The Fifth Woman by YFNR

The Fifth Woman

Author's note: I write stories with a bondage slant, not bondage scenes spliced together with a little bit of story.  If you want nothing but descriptions of sex with whips and chains, then I am not the author for you.

This story is a sequel to "Three Women", which is a sequel to "The Story of Sindrelaine deta Lensering.". 



During the 23rd century A.D. a semi-religious group known as The Followers of Eric Potsdam saw an opportunity to carry out the hijacking of Planet CBQ 4960, which they named after their founder.  These Followers dynamited the warp gates that were the only way to reach the planet, cutting themselves off to guarantee their own way of life and to avoid the plagues that were then raging on Earth.

That way of life was built on three fundamental ideas:

--  Everything in moderation, including progress. --  People need real work, important work that needs to be done, in order to be happy.  Computers steal work. --  Men are happiest when they are in charge of their women.  Women are happiest when they are under the control of their men.

And so the Followers of Eric Potsdam established a way of life based on his version of an ideal society in the year 1900, before computers took over so many jobs and left so many people with no real work to do.  And unlike Earth in the year 1900, female slavery was an accepted part of Eric Potsdam's ideal lifestyle.

The Fifth of the Seven Women: Tila

At the end of the rebellion in the Vegonyn Empire, Sindrelaine deta Lensering escorted seven formerly-enslaved Vegonesi aristocratic women from Shallach, capital of Lovant, to Vegonyn City.  What happened to them?    The answers to that question were promised in "The Story of Sindrelaine deta Lensering".

People who read this website will be most interested in the women who became slaves, again.  But we must admit that slavery isn't something that all women want to have.  Only half of these women wanted that.  The stories of the ones who decided to remain free were given in "Three Women".  We will now continue with the story of another woman who decided that she had to remain a slave.

Right Honorable Tila tei Simmond

Tila walked through the streets of Vegonyn City with a worried look on her face.  During her slavery she had been cut off from contact with her friends and family.  She wanted to connect again with the people she was closest to.  What had become of them?  Were they all still alive?

She had once been a happy little girl living in the city of Nyaka.  She grew up to be a little brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty. But her mother died when Tila was twelve years old.  Her father didn't know how to bring up a girl, so he sent her to live with his parents in Vegonyn City.

That had worked out well.  She had met Korii deta Lanthau, and Korii had become her Best Friend Forever.  And then she had met Maro ernz Berger, and he had become her boyfriend, and eventually her fiancé.

And then her father died.  She took the train back toward Nyaka for his funeral, and the train route went right through the heartland of the Lovanter Rebellion.  The rebels attacked the train.  Tila was kidnapped into slavery.  Three years passed before the Treaty of Tallsaadt was signed and she was was able to return to Vegonyn City as a free woman.

She knocked on the door of her grandparents' house.  Her knock was answered by a total stranger.  Tila learned that her grandparents had both died, and this stranger had bought the house from their estate.  Peeking inside, she saw the stranger's furniture sitting in places where her grandparents' furniture had always been.  The wallpaper was different.  The home of her teen-age years no longer existed.  Death had disrupted her life again.

After this disaster, she walked on and knocked timidly on the door of her fiancé Maro's house.  He might have been drafted into the army and sent to fight battles against the rebels.  Had he died too?  If he had, then perhaps she could go to best-friend Korii's house and find some comfort there.

The door opened.  Tila looked at the face, and then at the left hand, of the person who opened it.  This was a far worse disaster!  Tila screamed "No!" and turned, and ran blindly across the street, just in front of a company of infantry that happened to be marching by.  She ran on into the park on the opposite side.  She never heard the shouts of the person who had opened that door.

She finally stopped running in the middle of the footbridge that led from the other side of the park across a four-track railroad main line.  During her teen-age years she had gone across that bridge almost every day, to and from school.  The safety fences on both edges of that bridge were only about a meter and a quarter high.  In her more morbid moods, she had talked about committing suicide by climbing over one of the fences and jumping in front of an oncoming train.  But she had never planned to actually do it, until this day.

