Vanessa's New Life

by Vanessa

Part 10

This is part 10 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so happy and never had so much pleasure.

Week commencing May 10

Bridie surprised me when she arrived on the Tuesday morning. I hadn’t seen her for months and I was so pleased to see her. She’s quit her job at Tesco which explained why I hadn’t seen her there. She’s now got a job in an office in town but was having a couple of days off. She’s still got the same boyfriend and they appear to be getting on well. She wanted me to be her alibi for going on holiday with her boyfriend. They had already booked it but she had had to tell her mother that she was going with me not her boyfriend and she was half expecting her mother to ring me to check-up on her. I told her that I would cover for her but that it would cost her. When she asked what, I told her that I wanted her upstairs and naked on my bed within 2 minutes.

She didn’t say a word but within 1 second she was gone. I found her coat, shoes, skirt and top on the stairs and on my bedroom floor. When I found her she was laying naked on my bed with a big grin on her face.

“No underwear?” I said.

“Of course not” she replied. We had a great couple of hours with each other, I got out some of the toys and we really abuse each other’s bodies. She was fascinated by my pussy rings and played with them for ages. I felt really relaxed and fulfilled when she left just before Jon was due to get home. I promised her that next time she came she could have a go on the ‘fucking machine’.

Friday - went to work in a thin flared skirt and top which wasn’t long enough to tuck into my skirt. The manager kept telling me to get things from the end of the bar where the air jet was. I worked-out what he was after and I wasn’t going to disappoint him, but I wasn’t going to make it easy for him. The ‘tease’ in me was going to have some fun. Each time one of the girls got blasted I’d look at the manager and worked out where the control was. When I went near the air jet I kept an eye on him and if I thought he was going to open the valve I’d move away.

This went on until about 30 minutes from closing time when I thought “Ok, lets go for it.” I went and stood over the little hole in the floor and faced him with my legs slightly apart. I pretended to talk to a customer and waited for it to happen. When it did my thin skirt flew right up past my waist. I pretended to look shocked and surprised but I didn’t move for about 10 seconds and even then I pulled my skirt down slowly. As I did I looked around to see who noticed. The manager had and his eyes were lit up, I guess he’d been expecting me to be wearing knickers. The girl who I’d decided was a bit of an exhibitionist had seen me as well. She had a big grin on her face. A couple of customers had seen me as well and I could hear them telling their mates.

I continued as nothing had happened but when I walked passed the manager he whispered “very nice.” I just ignored him. When we were closing I got chatting to the exhibitionist girl (Hannah) and she told me that she’d been dying to go to work with no knickers and get ‘caught’, but she’d just never had the courage.

Saturday May 15

Told Jon about the air jet and Hannah. He laughed and said, “sounds like my kind of girl.” When I went to work that night I put the same skirt on but with a different top. I was going to have some fun again. The manager was up to his tricks again with most of the girls. I saw 2 thongs (one with a big black bush showing through) and 1 big pair of knickers. All of them (except Hannah) tried to get their skirts back down as soon as possible. Hannah was being brave and didn’t attempt to pull hers down, instead she just stood there for a few seconds and then walked away as if nothing had happened.

I kept quickly passing over the hole in the floor but I never stayed long enough to be ‘caught’. That was right until just before closing time when I went and stood over the hole in the floor with my feet about a foot apart. Hannah was near by and I said to her “watch this,” and I bent at the waist pretending to get a glass from that back of the shelf under the bar. It wasn’t long before the manager spotted me and opened the valve. My skirt flew up and onto my back leaving my bare backside and pussy on view to everyone behind the bar, and a few of the customers to see. I didn’t move and I could hear some of the customers cheering.

I slowly stood up with a glass in my hand and let my skirt fall back into place as I started to fill the glass with beer. Things got back to normal quickly and a bit later Hannah came up to me and said that she liked my rings and that she was going to find the courage before next weekend. I told her, “don’t think about it, come to work without knickers and it won’t be long before you forget that you haven’t any on. After that you’ll have exposed yourself before you realise it, and then it will be too late, you’ll have done it. After the first time you don’t need courage but you still get the excitement.” I left her thinking about it.

Sunday May 16

After reading the papers Jon took me to the gym at the hotel. I had to wear just a long T-shirt in the gym and I had a bit of fun with a middle-aged man who kept staring at me. The exercise cycle was fun but my rings rubbed against the saddle and made my pussy a bit sore. We only went for a swim after that, I wore my white cotton bikini which hugs my nipples and pussy crack, especially when it’s wet, but no one appeared to pay me any attention. We had to be back home by lunchtime as Jon wanted to watch some Motor racing.

Week commencing May 17

Did a bit of gardening in the back but it wasn’t really warm enough to stay out there naked for long.

Friday night at work was the only time when anything exciting happened. I’d been talking to Jon about the manager and the air jet and Jon decided that I should make life a little less interesting for the manager. Well until he realised what I had done that is. Just before I went to work Jon and me painted some knickers on to me, not big ones, but bigger than a thong. When the managers bumped into me early on he said that he was going to get another look at my pussy later. So I told him that he was in for a disappointment and to prove it I lifted my skirt (I’d worn the same one) up at my right hip and showed him my ‘knickers’. I only lifted it up for a second and he didn’t have time to realise that it was only paint. He looked a bit disappointed but said that the valve was still leaking.

