. Cathy continued "Kelli, weren't you supposed to be involved in a remote pick-up in Texas in about two days?"

"Yes, I was. But this can't be for me. I have known about that pick-up for almost two weeks. According to the new rules for Paul goats, they must be snatched without warning. My first trip will probably be the next one, but it can't be this one."

Cathy looked at the wardens, pointed to herself, and asked "Me?" Both wardens shook their heads.

"That leaves just one person at this table. Laura, I think that we have just learned why Frank brought you here today. This is your chance to prove you can trust Frank as much as I trust Robert. Remember all of your lessons, especially the ones that I taught you."

The wardens stood on either side of Laura's chair. One of them pulled out a pair of handcuffs and said "Laura Ferren, stand up. Hands behind your back."

Laura still remembered what she had been taught during her previous stay at the school. She responded automatically to the gruff orders from the warden and was cuffed before she had a chance to think about it.

Cathy said "Good-Bye, Laura. I will hope to see you soon in one of the classes that I teach. I see that Frank is standing in the cafeteria doorway, waiting to kiss you good-bye. I hope that you will get the satisfaction that I have felt in teaching. The next group of students will be learning the basics from you."

The End

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