The Planet Ericpotsdam: Tales of the Transfer


I write science-fiction stories with a bondage slant. If you want to read BDSM sex and torture scenes linked by a little bit of story line, then I am not the author for you. In particular, this story starts slowly, and it has sections which are more concerned with plot than with chained women. Be patient. By the end there will be thousands of women in the story securely in restraints.

You may wish to read Village Visit before you read this story, in order to better understand the culture and people of Potsdam Village. Several characters from that story will re-appear in this one.


Chapter 12: Aftermath

USM Campus, just after the March of Doom

Senior Technician Hopkinton had also heard the March of Doom when it echoed through the corridors of the USM Ecology Department building. He arrived at the entrance portal to the warp generator room just as the sequence of explosions controlled by Moses Potsdam's timer came to an end. The lieutenant who commanded the troops at that portal told Hopkinton to wait around the corner, out of the path of any bullets that might be fired by villagers hiding inside. Hopkinton's expertise was too valuable to risk in a simple room assault.

The lieutenant shouted "Put your guns down and come on out! Nobody will get hurt! Come out now, or we will come in shooting!" He got no response.

He realized that the privileges of an officer don't always come cheap. He swallowed hard, tossed in a smoke grenade and a flash-bang grenade, ordered "The rest of you guys, follow me!" and stormed into the entrance portal with his gun at the ready. But of course there was no opposition. The only villager in the room was already lying dead with a smile on his face.

Hopkinton walked in behind him and toured the room. He looked into several equipment cabinets which each contained something that was hissing. Then he shook his head and walked slowly back out again.

- - - - -

About half an hour later, Secretary Faye Ellen Roe confronted a lieutenant-colonel and demanded "What do you mean, you can't lead your tanks through? I am the Secretary of Xenoenvironmental Development. I have every right to order you to go, and that is exactly what I am doing. How is anybody telling you that you can't?"

A group of soldiers was standing nearby. One of them said "Bam, bam, bam, bam, bangbangbangbang BLAM BLAM hiss."

Faye Ellen Roe glared at those soldiers. All but one of them melted away under the heat of that glare. The one who remained wore a name tag that read "Hopkinton". His combined enlisted-rank stripes and years-of-service stripes took up most of his left arm.

He said "Madame Secretary, I took your question literally. This is how the colonel was told. Whoever told him knew exactly how to say it."

He continued "Bam, bam, bam, bam was the sound of half-sticks of dynamite exploding at the bottoms of the warp generator cabinets. Inside the cabinets, not outside. The cabinet walls bounced the shock waves around instead of protecting the components.

"Bangbangbangbang was the sound of squibs exploding at the tops of the cabinets under four-liter plastic bottles of powerful corrosive acids. Hydrofluoric, nitric, and hydrochloric acids were all used. The squibs blew open any bottles that survived the shock waves from the dynamite, and they splattered the acids all over the insides of the cabinets.

"BLAM BLAM was the sound of shaped charges. One of them blew a hole in the primary vacuum tank. The rest of them cut the essential steel girders that tied the warp generator to bedrock.

"And hiss is the sound of the acids eating components that were protected by sealant coatings. The coatings were cracked open by the shock waves from the dynamite. Whoever set those charges and placed the acid bottles was very thorough."

Faye Ellen Roe replied "So you are telling me that the warp to CBQ 4960 has been sabotaged?"

Hopkinton asked himself I wonder how much she understood? He didn't want to argue the meaning of words with her, so he just said "I suppose you could call it that."

"How long will it take you to make repairs?"

She didn't understand at all. "Seventy-three years. Minimum."

"Seventy-three years! That is completely unacceptable!"

"Ma'am, the universe does not care whether or not you - or I - find its properties acceptable. The universe just is. This isn't the equivalent of blowing a hole in a bridge floor, and we can patch the hole and re-open the bridge. This is the equivalent of all the bridge structure being blown into small pieces, and the current of the river has swept the pieces away, and the supporting pillars have been smashed into rubble. There is nothing left to repair. The only way to re-establish contact with CBQ 4960 is to send another Bussard ramjet and build a complete new warp from scratch. That planet is 65 light-years from here, and the ramjet would have to travel through normal space. It couldn't get there any quicker than that."

One of the members of Secretary Roe's staff asked "Could the villagers block a new warp gate, if we try to make one?"

"Probably. They will know what sectors of the sky the ramjet might come from, and its exhaust would be so strongly blue-shifted that they could easily recognize it. They will have at least 73 years to get ready."

A worried student standing nearby asked Hopkinton "How about the warp to CBQ 5632? My boyfriend is up there. They don't grow their own food. Are they all going to starve?"

"No. The guy who wrecked the 4960 warp knew exactly what he was doing, and he did not intend any harm to the people on 5632. The warp systems were completely disconnected from each other before the dynamite began exploding. Circuit breakers were opened, and vacuum valves were closed. The emergency disconnects functioned automatically, as they should have, but they weren't needed."

The chief of maintenance for the university was also listening. He commented "I know who probably did it. Robert Morrison. We had some maintenance in progress on the warp to 5632, and he was doing it. He was living on campus with his wife in a mobile home parked beside the Ecology Building. He's missing, and so is his wife and his mobile home."

Hopkinton answered "I think I know that guy from meeting him at technical conventions. He would have the needed skills."

Secretary Roe had recovered from her dose of bad news sufficiently to speak up again and ask Hopkinton "What do you think we should do now?"

"Increase security on all other warp gates. Install second warp gates to all planets where there is only one now, and put them far apart from the current gates at both ends so that one attack can't destroy both old and new links. Reclassify CBQ 4960 from 1-a, ready to colonize, to 4-f, avoid because of hostile life forms. Most 4-f planets have native versions of bacteria or other microscopic life forms that like to eat planet-Earth life. But if we go back to CBQ 4960, we can be certain that the people now on the planet will be a hostile life form."

