We Hate Clothes
by Vanessa

Part 7b

Author’s Note: Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. If you haven’t already read my fictional series My boyfriend likes to expose me I suggest that you do. It will give you a good backgrounding for this part of ‘We hate clothes’.

Part 07b – The surprisingly good summer holiday, continued

Day 4

The cockerel made sure that I didn’t miss the sunrise and I’ve decided that I like being up at that time of the day; it’s so peaceful and fresh. I enjoy the sitting outside, watching the sun come up whilst idly playing with my clit. I’ll miss that when I get back to England but it will be good to wake-up next to Jude every morning again.

One by one I watched the others come out to take a shower and I had to smile and lick my lips when first Tom, then Ryan came out stark naked and sporting a huge morning woody. I asked Ryan if I could take care of his but he said that Tanya was about to do that. When Ryan came back he was with Tanya and they both had satisfied looks on their faces and Ryan’s cock was no-longer hard.

At breakfast we chatted to Betty about the beaches that are on the nearby coast but she wasn’t that clued-up on them. She told us that Carmen used to get the bus there quite a lot but her and Pablo rarely went. She added that there are some really nice ones but feared that the tourist resorts springing up may have spoilt them.

While we were talking, Betty turned to Jenny and said, “I like your nipple clips Jenny, they’re really nice.”

Jenny wasn’t at all embarrassed and just said, “Thank you Betty.”

We got ourselves organised and piled into the car. None of us girls put any clothes on or took any with us; except for the two-piece swimsuits that Ryan had given us. The drive down to the coast was uneventful and we turned right onto the coast road to look for a beach. That didn’t take long but when we pulled into the car park we couldn’t see anyone without any clothes on. Tanya was a little hesitant about going onto the beach naked because it was right on the edge of a town, so we agreed that we’d wear the swimsuits that Ryan gave us. They looked quite cute, just covering our nipples and pussies. Tom said that we should walk along the beach into the town and maybe get a drink or an ice cream before settling on the beach.

As we walked it soon became obvious that the materiel that we’d stretched to cover our pussies was creeping back and exposing our slits. When Jude first noticed it she shrugged her shoulders and kept walking. By the time we’d found a café all four slits were exposed and a few areolas. One or two people looked at us but no one said anything so Ryan said that we should take them off when we got back on the beach. We did and walked back up the beach until we decided on a space not far from the car.

After about an hour soaking up the sun and then cooling off in the sea we started talking. I wanted to hear about Tanya’s fun on the beach on previous holidays again so I asked her. As she was describing it all Ryan had an idea; he suggested that the four of us work out a dance routine that included all the things that we do in the workout room at the gym. When Tanya reminded him that there were no exercise cycles or dildos sticking up out of the sand he said, “Yeah, obviously, but you can include all those aerobic and yoga moves and maybe include a bit of simulated girl on girl sex; you’re all good at that.”

We girls seemed to like the idea and we talked it over then told the boys that we’d do it. The boys were grinning as we got up and did a few moves, then talked, then did some more, then talked some more. Jenny had taken some ballet lessons when she was a little girl and then some other dancing lessons when she was older. She’d stopped when she got interested in boys. Tanya suggested that Jenny take the lead and that we’d all follow, unless we wanted to change anything.

For the next hour or so, four naked girls stood in a line on the beach, just above the water line, and stretched and moved and basically exposed our pussies to everyone who walked along the water line. Jenny put a part in the routine where two girls pick up a third one and carry her around with her legs spread wide. Jude and I were carrying Tanya round that first time and we carried her up to Ryan and Tom and stood in front of them so that they could get a good look at her spread pussy. As we were stood there Jenny said that we should go up to some of the other men that were watching us, so we did; three groups of them. We kept going through the routine over and over and each time a different girl was picked up and exposed close-up to different guys. Both Tom and Ryan loved that part.

We stopped the practice, went for a swim then told the guys that we needed a drink and some food. We all walked in the opposite way along the beach until we came to beach bar where we had some food and drink. There didn’t appear to be any locals there, not even the staff, and a waitress came up and asked us to cover-up. When Ryan told her that it was perfectly legal for us to be naked because we were staying at a village where nudity was compulsory, she looked a bit confused then after a couple of seconds she turned and walked away.

Two young men were sat at the bar when we walked in and when they saw us they turned on their stool and watched us until we left. Jenny and I were sat facing them so we made sure that they could see our pussies by sitting with one leg up on another chair.

After filling our stomachs it was back to the beach, but a different spot, and more working on our routine. Ryan, of course, picked a spot where there were quite a few men, both on their own and in groups.

We went through it three more times, Jenny stopping us at different parts and changing things. On one of the runs through it was me who was lifted up and the others carried me right in up to one of a group of three men. My pussy was so close to his face that I could feel his breath.

After that we were again joined by Ryan and Tom in the sea and both couples fucked while Jude and I settled for some kissing and finger fucking; all while people were swimming all around us.

When it was time to leave we piled into the car and set off back to the farmhouse. While we were talking we agreed that next time we went to the beach we wouldn’t even take the swimsuits, just towels and flip flops.

