We Hate Clothes
by Vanessa

Part 3

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.


Day 8 started the same way as most of them did, except that Jake and Noah had a couple of girls for a sleepover. They were out on the balcony when we woke-up and looked out. That didn’t stop our fun; by the time that we got back from breakfast they were gone and Jake and Noah were waiting to give us our next lesson. They quickly came to our room and it wasn’t long before our mouths were full. Noah kept calling me Jude, but who cares?

We didn’t know what we wanted to do that day so we went down to the pool (naked of course) and improved our all-over tans for about an hour before a few of the others started to arrive. It wasn’t long before the guys wanted play games in the pool. A couple of the girls took off their bikini bottoms and dived in. There were a couple of new arrival girls there and they were a bit reluctant to join in. Jude and I managed to convince them that they’d enjoy themselves and they eventually jumped in, but still in their bikini bottoms.

It wasn’t long before they realised what was going on and I saw their bikini bottoms come flying out of the pool. As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed getting groped and when we got out the two newbies said that they’d really enjoyed the game as well. They must have because they didn’t put their bikinis back on and lay on their sun loungers letting everyone see their bald pussies.

We played more pool games and got groped a lot more. After that we lay out trying to improve our tans.

A couple of the guys came over to talk to us and we got talking about all-over tans. Jude said that she was having problems getting her tan even; that the back of her legs and her front weren’t tanning at the same rate as the rest of her. Of course we both knew what we could do to solve that problem but Jude wanted to see if anyone would tell us what we could do without us doing it on our own. She obviously thought that it would be better if someone got her to expose herself rather that doing it on her own – at the hotel anyway.

One of the guys said that he had a solution to that; that he could fix it for the backs of her legs to be in the sun at the same time as her body front. “How the hell can you do that? Have you got a load of mirrors hidden somewhere?” Jude asked.

“No,” he replied, “Just do what I tell you and it will happen.”

“Go on then.”

“Right, lay back and get your toes as close to the sun as you can.”

I could see where this was going, smiled and lay on my back. I was going to do this too.

“Now bring your legs down so that your feet are either side of your shoulders.”

Jude did, and so did I.

“Now put your arms out over your legs.”

We did.

“There you are;” he said. ”Back of your legs and chest in the sun.”

“Yeah,” I added, “But you didn’t say that it would leave us with our pussies wide open and pointing to the sun.”

“You didn’t ask. And besides, there’s the added advantage of tanning all round your pussy; you don’t get that when you’re walking along or laid on your back. You can even reach your drinks if you want.”

He had told us how to get into the position that I would have easily got in to on my own; but he did have a point. It wasn’t uncomfortable and it showed off our pussies. Needless to say that most of the other guys came over to look and ask what we were doing.

After about three hours of tanning and more groping in the pool we wanted something different. We didn’t know what but we decided to go for a wander to see what was what. We surprised the two newbies by just getting up and leaving still totally naked, telling them that we’d be back later. We walked out of the hotel and down towards the resort. When we got to the beach I said, “Do you remember the last time that we went to the seaside with Dad and Max?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Do you remember what we did on the beach?”

“Yeah, we dug holes and made sandcastles. Why?”

“How about doing that now?”

“What, here?”

“Well, nearer the water, but yes, why not?”

“Yeah, why not?”

We walked to the water’s edge and walked along looking for a place to dig. Sitting down on the sand, Jude said, “How about here?”

I looked round and saw a couple of lads on their own and a group of two boys and two girls.

“I wonder why here?” I said to no one as I plonked my butt on the sand.

It wasn’t long before we started digging with our hands. As the hole got deeper we got onto our knees and bent over into the hole. After a couple of minutes Jude told me to move round so that I was facing the sea and to open my knees. It clicked; Jude was telling me to flash my butt and pussy to the people behind us. I opened my knees further and waggled my butt each time that I bent into the hole.

Of course we got covered in wet sand and we had to run into the sea a few times to rinse it off. Each time that we walked back to our ‘hole’ we’d stare at the people watching us just to make sure that they kept looking at us. We eventually got bored with acting like little girls again and walked further down the beach. As we got towards the end of the beach the number of people there went down a lot but there was one group of youths kicking a ball about. We went and sat not far from them so that we could watch them; and they could watch us – we hoped.

After a while we lay back onto our elbows and parted our legs a bit. Then Jude had this crazy idea; why don’t we play with our pussies? At first I thought that she was mad but then I thought why not? We’d never masturbated on a beach before and where better than in front of a group of youths?

Propping ourselves on our left elbows our right hands moved to our pussies. All the time we were looking at the youths. After a while one of them stopped and stared at us. I guess that he was trying to confirm what he thought he had seen. After a few seconds he shouted something to his mates and the game stopped. They all stared at us for a few seconds then slowly walked over to us. Before long half a dozen youths were looking down on two girls as they rubbed their pussies.

I knew that I was loving it and was getting really turned on; and I guessed that Jude was as well. We kept going, sometimes plunging one or two fingers inside. The youths started making rude and encouraging comments which only made me more horny. After a couple of minutes of frantically rubbing and finger fucking we both started to cum at about the same time. I managed to keep my eyes open most of the time and I looked at the youths as my orgasm hit me. The looks on the faces of the youths was priceless; amazement and lust were just two of the thoughts that went through my head.

When our heartbeat got to something like normal I looked at Jude then up to the youths and said, “Thank you lads, we needed that, but you can get back to your game now, the show's over.”

Amazingly, and fortunately, they did. Back on both elbows and feeling good, we realised that things could have turned out very differently. “Next time we're going to do this where there are people close enough to hear our screams if things go wrong,” Jude said.

“And there will be a next time,” I replied.

After enjoying the sun on our fronts and pussies for a while we got up and started to walk back towards the hotel. Some of the youths saw us get up and we waved to them as we left. The day was getting on so we slowly walked back to the hotel, stopping at a couple of shops to see if they’d got anything that we liked. No one seemed to care that we were naked; and of course we didn’t.

When Jake and Noah came to give us our evening lesson, Jake was carrying a plastic bag. After the lesson Jake picked up the bag and gave it to Jude saying, “We can’t fuck you but at least we can watch you fuck each other.”

Jude put her hand into the bag and pulled out this massive double-ended dildo. It must have been something like 14 or 15 inches long with a cock head at each end and about 2 inches in diameter. The whole thing was soft and bendy. Both Jude and I gasped when we saw it and I felt my pussy tingle and get wetter.

“Go on, try it,” Noah said.

