We Hate Clothes
by Vanessa

Part 4

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

DAY 11

We woke up on top of the bed, heads at opposite ends and the dildo still joining us. I was awake first but I didn’t want to disturb Jude so I just lay there looking out of the window.

After a while I saw that we had a voyeur; a face from the room the other side to Jacob and Aiden kept appearing then disappearing. It was so quick that I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.

Having nothing better to do than get turned on by knowing that someone was looking at our naked bodies, complete with a dildo joining them, I turned my head the other way and let them get on with it.

I must have dozed off because the next thing that I knew was the sound of Jacob singing on his balcony. Jude was coming round too so I shouted,

“Morning Jacob.”

He looked over the little wall and saw our tangled bodies. He watched as Jude and I got off the bed. As we did so the dildo slipped out of Jude and I was left standing there with half of it hanging out of my pussy.

“Nice!” Jacob said.

“Stop it; it’s a girl thing,” I replied.

Pulling the dildo out of me I joined Jude on our balcony to get some fresh air to fully wake us up. Aiden had joined Jacob and after saying hello he asked us what we had planned for the day.

“Don’t rush out when you get back from breakfast; we may just be able to make you an offer,” Jacob said, then went straight into their room. Aiden shrugged his shoulders and went inside.

We went down to breakfast in our usual attire - just the see-thru scarfs round our hips. As we walked in we saw Jacob and Aiden sat to one side so we got our food and went and joined them.

“Wow,” Jacob said, “I thought that they had a strict dress code in the restaurant.”

“Only on an evening,” Jude replied, “we’ve been coming down to breakfast like this for a week now and no one has said anything.”

As we ate we talked about what there was in the surrounding area and the tours that we’d been on. We told them all about the couple on the beach and the men at the zoo.

As soon as we left the restaurant both Jude and I un-tied the scarfs and walked back to our room naked.

Jacob and Aiden joined us on our balcony and we pointed out the things that we could see that we knew what they were. Jacob looked a bit pensive and he was looking down at the floor as he started to talk, “Kate, Jude, I’ve had this idea that will make us all happy. How about I give you both another massage and then I let Aiden massage you while I tell him what to do.”

Both Jude and I eagerly waited for the rest.

“You see, I’ve been trying to train Aiden for a few weeks now but he’s still got a lot to learn and needs a lot of practice. We need some willing subjects. I was wondering if you two wouldn't mind letting him loose on your bodies?”

“Yes,” was the quick girly, stereo reply.

“Well, hang on a minute, there’s a catch. You see, I want Aiden to video me giving you both your massages so that he can learn the techniques by watching it over and over. What do you think?”

“Well,” I said, “there’s a couple of things; firstly you have to agree to let us give you both a blow job after we’ve had our massage from you, Jacob. Secondly, I’m going to be in my first porno movie.”

“It’s not going to be a porno movie; it’s for training purposes only and I’m sure that Aiden will not copy it anywhere.”

“Will he put it on the Internet if I ask him nicely?” I asked.

Jacob looked at Aiden, then back to me.,“Well I suppose so; if that’s what you really want."

In stereo, “Yes it is.”

Then I added that I was 100 percent sure that there are already some photographs of us tied spread-eagle to some stakes in our back garden. I told them that I’d tell them all about it if they wanted.

“Some other time. So what about my offer; do you accept?”

In stereo, “Yes please.”

And I added, “When do we start?”

“How about right now?”

Jude and I went for a walk along the corridors looking for the maid’s trolley and we acquired some more towels whilst Aiden and Jacob went and got their things. They were waiting for us when we got back.

As Jacob was arranging everything Jude told me that it was my turn to go first. Being eager to go to that orgasmic heaven again I readily agreed. My pussy was getting quite wet just thinking about it.

The last thing that Jacob did before telling me to get on the bed was to fully open all the curtains and tell Aiden to start the video recording. I quickly got onto the bed, resting my hips on the rolled towel and putting my feet over each side of the bed. As I felt the dripping of the oil, I relaxed and waited for orgasmic heaven.

It wasn’t long coming.

The massage was just as good as my previous one, if not better; the lack of a big audience was made up for by the knowledge that maybe hundreds or even thousands of people would see the video. I was up there, jerking and shaking and moaning and almost screaming. At one point I realised that my eyes were rolling all over in their sockets; I couldn’t even control those.