We were very busy that night and I had to go collecting glasses quite a few times. Twice I got drunken youths touching me up. On actually managed to get a finger in me and I just stood there looking at him. After a minute or so he lost his nerve and pulled it out. Shame really, he was starting to turn me on.

Towards the end of the evening I stayed at the air jet end of the bar as much as I could and came very close to showing my ‘knickers’ a couple of times. Finally I waited right over the hole until the manager ‘got’ me. My skirt inverted itself right up to my waist and I just stood there enjoying the breeze. I’ve no idea how many people saw my ‘knickers’ and even less idea how many of them realised that it was only paint and that I was actually naked from the waist down. I found it quite exciting really.

Another thing that happened that night was that I’m sure that I caught a glimpse of Hannah’s pussy one time that the air jet got her. I didn’t get chance to talk to her.

Saturday May 22

The day wasn’t very exciting but when I went to work (a bit early) Hannah was just arriving. We had time for a chat before things got too busy. She was a bit nervous as she had found the courage to come to work without knickers on but had brought some in her bag. For some reason she wanted to show them to me and I managed to grab them and refused to give them back. I told her that I’d give them back to her if she begged me later in the evening. She never did and I threw them in our rubbish bin when I got home.

I told her about my painted on knickers and she told me that she’d seen me with my skirt round my waist the previous night and thought that I was wearing knickers. I didn’t tell her that I was ‘wearing’ a much smaller pair of knickers that night. The paint only covered a very small triangle in the front (and I mean small) and paint strings to another small triangle at the top of my bum cheeks. It didn’t cover my pussy so that If I bent over enough people would be able to see my pussy and rings. I let myself be ‘caught’ quite a few times that night and no one said that they thought my knickers weren’t real. I’ve decided that I’m going to wear the same skirt every time that I go to work, it’s more fun.

Later on I let myself get ‘caught’ when Hannah was near by. As usual I was ignoring the fact that my skirt was round my waist and I bent down to get a pint glass. When I was bent over I looked at Hannah and saw that she was having a good look at my backside and pussy. When I stood up and moved passed her I just said, “go for it.” About 5 minutes later she did. Her skirt didn’t go as high as mine because the material was a lot heavier but I did see her pubic hair. She has it trimmed to a thin strip up the middle, and yes, she is a natural blonde. She looked good even if she did stay in the air jet for no more than a few seconds. When she moved away she was bright red but had a smug grin on her face. When I got the chance I whispered (more like a shout in that place) “well done, wasn’t too bad was it?” to her. I never got chance to talk to her later.

Sunday May 23

Jon came with me to Tesco to do our weekly shop. On the way in he got them to put up a card saying that we were looking for someone to come and cut the grass once a week. As he was telling the girl I was thinking about who we might get, and what fun I could have with them. While we were doing the shopping Jon kept encouraging me to bend over the freezers so that people could see my bum. I was quite cold when we left.

Week commencing May 24

The only exciting thing that happened was that we have a new paperboy. I think that the old one must have told him about me because he had a big grin on his face when I opened the door and didn’t look at all surprised when he saw that I was naked. Poor lad had to move his paper bag in front of his trousers when I looked down and saw the little bulge.

Saturday May 29

Jon took me to the local B&Q DIY store for some bits that he wanted. There’s lots of things in there that could be used for the wrong purpose. We had a good laugh suggesting to each other what things could be used for what. By the time we left I was quite wet between the legs. I was glad when Jon took me to our local pub for a drink. I got a few people looking at me and I’m sure that one or two of the men got a look at my pussy.

Jon took me to bed with him and fucked me doggy style that night.

Sunday May 30

After we had had breakfast Jon told me to pack a bag and we drove down to Oxford, stopping at a pub for some lunch. As we were driving down Jon told me that I was going to baby-sit a couple of kids for a few days while he and a business customer went away to an exhibition in America. Jon told me that the client was important to his job and I wasn’t to do anything to upset the kids. I was to be on my ‘best behaviour’.

He told me that the man was divorced and lived alone with his 14-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter. They were normally away at boarding school but as luck would have it, he had to go away on the first of the 2 weeks that they were at home. Jon had ‘volunteered’ me when the man (Peter) had tried to call off the trip because he didn’t want to leave the kids at home on their own.

When we got there I saw that it was a big house in acres of land. There was a smallish swimming pool out the back in a large conservatory type building. Peter came out to greet us and then gave us a guided tour of the place. The kids were out somewhere and didn’t appear until just before dinner. The girl seemed quite nice (and quiet), but I could see that the boy was going to be difficult. All through the meal he kept dropping things and going under table. After about the third time I began to suspect that he was trying to look up my skirt but I wasn’t going to make it easy for him and I kept my legs firmly together.

Week commencing May 31

Next morning Jon and Peter were up and out very early and the house was very quiet when I went down stairs wearing just a T-shirt. It was going to be difficult remembering that I had to wear clothes all the time. Amanda came down first wearing just a T-shirt and knickers. I got her some breakfast and managed to get her talking a bit. She’s a nice girl but she doesn’t like her brother too much, she says that he’s too bossy and makes her do things that she doesn’t really want to. I couldn’t get her to tell me more about that one. When George came down he was just wearing boxer shorts and just sat at the table waiting for me to get him some breakfast.

