Rachael’s Abduction
by Wicked’s Pet



Brad was slamming his cock violently into Rachael’s pussy, and as he did, the sawhorse was inching forward by a fraction of an inch during each thrust. The dildo was now in her throat, and she no longer had enough slack to withdraw and take a breath. She pushed back with all her might, ignoring the pain from the nipple clamps. Tears came to her eyes as she realized that she wasn’t going to live through this.

Brad continued his brutal rape, but the bitch seemed to be enjoying it, pushing back and all. He decided to step it up. He pulled out, grabbed his cock, and aimed for her asshole. He took a half a step back, lining up the shot, and prepared to lunge forward, spearing her asshole in one thrust. As he stepped back, his ass exploded in pain, as the twin barbs of Karla’s Taser shot into his ass cheeks, causing him to jerk upright, then fall down, shaking and twitching. She kept the juice running for a few seconds, just to make sure the bastard was down for the count.

She was on him in an instant, whipping out her handcuffs and shackling his wrists behind his back. “Freeze, asshole, you’re under arrest!” she shouted. It was then that she looked up and saw her cousin, struggling to keep from gagging on the dildo. She rushed over to the tripod stand and carefully pulled it back, withdrawing it from Rachael’s mouth. Rachael looked up at her in shock like she had seen a ghost.

"K-Karla?" she whispered, and jerked, as she got shocked, before she passed out. Karla looked Rachael over. There were red welts all over her body. She was filthy, and smelled of urine. She hurriedly unbound her cousin from the sawhorse, tenderly removing the nipple clamps, and carried her to a nearby lounge chair, where she laid her down. Slowly, Rachael regained consciousness.

Karla spoke: “Rachael? It’s all right; it’s over. I got the bastard.”

Rachael looked up and saw her cousin’s worried gaze. Still in disbelief that her ordeal was over, she broke out in tears. She reached out with her arms and gave Karla a hug, a hug that lasted a few minutes, while Karla patted her back and whispered in Rachael’s ear.

“Rachael, speak to me. Are you all right?” Karla asked, concerned.

Breaking off the hug, Rachael touched her collar with her leather-bound hand and shook her head. She looked past Karla for the first time and saw Brad, still lying on the ground. She got up, and half crawled, half limped over to him, still weak and in shock. Karla followed, and when she got there, Rachael was pointing to a chain hanging around Brad’s neck. There were a few keys dangling from a key ring on the chain. Karla understood, and ripped the chain from around Brad’s neck. She examined the keys, and Rachael’s collar, and identified the one that looked like it would fit the lock. Turning the key in the lock, the collar opened up and fell away from Rachael’s neck.

“Karla! Thank God! How did you find me?” Rachael rasped.

“It’s a long story; I’ll tell you when we have a little more time. Give me your hands,” Karla said as she used another key from the ring to unlock and remove the leather mittens. “First, we need to take care of this asshole.”

Rachael’s hands looked like claws after days being held in that position, she had trouble uncurling her fingers. Her feet, however, were working just fine. She stood up, turned and faced a still prone Brad, who was beginning to come around.

Her first kick connected with his stomach, causing him to gasp and exhale sharply. The next blow landed a little further south, scoring a direct hit on his balls. “You fucking asshole! I should kill you right here!” she screamed, tears flowing, grabbing for Karla’s gun.

Karla reacted quickly, though, and grabbed Rachael’s wrist before she could pull the gun out of its holster. “Rachael! Stop it! He’s not worth it!” she shouted.

Rachael just continued to kick Brad, sobbing, venting days’ worth of rage. With his hands cuffed behind his back, Brad was helpless to defend himself, except to curl up into a fetal ball, wheezing, cursing painfully.

“You stupid bitch! When I get out of this, I’m going to kill YOU!” he spat, clearly not realizing the seriousness of his situation.

Suddenly, Rachael had an inspiration. Picking up the collar, she bent down and encircled his neck with it, closing it with a definitive click. She removed his pants from around his ankles and slid her hand into one of the pockets. With a cry of triumph, she pulled out the remote to the collar. It had a bank of two rows of buttons, numbered 1 to 10. Without hesitation, she pushed the “10” button and held it down. Brad’s mouth opened to scream, but nothing came out, as he shook violently and thrashed around like a fish out of water.

“YOU WERE SAYING, MOTHERFUCKER?” she shouted at him. “GO AHEAD, THREATEN ME AGAIN!” she barked. Looking over the remote’s controls, she found the Silent Mode button and pressed it. She stood there, waiting for the dumbass to say something.

“I said –“ that was as far as he got before getting jolted by the collar. “You stup-“ he tried again, before another shock jolted him.

“Wow – what a stupid slave; guess you need some remedial training,” Rachael said, her voice dripping with irony.

“What did you call him?” Karla asked.

“I was just throwing some of his words back at him,” Rachael replied.

“You called him a slave,” Karla said. “That gives me an idea – I was just trying to figure out what to do with this slimeball. Does he live here alone?”

“As far as I know; I haven’t seen anyone here since Friday – what day is it, by the way?”

"It’s Wednesday,” Karla answered.

“Wow – I’d lost count.” said Rachael. “What did you have in mind?”

“Let’s go over there and talk,” Karla said. They walked over to the doorway of the cellar, still able to see Brad, but out of earshot.

They talked for a few minutes, glancing over at him now and then. Finally, they seemed to come to an agreement. They walked back over to Brad, still lying where they had left him. They picked up the leather mittens and forced his handcuffed hands into them, locking them around his wrists, before removing the handcuffs. Resisting the urge to zap him one more time, Karla removed the taser barbs which were still imbedded in his ass, eliciting a yelp from their prisoner.

Rachael stood up, remote in hand. She gestured to the open cage door. “Up, slave, Fours Position, NOW!” she snapped. When he hesitated, she pushed a shock button again, experiencing immense gratification in giving him payback. He finally got up on all fours, revealing, for the first time, a look of fear.

“Into your cage, slave,” Rachael ordered.

When the realization of what she intended hit him, he panicked, and began to stand up and bolt from the patio. He made it about three steps, before Rachael took him down with the “10” button. He dropped like a stone; this time, he was out cold for a few seconds. When he came to, he moaned and lay there on the concrete in a daze. Suddenly, a sharp CRACK! sounded, a second before a searing pain erupted on his ass.

He screamed involuntarily, setting off the shock collar again. Looking up, he saw Karla off to the side, holding the single tail whip. “Get your ass in that cage, before I literally tear you a new one!” Karla barked.

Quickly, he jumped up onto all fours, eyes wide. Without any further resistance, head hung down, Brad crawled over and entered the cage. He hesitated about halfway in, giving a last pleading look at Rachael. She responded with a swift boot to his ass with her heel, sending him sprawling into the cage. She quickly swung the cage door closed, using her foot to slam it with a resounding clatter. The electronic lock engaged automatically. Brad turned around and got up on his knees, leaning against the cage door with his leather-bound hands, looking out at Rachael with pleading eyes, afraid to speak.

