We Hate Clothes
by Vanessa

Part 2

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

DAY 4 – The Water Park

After going around naked for most of the previous day we wanted to go a little further so we went to breakfast wearing just the see thru scarfs as skirts. Although we got a couple of funny looks from some of the older guests, the younger people (mainly the blokes) who looked at us either ignored us or smiled or complimented us on our outfits. None of the staff took any notice of us.

When we got back to our room Jake and Noah had woken-up and were on their balcony – with two girls who were only wearing thongs. It was obvious that they had spent the night there. We all said hello then we sat on the balcony doing our nails.

After a while we heard the two girls telling Jake and Noah that they had to leave and before long Jake and Noah were back on their balcony on their own. Jude was feeling a bit horny and she asked if we could go round and see them saying, “My little tits hurt, can one of you massage them better please?”

The guy’s room was a tip, a smelly tip. Jude opened the doors and curtains to get a bit of fresh air in. On the balcony both Jake and Noah were just sitting there looking like death warmed-up.

“I know what you need,” said Jude as she went and knelt in front of Jake.

As she got his cock out and started sucking, Jake said, “Oh, that’s nice Kate.”

Meanwhile I was doing the same to Noah. “That’s a great hang-over cure girls,” Noah said.

I tried my best to get Noah’s cock as far down my throat as I could; even to the extent that I started gagging. Noah held my head in place for a few seconds and when he eased off I backed off and gasped for air. Then Noah pulled my head forward.

This went on for a few minutes and I could feel my saliva dripping out of my mouth onto my little tits. My eyes were watering and tears were running down my cheeks as well.

When Noah shot his load down my throat, for a few seconds I thought I was choking and what I said to Jude about ‘death by deep throating’ came into my mind. Thankfully Noah let go of my head and I backed off and gasped for air.

“Fuck; that was good Jude.” Noah said then pulled me up, led me into their room and pushed me down onto the bed. As he turned me onto my back and spread my legs he said, “My turn,” then, ”oops, sorry Kate;” as his hands reached up to my little tits and his mouth attacked my pussy. Noah is just as good as Jake with his mouth and it wasn’t long before I was moaning and then cumming. I lost control of my body and started shaking and jerking about as Noah’s teeth gently squeezed my clit with his tongue licking the end of it behind his teeth.

When I started to get control back I looked over to Jude and Jake. His mouth was buried in her pussy and the moans that I could hear were coming out of her mouth. I reached over and played with her nearest nipple as she reached her peak. “Every day should start like this,” I said as Jake climbed off Jude.

“Too right!” Noah said as the two guys got up and asked when they could have the next round.

We left the two guys and Jude and I climbed into our shower and compared notes before deciding what we were going to do that day. We eventually settled on Dad’s idea of going to the water park. Then we had the problem of what to wear. Agreeing that it was not a good idea to go totally naked we settled for the bikini wrap skirts and the scarfs as tops.

When we were ready we walked out of the hotel and walked to where we’d seen a row of taxis parked. The drivers stared at us as we approached the front cab and my visible nipples went hard and ached a little as I watched the eyes of the driver of that cab as we walked up to him. Then he did something that I wasn’t expecting; he opened the back door for us to get in. I got in first and as I lifted my first leg I realised what the driver was doing. His eyes confirmed that he was hoping to look up our little skirts as we got in.

Smiling to myself I put my first foot on the floor inside the taxi then turned and sat on the seat with my other foot still outside the taxi; effectively spreading my legs with my skirt opening to give him the view that he wanted. I waited a couple of seconds and looked at Jude. She had a smile on her face so I knew that she knew that I was doing. Not wanting to make it way too obvious, I lifted my foot in and slit across the seat.

As I watched Jude get in I saw that she’d twisted her skirt round so that the driver got a really good look at her pussy. She too sat with one leg in and one leg out of the taxi for a few seconds letting him see what he wanted. Throughout the journey I could see the driver looking at us in his mirror but we were sat at either side so he wouldn’t have been able to see our pussies. I made a mental note to sit in the middle on the journey back.

When we got to the water park the driver quickly got out and opened the door for us. We rewarded his good manners with a longer look at our pussies as we asked each other pointless questions.

At the pay kiosk the woman pleased us when she only charged us kids prices to get in. As we walked to the locker room we were a little relieved to see three older girls walking out wearing only thongs. We quickly locked away everything except the little skirts and went to the nearest ride. It was one that you had to carry a big, two seat inflatable up to the top and then come down sitting on it, one in front of the other. At the start of the ride I watched Jude get onto the front, her skirt wide open at the front. The young man controlling the ride was staring down at her pussy and he stared at mine too as I climbed on and put my legs either side of Jude. I lay back as much as I could so that more of my pussy was on display.

Next it was a big slide and Jude and I sat in adjoining lanes waiting to start and as we sat there Jude reached over and pulled the end of the string of the bow that was fastening my skirt. Just after she’s done that we were told to start the ride. Within a few feet my skirt was disappearing behind me and when I got to the bottom and got to my feet I could see my skirt slowly coming down the slide.

