Three Women

Author's note: I write stories with a bondage slant, not bondage scenes spliced together with a little bit of story.  If you want nothing but descriptions of sex with whips and chains, then I am not the author for you.

This story is a sequel to "The Story of Sindrelaine deta Lensering". 



During the 23rd century A.D. a semi-religious group known as The Followers of Eric Potsdam saw an opportunity to carry out the hijacking of Planet CBQ 4960, which they named after their founder.  These Followers dynamited the warp gates that were the only way to reach the planet, cutting themselves off to guarantee their own way of life and to avoid the plagues that were then raging on Earth.

That way of life was built on three fundamental ideas:

--  Everything in moderation, including progress. 
--  People need real work, important work that needs to be done, in order to be happy.  Computers steal work. 
--  Men are happiest when they are in charge of their women.  Women are happiest when they are under the control of their men. 

And so the Followers of Eric Potsdam established a way of life based on his version of an ideal society in the year 1900, before computers took over so many jobs and left so many people with no real work to do.  And unlike Earth in the year 1900, female slavery was an accepted part of Eric Potsdam's ideal lifestyle.

The First Three of the Seven Women: Lia, Chalia, and Ranasha

At the end of the rebellion in the Vegonyn Empire, Sindrelaine deta Lensering escorted seven formerly-enslaved Vegonesi aristocratic women from Shallach, capital of Lovant, to Vegonyn City.  What happened to them?    The answers to that question were promised in "The Story of Sindrelaine deta Lensering".

People who read this website will probably be most interested in the women who became slaves, again.  But we must admit that slavery isn't something that all women want to have.  Only half of these women wanted that.  We will start with the stories of the ones who wanted to remain free.  The third one, Ranasha's, has some details of how she had been treated during her slavery.

* * *

Honorable Lia tei Maldestin

Excerpt from to letter to one of her woman friends:

I was a captive in that damn whore house for almost three years.  For three years I saw men at their absolute worst.  I got rape-fucked several times a day, most days, by men who didn't give a damn about me.  Some of them would pay extra to whip me, and believe me that hurt!  I actually hoped that they would whip me hard, so that there would be marks, so that I would get a chance to take a day off while the marks faded.  But that wasn't always a good idea.  Some men with whips enjoyed adding to a set of marks that I had already.

When I was freed and I got to Vegonyn City, I had Vegonesi aristocratic men looking at me, and it seemed that the look in their eyes was always the same.  They all seemed to know that I had been a thoroughly-fucked whore, and they wanted to do the same thing to me.  I wanted them all to go to hell.

So I got this job in a branch of the Imperial Library, and I can support myself now.  I can deal with men OK, as long as there is a librarian's desk between us.  I never want a man to be any closer to me than that, ever again.

Lia tei Maldestin never had sex again after her return from slavery.

* * *

Right Noble Chalia ernz Torau

Excerpts from some of the letters that she exchanged with her former owner:

Dearest Tarl,

I don't know if that is the correct form of address for a letter to one's former owner.  But that is how I feel about you, so I will use it anyway.

My new address is:

Rt. Noble Chalia ernz Torau
Room 17, Hut 12
Queen's Refugee Camp #2
Vegonyn City 1024

I will hope to hear from you soon.   It wasn't my idea to leave.  Late in the evening a squad of Special Police showed up at the house and told me that I could either go with them voluntarily, or they would serve a Notice of Confiscation and haul me off in chains.  So I went 'voluntarily'.  When you got home, Thammis must have told you what happened.  Don't blame him; no other old butler would have been able to stop them either.

The Most Noble Lady Sindrelaine deta Lensering was along for the train ride to Vegonyn City, already wearing a paired sash and doublet ring even though she had been freed less than a day before the rest of us.  She gave us all calf-length wrap skirts so that we could look like free women when we arrived.  Her fiance Tollis deta Sia had a diamond saw for cutting collars off.  Some of the women threw theirs away.  I still have mine.  I keep it to remind me of you." 

Tarl replied:

Dear Precious,

That is how I feel about you.  I did not realize how precious you are to me until all of a sudden you were not there.  I was very very relieved and very very happy to receive your letter.