Thursday - I woke up before the others and went and got breakfast ready. It was ages before they came down and after breakfast they both disappeared again. In the middle of the afternoon Peter telephoned to say that they were at Heathrow airport and that they wouldn’t be that long. I had to go and find Amanda and George and tell them to get dressed and clean up the place.

The trip had gone well and Peter invited us out to diner and then to stay the night. He took us to this posh restaurant and we had a great evening although Peter did keep asking Amanda if she was okay because she looked a bit flushed a lot of the time.

Friday - We left shortly after breakfast. On the drive home Jon told me a bit about his trip and how he’d seen a notice pinned up somewhere that reminded him of me. He’d copied it down and he gave me the piece of paper to read :

A Smile

A Smile costs nothing, but gives much. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it and none is so poor but that he can be made rich by it. A Smile creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in the business and is the countersign of friendship. It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad and it is nature’s best antidote for trouble. Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away. Some people are too tired to give you a Smile. Give them one of yours, as no one needs a Smile so much as he who has no more to give.

So Smile!

He said that a smile is created using cheeks and lips and when I flash my pussy at someone I’m using my bum cheeks and pussy lips, so I’m smiling at them. I’d never though of it like that and it made me smile just thinking about it.

Jon also gave me another little present that he’d brought back from America for me. It’s a little gold chain about 3 inches long with only 12 big links. When I told Jon that it wasn’t long enough to go round my wrist he said, “Silly girl, it’s for your pussy rings.” As we were driving up the motorway I reclined the seat and connected it up. Walking around at home later it felt good and the constant rubbing kept me thinking about sex.

When I went to work that night I couldn’t wear my ‘favourite’ work skirt as it was still smelling of beer from the previous weekend. Instead I wore my dungarees dress and a top which meant that anyone standing next to me could see down the top of the skirt part and see all my naked body from the waist down. There was one interesting bit one time when I was collecting glasses. A youth was so drunk that he kept falling over and he collapsed right at my feet. He was staring up my skirt but I doubt that he would remember much about it. His mates who were trying to get him up also got a good view as they bent down to help him.

The manager wasn’t too happy when he realised that the air jet wouldn’t lift my skirt but just as a bit of compensation for him I bent over in front of him a couple of times. That brought a smile to his face and reminded me of what a smile does for people.

Saturday June 5

I’d slept in my bed on the Friday night and Jon woke me early and led me into the ‘punishment’ room. He restrained me over the ‘T’ and then went and got a ‘present’ that he had brought back from America for me. It was a remote control vibrating egg that was much bigger than the other one that I’ve already got. It’s the size of Jon’s fist and at first I was a bit worried that Jon would just force it into me and hurt me. Thankfully he didn’t, he switched it on to low and rubbed it across the lips of my pussy, teasingly. With each pass he parted my lips more as he coated the egg with my juices. Finally he started applying light pressure. My body heaved as he slowly inserted the egg into me. He could see that I was close to cumming but he just said, “Don’t - not yet my love.” Then just to torment me he lightly fingered my clitoris. He smiled as he saw that I was struggling to not cum. Jon stopped and let my desire subside a bit before he teased my clit again. After the third time that he did that he stopped completely and told me to go and get the breakfast ready.

After that he told me to “Assume the position” and then he teased my clit four separate times with a 5-minute gap in between before he finally let me cum. I was so desperate to cum that when I finally did cum I cried out. I could feel myself convulsing and as I looked down at my pussy I could see my juices squirting out. I was cumming like a volcano.

When I finally calmed down I realised that I was covered in sweat. Jon made me stay in that position for 30 minutes before he let me get up and have a shower. My knees ached as I climbed up the stairs.

I had to wear the egg (not switched on thankfully) right up until I went to work that night and as I walked through the streets to the pub I could feel the cool air going right into my pussy.

All day I’d felt like I had a football inside me and as I walked to work I felt like I had a big hole in me. I’d washed my usual thin flared skirt and was wearing it. I was please to see that Hannah was back and that she was wearing a similar skirt. As soon as I could I asked Hannah what she was wearing under the skirt. When she said, “nothing” I knew that quite a few customers and staff were going to see our backsides and pussies that night.

At one point in the evening when Hannah came back from collecting glasses she came up to me and told me that she had just been groped by a couple of youths and had a few suggestive comments when they’d discovered that she was naked under her skirt. I asked her if she was going to take them up on their offer, but she said, “no.” I asked her to point them out to me, and when I got the chance I walked passed them to see if I would be as lucky as Hannah. As I walked up to them one of them saw me, nudged his mate and then said to me “Have you left your knickers at home as well?” I just smiled and said, “never wear them.” “Prove it” another one of them said. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to make a man uncomfortable in their trousers I put the glasses down and then lifted the front hem of my skirt just enough for them to see my pussy. I kept it up for about half a minute before dropping it. In that time one of them said, “Bloody hell!” another said, “Very Nice” and a third said, “Would you like to have breakfast at my place?”

