Vanessa's New Life
by Vanessa

This is part r of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so happy and never had so much pleasure.

Chapter 4

Monday August 3: Jon was up bright and early and full of life and had decided that we needed some exercise. He told me to pack a bag with my white shorts and top, his shorts, our trainers and towels. We put our vests on and then went for breakfast. Later we drove around looking for a Gym that we could use, but the ones that we found didn't open until after lunch so we went to Ibiza town and went shopping.

We found a department store and wandered round. We found some nice dresses that were at realistic prices and Jon selected a couple for me to try on. The only changing rooms that they had were cubicles in the main shopping areas with curtains for doors. I went into a cubicle and half closed the curtain so that Jon could see me, and took my vest off. The first dress was a sort of blue silk with flowers on it and a bit oriental, it had a high neck and no sleeves. The interesting part was that the skirt part was split up both sides right to the waist. The dress was a tight fit, but I guess that it should have been. I put my arms in the bottom, and lifted up so that I could slide it down over my head. When my head 'popped' out of the top I looked out and saw a young female shop assistant looking at me. When she caught my eye, she turned away.

The dress fitted quite well and I liked it, but Jon didn't. The second dress didn't have any sides from top to bottom, except for a cord that was zigzag threaded from top to bottom. It was plain white with a low cut 'V' neck and as I put it on the same way there was the girl again. Jon said that apart from the cord going below my waist it was quite nice, but was too big. I took it off and he went to swap it for a smaller size. He told me not to touch anything while he was gone, so I just stood there with the curtain open.

Six people went passed while I was waiting, but only one looked in and that was another young female assistant. She stopped and had a good look before moving on. I just looked back at her. When Jon got back I put the dress on and Jon decided to buy it for me.

After wandering round a few more shops we went to a cafe and sat outside at a table on the pavement and had a coffee and a sandwich. Jon had sat us so that we were both facing down the street with me on the outside. Jon had crossed his legs so that no one could see what he had got but of course I couldn't, and anyone who walked towards us and looked could see my pussy. I told Jon about this and he just said, "good, open your knees a bit." I regretted saying anything but did it.

It was only the kids that looked and when I told Jon he told me to close my legs if anyone that looked under 14 looked. I got a couple of giggles from a group of girls and one lad must have gone round the block because he went by twice.

About 40 minutes later we left, and went back to the car and drove to one Gym that we had seen. It was open and the price was acceptable to Jon. We both went into the first changing room that we came across. I think that it was the gents but it didn't matter because we were the only ones there.

After getting changed, we went through into the workout area. Again, no one there, and we got started. We had a good workout even if it was very quiet. Just as Jon decided that we had had enough and we headed for the door it opened and about 6 people came in dressed for a workout. Jon saw a sauna and decided that we would go in. It wasn't that warm but we still stripped off and lay on the benches. I was starting to doze off when the door opened and two men came in and sat at my feet. They were Germans and asked (in good English) if we spoke German. Jon said not, and they continued talking in German.

They kept looking at me and my pussy then getting on with their conversation. I got the impression that they were talking about me but I couldn't prove it. I started to relax and doze off again and felt my legs open a bit as I relaxed. I think that the men were still looking but I was too sleepy to think about it. They eventually left and then we went out. There was a plunge pool next to the sauna and Jon didn't tell me how cold these things are normally. I found out quick enough and I immediately got straight out again wide awake and with nipples that you could bend an iron bar round. "That wasn't very nice" I said but Jon just smiled.

To get back to the changing room we had to go back through the main Gym and Jon wouldn't let me wear anything. We walked through with my nipples still frozen rock hard. One man dropped the weights he was lifting as his eyes saw me, and one of the women slipped off the bench she was just getting on. In the changing room there was a real hunk getting changed and for some strange reason he looked a bit embarrassed by me being there with no clothes on. We ignored him, got dried, put our vests on and left.

Back at the hotel we put our swimming costumes on (my white one piece) and went down to the pool. I lotioned us up and we settled down to soak up the sun until the evening. When it came to getting dressed for dinner Jon asked me if I had brought my pleated navy skirt and a white blouse with me. When I said yes he told me to wear them with my white lycra shorts. I thought that it was a bit strange but who am I to question my Master's commands.

We went for dinner and then a couple of drinks in the hotel bar before heading down the main street. We stopped at another bar and had another drink then Jon took me to the place with the sign said 'Live Sex Show - 23:00 every night' outside. I though that it could be interesting watching other people having sex. As soon as we went in Jon asked if he could talk to the manager. When he arrived they were talking quietly and I couldn't hear what they were saying. Afterwards we went to the bar and were given a drink. I didn't see Jon pay so I assumed that it was like the cafes where you paid when you left.

We got some seats and talked and watched the other people there. There were about a dozen men and about five or six women that looked like customers. At about 11:45 the show started. A couple came on and started dancing around slowly taking their clothes off. The dancing got more and more erotic and when they were naked they started touching themselves. The woman then got down on her knees and started sucking his penis. When he finally got hard he lay on his back and she climbed on and they had a good fuck. There's not much more that I can say about it.

About 5 minutes after they had finished the manager come onto the 'stage' and said that he was proud to announce the guest appearance of two people from England who were going to put a show on for everyone. With that Jon grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the 'stage'. I was mortified and excited at the same time. What was I supposed to do? What was Jon expecting me to do?

After taking a little bow Jon dragged me off behind a screen, grabbed a packet of cigarettes from the manager and stuffed them in my blouse. He then put on a teachers gown that the manager gave him and told me that I was going to act like a naughty school girl who had been caught smoking, and was denying it. The rest would follow naturally.

We went onto the 'stage' and Jon stood me where he wanted me. After the audience were quiet Jon started talking to me as if he were a teacher who had caught a girl smoking. As instructed I said I hadn't and the lecture went on. He asked me again and I still said no. With that he put his hand down the top of my blouse and moved it about looking for the cigarettes. I then had another lecture before he told me to take my blouse off.

By this time I was relaxing a bit and was starting to get into the act a bit so I did a bit of pleading before slowly taking it off. I was now topless and the 'teacher' started on another lecture about not wearing a bra. He then told me that he wanted to see if I was wearing the regulation knickers. I started to lift the side of my skirt up but he said, "No, take it off."

When he saw my white shorts he started on again. Finally he said, "right, it's punishment time. He then made me do lots of aerobic exercises that stretched my arms and legs and made my jump and run on the spot. My little breasts were bouncing up and down and my nipples were getting hard. He then sat on a chair and told me to lie over his knee. He gave me 20 slaps before telling me to stand up and take my shorts off. It was then back over his lap for another 20. After that the exercises started again. In among some of them I had to stand on my head and then open my legs wide.

That did it, if the audience hadn't seen my wet pussy by then, that certainly gave them an eyeful. He then had me walk on my feet and hands, but with my stomach in the air. I hadn't done that since I was at school and it was a bit painful.

He then told me that I was going to get caned and that I was to bend over the back of the chair with my feet apart. I pleaded with him to not do it and when he said, "NOW," I ran off round the back of the audience. He came after me and when he 'caught' me he dragged me, struggling, back through the middle of the audience and put me over the chair. My feet weren't wide enough for him and he pushed them further apart.

The audience could see everything that I'd got. I saw the manager pass Jon a cane and then it started. The first really hurt, and after I had calmed down I said, "One - thank you Sir." After ten the tears were dripping from my eyes and my sobbing must have been loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. After I had said, "Twenty - thank you Sir," it stopped, but I didn't move. My backside was really hurting, it was on fire and was worse than the time that Jon caned me back in England.

Out of the corner of my eye and through the tears I could see Jon taking his clothes off. When he turned to face me his dick was the biggest I had ever seen it. It was as if he had swallowed a whole bottle of Viagra. He came round to the front of me and said, "Swallow." I opened my mouth and took as much of it as I could.

