Your Wish... or Mine?
by Whiplove

Written with much appreciated editorial help from BritslutJenny. Warning: This is a tale with a BDSM theme and some cruel passages. If you do not like that kind of stuff don’t read it. But if you do, please let me know whether and why you enjoyed it.


I was shocked, and to be honest, also a little annoyed. You, John, my husband of two years, my dearest lover, asking to lend myself for such outrageous things.

Watching me intently, an earnest frown on your face, you said, “I am serious, Anne, I am very serious.”

Sitting next to you I froze. Refusing to respond.

But in reaction to my extended silence you nudged me on. “Well… what do you think, Anne?”

I was still too shocked to answer. It took a while, but then I poured myself a big glass of Scotch. This proposition was outright idiotic, and to say the least, awfully debasing as well. So I took a large gulp and answered you quite rudely: “I don’t think so... if you don’t mind. What do you expect? It’s a straight ’no’ of course!”

“But Anne, I love you…”


You looked into my eyes, as if to assess your chances. I sensed anxiety, fear to lose my love. Then, while you kept looking at me, you took a deep breath and explained: “I’ve had these thoughts ever since we met.”

“Why… You never told me….”

“I always feared this might ruin… I mean… make you stop loving me. I couldn’t bear that. But those feelings… you know…, sometimes they are so strong…” Your speech was trembling now, and a slight wetness seemed to glimmer in your so-beautiful eyes.

Suddenly I felt sorry for you. So I wrapped my arm around your shoulders. “How could I ever stop loving you?” I asked.  “Come here, my crazy boy, let me kiss you.”

But there was a hesitant retreat, followed by a thin faltering voice, almost begging.  “Please Anne, I would enjoy it so much, Anne, please…”

I poured myself another glass, a real big one, and drew you against me, embracing you like a frightened child.  Finding your mouth, we kissed. I fumbled with your blue shirt, feeling the hardness of your hairy chest. You moaned…

It made me want to kiss that chest.

But you stopped me, gently pushing my hand away, saying: “Not now, Anne, just give me your word, tell me, would you do it for me? Just once? Please…”

I took a large swallow from my glass. It’s always been difficult to say ‘no’ to you.

You noticed my hesitation and pushed on further, repeating: “I’ve had that urge for so long, Anne, please…”

“Urge? John, you have it even now?”

“Yes…” you nodded, “even now. It’s… it’s a wrecking imagination, you know. But it makes me hot. I can’t stop it. Please Anne… please, you would make me so happy.” You closed your eyes and swallowed hard, showing me your so delicious Adam’s apple. As always it made you indescribably irresistible. That moment I melted and knew that I would not be able to refuse you anything… not now, not ever… haven’t I always loved being your plaything during sex?

So I was lost.

And to my alarm, I found that I actually had become a little aroused by those mad ideas of yours.

So I gulped down one more mouthful of booze. I needed it to give me the courage to ask for clarifications. “You mean with anyone? Eh… I mean…  do you have… I mean…  someone in mind? Someone we know?”

Immediately you opened your eyes wide, and smiled as if I had liberated you. Then, you bent over and, almost conspiratorially, whispered in my ear: “Dan.”

I was taken aback. Dan is a former boyfriend of mine. We used to kiss in his car. I remember well that he always wanted more, but that I never agreed. So nothing serious ever happened and he gradually lost interest in me. But we remained friends over the years. Every once in a while we have dinner with him and his wife Ruth, and they with us. They are both rather sizable, but he is also strong and has always remained attractive. I never really liked his wife that much, at least not her appearance, with her unkempt hair and her heavy frame, although she can sometimes have a sweet mind.

“Why Dan?” I asked, now feeling a bit light headed. “He would never do a thing like that.” Then, by way of argument I added: “Apart from that, he’s married.”

“So?  We’re married as well, aren’t we?” you said, smiling wickedly. And, with your eyes shining like those of a child being promised a treat, you continued to whisper: “I’ll ask him to bring Ruth as well. How about that?”

Now I was really shocked. “You’ll ask what? What do you think she would say? You don’t believe that she… I mean… I’m not a dyke.”

Your eyes sparkled. “Who cares.”

“I do.”

“But I don’t,” you said with a sudden cruel smile. “On the contrary. It would give me an extra thrill.” I guess that you must have seen how that caused the blood to drain from my face, because hurriedly you hugged me and whispered in my ear: “I like to frighten you, little one, it gives me a kick.”