The People I: Those who Stayed Behind on Earth

President Maxine Lee

The USM President was called to Washington to testify about how an entire planet, for which her people were responsible, had come to be hijacked. She was given a generous supply of vitamin K to reduce the risk that she would die of the plague before her testimony was delivered. But President Lee gave her vitamin K to her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. They all survived. She didn't.

Lu Anne Simpson and Stacey Gremminger

Lu Anne Simpson was acclaimed as a hero for preventing the kidnapping of two entire floors of college students. But hero status was not enough to gain her a supply of vitamin K from the federal authorities who were allocating it. She died of the plague two weeks after the warp gate was destroyed.

Her death made national headlines. Somehow a supply of vitamin K, intended for Faye Ellen Roe, was diverted to Lu Anne's roommate and team mate Stacey Gremminger. Nobody who was in a position to know ever explained how this was accomplished. Stacey survived the plague.

Faye Ellen Roe

Faye Ellen Roe also survived the plague, even without any vitamin K. But she was blamed for the transfer of reinforcements to the USM campus, which brought the plague to Minnesota. After that, nobody would appoint or elect her to any position in government.

So she became a lobbyist, pushing hard for the launch of a new Bussard ramjet to the planet that she still called CBQ 4960. It took over 25 years before she could convince enough people that the Potsdam Villagers, with their strange philosophy, should not be allowed to have such a nice planet for themselves. The ramjet was finally launched.

It arrived in the year 99 AC - After Colonization - according to the calendar established on the planet that its residents called Ericpotsdam. The lander was programmed to avoid the Potsdam Village area. It came down at a spot near the new Caspian Sea, about as far as possible from the previous warp gate while still remaining within the habitable area of the planet.

But the New Caspian Sea is actually a very large lake. It drains into the Great Ocean via the New Volga River, which had become navigable over its entire length when short canals with locks were built around several stretches of rapids and waterfalls. Several Potsdamer steamboats operated routinely on the river, supporting vigorous terraforming operations. The villagers wanted their entire world to be terraformed and open to colonization as quickly as possible. The soil would be thicker and the trees would be taller if they completed the terraforming of the New Volga River Valley, and the rest of their world, years before any of their growing population moved in.

The ramjet lander was equipped with defensive weapons, but they had been designed to defend against possible Potsdamer sabotage squads, not armed ships. A Potsdamer Coast Guard cutter destroyed that lander with 125-mm cannon fire from beyond the range of its defensive weapons.

After that the people of planet Ericpotsdam were left alone to decide their own fate.

The People II: Afterwards on Planet Ericpotsdam

Diane Fujioka

Although she tried, Diane could not sleep soundly in her warehouse cage. There were too many strange noises, and she was too worried. The villagers had kidnapped her while she wore nothing except skimpy bikini-styled underwear. She hadn't been allowed to take the time to get dressed, and she hadn't been allowed to wait for her boyfriend Tony Gilmore. What would they do to her next?

Two Village Volunteers came for her after she had spent several hours in the cage. One of them said "Uh, skipper, she is white-collar. She is supposed to be able to pick who she goes with. Are you sure you want to send her to the Transfer Hotel?"

The other one replied "Don't worry about it, Eddie. We have an order from Mr. Hauptman at the hotel. The move is being made on his responsibility."

"You've got that in writing?"

"In writing, on paper, carefully filed away. My ass would be cut into even finer grass than yours if we did this and it was wrong and we couldn't prove we did have an order."

"Okay then." Eddie turned to Diane and said "Since you are white collar, we're going to be nice to you. I've got a pair of special handcuffs, with a pin-tumbler locking mechanism and fabric straps for your wrists. It will be more secure and more comfortable than regular handcuffs. I'll use that pair on you. Stand up, please! Hands behind your back!"

Eddie was about ten centimeters taller and thirty kilograms heavier than Diane. She realized that she wouldn't be able to outfight him. And even if she did escape from her cell, where would she go? The gates back to Earth had been destroyed. So she followed orders. Eddie cuffed her, and attached a leash to her new sealed-on collar, and took her across to the Transient Hotel I. She was still barefoot, and she still wore only bikini-styled black underwear.

When they reached the hotel, the concierge told Eddie "OK, thanks, we'll take over now." He guided Diane back to a luggage storage room, clipped her leash to a hook on the wall, and left her there. The hook was placed about two meters from the floor, high enough and strong enough to support a full-length garment bag. Diane could not reach that hook with her hands cuffed behind her. She couldn't do anything except stand, and wait, and worry, and wonder what came next.

About fifteen minutes later, another concierge came into the room and told a bellboy to "Take this woman up to suite 611." The bellboy took her leash and led her away. When they reached that suite, he knocked on the door and got no response. So he used a passkey to put her in, and he tied the key to her cuffs onto her collar. She could not reach it there.

Diane looked around. She had registered, she wore a white collar, so she should have been able to choose the man she wanted to belong to. But a hotel manager named Mr. Hauptman had ordered her to be put in this suite, without asking her. Five other Potsdamer men had followed that order, and none of them had asked for her input either. She was still collared and cuffed, and now also locked in, completely at the disposal of whoever was staying there. What kind of man had she been given to?

She looked around the living room of the suite and immediately saw something that looked out of place and that filled her with hope. A bicycle was parked against one wall, with a travel bag on a carrier above the rear wheel and mud-spattered luggage bags on both sides. The bicycle had apparently been ridden hard for perhaps 250 kilometers on roads and paths that were often wet and muddy. It appeared that her boyfriend Tony Gilmore had made it to the new village after all before the warp gates were destroyed.

Diane entered the bedroom of the suite, very quietly. Sure enough, her Tony was sleeping in a king-sized bed. Crawling under the covers was a somewhat awkward owing to her handcuffs, but she managed. She snuggled up to Tony and fell deeply asleep herself.

Tony Gilmore

Tony was one of the last ordinary civilians to cross over to Planet CBQ 4960. He transferred with the last group of Village Transfer Volunteers. After reaching his new planet, he rode his bicycle up to a Villager in a red and white baseball cap who appeared to be directing traffic. He asked "My girl should have come through here several hours ago. How can I find her?"

