We Hate Clothes
by Vanessa

Part 6

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

My story continues shortly after the last part. During that time of our lives our bodies didn’t change much. Our little tits hadn’t grown at all – thankfully. Jude often says that some of the fat boys at school have bigger tits than us. It looks like we’re destined never to need a bra which pleases us quite a lot. Neither of us fancy having big tits; that would get in the way of all sorts of things that we do. We are both VERY happy having small tits that we can forget about; except when we’re in a sexy mood (quite often) or fancy teasing some men.

Our pussies haven’t changed either. Okay, our pussy muscles get stretched quite frequently but the look from the outside is still just a bald slit with a little nub of flesh sticking out near the front.

We’ve turned 16 now and are working hard at school and having lots of fun teasing Max and his friends something rotten by our displays after school and before Dad gets home. There’s more that we’ve been up to and I’m about to tell you all about some of it.

One thing that I’ll tell you straight away is that neither of us has been properly kissed by a boy yet. Okay, we’ve had dozens of orgasms in front of boys, given lots of blowjobs and been fucked by loads of men, but we still haven’t been properly kissed. I think that the boys at school are a bit scared of the way we we are up-front about our naked bodies.

The Gym

I’ve just got to tell you about the gym first; it’s like a dream coming true; wow! This gym is just what Jude and I wanted (needed).

We had a bit of a scary moment when that Tanya girl caught us out. She guessed that we weren’t 18 and confronted us. We just had to go and say we were on a college course that just happened to be the one that the other girl there (Ella) was on. Talk about bad luck. We were okay though; both Tanya and Ella promised not to tell anyone.

The tour that Tanya took us on was unbelievable; we couldn’t believe that the girls openly masturbated in front of the men; and those tubes that some of them had in their pussies revealing their insides to the men, and the cameras, were totally amazing. By the time we got to the workout room my pussy was dripping.

The workout room was even more amazing. When we walked in Jude and I just stopped dead in our tracks. Naked, bald pussies were spread wide and men were stood right in front of them. All the girls looked as though they were in heaven.

I had to ask Tanya to repeat what she had just told us because my brain was working overtime taking it all in, and thinking about what I was going to do in there. What Tanya told us was that we could ask any of the men to show us how a machine works. After saying that she left us to ‘do our own thing’ and we just stood there with our juices oozing out of our pussies.

We just stood there in amazement, looking at what the girls, and men, were doing. There were two girls on funny looking exercise bikes and both looked like they were cumming. Another girl was doing the splits and she was lowering herself down onto a dildo sticking up out of the floor. Yet another girl was on her back using some sort of pedalling machine that was fucking her. In one corner was a man on his back on a bench with a girl sitting on his face. In the middle of the room three girls were doing yoga type stretching exercises; all three had their legs spread wide.

All around these girls were men who were getting a great view of their spread pussies.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably less than 10 seconds, one of the girls came up to us and asked if we were okay. “Yeah, yes,” I came out of my trance and said, “it’s our first time here and we don’t know where to start.”

I took my eyes off the amazing scene in front of me and looked at her. She’s very pretty and has a pair of tits that look more like mini traffic cones with rock hard nipples sticking out of the front. I suddenly became aware of my nipples; they too were rock hard and aching as well.

“Hi, my name's Lucy. Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming, I suggest that you just get on those exercise bikes and relax and get used to the place for a while. Oh, not those two that those girls are on; well not to start off with.”

“Hi Lucy, I’m Kate and this is Jude. Sorry, yes, it is a bit overwhelming; but I can see that we’re going to love it here.”

Lucy smiled and said, “I’m sure that you will, just take your time and don’t be afraid to ask anyone about anything.”

“Yeah, thanks Lucy,” Jude said, “nice to meet you.”

I looked at Jude and saw that she was staring at Lucy’s amazing tits. I tapped Jude’s arm and she shook her head and looked at me. “Let’s do what Lucy said,” I said, and we went and got on two of the normal-looking exercise bikes.

As I walked to the bikes my hands automatically went up to my little tits and squeezed my nipples to make sure that they were hard. Both bikes were set for someone taller than us and after a few seconds Jude said that she had to get off and adjust the saddle height.

“No, no, don’t do that.” I said; “this sliding from side to side is starting to feel good.”

We pedalled on, not believing that our pussies could get any wetter; but they did, and before long we were having our first orgasms in the workout room. As we calmed down Jude asked me if we should look for our bikes in the garage at home so that we can ride round the streets having orgasms.