I had to stand there for a few seconds waiting for it to arrive. While I stood there I could hear someone shouting at me in Spanish. I guessed that he was telling me to get out of the water but I wasn’t going to abandon my skirt. It wasn’t that I wanted to put it back on; it was that I was going to need that skirt for later in the holiday. Eventually it arrived and I grabbed it and walked to the side and got out.

Standing there next to Jude with my skirt in my hand I made a quick decision. I wasn’t going to put the skirt back on. Totally naked, I grabbed Jude’s hand and started walking towards the locker room.

As I opened the locker and put the skirt in Jude said, “Sod this,” and she unfastened her skirt. A few seconds later two naked 16 year old girls walked out of the locker room.

We wondered how long it would be before someone came up to us and either told us to put something on, or to get out of the water park, but neither happened. People seemed to be treating us like little kids. Well, apart from a few boys and men. A group of teenage boys about our age followed us around for ages. Every time that we went up the steps to a ride they were right behind us. Jude and I mainly ignored them but a couple of times we did tease them by bending over with our feet apart.

Even when we went and got our things out of our locker, got something to eat and spread out on our towels on the grass to eat our lunch they were there nearby watching us. Being the mischievous girls that we are we teased them by sitting with our legs apart then after we’d finished eating we lay back and sunbathed, still with our legs open. While we were laid out the lads found some courage and came and sat on the grass close to our feet.

We just ignored them.

We were a little surprised that none of the staff on the rides said anything, apart from one ride where the man stopped us from going on the ride. At first we thought that it was because we were naked but it soon became obvious that there was a height restriction on the ride and we were too small.

We’d thought that we’d lost out followers after that but about 5 minutes later they were back. We didn’t lose them until about an hour later when we went for a pee. When we came out they were gone. In a way we were a little disappointed but at the same time they’d got a bit boring.

When we decided to leave we had the problem of what to wear; after all, we’d only brought the clothes that we were wearing (nothing) and the bikini wrap skirts were wet. We were left with two choices; the preferable one was to go back to the hotel totally naked. The other choice was to wear the totally see thru scarfs that we’d worn there as tops; but where to wear them? We’d look a bit daft wearing just a see thru top; and that would make us look as if we were trying to expose ourselves. After a quick conversation we decided to wear the scarfs as skirts.

We walked out of the water park and over to where the taxi had dropped us off but saw no taxis. We headed off out of the car park and down the street where a couple of cars beeped their horns at us.

Eventually we saw a parked taxi outside a café and walked up to it. We couldn’t see a driver and as we stood there wondering what to do, a group of young lads came up to us and started speaking in Spanish. It was obvious that they were talking about us being virtually naked and that they were talking about our little tits and pussies.

We were starting to get a little worried when a man came out of the café and told them to go away. As the lads left the man looked us up and down then said that he was the driver but he was having his break. He told us that he’d be free in about 20 minutes and told us to get a drink if we wanted to wait.

As we went into the café everything went quiet as everyone turned and looked at the two virtually naked 16 year old girls. For once I felt a little embarrassed for a second.

We walked over to the only free table but a man stopped us saying, “Reservado.”

We assumed that it translated to ‘reserved’ so we went and stood at the bar where a waiter asked us what we wanted. We ordered two colas then put our bags on the floor and looked round the room.

The place wasn’t up to much and was full of old men drinking and playing pub games. Quite a few of them had stopped what they were doing and were staring at us. When I realised this my nipples went hard and started to tingle; so did my pussy as I felt myself get a little wet. I turned to Jude and said, “Wow, this is turning me on.”

“Me too,” Jude replied.

We might as well not have been wearing the scarfs as skirts as we both automatically slowly turned to face different tables of men. As we did so our feet drifted apart a little letting them get a better look between our legs. We stared at them and they stared at us for ages until the taxi driver came over to us and said that he was ready. All eyes were on our little butts as we walked out of that café and got in the back of the taxi. On the journey the driver ignored us but I did look in his mirror once and saw that he was looking at us.

It was only as we walked into the hotel that I suddenly realised that things could have gone badly wrong when we went into that café. It had been a great turn-on but anything could have happened. I told Jude about my thoughts but all she said was, “Yes, I know; but it was such a turn-on; I hope that Jake and Noah are in their room.”

They were, and it wasn’t long before we were getting our next blowjob lesson.

This time Jake came to me instead of Jude and I asked him if we could try his favourite blowjob position. Jake smiled and told me to get on my back on the bed with my head at the foot of the bed. I did and Jake got naked and came and stood at my head. I looked up and saw his cock rise up ready for my mouth.

Jake bent over and easily lifted me up. I opened my legs so that they went either side of his head and put my arms round him. We held each other tight together. It was easy because Jake is big and strong and I am small and light.

My face was right in front of Jakes cock and I opened my mouth and took it in just as I felt Jake’s tongue slide up my pussy lips. It wasn’t a deep throat blowjob but with the blood rushing to my head it felt good; especially as Jake’s mouth was giving my pussy a lot of pleasure at the same time.

As Jake held me, he started slowly walking and before long he’d carried me out onto the balcony. Jake walked round the balcony as we both worked on the other one. At one point I caught a glimpse of the guy from the room next door. I didn’t see his girlfriend and as he seemed to be staring I assumed that she was out somewhere. The knowledge that another man was watching us made me hornier and I bounced my head up and down even faster.