Jude licked and sucked one end before putting it to her pussy. “It’s so big. I don’t think that it will fit in.”

“Here, let me help you,” I said and shuffled over to her. “Lay back, Jude.”

Jude did as she was told, automatically spreading her legs quite wide. Jake and Noah watched as I gently eased the dildo into her pussy; Jude gasping and moaning as I did so. When I’d got about half of it in I withdrew it and pushed it in again. I did this a few times until Jude said, “Your turn.”

Jude did the same to me then Jake said, “Now both of you.”

We shuffled into a position where our pussies were close (Jude had to lie on her side) and I eased one end of the dildo into her. Then I bent it and pushed the other end into my pussy. I slid it backwards and forwards a few times then Noah said, “Get it all in.”

It was easier for me to move closer to Jude so I shuffled over, forcing the dildo further into both of us. Close and closer I got and the dildo started disappearing. With about an inch of it still visible Jude gave a little scream but I pushed my pussy forward and we both screamed; but we’d made it. I could feel my pussy touching Jude’s pussy.

“In and out.” Jake said.

I pulled my pussy back then thrust forward. We both screamed again. I did the same a few times and our screams stopped. Either our insides had got used to the pain or they’d stretched some more so that it stopped hurting. As I thrust back and forwards I looked up to Noah and Jake. Both had big grins on their faces and bulges in their shorts.

“Do you want us to take care of those?” I asked.

“In a minute; just keep doing that for a while.” Jake replied.

I kept thrusting back and forwards until I felt Jake's hand on my head. I stopped thrusting and backed away from Jude. The dildo dropped onto the bed as Jude and I gave Noah and Jake the relief that they needed.

Bellies a little fuller, Jake said, “Can you do it doggy style for us to watch?”

We had to get Jake to explain what he meant and before long we were on our hands and knees, back to back; butts about a foot apart, and Jake was holding the dildo so both ends were touching a pussy. “Okay,” Jake said, “slowly push your butts back.”

We did and I felt the dildo entering me. We slowly continued and before long I felt my butt cheeks touch Jude’s butt. Without being told we automatically rocked our butts back and forward. Again, without being told I moved my right hand under my stomach and found my clit. Before long I could feel an orgasm building and a minute or so later I started moaning and shouting, “Yes, yes, yes.”

It was then that I realised that Jude was cumming as well. We both collapsed back so our butts rested on the other’s butt and waited for us to get back to normal then slowly moved forward until the dildo dropped out.

“Wow!” Noah said, “I could watch you two all day.”

We turned and sat on the bed in front of Jake and Noah, expecting them to bid farewell but Jake said, “There’s something else in that bag, Kate.”

Jude tipped the bag upside down and out fell this heavy little bag. Eager to see what it was, Jude ripped at the packaging and we saw four little steel balls. “What are these?” Jude asked.

“They’re called Ben Wa balls.”

“Ben what?”

“No, Ben Waaaaa balls.”

“Okay, but what are these Ben Waaaaa balls for?”

“You put two in your pussy and walk round all day with them inside you.”

“But won’t they just fall out?”

“That’s the secret; you have to use your pussy muscles to keep them in.”

“So what’s so special about keeping them inside you all day?”

“I’m told that they make you feel good.”

“Doesn’t make any sense to me,” Jude said.

“Tell you what, try them for a few hours and see what you think.”

“Okay, I think that we can do that for our favourite blow job teachers.”

“Aaah,” Jake said, “I’ve got some bad news for you two, and for us; you see, we’re going back to England very early in the morning and this was your last lesson.”

We knew that all good things come to an end so we were expecting it, but it was still a shock. “Oh no;” Jude said, “We’re really going to miss you. I guess that we’ll just have to make do with our new little friend.”

As she said that Jude picked up the dildo, wrapped her finger round it and moved her hand up and down. “Whenever we use this we’ll think about you two. I know, we’ll call this end Jake and this end Noah and every time that we use it we’ll be reminded of you.”

“Yeah, we don’t want this to end but….” Noah said.

“Yeah I know.” I said, “Come here and give me a big farewell hug and kiss.” We gave them both naked hugs and kissed them both and we were quite sad as they left our room.

As we got dressed we decided to wear a smart, short skirt and the scarfs as tops. Doing what Jake had asked we pushed two of the steel balls into out pussies. “Oow! Perhaps we should warm them a bit next time!” Jude said.

As we walked down the corridor we started to see what Jake meant; we could feel them moving about inside our pussies and when they clunked together they sent a little vibration through our pussies. Jude swore that she could hear them clunk together but I couldn’t.

When Dad and Max arrived outside the restaurant Max said, “Wow, you might not be let in with your tits showing like that.” Dad just smiled and shook his head sideways a little. We did get in all right and we spent the whole time with Max staring at our little tits. I have no idea why he did that because he’s seen them thousands of times before. Maybe he’d spent too much time on the golf course.

We went for the usual walk and drink which was starting to get boring, but it was time with our Dad. Two things were different though. One thing was we were sat outside a café close to a bar that had dozens of young people in it, most of them getting drunk. We watched quite a few drunks staggering down the street and falling over. It was interesting to see that nearly all the girls that fell over revealed a lack of underwear.

“See Dad,” I said, “those girls aren’t wearing knickers either so there’s nothing special about Jude and me not wearing any.”

Typical Dad replied with, “You’ll always be special to me.”

The other thing that was different was the Ben Waaaaa balls. They did keep reminding us that they were there; and they were making us feel good. By the time we’d got to the café I was feeling quite horny but I couldn’t do anything about it. After the walked back to the hotel I was lucky enough to be able to pounce on Jude. As I probed Jude’s pussy I could feel her steel balls but I left them inside her, the same as she did with me. Jude’s worries about them falling out turned out to be unfounded; neither of us had at any time felt like we were going to drop one.

DAY 9 - The Zoo Trip

It was a sad start to the day and we weren’t really looking forward to the trip to the zoo. There was no way that we were going to wear ‘formal’ clothes and in the end we decided we’d wear the lycra skirts and our white silky cami tops, the ones that are so thin and smooth that our nipples are permanently hard. We realised that we must look a little slutty but we didn’t care. We wanted to show our pussies and our nipple pokies helped with the image. Ideally, we would have gone without any clothes on but there was bound to be some miserable prudes there; so the next best thing was to wear something that attracted attention but didn’t actually show anything – well, when we pulled our skirts down.

To remind us of Jake and Noah we left the Ben Waaaaa balls inside us.