We looked round the room, watching what the girls were doing. Tanya was doing stretching exercises, but I’d never seen anyone doing stretching exercises like that. They were more like a cross between a gym lesson and a yoga class. Jude commented on the fact that every one of them involved Tanya spreading her legs as far as she could.

We chatted a bit about what we were going to do then saw the 2 girls on the funny looking exercise bikes get off them. My eyes opened wide as I saw the dildos that they un-impaled themselves from. I looked at Jude and she looked at me. We’d never seen anything like that before and were totally amazed for a few seconds; then without saying anything we both got off our bikes and went over to the two dildo bikes.

I turned the pedals on one of the bikes and got a big grin on my face as I saw the dildo go up and down. Then I turned the pedals so that the dildo wasn’t sticking up through the saddle and got on the bike. I looked at Jude, smiled and we both stood up on the pedals on our bikes and slowly turned them so that the dildo came up. Then we both lowered ourselves down, gasping as the dildo touched our pussies; then we lowered ourselves right down.

Looking at Jude, I started to pedal slowly and relaxed as I started to fuck myself.

I looked up and saw 2 things; firstly, I saw myself on one of the big screens; and secondly, I saw the man stood in front of me. He was looking up and down, from my face to my pussy. I smiled and looked at his shorts. He was obviously enjoying watching me.

We pedalled for ages, slowing down each time that we got close to having another orgasm. We both wanted to make it last as long as possible before eventually exploding. I have to admit that I got a bit vocal when I went over to edge, much to the delight of the little male audience that had gathered round us. It was such a turn-on having those men watching us so closely.

All the time that we’d been pedalling on both types of bikes we’d been watching Tanya and the other girls do their stretching exercises. After our hearts had got back to beating at a near normal pace, both Jude and I went and did what the other girls were doing. It was such a turn-on stretching our legs so wide apart and letting the men look at our open pussies. I almost came just from being looked at.

After that I wanted to ‘spot’ a man lifting weights from a bench, but neither of us had the nerve to ask a man that first time that we went, although later times that we’ve been there we’ve found the courage and Jude and I are having a little competition to see who can spend the longest time with our pussies pressed on a man’s face. So far Jude’s managed 15 seconds longer than me.

The sauna was another first for us. Not only was the heat new to us, but the way that the girls in there openly masturbated in front of the men; wow; that was totally cool. Of course we had to do the same.

We got a little carried away and stayed in there a bit too long and had to be helped out of the sauna by two of the men. As I stood up my legs started to give way and I felt dizzy. The man nearest me jumped up and put an arm round me, holding my little tit. My nipples went even harder in spite of the fact that I was feeling quite faint. It was as he helped me out of the sauna that I saw Jude had had the same problem and was also being helped by another man.

They helped us to the sun loungers just outside the sauna and even went to get some cold water for us to drink. Of course we had to reward them by laying there with our legs wide open. They wouldn’t leave the bottom of the sun loungers for ages, repeatedly asking us how we were feeling. After the effects of the heat wore off they were replaced by horny feelings and I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I so wanted the man at the bottom of my sun bed to fuck me right there and then but I didn’t want to break the gym rules. There was no way that I wanted to risk getting thrown out and not be able to go back.

After what seemed like forever, the men left us and we started talking. After checking that we were both okay we talked about how we wanted to quit school and leave home to live at the gym. After a while we returned to the real world and decided to go for a swim. Just as we walked into the pool area Jude said, “Hey Kate, remember those little black tubes that Darren gave us when we joined? Well how about we go and get them and try them out?”

I didn’t answer her; instead I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the pool area. As we walked through reception to the Ladies changing room we saw a cute young man filling-in a membership form. He looked up and saw us and a big grin appeared on his face.

We smiled back and went into the changing room. We got the black tubes out of our locker and looked at them.

“This is going to be weird.” Jude said.

“Yeah,” I replied, “but nice.”

We both giggled and spread our legs then lips. Lubrication wasn’t going to be a problem as both our pussies had been dripping since before we got to the gym. I sighed and Jude grinned as the two tubes disappeared.

“A bit like walking with our dildo hanging out.” Jude said as we walked towards the door.

“Yeah, but with the dildo I can’t feel the air inside me.”

The young man was gone when we walked through reception and Jude looked a little disappointed.

“Plenty more cocks in the sea,” I said as we walked to the pool.