Jake came first and I swallowed it all and I was still bobbing up and down as I started to cum a few seconds later. My head stayed still, with Jake’s cock still inside my mouth, as I moaned and almost screamed. As the waves receded I realised that Jake’s cock had gone soft and that I was still sucking. Jake carried me back to the bed and I saw that our neighbour was still there watching us.

I looked over to Jude and saw that she and Noah were enjoying a 69; both oblivious to anything and anyone around them. Jake lay beside me and we gently fondled each other’s bits as we watched Jude and Noah finish their fun.

Jake and Noah left after we had thanked them for the lesson, and after a shower Jude and I went and sat on the balcony. The voyeur was still watching from next door so Jude said hello to him and we started talking. Dean was a little shy at first but he soon relaxed when he realised that we weren’t upset by him watching us.

Dean’s girlfriend (Liz) was out doing some shopping and we had a good chat. He told us that Liz is the jealous type and was worried that we might seduce him. After a good laugh Dean heard his door open and Liz shouting his name. He disappeared quickly.

We still had a couple of hours before we needed to get ready to meet Dad and Max for dinner so we decided to explore a bit. Putting on just our shoes we set off out of the hotel and up the road in the opposite direction to what we had before. It wasn’t long before we were out of the town and walking along a path along the coast. We came to a little bay with sand dunes and a nice beach. The thing was, just about no one there had swimming costumes on; they were all naked.

“Kin’ell;” Jude said; “look at all those cocks.”

We weren’t going to miss an opportunity like that so we headed down into the sand dunes.

We were a little shocked when we saw a few gay couples; some of them having sex. We’d never even thought about men having sex with other men before and were amazed. We just couldn’t understand a man wanting to put his cock in another man’s butt when there are millions of women who’d love to have their cocks in their pussies or mouths.

Getting over that shock we walked onto the beach and felt wonderful; all those people that were like us; all not wanting to wear clothes. We felt so at home. I was expecting to be feeling all horny and wanting to play with my pussy but everything felt so natural. Okay, my nipples were hard but I put that down to the gentle breeze blowing over them.

Slowly walking along the beach we saw dozens of limp cocks; all different, but all basically the same. We saw unfortunate women with breasts so big that day-to-day life for them really must be a problem. We were really pleased that it didn’t look like we were going to have their problem. After walking from one end of the beach to the other and back we regretfully decided that we should head back to the hotel. What we did decide was that we were going back to that beach.

Back in our room we reluctantly put some clothes on and went downstairs to meet Dad and Max. They were late again and we had to sit on that sofa again. We did have a bit of fun teasing the men that went in, or came out of the restaurant by putting our feet up and opening our legs. Two of the young men that came out of the restaurant had been down at the pool and we’d played chicken fight with them; both of them had groped us. They came over to us to talk to us and stood in front of us, looking down at our pussies until Dad and Max appeared.

Over dinner Dad apologised for leaving us alone so much and said that he and Max were going to take a day off golf and spend it with us. Fortunately, Jude and I managed to persuade them that it wasn’t necessary and that we were quite happy on our own. Max supported us but I wasn’t sure if he was thinking about us or himself.

After dinner we went for our usual walk and a drink in a café. Dad decided that we’d walk a little further and we ended up at a café that was a bit noisy. We sat outside where it was quieter, but inside there was a lot of young people, a bit of a dance floor, and one of those mechanical bull things.

When some of the people started having rides on the bull Jude and I kept looking over to it. After a while Dad said,“You two want to have a go on it, don’t you?”

“No, it’s all right Daddy, we know that we’re too young,” Jude replied.

“That’s okay honey, we’re on holiday; one ride won’t hurt.”

Both Jude’s and my eyes lit up. It really did look fun.

“Off you go; but be careful.”

“Thank you Daddy,” we both said as we stood up and went inside.

As we were walking in I asked Jude if she had remembered what we were wearing (short, tight summer dresses that buttoned all the way up the front).

“Yeah, so what?”

“This is going to be fun.”

We went and booked our turns and waited, watching the other girls (and the odd man), having their turns. While we were waiting, all the girl’s tits escaped and the watching guys all cheered as they bounced up and down; not that they’d see our little tits bounce up and down. Two of the girls couldn’t avoid showing the crowd their thongs / knickers, whilst two others revealed that they weren’t wearing any knickers; much to the delight of the crowd.

Jude went first and as she was helped up, her dress rode up letting everyone see her bare butt and pussy. As the bull bounced all over the place the buttons on her dress slowly came undone one by one. There were big cheers as her dress fell open revealing her whole naked front. When she finally lost it she ended up flat on her back on the cushions with her dress wide open.

The crowd liked that.

I was next and my dress rode up too. As the buttons started to come undone I reached to the front of my dress with my balance arm and tugged the rest of them open. Then as I was thrown all over the place I managed to put my balance arm back and let that side of the dress slide off my arm. With my dress just on my arm that was holding the rope at the front of the saddle, I bounced around for another minute or so before finally getting thrown off. The dress slid of the one arm as I went flying through the air, leaving me totally naked on the cushions.

