We Hate Clothes
by Vanessa

Part 7c

Author’s Note: Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. If you haven’t already read my fictional series My boyfriend likes to expose me I suggest that you do. It will give you a good backgrounding for this part of ‘We hate clothes’.

Part 07c – The surprisingly good summer holiday, continued

Day 10

I was tired when I woke up and cursed that cockerel. I needed some more sleep but Tom other ideas and he fucked me doggy style before Jenny came back to claim what was hers. Tom’s cum was slowly seeping out of me as Jude and I plucked each other’s pubes as Pablo set off for his day’s work.

After breakfast, Carmen took us for a walk further up the valley. We walked for quite a while looking at all the crops that Pablo grows. We found Pablo picking hundreds of tomatoes and we helped him for a while. A couple of times I looked at Pablo and saw him looking at the other girls (from behind) as they bent over and wondered if I’d like to fuck him. About an hour later we left Pablo and headed back to the farmhouse, had another shower, all of us standing around the hosepipe and Ryan and Tom getting naked as well; before heading into the town.

We did the gym and swimming pool again, and in a way it was nice to have a day without the vibrators purring away inside of us; less tiring, but I’m sure that all of us girls missed the orgasms and the guys missed watching us. In between the two run-throughs of our routine that we did, Tanya went and practised pole dancing. She’s getting quite good at it.

We went to the bar reasonably early that night and had something to eat there before having fun dancing and rubbing up against the guys who were trying to hit on us.

There was some other entertainment that night; a hypnotist. When the DJ first told us we were a little disappointed but once he got started we saw that he was good fun. After a couple of ‘innocent’ demonstrations he asked for two girls to volunteer to help him. Jenny and Carmen quickly volunteered but he waited and then picked two attractive girls with clothes on.

After putting them under (?) he got them to go out into the audience and invite people to take their (the girls) clothes off. This obviously went down well with the audience and I wasn’t surprised later on when the girls couldn’t find any of their clothes. When they were naked, the hypnotist called them back onto the stage, sat them on chairs and told them to go to sleep.

One minute later the DJ called the English Roses up onto the stage to do our performance. As we got into it the hypnotist woke-up his volunteers and told them that they were now members of the English Roses and that they had to join in on the performance. Well, neither of them was as supple as us and it was quite amusing watching them trying to spread their legs as wide as we could. When it came to carrying one of us out into the audience we picked up one of the hypnotised girls instead and rubbed her pussy into a man’s face. Just to be fair, we repeated that part again with the other ‘volunteer’.

Both volunteers got down on their knees at the end and I believe that at least one of them made herself cum; I couldn’t see the other one. Our show over, we left the stage and the hypnotist called his volunteers over. He got them both to try doing the splits again before bringing them out of their hypnotic state.

Both girls screamed when they realised that they were naked and as the hypnotist called for their clothes to be given back they stood there with one arm covering their breasts and the other cupping their pussies. I wondered what they thought had happened to get there pussies as wet as they obviously were. The hypnotist must have realised what they were thinking and asked them if they could remember anything that had happened. When they said not he suggested that they find someone in the audience with a camera and ask them to show them. None of the girl's clothes appeared and the manager had to go and find a couple of T-shirts for them to wear.

I slept with Jude that night then had a good night’s sleep.

Day 11

I wasn’t as tired as the previous morning and went and gave Pablo a hug as he left for work. We decided to go to the beach again that day but when we hit the coast road we turned left. Carmen wanted to go to a bigger beach near a town so there would be more chance that it would be busy. It was; and five naked girls proudly walked from the carpark to the beach.

We repeated our practice session a couple of times, giving ourselves a couple of orgasms, much to the delight of the audiences that we’d acquired, as well as ourselves.

While we were getting some lunch Carmen asked if we could go to the water park that we’d passed on the way to the beach. Ryan was worried that we might not be able to get in with five of us being naked, but Carmen was sure that it wouldn’t be a problem.

So we did. As we walked up to the entrance Carmen told us that she’d never been to a water park before.

We got a few funny looks as we walked around but no one said anything to us. Well, not to us English girls. Carmen talked a lot to the staff, in Spanish; it turned out that she’d gone to school with some of them. Carmen told us that one of them had joked about her still not being able to afford any clothes. As he was saying that he was looking us up and down. Carmen loved the rides even though she was nervous going on some of them for the first time. We all loved the queuing because we usually had men going up the steps behind us. A couple of times I saw Tanya bending over to give the guy behind her a better view. Jude and I tried that as well.

None of us had an orgasm there but we did have a lot of fun.

There was different entertainment on at the bar that night (before us that is). A very persuasive magician talked three girls into going up on the stage and somehow (no idea how) they managed to lose items of clothing that re-appeared in a big box that he’d brought onto the stage. Two of the girls ended up wearing just their thongs. The third would have been the same but she wasn’t wearing one and ended up naked. I have no idea if it was rigged or what; but it was entertaining.

The English Roses performed again and we again left with more money that we’d arrived with.

I slept with Jenny that night.

Day 12

Over breakfast we decided that it was going to be another town day but we’d walk about more, Carmen agreeing to show us around some more parts that we hadn’t seen before.

It was another vibrator day and Tanya offered to lend hers to Carmen. Just before we left to go into town Tanya and Ryan went to their room. When they came out the rest of us were shocked. All our eyes went to Tanya’s crotch and none of us could believe what we saw. Tanya had become a boy; and what’s more her boy’s bits looked VERY realistic. She’d also taken off all her jewellery.