I got onto the coach followed by a middle-aged man and I must have given him a great view of my butt and pussy because the way too tight and way too short lycra skirts that we were wearing ride up as we walk; so when I went up the steps into the bus my skirt nearly turned into a belt. Jude was in front of me and hers certainly did. We both had a quick skirt pulling down job to do as we started walking along the aisle. As I walked I looked back at the man and saw a very red face.

The coach bouncing along the road made the Ben Waaaaa balls bounce about and by the time that we got to the zoo we were both feeling quite good.

The ‘zoo’ was more like a cross between a safari park and an amusements park. It has a few splash rides and a smallish rollercoaster. We like animals and were looking forward to seeing some so we headed over to that part of the park straight away. As we slowly walked (we didn’t want the steel balls to make us cum too soon), we were very conscious of our skirts riding up and every so often we’d pull them back down but anyone who looked would have been able to see our bare butts and pussies.

When we got to the safari park we discovered that everyone was being driven round the park on the back of this big flatbed lorry. It had four rows of bench seats, two down the sides facing in, and two back-to-back down the middle. To get in you had to climb up a little ladder. When we saw that we smiled and tried to get ourselves in the queue in front of some young men. It wasn’t difficult and I stood beside the ladder as Jude climbed up. Of course the young men and I could see everything and one of the men who was holding a camera took a couple of photos of her butt and pussy.

Then it was my turn; as soon as my first foot reached up to the step my skirt went above my butt cheeks. At the top of the ladder I waited, with one foot on the ladder and the other foot on the lorry, for a few seconds waiting to see where Jude was going. I knew that my pussy was spread open as I waited and I hoped that the people behind me had a great view and had taken some great photos. I heard the men talking about my butt, one of them saying that he’d taken a video of me. That made my pussy get even wetter.

We sat on one of the outside rows of seats and the men quickly came and sat opposite us. I smiled to myself knowing that we were going to put on a bit of a show for them and that they’d be able to take more photos, and maybe videos, as the lorry went round and we looked out.

When the lorry set off it quickly drove onto what I would call a dirt track with lots of potholes. The whole route turned out to be on similar ground, right until we got back to the start. Crossing our legs wasn’t practical because of all the bouncing about – not that we ever intended to cross ours; and we soon discovered that putting our feet about 18 inches apart helped us to keep our balance.

We’d pulled our skirts down once we’d got onto the back of the lorry, but as soon as we sat down they were back up round the top of our butts. We didn’t mind, and the men opposite us didn’t look as if they minded.

As we drove round getting bounced all over the place, our knees were often wide apart with our torsos twisted so that we could look at the different animals. We often heard cameras click and never knew if the photos were of the animals or our wet pussies. I say wet pussies because those steel balls were really bouncing about inside us. They were clunking together every couple of seconds.

We stopped a few times along the way for us to have a longer look at some of the animals and again the cameras were earning their keep for the men. One time that I’d been twisted round I turned back and saw one of the men holding his camera right in front of my spread knees. He blushed and I smiled.

Back at the start we quickly discovered that getting off the lorry was more ‘interesting’ than getting on. Some people were going down the ladder backwards and some facing away from the ladder. Quite a few people were helping others get down. The male voyeurs got off before us and obviously saw helping us get down as an opportunity to see some more flesh. I decided to go down facing away from the ladder and as soon as I stepped down to the first rung my skirt went up exposing my whole pubic area. I looked down and saw about a dozen male eyes all looking at my very wet and swollen pussy.

I gingerly transferred my weight to the foot that was on the top rung then moved my other foot to where I thought the next rung would be. Unfortunately, I missed it and fell forwards. Fortunately, three or four pairs of male hands flew forwards and formed a sort of bridge for me to land on. As I realised that I wasn’t going to crash onto the ground I felt another pair of hands slide up my outer thighs, over my bare hips, grip me by my waist and lift and twist me round so that my feet fell to the ground. I looked up at the men and gave them all a quick kiss on their cheeks as I thanked each one. Some of them put an arm round me as I leaned onto them and they squeezed my still bare butt. It was only after I’d thanked them all that I thought about my skirt and made myself so called ‘decent’ again.

I turned back to look for Jude. I don’t know how she’d done it but she was being held parallel to the ground by three or four of the men. Her skirt too was up round her waist. Jude too got lifted down and thanked all the men, getting her butt squeezed as well.

I suddenly had a thought, “Guys,” I said, “Would you like to take some photographs of you holding us up in the air like you just did?”

“Hell yes please,” one of them said then the others followed with similar answers.

“Let’s go round the side of that building where we won’t be in anyone’s way,” I said.

We all moved round the side and the men stood behind Jude and me. “Can we take it in turns to lift you up so that all of us can get some photographs?”

“Yeah, sure.” Both Jude and I said in stereo.

With that the two men that were either side of Jude (facing her) bent down and used their hand nearest her legs to lift them up while their other arms went round her back to support her. As she went up Jude automatically put her arms round their necks for extra support. As the men had lifted her legs they spread them very wide which caused her skirt to slide up round her waist.

“Woah there,” Jude said, “that wasn’t how you caught me when I fell.”

The tone of her voice and the fact that she didn’t struggle told the men that she was happy to be like that. Another of the men went between her legs and pushed up her top so that her little tits were on display as well. The rest of the men, and me, were just watching all this and when one of them got his camera out to photograph Jude, two of them men moved towards me.

“Hang on a minute guys,” I said, “if we’re going to do this we may as well do it properly.” As I finished saying that I was already shimmying out of my skirt. When that was off I lifted my top up and over my head. I was naked apart from my shoes.

The two guys now had big grins on their faces as they lifted me up and spread my legs wide. My pussy couldn’t have been ready to be pulled apart like that and I felt one of my steel balls get ejected from my pussy.

A man in front of me stopped and stared at the ball for a second then grinned. “I know what that is; that’s one of those Ben whatsit balls isn’t it?” he said, “have you got the other one in there, you little slut?”

“Yes I have, and I’m not a slut I’m a virgin, and it’s Ben Waaaaa.”

“Fucking hell, that’s hard to believe. Come on, push it out.”

As I squeezed the other ball out I said, “I’m a cock virgin and I’m only 16.”

“Fucking hell, you certainly fooled me.”

The man caught the second ball and put it into his mouth. “Hmm; that tastes nice.”

He cleaned the first ball and got both of them in his hand. “Right Tom, get that video running, I want a video of me pushing these two back into her tight pussy."