As I lay there I could hear the cheers and rude comments from some of the guys. I guess that most of them thought that I was embarrassed; but I wasn’t; I was loving it. When I got to my feet I picked up my dress and walked over to Jude. She was stood there with her dress still unbuttoned; and a couple of lads staring at her. Their eyes moved to me as I moved close to her and I guessed that Jude was a little annoyed that their attention had gone off her.

We walked out to Dad and Max, dressed as we were. When Dad saw us he said, “Wow; that must have been a rough ride.”

I threw my dress on the chair and while I started straightening my hair I said, “Yeah, it was; but it was fun; I want another go before we go back to England.”

“I think that it might just be a good idea for you to put your dress back on,” Dad said. “You don’t know who might complain.”

“No one complained when we walked down this street this afternoon, or yesterday, without any clothes on.”

Max looked surprised then smiled, while Dad said, “You two need to be careful; I don’t want to have to bail you out of jail.”

“Oh don’t worry about us two Dad; we’re having a ball and we’re keeping our eyes open,” Jude said.

“I hope so.”

I thought that maybe Dad had a point so I put my dress back on but didn’t fasten it.

When we got back to our room and were naked and on the balcony, the girl and young man were out on their balcony with another couple. The two guys kept looking at us while the girls ignored us. After a while we went and lay on our bed and went to sleep.


As we walked into the restaurant the next morning, Dad and Max were just walking out. We kissed Dad and he held Jude at arm’s length and looked her up and down.

“You two come to breakfast like that every day?” he asked. (We were wearing just the see-thru scarfs as skirts.)

“Yes of course;” I replied. “Why, is there a problem?”

“No, but just be careful,” Dad said before telling us to have a good day and walking off.

Back in out room we waited for Jake and Noah to emerge. As I anticipated the blowjob I felt my nipples and pussy tingle. About 20 minutes later their patio door opened and a bleary-eyed Noah emerged. When he saw us he said hello. I responded with, “Hi Noah; are you two good for our next blow job lessons?”

Noah seemed to wake-up a little faster than he expected and he told us that they’d we with us in 10 minutes.

When they knocked on our door and came in they were just wearing their boxers. Jake told us that they wanted us to try to get their cocks deep in our throats and said that we should lay flat on our backs on the bed and hang our heads over the end.

Jude almost ran to the bed but I sauntered in, sliding my hand over Jake’s and Noah’s rapidly changing-shape boxers.

We got ourselves comfortable and let our heads fall back as both Jake and Noah pulled off their boxers and knelt in front of our faces. Noah’s hard cock touched my lips, my mouth opened and Noah’s cock started sliding in and out. At first he took it easy and didn’t push too far. As I started to get used to it he pushed further and further in. The first time his cock went passed my tonsils I gagged a bit but I told myself to stop being silly and to relax.

Things got better from that point and it wasn’t long before my eyes were getting hit with Noah’s balls. Thankfully Noah kept withdrawing after about four thrusts and I managed to breath. Noah kept repeating the thrusts and withdrawing until he suddenly got bigger and held his cock deep in me as I felt his warm sperm go down my throat. That took a little longer than his four thrusts and I started needing to breath. He didn’t withdraw so I had to shake my head and try to say something until he got the message and withdrew.

I just lay there letting my breathing get back to normal, then watched Jake pump into Jude’s throat.

When we were all done Jake said, “What do you think about you two doing a 69?”

We didn’t answer, instead we shuffled round on the bed so that Jude was flat on the bed on her back and I lay next to her. We started kissing and caressing each other’s bodies. After a while I moved onto my knees, turned round and climbed on top of her. Faces met pussies and mouths got to work. We’d done this hundreds of times before at home so we both knew how to please each other. We took our time and eventually made each other cum within seconds of each other.

I rolled over onto the bed on my back and both Jude and I lay there, with our legs open for a couple of minutes before asking Jake and Noah to rub our pussies. Of course they obliged and it wasn’t long before we were both cumming again.

When our breathing got back to normal we got up to go for a shower. As I walked away from Jake and Noah I said, “Same time, same place, tomorrow guys?”

“What about this evening?” Noah asked.

“Of course!” I shouted as I joined Jude in the shower.

We decided to go down to the swimming pool for a while first and two very naked girls carrying towels and a bottle of suntan lotion left their room and walked down to the swimming pool.

When we got to the pool there were only a few people there that we knew so we got lotioned up and lay out on the sun loungers. Jude said that she didn’t want the inside of her thighs to stay white so she, then me, opened our legs to let the sun get to that part of our thighs, and our pussies.

A couple of the guys came to talk to us and we stayed like we were as they stood at the foot of the sun loungers and stared at our pussies as we talked. I was smiling to myself as I watched the shape of the front of their shorts change shape.

When a few more people arrived someone suggested that we play a game of ‘get the ball’ in the pool. One of the guys had a football-sized ball and most of us dived in and started playing.

