by Wendy Hard

Pete called for me in a car that was neither new nor old, but which seemed to mirror his enigmatic personality. After fearfully hesitating for a moment, I nervously slipped into the passenger seat beside him, part of me dreading what lay before me.

"Weíre off," he murmured, giving me a brief sideways glance before returning his eyes to the road ahead, his profile a mere silhouette in the scattered reflection of the carís headlights.

I was glad that he hadnít made a conversational remark that demanded an answer just then as my feelings were in such confusion that I knew that intelligent conversation would be beyond me.

In all the five days since theyíd had me tied up for the day and Ďpunishedí me, as they seem to look upon, it last Sunday, Iíd wondered what Iíd let myself in for this time.† Pete had explained that at tonightís evening party, he wanted to give someone to the bondage group. And that someone was me.

Iíd agreed instantly, without thought, of course, for I was that sort of person; and because I was still on an incredible high after being so cruelly tied up and Ďpunishedí for so long.† So, Iíd had the best part of a week to wonder exactly what this being given to the group might mean.

The exquisite agony of anticipation Iíd suffered all that time, instead of going away now that I was on the way there hadnít diminished.† On the contrary, it was growing within me until I wanted to scream out with its unbelievable intensity.

"Not much further," Pete remarked.

Part of me was glad about that.† I glanced out at the country road we were traveling on, and realized we had traveled quite a distance whilst Iíd been wrapped up in my own hopelessly jumbled thoughts.† Other than the fact that we were now some considerable distance from the city, I had absolutely no idea where we were.† We appeared to be plunging ever deeper into an endless black morass from which I had no escape.† My throat constricted painfully as the thought struck me that I had effectively been kidnapped, even though I had agreed to come this evening.†

And then, without warning, the thought that I was to be given to the group lurched uppermost into my mind.† The incredible terror that assailed me at that point made my whole body go rigid with something beyond fear.† My mouth became so dry that I was unable to swallow properly.† I wanted to beg Pete to take me back, but I knew I couldnít do that.† For was I wasnít even completely sure that I wanted him to.

"This is it."† Pete turned the car off the road and onto a narrow driveway between somberly overhanging trees.† As we bumped along its bumpy surface, with long grass urgently stroking the bottom of the car between the twin ruts, he asked me if I was all right.

I strove for something to say by way of reply.† "Iím fine," I murmured, and hoped the strained cadence in my voice wouldnít give me away too much.† I was incredibly sexually aroused, terrified and desperately yearning for this to happen to me at the same time!

We parked beside several cars that had already pulled into a clearing in the trees.

"Only a short distance to walk," Pete observed.† "And those brief shorts and seductively tight top you are wearing are an admirable choice, Wendy.† They make you look so very young and helpless. †Theyíll like that."

Trouble was, I felt young and sickeningly helpless.† Part of me wasnít enjoying it one little bit, whilst the other part of me was a-tremble with restrained excitement.† I had no idea what this evening party in the country was going to turn out to be like, other than I was sure I would be tied up before the evening was out.† And that knowledge, also, left me with strangely ambivalent feelings, for that was what I wanted most desperately now.† I so much desired the total hopelessness only skillfully tightened ropes could give me.† I wanted it to happen to me, and I dreaded it happening to me at the same time.† It was a confusing mode to be in.

Pete took my hand and led me round the side of a large shadowy farmhouse.† Shadowy because no lights emanated from it, and into another clearing in the thicket of trees which seemed to cover the whole area.† Lights were suspended in the encircling trees, turning the clearance into a menacing island in a sea of darkness.† I knew I should look upon it as a romantic setting, but I was too terrified by the thought of what might happen to me to be overly romantic about it.

There were many people there, all clearly standing about waiting for the party to get going.† Anticipation hung heavily in the air; you could almost reach out your hand and touch it.† Anticipation, and something much deeper -- a thick expectancy that set my nerves a-jangle.

Richard appeared from nowhere and strolled to the center of the clearing.† "We seem to be all here," he remarked easily.† "I think we should make a start now."

The words were scarcely out of his mouth when a young man stepped forward and said in a serious but animated voice, "I should like to give my wife, Joyce, to the group."

A girl a little older than myself, casually dressed in short blue shorts and plain white top stepped forward, a relaxed semi-smile on her face.† She glanced round and nodded, and a couple of men took hold of her and masterfully carried her over to a blanket that was spread out between the trees at one side of the clearing.† She laughed aloud, a bright trill of sound in the silence of the clearing, as they placed her on it, face down, and started tying her wrists behind her back.