I sucked and sucked and I could tell that he was getting close to coming but he pulled out and just stood there erection pointing into the air. After a couple of minutes he walked round the back of me and rammed it into me. There was absolutely no resistance as I was so wet that I could feel my juices running down my legs. I screamed, but not from the pain, I had re-composed myself enough to remember that we were putting a show on.

Jon went in and out as I moaned quite loud. I was getting close to cumming and I thought that Jon was too. Then it happened, we both came at about the same time and I screamed as much as I did when the cane was hitting me. When he pulled out of me I stood up and Jon then told me to 'assume the position' but facing the audience. When I was down there I could feel all our juices running out of my open hole. Jon came and stood over me and let the juices from his dick drip onto my face and I licked them off. After that Jon told me to stand up and take a bow, the show was over.

We both went over to the bar (still naked) and the manager gave us a drink. I couldn't sit on a stool like Jon had because my backside hurt too much. The manager said to Jon that I "was quite a woman" and did we want a permanent job. I was glad that he said no, I had really enjoyed it but I don't think that my backside could take that every night. After we had finished our drinks we went and found our clothes (Jon wouldn't let me wear the shorts), and said our goodbyes.

When we got back to the hotel I asked Jon if we could have another drink before bed and we went into the bar and he perched on a stool while I stood next to him. There was hardly anyone there and after the drink we went to our room. As we were getting ready for bed I noticed the two older girls on their balcony talking and watching us. I looked in the mirror and could see lots of bright red wheals all over my backside.

Tuesday August 4: Jon wouldn't let me sleep late and I had to get up and have a shower before 8 o'clock. I was still thinking about the previous night and how much I had enjoyed myself and I told Jon as we were walking into the restaurant. I had forgotten about my backside until I sat down to eat my breakfast. I asked Jon to take a look to see if the red marks were still there. He didn't need to look, he has already seen them, even below my T-shirt. That meant that other people could see which worried me a little.

After breakfast we packed a bag and drove to the harbour in Ibiza town and got onto a ferry to an island called Formentera. The journey took just over an hour and it got quite windy which presented a problem as we walked around the boat and when it came to go up the outside stairs I'm sure that I gave the people below me a great view. Come to think of it Jon must have been showing a lot as well.

When we eventually arrived we walked up the harbour and to a place that had lots of bikes outside. Jon said that it was the best way to get round and judging by the number of people in the shop he was right. We hired two and as I climbed on mine I was thinking that it could be fun sliding from side to side on the saddle, just like it was fun riding Jon's bikes.

Shortly after we got out of the village Jon stopped and we took our T-shirts off and cycled nude. Jon said that Formentera was a Naturist island and we would see lots of naked people. A few cars and motorbikes passed us then another couple on bikes that were also naked. I wondered if she was enjoying the experience as much as I was.

We peddled for about 30 minutes and came to a dirt track that we went down. Eventually we came to fantastic beach with trees and sand dunes behind it. We padlocked our bikes to a tree and spread our towels on the sand near a pile of rocks that looked as if was being used as a little jetty - or so Jon said. The only people that I could see with clothes on were those who were arriving. I put some more suntan lotion on Jon and then me and as I was doing me Jon told me that the inside of my thighs weren't as brown as the rest of me and he told me to make sure that I lay with my legs wide open so that I would get an even tan.

We lay there for about an hour before Jon got restless and decided that we were going for a walk, and what a walk it was, we walked for what seemed like hours and all in bare feet - bare everything. Through the trees and dunes, out to a little island, passed a cafe, through the car park, through what Jon thought were salt lakes, up to the main road, and back along the beach. On the way we stopped at a beach bar and had something to eat. Everything was so relaxed and it seemed natural that most people didn't have any clothes on.

I was shattered when we got back and my feet were a little sore. We went for a swim to cool down, then lay on our towels again. It didn't take long for me to doze off and when I woke up there were lots of people standing around us. It was a jetty and a boat was coming in. The people were waiting to get on the boat and there was me laid with my legs wide open, right in the middle of them. One or two were looking at us. I looked at Jon who was just lying there, legs apart, propped up on his elbows watching the boat come in.

Well I thought, 'if he doesn't care, then why should I?' The boat arrived and people piled off. Jon said that it looked as if they were from the mainland and were just here on a day trip. I don't think that some of them were expecting naked people, certainly not spread-eagle in the middle of their path off the boat and I noticed a couple of shocked looks.

There were three youths among them and they obviously enjoyed what they were seeing, they decided to stay where they were when they first saw us. They were still there when everyone else and the boat had gone. They spread their towels and lay on their stomachs directly below me. I wondered if they had had to lie on their stomach to avoid any embarrassment.

After a while I turned over onto my stomach, still with my legs apart; I wanted to get rid of those white bits. I was thinking about the show we had put on the previous night and then I remembered the red wheals on my backside. I lifted my head to look ad my bum and yes, they were still there, not as bright, but still there. 'The youths must be able to see them,' I thought and squeezed my pussy muscles and realised that the juices were flowing. I wondered if the youths could see that as well. I dozed off again and when I came round they had gone, and so had Jon. I looked round and saw him laid half in the water and half out. I went and sat next to him and I told him that I had been thinking about the previous night and that I would be happy to do it again - if he wanted to. "Not at the moment" he said. "Maybe some other time."

I could see that he was thinking about the previous night as well, because his dick was growing. I decided to have a bit of fun and stood up, with my feet apart, just in front of him. If / when he looked up he would be looking right at my pussy. Nothing new, but if he was feeling a bit randy it might just tempt him. After a few minutes, and a dick that was definitely getting bigger he jumped up and told me to follow him. We went into the trees and sand dunes and found a quiet spot where he told me to get down on my hands and knees and he fucked me from behind. It was over pretty quick and I didn't cum but I had certainly enjoyed it.

As soon as that was over. Jon decided that it was time to start back and we packed up and started back, again cycling in the nude. Jon's and my juices were still coming out of my pussy, and it wasn't long before I was sliding all over the saddle. It was very pleasant and with the bouncing along the dirt track, I beginning to think that I might even cum. Unfortunately I didn't and it wasn't long before we came to the outskirts of the village and we stopped and put our T-shirts on. Back at the bike shop I felt a little embarrassed handing back a bike that had a saddle that was all wet and sticky.

On the boat we bought some drinks and went on the deck at the front to catch some more sun. Jon followed me up the stairs and stuck a finger in me and held it up saying "a little wet aren't we Vanessa," in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. There were other people on the deck sun bathing and two of the women were topless so Jon told me to take my T-shirt off and lay it over my pussy. I was further back from the front than most of the people there so if anyone looked they would be able to see under my T-shirt.

The boat set off and after about half an hour it started to get windy. I tried to clench my legs together to keep the T-shirt in place but the wind finally blew it off me and back along the boat. Jon told me to go and get it but each time I got near it, it blew further away. It ended up right in the middle of the seated area that was full of people. What else could I do? I just had to brave it out and walk into the middle of them and get it. Lots of people were looking at me, but no one said anything until I had retrieved it and put it on. At that point a couple of men clapped their hands.

Nothing else happened on the boat and we made it back to Ibiza harbour. Instead of going straight to the car we went into a little boutique that Jon had spotted when we were parking the car. There were some nice clothes in there and I tried on a skirt that Jon liked. It was tight, black, and had a split up the front of one leg that went up to the top of where my pubic hair would have been. To get it on I had to hold my T-shirt up and got a funny look from the old woman assistant. Jon liked it and he bought it.

Dinner had already started when we got back to the hotel so we had to have a quick shower and down to dinner. Jon told me to wear my new skirt and a baggy cropped top. After dinner we went for a walk along the beach and Jon told me to spin my skirt round so that the split was right in the middle. It was a good job that there was hardly anyone on the beach because when I looked down I could see all of my bald pussy. Just before we left the beach Jon told me to spin it back to the front of my left leg.