“I’m glad that you changed that to cocks, I don’t fancy having a fish in my pussy.”

“Oh I don’t know; think of all that thrashing about it would do. I bet it would feel quite nice.”

Jude never answered me because we arrived at the pool. We stood at the side of the pool watching the handful of people in the water for a minute or so before Jude pushed me in. The rush of water into my pussy felt weird, but nice.

We swam around a bit, but neither of us had much energy. As we trod water in front of the glass wall I said, “I wonder if the people on the other side can see right into our pussies?”

I looked at Jude and saw that she too was facing the glass, treading water with her legs wide apart. I smile and said, “You’re loving this as much as I am, aren’t you?”

“Of course.”

After lying on sun loungers with men often popping up to look at our spread, open pussies, Jude suddenly said, “Shit, look at the time.”

We had to get home, Dad would be getting tea ready soon and we didn’t want to be late. We rushed, showered and dressed before telling Darren that we’d be back soon. On the bus we didn’t need to talk about our day. We both knew that we’d we be back in that gym just as soon as possible.

We go there at least once each weekend and just about every day during school holidays. We just can’t get enough of being naked in front of all those men.


Nothing was ever said by the headmaster or any of the teachers about our little show with the dildo in our back garden; I guess that Max’s mates weren’t so generous with passing the photos and videos around as we thought.

We’re still wearing the Ben Waa balls to school most days and still wearing the shortest skirts (no knickers) in school. I once overheard a teacher telling off a girl for having a short skirt. I guess that the girl had said something about Jude’s and my short skirts because I heard the teacher say that she couldn’t do anything about ‘those twins’ but she could do something about that poor girl’s skirt. I felt sorry for that girl.

Jude and I never used to do anything to stop the boys at school looking up our skirts before we discovered the fun we can have with our bodies; and we certainly don’t now that we know how much fun we can have. We don’t do anything to encourage the boys; other than standing at the top of the stairs, and not crossing our legs when we sit.

A couple of the male teachers have started taking a bit of interest in our bare legs and we’ve both noticed them looking under our desks at times. Of course, if they want to look then we want to show. When we notice them we open our legs and let them see our bald pussies. So far none of them have said anything but our English teacher looks at our legs and pussies quite a lot, and the bulge in his trousers tells us that he enjoys looking. Jude and I have talked about this and are hoping that our displays will get us a higher grade.

Unlike quite a few of the girls, Jude and I are not shy when it comes to getting changed and showered before and after PE lessons. As the whole class has got older the PE teacher (Miss Watson) has taken to spending more time in the changing room and even in the showers. There have been rumours for years that she’s a lesbian, but that was all they were, no one could ever produce any evidence. But maybe they were true. She’s been watching Jude and me quite a bit.

We even tested it one day by deliberately getting back from the gym after everyone else then taking our time getting ready to shower. When we got there the only other girl was just getting out but Miss Watson was still there and she stayed and watched Jude and me slowly getting showered. She even watched us getting dressed and Jude saw her licking her lips as we put our skirts and blouses on without underwear.

Thankfully, Miss Watson never said anything because I don’t know we could have coped with it. Yes, we both like girls, well we do sleep with each other every night, but we’d already talked about having sex with a teacher, if we got the chance, but it was always going to be with a man, not a woman.

Our Sheepskin Rug

This is still where we do our homework and have a lot of fun. We still strip naked as soon as we get home from school and lay on that rug to do our homework. When Max and his mates arrive we start teasing them by opening our legs. If we’re feeling naughty we’ll go and put our vibrators in and go back and lay there (legs open) and wait for the inevitable while the boys watch and take more photographs. I’ve no idea why those boys need so many photographs of us; I would have thought that one would have been enough.

We often cum while they’re looking at us and if any of them ask if we’re cumming we admit that we were. The first few times we just lay there while we were cumming, letting out the odd little moan, but after a while we started touching our pussies then rubbing our little clits. The boys really like that and the cameras and phones get very busy.

One of Max’s mates even brings an expensive looking video camera with him and captures both of us getting worked-up and cumming. The first time that he brought that video camera our vibrators made us cum very hard and we both started shaking and jerking about. I think that the fact that we were getting seriously videoed made the orgasms more intense.

These boys never ask if it’s okay to photograph or video us; they just assume that it’s okay. It is, but it would be nice to be asked. The thing is, whenever I see one of the boys with a camera in his hand, my hands automatically go up to my little tits and squeeze my nipples. I’ve noticed that Jude does that as well; it’s as if we instinctively want them to be hard when they’re photographed.

