Vanessa's New Life
by Vanessa

This is part 8 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so happy and never had so much pleasure.

Chapter 8

Week commencing November 23: As soon as I got out of bed I tied the weight to my clit with the nylon cord. I wasn't looking forward to another week with it tugging at me as the pain was far greater than the pleasure that it gives me. When I initially tied it on the warm sexual feelings were there but by lunchtime my clit was swollen and hurting. That night I pleaded with Jon to let me take it off and he finally agreed to let me take it off on Wednesday evening. All day Tuesday I tried to keep as still as possible and spent most of the day making the leotard for Jenny. I'd discussed the events of last Thursday with Jon and after having a good laugh at the boy Jon had told me to make the crotch part of Jenny's leotard even narrower than mine. He said that he was thinking of coming along to the class himself. If he did turn up he told me to ignore him so that no one would know who he is.

Wednesday November 25: I had to go to Tesco and it was real painful doing all that walking. Talk about a throbbing between your legs. Didn't see Bridie.

I was glad when Jon came home and he gave me permission to take the weight off. We both had a good look at my clit which was bright red. Definitely a lot bigger but would it be when the swelling went down?

Thursday November 26: I arrived for aerobics 45 minutes early and the boy was waiting outside the doors looking very sheepish. When Jenny arrived she let us in and we went straight to the girls changing rooms. Jenny told the boy to strip off and we did too. As the boy's trousers came down I saw his hard-on sticking out of his undies and it looked quite good pointing to the ceiling when he was naked.

He tried to cover it with his hands but Jenny told him to keep them by his side. I gave Jenny her new leotard and we both put them on: without anything underneath. Jenny looked good in hers and I could see a couple of pubic hairs sticking out of the sides of her pussy and her little triangle of hair was clearly visible. Jenny said, "I'm going to have to be careful when I'm stretching my legs, are you sure that you've made this one exactly the same as yours?" I lied.

My still swollen clit formed a little bulge in mine.  Jenny then went into her bag and got out a pair of little red, silky, bikini style knickers and a short T-shirt. She gave them to the boy and told him to put them on. After a minute or so of pleading to be let off, the boy finally put them on. He did look a pillock with his dick straining to stay in the flimsy red knickers. The T-shirt didn't even come down to his waist so it was very obvious that they were girl's knickers that he was wearing.  Jenny said, "Don't worry, once you get into the workout your hard-on will soon go, now get into the gym and get the mats out of the cupboard."

No sooner than he had left two of the women in the class came in, said, "Hello" and started getting changed. We left them to it and went to the gym. The boy's erection had gone by the time we got there, which was probably a good thing for him as there were three men from the class already there. They were looking at him when we walked in but their attention moved to us when they saw us. They all came up to us and started chatting to us both. I could see all three sets of eyes looking up and down our bodies. That alone was enough to start that tingling feeling between my legs.

Jenny took charge of the situation and started the class straight away. The rest joined in as and when they arrived. I did notice two new men who Jenny talked to at the break. I had taken my usual place at the back and had very little attention given to me. However, Jenny couldn't say the same. Her leotard had ridden up in between her pussy lips. Every time she moved around the gym there was at least one pair of men's eyes following her.  After she had given the new men the course details, Jenny came over to me and said, "I don't know if this leotard was a good idea, it's cutting me in half and some of the men have noticed."

"Isn't that what you wanted?" I asked.

"Well yes, but now that I'm doing it I'm not so sure," she said.

"Don't think about it, just do it," I replied.

The boy had stood sheepishly in a corner during the break.

We started the class again and that section was going to be more interesting. It was mostly floor work and the leg stretching would pull my leotard right into my pussy. It was already damp with sweat, but I just knew that my juices would start flowing as I watched the men watching me. Jenny usually demonstrated each exercise before she asked us to do it, by facing us and then doing it. She must have been very self-conscious to start off with because each time she got down onto the floor she turned and faced the wall. One or two people at that end of lines would have been able to see the leotard tightly stretched over her pussy but not many.

As the session went on she obviously didn't care as she went back to facing us. Just before the end she bent over backwards and I got a beautiful view of the damp lycra digging into her between both of her lips. I looked over to the boy and saw that he was having a good look and he was starting to get an erection that was pushing the red knickers out in front.  When it came to the crab position I deliberately took my time and waited until the man in front of me got down. His upside down face was staring at me in anticipation. I really went for it and stretched my legs as wide as I could knowing that the lycra was bunched up inside my lips, but bulging where my still swollen clit was pushing against it.

By the time the session finished both Jenny's and my leotards were nearly transparent with sweat and as the people walked out I noticed at least two full erections bulging out in the men's shorts.

Jenny wasn't finished with the boy and she told him to clear away the mats while we decided what to do next. We waited until all the other people in the class had got dressed and left before she went and locked the school's front door. This left just the three of us in the whole building with no windows in the gym that were below about 15 feet. When she came back Jenny told the boy to take the T-shirt and his trainers off, leaving him wearing just the red knickers. She then announced that the boy was going to have an extra workout. If he didn't do what she said she would go to the police. His fingerprints in the store cupboard would prove that she was telling the truth. The lad said okay and asked what he had to do.

The first thing was to watch Jenny and me undress each other and make love to each other on the gym floor. I later realized that the idea behind that was (apart from the pleasure to Jenny and me) for the boy to get a real hard-on and to keep it as he did various exercises.  Who was I to argue, it was what I wanted and Jenny and I had a most enjoyable 10 minutes. The poor boy's dick was sticking out of the top of the little knickers and when he went to play with it Jenny told him to stop.

The boy then had to run to the other end of the gym and back five times. Jenny decided that it would be better if he removed the knickers and did it again.  It was funny watching his dick and balls bounce up and down as he ran. It was even better when he had to run on the spot. His dick was starting to go soft so Jenny had him get in the crab position and then asked me to sit as close to his face as I could. Needless to say that my legs were wide apart and that I was frigging myself.

It wasn't long before dick was pointing to the ceiling again. Twenty press-ups followed but it wasn't his chin that had to touch the floor then rise up. Next Jenny had him walking on his hands for a few minutes. To finish Jenny had him lay spread-eagle in the floor. We both stood with a foot either side of his body, back to back and we lowered ourselves down to him.

The idea was for Jenny's pussy to be about three inches from his face and mine to be so close to his dick that he could feel my body heat, but not actually touch me. I have to admit that it didn't quite go according to plan and I let the tip of his dick just go inside me. I wanted to impale myself on him but I didn't, I knew that if Jon found out he would kill me.

When his dick touched my pussy he jerked quite a bit and I thought that he might cum but he didn't. Jenny wanted to be fair and told me that she wanted to swap positions, so we did. As we went down I let my clit just touch his nose. The boy jerked again, this time a lot more violently and we all collapsed in a pile. I sort of went over his head and was just about sat on his face. When I turned round to look at Jenny she had gone almost straight down and was impaled on him. She moaned and shouted "NO!" and got up just as he shot his lot up in the air just missing Jenny's pussy but getting the inside of her thigh. The rest of it landed on his chest and stomach. I think that a little bit might just have landed on my back but I wasn't sure.

Jenny turned round to face him and said (aggressively), "That wasn't supposed to happen. Now look at what you've done you'll have to clean that lot up (pointing to the inside of her thigh), with your tongue." (Her voice was calming down the more she said.) The boy hesitated and Jenny said, "Or would you rather I called the police? They won't believe you if you try to tell them what's been happening here."

The lad had no choice. To start off with his face was a picture, I guess that he'd not tasted his cum before and he didn't know what to expect. As his tongue licked higher up Jenny's thigh she opened her legs wider so that he could get to the highest bit. His face was an inch from her pussy: again.

I was beginning feel left out but Jenny was thinking of me. When he stopped licking she said, "You missed a bit that landed here (pointing to my pussy) get on you back and when she squats down on you, lick it off."

"That's very considerate of you," I said and lowered myself onto his face. It only took a couple of seconds for me to have an orgasm and I had trouble staying on my feet. After it subsided I got up and smiled at Jenny who said to the boy, "Right, don't let me ever catch you spying on us again. Now put those knickers back on and then your own clothes and get the hell out of here. If I ever see you again I will telephone the police. Is that understood?"

"Yes miss," he meekly said as he pulled on the knickers. As he ran out of the gym Jenny and me looked at each other and burst out laughing.

As we were picking up our leotards Jenny said, "There's a lot of equipment in here, do you think that we could have some fun with some of it?"

"I'm sure we could," I said, "let me think about it. By the way, did you want those knickers back?"

"Not after he'd been covering them with his spunk," she said, "besides, it will give him something to remind him of tonight."

We went and had an uneventful shower and headed for home. Jenny had promised to go and meet some of her mates.

Friday November 27: The previous night's exercises were taking their toll on my muscles and it was the middle of the afternoon before they let me forget them.

Saturday November 28: Didn't really get the chance to tell Jon about the Thursday night fun until the Saturday morning over breakfast. He wasn't at all happy that I had let the boy's dick touch my pussy and made me get over his knee while he spanked me 100 times. I'm sure that his arm must have been aching by the time he finished. My butt was red and sore, but I had managed to avoid crying: just. By the time I had got to "40: thank you Master," I could feel his dick getting hard. By the time "70: Thank you Master," came my stomach was getting damp with his pre-cum. In the nineties I noticed that he was slowing down and that his hand was staying on my hot butt for a second or two before the next stroke. When he finished he quickly lifted me off him, put me over the kitchen table and rammed himself into me. There was no resistance in my pussy as it had started getting wet as soon as I felt his dick rising. The only problem was that I was lying on top of some of the breakfast things and they were digging into my stomach.

It wasn't long before he came and pulled out of me. I didn't cum but was close to it and I was a bit frustrated when he stopped. I asked him if I could finish myself off but he wouldn't let me. Instead he went for a tape and measured the length of my clit. It was slightly longer but that was probably because of my state of arousal at that time. I was glad that Jon decided that the stretching exercise had been waste of time. The pain had been unpleasant.

After breakfast Jon had me ring Vicky to see if she wanted to go out somewhere that night. Liz told me that Vicky was visiting her parents in London that weekend.

Not a very exciting rest of the day, we went shopping for a new washing machine. Jon had decided that the old one was 'well past its sell by date'. At least there was the possibility of some fun when it was going to be delivered.

Sunday November 29: Sunday started in its usual way: reading the papers. After that Jon decided that we would go for a ride to the coast. The thought sent a shiver down my spine. Anywhere in England is cold at the end of November but the coast would be absolutely freezing. Jon let me put on my new knee length boots, stockings and suspenders, leather skirt, a T-shirt and my coat. He let me do the driving as he said that I needed the experience.