And he did; very slowly. As he did he touched my clit and I let out a long moan. Using his middle finger he pushed them as far up my hole as he could. Then he patted my pussy. “Good girl.”

“Right,” he continued, “let’s get those photos taken.”

All the guys who weren’t holding Jude and me up took a few photos then the guys put us down, I was just reaching for my skirt when one of the said, ”You’re not finished yet, we’ve all got to have ago at holding you up.”

Twice more Jude and I got lifted into the air and had our legs pulled wide apart. Thankfully all four steel balls stayed in place and just before Jude got lifted for the second time she shimmied out of her tight skirt and pulled her top off.

Eventually, all the guys got the photos that they wanted. Or so we thought. I’d just picked up my skirt when one of the guys said, “Hey, you know that big fibreglass tiger that’s just round the corner?”

A couple of the guys said that they did. “How about we take these two girls and sit them on it? Then we can photograph a pussy on a pussy.”

That seemed to amuse some of the guys and before I knew what was happening my skirt was pulled out of my hand and one of the guys threw me over his shoulder and started walking out to where there were people. “Hey, stop it.” I shouted but no one was listening; except Jude maybe, she was over the shoulder of the guy walking nearby.

The two men kept going until they came to this big, very life-like, model of a tiger. I was kept on the man’s shoulder as Jude was lowered onto the tiger’s back with her legs either side. The man let go of her and told her to lay back a bit so that they could see her pussy. When she did, a whole load of cameras started clicking. Not just the ones of guys who had been on the lorry.

Jude was smiling and I could tell that she was enjoying it. So did I when it came to my turn. I even put my hand, that was furthest away from the cameras, down to my pussy and pulled the top of my slit up a bit so that my clit was more visible.

Photograph session over, the guys thanked us for being such good sports; then walked away. “Hey, what about our clothes?” I shouted.

It quickly became obvious that they weren’t coming back so Jude and I set off running back to where we’d last seen our clothes. Thankfully they were still on the ground there and we quickly got dressed.

As we set off walking Jude said, “Wow; that was different.”

“And fun.” I added.

When we got back to the main entrance we saw where the water park part was and slowly walked towards it. Those balls were doing what I guess they were designed for as we were both feeling quite horny. It was a good job that the weather was warm because it needed to dry the liquid that was leaking out of our pussies and running down the insides of our thighs.

The water park area had more rides than we’d thought and we walked towards the nearest one. “You know that these tops are going to be totally see thru by the time we get to the bottom of this ride don’t you?” Jude said.

“I certainly hope so,” I replied.

Giggling a bit we pulled our skirts back down and joined the queue.

The ride was one of these rapids things where six of you get in a big circular raft thing and float down the rapids. If the splashes didn’t get you, the kids with big water pistols along the banks would get you.

We were followed onto our raft by two young couples. As we sat down our skirts rode up. We had to keep our feet on the sole prints on the bottom of the raft which meant that our knees were apart revealing our pussies. This fact wasn’t lost on one of the other girls. As she looked round to see who else was on the raft she saw our pussies. She smiled at us and dug her elbow into her man. He turned and started to say something then saw her nod her head towards Jude and me. He stared for a few seconds then turned to his girl and said, “I wish that you’d wear skirts like that.” She thumped him and they both turned to look forward.

By the time that we got to the bottom we were soaked. As suspected, our tops clung to us like body paint and our dark nipples were clearly visible. As we stood up to get off the raft the youth who’d looked at us at the start of the ride was again looking as we pulled our skirts down from our waists. That couple followed us out of the ride and I didn’t pull my skirt down again until we got to the exit.

The next ride that we came to was another rapids one, but this time you ride on big double inflatable rings. At the start of the ride a young man held the ring while we got on it. Jude was in front of me so she had to get in the front part of the ring. As she sat down and spread her legs her skirt went up. I saw the man do a double take then he looked at me as I climbed on. I had to stretch my legs wide even before I sat down so the man got a great view. As we waited for the green light the man was looking down at us. I looked him in the eye and smiled, at which he looked away.

Off we went and soon caught up to a few people in front of us. As we got alongside some of them looked over to us and got quite a surprise. So did some people walking alongside the ride, they were higher up but could easily look down on us as we slowly moved along. At the bottom another young man was helping people out of their ring. He had a good look as he pulled us up and before we could pull our skirts down.

The third ride was a log ride. Half a dozen people got in one behind the other and the log drifted off then down a waterfall into a big pond. Of course everyone got very wet and as the waves cascaded down on us I felt the water run over my pussy. There were no staff at the top or bottom of the ride because the logs were held in place by a machine.

The fourth ride was a rollercoaster; not the biggest that I’ve seen, but big enough to scare us. As we walked up to it Jude said, “Nice nipps, sis.”

I looked down and my cami top was almost totally see thru. I looked over to Jude’s chest and said, “You too; mind you don’t get too close to anyone; you might poke their eye out.”

We joined the queue and as we stood there I moved my weight from one leg to another to move the steel balls around inside me. The movement felt good and I felt my juices leaking out. Jude asked me what I was doing and when I told her she started doing the same.

The seats on the rollercoaster were in twos and they had clamps to keep your thighs in place. When we sat down we saw the ‘T’ bars that comes up between our legs and the top of the ‘T’ pressed down on our thighs. As we sat down our skirts rode up and when we opened our legs they went even higher. When the young man came to put the ‘T’ down and lock it in place he had a great view. It seemed to take him longer to lock ours in place than it did any of the ones in front of us.

Yes, the ride was scary.

At the end the ‘T’s unlocked themselves so no one got to look at us. Well, maybe they did before we pulled our skirts down.

The last ride was a kid’s ride so we walked straight passed it.

There wasn’t much left for us to see so we went to find something to drink. We found a little café and we went in to get the drinks. Then we went looking for some grass to sit on for a while. We found some alongside a path and we sat down, pulling our skirts down as we did so.

When we’d finished our drinks we lay back with our feet towards the busy path. It was only after we’d been laying there for about 30 minutes that we realised that anyone walking along the path would have been able to look up our skirts and see our pussies. Once we realised that we opened our legs a bit and hoped that we were giving a better view. I don’t know if Jude did as well, but I dozed off for a while and when I woke-up my legs had drifted further apart. I didn’t bother looking to see if anyone was looking up my skirt.

Eventually it got round to the time that we had to go back to our coach and we got up and wandered out. Back at the coach we were disappointed that no one followed us up the steps. I sat beside the window with Jude next to me. She said that she was tired and leaned over to rest her head on my chest. I put my arm over her and rested it near her waist.

