Rachael’s Abduction
by Wicked’s Pet

Part 2


Two hours later, Rachael was awakened by the beeping of the Bot. She had dropped into a deep sleep, the deepest she had had since her abduction. Hazily, she reached out, looking for the snooze button. When her hand encountered the steel grate of the cage, her eyes flew open. Suddenly, she remembered where she was, and scrambled up into the “Fours” position.

“Rest period is now over, slave. It is time for your next exercise,” the Bot told her.

'Oh god, what now?' she thought.

“This exercise will help you develop your vaginal and anal muscles,” the Bot announced. “Back up to the far end of the cage,” came the order.

'Vaginal and what?' she thought, eyes wide. She had never had anal sex before, and was horrified by the thought of sticking something like that cock up her ass. Fearing another shock for hesitating, Rachael complied, turning around and backing up. As she did, she noticed a six inch high opening at the bottom of the cage's back wall, allowing room for her feet and lower legs to protrude past the wall. The dildo became engorged, growing in size and length. Once it was fully erect, the dildo began to lower itself until it was even with her pussy. It took on a glistening appearance as it excreted a lubricant along its length.

“You will now back up until the dildo is fully seated in your cunt,” the Bot ordered.

She complied, backing onto the engorged phallus, her feet exiting through the six inch opening at the bottom of the cage. She gasped as it entered her pussy. She continued until her ass pressed against the cage. Suddenly, she could feel a change in the dildo as dozens of small nubs protruded along the length and circumference of the shaft.

“You will now clamp down on the cock and attempt to pull it away from the wall,” the Bot ordered.

'WTF?' she thought to herself. Conditioned by now to obey instantly, she bore down on the cock and pulled forward. The dildo started to slip out of her pussy, inch by inch.

“Inadequate; back up fully and try again,” she was ordered.

Sighing, she backed up to the wall and made another attempt. Again, the dildo started to pull out. When four inches of dildo was showing, her collar gave her a warning tingle.

“You will continue this exercise until you can produce at least 20 foot-pounds of pulling force for ten seconds,” her electronic master ordered.

Gritting her teeth, Rachael backed up once again and clamped down on the cock with all her strength. Gradually, she began to pull forward, slipping about a half an inch before gaining purchase. She pulled with as much force as she dared to without losing her grip on the dildo and counted to ten.

“Congratulations, slave, you have achieved your first goal. You may now fuck yourself on the dildo for two minutes, but you may not cum without permission.”

Rachael couldn’t believe what it was telling her to do; she was being “rewarded” by allowing her to fuck herself? But once again, she obeyed instantly, afraid of the consequences of not complying. She began sliding back and forth on the cock, simulating a sex act. Suddenly, the cock began to vibrate. It started to feel really good. Rachael decided she might as well enjoy herself, even at the expense of her dignity. She started to build up speed, getting into it now. She could feel a climax building, and thrust even harder. As she reached the peak, just about to ride over the cliff of a major orgasm, she clamped down on the cock.

That’s when the shock hit her. Not from her collar; this shock came from the dildo, and it shot her right off the end of the cock. Curling into a fetal position, Rachael plunged both leather covered hands between her legs, rocking and moaning from the spasms in her pussy.

“You were warned about cumming without permission,” the Bot lectured. “You will resume your position and insert the dildo into your ass,” the Bot ordered. “You have five minutes to have it fully seated.”

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Rachael got into position and backed up toward the dildo. As it came into contact with her ass cheek, she moved around until she felt it at the rim of her asshole. Closing her eyes and holding her breath, she pushed against the stiff shaft. There was resistance at first, but eventually the cock head entered her anus. Gasping, she paused, the pain knifing through her. As if to provide motivation, a clock’s ticking sound emanated from the Bot’s speaker. Rachael pushed on, sliding further down the dildo’s length, feeling each nub as it entered her anus. At last, she felt the balls of the cock press against her cunt.

“You will now repeat the previous exercise, using your anus to pull on the cock.” the Bot ordered.

'Shit, I don’t think I have the same strength in my asshole,' she thought. Grunting, she squeezed her asshole tight around the cock and started to pull forward. Immediately, she started to slide off the dildo. Without being told, she backed up and tried again. It took several tries, but she managed to find a balance between her clamping force and her pulling force. Not knowing if it was enough, she held on for ten seconds, hoping it would satisfy the Bot.

It wasn't. “Your performance was inadequate; you must produce at least 10 foot-pounds of pulling force for ten seconds.”

Knowing that she could not rest until she satisfied the Bot, she backed up and made one more attempt. Squeezing her legs together and gritting her teeth, she pulled on the dildo, her sphincter cramping in the process. She ignored the pain and soldiered on, holding onto the cock for the required ten seconds. Finally, the Bot announced that she had met her goal. She was ordered to fuck herself in the ass for five minutes. Again, conditioned to obey immediately, Rachael began to fuck herself in the ass, which was sore and tender. Once again, the dildo began to vibrate, adding to her discomfort.

This time, she didn’t feel any pleasure, only pain. She went through the motions, going as slowly as she dared. At the end of the five minutes, the Bot announced that she could withdraw. As soon as she complied, she was ordered to turn around for hydration and sustenance. “You must keep deep throating the dildo for five minutes, then withdraw, holding your mouth open. Begin.”

“B-But –“ she began to protest, forgetting about the silent mode. The shock from her collar knocked her back. She certainly didn’t want to place her mouth on a dildo that had just been in her asshole!

“SILENCE! YOU WILL OBEY, SLAVE!!” the Bot boomed.

Resignedly, Rachael got back up and crawled to the dildo. Tentatively, she placed her lips around the head and pushed forward. Surprisingly, the taste wasn’t as bad as she feared; it was mostly the taste of the lubricant. The nubs had thankfully retracted; the shaft was as smooth as before.

Her lips finally made their way to the base of the dildo, and began the upstroke. She repeated this exercise, occasionally withdrawing momentarily for air. Once the five minutes was up, the Bot beeped. Rachael withdrew, opening her mouth and keeping it centered over the head of the cock. Immediately, the cock began to spew, first water, then the cum mixture. When it was finished, Rachael was ordered to leave the cage to relieve herself. This time, she did so without incident, and returned to the cage. Once inside, she was directed to back up to the engorged cock, and insert it into her cunt.