It wasn’t long before it became obvious that it was all an excuse to grope the girls. Whenever a guy got the ball he’d throw it to a girl and she’d just stand there holding it up in the air whilst two or three of the guys would ‘attempt’ to knock the ball out of her hands. The thing was what the guy’s hands never came out of the water. They were always too busy doing something to the girl under the water. I assume that the other girls stood with their legs apart; I know that I did.

It was fun standing there with my arms up in the air while half a dozen male hands squeezed my little tits and fingered my pussy underwater. It was only when I accidentally dropped the ball that the game moved on.

There were five girls playing in that game; all were topless before we started playing. Two of the girls wore only bikini bottoms and the other girl wore a thong. The two bikini bottoms and the thong all got thrown out of the pool by the guys at some point in the game and it was five uncovered, bald pussies and six tented guy’s shorts that emerged from the pool at the end of the game.

All seemed happy with the game and five naked girls lay on their sun loungers letting the sun tan their pussies.

About an hour later we played that game again but there were twice as many players and three balls so three girls at a time were getting groped while they just stood there and enjoyed it; I know that I did. All the girls were shouting at the guys to throw them the ball. During that game the rest of the girl’s bikini bottoms / thongs came off and were thrown out of the pool by the guys.

Once when I dropped the ball and shouted for the guy who’d got it as it fell out of my hands to throw it back to me; and he did. I got a double dose of groping. By the time I dropped it again I was sooo close to cumming. When that game ended my pussy was so wet, and it was nothing to do with pool water. When I lay on the sun lounger with my legs open I could still feel my juices seeping out of me.

One of the guys must have noticed because he came and sat on the end of my sun lounger between my feet and talked to Jude and me for ages. Whenever I looked at his face it was obvious where his eyes were pointed. While I’d got that, sort of, captive audience I took the opportunity to try squeezing and relaxing my pussy muscles again and again. I wasn’t sure but I think that he’d have been able to see what I was doing but he didn’t say anything.

After a while things quietened down and Jude and I decided to go to that beach that we’d found. We wanted to go on our own so we told the others that we were just going down to the local beach. Some of the other girls there couldn’t believe that we weren’t going up to put some clothes on first and they went to the fence near the road and watched our little bare butts walking down the street.

We found the beach again quite easily. There weren’t as many people there and fortunately, there were no gays having sex in the sand dunes. We were so relaxed as we walked along the beach. After walking the full length of the beach and back we spread our towels and sunbathed for a while. Then we went for a swim in the sea; such a lovely feeling.

After more sunbathing we got a little bored and decided to walk along the coastal path some more. It wasn’t long before we came to a little village with a few old people walking around. Some of them stared at us for a short while but no one said anything – not that Jude or I would have understood their Spanish. At the other side of the village we found a road that looked like it went back to where our hotel was. We wondered if it was a long way and were surprised when we only walked a couple of hundred yards before we saw our hotel. It looked like we’d already walked round two sides of a triangle.

As we approached the outskirts of the resort we wondered if anyone would be upset by the sight of the two naked 16 year old girls but we needn’t have worried. We did have a nervous moment when a woman who spoke English asked us if we were all right. We thanked her and continued walking.

When we got back to the hotel we didn’t even get a second glance from the receptionist as we walked in and over to the lifts; but we did from some new arrivals. One older couple looked a little surprise or shocked but a group of four young men stared at us with big grins on their faces. One if then said that he was going to enjoy his stay there.

We went out to the swimming pool to see who was there but none of the crowd was there so we went up to our room and sat out on the balcony. We got a bit of a surprise when a different couple came out onto their balcony next door (not Max and Noah’s side). They were another young couple but the girl was a lot more friendly and obviously didn’t mind her boyfriend looking at two naked 16 year old girls; in fact she went back into their room and came out a couple of minutes later as naked as Jude and I.

We talked for ages. The poor bloke (Dan) must have been feeling rotten having three naked girls round him and not being able to do anything about it. When we finally had to go and get ready for dinner we heard noises from next door that made it obvious that Dan was fucking her brains out.

We had to wait for Dad and Max again and we had a bit of fun flashing people going in and out of the restaurant and after dinner we excused ourselves saying that we were both tired and wanted to get an early night. The truth was that we hadn’t seen Jake and Noah that evening and hadn’t had our blow job lesson.

Everything was quiet when we got back to our room so as we were getting undressed we were wondering what to do when we heard Jake and Noah’s balcony door open. Quickly turning round we saw a very sleepy looking Jake emerging. Apparently they’d met some friends that morning and hit the booze hard. By mid-afternoon they’d left their friends and staggered back to the hotel where they’d fallen asleep.

Noah was still asleep and we volunteered to wake him up. Jake told us to go for it and we went round into their smelly tip of a room. Noah was still out of it so we pulled his boxers off and got to work on his cock. He wasn’t that unconscious because his cock responded to our tongues and mouths and he soon shot his load, still apparently asleep. Jake was watching and as we licked Noah clean.

“He won’t know what had happened. He’s a sound sleeper like me. The hotel could burn down around us without us knowing about it,” Jake said.

“Don’t worry about it Jake,” I said. “You’re not the only ones who are very sound sleepers; you could come into our room and rape us and we wouldn’t wake up.”