“I’ve got some business to attend to, shouldn’t be more than a few days,” Rachael said sarcastically, with a smirk, as she and Karla strolled toward the house. Brad, looking around inside the cage, realized that the Slave Training Program was still active. How was he going to survive?

Just then, the Bot spoke. “It is time for your next exercise,” the Bot told him. Oh god, no! he thought. “This exercise will help you develop your vaginal and anal muscles,” the Bot announced. “You will now back up until the dildo is fully seated in your cunt,” the Bot ordered.


Desperately, Brad pushed against the cage door, but it held fast. He felt a warning tingle from the collar. Panicking, he threw himself at the door, frantically trying to escape, but the SlaveMaster cage was sturdily built. “You have 30 seconds to comply,” the Bot warned. His mind was spinning; he couldn’t think of a way out of this. The dildo had engorged, and was excreting lubricant along its length. Briefly, he thought about putting his lips on it; maybe he could fool it into thinking he was complying. Then he remembered that the built-in cage sensors would recognize that his collar was too close to the dildo and punish him. Realizing that he was out of options, he backed up, backing his feet out of the six inch high opening beneath the dildo. He moved his ass up and down, lining up the dildo with his puckered asshole. Holding his breath, he pushed against the dildo, trying to get it past his tight anal ring.

“You now have ten seconds to have it fully seated in your cunt,” the Bot announced.

A sound like a clock’s ticking emanated from the Bot’s speaker. In a panic, frantic, he pushed with all his might, and the cock breached his sphincter, leaving him gasping in pain, panting. At the zero mark, the collar began to shock him, motivating him to shove his ass all the way back until he was fully impaled, gasping and panting in pain.

Suddenly, he could feel a change in the dildo as dozens of small nubs protruded along the length and circumference of the shaft. “You will now clamp down on the cock and attempt to pull it away from the wall,” the Bot ordered.

Shit! he thought. It was bad enough that he was trapped and at the mercy of the girls; but here he was, hoisted on his own petard, in a somewhat literal sense. Having no choice in the matter, he clamped down on the cock and pulled on it. As he began to slide off, the collar gave him a warning tingle.

“You will continue this exercise until you can produce at least 20 foot-pounds of pulling force for ten seconds,” the Bot ordered.

Now he was scared, not knowing if he could meet the requirements. Plus, he knew this was just the first part if this exercise. The Bot’s programming was set up for a female; it assumed that a cunt was currently on the dildo; the second part would order him to stick it up his asshole, again! Shit!

Grunting, he backed up and tried again. Squeezing his sphincter muscle as hard as he could, he tried once again to complete the task. A sheen of sweat emerged as he began to pull forward, while maintaining a tight grip on the cock.

At the ten second mark, the Bot spoke again: “Congratulations, slave, you have achieved your first goal. You may now fuck yourself on the dildo for two minutes, but you may not cum without permission.”

Shit shit shit!!! this day was getting worse by the minute. He knew he would be punished for disobedience, so he began to slide back and forth on the dildo. Suddenly, the cock began to vibrate. To his complete surprise, his cock began to get hard. He wasn’t sure why, but it actually started to feel good, albeit in a strange kind of way. He picked up the pace a little, hoping to get the relief that was denied him earlier when he had been about to fuck Rachael in the ass.

When the two minutes was up, he hadn’t cum, but it had still felt surprisingly good. He pulled off the dildo and lay on the floor.

“You will resume your position and insert the dildo into your ass,” the Bot ordered. “You have five minutes to have it fully seated.”

Fuck! I can’t do this again, he thought. Then he realized that it might give him enough time to actually climax, so he got up again and positioned his asshole at the tip of the dildo.

Meanwhile, Rachael and Karla had gone inside the lake house and were looking around. Rachael showed Karla the bondage equipment in the basement and gave her a brief description of how it had been used on her. As they looked over the bondage table, Rachael remembered her recent torture and glanced down at her denuded pussy. Her entire crotch was still very red and sore from her violent depilation.

Checking out the armoire, they found Rachael’s clothes stuffed into a drawer, which she quickly put on, grateful to be clothed once again for the first time in nearly a week. Her purse and cell phone, which had been turned off, were in the same drawer.

They climbed upstairs, exploring the first floor. The tall picture windows in the living room gave a spectacular view of the lake below. The room was tastefully decorated with comfortable furniture, arranged about a huge stone fireplace. The large room included a set of stairs, leading to a second floor loft, overlooking the living room.

Continuing up to the second floor loft, they found a collection of bedrooms, including one that looked like Brad’s; the bedclothes were askew, and dirty clothes littered the floor. Moving on, they came across nook area containing a desk with a computer and four flat screen monitors, showing live views of the cage, each from a different angle. They watched with amusement at Brad, on all fours, fucking himself in the ass on the dildo inside the cage.

Rachael, intrigued, sat down in the desk chair and touched a key on the keyboard. A message appeared on one of the monitors, requesting a password.

“Rachael, what are you doing?” Karla asked.

“This is probably the computer that has been controlling me for the past few days,” Rachael said. Karla looked at her, confused. “That thing sitting outside the cage is called a Slave Training Bot. It gives commands and uses the shocking collar to punish if the wearer doesn’t obey. It has a preprogrammed schedule of exercises, like the one Brad is doing right now. It also provides water and nutrients through a hole in the end of the dildo.”

“Ohmigod, you’ve been in the cage all week?”

“Most of the time, except when it let me out to exercise and to relieve myself on the lawn,” she said bitterly, as Karla’s eyes widened. “The only other time I was let out was by Brad himself, whenever he felt like torturing me.” She tried typing a couple of words, but was unsuccessful in guessing the password.

“That’s alright, sweetie, a day or two in the cage with this program running will soften him up enough to give us the password, or anything else we want!”

“So we’re really going to keep him here as a slave?” Rachael asked.

“It’s up to you, honey. I figure you’ve got two options: one, I arrest him and take him in, meaning that you would have to re-live all the shit he’s done to you, and tell it to investigators. Eventually, you would have to testify in court, re-living it again in minute detail. The media would have a field day with this story, and everyone you know, plus a few million people would read about it online and in the newspapers.

“Option two: we keep him here, as a slave. As I understand it, he lives here alone, and is estranged from his parents. I think we could keep this under wraps, without any problems. I can stay here, at least through the end of this week, to keep an eye on him. I’m sure I can get a few close friends of mine on the force to help out. You can go back to the dorm, and visit from time to time. From what you have told me, the cage system is pretty self-sufficient. Once we get the password, I’m sure we can customize the program to personalize it even more for him.”

Karla bent down on one knee, turning the desk chair so she could look Rachael in the eye. “So, what do you want to do? Do you want to see him jailed for the next fifteen to twenty years, or are you ready for some payback?”

Rachael thought it over for about five seconds. “PAYBACK!” she cried. “Jail would be too cushy for that bastard! He’s gotta pay for what he did to me!”