It took us three hours to get there and as soon as we did we went for a walk on the beach. God it was cold. After that we went to a pub and had some food. There was a pool table in there and Jon 'challenged' me to a game. Jon put the money on the table and we waited for our turn. There was a group of rough looking young men there and I didn't feel that comfortable, especially when they came out with lots of rude comments as I bent of the table to have my shot. Well I was giving them a great view of my ass (pussy too probably), but it was the comments like "I'd love to get that over the table," and "I know where I'd put my que and balls," that put me off. It wasn't so much the words, they were a bit funny really but it was the way that they were said. I was glad when Jon said that we were leaving.

I drove again and we got home about 7 o'clock.

Monday November 30: went into town for a wander around the shops. Saw a few adverts for shops looking for Christmas staff but when I told Jon about it he said no.

Wednesday December 2: the new washing machine arrived in the afternoon and I put on my cheesecloth dress to let the men in. It didn't take long for them to install it but I did take the opportunity of one of them lying on his back to connect some pipes to go and stand right next to him.  When he looked up at me he must have seen right up my dress as he suddenly stopped telling me what he was doing and went all quiet. His mate had to get something so I had to move out of his way.

Thursday December 3: was aerobics evening and I went early again. Jenny and I both wore our white leotards and we had the same stares from the men. Jenny was a little more confident and didn't turn away when she bent down. The front row had a good view. When it came to the floor work I got all wet looking at the bulge on the man in front of me as he watched my leotard disappear into my pussy. At the end of the evening Jenny was in a hurry: again, but she did find time to give me a long kiss and a quick grope.

Friday December 4: went to Tesco but didn't see Bridie. Made up for feeling a bit bored by bending down in front of a young male shelf stacker. He dropped a box of biscuits when he realized what he was looking at. Muscles ached from the previous night's exercises.

Saturday December 5: Quite a boring weekend really, Jon dragged me round the shops looking for something for his PC. Nothing of any interest happened all day.

Sunday December 6: Sunday was just about as boring except that we went to the gym. Jon had me wear my leotard but with my white lycra shorts on underneath. He said that he didn't think the Hotel was ready for my butt being openly displayed in the gym. Swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms yes, but not the gym. To get to the gym we have to walk through the Leisure Centre's reception area and there are often lots of guests there. Because of all the clothes that I was wearing there were no pleasurable incidents in the gym but Jon did keep us there for over an hour. I was knackered by the time that we went for a swim.

Jon didn't tel l me what to wear for the pool so I took the shorts off and just wore the leotard. I've never seen anyone in the pool with a T-back costume but I thought that there has to be a first for everything. I walked out of the changing room with a towel round my waist and when Jon saw me he said, "Taken the shorts off have you?" He knows me too well.  We swam for about 10 minutes before getting into the Jacuzzi. No one had noticed me as I got into the pool but an elderly couple did when I got out and into the Jacuzzi. The man was smiling but the look on the woman's face told me that she wasn't happy. We ignored her and carried on.

It was great lying there in those warm bubbles; I nearly went to sleep. No one came and joined us and after quite a while we went back into the pool to cool off. The pool was just about empty and when we got out and went to the sauna it also was empty. Jon decided that we would strip off and lay there for a while. Jon lay across the end and I lay along the side with my head near him.

After about 10 minutes a teenage boy came in and the only place he could sit was at my feet. My feet were about a foot apart and I knew that Jon wouldn't want me to pull my legs together so I left them where they were. The boy sat as sideways as he could and was looking directly down at my pussy. After about 5 minutes (knowing that my pussy was being looked at, especially by a reasonably handsome young man) my pussy lips were swelling and my juices flowing. My pussy was starting to itch and I tried to resist scratching it for as long as I could but I just had to scratch it. My hand went down and the palm rested on my bare pubes while my index finger scratched the inside of one lip. This caused both lips to part and my clit become even more obvious.

The lad was concentrating on my pussy so much that he didn't see me looking at him and his rapidly bulging costume that was quite brief for a young man today. The majority of them wear big baggy shorts that don't do anything for me; I like to see men in very brief swimming trunks so that you can see the shape of their dicks.

This lad's costume was brief and his large erection was starting to peek out of the top of his costume. His dick looked massive, bigger than Jon's. When I had finished scratching I couldn't resist giving my clit a quick flick as I brought my hand away from it. The lad's eyes opened wider and he looked up at my face. Our eyes met so I smiled at him and licked my lips.

I guess that he couldn't cope with a girl being so obvious and looked down at the floor and a couple of minutes later he left. As he got off the bench his still hard dick burst out of the top of his costume and the top inch was visible as he walked out. I looked at Jon who was smiling, and then settled down for more relaxation.  No one else came in and after a while Jon told us that we were leaving. Just as we walked out of the sauna a male member of staff walked into the area. His face was a picture; he obviously wasn't expecting to see a naked woman and the pleasurable surprise on his face was obvious. On the way out he was behind the counter and I handed my towel to him. He was very polite and with a smile on his face, he said, "Please come again, soon."

The rest of the day was quiet and boring.

Week commencing December 7: The only interesting thing that happened was when I went to aerobics class. Jon decided to drop me off instead of me taking the car and I didn't get there until a couple of minutes before Jenny got started. I was pleased to see that Jenny was wearing her leotard as I was wearing mine.

Just after we had started I heard the door open and someone come in. When I looked over to see who the person was I got a bit of a shock. It was Jon, wearing a very baggy pair of running shorts and a T-shirt. I was thinking of what to say to him at the break but remembered that he had told me that if he turned up I was to ignore him.

At the break Jenny went over to him and another man and was probably explaining details of the course to them. After that she came over to me and said hi. We had a little chat and I asked if she'd seen anything of the voyeuristic boy. "Thankfully no," she said and went to get the class started again. As usual she spent some of the time walking around telling people what they were doing wrong, or right. She seemed to be spending quite a bit of time in front of Jon and I wondered why.

The same man was in front of me and having a good look at my pussy as my leotard had disappeared inside my lips: again, and I was definitely wet as I was dreaming-up things that Jon might be up to. At the end of the session Jenny came up to me and said, "You'll never guess what that new man has been up to." Well I could but I wasn't going to let on.

"No, tell me" I said.

"His dick was hanging out of his shorts and as the session went on it got harder and harder. In the end it was rock hard and I could see every bit of it."

"Disgusting!" I said, "watch out he's coming over."

Everyone else had gone off to get changed by then just leaving Jon, Jenny and me in there. As Jon walked up to us I could see his dick outside his shorts pointing to the ceiling. Before Jenny could say something Jon asked, "Can I help you to put the mats away?"

"Err yes please, they go in that cupboard over there (pointing to a door)." Jenny said then looked at me as if to say 'I don't believe this!'

I said, "Let's stay and watch this." Jenny didn't move so we just stood there and watched as Jon collected and then put the mats away. He still had his erection (outside his shorts) as he walked over to the door, opened it and said, "After you ladies." We walked out without saying a word and walked into the girls changing rooms. By then everyone else had gone and it was a good job because Jon followed us in. When Jenny looked at him he just said, "Just carry on, don't let me stop you" and he proceeded to take his clothes off and get into the shower.

Jenny looked a little hesitant so I stripped off and walked to the shower saying, "Come on Jenny, don't be shy." Jenny slowly stripped off and came to join us. Jon and I were soaping ourselves and still pretending to not know each other as Jenny turned on another shower. Jon must have been waiting for that to happen as he turned to me and said, "Will you suck that for me (pointing to his dick)."

I didn't say anything but bent my knees and took his full length into my mouth. Jenny's face was priceless; she must have been thinking that I was a right tramp. Jon didn't cum and after a minute he pulled out and said, "Turn round and bend over," so I did. As he rammed his dick into me I put my hands on Jenny's hips and started licking the front of her pussy.

She said, "I don't believe this," but she still responded by opening her legs and letting my tongue get into her hole.

As her (and my) orgasm built one of Jon's hands reached out and held her left breast. The other hand reached under me and started massaging my left nipple. It didn't take long for all three of us to cum and when I stood up I said, "Jenny, meet my Master, Jon. Jon this is Jenny."

"I thought it must be," Jon said, "Vanessa has told me all about what you two have been up to." Jenny blushed a bit and was just going to say something when Jon said, "Vanessa has been a little too forward and needs to be punished, would you mind if we used your gym please?"

"Err yes," Jenny replied. Jon then told me to go into the gym and wait for me. He went into the boys changing room for something while Jenny said that she had better go and lock the school doors and off she went: grabbing a towel as she went.

As I waited for him in the gym I was wondering what Jon had gone for and what he was going to do for me. I didn't have to wait long. As soon as he walked in I saw the cane in his hand and knew what was going to happen. I didn't have long to think about it as he immediately told me to run from one end of the gym to the other and back. I was totally naked and my little breasts bounced as much as they could.

I was on my third length when Jenny came back in and stood next to Jon who said something to her. After 5 lengths I had to stop and spend 5 minutes running on the spot in front of them. I don't know what Jon said to Jenny but she sat on the floor and watched me. Next I had to put my arms high in the air and then jump into a spread-eagle position, then back. This workout was worse than Jenny's. After that it was press-ups. I couldn't manage many of them and was really sweating by then.

After that it was standing on my hands and leaning my feet against the wall. Then came lying on my back and pushing my legs and body up so that I was on my shoulders and elbows. In that position I had to spread my legs as much as I could and hold it until I collapsed. As I was like that and getting a bit of a breather I saw that Jon was starting to get a hard-on again.  After that I had to get in the 'crab' position and walk over towards Jenny and get my open pussy as close to her as I could. At last Jon told me to stand up, after a couple of seconds I had to part my feet about 18 inches and then bend over and touch my feet without bending my knees. I just knew what was next, as I looked back at Jon through my legs I saw him pick-up the cane and come over to me. I closed my eyes and waited.

The first one landed as a bit of a surprise (don't know why). "Ow! One – thank you Master" I said. After "Ten: thank you Master," I was getting very wet and close to crying. I looked as Jenny who was mesmerized but not that far-gone to not be able to frig herself. Her right hand was moving rapidly. After "Fifteen: than you Master," I was crying: a lot.

Jon stopped and looked at me for a minute then moved a bit then number 16 landed. They were now landing on one cheek and bending round and hitting my pussy lips. Numbers 18, 19 and 20 found my clit. The pain was terrible but at the same time my pussy was throbbing (and not just from the pain). My juices had run right down to my knees. Jon stopped after "Twenty: thank you Master." He told me to stand up straight and pull myself together.

As I stood there sobbing Jenny got up and came over to me. She asked me if I was all right and gave me her towel to wipe my face. Jon went off to get changed and when I had stopped crying Jenny said, "Are you sure that you're alright?" and "Why do you put up with it?"  As we walked back to the changing room I told her that I was happy with Jon, I needed Jon and (pointing to my juices running down my legs) would I do it if I wasn't getting pleasure out of it? Jenny had no answers and she helped me have another shower and then put my dress on. She kept telling me about all the red wheals on my backside. I said, "look at the ones on my pussy." She did and said, "Wow!"