“Don’t you get any ideas Jake!” Jude said.

“Don’t worry girls, we won’t. If we’d wanted to fuck you we could have loads of times. You’re safe with us.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that,” I replied, “now stand up and let us get on with our practice.”

We both knelt in front of Jake and got to work on his cock and balls with our mouths and tongues. Jake didn’t last long and two eagerly awaiting 16 year old girls looked up at his cock and face with their mouths open, hoping that they’d get some of his seed in their mouths or on their faces. We both did; the volume of Jake cum must have increased when he watched us work on Noah.

When we’d swallowed what we could reach with our tongues and licked what we couldn’t off the other, we stood up and I turned back to Noah. “Right, I guess that something a bit more drastic is called for.” I went into their bathroom and filled a glass with cold water then tipped it over Noah’s face.

“What the fuck!” Noah said as he sat up. All three of us were laughing at him as he looked around and took at what was going on.

“Did I miss something?” Noah asked.

“You could say that bro,” Jake replied; “Don’t worry about it, mate.”

“Did I go to sleep like this?” Noah said as he pointed to his naked cock.

The three of us just laughed. “Right,” I said, “we’ve got places to be; we’ll leave you to it. See you in the morning for our next lesson.”

As we walked back to our room Jude asked me where we had to be. “I thought that we’d go for a walk dressed like we are (naked), we’ve never really gone for a naked walk at night, have we?”

“Well no, but three things; one, we’ll have to be careful, there’s a lot of weirdoes out there, some of them drunk. Two, we’d need to wear shoes; and three, what are we waiting for?”

We put some sandals on and left our room. As we walked down the corridor towards the lift Jude reminded me that Dad and Max were out there somewhere. I told her that it wasn’t a problem; we’d just go down different streets. It was a bit different walking round the streets at night. For some reason it seemed a bit sexy. My pussy certainly thought so. We got a few funny looks from people and a few rude comments from some guys, but we weren’t worried; we reckoned that we could out-run them if necessary. We must have walked about for at least an hour before heading back to the hotel. As we got near it we kept an eye out for Dad and Max; we didn’t want to bump in to them.

We went to bed and enjoyed each other’s bodies before falling to sleep.


The start of that day followed what had become a routine on most days. Jude and I get up, go and have breakfast then go back to our room, strip and wait for Jake and Noah to get up. Then as soon as they’d emerge we’d ask them if we could give them a blowjob and 5 minutes later our mouths would be trying to swallow their cocks. After another shower Jude and I would go down to the pool naked and get groped in the pool under the pretence of playing some pool games. We really got to like that routine and that day was just as good as the rest. We must have been groped a dozen times, each one very pleasurable. The other girls there were all quite happy as well.

Mid-afternoon, as the pool games died down, Jude and I decided to go for a wander; or to put it in Jude’s words, “Let’s go and flash our pussies at some people.”

After we took our towels up to our room, put some shoes on and picked up a purse and set off wondering what opportunities we’d find. As we walked down the main street we saw a big rock towering up at the end of the street. “That must be the one that Dad mentioned; how about we go over there and see what’s what?” Jude asked.

So off we went, waking right out of our resort and into the next one. That sounds like a long way, but it wasn’t; all that separated the two is bloody big rock. As we went down the side of the rock we could see that Dad was right; the other resort was a lot bigger and it was busy right up to the edge of that rock. One of the first places that we saw was a McDonalds. By that time we were getting a little thirsty so we went in. No one seemed to care that we were naked; not even the staff that served us. I guess that they thought that we were little kids.

With our tray of drinks and ice cream we headed back outside to sit at one of the table near the footpath. I was about to sit down when Jude said, “No, not there; hang on a sec.” Jude re-arranged the chairs so that one was facing the people walking one way along the path; and the other so that it was facing the people facing the other way.

For a split second I didn’t know what she was doing but as it dawned on me I giggled and said, “Good thinking, sis.” We sat on the front edge of the chairs and opened our knees quite wide; so wide that I felt the warm air as my vulva parted.

It took ages to eat those ice creams and the cola was almost flat by the time we’d finished it. During that time we’d had seven people stare at our pussies and one man went passed us three times. I felt like telling him to get his camera out and take some photographs.

Two of the seven were girls a bit older than us. They were walking with arms linked and the one who saw our pussies first stopped dead and stared. Her mate cursed her at first but as soon as her mate pointed to us she grinned and said, “Little sluts; that’s my trick.”

We were enjoying ourselves flashing at people going by so I went and got us some more drinks and ice creams. When I got back to Jude she told me to look at the geek (typical geek, too many clothes and thick black rimmed glasses) stood at the edge of the road. I took a quick glance then sat on the edge of my chair.

“He’s been there since you left to get the drinks.”

“He’s not doing any harm and he must like what he’s looking at if he’s been there that long. Tell you what,” I turned to look at the youth and shouted, “Hey you, you with the glasses, come over here.”

The geek looked around and seeing no one he pointed to his chest. “Yes you, come here.”

He slowly walked over to us. “Like what you see?” I asked.

“You haven’t got any clothes on.”

“Very observant,” Jude said.

“Have you got a camera?” I asked.