“That’s all I needed to hear,” said Karla, “I’ll set it up.”

Rachael thought for a moment. “I’m still on Spring Break this week, so I could stay here too until next Monday.”


Karla decided to explain to Rachael how she found her. “Rache, your mother called me a couple of days ago, asking for help in locating you. I started investigating, and found your car at the impound lot with a shredded tire. I had a friend on the force do a CSI number on it and turned up a hand print, which happened to belong to Brad. I got his address, and drove over here as fast as I could.”

“That son of a bitch! He set me up right from the beginning!” Rachael exclaimed.

“Anyway, we need to call her and let her know that you’re all right. I don’t think we should tell her the truth, especially if we’re going to keep this asshole for a while. Why don’t you tell her that you met a guy, and ended up staying with him at his lake house for a few days. Tell her that your phone went dead, and you forgot to bring your charger with you. That way you are sort of telling her the truth, just a modified version of it!”

“That’s perfect!” Rachael said, dialing her mother’s number. “Mom! It’s me! Yeah, I know, I’m sorry I didn’t call sooner. Let me tell you why,” Rachael told her mom. She proceeded to tell the story as Karla had suggested, embellishing a little here and there. “His name is… Brad, and he’s a student at the University. Sure, you can meet him the next time I come home,” she lied. “Yeah, I already spoke with Karla; she said she had been looking for me ever since you called. Sorry to have caused so much trouble. OK mom, I have to go now; Brad’s waiting! Love ya, bye!” She hung up, rolling her eyes. “God, that was tough, but I think she bought it!”

“Nice work, Rache, very smooth!”

They continued to watch Brad’s torment on the monitor, as he was forced to impale himself on the dildo a second time. His anguished facial expression revealed the torture he was enduring. Gritting his teeth, he could be seen pulling on the dildo with his asshole. He was clearly near the end of his rope – he kept sliding forward off the dildo, and, shocked by his collar, pushed his ass back and tried again. He made one last supreme effort, and counted to ten.

“Congratulations, slave, you have met your goal. You may now fuck yourself in the ass for five minutes, but you may not cum,” the Bot announced.

Wearily, Brad started sliding back and forth on the dildo, knowing the penalty for ignoring the order, just wanting to collapse on the floor and rest. After a couple of minutes, it started to feel good again. His erection was clearly visible on the monitors.

“Oh my god, he’s enjoying this!” Karla exclaimed.

“Just wait,” said Rachael.

He began to speed up, fucking himself in earnest now. His expression had changed from anguish to lust. His prostate was being massaged, and was responding. As he neared what felt like an orgasm, he began to clamp down with his anal muscles. His sphincter began to spasm, causing his cock to pump out a rope of semen, yet it wasn’t accompanied by the usual feelings of cumming. Suddenly, a severe shock seared into his ass, propelling him off the dildo and causing him to crash against the cage door. He collapsed onto the floor, shaking and moaning, his leather bound hands reaching back, trying to console his burning, spasming asshole.

“You were warned about cumming without permission,” the Bot said.

Rachael and Karla watched with amusement. Suddenly, Rachael had an idea. “I’ll be right back!” she exclaimed. Running downstairs and out onto the patio, she held the collar remote in her hand. Brad was still lying on the cage floor, recovering from the shock to his asshole. Suddenly, he got a moderate shock from his collar. Looking up, he saw Rachael standing nearby, with her finger on the remote.

“You have five minutes to clean up your mess, slave,” she spat.

Momentarily confused, he looked down and noticed the remnants of his semen on the cage floor. Realizing what she wanted, he gave her a dirty look, refusing to move.

“Fine. So, how many days do you want to spend in this cage?” she asked, folding her arms across her chest.

Closing his eyes, looking defeated, he got up with a sigh and lowered his head down to the floor. Disgusted, he stuck his tongue out, but hesitated.

“Four minutes left; tick tock, tick tock,” she warned.

Realizing that he was beaten, he began to drag his tongue slowly across the floor, gagging on the slimy cum. She gave him a little warning shock, just for fun. “Better hurry up, slave, time’s almost up!”

Moving faster, he bent to his task, licking up the remaining semen. When he finished, he looked up; she was gone. He thought about all the torture he had put her through while she was imprisoned in this cage; now he was about to experience that firsthand. He would have to find a way out of this, and when he did, both those bitches would pay dearly. He envisioned gaining control of them both, making Rachael shove a nightstick up that cop bitch’s ass, while he shoved his cock down her piggy throat. He began looking at the cage door latch mechanism, trying to figure out how he could get it open.

Rachael had gone back inside and upstairs to rejoin Karla. “Nice work, Rachael, we’ll make a mistress out of you yet!” Karla exclaimed, still watching the monitors.

“Mistress? Isn’t that a woman who has an affair with a married man?” Rachael asked.

“No hon, in this case, it’s the female equivalent of a slave master,” said Karla. She decided it was time to let Rachael in on a little secret. “I have never told you before, but I have played in the BDSM world for a few years now. I have a man who worships my boots; one who is proud to call himself my slave.”

Rachael’s eyes widened. “You mean – “ she hesitated.

“Yes, Rachael, I am a mistress,” Karla announced. “It’s all very consensual; he has a normal vanilla life, but when he’s with me, he becomes my submissive slave, willing to do anything to please me. Jim has been with me for the past two years. I have learned a lot from training him, and I can’t wait to try some of those training exercises on that bastard!” she said, pointing at the monitor.

Brad was curled up on the cage floor, trying to get some rest. He had given up, at least temporarily, on defeating the cage door lock mechanism. All of a sudden, the Bot spoke. “You will now suck on the dildo for hydration and sustenance. You will not receive anything until you have deep throated the dildo for five minutes. Begin.”

The realization hit him now, what Rachael had felt when she was ordered to suck the dildo after it had been in her ass. He knew there was no avoiding it; he would have to suck it up, literally. He tentatively placed his lips on the flaccid head, slowly sliding down the length of the cock. It didn’t taste as bad as he’d imagined, but the thought of where it had just been made him gag.

Meanwhile, Karla turned her attentions to her cousin. She drew a hot bath and helped Rachael out of her clothes. “Here you go, hon, relax for a while and recuperate.” Gratefully, Rachael lowered herself into the tub, wincing as her scalped pussy hit the hot water. Finally, she lay back, sighing as she felt the tension leaving her body.

Leaving Rachael to her bath, Karla left the bathroom and returned to the computer desk. As she watched Brad on the monitors, sucking on the dildo in the cage, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number. “Jackie? Hey, it’s Karla. I need a favor.” Karla proceeded to give her friend a brief scenario.

Jackie was a skilled I.T. contractor whom Karla knew from the local BDSM club. They were fellow Dommes who often ran into each other there and were good friends. Jackie was black, six feet tall, 38DD breasts, and two-hundred and twenty pounds. You wouldn’t call her fat (and most people wouldn’t dare anyway), the word that best described her was “curvy”.

