We Hate Clothes
by Vanessa

Part 7a

Author’s Note: Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. If you haven’t already read my fictional series My boyfriend likes to expose me I suggest that you do. It will give you a good backgrounding for this part of ‘We hate clothes’.

Part 07a – The surprisingly good summer holiday

Around the start of June, Dad started talking about the summer holidays. He told us that Max and he wanted to go playing golf again. Of course we weren’t interested in that, and initially we suggested that he could just dump us in a hotel somewhere on the coast and we’d take care of ourselves.

Dad wasn’t keen on that and we were at a bit of a stalemate until a few days later when we got talking to Tanya at the gym. She’d been telling us about the holidays that she and Ryan had been on and we were both quite jealous. Jokingly, Jude asked if we could go with them on their next holiday and explained what our problem was.

Tanya’s boyfriend (Ryan) was in the sauna watching us girls masturbate when we continued our conversation and we were really happy when he said that we could go with them. When he told us where they were going I could see that Jude was a little disappointed, just like I was; he told us that they were going to some little village up in the hills in southern Spain. Tanya interrupted, telling us that it wasn’t too far from the Mediterranean coast and that we could drive there in less than an hour. Both Jude and I perked up when Tanya said that even though she was a little apprehensive about the place they’d be doing that drive every day if the village was a bit crap.

That night, in bed, while we were pleasuring each other, I was day-dreaming about doing some of the things that Tanya had told us that they had got up to.

I was really surprised when Tanya brought up the subject of the holiday the next time that we saw them at the gym. Tanya said there were a few obstacles to overcome before it could happen, the biggest of which was how could a father let his two young daughters go on holiday with a couple that he’d never even met, and how we didn’t want him to know where we knew that couple from.

After a lot of silly ideas we came up with a story that we’d met them a few months back at the shopping centre when I’d tripped up and Ryan had helped me up. We’d bumped into them a bit later in the food hall and got talking. We’d also bumped into them a few more times at the shopping centre and each time we’d ended up in the food hall eating and talking.

Dad bought the story but wanted to meet Ryan and Tanya before he’d agree to it. Ryan said that he could understand that and he brought Tanya round to our house one evening a few days later. I arranged that visit over the phone from home and nearly slipped up by not telling Ryan how to get to our house (he’s dropped us off just down the road a few times). Fortunately Jude reminded me and when I hung up Dad was stood behind me.

When Ryan and Tanya arrived Jude and I were still naked and Ryan pretended to be surprised. Dad welcomed them in and apologised for our lack of clothes. Ryan said that it wasn’t a problem and managed to avoid looking at our bodies – most of the time.

I was quite surprised how grown-up Tanya looked; she almost looked her real age in her business suit of grey skirt and jacket and white blouse. I nearly didn’t recognise her because it was the first time that I’d seen her with any clothes on.

Anyway, Dad and Ryan got on like a house on fire. Ryan’s quite a smooth talker when he wants to be. At one point I noticed that Tanya, who was sat on the sofa opposite Max, had let her knees fall apart. Her business skirt was quite long compared to our school skirts but I still wondered if Max could see anything; not that Tanya would have minded.

The meeting was a success and Dad gave Ryan a cheque for the air fares. They parted with Dad promising to phone him to arrange a night out.

One other thing that Ryan wanted to sort out before we set off was an easy way for him, and the others, to be able to tell who was which twin. I mentioned my mole but Ryan said that he couldn’t ask us to come over to him and show him what we’ve got between our legs before he talks to us; well, not if we’re out in public.

After a couple of silly suggestions we settled on nipple piercings and different shaped barbells. When Tanya asked how they’d be able to tell when we’ve got tops on, Ryan said that he hardly ever sees us with clothes on, and if we had it’s easier for him to look down our tops than get us to lift our skirts and spread our legs.

We met Tanya and Ryan in town the next Saturday, got the deed done then went and bought the barbells. Both Dad and Max liked them but Dad did ask if we thought that we were old enough to be doing things like that to our bodies. I didn’t tell him that we’re thinking of getting our clit hoods pierced as well.

Both of us were excited as hell in the few days before we departed; Dad and Max had already left and we were home alone and had nothing much to think about other than our upcoming adventure. The evening before we left, Ryan and Tanya picked us up and we all went to the gym for us girls to get a bit of last minute flashing fun. As Tanya said, it might be two weeks before we could get naked in front of any guys again.

Things were going great with all four of us girls leaving our house naked then exposing our pussies to countless guys until Jude and I had a terrible experience. We were in the workout room and Jude was on her back fucking herself on the pedalling machine and I was doing the splits and lowering and raising myself onto the dildo sticking up from the floor when I looked up and, horror of horrors, there was our English teacher Mr. Elliott stood staring down at me.

I froze; there I was, totally naked, legs spread as wide as they could go, fully impaled on an a dildo and about to cum. All of a sudden that wonderful feeling disappeared, my pussy felt very dry and my face went crimson.

“Hello Jude, or is it Kate? I never could tell you two apart. I assume that the other one is here as well,” Mr. Elliott said.

After a couple of seconds where I thought that I was about to shit on the floor, I looked over to Jude. She’d heard Mr. Elliott talk, recognised his voice and was frozen as well. Mr. Elliott followed my eyes and saw Jude.