When Jacob finally finished I was still cumming for what, Jude later told me, was nearly ten minutes. I was knackered.

Jacob was rested and Jude was dripping with anticipation as I finally got off the bed and went and sat on the balcony and let the warm sun dry my juices all around my pussy. I started to hear Jude’s moans and knew that she was well on her way to where I had been. When she went quiet I guessed that Jacob had told her to turn over. I waited until I could hear her again then went back in to see Jude’s body arched up and her arms and legs shaking like hell.

By the time Jacob was finished with Jude I was ready to give Jacob his reward. I backed him up to the wall and knelt down in front of him. Opening his shorts I put my hand in and pulled out his cock. It was already hard so I got my head straight onto that cock. I gave him my all; taking all of his cock in my mouth and throat. Unfortunately he didn’t last long and I promised that the next time I’d take it slower. I swallowed every drop.

Aiden had only just finished videoing Jude’s mammoth orgasms when I turned to him. He still had the video camera in his hand and as I unzipped his shorts he asked if he could video me blowing him. I nodded and got on with my job. Aiden wouldn’t have got much of his cock on the video as it spent most of the time in my mouth. When I thought that he was about to cum I withdrew and put my head back, opened my mouth and looked up to his face, waiting for his gift. His left hand was holding the camera and his right hand was rubbing his cock up and down. As I waited I looked directly into the camera and hoped that it was seeing the look of pleasure on my face.

Aiden’s seed came flying out and landed all over my face, some going directly into my mouth. When I thought that he was done I licked all the seed that I could reach then held my tongue out for the video to capture what was on my tongue. Then I swallowed and opened my mouth again.

Aiden switched the video off and we all went out onto the balcony to relax for a while. Not much was said for ages until Jude asked Aiden if the video was good. When he said that it was she said, “Shame, I was hoping that we’d have to do a retake.”

Everyone laughed and Aiden said, “I might just have an accident with this memory card.”

“I hope so,” I said.

By then Jacob was feeling happy again so we went back to the bed for Aiden’s lesson to start. Aiden started doing everything to me that Jacob had done and Jacob didn’t have to correct him at all until Aiden started on my butt and inside thighs. Apparently Aiden’s touch wasn’t light enough and Jacob told him to start my butt again. Of course I didn’t complain as I was getting high again. As soon as Aiden touched my clit my first orgasm, of that session, hit me. I was back up there and didn’t want to come down.

But down I came after Aiden finally stopped teasing my clit and finger fucking me. Aiden got me to turn over and he arranged my butt and legs so that I was totally exposed to him and Jacob. Aiden started on me again, and again it wasn’t until he started on my pubic area that Jacob stopped him.

“Too quick and too rough.” Jacob said. “Keep her on the boil while I put a new memory card in the video. I want to record this so that you can look at the two videos and see what you’re doing wrong.”

I just about heard the bit about videoing me again and felt good about another video of my pussy going on the Internet. My head was on a pillow so I could see Jacob putting the video on the bed between my legs and making sure that it was capturing the area of me that he wanted.

Jacob took over from Aiden’s hands for a few seconds and I started going up. I didn’t see them swap over again, but I was getting close to heaven again. When Aiden thrust two fingers into my hole my orgasm exploded into life. I was up there and if I could have thought anything it would have been that I wanted to stay there. Aiden kept working on my pussy and I stayed up there for goodness knows how long before I started to come down. I opened my eyes and saw Aiden, Jude and Jacob looking down at me. I looked lower and saw the video camera still between my legs.

“Is that thing still rolling?” I asked.

“Ooops, yes,” Jacob said as he reached for it. “We’ll let you rest for a minute, come outside when you’re ready.”

I lay there for a minute then put my hand onto my pussy. It was so hot and so sensitive. When I touched my clit I had a little mini orgasm. I decided to just lay there. A few minutes later I slid off the bed onto my feet and pushed myself up. I was bit wobbly but I made it out onto the balcony.

“You look knackered,” Jude said.

“I am, two of those in one day is unreal.” I collapsed on a chair while the others went to get Jude’s second massage started.