We went into the bar that had the DJ comedian in it and sat at a table near the back. As the night went on things got livelier and just before Jon was thinking of leaving the DJ suddenly asked if any of the girls were brave enough to get on a table and do a striptease. There was deadly silence at first but when he offered a bottle of champagne to any girl who would, Jon stood up and said that I would.

A girl a couple of table away from us also stood up and said that she would. I had seen her earlier and thought that she was on her own and trying to get drunk. She certainly looked that way when she stood up. The DJ said okay and everyone cheered as we got on our tables. I started to sway to the music and dance around in a small circle. My skirt was so short that I imagine people could see my ass without me even moving.

After a couple of turns on the tiny table I slid my top off of my shoulders and let it slide down to my waist before pulling it over my head. The men all whistled and cheered like I expect they would at a real strip show. I danced a bit more and then hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my skirt and slid it over my hips, down my legs to my feet. I kicked it out of the way and continued my little dance, turning and swaying gently. I guess that the men expected me to be wearing knickers and they cheered loudly when they saw my bald pussy. As I was dancing, I looked over at the other girl who was down to her knickers. They were quite small and she slowly eased them over her hips and off. She had a neatly trimmed bush and the men certainly seemed to appreciate her dance.

The DJ let us continue for another couple of minutes before stopping the music and telling us to go and collect the champagne. I jumped down and saw the other woman almost fall off her table. Jon told me to go and help her so I went over to her. She was definitely drunk and I had to help her walk to the stage. To get there we had to walk across the dance floor and the men there groped us both. The DJ asked us our names (the other girl had trouble saying that hers was Vicky) before giving us our champagne.

We then had to get back to our seats and got groped again. This time I felt a finger enter my pussy which was still quite wet. I couldn't do much about it as I had to help Vicky stay on her feet. Eventually we made it back to Jon and I plonked Vicky down. Jon told me to go and get Vicky's clothes before putting my top and skirt on. We then had to help Vicky put her dress on. We didn't bother with her bra and knickers and in the end we left them in the bar as a souvenir for someone to collect.

Jon was wondering what to do with Vicky. She was in no state to tell us where she was staying and there was nothing in her purse to tell us where she was staying. Jon decided that it would be best if we took her back to our room and we left for the long walk back. Jon was finding it difficult to help Vicky walk and when she threw-up over the front of her dress and Jon's shirt Jon decided that a change was called for so he gave me the other bottle of champagne and picked her up in the fireman's lift. She was over his shoulder and her dress up over her bottom leaving her ass and pussy exposed. We walked through the hotel's reception like that and got a few funny looks. Back in our room Jon dropped her on my bed and then we had a drink of water. After that Jon decided that we had better get her dress off and put her to bed. We did, stripped off, and got in with Vicky in between us.

Wednesday August 5: When I woke up I was laid on my left side with my arm over Vicky and my hand holding her right breast. Vicky was laid on her left side, half on Jon, her right leg was over his, and touching his dick, and her right arm was over his chest. I slowly got up and went to the bathroom.

When I got back Vicky was just waking up and when she saw Jon she jumped up. She saw me naked and said, "where am I?"

"Relax" I said, "you're safe, nothing happened."

"But you haven't got any clothes on, and neither have I, or him" she said looking down at herself and Jon, who was now starting to wake up.

Jon reached out and grabbed a bottle of water and said, "Here, drink that, you'll need it."

He then got up and walked into the bathroom. Vicky's eyes followed him then turned to me and said, "God, my head hurts. Where am I, how did I get here, and where's my clothes?" I told her the full story and she was blushing as I told her about the table dancing. She asked about her clothes and I told her about leaving her underwear in the bar and just as I was telling her about her throwing-up all over her dress, Jon brought it back in, held it up and said, "I don't think you will want to wear this until you've had it cleaned.

"How am I going to get back to my hotel?" Vicky said. Jon told her that we don't bother with clothes unless we have to and not to feel embarrassed, because we don't. He then said that he was going for some breakfast, put a T-shirt on and left. "He hasn't got anything on under that T-shirt," she said. I told her not to worry and that she wouldn't have any underwear on when she left because she couldn't borrow any because I don't possess any. "Wow" she said.

We had a long chat and I told her all about Jon and me and she told me about her being on holiday on her own, it being a last minute booking because she wanted to get over just splitting with her boyfriend. Apart from men trying to chat her up, we were the first people who she had talked to. She had arrived the previous Saturday for one week and was going back to Nottingham on the same flight as us.

When Jon got back we told him the full story and he said that she could stick with us for the rest of the week if she liked. Vicky said that she would think about it and she thanked us for looking after her and not taking advantage of her. She finally got out of bed and asked if she could have a shower. When she came out we were on the balcony talking. She stuck her head out and asked if we had anything she could wear. "We'll sort that out later," Jon said. "Come and tell us what you would like to do today".

She had a quick look round and then came out and sat on a chair. She was slightly taller than me, slightly slimmer, and had slightly larger breasts, but her nipples were a lot smaller, so I wasn't jealous. I noticed that little trimmed triangle of dark brown hair but couldn't see anything peeking out of the bottom of it.

As we were talking the two young girls came out onto their balcony and said, "Hi" as they looked at Vicky. Jon and me both said, "Hi" back and carried on talking. Vicky was having a half-hearted attempt to cover herself but soon gave up. Especially when Jon said, "No one cares round here."

When there was a knock on next doors door, and Rebecca let the two boys in, Vicky again tried to cover up. It didn't help when the two boys started staring at us. "Aren't you bothered about them?" Vicky said pointing to the boys. "Not at all, in fact I get a bit of a thrill teasing them," I said. With that I stood up and walked over to the railings between the two balconies and asked the boys what their names were.

The girls giggled and Rebecca said, "what's the matter Mark - embarrassed?" With that the girls said, "bye" and dragged the boys out. We all laughed, including Vicky who was starting to relax a bit. Jon told us that we were going to get some breakfast, then going to a Hippie Market at a place called Es Cana near a resort called Santa Eulalia. Vicky said that she should really go back to her hotel. Jon said that she would have to borrow a dress anyway so why not go straight there. "What about underwear?" she asked. I looked at Jon then told her that we wouldn't be wearing any. He told her that she had two alternatives, firstly she could have some painted on with body paint, or secondly, she could just go for it. After a few seconds thought she said, "forget the paint, it will probably be too messy, I'll just go for it" and we went to look for a dress for her. She chose the cheesecloth one and Jon told me to wear the denim dungarees. As we walked out of the hotel Vicky said that it was a bit draughty and I said, "Nice feeling isn't it?"

In the cafe Vicky told me that she could see my pussy and she was a little surprised when I said that I wasn't allowed to cross my legs. Over breakfast Jon and me told Vicky about the 'arrangement' that we had and I told her that I was really happy with it, that Jon was the best think that had happened to me. I even told her about the spankings. I got my Ben Wa balls out of my purse and put them on the table. She had no idea what they were and when I told her what they were she said that she "must get some of those, sounds as if they're better than a man." I told her that I didn't agree with that bit, but they certainly had their uses.

I had an idea, and asked her if she would like to try them and that she shouldn't worry about them falling out as you soon learn to control that. With that Jon told her to take them and put them in, in the car on the way.

As we were getting up to leave I turned a little abruptly and my left breast came out. When Vicky pointed it out to me I said that I could only adjust my clothes if Jon said so. "What about me?" When I told her that it was only me who couldn't she stood in front of me and pushed it back in. The flesh contact made my nipple stand up but under the thick denim no one could see. As we drove off Vicky asked me if there was any special way to put them in. When I said no, she opened her legs (she was in the back) and I watched her push first one, then the other in. She said that nothing was happening, to which Jon said, "It will!" When we got to the ring road round Ibiza town I suddenly remembered that we weren't naked. When I mentioned it to Jon he told me that as we had a guest it didn't matter this time, but we would when we came back.