I couldnít help noticing, and envying, the perfectly relaxed way she laid there and just let them subjugate her.† She even giggled aloud when they similarly secured her ankles then rolled her over so that she lay on her side.† All attention was now on the slender figure that lay helpless on that blanket, her long legs generously exposed and her firm breasts pressed forward in response to her arms being tightly secured behind her back.† But what struck me most was her eager surrender and the comfortable smile on her face. She had clearly been looking forward to this, and was plainly enjoying every moment of it, and wanted to share her happiness with everyone else.

And I so desperately wanted to share it with her.

I glanced to where her husband still stood.† He appeared pleased with himself, and equally pleased with his wifeís placid surrender.† I decided that this had been arranged between them beforehand, and was warmed by the easy trust in their relationship.† I decided in the moment that I would like to have a relationship with someone like that.

I also became aware that the already anticipatory atmosphere had thickened considerably.† It was now weighty and thickly suffused with potent sexual innuendo.† Nothing overtly sexual had happened yet, but I felt sure that it was likely to explode on to the group at any moment now.† I had the feeling that what had happened to this girl was by way of an innocuous overture to the main performance which, if the feeling I sensed was anything to go by, was likely to get out of hand pretty quickly.

"Now," Pete smilingly observed beside me, "doesnít she look really cute?"

I nodded automatically, though I hadnít considered that aspect of it.† I was, naturally, more concerned with what she felt like, and was automatically transferring those feelings to my own experience.† "How long will they keep her like that?"† I heard myself ask somewhat ingenuously.

He shrugged.† "I dunno.† As long as they want, I guess.† She looks pretty happy with her lot, so I donít suppose thereíll be any hurry."† He regarded me closely for a moment.† "You could always offer to take her place," he suggested with a broad smile, "if you fancied, or would you prefer to wait for something more... er... dramatic?"

I shook my head.† I couldnít think of a truthful answer just then.† I wouldnít mind taking her place, but I wouldnít want to impinge on Joyceís obvious pleasure.† "I thought you were planning on giving me to the group," I said, slightly confused.

"Ah, yes!† Iíd forgotten that for a moment.† But that comes rather later."

If he had forgotten, I certainly hadnít!† But that didnít prevent my wondering how that girl could continue laughing as she was still doing.† For me, being tied up was an extremely serious business, where I had to battle with myself to relinquish the control of both my body and my mind into the control of others.† I couldnít do that lightly.† I had to modify my very thinking in order to be able to step into that strange, helpless world.† And it invariably plunged me into suffering the most incredible sexual desire.† That was certainly not something to laugh about!

Was I wrong?† Was my response not the correct one?† And would I make a fool of myself when Pete finally gave me to the group later this evening?†† And was Joyce feeling sexy, or was this purely a spot of totally innocent fun to her?† And, looking at her resigned helplessness, made me realize that I suddenly needed to be in that state too.† The pull was incredible, blotting out all my other thoughts.

"Ah," Pete murmured, guiding me to look in different direction.† "Some more negotiations are taking place right now.† Watch carefully.† This one could be interesting..."

I couldnít hear what was being said, but a man was clearly offering the girl beside him to the group.† She was vigorously shaking her head, but he was adamant.† Her views were obviously of no particular consequence to him.† He roughly thrust her forward, and she reluctantly acquiesced with a sad little shrug of her shoulders, standing irresolute where sheíd been pushed.

"Not a particularly willing victim," Pete observed, leaning forward slightly in order to follow the proceedings more closely.

I immediately recalled the first time that Iíd been tied up.† I hadnít wanted to be either, and only let Pete and his friend, Richard, and the others, do it to me because I instinctively knew I could easily be overpowered and that they would do it to me whether I agreed or not.† So, I gave in and let it happen to me, initially hating every moment of it.† So, I could feel for this new girl.† I almost felt as though I were stepping back in time, and into her shoes.

Some young men stepped forward and grabbed her by the arms and half carried her to the edge of the clearing.† Her ineffective struggles served to raise the emotional temperature in the clearing somewhat.† It was now positively stifling.† Iíd never thought that emotion could run so high.

Some negotiations took place, with the girl continuing to shake her head vigorously, her whole slender body tense with reluctance, her face strained with tension.† At length, a decision appeared to be reached and she was promptly stripped down to an extremely natty bikini and was lashed standing with her back to the rugged trunk of a hefty tree.