I didn’t say anything to them but I turned round and bent down (at the waist) to pick-up a glass from the floor. They must have had a great view of my ass and pussy. When I’d got the glass I stacked it with the others and walked back to the bar. “Don’t know if I’m as brave as that” Hannah said as I walked passed her.

The manager had also seen me and heard what Hannah had said. He told us both to go and work at the other end of the bar (the air jet end) for the rest of the night. He must have used that air jet to get our skirts round our waists about a dozen times before closing time. To start off with Hannah had been pulling her skirt back into place quite quickly but by the end of the evening she was just letting it fall back down on its own - like me. That end of the bar had a lot of customers that night. As we were clearing-up after closing time the manager tried to hit on me, but there was no way I was going to upset Jon.

Sunday June 6

The day started the usual way but it was warm enough to eat breakfast on the patio. During one of his breaks from reading the papers Jon looked down the garden and said, “I think we’ll have to get the scaffolding frame back into action.” Later on I saw him (still naked) cleaning-up the frame and I guessed that I was about to attached to it for a while. I wasn’t wrong and after lunch he restrained me spread-eagle on it facing the sky. I stayed there for 4 hours while Jon did some gardening (naked). Every so often he would come up to me and tease my clit but not enough to make me cum.

At one point I felt something cold inside me, it was too cold to be his dick and I think it was one of the gardening tools. By the time it was getting to early evening I was getting desperate to cum and when Jon finally untied me I asked him if he would fuck me. He said, “no” and he wouldn’t let me masturbate for more that 5 seconds every 5 minutes right until it was time to go to bed. The frustration was agony and I was so relieved when he finally told me to make myself cum. After he watched me doing that he took me to his bed and fucked me until we both came again.

Week commencing June 7

It’s nice being able to spend most of the day outside without clothes again. I hate the British climate, I wish that Jon would take me to live somewhere round the Mediterranean. Jon told me to wear my pussy chain all week.

Tuesday - Hannah gave me a ring then came round to see me. At first she looked a bit shocked when I opened the door naked but after a couple of seconds she, “I don’t know why I was surprised, with you wearing so little for work I should have expected it.” We went into the conservatory and talked for hours. I told her all about my relationship with Jon and some of our little ‘experiences’. After a while I could see that she was getting a little warm - to be expected in a conservatory with the doors shut and the sun shining.

I suggested that she take something off to get a bit cooler. After a little hesitation she took just her top off showing me a nice little bra, so jokingly I said, “come on, you can do better than that, get the lot off.”

“Why not” she said, “after all we’re all girls together.”

When she took her skirt off I was glad to see that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Her little strip of blond pubic hair looked quite cute. Her breasts are quite a lot bigger than mine and they bounced about as she moved. When she sat down again she said, “don’t you ever cross your legs? I’ve been staring at your fanny and those rings and chain for ages.” So I told her all about the conditions of my employment and how Jon had put the rings in me. She was amazed and a couple of times she said, “all this talk about sex is turning me on.” I asked her about her experiences about being naked anywhere and she said that she’d thought and dreamt about being naked in public but had never had the courage until I’d talked her into going knickerless to work. I told her that I knew the ideal was to start and got up and walked out into the garden. She followed me and as we walked around she said, “are you sure that no one can see us.” “I thought that you wanted someone to see you?” I replied. “Yes, but .” she said.

Hannah was starting to get used to being naked and actually said that it felt good. After I’d asked her to come to see me again and told her that we’d go out and have a bit of fun, she asked me what the scaffolding frame was for. I told her that it was a sort of sun-bed and suggested that she try it. After I told her that it was quite comfortable she climbed onto it.

When she started relaxing a bit I went to the top and grabbed a wrist and tied it down. It only took seconds because of the way that Jon had left it and before Hannah could ask me what I was doing I’d got the other wrist. She didn’t seem at all alarmed when I told her that the feeling of being tied down, naked and totally helpless was a great turn-on and that she should try it for a few minutes. As I gently pulled one of her legs to the corner to tie it there she said, “No please.” But it was so feeble that I just ignored her and then tied the other ankle. When she was totally spread-eagle I stood back and said, “You look good like that, isn’t that feeling of sexual excitement good? Look at that lovely pussy I can see the effect things are having on you.” I reached out and ran a finger gently over her slightly open lips and little clit. She moaned a bit and I said, “doesn’t that feel good?” I did it again and she moaned again, this time louder. I can take a hint and I started working on her pussy with one hand and after a while, my mouth, while my other hand played with her big breasts.

She was just about on the point of cumming when I heard Jon say, “Well, what have we got here?” He had arrived home and stripped-off without us hearing and was now stood just behind me. I stood up and Hannah said, “Oh my god!” and started struggling. Jon walked all round Hannah looking closely at her and then said, “I don’t have to ask what you two have been up to, who are you anyway?” I introduced them and saw that Hannah was looking at Jon’s dick that was starting to get hard. Jon said, “Well carry on then, I don’t want to spoil your fun.”

It took a bit to get Hannah worked up again, but when she was she was moaning even louder than before. Jon had taken advantage of my bent-over position and was fucking me from behind. I came first, then Jon, then Hannah. Hannah is a loud person when it comes to sex, it was a good job that we have a big back garden and that there was no one in the fields at the bottom of the garden.