As we drove up to the farmhouse Betty came out, followed by a naked girl. She looked about 19 or 20, quite slim and with tits that are about the same size as Jenny’s. She also has no pubic hair. “Ryan, Tom, this is your cousin Carmen,” Betty said.

Both Ryan and Tom put out their right hand to shake Carmen’s, but Carmen walked right up to them and kissed both their cheeks. As Betty introduced the rest of us Carmen kissed us as well. Betty told us that Carmen was back from university and that she was looking forward to spending a lot of time with her cousins and their friends.

Carmen looked at Tanya and said, in perfect English, “You look so young Tanya, younger than your friends. My cousin is a lucky man.”

Then she looked at Jude and me and said, “Oh dear, identical, I can see that I’m going to have a problem; oh, you have different nipple jewellery. I hope that you won’t swap it while you’re here.”

Jude and I both said our names and I added, “Don’t worry if you get it wrong; it happens all the time and we stopped getting offended, when people get it wrong, when we were about 3 years old.”

Betty re-appeared with some cold drinks and we all sat round the outside table and did a lot of talking. Ryan and Tom decided that we were taking everyone out for a meal that evening. Betty said that it didn’t matter, but the boys insisted.

As it started to get dark we took it in turns in the shower and as Jude and I were showering we wondered if Carmen would put some clothes on. She didn’t, and as we walked to the town she told us that she had never worn clothes when she was at home during the summer months, and that included the surrounding villages, towns and even on the odd occasions that she’d gone to the beach. She just couldn’t see the point.

As we got into the town it became obvious that Carmen knew quite a few of the locals. None of them commenting on her lack of clothes – well, we think that they didn’t. She was sat between Jude and me during the meal and she told us that she used to spend a lot of time wandering around the town when they were building it and she only wore clothes when it was cold. She told us that she’d even done odd jobs for some of the shopkeepers just to earn some money to help pay for the things that she needed for school.

Carmen took us to a restaurant that she liked and where she knew the owner. He looked quite pleased to see her and came round each one of us and said hello in Spanish. I couldn’t help noticing that when he was stood if front of each naked girl he had a good look up and down her body. When he got to me I have to admit that I felt my nipples and pussy tingle a bit.

We had a great meal, and great service from the staff. At first the other patrons stared at us but they soon got used to us. The staff just treated us like any other patron, like they had naked girls in there all the time.

On the way back to the farm house Ryan carried Tanya; not over his shoulder, but piggy-back. Nothing sexual about that except that most of us girls walked behind them and took it in turns to slide a finger into her pussy. Betty and Pablo were in front of Ryan so they couldn’t see what we were doing. Tanya’s squeals were explained by Carmen saying that Ryan was tickling her.

Day 5

Carmen came and joined Jude and me whilst we enjoyed the sunrise and she didn’t comment on our clit rubbing or pubic hair plucking. Tanya and Ryan were showering when Carmen came outside and when they came back she said, “I can see why Tanya likes my cousin; it’s a nice size isn’t it?”

“Yes, and he knows how to use it.” I said.

“You haven’t!”

“Yes I have,” Jude said.

“Yes I have,” I said.

“Wow!” Carmen said, “I wonder if he’d fuck me as well?”

“I don’t see why not,” Jude said. “I’m sure that Tanya won’t mind; neither of them are the jealous type, and neither seems to mind if the other fucks someone else.”

We had a little giggle and Tanya asked what was up. Of course we all said ‘nothing’.

Over breakfast we discussed what we wanted to do that day and finally decided to go back to the town because Carmen promised to show us round the parts that tourists don’t usually see. We wandered around, five naked girls and two young men, and no one looked at all surprised. All the locals treated us as if it were perfectly normal. It was only when we saw some tourists saw us that we got some funny stares. It was those stares that got me a bit excited. My nipples, that had gone soft, got all hard again and my pussy got wet. I love it when men, and women, stared at my naked body.

Carmen took us to a backstreet café for some lunch and it was amazing. The food was great and so was the service. Again, no one cared that we were naked. While we were eating Jenny asked Carmen about the gym that we’d found. She said that she’d been in there once before it was finished, but gyms weren’t really her thing. Jude told Carmen about the dance routine that we’d started on the beach and Carmen said that the gym did have somewhere that was big enough for some ‘lively’ dancing. Well it did the last time that she was there, so we decided to go and check it out.

On the way there we passed a bar that Carmen told us had wet T-shirt and other talent competitions. She said that we should enter one of the competitions and do our dance routine. All four of us girls laughed saying that we weren’t good enough for that, but both Tom and Ryan didn’t agree. Jenny joked, saying that if we entered a wet T-shirt competition we’d have to put some clothes on.

When we got to the gym Carmen had a word with the man on reception and got him to agree to let us in for nothing. She later told us that she’d convinced him that we’d be good for business, that the tourists would love watching five naked girls working-out.

Well, the place wasn’t what we were expecting. It was more like a bar, the gym part was out the back, in the open air. The area was quite big and it had equipment there that most of us had never seen before, It was more like a cross between a school gym and an adult version of a kid's play area. On one side of the area was the bar, and on the other three sides were tall buildings that were the entrances to apartments, rows and rows of walkways with doors on the sides facing the gym. The only windows that we could see were so small that they looked like they were little toilet windows. Apart from that, everything was clean and looked well looked after. There were even plants and palm trees there.