Karla gave her the address. “You need to keep this to yourself,” Karla told her.

“No problem - I can be there in about half an hour.”

Brad had his lips around the dildo, sliding back and forth, but stopping short of deep-throating the cock. “Your blowjob technique is below acceptable levels. You will continue to practice until you are given hydration,” the Bot told him. He increased his efforts, but still couldn’t bring himself to deep throat the dildo.

A warning tingle from the collar motivated him to try a little harder. He slid his lips down the dildo until it touched the back of his throat. Taking a deep breath, he pushed forward, gagging and choking, gradually impaling his throat painfully on the cock. Tears flowed down his cheeks. He backed off for a couple of seconds, regrouping. “You have thirty seconds to reach the bottom of the dildo,” the Bot announced. Taking a deep breath, Brad pushed forward desperately, gagging, until the dildo slid down his throat. He kept going until his chin touched the fake balls underneath, struggling to keep from vomiting.

“You must now hold the dildo in your throat and touch the sensors at the bottom for at least ninety seconds to receive sustenance,” the Bot announced. Ninety seconds?? What the fuck?? he thought. He had forgotten about the programming directive he had entered to add five seconds during each successive exercise.

He backed off, took another deep breath, and pushed his lips down the stiff cock. This time, it entered his throat a little easier, but it still hurt like hell. He pushed on, reaching the bottom. He didn’t know how long he could hold his breath, but he knew he didn’t have a choice. At forty-five seconds, his lungs began to revolt, trying to suck in precious oxygen. Backing off, he took a couple of gasping breaths, then plunged back down on the cock. This time, he lasted about sixty seconds before backing off.

“You will keep trying until you achieve your goal, slave,” the Bot said.

Sobbing, gasping for air, Brad collapsed on the cage floor. A sudden shock jolted him, causing him to jump up and try again.

* * *

Karla opened the front door to let Jackie in. “Hey Jackie, thanks for coming,” Karla greeted. “Are you kidding? Hell, I wouldn’t miss this for the world! Is this for real?”

“Follow me, and I’ll show you,” Karla said, leading her upstairs to the computer desk and the monitors.

“Holy shit, you weren’t kidding!” Jackie exclaimed, watching Brad desperately trying to deep throat the dildo for the prescribed ninety seconds, and getting shocked for failure.

“So he’s being controlled by this computer, and a shocking collar?” Jackie asked.

“That’s what Rachael tells me,” Karla said. “We just don’t know the password yet, but I bet he’d be willing to share that with us about now.”

“That would be great; it would save me a little time here.”

Karla grabbed the collar remote and walked downstairs and out to the back patio. She strolled over to the cage and stood there for a couple of minutes, watching Brad’s desperate struggle with the dildo.

Finally, she spoke. “Looks like you’re really getting attached to your new toy,” Karla joked.

Brad jumped, gagging on the dildo. He was so focused on his task, he hadn’t noticed her standing there.

“Shall I leave the two of you alone?” she asked, sarcastically. He pulled off the cock and pressed himself against the side of the cage, looking at her with tear-stained cheeks, frantically pointing to his collar with his leather mitten.

Momentarily confused, Karla looked at the remote and noticed the “Silent Mode” display. She pressed the “Cancel” button. “You may speak,” Karla announced.

“Please, let me out of this; it keeps shocking me and I can’t hold my breath for ninety seconds,” Brad panted desperately.

“Please WHAT?” Karla demanded.

”Please….Mistress?” he asked.

“First of all, you’re not getting out of that cage anytime soon. I might be persuaded to modify or shut off the training program, but I don’t have the password,” Karla said, teasingly.

Suddenly, Brad jumped as another shock hit him. “You will keep trying until you achieve your goal, slave,” the Bot said. Eyes wide, Brad pushed away from the cage wall and practically threw himself toward the back. Taking a deep breath, he plunged his lips back down over the dildo. She watched as he forced his lips to go all the way down to the base and stay there. Curious, she glanced at the second hand on her watch, waiting to see how long he could hold his breath.

She could tell that he was straining to hold position; it was probably the only way to avoid the punishing shock collar. At the sixty second mark, he started to squirm. At seventy seconds, he was visibly straining to breathe. Finally, at seventy-five seconds, he pulled off the cock, panting and gasping for air.

“Well?” Karla asked, tapping her foot.

Dazed, it took Brad a moment to remember what Karla wanted. A moment later, another shock goaded him back to his task. “MasterBlaster! MasterBlaster!” he wheezed, before swallowing the dildo once again. Karla pressed the Silent Mode button again before she walked back to the house.


Jackie watched the whole spectacle on the monitors, enjoying every second. She logged onto his computer, using the password MasterBlaster. It took a few tries; she didn’t know if it was a one-word password or two, or what letters were capitalized. From there, it was a simple task to find the SlaveMaster software program, still running in the background. She took a few minutes to familiarize herself with the program’s construction and menus. Karla had come back upstairs and joined her at the computer.

“What do you think?” Karla asked.

“About the program, or the asshole in the cage?” Jackie asked, smiling.

“Either one,” Karla answered with a laugh.

“I think that we are going to have a hell of a lot of fun with this one. Can I keep him?” Jackie asked facetiously.

“Indefinitely, as far as I’m concerned,” Karla said. “Realistically, I think we can keep him for a few months, just long enough to re-train him. When we’re done with him, he won’t even be able to look a woman in the eye, let alone stalk one.”

“What do you want to do about this Slave Training program? I can tweak it any way you want.”

They watched on the monitors as Brad tried once more to hold the cock down his throat for the required ninety seconds, but failing again. He looked haggard and exhausted. “Let’s pause it for the moment. I don’t want him to collapse completely just yet,” Karla said.

“We can always re-start it at any time; that way we can keep him off-balance.”

Karla went back to the bathroom to check on Rachael, who was just emerging from the tub. “How are you feeling, hon?” Karla asked.

“Much better, thanks,” Rachael said. “The bath did wonders for me, both physically and mentally.”

Karla explained to Rachael about Jackie, and why she had called her. “Jackie is a good friend of mine, as well as a fellow mistress,” Karla said. “She will be a great asset to us as we re-train this asshole. Once you’ve dried off and dressed, I’ll introduce you to her.”

“OK, great. Is there anything to eat around here? I’ve been on his disgusting liquid rations and his cum for the past few days, and I’m starving.”

“Tell you what, Rachael, there’s a little pizza shop about fifteen minutes from here. Once you’re ready, the three of us can go there and you can chow down to your heart’s content. OK?”

“Sounds great; I can be ready in about ten minutes,” Rachael replied.

Karla went back to talk with Jackie. “Rachael’s almost done in the bathroom. When she’s ready, I thought we could head down to Luigi’s Pizza. She hasn’t had any solid food in days.”

“Sounds good to me. This asshole’s not going anywhere,” she said, pointing to the monitors.

