The All-Time Epic ENF Quest
by X-Writer

Come, O Heavenly muse, come and tell me the story of the all-time epic ENF quest. Leila Gallaghers was the naked woman who led the bold adventure across all the lands of the world, on a mission to get her clothes back from a terrible dragon that had captured her entire wardrobe and flown it to its castle in the southern side of Dangerland.

The adventure started in Berrytown Village. This was a quiet and peaceful village, only 30 miles away from the Grasstree Kingdom, led by the legendary King Grasstree. Leila Gallaghers had spent all her life in the small, quiet setting of Berrytown Village. She yearned for the great adventures and tall tales of her favorite stories.

When she was 20 years old, she made a wish on a falling star one day to embark on a great adventure. And so her wish came true that very night, when a great, terrible dragon flew down from the sky, and did not stop until it caught her in its claws!

Leila was terrified! Soon, she would be captured, a damsel in distress, who had little to no hope of ever being rescued!

But the dragon's goal wasn't to capture her, she realized. It began to pull her up, then drop her down, then pull her up. At first, she wasn't sure what it was trying to do. The beast seemed to be thoughtless, a savage creature. But then her entire shirt ripped off, leaving her entire upper body half naked as she dropped out of its claws.

She fell for several feet, but landed on her hands and knees. She covered up her enormous breasts with both hands, and spent a few seconds rearranging her hair so that it would cover up her nipples. Once that was done, she took a second to realize how much bigger her breasts were growing.

Leila's shirt, now torn, was still falling to the ground, as the dragon seemed to fly away. Now she was wearing nothing but her pants and one sandal, for the other sandal had fallen off her earlier.

But the dragon returned! It would not stop until it had caught her again! Flying all the way to her, it stopped on the ground, then roared!

Somehow, Leila had the weird image enter her head, of a pink bra being thrown at the dragon, so that it would land on its head and cover up both the creatures' eyes with both cups. Leila wasn't sure why that image was in her head.

In reality, the dragon kept roaring, and it kept screaming, and it didn't seem to leave at first. So she fell backward, and began screaming for her life, and she slowly crawled backward across the ground.

The dragon slowly stepped closer. There was one thing it wanted. “Do . . . do you want my pants?” she asked.

The dragon nodded its head.

This was just too weird now. But, still, she took off her black pants, revealing white panties underneath. Soon, she was holding her pants with both hands.

The dragon nodded its head with approval. But it still wouldn't leave. Folding its arms over its chest, while standing on two feet, it growled one last time.

She gulped. “My . . . my . . . panties?” she asked.

The dragon nodded its head.

Slowly, she pulled them down to her knees, to her shins, and all the way off. She wasn't sure what to do next. Covering her crotch with one hand, while her hair covered the rest, she used her right hand to hold up the panties. But still, she wouldn't let them go.

The dragon used magic to bring the pants all the way to its claws. Then her panties, too, were sucked right out of her hand, and into its claws. At that, the dragon turned around and flew away.

Now Leila was stuck where she was, outside, on the dirt and grass ground near the beach, completely naked. So she decided to walk back home – which was only a few minutes away – to get changed into her other clothes. Since it was night time, she figured there wouldn't be a lot of people around to see her.

But when she got back home, the dragon was already there! Still holding her clothes from earlier, the dragon grinned as it tossed the two articles of clothing into a black bag!

“What is that??” Leila demanded to know.

Getting closer, she saw that the black bag . . .
. . . had her whole entire wardrobe in it!! All her clothing was there!

“NNNOOOOOOOO!!” she screamed as the dragon flew away, with the bag, to its castle in Dangerland.

And so she embarked on an incredible quest to go through all the lands and get back her clothing.

She walked all through the night. She had never walked around outside naked before. But now, with no clothes at all in her possession, she had no other choice, until she got to that dragon's castle.

She walked for hours, until she could walk no more. Then she stopped at a bench to sit and rest. Slowly, she began to relax. Opening her legs a little, she began to drift off into sleep.

The next morning, a dozen people were walking around the bench as she woke up. She screamed, loudly and suddenly. Many guys in the area then screamed, just as loudly and suddenly.

“Nice pus,” some guy said, and another guy quickly smacked him in the arm. “Oww! What?”

“I need some clothes,” she said, quickly rearranging her hair so that it would cover up her breasts. “Or at least a towel.”

One guy in the area walked up to her with a towel. “Here you go,” he said.

She smiled. Taking the towel, she turned away and quickly wrapped the thing around herself. Soon, she was covered up again. She began to walk with comfort through the outdoor area.

“PSYYYYYCH!” the guy yelled, pulling it off, and running away with it.

She growled. “My clothes have been stolen,” she griped. “A dragon stole them and brought them to his castle!”

“Yeah,” one guy said. “I wish I could give that dragon a high-five! Huh? Huh?” Someone slammed their foot into his stomach. “Oooooof!” he yelled, sprawling forward. “What? What did I do? I thought I –”

“Here,” one guy said, handing Leila a blue sword.

“What is this?” she asked.

“It's the Sword of Good Energies,” he replied. “This is the one and only weapon that can defeat the dragon.”

She swallowed. Then, taking the sword, she used its handle to cover up her crotch. “I will use it wisely,” she promised. And with that she walked on across the land, determined to make it there. Determined to find the dragon's castle. Determined to see it slain and defeated.

Did she make it there? Did she finish her quest? I'm a tired storyteller, and these are questions for another day. Yet Leila made no mistake about it – she knew, from the start, that she was embarking on the all-time epic ENF quest.

The End