Jon was waiting for us when we got to the schools doors. He asked Jenny to come for a drink with us but she declined. We went home with my trying to keep my backside off the car seat.

Friday: was quiet apart from when the papergirl came. When I turned round to go and get the money I heard her gasp and say "what happened to you?" I just said, "I was a bad girl at school and my teacher punished me."  "What!" she said, but I didn't answer.

Saturday December 12: Jon woke me up at 4 o'clock in the morning. When I finally came round he told me to pack a bag as we were going on holiday. It was my birthday on the Tuesday and Jon had decided to 'treat his little slave'. At 8'oclock we were getting on a plane to Tenerife. When we got there it was great to feel the heat as the plane door opened.

Walking across the tarmac I had trouble with my dress blowing up. Jon told me that Tenerife was a quite a windy island, particularly in the winter. I said that I could get used to winters like that. The coach took us to Playa de las Americas and a Hotel called Columbus. We had a room that over-looking the swimming pool.  The weather wasn't as good as Ibiza had been but it was still a hell of a lot warmer than England and we stripped off and sat on the balcony. I'd seen one woman topless by the pool so I wasn't worried when Jon told me to take my dress off. When I was sat on a chair on the balcony people walking beside the pool would have trouble telling if I was topless, never mind bottomless.

After about 30 minutes soaking up the sun Jon decided that he was hungry and told me to put on a short wrap-round skirt and crop top while he just put on his baggy short running shorts and we went looking for a restaurant. As we were walking down the street I realized that a lot of people were going to see the lower half of my naked body that week, the wind was bad. We found a café down the street and had a good meal.

After that we decided to go for a walk to see what was there. Every time we came to a corner I was expecting my skirt to fly up. It did quite a few times and I got a few wolf-whistles. Jon was enjoying it and so was I in a way. Jon told me that the only time that I could hold my skirt down was if there was a policeman looking. The Spanish police can (he said) be a funny lot and lock you up for a very trivial reason. He said that he had often seen them treat holiday makers very badly.

We found a shopping mall that wasn't that big and Jon said that we'd go back later. There were dozens of tourist type shops that Jon said we would avoid. We also found a sex shop but it was closed. We wandered back to the apartment and got there as it was getting dark. Jon went to the bar but told me to go and put on (in) my Ben Wa balls and come back to the bar.

When I got back he was chatting to a couple of girls that were about my age or maybe a little younger. Jon introduced them (Emma and Chloe) to me. They were on their second week there and they told us about the main drinking area at the other end of town. Jon asked about beaches and they said that there was one up by the lively part of town, but not many more around that part of the island. Jon asked if they knew of any naturist beaches and after couple of seconds silence Emma said that she had heard someone talking about a little beach a mile or so up the coast but she said that she didn't know exactly where it was as they hadn't been.  Jon said that we would be looking for it and asked them if they would like to come. Emma said that we didn't look like naturists and Jon laughed and said, "what does a naturist look like?" That stumped them a bit and they had to admit that neither of them had thought about it.

Emma looked at Chloe and said, "what do you think, shall we go with them?" Chloe replied, "Let's think about it."

Jon told then that we were both naturists and told me to stand up and prove it. Without hesitation I stood up and lifted the front of my skirt up and showed them my knickerless, bald pussy. I just stood there until Jon said, "OK Vanessa, you can sit down now." Emma said that that didn't prove anything as she often went out in a short skirt and no knickers. Jon said that I ALWAYS went without knickers.

We then had a conversation about how I kept my pubes so smooth and not itchy. Both girls were interested in the machine that I have, especially as I told them that I no longer needed it because the hair wasn't growing back. A waiter came by just then and Jon ordered us all some more drinks then asked them where they were going that night.

When Chloe said that they had intended either staying there or just going to one of the local bars. Jon asked if they would like to join us for the evening.

We never got further than the hotel bar that night and we ended up getting quite drunk. I have vague memories of being sprawled out on a big sofa and Emma asking me what it had been like removing my pubic hair, one by one. But not much else, I do know that Jon fucked me that night because I woke up next morning with a sore and very sloppy pussy.

Sunday December 13: Woke up with one hell of a bad head. Jon had one as well but nowhere near as bad as mine.  We didn't have any breakfast and spent the first half of the morning drinking water on the balcony.

About lunchtime Jon told me to put just my bikini skirt, over-sized bikini top and shoes on and go and get us some food. I walked to a supermarket just down the road and had some fun squatting down to get something from the bottom shelf when people were walking by and bending over in front of man on the checkout. Each time someone gave me a filthy look or a smile I just smiled back at them.

On the way back one man turned round and followed me after the front of my skirt blew up as he was walking towards me. I guess that he was hoping for a rear view as well so just before the hotel entrance I bent over to 'adjust' my shoe. He must have had a great view of my ass and pussy.

After breakfast/lunch we went and hired a little jeep and Jon took me to a little village about 3 miles up the coast. There was only a café and the odd shop there but Jon wasn't interested in them. We walked out of the village up a hill and onto the coast path. At the top of the hill Jon told me to strip off and we walked a couple of hundred yards to where the path went down into a little valley. There was a minute little beach in the bottom and a number of little ramshackle homes made of rocks and anything else that had washed-up.

There were a few people around them who Jon said were dropouts. As we walked down I saw that they were all scruffy and thin, I guess that Jon was right. No one took any notice of us and we walked up the other side of the valley. In the next valley there was a beach about 100 yards long with some 'white' sand (unlike the 'black' sand in Playa de las Americas). There were only about a dozen or so people on them, all naked.

Jon decided where we were going to settle and we lay on our towels for about an hour. I dozed off and when I woke up a youngish couple were just above us with a baby that looked no more than a couple of weeks old. The couple was naked as well and the woman was laid with her legs open. When I looked up towards her I could see that her pussy lips were open and so was her hole, about an inch. I could see right into her. About an hour later the man pitched a tent a little way up the hill and they went and moved into it.

The waves started getting bigger and bigger and Jon decided that getting them crashing over us would really wake us up. So in we went, slowly at first then right into them. It was really cold and the waves were pushing us all over the place. We came out for a rest and I noticed that Jon had got a hard-on. He said that it was the waves pounding down on him that caused it. As we sat there two men and three women dropouts came over the hill and down onto the beach.  They stripped off (which didn't take more than a couple of seconds as none of them had more than 1 article of clothing on) and into the waves they went. As we watched I noticed that the two men also got a hard-on. We went back in and it wasn't long before I was watching three men with rampant erections getting bounced about by the waves.

The three women dropouts seemed to be amused by it as well as they were having a bit of a giggle. Jon saw what was going on, came over to me and grabbed my solid nipples and said, "It's getting you as well." Before I had time to answer he picked me up pushed his dick between my legs. He said, "Put your legs round me," and gave me a long French kiss during which time his dick pushed its way into me.

There we were having sex stood on a public beach and no one batted an eyelid. Jon carried me to the water's edge and we collapsed with him on top and still inside me. I looked up and down the beach and saw that all the dropouts were in a heap having some sort of orgy and that another couple was at it as well.

It felt good having sex out in the open like that and even better when Jon rolled us over so that I was on top. I got onto my knees and rode him as fast as I could. I had just had my second orgasm when Jon came. Holding me still as he jerked the final drops out of him and into me.

After that we went back into the water and washed all the sand off us before Jon decided that he wanted me to give him a blowjob. He lay on his towel and told me to get down on my knees and bend over him. He said that I had to make sure that my open pussy was visible to anyone who looked down the beach. While I was doing that a young couple walked along the beach.  They stopped and watched us for a minute or so before moving on. When Jon came I swallowed all his cum then licked him clean before we settled down and enjoyed the sun.  When it came time to leave we both walked naked back to the top of the hill before the village. A German couple seemed a little surprised as we met coming over the top of a ridge. I bet that they got more of a surprise when they got to the beach.

We covered-up before walking down into the village and we had a drink and ice cream at the café right on the sea front. It was windy down there and it wasn't long before my little skirt had blown over and the waiter and other customers could see everything.

Back at the Hotel we bumped into Emma and Chloe in the bar. They said that they were going out with some blokes that they'd met. Emma gave me my Ben Wa balls back and said that they were good. I asked her how she got them but all she would say was that I gave them to her the previous night.

I can't remember a thing about it, it must have been when we were in the bar but that's all I know. Jon wouldn't tell me anything either.

That night we went into the 'lively' part of town for a drink and some food. Jon told me that I wouldn't have to worry about my dress blowing up. What he didn't tell me until just before we went out was that I had to wear my lacy dress, the one with thousands of holes that looks quite normal until you get close-up when you realize that you can see everything through it.  Well it was dark outside.

Jon said that we weren't going to drink much that night so we took the car. We walked the last bit and soon found ourselves in this noisy area with someone outside each bar trying to talk us into going in. We went into one on the street side that that had a TV playing a Chubby Brown video. Jon had heard his voice and said, "we're going in there."  We spent the next hour laughing at some brilliant but filthy jokes; it was great.  From there we went into a rather bright McDonalds and had a burger. One or two people (men) looked at me but there again there were a few other young girls wearing very little as well. It was the girls who were not with men that got most of the attention. All in all we had a pleasant evening with nothing special happening.

Monday December 14: Jon got me up early and we both went to the supermarket. I had to wear just a sarong that didn't cover much even before I started bending down or the wind started. Jon wore just a T-shirt that was a bit baggy and once or twice I managed to see the end of his dick peeking out. In the supermarket we decided to have a bit of fun with this middle-aged couple who looked a bit stuffy. We got ourselves about 10 feet ahead of them then we both bent over so that both our asses were on show to them. The man kept a straight face and ignored us but the woman looked a bit flustered and said, "Well really!" as they walked past us. We just looked at each other and laughed.

After breakfast we drove up the coast and found a deserted beach. It wasn't very big but it did have a few sun-beds on it. We took two of them and soaked up the sun for a while before Jon decided that he was going for a walk: naked. I lay there naked day dreaming and quite unconsciously opened my legs and started masturbating.

After I had cum I fell asleep with my feet either side of the sun-bed. I started dreaming and can still remember what I was dreaming about. I was a slave in a jail in some Arabian city. There were other girls there all naked like me. One by one the girls were taken out. When it came to my turn I was dragged out into some open-air room where I was tied to a big post on top of a big step. I was being auctioned off and the auctioneer was inviting people to come up and 'check me out'. I was being groped and prodded all over and I was eventually sold to a man who tied my hands to the back of his horse and led me through the streets naked to his home.

When we got there he thrashed my backside until it hurt then made me masturbate in front of his whole household. There were about a dozen people watching me and talking about me. A woman was describing my shaved pubes and little dick but I couldn't see her. It was then that I slowly woke up and realized that the woman was real. She was with a man on the beach a few feet in front of me and they were talking about me. They obviously thought that I was still asleep as I watched them through my sunglasses: good invention for people wanting to see but not be seen to be looking.