After we’d got over the shock, and a few amusing comments, Tanya opened her legs and pulled it out. We could see two dildos that are obviously hidden when she’s wearing it. Both have balls on the end that are a bit bigger than a table tennis ball and Tanya told us that the one that goes in her vag has a vibrator in it. She let us touch and fondle the cock and balls and they are so realistic, even to the touch. The very lifelike cock looks just like a circumcised real one that is semi erect. Its size is probably a bit big for a boy of 12 or 13 making Tanya look like a well-endowed boy. The balls sack even moves about just like the real thing. I bet that people wouldn’t be able to tell it isn’t real until they’re right in front of her.

“You’re not going to wear that today are you?” Carmen asked.

“She sure is!” Ryan answered for Tanya.

“’Kin-ell,” Jenny said. “That’s going to be so cool.”

“Err, yes I am, and it’s going to feel so weird,” Tanya said.

“I bet it is.” Jude said.

“I wore it a few of weeks ago, admittedly under a skirt, and it was so weird. How the hell do men manage with something like this dangling between their legs? They get in the way and I keep crushing the balls between my legs; it must hurt the guys. And it made a tent in the front of my skirt; it was embarrassing.”

“Well you’re not going to have that problem today,” I said. “Not sure what problems you will have, but I can definitely say that it’ll be an ‘interesting’ day.”

“Yeah it will.” Tanya said as she sat down and lay back so that Ryan could push the two table tennis balls into their home for the day.

Tanya stood up, waggled her butt about a bit, presumable to get comfortable, and we set off. As we walked towards the town the remaining four girls and Tom spent ages looking at Tanya’s cock. Jude even tripped on a stone but thankfully, she managed to stay on her feet.

“You know Tanya,” Carmen said, “with your short hair and teeny tits you could easily get away with being a boy.”

“Yeah,” Ryan said, “We’ve dressed her as a boy before and even taken her into the men’s showers. It wasn’t until she turned round and the men saw her pussy that they realised that she was a girl.”

“Well,” Carmen replied, “you won’t have that problem with that thing dangling between your legs. Does it get hard? Oh, and Tanya, did you get to see lots of men’s dicks?”

“Thanks guys,” Tanya said. “it’s not very comfortable walking with this thing there.”

Four pairs of girl’s eyes watched that cock and balls bounce about as Tanya walked. Jude even stopped Tanya and squeezed and moved the balls around. Then she knelt in front of Tanya and started sucking the cock.

“Can you get it to shoot a load into my mouth if I do that long enough?” Jude said as she stood up.

“It’s a prosthetic penis and scrotum Jude; well, a modified one. Maybe the next model will be able to get hard and shoot a load out, but this one can’t. It just hangs there.”

“It bounces about a bit too.” Jenny said, “and I suppose you could keep it in there all day with the internal bits shaped the way they are. I hope that you’re not planning on wearing it when I get to sleep with you again Tanya. Apart from looking good it wouldn’t be much use to me being all soft. And, you can’t wear it when the English Roses perform either, that’s NOT what the guys want to see.”

Poor Tanya looked a bit embarrassed as we started walking past people in the town. Not that anyone took much notice of him / her, or us four (now) girls. About three hundred yards further on Tanya suddenly stopped and put her hand on Ryan’s arm.

“Careful Tanya,” Jenny said, “don’t touch Ryan too much, people will think that you’re gay.”

That got a bit of a laugh from Jude and me but Tanya just stood there. It when she started shaking that I said, “Is that thing switched on, Ryan?”

“Yeah, there’s a little switch behind the balls and I switched it on when I put it in her.”

“Aren’t you gonna switch it off?”

“Not out here. A man fondling a boy’s cock and balls outside on the street? I don’t think so. Besides, she’s enjoying it, look at her face.”

I looked back to Tanya, and yes, she / he was enjoying her orgasm.

When Tanya calmed down, we walked on, to a café that we’d been to before. We got served by the same waiter and he gave Tanya a real puzzled look.

It was then that Ryan and or Tom decided to switch our vibes on. One by one, each of us gasped and jerked a little as the purring in our pussies started.

Just as our drinks arrived, Ryan and or Tom switched the vibes up to full power causing more gasps and jerking. Whoever had the controls did it in time with whoever was getting their drink, just at the point where they would have said ‘thank you’ to the waiter. That was one hell of a confused waiter that walked away from us.

Tanya was the only one of us that managed to get a sip of her drink for a few minutes as each of us hit our highs, gripping the sides of the chairs and fighting to keep still and quiet. It was only when all four of us had cum that the guys turned the vibes off and we were able to have a drink.

Just as we were standing up to leave, Tanya’s ‘Boy Dildo’ as she calls it, got the better of her again and he / she had to stand waiting for a minute or so before he / she was able to walk on.

Carmen obviously wanted to show off Tanya’s cock to some of her friends because she led us to a couple of shops where she talked in Spanish to the girls working there. Each one of them kept looking over to Tanya as we stood waiting or looking round the shop. It was strange trying on clothes when we went into the shop naked. At least we didn’t have to look for a changing room.

We ended up going to the swimming pool to improve out all over tans and Tanya again got a few strange looks from staff and tourists who obviously couldn’t understand what was going on. When you’ve seen a face that’s attached to a pussy one day and the next day that face is attached to a cock and balls it’s bound to be confusing.