Her surrender was exactly the same as mine had been the first time -- an unwilling capitulation to the inevitable.† I felt for her, so much that I almost became her in my own imagination.† I could almost feel those tightly drawn ropes pressing my naked back against the rough bark of that tree.

She made no sound, but struggled vigorously but ineffectively, as more and more ropes were wound round and round her helpless body and the tree, from her ankles up to just under her breasts until she must have felt part of it.† Horror showed momentarily on her face as they pulled her arms behind her and fastened them on the other side of the tree trunk, putting a strain on her shoulders and rendering her totally restrained.†

"Very nice," Pete beside me murmured softly, and slipped his arm around my waist, the touch momentarily becoming the ropes that bound the other girl.

I automatically agreed with him, even though we were on apposing sides.† What struck me was the way her almost naked body had become completely fused with the trunk of that tree.† To my mind, the ropes that secured her -- and there were so many of them -- seemed to disappear, and her body, that appeared completely white in the muted overhead lights, became at one with the tree, the only dissonant feature being the two pieces of her skimpy bikini, tiny red splashes of foreign color against the naturalness of the scene.† They were totally alien to the pure innocence of the composition.† "They ought to have removed that bikini too," I remarked.† I was surprised when I heard my own voice as I hadnít intended passing any remark just then.

"True," Pete agreed, "I always say that surrender should be total."

Obviously, he didnít see it as I did.† He was clearly only interested in his pound of flesh, whereas I could appreciate the appropriateness of the situation.

"I see that Richard is trying to attract my attention," Pete remarked.† "Would you mind if I left you alone for a while?"

I said I wouldnít mind at all, though his leaving me left me feeling even more naked than if Iíd been suddenly stripped of my clothes.† I became conscious that any time now I was to be the sacrifice.† I began to feel very apprehensive again.

I watched, feeling slightly detached from the action now, as many more girls were offered to the group, and were quickly tied in some position or another, some fully dressed, some stripped to a brief bikini, and some, as Pete clearly preferred, completely naked.†

One was crammed, naked, into an extremely small cage, where she looked extremely unhappy with her lot -- especially when a rope was attached to the cage and it was hoisted up high in one of the trees, where it swung gently in response to her every futile attempt to get comfortable in the sadly confined space.† She called out, begging to be released, a few times, but lapsed into silence after a while, when she realized that the hour that had been agreed upon with the young man who had given her to the group was going to be insisted upon.

And, all the while, the tension grew until it hung thick and cloying over the whole clearing as each girl was tied in a different way, some simply, some lovingly, some cruelly, some in a way that was clearly designed to be extremely painful.

I couldnít help noticing that not only were the men very obviously extremely sexually aroused by now, but the women were too, some of them looking distinctly self-conscious.† Nor was I let off the hook either.† The sexual arousal within me had become a roaring wild animal.† I had to stop myself from chewing my lower lip with the intensity of its demand, for I knew that if I did, I would bite it clean through.

I was watching a bound, naked girl with a horrified look on her face being buried up to her neck in a previously dug hole in the ground when a young woman, several years older than myself, silently appeared at my side.

"Iím Yvonne," she said, giving me the briefest of sisterly hugs.† "Iím Richardís wife."

"I didnít know he was married," I stammered inappropriately, after Iíd greeted her politely.

She laughed.† "I kept out of the way whilst the boys were... er... having their initial fun with you.† I felt you might have been embarrassed if there was another woman present."

I considered that for a moment, and decided she might have been right.† "Though I wouldnít be now," I added truthfully, the thought flashing through my mind that if she wanted to tie me up, I would agree willingly, such was the contact that instantly happened between us.† Iíd quickly decided that Yvonne would never make me feel embarrassed. Whatever happened.† She was that sort of person.† Iíd taken to her immediately.† And hadnít I heard a womanís voice when Iíd been tied up for the day in their dungeon?† It must have been hers.

"Iím pleased about that,"† Yvonne smiled,† "because there is something I need to ask you."

I said nothing, for I had a feeling whatever it was wouldn't be for my good.

"Pete and my husband are debating something that relates to you," Yvonne went on, "and are, of course, unable to reach a decision.† I thought the easiest way out of the situation would be to ask you personally."

"It sounds ominous," I remarked grimly.

"Not necessarily," Yvonne replied.† "It just depends on whether you find bondage sexually exciting, or not."