There were two middle-aged men exercising on some sort of walking machine, one youngish man lifting some weights, and two youngish girls who looked like they were practising pole dancing on a couple of poles.

We split into groups of two or three and to go and look, and try, different pieces if equipment. I went with Jude to some monkey bars where we started climbing and hanging. One time when I was upside down I looked around and saw Tanya climbing a rope. When she got about 15 feet up she lent back and started sliding down. She hadn’t got far down when she stopped and it was obvious that she was cumming. I just hung there and watched as she came twice more before her butt touched the floor.

“Bloody hell;” I heard Jude say, “I want to try that.”

Climbing down I saw that all the others, including the two pole dancers, were all walking towards Tanya.

“What!” Tanya said, “haven’t you seen a girl cum before?”

“Not that way.” Jude said. “I want a go at that.”

“Me too!” I followed.

“I never would have believed it if someone had told me,” Carmen said, “we never had ropes like that in our school.”

There was only one rope so we took it in turns while Tanya gave tips on how to use the rope against your pussy. The two pole dancers had already gone back to their poles, talking and giggling as they went.

After we’d all had a go, Carmen as well, Ryan said that we should practice our dance routine so we went over to the clear area and Jenny took control. After going through it a couple for times we stopped for a break and a drink that Ryan and Tom had got us. As we were stood there I heard a noise and looked up. On one of the many balconies were two young men looking down at us.

I smiled and turned to Jude who said what I was thinking, “Well, I suppose two is a start.”

Carmen decided to say something, “Not much dancing, is there. It’s more like some sort of stripper’s sex show. You know that if I joined the group we could make that carrying one of you up to the audience more fun?”

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked.

“Well, if there were four of us carrying the fifth, then we could take an arm or leg each and hold the fifth at whatever height the blokes faces are at. We can walk right up each man and hold her legs either side of his face. If you wanted we could rub her cunt on his face.”

“We want.” Jude and I said in stereo, closely followed by Tanya saying,

“That sounds like fun.”

Both Ryan and Tom had grins of their faces as Carmen said, “I’m sure that Ryan and Tom will let you practice on them.”

We went through the routine five more times, starting slowly as Carmen joined in and learned the moves. When it came to lifting one of us we took it in turns to have our pussies rubbed on Ryan or Tom’s face. They clearly enjoyed it, and so did Carmen. Her face was a picture of happiness and she looked like she was about to explode when we held her pussy to Ryan’s face. Her eyes went wide open and I strongly suspect that Ryan had a quick lick.

During the breaks between starting over, I looked up and saw that out little audience had grown. Also, looking around I saw three more guys in the gym, stood close by and watching us. What’s more, they were speaking English and looked like tourists.

When we’d done we sat at one of the tables to have a drink. Tanya only had a quick drink then went over to the two dancing poles. We all watched as she started climbing and swinging and spreading her legs as wide as she could. The little audience had reconvened round the pole as Tanya upped her game and exposed her pussy a lot more.

The rest of us girls all said that we wanted to have a go at that but we all said that we were too knackered now, but that we’d have a go the next time that we went there.

On the way out Carmen talked to the man on reception then told us that we could go back any time that we wanted. She also said that he’d promised to get his mates to call in more often.

We went to a café for an ice cream and a drink. We didn’t do any deliberate flashing while we were there because we were all a bit tired. Carmen told us that she’d had a great time and that we must go to that bar and see what fun we could have. Tanya said that we’d only do it if Carmen joined us and did everything that the rest of us did. I think that she (Tanya) was worried that Carmen wouldn’t join in because she’d probably know quite a few of the locals.

“There’s no way that I’m going to miss-out on some sexy fun, of course I’m going to join in. I did a bit of dancing for them when the bar first opened and I’ve seen the look on your faces when you see men getting an eyeful of your pussies, you love it and so do I. What girl wouldn’t?”

As Carmen was saying that I saw her open her legs letting Tom get an eyeful of her pussy.

After the café we wandered around for a bit, looking in some of the shops and trying on a couple of skirts that were on display. As the evening wore on, more and more tourists appeared on the streets and we got more stares. One old, English biddy had a go at us calling us sluts and saying that we should be ashamed of ourselves but we ganged up on her and told her to stop being such an archaic prude and that she was the one that should be ashamed. Jenny told her that she should stop telling other people how to live their lives and mind her own business. Eventually she walked off in a huff.

Tanya asked Ryan why he hadn’t gone to her defence. “Well my little exhibitionist, firstly it’ll have more effect if it comes from one of you girls; and secondly, you lot were doing a great job of putting the miserable old cow in her place.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist.” Tanya replied.

Both Jude and I turned and looked at Tanya. “Yeah right,” we both said in stereo.

“No I’m not!” Tanya replied, “well, not unless I’m all worked up, and what girl isn’t an exhibitionist when she’s on the verge of cumming?”

“Okay, okay,” I replied, “all I can say is that you must be close to cumming, most of the time.”

“She is,” Ryan added and he put his hand on her pussy and slipped a finger inside her. Removing his hand and holding up his finger he added, “Look, you’re dripping right now and I wouldn’t call that little encounter sexy.”

