We Hate Clothes
by Vanessa

Part 5

DAY 14

We joined Aiden and Jacob at breakfast and got talking. They asked us what the horse riding was like and we told them that we’d far rather have had Aiden practice on us. Aiden asked us if we were asking.

“Yes please.”

Feeling a little naughty, I untied my scarf at the table and when we got up to leave one naked 16 year old girl followed the others out of the restaurant. I didn’t hear any complaints, or compliments, but the place did seem a little quieter than usual.

Walking towards the lift Jude looked back to me, smiled and whispered that she didn’t feel too good. Back in our room Jude asked if I’d mind taking her place for Aiden’s massage.

“You mean me have two?” I asked.

“Yeah, why not; I’m sure that we can fool him into thinking that you’re me.”

We’d done that quite a few times in the past but this was different; Aiden would be looking at my pussy a lot. We got the towels out and put them on the bed ready.

“What about me being covered in oil after the first massage?” I asked; “and there’s my mole.”

“Hmmm, with a girly trip to the bathroom we can solve the oil problem; but the mole…. we’ll just have to hope that he doesn’t notice.”

“Well, if he catches us out we’ll just have to do something else for him.”

There was a quick knock on the door and Aiden and Jacob walked in. “Ready girls?” Jacob asked.

Aiden adjusted the position of the towels a bit then turned to us. “On you go, Kate.”

I eagerly got on the bed on my stomach and waited for the pleasure to start. Aiden was just as good as the previous times and he brought me to two amazing orgasms, the second one going on and on and on.

When I was finally able to get up I told Aiden that I was going to the bathroom to see what was taking Jude so long. In there I jumped straight into the shower and quickly washed the oil off and dried myself then walked out leaving Jude putting baby oil on her arms, legs and front.

“Sorry Aiden, I just had to have a quick shower.”

“That’s okay; Jacob’s just been for the video camera; you don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not; anything to help.”

I got back on the bed and Aiden got started and took me to orgasmic heaven two more times that morning. When I found some energy I opened my eyes and saw Jude on her knees in front of Jacob; her head bobbing up and down.

“You want yours now?” I asked Aiden.

Aiden smiled and came over to me saying, “Don’t get up Kate, just shuffle round and put your head over the side.”

I did and Aiden got down on his knees and started fucking my mouth. As his balls bounced on my face I sucked and gagged a bit and sucked a lot more. For some strange reason I realised that I’d brought my knees up, put my hands between them and was holding my feet.

Reaching my hands behind Aiden’s legs I pulled him on to me so that his cock went down my throat. Aiden shot his gift straight into my throat without me even tasting in.

“Aiden,” I said, “I’ve been a naughty girl again; I need to be punished again, can you thrash my ass again please?”

“Bloody hell girl;” Jacob said; “you really do want to give your body some hammering this morning.”

“I’ve been naughty and to make it worse I’m not going to tell you what I’ve done.”

“Well,” Aiden said, “in that case you’d better get yourself bent over that table again.”

“Are you going to use your belt on me again?”

“Yes, and it’s a bigger one today so prepare yourself, little girl.”

I lay there bent over the table, with my legs spread, pressing my pubic bone against the edge of the table. I wanted to know if I was going to cum by being spanked again, and if I’d cum harder the harder I was spanked. Of course I knew that it was going to hurt, but for some weird reason I was looking forward to it. Maybe it was the anticipation of another orgasm (hopefully). It hadn’t been long since my last massive one and I hadn’t dared to touch my clit while I was giving Aiden a blow job just in case my mind changed from concentrating on Aiden’s cock to my pussy.

Anyway, I didn’t have to wait long before I felt that belt. “Fucking hell;” I said, “that hurt.”

“Do you want me to continue?” Aiden asked.

I turned my head towards Aiden and said, “Yes please.”

Before turning my head back I saw the man from the room on the other side to Jacob and Aiden looking over the partition wall. I now had three men and my sister watching my butt get thrashed.

“Oooow.” The next two landed and I realised that I was crying. I hadn’t done that the last time.

More cracks of the belt landed on my butt, the ‘oooows’ changed to ‘aaarghs’ then ‘uumphs’ as the tears flowed. Then things changed; I stopped crying and was quiet as the next two or three landed. My pussy started to feel warm and tingly.