Remember how I used to dream late at night about being together with you and you wouldn't have to be my slave?  I thought that that was impossible, even though I never wanted to beat you or whip you or rape you or humiliate you.  I always wanted to go to sleep with your arms around me because that is where you wanted your arms to be.  'Only a fool would free a slave girl', they say, and I didn't want to be taken for a fool.  I was trying so hard to be one of the top leaders in the new Lovanter government.  Being taken for a fool would have gotten in the way of that ambition.

Now that is all academic.  Somebody else has freed you.  Leonhard Berine won't let me have any part in the government because he is afraid that I would want to replace him as High Commissioner.  If I stayed in Shallach, he would probably find an excuse to arrest me, convict me of something, and lock me up.  So I am back living at the farm.  You can write to me there.

All I can offer you is a life as the wife of a country squire.  I hope and pray that that will be enough.

Please, Precious, come. 

Chalia replied:

Dearest Tarl,

I won't come alone.  I won't enter Lovant when there is any doubt about my legal status.  You will have to come here, and get me, and marry me first.

It's safe for you now.  Tollis deta Sia has been practically commuting to Vegonyn City to visit his fiancee Sindrelaine deta Lensering, and he hasn't been arrested.  He was one of the most important leaders of the rebellion.  The Emperor is willing to let bygones be bygones, since that is the price of allowing the Empire to survive.

Remember that there was an Order of Confiscation associated with my departure from Shallach.  Some idiot bureaucrat might think that Leonhard Berine would still want that enforced on me if I came back alone.  I know that Berine doesn't like you; you probably wouldn't be able to help me if I got locked up as state property by Berine's government.  But no bureaucrat could confiscate Mrs. Chalia Siskin and tear me away from your side after our marriage is legally registered here in Vegonyn City.  I won't even have the same name as the one on that order of confiscation, any more.

And so Tarl Siskin came to Vegonyn City, and married Chalia ernz Torau.  As a former slave, she couldn't wear a white wedding dress, because white is the symbol of virginity.  She chose a pale-blue dress that matched her eyes and contrasted well with her black hair.  After the ceremony, Tarl took her back to his country estate.

Five years later Leonhard Berine's ambition got Lovant into a war with the Emperor.  The other Free States backed the Emperor this time, and the Royal Authority of Danitz stayed neutral officially but tilted strongly toward the Emperor also.  Lovant was defeated, and lost considerable territory to the Crown Lands and to two of the Free States.  Leonhard Berine was overthrown, and ended his life in impoverished exile.

Tarl Siskin's wife was born an Imperial aristocrat.  That made him the obvious choice for negotiating the peace treaty to end the conflict with the Emperor's government.  He became the new High Commissioner.

And then the former Right Noble Chalia ernz Torau, former slave, and former country squire's wife, returned to Shallach.  This time she was the First Lady of Lovant.

She had her old slave collar mounted in a picture frame.  She put the frame on the wall of the bedroom she shared with Tarl.

Noble Ranasha ernz Karia

Ranasha was engaged to the Most Honorable Lieutenant Lerries deta Smitt of the Imperial Navy before she was captured.  When she returned and asked about visiting him, she was directed to the Empress's Clinic, where he was recovering from combat wounds.  She was warned that he was not in good shape.

She walked into his hospital ward and found him sitting in a wheelchair.  He turned to greet her, and she said just "Oh!"  He had lost his left eye, and most of his left ear, and the skin on the left side of his head had been replaced by skin grafts and scar tissue.  Half his hair was gone.  His left leg was in a cast.

He said "Hello, Ranasha.  I do make people wince when they see me, don't I?"  The liveliness had gone out of his tone of voice.  She saw immediately that his morale was ruined.  He had always called her "Baby Love", not "Ranasha", since the day that they had become engaged.

He continued "We were a really handsome couple, once upon a time.  No more, I'm afraid, never again.  Ranasha, I won't hold you to the engagement if you want to back out.  I'm not the guy you once wanted to marry."

Ranasha answered "Hell NO!  No fucking way!  I expected better of you than that!"  Lerries had never heard her swear before.  He realized that she had changed too.

She began an impromptu speech.  "You look at me and you can't see anything wrong.  Let me tell you, Mister deta Smitt, there is plenty wrong with me too.  Nobody could be the personal sex toy of the officers of the 2nd Lovanter Guards Regiment, for nine months, and still be intact.