After a couple of people getting on the coach seemed to be staring at her I leaned over and looked down at her hips. She was over on one side with her skirt up over her butt and one cheek (and her pussy if you got down low enough) clearly on display. I didn’t say anything but nipped the material of her skirt with my hand that was on her waist, and gently pulled her skirt further up; and continued to watch the people passing us. Some looked and ignored it, others looked and smiled, but most didn’t even look. Two young men did, and after they’d gone passed us they backed up and sat on the seat right across the aisle from us. I saw that they kept looking at Jude’s pussy and suspected that it was a bit wet and shiny. About three quarters of the way back Jude woke-up and sat up straight. The young men opposite were not happy and they looked like they were going to kill someone.

Jude and I started talking about our day. It hadn’t turned out anything like we’d expected but we’d thoroughly enjoyed it. Jude asked if we’d chosen the wrong clothes for the day. She looked at me and I looked at her and we both said, “Naw!”

Back in the hotel we went up to our room, stripped, showered and went and sat on the balcony. Jude had brought the dildo out with her and she was slowly rubbing the end against her pussy when we heard the door to Jake and Noah’s room open. We turned to look, hoping to see Jake and Noah but two different young men walked out.

“Oh hi.” I said.

“You don’t sound very happy.”

“Long story.” I replied.

We introduced ourselves to the two new guys, Aiden and Jacob, then chatted for a while until they said that they had to go; and they left. As Jude and I sat there I suddenly realised that neither Aiden nor Jacob had said anything about us being twins, or naked. We guessed that they must know some twins and maybe expect all girls to be naked on their balcony.

We stayed on the balcony until it was time to go down to dinner. Over dinner Dad said that we looked a bit down and asked if the trip to the zoo had been a disappointment. “No, no,” I said, “the zoo was amazing; nothing like we’d expected. We really had a great day.”

“What is it then?”

“Nothing really, we’d made friends with the guys in the next room and they went home early today. They really treated us nice.”

“You must have realised that this sort of thing happens.”

“Yeah, but they were nice.”

“Tell you what,” Dad said; “When we go out later we’ll get something really nice to eat.”

We did cheer up as we walked to the café, we still had those steel balls inside us and they made us feel good.

DAY 10

While we were in the shower we’d squeezed the steel balls out, washed them and put them in their little bags. After breakfast we went down to the pool. We were nearly the first there and we settled down for a long sunbathing session. After about an hour the others started to appear and things livened up. Aiden and Jacob arrived and we introduced them to everyone. As we were doing that Aiden asked me if we ever wore any clothes.

“Not if we can help it,” I replied.

Someone suggested a game in the pool and we all dived in. I surfaced near Aiden and Jacob and turned to them and said, “Don’t be afraid to join in and grope us; none of us girls will mind.”

“I heard Aiden say ‘what’ as I turned and swam over to where Jude was. A ball appeared and started getting thrown from girl to girl. It didn’t take Aiden or Jacob long to realise what was happening and they quickly joined the other guys as they groped us.

When we got out of the pool Aiden and Jacob came and sat near us and we started talking. Aiden was staring at our naked bodies all the time. We both rewarded him by opening our legs a bit. It turned out that Jacob works as a masseur in a big hotel in London and after I said that neither Jude nor I had ever had a massage he volunteered to give us one.

One of the others was listening and word of the impending massages soon got round. One of the other guys came over and asked if he could come and watch. Both Jude and I said, “Yes, of course; why not?”

Aiden smiled at that; he probably knew more about what was going to happen than I did. Jacob said, “They will be ‘full body’ massages; is that okay?"

Neither Jude nor I knew what that involved but we were game for anything and we both said that it was okay. Another of the guys said that we’d need a big room because there would be a lot of people there watching and he went over to two girls who had just put their bikini bottoms back on and started talking to them. I was a bit puzzled as to why lots of people would want to see me getting my arms, legs and back massaged; but not puzzled enough to say anything.

The young man who’d gone to talk to the two girls came back and said that he’d agreed with the two girls that we could use their room. Apparently they’d been given a massive room for some reason. Jacob asked when we wanted it done and both Jude and I said that we were free all day.

“How about now?” Jacob asked.

Both Jude and I answered that by getting up and picking up our things. “Let’s go!” Jude said.

On the way Jacob asked some of the guys to find the maid’s trolley and ‘acquire’ a load of bath towels. Once we got to the room Jacob said that the room would do and he went off to get his things while the two girls cleared the room and made the beds.

When Jacob got back he spread out some towels on the bed, rolled one up and asked who was first. Jude and I looked at each other and we both said, “She is.” A few people laughed and I pushed Jude onto the bed and stood at her feet.

Jacob told Jude to lie on her stomach and relax. He told her to lift her butt and he slid the rolled towel under her hips so that her butt stuck up. For some strange reason he folded a towel and put it over her butt. While he was doing that he asked Aiden to roll-up four big towels.

Then he got to work.

He dropped a few drops of some sort of oil on her back and upper arms and started massaging her arms, then her head, then her upper back. He must have been doing it well because Jude was sighing and moaning. Jacob moved further down her back and went under the towel to massage the tops of her butt cheeks which got more moans from Jude.

Next, he went to the bottom of the bed and massaged her left foot then the back of her left leg. As he went up her leg I noticed that her legs were spreading. I wondered if he was doing that or Jude was. Anyway, at the top of her leg he massaged all around the part of her thigh that wasn’t touching the bed or the rolled towel; and the bottom of her butt cheek. I’m sure that he touched her pussy a couple of times because when I thought he had, Jude let out a moan.

As Jacob started on Jude’s right foot then leg, I looked round the room. Five guys and four girls (plus me) were all mesmerised by what was happening.

The top of Jude’s right leg got the same treatment and we heard another couple of moans. Jacob then removed the towel over Jude’s butt and spent ages massaging her little bubbly butt. Then he put oil in the crack of her butt and the tops of her legs. What happened next REALLY made the room go quiet as everyone stared. Jacob massaged everywhere around her pussy without actually touching it. His hands were so gentle and light that I wondered if he was actually touching her. He even rubbed up and down her butt crack and I swear that he pressed on her butt hole.

Judging by the moans Jude was obviously enjoying it and probably feeling a bit frustrated wanting him to play with her pussy; but Jacob stayed away from it for what seemed like forever. Eventually Jacob started gently sliding his finger along her swollen lips then parting them and sliding down and touching her clit. The first time that Jacob touched her clit Jude let out a long, soft ‘Aaaaaargh’.