Tanya grabbed Ryan’s hand, sucked his finger then said, “But I AM feeling sexy and if we were somewhere a little bit more private I’d show you what I’m feeling.”

“Don’t let you being in the middle of the street with lots of people around stop you Tanya,” Tom said.

Tanya glared at him then started walking to catch up to Carmen.

We got to the bar that Carmen had shown us earlier and Carmen stopped to talk to one of the staff who was standing outside; a youngish looking man. After a minute or so, during which the man was looking at the rest of us girls, Carmen turned to us and said, “Come on, let’s go inside, there’s going to be some entertainment later.”

Ryan said that we should go and get some food first but Carmen said that we could get some there. We went in and saw that the place was a lot bigger than it looked from the outside. There was a dance area, a stage, and a DJ’s booth. When Jude said that the place looked more like a club, Carmen said that it was the nearest that this town had to a club and that, at this time of the year, it gets quite busy with all the golfers and their partners wanting a bit of evening entertainment.

Carmen led us to a table that was big enough for the seven of us and we ordered some drinks and then some food. Jude and I ordered a beer each and no one objected because of our age. I think that Carmen assumed that because Tanya is a lot older than she looks then Jude and I must be too.

There weren’t many people in the place when we arrived but as we ate it started to fill up; well, it was getting dark outside. It wasn’t that bright inside either. Jenny said that it was typical club lighting - not that much.

Only a few people that came near our table noticed that there were five naked girls there; that was until we decided to get up and dance. There were only a few people on and around the dance floor when we got up but that quickly changed as small groups of men took their place around the edge of the dance floor to stand and watch us do just normal dancing. Some of the more ‘adventurous’ men tried to come and dance with us and try to chat with us but none of us were interested.

A DJ appeared and started coaxing people onto the dance floor. By that time we’d already gone back to our table, but after a while Carmen went over to talk to him; apparently she knew him from school. He looked pleased to see her and they spent ages talking. When she came back to us she told us that because the place was quite full there was going to be a wet T-shirt competition. Both Ryan and Tom were encouraging us all to enter but Jude and I declined, saying that we’d never seen one before and would like to watch one first. Carmen said that she wasn’t entering either, because the competition was for English girls only. She said that she wasn’t worried by that and that she’s get her chance to have some fun later. She didn’t explain what she meant by that.

That left Tanya and Jenny. Jenny was all up for it but Tanya wasn’t that keen. Tom got us some more drinks while Ryan talked to Tanya. Tom had got Tanya two big drinks and by the time she’d downed both of them Ryan asked Carmen to go and enter both Jenny and Tanya. I guess that the two drinks must have been quite strong because Tanya seemed quite a bit happier after drinking them.

After some more dancing, fending off some guys trying to hit on us, and another couple of drinks, the wet T-shirt competition started. The bar had given T-shirts to the five contestants, and from goodness knows where, Jenny and Tanya were wearing some knickers.

The first round was dancing and getting the T-shirts wet and ripped so that tits were exposed. There was quite a lot of cheering as Tanya’s tiny tits got exposed. It seemed like the audience liked very young looking girls; if only they knew.

Round two was more dancing and water and getting rid of the T-shirts and hand rubbing of pussies outside the knickers.

Only four of the girl came on for round three which was dancing and sexily removing the knickers. The unknown girls came on first and did little more than get naked and flat-handed rubbing her pussy. Not Jenny then Tanya; they both got down on their spread knees and went for it. Both made themselves cum right in front of all those people, and both of them looked as if they loved every second of their little shows. Jenny went first and when Jude and I saw what she was doing we both agreed that we were going to enter the next wet T-shirt competition.

It was amazing watching and listening to the audience. The men were obviously loving every second of it and I thought about what I had read somewhere about ‘pussy power’. I bet that those men would have done absolutely anything for Tanya and Jenny while they were making themselves cum. I wondered if I would have the same effect on them. I certainly was looking forward trying.

Anyway, the DJ couldn’t decide who had won, neither could the cheers from the audience. The DJ said that it was all down to which one everyone liked the most; the pert little tits on Jenny, or the very early teens look of Tanya. Again the cheers were about the same so the DJ decided that it was a draw and split the prize money between them - 250 euros each. Back at the table, with more drinks, Tanya said that it was a good way to get the night out paid for and that we should do it every night.

By that time, Jude and I had drunk three bottles of beer each and the effects were starting to show. Both Ryan and Tom said that it was no more alcohol for us and got us a fruit juice. When we got up to dance again, we both let guys dance with us and let their hands wander all over our bodies.

Later on, the DJ announced that there was about to be some ‘unusual’ entertainment. It took a few seconds to realise that Carmen had told him that we’d do our dance routine. It was a good job that we’d all had some drinks because if we’d been sober we’d have said that we weren’t ready to do it for real. Ryan and Tom egged us on and before long the five of us were on the stage and stood in our line waiting for the cue from Jenny who had gone to talk to the DJ. When she joined our line some music started and Jenny took the lead.

It was the first time that we’d done our routine to music and it made it easier for us to get our timings right. We all easily managed to improvise because of the smaller space and the stage and as we got well into it I thought that it was going well. I looked out into the audience and got a wet rush and some pussy tingling when I saw all those lustful eyes and heard the encouraging comments.