When things had calmed down Jon had another good (close) look at Hannah’s body. Hannah didn’t look as nervous but said, “Can someone untie me please.” “Not yet” Jon said, and he touched her pussy. She moaned a bit and shuddered. “Want a real dick in you do you?” She didn’t say anything so Jon touched her pussy again. This time it was a long touch and a finger went inside her. After gasping Hannah said, “Yes, yes, please, please fuck me.” Jon was never one for missing an opportunity and he did just what Hannah asked. Her head was rolling from side to side and her body was heaving so much that her tits were wobbling about like two big jellies.

The expression on Jon’s face told me that he had cum again and he just stood there for ages before pulling out of her with a big ‘plop’. Jon told me to go and get some food for him and to leave Hannah where she was. We both went inside. When I’d got the food ready for Jon he told me to go and release Hannah and I went back out to her. When she saw me she said, “That was incredible, but can you please untie me?” When I had I said, “Come on, let’s go for a shower.”

As soon as we got in the shower she started soaping me and then she started kissing me. I was glad that she did and I gave as good back.

It was Jon that broke the ‘spell’ by telling us to get out and get dried. When we went downstairs (both still naked) Jon told me to tell him who Hannah was, where we had met and everything else that I thought he should know. Hannah was still a bit shy about being naked in front of Jon but after a while she relaxed. At the end of all the details Jon said, “Well if you want to show-off your body to other people then you’ve come to the right man. I’m sure that Vanessa will tell you that." Jon told me to tell Hannah about some of the ‘exploits’ that we’d had, and he left us to it.

Two hours later he returned and asked Hannah what she thought, “Fantastic” she said, “will you let me come with you next time, I’ll feel a lot safer if there’s 3 of us.” When Hannah finally left Jon promised to let her know when we were next going to have some fun.

The rest of the week was a bit dull and nothing worth putting in here happened. When I went to work on the Friday night Hannah and me had lots of fun going out into the crowds and getting groped. Hannah said that she had had 5 different men’s fingers in her pussy (not all at once) on one glass-collecting trip. I’d only managed 2 but I’d spent a lot of time near the air jet and the manager had made my skirt do a ‘Marilyn Monroe’ so many times that I lost count. Hannah had been got a few times as well. There seemed to be a lot of men staying at that end of the bar for quite some time that night.

Saturday June 12

Bit of a quiet day, we went into town but didn’t have any fun. The only fun that day was at work that night. Things had just started to liven up, Hannah was out getting groped (sorry, collecting glasses) and I was stood over the air jet showing all my jewellery when the music suddenly stopped and a voice said that it was a police raid. Apparently there were some drugs being sold there on a regular basis. The place was closed and after been questioned, all the hired help were sent home. Hannah gave me a lift home and came in for a coffee and we told Jon all about it. Jon decided that it was best that I didn’t go back there again and Hannah decided that she wasn’t going back either.

Sunday June 13

No sooner that we’d got up the phone rang and someone asked if we were still looking for someone to cut the grass. Jon said we were and invited them to come over that afternoon. It turned out to be a lad of about 18 who was looking for some extra pocket money. He arrived just as some motor racing was starting on the TV and Jon told me to take care of it.

You should have seen the lad’s face when I opened the door naked. The poor lad just didn’t know where to look and his face was the colour of a red pepper. When he finally spoke he said that he’d come to see about the grass-cutting job but asked if he should come back later. I invited him in and we went into the kitchen. I told him what was expected of him and how much he’d get paid. All the time he was looking everywhere except at me. The lad’s name was Trevor and he finally agreed to take the job. He said he’d be along each weekend but didn’t know which day as it depended on what else he was doing. That didn’t bother me and the excitement of him just turning-up and getting a thrill just looking at me, perhaps without me even knowing, made my pussy tingle a bit.

I took him to see the grass cutter and left him to it. About an hour later he came to the back door to tell me that he’d finished and to get his money. I had to turn my back to him to get the money out of my purse and ‘accidentally’ dropped some. I bent over with my back to him and my legs apart. As I was picking-up the coins I looked through my legs and saw him staring at my pussy and re-arranging his trousers. The lad had got a hard-on. When I was paying him I asked him when he’d be coming back. At first he’d said that he wasn’t sure but in the end I made him promise that he’d be back the next weekend. I hope I didn’t frighten him away.

Week commencing June 14

Boring week, Hannah rang on the Wednesday night to see how I was and Jon told me to invite her out on the Saturday night. At first she didn’t sound too keen, but in the end we agreed a time and a place to meet.

Saturday June 19

We went into town on the bus and took care of a few things. Nothing exciting except that 1 man realised that he could see all my legs right up to the top as I sat on the bus. He’d stopped and stared for a few seconds before moving on and he followed us for a bit when we got off. I guess that he was hoping for more but Jon had other things on his mind.

When it came to time to get ready to go out that night Jon told me not to bother making a lot of effort, “just put a dress and shoes on,” he said. He told me that we were going swimming at Mansfield. We met Hannah at a pub and had a drink before going. While we were sat round a table Jon suddenly said (quite loudly), “Well Hannah, have you left your knickers at home then, Vanessa has?” I’ve got used to things like that but Hannah was embarrassed and she went bright red.