Rachael appeared a few minutes later, and was introduced to Jackie. Jackie greeted her warmly, giving her a sympathetic hug. “It sounds like you’ve been through the ringer this week, thanks to him.”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” said Rachael, “but I think I’m gonna enjoy the next few days – you know what they say: Payback’s a bitch!”

“And we’re just the bitches to do it!” Karla added, making them all laugh. “OK, let’s get going; Rachael’s starving. We’ll leave butthead in his cage.”

They climbed into Karla’s car and headed down the road. Karla made a call to her precinct to let them know she was taking some vacation time, and would be out the rest of the week. During the drive, Rachael began to tell them all the things that Brad had done to her. They were aghast at her descriptions of the savage treatment she had endured. By the time they had reached the pizza place, Karla and Jackie were each envisioning fiendish ways to extract payback from this asshole. Jackie thought that even hanging him by his balls would be too good for him.

Entering the restaurant, they selected a secluded corner booth where they could continue their conversation in relative privacy. Once the pizza arrived, Rachael proceeded to wolf down three or four slices in about ten minutes. It seemed to her that food had never tasted so good.

Meanwhile, Brad was sitting in his cage, still trying to figure a way out. He tried chewing the leather wrist straps on his mittens, to no avail. He tried launching himself at the cage door, only succeeding in bruising his shoulder. As he was thinking of other options, he felt a water drop on his head. Looking up, another drop hit him in the eye. Shit! It was starting to rain. He hadn’t considered that when he set up the cage outside. Before the bitches had captured him, he could have thrown the tarp over the cage. Now, he had to sit there and take it. He had no idea if anyone was watching him via the monitors, of if anyone was even in the house. He thought he had heard a car drive away about an hour ago. He tried shouting to get someone’s attention, only to be punished by the shock collar.

Exhausted, wet, and shivering, he knelt, bent over, forehead touching the floor, mittened hands covering his head.


About an hour later the girls arrived back at the lake house. Fortunately for Brad, the rain had amounted to not much more than a passing sprinkle, and the sun was shining again. They had swung by the dorm and Karla’s apartment so they could pick up a few clothes and personal items. The girls headed upstairs, looking for a decent bedroom where Rachael could bunk for a few nights. They had decided that at least one person would stay at the house each night. They wanted Brad to suffer, but they didn’t want him to get injured or die.

Jackie went back to the monitors to check on their prisoner. He was curled up on his side, not moving. There were remnants of rain drops on the cage floor, but he seemed to be dry.

Karla came over to the desk. “I’m going to help Rachael get moved in. In the meantime, why don’t you go down and get acquainted with him?” Karla said, handing her the collar remote.

“Can’t wait,” Jackie replied. She walked downstairs and out onto the patio. She was wearing a short black leather skirt, a black leather sleeveless top that was zipped two-thirds up the front, and black 4 inch open-toed high-heeled sandals.

She strolled over to the cage and stood there, regarding the prisoner. Brad was curled into a fetal position, sleeping. Instead of pressing the remote shocker, she kicked the side of the cage, rattling it and making Brad jump. “Wake up, slave, and bow to your superior!” she barked. Brad’s eyes flew open. He had never heard this voice before. It wasn’t the cop bitch’s and it certainly wasn’t Rachael’s. She turned off the Silent Mode on the remote control. “You may speak, slave,” she told him.

When he got an eyeful of this black amazon, he sat up. “Who the fuck are you?” he said, momentarily forgetting his precarious position.

“I am one of your new mistresses,” she shot back, hitting the number five shock button.

“Aughhh! You bitch!” he shouted. “I ain’t no slave, especially not to no nigger cunt like YOU!” he shouted. She pressed the number eight button. “Aughh! Alright! Enough!” he cried, panting. This time, she pressed the number ten shock button. He collapsed, shaking and writhing on the cage floor, losing control of his bladder.

“THAT was for extreme disrespect of a superior,” she spat. “Why don’t you try that again?”

“I-I’m sorry… Mistress,” he whined, clearly beaten.

“Look what you did! Clean up that mess, you filthy pig!” she barked.

Gathering himself up on all fours, he lowered his head and began lapping up the piss.

“Hurry it up, boy, I don’t have all day to watch your sorry ass,” she ordered.

He sped up as ordered, and had the cage floor clean in about five minutes. Meanwhile, Jackie had walked around to the back wall of the cage. Sticking one of her feet through the six inch opening at the bottom of the wall, she ordered him to show his devotion by cleaning her toes. When he hesitated, she said calmly, “At the moment, the slave-training program is paused. I can go upstairs right now and start it back up, or I can change the program so you will be deep-throating and ass-fucking that cock all fucking day.”

Brad scrambled over to her foot and began to lick it, trying to suppress his distaste and gag reflex. “You’d better get each and every toe, and every crevice in between, if you value your ass,” she warned. He doubled his efforts, sticking his tongue in between each toe, picking up a grain of sand or dirt here and there.

When he finished to her satisfaction, she switched feet. It was too bad that the narrow cage opening didn’t allow for raising her foot so he could lick the soles. He finished her other foot and sat up, waiting for further instructions. Spotting the head sized opening in the door of the cage, she walked around to stand by it. Inspecting the mechanism of the sliding section above the opening, she figured out its purpose.

“Get your ass over here, slave, and stick your head out,” she ordered.

Dreading this, but knowing he didn’t have a choice, he crawled over and stuck his head through the cage opening. Jackie released the sliding section and lowered it down until it rested against the back of Brad’s neck, locking it down. “Now that you’ve had your appetizer, here’s the second course!” she announced, turning around and lifting her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She backed up, sticking her ass right in his face.

Brad tried to retreat, but his head was securely trapped in the cage door opening. He tried turning his head, but Jackie grabbed his hair and forced him to face forward as she planted her ass up against his face. His head was trapped between her massive ass and the cage door. He could barely breathe. ”I’d better feel some serious ass-licking, or you can stay like this all night!”

Knowing he had no choice, he stuck his tongue out and began to lick Jackie’s sweaty ass crack. He struggled to keep his gagging under control as he continued to drag his tongue up and down her crack.

“Make sure my asshole is clean, too, slave,” Jackie ordered.

Choking back the urge to vomit, Brad pointed his tongue and forced it into her anus. He moved it in and out, and swirled it around, producing a moan of pleasure from Jackie. He kept it up for a couple of minutes, until Jackie pulled away. Turning around, she mashed her pussy into his face. “Here’s your dessert, boy, and you’d better make it a big finish!” she warned.

Helpless to refuse, Brad began licking her pussy, doing his best to please her. He alternated between shoving his tongue into her vagina and swirling it around her clit. Gasping with pleasure, she grabbed the top of the cage with her left hand for support, and used her right hand to grab his hair tightly and guide his head.

As her orgasm built, Jackie began forcing Brad’s face up and down, rubbing against her clit. She pressed her body harder against him as she peaked, completely smothering him, crushing his face. She cried out as she came, squirting her fluids into his mouth. He swallowed, having no other options.