“Yes, I knew that she’d be here; I’ve never seen you two more than a few feet apart. So how did you two get in here? I thought that you had to be 18 to join.”

“Oh shit!” I thought. After a few seconds, that seemed like hours, I opened my mouth but couldn’t talk. I coughed then tried again. “Hello sir, I never expected to see you here; how are you?”

“And I never expected to see any of my pupils here either.”

In those few seconds I got my wits together and said, “Can we talk please sir? Err, not here, can we go towards the sauna please?”

“Okay Jude, but it had better be good. You’ll have to show me where the sauna is, it’s my first time here.”

“It’s Kate actually sir.”

By that time Jude had got to her feet, her imminent orgasm a distant memory. She followed Mr. Elliott as I led the silent way to the sauna. I looked in and saw that no one else was around so I led us inside and Jude shut the door.

“Look girls,” Mr. Elliott said, “As I said, I never expected to see any of my pupils here; and I certainly didn’t expect to see any naked young girls either; especially ones who are as young as you.”

On the walk to the sauna I’d been thinking and thought that we might be able to talk him into not saying anything. “Are you sure sir? I mean, you must have seen the signs and the naked girls when you came in. Or is your wife one of the other girls here?”

There was a few seconds silence as Mr. Elliott was thinking about what I’d said. “Okay you two; we’re all busted. My wife doesn’t know about the girls at this gym and I don’t know how you two managed to get in. Although, thinking about it, I’m not surprised to see you here. The lack of underwear and you flashing your pussies at me during every lesson at school is a big enough clue. How about I promise to keep quiet about you two being here, and your age, if you promise not to tell my wife or anyone at school about me coming here. Oh, and you both promise to show me more each lesson.”

I looked at Jude then back to Mr. Elliott then put out my right hand. We shook hands on the deal then Mr. Elliott said. “Oh, and while we’re here you’d better call me Glen; we don’t want to give anyone any ideas, do we?”

“Have you ever been in a sauna before sir, I mean, Glen?” Jude asked.

“No, I assume that you just sit here and get hotter and hotter.”

“Yes Glen, the men usually sit in the middle on the bottom bench and keep turning to look at the girls that usually sit at either end.” Jude continued.

I’d already worked out that Jude wanted us to put on a show for ‘Glen’; and as Glen sat in the middle Jude and I sat at either end; one leg up on the bench and the other on the floor; just as we usually do. Also, as usual, our hands moved to our pussies and started toying with our clits.

“So this is what the girls usually do in here, is it? Or are you putting on a show just for me?”

“Honest sir, sorry, Glen,” Jude said, “we’re not trying to persuade you to give us an A for our school work. This IS what most of the girls do in here.”

“I hope that comment wasn’t an attempt to take advantage of the situation, young lady?”

“No sir, I think that we’d have to do a bit more than this sir.”

Glen looked at me and grinned; and I wondered what it would be like to get fucked by our English teacher.

It didn’t take long for both of us to cum and shortly afterwards, Glen got up and said that he had to go. Jude and I looked at each other and giggled a bit; wondering if he’d gone to the toilet to take care of his obvious hard-on.

Just after Glen had gone, the door opened and Tanya and Jenny walked in. They assumed the approved girl’s position and shortly afterwards Tanya asked us why we’d disappeared from the workout room so quickly.

I looked at Jude and she looked at me and we both nodded. “That man, the one that followed us out, he’s our English teacher.”

“’Kin-ell,” Jenny said, “Are you going to be in trouble when you go back to school after the holidays?”

“No,” I said, “we’ve come to an agreement. His wife doesn’t know that he’s here, and he’s worried about his career; so I think that we’re okay.”

“Good,” Tanya said.

We’d just cum again when Ryan walked in. No one told him about Glen and I assumed that Tanya would tell him later. After a few minutes Ryan asked us if our piercing had healed properly, he said that he was worried that the sun in Spain might cause us problems. We assured him that we wouldn’t have a problem, unless he pulled on the barbells too much.

We’d taken our luggage with us to the gym because Tanya had invited us to stay with them that night because we had an early start. When we’d left home with only two small bags Ryan had reminded us that we were going for two weeks. Jude laughed and told him that we didn’t plan on wearing much for any of the time and a couple of micro skirts and skimpy tops would easily do for us – if we had to wear anything.

“I hope that you’re right,” Jenny had said.

When we got to Tanya and Ryan’s house Tom (Ryan’s brother) was there and as we were talking Ryan gave each of us girls a little package saying, “Here’s another swimsuit for you to add to your collection, but you won’t need a bigger bag carry it. I hope that I’ve wasted my money and that you won’t need them, or the others that you’ve packed, but just in case you might like this one.”

“What makes you think that we’ve got any bikinis in our bags?” Jude asked.

Ryan just smiled.

When we opened the little packages, two pieces of material fell out. All of us were a bit mystified when we saw them because each piece looked identical. They are like big elastic bands made out of some very stretchy, thin material. Most of each ‘elastic band’ is about half an inch wide but in one part the material unrolls to about 3 inches wide and in another place it opens to about 1.5 inches wide. It was Tanya that figured it out first, putting her left leg though the ‘elastic band’, pulling it right up to her pussy then stretching it and putting it over her left shoulder. She shuffled it round so that the widest part covered her tiny tit.