Feeling a little disoriented I asked you to put down my empty glass. I must have had too much to drink. In the bottle on the little table before us, not much remained. Whisky usually does not sit easily with me when I drink such quantities so quickly. You know that. You must have prepared me by putting that bottle before us.

Hearing myself speak, I asked, trying to make it sound like a joke, “The three of you against me then?” My voice was a note too high. I had definitely become aroused by now, notwithstanding, or maybe because of that combination of whisky and your weird ideas.

You did not hesitate a second, and nodded. “Yes, my love, all three of us. That’s the whole point. But we would be in it together.”


For a long time.

Sitting uneasily next to you, I stared at the bottle and at my empty glass on our little table. You began to caress my hair.

I let my imagination run on like a silent movie, seeing myself as the star actress. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I could see it might have advantages to serve not only you as a lust object, but two other people as well. Maybe there’d be some secret pleasure in it for me. My crotch began to itch. However, my mind made a last ditch attempt to resist. “But they aren’t swingers… not as far as I know.” It sounded lame, and spoken with a slightly thickened tongue.

“Neither are we,” you laughed, and kissed my neck. Then softly you said it again: “Don’t let me down Anne. Don’t let me down.” And you directed my hand to slowly caress the bulge in your pants.

So, against all odds, your crazy fantasy, combined with that enticing promise below your belt, seemed to take away my misgivings. It must have been quite obvious to you that the idea evoked in me a certain erotic interest. Although it made me feel a bit disconcerted, this bizarre concept definitely had a bewitching power.

So I took the leap, and kissed your lips.

The kiss became long and passionate. But fear of your fantasy slowly took over, distracting me from your captivating manly scent. You sensed it and allowed me to gradually disentangle from our embrace. Thus we remained silent, sitting next to each other, like a couple of uneasy teenagers, not knowing how to continue. I decided I’d had enough to drink for the day. It must already have clouded my mind, and made your proposal more appealing than it really was. I stared out of the large sliding windowpanes opposite our couch. The leaves were colouring. “Maybe you should wait a bit,” I proposed hesitatingly.

You didn’t speak. But you knew I had yielded. You got up and poured yourself the last remains of Whiskey.


It was a short and resolute answer, brooking no argument. Sometimes you can be quite cocky. And this obviously was one of those occasions. I always enjoy your presence, your body, your love, but I had to watch out for your mind.


More than a week had passed since you had confessed to me that erotic fantasy of yours. More than a week had been given to me, to play with that mad idea. I knew that you could have an unbending will. And I also knew that you’re always been a bit controlling in matters of sex and that, more often than not, I like to be your little plaything. It never bothered me. Not until you came up with those thoughts. I should have seen them coming. But let me be honest: by now your strange desires had undeniably become contagious. Even to me.

“Please undress, Anne. Time is up.”

“What… here? In our living room? Shouldn’t we…”

But my words were cut short by a resounding slap in my face. “There is no ‘shouldn’t we’ for you tonight,” you said with a surprisingly sharp voice. It shook me. You’d never been like that before. But no real anger rose in me. I realized that my time was up indeed, and that today things would be different. Quite different.

You stood opposite me, your face transformed by a sudden wanton lust. And my own panting made my breasts heave. Even though your sudden metamorphosis gave me shaky knees, you had also awakened butterflies in my belly. So, although still reeling from that slap, I did obey.

Soon I was standing completely nude before you. You’ve seen me like that often enough, but this was different. Everything was different. Calmly you looked me over, assessing my nakedness as if appraising me. You had never done that before. I felt suddenly embarrassed, heat rising to my cheeks. Slowly you lowered your gaze away from my face towards my crotch, which I always keep nicely shaved and smooth for you. Your eyes lodged there for quite a while. I waited, feeling unusually shy, and keeping my hands, by sheer force of will, away from my shame. Then you fixed your eyes on my growing nipples. I didn’t want it, but the scoundrels were swelling, all of their own volition.

“Give me your hands.”

I extended them to you. You had no eyes for my trembling. With a white silken rope, which you seemed to have brought out of nowhere, you bound them together, locking my wrists in a knot so tight and so professional, that it made me wonder how you knew to do this.