A few of the times we’ve got braver and left our vibrators in, and on, when Dad’s got home. It’s ‘distracting’ to have them rumble away as we help Dad get dinner ready and sit down to eat it. A couple of times we’ve been quite flushed and Dad has asked if we are okay.

After seeing that Tanya and the other girls at the gym, Jude and I have been getting into some of the yoga positions that they do. We do them on our lovely rug both when Max and his mates are there, and when Dad’s there. The positions that the girls at the gym use are ones that expose our spread pussies and some of them really do get Max’s mates saying things about us. Of course we just ignore them; well that’s untrue, the more they say the more we expose ourselves. It’s a sort of game to Jude and me.


One Saturday morning Dad told Jude and me that we needed to talk. I immediately got worried that he was going to stop us being naked at home. As the three of us sat down I was very nervous, but I needn’t have been worried.

Dad told us that he thought that it was time that Jude and I started doing our share of the housework. Now Jude and I had talked about this before and had already decided that it was only fair so we quickly agreed and we spent the next few minutes deciding who was going to do what. The only thing that we couldn’t agree on was what Max was going to do. The conversation ended with Dad agreeing to talk to Max.

Clothes Shopping

There are only four shops in town that allow men to wait in the entrance area to the changing rooms and we’ve developed this way of innocently (ha!) flashing our bodies to them. What we do is select something to try on, preferably something see thru, or mighty small, then we take it in turns to go into the cubicle and strip naked and put the item on while the other one waits outside where women’s partners wait.

When some suitable man is stood there waiting, the one who is stood in the same area will cough loudly. That is the cue for the one in the cubicle to come out saying, “I don’t know about this, what do you think, would it look better in pink (or whatever)?”

We’ve found that we can just freeze and stand there for a good 10 seconds before doing something. That something will depend on the reaction from the man. If he gets upset we will act all shocked and turn and go back into the cubicle. If he’s cute or just smiles we will continue and talk about the item of clothing. The nearly-naked one will turn or adjust something or do what we would normally do when trying on clothes, but sometimes the nearly-naked one will take the item off leaving them standing there totally naked.

One time I was stood there, nearly-naked, looking at the bows on a totally see thru negligee when this middle-aged woman came in. When she saw me she muttered something about me being a slut and kept going into a cubicle.

Another time two girls came in. When they saw Jude standing there wearing only a stupid see thru bra, one of them stopped and looked Jude up and down. Then she turned and looked at the man that was waiting for whoever. Then she grinned and quietly said, “Good for you girl;” before going to catch-up with her mate.

I was stood watching all this, and the fact that the two girls left their curtain open letting the man catch glimpses of them stripping as well. I kept looking down at his trousers half expecting to see a wet patch suddenly appear. It didn’t, but his cock was certainly straining the fabric of his trousers.

We’ve used this method in all four of those shops a few times and have surprised quite a few men, and given us a thrill as well.

Gyno Exam

About six months after we went on the pill we each got a letter from the local hospital inviting us to go for a routine gynecological examination. It went on about young woman starting taking the contraceptive pill needing a check-up to ensure that our bodies weren’t having any adverse effects to the pill. It said that we should take a ‘parent or guardian’, and enclosed was a consent form for said ‘parent or guardian’ to sign.

Well, neither of us have had a gyno exam before, and we didn’t want Dad to take any time off work so we got him to sign the form telling him that it was just a ‘well woman’ check-up and that all the girls in our class had got them.

When we turned-up at the hospital on the appointed afternoon, the receptionist was surprised that we didn’t have a ‘parent or guardian’ with us and was a little reluctant to proceed but we managed to convince her that we’d be fine if we stayed together.

We sat and waited, wondering what was going to happen to us. After about 10 minutes Jude’s name was called and both of us got up and went over to the nurse. She looked us up and down then told us to follow her to a little room.

Once there she looked from Jude to me and back and said, “Sorry, I can’t tell you apart, which one is Jude?”

Jude replied, “I am, but we’re both here for the examination.”

The nurse looked at her notes and said, “Ahh yes, you both might as well get undressed and wait for the doctor. Oh, by the way, have you realised that this is a teaching hospital?”

In stereo we replied, “No, what difference does that make?”

“Well, there may well be a group of students with the doctor. Will that be a problem for you?”