Aiden must have changed where he was standing because the next time that the belt came down the end of it wrapped round my upper thigh and landed on my pussy. I screamed. It really hurt but at the same time it triggered an orgasm. I felt my body jerking about as I shouted, “Yes, yes, yes,”

Aiden didn’t land any more on my butt after that; I think the sight of my body jerking about must have put him off. They just left me there until I stopped moving then Jude helped me stand up and walked me to the bed where I lay on my stomach for ages. Jude lay beside me holding my hand and stroking my hair.

When I did get up Jacob and Aiden were gone. I looked in the mirror and saw that the red marks on my butt were worse than the previous day and I was sure that I was going to be left with some bruises. The flesh on my pubic bone hurt too, I wondered if that was bruised as well.

After another shower, Jude said that she was okay and asked what I wanted to do for the rest of the day. After a bit of discussion, and another look at my red butt, I said, “Sod it, let’s go and see if there’s a swimming pool game going on, the cool water will be good for my butt.”

We quickly threw a few things in a bag and left our room. There was a game going on and we quickly dived in and joined it. When I got out I got quite a few comments about my red butt. I let everyone assume that it was Dad that had punished me for some reason that I wouldn’t tell.

We got a couple of sun loungers but I didn’t want to lay on mine because of my butt. Instead Jude told me to kneel and that she’d rub some lotion on it. So there I was, kneeling on the sun lounger, knees as far apart as I could. My head was down on my towel and my spread butt was up in the air. As Jude got the lotion out one of the guys asked her if he could do it. Jude looked at me; I smiled back, and Jude gave the bottle of lotion to the young man.

He slowly dripped some lotion onto my butt including a big blob into my butt crack. This started running down and managed to reach my pussy. Two male hands started rubbing the lotion all over my red butt then the back of my upper thighs. He wasn’t in Jacob’s or Aiden’s league but it did feel good. He was one of the young men who frequently joined in the games in the pool so he’d groped my pussy dozens of times and he wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to do it out of the water.

From my thighs he went in between my legs and started rubbing along my slit. It was already open a bit because of the way I was kneeling but he opened me up some more and found my hole. He started finger fucking me, right there for everyone to see. It felt so naughty and so amazing. I just knew that I was going to cum; and cum I did, my moans attracting the attention of a few more of the guys.

They came over and surrounded Jude and me. It wasn’t long before Jude was on her knees and the guys took it in turn to finger fuck the both of us. At one point I thought that the fingers going in and out of me weren’t as rough as the others and I looked back to see one of the girls finger fucking me; not that I minded. “God you’re tight.” I heard the girl say.

I came twice more before the seven or eight guys had all had a go at finger fucking the both of us; my red butt not fading at all. I did finally lay on my back and relax for a while, letting the sun improve my tan.

I’d enjoyed the attention that my red butt, as well as the fact that I was naked, was attracting and I asked Jude if she was okay to go to the beach to find some more men to flash. She told me that she was feeling much better and asked me what had taken me so long. Off we went, looking for some guys on the beach to show-off to. It didn’t take long. At the nearest end of the beach a group of about eight guys were playing football. We went and spread our towels just after the area that they were playing on and lay on our backs with our legs open.

It wasn’t long before one of them saw us and told his mates. Seeing them turn to look at us was our cue to start showing-off. We did what we had done for the group of men on our ‘masturbation day’; the only difference being that towards the end I got on my knees and stuck my butt up in the air. All the time the guys were about ten feet from us, watching us and making comments about what we were doing, what they wanted us to do, and what they wanted to do to us; all of which egged us on.

Totally satisfied, I just lay on my back with my legs open and quickly fell asleep. When I woke up the guys were gone and Jude was fucking herself with the dildo.

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” Jude said.

“What did I miss?” I asked.

“Not a lot. I just got fucked by each of those guys, twice; then told them that it was our Dad that gave you that red backside after you told him that you didn’t want to fuck our brother again. So not a lot.”

“Lucky you,” I said, and started rubbing her clit as she continued fucking herself. After satisfying her needs we just lay there for ages.

A few people were walking up to the rocks and back but no one was taking any notice of the two naked little girls. We went for a swim in the sea then sat on our towel deciding what to do next when a naughty, probably stupid, idea came into my head, “Have you ever thought of filling your pussy with sand?”

“Err, no thanks, Kate.”

“I fancy doing it just to see what it’s like.”