The traffic-cop villager said "Wait a minute", and he stared past Tony's shoulder. Tony wondered what he was looking at and turned to see. He was just in time to watch the entire warp building disappear in a gigantic POP! The traffic cop commented "We'll never see anything like that again." Then he gave Tony directions to the men's side of the warehouse room where the USM students and staff were being collared.

Tony Gilmore found the "F-H" desk and asked about Diane. He showed the guy behind the desk the copy of her registration form that she had scanned and emailed to him. The desk clerk checked through his file cards and couldn't find a match; he didn't know that Diane's card had accidentally been moved to the "C- E" desk when Bob Coates had checked her in. He tried a paging message: "Diane Fujioka, Diane Fujioka. Report to the 'F-H' desk immediately." Of course this got no response.

The clerk told Tony "She is white collar. Apparently that gave her enough priority to be assigned to an individual cage over in the other warehouse already. It will take us a while to track her down now. In the meantime, your best bet is to get assigned to a hotel room yourself. We'll send her to you as soon as we find her. Get some sleep. You look thoroughly beat. How far did you ride to get here?"

Tony answered "Two hundred fifty kilometers." He accepted an assignment slip, checked in at the front desk of Transfer Hotel I, and wheeled his bike up to room 611.

Tony really was thoroughly beat. The king-sized bed in the bedroom of his suite looked very inviting. He had just enough energy to park his bicycle and take his outer clothes off. Then he crawled under the covers and was instantly out cold.

Eventually he had a very pleasant dream. In his dream Diane was right next to him, but for some reason she wouldn't embrace him as she always had before. He woke up very reluctantly as dawn broke; he didn't want his wonderful dream to end. Then he discovered that reality was just as wonderful as his dream.

Tony and Diane did not greet each other in words. Instead they communicated entirely body to body.

They had both been lying face-down. Tony kept an arm around Diane's waist as he rolled to face her, keeping her close by sliding her across the mattress. He lifted her near shoulder, turning her body to face his. He kissed her. A quick check with one finger at her crotch showed that she was as hot and ready for sex as his dream had made him. No foreplay was needed. He pushed her onto her back, climbed on and in, and began to thrust.

When the passion began to fade after their mutual explosions, Tony began to think once again. He asked "How are you? You're keeping your hands behind your back. Are you hiding something there?"

"Yes. A pair of handcuffs."

Tony was immediately apologetic. "Are you hurting? I didn't mean to squash handcuffs onto your wrists and into your back."

"That's OK. The cuffs are woven straps. I was able to turn my wrists in the cuffs and lie palms-down. You can lie on me and on my wrists when I've got these cuffs on, and I won't be hurt."

"Roll away and let me see." Diane followed that order, putting her back toward him. He inspected the cuffs, and then the keys on the lanyard around her neck. He observed "This thing has possibilities," and he hugged her close, wrapping his arms around her chest and putting his hands on her breasts. Her hands fell naturally onto his crotch. They each began a gentle massage.

They were soon lying side by side, spooned together. Neither of them had completely recovered from the stresses involved in being re-located to a new home planet. They fell asleep again that way.

An hour later they woke each other up with more fondling and caressing. When his explosion came near, he rolled her around to face him. She was then limited to kissing, which she did, with great enthusiasm, to his face and his lips and his ears and every other part of his body that she could reach. It took them another hour to build to a second glorious mutual climax.

After that other body needs took priority. They both needed to use the toilet, and then eat some food. Tony released Diane from the cuffs for these purposes.

When they were finishing the breakfast rolls that they found in the kitchen area of their suite, Tony looked back at the bed, nodded at the cuffs that were on a bedside table, and asked Diane "Shall we try doing it that way again?"

She gave him a wonderful smile and started her answer in a dreamy tone of voice, "Again, and again, and again, for years and years and years. Just don't ever leave me again. We almost couldn't get back together this time. I don't ever want to sleep apart again."

Diane got her wish. As things worked out for them in their years that were to come, they never did sleep apart again. Diane eventually told some of her friends that the fabric-strap handcuffs were "the best sleeping aid ever invented."

Edgar Royce, in the warehouse being used as a temporary prison

When the warp gates were demolished, the warehouse reception area for college women was full of coffled gals, most of them in handcuffs and head bags. They were brought into the desk area one coffle at a time. Their names were added to the village's files; blue-coated steel rope collars were installed around their necks; and they were transferred to cells in another nearby warehouse, where University President Maxine Lee had previously been held. They were warned that they were up for grabs by anybody who was free and who wanted them.

Chi Rivera and Lou Sullivan were still in one of the cells also, but her white collar protected her from being grabbed by anybody except Lou. They would be the first residents of the prison warehouse to transfer to one of the transient hotels.

Edgar Royce had been assigned a hotel room. He wanted a woman to share it with him. He visited the prison warehouse and walked through its corridors, inspecting the captives. They all wore permanent blue collars, which meant that he could pick and choose, and the girl or girls that he chose would not be allowed to say "no". It should not make any difference that he was a terminal geek who had never had a girlfriend before.

The choice was not easy. Some of the girls were ugly, and some were fat, but many were pretty, and a few were stunning beauties. Edgar decided to leave the stunning beauties for guys who had more experience with girls. He picked out one nicely pretty brown-haired girl as his first candidate, because she smiled at him. She was in a cell with two of the stunning beauties. Average height, slim waist, curvy legs, brown eyes, fair skin, a guy could do a lot worse. He liked her shortie nightgown and panties combination too.

He smiled at her and said "Hi, I'm Edgar Royce. What is your name?" She laughed. The other girls in the cell both grinned at him.

How do I do it?, he asked himself. It's just as bad as ever. Girls can tell that I am somebody to laugh at from nothing more than a smile and a two-sentence introduction. In this warehouse they are caged, and collared, and they can still let me know that as far as they are concerned, I am nothing but dirt. I must put out some kind of negative radiation. Perhaps I should just give up and clear out of here. His head tipped forward, his shoulders sagged, and he turned away from the cell.