They were naked and hadn't realized that I was awake. As I looked at them they got the urge and they fucked each other doggy style, right in front of me. I couldn't help myself; my right hand continued what it started before. I was still quietly playing with myself when they finished, stood up and walked away. As they went I heard the man say, "Hell of a dream she's having." I watched them walk down the beach and saw Jon walking back towards them and me. When he got to me he told me to finish myself off and he told me that he had watched it all. He sat on the end of the sun-bed and watched as I thought about my Arabian slave Master and brought myself to another orgasm.

About an hour later Jon decided that we were going shopping and we drove back to Playa de las Americas. We went to the shopping mall that we found on the first day and wandered around. We found a shop that sold dresses and managed to find a few that Jon liked. The young Spanish girl got a bit flustered when I took the sarong off in the middle of the shop and tried the dresses on.

She kept trying to say something about someone might come in, but Jon just kept saying, "Don't worry." Someone did come in, one of her mates. They stood there speaking Spanish at a hell of a rate. They kept looking over to us and pointing but we ignored them. We eventually found one that Jon liked; it was very thin and silky and only just covered my butt. I reckoned that if I bent over even the slightest bit then anyone behind me would be able to see my butt. It had spaghetti straps and the front over my breasts was different. It was baggy and the way it hung on me even I could see my nipples. Anyone looking straight at me from the front wouldn't have been able to see my breasts but if they were close enough to look down at me then they would see what I could see. From below my breasts it wasn't tight but it also wasn't loose.

After Jon paid we left, found a cafe and had a late lunch. Nothing exciting there and we went back to the Hotel. Jon told me to have a rest as it was going to be a long night.

When we went out I wore my new dress and the remote vibe. To get to the nightclub we took a taxi and I'm sure that the driver got a got view as I bent over to get in. As we moved off he switched the interior light on and adjusted his mirror and I suspected that it was so that he could have a look at my legs. I thought that I would tease him a bit so I slowly opened my knees. Because they were up a bit I think that he would have had a good view of my pussy.  Not sure if Jon noticed or not, he didn't react.

The club was big; it had lots of rooms and one big dance floor where the ceiling was about 30 feet above us. There were three cages hanging from the ceiling and I asked Jon what they were for. He said that it was for people who wanted to get high on their dancing. I wasn't sure what he meant and didn't say anything.

We went to the restaurant and had a fantastic meal. It must have cost Jon lots of money. We even had a big bottle of champagne. French not the cheap Spanish stuff. Jon had told me to pull my dress up as we sat down to eat to make sure that I didn't leave a wet patch on the back of it. He wouldn't let me use a serviette so each time the waiter came to serve me he could see my bare pubes and down the front of my dress. I had nearly forgotten about the vibe until Jon switched it on while the waiter was serving the main course. It startled me a bit and I let out a bit of a gasp. The waiter ignored me. Jon left it on just long enough for me to start getting worked up, and then switched it off.

When the waiter came to serve my dessert we had been waiting a while (I think the champagne helped as well) and I had started to relax and lay back against the back of the chair. I never thought about what the waiter would see and he gave a slight gasp as he saw me naked from my hips down. I smiled and sat up straight but the waiter just carried on as if nothing had happened. While I was eating my sweat Jon gave the vibe a quick burst "Just to keep you topped up" he said.

From the restaurant we went for a wander round and discovered that some of the little rooms had their own little dance floors and different music. The rooms seemed to have themes according to the type of music that they were playing. We went to the main dance floor that was getting quite busy by then and danced for about half an hour before finding one of the bars. It was circular and sunk low in the floor so that the counter was half way between my knees and pussy. There were only three girls behind the bar but I bet the male members of staff wanted to work there so that they could see up the skirts of the female customers. I'm sure that if any of them looked at me they would have seen my naked pussy but there again I bet they've seen so many naked pussies staring down at them that they just don't bother any more.

As we stood there drinking, Jon switched the vibe on again and left it on until I was so close to cumming that I was looking forward to my first orgasm of the night. However, Jon being Jon, knew exactly when to stop it and I was left frustrated. He must have seen the disappointment on my face because he said, "Later V, later." As Jon was ordering another drink one of girls behind the bar decided that she needed to go somewhere because she started to climb onto the bar to get over it. In doing so her little short skirt lifted up to reveal a naked trimmed pussy.

I looked at Jon and said, "Did you see that?" "Yes," he replied, "nice, but not as nice as yours."  A nice 'loved' feeling came over me for a second.

When the girl came back she did it again but this time we got a great view of her small backside. I could just see her dark lips for a second.

I finished my drink before Jon and asked if we could go dancing again. Jon said that he wasn't but that I could, but that I had to wait until someone got off one of the pillars and then dance on there. There were about six of these pillars spread around the edge of the dance floor. They were about five feet off the ground and wide enough for only one person dancing on them at a time. To get onto them there were three large concrete steps that people were sitting on.

A few minutes later two of the pillars became vacant. I headed for the nearest one and climbed on.  Even getting up the steps must have given the people sat on them a great view of my ass.  When I got onto the pillar itself I realized that if anyone either sat ion the steps or stood on the floor cared to look up they would have easily been able to see what I wasn't wearing.

The music started and I started dancing. A little bit later the vibe started and my dancing rhythm changed. I looked down to see Jon looking up at me. I turned to face him and I could see him playing with the remote control.  He started pointing to my legs and then opening his arms to tell me to open my legs, so I did, about a foot. I knew that he was looking straight at my pussy and so were the three or four young men who were standing near Jon. I didn't care; in fact I was enjoying it. Jon brought me so close to the edge so many times that I was getting almost desperate to cum. I was staring down at the young men and tried to read their lips. They were obviously talking about me and I'm sure that one of them was pointing to my juices that were running down the insides of my legs.

Jon obviously didn't want me to cum but it he kept up the same 'on and off time periods' then it wasn't going to be long before he had no more say in the matter. After another couple of on and off sessions it happened. I stopped dancing and my body just shook. It was one of the most intense orgasms that I have ever had. It lasted for ages.

After that I decided that I needed to get down and have a drink, so, being the girl that I am I sat down on the edge of the pillar with my knees about a foot apart with my legs straight out and said, "Can someone help me down please?" These four young men all moved forward but one of them managed to get in between my legs. His face was right in front of my pussy. He wasn't going to rush to do anything so I said, "Come on then, help me down."

He was strong, his arms came out and up behind my dangling legs and round my waist. This meant that as he pulled me forward my legs went over his shoulders. As he pulled me forward his face went right into my pussy. He stepped back and then lowered me down to the floor but it was my head that was going down. My knees were over his shoulders and I was rapidly getting upside down with my dress rushing down to meet my face. Luckily the pressure of him holding me upside down against himself stopped it from going all the way and my body was only exposed down (or should I say up) to just below my breasts.

The young man held me there and turned to his mates who cheered moved towards me and started groping me. One had just managed to get a finger in me when Jon stepped forward, pushed his way in and lifted me up saying, "Thank you gentlemen, I'll take my wife from there."

As Jon lowered me down my dress fell back into place and the young men walked away. They didn't look happy that Jon had spoilt their fun and in a way I was disappointed as well.

We went to a different bar and had another drink. I was getting a bit drunk by then and I think that Jon was as well. About two drinks and a smooch later (where Jon had his hands on my bum under my dress while I gave him a long French kiss) the DJ announced that the cages were being lowered and that if anyone wanted to dance in them they were to go to see him. Jon told me to go and when I found the DJ there was another girl wanting to have a go.  The DJ said okay and told us which cage to go to. There was a man there when I got there and he opened the door for me then locked me in.

As I was waiting for the cage to go up some drunks started saying silly things like "Look at the monkey," "Where's your banana," and "Monkeys don't wear clothes." That seemed to give them the excuse to reach in and try to pull my dress up. Unfortunately with the cage only being about three feet square there wasn't anywhere that I could go and my dress was up round my waist when the cage started going up. You can imagine the comments from the drunks when they saw that I didn't have any knickers on. In a way I was enjoying them seeing me like that but I wasn't keen on the fact that they were drunk and all trying to grope me. Jon was watching but I knew that he wouldn't interfere as there was no chance of me coming to any harm.

The cage only went up about eight feet above the ground just high enough so that people on the dance floor couldn't reach it. When I looked round I could see the other two cages both had girls in them and both were dancing. One of the girls looked as if she was only wearing a bikini and the other had a mini skirt and bikini bra on. I started dancing and had just got into the swing of it when my pussy suddenly jerked. Jon had switched vibe on again. He was playing the same game as last time: on for a minutes then off for a minutes. I looked down to see where he was but couldn't see him. After about five minutes strobe and spotlights came on and were moving all over the place. Then three fixed spotlights came and lit up the three cages. Shortly after that three (probably: I couldn't see the other two) more lights came on: they were sunk into the floor and were directly below the cages.

Yes, light was flooding right up my body from below which meant that anyone stood below could look up and see what I wasn't wearing; and more to the point the juices that were running down the inside of my legs. Jon had as usual been keeping me right on the edge of an orgasm which meant that my juices were really flowing. If Jon kept it up for much longer then they would be dripping down onto the people below.

Because of the bright lights I couldn't see who was below me or if they were looking up at me. But that wasn't at the front of my mind; it was the orgasm that was building in me. The excitement of knowing that hundreds of people could be watching me and even looking at my naked pussy as I slowly danced and was getting extremely close to cumming only made it worse (or should I say better). When I finally came I stopped dancing and just shook. I think that I screamed but no one would have been able to hear me anyway.

Jon must have been watching and realized that I had cum because the rhythm of the vibe going on and off changed. Jon left it on and brought me to a second climax before he switched it off. It didn't come back on and I slowly came down from my sexual 'high' then started dancing again. Not only were my pussy juices dripping off me but sweat must have been as well. I could certainly feel it running down my body and my dress was sticking to me in places as well.

After about another 10 minutes up there I was beginning to think that I was stuck in that cage forever. I was tired and thirsty. Looking over to the other two cages I saw that one of the girls had stopped dancing and was sitting on the bottom of the cage so I did too. There wasn't enough space to put my legs out in front of me so I had to bring my knees up. The bars on the bottom of the cage were about six inches apart and my backside was resting evenly over two of the bars. This meant that my pussy was being pulled slightly apart in between the bars. It must have been quite a sight for anyone below but I didn't care, in fact when I realized a little tingle went through my stomach and I felt a little more juice flow.

I don't know how long after I sat down that the cage was lowered the next thing that I remember is a man with a big grin on his face leaning through the open door and pulling me up by my hand. I think that he said something to me as he pulled me up and out but I can't remember what. Jon grabbed me as I started walking away from the cage and took me to a corner of the room to sit down and recover. He brought me a long cool drink that disappeared down my throat very quickly.