Tanya was the lucky girl who got carried, shoulder high with legs spread wide, out into the audience. She’s so light that we easily held her pussy to the faces of four guys before taking her back to the stage. I was convinced that she came twice while she was up there.

Jenny had added a new ending that we all followed easily. She threw herself down on her spread knees at the front of the stage and started fucking herself with her fingers. We were two either of her and quickly followed suit, leaving five girls openly masturbating for the audience. What a rush that was. We all came in record time.

Five spent girls, a loud cheering audience and a few minutes later, the DJ thanked us, calling us the ‘English Roses’. We stood up and actually curtsied before leaving the stage and walking back to our table.

After a bit of a rest and another drink, we got up and danced in amongst the other people there. I was amazing how popular we were. I’ve never had so many men wanting to dance with me. When I did dance with one, his hands were all over me and he really loved it when I twerked my butt against his covered hard-on.

Eventually Ryan decided that we should head back to the farmhouse and we left with the manager asking us to come back soon.

Jude and I slept together that night.

Day 6

Another pubic-hair-plucking-gorgeous sunrise.

That day was vibrator day and the four of us inserted ours, then passed the controls to Ryan and Tom.

We were all feeling a little tired to start off and it took us a while to decide what we were going to do that day. In the end we decided to let Carmen show us around some of the surrounding villages and we all piled into the car and set off. None of us girls even thought about taking any clothes.

The first village that we went to was similar in size to Carmen’s. Again, no one took any real notice of the five naked girls wandering around. We stopped at one house and Carmen knocked on the door. She later told us that a friend of hers lived there but she wasn’t at home. On the walk back to the car my vibe started purring. I looked round at the other girls and saw some smiles.

The next village was bigger and with gently purring vibrators we started walking around. When we got to a café Carmen ran in and hugged one of the waiters before calling us all in. We got introduced to Diego who looked us up and down before giving us girls a hug. Then he shook hands with Ryan and Tom, saying something in Spanish. Carmen later told us that he’d said that Ryan and Tom were two lucky men.

We sat and had a drink while Carmen, Diego and his father talked in Spanish. The two men kept looking over to us which probably had something to do with the vibrators making us four ‘English Roses’ feel quite horny and as a result, letting our knees drift apart. After about 5 minutes I heard Tanya gasp and then grip the sides of her chair so hard that her fingers went white. Her face went red and she stared ahead for a couple of minutes until her orgasm died down.

Then it was Jenny’s turn. Whichever of the guys had the control to her vibe had obviously turned it up to full as she too tried to stifle her orgasm. I wondered if the guys could tell which control belonged to which girl’s vibe. Unfortunately, Jude and I didn’t get to cum while we were sat in that café, but Ryan, or Tom, got us later. We were stood in the middle of a group of tourists who seemed to find us girls more interesting than their guided tour round the quaint village when I felt it. I stopped dead in my tracks and moaned quite loudly. Tanya later told me that a number of tourists stopped and stared at me as I started shaking as I hit the high.

Jude got her turn a bit later as we walked back to the car. We saw a police car, the first policemen that we’d seen since we arrived in Spain, apart from at the airport. Just as they got close, whoever had the control turned it up to full. Poor Jude came in a bone shaking orgasm as the two policemen stared at her as they passed. But that’s all they did; they stared and drove on.

As we were driving out of the village Carmen asked Ryan to stop by a school. She told us that it was her first school and that she and five other kids, three girls and two boys, spent all their time their totally naked. At that age neither the naked, nor the clothed kids, thought anything of it. It was only when she got to her second school, and she discovered her body, that things got more interesting. While we were driving Jude and I told everyone about some of our school experiences, Max’s friends, the dildo, the photos, and the headmaster.

Carmen also told us that she was feeling a bit left out not having a vibrator of her own. Jenny offered to lend her her's.

The next village was a lot smaller, but it did have a farm and stables that Carmen wanted to go to. While we were looking round (it’s no fun putting a bare foot into a pile of warm horse manure), Carmen was talking to a middle-aged man. When she joined us she told us that she’d arranged for us to go horse riding the next day. Wow! I hadn’t expected that and I thought back to the last time that we’d gone horse riding; legs spread wide and bouncing up and down on the saddle. I had a sudden thought and hoped that the saddles would have a dildo in the middle of them.

As we were looking round a group that had been out riding returned and stared at us and I’m sure that some of them, well the men, were wondering if we’d been out for a horse ride.

That evening we went in to town again and after getting something to eat in a restaurant where Carmen knew the manager, we went to the bar again. The manager came straight over to us and welcomed us. After he’d arranged for drinks for us he asked if we’d do our dance routine again. Ryan answered for us, telling the manager that we’d love to. Then the manager asked us not to enter the wet T-shirt competition because he knew that we’d win if we did the same as we’d done previously, and he wanted to give the other girls a chance. As a bribe, he promised to pay us 1,000 euros after our performance.

Ryan agreed.

As we sat there drinking Tanya said that if we performed there every night we’d probably go home with more money than we arrived with. We also saw a girl carrying a poster board outside. On it was a poster announcing that the ‘Naked English Roses’ would be performing later that night.