After a few minutes of Hannah hiding behind her drink Jon asked her again, this time quietly. Eventually Hannah said “yes” and Jon said, “And you’ll lose that bra soon too.” Hannah looked puzzled but didn’t say anything.

We drank-up and got into Jon’s car. After we’d been driving north for about 10 minutes Hannah asked where we were going. All Jon would say was “Mansfield.” As we pulled into the car park Hannah said, “But this is a leisure centre!” Jon didn’t reply until he’d parked and he got out saying, “Come on.” Hannah looked puzzled as we queued-up to pay but that was nothing to her expression as we turned the corner into the changing area. Her eyes were wide open and her jaw had dropped.

She said nothing as I pulled her arm into a changing cubicle. It wasn’t until Jon and me had stripped off and I started unfastening her dress that she finally said, “I can’t do this” but she didn’t try to stop me undressing her. Her big bra came off last and as it did Jon said, “You wanted people to see your body so now’s your big chance.” With that he stepped out of the cubicle and pulled Hannah out. We were surrounded my dozens of either naked or rapidly becoming naked people. As we pulled Hannah towards the swimming area she just stared at first 1 naked man then another without saying a word. She didn’t even attempt to cover her tits or pussy.

It was about 10 minutes before Hannah started talking. She started by saying, “Look at all those dicks, I’m starting to get horny.”

“You won’t get any of that in here,” Jon said.

“We’ll see about that!” Hannah said and walked off. We didn’t bother following her and we went for a swim.

I just love these naturist swims.

About an hour later we came across Hannah again. She was in the sauna with 3 men all about in their thirties. Hannah was talking to all of them and sitting with her legs wide open. I’m sure that she was trying to get them excited but she wasn’t having any success. They all had very limp dicks. She said “Hi” when we walked in but she just kept talking to the men. After a while they all got up and left together.

We next saw Hannah in the changing rooms when the place was closing. She came and grabbed her clothes and was off mumbling something about going home with some man. As we drove home I said sorry to Jon, I told him that I didn’t expect Hannah to react like that. Jon wasn’t angry, he just said, “There’s nowt so queer as folk.”

Sunday June 20

Was a quiet day, after breakfast Jon took me to the hotel gym and we had a workout but Jon had told me to wear my white shorts and a T-shirt. He didn’t seem to be in the mood for any fun.

The afternoon was reasonably warm and I lay out on the patio while Jon worked on his PC. There wasn’t’ much sun but I was determined to start my all-over tan. I was laid there on the sun-lounger with my feet on the floor at either side and dozing off when I heard a sound. I slowly half opened an eye and saw Trevor standing there. He hadn’t seen me open my eyes because he was staring at my jewellery. I decided to let him enjoy the scenery and closed my eyes again.

It seemed like ages before I heard Jon (who was wearing some shorts) come outside and say, “Hi, you must be Trevor, I’m Jon, we spoke on the phone.” After Trevor mumbled a ‘Hi’, Jon said, “Oh don’t worry about Vanessa, she spends most of her live without clothes on. Look as much as you like, we don’t mind, in fact Vanessa likes being watched, she likes the effect that it has on men’s trousers.” At that point I opened my eyes, just in time to see Trevor moving his hands in front of what looked like an uncomfortable bulge in the front of his trousers. I said “Hi” to Trevor and asked if I could get him a drink before he started. He just said “No” and rushed off to the garage to get the mower. Jon just smiled and went back in. I got a drink and got back on the sun-lounger.

It took at least twice as long for Trevor to cut the grass at the back of the house that day and when he finally came and told me that he’s finished I could see a wet patch on his trousers.

Week commencing June 21

Not a very exciting week, Jon took me to his bed on the Wednesday night and I gave him a blowjob before he turned me over and fucked me doggy style.

Saturday June 26

Jon had to go to work in the morning but when he came back and we’d eaten he took me outside and strapped me, face up and spread-eagle on the scaffolding frame. He didn’t waste any time in fucking me but it was a quick one that made him cum but left me wanting.

About 30 minutes later he came back outside and put a blindfold on me then left me again. Ages later I heard him come outside and walking near me but the next thing that I felt was something very cold on my nipples. They immediately went rock hard as what I think was an ice cube was rubbed all round my nipples. The cold was turning me on and I got that familiar feeling on my pussy.

I presume the ice cubes were melting as I started to feel Jon’s fingers rubbing and then pulling my nipples. When that stopped there was nothing for a while then an unbelievable pain in my pussy. So much so that I started cumming straight away. The orgasm lasted for ages with me needing the scaffold restraints to stop me from rolling about. When I finally calmed down I realised that my pussy and insides were VERY cold. When I asked Jon what he had done to me he said that he’d found 3 ice cubes in the freezer that were all stuck together looking a bit like a dildo so he’d just pushed them into my pussy and let mother nature do the rest. Wow, I hope that he does that again sometime, it’s an experience that a girl just should not miss.