“Er yeah,” he said as his hand went into his pocket. “It’s the latest iPhone, it’s got blah, blah, blah.”

I wasn’t listening to all that crap and I interrupted him saying, “But has it got a camera?”


“Right, come here and take a few selfies with us.”

He came and squat next to me and took one selfie then did the same with Jude. I stood up and steered him into the chair then I waved for Jude to come over. We squat either side of him and leaned in to him for another selfie.

Then I took the phone off him, gave it to Jude and I sat on his lap. Just as Jude was about to take the photograph I opened my legs so that my pussy was on display, and lifted one of his hands and put it on my tit. His hand was all hot and sweaty.

Jude and I swapped places and I took another photo. Before Jude could get up I moved in and took a close-up of her pussy; which by that time was glistening. Then I sat on the front edge of Jude’s chair, opened my legs and took a selfie of my wet and swollen pussy. After that I stood up and told the geek to stand up. Then I told him to run home to mummy.

He turned and walked off and it looked like he was scrolling through the pictures as he went. “That’s given him enough wanking material for the next 6 months,” I said. We laughed and sat down to eat our ice creams and do some more flashing.

It was a good job that the waiters didn’t come out to the tables near us as we sat on the edge of our seats with our legs spread. We attracted the attention of a few more people, all of whom looked once or twice then moved on.

In between voyeurs Jude had the idea of taking one of the ice cubes put of our drinks and pushing it up our pussies. Just about all of our ice cubes ended up dripping out of our pussies. We finally drank our liquid ice cream and warm cola and decided that we’d better move on before we started masturbating (we were tempted but chickened out).

We decided to head back over the rock and towards our hotel, stopping off at the beach to see if we could have any fun there. Two couples a bit older than us were at the end of the beach with no one close to them. They were all laid on their backs with their feet towards the sea.

We were so horny that we lay on the sand about 10 feet from their heads, legs open and pointing towards them. We couldn’t wait any longer and started rubbing our pussies. I think that it was our moaning that caused one of the men to turn onto his stomach and look our way. His face just froze for a couple of seconds as he re-checked what he’d seen. Then he said something to the others and the other three turned onto their stomachs to watch us.

With an audience of four we frigged away, interspaced with the odd bit of finger fucking, and soon made ourselves cum. By that time we’d both got a bit vocal and we could probably be heard by people further along the beach. As I got my wits about me again I looked over to the two couples. They were still watching, the two girls were smiling and talking and the two men were just staring. I wondered if they’d got hard-ons.

We just lay there for about 15 minutes before getting up and continuing our journey back.

When we got back to our hotel we just had time for our next lesson with Jake and Noah before we had to get ready for dinner. Dad and Max were waiting for us outside the restaurant so we didn’t get the chance to flash anyone else.

DAY 7 – The Beach Party

This day was different. It was the day that Dad had booked us on the Beach Party trip. When Dad had booked it for us he gave the impression that he thought it was for teens about our age. We didn’t know what to expect but hoped that it wasn’t aimed at little kids. Anyway, we had to go down in reception at 11:00 which meant that we had to give Jake and Noah their blow jobs early. We went out onto the balcony early hoping that they’d be awake but after 15 minutes, and no sign of them, we went out of our room to their door. Surprisingly it wasn’t even closed so we went in. It was a tip again but there was also a bra on the floor. We guessed that they’d had a good night.

Both Jake and Noah were asleep on top of their beds wearing only their boxers so we went to them and gently eased their cocks out and started sucking. They both got hard quickly and we kept sucking. It didn’t take long for them to cum. We both swallowed and when their cocks went soft we eased them back inside their boxers. Gently climbing off the bed we stood there looking at them, both still sound asleep. We quietly left the room.

In the shower we giggled as we wondered if they knew what had happened; or would they think that they’d just had a dream.

We had a little discussion about what to wear. The problem was that we didn’t know what age group would be there. In the end we decided on the tight lycra skirts and a simple tank top. That way we could stay covered (well almost), or put the clothes in our bag if we thought that we could get away with being naked.

There were ten people (six guys and four girls) from our hotel going to the party; many of them we’d met at the pool and had been groped in the pool by all of the guys. When a couple of them saw us they asked us if we were on the right coach and then told us that there’d be lots of booze there. We told them our Dad had thought it was for younger people. The guys laughed and told us that they’d look after us. Jude told them that we’d thank them properly later. One of the guys grinned and told us that he’d hold us to that.

The coach took us to a port a few miles along the coast but it took us an hour to get there because we kept stopping to pick-up more partygoers. When we got there we were all herded onto a boat and loud music started. As the boat left the port the booze was brought out and a man told us that we were going to a beach and that the party would really start there. We started talking to the people that we knew and one of the guys got us some cans of cola.

When the boat anchored in a little deserted bay we were told that we had to swim ashore. We looked around and saw that most of the guys were wearing swimming shorts. Those who were wearing T shirts were taking them off and leaving them on the boat. All the girls were wearing bikinis. Those who had something on top were taking the top layer off and leaving it on the boat. We had to make a quick decision. Jude and I looked at each other and quickly pulled our skirts and tops off. We swam ashore naked; much to the delight of the guys that were still on the boat.