“Okay, but how are we going to do it?”

“We need something to hold my hole open so that we can get the sand in.”

“You’ll have to be upside down as well.”

“Yeah, that part’s easy; it’s something to hold my pussy open that’s the problem.”

“I might have the answer to that problem; come on.” She pulled me up onto my feet and we started walking along the water’s edge. We came to where some rubbish had washed ashore and Jude picked up a plastic Coca Cola bottle that had the bottom half missing. Turning it upside down, Jude said, “This’ll do.”

“Let me wash it in the sea first,” I said, taking it and walking into the water.

We walked back to our towel and dried the bottle. Then I lay down on the sand and brought my legs up and back so that my knees were outside my shoulders. Holding my legs down with my arms, I asked Jude to insert the neck of the plastic bottle into my hole.

Jude did that, pushing it as far in as was comfortable for me. “Right,” I said, “scoop some sand up in your hands and drop it into the bottle.”

It felt really funny as the first of the sand hit my insides. “Keep going Jude,” I said, not caring if anyone could see us or not.

Jude filled me up and as the sand stopped going into me she slowly pulled the bottle out. She tells me that my hole was open about one inch in diameter and full of sand. It was dry sand that would easily fall out as soon as I stood up so I asked Jude to get some sea water and wet the sand. She came back to me with as much water as the bottle would hold, and dribbled it down onto my pussy.

“Keep going please Jude,” I said, “I want all the sand to be wet.”

A couple of trips into the sea later she thought that my pussy couldn’t take any more so she stopped and I got up onto my feet. As Jude had been pouring the water onto the sand, some of it had washed out and run down my butt crack and stomach.

'What the hell.' I thought, and told Jude that I wanted to go back to the hotel like that. It felt funny walking like that; I felt ‘full’ and weird but I didn’t have any problems walking.

When we got back to our room I went out onto the balcony to show my pussy to Jacob and Aiden but they weren’t there. Then Jude said, “Okay, experiment over, but how are you going to get it all out?”

“I’ve thought of that already,” I replied, and went into the bathroom. I got into the shower and lifted the shower head out of its rest. It was connected to the tap with a flexible plastic pipe, and I held the pipe and twisted the head. Fortunately it wasn’t too tight and I managed to unscrew it. Jude was grinning, she could see what I was about to do.

I sat on the side of the bath with my feet in the bath and turned the taps on. When I was happy with the temperature I held the hose so that the jet of water was on my pussy. Sand started washing out of me. The water running on and inside me felt good; very good. I eased the end of the hose into my pussy and filled my hole with the warm water. I quickly discovered that I could use my pussy muscles to grip the end of the hose and stop the water leaking out of me.

If I thought that the sand made me feel full then the water made me feel like I was nine months pregnant. I had to keep pulling the hose out and watching the water shoot out. The amount of sand that was in the water as it shot out started reducing and eventually I decided that all the sand was out.

Jude had been watching me and she decided that she wanted to wash herself out as well so she climbed in and took the hose from me. The first time that Jude filled herself, then released it, her Ben Waa balls came flying out and clunked down onto the bottom of the bath. We both burst out laughing because we’d both forgotten that she still had them inside her.

We still had a bit of time before we had to get ready for dinner and wondered what to do. We couldn’t be bothered to re-do our nails and sat on the balcony wondering when Jude suddenly said, “You remember the other day when you said that we should masturbate in reception? Well, let’s do it.”

I was stood up before Jude was and we quickly walked to the lift. Down in reception we went straight to the sofas. There were a few people there but one sofa, facing outside, was free and the seat was only visible from two chairs, one either side. Plonking ourselves down, one at either end, we both spread our legs and a hand went to each pussy. It was then that I realised that anyone walking down the street would be able to see in and see us. I’d never seen many people on that street so I didn’t care.

I continued looking around and decided that it was safe to start rubbing my clit. I’d just got myself warmed-up and eager to continue when I heard a Spanish voice say,

“Can I get you anything ladies?”

My hand clamped down on my pussy as I looked up and saw a waiter. I was just about to say something when Jude said, “Err no, thank you, we’re just waiting for our Daddy.”

As the waiter walked away, Jude and I looked at each other and laughed. “How long had he been stood there? I had my eyes closed and was dreaming about Aiden’s cock.” Jude said.

“I have no idea; my eyes were closed as well.”