After a while I went inside and saw that Jude was jerking about on her own. Aiden had obviously finished her back and was waiting for her to calm down. When she did she turned over without being asked and Aiden got to work. As Aiden got to her pussy area I asked Jacob if I could borrow the video camera. He gave it to me and I switched it on and put it between her legs so that her pussy was being recorded the same as mine was. There was nothing that I could do so I sat on the bed and watched.

Jude’s high was as long as her first one (I think) and when she finally came down I asked the guys if we could thank them again later. They both said words meaning ‘anytime’ then collected their things and left.

When Jude was able we went for a shower with me soaping both of us. I touched her clit and she gasped and shuddered. I had to finish washing her pussy without touching her clit.

We put all the extra towels into our wardrobe, hoping that we’d need them again, before going out on the balcony to rest for a while before deciding what we wanted to do for the rest of the day. It was early afternoon by then and we only had a few hours before we had to be back and getting ready for dinner. We decided to walk to the nudist beach and had a very relaxing couple of hours sunbathing and swimming.

When we got back we saw Jacob and Aiden on the balcony and we went and talked. We thanked them both for an amazing morning and promised to thank them properly later. Both of them thanked us as well and Aiden told us that the videos looked good. I gave him my email address and asked him to send me a copy.

Then I said, “Do you want to take a video of Jude and me making out? We’ll use the dildo.”

There was a slight pause then Aiden said, “That would be amazing, when would you like to do it?”

Jude said, “Can we leave it until tomorrow morning please? I’m still knackered.”

“It’s a date.” Aiden said.

The rest of the evening was much the same as the previous few.

DAY 12

Saw Jacob and Aiden at breakfast and asked if Aiden needed any more practice. Aiden replied, “I thought that you wanted us to video you two making out?”

“Yes we do, but we wondered if you needed more massage practice first?”

“Well I do.” Aiden said. ”I guess that I could use the practice and it’s always better practising on young beautiful girls. Okay then, a massage each first, then the pair of you making out.”

“Do you want us to thank you in between the massages and the making out or after the making out?” I asked.

“Or both?” Jude added

“I hope that your video camera is charges up.” I said.

“I put it on charge every night.” Aiden replied.

We went up to our room and waited for Jacob and Aiden. We didn’t have to wait for long and we both had wonderful experiences again. Jude had gone first and when mine was finished I asked for a few minutes to get my strength back. Jude asked me to roll over so that she could put the towels back in the wardrobe and I lay on my front with my little butt sticking up.

“That’s a very spankable little butt you’ve got there, Jude.” Aiden said. “have you been a naughty girl lately?”

“It’s Kate, and I’m always a naughty girl; we both are.”

“Have you ever been spanked, Kate?” Jacob asked.

“No. Jude, do you think that we deserve to be spanked?”

“Well, we have been rubbing our pussies and fucking ourselves with the dildo in some very public places, so I guess that we do.”

Aiden took the bait and came over and slapped my butt. “Oooow!” I said.

“That’s for starters; you’ll get more later; but now you two naughty little girls are going to give us blow jobs.”

I got off the bed and went and knelt in front of Aiden while Jude knelt in front of Jacob. Two blow jobs and a bit more breakfast for Jude and me. I looked up at Aiden and said, “What’s next, Master?”

Aiden laughed and said, “Get on the bed you two and I’ll get the camera.”

Jude and I stood up and kissed each other. I was sure that I could taste Jacob's cum in her mouth. The kissing continued and our hands stared wandering. Before long we got on the bed as did what we’ve done many times before.

I just love eating Jude’s pussy.

After we’d made each other cum we got the dildo and used it on each other. Finally, we got on our knees, butt to butt, and we bounced butts with the dildo joining us. All the time Aiden was moving around zooming in to get close-ups of our pussies from different angles.

As a finale, Jude sat on my hips with her legs on top of mine, put one end of the dildo in my pussy and bent it over so that she could get the other end in her pussy. That dildo is soft and flexible but it wasn’t too happy to be bent almost double and it was putting pressure on our pussies as it tried to straighten up.

Aiden switched the video camera off then came over to us, pulled the dildo out and said, “Right girls, punishment time. Jacob, what will it be, over our knees or on the bed?”

“Oh, I think that the bed will do for me – this time.” Jacob said.

“Okay, you go first while I video it.”