A man started to organise some games while some other Spanish men brought booze and food ashore and started dishing out the booze. It wasn’t long before quite a few people were getting drunk and making a fool of themselves in the games. Of course those who’d drunk quite a bit thought it was all hilarious and were having a good time.

The two guys from our hotel that had told us that they’d look after us got us some soft drinks and kept coming over to us to make sure that we were all right. We kept telling them that we were; that were enjoying watching the games and that they should enjoy themselves.

The games progressed from stupid childish games to more adult ones including simulated sex. A couple of the girls had got topless on the boat, but when the games got more interesting nearly all the girls had taken their tops off. Two had taken their bottoms off as well and were clearly enjoying having a young man between their legs, even if he still had his shorts on.

One time that we looked out to sea we saw a little cabin cruiser anchoring not far from our boat. Then a couple dived in and swam ashore. As they got out of the water I saw that they were carrying a plastic bag with a towel in it and that they were as naked as Jude and I were. The couple laid out their towel close to us, sat down and after a few minutes they started making out. Before long they were having sex; right in front of us and a few of the others; they had quite a little audience.

They fucked in quite a few positions but the one that I liked the most was where the man was on his back with his feet nearest the sea. The girl knelt either side of him facing the sea and was going up and down on his cock. As she leant back everyone could see her pussy as the man’s cock went in and out of her. I thought this was so cool and we just stared at them all the time. So did quite a few others; especially when the girl made quite a bit of noise when she orgasmed.

After they’d finished the girl got off the man and they just lay there. I watched as the man’s cock slowly shrank and the girl’s pussy leaked his cum. After a while the girl sat up, leaned over to the man and started giving him a blow job. I watched her, hoping to learn something. She took all of his cock into her mouth and didn’t gag at all; all the time playing with his balls with her hand.

When she was satisfied that he was hard enough she got onto her hands and knees ready for him to fuck her from behind. He did and I watched her tits swing back and forward as he rammed in and out of her. Finally done, they just lay there on their backs with their legs open for all to see.

The couple’s fucking probably inspired some other couples to fuck as well. At one point I looked all around the beach and could see three couples that were obviously fucking.

While all that was going on, the games were still going on and people were drinking and eating. A couple of times drunk young men came up to us and tried to hit on us but each time we told them that we weren’t interested. One took quite a while to get the message, saying that we must want to be fucked because we were naked.

Eventually, the party came to an end and we were all told to get back to the boat. There were quite a lot of drunk young people on that boat and it was funny watching them – apart from when they leaned over the side to puke. Two of the drunk girls were naked and both were laying there with their legs wide open. Never having been drunk, Jude wondered if all girls opened their legs wide when they got drunk.

Jude and I had found out skirts and tops when we’d got back onto the boat but we didn’t put them back on; not even when it came time to get off the boat and onto the coach. Our two little ‘minders’ followed us onto the coach and somehow managed to split Jude and me up so that we were each sat with one of them. Once the coach got moving I looked at Jude, then the guy sat next to me, and said, “Time to pay our debts.”

I reached over to his shorts, unfastened them and got his cock out. After toying with it for a few seconds I leaned over and took it in my mouth. After I’d made him cum and I’d swallowed every drop I shuffled round so that my butt was on his lap and my legs dangled into the aisle. As they dropped into the aisle they collided with Jude’s legs as she was already getting finger-fucked by her ‘minder’.

That was when the people in the seats in front and behind realised what we were up to and they got up on their seats so that they could get a better look. Those guys made us cum a few times before we got back to the hotel and both Jude and I were a bit unsteady on our feet as we got off the coach carrying our clothes in our hands.

That was the first time that I’d given anyone a blow job whilst people were looking at us (I’m not counting the couple in the room next to us as they were trying to keep hidden) and I liked it. It seemed to make me more excited and horny. When I told Jude about it in bed later night, she told me that she’d felt the same. We decided that we’d have to plan some more public blow jobs.

Our two ‘minders’ were still clinging to us as we got off the coach so we decided to go straight to the pool. When Jude and I were alone for a bit we decided that the guys probably assumed that we were going to let them fuck us. We wanted that but at the same time we didn’t. We both still had visions of our first fuck being something dead romantic. Certainly not a one night (day) stand in a hotel in Spain.

As we were messing about in the pool Jake and Noah turned up, and we attached ourselves to them hoping that our ‘minders’ would get the message. They did and as the day was getting on, Jake and Noah told us that they were going up to their room. We asked them if we could tag along and Noah said, “Yeah, sure, if you want we can give you another blow job lesson; we missed out this morning,”

Jude and I looked at each other but didn’t tell them that we’d given them both a blow job while they were still asleep that morning. Jake and Noah got their blow jobs and we got our pussies eaten; then we got ready for dinner.

Dad and Max were waiting for us outside the restaurant and over dinner Dad asked us how our day had gone. Jude told him that it had been fun and educational; but neither of us gave any more details.

We went for our usual walk and drink after dinner but it wasn’t very exciting. We found a café that had some live music; the problem was that it was from Dad’s era.

End of part 2

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