It took us a couple of minutes to get back to where we were and we continued to pleasure ourselves.

Then I heard a noise. I opened my eyes and saw a boy, about our age, had sat on one of the chairs. He had a DS3 in his hands but he was looking over to us. I bet that he couldn’t believe his luck; two naked 16 year olds with legs spread and playing with their pussies. Guessing that he wasn’t going to go ‘running to mummy’ I closed my eyes and continued to an ‘average’ orgasm.

When I opened my eyes I saw that the boy was now two boys and that Jude was in the middle of her orgasm. I lifted my fingers from my pussy and put them in my mouth as I looked directly into the eyes of one of the staring boys. Leaving my legs open I sucked my fingers then realised that the boy’s attention had shifted to Jude.

Then I looked out of the big window. Right outside was a coach; and people were loading suitcases onto it and looking out of the coach windows. There was no doubt that some of them had seen Jude and me. Deciding to be brave and brazen, I lifted my hand and waved at them. Two waved back. Then I moved my right hand to my pussy and started playing with my clit. I was still doing that when the coach drove off.

The two boys were still staring at us so I waved at them then said to Jude, “I bet that those two wished that they had a phone or camera with them.” The two must have heard, well I did say it loud enough, and one of them suddenly put his hand into his pocket and brought out a phone. I smiled as he started taking photographs of us.

The two boys got called away by their mommy and we decided that our fun for the holiday was over. We had to go back home the next day, but at least we had a week before going back to school. Perhaps we could have some fun with Max and perhaps some of his mates.

When we got back to our room there was no sign of Jacob or Aiden so there was no chance of a quick blow job before dinner.

Max was full of himself over dinner; apparently the golf club had given him an award for the best newcomer.

At least we managed to get Dad to take us on a long walk after so that our Ben Waa balls could cheer us up a bit.

DAY 15

For the last time we went down for breakfast wearing only the scarves. We met Dad and Max down there and Max joked about us having to wear clothes all day. Dad just smiled.

Deciding that it didn’t matter if we got thrown out of the hotel, Jude and I took off the scarves while we were sat at the table and asked Dad to put them in his pocket. He laughed and asked how we’d turned out like we had. We told him that it was his fault and went and got another croissant completely naked. We got a couple of funny looks but no one said anything, not even the waitress that was stood by the food table in case anyone needed assistance. She just looked at us.

As we walked towards the door Dad got behind me and asked me how my backside had got so red. I think that he believed me when I said that I fallen and slid on some rocks.

The whole family walked out of the restaurant for the last time and went up to our rooms to pack.

Jacob and Aiden were still in their room and we asked them if we could give them one last blow job. Of course they agreed and we went round and did the deed; both of us accepting their little farewell gift to us.

As we stood up Jacob picked-up one of his little bottles of massage oil and gave it to me. “Here, take this and only use it one drop at a time. I don’t know if you noticed but this bottle doesn’t contain the oil that we used on most of your body; this is special oil that one drop of it on your pussy raises your sexual arousal to an unbelievable level. We’ve been using it on you, sort of cheating, but I didn’t hear you complaining.”

“Complain, are you kidding? You were amazing, both of you. I don’t care how you did it, you took us to a place that we never knew existed. Thank you so much.”

We kissed and hugged both of them then said goodbye.

We waited until the last minute before getting dressed wondering how long it would be before we had so much fun again. The journey home was boring and we got home late that afternoon.

Back Home

It was back to work for Dad the next day but we still had a week before it was back to school and we spent quite a bit of time planning a few things that we wanted to do.

On the second night that we were back at home Jude and I slept at opposite ends of the bed with the dildo joining us. We hadn’t intended to fall asleep that way; it just happened. Anyway, we slept a bit late and Max came in to our room to ask us something. As is often the case we were in a deep sleep and while attempting to wake us Max pulled the quilt off us. He was still stood staring at the middle of the dildo when we woke up.

“What the fucks that?” he asked.

“What does it look like?”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s a dildo, you moron; do you know what that is?”

“I’ve not seen one of those before. Does Dad know about it?”

“No, and we’d like to keep it that way.”

“It’ll cost you.”

“How much?” I said, knowing that we don’t have much money.

“You’ll have to put on a show for us.”

“What sort of a show and who’s ‘us’?”

“Oh, just one or two of my mates.”

“Just one or two?”

“Yeah, just one or two.”


