Genies Who Make Girls Naked
by X-Writer

“There are hundreds of different stories to be told on different days,” Jaleria Poller said. “For instance, I could sit here and tell you the story of 'Invasion of the Bikini Snatchers'. It's the story of an alien invasion, a story which starts out on a sunny day at the beach, when dozens of small spaceships suddenly appear in the sky and fly down to the sand, snatching bikinis off the bodies of young women walking around.

“Or perhaps you would like a story without aliens. In 'Lady Transforms Into Large Monster', a story dating back to the 1980s, the brilliant scientist Brilly N.T. concocted a serum which could increase intelligence. This serum worked perfectly on the tested lab mice, and the rabbits, so she chose herself for human testing. But something went horribly wrong. She transformed into a large, monstrous hulking creature, who leaped around outside and smashed into all the parked cars that it saw. The monster jumped around for a while, then eventually shrunk back down into the human form of the lady Brilly – who, having had her clothes rip from the monstrous transformation, was now naked. The rest of the story involves humiliating incidents of being left outside in the nude, with military helicopters with bright spotlights looking for her.

“Maybe that is not your thing. Maybe you would instead enjoy a story set in college. In this story, 'The Sex Video', a girl going to a sex education class at her school is shocked to find that the video played in class is a video all about her, being quite naked. However, who knows . . . with so many people in the world, maybe someone else has already made that kind of story . . . maybe I have no need to tell that story at all.

“There is also a story called 'Voodoo Dolls', but I have since had second thoughts about that story. In this story, a person who owns many voodoo dolls deliberately strips the small clothing off the dolls, to strip the corresponding women in real life. But, I don't know . . . somehow, something seems kind of offensive about such a concept . . .

“Meanwhile, 'Stripality' is the story of a fighting competition, held at an outdoor beach with eight fighting women wearing bikinis. The objective in all the women fighting each other was not death, nor was it bruising, but for one woman to strip the other naked, with the naked one deemed the immediate loser. For four fights in a row, eight women total would fight one another, and there would come four winners, and four losers. The losers would be forced to remain on the sideline, still naked as the next round of matches went on. In the second round of matches, four winners fought each other in two battles, leaving two winners left, who would fight each other in the Final Strip Round. At last, there would only come one woman to still remain in her bikini, although she ended up winning bottomless. By the time she realized she was the winner, she ended up taking her top off, too, and so she won the prize of a ribbon.

“Hmm. Perhaps 'Grand Theft Bikini', the video-game, might be more your thing. In this video-game, for the We-X-3, you walk around across a digital recreation of the entire North American Continent. You walk around as a woman, who can seamlessly transition from moving on-foot to in a car, on a motorcycle, or anything else you can do in real life, with the goal of the game being to run around yanking the bikini strings off the girls who are walking around.

“Maybe it's time for a story that could only come from a high-concept movie. The Naked Trix is the world-shattering story of O'thene, a computer programmer man who learns that he has spent his whole life living in a false perception of reality. At age 25, he is awakened to the more real world, learning that every other person on Earth is also plugged into the virtual simulation. So when he is plugged into the virtual simulation, he can have a fun time in the video-game-like atmosphere, but he knows it is not real.

“So, in the virtual simulation, he programs amazing things, like a door that leads from one room to another place 10 miles away. He tricks girls into walking from the locker room, where they are naked, through the door and directly into a public place, like the middle of a mall. But then, by running right back into that same door as from which they had come, the girls would not find the locker room, but more of the mall. And this would only be one of the many Naked Trix perpetrated by one of the super-aware. Another trick might include a pool or ocean of water designed to dissolve bikinis at contact. Or perhaps a trick turning all the hot girls' bikinis 95% transparent with one click of a button.

“I was thinking of making a story about some kind of camera surveillance system, like in the book 1984, which is used to look at ladies in the shower, but . . . hmmm . . . I don't know what to call the camera system. In 1984, it was called Big Brother. At first I was gonna call the camera system Little Sister, as a parody, but it doesn't sound right. Nothing sounds right. So I won't even make that story after all.

“But you, YOU are an intelligent story-reader, with high standards and taste, and you want to hear the finest stories, the ones with the most valuable lessons therein. So, for YOU, I shall tell the story of the Genies Who Make Girls Naked.”

“Uhhh, thanks,” George said.

“Behold!!” Jaleria said. She threw some sand into a fire. The fire then erupted for a second, beginning the story . . .

The story began when Jaleria Poller came back to America with an assortment of random household items she had bought in another country. A small statue of a Pharoah. A small bottle of cologne. A foot-long oil lamp. Each of these items represented a touch of another country, another culture, across the globe.

But the oil lamp? She had to wonder about that now. Why had she bought that? The man who had sold it to her seemed so eager. He seemed so convinced that it was the bargain of a lifetime, for her to buy the lamp, where some said a genie had once lived. Giddily, she bought the lamp at that time, wondering if the legends might actually be true.

What a rip-off, she realized now.