“No.” (in stereo)

“Right then, can both of you take your clothes off. You can hang them over there and there’s some hospital gown there; help yourself.”

With that the nurse left and within seconds Jude and I were totally naked and hanging up our clothes. We both looked at the hospital gowns, then at each other, and at the same time we shook our heads and said, “Nah.”

We looked round and saw a hospital bed with those stirrup things on one end. “That looks interesting.” Jude said. We both giggled and I felt my pussy get wet.

We were still looking round when the door opened and seven or eight people walked in. One was a middle-aged man and the rest looked to be in their early twenties. Two of them were girls. The middle-aged man introduced himself as Dr. Smith and asked if it was okay if the students stayed. We both nodded.

“You could put a hospital gown on if you like,” Dr. Smith said.

“No, that’s okay. You’re all doctors; or about to be.” I said, looking around at the students. All were staring at Jude and me and I felt my pussy get a little wetter.

“Right then; we’ll start by asking you some questions then we’ll move on to the physical. We’ll start with Jude first,” the doctor said, looking at me.

“I’m Kate.”

“Sorry; Kate please can you step back so that I don’t get you two confused. Jude, can you take a seat please?”

Jude sat down and I stepped over to opposite the students where I could keep an eye on them; and they could look at me.

The doctor spent the next 10 minutes asking Jude all sorts of questions, some very personal and some that seemed stupid or irrelevant. I didn’t understand the relevance when he asked her if she masturbated and how often, and if she put objects in her vagina.

All the time I was watching the students and they were watching me. I so wanted to touch my nipples and clit but somehow I managed to resist apart from one time where I reached up and tweaked my already rock hard nipples. I got quite aroused as I watched the front of the male students trousers change shape. One of the girls kept licking her lips as she looked at me and I wondered if she was fancying me.

After forever, the doctor asked Jude to go to the corner of the room where he measured her height and weight then he pointed to the examination table and told her to climb on. No sooner than she was flat on her back did he start groping her tits, getting her to move her arms around as he did so.

“Wow!” I thought, “I hope that he does that to me too.”

The doctor had stood on the opposite side of the table, so that the students could see him groping Jude, and he was explaining to them what he was doing. When he saw one on the young men staring at me he said,

“Mr. Hoskins. I hope that you’re paying attention; you’ll have to do this soon and you’d better get it right.”

My brain went into overdrive and my pussy started to ache as I imagined all those students groping my tits and pussy. My eyes went from the young men’s trousers to their faces. Most of them were quite cute and the girl who’d been licking her lips now had a big grin on her face.

The doctor looked at Jude’s face and said, “You know that this is a teaching hospital don’t you? It’s important that all these new students learn exactly what to do to make sure that all their patients get the best possible healthcare. You don’t have a problem with that do you?”

Before Jude could answer the doctor continued, “Right, lift your legs onto the stirrups and get comfortable; this may take some time. You lot, come and gather round; you need to see exactly what I’m doing.”

The students moved all around Jude’s spread legs, leaving me just standing there, showing my body to no one. I went and stood next to Jude’s head and held her hand. The doctor then started prodding and squeezing all around Jude’s pussy; explaining to the students what he was doing. He was treating Jude’s body as if she was a lump of meat.

Jude was far from that; she was my sister and she was loving every minute of it. Her nipples were rock hard and she was starting to breathe heavily. I recognised that look on her face; she was enjoying every second of it; just like I was. Jude’s eyes opened wide then she gasped a little. I looked down towards her pussy and saw some sort of metal ‘thing’ being pushed into her.

Then her eyes went wide open again. I looked back to her pussy and saw the doctor turning some sort of knob on the metal thing. As he was doing that he was talking in some sort of language that was foreign to me. It was English but he was using words that I’d never heard before. I did pick-up on a couple of things, one was something about Jude not needing any lubrication and the other was something about her hymen.

Jude’s breathing got heavier and her chest was rising up and down. I saw the doctor squat down again so that his face was right in front of her pussy. He was rabbiting on to the students and moving the metal ‘thing’ around whilst shinning a torch up her hole.

Then it happened; Jude started to cum. The doctor stopped talking and everyone just watched Jude having her orgasm. When Jude started to calm down the doctor looked up at the students and said, “As you’ve probably guessed, this young girl has just had an orgasm. This usually happens in about 20 percent of these procedures. This one has probably been helped on its way by the facts that this is this girl’s first gynaecology examination and that all you lot are stood looking down at her.”