Just as I was starting to get a bit of life back into me Jon decided that he wanted to have me there and then so I had to sit on his lap with my back to him and one leg either side of his while he fucked me. I'm sure that some of the people near by knew what we were doing but nobody seemed to care. I didn't cum again but I remember that lovely feeling of his jism shooting into me. He lifted me off him straight away and he held the back of my dress up as I sat down on the cushion next to him. As I watched him put his dick away I thought about the sticky white stains that would be on the cushion when the cleaners came round next day.

Shortly after that we left and got a taxi back to the apartment. The driver didn't look at us as he drove us back. If he had he would have seen that my dress hem was on my stomach and pussy open to catch the cool air of the night.

Tuesday December 15: My Birthday. It was late morning when I woke up. Jon was already up and had been to get us some breakfast. He'd only worn a T-shirt to the supermarket and he told me that he had accidentally flashed the girl on the checkout when he'd picked up all the items that he'd bought. Two of them had trapped his T-shirt and pulled it up when he'd lifted them up.  Apparently the girl had gasped and blushed when she'd seen his dick and that it was then that he'd realized what had happened. He said that he'd just apologized and left leaving the girl watching him walk away.

It was a bright sunny day and as we eat breakfast on the balcony (hadn't seen anyone in the rooms on either side of us since we got there); Jon told me that we were going to go to a Hotel just outside Playa de las Americas. I put on just a short wrap-round skirt and crop top and we set off. Just as we walked out of reception the wind caught my skirt and a group of people who were just arriving got any eyeful. I wasn't really looking forward to spending the day in some Hotel or other, but if that was what Jon wanted, then...

The Hotel Fanabe looked just like any other Hotel even when we walked around the place. It was when Jon took me into the lift and it arrived on the Hotel roof that I understood why Jon took me there. There was swimming pool and sun-beds on the roof and it was clothing optional. There were already about a dozen people there and all but one was naked. Half of them were old and wrinkly but there was a young couple with some young kids and a group of four young German sounding people, three girls and one youth.

We got a couple of sun-beds, put some sun tan lotion on, settled down with our books and had a very lazy pleasurable day. We went for a swim in the pool a couple of times and it was great not having to worry whether on not I was hanging out of a costume. Yes, okay I do get sexual excitement of letting people see my interesting bits in places that they don't expect it but it's good to be able to be completely naked and relaxed in public at times. It's good being naked at home but it isn't the same as lying out in the sun by a swimming pool and being waited on hand and foot. So natural and relaxing.

It was early evening when we headed back to our Hotel. We got showered and took the car to the middle of Playa de las Americas. Jon was just wearing a big T-shirt and I had to wear my bikini skirt and a baggy crop top. The way my skirt didn't reach right round me made it obvious to anyone who looked and thought about it that I didn't have anything on underneath.  The wind was going to be a problem again.

We wandered around the shops and along the sea front and ended up near the shopping mall.  Just up the road from it Jon spotted a sex shop and we went in. It wasn't up to much but the man behind the counter soon realized what I wasn't wearing and watched me as I moved around the shop. Jon noticed it and asked me to pass him something that was on the floor. I realized what Jon was after (and it wasn't the box on the floor) so I bent over from my waist and picked the box up. I took my time so that the man got a good look at my ass. Jon put the box down and we carried on browsing. As I said there wasn't much there but Jon did buy a butt plug.

As Jon paid the man asked if we wanted a bag for the plug, but Jon said, "No," and unwrapped it. He then gave it to me and said, "Put that in your hole." I took it from him and licked the end so that it wouldn't be too painful then opened my legs, reached down and under the micro-skirt and pushed it in. As I was doing that I was looking at the man's face. It was a picture of surprise and pleasure. I guess that no one had done that in his shop before.  Jon picked-up his change said, "Thank you" and we left.

The butt plug wasn't small and it was a bit painful as I walked. I was sure that if (when) my skirt blew-up again whoever was looking would be able to see the end of the plug.  We went into the mall and went to a different shop that sold clothes. As we looked at the clothes the young salesgirl took something off a rack and went to the changing rooms. They were two curtained off cubicles at one end of the shop which was empty apart from her, Jon and me.

When she went into a cubicle I noticed that she only half closed the curtain. She then started taking off her jeans and top. I'm sure that she knew that Jon and I were watching her but she just ignored us. Next came her bra, which left her in just her knickers. As she pulled the dress over her head she turned to face us and we got a good view of her big breasts. I saw lots of black pubic hair sticking out of the sides of her white knickers. As the dress came down she turned and looked at herself in the mirror.

After checking to see that the dress fitted and looked okay she took it off and put her top and jeans back on. She left the bra off and was holding it and the dress when she walked passed us to the sales counter. Jon said, "Right, it's our turn to give a show, find a tight dress then come back to me." When I got back to Jon he had a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt in his hand. He motioned for me to go over to the changing cubicles and as we walked over he whispered, "Don't touch the curtains, and take your time."

We each went into a cubicle and I didn't hear a curtain close so I knew that Jon didn't close his either. It only took me seconds to take my top and little skirt off and I stood there naked facing the shop and taking my time undoing the buttons on the dress. The girl was looking at us but I'm not sure if it was me or Jon.  Just then I heard the shop doorbell and another girl came in and walked over to the sales girl talking to her in Spanish. The salesgirls said something and the second girl stopped talking when she looked over at us. They both stood in silence as they watched either Jon or me (or both) as I put the dress on.

When I'd fastened it I walked out and turned to Jon. He was naked and struggling to pull on the jeans which were obviously too small. He had a semi erection. I said, "That's nice, but the jeans are too small, shall I get you a bigger pair?"

"No," he said, "I've decided that I don't like them anyway," and started to take them off. I went next door and took the dress off. Just as I was pulling my top on Jon appeared in front of me and said, "Come on, let's go." He grabbed the dress and I followed him over to the sales counter wrapping the little skirt round me as I went. At the counter Jon put the clothes on the counter and said, "Thank you, but no thank you," and we left. The girls just watched us as we walked out in silence.

From there we went to a café and had some food and a drink before wandering back towards the car. To get there we had to pass the area where there are lots of pubs. By the time we got there it was about 10 o'clock and there were a few young people around. Two couples who looked about 18 had obviously started drinking very early because they were totally pissed. They were having trouble standing up and kept falling over. Each time the girls fell over they gave everyone around a good look up their mini skirts.

At first I thought that they weren't wearing knickers but then I got a good look at a black thong on one of them. As we got closer one of the girls tripped over right in front of me. She ended up on her back right at my feet. We stopped and Jon bent down to help her up. She was staring right up Jon's T-shirt and giggling.  As he pulled her to her feet she was trying to say something, but couldn't get further than "you haven't got." Jon wasn't interested and we stepped round her and left.

Back at the Hotel we went to the bar and had another drink before going to bed.

Wednesday December 16: Jon got me up early and sent me to get some fresh bread for breakfast. I decided to go to a different supermarket and had a bit of fun bending over and squatting down.  There were a couple of English lads in there with their parents. Once they'd seen me bend over they followed me until I left.

Jon seemed to be in a bit of a rush over breakfast and as soon as we had finished he said, "Right, sarong only on (big one), not even shoes and let's go." Within a couple of minutes we were walking to the car and then driving up the coast. We drove for about 30 minutes until Jon turned off the main road and down a dirt track. He appeared to know where he was going and after a few turns we came to a gate with a sign that said 'Miguel's Ponies'. I could see the sea so I had visions of riding a horse along a deserted beach. It wasn't to be: well not as how it was in my daydreams. We parked the car and walked through a little gate into a courtyard.

I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't to see lots of stables with three naked girls cleaning them out. Nor was it to see one naked young girl hanging spread-eagle by her wrists from a frame about 10 feet high in the middle of the courtyard. I just stood there and took it all in (none of the girls had any pubic hair) while Jon introduced us to Miguel.

As soon as the formalities were over Jon said, "Vanessa, give me the sarong. For the next two days you are going to be a 'Pony Girl'. You will live the life of a pony and a slave who looks after ponies. You will do exactly what Miguel says. Any deviation from that will result in you being strung-up and punished like that slave. She's been hanging there for two hours waiting for you to arrive so that you can witness what happens when the slaves don't do at they are told." With than Miguel said, "Come."  We walked over to the girl who was to be punished, me talking the sarong off as we walked.

The girl didn't look up when we stood in front of her. She was sweating and shaking a bit. It looked like she knew what was coming. Miguel shouted something in Spanish and the three girls stopped what they were doing and ran over. They stood in a line near us and when Miguel shouted something else they got on their knees with their knees about a foot apart and lay back and supported the body weight on their hands that were on the floor behind their feet.  That's the position that I have to get in when Jon says "Assume the position." I whispered to Jon that I was going to have a problem with the Spanish and Jon whispered back "Don't worry, Miguel knows that you don't speak Spanish, he'll talk to you in English." Miguel must have heard me or Jon because he looked at me and said, "Slave, don't speak unless spoken to or you will be punished. Get in line with the other slaves." I wasn't going to argue and jumped into line and down into the position. It was then that I realized that my pussy was getting wet.

In deadly silence Miguel took his jacket off and proceeded to give the girl a thrashing with the riding crop that he was holding, all over her back and butt. To start off with the silence was only broken by the noise of the crop flying through the air and then landing but after about five strokes the girl started crying and yelping as each stroke landed. I counted 50 strokes before Miguel stopped. The girl was sobbing her heart out. I half expected the punishment to stop there and in a way it did. Miguel went away and came back with a hosepipe with water running out of it.

He stood behind the girl and let it run down her back for a couple of minutes before he forced the end up the girl’s ass. She screamed as he forced it in and was really whimpering until he pulled it out about 10 seconds later. The water rushed out of her and so did little lumps of shit. Miguel forced it in again and the same thing happened when he pulled it out. The third time wasn't in her ass but in her pussy. When Miguel pulled it out she tried to hold it but after a couple of seconds out it came like a jet from a squeezed hosepipe.  Miguel only did that twice before he threw the hose on the floor and cut the girl down.

She collapsed on the floor still crying. Miguel said (in English) "Perhaps that will teach you to keep yourself clean. Clean up the mess on the floor then muck-out stable two." The girl stood up and started hosing her own shit away while Miguel turned to us four girls. I hadn't dare move, neither had the other three. He said something to them in Spanish and they got up and ran off. I started to get up to follow them but Miguel said, "Stay!" and walked off. A few minutes later the three girls came back with five horses. They just stood there until Miguel came back and told all five of us girls to mount up.

I had never been on a horse before and had a lot of trouble getting on. When I was half on I saw that there was a dildo about two inches in diameter and about three inches long sticking up from the middle of the saddle. I looked over to one of the other girls who was just getting on and she was slowly lowering herself onto her dildo so I did the same. As the horses walked out of the yard I was nervous about being on the horse but at the same time I was enjoying the experience. 'So this is what a Pony Girl does,' I thought. I could get used to a life like that. If only I'd known.