She sighed; expecting another round of cock pulling with her tired cunt. She complied, impaling herself on the stiff phallus. This time, a small panel opened in the floor beneath her chest, and a strange looking apparatus rose out of the opening. There were two clear plastic cups, about the size and shape of a wine glass, mounted to a rack. Clear plastic tubes trailed into the floor below the cups.

“Your last exercise of the day consists of lactation training,” the Bot announced.

'What?' she thought, 'you gotta be kidding… he wants to milk me?' The rack continued to rise until the cups embraced her breasts. She heard a hissing noise, and her breasts were sucked firmly into the cups. Panicking, Rachael tried to dislodge the cups, but the combination of the cage wall, the dildo and the breast cups kept her contained.

“You will maintain position while the breast cups stimulate your mammary glands. You will do this for a period of twenty minutes, three times daily.” the Bot ordered.

Rachael couldn’t believe it – she was being turned into a human cow! She had heard that female breasts could be induced to begin producing milk by daily stimulation. She felt her nipples being pulled further into the device, as it sucked and massaged them. There was nothing she could do but keep in position and wait it out. She had a mental image of a cow, hooked up to a milking machine.

“During this exercise, your cunt muscles will be stimulated by a low current to strengthen them. You are not required to exert yourself manually,” the Bot announced.

Suddenly, Rachael felt a tingle in her pussy, followed by a mild current, which caused her cunt muscles to clamp down. The current pulsed on and off at a steady cadence, causing her cunt muscles to follow in kind, while the breast pumps alternated their sucking cycles – left, right, left, right…

Trapped as she was, Rachael had no choice but to ride it out. She tried to just maintain position and endure it, when suddenly the cock started vibrating again.

“This exercise will also test your self-control,” the Bot announced. “You will not come without permission.”

Rachael was overwhelmed by sensations: her cunt spasming from the current, the vibrations from the dildo, and the tugging and sucking of the breast pumps on her nipples. She could feel her arousal rising; she knew she would not be able to hold out indefinitely!

She tried to think of something, anything, to distract her from the mechanical rape, but the assault was relentless. She knew from experience the price of disobedience, but she was helpless to resist. Slowly, inexorably, Rachael was pushed further and further toward the brink. Trapped between the breast cups and the dildo, she could move little except to toss her head back and forth. She broke out in a sweat, subconsciously sliding back and forth slightly on the dildo. At six minutes into the exercise, she was so close now; her cunt clamping down on the dildo of its own accord. Just as she was about to go over the peak, a quick shock shot through her cunt, breaking her concentration and stopping her orgasm cold.

She surged forward, stopped short by the breast cups. She screamed, setting off her shock collar, before she was able to compose herself.

“You have been punished for attempted orgasm. You will try again,” came the order.

Groaning, Rachael steeled herself for the torture to continue. The pulsing current resumed, her cunt clamping and unclamping to the beat. After another four minutes, she could feel the stirrings of another orgasm approaching. Desperately, she fought the feelings, but she felt helpless to resist. She would do anything right now to avoid another shock to her sensitive cunt. Suddenly, she had an inspiration. “YAHH!” she shouted, resulting in a shock from her collar. It was a desperate move, and still resulted in a shock, but she found it was easier to tolerate a shock to the neck than one to the pussy.

Her strategy worked; the shock cut her orgasm short, and dropped her arousal back to a more manageable level. Twice more she employed that trick to avoid the cunt shock. Finally, the twenty minute period was over; the clamping current ceased, and the breast cups disengaged her tits with a ‘pop’ and receded into the floor. Rachael collapsed into a heap, horny and exhausted. Her breasts and nipples were tender, but with her leather mittens, she couldn’t comfort them. 'How the hell will I survive doing this three times a day?' she thought.

“You have completed the last exercise of the day. You may exit briefly to relieve yourself, then return immediately to the cage," the Bot announced.

Rachael did as she was told; she relieved herself then returned to the cage. The cage door closed and locked behind her as she crawled in.


“Your extended rest period begins now.” the Bot said. Exhausted, Rachael lay down in the cage. Still horny, she reached between her legs with her right hand, but with the leather covering, she couldn’t satisfy the itch within. After a few minutes, she gave up with a sigh and closed her eyes. She had only been asleep for a few minutes when a quick shock from her collar woke her up, making her jump.

Looking up through slitted eyes, she saw Brad standing outside the door to her cage. 'So, he’s still here – the bastard’s probably been watching me the whole time,' she thought.

“Assume your position, bitch, or do I have to start your training all over again?” he snarled.

Wearily, she scrambled up into the Fours position.

“Whenever I am standing here, you will crawl over and stick your head through this opening, got it cunt?”

Rachael, still in Silent Mode, couldn’t reply, even to say Yes, Master, so she complied and crawled over to the cage door and stuck her head through the circular opening. As she did, Brad flipped a lever at the top of the door, and a narrow section of cage slid down until it touched the back of Rachael’s neck, trapping her head. He flipped the lever again, locking the section in place.

Rachael instinctively tried to back out, without success. She was stuck there until Brad decided to release her.

“Let’s see what you’ve learned today,” he said. He dropped his shorts, revealing his turgid shaft. Stepping up to the cage, he waved it at her, slapping her in the face a couple of times. Instinctively, Rachael opened her mouth, knowing what was expected of her. Without preamble, Brad surged into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. He pistoned in and out, slowly at first, then building up speed. Rachael kept her lips wrapped firmly around his cock, knowing that he would be done sooner if she applied herself to his pleasure.

Finally, he thrust his cock all the way in and down her throat, making Rachael gag at the sudden intrusion, tears flowing. He stopped for a few seconds to savor the feeling. Slowly, he withdrew till he was at the entrance to her throat, then thrust in again. He repeated the cycle several times, reveling in Rachael’s discomfort. On the last downthrust, he paused, waiting to see how long she would last. Rachael wasn’t prepared, and hadn’t had a chance to take a deep breath. Her head was trapped between Brad’s crotch and the cage door. Within a few seconds, her lungs began to scream for oxygen. She began to thrash her arms, pushing against the door, but couldn’t free her trapped head.

Brad watched her struggles with amusement, making his cock even harder. Eventually, her struggles diminished, and she began to turn blue. Reluctantly, he pulled out, just as she began to faint. When she didn’t react, her head hanging down, he slapped her hard across the face, following up with a backhanded strike. Her head came up, eyes wide, and she began to take in huge gasps of air.

“Wake up, cunt, you’re not finished!” he snapped.

Half dazed, Rachael opened her mouth as he pressed his cock against her lips. He resumed pumping his cock in and out, with no regard for Rachael’s comfort or oxygen intake.