Those two young girls were there as well, both naked. They too looked very confused, especially when Tanya said ‘Hi’ to them.

Tanya looked a bit silly lying on a sun lounger with her legs open and the cock in a semi-erect position. The vibe inside her was keeping her ‘topped-up’ and one time when I looked over to her it was obvious that she was cumming.

After a while, curiosity got the better of the two young girls and they found the courage to go over to Tanya who made them relax and smile before they talked for a while. They both found the courage to bend down and feel the cock and balls. In doing so they gave two teenage boys that were behind them a great view of their pussies and I wondered if they realised what they were showing.

Those two teenage boys had moved near to us just after we arrived at the pool and had obviously been trying to get a good look at our bodies but we’d just ignored them. After all, we didn’t care who saw our naked bodies; in fact, it makes Jude and I feel quite good knowing that our naked bodies are being stared at, and probably lusted after. I strongly suspect that Tanya and Jenny; and Carmen, felt the same as well.

Tanya, closely followed by the two girls, went and jumped into the pool and were swimming about and talking; but Ryan and / or Tom weren’t going to let Jude, Carmen and I off lightly; they turned our vibes up to full and made all three of us cum whilst the two teenage boys watched us. As usual, we got stared at by all the tourists, but none of them actually said anything to us.

After a while, when Ryan and Tom let us calm down, we all went into the pool and were messing about. All of us girls got onto each other’s shoulders for a game and when Tanya got on my shoulders it felt so weird having that cock and balls pressing into the back of my neck. It also looked stupid when I was stood behind Tanya when she was on Jenny’s shoulders.

After a couple of hours or so we got a bit restless and decided to move on. Tanya invited the two young girls to join us but they declined. I guess that they were still getting used to being naked at the pool and hadn’t yet found the courage to be naked outside the pool area.

Wandering around again, we found a small shop that hired out bikes. At first Tanya was enthusiastic about hiring bikes for a couple of hours but her attitude changed when she realised that the prosthetic penis and scrotum would get in the way. We all knew that it would spoil Tanya’s fun but give us other three girls some pleasure. Tanya very graciously told us to hire the bikes when Ryan promised to make it up to her later.

The man running the shop had a big grin on his face when we walked into his shop and I wondered if it was the sight of four naked girls and one naked boy walking in, or the fun that he knew that the girls would have on the saddles. I suspected the later because he deliberately adjusted the saddle height so that our pussies had to slide from side to side as we peddled.

And yes, we all orgasmed as we pedalled around the town. It was a new experience for Carmen, one that she vowed to repeat again and again.

While we were pedalling we passed a parked police car and the two policemen smiled at us as we passed.

When we got back to the shop, the keeper and another man were stood outside waiting for us. If the pedalling and the sliding from side to side on the saddle hadn’t have got us so worked up I might just have been embarrassed about the wet saddle that the man stared at when I got off my bike.

From there we went to another restaurant where Carmen knew the owner and got another discounted meal. I don’t know how much of the discount was because Carmen knew the manager or because us girls were all naked. I didn’t care.

When we got to the bar to do our ‘Naked English Roses’ performance, the manager wanted to know what the hell had happened to Tanya. He looked quite relieved when Ryan told him that she’d be back to being a girl before they went on stage but he still looked confused.

After a bit of dancing where Tanya got some really strange looks, Ryan got Tanya to sit down and spread her legs and he slowly eased the ‘boy dildo’ out of both her holes. The look of relief and pleasure on Tanya’s face when she stood up and started walking normally was priceless.

It was more drinking, dancing, teasing and letting young men grope us before getting called on to do out performance. We again got back to the farmhouse with more money that we’d left with that morning.

I slept with Jude that night.

Day 13

After our regular morning lazy routine, Carmen again joined us as we decided on what we were going to do that day. She told us that she had entered us five girls into the celebrations of a village for ‘The Assumption of Mary into Heaven’. Tanya said that none of us were religious and wanted to know more. Fearful that Carmen had entered us into some sort of religious ceremony we all listened to Carmen.

As Carmen started to tell us what it was I for one wasn’t too impressed. Carmen told us that the people in that particular village believed that the Virgin Mary passed through their village on her way to Heaven and that they celebrated that each year with a Fiesta during which virgin girls pass through the village.

Tanya and Jude laughed and Jude said, “Well we don’t qualify for that then, and so far it doesn’t sound like much fun.”

Carmen continued telling us that the villagers believed that the Virgin Mary ‘floated’ through the village and that during the Fiesta the young virgins had to pass through the village without touching the ground. She added that teenage virgins were quite rare so they happily accepted young girls that looked as though they might just be virgins.

Carmen went on to explain that the young ‘virgins’ floated through the village by being passed overhead from persons to persons right through the village, a bit like crowd surfing but with a long, thin crowd. She added that because of the bad times that the surrounding villages had gone through in the past, the virgin girls had to be naked.

My brain was working overtime; crowd surfing, naked, right through a village. I hoped that it was a big village. I saw that three more pairs of eyes had lit up, and grins had appeared on two male faces.

Carmen told us two more things about the Fiesta. The first was that lots of people from surrounding villages, and quite a few tourists, usually went; and secondly, there would be lots of free food and drink for the ‘virgin’s’ after they had made their journey. We were sold and I for one couldn’t wait to get there and start ‘floating’.