We walked out into some barren fields where the horses started trotting. I didn't know how to ride and I'm sure that I was going up and down at the wrong time but I was enjoying being fucked by that dildo. I came twice before the horses slowed to a walk before we all went in a convoy along some dirt tracks. Two of the girls had big breasts and they were really bouncing about when the horses were trotting. It looked painful and I was glad that mine are small.

Twice we had to stop as a car came the other way. In one was a middle-aged couple and the other just had an old man in it. None of them looked at all surprised to see five naked girls on horseback, but the two young(ish) men that were mending a stonewall at the side of the track were. They were laughing and joking in Spanish as we walked by. None of the girls even looked at them; they just sat there staring at the back of the girl in front.

We eventually came to a deserted little beach and when Miguel dismounted we did too. The girls seemed to know what was to do and they went to Miguel and started undressing him. To get his riding boots off he sat on the beach and lifted one leg. One of the girls stepped over it and when she had grabbed his boot he pushed her backside with the other foot. When that one came off another girl stepped over his other leg and did the same. When he was naked I watched him walk into the water, his little dick just peeking out of the large mass of black pubic hair. We all stood quietly as Miguel swam around for a few minutes then came back to us. Two of the girls went to get the horses and the other two started to dress Miguel. I helped them.

The ride back to the stables was just as uneventful apart from the bouncing up and down as we trotted over the field. Back at the stables I was told to help the girls take the saddles off the horses, I tried to talk to some of the girls to find out which ones spoke English and then to try to find out what else went on there. All I could get out of any of them was a whisper, "Don't talk, just do what you are told."

When we went out of the stables into the courtyard there were about two dozen smartly dressed people there including Jon. He must have borrowed the clothes because we didn't bring them with us. We girls had to line up along one wall while Miguel explained, first in Spanish, then in English that this was where the Pony Girl races would start. He called each of us out in turn and had us parade up and down in front of the people. While all this was going on there was money changing hands and I guessed that the people were putting bets of some sort on us.

At that time I thought that we were going to have some sort of nude school athletics day and I wasn't prepared for what happened next. We all went out to a field that had a little track round it. It must have been about 200 yards long, similar to a school sports field. What was different was that there were two single-seater 'carts' in one corner. Two of the girls were led over to them and I watched as Miguel strapped a big leather belt round their waists. He then put a leather 'Bridle and Reins' over their heads. This was made of a metal 'bit' in their mouths with leather straps that held it firm on their heads. The reins came out from near each ear and were about 6 feet long. He then tied their hands together behind their backs before leading them in between two long poles that came out of the front of the carts that had hooks for the rings on the big waist belts. As they were being hooked up I realized what was going to happen.

Two people were selected from the audience and they climbed into the carts. The girls weren't finding it easy but they pulled the carts to the starting line and when Miguel fired some sort of gun the race started.

The two people in the carts were pulling the reins and shouting at the girls to get them to go faster. When they got to the finish one of them was slightly in front of the other. They were both panting and sweating like mad. The belts and bridles were moved to another girl and me. It was real hard work but I managed to just beat the other girl. When I was unstrapped I saw that one of the girls who went first was getting a drink from a water trough so I went over and did the same. It tasted funny and looked a bit dirty, but I needed that drink.

By the end of the 'event' each girl had raced against each of the others. I had won two and lost two but there was a winner, one of the girls with big breasts. I wasn't surprised that she had won as she was bigger than all the others and she looked fitter. No flab. The winner and the girls who lost all her races were then hitched up again to have another race. This seemed little unfair until I saw that two people climbed into the winner's cart and squeezed into the one seat.  What also made me glad that I wasn't one of the girls was the fact that all three riders had whips.

When the gun went off both girls had trouble getting going until the whips started landing. As they got round the circuit and back towards us I could see lots of red marks round both girls’ backs, some of them even wrapped round to their stomachs. The big girl also had some on her breasts. The smaller girl won by about five yards, much to the delight of most of the people watching. I could see money changing hands in the group of onlookers but it wasn't long before the two girls who had been racing were unattached from the carts and all five of us were told to return to the stables.

When we got there leather 'Bridle and Reins' were put on all our heads and all our wrists were tired behind our backs. The ends of the ‘Reins’ were then tied to hooks around the inside of one of the stables and we were left there.

There were three buckets in the middle of the stable and we could all just get over to them. One of the buckets had some food in it; it looked a bit like leftovers that had been all mashed up. The second bucket had water in it and the third one was empty. It wasn't long before I realized what the third bucket was for, one of the girls went over to it, squatted down onto it and had a shit.

I tried to talk to the other girls, but all that came out was a garbled mess. A couple of the girls went and stuck their heads into the food and water buckets and I had some water but I didn't like the look of the food. It wasn't long before we all settled down in the straw and tried to get some sleep. I must have managed to get some because the next thing that I knew was when I woke up in the dark listening to one of the girls having a pee into the bucket.

A bit later a man that I'd never seen before came in and switched the light on. He had a riding crop with him and he woke up two of the girls who were still asleep by giving them a crack across their backsides. As he walked round the stable he had a good look and grope at each of us. One of his fingers went inside my pussy but he moved on quickly. After he had gone round all of us he went back to a Spanish looking girl with long black hair. He made her stand up then bend over before he dropped his trousers and fucked her from behind. The girl didn't offer any resistance; in fact she was obviously enjoying it. A moan of pleasure sounds the same even through the Bit of her Bridle.

When he had finished he untied us all (hands and from the wall), led us outside and lined us up against a wall. He gave us a bar of soap each then turned a hosepipe on us. The air temperature was reasonably warm but the water temperature wasn't. I had goose bumps all over and you should have seen the size of my nipples.

After the 'shower' we were all led into the big house and into a small room where our 'Bridles' were taken off. We were then told that we were to be the 'entertainment' of the Master's guests that night. There would be a mini 'Olympic games' and each of us had to do our best to win. If the Master didn't think that we were trying hard enough then we would be punished. The man then got out a tin of paint and painted a number on each of our chests and backs. I was number 4.

We all sat around for about an hour before the man came back in to us. I tried to talk to some of the other girls, but none of them wanted to talk. Three of them just ignored me while the fourth just said, "No talking." The man told us that the first game was a simple race. He told us that when we got out into the main room we had to line up and then race to the other side of the room and back. I was reasonably happy until he told us that we would be going one at a time and that we had to carry each of the other girls one at a time, on our backs.  Out in the room I had a good look round as we lined up. It was a big room, something like 40 feet across. One end was completely empty and at the other end were about 20 people sat round tables with lots of food on them. They were all talking to each other and obviously quite happy. I could just see Jon; he was on a table at the back of the room talking to someone that I had seen earlier in the day.

It wasn't long before the girl with number 1 painted on had to start. Girl number 2 jumped on her back and she grabbed number 2's legs and started running. When she turned to come back, her breasts were bouncing up and down. She was out of breath by the time she let girl 2 down and girl 3 got on. When it came to me getting on her naked back she was covered in sweat and had trouble keeping me on her. Before she managed to get halfway across the room she collapsed with me landing on top of her. We got up and walked back to the wall with lots of the audience booing her.

Girl 2 started and managed to get all of us to the other side and back but she had the advantage of being the biggest of us all. She carried us with her arms holding our legs to her sides but instead of then holding her hands in front of her she held them behind her. This meant that as we were bouncing across the room my pussy was bouncing down onto her hands.

Girl 3 only managed to get me both ways and girl 5 three quarters of the way before collapsing. Then it was my turn, I'd decided that I was really going to try hard. It wasn't that I was afraid of the beating if I didn't do well, I would probably have enjoyed it, it was that I wanted Jon to be proud of me. Getting girl 5 both ways was easy; she was the smallest of the girls. Girl 1 was heavier and I managed her too, but by the time I got her back I was sweaty and slippery. I knew I'd have problems with girl 2 and I was right. When she jumped on my back I nearly went down but managed to get halfway before my legs gave way.

The other thing about her was that she held her arms tightly round my neck so I was having trouble breathing as well. Fortunately as we went down she landed on her feet and when I turned over to get up she was still there with one foot either side of me. I was looking up at her shaved pussy with its dark stubble just starting to grow. The lips were tightly closed leaving her looking as if she just had a clean, not very long, cut there.

Girl 5 started and managed to get girl 1 both ways but collapsed as soon as girl 2 jumped on.  We were all herded out of the room and outside where we were hosed down again. I was glad to get back inside. We were allowed to rest for what must have been about 15 minutes before the man told us that event 2 was about to start. It was a bit like event 1 in that we were paired off (girl 1 was left out) and we then had a pillow fight with the girl on top holding the pillow. I started off on top and managed to get a couple of good blows in before we were floored by the other two girls running into us.

Event 3 followed almost straight away, it was a wresting match. The objective was to get you opponent with her back on the floor and hold her shoulders down for a count of three. Girls 1 and 3 were drawn first and it was a good clean fight. It took ages for girl 1 to win.  My number was called next and my heart sank as the number 2 was called out. I'd expected it to be over in a minute or so, but I soon discovered that even though she was big, she was slow.

We started to get sweaty and slippery which helped me a bit. It was when she started pulling one of my nipples that I decided that I wasn't going to lose. When she grabbed my pubic bone and pushed a couple of fingers in me and grinned at me I thought, 'Right, two can play that game.' I grabbed her pussy with one hand and thumped her stomach with the other. She went down with me on top of her but facing her feet. She started pushing her fingers into my pussy so I did the same to her: only harder. My juices were already flowing and I was enjoying it a bit. I was finding it hard to get my finger into her as she was still dry but I wasn't going to give in. She was starting to scream as I really pushed hard. She was so dry and tight that my hand was starting to hurt but I wasn't going to stop. As she screamed louder she stopped pushing her fingers into me and just lay there screaming.

When my whole hand was in her I turned to look at her face to see that she was crying. I pulled my hand out, stood up moved up her body before squatting down so that my shins were on her shoulders and my pussy on her nose. As the man was counting up to 3 I wiggled my body about so that my pussy and juices were spread all over her face. I had won and as I walked back to the other girls I saw that they too were applauding me. What I didn't realize was that I had to fight again, straight away.

It was against the smallest girl, number 5. I was still covered in sweat and she had trouble getting hold of me. Somehow we ended up on the floor with me on top of her in the '69' position. My head was in between her legs and very close to her pussy. She gripped my head with her legs and held my face about an inch from her pussy. She had that unmistakable smell of female sex and I couldn't resist putting my tongue out and licking her lips. She shook and moaned, so I did it again, this time I pushed my tongue inside her. She was enjoying it and stopped gripping my head with her thighs. As I moved my tongue around, I lowered my pussy towards her face until I could feel her breath on my pussy. A little more and I could feel her nose just touching me.