Finally, approaching orgasm, he sawed in and out of her throat, then pulled out. “Open up, cunt! Here’s your dinner!” he ordered with a smirk. Grabbing her by the hair, he pulled her head back while he pumped his cock with his other hand. Rachael, trapped, closed her eyes, which was about the only movement she could make.

“Open your eyes, bitch!” he snapped.

Holding his cock about six inches away from her face, Brad groaned and spewed his first two shots of jism into Rachael’s mouth, then laid a few ropes of cum across her face, making sure to plaster her right eye shut.

When he was finished, he ordered her to clean him. Squinting, with one eye closed, she opened her mouth to suck his cock clean. When he was satisfied, he had her lick his balls. Once her task was completed, Brad flipped the release lever and raised the narrow cage section to its original position, locking it in place, freeing Rachael’s head. Without comment, Brad turned and walked away, leaving Rachael, cum on her face, on all fours, with her head sticking out of the cage door. When he disappeared into the house, Rachael pulled her head back through the cage door hole and collapsed onto the floor.

She tried to wipe the cum off her face with her leather-bound right hand, but only succeeded in smearing it around. She needed a water source, both for drinking and cleaning herself. Sighing, she crawled over to the dildo and placed her lips around it. Taking a deep breath, she slid her lips down the length of the shaft, not knowing if the fake cock would give her water on demand, or only when the Bot ordered her to suck it. She reached the bottom and held on. After about ten seconds, she could detect water flowing out of the dildo. Backing off, she sucked and swallowed greedily as the water continued to stream out. After a few swallows, she withdrew completely and held her face close to the cock, hoping to flush the cum out of her eye. She would have liked to swallow more water, but didn’t know how long the water flow would last.

Using her right hand, she managed to work the water into her eye and wash the cum away. She continued to use her hand to clean most of the cum off the rest of her face. As the water flow subsided, she quickly placed her lips back on the dildo and deep throated it, hoping to get a few more swallows, but the water had stopped and did not come back on. Dejectedly, she lay down, hoping to get some much needed rest. Daylight was fading, and she was exhausted. She couldn’t believe that a whole day had passed, as she fell asleep.


Dawn broke over the lake, signaling the start of another day. Rachael could hear small animals scurrying around in the woods. Birds flew overhead, calling out to one another. She was starting to lose track of the days. Was this Sunday or Monday?

The night had passed slowly for Rachael. She had initially slept for a few hours, but awoke with a slight chill around midnight. She felt terribly vulnerable, locked in this cage outdoors in the dark. She jumped at the slightest noise, her arms wrapped around her body.

She had needed a way to warm up, but with limited space in the cage, there was no way to exercise. Looking around in the semi-darkness, she spotted the dildo, hanging limp on its mounting. A crazy thought entered her mind – I wonder… if I suck on the dildo, will the sensors activate and make it become erect? If I can do that, I can suck and fuck on it, generating body heat!

As humiliating as that thought was, Rachael was determined to survive and get revenge on that bastard. She crawled over to the dildo and began to lick the head. After a couple of minutes, she thought she detected some movement. She wrapped her soft lips around the cock and began to suck. Slowly, the cock began to respond, growing and becoming engorged. At last, it became stiff and horizontal. 'It must be an automated response to the sensors,' she thought. Suppressing a victory cry, she spit on it a few times and spread it around with her tongue to ensure adequate lubrication.

She turned around quickly and impaled herself onto the cock, sticking her legs out of the six inch opening in the cage. When she was fully seated against the wall, she began to slide back and forth on the dildo. It actually felt pretty good, and she began to speed up. Her sexual frustration was still rampant. She smiled, enjoying her dirty little secret. Suddenly, she felt something touch her breasts. Before she could respond, the breast cups had risen out of their compartment in the floor and latched onto her breasts! She was trapped again between the dildo and the breast cups!

“Activating lactation training and cunt muscle stimulation exercise,” the Bot announced.

“NOOO –“ her protest was cut short by a shock from her collar. 'Oh god, what have I done?' she thought. I must have accidentally activated an exercise cycle!

Brad sat at his computer, watching Rachael’s image via the infrared camera. He had been playing with the cage control program, tweaking it, when he inadvertently changed the exercise program from Scheduled to Automatic Activation.

“Damn it!” he exclaimed. “Oh well, it won’t hurt her to have an extra session,” he said to himself.

“During this exercise, your cunt muscles will be stimulated by a low current to strengthen them. You are not required to exert yourself manually,” the Bot announced. “You will maintain position while the breast cups stimulate your mammary glands.”

Sure enough, she felt a low current surge through her pussy. Simultaneously, the breast cups began their inexorable sucking on her nipples. “This exercise will also test your self-control,” the Bot announced. “You will not come without permission.”

'Shit, I have to go through THIS again, NOW?' she thought. Worse yet, if she moved back and forth on the shaft as she had originally planned to generate body heat, she’d surely have an orgasm! Rachael hung her head and resigned herself to twenty minutes of torture, her only consolation being the fact that this exercise would get her blood going, and warm her up.

She endured the combined stimulation of her cunt and nipples for a few minutes before the first orgasm began to rise within her. Using the same strategy, she let out a short “Yaah!”, just enough to elicit a quick burst from her collar. Rachael had to quell three more orgasms before the twenty minute period was over. When she was finally released, she collapsed onto the floor, shaking from the exertion. Exhausted, she fell asleep once again. The rest of the day was a copy of the previous day, with various exercises interspersed with sustenance and rest periods.


Brad drove along the wooded road where he had picked up Rachael, looking for her car. He had decided to set her car on fire to remove any possible evidence that could link him to her disappearance. As he reached the area where she had left her car, it was nowhere to be seen. Panicking, he drove a little further, thinking that he might have the wrong location.

A few miles further down the road, he spotted a wrecker, with Rachael’s car on the flat bed. “Shit shit shit!!” he exclaimed, hitting the steering wheel with his fist. There wasn’t much he could do about it now; if he tried to stop the truck, it could tie him to the crime. He had been careful when he put the lag screw in her tire; he didn’t think he had touched anything. Still, he was pissed that he had lost the opportunity to destroy any possible evidence. Fuming, he turned around, tires squealing, and headed back to the lake house.