It was as she was covering her tit that the rest of us girls twigged what it was. We started doing what Tanya had done as she stepped into the second ‘elastic band’ and pulled it over her right shoulder. Soon each of us was wearing a sort of slingshot swimsuit that could easily leave our pussies and tits totally exposed or if necessary just covered. The only place where the two ‘elastic bands’ met all the time was in our butt cracks.

Our disappointment of wearing a swimsuit rapidly changed to thoughts of where we could get away with wearing it in England. We all kept them on until it was time to go to bed, Jude and I sharing the sofa.

Day 1

We all got up dead early and it was a good job that we didn’t have much luggage because we had a bit of walking to do to get us from bus to train to another train and then into the airport. All of us girls were wearing very skimpy clothes and the fresh morning air was making sure that our nipples were trying to burst through our thin tops all the time.

We had to travel through London and going through the tube stations was fun because of the breeze and the escalators. I have no idea how many people got an eyeful. We weren’t paying much attention to that because we were so keen to get to the airport. When us girls managed to get a seat on the trains we all sat with our legs slightly open and a couple of times I noticed men sat opposite us staring at our legs, and maybe our pussies.

On the plane both Ryan and Tom had a hand on Tanya’s and Jenny’s pussies most of the time and judging by the odd little moan that we heard clits were getting played with. Not wanting to be left out, I put my hand under my bag and toyed with my own clit for most of the journey. Looking over to Jude, she was pleasuring herself as well.

At Malaga airport Ryan took us to the car hire desk and collected the keys to a seven-seater that we all hurried to. I had to go for a pee on the way and by the time I caught up with them the other three girls were stripping off and climbing into the back of the car. By the time we left the airport there were four naked girls in the back of that car, their clothes sat on the spare seat.

It took about an hour driving west along the coast road before Ryan turned off and headed up into the hills. About 35 minutes later we stopped at a road junction and Ryan pointed to a sign pointing up a dirt track towards the hills that said ‘Pueblo de la Belleza’ 1 Km. That was the name of the village that we were looking for and Ryan said that it would be a good idea if we were to put some clothes on. We all got out and just stood there for a couple of minutes, soaking up the sun, before reluctantly putting our clothes back on and getting back into the car.

We had to go slowly up to the village because the road was more like a very dusty dirt track, and as we reached the first building a man in some sort of uniform, and carrying a rifle, walked out and stopped us. I have to admit that I was a little bit scared; I’ve never had a man with a gun stop me before. I looked at the other girls and they too weren’t looking happy.

The man waved his rifle indicating that we should get out. We did and Jenny asked if we should put our hands in the air. Ryan said not, telling us that this was the 21st century in Spain; they don’t go shooting scantily dressed young girls. None of us were convinced and noticed that we all held our hands together in front of us.

We were stood in a line along the side of the car and the man came up to Tanya at the end of the line and put the pointy end of the rifle under the front of her skirt. He lifted it up as far as it would go but he wasn’t happy so Tanya lifted her skirt up passed her waist. The man then started talking at a crazy speed. Some of us knew a few words of Spanish but we hadn’t a clue what he was on about.

Tom went into the car and got a Spanish to English translation book and Ryan got his phone out. Using the book and a translation app we managed to decide that he wanted Tanya to take her clothes off. That sort of request wouldn’t faze any of us girls so Tanya did just that.

The man seemed happy when Tanya was naked but he did stare at her jewellery (she was wearing all three piercings and the chain from her clit and the chain from nipple to nipple. The man moved to the front of Jude and using the rifle he tried to lift her skirt. Jude lifted it for him and as soon as he saw her bald pussy he again started rabbiting on. Jude stripped naked and again he seemed happy.

By this time we were all wondering what the fuck was going on. Was he just an old pervert who was throwing his weight (gun) about just for the fun of it or was it something else. Ryan decided that Jenny and I should just get naked before he started on us.

The man seemed a lot happier and put his rifle down against the building. We all just stood there looking bemused. “What the fuck is going on?” I said.

“I haven’t a clue but you’re not complaining, are you?”

“Hell no!” Jenny replied.

Ryan then tried to talk to the man to ask him where his aunt and uncle’s farm was. After a long session with Ryan, Tom, the phone app and Tom’s little book; all looked happy as Ryan and Tom came back to the car.

“Don’t put your clothes back on and get back into the car. I know where we’re going.”

As we drove off Ryan told us that the man had been expecting us, but he still had to check us.

“What does that mean?” Tanya asked.

“I have no idea but he’s back there and we’re moving, so I’m not complaining.”

We all agreed and we slowly drove through the village. As we went we saw four little kids playing on the street; all were naked.

We got to the other side of the village and about 50 yards further on we turned left and immediately saw what looked like a farmhouse. When we got to it Ryan and Tom got out and went to the door. We saw them talking to the man and woman then there was some hand shaking and hugs with the woman.

“I guess that this is the right place,” Tanya said, as us girls just sat in the car.

After some more talking and looking over to us, Ryan came over and told us to get out.

“But we’re naked; we don’t want to upset anyone on our first day here,” Jenny said.

“Don’t worry about that; Aunt Betty and Uncle Pablo will explain all when we get inside.”