When we arrived at the village we saw that Carmen was right about the crowds, the place was swarming. After parking, Carmen rushed us to the registration point. Carmen gave all our details, telling us not to open our mouths. There were five other naked young girls registering at the same time. All looked to be about thirteen or fourteen; and needless to say, all bald below their necks.

We had a bit of time to kill so Carmen led us along the route so that we could get an idea of what we were about to do. The route was about 200 yards long and there were hundreds of people, mainly young men, all waiting to get their hands on our bodies. I was close to cumming just thinking about it and the look on Jude’s face told me that she was the same.

When we got back to the start we lined up waiting for the fun to start. As I stood there I had some really mixed feelings. On the one hand there was the excitement of taking part in such an event. On the other hand was the anticipation of being man-handled by hundreds of men whilst being naked; and on yet another hand was the expectation (hope) that my girl bits would get abused by those hundreds of hands.

We all watched as the first girl got lifted up to some very loud cheers. Before she’d even got passed a few yards she was screaming. I don’t know if it was fear or what hands were doing to her. There were too many hands so we couldn’t see any detail. The organisers waited until the first girl was about 30 feet along the line of mainly men before another naked girl was lifted up. She too started screaming as soon as she was ‘floating’ along the sea of hands.

Then it was Jenny’s turn. Just before she got lifted up she turned and looked at us. The grin on her face said it all. She was going to love it. There were no screams from her as she started to slowly disappear along the line.

One by one, the rest of us started our journey. There wasn’t a square inch of my body that didn’t get held, prodded or poked by those hands. I kept hearing the word ‘deténgase’, and after about the fourth or fifth time I heard it I realised that the hands were stopping passing me along and there’d be a few seconds pause while I just lay on those hands. In those few seconds my little tits would get seriously mauled and my pussy and butt holes would get invaded; then it was off down the line some more.

After a while it was me shouting ‘deténgase, deténgase’. Those hands and fingers were doing what I’d expected (hoped) that they’d do and the orgasms started. Each time that a climax receded I’d again shout ‘deténgase, deténgase’ or ‘sí’, ‘sí’, or ‘más’, ‘más’. I know what those two words mean. It got like a never ending session of being groped, fingered, and cumming. I have absolutely no idea how many times I came; nor how long my ride of pleasure lasted.

I came down from my last orgasm to find myself lying on a table next to the other girls, all of us absolutely knackered and, assuming that the others were the same as me, a bit sore round my tits and two lower holes.

We all just lay there for ages, all the time villagers and tourists walking around us. Carmen was the first to recover and as she got to her feet she started talking to one of the locals. When she was done she turned to us and told us that some showers had been rigged-up round the back of the church; after that we could go to the village hall where there was lots of food and drink being served. As a ‘naked virgin Mary’ we could all eat what we wanted for free.

“That was fucking amazing!” Jenny said as we ate.

“Totally amazing!” Tanya said.

Carmen didn’t say much, other than that she’d been one of these celebrations before. She added that she hadn’t said what would happen to us, just I case it would put us off.

“If you’d told us we’d have got Ryan to drive here a lot faster,” Tanya joked.

Ryan and Tom arrived after having to pay for their food. All that exercise and being groped had made us all hungry and we made sure that we got our money’s worth before deciding to go and watch the rest of the activities of the Fiesta. We also joined the parade down the main street and enjoyed being watched by all the people standing at the sides of the road.

We decided to spend the afternoon at the beach where we just lay there and topped-up our tans. We were all too tired to practice our routine but all us girls did lay on our stomachs with our right hand under us so that we could quietly toy with our still slightly sore clits. I don’t remember hearing or seeing any one of us cum.

On the way back to the farmhouse Carmen re-directed Ryan and took us to the outskirts of a large village right on the coast. A large open area was being used as a market and there were hundreds of people there, most of which, I guess, would be tourists and probably not expecting five girls to be walking around totally naked. As soon as Jenny saw it she said, “Nice one Carmen, you’re really getting into this exhibitionist thing aren’t you?”

“Oh, I’ve been one of those since before I was these two’s age,” Carmen said looking at Jude and me. “Why do you think I know so many people in the town? I spent all my time over there when they were building the place and teasing them by letting all the construction workers and then the business staff see every square centimetre on my body. I must have cum a thousand times just by flaunting my pussy and tits to all those people.”

“I wish that I’d been around here then,” I said.

“Me too,” Jenny said.

We walked around the market with quite a few people looking but not saying anything. One stall that we found sold lace tops. Tanya saw it first and she quickly walked up to it and looked through what they’d got. Just as we caught up to her she held up this lace top. The pattern has horizontal bands and some of the bands have big gaps in the lace.

“Try it on TT,” Ryan said.

Tanya looked at the stall holder who nodded to her so Tanya did put it on. As soon as she pulled it on I saw why she liked it, her nipples were sticking through the lace. The rest of us girls started looked through the tops and we quickly found different ones that all had big holes in the lace in strategic places. Soon all of us girls were standing there wearing only lace tops, all with our nipples protruding though holes in the lace.

Both Tom and Ryan loved them and Ryan said that he was looking forward to taking Tanya out on the town back home wearing that top. Ryan was feeling generous and he bought all five.

We wandered around some more before leaving and heading back towards the farmhouse. We took Betty and Pablo out for dinner that night then they went back to their farmhouse whilst we headed over to the bar, Betty saying, “You young ones go and enjoy yourselves.”

We did dance and perform at the bar, and in spite of being knackered earlier in the day, we had a great time and a few good orgasms. I think that the guys there enjoyed the company of five naked girls as well.