“You look adorable,” you said as you stepped away, watching me from a little distance to judge your handy work. “You won’t walk away now, will you?,” you said with a teasing smile.

A bit confused and at a loss for what to say, I used my bound hands to cover my shame. But I felt a distinctly erotic twinge. “No I won’t run,” I conceded. “What is it you want me to do now?”

Once again you smiled and took my hand. “You’ll see, lover,” you said and you led me out of the room, into our hallway. There, you made me lean with my back against the vertical wooden bars holding the handrail of the stairs. I obeyed uncertainly.

“Up with your arms, love,” you said. Dutifully I raised my bound hands, feeling some unexpected moistness between my legs. You ascended the stairs behind me, and proceeded to tie the cord with which you had bound me, to one of the wooden palings high over my head.  Stretched out like that, I suddenly realized how vulnerably helpless you had made me. Especially because I couldn’t hide my bald femininity, even if I wanted.

You stepped down and studied me. I felt more naked than I ever had, but a weird eroticism fired my loins. You recognized it and kept looking at me. A satisfied smile gradually appeared on your face. But powerless as I was, I could do nothing to get my arousal under control.

You smiled again, and gave a good-natured pat on my love mound. “You’ll wait,” you said, “until Dan and Ruth are here.” Then you turned around without saying a word, and closed the living room door behind you.

Left alone, standing imprisoned and naked in our hallway, I felt rather bizarre. Nothing happened. I had no choice but to wait indeed. A soft tinkling made itself heard behind the door of our living room. It sounded like you were handling glasses. In my imagination I saw you putting wine and nuts on the table for the guests. Then silence.

It took long, very long. I never realized that time could run that slowly. Gradually I began to relax. All I could do was to stare at the front door and our coat rack, counting the coats over and over. The ones for summer, and the ones for winter. From time to time I watched the clock on the wall. Almost half an hour passed. You briefly reappeared, then climbed the stairs behind me to come back with a handful of clothing, closing the living room door behind you. You had not even looked at me.

My stretched up arms began to ache and started to prickle. And my legs became fatigued from enduring this standing posture. But I had no options. I began to fantasize about how Dan and his wife would react upon seeing me like this when they arrived. But there were simply too many possibilities and my arousal just went up and down with them. So after a while I decided to let things happen as they would come.

Time went on. Another fifteen minutes passed. You did not reappear. I started day dreaming and found myself recalling how you and I had met two years ago, how we make love, what the hotel rooms look like when we travel (which we do a lot). When the time just kept dragging on further, I began to think about more mundane things, like what flowers should be planted in our garden, when should we clean out the shed, or what we should have for dinner tomorrow.

Then, suddenly, the shrill sound of our electric doorbell startled me out of my reveries.

The living room door opened and you appeared. You were now dressed in a white shirt, half open to partly reveal the grey curls on your chest. And you wore the dark black jeans I love so much. Walking with a spring in your step in your black sneakers, you entered the hallway, briefly smiling at me on your way to the front door.

“Hi Dan, Ruth, come in. We’re all set and ready, come in… come in.” But, the guests did not move. “Oh… yes…” you said as you saw them stare at me, “Maybe you should say hello to Anne. She’s been waiting for the two of you.” His voice was light and happy. But Dan and Ruth remained frozen on the threshold. They kept staring at me standing there, bound in helpless nakedness. I felt the blood soar to my face, and I closed my eyes, not daring to meet theirs.

“Jesus…” Ruth finally whispered, still watching me. “Jesus John, that’s quite a welcome.” Briefly I lifted my eyes, and saw how they both kept staring at my bound nude body and my openly displayed crotch. Then, quite unexpectedly, Ruth, in her low, deep voice, asked: “Does she enjoy this?”

“I don’t know,” you answered. “Ask her.”

She smiled and obeyed. “Anne, do you like being exhibited like this to your former boyfriend?” And not waiting for a reaction, she added: “and to me.”

I didn’t know how or what to answer. There was only a horrible feeling of shame and deep mortification. But at the same time, I was somehow excited by this awful humiliation, and to my chagrin I felt my arousal rise.

“Look at her nipples,” Dan said in his baritone voice, his face blushing red. “She seems to be in quite a sexy mood.” He gently rubbed my nipples with the palm of a hand, then proceeded to softly feel both my breasts, readily exposed to him in all their vulnerability. “Maybe we should try and hang our coats on those,” he chuckled. The three of you laughed. Dan had broken the ice. You embraced Ruth, kissing her on the cheek. And, to my relief, when you took their coats, you hung them on the coat rack.