We did and were promptly hugged by both Aunt Betty and Uncle Pablo. When we got inside Betty got us a drink and Betty and Pablo explained why we were told to get naked. Apparently, the village went through a really bad time about 40 years ago and no one had any money. Things were so bad that everyone couldn’t even afford to buy any clothes. It got to the stage where just about all the kids had to run around naked during the warmer months and the village elders made a law that said all kids couldn’t wear any clothes from April to October until they reached puberty. They defined puberty as when pubic hair started to grow.

We all laughed, most of us probably thinking what I was: “Wouldn’t it be great if the whole world had a law like that?”

Tanya asked why Ryan and Tom hadn’t been checked. Betty laughed and said, “They don’t look like kids, but you four do. You all look very young, especially without your clothes on.”

I almost blushed and reminded myself that I was grateful that I had small breasts. I looked at Jenny, her ‘B’s proudly sticking out from her chest, and thought, “Well I suppose tits are one of the first things that start to grow on a girl.”

I then looked at Tanya and was reminded that she looks younger than Jude and me, and her tits are virtually non-existent.

“Does that mean that we’ve got to be naked all the time that we’re here?” Jenny asked.

I looked at the other three girls; we all had smiles on our faces, so did the guys. Uncle Pablo did as well.

“Yes, I’m afraid that it does. You can put clothes on when you leave the village if you want, but in the new town ‘Ciudad de Golf’, just round that big hill on the left when you arrived, and all the villages around here all accept that kids can be naked wherever they are. Besides, a few of the other villages also have the same law. One or two families take their kids clothes with them and get them to put them on as soon as they get out of the village, but most don’t bother, and the kids don’t seem to care; after all, this place has got the weather for it.” Betty said.

“What about the schools?” Tanya asked.

Betty laughed and said, “The nearest schools are 15 km away and they accept the laws of the villages. Our own daughter, Carmen, went to those schools and in the summer months she never wore any clothes until she left to go to university.”

“But surely she’d have grown pubic hair by then.”

“Yes,” Betty replied, “but she did what I guess that you all do, shave it off. You’ll be able to meet Carmen in a few days; she’s coming home for a few weeks.”

“So how do I tell which one of you is Jude and which one is Kate?”

Jude answered, “Well, if you don’t mind looking at our little breasts, Kate is the one wearing the little barbells; my rings are a little bigger.”

“Yes, I can see that.”

Betty explained that the six of us would be sleeping in the outbuilding. When she took us over there we saw two bedrooms with double beds in them, and another double bed in the main living area. Jude and I automatically assumed that we’d be sleeping there. There was a little room with a toilet and small sink but no bath or shower, and the lounge had a sink and a small cooker and small fridge.

After getting our luggage out of the car we joined Betty and Pablo for another drink out on a shaded area by the house. We spent the next couple of hours catching up on family history and news and what there was in the area.

Apparently the ‘new town’ only started getting built ten years ago and has become a proper resort with just about everything that holidaymakers could want (except for beaches and the sea). It’s all based around a big golf course. When Pablo said that I looked at Jude and I knew that she was thinking the same as I was.

“I hope not,” I said.

Betty looked a bit puzzled but carried on talking to us all.

Eventually the news and local information dried up and Tom suggested that we all go for a walk to ‘get to know the lay of the land’. Pablo laughed and said,“That won’t take long.”

He was right, within half an hour we’d walked down the main street and the only two little dead-end side streets in the village. No one batted an eyelid at us being naked, some even smiling at us, and we saw those kids, and a few more; all naked.

When we got back to the farmhouse Betty had prepared a meal for us and we all sat at the table outside to eat it and then have a few drinks as the sun went down.

While we were eating Ryan asked if there was a shower that we could use. Pablo told us that he’d rigged up a shower behind the little barn. As we were getting ready for bed we went round the back of the barn and saw Pablo’s improvised shower, a hosepipe attached to some planks and a big flat rock to stand on. Not that it bothered us, but round the back of the barn all you could see was the hills and the odd goat wandering around.

Getting our towels, we took it in turns under the hosepipe, even Ryan and Tom coming out naked. It was the first time that Jude and I had seen the guys naked, and even though they’d seen Jude and me naked quite a lot, both guys had raging hard-ons. Their partners joined them in the shower and tormented them by giving them the occasional quick wank. I guessed that they wanted to keep them hard and wondered if it was for our benefit. Both Ryan and Tom shave their pubes and I wondered if they’d walk about naked as well. I looked at Jude and we both smiled.

All of us enjoyed our partner’s bodies before going to sleep. At one point or another, all of the others walked through the living room while Jude and I were eating each other out but we didn’t care and no one said anything. After all, they’d all seen us having orgasms before.

Day 2

It was beautiful day when the cockerels woke us up, and Jude and I went outside and watched the sunrise. As we were sat there in the cool fresh air with our nipples rock hard, each of us were idly rubbing our own clits when Pablo emerged. He smiled at us then left the farm, presumably to go to tend to his animals or crops, or some other farming requirement. After the sun was up we inspected each other’s pussy and plucked out any new hairs.

As the others emerged we started taking it in turns under the hosepipe, not even drying our bodies; the rapidly warming sun was taking care of that.