I was back with Ryan that night for what would probably be my last fuck with him.

Day 14

The cockerel had got annoying but at the same time I didn’t want to stop hearing it each morning.

We decided to spend our last full day on the beach and set off quite early. Carmen directed us to another beach on the outskirts of a big town. She said that that town got a lot of younger tourists. I think she meant late teens / early twenties. That was borne out when we arrived and saw quite a lot of young adults.

We didn’t waste any time and got into practising our dance routine as soon as we’d found a suitable place with a suitable audience. We only went through it once before having a swim then going looking for a drink.

We were all sat round a couple of tables outside the beach bar, no one saying a word; when Ryan turned to Jude and said, “Hey! Do you two know what they call that running machine in the gym?”

“You mean a treadmill, Ryan?” Jude asked.

All of a sudden Tanya started breathing heavily, moaning and jerking about in her seat.

Carmen, Jude and I looked at Tanya to see if she was really cumming and after a couple of seconds I said, “You’re cumming aren’t you? Have you got a vibe in without telling us?”

Ryan answered me, “Yep she is! It took a lot of practice but we’ve trained her brain so that she cums when she hears the word treadmill.”

I looked back to Tanya and she let out a loudish moan and started cumming again.

“So how did you manage that?” Jude asked,

“For a few months every time that Tanya came both of us would say the word treadmill and her brain slowly began to associate the word treadmill with having an orgasm. After a while she started to get that tingle and get wet then over more time the tingle turned into a full blown orgasm.”

While Ryan was telling us that poor Tanya was jerking about in her seat and moaning away. She’d spread her legs as wide as the chair would allow and I could easily see the juices leaking out of her swollen vulva. Her little clit wasn’t so little either.

“’Kin-ell Kate,” Jude said; “we’ve got to try that. How cool would it be get the boys a school to say treadmill to us and then we’d cum right in front of them. Oops, sorry Tanya, I’ll try to stop saying treadmill.”

After a while Tanya got back to normal, sarcastically thanked Ryan and looked around to see how many people were staring at her. Fortunately, it was only a couple of middle-aged men.

My brain was ticking away, I’m sure that Jude’s was as well; how long would it take for us to train our brains? I really liked the idea of us getting someone to say that word and both of us to cum instantaneously. I knew exactly what I was going to say to Jude as soon as we got alone.

Back on the beach we wandered around looking for a space where we could practice our dance routine and be right in front of at least one group of young men. It took about 20 minutes but we eventually did and teased then something rotten before educating them in how good girls masturbate on the beach. Then it was into the sea to cool down and relax for a while then we went looking for a café.

While we were sat there, Carmen suddenly shouted to someone passing by. When we looked round we saw a cute young man looking over towards us. Carmen jumped up and ran over to him. I watched his eyes open wide as he saw that she was totally naked. They hugged and talked in Spanish for a couple of minutes before she brought him over to us. She introduced him as Matias, someone who was on the same course as her at university.

Matias’ English wasn’t as good as Carmen’s but we managed to converse with him and after a while he turned away from looking at us naked English girls and said something to Carmen in Spanish. She smiled and turned to us and said, “Alonso, one of the other guys on our course, is having a party at his place today and Matias wondered if we’d all like to go.”

Matias continued, “His parents are rich and he lives at this big villa about 30 minutes away. His parents won’t be there but lots of our university mates will be. I’m sure that he won’t mind four beautiful, naked English girls, how do you say gate-crashing; oh, and their two English companions as well.”

Jenny was the first to say that she wanted to go, saying, “All those young Spanish men to tease.”

Ryan and Tom looked at each other, then nodded. Ryan saying, “Okay, thank you Matias, but we have to be at a specific bar tonight, I promised the manager that we’d, sorry, the girls would give one last, special performance.”

Matias asked what sort of ‘performance’ Ryan was talking about and Carmen explained it to him in Spanish. As she was telling him he looked at us, his face grinned and he got a bulge in his trousers.

Five minutes later, all eight of us piled into the seven-seater car, Matias sitting with Carmen on his lap. I wondered what they were getting up to but I couldn’t see anything interesting.

About half an hour later we drove onto the grounds of this very big villa; it was more like a mansion. There were about seven or eight cars out the front and a bit of noise coming from round the back. We walked round the side and were confronted by a big swimming pool with about 30 young people spread all around. The guys were all wearing swimming shorts whilst the most any of the girls wore was a skimpy, string bikini. I saw two naked girls getting out of the pool.

As we all looked round I saw what I assumed had been a kid's play area at one time. The interesting bit was what had probably been the frame for some swings. Hanging from the top bar were two more naked girls; one hanging by her wrists, and the other by her spread ankles; her arms hanging down, not quite touching the ground.

“Fucking hell!” Tom said.

That made sure that the rest of us looked the same way that Tom and I were.

“Kin-ell.” Tanya said; you’re not going to make me do that, are you Ryan?”

“No TT I’m not going to ‘make’ you; the way that you said that, and the smile on your face tells me that you want to be strung-up just like that.”

I looked at Tanya and she was blushing.

“I want a go too.” I said.

We looked round to see who Matias was talking to and got introduced to Alonso. After I shook Alonso’s hand I looked back to the two hanging girls and saw a guy walk up to the one hanging upside down. He pulled his shorts down and the girl’s mouth opened to accept his cock.