But Dan didn’t take his eyes off me. He approached me, and now started to slowly caress me between my thighs.

“Cute little cunt,” he said to his wife when he ended his malicious handling. He tapped my breasts once more, and addressing you he said: “They aren’t as big as those of my dear Ruth, but still rather nice. I’m happy to see them finally.” And turning to me he asked:  “Remember you didn’t want to show them to me?”

He smiled to his wife, who smiled back. “I’m happy you think mine are better”, she said.

Dan grinned appreciatively. “Sure,” he said, “yours are bigger, there’s more to grab on to. You’re the best. But that does not mean I wouldn’t like to play with these here.” And as if to illustrate that remark he slapped my breasts with both his hairy hands. I shrank back from the assault, but it seemed he did not notice, and addressed his wife again. “Would you like her to milk me?” he asked, “I think you’d enjoy watching.”

His wife smiled back at him. “You’d want that, eh?” she answered, “but yes, why not? I wouldn’t mind to witness her suck your balls. It would certainly please me.”

And so on…. and so on… I wished I could sink and disappear into the ground.

“Come in,” you interrupted their discussion of my body, opening our living room door. “There’s drinks waiting. Did you bring your whip?”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. A whip? Oh my God! I hadn’t imagined that! Panic rose in me like a sickening flood. But I didn’t hear their response, because the door closed behind them, leaving me alone in the hallway once again.

Panic! Panic! This mention of a whip overwhelmed me. It caused such a dreadful fear, that my heart suddenly boomed in overdrive. I had expected you to allow those two to play with me. I was still not sure whether I would like that. But I certainly had not anticipated them whipping me. It changed everything. My arousal disappeared from sheer shock. Nausea filled my stomach as I realized that, bound naked and defenceless like this, I could in no way escape their whip if they decided to use such a thing.

Behind the door I now heard noises of talking and laughing, alternating with short silences ending with sudden cracking sounds. And each time, after a brief pause, the voices resumed. Were they testing that whip? I began to tremble all over. Dread tore at my mind like the ripping claws of an attacking lion. Gone was really all sense of arousal. I could only think of the horrid pain awaiting me. Attempting to control the fear, I tried to focus on any other sexual pleasure they would want from me. I would have to grant them that.  Even to Ruth, although the thought of being forced to suck Dan for her pleasure triggered a new wave of nausea. But giving them the joy of watching me in blazing pain… that was different, unthinkable. I would be unable to live through that.

Suddenly the door opened and you, accompanied by Dan and Ruth, appeared. They were clearly excited, with flushes of sexual arousal colouring their faces. As they unfastened me from the banister railing, I began to shake uncontrollably.


Soon I was standing naked and trembling before Dan and Ruth, you holding me firmly by my shoulders, my hands still bound before me. Then, suddenly, I saw you and Dan exchange glances. He got up, leaving Ruth behind on the couch. She crossed her fat legs and took a sip of her wine. I closed my eyes, and felt arousal climbing high up against me. I was in such a state of excitement now, that I almost felt obliged to play their game. So I forcefully willed my trembling to stop and, with that movement of abandon I know you like so much, I threw back my head, letting my long wavy hair fall like a curtain behind me. I must confess that the gesture made me feel even more aroused than I would have thought possible. Dan remained standing in front of me, his former girlfriend. Ruth, who had been looking at me from the couch, now moved too. She got up and, to my surprise, began to slowly undress Dan, revealing to me (and to you) his hard muscular nakedness. I looked on in awe.

Dan’s member stood proud and straight, fully engorged and high from his body. He suddenly grabbed me by my hair and pushed his mouth on mine, his hard flesh throbbing against my belly.

The sensation of Dan kissing me like that, now also grabbing my breasts, while Ruth watched from the couch, will last me a lifetime. Even in my humiliating position, being held upright by your strong arms, my sexual arousal flared. That must have been clear as day to all three of you. When I turned my head and glanced furtively at you and then at Ruth, I could definitely see that you both tremendously enjoyed watching what was happening. I let Dan tongue me for a long time, then returned his kisses ardently.