Betty timed it perfectly and as Tom and Jenny walked round the corner she opened the door and shouted that breakfast was ready. I don’t know why, but both Ryan and Tom disappointed us and put some shorts on before joining us at the table. Maybe they wanted to hide their morning woodies from their auntie.

As we were eating Betty said, “Now you boys and girls remember to put plenty of suntan lotion on, the sun gets very bright and hot out here; not like in that cold and wet England.”

“We will,” Tanya said.

Betty continued, “That’s the reason we moved out here.”

“I don’t blame you;” Ryan said, “I’d love to live somewhere round here one day.”

After breakfast we went to put on the suntan lotion before exploring the rest of the farm. It was then that Jenny discovered that she’d forgotten to pack their suntan lotion. “That’s a great excuse for going to explore the golf town,” Tom said.

“We don’t need an excuse,” Ryan said, “besides, I’m sure that these gorgeous girls want to flash their goods to the men folk of the town.”

“But there may be lots of tourists,” Tanya said.

“The more the merrier,” I added.

The farm is very small by English standards. The barn’s more like an oversized garage with enough space for the old tractor and trailer and some storage space with some hay in one corner. There wasn’t even any rope or beams that we could use for some tie-up games fun.

We could see Pablo in the distance doing something in one of the small fields. There was obviously some sort of crop there. We decided that we’d leave exploring further up the valley to another day and set off into the village.

As we were going out the other side of the village, the man with the gun was there and he started to talk to us. Well, for him to say something in Spanish that we couldn’t understand.

Betty was right about the town being just round the corner. Admittedly it was a big hill that we had to walk round but it only took us about 10 minutes. She was also right about the size. None of us were expecting anything that big. Some of the buildings must have been six or seven stories high.

The track turned into a tarmac road just on the outskirts of the town and I could see tourists and the odd Spanish looking person walking along the street that we were about to emerge onto. We did and turned to go in the direction that looked to be the centre of the place. As we walked along, only a few people looked at the four girls wearing only shoes and carrying their bags. I was feeling so liberated and happy. Both Jude and Jenny looked the same but Tanya didn’t. She looked a bit nervous and embarrassed. Maybe it was the chains hanging from her clit and joining her nipples.

There got to be more and more people wandering about and I wondered if we’d see a policeman, and what he’d do.

When we stopped at a tourist type shop there was a middle-aged couple looking at the stuff on the racks outside the shop. They must have been Spanish because we heard the woman say, “Deben ser los niños de la aldea de la belleza.”

I recognised the village name and the word niños so I assumed that they thought that we were kids from the village that were allowed to go naked. I guessed that Betty was right. People did know about the naked kids; we were going to be okay. I smiled and thought, “If only they knew our real age.”

Jenny bought her suntan lotion without any problems. I watched her paying for it and the shopkeeper just treated her like any other customer. Jenny was the one that I thought most likely to have a problem because her tits are bigger than the rest of us but she didn’t. It really did look like we’d be able to stay naked for the whole holiday. Then I wondered if it would be the same when we drove to the beach and thought that at worst we’d have to wear the swimsuits that Ryan bought us.

As we walked on Jude asked me if I’d noticed that the Spanish people were just ignoring us but more and more of the tourists were staring at us. It was Ryan that answered saying that the Spanish obviously knew about the laws of the villages but the tourists didn’t. They weren’t expecting naked girls walking all over the place.

“Then we can have more fun teasing the tourists,” Jenny said.

“If we don’t stop soon,” I said, “I’m going to be entertaining them by cumming right here on the street.”

“Did you put your vibe in without telling me?” Jude asked.

I nodded and noticed that all the others were looking at me and grinning.

“Shame that you didn’t bring the control with you, or did you?” Tanya asked.

I nodded and Tanya grabbed my bag out of my hand, opened it and showed the control to everyone.

“Turn it up!” Jude said. “She should have told me so that I could have put mine in as well.”

Tanya did, and it wasn’t long before I was cumming right there in the street. I had to lean against a wall to be able to stay on my feet while the others just grinned at me. Passers-by just stared at me as they went about their business, except for one English woman who stopped and asked if I was okay.

“Yes, thank you.” Tanya said, “She’s just got a bit of stomach ache, she’ll be fine in a few minutes.”

The woman said something that I couldn’t hear then walked on. Jude giggled.

“That was a bit embarrassing,” I said when I could. “Can you leave the vibe switched on to full please, Tanya. I want to do that again.”

“Not fair,” Jude said.

Tanya actually turned the vibe down and we started walking again. We wandered all around what looked like the busy part of town and found lots of bars and cafés, a bowling alley, a kid's play area (which Jude wanted to go and play in), a gym, and a swimming pool.

Then we stopped at a café and got something to eat. The waiter just took our order as if he served naked girls every day. Tom said that maybe he did, which made me wonder if it was true. We hadn’t seen any other naked kids but maybe they didn’t come out until the evenings.

My vibe was still purring away nicely and my hand was cupping my pussy when our food arrived. Just as the waiter arrived Tanya turned the vibe up to full and the inevitable happened. The waiter gave me some strange looks as I struggled to compose myself.

While we were eating Jude suggested that we should have vibrator days where we all wore them, but swap the controls around every so often or just give them to the guys so that we had no idea who was controlling who. That sounded fun to all of us so it was agreed to do it every third day starting with the day that we arrived. That meant that tomorrow was going to be torture day. I asked if we’d got enough batteries with us.