“Wow!” I thought, “I’m going to enjoy this.”

Alonso and Carmen continued to talk in Spanish for a while whilst the rest of us looked round to see what was going on. A group of guys and girls were messing around with a ball in the pool. A couple looked like they were screwing at one end of the pool. A naked girl was riding a guy on a sun lounger. Four girls were dancing in a group near the food tables and others were sat around talking, drinking and enjoying the sun.

Carmen and Alonso turned to us and Alonso said (in poor English) that we were most welcome there and that we should enjoy ourselves. Then Carmen said, “Guys, I’ve just told Alonso about the ‘English Roses’ and he’s asked if we’d put on a show for him and the others, how about it?”

“Can we get a drink first please?” Tanya asked.

Alonso understood that and led us over to the table where the food and drinks were. “About 30 minutes, is that okay?” Alonso asked.

Ryan said that it was and we got ourselves a drink and something to eat. Tanya, Jenny and Carmen went for the hard stuff whilst Jude and I settled for a beer. That would be strong enough for us, not that either of us needed anything. I was 100 percent sure that Jude was looking forward to it as much as I was.

We wandered around drinking, eating and looking at what everyone was getting up to. Jude said that it looked like some sort of orgy. Carmen had been saying hello to the people that she knew but she heard Jude and said, “Yeah, we Spanish know how to enjoy ourselves.”

I looked at Jude and said, “Can we come and live here?”

Jenny decided that the best place for us to do our show was between the pool and the kid's play area where the two girls were still hanging there, one with a mouth still full of cock and the other getting a red butt from a guy who was spanking her.

Us five girls went to our place, formed our usual line and waited for Ryan to get some decent music on. Jenny gave the cue and we started. It wasn’t long before most of the guys, and the girls, came over for a closer look. Unlike on the stage at the bar, and for some reason, on the beach where we were sort of detached from our audience, this was more like in the gym, with the guys up close.

After the part where we’re walking on our hands with our legs spread and parallel to the ground, all of us finished and got back onto our feet except for Tanya, she kept on her hands and was walking right up to different guys to give them a closer look. The third guy that she went up to touched her pussy and she collapsed forward on to him, taking him to the ground with her. Everyone laughed and another guy said something to him in Spanish as Tanya got back up and came over to the rest of us so that we could continue.

We did and soon got to the part where four of us pick up the fifth and rub her pussy in the face of a man in the audience. We hadn’t decided who was going to be the lucky girl but us English girls just knew that it was going to be Carmen. We picked her up and walked over to Matias and rubbed her pussy juices all over his face. As we were doing that the four of us looked at each other, then at Alonso then back to each other.

We didn’t need to say anything and the four of us carried Carmen over to Alonso and gave him the same treatment. As we were doing that I wondered how that would change her relationship with her fellow university students.

All too quickly we got to the last part and we were on our spread knees rubbing our clits and finger fucking ourselves. Five orgasms later we got to our feet to quite a bit of applause and most of the single guys (presumably) moving in on us to talk to us and (they hoped) get lucky.

I looked round for Ryan and Tom and saw them with the two hanging girls. Tom was face-fucking the upside down girl and Ryan was spanking the other girl quite hard. I say quite hard because she was swinging backwards and forwards in time with the spanks, and yelping in pain.

Before long all of us were making out with at least one guy. I saw Jenny on a sun lounger with a guy at either end of her. I had been lifted up and had a guy’s hands on my butt lifting me up and down on his cock. I couldn’t see Jude or Jenny but I was sure that they’d be enjoying themselves somewhere.

After the guy had made me cum again I went over to the hanging girls and asked the upside down girl if I could have a go. She said something in Spanish which I took as her agreement, and I unfastened the rope and lowered her down. She just lay there, presumably letting the blood drain from her head while I took the boots off her that had the ropes attached. By the time I’d got them on the girl was getting to her feet. She smiled at me and started to haul me up.

As I got off the ground I saw that Tanya was getting hauled up by her wrists. My pussy got a wet rush as I thought about her butt getting all red and I wondered if she’d cum as she got spanked.

There was no shortage of half-drunk guys wanting to spank Tanya’s butt or face fuck me and within a minute I had a cock going in and out of my throat. The angle that I was hanging made it easy for the cock to get right into my throat easily – yum, yum.

With my head starting to pound I put my arms round the guys butt and pulled him to me. It was then that I felt some fingers invade my pussy and start going in and out. I came before the cock that was fucking my throat did. I was still up there when I felt him cum and I sucked and swallowed for all I was worth.

Four cocks later, and a stomach that felt full, I was left hanging on my own. I was just starting to look around when I felt water on my pussy and running up / down my body; then something invading my pussy then a rapidly increasing feeling of being full. Whoever it was behind me had stuck the end of a hosepipe into my hole and was filling me up.

It started to hurt and I struggled. Fortunately the guy took pity on me and pulled the hose out. I had no control as my pussy squeezed the water out. It shot up in the air (so I got told later) to the cheers of a couple of guys stood watching.

Meanwhile, another cock was pushing into my mouth. As I got mouth and throat fucked that hose went back into my pussy and I got filled again. Four more times I got filled up and squirted it out before someone lowered me to the ground. As I lay there I saw Jude taking the boots off me and putting them on. The process got repeated with Jude, then Jenny, then Tanya, then Carmen, then another girl.

I was third in line to be strung up by my wrists and get my butt spanked. It didn’t make me cum but if it had gone on for a bit longer I probably would have.