"I do," I admitted.† "Incredibly so."† And I allowed how that I was manfully stopping myself from chewing my lower lip to bits at the moment.† It was something that I could only admit to someone I felt at ease with like Yvonne.

"I know how you feel," Yvonne smiled.† "It gets me that way too.† And this is the very point our two heroes were busily discussing when I left them.† How deeply you are prepared to give yourself to the group when your turn comes.† Which will be pretty soon now, by the looks of it."

"I donít know what you mean," I frowned.† I thought I did, but I would like Yvonne to put it into words.

"Itís perfectly simple," Yvonne explained.† "There are several levels of surrender which you can agree upon.† Firstly, you can agree to be tied up dressed, or in a bikini, or completely naked."† She held up her hand to stop me from making a premature reply, because I was going to say, Ďnakedí, and continued,† "You can agree to be fondled, which I particularly enjoy, or you can agree to be lightly tortured, as is that girl over there who has her arms pulled up painfully behind her back is at the moment."

I said nothing, because I knew that Yvonne didnít want me to speak until sheíd finished.††† I was fascinated by the way the poor girl she mentioned was obviously in considerable distress for she had tears of genuine suffering running down her face, but steadfastly shook her head every time she was offered release.† I was fascinated.† And shocked myself by admitting to myself that I would dearly love to change places with her.† In fact, had she not been so steadfast, I think I would have done so before now, both to relieve her suffering and to step ever so willingly into her shoes.† The latter was only a figure of speech as she was completely naked, so wasnít wearing any, her neatly trimmed brush of pubic hair becoming remarkably prominent every time she moved in a vain attempt to alleviate her suffering.

"Or,"† Yvonne continued, plainly following my glance and, I was sure, successfully reading my mind,† "you can go as far as accepting Ďanything goesí.† This is where absolutely anything may happen to you."

"Including pack rape?"† I suggested.† I knew with an inner certainty that this was going to happen to someone before the evening was over.† Iíd already noticed a couple of girls being led out of the clearing by a group of me, only to return after a while with extremely satisfied expressions on their faces.† It had always been a secret sexual fantasy of mine, and now, incredibly, I was actually ready for that horrendously exciting fantasy to become wild reality.

"Including that," Yvonne agreed, and regarded me with a deeply quizzical questioning gaze.

My stomach clenched so painfully that I inadvertently cried out with the pressure I was undergoing.† After each bondage session so far I had been left so sexually unfulfilled that Iíd felt miserable for days.† This, as far as I was concerned, was the obvious answer to the problem, but it went against everything Iíd been taught as a little girl.† "I would like that," I heard myself say, surprised by the sound of my own voice, as I hadnít intended making a reply until Iíd thought about it some more.† "Anything goes," I echoed, knowing I was about to enter a totally unknown word by uttering those magic words.

"Youíre sure?"

I nodded.† "Iím absolutely sure."† I knew I could change my mind, and that Yvonne would understand, but that agonizing twisting in the pit of my stomach forbade my doing so.

"I had a feeling you would say that.† And that is what our two heroes are unable to agree about.† Iím glad I have found out for them."

"So am I," I said, exhaling the enormous breath I didnít know Iíd held trapped within me.

"You do realize, donít you," Yvonne said earnestly, "that once you have given the word, there is no turning back?"

"Itís what I want," I said firmly.† "Itís what I wanted after each bondage session.† I... er... left each feeling... empty... unfulfilled.† Itís what I want.† Truly.† Thank you for asking me about this, Yvonne," I stammered gratefully.

"Iíll go and tell our two heroes."† Yvonne turned back to me.† "You realize it could get a bit hectic.† There are lots of people here.† There are lots of men here," she added pointedly.

"I donít mind," I stammered, excitement almost overcoming me.† "I donít mind if they even hurt me tonight.† You see," I added, tearing my eyes momentarily away from the girl who was crying out in pain now, but was still steadfastly refusing to be released, "frankly, some part of me even wants to be hurt tonight."† And I stole another glance at the girl again.

"And this is the completion you need," Yvonne completed for me.† "I know exactly how you feel.† I am sure you wonít regret your decision."†† And she gave me another brief sisterly hug and walked quickly away from me.

Just then, a man called out, "I give my wife, Samantha, to the group."

"No!"† Samantha shrieked.† "Please... I donít want..."

But she was immediately grabbed and hauled struggling violently to the center of the clearing.