At that point I think that we both forgot about the fight that we were supposed to be having and we both enjoyed each other's pussies. I was just getting close to an orgasm when a man pulled me off the girl saying, "You can stop now, you've won."  It took me a few seconds to realize that my shins had been holding down the girl's shoulders and the referee had counted her out. I think that it took a while for the other girl to realize what had happened as well.  There was one more fight, girls 2 and 3. It got quite violent and girl 3 ended up with a bloody nose. There was lots of nipple pulling and pussy and stomach punching. I was glad that I didn't have to fight girl 3.

The next contest was something that I had never even imagined before. We had to line up with 10 empty San Miguel Beer bottles in front of us. We had to carry them over to the other side of the room. The only problem was that we were not allowed to use either our hands or mouths (apart from to stand them up if they fell over). The options left to use were pretty limited so I opted to pick them up with my pussy. My only worry was that I would be too wet to grip them properly while I was walking with them in me. It was quite easy really and I was doing quite well. Two of the girls looked as if they were trying to pick them up in their backsides. They weren't doing as well as the three of us who were using our pussies. By the time I got to the eighth I was having trouble gripping them and the eighth, ninth and tenth ones all fell out and I had to stand them up and start again. In the end I came in third, which I was reasonably pleased with.

That was the end of the contests and we all had to line up while the man called out our numbers one at a time, then judged how much applause we got from the audience. I didn't win but I didn't lose. I was glad of that because the girl who won (girl 5) had to go into the audience and let any and everyone of them do what they wanted to her. I never saw her for the next hour or so. Girl 2 (the big girl) got the least applause and she started crying when she was told that she was going to be punished in front of everyone.

A big frame was brought in and girl 2 was tied spread-eagle to it. Then each of the Masters of the remaining four girls were called up one at a time to give her 50 strokes of whatever implement they chose. The first Master chose a belt, by the time he had finished her whole backside had red wheals all over it. She was crying but still managed to count the strokes and say "Thank you Master" after each one. Well I assume that that was what she was saying, she was Spanish.

The second Master chose a belt as well but he didn't restrict his strokes to her backside. About half of them were directed onto her breasts and about a quarter were 'up strokes' between her legs on onto her pussy. By the time all 50 had landed she was screaming quite loudly. I got the impression that she had a low pain threshold.

Jon was third and as he came to the front he gave me a little smile. Jon chose a tawse. He's good with that and he too split the 50 over the three parts of her body in spite of her loud screams as each one landed. It didn't look as if Jon was trying too hard, I'm sure that I've seen him put more effort into giving me my punishments.

The last Master chose a small whip. When the girl saw it she started screaming "No, No!" but that didn't stop the man. Most of the strokes were directed to her backside but about a dozen were split over her back and chest. She passed out before he had completed his 50 and he didn't bother with the rest. She was still out cold when two men carried her out of the room.

After that and a few words from Miguel, we were herded out and into a room where there was couple of showers. We were told to have a shower and wash off what was left of the numbers that had been painted onto our chests and backs. Just as we were finishing the big girl, number 2, was carried in and were told to clean her up. She came round as we put her into the shower and she started crying straight away. I don't think that my body has ever been that red when Jon punishes me.

From there we were taken back to the stable and given some bread and water before the light was put out. I snuggled down into the hay to try to keep warm and before I knew it there was light shining in through the badly fitting door.

Thursday November 17: No sooner that I was awake a man came in and woke up the two girls that were still asleep. Girl 2 started moaning and groaning as soon as she was woken-up. When she didn't stop as soon as she was told the man pulled her up onto her knees, dropped his trousers and started fucking her. She was quietly sobbing when he had finished. He looked as if he came, but she didn't.

We were all told to get outside where we were hosed-down before our hands were tied behind our backs. We were then put back in the stable with three buckets. One food, one water. I was hungry and made it to the food bucket first. I was glad that the food was all mashed-up but I still got it all over my face. I dunked my head in the water bucket to wash it off. I had a pee in the third bucket and straight afterwards one of the other girls had a shit in it.

About an hour later we were taken out and lined up. Two of the girls were taken away by their Masters and three more arrived, but there was no sign of Jon. We then had to clean out the stables that had horses in them and I accidentally stood in some horse shit. It was still warm.

The next few hours went through the same routine as the previous day. I got quite worked up as we trotted over the fields with the horse's movements pushing the dildo in the saddle into me. I was sorry when the horse started walking again; I'd been getting close to an orgasm.  One of the 'new' girls looked quite frightened as her horse started trotting and she was screaming a bit as she was going up and down.

Down on the beach Miguel only went for a paddle when two of the girls had undressed him. I think that the waves were too big for him. When we got back to the stables there was another crowd of people and we went and had the cart races. This time we all had bridles on all of the time. I won three of my races and lost two. I was knackered by the time we had finished.

When we got back to the stables Jon watched us get hosed down then came over to me and told me that we were leaving. On the way out we went looking for Miguel and Jon thanked him for "a very enjoyable two days."

As we got near to Playa de las Americas Jon gave me my sarong and told me to put it on. I had been naked for so long that I hadn't even thought about wearing some clothes.

Back at the Hotel I told Jon that I had really enjoyed myself but that I was quite tired. I asked him if we could get some food then have a quiet night in the Hotel bar.

We went to a little restaurant not far from the Hotel. Jon told me to wear just one of his T-shirts. Even so, the wind gave a few people flashes of my backside. I was forgetting how tired I was as we were drinking in the bar and I was lazily lounging in one of the Hotel's sofas when Emma and Chloe came in and told me that they could see what I wasn't wearing. The combination of being tired and 'happy' with drink meant that I just didn't care. We talked to them for a while before going to bed early. John asked them if they would like to join us at the Hotel Fanabe the next day, but they weren't sure and we left it that they would meet us in reception at 10 o'clock if they wanted to go.

That night Jon gave me a real good hard fucking on the balcony: doggy style. I slept well that night.

Friday November 18: Jon sent me for the food for breakfast wearing only a big sarong. The only thing was that the way it was tied caused it to open up to my stomach each time that I walked forward.  It was only when I was stood still that it covered my pussy. Every time I saw someone coming my way I slowed right down: except when it was someone in the 16: 36 age range. I just let them stare at me. The girls in the little supermarket were staring and whispering to each other. One of them went and got a youth and pointed me out to him. I didn't care and I even made sure that I took ages bending down to get jam from the bottom shelf. I was getting quite excited by the time I got back to Jon and he commented on the snail's trail as I shuffled off the bed when the kettle boiled.

Emma and Chloe were in reception when we got there and Jon drove us all to the Hotel Fanabe. I was still wearing just the sarong and Emma asked me if I was embarrassed by the fact that she (and everyone else) could see my pussy every time I moved forwards. Before I could answer Jon said, "I don't think that Vanessa would be embarrassed if I were to fuck her, naked, in the middle of the street." Chloe seemed a little startled and blushed a bit.

When we got there we went straight up to the rooftop pool and grabbed some sun-loungers.  Jon and me stripped off straight away and lay down. Emma took her shorts and top off revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra and lay on one of the sun-loungers. Chloe was a bit more hesitant and when she took her shorts and top off she lay down still wearing both halves of her bikini. We got talking about nothing in particular and I noticed that Chloe kept looking over at Jon's dick. I got the impression that she wasn't used to seeing naked people, especially men. Emma noticed as well and said, "Stop it Chloe!" Chloe tried to plead ignorance but her blushes told us that she knew she had been caught. Jon just smiled and went back to his book.

After about an hour or so a waiter came over and we ordered some drinks. Jon insisted that they were alcoholic; he said that we needed to relax. I took it that he meant Emma and Chloe.  The pool was filling up and most of the people were naked. Jon asked Emma and Chloe if they were going to strip off. I think that Emma was just waiting for someone to give her the chance because she immediately stood up and dropped her bikini bottom before lying down again. She has a neatly trimmed black bush with a small clit peeking out between her lips. That together with breasts that were bigger than mine, but not over big, meant that she has quite a nice body really. Jon thought so as well because he said, "That's better, you have a great body and shouldn't try to hide it."

Chloe wasn't ready for the 'Full Monty' and would only take her top off. Her breasts are a lot bigger with small nipples in the centre of large dark brown aureole.  She immediately got back onto the sun-lounger: face down.

Later on Jon decided that we would go for a swim and Jon, Emma and I went straight into the water. Chloe took a bit of persuading but she finally joined us. After splashing around for a bit Jon whispered to me to take Chloe's bikini bottoms off. I decided that I needed Emma's help and told her. She agreed and we ganged-up on Chloe and while I held her Emma removed the offending article. She put up quite a fight and gave us a lot of abuse but she was out-numbered. All that time Jon was sitting on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water laughing at us.

When we had got the bikini off Chloe Emma decided that Chloe was going to have a good look at Jon's dick and we dragged her over to Jon and held her so that her face was in between Jon's legs about six inches from his dick. The presence of her face so close to his face was having an effect on Jon and it wasn't long before he decided that he ought to get back into the water. He slid down into the water right in front of us.

Chloe's face was a picture as the front of Jon's body slid down the front of hers. I reached round the front of Chloe and grabbed Jon's dick and pushed it in between Chloe's legs. She gave a bit of a shudder before she managed to catch Emma and me off-guard and pulled away from us.

Emma had thrown Chloe's bikini bottoms over to our sun-loungers and Chloe was complaining saying that we would have to give her them back before she got out. "No way!" Jon said and we swam off. When Chloe caught up with us she said, "It's quite nice this nude swimming isn't it?"

"I told you that you'd enjoy it didn't I?" I said. When it came to getting out, Chloe made a big deal of waiting until she thought that no one was looking before she got out and ran to her sun-lounger. She lay on her stomach hiding her front.

After a while we went to the roof top bar for something to eat. Everyone that we had seen going there had covered up before going so Chloe and Emma wrapped their towels round their waists. I started to wrap my sarong around myself but Jon stopped me saying, "No, we won't be coming here again so what the hell, let's go naked."  We got a few funny looks but no one said anything.

Back at the sun-beds Jon started reading his book again while we three girls chatted about everything and nothing. The conversation got round to me and Jon and I told them all about my old and new lives. They were fascinated and kept asking me all sorts of questions. Emma said, "You really would do absolutely anything that Jon tells you, wouldn't you?"

"Yes I would, he's very good to me, I trust him and I know that he wouldn't put me in any danger." I replied. "Jon!" Emma said trying to get him involved. "Ask Vanessa to do something outrageous." Jon looked up and said, "Like what?"

After a long pause Emma said, "Like masturbate right here and now."

"That's not outrageous, but okay, Vanessa, sit on the side of my sun-lounger facing Emma and Chloe open your legs wide and frig yourself till you cum." So I did. Fortunately there weren't many people around our area of the pool and no one seemed to be taking any notice of me: except Emma and Chloe.