The girl that he had smiled at kept on smiling back and said "Hey, don't go. I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at the coincidence."

Edgar turned back. "What coincidence?"

"Our names. I am Kelly Rolls. I have thought about having a boyfriend named Royce ever since I was old enough to think about boyfriends."

It was Edgar's turn to laugh. He said "Would you like an invitation to stay for a while in a hotel room? I assure you, if you say yes you won't be getting away. You will be wearing enough chains that we can both be sure of that."

"Do you promise not to hurt me?"

"I promise no whips, no paddles, no slaps or punches, no awkward positions for hours on end. I will try not to hurt you, but I am not very good with girls. So no guarantees."

"I guess that that is the best that a poor collared girl in a cage can expect."

So Edgar shouted and waved, and a Village Volunteer came and unlocked the cell door. Kelly was quickly fitted with a waist chain, wrist cuffs which were padlocked together and to the waist chain behind her back, ankle cuffs with a 40-centimeter linking chain, a leash, a ball gag, and a padded blindfold. Edgar and Kelly could both be absolutely certain that she wouldn't be getting away.

He put his arm around her waist and guided her back to his hotel room. Her blindfold and most of the bondage gear stayed on while he made love to her for the first time. He did take the hobble chain between her ankle cuffs off, but he replaced it with chains that pinned her ankles far apart to the bed. She moaned a complaint when her wrist cuffs were squashed into her back and onto her arms. He was polite enough to move those cuffs to the sides of her waist chain, so that she did not have to lie on them.

For over twenty years he always kept her chained, by neck or ankle to something solid or by cuffs that linked parts of her body and limited the ways she could move. He finally let her have one brief chance to wear no chains at all. On that one occasion, she found that she had forgotten how to behave when she was free. Being completely unchained made her nervous and uncomfortable, and she begged him to chain her again. He never gave her another chance to get loose.

He ordered her to marry him, of course. After that, she traveled by first name, maiden name, and married name. She spent most of her life as Kelly Rolls Royce. He often told her that she deserved that name.

Dave Antonion and His Women

The start of this tale was told as part of chapter 10.

On planet CBQ 4960, the PA system in the women's waiting room announced "Sharon Richards and Margaret Brown, report to the 'A-B' desk". Sharon looked up toward the Potsdamer guards on the gallery above and shouted "That's us! We're paged!" over the general background hubbub. A guard nodded. Sharon undid the carabiner that confined Margaret in a hogtie.

It took a while before the two women could move around. Margaret needed to straighten her knees and get the kinks out of her legs. Sharon helped her roll over and sit up. Margaret folded her knees again and brought her feet up close to her hips. Sharon pushed from behind, and then steadied Margaret as they both stood up. Then Sharon guided Margaret slowly over to the 'A-B' desk. They couldn't move rapidly. Margaret was limited to a short 15-centimeter stride. She needed guidance because her head was still in a blindfolding black bag.

Dave Antonion met them both. Sharon dashed into his arms with a relieved "Dave Honey! Am I glad to see you! You can get us out of here, can't you?"

She had broken up with Dave only a few weeks before, and now she regretted this. He ordered her to "Keep on calling me 'Dave Honey'. I like that." It was a stern command, not a polite suggestion. Then he turned to the villager who was operating the collaring chair and said "Two in blue, Sam! identical tags on both of them, 'Possession of Dave Antonion' ." And then again to Sharon, "Get on up there and sit down in that chair, now!"

The collars that the women soon wore were made of stainless steel rope with blue plastic coating, sealed on with no provision for unlocking or otherwise getting them off. On their new home planet, they could not escape being possessions of Dave Antonion.

A few minutes later, Dave led both of his newly-acquired women on leashes toward his family's home in New Potsdam Village. Margaret was still naked except for her head bag, but her ankle shackles had been disconnected from each other. The singleglove on her arms had been replaced by ordinary handcuffs. Sharon had been handcuffed too.

As they walked, Sharon moved alongside Dave and asked "Uh, Dave? What are you going to do to Margaret? She isn't going to have to stay naked and blindfolded forever, is she?"

Dave gave her an angry glare and replied "I'm going to teach her to follow orders. I'm going to teach you too. Do you remember my first order to you?" Her confused stare made it obvious that she didn't. "I told you to address me as 'Dave Honey'. You left out the 'Honey'. Now be quiet. Your punishment is, you get no explanations."

"But --"

"Stop!" Dave faced Sharon and unbuttoned her knit blouse. He pushed it back until it hung from her handcuffed wrists. "I told you to be quiet. Are you going to talk some more, and lose the bra, and go topless?" Sharon opened her mouth to protest, but thought better of that idea. "OK, come on, we're going home." He gave both leashes a tug.

Margaret listened to Sharon's footsteps walking next to her. She pushed close and mumbled "Thanks for trying." Sharon made a mental note to say 'you're welcome' later, when she wasn't under angry orders to be quiet. Dave heard the mumbling and ignored it. He hadn't told Margaret to be quiet.

- - - - -

Dave's family owned a construction business. The other family members were all away at work when Dave brought his women to their home site in New Potsdam Village. The family had lived in a large house on a large lot back on Earth, and lots in New Potsdam Village were 15% larger in both length and width than the ones in the old village. They had plenty of room. But there was no house yet on the Antonions' lot. Almost all of New Potsdam Village was still made of tents.

Dave showed his women into his personal tent, which would be their bedroom until a house could be built. The tent was square, about three meters on each side. The top was braced with horizontal struts which held it high enough to allow Dave to stand up in most of its area. The floor was carpet laid directly on a ground cloth, on the earth. Much of the floor space was occupied by two mattresses, one queen-size and the other one single.

He guided Margaret onto the queen-size mattress. He put broad leather cuffs on her wrists, removed her handcuffs, and chained her wrist and ankle cuffs to four stakes which were planted firmly into the ground. When she was properly secured in a spread eagle, he removed her head bag, leaving her completely naked.