"Theyíve only been married for a few days," a man who had silently taken Yvonneís place at my side remarked.† "I understand this is to be his wedding present to her."

The clearing had become absolutely silent now.† Everyone was wondering how this was going to be resolved.

"But if she doesnít want..."† I started to say.

The man smiled.† "Itís the rule of the jungle here, Wendy.† Her thoughts and wishes are nothing to do with it.† If he decides to give her to the group..."

"But..."† I started to protest hotly.

He smiled.† "Remember, Sam shouldnít have come tonight if she didnít want to play.† Thatís what these evenings are all about.† She should have stayed away.† I understand you are with Pete," he added.

I agreed I was.

"Peteís a good bloke," he observed, "though Iíd hate to be at his mercy," he added, giving me a sideways glance, "heís inclined to be a bit short on the old tenderheartedness bit at times."

I wasnít sure if that reassured me or not.† I watched as several men took the wildly struggling girl and, with much difficulty, forcibly stripped her completely naked.† I wondered what she felt like, this being done to her when sheíd only been married for a few days, and with her husband closely watching every move.† The men carried her, still resisting strongly to a couple of young trees which grew close together.† I expected them to tie her to them in some way, but they didnít.† Instead, they placed her on her back facing away from the trees and, stretching her arms high above her head, secured them wide apart to two stakes which they quickly hammered into the soft ground.

She still struggled, and I sensed the atmosphere thicken even more as they elevated her legs and tied them widely apart to the two young trees.† She was now lying on her back with her legs high in the air, her nakedness subtly amplifying her utter helplessness.† Her posture was an undignified one, and one that was almost worthy of ridicule.† Although Iíd wished the girl who was still tied to that tree had been stripped naked because it somehow fitted the scene, this young womanís partially inverted nakedness was a punishment somehow, a deliberately challenging exposure of her sexuality.† And, at once, I knew why the men used that word so often.† This young woman was being punished, whereas the first girl, the one on the blanket was being loved.

And which did I want?† I really didnít know.† I wanted them to decide.† Perhaps I needed both.

She cried out furiously, begging to be released, and was instantly securely gagged for her trouble.

I had never been with a group of people who manifested such strong emotion.† I felt that if I dared to walk into the center of the clearing, I would be consumed by flames of fire.† The overall emotion was that strong.

Pete chose that moment to step forward and to call out in a loud voice, "I give Wendy here to the group.† And I give her to you totally."

And from the sudden intake of breath that they all appreciated what that meant.† I felt my stomach contract with fear, and then I squared my shoulders.† To be honest with myself, this is what I wanted -- what I needed now.† I no longer cared one little bit what happened to me.† I was their willing sacrifice.† I felt my body resign itself to whatever happened now.

Pete stepped back and gave me a supportive smile.

Immediately, I was grabbed by excited hands.† I was roughly bundled to the center of the clearing where my clothes were quickly removed from my trembling body.† I stood perfectly still, making no attempt to resist them, for I had already made the bargain with myself that I wouldnít resist or complain, whatever was done to me tonight, for Richard, Pete and the others had taught me well.† Now, I was going to show them what I had learnt at their hands.

I stood in the center of the clearing, my sudden nakedness, and the way it had come about, causing my colossal sexual need to blossom even further.† I was going to submit more than anybody had ever submitted before, I promised myself.† I felt myself relax.†† I was totally theirs now.† There wasnít an atom of resistance within me now.

All eyes were upon me as a sort of open frame, rather like a small mobile goal post, was carried in and placed beside me in the center of the clearing.† It seemed I wasnít going to be tied up on the fringe of things, as the others were.† On the contrary, I was going to be the main attraction, plainly visible from all sides.† I hadnít expected this, but quickly added this to my resolve to meekly accept everything they did to me.

My wrists were firmly tied together before me.† I began to feel disappointed as this seemed strangely mild somehow.† Then I quickly changed my mind when a rope was thrown over the crossbar above my head and the free end attached to my wrists.

The watchers exhaled noisily as the other end of the rope was sharply pulled taut, lifting my arms high above my head.† But the pull on my wrists didnít stop until I was standing on tiptoe, the strain on my arms quickly becoming agonizing.