“This afternoon.”

Looking at Jude I said, “Okay, but what do you want us to do?”

“I’m sure that you’ll work that out.”

That afternoon Max told Jude to go and get the dildo then both of us to follow him. He led us outside where two of his mates were waiting. We just stood there waiting for Max to say something as his two mates stood there grinning.

“Come on then,” Max said, “get to it.”

We assumed that he wanted us to make out so we turned to face each other and started kissing. Natural instinct and desire took over and it wasn’t long before we were on the grass enjoying a 69 with me on top.

Max picked up the dildo and threw it to us saying, “Don’t forget this.”

I broke away from Jude’s pussy and looked up at Max. He was pointing to the dildo. As my eyes went to the dildo I saw that his two mates had become about eight mates; and some were holding cameras and phones. I didn’t care and I picked up the dildo and put one end in my mouth. I pretended to fuck my mouth with it as I went back to Jude’s pussy.

Jude gasped a bit as I pushed the dildo into her but she was soon moaning as I fucked her with it. Just as Jude was getting ‘happy’ I got off her and sat between her knees. One end of the dildo was still inside Jude and I shuffled myself so that the other end was near my pussy. I looked at Max’s mates then eased myself forward. My pussy opened up to accept the dildo and I kept shuffling forward until the dildo all but disappeared.

Using our butt muscles we rocked backwards and forwards, slowly fucking ourselves. Realising that the rocking wasn’t enough to bring us off, we both half sat up and started rubbing our clits. We both had our first orgasm of the afternoon.

After that we pulled the dildo out and put the ends in our mouths and sucked for a minute. Then we got down on our hands and knees with our butts facing each other. Talking the weight off one arm I put one end of the dildo in Jude’s pussy then the other end in mine. We both backed up and the dildo disappeared. Rocking back and forward we slowly brought ourselves to another orgasm before collapsing down onto the grass. When we looked up all of Max’s mates had gone, but Max was still there.

“Those photos had better not find their way to the headmaster,” I said.

“Don’t worry Kate;” Max said, “I got them all to promise to keep them to for themselves.”

“Good,” Jude said, “the dildo would be harder to explain than just being naked.”


We started wearing our Ben Waa balls to school almost as soon as the new term started. They keep us thinking about our pussies for a lot of the day. If a lesson is boring I can squeeze and relax my pussy muscles to get the balls to clunk together.

I don’t know what it is but we both seem to be more aware of boys trying to look up our skirts. Of course it doesn’t bother us and we don’t try to avoid situations where they’d be able to see our pussies. In fact we sometimes stand at the top of the stairs talking, knowing that anyone who cares to look up will be able to see our goodies. If the weather is good on a lunch time we often go and sit on the grass with our legs out straight. Because of our short skirts we often see boys walking passed us a few times and sneaking a look up.

Thankfully, the photographs of Jude and I fucking ourselves with the dildo haven’t made it to the headmaster. Well maybe they have, but he hasn’t called us to his office to give us another lecture on morals and what good girls shouldn’t do.

We Tease

Jude and I missed the naked ‘fun’ that we’d had on holiday. I said that I wished that there was somewhere near us where we could get naked and tease some men. The next day Jude was on Facebook and she called me over to look at what she’d found. According to some posts there was a gym not far from us that gave free memberships to any girl who works out in the nude. We searched some more and found that the person on Facebook was probably right. I immediately got on the phone to them and yes, it was true; all we had to do was provide proof that we were over 18 and we were in.

As I thanked the man and put the phone down I was gutted. It was just the place for us but we were nearly two years too young. When I told Jude she just said, “Right, we’ll have to get some fake IDs.”

“And where the hell are we going to get those?"

“I have no idea but I’m not giving up that easily.”

Over the next couple of days we searched the Internet and found a site that could supply fake National Identity Cards; just what we wanted, but we had to pay by credit card and we don’t have one of those.

That was the first problem that we had; we also wanted to buy ourselves a vibrator each; one with a remote control so that we could wear it when we were naked and no one would know. We tried the local Anne Summers shop but that was no use so again we searched the Internet and found just what we wanted, but again we don’t have a credit card.