Really taking his time and teasing her, Jacob kept sliding all around her pussy and occasionally touching her clit. After another forever, Jacob lingered on her clit, rubbing his fingers lightly over it. Jude’s breathing got heavier and quicker and her moans got longer until she started to cum. As soon as she did, Jacob inserted two fingers and finger fucked her with one hand while his other hand continued to tease her clit. Her orgasm lasted for ages as Jacob continued to work on her pussy.

As the orgasm finally subsided Jacob slowed down and stopped finger fucking her. When he thought she was able, Jacob asked Jude to turn over. Instinctively, Jude lay with her feet about 18 inches apart. Jacob then got a pillow and put it under her head so that she could see what was happening (and we could see her face); and then lifted each leg in turn and put tow rolled-up towels under each foot. He put the rolled-up towel that had been under her hips under her butt.

Then he said, “Normally I have some gyno stirrups that I use so I’m having to improvise.”

I didn’t know what gyno stirrups were at that time.

As Jacob moved to one side I looked down on her; her legs were wide open and her pussy was thrust up in the air. Her face looked a picture of happiness. Around the room were ten young people all staring at her body that was exposed as much as it possibly could; I was jealous.

Jacob put the towel that had been over her butt over her hips and pussy depriving us of that beautiful sight. Then he started the rest of her massage starting on her arms then her head. After that I thought that he was not going to do her torso front because he moved down to her feet.

I needn’t have worried because he moved up to her stomach and lower abdomen after doing her legs. Again I wondered if he was going to stop without going further but his massaging got wider and wider and he was soon working on her little tits. The moans got more frequent as he worked on her nipples.

Jacob seemed to take her right to the edge before moving his hands down and massaging her lower stomach under the towel. Then he lifted the towel off showing everyone how wet she was. I wondered how close she was to cumming.

Jacob dripped a little more oil on her pussy. The massaging and lightly touching continued all around her pussy for ages before he spread her lips and touched her clit. That caused her to explode into the strongest orgasm I have ever seen her have. He arms and legs started jerking and her body trembled. Her head rolled from side to side and her back arched up as she rode the waves.

Jacob seemed to ignore her orgasm and kept working around and on her pussy and rubbing her clit from side to side as she kept cumming and cumming; so much so that I wondered if she’d pass out. Still ignoring her orgasms he continued working on her pussy, starting to finger fuck her as well. He had his middle two fingers inside her and the palm of his hand pressing on her clit; all while her butt was rising up and down and she was still cumming.

After what seemed like hours Jacob stopped and it took Jude ages to stop cumming and to just lay there getting her breath back. While Jude was recovering, one of the guys said to the Jacob, “And you have to do that to women for a living? I think that you’re going to be busy while you’re here, mate.”

One of the girls asked if she could book him for later that day. “Only if we can all come and watch,” one of the guys said.

Jacob said, “I do that for a living but very few of the women are as young, slim and beautiful as these two. Most are fat, ugly, and hairy middle-aged women so it’s not all good.”

I heard one guy say, “Yuk!”

Jude finally got up and Jacob looked at me. He didn’t have to say anything because within a second I flat on my stomach with my legs spread. Jacob got to work and me and did everything that I’d seen him do to Jude. I was so relaxed and so horny. I started cumming the second that he lifted the towel off my hips and pussy, but that didn’t stop him. He kept working on me while I was cumming.

Fuck, I was in orgasmic heaven; I was totally consumed by those orgasms; I didn’t want it to ever end even though my body was jerking about and bouncing on the bed (so Jude told me later on).

Then he told me to turn over and he started on my front. Before my orgasms started again I so wanted to reach over to Jacob and get his cock out. If anyone deserved a blow job it was him. He was earning it 100 times over. Back up I went as ten people were watching me and my pussy. I found heaven again and stayed there for what seemed like hours as Jacob kept on working on me.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and I started to be aware of my surroundings again. I just lay there; legs still wide open and my pussy up on the rolled towel and still throbbing, when I started to hear people talking. I could hear girls talking to Jacob trying to persuade him to give them a massage but he kept refusing saying that he was there on a holiday. Most of the guys were still looking down at me (well, my pussy) and calling Jacob a lucky bastard.

Most people finally started drifting off back to the pool and it wasn’t long before it was just the two girls whose room it was and Jude and me. As we helped them sort out their room one of them asked us what it was like. Jude told them that it was more wonderful than she could ever have imagined and that her pussy was still tingling more than half an hour after it had finished.

We went up to our room for a shower, then down to the pool to improve our tans. We joined in another groping game in the pool before deciding to go down to the beach. Again we wanted to be on our own so we told the other that we were just going down to the shop to get some more bottled water. We took our things up to our room and without saying anything we both got out our Ben Waaaaa balls and pushed them in.

As we walked out of the hotel wearing only shoes and carrying one small bag; I suggested to Jude that the day be a ‘masturbation in public’ day.

“So that’s why you put the dildo in the bag. Great idea; where shall we start?”

“Well, for starters there’s the beach. After that we could look for cafés that don’t have many people in them, after that I guess we might as well do it on any street corner.”

“What? You want to do it on a street corner? We may as well do it in the reception of our hotel or by their pool.”

“That sounds good to me; but let’s start with the beach. I assume that you want to do it near a group of men."

We walked along the beach looking for groups of young men, with a space near them. We got to the end of the beach before we found what we were looking for. We guessed that most people couldn’t be bothered to walk that far. We went to about ten feet further than them from the sea and spread our towel. As we did that we had to bend over to put it where we wanted it. I turned my back to the young men and bent at the waist, keeping my legs straight.

As I sat down I looked at the men. Two of them were looking at us. We got the sun tan lotion out and made a great show of putting it on each other; especially on our tits and pussies. We lay back with our legs open and enjoyed the sun. After about ten minutes my right hand found its way to my pussy and started rubbing. I whispered to Jude to tell her what I was doing. The reply was, “You took your time.”

I laughed and rubbed a bit faster. I got up onto my left elbow and continued rubbing. I could see that all the men were looking at us. Jude got up in the same way and started to moan. We both kept going until we’d cum.

Our expressions and maybe our moaning and saying, “Yes, yes, yes!” told the men that we’d cum and they cheered and clapped as our show finished; but it wasn’t finished, I went back onto both elbows and squeezed the steel balls out. I heard a man say, “Fucking hell!”