Pete smiled at me, and I remembered what that man had said about him just now.† But I wasnít just at his mercy now, I remembered, but at the mercy of the whole group.† And I knew from past experience that groups operated on a different set of rules entirely, as Iíd discovered at a friendís party one evening, when some men, encouraged by the girls had forced me into a wooden box in the garden shed and refused to let me out, however much I begged them to.† I hadnít learnt to relax and just let it happen then, so I hated every moment of that wretched hour-long captivity.

My legs performed a sort of on-the-spot uncoordinated walk as they endeavored to find a foothold, but I had been pulled up too tightly for that.† Only the tips of my toes brushed against the grass, and that gave me no support at all.†

Everyone watched me keenly, clearly wondering if I was going to beg to be taken down, but I had no intention of giving them that pleasure.† I realized it was a sort of game we were playing, one that I was pleased to play, and forced myself not to let the tears come in response to the rapidly accelerating agony that was now feasting on me.

I was keenly aware that I was the center of their attention.† My utter helpless was suddenly very important to me.† I feasted on their attention, my whole body suddenly alive with the most incredible sexual desire.† Being the center of attention like this was a wonderful experience.† It was utterly mind-blowing.

Just when I began to think I wouldnít be able to endure this silent ordeal for a moment longer, some men approached me, their eyes full of sexual desire at the sight of my slowly swinging naked body.† I gritted my teeth as they began to fondle me all over, concentrating on my breasts, buttocks and open moistness between my legs.† I suddenly, understood I was being loved whilst I was being punished.† It was a strangely unnerving combination that made everything, including the outrageous pain in my tortured arms disappear except the incredible feelings that were being engendered in my helpless and now feverishly desirous body.

Several women joined the men and openly encouraged them to do whatever they liked to me.† The men, of course, needed no second bidding and their fingers began to probe my personal openings deeply, stretching me, exploring me, filling me, hurting me, making me desire for sexual release flame even stronger.† I didnít mind their hurting me.† On the contrary, I wanted them to.† I wanted to be hurt -- more and more!

After a while, when the pain in my arms had disappeared, to be replaced by an all-over rush of silent agony, I noticed that they were releasing the girl who had had her arms pulled cruelly high above her head.† She looked utterly exhausted, her cheeks smudged with dried-on tears, but she appeared as though she were proud of her own achievement.

"I should like Wendy to take her place," a female voice which I immediately recognized as Yvonneís called out.

So, Yvonne had noticed my fascination with this girlís suffering, I decided.

As the men prepared to untie me, I couldnít help noticing that Joyce, the girl who had first been lightly tied on that blanket was still smiling broadly from her motionless bondage.† The obvious happiness on her face struck deeply into my heart for some reason.† I suddenly needed to be as happy as she was.† And by submitting utterly to whatever happened to me, I knew I would be.

I was lowered to the ground.† And what a relief it was to be able to take my weight on my feet again!

My wrists were untied, then retied behind my back.† But, this time, when that rope was pulled tight, my arms were cruelly pulled up behind my back, making me bend forward so that it was difficult to keep my balance, my shoulders singing out with the sudden strain that had been placed upon them.

One of the women handed her husband a short leather strap, and encouraged him to take a few stinging swipes at my bare buttocks.†

I cried out involuntarily, causing the women to encourage their menfolk to belabor me even more, saying to each other that I was obviously enjoying it. The blows now came continuously, giving me no time to recover after each.† The effect was to elevate me to a plateau of pain that was incredibly pleasant in its way.† Physically suspended as I was, with my arms threatening to pull themselves out of their sockets and my back bent forward at an unnatural angle, and being totally helpless whilst the stinging blows rained down on me, I could do no more than surrender.† And it was that surrender that thrust me into a totally new world where pain and pleasure merged into one overpowering emotion.†

I had thought that the huge bum plug and massive dildo that Richard had forced me to endure last time was the last word in suffering, but what I was undergoing now was out of this world entirely.† I wanted it to go on for ever!† Even though uncontrollable tears were now streaming down my cheeks and I was moaning with the pain of it all, I didnít want them to stop.† This was my life, my purpose!

Just when I began to think that I wouldnít be able to withstand this any more, they stopped hitting me and released some of the tension on my arms, but still left them suspended behind my back.† Strangely enough, I became really conscious of my nakedness for the first time.† I donít know why, but I just did.† And the revelation was incredibly arousing.† I was absolutely ready for whatever happened to me now.

Despite the discomfort I was still in, I had sufficient curiosity to watch closely as the other girls who had been tied up were released, for their individual reactions interested me intensely.† It was as though I was living through them.