He guided Sharon to the center post that supported the top of the tent. He ordered her to kneel, facing the queen mattress. Her ankles were then chained to each other, and to the post, using more broad leather cuffs. He released her wrists and removed both her blouse and her bra, leaving her topless. He re-cuffed her wrists over her head and in back of the post.

And then he explained. "I now have two women. One of them tried to take the other one away from me. The other one allowed herself to be led astray. Now you both are facing punishment. Margaret is going to get fucked. Sharon is going to watch as the passion which could have been hers exclusively is spent instead on another woman. Watch, Sharon. Don't close your eyes or look away. You will be in even more trouble if you do." He reached down and began by touching one of Margaret's nipples with a finger. He traced circles around that nipple, slowly taking in more and more of her breast.

An hour or so later, Margaret relaxed and thought about what had just happened to her. Dave's caresses had spread from a single nipple to her entire body. He had found her most sensitive tickling spots and had taken advantage of them. He had used a vibrator to bring her to her first climax before inserting himself into her well-lubricated crotch. The vibrator had continued to buzz, wedged between their stomachs as he lay on top of her; he and the vibrator together had brought her to the top again, and that had been the most fantastic orgasm she had ever experienced. The whole experience was a revelation for her. As far as she was concerned, Dave was completely incapable of fucking a woman. He had tried, but his best efforts led to his making love to her instead. He hadn't been able to stay angry enough. He had never whipped her, never even slapped or spanked her. If that was the worst punishment that he could do to her, then how would it feel if he tried to make her happy? She hoped that he would try that soon.

At the same time, Sharon was feeling depressed. She seemed to be no higher than second place in Dave's world. He was apparently willing to punish her by leaving her kneeling chained to a post all night long while he made love to another woman. And then to top it all off, she was under orders (goddammit!) to call him "Dave Honey" despite the way he was treating her. She would face further punishment if she called him anything else.

Dave heard her say "Dave Honey" and rolled off of his mattress toward her. Sharon hadn't even realized that she had spoken out loud. Dave came over to her and kissed her gently on her forehead. He released her from the pole, leaving her linked ankles as her only bondage. He helped her gently over to the single mattress. He kissed her on her forehead again, and he smiled as he tucked her into bed.

A blinding realization dawned on Sharon. Dave was making love to her too. Sex wasn't involved, beyond two kisses on her forehead. But there are others ways of expressing love. Those kisses, and his smiles, and the gentle way that he moved her and tucked her in, all clearly showed that he did indeed love her at least as much as he loved Margaret. She had no doubt that the sex would come soon. She would probably be as helpless as Margaret had been, when it happened.

Dave kept on smiling as he said "Good-night, Sharon."

Sharon smiled back and answered "Good night, Dave Honey." And she meant every word. And of course the sex happened, beginning on the very next night.

How Professor Smith Got His Harem

The start of this tale was also told in just six paragraphs as part of chapter 10.

Professor Smith had spoken at a meeting of his Wabash Team of engineers, ecologists, and support staff on Planet CBQ 4960. He had announced that none of the women would be allowed to return to Earth, and that they would all soon be wearing red collars. He said "I expect that many of you women already have partners picked out, either among the terraforming staff on the planet or among the students who have registered to warp over. If you don't, Professor Burlington will act as a sort of temporary harem master, and you can put his name on your tags.

"You probably all know that Professor Burlington is deeply committed to Tina Carlsen, his personal assistant, mistress, and now also esdigie. You won't be expected to provide any of the more intimate services of a harem member. But you can use the professor's name until some other guy persuades you to become his partner. Then you will have a marriage ceremony, or enslaving ceremony, or whatever is appropriate for your new relationship. After that ceremony you will wear your new partner's tag instead of the professor's, of course."

Gail Hitchens promptly spoke up. She had been working on Potsdam Village's new water and sewer lines. "Oh, darn, does it have to be an older guy like Department Chair Burlington?"

Smith answered "I suppose not. Is there somebody else that you would trust enough that you would prefer to have him as harem master?"

"Yes. You, of course. I have had a crush on you since I first saw you on campus." Professor Marvin Smith was tall, slim, blonde, and blue-eyed, and he kept in shape by swimming. Every female engineering student had seen how great he looked when he wore nothing but a close-fitting swim suit. It wasn't at all surprising that Gail had a crush on him.

She wasn't the only one. Theda Jones entered the conversation. "Hey! What gives you the right to claim the professor? I have known him longer than you have."

"Yeah. But you haven't known him as well as I have. I'm the one who has shared pizzas with him at the campus eat street after evening classes. I was the one who told you that he was thinking about divorce. You wouldn't have known that he is available, if I hadn't tipped you off."

"So? I'm still the one that he picked first to join his Wabash Team. I'm a better student. Just read the grades that he gives the two of us."

"And you think that a strictly student-professor relationship gives you an inside line?"

"While your relationship with Martin is somehow closer? Because he has chatted with you for a while during team parties, and on the campus eat street? And you have had long interviews with him about some of your special projects? Come on, now!"

"Wait a minute. This is a silly argument." Gail turned to the man who could easily resolve the argument and began "Professor -- "

And then she stopped, in stunned silence. While Gail and Theda were arguing, Henrietta Thompson had acted. The argument had given her an opportunity that she had never had before. She realized that she would never have a similar opportunity again. She left her position on the end of the back row, farthest away from Professor Smith. She walked around the other team members and stepped up onto the stage. She knelt in front of the professor, raised her hands over her head, and crossed her wrists. She leaned forward, presenting her crossed wrists as if for binding. She said "I submit."

Theda said just "Wow!" in an awed tone of voice. Henrietta had been the wallflower among the student engineers, but she had obviously had her fantasies and daydreams too. She was too tall to be cute, and somewhat flat-chested, and slim in both waist and hips, with a big nose. Her hair was frizzy brown, chopped short. Up to that moment nobody would have called her a beauty, unlike either Gail or Theda. She was dressed in engineer's coveralls, which are not very sexy. But at that moment, there was something about the way she moved, and the expression on her face, and her tone of voice. For just that moment, she was the most beautiful woman in the entire galaxy.