One other thing that we agreed on was that we’d eat out every lunchtime and evening. Tanya said that Betty and Pablo didn’t look as though they had much money so it wasn’t fair that we expected them to pay for all our meals. We all agreed and after finishing our drinks we headed for a supermarket to stock-up on what we wanted for breakfasts.

It felt good, and a bit strange, walking around the supermarket in the nude, but Jude and I quickly discovered that we wanted to check-out the bottom shelves quite a lot, but only when a man was walking towards us.

After that we headed back to the village to give Betty the food and to give her our news. Of course she said that it wasn’t necessary but we all pushed it until she agreed. We also told her that we were taking her and Pablo out for a meal on a few evenings.

After that we asked Betty more about the farm and then went for a wider wander to have a look for ourselves. Pablo grows quite a few vegetable and has a few fruit trees. It was all pretty small-scale but it obviously made them enough money to live on, and they looked happy.

Pablo looked please to see us as he was picking some tomatoes. Ryan and Tom chatted to him for a while then we headed off back to the farmhouse for a shower before heading back to the town to see what it was like at night.

The place was a lot livelier than we’d expected, with quite a lot of people wandering around and filling the bars and cafés. I wondered if the ‘oldies’ would take us into a bar and let us have a drink.

We sat in a café eating, having a few drinks and talking; yes, the ‘oldies’ were happy to buy us the odd alcoholic drink but they told us that they wouldn’t let us get drunk.

The subject of sleeping arrangements came up and Jenny (I think) said that we should do some bed hopping to spice things up. Jude asked what she meant and was told that we should sleep with someone different each night. Both Jude and I looked surprised, and so did Tanya. As we kept talking about it I realised that I was getting wet thinking about sleeping with Ryan or Tom.

In the end it was agreed that we’d put it to a vote and if it wasn’t unanimous the idea would be dropped. Tanya tore one of the cafés bills into six pieces, got a pen out of her bag, and passed the voting papers round. As the pen followed round each of us put a ‘Y’ or a ‘N’ on the paper and folded it. When we’d all voted we put the papers into an ash tray and Jenny put her hand over it and shook it. Then she took the papers out and opened them.

The vote was 4 to 2 in favour. Jenny, Jude and I all looked disappointed for a couple of seconds until Ryan said, “I voted no.”

“So did I,” said Tom.

Then Ryan continued, “I voted no because there’s no way that I’m sleeping with Tom.”

“Good, that was why I voted no as well,” Tom added.

“Okay,” Jenny laughingly said, “I can understand that and I guess that everyone else can as well. If we exclude you two guys sleeping together would you have voted yes?”



“So we’re all agreed then?”

Jenny looked at each of us in turn and we all nodded.

“No one’s going to get jealous or have any sort of hang-up, are they?”

Jenny looked at each of in turn again and we all shook our heads sideways.

“Right, all we’ve got to do now it workout who will be sleeping where, and when.”

We all had our own ideas but in the end we came up with a rota that we were all happy with. I knew I was.

It was then that I confessed that Jude and I had never properly kissed a guy before. The others looked surprised then Tanya said, “I’m sure that these two will soon put that right. Make the most of them while you can, girls.”

“Yeah, you do that,” Jenny added, “and you be gentle with them, Tom.”

“Of course,” Tom said.

It was dark when we walked back to the farmhouse and we had to take it slowly because we were on a dirt track that has no street lights.

After a shower I kissed Jude then went to Ryan. It was everything that I’d though it would be, and more. Right in the middle of a passionate kiss while he was fucking me I realised just how lucky Tanya is.

Day 3

The cockerel woke us again but that morning I mounted Ryan to take care of his morning woody before going for a shower. Tanya was there and I told her that she was a lucky girl. Just as Tanya got off the rock and I got on, Ryan walked round the corner with another morning woody. This time I watched Tanya take care of it.

As we were walking back to the outbuilding after breakfast Jenny reminded everyone that it was vibrator day. All of us girls put fresh batteries in, slid them into their home, and put the controls in our little bags. When we all got to the table outside the farmhouse we put the controls on the table, then Ryan and Tom shuffled them around. I was pleased to see that we’d all got the same model control. Each girl picked one up then swapped it with another girl’s before putting them in our bags. As we walked through the village we agreed that the torture could start any time after we arrived in the town.

Walking along the dirt track we decided that we’d go and spend a few hours at the swimming pool first. We hadn’t brought anything with us, apart from some suntan lotion in our bags, but we didn’t expect to need towels or anything. The sun would take care of us.

The pool wasn’t very big but it was full of tourist and it was obvious that they didn’t expect naked girls to be there. Just about everyone stared at us as we walked in. Tanya was the only one of us who looked a bit embarrassed and Jenny said that we should start the vibe challenge so that Tanya would lose her inhibitions.

Nothing happened, well to my vibe anyway, until we’d found some sun loungers by the outdoor pool. I was just settling when I gasped as my vibe started on low. I didn’t even bother to look to see if I could see who had a control in their hand, instead I just went ”Aaaaaargh” and closed my eyes. I remember spreading my legs a little so that my pussy could get some sun.