As she came back down from her orgasm, she backed away from the cage, leaving him with his head stuck in the cage door opening, gasping for air. She started to walk away toward the house, then stopped and turned around. “Are you thirsty, slave?” she asked. When he hesitated, she said “I can always turn the slave training program back on, and you can suck it out of the dildo -”

“No, please…Mistress, please give me some water,” Brad asked, still panting from his last task.

“I didn’t say you were getting water,” she said, as she approached him. Seeing what was coming, Brad tried to pull his head back through the cage opening, but he was still stuck. Jackie stuck her pussy back in his face, grabbed his hair, and yanked his head up and back. “Drink up, slave, and if you spill one drop, I can make that dildo your new best friend!”

She pressed up against his face until his head was forced back against the cage door, and let it fly. Broken, Brad held his mouth open and tried to keep up as he swallowed the torrent of piss rushing into his mouth. She had held it in for a while, saving it up especially for this moment.

When she finished, she made him clean her pussy thoroughly with his tongue. Finally, she stepped back, regarding him.

“What is my name, slave?” she asked, hands on her hips, testing him.

“…Mistress, your name is Mistress,” he gasped, clearly beaten.

“Damn straight, and don’t you forget it,” she said, slapping him so hard, his head bounced against the cage door. Grabbing his hair, she yanked his head up and bent down, her face inches from his, looking him squarely in the eye. “From now on, any female you meet is to be called Mistress, got it?” she told him.

“Y-Yes, Mistress,” he said, miserably, stars swimming across his vision.

As she walked away, he realized that she hadn’t released his head from the cage door. “M-Mistress?” he called, getting a shock from the collar. He realized too late that she had enabled Silent Mode. Ignoring him, she strode into the house, closing the door behind her with a definitive click, leaving Brad with his head stuck through the cage door opening, her bodily fluids dripping off his face.


As Jackie ascended the stairs to the loft, she was greeted by a standing ovation by Rachael and Karla, who had witnessed the whole scene on the monitors. When she reached them, Karla gave her a mock bow with arms extended out in front. “Jackie! I knew you were a Domme, but I had no idea how evil you were!” she exclaimed, laughing.

“Shit, after what he did to Rachael, he’s lucky he still has his balls!” Jackie answered with a smile. “I figured it was best to start out right; show him who’s boss. I softened him up a little; anyone should be able to handle him now,” she said, “but Rachael, don’t ever take him for granted; he may act docile, but he’s most likely waiting for a chance to escape.”

“Don’t worry, Jackie, he won’t get any slack from me,” said Rachael. “Are we going to leave him like that all night?” she asked, looking at him on the monitors.

“Nah, let’s let him stew for a couple of hours; thinking that he might get left like that all night,” said Karla.

“Meanwhile, let’s see what else we can find on his computer,” said Jackie, as she sat at the desk. Logging on, she opened Google Chrome from a shortcut on the Taskbar. Opening the bookmarks folder, she scrolled down through a long list of porn sites. When she came across a website called SlaveMaster.com, she clicked on the bookmark.

It opened to a slickly rendered website, displaying a catalog of BDSM toys and furniture. “Welcome, Brad!” was displayed at the top of the home page. With Rachael and Karla looking over her shoulder, Jackie clicked on the “Furniture” tab. Several illustrated links appeared, displaying different types of dungeon furniture. She clicked on “Cages”.

A page appeared, displaying cages of various shapes and sizes. Scanning the page, Rachael suddenly pointed at one image and said “There it is! That’s my – er, his cage!” The cage offered several accessories which Rachael recognized, having become intimately familiar with them. Scrolling down, they came across SlaveBot, the programmable slave training device. It came with various accessories, like the training dildo. The SlaveBot page also offered training devices specifically for male slaves.

They proceeded to peruse several other catalog pages, coming across other items of interest. They decided to order a few items and charge it to Brad’s online account, which was surprisingly easy, as his credit card number was stored on the website. They selected “Overnight Shipping”.

While they were at the computer, Jackie brought up the SlaveMaster program and showed Karla and Rachael how to control and program it. They decided to enter a new schedule of selected exercises. They decided that the hydration and sustenance exercise was necessary (Karla actually took pity on Brad and changed the deep-throat requirements to sixty seconds max), as well as allowing him to relieve himself on the lawn. They removed the anal and vaginal exercise and inserted a strictly anal exercise, and retained the blowjob and the jogging exercises.

When they had finished tweaking the SlaveMaster training schedule, Jackie opened the Building Security Options page. It displayed a floor plan of the house, indicating the various sensor zones which could tell the viewer where the wearer of the slave collar was in real time. Jackie set all of the zones to Deny Access, which would shock the slave if he/she attempted entry. If Brad somehow escaped from the cage, he wouldn’t be able to enter the house without being shocked.

Bringing up the Property layout, she could see that Brad had spared no expense in outfitting the back yard and surrounding woods with sensors. Per Rachael’s recommendation, she programmed them to allow him to reach only a few feet beyond the stone walls to allow him to relieve himself.

Exploring the program a little further, Jackie discovered that everything that had happened to Rachael since she was abducted had been recorded digitally as video. There were folders with dates and times going back to last Friday. The system was still recording, which would make for some great blackmail footage of Brad if it was ever needed. Jackie made a note to bring an external hard drive next time to transfer the files for safekeeping.

As the day wound down, Jackie said she had to get home, but could come back tomorrow, if that was ok. Karla said she was going to stay the night with Rachael, and they both enthusiastically agreed that Jackie was welcome here anytime. After exchanging cell phone numbers with Rachael, Jackie said goodbye and left.

Karla had chosen a bedroom with two twin beds so she could sleep in the same room with Rachael. She wanted to stay close in case Rachael had any nightmares or flashbacks during the night. Rachael got undressed and changed into her nightgown. Karla changed into a tee shirt and shorts. “Thanks again for saving my ass, literally,” Rachael said gratefully.

“Hey, no problem, Rache, what are cousins for?” Karla answered with a warm smile, as they settled in to their beds for the night.

All of a sudden, Rachael shot up with a start. “Oh shit, we forgot about Brad! He’s still stuck in the cage door!” she exclaimed.

Karla, at first thinking Rachael was having a nightmare, relaxed when she realized what the problem was. “Let me handle it,” Karla said, getting up and slipping into her flip-flops, she grabbed the remote, walked out of the room and down the stairs.

Brad, meanwhile, was suffering silently, head hanging down. His neck was raw from constant rubbing against the cage door opening. His face was dry and crusted from Jackie’s body fluids which had since dried there. His arms were shaking from the effort of holding himself on all fours for several hours. Any time he tried to relax his arms, he would begin to strangle from the pressure on his throat. Suddenly, the door opened and Karla walked out onto the patio. He raised his head, turning in her direction. She decided to use this situation to her advantage, not wanting him to think that this had been an oversight.

She came to a stop a few feet in front of him. Disabling Silent Mode, she asked, “Well slave, do you have anything to say?”