We talked, danced and had a good time until the DJ announced our performance. When we lined up on the stage a whole new row of bright lights lit us up. We were blinded from the audience, but the plus sides were that we could still hear them and that they’d get a better view of our pussies.

It was Carmen’s turn to get lifted up and when we got out into the audience we saw the manager so we took her over to him and rubbed her pussy in his face. We held her there long enough for him to have a good taste and it must have worked because she went all rigid then started shaking.

Our finale the previous night was repeated and five orgasms finished the show.

It was my turn to sleep with Tom that night. He’s a good kisser and a good fuck.

Day 7

The cockerel made sure that we saw the sunrise again and Carmen made another comment about Ryan’s cock.

After breakfast we piled into the car and headed towards the stables. On the way we stopped at a little supermarket and bought some food and drinks because Carmen had told us that we could be out riding for most of the day.

When we got to the stables Carmen asked who wanted to go bareback. Tanya asked if any of the saddles had dildos in them and when Carmen said not, all of us agreed to go bareback. I hoped that we all had docile horses. They were, and we were out all day. Twice we met other groups of horse riders and once a group of quad bikers passed us. Carmen had arranged for one of the stable’s guides to come with us and he led the way.

The scenery was amazing and the view from the hills were outstanding. It was difficult to be sure, but we thought that we could see the sea from the top of one hill. We stopped for lunch at a small lake way up in the hills. It was beautiful and the water was so clear and cool. I could have stayed there for hours. We shared our food with the guide who spent the whole lunch break looking at us girls. We ignored him for most of the time.

As we got close to the stables I realised that we’d gone for almost the whole day without cumming and hardly thinking about sex or being naked. When I told Jude she said that we’d make up for it that evening. Riding around and swimming out on those hills was so wonderful, so natural. I’ve heard about ‘being one with nature’ and I guess that this was as near to that as I will ever get.

The feeling of the horse’s hair on my pussy and inner thighs felt great but all of us had slightly sore inner thighs at the end of the day.

We did go to that bar that night, we did perform again and we did get another 1,000 euros. It was my turn to get my pussy pushed into some guys face and he made me cum with his tongue.

Day 8

While we were plucking, Ryan and Tom joined us and watched for a while. As we finished, Ryan told us that we were going to the beach again. When we got to the coast road Carmen directed Ryan to a beach that she knew. It was a busy one with lots of young people and we had a bit of a challenge finding an area big enough for us to practice our dance routine. There was a few places in our routine that Jenny told us weren’t syncing very well.

As we walked along the beach we passed a few naked girls sunbathing but one was lying on her stomach with her legs open. We’d have had a great view of her pussy if she hadn’t of been lying on her right arm with her right hand on her pussy and her fingers slowly playing with her clit. Ryan said that we should do that but Tanya replied by saying, “Why should we lie on our stomachs to do it; it’s more fun doing it laying on our backs.”

I smiled to myself and thought that maybe I would.

We found a spot and after getting liberal with the suntan lotion we lined up and Jenny started us off. We had to stop a few times and repeat parts that Jenny wasn’t happy with. One part was where we walk on our hands with our legs spread so that they’re parallel to the ground. Carmen has having trouble getting her legs spread enough and Jenny asked Jude and Tanya to hold her body while Jenny and I pressed down on her legs. I cheated, much to the delight of the youths that had stopped to watch, and I dipped a finger in Carmen’s hole. That caused Carmen’s arms to give way and we all collapsed onto the sand.

Jenny wasn’t happy with me and she spanked my butt a couple of times. I was still laughing so Jenny pulled me down onto the sand and started really spanking me. My screams and then moans increased the size of our audience but Jenny stopped when she realized that I was enjoying it. I didn’t cum but I did end up with a red butt.

We got on with our practice and after we’d carried Jenny and rubbed her pussy in some unsuspecting bloke's face she said that we needed to practice that part some more. We did, each of us getting our pussies in a man’s face. Carmen was the last one and she was cumming so hard and jerking about so much that we dropped her. She landed on her back on this man’s chest, with her butt just below his chin. The man took advantage of her and continued tonguing her pussy and kept her orgasm going. Of course we just stood there and let it happen.

When her climax receded, Carmen sat up, said something to the man in Spanish, rubbed her pussy in his face again, and stood up. “Thanks guys,” she said. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to the man who’d just eaten her, or us for putting her in that position.

After that we got on with our routine and when we got to the end Jenny said that she wasn’t happy with the end bit. If you remember, the end bit is where we are lined up, on our spread knees and using our right hand to play with our clits and finger fuck ourselves. I don’t know what Jenny and Ryan had been doing in bed the previous night but Jenny was obviously still very horny and she was making (ha!) us do what she was obviously wanting to do. Not that any of us were complaining. I know that all us four English girls love playing with our pussies in front of men, and Carmen was doing a good job of proving that Spanish girls love doing it as well.

Four times Jenny had us masturbating like that in front of our ever increasing audience. I don’t know if any of the others were faking it (I doubt it), but I came all four times. By the time that Jenny called a halt we were all knackered and we all went straight into the sea to relax and cool down.