After a swim in the pool my butt had cooled enough for me to sit on a sun lounger alongside Tanya. Her feet were either side of the sun lounger and water was still seeping out of her.

After a short rest a cute Spanish guy came and sat on the edge of the sun lounger. He tried talking to me in English but he was hopeless. The actions of his hands are quite a universal language and before long his hands were on my tits. When I didn’t object he got more adventurous and a hand slid down my stomach to my pussy. Natural instinct took over and I spread my legs to give him access. He toyed with my clit and finger fucked me until my breathing got heavy and I started thrusting my pelvis up to meet the invasions.

Meanwhile, my hand had found its way up the leg of his shorts and I was wanking him as much as I could in that very confined space. It didn’t take long for him to cum and I kept going as he got soft and I started to cum. Both of us satisfied, he kissed me then got up and disappeared somewhere round the other side of the pool.

Looking around I saw all the others enjoying themselves with a Spanish partner; Ryan, Tom, and Jenny as well. Oh, just if you were letting your imagination go wild, Ryan and Tom were with Spanish girls.

Tanya had got up and gone for a drink and was dancing VERY closely with a Spanish guy. The party had turned into a right orgy with most of the Spanish people drunk, or drugged. It was a wonder no one drowned in the pool. I was too knackered to do anything other than rest and enjoy the sun and the spectacle.

After a while Alonso came over to me and we talked as he played with one of my nipples. His English isn’t that good but he managed to tell me that his parents are filthy rich and that he was only going to university to have some fun. As his hand slowly slid down my body to my pussy he asked me if the ‘English Roses’ would do some more poses for him and the others. I wanted to say that I was sure that we would but I didn’t want to say it too soon because his fingers has started working magic on my pussy.

“I don’t know,” I said, “maybe, ughhh, aaargh, ooooooooooooooh, don’t stop.” He didn’t, and I was soon cumming as he looked down on me.

When I was getting back to normal, Alonso asked me again. I told him that because he’d been so nice to me I’d go and ask the others what they thought. We stood up and Alonso slapped my butt as I walked off to look for Jenny. Finding her and her agreeing, we split up and gathered the rest of us.

Having a quick meeting we decided that we didn’t want to do the whole show and that the guys probably just wanted us to get into poses like we do at the gym so that they can stare at our pussies, we agreed to do the poses in random order so that we’d all probably be in different poses at any given time.

Spreading out, we started. I imagined that I was in the gym and made sure that my pussy was facing the nearest cute guy. I was balanced on one foot with my other foot way above my head when I saw Alonso again; he was carrying this very expensive looking camera, and guess where he was pointing it? Yes, he was getting close-ups of all our pussies.

When Alonso put the camera down just about all of the other guys there moved it and got so close to our pussies that I could feel the breath of one of them on my pussy. I started to lose my balance and a pair of hands grabbed me and held me up; one of the hands cupping my pubic bone, fingers pressing on my clit and vagina entrance. I, of course, moaned and looked the guy in the eyes. He grinned and slid a finger further in to me.

I moaned and said, “Fuck me!” He got his cock out and it was the first time that I’ve been fucked standing on one foot with the other foot above my head.

After a while where all six of us got fucked at least once, Ryan came round and told us that we had to get ready to leave. All six of us jumped into the pool to freshen-up. When we got out we went over to Alonso and thanked him for the fun. As we walked to the car Carmen said that it was going to be ‘interesting’ going back to university after the holidays.

We were all quite quiet as we drove back to the farmhouse, probably because we all needed some rest. On the way to the bar we stopped at a café for some food and drink, the latter waking-up Tanya, Jenny and Carmen and their enthusiasm for our last performance and infecting Jude and me; and it was five lively naked girls that walked into the bar to be met by the manager and some free bottles of champagne.

We danced and listened to a comedian cracking some really crude jokes about naked girls teasing men, most of which were true; then the DJ called for the ‘English Roses’ to join him on the stage. We did, and as we lined-up to start the DJ announced that there would be a ‘special’ finale to our final performance. I had no idea what he was talking about and just got on with the show.

I’d forgotten what the DJ had said as we made ourselves cum whilst down on our knees at the end of the show. Just was we were about to get up the DJ announced, “That has to be the best show that I’ve ever seen, but it’s not over yet, not tonight. At the special request of the two Englishmen that are with you, please lay on your backs with your feet over the front of the stage, ladies.”

All five of us girls were still on our spread knees, three of us still laying back supported by our left arms. We did as told, letting our lower legs hang over the edge of the stage, still keeping our knees spread whilst the DJ continued, “Right gentlemen; I’m looking for ten volunteers to come on up and pleasure these fine ladies.”

I smiled and looked over to the others. All were grinning and Tanya’s eyes were searching the audience for Ryan. When their eyes met I saw Ryan nod his head; presumably giving Tanya permission to do whatever was about to happen to us.

The DJ selected ten men from the dozens of hands that were up in the air and before long each of us girls had a man over our heads and one between our legs. With the DJ and the rest of the audience counting down from ten, I eagerly waited for the two cocks that were hovering right above me.

I let out a grunt as both cocks quickly slid into me, not that anyone would have heard me; my mouth was full and there was quite a lot of cheering from the audience. I got pounded at both ends, taking the cock in my mouth all the way until his balls banged against my face.