Grumbling, and taking it off her shelf, she wiped some dust off it with her hand. Some valuable artifact. But she was terrified to find that smoke poured out of the oil lamp, and it didn't seem to stop for an entire half minute!

Wow! Maybe it was true! Maybe a genie did exist in this lamp! The cloud of smoke pulled itself together, into a human shape. This genie was the gray color of smoke! “You have released me from the lamp,” it hissed. “Now you are my new master.”

She gulped. “Does that mean I get three wishes?” she asked.

“Yes,” the genie said. “These three wishes go as far as your imagination permits. But! Neither you nor I are allowed to misuse this power for the cause of death, or for the tampering of love, hate, or otherwise human free will.

“So. Get started. What is your first wish?”

Jaleria had to think about it. “Hmmm. Three wishes?? Gee . . . I could make myself rich . . . I could . . . I could somehow try to live rent-free, and mortgage-free . . . or bills-free . . . or I could wish for world peace!”

Thinking about it was aggravating. But, at last, she decided. “I wish to appear outside the Ell Mall!” she commanded.

There was a flash of light. And then she was outside the Ell Mall.


It took a few seconds for the shock to kick in. “WHAT??” she finally shrieked. “Why am I naked??”

“Because,” the genie said, floating beside her. “You wished to get here. But you did not say that you should be wearing clothes.”

She growled. “Genie, I wish to be wearing a black dress!” she said.

There was a flash of light. And then she was wearing a black dress.

The dress began to blow up in the wind, so she pushed it back down with her hand. No panties. No bra, either. She had not wished for either one to appear.

Well, this was becoming a waste. So far, all she had done was get herself to the mall, now missing her bra and panties. “I wish to immediately come into possession of a million dollars!!” she yelled.

And then her entire black dress turned into a bunch of paper dollar bills, which blew around in the wind.

“No! NOOO!!” she shrieked. She ran to collect her money. But she looked like a madwoman, running around naked to get her dollar bills back.

The genie sighed. “I feel kind of bad for you,” he confessed. “You are naked, and cannot get your money! Here . . . I will let you have a fourth wish.”

“. . . Really?” She thought about it. “Okay, then. Genie, I wish for all my money to appear safely inside a big new purse!

There was a flash of white light, and then it was done: a big black purse around her shoulder carried the money safely. So she used the purse to cover up her snatch, and then she used her hair to cover her breasts.

“This is illegal,” she reminded the genie. “I can't be here naked! You have to let me have one more wish!”

The genie sighed. “Fine,” he said. “I will grant you two more wishes. But use them wisely.”

“First,” she said, “I wish to be wearing the same clothes I was wearing an hour ago, including bra and panties.”

There was a flash of white light. And then it was done.

There was one last wish left: the wish of world peace. But that would wait until after her regular, real-life activities went on: using the million dollars, she would now walk around the mall and buy amazing things.

So she finally went on that one million dollar spending spree that she had always fantasized about. She bought a new TV screen. She bought CDs, DVDs, clothes.

An hour later, she made her final wish. “Genie,” she said, “I wish for all the stuff I bought here at this mall to instantly appear safely inside my home!”

So, in a flash of light, it was done, and all the things she had bought disappeared, including her clothes!

She was naked! AGAIN! “GENIE!!” she screamed, covering herself while blushing.

The genie reappeared beside her. “Now, now,” he said. “You used up six wishes.”

“You – you kept tricking me!!” she yelled.

He grinned. “Now, now. You wished to be rich. You got what you wanted.”

“Yes, but not like this! Never like this . . .! Naked in a mall!”

But Jaleria's troubles were eventually over. A person in the mall ran up to her with a brown coat for her to wear. Although she was still missing the bra and panties, at least she had this for now.

So she began to walk away, leaving the oil lamp where it was on the ground. Curious, some random guy passing by took the oil lamp, at first to throw it away in the trash can. But then he rubbed it, and summoned the genie all over again.

“Genie,” he declared. “I wish for that woman in that brown coat over there . . . to have her brown coat turn into sand!”

And so Jaleria, holding the coat tightly over her privates, suddenly had the entire thing disintegrate.

The random guy was 100 feet away. He felt so bad now, now that it had happened. But, nonetheless, now she was naked, running one way, then running the other way, then shrieking and covering herself up again.

“Genie,” he said. “I wish that, for the entire rest of the day, every hot chick whom I get within 20 feet of, has all their clothes split apart and fall off.” And so it was done. This did not count as a violation of their human free will, as it only altered the clothing.

“And finally,” he said. “I wish for world peace.”

And so it was done, and he spent the rest of the day walking around and getting within 20 feet of hot chicks while video-taping it.

“And so that is the end of the story,” Jaleria narrated. “So I had to take a taxi home – still naked – to change back into the same clothes that I had been wearing before.”

George was amazed. “Wow!” he said. “So you mean to say, even though you got to be rich, you still weren't happy?”

“Correct,” she said. “And yet there's more to the point of the story. The story ends on a happy note, because somebody finally did the right thing, and wished for world peace.”

“Ahhhhh.” So now George was done hearing the story, and was a little bit wiser for it.

The End