Professor Smith was also awed. He realized that saying 'no' would be the cruelest thing that he could ever do. He gripped both of Henrietta's wrists firmly in one of his hands. He said "I accept your submission. I have never had a girl submit to me before, so you are my first girl. Thank you." When he released her wrists, she moved into the 'nadu' position prescribed in the classic books from John Norman, moving just as gracefully as she had knelt in the first place.

Gail turned to Theda and said "It looks like we have both lost our little argument. I'm sure neither of us wants to be Our Professor's third girl. I could race you to the stage to try for second, and push and shove you to slow you down and keep you from claiming that honor. You would no doubt be doing the same things to me. We would both look like a couple of absolute asses compared to what Henrietta has just done. Our best move now is to do it together. Are you willing?"

"OK, Yes." Despite their rivalries, the two girls were friendly about most things.

"Come on, then." Gail and Theda climbed up to the stage, and knelt side by side, and imitated Henrietta's crossed-wrists pose, and said "I submit" in chorus.

Professor Smith looked at both girls kneeling in front of him and tried to make up his mind about what to do next. He had become somewhat allergic to beautiful brown-eyed blondes . He had married one, ten years before, and his relationship with her had gone slowly but steadily downhill ever since they had returned from their honeymoon. His wife was back on Earth, outside the campus quarantine fence, and he had deliberately left her behind. Would he have twice as much trouble if he accepted two more?

Or perhaps three times as much trouble? He glanced over at Henrietta. She was maintaining a perfect nadu position, kneeling with her head up, her knees apart, her hands palms-up on her thighs, her eyes down, and her gaze straight forward, as if she were not allowed to look around. She had apparently had fantasies of being under Gorean-style discipline. He had called her his first girl, without thinking much about it. Wasn't 'first girl' a Gorean rank for a top slave? He wasn't sure; he hadn't read any of the John Norman books since he was a teen-ager. Would she - could she - help him keep the two brown-eyed blondes in line? He decided to give her an opportunity and see what she did with it.

Robert Reitsess, the president of the USM Society of Student Ecologists, was also on the stage. He was ready to help with the process of fitting all of the girls and women with red collars. He walked up behind Professor Smith and quietly said "I think you should use these." He handed the professor two plastic single-use handcuff strips, each already closed into a loop with only one notch ratcheted through. He added "These two gals have been competing with each other since the start of their mutual freshman year. If you treat them absolutely equally, they will keep on competing, trying hard to outdo each other and get closer to you. Use those loops to cuff them both, simultaneously. Don't give either of them any reason to think she is higher-ranked than the other one."

That seemed to be a good idea. Professor Smith stepped in between Gail and Theda. Using his left hand, he slipped one of the handcuffing loops around Gail's extended wrists. He did the same to Theda, right-handed. Then he pulled both loops snug. He ordered the girls "Backs straight! Heads up! Wrists in your laps! Observe!" He turned and told Robert that "We need a collar with a tag that says 'first girl' for Henrietta, and two collars with possession tags for the girls."

When the collars were ready, he stepped behind Henrietta, who was still in nadu. He said "You are first girl, so I will personally collar you." He put a collar made from steel wire rope with red plastic coating around her neck. He placed the jaws of a long-handled tool onto the collar, and used both arms on the handles to squeeze the seal tight. The collar then marked Henrietta inescapably as his first girl.

Professor Smith said "Robert, Norm, I need your help. Norm, bring that second sealing tool over, and stand behind Theda. Robert, use this tool, stand behind Gail. Girls, lift hands in front, face-high!" When the two blondes followed his order, the professor grabbed and held their cuffed wrists. He added "Robert and Norm, put the collars around their necks. Don't squeeze the tool handles yet. Girls, you are junior to Henrietta. I am not personally placing your collars onto you. Ready, guys? 3 - 2 - 1 - now." The collars were sealed on at the exact-same moment. He ordered "Henrietta, take them in hand and get them off of the stage."

Henrietta looked over at Gail and Theda and thought for a moment about what to do. Then she rose to her feet, as gracefully as all of her other moves on that stage, and she ordered "OK, both of you, stand up! Move over to that table! Grab the edge of the table top with your hands, and don't let go! Back your feet away from the table! Farther! Lean forward more! Spread your ankles apart!"

As they followed Henrietta's orders, the two blondes had to transfer much of their weight to their hands. They were soon posed like criminals being arrested and searched by policemen. Henrietta stood between them, reached out with both arms around their waists, and unbuckled their handbag/belts. She took the belts over to the table, set them down, and began to look through one of the handbag pouches.

Theda said "Hey! That stuff is private!"

"Yeah, it's private property all right. It belongs to the guy who now owns you, and me. He gave me orders to take you in hand, and I am following those orders. So I am allowed to search his property, which used to be your property, to see what sorts of electronic gadgetry you were carrying."

"But --"

"Theda, you now have three choices. You can shut up right now, while you are still wearing all of your clothes. Or you can shut up in a minute or two, after I have used this knife to slice your blouse and bra off and leave you topless. Or you can shut up after that when I have sliced off all of your clothing and used strips of the cloth to gag you. Now which will it be?"

There was a long moment of silence. Nobody intervened to support Theda.

"That's more like it." Henrietta completed her search. She patted both girls down to make sure that they had no other electronic gadgets or other contraband concealed in their clothing. "Shuffle feet forward to the table! Hands off the table edge! Off the stage, over there by the wall! Turn around and face the stage! Kneel!" Gail and Theda followed orders, and then placed their cuffed wrists back in their laps. Henrietta stood beside them with their handbag/belts in one hand. She felt that she wasn't allowed to sit down. In the Gor stories, chairs are for free people, not owned women.