Jon left me on the scaffolding frame with the blindfold on until early evening. After my body calmed down and all the sweat dried I eventually fell asleep. I woke up feeling something being pushed into my pussy. It felt like a vibrator but at that time I wasn’t sure. A few minutes later I heard the lawn-mower start and it going up and down the lawn. I didn’t know whether it was Jon or Trevor that was pushing it. I tried to imagine that it was Trevor cos he wasn’t used to seeing me tied up like that and that thought made my pussy tingle.

After a few minutes I realised that it was a vibrator in me, it was the remote controlled one and someone had turned it on a bit. Not fully, but enough to start getting me excited. The grass cutting started getting long pauses and I started getting close to cumming. All of a sudden the vibe speed increased to maximum and within seconds I was cumming again. I was writhing about (not that I could move much) and moaning for more. Whoever it was kept the vibe on full throttle for what seemed like hours. I had about 4 orgasms all joined into one. When the vibe finally stopped and I calmed down I felt someone poke their fingers in my pussy and remove the vibe. After that the grass cutting continued and then there was silence. I fell asleep.

I still don’t know if it was Jon or Trevor that did that to me and Jon won’t tell me. That night Jon took me to a country pub for a meal. I wore only a tight black mini-dress and shoes. I was so knackered that I lounged back in the chair and didn’t even bother to look to see whether or not people had noticed that my dress was only just covering my pussy.

Sunday June 27

Before breakfast Jon took me jogging. Jon told me to wear just my tennis dress and trainers. It wasn’t windy so I didn’t have any problems with that but Jon decided to take me along paths through fields. Each time we came to a fence or a gate I had to climb over it rather than open it or go through the special gaps. After a while I was starting to get tired and at one fence that I was climbing down from I caught my dress on something, as I went down the dress stayed up leaving me naked from just below my breasts down.

Fortunately the dress didn’t rip but a man walking his dog got a right eyeful. Of course Jon just laughed as I struggled to sort it out and I have to admit that I took my time. Two reasons, firstly I wanted to let the man enjoy the scenery and secondly I wanted the rest, I was knackered.

When we got home and fed and watered Jon worked on his PC until he watched some motor racing from France. Jon let me sleep with him that night and he went to sleep still inside me with us in the spoon position.

Week commencing June 28

The week started off quiet, Vicky rang on the Tuesday and promised to come over and see us soon. She asked if I’d used the fucking machine recently and I said that I hadn’t for ages. That started me thinking about it and on the Thursday morning I decided to make it earn its keep. I put a chair on either side then put the padded wrist straps on. Next I joined my wrists with a karabiner and switched the motor on. After a final ‘should I, shouldn’t I’, I climbed up and positioned myself either side of the ‘T’.

My pussy was just hovering above the big dildo and was getting wet in anticipation. After gently rubbing my pussy over the dildo I hooked the karabiner to the rope that was going up and down above me. My arms started going up and down then I lowered myself onto the dildo. It felt good as I slowly took it all. When my whole weight was on the dildo and the ‘T’ I lifted my feet off the chairs and let the motor take over. Up and down I went. It was good and my pussy was making sure that I didn’t get sore. There was a sucking noise each time I started to go up. I was just getting close to cumming when the telephone rang but there was no way that I was going to stop and answer it. I heard the answering machine do its job and then Bridie telling me that she hadn’t heard from us in ages and asking us to call her.

That slowed down me cumming, but it wasn’t long before I could think about nothing other than the pleasure that I knew was seconds away. The gap between orgasms reduced quickly and I was getting tired. When I decided to stop I lifted my feet to put them on the chairs but disaster struck. Somehow I managed to knock both of them over. After another orgasm I was getting frantic. It was still mid morning and I wasn’t expecting Jon back until early evening. I was sure that if I didn’t do something very soon I would be literally ‘fucked to death’. There was no way that my body could survive that machine for something like 7 or 8 hours. I had visions of newspaper headings like ‘Young sex slave fucked to death’ or ‘What a way to go’ or ‘She died with a smile on her face’.

I haven’t a clue where I found the strength but I managed to push myself up before the machine started the rope going up and I grabbed the knot in the rope. As I went up the next time I went right off the dildo and by wriggling about I managed to go down behind the dildo. I relaxed and let myself go up and down with the dildo just rubbing up and down the front of my pussy. Now my clit was getting all the treatment and after a couple of ups and downs I came again.

When the ‘high’ subsided I made a big effort and just managed to get a leg up and onto the ‘T’. At last I was in control. As I climbed down my legs buckled and I lay in a heap on the floor for ages before managing to crawl to my bed and fall asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the afternoon and put things straight in the punishment room. The paperboy came for his money just before Jon got home and as usual I invited him in while I got the money. I always take my time sorting out the right money and dropping some of it on the floor so that I have to bend over with my back to him. While I’m bent over I look at him and he’s always got a bulge in his trousers. I just love the effect that my naked body has on men.

Saturday July 3

Jon took me to Tesco but we didn’t buy much, he said that I would have to go back on the Monday or Tuesday. I’d got my favourite cheesecloth dress on and Jon kept getting me to bend right over the freezers again. He said that he enjoys watching people watch me. He says that their reactions to realising that they can see my bum and pussy are amazing. The ways that people try to keep looking but pretend that they’re not always amuse him. Me too, but it’s more difficult for me to watch them watching me than it is for him.