Korii deta Lanthau was supposed to be her Best Friend Forever.  Korii had opened the door at Maro's house.  Korii was wearing a doublet ring on the left hand, engraved with the crest of the Berger family.  Maro was the only member of that family who had been eligible as a marriage partner.  The conclusion was obvious.  Korii had married Tila's old fiancé Maro, and Tila had lost them both.  They had both betrayed her.  There was nobody left for her.

It was a beautiful day for a suicide.  The sun was shining brightly.  Puffy white clouds rolled across a clear blue sky.  The trees in the park tossed in the restless breeze.  Birds were singing, and children were shouting and playing on the park playground.  Tila's senses seemed to be tuned even more strongly to the world around her, now that she knew that it was time for her to leave it.  Nobody cared whether she lived or died.

Off in the distance, a steam locomotive whistled, and another one answered.  A minute or so later, the smoke box of the first locomotive poked around a curve and into view over half a kilometer away.  All of Tila's attention was soon concentrated on the train that would be the agent of her destruction.

There was:

--  the glow of the headlight.
--  the muted chuff-chuff from both steam locomotives, for the train was a long one and it was being double-headed.
--  the puffs of light-gray smoke from the locomotive stacks, and the feathers of white steam from their safety valves.  Both engines had boiler pressures right up to their redlines. 
--  the rise and fall of the side rods as the engines came around the bend.
--  the sunlight glowing off the white-painted sides of the passenger cars as each one lined up on the bend for a moment to reflect that sunlight most brightly toward Tila.
--  the orange diamonds-in-star painted on the middle of each car below the windows.  This was a troop train, and the cars displayed the national symbol of the Vegonyn Empire. 

Tila shifted position to be above the track that the train was running on.  She gripped the top rail of the bridge safety fence and braced herself.  Her senses continued to report:

--  the engineer of the second engine leaning out his window and looking back around the curve.
--  the short whistle signal that that engineer blew when he saw that the last car was clear of the yard tracks and on the high-speed main line.
--  the change from a muted chuffing to a savage rhythmic cannonade of exhaust blasts, when both engineers went to full throttle and their train began to accelerate. 
--  the chill and weight of a wide metal cuff closing around her left wrist.
--  the warning whistles from both engines telling the traffic on the Yedato Street crossing to stay out of their way. 

Wide metal cuff?  Tila looked around.  Korii was dropping onto her knees in the middle of the bridge.  Tila's left wrist was linked to Korii's right wrist by about a meter of chain.  Korii held up both hands, palms-in, and touched her own neck.  She was no longer wearing any doublet rings.  She had put on a slave collar, which didn't really go with her noblewoman's dress.

The engines passed under the bridge.  The rhythmic cannonade of locomotive exhausts reached the top of its furious crescendo of sound, echoing off the walls of nearby buildings.  The bridge shook under the impact of that cannonade.  Steam and smoke drifted up around Tila and Korii.  The air was filled with the roar of dozens of hardened aluminum-alloy train wheels hitting dozens of aluminum-alloy rail joints.  That roar came at a higher and higher pitch as the train accelerated.

And then the last car passed under, and there was silence.  Korii looked up and said "Best Friends Forever, Tila.  Forever.  And forever hasn't expired yet."

* * *

Maro ernz Berger returned home from work early.  He was a metallurgist at one of the shipyards which maintained the Imperial Navy.  His boss had told him that his former fiancée was on an arriving train.  He was given the rest of the day off to greet her.

Nobody else was home when he got there.  He hurried through the house and looked out on the back yard, calling "Korii! Tila!" but nobody answered.  He ran to the front door and looked out at the park across the street.  He saw the most beautiful sight that he could ever remember.  The two women whom he valued more highly than anything else on the planet Ericpotsdam were coming toward him along one of the paths, hand in hand, wrists linked by about a meter of chain.  Both of their faces were badly tear-stained, but both of them were smiling.

* * *

After a long, enthusiastic three-way hug by the front door, Tila, Korii, and Maro moved to a couch in the living room.  Maro sat on the right, Tila took the center, and Korii knelt on the floor in front of the left seat.  When Tila gave her a questioning look, Korii said "Furniture is for free people.  I might as well get used to the floor."  Tila looked unhappy about this but said nothing.