The Market was really crowded and very hot. As we were walking in Vicky had said that she was liking the feeling of no knickers but that she was a little worried about the length of my cheesecloth dress that she was wearing, she just hoped that it didn't get windy. It wasn't long before Vicky told us that the balls were starting to work and that she was starting to get turned on. Jon said, "give it another 5 minutes and your pussy will be dripping, and then you'll have trouble walking." Ten minutes later she begged us to find a toilet so that she could take them out. Jon said that we would be lucky to find a toilet and that we should look for somewhere quiet to 'perform the operation'. Eventually we managed to find a quiet corner round the back of a building and Vicky squatted down and squeezed them out into her hand. She gave them back to me and I decided to wear them for a while. I popped them in and we continued looking round.

After about an hour looking and buying nothing Jon told us that we were leaving. Instead of going to the car we first went to a small supermarket down the road and bought some cans of coke. While we were queued as the checkout another woman joined the queue. The interesting thing about her was that she was only wearing three rectangles of material hanging together with string. I guess that she was one of the Hippies.

By this time Ben was doing what he was designed to do and I needed somewhere to either stop the stimulation or get the real thing. Jon just gave one of his smiles and said that I would have to wait another 5 minutes. From there we walked to a little beach that was round the back of the market. After finishing the coke and me removing Ben, Jon said that we were going for a swim to cool down. He stripped off and went in. As I was taking my dress off I noticed that Vicky wasn't moving. I asked her what was wrong, and she said that she didn't have a swimming costume and that she had never swum nude before. I told her that it was great and that as there was no one else near us then why not give it a try.

She said okay and took the dress off before running down to the water. I couldn't help noticing that her breasts bounced a lot more than mine did as she ran. In the water we splashed about and generally messed about. We kept 'ganging up' on either Vicky or me and we were picked up and thrown back into the water. Jon started grabbing breasts and bums and it was good to see that Vicky wasn't getting prudish about it. She was giving as good as she got and started grabbing both me then Jon.

Jon took it for while then grabbed her round her waist and pulled her bum out of the water and gave it a couple of slaps. She just said, "Ouch" and carried on. When we got out we all lay on the sand with Jon in the middle. Vicky lay on her stomach to start off with but soon turned over, which left her with sand all down her front and mixed in with her short pubic hair.

We had to go back into the sea to wash the sand off before we left and to start off with Vicky had trouble with the cheesecloth dress sticking to her. As we walked back to the car, one on either side of Jon, he put his arms round us and pulled us to him. That felt good and I wasn't at all jealous of Vicky.

After we drove out of the car park and about a mile down the road, Jon stopped and we all took our clothes off. Vicky said that she was a bit nervous and excited about being nude with all the other cars about. As a joke I said, "wait until we pass a bus, or get stuck in traffic in a built-up area."

It was an uneventful journey back and just as we were getting into Playa d'en Bossa Vicky said that she had really enjoyed her day with us and she asked Jon if he would mind if we had her company for the rest of the holiday. Jon said, "Not at all, the only condition is that you pack your bags and move in with us." Vicky thought about it for a minute and then said, "Well, you didn't take advantage of me last night and I've enjoyed myself today so yes, I would like that." We stopped outside Vicky's hotel and put our clothes on then went to Vicky's room and helped her pack her case. It was a really small room with no balcony. Jon said that it was just typical of package holiday companies charging single travellers extra for grotty little rooms.

Back in our room Vicky said that the sofa would do just fine for her but Jon said that she could sleep in our bed, he would take the middle with us on either side of him. She said that she wasn't sure and Jon then said that we would sort it out later. Jon and me had stripped off when we got into our room but Vicky kept my cheesecloth dress on until she had a shower.

When she came out of the bathroom she was naked and when I mentioned it she just said, "when in Rome." Jon told us that we were going into Ibiza town that night and asked Vicky if she had been there late at night. She said, "no," and John said that she might get a bit of a surprise.

I had to wear my lacy net dress and Vicky wore a cotton button front dress. I was pleased to see that she didn't bother with underwear. Jon put a shirt and Chinos on then gave me my collar to wear. We walked into the hotel bar, either side of Jon; both of us with an arm round him. One of the barmen passed some comment to Jon about now having two beautiful girls and then John asked him how much he would give him for one of them. That seemed to confuse the poor man and he went to get us our drinks. After a couple of drinks we went for a walk looking for a restaurant and found a Chinese one. It took us ages to get through the meal and it was dark when we finally left and drove to Ibiza town.

Walking around, Vicky kept saying, "look at him," or "look at her," or "look at that" when she wasn't sure what 'that' was. I didn't know what 'that' was half the time either. A couple of times she said, "I can see her tits," or she hasn't got any knickers on." I was tempted to say 'you and me haven't either and you can see my pussy if you look' but I didn't.

We went into one of the cheaper boutiques and decided to try some dresses on. They had two little changing cubicles opposite each other with curtains, and when we were in there Jon came and opened first the curtain on mine, then Vicky's. Vicky grabbed a dress and held it against her but when she saw me naked and only Jon there she relaxed.

She had chosen a tight fitting dress that had a zip down the front and she was having trouble fastening it. I had just taken off the first dress that I had tried on when Jon told me to go and help Vicky. Still wearing only my collar I walked across the room, not thinking about who could see me. It was only when I heard a man say "Nice ass" that I looked round and say a young couple looking at me. I ignored them and continued to Vicky.

She really had picked a dress too small and neither of us could get the zip to fasten. By the time we gave up all 3 of us were laughing. The shop assistant was just watching and ignoring us. We took the dress off and Jon told me to go and get a size bigger, but I didn't know where Vicky had got it from so Jon told me to go and ask the shop girl. She smiled a little as I walked up to her and asked her for a size bigger.

She just said, "follow me" and went to the front of the shop. There I was, naked, just inside the glass door. I was getting a bit of attention from people passing by and I'm sure the girl was taking her time getting the dress. When I got back to Vicky she asked me if I was embarrassed being naked like that. I just said, "try it," and helped her on with the dress.

Vicky was learning because when we got the dress on she said that she didn't like it, took it off, walked to the same rack at the front and slowly selected another one. The assistant acted as if it happened all the time (maybe it did). Vicky walked back wiggling her ass as a couple of young men outside watched her every move.

Jon decided that we had had enough fun and told us to get dressed. Just to add to the fun, I grabbed Vicky's dress, stated putting it on and told Vicky that she would have to put mine on. This made Jon smile and I guess he was thinking about what Vicky would look like in it being a couple of inches taller than me.

He was right, it only just covered her pussy and her bush was clearly visible though the material, more so than me, because my lack of hair made it not as obvious. Jon would only let me fasten Vicky dress down to just above my pussy and up to just below my breasts. We left, thanking the assistant for her time.

Poor Vicky was having a bit of a struggle keeping my dress below her pussy and she kept holding her hands in front of it. Jon was laughing more and more as we went into a bar. We got some drinks and found a table. As soon as we sat down Jon got the lead out and attached it to my collar. Jon decided that we would have another drink in there and told Vicky that it was her round, and she went to the bar.

By the time she got back to the table my dress was above her pussy and as soon as she put the drinks down she pulled the hem down. Jon asked her who had seen anything, and when she had looked around she said, "no one." Jon then asked her why she had bothered.

That night I discovered that Vicky couldn't take much alcohol, as she giggled and then pulled the dress up to her waist and sat down. I went for the next round with the lead hanging down the front. I guess that with all the unusual sights in Ibiza, a girl with a collar and lead was nothing special and everyone acted as if it was an every day sight. Maybe it was.

We finished our drinks and as we stood up to leave Jon told me to pull Vicky's hem down. As I did I deliberately touched her pussy and it was all wet. We walked back to the car with Vicky giggling and letting my dress ride up so that her butt and pubes were showing. No one took any notice of me being 'pulled' along by the lead. Jon opened the driver's door, lifted the front seat up and told Vicky to get in. As she did she wiggled her ass at Jon so he grabbed at her pussy and when he pulled his hand out I could see her juices all over it. We stopped at a quiet cafe on the way back and had a coffee, I think that that was for Vicky's benefit.