Gail and Theda exchanged rueful glances. It seemed that they had both jumped into a situation that was much deeper than they expected. Professor Smith smiled, and then went back to the job of putting red collars on the other women in the Wabash Team. He clearly would have no trouble from his newly-acquired brown-eyed blondes. He did not expect his wife to turn up among the other women who had come through the warp to CBQ 4960, but he decided that if she did, he would place her under Henrietta's orders too.

Professor Rerger dropped in soon afterward to learn how Professor Smith and his Wabash Team were handling their transition to life under Potsdam Village rules. When the collarings were all complete, Professor Smith ordered Henrietta to "Take these two back to the hotel!" The two professors then spent a few minutes discussing the water-supply engineering projects that the Wabash Team was working on.

When Professor Smith returned to his hotel room, he found Henrietta standing by herself outside his door, waiting for him, carrying a sack filled with some things. As he unlocked that door, he asked her "What did you do with the blondes?"

"I put them in their own hotel rooms. I used the keys that they kept in their handbag/belts to get their doors open. I picked up their hotel room phones and radios and their personal electronic gear, and I brought all that stuff back with me, so the girls can't communicate with anybody. I still have their room keys, so they will be locked out if they leave their rooms and let the doors close. Gail had a roll of tamper-evident sealing tape that I used to tape their doors shut; I warned them that they will be in big trouble if that tape is already broken when one of us comes to release them. They will keep."

"Are they still in plastic handcuffs?"

"No, I cut them loose as the last thing before I closed and taped their room doors." Henrietta walked over to a dresser and put the sack that she was carrying on its top surface. Then she took her own handbag/belt off and placed it alongside the sack. She was First Girl, but she was still just one of his girls. She had already put her own hotel-room electronics in the sack. If he wanted to lock and tape her into her room, she would be confined just as effectively as Gail or Theda.

She walked over to Professor Smith, who was still standing just inside the door. She stood just a few millimeters in front of him, and sank toward the floor, with her knees at right angles and her hips still straight. She stared directly at his crotch. She said "I picked up a handful of plastic cuffs as I left the conference room. You can confine me however you please. How may a girl serve her master?"

Smith replied "Use the bathroom. Come back out naked. Lie on the king-sized bed and wait for me."

A few minutes later Professor Smith finished his own bathroom necessities and came back out naked and rampant. When he climbed onto the king-sized bed, Henrietta attacked him, with hands and arms and two sets of lips and legs that she wrapped around his thighs. He had never felt so completely enveloped by a female body in any encounter with old girlfriends, or in ten years of occasional passion with his wife. It was a glorious occasion. She did it again on the next morning when they woke up.

That was the start of a very special relationship between Professor Marvin Smith and Henrietta Thompson. She was never restrained when she was with the professor. If he had put her into restraints, she would not have been able to attack him with hands and arms and two sets of lips and legs that she wrapped around his thighs. When one of the other girls was spending the night with Marvin, Henrietta was locked into a chastity belt. Sex with Marvin was her only outlet for sexual energy.

Gail Hitchens and Theda Jones became chain slaves by night. They were working engineers by day, but they spent their nights either locked away or locked into restraints, or sometimes both. Their nights with Marvin were usually spent spread-eagled by his side.

Joanne Mackenzie and Shy Paul Morris

During the first few months of life on Ericpotsdam, the most common social event was a barn raising. The farmers of Potsdam Village knew that their wealth depended on their animals. Barns were built for the animals even before homes for the people. The people continued to live in tents.

Joanne Mackenzie and Shy Paul Morris frequently attended these barn raisings. They went separately, but they soon found themselves routinely working together as a team. Paul proved to be a good carpenter, and Joanne was a willing assistant. People soon learned the distinctive sound that they made when assembling boards: wham bam Bam! wham bam Bam! wham bam Bam! , at a perfectly steady rhythm. With no pauses between nails, they would put three long nails into the wood in about five seconds. She held each nail in place, exposing her hand to the swing of his hammer. He never missed the nail head and never hurt her.

Of course they chatted as they worked, and they ate their potluck meals at these social events together. Shy Paul Morris was perfectly willing to chat with Joanne because she was his carpentry partner. She wasn't a date. He had nothing to be shy about.

After about the tenth barn raising, Paul finally worked up the courage to say "Er, Joanne, uhm, I've been thinking about going on a picnic, next Saturday, to a spot I have found, a saddle at the top of West Ridge. It, uh, it wouldn't be much fun to do it alone. That is, you know, it would be better to have two people at the picnic. At least two people. I mean, you know, . . . "

Joanne answered "One of me would be happy to join you at that picnic. Which one would you want, Joanne or Ginger?"

'Ginger' was her ponygirl identity. Shy Paul froze at the thought of having her in ponygirl restraints. He looked down, and his face slowly turned red. He couldn't say anything. Joanne said "Okay, then, Ginger it is. When will you be picking me up?"

On the following Saturday Paul walked up to the Mackenzie family residence and rang the 'doorbell', which was a small cast bronze bell hanging on a post by the tent flap. Joanne's younger sister Julia answered, saying "Ginger is waiting for you in our newly-built barn. Come on." So of course Paul followed her.

Joanne/Ginger was waiting patiently. She didn't have much choice about that.

Julia said "Now you have proof of just how completely my sister trusts you. She can't see, because she is blindfolded. She can't speak, because her bit includes a ballgag. She can't use her hands for anything, because they are in gloves wrapped around pins and attached to the backs of her hips. She can't run, because she is close-hobbled. If you release the hobble strap from her ankle cuffs, you will be able to tug on the leading reins which are attached to her nose ring and lead her wherever you wish to. She is in your power for the day.

"If you abuse the power that she has given you, you will smash her heart into a zillion pieces, and she probably will never talk to you again. So be careful."

Shy Paul replied "Ulp!" He removed Joanne's leading reins from a hook in the wall, released her hobble, and started out of the barn. He turned to Julia, waved, and said "Toodle-oo!" as he left. And then he had to ask himself Why did I say something as silly as toodle-oo? I could have just said thank you and good-bye.