Tila turned her questioning look on Maro, who had been the tall, slim blond guy in her dreams ever since she had been twelve years old.  He said "I'm sorry, Tila love, it just happened.  I needed a girl to take to formal dinners and shows and stuff while you were gone in slavery.  I didn't want to be hit on by other women.  I thought that I would be safe with Korii, because she remembered you as fondly as I did and she wouldn't want to betray you.  But then one night when we had both had a few drinks, a brotherly-sisterly good-night kiss turned into something else.  The very next morning she said that if you ever came back, it would be her turn to go into slavery.  We didn't know if you would ever be freed and come back.  We married about eleven months ago.  One of the most important things we had in common is missing you."

Tila answered "So here I am.  Now I'm back.  But ... now what?  I want you both, I need you both, I was almost ready to commit suicide when I thought I'd lost you both.  What are we going to do?"

Korii replied "Well, first of all, I will have to get a divorce.  I'm not going to steal him away from you, Tila.  You can marry him, and I'll stay on as a slave girl.  I probably deserve that anyway, for losing control and seducing him into bed with me."

Maro said "I've been trying to convince her that it wasn't entirely her fault.  She still can't quite accept that."

Tila stared across the room at the wall and thought.  There was a long, tense moment of silence in the room.  And then she turned to Maro and said "Yes, divorce would be a good idea.  Now, how equally can you treat Korii and me?"


"Equally.    I have been in a two-girl situation before, when I was in Lovant.  It was a battle royal.  I was the slave girl, and I tried to win by being sexier.  My owner's wife tried to win by being in charge, with more authority, and she was the mother of his children.  We wound up hating each other.  She whipped me whenever she thought she could do that without Master interfering.  I thought that I had won when my owner got a divorce, but he wasn't happy with just me.  A month after the divorce, he sold me.  Everybody ended up unhappy."

Tila continued, "I don't want that to happen among the three of us.  The only way I can think of to avoid it is to make sure that Korii and I are always equal.  I won't marry you after she divorces you.  Neither of us can be an esdigie, because a guy can have only one of those.  So we will be low slaves together.  Each of us will get as close to 50% of your time as you can manage.  You will never allow us to compete against each other for anything.  We will be able to stay Best Friends Forever, with the common goal of making you happy.

"Excuse me for a second."  Tila stood up and undid her wrap skirt.  It was the skirt that she had been given during the train ride from Shallach.  Underneath she still had the sleeveless tunic with the mid-thigh-length skirt that she had been wearing when she was liberated.  With the wrap skirt off, she looked the part of a slave again.  She knelt on the floor and nudged Korii away from the couch.  Their wrists were still linked by the chain.  Tila resumed "This is the correct placement.  Korii is left-handed, and I am right-handed, so the shackles are on the weak-arm wrist of both of us."  She took her doublet ring off and handed it to Maro.  She would have to wait for a proper collar until the slave supply stores and engraving shops had opened the next day.

She turned to Torii, and concluded "Best Friends Forever, Korii.  Forever.  And forever hasn't expired yet."  A two-girl hug, and a few more tears, and the issue was settled.

Maro looked from one to the other of the born-aristocratic women who were chained together kneeling at his feet.  He said "Man, I must be the luckiest guy on the face of this planet."

* * *

Korii had felt guilty about stealing Maro, so she had prepared for enslavement in case Tila ever came home.  Her collar had been ready for use when she opened the door and found Tila on the step.  She had bought a supply of appropriate clothing, chains, straps, shackles, and related gear.  She had always expected that this gear would be used on herself if she had to drop into slavery.  To her surprise, Tila was joining her in slavery.  They had always been very close to the same size, and also for that matter the same coloration, although Korii's hair was a darker shade of brown.  They had often borrowed each other's clothing when they were teen-agers.  Now they would wear a common wardrobe of slave gear.

Maro had them both stand, still side by side.  He reached down from his seat on the couch and put them both in slave leg irons with 40-centimeter linking chains.  Both left ankles went on at the same moment, followed by both right ankles.  He undid the chain that had connected their wrists and told them both to strip.  Then he sent them off nude to separate bathrooms in the sprawling Berger townhouse to take simultaneous showers.