It didn’t take me long to cum again but thankfully the two men lasted longer than me. I was on my second orgasm as my throat filled up and my third when my insides felt that warm rush of cum leaving the cock. Finally spent, the two men stood up and looked down at the grinning me. There wasn’t a drop of their cum outside my body.

I looked around and saw that the four other girls were finishing as well. I was hoping that the DJ would ask for another ten guys but he didn’t. Instead he thanked the ten guys and then us girls. Then five big bottles of champagne were brought out and handed to us.

Tanya got hers first and the first thing that she did was take it to the centre of the stage, put it down and lower herself onto it. That went down well with the audience so the rest of us did the same. I think that we were having an unofficial competition to see who could go down the furthest but looking around I think that we all went down about the same amount before getting up and opening the bottles.

Champagne went everywhere as we shook the bottles and squirted it all over the place. I even drank some of it, deciding that I liked the taste, before we went back to ‘our’ table.

We were all glad that the bar had a room where we could have a quick shower, otherwise we would have all been a bit sticky for the walk back to the farmhouse.

That night as Tom was making me cum I kept thinking, “Treadmill, treadmill, treadmill, treadmill, treadmill.”

Day 15

I forgave the cockerel for waking me up that morning and we enjoyed our final gorgeous sunrise before breakfast. Pablo joined us for breakfast and gave us all a big hug when he left to go out to his fields.

It didn’t take us long to pack because none of our clothes had come out of our bags but we did get out what we were going to wear for the journey home. Someone joked about it not being warm back in England and someone else said that we’d all have poking out nipples as soon as we got off the plane.

Anyway, Jude and I picked out little, light weight cotton skirts and tops that would easily show the tents that our nipples would make and easily float up in any breeze. Jenny chose something similar whilst Tanya wore a skirt that was more like a bikini cover-up skirt. It’s a rectangle of lightweight, pink cotton that just makes it round her hips. It fastens with this tiniest piece of Velcro that didn’t look very secure at all. I felt a little jealous and decided that I was going to get a skirt like that.

After more hugs with Betty and the still naked Carmen we set off for the quiet drive to the airport, Ryan telling Carmen that she was welcome to come and stay with him and Tanya anytime she wanted.

We didn’t put our clothes on before getting into the car because we wanted to stay naked as long as we could. I think that we made the day of the young man at the car rental place as we all got out then got dressed. The poor man just stared at us.

All went well through the check-in and security, I had been hoping that one of the guards would frisk me but none of us were that lucky.

When we boarded the plane we were way back in the queue and most people were already sat down as we walked down the aisle. Tanya was leading the way with Ryan right behind her, his hands on her bare waist urging her to get a move on. All of a sudden I heard Tanya shriek a bit as she kept on walking, probably because Ryan was pushing her along. During the next few steps Tanya was trying to get Ryan to stop but he kept her moving forward.

Then I saw why Tanya was upset; her skirt was on the floor. Somehow it had come undone and fallen off but Ryan had kept her moving. I picked-up Tanya’s skirt as Ryan kept the protesting Tanya moving forward. About twenty people must have seen the bottomless, noisy Tanya waking down the aisle before Ryan steered her into one of the rows. The red faced Tanya quickly sat down and started thumping Ryan’s chest.

Ryan hugged her and I heard him say, “That was brilliant TT; it couldn’t have gone better if it had been planned.”

I still don’t know if it was an accident or if Ryan had ripped her skirt off or not.

Anyway, I gave Tanya her skirt back and she quickly wrapped it round her hips; not that it covered much. None of our skirts covered us much and whenever any of the cabin crew came passed we had to hold our hands in front of our pussies. None of us wanted to get thrown off the flight before it had even got off the ground.

We all had our little drop-down tables down for most of the flight and hands were busy teasing clits and holes, and not necessarily those belonging to the owners of the hands.

It felt cold when we got off the plane in London and eight proud nipples let everyone know that we thought it was cold. It was also cold and breezy when we got to the station to get the train into London. Our skirts kept blowing up and attracting an audience but we just ignored the audience, and the skirts.

The journey into London was uneventful but going across London on the underground wasn’t. It was rush hour and all four of us girls got groped in the crush on the tube. Of course none of us were complaining, unless you count Jenny saying that her gropers hadn’t made her cum. Neither had mine.

The breeze up the escalators gave a few people below us a pleasant surprise (well probably).

The train north was crowded as well but Ryan had reserved seats for us so we didn’t have to stand, but we did flash all the men who walked up and down the aisle.

All too soon we were back at Tanya’s and Ryan’s house getting a drink and waiting for a few pizzas to be delivered. Yes, we did strip naked before opening the door to the pizza delivery guy.

Before Ryan drove us home Jude and I offered our bodies to all four of them to use as they wished but all four declined. Only Ryan told us that he’d take a rain-check. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, maybe he was trying to get Tanya jealous or maybe he had something else planned.

As Ryan’s car pulled up outside our house I really did want to be back in Spain. Not only was it a damn-sight colder in England but we had to wear clothes as well. As I was telling that to Ryan he said that we could go over to Tanya’s and his house anytime. Jude’s immediate response was, “Can we use your Sybian when we come over? I want to ride it until I pass out.”

Ryan laughed and replied, “Of course you can.”

Both Dad and Max were home when we walked in and they both got clothed hugs from us before we went to our room and stripped off. Back in the living room we all spent about an hour telling each other about our holidays. Of course we didn’t tell either of them about the ‘English Roses’ or what we had got up to.

End of part 7c

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