Paul gripped Joanne's leading reins gently between two of his fingers and kept them taut. These reins needed to be taut in order to guide Joanne, who needed the guidance because of her blindfold. But the gentle grip would have allowed the reins to slip through his fingers in case of a stumble. Joanne's nose would not have been hurt.

This arrangement worked well while Paul led Joanne up the smooth well-worn path toward one of the flood control dams. When they turned and started up an overgrown path, Paul shifted his hand to a loop on the back of her ponygirl belt. He could guide her firmly, and he could steady her and keep her from falling down and hurting herself if she stumbled.

Obviously hardly anybody used such an overgrown path. Paul had chosen it because he wanted to have a great deal of privacy when they reached the clearing he had found.

Pine-forested hills rose directly north and south of that clearing. To the west was a small valley, with the granite of the Westwall Mountains just beyond. The blue water of a reservoir was visible to the northwest, behind a dam used for flood control and hydroelectric power. The ground sloped downward to the east. The view to the east stretched past the new Potsdam Village all the way to the Great Ocean several miles beyond.

Paul removed Ginger's blindfold and asked "Do you think that this is a pretty spot?"

Ginger showed her appreciation of the view by answering "Mmm-hmmmm!" She couldn't use words because of the gag of her ponygirl harness. She smiled at him, mainly with her eyes.

Paul helped her sit down with her back against a big old oak, probably one of the oldest trees on the planet. He re-hobbled her, and then removed her bit and ballgag. He unslung his own back pack, opened it, and began to take a picnic lunch out. He asked "Hungry, Joanne?"

She answered "Heck yes!" She could claim her human name when her mouth was free to use human language.

He told her that "Food is going to cost you. One kiss per mouthful." He picked up a potato chip, held it temptingly near her mouth, and leaned over her to collect his first payment. He expected at least a quick peck on the cheek, but he hoped for more, and got it. She kissed him on the lips.

One kiss, one bite for her, one bite for him, another kiss, and the rhythm of the luncheon was established. The kisses became longer and longer as the meal continued. His shyness began to fade. It took them several hours to finish lunch.

After one final kiss, Paul took his pants off and gave Joanne something different to eat. He hadn't masturbated since the day that Joanne had accepted his invitation to a picnic. She had paid attention to a conversation that she overheard between her twin sisters-in-law on oral technique, and she used her tongue with remarkable skill for a first-timer. His orgasm came quickly.

Then it was her turn. She had again worn no underwear beneath her ponygirl tunic, so his hands could easily touch the most sensitive parts of her body. He released her hobble for even better access. She was well lubricated, and his fingers wandered onto her clitoris and into her as far as her g-spot. Her orgasm also came quickly.

Afterward they rested for a while, lying back on the soft turf, watching the fluffy white clouds drift past against the clear blue sky. Paul finally sat up, looked down at Joanne, and noticed her serious expression. He asked "Penny for your thoughts?"

She said "I got to thinking: what will life on this planet be like in a hundred years, or in a thousand years, or in two thousand years? The clouds and the bright blue sky will still be there. But will anything else that we know survive? Will this clearing still be here for our descendants to have picnics in, or will it be paved over as Potsdam Village becomes Potsdam City and the population reaches a million or more? Will the people still be true to the Eric Potsdam philosophy, or will robots and computers take over here as badly as they have on Earth?"

He answered "There's a quote from the Bible that seems appropriate. 'Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.' In our case, though, the quote should be changed to 'Sufficient unto each day is the passion thereof.' We'll never know what kind of life our descendants will live. There isn't much point in worrying about it. All we can do is live our own lives to the fullest, at times like right now." He lowered his own head down to hers to kiss her once again.

Their tongues tangled.

He shifted his entire body on top of hers, and inserted himself into her. They began to work toward their first simultaneous orgasm.

They both hoped that this would be the first of many such orgasms they would enjoy during their future times together as she lay captive beneath him.

And it was.

After that, at potluck dinners and other public meals, Joanne always ate her first bite when Paul fed it to her. Until he did, she kept her own hands closed as fists behind her back, as if she were once again in ponygirl harness. She kept that up even after they were married.

People noticed while they were still dating. He became known by his born name, Paul Morris. People stopped calling him Shy Paul.

Neil Alt and Alanna Novarro

Neil Alt had been an engineering student. He joined a company which designed and engineered bondage equipment. On Earth the villagers had imported some of their bondage items. They needed a replacement supply when they left and then broke their warp link.

Alanna became one of the company's most active models during the next few years. She could be found around Potsdam Village wearing a fascinating variety of handcuffs, or fiddles, or portable stocks, or cuffs on the ends of bars, or ball-and-chain ankle cuffs, or armbinders, or steel bikinis, or mechanical braces, or other forms of confinement. People who visited the company's showroom were likely to find her on or in some sort of cage or other type of furniture.

Neil especially liked putting her in a brace with straps around her waist, and thighs, and above and below the knees, and at ankles. A plug-in key for this brace dangled from a bracelet on his left wrist. As long as his arm was around her waist with the key plugged in, she could move freely. When he left her side, or if she tried to leave his side, the hinges in the brace would lock and hold her hips and her knees at whatever angles they had when he unplugged. She couldn't walk or run, except in directions that he wanted to take her. He usually sat her down before unplugging, which of course confined her with hips and knees flexed wherever she was sitting. If she was confined standing without something to hang on to, she could easily fall over and hurt herself.

Eventually Alanna had to take a long vacation from bondage modeling. She and Neil had nine children, and her primary responsibility became feeding, and diapering, and otherwise taking care of them all, especially whichever one was youngest at the moment. She took good care of herself. Their youngest child started high school and required less close tending thirty-five years after the warp gates were destroyed. Then Neil put Alanna back into her leg-locking brace once again. It fit, with all of the buckles in the same strap holes that had been used when the brace was new.

The End


This is the end of the Tales of the Transfer, at least for now. Twenty-eight thousand people transferred from Earth to Ericpotsdam. Twenty-one thousand were from Potsdam Village, and the rest mostly from the USM campus. I may yet tell a few more of their stories.

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