We were stuck. Then something cropped up that solved our problem. One of our Grans said that she wanted to give us a gift; something that we wanted but she didn’t know what. Thinking quickly we told her that we’d seen some nice dresses on the Internet but couldn’t get them because we needed a credit card to buy them. Gran loves her grandchildren as much as Dad loves his daughters and she said that she’d buy them for us. We talked about it and she let us use her credit card to buy the dresses.

You guessed it, we didn’t buy the dresses; we bought the fake IDs and the remote controlled vibrators. Both web sites said that the company name that would appear on the credit card statements would be something that wouldn’t give any indication as to what had been bought. We phoned Gran and told her what the dresses had cost, and thanked her again.

The remote control vibes are awesome. They’ve got a variable speed control on them so we can just simmer or really go for it. We tend to use the slow speed quite a lot. The first time that we put them in and switched them on was amazing. We’d both decided to put them in and switch them on at the same time. Okay, I’d got a rough idea of what to expect but bloody hell. The shock hit us both at the same time and we both screamed. Dad heard us and came rushing in to check that we were okay. Thankfully, we managed to hide the remote controls as our door was opening.

They’re amazing. The day after we’d got them we put them in before we went to school and switched them on to low. That proved to be too much for school, we just couldn’t concentrate and we went back to using the Ben Waa balls each day.

Where we did wear the vibrators was at home after we’d finished our homework. When we took our homework books back to our bedroom we’d put the vibrators in, set on low, and go back to the sheepskin rug. We started having this little competition between ourselves to see how long we could hold off having an orgasm, and seeing if we could have the inevitable orgasm without Max or his mates realising.

Neither of us won and Max and his mates soon realised that we were cumming; but they never found out why. We told them that it just happened and that we couldn’t control it. That prompted a few questions to which we told them a load of rubbish. The daft thing was that they seemed to believe every word.

We’ve had much more fun wearing those vibrators but I think I’ll keep those stories for some other time.

Another thing that we wanted to do was to get on the pill. We’d got quite frustrated when we’d been on holiday and we wanted to lose our cock virginity. We solved this problem at school; a few girls were bragging that they’d been fucking for months so we asked them if they were on the pill and where they’d got them from.

As it turned out all we had to do was go and see our doctor. We’d been to see our doctor for ‘girl’ problems a few times and Dad wasn’t suspicious when we told him that we were going again. He didn’t ask what the problem was but did ask us if we were okay when we got back. When we asked the doctor if he had to tell our father that he’d given us the pill he smiled and said not.

The weekend after we got our fake IDs we told Dad that we were going into town and got the bus to where the gym is. We were quite nervous as we walked in but the man on reception welcomed us and introduced himself as Darren. Jude asked about membership and Darren told us that it was £56 per month, but if we were prepared to work out naked then we could join for free. I gasped and said, “Naked; you mean without any clothes?”

“Yes, lots of girls do.” Darren replied.

“I’m not so sure; I mean ‘naked’!”

“Well we could try it,” Jude said, “and if we don’t like it we can always cancel our membership I suppose.”

How Jude said that with a straight face I don’t know.

“Of course you can.” Darren said, “There’s no pressure; it’s entirely up to you. Would you like a look round before committing yourselves?”

After a long pause I said, “No, that’ll be fine, where do we sign?”

“Good,” Darren said giving us both a form. “Fill those in and show me some ID and you’re in, ladies.”

We filled in the forms, remembering to put the date of birth as it is on our fake IDs then handed them to Darren along with the IDs. We stood there nervously as Darren looked through the forms and then looked at the IDs. When he opened his mouth I was sure that we were busted but he said, “Getting quite popular these National Identity Cards these days.”

“Yeah,” Jude said, “The College suggested that we all apply for them last year so that we don’t have any problems getting into pubs and clubs.”

We relaxed a bit when Darren told us that we were now officially members of his gym. Darren handed us each a little black plastic tube and told us that our membership cards would be ready when we left. When Jude asked him what the black plastic tube was Darren told us that it would become obvious later.

Jude and I looked at each other and I know that she was thinking the same thing that I was, “What the fuck!”

Darren started to say something about showing us what was where when he stopped mid-sentence and said, “Ahh Tanya; just the person. Would you be so kind as to show these ladies round the gym please?”

We turned and saw a man and a naked young girl walking through the front door. “Bloody hell,” I thought, “they let little kids join here; and she just arrived naked!” That Tanya girl turned out to be a lot older than us but I’ll tell you all about her, and our amazing first visit to that gym some other time.

End of part 5

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