Then I picked them up and put them in the bag. While I was in there I pulled the dildo out to more cheers from the men. Rubbing my pussy with one end of the dildo, I looked at the men. All were staring straight at my pussy. One started saying, “In, in, in,” over and over and it wasn’t long before all of them joined in.

I held the end of the dildo over my hole and looked at the men. “Go on!” one of them shouted.

I gently pushed and my hole opened up to accept it. I pushed it in a little more then pulled it out and held it up. The men cheered again as I opened my mouth and sucked it in before fucking my mouth with it a couple of times. Then it was back to my pussy. This time I pushed it in a lot further and went in and out a few times before pulling it out and putting it back into my mouth. This time I tilted my head back and pushed the dildo down into my throat.

The men were loving it, and so was I. I alternated the dildo between my pussy and my mouth for a while before giving the dildo to Jude who was eagerly waiting for it.

While Jude was doing what I’d done I was frantically rubbing my pussy and finger fucking myself. When I started to cum I went back onto both elbows to support my body because my hips were jerking up and down. I doubt that the men would have been able to see that my pussy muscles were contracting and relaxing over and over, as well. All the time I was watching the men. All were laid on their stomachs watching us. I wondered if any of them didn’t have a hard-on.

Jude stopped using the dildo and passed it back to me while she started making herself cum. I pushed as much of the dildo as I could into my pussy and just lay there with it sticking out for all the world to see. When Jude had cum and lay flat on her back with her legs open I still left the dildo in my pussy. I tried to use my pussy muscles to squeeze it out then suck it back in but I wasn’t very successful. I made a mental note to practice that.

After a while we started to want a change of scenery so we stood up. The dildo was still hanging out of my pussy so I turned to face the men and squeezed and squeezed until the dildo popped out onto the towel. As I was squeezing I looked at the men. Half of them had lost interest and turned onto their backs but the other half saw every inch of the dildo come out into the sunlight.

We put everything in our bag and started walking back along the beach. “Any idea what time it is?” Jude asked.

“No idea, but it must be getting on; we’ve done a lot today.”

“And cum more times in one day that ever before.”

“Hmmm, yes; wasn’t that amazing? I hope that we can persuade Jacob to give us another one.”

“Me too.”

We got to the other end of the beach where again there weren’t too many people and saw two youngish couples. I looked at Jude and said, “Why not?”

“I can’t think of a reason, and it will be good to see their reaction.”

We spread our towel a bit closer to these four than we had with the guys earlier. At first only one of the girls was on her stomach and watching us, but after we’d lay there for a while and our hands drifted to our pussies, I heard her say, “Hey you lot, have a look at those two girls.”

I felt a little happier that we’d got a bigger audience. We continued doing everything that we’d done in front of the men; even with the dildo. As I worked the dildo in any out of my pussy I realised that a couple were stood in front of us, almost between the two couples laid out in front of us.

“And what do you think you are doing?” the middle-aged woman said.

“I would have thought that that was obvious,” I replied.

“You cheeky little girl, you can’t do that sort of thing here.”

“Why not?”

“Because…. Because…. Where are your clothes?”

“Haven’t got any.”

“Where are your parents?”

“England…. Anything else?”

“But…. But… you can’t….”

“Yes we can, and we are doing it. Now, if there’s nothing else I’d like to finish what I started.”

The two couples watching started clapping, the nosey prude stormed off with her spineless man following. Then Jude said, “Wow girl, I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Neither did I.”

By then I’d lost all the arousal that I had. I looked down between my legs and saw that the dildo was still sticking out of my pussy. I decided to leave it there and just lay back and relax for a while. Jude was also just lying back doing nothing as well.

I don’t know if it was the sun or the dildo or the two couples still looking at us or what; but after a couple of minutes I started to get horny again. It wasn’t that long before my hand drifted to the dildo and started pulling and pushing it until I had another orgasm. As I was returning to normal I heard Jude cumming too.

We just lay there for a while then decided to move on. I got up with the dildo still inside me and squeezed it out onto the towel again. Walking away, Jude said that she was proud of me for being so bold. I said that she probably would have said the same things if she hadn’t been too busy frigging herself.

“Those two couples watching us didn’t seem as appreciative, did they?” I said.

“No, I bet that guys were but didn’t dare say anything because their girlfriends were there.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Maybe we should just stick to flashing men.”

It was mid-afternoon and we thought that we should maybe start heading back towards the hotel. As we were getting close to the road Jude said, “Fancy an ice lolly?”

“Good idea.”

We turned towards the little beach shop and Jude asked the man for two of those tubular ice lollies. As Jude was paying I held my ice lolly against my pussy and rubbed it back and forth. “Shit, that’s cold,” and changed my mind about pushing it into my pussy.

On the way we passed a café that didn’t have many customers, and none sat at tables near the street, so we went and sat at a table near the street. We turned our chairs to face the street and sat on the front edge and lay back to wait for the waiter.

Of course our legs were spread a little and we could see the waiter looking down at our pussies as he waited for us to decide which ice creams we wanted. We took our time and I could feel my pussy tingling and getting wet all the time. At one point I absent-mindedly moved my hand to my pussy and scratched a non-existent itch. In doing so I spread my legs a little bit more and pulled the top of my slit up a bit.

Eventually we ordered and turned our attention to passers-by to see who we could flash. I so wanted to get the dildo out of the bag and rub it up and down and in and out of my pussy but I thought that it would be just a bit too much. What we both did do was rub our pussies quite a bit. We were both quite worked-up by the time the waiter came back with our ice creams. I’m not sure if he saw what we were doing or not, not that we cared, but he didn’t say anything.

Instead of turning to the table and sitting up properly to eat the ice cream we both lifted them up and held them to our chests between our budding tits. That way we could still face the street and perhaps give someone a thrill without knowing it. Anyway, the inevitable, or was it deliberate, happened and I dropped a big blob of ice cream on my chest. Instead of scooping it up I let it run down my front and I moved a bit to steer it to my pussy. It was still cold when it touched my clit and I gasped a little. Jude was watching and when she heard me gasp she accidentally dropped some on her belly.

After my gasp I put the spoon to my pussy and scooped up what was left of the ice cream and some of my pussy juices. “Hmmm,” I said, “a new flavour of ice cream – pussy.”

Not content with just a bit of my juices, I ran the spoon up inside my lips then got some more ice cream and ate that. Feeling a bit naughty, I got a blob of ice cream and put it on my hole, then turned the spoon and pressed some of it inside me. Then I got even naughtier and pushed the spoon inside me. I then rotated the spoon collecting even more of my juices before pulling it out and putting it in my mouth. As I sucked the spoon I looked up and saw two young men watching us and grinning. I smiled at them and ate some more ice cream.