Jude was already on her back on the bed while I was sat on the edge. “Turn over, Kate,” Jacob said.

I assumed that he meant Jude because he was stood on her side of the bed. Jude rolled over and spread her legs.

“I’m not sure that I want to do this.” Jude said, but it was too late. Jacob’s hand went up and came down hard on her butt.

“Ooow.” Jude said and one of her hands went to her butt. My butt tingled a bit as I felt some of her pain.

“Move the hand, Jude,” Jacob said.

Slowly the hand moved and Jacob continued slapping her butt. The ‘ooows’ continued but started turning into moans by the time that Jacob had delivered slap number ten. I moved round so that I could see Jude’s pussy and realised that it was a lot wetter than it was when the spanking started. 'Bloody hell, Jude’s enjoying this.' I thought.

“Keep going Jacob,” I said, “Jude’s loving this.

Ten slaps later Jude started cumming. “Finger fuck her,” I said to Jacob. He did and that kept Jude’s orgasm going longer.

I didn’t understand why Jude had cum; she was getting her butt spanked, not her pussy. Was it something to do with the vibrations from the spankings travelling from her butt to her pussy? Or what? I didn’t know but it worked, and that was good enough for me.

When Jude calmed down Aiden switched off the video camera and passed it to Jacob. “My turn, I guess,” I said to Aiden. “Don’t hold back.”

“In that case, shall I use my belt?”

My pussy suddenly got wetter.

“Okay then, but don’t break my skin.”

“Where do you want this, Kate?” Aiden asked.

“How about out on the balcony?”

Aiden nodded and out we went. “Where?” Aiden said.

I Looked round and then bent over the table.

“Go for it.” I said, not knowing if I was doing the right thing or not.

I was all tensed up waiting for that belt to hit me but I was still surprised when it landed. “Ooow! Fucking hell that hurt.” I said as I felt my pubic bone get pushed harder against the table.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Aiden asked.

“No, I can’t give up now, keep going. Keep going until I cum or fall off the table; okay?”


One second later I felt another bolt of pain; then another and another. 'Fucking hell; this man’s a sadist.' I thought.

Then it stopped hurting; I could still feel the belt landing but there was no pain; my ass was numb. My ass started feeling warm and my pussy started flooding. Three more and I too started cumming. I didn’t start feeling Aiden’s fingers in my pussy until my orgasm started to subside.

When I stood up I saw all three of them just staring at me. “Did you get all of that?” I asked Jacob.

"I certainly did; it was superb. That video must be worth a fortune."

Was it the vibrations or what? I didn’t know, I just knew that it worked and that was good enough for me. My butt hurt like hell but I still managed to ask Jude how she was.

“Better than you I think, here, let me rub some cream on that.”

I went over to the bed and lay on my stomach. Jude got the cream and I winced as she started to rub some on my butt. “Is that it for today guys?” I asked.

“Yes,” Jacob said, “unless you want some more spanking.”

“Can I take a rain-check on that?”

“Oh, you want some more tomorrow? You’d better be a bad girl then."

”I’ll think about that.”

The guys left and we got in the shower. We soaped the sweat and remaining cum off each other, not touching the other’s butt. When we got out we looked in the mirror; Jude’s butt was red, but mine was worse, we could see bright red lines all across it.

We decided to go down to the pool for a while and as we walked passed some of the guys we got asked if we’d been naughty girls. “Yeah,” Jude said, “Dad spanked us last night because we’d spent too much of his money.”

One or two of the guys laughed but I’m sure that they didn’t know whether to believe Jude or not.

I wasn’t too comfortable on the sun lounger so I was the first to get into the pool. It wasn’t long before a ball appeared, others dived in and another groping game started.

We took our towels up to our room, put our Ben Waa balls in, and left the hotel with only our sandals with us. We walked out of town to the nudist beach with the steel balls clunking away.

As we walked along that beach we saw a man sat in a sort of recess in the edge of the beach. He was playing with his cock and looking at us. We stopped and watched him for a few seconds then decided to go and sit not far from him so that he could watch us better and we could watch him better. Without any communication, Jude and I both started rubbing our pussies. It was a sort of mutual masturbation session as the three of us all made ourselves cum whilst looking at each other. We’d already cum when he shot his load onto the sand and as soon as he’d finished we got up and walked off.