"All the time they had me I was hoping and praying that I would come back to you, and that you would still love me.  All the time I was hoping you would put your arms around me and give me a fresh supply of self-respect, and I would be able to feel human again.  And now you are ready to send me away because you aren't so pretty any more, and it's ruined your outlook on life, and you don't have any extra self-respect to give me.

"The goddamn war has fucked up both of us.  Fuck it!  Fuck it all."  She sat down on a handy chair, put her head in her hands and her elbows on her knees, and broke down crying.

Her memories flashed back to her life as a slave . . . .

* * *

There was the time that the unit's headquarters was relocated . . .

"I've got the slave girl, Colonel.  Where do you want me to put her?"

"Over here.  What is she wearing under that long cape?"

"Handcuffs behind her back, sir.  You can see her blindfold above the cape and her leg irons below.  No clothing at all."

"That sounds about right.   Take her cloak and blindfold off.  Put her facing that fat column.  Secure her well."

"Yessir.  Uh, Facing the column, sir?"

"Yes.  Facing, and snugly, so close that one boob will be pushed to either side.  She is going to be our good-luck charm.  Anybody who goes past will be able to spank her butt, for luck."

"Yes, sir!"  When the ropework was done, Ranasha's ankles, knees, elbows, and wrists were all tied to each other on the opposite side of the column from where she stood.  Her wrists and shoulders were also tied to the top of the column, so that she could not kneel or squat down.  Her bottom was held at a convenient height for spanking.

Everybody who passed that way took advantage, including enlisted men and visitors from other military units.  She stayed there for hours.  Dozens of people went by, and her butt became quite red before she was given a break.  The only note of mercy during the entire proceedings was a standing order allowing only one swat per customer, barehanded, no belts or whips.

Afterward she wanted to do nothing but lie down on her stomach and rest.   The colonel who commanded the regiment gave her an opportunity to do that, but he added a few extra touches.  He strapped her wrists and ankles to the cot she was lying on.  Then he played with her butt for about an hour, spreading dablet after dablet of painkilling skin cream.  Ranasha was not sure whether she wanted this, because of the way her butt was hurting, or whether she hated it because of the humiliation.

The story of the 'good-luck charm' spread among soldiers in the Lovanter armed forces.  A visiting general was initially disappointed when the charm was missing at the start of his visit.  After that, Ranasha was put back on the column every time an important visitor was expected.

* * *

Then there were what the officers called "No-pants meals ". . .

Ranasha crouched under a large round table.  She wore nothing but chains and shackles: a steel collar chained her to the solid pole that supported the middle of that table, her wrists were secured to her waist behind her back, and her ankles were linked by about 25 centimeters of chain.  A tablecloth hung down all around the edge, protecting her from being seen but also blocking her view of the room.

Of course she could hear the conversations among the officers in the room.

"What's for supper tonight?"

"Hot dogs.  All the hot dogs you want to eat.  We are having one of our special invitation-only hot dog nights tonight."

On most nights Ranasha got her supper by crawling from officer to officer around that table, getting a bite hand-fed from each officer in turn.  But that wasn't true on special hot dog nights.  Ranasha hated special hot dog nights.

Ranasha heard the thumps of shoes, taken off feet and dropped on the floor.  There was an occasional jingle of coins in pants pockets, and an occasional clink of a belt buckle hitting the wall, as pants were hung up on the wall hooks.  And then the officers sat around the table, and Ranasha was surrounded by naked male legs and naked erections.

Somebody said "Okay, ante up!".  Coins clinked on the table above Ranasha's head.  Dice rattled.  "Ricko and Chonn are tied, first round!"  Dice rattled again. "Ricko wins!  Start in, Slave Girl!"  One pair of the legs around her was spread apart to indicate her first target.  She crawled over, fitted herself between those legs, and went to work with lips and tongue.

Eventually Ricko came.  Ranasha said "Mmmmm" around his penis, and began swallowing.  She had to take it all in, or she would not get any real food at all that evening.

Somebody said "Ten minutes forty-nine seconds, from start until she hummed.  Damn, she is getting good at that!  Okay, Slave Girl, Chonn finished second so it's his turn now."  Another pair of legs was spread apart, and Ranasha crawled to her new target.