Turning once more to you over my shoulder, while you still held me up on my shaky legs, I noticed a strange grimace on your face. I wasn’t sure what it meant. Did you enjoy this? Or did you want to cry out to Dan that you’re the one who should be kissing me, that it’s you who really loves me? I wanted to call out to you, but I couldn’t. Ruth - as if to punish her husband for his infidelity - had suddenly grabbed under her skirt and stepped out of her panties, stuffing them in my mouth and ordering her husband to secure them with duct tape.

Dan obliged. You helped him, handing him the tape, while keeping me imprisoned on my legs. And Ruth, not wanting to be left out of the fun, held my resisting head immobile. When finished, Dan stepped away to watch his work from a distance. He smiled, then suddenly slapped me across my face. Ruth laughed her head off. But my eyes burst into tears and my arousal vanished instantly. Within seconds I lay on the floor, Ruth now holding me down by my shoulders. In panic I saw how you now also quickly stripped, baring that huge erect cock of yours, sporting it like a weapon of attack. Then you too sank down on your knees. But not as I expected, and secretly hoped. Instead you caught my bound wrists and pressed them above my head into the soft carpet.

Dan, grinning in appreciation of the obvious invitation, immediately got down too, and lowered his haunches between my struggling thighs. I thrashed around with my legs in vain protest. It did not prevent him from entering me brutally and starting to please himself like a bull in heat. I must confess that, despite the disappearance of my initial arousal, caused by that slap in the face, the viciousness of his assault had an electrifying effect on me. And both you and Ruth, together keeping me below Dan’s humping body, seemed to enjoy it too. Suddenly, as in a flash I realized that I should try to let myself go with my feelings and attempt to enjoy this somehow. So I stopped crying and wrapped my thighs firmly around his thrusting loins, inviting him to plough me deeper and deeper. While Ruth and you watched breathlessly, Dan suddenly came with a cry roaring from his throat.

But I was far from ready. He’d been way too fast. With jerking movements of his haunches, he filled me, long before I even had the faintest chance to peak myself. I felt horribly abused.

He got up, leaving me on the floor like a cheap whore used in scorn.  Frustrated and deeply humiliated I began to sob, curling up like a baby, trying to console myself. Ruth, still kneeling next to me but holding on to one shoulder, wiped the sweat-soaked hair off my face. “Poor you,“ she said, “Dan can be like that sometimes, just caring about his own pleasure. But then, you should not complain. It’s for our enjoyment that the two of you invited us, right? So our pleasure counts, not yours. But don’t worry dear, it’s my turn now. I’m going to fuck the soul out of you."

Fright and disgust suddenly caught me. She was a woman. I’ve never had a woman make love to me, let alone a big fat one like Ruth. But apparently she had no reservations. “You know, Anne,” she said with a grin, “I’ve always wanted to do this with you.” My bound hands were still held on the floor by you. So I really had no choice. I had to give in. Dan had returned to the couch and watched. I let my naked body be pried open wide by you.

While Dan, on the couch above me, played with his now limp prick, Ruth quickly undressed herself, revealing her big body, with its plump thighs, its bulky belly and her large-nippled breasts. A voluminous female body, bigger and much fatter that I am. She fell heavily upon me, with her big thighs and her wet hairy cunt pressing on mine. Then she started to undulate her plump hips and buttocks over me, gyrating herself in all directions, and slobbering her wet mouth all over my face. I felt nauseous, unable to escape being kissed and mauled by her female flesh. Abhorrence grew on me fast. It lasted an eternity before she finally climaxed in a long-lasting orgasm. While I was flattened by her fleshy body, she exploded in cries of sheer unmitigated pleasure, which almost ripped my eardrums.

After that Ruth kept fondling me for some time, probably assuming that I would enjoy her repulsive attention. But all I could feel was shame and disgust. I had been raped by a woman. Being still firmly held by you at my bound wrists, I could not help feeling sick and nauseated, jerking fiercely under her fat body.

But the woman kept kissing and cuddling me, until finally she got to her feet. I could see how her hairy groin glistened with moisture and with some of Dan’s cum that she must have squashed out of me. Ruth now slumped down heavily on our couch next to her husband, clearly very much satisfied.

Finally, your hands let go of me. But instead of releasing me, you nodded to Dan for help.