Back in her cage, Rachael had just finished her jogging exercise and was enjoying a brief rest period when Brad strode into the patio, clearly somewhat agitated. He pulled out his remote and pressed a button. “Get out here, cunt,” he said gruffly, as the cage door unlatched and swung open. Warily, Rachael crawled out of the cage and remained in the Fours position. She kept her eyes averted, trying to avoid upsetting Brad further. Glancing forward at his legs, she noticed he was wearing shorts and was barefoot. One foot was tapping the ground impatiently.

It took her a minute to comprehend what he wanted. Tentatively, she bent down, stuck her tongue out and began to lick his other foot.

“Took you long enough, bitch. Lucky for you it didn’t take any longer,” he warned.

She laved the entire top of his foot, then began to work on the toes. “Make sure you get in between the toes,” he warned. He made no effort to raise his foot as Rachael worked her tongue between his toes, picking up some grit along with the taste of his feet. After he was satisfied, he pulled his foot back and replaced it with the other one, offering it to Rachael. She obediently repeated her cleaning task on the second foot, making sure to lick in between each toe. When she finished, she resumed the Fours position as ordered.

Taking out a leash, he clipped it to Rachael’s collar and led her into the basement. Removing the leash, he guided her back up against the cross which was mounted on the wall. He placed her feet on the built-in foot pads and raised her arms above her head, cuffing them to the arms of the cross. He proceeded to use the built-in leather straps to bind her at the elbows, waist, thighs, and ankles.

When he was finished, he produced a leather blindfold, which he placed over her eyes and buckled securely behind her head. Taking a step back, he examined his slave, running his hands over her body, making her shiver at his touch. His hands found her breasts, kneading and squeezing them, eliciting a gasp from his captive.

Brad pulled the remote from his pocket and pressed a button. “There. Your Silent Mode has been turned off temporarily. I want to hear you scream,” he told her, cruelly.

She shivered at the thought of what might come next. Brad tweaked and pulled at her nipples, feeling them grow and stiffen beneath his fingers. Placing his lips over her right nipple, he licked, sucked and nipped at it until it was standing out at attention. Rachael strained at her bonds, ineffectively, tossing her head back and forth. He switched to the other nipple, giving it equal attention.

When he was satisfied, he opened a drawer in the armoire and pulled out two alligator-style nipple clips, with a six-inch length of string attached to each. He squeezed one clip open and placed the jaws against a nipple. Rachael screamed as he relaxed his grip. He repeated this on the other nipple, causing Rachael to scream even louder. Her nipples were on fire.

“Take it off! Take it off!” Rachael screamed, thrashing in her bondage.

Reaching into the drawer again, he pulled out a couple of pyramid shaped fishing weights. He tied one to the end of each string. Rachael’s nipples were pulled downward, making her gasp.

“Please Brad, er, Master, don’t do this – let me go now and I won’t tell anyone,” she pleaded, panting from the pain. As she spoke, she felt the slash of a crop across her left breast, making the fishing weight bounce up and down.

“I said I wanted to hear you scream, not talk, you stupid cunt!” he screamed at her.

Summoning all of her inner strength, Rachael took deep breaths and tried to remain silent. She hung there in her agony, waiting for the next torture. The blindfold made things even worse, depriving her of seeing what Brad was doing. Her wait was short; suddenly she felt a dozen stinging slashes across her belly. The flogging continued on her thighs, calves, arms, and breasts. Brad got his wish; Rachael kept screaming from the pain. He stepped back for a minute; regarding her. Her breasts were heaving as she took gasping breaths.

Finally, she realized the beating had stopped. Holding her breath, she listened intently, swiveling her head left and right, as if she could “see” him through the blindfold. The pain in her nipples had diminished to a dull throb.

Brad walked over to the wall and swapped one implement for another. He reached over, flipped a switch on the wall, and adjusted a dial. Suddenly, the cross began to rotate slowly.

“What? Noooo!” she cried as her body began to turn upside down. As her body rotated, so did the weights on the nipple clamps, pulling her breasts in an arc, exacerbating the pain in her nipples. Brad watched her as she suffered through a couple of revolutions, then walked over and took up a stance about eight feet away from the cross.

He took aim, drew back and threw the singletail whip. It snapped against her left hip, making her scream again. He continued to take target practice, leaving red welts all over Rachael’s body. He even managed to connect a couple of times with her pussy. Tears were flowing out of the blindfold, dripping in varying directions as her bound body continued to spin.

Finally, she called out. “Please, Master, I’m begging you, please have mercy! I can’t take any more,” she sobbed. “I’ll do anything you want – please – let me suck your cock, fuck my ass, anything!” she begged.

Brad walked over to the wall switch and turned it off, leaving Rachael in an upside-down position. He walked over to her and knelt down, getting face-to-face with her, regardless of the fact that she couldn’t see anything. “Get this straight, slave,” he said emphatically, “you will do anything I want, whatever I want, WHENEVER I want, UNDERSTAND?” he shouted, grabbing her clamped nipples.

“YES, MASTER!” she gasped in pain, “ANYTHING, ANYTHING!”

“Good,” he said, “and right now I want this!” he exclaimed, pulling out his cock, shoving it into her open mouth. He plunged into her mouth, stabbing his cock into her throat, making her choke and gag. Rachael did her best to ignore the fire in her nipples and give Brad the best blowjob she could, hoping to put an end to her torture as soon as possible.

She kept her lips firmly sealed around his shaft as he thrust repeatedly into her mouth and throat, gasping for air whenever she could. Finally, he groaned and sped up, spewing his seed deep into her throat. He seemed to hold that position forever, making Rachael’s lungs begin to convulse. Just as she was about to lose consciousness, he pulled out, leaving her hanging there, upside down, gasping.

After he put his cock away, he went over to the wall switch and turned it on, long enough for Rachael to become upright once again. She was a mess, tear streaks marking her face in all directions, her breasts heaving with the effort to restore her oxygen level.

He strode over to her and began to unstrap her from the cross. He purposely left her wrists and ankles bound to the cross. When the other straps were unbuckled, he removed the blindfold, revealing her tear-soaked eyes.

“Please, Master, my nipples,” she gasped.

“Who are you?” he asked.

Momentarily confused, she answered “Your slave, Master.”

“What is your purpose?” he asked further.

“To serve my Master, and please him in any way he desires,” Rachael answered, shaking from her prior exertions.

“Good answer, slave,” he told her. Reaching out, he squeezed the handles of both clamps and removed them quickly from her nipples. She screamed, thrashing against her bonds. “FUCK FUCK FUCK THAT HURTS!” she blurted out, as the blood began to return to her tortured nipples, causing a searing pain that almost caused her to faint. A stream of urine splashed down between her legs and onto the floor.