After drying off Tanya asked who’s like to go for a drink and we all went and sat at a beach bar and flaunted our bodies at the other patrons. Two or three times I noticed one of the other girls idly rubbing her clit as we talked, and got hit on by a couple of guys who fancied their chances. Tanya always seemed to have her legs wide open and rubbing her clit when a bloke was chatting to one of us..

When we’d finished our drinks we went to find another piece of beach to soak up some sun. I think that most of us dozed off at some point. I know that I did, whilst I had my right arm under my body with my fingers doing what we’d seen that woman do when we first got to that beach. When I came back to the world of the living I turned over and let the sun tan my pussy and inner thighs for a while. The sun felt so good.

Whilst we were laying there we were approached by an African guy trying to sell us a watch. He must have had fifty of them all up his arms and in his hands. My first reaction when I saw him was wish that he’s just go away but Tanya was looking at him and she held her hand up towards him to let him know that she wanted to see what he’d got (watches that is) (well maybe more but he had long trousers on).

The man came and knelt on the sand at our feet, Tanya getting up on her elbows to see the watches. Tanya took her time looking at few of the watches and the man kept looking from pussy to pussy, all of which were open for him to enjoy.

After a few minutes Jude got on her elbows and leaned over to me and whispered, “I’m going to start playing with myself.” And she did, rubbing round her clit and sliding a finger inside her hole.

The man seemed to forget about the other four pussies on display and Tanya had to speak loudly to him to get his attention back. I thought about doing the same to myself but I thought that I’d let Jude have all the fun. Eventually Tanya decided that she didn’t want a watch and the man left.

We did some more swimming and more sunbathing before the beach numbers started thinning and we decided to head back.

We got back from the beach and decided to go into town for the evening - again. After Jude, Carmen and I had showered we were sat waiting for the others and as Ryan and Tanya then Tom and Jenny came back, Carmen again commented on the guys hard cocks. I decided that if she didn’t talk to Ryan and Tanya about Ryan fucking her then I would.

When we got into town we went to a café and, as usual, sat next to the footpath so that people passing by could see us, and we could see them. Over ice creams and soft drinks we were all talking about a variety of things when I realised that the subject had got round to punishments (no idea how, I’d been talking to Jude about Dad and Max). Carmen suddenly said, quite loudly, “I got spanked once and I’ll never forget it; it was my baptism to the adult world.”

“Come on cousin,” Ryan said, “I’ve got to hear all about this.”

“Well,” Carmen started; “It was when I was about your age, Tanya; sorry, I mean the age that you look. I was playing in the village with some of the other kids and one boy, a little older than me, grabbed hold of me and started to push his finger into my cunt. At that age I just thought that my cunt was for pissing and that boy hurt me so I started hitting him back. I really got stuck in and hit him so much that he started crying and ran off to his Mama. The next thing I knew was that his Mama had grabbed my arm and was marching me home. Papa wasn’t too happy when we got there, and he was even madder after the woman had told him what I’d done.

Papa started shouting at me then took me to the barn and tied my arms and legs so that I was standing spread out, how do you say, spread-eagled. When he’d finished he spanked me until his hand hurt. Then he took his belt off thrashed my backside so hard that I thought it was on fire. The funny thing was that as well as my backside hurting, the area round my cunt felt warm and tingly.

When Papa had done he told me that I had to stay tied up like that while he and Mama went to do some shopping. After they’d gone, and I’d stopped crying, I heard the voices of some of the kids from the village and they were getting louder. Then one of the dogs from the village came into the barn and came up to me and sniffed all around me. Then the bloody thing started licking my cunt. I was shouting at it to go away when the kids from the village came into view. Most of them stopped in their tracks when the saw me, but a girl, (Maria) who is a year older than me, came up to me with a big grin on her face.

As I squirmed about trying to stop the dog licking my cunt Maria said, “Well Carmen, it looks like your Papa thrashed you good. Stop wriggling about; let the dog take the pain away.”

I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about but I soon found out. That dog made me feel good. It started in my cunt and quickly spread to my whole body. I hadn’t a clue what was happening to me but it felt good. All of a sudden this weird, wonderful feeling hit me. At first I thought that I was dying but as it passed I wanted it to happen again. By then I’d stopped squirming and I was doing my best to push my cunt into the dogs head. I wanted more but Maria pulled the dog away and chased it off.

“You can get that feeling back again by using your fingers on your cunt. Boy’s fingers can do it as well, but they’re not as good as your own. Next time a boy puts his hand on your cunt you’d do well to let him play with you; you might just get that lovely feeling back.”

I didn’t say anything and all the kids left leaving me trying to take-in what had happened to me. I was still thinking about the feelings in my cunt when Mama and Papa returned. Papa came to release me and he told me that he hoped I had learnt a lesson. I certainly had, but not the one Papa was thinking about.”

When Carmen had finished there was a few seconds silence as we all thought about what she had said. I for one was wondering what it would be like to be spanked, have a belt used on my butt, and to have a dog lick my pussy. I just knew that Jude was thinking the same. As I started to come out of my thoughts I looked around and saw that all us girls had a hand on our pussies and fingers were slowly moving.

Ryan spoke for himself, Tanya, Tom and Jenny telling us that the best that they could tell us about was when Tanya thought it was him (Ryan) fuck her, but in actual fact it was Tom. Tanya said that she’d always suspected that it was Tom but Ryan had always refused to say who it actually was, until then. Jenny apologised for her boring life so far and Tom quickly added that she was trying to make-up for that now.