We stopped further down the beach, sunbathed and swam then decided to walk some more. We left the beach and walked along the road back in the general direction of the resort. A couple of cars beeped their horns at us but we didn’t know if it was just to let us know that they were there, or because we were naked.

We passed through a little residential area that was quite quiet apart from a couple of teenagers (one boy+one girl) who stared at us, and the girl giggled as we walked away from them.

It wasn’t long before we were back in our resort and wanting a drink. We found a café and flashed passers-by for a while.

Dinner was un-eventful. As was the evening stroll and drink and ice cream in a café with Dad and Max; apart from the fact that our little steel balls kept our interest in sex in the front of our minds.

DAY 13 – Horse Riding

As soon as we woke up we looked at each other’s butts and were relieved and sad to see that all the red marks had gone. “I’ll ask Aiden to hit my butt harder next time.” I said. Jude wasn’t so sure.

We were up early because it was horse riding day. We were and weren’t looking forward to it. On the one hand, we’d never been horse riding before, but on the other hand were having such good fun (and other things) at the hotel and beach. But we’d promised Dad so we went. We had to have an early breakfast and didn’t see Jacob or Aiden.

Then we had to decide what to wear. Obviously, most people who go horse riding wear trousers, but we didn’t have any, nor shorts, not even knickers. Our choice was limited to skirts; short skirts. Realising that whatever we wore we were going to be exposed (goody, goody) we went for the lycra skirts. We giggled a bit when Jude said that we’d be naked below our waists for most of the day.

Just to add a little bit of excitement we decided to put our Ben Waa Balls inside us hoping that the stretching of our pussies over the horses backs wouldn’t cause them to fall out.

There were six other people going from our hotel and when the rep came and got us and told us to get on the coach she held Jude and me back and asked why we weren’t wearing trousers. When we said that we didn’t have any she said that the people at the farm might not let us get on a horse. We said that we’d take our chances and followed the rep out to the coach.

Jude got on first, her skirt rode up and I slapped her bare ass half way up the steps. When she turned I saw that the driver had been staring at her pussy and was now staring at mine. We pulled our skirts down as we walked down the aisle and Jude went and sat on a seat opposite two young men. She shuffled into the window seat and I sat next to her.

About 15 minutes into the journey I said that I was tired and leaned over and put my head on Jude’s chest and like on the bus from the zoo my butt got displayed and Jude’s hand helped my skirt ride up higher. It didn’t take long for the two young men to realise that they could see my butt and pussy but we just ignored them.

The bouncing of the coach along the road made sure that the little steel balls kept us happy. The journey out took about 90 minutes before we arrived at a big farm up in the hills.

We were split up into three groups that looked as though they’d based it on our apparent age because we ended up with only young people. When the stable hand saw us he gestured to our skirts and asked if we were going to ride like that.

“Yes, of course.”

He grinned and said, “Okay.”

All the guys were looking at us, especially when we were told to get on our horses – we’d been shown how and had been taken to where there were a number of steps. Of course the inevitable happened and our skirts became belts.

We rode those horses like that for about 3 hours. Our pussies were rubbing against the saddles and the steel balls occasionally clunking together and keeping us happy and wet. We didn’t have any problems keeping the steel balls inside us.

I guess that the men on the ride must have enjoyed looking at out bare butts because most of them were always behind us.

I have to say that the scenery was amazing and the horse riding was ……. okay.

When we got back to the stables we had to get off the horses. The thing was they led us straight to outside the stables, not where the steps were, so we had to get off like we’ve seen on the television. That was fun; especially as some of the guys came to help us and hold us as we slid down.

The coach trip back was very much like the one going except that I had Jude’s head on my chest and one of her hands between my thighs. Neither of us wanted to go riding again, but at least we could say that we’d done it.

Back at the hotel we still had a couple of hours before we had to get ready for dinner. We took our make-up out onto the balcony and spent the time doing our nails and talking.

Dad wanted to know all about the horse riding. When we told him that we were expected to be wearing trousers he just laughed and said, “I should have thought of that. Did your skirts make it interesting for you?”

“Us and some young men,” Jude said.

Dad just smiled.

The ice cream and drink in a bar later was quite boring.

End of part 4

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