Back in our room Vicky was the first to strip off and go out onto the balcony. The two older girls next door were out on their balcony and said, "Hi" to us as we all went out and sat drinking water from a bottle that Jon had brought out. Jon asked the girls where they had been. They said that they had been to a disco called 'Kiss' but it hadn't been very good so they had left.

Jon went in to go to the bathroom and Vicky and me leaned on the front railing looking at the few people walking back to their rooms and talking to the girls next door. After a while they went in and Jon came out. I hadn't heard him come out and he came up behind me and leaned on me. He had an erection and it went straight into me. I said, "that's nice," and started wiggling my backside. Vicky didn't take long to twig what was happening and said, "I could do with a piece of that."

Jon didn't need a second invite. He pulled out of me and went to behind Vicky, grabbed her hips and slipped into her. I guess that she was as wet as I was because there was no flinch, just a smile and a sigh. I said to her "I thought that you were off men at the moment?"

"Only the ones that I don't trust and I reckon that I know enough about you two by now." As they were going at it I could see her breasts swinging back and forward.

So could the girl from next door who had come out to have another look over the balcony. I caught her eye as she was looking at Jon and Vicky and I said, "don't they look happy?" "Err, yes, I suppose they do" was the reply before she went in. As I continued to watch I looked over at the girl's door and could see two sets of eyes looking at us. It looked and sounded as if Vicky came, and I certainly recognised Jon's body language.

We went in and lay on the bed, Jon in the middle and us two on either side. "What about me Master?" I said.

"Right then" he said, "you had better clean us both up, and you know how, me first." I got onto my knees and started licking his balls then dick. By the time I had licked all their juices off he was getting hard again and I started giving him a blow job. He stopped me and told me to start on Vicky who was watching us, fascinated. I climbed off the bed and went round to Vicky's side and knelt on the bed with my knees up by her shoulders and started licking her stomach.

As I moved down to her pubes her legs opened for my forehead to get in between. I found her clit then her hole and stuck my tongue in. When I came up for air I could see her hand wanking Jon. It wasn't long before her other hand was 'caressing' my pussy. She was good with her hand and it wasn't long before I could feel an orgasm building, but she stopped and when I turned and looked at her, she grabbed my knee and lifted it over her. I wasn't going to object and in a couple of seconds we were in the classic '69' position.

She was biting my clit and hurting me, but I guess that she had worked out that I would enjoy it. It wasn't long before I shuddered and went rigid. I think that that bit just pushed her over the edge as well and she shuddered as well. When things had calmed down I realised that I had one of Vicky's pubic hairs somewhere in my mouth and it took ages before I finally managed to get it out. As I was doing so I was thinking that it had been a long time since that had happened. We went to sleep, on of either side of Jon, both with an arm and a leg over him.

Thursday August 6: I woke up with the bed bouncing up and down. Vicky was kneeling on either side of Jon's hips and having a good ride. I reached up and started squeezing the one nipple of Vicky's that Jon wasn't. When she realised that it was me she looked at me and smiled. I said, "good morning" and went to the bathroom for a pee and clean my teeth. When I got back they were both collapsed beside each other. "My turn?" I asked, but Jon said not, it would be my turn later. "But Master, Vicky's getting more fun than I am." I said, then realised my mistake.

I regretted it straight away and the look on Jon's face was a little frightening. "Assume the position" he said. "Getting a bit too cheeky lately young slave," he said. "I think it's time for you to be reminded who's in charge here." He went and got a leather belt from one of his pairs of trousers and dangled it in front of my face. Vicky was just staring at me. "Right" he said, "out on the balcony and over that table, Vicky, will you hold her arms down please?"

We went out and I got over the table and opened my legs before he told me to. After a couple of adjustments in my position he started and I started counting. After about three Jon was getting his aim better (or should that be worse), and he was managing to get just one cheek and the end of the belt was wrapping round my cheek and hitting my pussy and clit.

I was having difficulty keeping quiet but the noise of the belt hitting me must have been enough to attract the attention of the girls next door. Vicky told Jon that she could just see them through the window. Jon said, "so what?" and continued. Jon stopped when we got to ten and I managed to hold back the tears as I got up and went into the room. "And while we're at it, it's about time you were waxed again. Get the stuff out." I got myself ready and lay on the bed waiting.

Jon asked Vicky if she would help and they both did one leg each. I think that Vicky thought that that was the end of it because she started to clear up. "Hang on, we've still got her pubic hair to do" Jon said. "Bloody hell, that's going to hurt" Vicky said. I asked if I could have a gag and Jon got the ball gag out and gave it to me. As I was putting it on Vicky said that she had never seen one of those before and had a good look at it. Jon did the front of my pubes and then told me to lift my legs. As I was waiting for Jon to pull the first strip off my lips I could see Vicky cringing, I guess that she could imagine how much it was going to hurt.

All credit to Jon, he did them very quick and the gag didn't have to suppress my screams for long. As I was getting up I saw my bright red pubes and lips, they were hurting nearly as much as my backside, but not as much as my clit that was still suffering from the effects of the belt. Jon told me to go and take a shower and then spend the next hour on the balcony, catching up with the notes for this journal. As I was walking to the bathroom I heard Vicky say, "A bit hard on her weren't you?"

"No, she enjoys it, ask her" Jon replied.

When I came out Jon gave me the little remote controlled vibrator and told me to put it where it belonged (after the previous session with it we had decided that I didn't need to wear the rubber knickers to be able to keep it in place, just muscle power). Vicky watched as I put it in me then Jon said, "and keep it there until this evening." He then gave Vicky the remote control and said, "play with that knob on and off during the day."

"What does it do?" she asked.

"Just try it - not now, but later, and see if you can work it out for yourself."

Jon and then Vicky went and had a shower while I was writing my notes. After that, Jon and me put on our vests, Vicky put on a wrap round skirt and T-shirt and we walked to a cafe for breakfast. Just as we were ordering, Jon said to Vicky "I'm glad to see that you haven't put any underwear on Vicky." The waiter stopped writing and looked at both Vicky's and my laps. I'm sure that he could see my red pubes, but looking at Vicky I doubt that he could see anything, except for her red face; Jon had embarrassed her.

Vicky finished first and started looking at the remote control. The inevitable happened and I gave a little shudder. Vicky didn't notice what I had done and said to Jon "what's supposed to happen?" Jon said.

"Something did happen, give it time, you'll find out." Fortunately, she turned if off again, saying she would try again later.

Jon decided that we would spend the day at the beach and we went back to the hotel and packed our things. Just after we had got in the car Jon told me to take my vest off and he took his off. Vicky decided to 'go with the crowd' and took her skirt and T-shirt off as well. Jon drove out of the car park and to the end of the road. While we were stopped waiting for the traffic a group of youth on mopeds pulled up along side us; also waiting to turn left. It didn't take long for them to spot us two naked girls in the car and within seconds three or four of them were bending down and looking in the windows. Vicky tried to cover herself with her hands but I thought 'what the hell' and just smiled at them.

We drove off, leaving them in the distance but I think that Jon was wanting a bit of fun because on the way to the beach he drove into the airport and deliberately stopped alongside a bus full of people waiting to unload at the departures side. I could see one or two people looking down before Jon drove off.

We pulled into the beach car park and Jon decided to start a new row well away from the others. That meant that we had a long walk in the open before going through the other cars and into the trees behind the beach. Needless to say Jon wouldn't let me cover up, Vicky decided to be the same way.

Three cars came into the car park as we walked across it before we got to the cover of the other cars and a few of the occupants had a good stare at us. On the beach we parked ourselves on sun loungers and I rubbed sun tan lotion all over the three of us. I lingered round Jon and Vicky's interesting bits but nothing exciting happened.