When we got home Jon gave me a challenge. I had to make myself cum, but without using my hands in any way. I think that he’d guessed what I might try so he unclipped my pussy chain first. He said that he didn’t want to risk me ‘damaging’ myself.

At first I couldn’t think of anything, I couldn’t touch myself and I couldn’t hold anything. Oh, one other thing, he wouldn’t let me use the ‘whipping-T’ in any way. To start off with the only thing that I could think off was to find something that I could put my legs either side and bend back and rub my pussy against. The first thing that I thought of was the scaffolding poles out back. It worked a bit and I managed to get myself wet but it wasn’t good enough. I thought about switching the washing machine on and sitting on top of it but because I wasn’t close to cumming that would take an eternity.

Then it twigged. In our kitchen we’ve got some chairs that have circular posts at either side of their backs. Each of these posts stick up about 3 inches from the top of the top cross bar. I put 2 of them back to back slightly offset and climbed on so that I had one foot on either chair. Then I lowered myself down so that my pussy was just touching the top of one of the posts. It was just like a dildo and it wasn’t long before I was fucking that chair. After I came Jon said that he’d have to think of something more difficult the next time.

I lay out in the sun for most of the afternoon and we didn’t go out that night. Jon said that he wanted an early night.

Sunday July 4

Jon woke me up at 4 o’clock in the morning and told me to pack our bags. At 6 o’clock we were at East Midlands Airport checking-in for a flight to Ibiza. Jon had booked us a so-called last minute ‘cheap’ holiday. I’d had the usual problem of going through the security x-ray machine and had to have the man run his ‘magnifying glass’ up and down me when I kept getting the machine bleeping as I went through. This time it was my pussy rings and chain that was causing the problem. It had to be, I wasn’t wearing Ben.

At Ibiza airport we collected our bags and then went to the toilets to change into just our long T-shirts and shoes before going looking for a bus to get us to San Antonio. It wasn’t any cooler for me as I had only been wearing my white lycra dress and shoes but Jon had had jeans on. We had to change buses in Ibiza town and as the second bus was filling up Jon had an idea. He wouldn’t tell me what it was at that time but he said that as soon as we had found and checked-in to the hotel then we were going shopping.

Jon seemed to know his way around San Antonio and it didn’t take us long to find the Hostel Rita and to check-in. The rooms (and the hotel) weren’t up to much and we soon discovered that it was full of teenagers having their clubbing and boozing holidays. The place didn’t even have a swimming pool. We had a little balcony over-looking a busy road and a window that looked out onto a little courtyard with other rooms doing the same. We could look out of that window and 10 feet away was another one directly opposite doing the same. As well as that there were rooms above and below us.

Jon wanted to get out to the beach so after a quick look round we were out and getting a bus to a place called Cala Conta. There are 3 beaches there and we went straight to the one where no one was wearing any clothes. This was a good job as I’d left our swimming costumes in the hotel. We soaked up the sun until early evening then waited for a bus back.

When we got to San Antonio Jon took me shopping and bought me 2 sarongs, one was see-through. Back in our room we stripped off and Jon told me to shorten the 2 sarongs so that when I just wrapped them round me (like a towel just above my breasts) they would just over-lap by about 6 inches. The see-through one obviously showed everything that I’d got when I tied the corners to one side but the other one didn’t. When they were tied to the outside of either breast it was only one leg that was trying to escape and, although I’d expected it, I don’t thing that anyone would have been able to see my pussy. Both of them were long enough to cover my ass and pussy without me having to worry about getting arrested for showing too much. After I’d got that all sorted Jon told me to take the non see-through one and just over-lap and lightly tuck in the ends instead of tying them. It didn’t feel at all secure and when I told Jon he just said, “Good.”

Right in the middle of doing all that our ‘neighbours’ across the courtyard opened the shutters on their window. It was then that I realised that as I could see all of them down to their knees, then they could see all of us down to our knees. They were 2 Scottish girls who said “Hi” to us, but stared at Jon and me, as we were both naked. They kept looking over to us on and off as they got changed and eventually went out.

Jon and me went and sat in the chairs on our little balcony and watched the people going up and down the street. We were only on the second floor and when a coach went by I felt as though I could reach out and touch its roof. At least it was so close that we didn’t have to worry about anyone on it being able to see us.

The same couldn’t be said of the 3 girls on the floor above. They were getting a good start for the evenings drinking session and were spending a fair bit of time on their balcony shouting to other people on their balconies and in the street. At one point I heard one of them shout, “There’s a naked man and woman on the balcony below us!” Shortly after that I saw 3 heads peering down at us and giggling. One of them said, “I can see his todger,” and another said, “They’ve got no pubic hair.” They then proceeded to tell everyone else that was out on their balconies. Jon just said, “Ignore them.”

At about 11 o’clock we put some clothes on (me just a thin cotton dress and shoes) and went out for some food and a drink or two. We went just down the road into the ‘lively’ part of San Antonio and it was just like the TV program ‘Ibiza Uncovered’. ‘Happy’ people everywhere and every other building was a bar with loud music blaring our. We had something to eat and a few drinks and then went back to our hotel.

We managed to get to sleep easy enough but got woken-up a few times during the night.

Continued in Part 11.

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