Ice cream all gone we sat there watching people go by; trying to guess which ones would look over to us. After a while we heard a cough and turned to see the waiter with the bill. We have no idea how long he’d been stood there, nor how much he’s seen.

Moving on we came to a side street and I turned into it. “Where are we going?” Jude asked.

“Wait and see.”

We walked for a few minutes and I thought that I recognised a building from when we were out on our naked night walk. I remembered seeing some lights in buildings and thought that it must be a residential area. Turning a corner I looked up and around and came to the same conclusion. There was no one around so I stopped and leaned back against the wall, opened my legs and started rubbing.

“This is a street corner Jude; get rubbing.”

She did and the two of us rubbed, and finger fucked and rubbed; until we both came. With our hands still cupping our pussies I heard someone whistle and looked up. Two teenage boys were looking out of a window down at us. Jude saw this as an opportunity and got the dildo out of the bag and started fucking herself with it. I watched her and the boys. I got the impression that the boys were enjoying it nearly as much as Jude was.

After Jude had cum again I was about to use the dildo myself but we heard a noise and then saw some people walking our way. The dildo would have to wait.

We walked back to the hotel.

That evening we were sat out on our balcony relaxing before having to get ready for dinner when Aiden and Jacob came out onto their balcony. After saying ‘Hi’, Jude and I thanked Jacob for the most amazing time of our lives and told him that we’d do anything to repay him. Aiden’s eyes went up but he didn’t say anything.

Jacob embarrassed us again by repeating what he said about it being a pleasure to work on someone so young and beautiful. “Hey,” Jude said, “If you want to do it again we’re here, ready and waiting.”

“Yeah, I can see that you’re ready.” Aiden said. Then he continued, “So how do people tell who is who?”

“I know.” Jacob said.

We both looked at him wondering what the hell he was on about because even Dad and Max get it wrong quite often. “One of you has a little mole near your pussy.” Jacob continued.

“That’s me,” I said.

“So do you show everyone that mole?” Aiden asked.

“Only if they ask.”

“I’m asking.”

I stood up, turned my chair to face him, sat on the front edge of the chair, lay back and spread my legs.

“There, see.” I said, pointing to the mole.

“How do I know that you haven’t got one there?” Aiden said, looking at Jude.

“Ha, very good Aiden; if you want to see my pussy all you have to do is ask,” Jude said.

“I’m asking.”

Jude and I swapped places and she spread her legs. “See!”

“Okay, so you’re Jude; got it. Hi Jude, I’m Aiden; pleased to meet you.”

We got talking and the subject got round to Jacob’s job again. I asked him where he’d learnt to have magic hands. He told me that he has an Uncle Manuel who’s been doing it in a big hotel in London and that he was training Jacob to take over from him when he retires next year.

“So you’re making a career of making women cum. Wow. I’ve never heard of that before. Does your hotel employ a woman to make the men cum as well?” Jude asked.

“No, no, there’s thousands of prostitutes in London for that,” Jacob said, “besides, it’s not all good; think of having to do what I did to you on a fat, hairy, ugly middle-aged woman.”


“Yes it is, but they are the ones that tip the most.”

“It’s probably the only way that they can get off,” Aiden added.

“It’s still gross.”

“Hey Magic hands,” I said, “we’re not fat or ugly (I think) or hairy, and you can work your magic on us anytime; AND we’ll make it worth your while.” I continued.

“Yeah,” Jude added, “we’re good at giving blow jobs.”

There was a short silence then Jacob said, “I might just take you up on that.”

The conversation went on for a few minutes then we realised that it was time to get ready for dinner. We left them and went inside, wondering if we would be lucky enough to feel those magic hands again.

Since no one had said anything about us wearing the see thru scarfs as tops the previous couple of night we decided to wear them again; along with a different skirt; and of course the Ben Waaaaa balls. We had to wait for Dad and Max and did our usual flashing on the sofa outside the restaurant doors.

When Dad and Max arrived Dad asked us if we’d run out of clothes to wear, adding that it was the third time that we’d worn those tops.

“No Daddy, we’ve got lots of clean clothes, it’s just that we like these tops.”

“Anything to do with the fact that they’re see thru and everyone can see your breasts?” Daddy asked.


We walked into the restaurant and were taken to a table. Dad and Max had promised not to talk about golf on an evening so the conversation started by Dad asking us what we’d done all day. “We found this man that gives free massages.” Jude said.

I nearly choked on a piece of meat as Jude said that. I was worried that she was going to tell him and Max all about our amazing orgasms. “I must have slept as a funny angle and my neck was hurting. He got rid of the pain in a couple of minutes.” Jude continued.

“It’s a shame that I wasn’t here, I could have used my skills on your neck.”

“All due respect Dad, your massages are wonderful but this man has magic hands; he’s professional masseur and he got straight to the problem and got rid of it in a couple of minutes. Talking about your massages Dad, we’ve both had growing pains since we’ve been here, the sun has helped but we both miss your evening massages. I hope that you’re going to start giving us them as soon as we get home.”

“Yes of course I will honey, do you think that you can wait until we get home, or do I need to find some time here.”

“I think that we can wait, what do you think, Kate?”

“Err yes, I can wait. If it gets too bad we can always go looking for that man again.”

It was Max’s turn to nearly choke, then he said, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, best to wait until we get home; it’s only a few days now.”

“You’re not wanting to rush the rest of the holiday are you, brother? I thought that you were well on your way to becoming another Tiger Woods.”

“Wow. I’m impressed Kate; I thought that you hated golf. If you’ve heard of Tiger Woods maybe I’ve got it wrong.” Dad said.

“Err no Dad,” I said, “You and Max stick to your golf and Jude and I will stick hanging around the hotel pool thank you.”

Meal finished we went looking for a café to have a drink at. Both Jude and I kept saying that we wanted to walk a bit further to look for one. I wonder what Dad would have said if he’d known that we each had two steel balls inside our pussies and that they were giving us some pleasure as we walked.

The café we ended up in wasn’t that great; there was some music, again of Dad’s era; and after an hour or so we kept asking Dad if we could go back to the hotel. Dad finally relented and off we went. Both Jude and I kept trying to speed-up the pace. If only Dad had known why. When we finally got back to our room we replaced those balls with the dildo and wore ourselves out.

End of part 3

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