He looked up to Jude and continued, “Don’t be embarrassed young lady; that was a perfectly normal bodily reaction; it may well happen again, just lay back and let it happen; you may even enjoy it.”

I nearly burst out laughing; he must be blind and deaf, of course Jude was enjoying it. Jude looked up at me, her face was a bit red but I could easily see the look of contentment. I winked and smiled at her.

The doctor continued probing inside Jude’s pussy and talking to the students for a while before he pulled the metal ‘thing’ out of her then stood up. “Right then;” he said, “each of you will do the examination on this young lady under my direction then each of you will do the examination of the other young lady on your own; and I expect you all to get it right. Any questions?”

“Fucking hell!” I nearly said out loud. I looked at the students and quickly counted how many of them there were. Jude was going to get groped by seven young students; and knowing her, was probably going to cum seven more times. I felt a little twinge of jealousy knowing that I was probably going to miss out on one orgasm.

One by one, each of the students groped Jude’s little tits then her pussy; inserting that metal ‘thing’ inside her then putting their faces right up to her pussy to look inside. And yes, Jude did cum another seven times. When the first young man was putting the metal ‘thing’ inside her the doctor told him to be more positive, that her genitals wouldn’t bite him.

“No,” I thought, “but they would like to swallow him.”

All the time the doctor was asking the students question and if they didn’t give him the answer he wanted he’d belittle them. The thing was, he’d moved away from Jude and sat down. He couldn’t actually see what they were doing. I guessed that he was relying on their body gestures and the answers they gave.

Jude did have the seven orgasms. Each student easily made her cum. I couldn’t actually see her pussy but I suspected that some of the students rubbed her clit a bit.

Finally, the last student finished and poor Jude looked exhausted. The doctor must have recognised this because he told her to lay there and relax for a few minutes while he started with me. He looked at me and pointed to the chair. “Mr. Johnston, would you be so kind as to go through the questions with err… Kate.”

Mr. Johnston did, and each time that he looked up from his papers he was staring at my rock hard and aching nipples. He was asking my tits the questions, not me. Not that I minded, I like men staring at my little tits.

Poor Mr. Johnston was a bit clumsy when it came to weighing me and he brushed the side of his head against my right tit as he bent over to look at the scales. He jumped back a bit as I let out a little moan.

“Thank you Mr. Johnston; I’ll let you compose yourself while Mr. White examines the young lady.”

I didn’t wait to be told to get on the examination table; before the doctor had even finished talking I was flat on my back and lifting my legs onto those stirrup things. Jude came over to me and I gripped her hand.

Mr. White moved over to me and put his hands on both my tits causing me to moan again, and to get another wet rush.

“One at a time Mr. White.” The doctor said.

Mr. White got on with groping my tits then went round to between my legs and as he spread my vulva even more I let out a louder moan. I was looking forward to the next 10 or 15 minutes. I wasn’t disappointed. I don’t know if it was because the doctor couldn’t actually see my pussy from where he was sat, or because the students had got a bit more confidence, or what, but each of them touched my clit. Some more than others; even the two girls gave it a little rub. I didn’t care if it was male or female. It wasn’t me and each time my clit was touched I came.

As I was going from orgasm to orgasm I heard a few comments from the doctor. These are a couple that I remember: -

“A bit firmer Mr. Jackson”.

“No need to simulate intercourse with the speculum”.

Just as the metal ‘thing’ – speculum was pulled out of me the second time, I heard the doctor say,

“Who knows what the G-spot is?”

I saw a few hands go up then the doctor asked one of the male students to answer him. He did, and got it right, then the doctor said, “Okay Mr. Delaney, let’s see if you can find it on the patient. Judging by her responsiveness I’m sure that she won’t mind.”

I felt Mr. Delany’s fingers prod and poke around inside me for a few seconds then they found their target; and I had another orgasm. This was repeated by the rest of the students when it was their turn to examine me but as they were probing my insides with their fingers, all of them, including the girls, used their thumb to rub my clit. The orgasms came straight after the previous one subsided. It was like I was having one long orgasm. It was a good job that they got on with their examinations whilst I was still orgasming otherwise we’d have been there all week.

Finally it was all over and I started to return to normal. As I was doing so I realised that I was covered in sweat, and I was knackered.