The girl who had smiled all the while still smiled, and immediately threw her arms around the man who had given her to the group.†

The angry young wife was still furious, and stormed off to the car, leaving her husband to follow, or not, at his will.† He shrugged and rejoined his group of friends.

The girl who had been lashed to the tree, went to her man, still appearing resigned, though I sensed she had already forgiven him, still dressed in the bikini which I had wanted removed to clean up the picture sheíd made tied to that tree.† She had submitted because it was the required of her, but she hadnít enjoyed the experience, which I thought was a shame.

Then I was released and my wrists freed.† The wooden structure Iíd been partially suspended from was removed and a blanket was spread out on the ground before me.† I sensed immediately what was going to happen now.

I was right.† I was placed on my back and quickly widely spread-eagled to four metal stakes which were speedily hammered firmly into the ground.† I was so tightly stretched that I was denied any movement.† Every way Iíd been tied until now had made me feel contained in some way, but now I was blatantly exposed, as well as being cruelly stretched.† I relaxed and let the sensation of pure helplessness overcome me, permitting the snarling pain in my tortured buttocks to merge with all the other feelings.

Then I was aware that Pete was kneeling between my wide-apart legs.† He looked down at me.† I had the feeling there should have been a question on his lips, but there wasnít.† The fleeting thought came into my mind that I was totally his.† But wasnít this what it was all about, being totally at his mercy?

He lowered his body onto mine and, without warning, plunged deep into me.† I heard myself gasp with the sudden forceful invasion.† Did I imagine that there was an echoing gasp from the members of the group?† Or had it been my imagination?

His attack on me, if that was indeed what it was, was demanding to the point of being brutal.† I was reminded of the last time I had been tied up by Richard, Pete and their friends, and a huge bum plug and dildo had been rammed into me for me to suffer during that all-day bondage experience.† I realized, as he slammed into me with a viciousness born of desire which had built up within him during the evening, that this couldnít possibly last that long.† This demand could not endure into eternity.

With every fiber of my being, I endeavored to make it last as long as possible.† If not physically, but in the safe confines of my memory, for I knew I was being really made love to for the very first time.† Really being made love to.† I was the focal point of his incredible pent up desire.

Soon, much too soon, he climaxed with a wonderful shout and slowly -- reluctantly -- withdrew from me.

If only I could hold him fast within me, as I had that oversized dildo, but I couldnít.† I was forced to endure the hollowness where he had once been.

I lay, helpless and totally bereft for a moment, but not for long.

The young woman who had laughed the whole time sheíd been tied up, gently but persuasively brought her husband over to me, gave me a relaxed smile, and lovingly urged him to take me.† She nodded affirmatively when he hesitated.† The idea that sheíd given her permission was a novel one to me, and one I liked because it took away any possible feeling of hole-in-the-corner arrangement about it.† I also liked it when she stayed and watched, offering him helpful encouragement all the time.† In that way, she subtly gave herself to me also.

As did Yvonne, when she brought her husband, Richard, to me and told him to take me.† In a way, it was as though she was giving me her husband, not the other way round.† I liked that feeling.

As I liked being taken by all the other men, far too numerous to count.† Each assault on my helplessness was different, but each was profoundly stimulating in its own way.† Iíd climaxed at an incredibly high level at the same time as Pete, of course, quickly climbing to the first mountain peak, with its subsequent explosive release, to be followed several more equally massive heights in quick succession as each took me in his own particular way, creating an equal but different reaction within my own utterly helpless and ecstatic body.

This was followed by a continuous plateau of never-ending consummation as more and more men, mostly encouraged by their partners, took me in their turn.

I lay there and let it happen.† Not that I had any alternative, I was so tightly secured.† I was scarcely conscious now.† I was only aware that this was the resolution Iíd been waiting for ever since my first time with Richard and Pete.† I had no idea what heaven would actually be like, but this was, I reckoned, as good as it could possibly get.

Finally, to my frank disappointment, it was all over.† I was released and Pete picked me up in his powerful arms and carried me, still naked, more asleep than awake now, to his car.† He placed me on the passenger seat and wrapped a nice warm dressing gown which, I knew, heíd placed there specially, around me.† I was deeply asleep before heíd slipped into the driverís seat.

The last thing I remembered thinking before I sank deep into the most relaxed slumber Iíd ever experienced, was that I hoped he would take me to his home so that I could wake up in his bed tomorrow morning.