Lady Transforms Into Large Monster
by X-Writer

Brilly pressed the Record button on her small recorder and started talking.

“Dr. Brilly N.T., recording Project IntelliBoost, Day 37. With the alpha model complete, we have located a couple of terrible side effects. We hope to correct these side effects by the second model, the beta. However, first we have to figure out exactly why the first formula is causing tested mice to grow dehydrated. The final formula is nowhere NEAR finished yet.”

She sighed, pressing the Stop button. Nowhere near finished. Nowhere near finished. That was all the progress she ever got. Boy, did it sound old by now!

Science sure is a tricky field to be involved in. She wanted to create serums and drugs that would help people and cure problems. Her one true dream was the cure for cancer. But any such serum can only be ingested only orally or intravenously – directly into the bloodstream. Either way, there inevitably came the problem of side effects. Whenever a chemical combination delivers the desired effect, there also comes some sort of little side effect, because the world really involves more factors than anyone could count in total.

Would the same thing happen to mice who were fed the serum intravenously? Could the serum still be run as safe for humans through the IV, but not through the mouth? Her head hurt as she thought about the poor, innocent mice, whom she had condemned just to conduct her scientific testing.

“What's the formula for, anyway?” the new assistant, Jackson, asked as he poked his head in.

“Huh? Oh. I want to increase intelligence,” she explained. “I believe that the key to stimulating brain power is in stimulating the body's own productions of axons within the cerebral cortex. This is what most scientists would probably miss. This would open up some doorways . . . it would allow the human mind a greater range of control over the human body. I believe it's possible that, in turn, the body will then give some of that increased power back to the cerebral cortex, resulting in . . . increased intelligence.”

“Whatever. All I know is 12 bucks an hour,” he remarked as he left for the day, accidentally crashing into something first.

She sighed. Looking at all the numbers and letters piling up across the papers on her desk, she just had to wonder . . . what was the missing critical factor?

The next day, she tried again. This time she tried treating the formula given to mice with one drop of tetrochloridin, to slow down the rate of dehydration, hopefully to nothing. Of course, the only way to know for sure was to put it in the water for three mice in a cage, and watch as they unknowingly drank the formula. After 10 minutes of observation, none of the mice were seen to be dehydrating.

“Maybe I'm getting somewhere,” she said to herself.

But she was just too impatient! “Begin human testing NOW!!” she screamed, immediately injecting herself with the intravenous form of the serum.

“No – no, wait! You don't know what you're doing!!” the department manager, Rohawk Stevens, yelled. “The intravenous form is still un-tested. There are stages in between mice and humans!”

But it was too late. She had tried it already. “I already did it,” she admitted. “It should be the same as the orally-ingested form.”

“You don't know that! The conversion alone might change everything, for all we know!”

Well, now it was too late. For the next ten seconds, nothing seemed to happen.

Then, her small, flat boobs suddenly sprung to life, now too big to fit into D-cups.

She screamed in terror! “What on Earth?” she shrieked. “What's next? A third arm? A green arm? Extra ears??”

“. . . No, I'm pretty sure that formula just made your boobs bigger,” Rohawk remarked gladly.

Rip! Her shirt began to tear, just from the new size of her breasts. “It looks like you have made an outstanding breakthrough in the field of cosmetic surgery!!” he exclaimed. Rip! Again, her short tore, between her breasts and shoulder!

She growled. “I didn't attend school for 8 years to get an award in boob-jobs,” she said.

“Oh, nonsense, young one! I'm sure Mozart never thought he'd be into music, at first. I'm sure Picasso said no to art, at first. I'm telling you, you must embrace your calling for what it is. Your legacy to this world . . . will be that you made the boob job faster, easier, vastly more affordable, and you have eliminated the slicing of skin, down to just one intravenous shot.”

“That's not who I want to be!!” she shrieked, and, oh Lord, now Rohawk saw it. Now he saw that her anger alone seemed to transform her into a large, angry monster, in spirit.

She growled. Her head began to bulge. Her very cranium seemed to be expanding beyond its usual size.

Dear Lord, she had done it. Her intelligence was increasing. Soon, her cranium was being stretched beyond its usual means. She grunted, not quite sure what to do with this growing intelligence. Soon, she realized the terrible truth: that, while she had meant for nothing but good, she had only turned herself into a monster. She soon grew into an incredible muscular hulking hulk. Her clothes were ripped all over from her increase in size. Now with nothing to cover herself, she had come to look more like a beast than a human woman anyway. A quick glance might figure her to be a werewolf. Yet she was just an exaggerated, muscular human body, transformed into a monster by the scientist's own serum.