I guess that the others were relaxing in the sun too because I never heard anything for quite a while then I heard Tanya start moaning. I opened my eyes and saw that she was breathing heavily and her back was rising up from her sun lounger. Her legs were spread quite wide as well. I looked around to see who was looking, knowing that she was about to cum. A couple about Ryan’s age on sun loungers quite close to the bottom of Tanya’s sun lounger were both staring at her.

I picked-up my bag and quickly turned someone’s vibe up to full. I smiled as Jenny suddenly gasped and her butt lifted off her sun lounger for a second or two.

Putting my bag back on the ground under the sun lounger I closed my eyes and relaxed; but not for long; my vibe went up to full. It was my turn to moan and writhe about. I tried to keep quiet and as still as possible but I wasn’t totally successful.

When I calmed down I decided that I needed to cool off and got into the pool. I was soon joined by the others and we had a good time messing about, nothing sexually that is, unless you count a naked girl on a man’s shoulders.

A couple of English girls about 13 or 14 jumped into the pool while we were in it and we invited them to join us in the silly games that we were playing. When the games stopped and we were just hanging around in the pool, Tanya got talking to the girls. They wanted to know why we were all naked and Tanya told them all about the village and the laws. Then Tanya invited them to take their bikinis off. One of them told her that they couldn’t because they’d both got landing strips. When we got out we left the two young girls talking and occasionally looking over to us.

Jenny decided that we should swap the vibe controllers so we all gave them to Ryan who turned his back to us then turned back and gave us one each. As I put mine in my bag I turned it on to low and smiled, wondering who was going to have some fun next.

We soaked up the sun again, and as I turned over I looked around and noticed that all four of us girls had spread legs. I guessed that all four vibes were purring away. I looked beyond our group and saw a few people, all male, looking our way. I smiled to myself and relaxed, making sure that they’d get a good view of my pussy.

I dozed off and dreamt about being gang-banged on a beach, surrounded by hundreds of men. When I woke-up Tanya told me that I’d been jerking about and moaning a lot. I guessed that I’d cum in my sleep so I asked the others if that was even possible; I’d never heard of that before. Tanya said that Ryan sometimes cums while he’s asleep and she often woke with a drenched pussy (we all said that we’d did that quite often), so we assumed that it was possible to have a full blown orgasm in your sleep. I certainly hoped it was.

Just then Jenny got a mischievous look on her face and she picked up her bag. Seconds later Tanya gasped and moaned. That was the cue for the other three girls to do the same. The vibe inside me went from low to high and I stood up and said, “I want to cum in the pool.”

By the time I surfaced the other three girls were beside me. We just stood there, neck deep in water, facing each other and with a look of pleasure on our faces. Before long the inevitable happened and one by one we started to cum.

It was probably a good thing that we were in the water as I’m sure that the other three bodies were jerking and twitching about as much as mine was. After I’d cum three or four times I wanted some rest so I looked at our sun loungers then the other three girls and said, “Shit! There’s no one to turn them down. What the fuck are we going to do?” Then I had another one.

There were moments of loud conversation from each of us as we all realised that we had a problem and that the two guys weren’t there to help us. We stood there for ages, all holding on to each other as we all had goodness knows how many orgasms. The other three started to look knackered and I know that I was.

Finally, Ryan and Tom appeared and looked over to us. Ryan must have realised what was going on and went straight to Tanya’s bag, then Jude’s, then mine, then Jenny’s. Relief at last as one by one we started to get back to some sort of normality.

When we were able, each of us went to the little ladder to climb out. Both Ryan and Tom were waiting and as we put our arms up to grab the ladder, they both grabbed an arm and pulled us up into the air and plonked us down on the ground. Tanya looked a bit mad and asked them where the hell they’d been. Ryan was full of apologies as he said that they’d been to the bar for a beer.

I went straight to my sun lounger and collapsed.

A woman walked by and said, “Are you all right drear, you look like you’ve had too much sun.”

“Something like that,” I said as I lay down and shut my eyes.

When I woke-up the others were standing next to me, “Come on sleepy head, time to go,” Jude said.

I shook my head and got to my feet.

We stopped at a café just down the road and had a drink and an ice cream. Again, the waiter ignored the fact that we were four naked girls, and again we got some strange looks from the tourists. One nosey old woman asked why we hadn’t got any clothes on and she was a bit shocked when Tanya said, “Because we don’t have to; that’s the law.”

The poor woman didn’t know what to say. She just stared for a couple of seconds then turned and walked off.

By the time that we left the café we were all feeling a lot better. We wandered around for a bit then stopped at the kids' play area. There were six swings there but only the girls sat there and swung backwards and forwards. Each one of us opened our legs wide as we swung forward. This attracted the attention of a couple of young teenage boys who stopped and stared at us but we just ignored them.

After that we went for a wander round some of the shops and we found one that sold costume jewellery. Jenny bought some nipple-clip-butterflies. She said that she felt left out being the only one that didn’t have anything on her nipples. They look really cute with little chains and beads on them. Jenny said that they don’t hurt but that they do keep her nipples erect all the time. Tanya laughed, saying that hers were hard all the time anyway; wandering around dressed like we were was making sure of that. I had to agree as I looked down at mine and then Jude’s. I reached over and gently rolled and twisted Jude’s right nipple just to tease her a bit.