Ignoring the piss for the moment, Brad pinched both nipples between thumb and forefingers. “What was that, slave?”

“I’m so sorry, Master, it hurts so bad,” she wailed.

“NEVER speak to me that way again. Understood?” he emphasized with a twist of her nipples.


He let go of her nipples and released her from the cross. She started to collapse from shock and exhaustion as she was guided off of the cross, but Brad caught her. Guiding her to the floor, he issued the “Fours” command. Shakily, on unsteady hands and knees, she assumed the position. “Now, clean up your mess,” he ordered sternly. Lowering her upper body, Rachael began to feverishly lick up the puddle she had created on the concrete floor.

Once he was satisfied, he snapped a leash on her collar, led her back out to the patio and locked her in her cage. Without looking back, he walked back into the house, pressing the “Silent Mode” on his remote. Collapsing onto the floor, Rachael curled into a fetal ball, sobbing, cradling her tortured breasts.


Karla Roberts was a police detective in the same city as the University that Rachael and Brad attended. At the age of 26, she had been on the force for five years, first as a beat cop, then recently promoted to detective. She had long brown hair, 36D breasts, and stood a full six feet tall. She kept fit, and it showed, running five miles three times weekly.

She was at work, sitting at her desk, typing out a report, when her cell phone rang. “Hello?”

“Karla honey, it’s Aunt Jenny. How are you?” said the voice on the phone.

“Hi, Aunt Jenny, I’m good – how about you?” Karla answered.

“I’m fine, honey, but I’m a little concerned – I haven’t heard from Rachael in a few days, and she usually calls me almost daily, even if it’s just to say hello,” Rachael’s mother said.

“Well, it is Spring Break this week; are you sure she didn’t take off for a little vacation?”

“She told me that she was invited to go down to Florida this week, but she had declined,” answered Jenny. “She said she was going to hang around the dorm this week and catch up on her studies.”

“Did you check with the college? Maybe they would be able to locate her.”

“I already did; I spoke with college security, and they sent someone to her dorm, and no one has seen her since Friday. Karla, I’m worried – Rachael always has her phone with her, and always answers. Could you do me a big favor and look into this?”

Sighing inwardly, Karla spoke to Jenny. “Tell you what, Aunt Jenny, I’ll do a little private investigation. So far, there is no solid proof that Jenny is actually missing, so I can’t open an official case file. But I will do a little checking on my own and let you know what I find out.”

“Oh, thank you honey, that means a lot to me. Please call me if you come across any information.”

“I will, and you’re welcome. I’ll be in touch.” Karla said as she ended the call. She wasn’t convinced that Rachael had met with foul play, but she had promised to look into it.

She decided to make a call to a friend on the Campus Security force. A quick call confirmed that Campus Police had, in fact, done a cursory search for the girl, checking her dorm room and canvassing the surrounding dorms. Karla decided that the investigating done by the Campus Police was sufficient, for now. She would follow up on that later, if she felt it necessary. She started by calling Rachael’s cell, resulting in an outgoing message from Rachael: “Hey, you’ve got Rachael; I can’t talk right now, so leave a message, and I’ll get back to you!” She hung up and decided to submit a request for Rachael’s phone records and locations.

Next, Karla searched the online DMV database for Rachael’s registration. Once she retrieved it, she ran a search on the law enforcement database for any hits on that number. A few seconds later, the display showed a hit. Rachael’s car had been declared abandoned and towed to the city impound lot. Karla scanned the screen for the reporting officer, making note of his name. She decided to look him up at the end of her shift.

* * *

Rachael was constantly tired and hungry now; it seemed like she never got enough food or sleep. Worse yet, the meager rations she received had to be earned by deep throating the dildo. At each successive feeding, the Bot added five more seconds to her minimum deep throat time. Her mind had retreated into itself; she obeyed without thinking anymore. One day ran into the next; she began to lose hope that she would ever escape this sadist. Each day was a virtual repeat of the last; exercises, feeding and rest periods. Brad always managed to visit at least once or twice daily, to get his rocks off in one or more of Rachael’s available holes.


It was now end-of-shift, and Karla kept a lookout for the officer who had filed a report on Rachael’s car. Finally, she spotted him walking into the precinct. “Hey Joe, you got a second?” Karla said as he walked by.

“Sure, Karla, what’s up?” he responded.

“You handled an 11-24 yesterday, out on River Road. A red Toyota. What can you tell me about it?”

“Oh yeah, a passing motorist called it in. Seems like it had been sitting there for a couple of days. I rode over and checked it out. Looks like the tire blew. It looked pretty shredded, like the driver had continued driving on it even after it went flat,” Joe responded. “I called in an 11-85, and waited there until the wrecker arrived. That’s about all I can tell you about it.”

“Ok, thanks, Joe, much appreciated,” Karla told him. She decided to drive over to the Impound lot and check out the car. Arriving at the lot, Karla spoke to the attendant and told him why she was there. The attendant told her where to find the car, and she walked over to it. Remnants of the tire were still hanging on the rim. Bending down, Karla took a closer look at the tire. Picking up a section of tread, a metallic flash caught her eye. She grabbed it with her fingers and pulled on it. It appeared to be a screw head, and resisted her attempts to remove it. She turned it over in her hand, and looked at the inside face of the tread.

Sure enough, the pointed end of a screw was protruding from the inside face. This was most likely the culprit in causing the flat, but was it placed there intentionally? Or did she pick it up on the road? Karla wondered. It was still circumstantial, but things were starting to look suspicious. Pulling out her cell phone, Karla dialed a friend at the crime lab. “Hey Bob, how’s it going?” she asked when he picked up.

“Just great, Karla, and you?”

“I need a favor, Bob. There’s a red Toyota down here at the impound lot. I need to have it processed ASAP. Possible crime scene. I would like to keep this private, at least for now.” she told him.

“Is this personal?” Bob asked. “Yeah, my cousin may have gone missing, and I want to look into this myself before I declare this an official Missing Persons case.” Karla replied.

”OK, Karla, but you owe me one.”

“Thanks, Bob, much appreciated.” She gave him the registration number.


It was late afternoon when Brad made another appearance at Rachael's cage. Obediently, she crawled over to the cage door and stuck her head through the circular opening. Instead of trapping her head in the opening, he unlocked and opened the cage door. Snapping a leash on her collar, he led her into the basement. “Present!” he ordered. She rose up on her knees, placing her hands behind her head. He opened the armoire and pulled out an armbinder. Pulling her arms behind her, he proceeded to slip the armbinder over them until it nearly reached her shoulders.