The beast screamed, and roared, and ran up to Rohawk. The man screamed loudly at the sight of what Dr. N. T. had become. She grabbed him, then threw him instantly at the wall, overcome with anger.

He screamed. She looked at him. Then, soon, she began to feel herself calm down. So her monstrous body began to shrink back down into a regular human woman. Now she was naked. She woke up with no memory. Laying on the ground, she woke up, then looked around the room. She was all right, until she felt for her clothes, and felt nothing on her at all.

She looked VERY startled.

Then she stood up – to see Rohawk sitting up-side down in the corner of the room! “Are you all right?” she asked.

“Yeah, just fine,” Rohawk said.

She ran up to him. “Where am I? And how did I get here? And why am I naked?” she asked him frantically.

“I don't know, I don't know, and I don't know but I ain't complaining!” He snapped his fingers a few times in a row.

She turned away. She looked at all the damage that had just been done here recently. She looked at her clothes, ripped and torn and lying on the ground. “I have to leave,” she said. And she ran off into the night.

“No – no, wait!! Can I take your picture?” he asked, and he ran after her with his camera-phone.

She ran out the door, and began to transform again. Her need for survival – her need to become the monster again – was enough to trigger the transformation. She became the incredible, monstrous hulking hulk lady again.

The monster leaped down the street. It made gigantic, monstrous jumps of a hundred feet, landing with a smash into the gravel ground everywhere it went. So the rampage went on for another hour. Soon, the day began to transition into the night. The sky began to turn darker.

Two police car cruisers began to pursue the monster. But it soon became clear that more help would be needed. The two cops considered calling SWAT or the National Guard.

In time, it was certain to some people that both organizations – and more – would be called in to deal with the hulking hulk.

And so a helicopter labeled POLICE began to fly after the thing that was making such mighty leaps through the air. A searchlight was aimed around the monster, then directly at it.

“HALT! You are ordered to surrender!” came a loud voice through a police loudspeaker.

But the hulking hulk lady just leaped through the air, growling, and landing in a position that grabbed the helicopter with both hands while landing with both feet on a rooftop.

She growled, squeezing the helicopter together with both arms. “Large Monster mad!” she yelled, not knowing what else to say.

So she began to swing the helicopter to her right, and did not stop until she had swung it around in a full 360-degree circle, then again, and again, and again, before she let go.

“Headquarters! Headquarters! Mayday! Mayday! Chopper Five is going down!!”

No! The sight of a helicopter going down in flames could now be seen in the reflection of her eyes. A look of sadness overcame her entire face. “Me no meant true harm,” she commented.

Now, like Dr. Frankenstein's monster, it was time to do the right thing and save the little girl's life. Only she wasn't Dr. Frankenstein's monster. And it wasn't a little girl she was saving – it was a helicopter.

She leaped down to the ground, and it took no time at all to catch up with the falling helicopter. Once she had landed on it, she held onto its tail end tightly. Then she fell down toward the ground even more, but held the helicopter by the back in such a way that she corrected its position in the air. Now it was moving horizontally again. The only problem was that she was holding it down with her weight.

Soon, she let go of the chopper, landing on a roof. It immediately became lighter without her. So she turned away, hoping for nobody to see her, and she leaped off the building's roof to soon get back to the ground.

Even from inside the helicopter, the men could hear the crash from where she had smashed into the gravel street. Still, the same hulking hulk who had put their very lives into danger had also saved their lives. So there was a good side to her after all.

Now she woke up in the crater in the street, completely, totally, one hundred percent butt-ass naked. She woke up, then screamed as she realized that she was completely exposed. “What on Earth happened??” she screamed.

Two police cars arrived at the scene. Their sirens were both fully blaring. She gulped. “Uh-oh,” she said.

Soon, the cars came to a stop, and the doors opened to reveal two men who ran her way with flashlights in their hands. “Freeze! Freeeeeze!!” they both screamed. With several flashlights being aimed at her, she covered up her naked body with both hands. “Put your hands above your head!!” someone screamed.

She hesitated, then did as told. The several flashlights were still being aimed at her. Now she was topless and exposed. In fact, not only was she topless, she remembered, she wasn't wearing any panties anymore, either. Clearly, transforming into the monster had removed even that from her body. Lord knows where any of her clothes were by now.

“Can I put my hands down now?” she asked.

“No,” someone said back.

She sighed, still naked and embarrassed. So more police soon arrived on the scene.

“You're under arrest,” a man told her, handcuffing her hands behind her back. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Hmmm,” she said, thinking carefully of what to say. “I just hope the monster doesn't do anything too bad when I transform again!”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?”

By now, her eyes were already glowing orange. The transformation into the monster had started.

The End

Copyright© 2011 by X-Writer. All rights reserved.