You told me to stand up on a little stool and then, together with Dan, you hung me from my wrists on a rope, hanging from a big ceiling beam supporting the high roof of our living room.  With one of her bare feet Ruth laughingly kicked away the little stool. Now I had no contact with the ground, and swayed helpless and fully exposed before my audience.

That audience now sat on the couch before me, pointing crudely at the parts of my body which I normally keep hidden, giggling, exchanging kisses, sipping wine, and munching nuts. And all I could do was look down upon your three naked bodies while my stretched armpits began to hurt more and more.

Then I realized what the three of you were discussing. To my abhorrence I grasped that raping me had only been a warm-up. A kind of foreplay for what was now to come.


Panic gripped my brain as Ruth stepped forward, a short vicious-looking bullwhip in hand. You too rose and came to my side to put a hand on my trembling thigh. As if to comfort me.

“Anne, darling,” you said, smiling up to my fear-filled eyes, “try to think of the delight you are going to give us when we whip you.”

“I can’t…” I blabbered behind the panties in my mouth. But only garbled sound came out. I wanted to say: “I’m so afraid… I’ll do anything you want, I’ll suck you, I’ll suck Dan, I’ll even suck Ruth, but please don’t whip me!” But I could not. So, to my utter shame and humiliation, I started to cry right in front of my three nude tormentors. But you went on soothing me, which, I guess, was just to increase your own pleasure.

“Oh my little lover,” you said, caressing my face, “feel free to cry. It’s so amusing to see you in tears. You’ve already given us great pleasure. Maybe your body too got some joy out of it. But now we want to see it kick in agony.” Seeing that this remark only increased my crying, you rubbed it in further like a real sadist. “We love you, Anne,” you said, “I guess you know that from the way we enjoyed you. And now we’re going to hurt you with a whip, which we love even more. Try to be grateful, knowing how much we’ll enjoy it.” You pointed to the whip Ruth, as repulsive as ever, held in her hand and added, noticing my ever-growing panic. “If you don’t like it, well, console yourself thinking of the pleasure you‘ll give us.” And wiping the cold sweat from my face, you said, “And don’t worry, it won’t last very long. We too have our limits. Whipping can become tiresome.”

Like a caring father fortifying his little anxious daughter, you looked at the tears streaming down my face. “Try to smile at me,” you said. “Show me you like to please us.” What choice did I have, hanging naked and helpless before you? I love you, and I really wanted to please you, notwithstanding my fear of that whip. So I made an effort to stop crying, and I even tried obediently to force a smile at you through my tears. But it didn’t work. My stomach cramped.

“Well then, love,” Ruth said, taking over from you, and seeing that my words had not at all diminished my despair, “dance for us and scream your lungs out through those panties in your mouth.”

Unexpectedly she suddenly caressed my bald cunt, putting a kiss on it. But it didn’t revive my arousal. To the contrary. I was in black fear.

But Ruth had not yet had enough of me. Her nude fleshy body touched mine and stretched out against my taut skin, her big breasts with their large hard nipples grazing me. Like you, she wiped my face dry of its sweat and tears. “Come on Anne,” she said with a cruel smile, “I’m sure you’ll give us a good show.”

I became desperate. “NOOO!” I attempted to cry. But only muffled noises came forth from behind the cloth stuffed in my mouth.

Then, for a moment I thought you might be showing pity on me, because you intervened and, addressing me, you asked: “Want me to be the first to whip you, Anne?” It gave me the smallest sliver of hope. You are my husband, my man for life, the most cherished lover I ever had. You would surely be more merciful than those other two. So I nodded, tears again streaming down my cheeks.

I should have known better.

You stepped back after Ruth reluctantly handed you her whip. Having taken it, you immediately, greedily, heaved it high over your head, your eyes sparking with lust. With a resounding whack, it smacked straight across my breasts. Pain flared up like searing flames, and I heard myself scream behind my gag. “Come on little lover,” I heard you say, as you paused and looked intensely at my crotch “You should heat up a bit further for us. You’re not even wet. Try to enjoy this as much as I do.” And without waiting, you swung the whip high again…

It landed right on my love entrance!!

I screamed out in red agony. The two on the couch applauded. Your face shone with sadistic delight. As I swayed before you, jerking, kicking and trampling with my legs, crying and howling behind my gag, you smiled again. I didn’t know you had such a beast inside.