Blinking, Brad kept his eyes downward, trying to think of something to say. “I’m sorry, Mistress,” he whispered. “Please, Mistress, can I go back in my cage now?” he asked, desperately.

Karla stood there, regarding him, acting as though she was pondering her answer. When she didn’t answer immediately, prolonging his torture, he begged. “Please Mistress, I will do anything; I will lick your ass, I can pleasure your pussy; just PLEASE let my head go,” he pleaded, miserably.

“Anything?” Karla teased.

“Anything, Mistress, I’ll even drink your piss,” he replied, weakly.

Karla lowered and stepped out of her shorts. “Open wide, and keep it that way,” she ordered, approaching him. Obediently, Brad opened his mouth, expectantly. Suddenly, she turned around and jammed her ass in his face. Afraid of what was coming, Brad nevertheless kept his mouth open, more afraid of the consequences of disobedience.

Karla grunted, pretending to push, testing Brad’s obedience. She stayed in that position for a couple of minutes, but Brad never moved. Finally, she moved away. “Good boy; maybe there’s hope for you after all,” she told him.

Brad let out a sigh of relief, grateful for small favors, and was even more relieved when Karla unlocked the cage door section and raised it, releasing his head. “Thank you, Mistress,” he gasped, “thank you,” as he collapsed on the cage floor.

Putting her pants back on, Karla turned and walked back into the house without another word, making sure the collar was switched back to Silent Mode.


Karla woke up as dawn broke over the lake, sunlight streaming through the bedroom windows. She was accustomed to waking up early, going out and jogging a few miles a few times a week. This morning, however, she got out of bed quietly and tiptoed out of the bedroom, careful not to wake Rachael.

Strolling over to the computer station, she checked the monitors to make sure Brad was ok. He was lying, curled up on his side in the cage, apparently asleep. She went into the bathroom and took a shower. When she was finished, she put on some shorts, a tee shirt, and flip-flops and went downstairs.

Walking out to the patio, she noticed that the sawhorse bench was still standing near the cage, along with the dildo stand. As she looked over the equipment, she got an idea and went back into the basement. Walking over to the wall where various implements were hanging, she selected a leash.

As she walked back out to the patio, she pulled out the remote, and pressed the level “8” shock button. Brad was shocked awake, banging his head against the side of the cage as he reacted to the rude awakening. “OWWW-“ he started to shout, before getting punished by the collar for speaking.

“Good morning, slave, I hope you slept well,” Karla said sarcastically. Brad could only reply with a glare. “Did we relieve ourselves yet this morning?” she asked, as if talking to a dog. Tempted to give a smartass answer, but unable to, Brad hung his head and shook “no”. Approaching the cage, she pressed the “Cage Door Release” button on the remote. As the door swung open, she was careful to keep her finger poised above the level “10” shock button.

“Come out of the cage and assume the “Fours” position here, slave,” Karla ordered, pointing to a spot just outside of the cage. Brad complied, knowing that she could zap him in an instant before he could reach her. When he reached the spot, Karla snapped the leash on his collar. “Heel,” Karla said, walking briskly toward the lawn beyond the stone wall. As the leash became taut, it pulled on the “D” ring of the collar, sending another shock to its wearer.

Brad jumped forward on all fours, trying to keep up with Karla. As they reached the lawn, he squatted, getting ready to pee. “No!” Karla exclaimed, jerking the leash. “Male dogs don’t pee like that,” she announced. “Over here!” she led him toward a tree.

As they approached the tree, his collar began to give off a warning tingle, telling him he was exceeding the security perimeter maintained by the SlaveMaster program. He tried to pull back, but the shock from Karla’s firm tug on the leash told him she wasn’t going to give in. “Get your ass over to that tree and piss,” Karla barked. He was doomed to be shocked no matter what he did. As he reached the tree, the collar shock level increased to a “5”, causing Brad’s body to shake from the current. “Lift your leg, slave! Piss like a dog!” Karla ordered sternly.

Knowing that the sooner he complied, the sooner he could get back inside the security perimeter, he quickly assumed a four-legged stance adjacent to the tree and lifted his shaking right leg. He didn’t know if he could go like this, but he had to try. Desperately, he concentrated, trying to will the pee out. Finally, a short burst emerged, followed shortly by a continuous stream. Deeply humiliated, Brad hung his head, waiting for this to end.

When he was finished, she led a subdued Brad back over near the stone wall. She had figured out what happened - why he was getting shocked near the tree, but had decided that he could suffer a little. “Need to do anything else while we’re here?” Karla asked him. Knowing he might not be able to hold it until the next time, he reluctantly assumed a squatting position, closing his eyes and hanging his head once again in abject humiliation as he shit on the lawn. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, she made him drag his ass across the grass a few times to clean up.


Entering the patio, Karla led Brad over to the sawhorse bench. When he realized her intent, he balked, stopping in his tracks. A sharp tug on the leash convinced him to move ahead. With her finger still hovering over the level “10” button on the remote, Karla ordered him to climb up on the bench and assume the position. Reluctantly, he complied. She quickly buckled him down, starting with the waist belt, followed by the ankle and wrist straps.

Once he was securely bound, she walked over to the dildo stand and moved it so that the dildo was right in his face. “Open wide,” Karla said cheerily.

Steadfast, Brad clamped his mouth shut, knowing all too well what she wanted to do. Calmly, Karla loosened the thumbscrew on the dildo arm. Suddenly, she reached over, grabbed his hair and yanked his head back, causing him to open his mouth. Quickly, she slid the dildo arm forward, shoving the dildo into his surprised mouth.

Karla kept pushing until the dildo hit the back of his throat, making him gag. She backed it off just a little until he seemed to get it under control. As she tightened the thumbscrew, she happened to look down and noticed the discarded clover clamps on the ground. She picked them up, and, with an evil grin, proceeded attach them to Brad’s nipples, eliciting a groan from him.

Finished, she stepped back to regard the scene. Brad was trying unsuccessfully to back his mouth off of the dildo. She stepped over and gave him a hard smack on his ass, causing him to surge forward momentarily and gag on the dildo, moaning from the pain in his nipples.

Satisfied, she left him and walked back into the house. Heading upstairs, she noticed that Rachael was up, making coffee in the kitchen. “Morning, Rache,” Karla greeted.

“Morning!” came the reply.

“Did you sleep well?” asked Karla.

“Are you kidding? After spending the last few nights either sleeping on a concrete floor, or in a cage, last night was heaven! So you’ve been outside already?”

“Yeah, just walking the dog,” Karla chuckled, prompting a giggle from her cousin.

“A dog?” Rachael snickered. “Actually, I like that!” she exclaimed. “Let’s make him into a dog! We can train him to fetch, roll over, play dead – “ they broke into a fit of laughter.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving,” Karla exclaimed. “Is there anything to eat around here?”

“I checked the ‘fridge, there’s a few eggs and some bacon; I think I can whip up some breakfast!”