Methodically, he began tightening the lacings, beginning at her wrists and working his way up her arms, until her elbows touched painfully, pulling her shoulders back and causing her breasts to stand out. He proceeded to run the leather straps diagonally across her chest, buckling them snugly to keep the armbinder in place. Pulling out the leather blindfold, he fastened it snugly around her head, cutting off her vision. Next, he produced a ring gag, which he strapped into place behind her teeth.

She knelt there, trembling at the anticipation of more torture. “Today, slave, I have decided to give you a break,” he said, smirking. “All you have to do is suck my cock. You will remain on your knees and search until you find it,” he directed.

She knew it would be too good to be true; nothing was ever that simple with Brad. He was still finding a way to torture her; it was just in a different form. Drool began to drip down her chin and onto her breasts. She could hear him moving across the floor, unzipping his pants.

“Begin,” he ordered. Rachael began to shuffle forward blindly on her knees, her mouth held agape by the ring gag, searching for his cock. She crawled in the direction she thought she had heard him go, scraping her knees on the concrete floor. As she proceeded across the floor, a sudden crack of a crop on her left breast made her turn to the right. She guessed correctly that he was directing her with the crop. She shuffled a few more yards, trying in vain to find him. Another snap caught her on her right breast, causing her to turn left.

“Stop!” Brad ordered as she came to a halt, “I don’t think you’re putting enough effort into this. I think you need a little motivation,” he said, facetiously. He walked over to the armoire and pulled out a roll of plastic wrap. He unrolled a two foot length and tore it off. Walking back over to her, he stretched it out and wrapped it around her face, sealing the ends to each other in the back, completely covering her face, cutting off her air. Immediately, Rachael began to panic, pulling at her bonds, bending down and rubbing her mouth across her knees, trying to find a way to remove the plastic wrap.

“Yes, I think you’re properly motivated now,” he said, chuckling. “The only way you can breathe is if you can find my hard cock and pierce the plastic through the ring gag. Now, I think you’ll do this as if your life depended on it, which it does!” he said with a laugh.

Desperately, Rachael lunged forward, blindly searching for Brad. As she shuffled frantically about, she tried vainly to breathe, her lungs burning with oxygen starvation. As her oxygen level began to plummet, she thrashed about blindly, breasts heaving, desperate for air. As she stumbled forward, she ran into the support post in the middle of the room, bouncing off and falling over. Momentarily stunned, she shook her head and found a way to scramble to her knees and continue her search.

Ultimately, she began to fade out, her skin turning blue. As she stopped moving forward, she began to fall over. Moving quickly, Brad grabbed her by the ponytail and jammed his cock into her mouth, piercing the plastic wrap. He didn’t stop until he was touching the back of her throat, just to underscore his dominance, before pulling out to allow her to take a breath.

She took deep, gasping breaths, the tattered remains of the plastic wrap fluttering in and out of the ring gag. He gave her about ten seconds to recover, then plunged his cock into her mouth and down her throat, causing tears to stream down her cheeks. Rachael, dazed, did her best to endure the oral rape. Brad continued to thrust in and out, speeding up as he approached orgasm. Finally, he jammed his cock down the throat as far as he could, groaning as he spasmed, spewing his jism down her throat. Pulling out, he wiped his cock off on her face and hair. Still reeling from her ordeal, Rachael bent over and retched.

“If you spill a drop, you’ll lick it up off the floor,” Brad warned.

Rachael straightened up, struggling to compose herself. Finally, she calmed down, kneeling quietly, her breathing slowing down. She hoped that her torture was over for today. He loosened the armbinder laces and unbuckled the leather straps. Once it was removed, her arms fell to her sides, stiff and numb. She rolled her aching shoulders around, trying to loosen them up. Brad removed the ring gag, then ordered her to resume the “Present” position.

She obeyed, placing her hands behind her head, the blindfold still in place. “You will hold position, no matter what,” he ordered.

Rachael heard him pull something off the wall. She tensed, waiting for something to strike her body. He stood there, regarding her, not moving. The wait was its own kind of torture. At last, she heard him approach and gritted her teeth in anticipation. Suddenly, a line of pain flashed across her left nipple, as a red stripe appeared across the middle of her breast, making her drop her hips and bend forward, reflexively.

”PRESENT! MAINTAIN POSITION!” he roared. “We will do this until we get it right!” he snarled, fingering the slender bamboo cane in his hand.

Wearily, she resumed position, steeling herself for the torture to come. Once again, he made her wait, trembling in anticipation. SNAP! Her other nipple exploded in pain. Gasping, she flinched, but quickly resumed position.

Brad took out his remote and pressed a button. “Silent Mode is now off,” he told her. “Now, you will beg me to beat you,” he ordered.

Rachael looked up through the blindfold, incredulous. “What, Master?” she asked.

“To demonstrate your total devotion to me, you will pick a body part and beg me to hit you there,” he said.

It took her a moment to process this. She was being ordered to participate in her own torture. If she refused, the beating could be worse. On the other hand, it was a mental torture to be forced to dictate her own pain.

“Don’t make me wait, slut; your punishment will just get worse,” he warned.

Thinking quickly, she spoke. “Th-thighs, Master?” He complied, slashing a red stripe on each thigh. “Next,” he ordered.

“Ass,” was her response, her breathing quickening. Presently, twin welts appeared on her ass. “Next,” he said.

Trying to avoid her more sensitive areas, she chose thighs again. “NO REPEATS!” he growled, adding a second stripe to her ass. “NEXT!” he ordered, becoming more impatient. This time, she chose her back. He obliged, striping her back.

“NEXT!” he ordered. Thinking fast, she blurted, “Stomach!” Soon, a red welt appeared across her stomach. Throughout the beating, she managed to maintain position, with minimal flinching. “Next,” he prodded, impatiently, tapping the cane against his palm.

“Calves!” she cried, flinching in advance. He swung down, hitting both, as she struggled to maintain her composure. Rachael, running out of options, made her next choice. “F-FEET!” she whimpered, howling as he rained a blow down on each sole.

“NEXT!” he shouted, knowing she was running out of relatively safe places, leaving only the most sensitive areas available.

“B-breasts?” she blubbered. “NO REPEATS! NEXT!” he barked. “WELL?” he asked, when she didn’t reply immediately.