The pavements in this town are like those that we saw in the resort last year; uneven and partially finished. As we were walking down one street Tanya suddenly stumbled forward and knocked into Jude. Fortunately, Tanya managed to stop herself from hitting the ground, but when she straightened up she couldn’t put her weight on her right foot; she’d sprained her ankle.

As we all turned to ask how she was, Ryan squat down in front of her, kissed her belly, then put his left arm through her legs and held her left leg to his chest. He then lent forward a bit and stood up, lifting Tanya up into the air. Because he was moving forward a bit as he got up, Tanya bent over his left shoulder. Her left arm went round his neck and rested on his right shoulder.

Ryan then started walking, saying, “Come on, she’s as light as a feather.”

“Ryan stop; …. You can’t carry me like this; my butt’s stuck up in the air. Everyone will be able to see my pussy.”

Ryan kept walking and Tom said, “Yes, they can.”

Ryan kept walking as Tanya bounced along on his shoulder, her hair hanging down over her face. I was walking behind them and after a while Tanya said, “Ryan, please don’t do that here, you’ll make me cum.”

Ryan kept walking and Tanya started moaning. “No, no, please don’t Ryan.”

After a minute or two it changed to, “Yes, yes, don’t stop.”

I was still behind and to the right of Ryan and when I sped up and passed them I saw that Tanya had let her right leg go out leaving room for Ryan to play with her pussy with his right hand as he walked. He was alternating between toying with her clit and finger fucking her.

“You lucky thing Tanya,” I said. “If I sprain my ankle will you carry me like that, Ryan?”

“Of course!” Ryan replied.

After a couple of hundred yards and quite a few people walking the opposite way, Ryan stopped at a seat on the side of the road and lowered Tanya on to it. As Tanya got her breath back Jude said, “It could have been better, you could have been on your back and everyone would have got a better view.”

That idea obviously appealed to Tom because he went behind Jenny and lifted her up the same way but with Jenny’s back to Tom’s shoulder. Jenny’s pubic bone was up in the air and her legs were slightly apart. Everyone could see everything.

“Tom! Put me down.” Jenny shouted, but all that did was attract the attention of a few passers-by who got a great view. Tom went for a walk up and down the street with Jenny bouncing up and down and trying to keep her back as straight as possible. When they got back Tom lowered Jenny who asked him if he’d carry her that way more often.

By that time Ryan had squat down in front of Tanya and was massaging her ankle. After a while she declared herself fit and gingerly got up onto her feet. She was fine.

We wandered around some more, stopping at the gym. It looked okay and was open to the public. We decided that we’d go in one day and see if we could use it like we do the one back home. That thought got four pussies worked up and all four of us felt our vibes burst into life. We’d simultaneously decided that our pussies had had enough of a rest.

Ryan had seen what was going on and led us to a café where he sat us four girls at the row of tables nearest the footpath. He faced two of us so that people walking one way could see all our fronts, and the other two, the other way. Ryan and Tom sat at the other side of the tables so that they could watch us and the passers-by.

All four vibes must have been on low, but that was enough for us to want people to see our pussies and all four of us had spread legs when a waiter came to take our order. Ryan and Tom ordered the drinks for us.

We sat there for ages, talking and drinking then eating and drinking, and (very importantly) flashing passers-by. The talking was about lots of things and, inevitably, got round to the gym. Tom has never been to the gym because (as a student) he can’t afford the membership fee. Of course Jenny has described and even demonstrated the way we girls flaunt our bodies. He asked us if we’d all give a demonstration for him. Ryan went one further and said that we should organise a synchronized display with all four of us putting on quite a display. All of us liked that idea, and because we were going to the beach the next day it was decided that we’d use the beach as our practice area. We also agreed that Jenny should take the lead as she has more experience than the rest of us have.

Tom said that we’d probably get a huge audience on the beach.

Jude added that she and I frequently put on a display for our brother and his mates after school, before our dad gets home from work. Tanya said that we were naughty little schoolgirls; then got up and kissed us both before saying ‘well done’ and ‘keep up the good work’. She then sat down again and spread her legs even wider.

All during our conversations one of us would get over-powered by our vibe and would have an orgasm in front of whoever happened to be looking. Every time the rest of us would stop talking and watch. Unfortunately, the batteries went flat half way through the evening but that didn’t stop us leaving our legs wide open and flashing anyone who looked. Another thing that I noticed was that every so often one or two of us would have a hand on our pussies and we'd be idly rubbing our clits.

Time flew by and before we knew it the volume of people on the streets decreased rapidly. Tanya suggested that we head back to the farmhouse and we all got up and left.

“How’s your ankle, Tanya?” Ryan asked.

“It’s fine thank you. Oh no, it still hurts, can you carry me home, please?”

“Damn,” Jude said, “I was hoping to ‘accidentally’ twist my ankle and get carried back.”

By then Ryan was stood facing Tanya, but when Jude said that I heard Tanya say, “Go on; get your fingers up Jude’s pussy.”

Ryan moved to Jude and within seconds she was over his shoulder and Ryan was off walking with Jude saying, “Oh, that’s nice.”

That night I slept with Tanya and had a wonderful night. She’s got an amazing tongue.

End of part 7a

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