The two girls worked together to make breakfast, then sat down at the table to eat. Shortly after they finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen, Karla told Rachael that she had a surprise for her, outside. Rachael changed into some shorts and a tee shirt and followed Karla downstairs and out to the patio. Karla was carrying a gym bag she had brought from home. Rachael gasped as she took in the scene. Brad was strapped to the sawhorse bench, his lips still wrapped around the dildo mounted on a stand. He tried to turn his head to look in their direction, but the dildo kept his head pointing straight ahead. He was moaning and was obviously in pain, whether from the nipple clamps or the dildo keeping his jaw distended, it was difficult to tell.

“Surprise!” Karla exclaimed. She reached into her bag and pulled out a leather strap, handing it to Rachael. “Here, get him warmed up,” Karla told her.

Rachael hesitated for a moment, looking at the strap in her hands.

“Go ahead, hon, this is payback!”

Rachael looked up at Karla, thought it over for a moment, then turned to Brad with a determined look on her face. “Turn off his Silent Mode, I want to hear him scream!” she said, coldly. Karla pulled out the remote and complied.

Brad tensed, anticipating the worst. SMACK! The first blow landed across the middle of his ass, striking both cheeks. He surged forward, gagging on the dildo, moaning. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Three blows in quick succession, all in the same area. Rachael began to vary the location of the strikes, hitting his thighs and back. Brad held out as long as he could, not wanting to give them the satisfaction, but the pain became intense. He screamed around the dildo in his mouth.

As she got into the rhythm, her anger rose, and her blows became stronger and more vicious. Dark red welts began to appear all over Brad’s body as his muffled screams became louder, interspersed with intermittent gagging. As Rachael raised her arm to deliver yet another blow, Karla stepped in and gently grabbed her arm. “Easy, cousin, let’s not break our toy already! I’ve got something else here that I think you’ll like!”

Rachael dropped her arm, breathing heavily, and watched as Karla reached into her bag and withdrew some sort of harness with a large dildo attached. “This is what’s known as a strap-on,” Karla explained. “You put it on around your waist and, well, I think you get the picture,” she said as she held it around her hips.

Rachael’s eyes widened as she broke out in a smile. “You mean – “

“Yes,” Karla answered, “You can put this on and fuck the shit out of him, literally!”

Brad, hearing this, began to struggle in his bondage, trying desperately to escape. Karla helped Rachael step into and adjust the harness straps until the dildo was jutting out proudly from her crotch. Karla stepped up and spit on the end of the dildo, spreading it around the surface. “Don’t want to tear his ass up too badly,” she said.

Rachael stepped up to the sawhorse bench, rubbing the tip of the dildo up and down across his anus, teasing him. He tried to push away, but began to gag on the dildo in his mouth as the dildo behind him pressed insistently at his asshole. She reached out and grabbed his balls tightly and pulled back on them, eliciting a gasp of pain from their owner. Immediately, he obeyed, anything to avoid more pain. Rachael maintained her grip on his balls, lined up her shot, and jammed the dildo into his asshole. Reflexively, he surged forward, feeling the combined pain in his throat, nipples, balls, and asshole. Groaning, with sweat beading on his forehead, he pushed himself backward as much as his bonds would allow. After bottoming out, Rachael pulled back slowly, withdrawing until the tip emerged, then plunged back in again.

She did that a few times, drawing out his torture. She stopped momentarily, watching him. “Beg me to fuck you! Beg me to fuck your ass! Beg me to fuck you hard!” she ordered, squeezing his balls painfully.

“Puaa Huuk Ma afff!” he cried, trying to say “Please fuck my ass” with a cock in his mouth.

”What was that? I didn’t hear you, slave!” she taunted.

He repeated himself, but not any clearer the second time.

“Please fuck my ass, WHAT?” she barked, smacking him hard on the ass.

He thought for a moment, then remembered, “Puaa Huuk Ma afff!, Miffsskriss”

“That’s more like it, slave,” she told him, “My name is Mistress, and don’t you fucking forget it!” she punctuated that with another smack. “Now, beg me to fuck you hard,” she ordered, still squeezing his balls.

“Puaa Huuk Ma Haaak, Miffsskriss” he sobbed.

“Happy to oblige, slave!” she exclaimed, jamming it all the way home. She continued to plow into him, picking up speed, producing a series of pained grunts from her victim, as he gagged on the dildo hitting his throat. Tiring, and working up a sweat, she finally slowed down. She pushed in all the way one more time, rotating her hips around for maximum effect.

It was then that Karla noticed that the bench had inched forward, forcing the dildo down Brad’s throat, cutting off his air. She rushed over to the dildo stand and pulled it back as Brad began to turn blue.

As the dildo left his mouth, he gasped, sucking in precious air. “T-thank you, Mistress,” he croaked, wheezing.

Rachael pulled out of Brad’s ass and came around to check on him. It took him a couple of minutes to catch his breath. “P-please, M-Mistress, n-no more,” he gasped. “I’m sorry,” he cried, tears running down his cheeks.

“You don’t know sorry yet, but you will,” Karla said angrily, slapping his face. “Now shut the fuck up and clean this cock, slave,” she ordered, pushing Rachael over to present the strap-on dildo to his mouth. He opened his mouth to accept the dildo, desperately trying to appease his captors. Rachael pulled the dildo back a little, just out of his reach.

He pushed himself forward as much as his bondage would allow, nipples painfully straining at the pull of the clover clamps. She teased him with it, brushing it playfully across his lips. “P-please, Mistress,” he pleaded. Obliging him, she plunged into his mouth, forcing it down his throat.

“Suck it, slave!” Rachael barked. She slid the dildo in and out, making sure he cleaned it thoroughly.

Once she was satisfied, she pulled it out, watching as his head dropped down, panting, clearly exhausted. Karla began to release him from the bench, starting with the nipple clamps, producing a scream from Brad as the blood rushed back into his nipples. Once he was free of the bondage, she ordered him to get down and assume the “Fours” position.

Once he complied, Karla grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head up painfully, looking him in the eye. “Here’s the deal, asshole. You have two choices,” she lied, already knowing what his answer would be. “One; I arrest your sorry ass and take you in. You’ll face a trial, and what with all the videos you took, your conviction is a cinch. You’ll probably do 15 to 20, as some big black man’s bitch. Two; you will remain here, as our slave, for an indeterminate amount of time, until we feel that you’ve been adequately rehabilitated. You have ten seconds to decide.”

She let go of his hair, waiting for his answer. Brad was conflicted; on one hand, he didn’t like the idea of being a slave to these women; but being some big black guy’s prison bitch scared the shit out of him.

“Well?” Karla demanded.

Suddenly, he bent down and pressed his lips against Karla’s foot. “Please let me stay here and serve you, Mistresses,” he sobbed.

Karla gave Rachael a knowing glance, and Rachael nodded a reply. Not only did they have themselves a slave, he had just begged them for the privilege!

The End

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