Once more that horrible whip flashed high in the air. And again it bit into my defenceless intimacy, like a cutting knife. I had no air to scream again. But even so I somehow did. Through my tears I could see that the atrocious pain I suffered made you happy and horny, your dick stood proud and high. Then, without warning, that hated whip hit me again between my legs.

And again… and again!

The pain became a blazing inferno, tearing my groin as if I were a piece of paper.

“That’s better!” I heard Ruth’s voice yell over my own screams. I didn’t understand what she meant, but blinking between the slits in my water-filled eyes, I noticed with astonishment that the nipples on my breasts had become large, hard and rigid, swaying dark red in the air, as if wanting to taste the whip too...

“Very good!” I now heard Dan’s baritone voice cry out as well. “Looks like she’s enjoying her pain. Good work, John!” He got up and you handed him the whip while Ruth, in sexual ecstasy on the couch, groped for her own fat crotch with both her hands.

The break gave me a brief respite. But the prospect of Dan’s muscled body approaching me, made me wildly shake my head. I expected no mercy, and indeed he showed none. Within seconds the whip curled angrily around me, to smack its tip in the flesh of my left breast. It wasn’t as bad as being lashed into my cunt, as my lover had done, but still I cried out. Soon Dan had completely striped both my breasts and started on my belly, back, and buttocks, the tip of his whip occasionally curling around my thighs to again hit the most intimate flesh between my thighs.

Soon my screams were exhausted. All I could produce now were rasping howls each time the whip bit me again. Through a curtain of tears and desperation I managed to notice you climbing upon Ruth, fucking her, both your hands groping all over her big body and hers over you.

But, even while fucking, Ruth kept peeping at her whip-wielding husband. Although wallowing in the erotic pleasure you made her experience, she was clearly being spurred on by what she was given to watch.

“Oh my God!’ I heard her yell, “She’s a masochist, she’s a real subbie, look at her glistening cunt and those glorious nipples. She’s enjoying her pain.” And while I was thrashing and screaming in hell, the two of you got lost in a mutual and violent orgasm.

It didn’t take long though. Ruth pulled herself free from under you, leaping up to approach her husband, and grabbing the whip from his hands. I didn’t know what to make of her animal exclamations. But it was clear she wanted to wield the whip herself. I‘m not a masochist and the pain was atrocious. But apparently my abused body showed a life of its own. I hated it being aroused. I hated the pain. I hated the humiliation. I hated Ruth. But I could do nothing about it.

Soon Ruth danced around me with her swinging breasts, the black bullwhip striking my helpless nudity wherever it could still find unmarred skin. By now I was sure I was bleeding all over. The soaring pain overpowered me like a life-choking tsunami in furious red and black. The screams that tried to escape from behind my gagged throat, had changed to bursts of rasping noises, and tears flowed in abundant rivers down my face, flying in all directions, thrown off into the air by my wildly shaking head.

I could not hold out further. Suddenly I did not care any more about this torture and its blazing pain. My body took over and erupted in the most violent orgasm I’d ever experienced. Never in my life had I so fearfully exploded in such blinding colours of pain and pleasure. After that, Ruth seemed to change into a moving shadow flashing before my eyes and, as everything around me became soundless, the world turned into deep blackness.


When I opened my eyes I was lying with my head on your folded knees, with you softly dabbing my face with a wet kitchen towel. Still floating on clouds of pain, I realized that you must have loosened that hated rope on which I had hung. How long I had been lying there I don’t know, but close to me on the couch I saw Ruth and Dan, both still stark naked, chatting and eating grapes. I tried to lift my body to a sitting position, but couldn’t do it. My whole frame ached and I discovered that someone had bound my hands behind my back. But you helped and let me try to inspect my anatomy. Covered by dark purple and red bruises, and still in considerable pain, I seemed to be in bad shape indeed, but to my relief my skin appeared nowhere to be bloody or broken.

Then I noticed the three plates with remains of a meal, placed around me on the carpet.

“Hungry, my love?” That was your concerned voice. I looked up. You were still naked and smiling. I didn’t know what to answer, even though someone had removed the panties from my mouth.

“Eat, my poor little Anne,” you said, “You should eat a little. We left you some remains of our food. You see, we already had our meal.”

I shook my head. ”I’m not hungry.” My voice was unrecognizably hoarse.