The doctor was still asking the students questions but I saw that some of them kept looking over towards Jude and me. When I lifted my legs off the stirrups and turned as sat on the side of the table, the doctor saw that I’d got up and said, “Ah, good, back with us I see. Well ladies, you’ll be pleased to hear that you are both perfectly normal and that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue to take the contraceptive pill. You can collect a repeat prescription from the nurses on your way out. Oh, you may get dressed now.”

Turning back to the students the doctor continued, “Well ladies and gentlemen, that was a very enlightening and entertaining session, not all of your patients will be so co-operative or get so much pleasure out of it. Indeed, you will find that some are almost hostile towards you and you will have to work hard to cajole them to co-operate. I’ve never understood why because it’s them that came to me, not the other way round; but that’s life.”

Jude and I looked at each other and grinned; I wanted to laugh but I was a bit short on energy at that moment. We went over to our clothes and started to put them on as the doctor and students walked out.

“Good day ladies.” The doctor said. The students just looked at us, some of them grinning.

“Are you all right my dear?” The nurse at the reception desk asked.

“Err yeah, thank you.”

“Yes, it can take it out of you, especially your first time.”

I smiled as the nurse gave us our prescriptions and we left. When we got home be both had a long shower before collapsing on our bed and falling asleep. We were still there, both of us with a hand cupping our pussies when Max burst in and announced that he was back home from school.

Things got back to normal then.

Work Experience

This is compulsory in our school year. Thankfully the school provides a list of local employers who are willing to take on students and this year a retail fashion chain was opening a new store in the local shopping centre. They were looking for some slave labour to help out on their opening week and Jude and I decided to apply; so did three other girls in our year. We were well pleased when both of us got letters inviting us to join them for a week. So did one other girl from our school. Gemma is a big busted blond, slightly taller than Jude and me, but she’s okay, we’ve never had any problems with her.

We met Gemma at the bus station and walked to the shop where we were met by a middle-aged man (Don) and a woman (Madison). Don is the area manager and Madison is the branch manager. The big opening day was the Tuesday and that Monday was finishing getting the place ready.

“This is going to be confusing for you Maddy.” Don said when he first saw Jude and me, (we were wearing identical skirts and tops).

“Not to worry, I’ll give them different coloured tops.” Maddy replied.

Maddy spent about 10 minutes telling us what was expected of us and then she took us to her office and gave us each a skirt and sleeveless blouse. My blouse was red, Jude’s was pink and Gemma’s was blue.

“You can get changed in here; this is the only private place here. The only other room is the stock room and that’s quite busy today.”

Jude and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and took our own skirts and tops off. As we never wear underwear this left us naked standing in front of Maddy who was looking through some papers. She looked up just as we were about to pick up our uniform skirts.

“This could be interesting.” Maddy said as she watched us put our uniform skirts and blouses on. The thing was, with us being so slim, Maddy had had to give us the smallest size they had, the skirts were really short and the blouses were obviously for girls with double Ds. They were very baggy and didn’t have buttons above our little breasts.

Just as we’d got the skirts on Don walked in, saw us, apologised and backed out. I’d heard the door open and turned to see what or who it was. Don got a good look at my tits as I made no attempt to cover up. I looked at Jude and thought that she looked quite cute; and then smiled as I realised that an almost strange man had seen me topless. I wondered how many more I could flash that week.

Meanwhile Gemma was changing into her skirt and blouse and it was taking her much longer as she tried to do it without any of us seeing either her knickers or her bra. Having ‘C’ or ‘D’ breasts, Gemma’s blouse fit her better and her skirt came down to just above her knees.

We spent most of the rest of that day carrying boxes of clothes from the store room and hanging them on the racks. Don seemed to follow Jude and me around and quite a few times when I was bent over getting clothes out of boxes I saw him looking at either Jude or me. I never said anything to Jude because I knew that she knew and she was doing the same as I was; bending at the waist with straight legs either with my butt or my hanging top facing Don. He seemed to appreciate the view and I also caught Maddy looking down my top a couple of times.

Anyway, the rest of the week was better and less hard work. Maddy taught us all about customer service, how to make attractive displays and even let us work the tills. We also got the opportunity to try on clothes when the store was quiet and a few times Maddy caught us naked while we were getting changed. She never said anything, she just stared and smiled.

At the end of the week we were both over the moon when Maddy offered Jude and me weekend jobs as soon as we got to 17 years old. We told Dad that we would be working both Saturdays and Sundays but as soon as we’re 17 we’ll only go there one day each weekend. On the other day we’ll go to the gym.

End of part 6

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