We paid the bill and left. Tanya said that she wanted to go to the bar again and everyone readily agreed. I suspected that after all those stories the other girls were like me wanting to let lots of guys look at our spread and dripping pussies. and to be able to play with them whilst being watched.

And we did; Carmen must have told the bar manager that we were going to be there every night because as we approached the place we saw quite a few posters with photographs of all us girls, each in an explicit pose, with big writing at the top saying ‘Naked English Girls’ or ‘Naked English Roses’. Ryan laughed when he saw the first one, Jenny said that her mother wouldn’t be too happy, and Tanya said that her mother would have an instant heart-attack and be dead in seconds. We were all still amused by our fame and we walked into the bar and were greeted by the manager who ushered us to what was rapidly becoming ‘our big table’, and we soon had free drinks in front of us.

There wasn’t a wet T-shirt competition but the DJ kept getting girls who were wearing dresses up onto the stage and sandwiching them between two male dancers. After a minute or so of sexy, sandwich dancing, the man behind the girl would reach down and pull the girl’s dress right up over her head. Most of the girls acted like they were shocked and embarrassed but two of them just carried on dancing. None of the girls were wearing bras and four of them weren’t wearing any knickers either. One of the girls who didn’t act all embarrassed was one of the knickerless ones and she looked to enjoy being naked, just like we did.

Our dance routine went well and Jenny got her cunt rubbed in men’s faces. As usual, our finale went down well with the audience, and us.

I slept with Ryan that night and got reminded how lucky Tanya is.

Day 9

Another beautiful sunrise.

We decided on a quiet day at the gym and swimming pool. The only ‘problem’ was that it was vibrator day. Carmen again said that she was feeling left out so Jenny offered to lend her hers.

The boys waited until we were practising our routine in the gym before switching them on and they tormented us something rotten by turning them from low, to high, to low and then to high, over and over. Jenny wasn’t too pleased on two counts; firstly it was causing havoc with our practice, and secondly, she wasn’t having any of the fun that we were. Carmen was really struggling at first. She’s never worn a remote controlled vibe before and it took quite a while for her to get used to not being in control.

Jenny looked a bit jealous as four glistening and one nearly dry pussy got exposed to an increasing audience. I’m sure that the man on the door must have got on his phone to call his mates just as soon as we passed him. Not that we cared.

We had to stop a few times as each of the vibes brought their host to an orgasm, sometimes more than once. It depended upon what the boys were doing with the controls. Eventually, Jenny was happy with our performance and decided that we’d had enough. We went and had a shower then left to go and find a café.

An ice cream and a drink (or two) later we left the café and wandered around. We were heading to the swimming pool but weren’t in a rush. We stopped at a few shops to have a look round and even tried a few clothes on. The couple of drinks that Jenny had drunk must have been full of alcohol because she got quite happy. I’ve never heard of a naked person mooning a passing car, or even if it would be called that, but that’s what Jenny did. She even did it to cars that were stopped at road junctions, walking up to them, turning and bending over with her legs wide. She flashed two male drivers like that but the third, a woman, didn’t look too happy.

Jenny got a little less lively as we arrived at the swimming pool and lay out on the sun loungers. As soon as we got on our backs the boys switched the vibes on again. Thankfully on low because I just wanted to lie there and soak up the sun, which I did. Okay, as the vibe got me more and more aroused my legs parted more and more but I didn’t care. That sun felt good.

Whichever of the boys had the controls must have decided that he wanted more fun because I woke up feeling my vibe purring on full throttle. I looked to the others and saw Jude, gripping the sides of the sun lounger and her back arched up with her feet right at the edge of the sun lounger.

I looked further and saw two teenage boys staring down at her. That was it for me, the vibe inside me and seeing my twin sister cumming was enough to take me over the edge. As I came down from my high I looked round. Jude was back to normal but Tanya was still up on a high. Jenny looked pissed at missing out.

After a swim, another tanning session, another orgasm and a last swim, we decided that it was time to head back. Just before we left those two young girls arrived and we watched them settle on some sun loungers then, after looking all around, they took their bikinis off revealing that neither of them had a landing strip any more. We all waved and said ‘Hey’ as we were leaving. I wondered if they had the courage to leave the swimming pool naked and walk around town like that. Even better, back to their hotel and surprise their parents.

When we got back to the farmhouse Ryan told Betty that we were taking her and Pablo out for a meal again. After a few small protests we all got cleaned-up and went on the short walk back to town. Carmen picked the restaurant again, another one where she knew the manager and we had another lovely meal.

Afterwards Carmen told her parents that we were going to go dancing so Betty and Pablo left to go to their home and we went to the bar to earn more than enough to pay for the meal that we’d all just had.

The 'English Roses' were the only entertainment put on by the bar that night and, as usual, we enjoyed ourselves and judging by the cheers from the audience, they did too. The dancing before and after was fun as well with a few men trying to get off with us. Of course we teased them and let them fondle our bodies before going back to our group.

Carmen slept with Ryan and Tanya that night whilst I was with Tom.

End of part 7b

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