“Arms?” she asked, hesitantly. “No, too close to your face,” he replied. “Wouldn’t want to damage my property.”

Her dilemma was evident; there was only one other place to pick, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it. “Say it, or I will whip your nipples off,” Brad warned, knowing fully why she was stalling.

“P-P-Pussy?” she sobbed, trembling. Her legs closed subconsciously.

“OPEN THOSE LEGS AND HOLD POSITION!” he snarled, slashing the cane across her ass. Weeping, she opened her wobbly legs and held position, quivering. He stood there, making her wait, drawing out the torture. Finally, he swung the cane upward, slicing between her pussy lips. She slammed her legs together, falling over onto the floor, howling in pain. “GET YOUR ASS BACK IN POSITION, SLAVE!” he snapped, “I CAN DO THIS ALL NIGHT!” giving her another slice on her back with the cane.

Wearily, she got back on her knees, tears streaming out of her blindfold. “If you can hold position, this will be your last hit,” he told her, “but you must beg me to hit your pussy, and thank me afterward.” Rachael paused, clearly in a quandary. “WELL?” he asked.

“P-P-Please Master, h-h-hit m-my p-p-pussy?” she sobbed in an anguished voice.

“Why, I’d be happy to,” he said, jovially. Rachael tensed, waiting. Once again, he took his time, prolonging her torture. Suddenly, he swung the cane, catching her right between her cunt lips. She shrieked, using every ounce of self-control to hold her position, trembling in pain. He waited a couple of minutes. “WELL?” he asked again.

It took Rachael a few seconds for her addled brain to regain cognitive thought. “T-Thank you Master,” she whimpered.

“Thanks for what?” he asked, toying with her.

“T-Thank you for b-beating my p-pussy,” she stammered.

“A slave thanks her Master properly by worshipping his feet,” he replied.

She bent down immediately and began feverishly licking his feet, hoping to avoid any further beating. Once she was finished, he had her clean his cock and balls, before leading her back to her cage.


Rachael had just completed her second exercise of the day, getting her cunt muscles stimulated while the breast cups sucked on her tits. She lay on her pad, dazed and depressed. She was slowly giving up any hope of rescue or escape, resigned to a life of torture and abuse. Brad came out around noontime, wearing shorts and shirtless, and walked up to the cage. Rachael crawled over to the cage door and stuck her head through, per Brad’s standing orders. He slid the cage section down to lock her head in place, as usual.

He opened his pants and pulled out his growing cock, and without ceremony, shoved it into her mouth. After it reached full erection, he plunged it down her throat. After thrusting in and out for a couple of minutes, he pulled out completely. Rachael, confused, gave him a questioning look. “That was just an appetizer, slut. I have something much more entertaining in mind, at least for me,” he said, grinning.

With that, he released her head and opened the cage door. Leading her out on a leash, they went back into the basement. Once inside, Rachael noticed a new piece of furniture. It was a large black wooden table with steel eye bolts protruding about every three inches along the edges. Brad ordered her to get up on the table and lie down on her back.

He retrieved a blindfold and buckled it around her head. Rachael shivered as she tried to imagine what tortures lay in store. Suddenly, she felt a pinching on her right nipple as Brad attached a nipple clamp. Instinctively, she began to raise her hands to protect herself, before Brad grabbed them and forced them back down to the table. “Leave your hands by your sides, cunt, before I tie them down,” he warned.

He placed another clamp on her left nipple. These clamps felt different to Rachael. They didn’t seem to bite like the first clamps he had used on her. She was right; Brad was using rubber-tipped clamps, the kind that can be pulled off safely without tearing the skin. They still hurt, especially when pulled off, but they would leave her nipples intact.

Next, Rachael felt something being applied to her crotch and pubic hair area. It was warm. Suddenly, she realized what it must be – hair removal wax! She had a short blonde trimmed bush, but she had never shaved or waxed before. Submissively, she lay quiet while he worked on her. Next, she felt the pressure of two strips of wax removal tape being applied vertically to the waxed area. She tensed, waiting for the sharp pain of the tape as it was yanked off. A couple of minutes passed. She wondered why it was taking so long, wanting to get it over with.

All of a sudden, she felt her nipples being pulled upward. She began to sit up to ease the pressure on them, her arms supporting her from behind. Next, the tape on her genitals was being pulled up slowly. She raised her pelvis off the table to counteract the discomfort. The pressure on both areas kept increasing until Rachael was up on all fours, facing the ceiling. Once her torso was horizontal, Brad tied off the strings which ran up through a pulley suspended from the ceiling, and down to the nipple clamps and the top end of the tape.

Rachael was trapped; she couldn’t ease her body down without significant pain, and she couldn’t raise her hands (which were still uselessly bound in leather) to do anything to affect her situation. She realized that she was completely helpless, without a single rope or shackle binding her to the table. Her pulse and breathing quickened as she waited helplessly, muscles straining to maintain her position.

Presently, she heard what sounded like a match being struck. He was lighting something; probably another candle, she thought. Suddenly, without warning, a drop of molten wax exploded on her belly. She recoiled, pulling her torso down reflexively, in an attempt to escape the assault. As she did so, her nipples and crotch were pulled painfully upward, reminding her of her limited range of movement.

Another drop of hot wax landed on her chest, between her breasts. She flinched, bringing even more pain to her nipples. It began to dawn on her – the lesson here was to maintain position, no matter what was being done to her. Steeling herself, she managed to maintain position, gasping as hot wax was dripped on her breasts, thighs, and stomach. When Brad saw that she had managed to tolerate the wax, he switched to the quirt, removing the wax from her body as he slashed those same areas.

It was getting harder to maintain position; Rachael’s muscles were quivering from the strain. Her arms were near exhaustion, her legs were shaking. As her upper body began its inexorable descent, her nipples were stretched further upward. Ultimately, the nipple clamps began to slide off her nipples, creating more pain as they pinched skin closer to the tips. Finally, first the right, then the left nipple clamp came off with a quick snap, eliciting a squeal from their victim, as she dropped to her elbows. Punished by a shock from her collar, Rachael fought to maintain her new position, her pelvis still held up in the air by the wax removal tape.

Just when she thought she could take no more, she felt a rope being tied around her left ankle, then over to the right ankle, with about a foot of length between. She wasn’t sure why he would do that; it didn’t make it any harder for her to hold her pelvis up. Then, she felt a tugging on the rope, as if Brad was tying another rope to the center of the ankle rope.