We had a quiet day soaking up the sun until about mid afternoon when we went for a walk along the water edge after going for a swim. All three of us walked the full length of the beach and got a few stares when we walked along the part that was occupied by people with clothes on.

It was slightly uncomfortable 'wearing' the small vibe and I think that Vicky and Jon had forgotten about it. Jon decided to go for another walk on his own and was walking off when Vicky decided to put some more suntan lotion on. I hadn't seen her pull the remote out of her bag or switch it on, but I certainly knew when she did.

I suddenly jumped and said, "Ow."

"What happened to you" Vicky said.

When I told her that it was her and that the box that Jon had given her was a remote control for the vibrator that Jon had told me to put in that morning she was fascinated and she kept playing with the switch and looking at me. It didn't take her long to bring me to the brink of a climax but at that point she would switch it off, let me calm down and then switch it on again. She did this about 5 or 6 times. I was getting very frustrated and in the end I said, "Please let me cum Mistress" without thinking. I think this surprised her because she switched it on again, came and sat next to me and held my hand while my relief came. After I came, she switched if off and said, "Vanessa, I'm not your Mistress, but I would like to be your friend, and I'm enjoying giving you some pleasure." With that, she switched it on again and watched me slowly cum again.

After that she leaned over me and reached down and into me and pulled the vibe out. I was that wet that I think I could have used just my muscles and squeezed it out. Vicky went to her sun bed and discretely slid it into herself. She played with the remote for a few minutes and then gave it to me saying "your turn to have some fun." I gave her a quick thrill then said, "later" and pretended to go to sleep. About 10 minutes later I woke Vicky up by switching it on for a few seconds then off again. Neither of us said anything when Jon got back, but I kept giving Vicky a quick 'burst' to keep her on her 'high.' I was enjoying having the power to control Vicky's pleasure.

Jon was hungry so we put out vests on (Vicky her T-shirt) and we went to the beach bar. I don't think we would have bothered with the vests except that there were a couple of policemen sat drinking in the bar. Jon didn't want to risk a confrontation and said that the Spanish police were quite unpredictable.

The bar was crowded and we had to sit on the edge of the floor which was a wooden platform about a foot above the sand. We'd been there about 15 minutes when some kids started playing in the sand in front of us. I suddenly realised that they were spending a lot of time laid on the sand looking at us and whispering to each other. It took me ages to realise that because we were sat so low with our knees higher than our bums they would easily be able to see everything that we had got. I looked at Jon then Vicky and it didn't look as if they had realised so I decided not to say anything and let the kids have their fun. After a while I think that they must have learnt enough about adult genitalia to satisfy themselves for one day because they moved away.

We went back to our loungers and settled down again. I was making notes for this journal but kept giving Vicky a little burst to keep her awake. Every time I did she looked at me and smiled as if to say 'keep it on please'. Needless to say I didn't, I was enjoying it, but probably not as much as Vicky was.

At about 5 o'clock Jon decided that we were leaving and took us the long way back to the car. We walked through the sand dunes and trees, sometimes on paths that were hardly paths. We came across a few people sitting under trees, or just walking about. We saw two separate couples having sex and a couple of men on their own playing with themselves. There were also two men playing with each other. At one point when we were in front of one young couple with the girl riding the boy Jon said that he was thinking about us giving them a 'show' as well as the other way around, but we didn't.

Back in the car park there were hundreds of cars there and it took us ages to find our car. All the time we three naked people were walking around in and out of rows of cars and in between the lots of people who had decided that it was time to leave. It was funny watching people's reactions, some would just ignore us, some would deliberately change direction to avoid us, some would stare at us, and one or two would mutter something like 'tut' or 'well really' at us. That was the English, I couldn't understand what the foreigners were saying.

We eventually found the car and I climbed in the back, I wanted to have some more fun with Vicky. I switched the vibe on for about 3 seconds, 3 or 4 times. Eventually Jon realised what was happening and as we were parking the car at the hotel he asked for the remote and after we had put our vests and T-shirt on and got out he switched it on and left it on.

Poor Vicky had to walk back to our room with the vibe buzzing away. By the time we got back to our room she was getting quite red and having difficulty walking. She was cursing and swearing at Jon when we got into the room and he switched it off. He said that she would have to remove the vibe, go out onto the balcony and finish herself off out there.

Well, when a girl has gone that far,she has just to finish it, so she did. She didn't even notice the girls and boys on the balcony next door. Not that it mattered because they were in various states of dress and more interested in each other than us. They looked as if they had just discovered what fun girls and boys could have. I was having difficulty deciding where to look, the boys next door, one with his dick sticking out of the tops of his shorts, or one of the girls with nothing on with her little wisp of pubic hair, or the other girl with just her knickers on, or Vicky who was frigging for England.

Vicky came with a muffled scream and then collapsed into the chair. After a drink and a shower Jon told us to get some rest before we went out for the evening. I lay on the bed reading and soon went to sleep. When I woke up Jon was sat on the balcony and Vicky was asleep beside me.

Just as it was getting dark we went out, me wearing just my lacy net dress and Vicky wearing my white latex dress. She had to keep pulling the hem down as it kept riding up to show the creases at the bottom of her cheeks. We walked down the main street and found a little restaurant and had something to eat before going into the bar with the DJ. That night it was Bucking Bronco night and they were inviting the kids to have a go.

As the night wore on and the younger kids left, the rides were getting more interesting. The boozing teenagers were going flying as they tried to stay on and the DJ made the Bronco livelier. The DJ was having fun with the girls and trying to get them to take their tops of. He was getting the lads to chant 'get your tits out, get you tits out, get your tits out for the lads'. Most of them did and he then started the Bronco that made their breasts really bounce about.

The girls that wouldn't get their tits out had to turn round and face the back and then a lad from the audience had to get on the normal way, facing her. The girl then had to lay back and lift her legs onto the lad's shoulders, giving the lad a great view of her knickers. When the DJ started the Bronco it wasn't long before the girl was flying off with her skirt round her waist. That seemed to please the lads.

We had been in there for a couple of hours and had had a few drinks when Jon decided that I was going to have a go on the Bronco. The lads all cheered when I climbed on. Especially the ones behind the Bronco who could see what I wasn't wearing. The DJ got it bucking for a minute or so before he asked me to get my tits out. When I said I couldn't because of the dress he asked for a male volunteer from the audience.

He finally picked one from the ones that wanted a go and I had to turn round for the lad to get on. The DJ told me that I had to put my feet over his shoulders. I thought 'well, showing one everything is better that showing everyone everything' so I started to pull my dress up over my bum so that I could get my legs up easily. Just then I fell for the oldest trick in the book; the lad said, "look at that" and pointed to the ceiling. Being stupid I looked up and the lad suddenly grabbed the bottom of my dress and pulled it up and right over my head before I knew what was happening. I looked over to Jon who waved his arms indicating that I had to get on with it.

There I was naked, facing a strange man, and Jon was telling me to lay back and lift my legs over his shoulders. I knew that Jon would not be happy if I refused, so I did it. All the lads in the bar were really cheering and trying to get closer, and the lad whose neck my feet were round must have been able to see that I was getting aroused. There was nothing that I could hold onto other than the lad neck with my feet, but the lad could hold on to the bit of rope that was just in front of his crotch. The problem was that that was where my pussy was, and his hands were resting on my pussy. The DJ started the machine and my breasts were wobbling about. Needless to say I didn't last long and I went flying closely followed by the lad. I ended up lying on my back on the big air cushions with my arms and legs spread with my feet almost in the audience.

As soon as I got my bearings I managed to get off the air cushions and then came the problem of finding my dress and getting through all the lads that were stood around. I hadn't a clue where the dress was so I had to start looking round. The lads weren't going to miss an opportunity and their hands were everywhere. One even gave me a big sloppy kiss on my mouth. The comments they were coming out with were amazing. By the time I'd got round to the other side of the room I had lost count of the number of fingers that had been inside me. I was really wet by then so there was no resistance at all.