The food was followed by coffee and beer.  Cards were shuffled, and a poker game began on top of the table.  Ranasha's game continued under the table until she had blown every one of the officers sitting around it.  The biggest moment at any of these evenings came when the colonel who commanded the regiment won a big poker pot, and enjoyed a sexual climax in Ranasha's mouth, after outlasting all of the junior officers to claim the prize for longest-to-climax, all at the same moment.

If Ranasha successfully swallowed everything that the officers pumped out, her real food usually consisted of two hot dogs and a banana.  The officers of the 2nd Guards Regiment knew how to make sure she was thoroughly humiliated.

* * *

 There was an incident that settled the question of who was the lowest-ranking member of the regimental staff, as if there had ever been any doubt about that:

"I've brought the slave girl as you ordered, Sir.  What do you want me to do to her?"

"We've all had her now, except for Villi.  Now it's Villi's turn.  Tie her face-up on that low bench over there."  Ranasha was soon tied with her hands stretched over her head.  She was naked, of course.  The bench protected only a narrow strip of her back.  Her feet stuck out past the end of the bench, so they were not protected at all. The next order was "Coat her feet with this stuff."  The stuff was quickly slathered on.

"Villi, come here.  Villi, come here.  You have been a good boy, Villi.  Enjoy your treat."

Villi said "Grrrr Arf!  Arf!" and began to lick the dog food from Ranasha's feet.  Villi's tongue was the most subtle tickling tool that Ranasha had ever been exposed to.  She laughed until her ribs were sore.  Villi kept licking no matter how she wiggled her feet to evade his tongue, until finally her feet were clean.  She had only a minute or so to rest before the orderly who tended the dog put on another layer of food.  The second round of uncontrollable laughter left her with sore chest muscles for hours afterward.

* * *

She hadn't been kept in such close confinement all the time.  Sometimes she was secured by nothing but a collar and a long leash.  But that wasn't something to look forward to.  When that happened, she got all the dirtiest jobs.  She was assigned to clean up all of the piss and shit from the officers, both the humans and Villi the regimental mascot dog.  She could have sworn that some of those fucking bastards deliberately had lousy aim in the latrine, because they wanted to give her more work!

Once, just once, she got some sympathy.  She sat down one afternoon to take a break while cleaning a latrine, feeling tired and dirty and miserable.  Despite all the slaps and harsh words and whip strokes, up to that point she had never cried.  She had tried to be resolute, tried not to show the goddamn bastards how badly they had made her feel.   And then Villi, the mascot dog, put his paws in her lap and looked up at her with an expression that seemed to say "I know, I know."  And she lost her control and bawled her heart out for the next ten minutes.

Releasing her emotions had been a big help.  She went back to work with a bit more spring in her step, and she had a soft spot for the cute ten-kilogram black-and-white-spotted mongrel ever afterward.  He had been the one good thing in her life during her slavery, even though he had a very ticklish tongue.  The tickling hadn't been his fault.

* * *

Now at the Empress' Clinic the tears were once again streaming from Ranasha's eyes.

Lerries maneuvered his wheelchair alongside her.  He put his right hand out, but did not touch her.  If she wanted to draw strength from him, he would be there for her, but he didn't want to force the issue.

Eventually she quit crying.  She grabbed his hand and clutched it tightly.  She turned to him and spoke in a much calmer tone of voice: "Tell you what.  Neither of us can stand on our own any more.  So I will lean on you, and you can prop me up.  You will lean on me, and I will prop you up.  We should be able to face the world if we do things that way.

"I will walk beside you and be as beautiful as I can be.  You will walk beside me knowing that other men are going to envy you because you have a beautiful woman by your side.  Yeah, my slavery taught me that much anyway.  Plenty of men told my owners that I was beautiful, often when I could overhear them, always in an envious tone of voice.

"If anybody wonders how a guy who looks like you ever won a woman who looks like me, we'll both just let them keep wondering."

And so Ranasha and Lerries supported each other through life.  They married, and Ranasha brought up two lovely daughters successfully.  Lerries recovered enough of his health to return to duty in the Imperial Navy, initially in staff assignments in Vegonyn City.  Eventually an admiral took him to sea again as a staff officer, and he was at the right place at the right time to succeed to command of one of the Imperial Navy's battleships on a temporary basis.  He did such a good job that it was extended into a regular two-year assignment as the climax of his naval career.  He was nicknamed 'Pirate Smitt' because of the patch he wore over the left side of his face where his eye had once been.

The End

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