She felt a sudden yank on the ankle rope, pulling on her legs toward the far end of the table, causing her hips to drop a fraction of an inch, before she stopped the motion with a mighty effort from her hamstring muscles. The surface of the table was polished, however, and it was difficult to keep her feet from sliding. She managed to jerk them back in a little.

Brad picked up the gallon milk jug that was filled with water and set it back on the edge of the table. It was tied to the rope that was tied to the middle of Rachael’s ankle rope. With a flick of his finger, it fell off the table and plummeted down toward the floor, before jerking to a stop at the end of its tether. Once again, Rachael’s ankles were jerked forward another inch. She winced as a tuft of puss hair was yanked out by the tape. Beads of sweat began to form on Rachael’s body; she was rapidly using up her last reserves to avoid hanging literally by her cunt hair.

Desperate, Rachael tried to inch her way down toward the end of the table, but the string tied to the tape held fast, and she only succeeded in pulling another clump of hair out by the roots. Once more, Brad picked up the jug and placed it on the table, only to push it off, sending it plunging down. This time, Rachael heard it slide off the table and was prepared for the jerk on her ankle rope.

She hung there in her agony, sweat dripping off her body, waiting. Thirty seconds, sixty seconds… she turned her head blindly, trying to listen for any clue to what Brad was up to now.

SLAP!!! Suddenly, his leather strap struck both breasts, right across the nipples. Shrieking, Rachael lost her concentration and relaxed her legs, resulting in the jug pulling her feet out from under her. Jolted by her shocking collar, she was now hanging by her pubes. The pain was incredible, as she hung there for a couple of seconds. As she scrambled to try and get her feet back under her, the tape started to pull away, taking her hair with it. Suddenly there was a tearing sound, much like the sound of Velcro being separated, as the tape came completely off, taking all of Rachael’s pubic hair with it.

As she fell to the table, she curled into a fetal ball, crying, rocking, hands between her legs, holding her now denuded cunt in pain. “YOU BASTARD!” she screamed, ignoring the shock from the collar. Losing it, she rolled sideways off the table, pushed the blindfold up and off, and started to run toward the door.

She forgot about the ankle rope, which now became a hobble, not to mention the milk jug still trailing behind. She made it about three feet before she fell to the floor, sobbing.

Swiftly, Brad grabbed her by the collar and dragged her over to the post, where the chain still lay. Locking it to her collar, he walked away and went over to the piece of equipment that resembled a sawhorse, picking it up and carrying it outside. Returning, he picked up a tripod stand of some sort and carried that outside as well. She was frightened; she could tell he was in a dark mood - too angry to even speak.


He spent the next ten minutes fussing with something outside, then came in and unlocked her from the chain. He had decided to set this up outside, as the table was currently in the way in the basement. The bitch was about to learn a lesson about what happens when you disobey your Master. He came back and removed the hobble before attaching a leash.

Leading her out on all fours by the leash, he brought her over to the sawhorse. It had a padded top, and eyebolts at the bottom of each leg. He had her lay down along the length of it on her belly, then used wrist and ankle cuffs to bind her to it, along with a leather strap around her lower back. He also produced some clover style nipple clamps, which were connected by an eighteen inch chain. He clamped one over her sore, tortured left nipple, then ran the chain down under the sawhorse beam, then up to the other nipple. The chain barely stretched around the beam. These clamps were devious; if the chain was pulled, they clamped tighter on the nipple. If she attempted to move more than an inch or two, her nipples would pay the price.

There was a stand directly in front of her, with a dildo mounted on an arm, pointed directly at her head. He walked around to the front and moved the stand closer until the dildo was almost touching her face. “OPEN UP!” he barked, pulling her head back by her hair. As she opened her mouth, he loosened a thumbscrew on the side of the arm and slid the dildo forward into her mouth. When it was almost to the entrance of her throat, he stopped and tightened the thumbscrew. She was now trapped in this position, not being able to back off of the dildo. If the dildo went any farther into her throat, she would likely suffocate.

He walked back into the cellar and emerged with a single tail whip. Standing a few feet away, he drew back and threw it, landing with a sharp CRACK! on her buttocks. Reflexively, Rachael surged forward, gagging on the dildo, feeling the clamps biting down on her nipples as the chain grew taut. Forcing herself to relax, she pulled back as far as she could. CRACK! Another stroke hit her on the back of her thigh. Again, she pitched forward, choking on the dildo, her nipples on fire. She forced herself to hold back, enduring the next few blows with a minimum of flinching.

Still angry, Brad threw down the whip and strode up to the sawhorse. Dropping his pants and pulling out his cock, he jammed it into her pussy, making her gasp at the pain. He slammed into her repeatedly, causing her to impale her throat on the dildo with each stab of his cock. Desperately, she began pushing back on his cock with each thrust to avoid choking. She knew that that was what he probably wanted, but she had no other options.

* * *

Karla was sitting in Interview One, questioning a carjacking suspect, when her cell phone vibrated. She didn’t want to interrupt the interview, so she let it go to voicemail. When she got back to her desk, she checked the message.

“Hey Karla, this is Bob. I processed the Toyota as you requested. Didn’t find anything, ‘til I dusted the driver’s side front fender, right above the wheel well. Got a good palm print and index and middle fingerprints. He must have leaned on the fender as he bent down to sabotage the tire. Ran it through IAFIS and got a hit: one Bradley Huntington. Lives at 245 Lakewood Drive, which is within five miles of River Road, where her car was abandoned. Call me if you have any questions. You owe me a six-pack!” he said, kiddingly.

Typing the name into the criminal database, she pulled up his rap sheet and mug shot:

Huntington, Bradley III, Male, DOB 04May95 6’, 182 lbs.
Last known address: 245 Lakewood Drive
13Nov12 Offense: Aggravated sexual assaultV 16Nov12 Dismissed; complainant elected not to press charges.
02Jun14 Offense: Speeding, Disobedience to Flashing Signals, Improper Lane Use, Evading Police Officer.
Fine: $1500

Karla entered the address into her phone, then dashed out to her unmarked car. She drove straight out to the address, passing by the house slowly, looking for anything suspicious. She parked a couple hundred feet down the road, and got out of the car. She had her Glock sidearm on her hip, as well as a police-issue Taser. Making her way through the trees, she approached the front of the lake house and peered surreptitiously through a window into the living room. Nothing looked out of place, and no one could be seen. She started making her way around the side of the house, when she heard a crack, like the sound of a whip.

End of part 2

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