Eventually I found my dress and put it on. I should have realised that Jon would have retrieved it but I just didn't think and that was the last place that I looked for it. I was beginning to have visions of having to walk back to the hotel naked. When I told Jon about that he just said, "tomorrow."

The DJ managed to get a bit of quiet and asked if anyone else would like a go on the Bronco. I should have guessed that Vicky would, she'd been knocking the drinks back and was quite happy by that time. Up she stood and went over to the DJ waving her arms. Like most men, he didn't take long to spot a woman whose dress barely covered her pussy and ass. The DJ asked her what her name was and then told her to get on the Bronco.

As soon as the lads around the cushions saw her dress ride up even further as she lifted a leg onto the cushion they realised that they were in for another treat and started cheering. She jumped onto the Bronco and then swung her legs round so that she could sit on it and by the time she was in the right position her dress was up round her waist.

The Bronco stated slowly and Vicky was doing quite well hanging on. When The DJ stopped and asked her to get her tits out she just pulled the dress straight over her head. This caused even more cheering and comments from the lads. Vicky threw her dress towards me and I managed to get it without any problems. The lad's attention had obviously moved from me to Vicky.

The Bronco stated again and Vicky's breasts were bouncing a lot more than mine were, but there again, they are bigger than mine are. She was doing well and lasted right through until the DJ stopped the Bronco and said that it was only fair that she shared her ride with one of the lads. It took ages for the DJ to decide which one, I think they all wanted a go. Eventually one got on behind her and put his arms round her and held onto her breasts. "No, not like that" the DJ said, "she has to turn round and face each other like the last couple did."

The lad let go of Vicky who then tried to turn round, it was funny watching them as she tried. They were hanging on to each other everywhere. At one point Vicky was nearly stood up on the Bronco balancing by holding onto the lad's head. There was lots of laughter and cheers as various parts of Vicky were pushed towards different parts of the audience. Eventually they were facing each other both holding onto the little rope between their crotches. I couldn't see but I would guess that somebody's hands were on somebody's genitals.

The DJ still wasn't happy so Vicky had to lay back and lift her legs over his shoulders. Vicky did this differently to me, I just had my ankle round the bloke's head but Vicky had her knees over his shoulders. This meant that Vicky's pussy was just below his face and you can guess what happened next. The lad just bent forward and started to use his tongue on her pussy.

There were lots of cheers from the audience but I think it was a bit too much for the DJ because he started the Bronco. In that position they were both off in seconds and ended up in one big pile on the cushions. Vicky had the same problem getting off the cushions and back to us. It was obvious from the time that she took that she was enjoying herself and when she did get back she just said, "that was fun" and sat down.

Jon gave her the dress and told her to put it on. A few more people had a go on the Bronco and one girl got down to her knickers but the cheers were not as noisy as when Vicky and me were on. After about an hour both Vicky and me decided that we needed to go to the toilet. When we got there the place was in a hell of a mess, there was water everywhere and the toilet pan was smashed. We went back to Jon who told us to go in the Gents toilet. When we got there the toilet pan there was broken as well. That just left the urinal on the wall.

We didn't know what to do, we were both desperate so Vicky suggested that we use that. "How?" I asked Vicky. "Easy" she said, and stood either side of it just like the men do, then she hitched her dress up to her waist, leaned back, and started. It worked; she was getting it right on target.

When it came to my turn I was just as accurate as Vicky but I had to lean further back because I wasn't quite as tall as her. I was in full flow with my dress round my waist when a youth came in. At first he wasn't sure whether he was in the right room, or what. After looking at the door again then looking at me again then Vicky, Vicky said, "Ladies not working." "Oh right" he said, and continued to stare at me.

When I finished I turned round still holding my dress round my waist and said, "Anyone got a tissue?" The youth just kept staring and judging by the bulge in his trousers he was going to have trouble having a piss. Vicky giggled and grabbed my arm and pulled me out. When we told Jon he laughed, and when the youth walked back passed our table Jon said, "Is that him?" loud enough for him to hear. Poor lad, he looked embarrassed.

The walk back to the hotel was uneventful but as we were walking through the hotel bar someone whistled at us. I hadn't a clue why at the time, but in the lift Jon told me that his arm that was round me was on my bum, under my dress and on the top of my left cheek. Most of my bum was on display and I didn't even know it. Vicky also hadn't realised that his right arm was doing the same to her. He said that we had walked most of the way back to the hotel like that. I guess it was a combination of being used to having nothing covering my bum and the fact that I was enjoying having Jon's arm round me.

Back in the room we stripped off and went on to the balcony. It was all quiet out there and we talked for a while and drank some water before going to bed. Jon was in the middle and I don't know if he and Vicky had any sex because I fell asleep straight away.

Friday August 7: That morning I woke up first and decided to wake the other two with my mouth. Knowing that Jon is a heavier sleeper than Vicky is I decided to start on her and carefully got out of bed and went round to her side. I kneeled on the floor and started licking her stomach and moving down to her short and curlies. I was obviously having the desire effect because her legs opened enough for me to get my tongue to her little clit. She started moaning a little and then opened her eyes. I stopped and carefully leaned over to Jon and started licking his dick. Vicky whispered "don't stop," to which I said, "later", and took Jon in my mouth and started licking and sucking. It wasn't long before he was hard and I whispered to Vicky to get on him.

As I backed off she carefully got up and put her knees either side of his waist and lowered herself onto him. I decided to offer my pussy to his mouth and carefully climbed on in front of Vicky. I guess that I wasn't careful enough because just as I got on he opened his eyes to see my moist pussy right in front of his face. "Nice way to wake up" he said, and pulled me down onto his face. No sooner than I was there his teeth were chewing my clit. Vicky started going up and down and put her arms round me and started rubbing my nipples between her fore fingers and thumbs.

Vicky had had a head start and came first. She was quickly followed by Jon who bit my clit as he came. The pain made me cum quickly and in the end I think we all came within a minute.

After we had showered we went onto the balcony and talked about what we were going to do that day. Jon said that as it was our last day Vicky and me could decide. Vicky said that she hadn't seen much of the island and I said that I would like to go to a beach and then Ibiza town again. Jon said we could combine the lot and told us to pack a bag.

We went straight to a cafe just down the road and had some breakfast before walking back to the car at the hotel. Before Jon would let us get in Vicky and me had to take our T-shirts off and give them to him through the window. As soon as we did he stated the car and drove a hundred yards down the road. That left the 2 of us naked in the car park with people looking down on us from their balconies and some teens walking towards us.

There was nothing else that we could do, we just ran after Jon hoping that he wouldn't move again. He didn't and we jumped in. Vicky said, "that was fun," as soon as she got her breath back.

We spent a couple of hours just driving around and as far as I can tell no one realised that there were 2 naked women in the car. I'm sure it would have been different if Jon had hired an open top jeep.

We drove all over the middle of the island and stopped at a sleepy little village for some lunch. Jon told me to put just my white bikini on and to adjust it so that it covered even less flesh. He said that the place could do with waking up. Vicky borrowed my vest, matching what Jon was wearing. We wandered round a bit and then stopped at a little cafe. Before we went in. Jon grabbed the front and the back of my bikini bottom and pulled it up. He nearly lifted me off the ground and I thought that I was going to be cut in half. When he let go the crotch that was only one inch wide was inside my lips.

Inside there were four old men and a young girl serving. We took a table near the door and Jon told me to put my feet up on another char and keep my feet a few inches apart. When the girl eventually came over to us she was greeted by the sight of my pussy lips staring at her and when she turned to face Jon she would have been able to see his dick and balls because I could.

Vicky was the only one of us that was decent - if you ignore the fact that you could see the whole of the outside of her left breast, right to and including part of the aureole.