They both came into his bedroom, reporting as ordered wearing only their leg irons and a single bath towel each.  He had them kneel at the foot of his bed, side by side.  He said "Heads, Tila.  Tails, Korii.  Winner of the coin flip gets the center."  And he flipped a gold-alloy fifty-Imperial coin and let it land on the mattress.

Tila won.  Soon she was lying on her back in the middle of the king-size bed.  Her wrists were cuffed together, and the cuffs were attached to the head of the bed by a length of chain.  Her ankles were cuffed separately to the footboard, with anchoring points just over half a meter apart.  The attaching chains were long enough to allow her to almost bring her ankles together, or she could separate her feet by more than a meter.

Maro climbed into bed on Tila's right.  He ordered Korii to "Climb in on her left, and warm her."

"Yes Master.  Uh, warm her? How, exactly?  I have never done anything like that to another girl."

"Pretend you are in her place.  What would you want her to be doing to you?"

"Hmmm.  Master, may I blindfold her?  I think that it would be a real turn-on to feel two or three hands wandering across my body, and not know for sure which hand belonged to whom."

Tila had an uncertain smile at that suggestion, so Maro nodded.  When she was blindfolded, Maro watched how Korii used her hands and her lips to caress, and tickle, and kiss, and lick, on Tila's face, and breasts, and crotch, and legs, and underarms, and legs, and feet.  He realized that even after eleven months of marriage, he still hadn't known all the best ways to turn Korii on until she demonstrated them on Tila.  He joined in.  Between them Korii and Maro brought Tila to her first climax of the night.  Her second climax came when Maro had his first, and he was in her at the time.  There was no question in Tila's mind about who caused that one.

They fell asleep together that night in one tangle.  Tila had enough freedom to roll onto her side.  Maro stretched out his arm across Tila to Korii, and Korii stretched out her arm back the other way.  Their naked bodies were in close contact all night long.

And so the balancing act began.  After that night, Maro never chose either woman over the other for any purpose, instead flipping the same fifty-Imperial coin to make that choice whenever necessary.  Owing to financial inflation, the gold had disappeared from the alloys used in minting most Imperial coinage. That particular coin was therefore a collector's item.  He never spent it.

As another part of the balancing act, Korii and Tila were never allowed out of the house alone.  They always went together, linked either waist-to-waist, or else wrist-to-wrist by the same chain that they had worn on that first day.  They wore matching gold-trimmed stainless steel collars.

When chained waist-to-waist, one or the other often had her arms harnessed wrist-to-elbow behind her back.  The harnessed one had to depend on her partner for help when eating food or using a toilet.  Who was harnessed?  That decision was made by a flip of the fifty-Imperial coin.

For punishments, Maro had a special whipping post built, with a slim vertical aluminum shaft and crossbars at women's-eyeball height across both front and back of that shaft.   Each woman's wrists were strapped to one of the crossbars so that the women faced each other.  Maro used a broad belt for the whipping.  Neither Tila nor Korii enjoyed being whipped, so the pole was used only for punishment.  Both slaves always received the same number of lashes. When only one was guilty, the worst of it for the guilty woman was watching the whipping and seeing the pain of the innocent one.

There is a tendency for women's menstrual periods to synchronize when they live together, and this happened to Tila and Korii.  Both of them tended to be bitches at that time of the month.  They both hated everybody else in the world, including each other, on those days.   Maro knew that even the closest of friends sometimes need some time to themselves even without the effects of too many hormones in their bloodstreams.  So he knew that he had a problem.

He used a pair of slave cells in the basement to deal with that problem.  Each cell had a bed, and a sink, and a toilet, and a set of storage shelves that could be stocked with fruit and cold cuts and books to read, so a slave could survive in that cell for several days.  The cell doors were solid, so when they were closed, the slave inside was shut away from the rest of the world.

For three or four days each month, Maro locked both of the women in the slave cells and never let more than one of them out at a time during the day.  After several days apart, each in her own cell, the gals were ready to be together as best friends again.

Everybody slept in their own beds alone during those nights.  Maro accepted this, since he he also needed the breaks to refuel his own sex drive.  With a grin on his face, he told his women that he didn't want bloodstains on his expensive bleached white linen sheets.

He worked hard to keep his women on an exactly equal level.  And the result was a remarkably successful three-way relationship.

The End

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