“Doesn’t matter, my love,” you said, “just go eat what’s before you. Come on, there is still enough on those plates, and that way you needn’t do the dishes.” Saying that, you grabbed my hair and pushed my face down onto one of the dirty plates.


And again I knew I had no option. There was some tepid chicken with a small lump of lukewarm mashed potato, and some cold unrecognizable greens. I tried to pick it up without using my hands. With you holding me down at the back of my head, I succeeded in licking the plate more or less clean. Some of the food remained sticking to my face. A foot shoved a second plate under my nose. And after that the third one. Your imperative hands were replaced by Ruth’s two feet, pressing my face even further down into the mess.

My maltreated body still hurt badly. Nobody spoke. It seemed you were all watching me.

Once I finished, almost retching several times, you placed a bowl of water next to me. So finally I could drink and wet my dry mouth, trying to lap up the water like a dog. Like the female dog you apparently wanted me to be. My thirst quenched after a long period of lapping and slurping, I was allowed to sit on my knees, with the three of you sitting on the couch before me, munching a few last grapes.  Ruth smiled at me. “Thank you Anne, that was nice,” she said, “now for dessert.”

It was only then that I noticed that she was busy with a hand job on her husband. He looked me straight in the eyes and ordered: “Come over here and finish your meal!”

I moved, walking on my knees. Like a frightened slave. Their slave. I had been broken. Dan and his wife Ruth had both fucked me. Then you had me hanged by my wrists naked and helpless. You all had taken my flaming pain for your sadistic enjoyment. And you, my lover, had greedily fucked Ruth on our couch in plain sight of me, fired by the pleasure of watching me suffer. Then, finally, I had been debased by having to eat and drink like a dog. I had no resistance left. No wonder the three of you had brought me to complete obedience.

Dan was big and his hairy reeking balls, hanging flaccidly below his spread thighs, swayed against my chin, as his hands forced my head up and down with my mouth over his hard dick. The smell was repugnant. Not at all like you tasted on those few occasions I had kissed yours. I had to restrain myself from using my teeth in pure fear of punishment and I almost threw up when he finally emptied himself into my mouth with thick nauseating spurts. It even came out of my nose. For a long time he held my head imprisoned as he kept pulsating his spunk into me. And above his exclamations, I heard Ruth yell at me: “Drink it Anne… drink his yoghurt…!”

When he finally released me, he looked at me with hard imperious eyes, and silently gestured me to go to his wife, sitting beside him.

Ruth laughed at my mortified face as I crawled to her, with drips of her husband’s slime still on my chin. Then, invitingly, she opened her thighs, wide, showing me some of my own lover’s seed still oozing from it.

I licked… Suddenly she grabbed my hair and in the frenzy of a renewed orgasm, pushed me deeper into her convulsing cunt, locking my face between her fleshy thighs.

It’s the last thing I remember.


Early next morning.

In our warm bed, although with my hands tied to the headboard, I woke up with you blissfully inside me, kissing my nipples to a frenzied ecstasy. You stopped just before I peaked, just before I contracted, teasing me expertly, infinitely increasing my longing for you.

You like to keep me on the edge, keep me wanting you, wanting you inside.

Laughing, you wiped your hard member on our sheets, cleaning it from my abundant juices. Then you released my bonds and we embraced immediately. I felt so happy, that I cried like a child in your arms. You smiled down upon me and tenderly whispered, “Shush…, Shush…, don’t cry my love… I’m so delighted with you…” Using our sheets again you dabbed my tears, and when I finally looked up, you said, “Go fetch breakfast. Maybe after that I’ll really fuck you.”

I jumped out of bed, immediately wanting to please you and longing to have you back inside me. While I hurried towards the door of our bedroom, I felt something against my throat. Looking in our bedroom mirror I saw that you had given me a present. Against the background of your reflection, as you lay lazily in our bed smiling at me, I saw the studded leather dog collar you must have fixed around my neck while I slept. Close to my throat was a thick metal ring, apparently to clip on a leash. The ring carried a thin gleaming metal tag. I tried to read, mirror inverted, what was written on it.

It said ‘Fluffy’.

Once back upstairs in our bedroom I carefully put the breakfast tray on the nightstand at your side, and then moved myself under the covers. Cosily lying against you, I started licking your face.

“Good doggy,” you said smiling, “good Fluffy,” and contentedly you nuzzled my hair.

I love you more than ever.

The End

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