As I was getting started Emma said, "That's one hell of a clit that you've got there Vanessa." "Jon likes it as well" I replied. All the time that I was getting quite 'happy' I was looking at both Emma and Chloe.  Emma had a smile on her face but Chloe was the best, not only was she licking her lips, her legs were getting wider and wider apart. When I finally came I could see Chloe's lips and minute little clit peeping out.

When I calmed down I looked round and saw that no one was paying us any attention (if only some of them knew what they had missed) and then at Jon. He smiled and said, "Good girl" as I noticed that his dick was getting quite hard. I looked back at Chloe and saw that that was where her eyes were looking. I don't know if it was me or him looking at Chloe that had got him that way but I knew that if anyone else out there noticed him then there might be some trouble so I offered to 'hide it' for him. He said, "Well, you had better get on with it unless Emma or Chloe would care to oblige." I looked at them both (they were staring at his erection) but neither of them said anything, so I stood up then lowered myself onto him. I was sideways to him and still facing Emma and Chloe.

I just sat there for about 10 minutes with Emma and Chloe just watching both my face and Jon's before I felt the jerks and warm squirts of Jon's jism as he came inside me. Emma had been taking it all within her stride but Chloe was obviously getting quite aroused by it all. Her face was a picture of excitement and embarrassment. She looked like a little schoolgirl who had been caught doing something naughty. And that was just her face, her legs were as wide as they could get and the juices were dribbling out of her pussy. She looked great.

After Jon had gone all soft he decided that we should all go for another swim. This time Chloe was more relaxed and slowly walked over to the pool. Jon's (and my) juices were running down my thighs as we walked and Jon's dick was sparkling in the sun as he jumped in.

After about 15 minutes Jon decided that he'd had enough and we all got out and dried.  It was getting late in the afternoon and the sun was starting to go down so we decided to leave. Before any of us could put any clothes on Jon suggested that we all walk back to the car naked. Emma and Chloe immediately said no but after a bit of persuasion they agreed to go topless. As Jon said, it was our last day and it didn't matter if we got thrown out of the place.

We finished packing and started heading for the lift. As we were getting into the lift one of the waiters came over to us and started trying to say something. With the bits of English and the fact that he was pointing to our bodies I guess that he wasn't happy. He was still ranting as the lift door closed and we went down.

I was feeling a bit nervous as the lift door opened in the Hotel lobby. Silently we walked through reception and out into the Hotel car park. Most of the dozen or so people in reception had stopped what they were doing and were looking at us. I noticed one lady thump her husband to tell him to stop looking and a Spaniard behind the desk started shouting something at us, but we just kept walking, got into the car and drove off. When we got onto the road we all just burst out laughing. I'd quite enjoyed that.

As we drove back towards Playa de las Americas we saw a police car going the other way so Jon stopped and we all covered up before continuing. I'd just put my sarong on and as we walked into our hotel it was blowing all over the place. He all had another couple of drinks in a corner of the bar before agreeing to meet-up later to go for some food and more drinks. Jon had suggested that all three of us girls wear our shortest skirts and skimpiest tops with nothing on underneath. Emma agreed straight away but it took a few minutes for Chloe to agree.

Jon and I got cleaned-up and at 9 o'clock we met Emma and Chloe in the bar. I was wearing a short crop top, one that showed the bottom of my breasts if I so much as shrugged my shoulders; and my bikini skirt (the one that doesn't quite make it all the way round me). Emma was wearing a very short tight skirt that only just covered her butt. I reckoned that after we had walked a hundred yards or so her cheeks would be hanging out of it (and that's just the rear view). With it she wore a white half-cup lace bra. When I looked hard I could see all her nipples and aureole. Chloe thought that she was being cleaver wearing a thin cotton 'A' skirt, it wasn't that short but I smiled as I thought what the wind would do with it. On her top she wore her bikini top. Not very revealing but the straps were tied together so I could imagine Jon having a bit of fun with that.

As we had a drink in the bar before leaving Jon persuaded Emma and Chloe to prove that they didn't have anything on underneath. Emma didn't really need to as I could already see her 'short and curlies' as she perched on a bar stool but she obviously hadn't realized that and stood up and wiggled her bum as she pulled the skirt up and then down. Chloe hadn't moved, and Jon had to say, "Come on Chloe, lift that skirt right up and show us what you've got."

There was a bit of a blush on her face as she put her drink down and lifted her skirt up; right as two youngish men turned the corner coming towards us. Chloe quickly dropped her skirt but it was too late. One of the men said, "Nice Beaver honey," as they walked past us. Chloe was bright red as Jon gave her her drink back and said, "Drink that."

After a minute or so Chloe said, "What about you Vanessa, you haven't proved that you've got nothing on under that skirt." Jon laughed and said, "I would have thought that that was obvious, but okay, Vanessa take the skirt off." Well, what else could I do, I got off the bar stool and undid the bow. I let one end drop and was standing there wearing only my little top and shoes. Not wanting to get in trouble with Jon I just stood there as they all looked at my bald pussy for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually Jon said, "Turn round just to prove that you've nothing hidden behind you." As I turned I saw the two men looking directly at me. I stopped with my back to Jon and the girls waiting for Jon to say something. The two men started smiling so I stood there smiling back and I didn't hear Jon telling me to turn round and put my skirt back on.

The next thing I knew was Jon's hand landing on my backside. without thinking I said, "One: thank you Master" before Jon said, "I told you to put the skirt back on."

As I was fastening the skirt Emma said, "You really are Jon's slave aren't you?"

"Yes I am." I replied. We finished our drinks, left the Hotel and walked towards 'town'. It wasn't long before Chloe was complaining about the wind. We went into a café cum bar and ordered some drinks and food. By the time we'd finished our food the place had livened-up quite a bit and Jon took us onto the dance floor. Needless to say our skirts were giving the audience a good show.  Chloe didn't seem to care any more; I think the alcohol was working.

We didn't stay there long before moving onto to somewhere quieter. A little bar under some shops that had a TV on in one corner and a Pool Table in a separate room. There were some teenagers in there playing pool and we sat in one corner waiting to have a game. Emma said that she hoped that they would go before we started playing, but they didn't. I'm sure that the lads had seen out short skirts and wanted to watch us. When we got up they got some fresh drinks and sat round the edge watching. There were three boys and two girls all about 15 or 16.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the Pool Table was quite big and we all had to bend right over most of the time. The boys and girls were giggling as Chloe struggled to keep her modesty as she took her turn. It was me next and I deliberately pointed my ass at the boys and girls as I slowly took my shot. As I bent over I could feel my little skirt riding up my back. I knew that they must have had a great view. I could hear them whispering as I opened my legs to steady myself before taking the shot. I think that I was enjoying it as much as they were and really took my time. So much so that Emma said, "Come on Vanessa, stop messing about and get on with it." I took the shot and missed the ball. If I hadn't of had so much to drink I might have been a bit embarrassed. Not at showing the kids my pussy, at missing the ball.

It was Emma's go next and she went to shoot from the same end as me. As she bent over her tight skirt rode up over her cheeks. It stayed up as she stood up to move round the table a bit.  I don't know if she realized 'cos she didn't do anything about it but the kids were staring at her every move. Even the girls were staring at her pussy. I was looking at the kids when she bent over again to take the shot and one of the lads chin dropped as his eyes opened wide.

It was Jon's go next and while he was taking it I heard the kids talking. One of the lads as asking the girls if they would play dressed like us. One of them said, "No" straight off but the other said, "How do you know that I've got any knickers on under this skirt?" That shut him up for a while and before he could answer it was Chloe's go again. As she bent over to take her shot Jon put his hand on her back and bent over to tell her how to take the shot. What she didn't realize was that as he got up he carefully untied her bikini top. When she stood up it dropped to the floor. I guess that the alcohol had dulled her senses a bit 'cos it took her a full minute to realize that it had gone. Of course the lads noticed straight away and were staring at her big tits. When she finally realized she tried to cover them up which just made the lads (and us) laugh.

Chloe finally managed to get her bikini top back on and then it was my turn. I could have taken an easy shot from the opposite end to the kids but Jon told me to go take a shot from the kids' end. As much as I tried I couldn't reach to take the shot. In the end I decided that I would have to kneel on the table edge to get at the ball. As I climbed up my little skirt fell open revealing my whole backside to the kids. When I bent over to take the shot by knees were apart and my backside in the air.

All five of those kids and Chloe and Emma, who had helped me get on the table, got a fantastic view of my juices leaking out of my pussy. The thought of all those people staring at my open pussy really got them flowing.

Somehow I managed to get the ball in the hole and I stayed there saying, "I did it!" over and over. In the end Jon came up behind me and said, "Ok, so you got it in the hole, I can do that as well," and he pushed his thumb in my pussy and grabbed my pubic bone and pulled me back down onto the floor. That hurt a bit as I bounced down but nothing compared to the pain when Jon uses the cane on me.

Emma was next and she had just one shot that she could take. Guess what? It was from the kids end. I think that the alcohol was getting Emma a bit as well 'cos she decided that she was going to lie right on the table to take the shot. She moved a chair over to the table to help her get high enough to get on. As she climbed on the chair her skirt rode up over her bum and when she stood up straight she looked down at her neatly trimmed pussy hair and said, "Ooh look, you can see my pussy." Before she could say anything else Jon said, "Come on Emma, we've all seen it before, get on with the shot." She lay down over the end of the table with her legs wide apart and started lining up the shot.

Just as she was about to take the shot Jon (who had crept up behind her) pushed a couple of his fingers right in her pussy. Needless to say she missed the shot and she swore as Jon pulled his fingers out and lifted her down.

Jon announced that he thought that it was time we were going and told us to get ourselves ready. Emma wiggled her skirt back over her butt and we moved towards the door. As I passed the kids I heard one of the lad say, "The lucky bastard."

We headed back to the hotel and we all went up to our room for a final drink. As soon as I got into our room I took my top and skirt off and Jon stripped off as well. Emma's skirt was halfway over her bum and she collapsed onto the bed with her legs open showing us a rather wet looking pussy. Chloe was quite drunk by then and she "Well if you can, then so can I," and she slowly took her skirt and bikini top off.

Jon was getting the drinks and as he offered one to Emma she got up off the bed, grabbed the drink and went into the bathroom. When she came out she was naked and came straight up to me and kissed me full on the lips. Meanwhile Chloe had staggered over to Jon and grabbed his dick which was starting to get hard. She was mumbling something about wanting Jon's nice dick and she slid down him and took him in her mouth.

We had a mini orgy with us all fucking each other. Emma tasted nice, but Chloe was a bit sickly and I couldn't find her clit. I managed to get Emma to cum twice whilst they all got me to cum. In the end we all fell asleep on top of the bed.