The girl said something to Jon in Spanish that he didn't understand and after she looked back at my pussy she asked him what we wanted, in English. After Jon told her he had to tell her again because she hadn't heard him as she was staring at his balls and dick.

Eventually our drinks and then sandwiches arrived and each time she came over, she had a good look at both Jon and me. Afterwards she went back to the bar and was talking to the old men. I guess that she was telling them about us because they kept looking over to us.

When it came for us to leave Jon caught the eye of the girl but it was one of the old men who came over to give us the bill. He had a real good look at my crotch before putting it on the table and leaving.

When we left Jon told us to take our clothes off before we got into the car. This wouldn't have been so bad except that there was some kids hanging around the car park. The older ones just stared at us as we stripped and then drove off.

We drove to Cala Conta beach and parked under the trees. Just as I was getting our belongings from the back of the car a bus load of people went passed blowing a cloud of dusty sand all over us, but this wasn't`before everyone on one side of the bus had a good look at me.

Jon had me walk across to the steps down to, and onto the nude part of the beach without putting any clothes on but Vicky wrapped her towel round herself. We settled down to soak up the sun and after an hour or so we all went for a swim.

We ended up round the corner just off the clothed part. Well I say clothed one of the first things that I saw when I looked up towards the beach was a woman walking along the waters edge wearing only a bikini bottom. As she passed right in front of us the bikini bottom just didn't look normal. There were no sides to it.

Jon came up with the answer; it was moulded in some type of plastic. How it was staying in place we didn't know, but Jon said that it must have some sort of dildo built into it so that she could grip onto it with her vaginal muscles. I said that it sounded fun and Jon promised to try to work on a way of making one. Jon told us that since it was our last day on holiday we were going to try to liven the place up a bit and that we were going to get out of the water there and then walk back to our towels.

Some of the people we passed were real prudish and we got the odd comment of "they should be arrested" and "it shouldn't be allowed." We just ignored these and kept walking back to our towels where we put some more suntan lotion on and soaked up some more sun.

As the afternoon wore on Jon decided that we would go back to the hotel and have a swim in the pool. What he didn't tell us was that we weren't to wear anything until we got back to our room after a swim.

Well, getting back to the hotel was quite easy, but we then had to get from the car park and into the pool. It took us a good 10 minutes to do the 100 yard trip, hiding behind anything we could find as people walked by. We used the back entrance but there were still quite a few people walking about. The last bit took the most courage as we had to walk (run) for about 20 yards through the sun beds and then jump into the pool.

Jon had gone ahead carrying our clothes and was waiting for us in the pool. Fortunately it was getting toward 6 o'clock and there wasn't a lot of people around the pool, or in it. It was the group of teenage boys that took the most notice and they followed us around in the water.

Only one of them had some goggles and they changed hands quite a lot. We ignored them and eventually they gave up and went back to throwing their ball to each other. Jon told me to introduce Vicky to the jet of water at the quiet end of the pool. At first she couldn't understand what I was talking about, but as soon as she got her knees either side of it she just didn't want to move. I had a real problem getting her to let me gave a go. Jon swam over to us and told us that he was going to take the hire car back and for us to go up to our room in about 15 minutes.

We took it in turns on the water jet but neither of us reached a climax. Close, and it was good, but not quite there. We guessed at the 15 minutes and then swam to where we got in. We didn't really expect to find our things there so we weren't disappointed.

We waited for a time when no one was looking at us and the jumped out and ran for it. We had to go past one of the bars and got a few cheers from a group of men but I didn't even look at them. We made it to the room with only having to hide once but the room door was locked when we tried to get in. Jon wasn't there. What could we do, there wasn't any cover outside our room so we just had to wait and look casual.

It wasn't long before our neighbours the two girls arrived with the two boys. We said, "Hi" to them and started telling them that we were locked out. The boys wouldn't stop looking at us and I guess that they were doing things to us 'in their dreams' because they both had bulges in their shorts. All 4 of us females noticed and the 2 young girls told them to 'calm down'. Vicky then asked if we could wait for Jon in their room and we all went in.

All six of us were sat around talking about nothing special when the two girls decided to go to the bathroom leaving the two boys alone with us. Vicky asked the boys if they were embarrassed being alone with two naked girls. They looked at each other and then one of them said, "no." "But it does turn you on" Vicky said. They both denied it but the bulges in their shorts said otherwise. Vicky then asked them if they would like to be naked as well. They both shook their heads up and down so Vicky said, "come on, get 'em off." They both turned their backs to us and stripped off and just stood there. I was beginning to enjoy their embarrassment and said, "turn round then." When they did they both had erections, but not very big ones.

Just then I heard a noise next door, Jon must be back. I thought for a few seconds then asked the boys to come and lay on the bed next to where we were sitting. I don't know what they were expecting to happen but as soon as they were laid flat I got up and went to the bathroom and quietly asked the girls to come out and join the party. When the three of us walked into the room both the boys were staring at Vicky who was sat right next to the boys holding a dick in each hand. I said, "Come on Vicky, Jon's back" and the boys looked up. When they saw the two girls they tried to cover their dicks with their hands as Vicky got up. The two girls were giggling trying to work out what to do next.

We left and knocked on our door for John to let us in. Taking the car back had taken longer than he had thought but he said that he should have realised as it was Spain we were in. Jon decided that since it was our last night we would pack our bags then go and have a good meal then go into Ibiza town. We would come back to the hotel just before the coach was due to pick us up. Jon told me to wear my short wrap- round skirt and white bikini top and Vicky decided to wear just a thin cotton button down the front dress.

We packed our bags and walked down to one of the Chinese restaurants and had a great meal with lots of white wine. I think we were all a little happy when we got a taxi into Ibiza town. We wandered round the harbour area looking at all the 'unusual' people and into some of the clothes shops. In one of the shops Vicky saw a dress that she liked and tried it on. Jon made sure that she didn't close the curtains to the changing cubicle and a middle-aged couple that were in there had a good look at her as she changed. I think that she is getting used to people seeing her naked now or maybe the wine was helping.

We didn't buy anything and moved on. We walked further along round the harbour and came across a lively 'English' bar. Jon decided that the wine was beginning to wear off and that we needed a drink. It was quite big inside and was full of young people. There was a DJ that was keeping the dance floor full. Jon decided that we would stay there for a while and we managed to get a corner to stand in. After a while (and a few bottles of San Miguel), some drunken youth came in and started causing a bit of trouble. A fight started and the customers that didn't want to get involved moved to the sides of the room. The bouncers moved in and there were bodies flying everywhere. I think that Vicky was a little scared and I know I was. Jon put his arms round our shoulders to comfort us a bit. One youth landed just in front of us and started to get up. Just as he got to his knees someone pushed him and he fell towards us. He grabbed for something to stop him falling, but there was nothing there but my skirt. It all happened so quick, one second he was getting up, the next he was down again, but this time with my skirt in his hand. The little bit of velcro holding it round me had given way and I was now naked apart from 2 small triangle of thin white material that were just about covering my breasts.

The youth on the floor at my feet did a double take as he got up, so did a few other people that were nearby. I quickly put my skirt back on as the bouncers won the fight and threw the drunks out. As the place was settling down the DJ told everyone that we were in Spain and that bouncers can get away with a lot more than they can in England so causing bother wasn't a good idea. About 30 minutes later the DJ announced that they were going to have a wet T-shirt competition and if anyone wanted to enter they were to go and see him. Jon decided that I should enter and asked Vicky if she would. After some thought (and another San Miguel, she agreed and we both went and entered.

An hour later we were in this little room with 3 other girls and being given the T-shirts. Somehow we managed to be fourth and fifth on stage and sat waiting as the other girls went and did their bit. Girl one came back in with her T-shirt still on and very wet. I could see her little nipples and knickers through the nearly see-through cotton. Girl two came back with her T-shirt torn and tied under her breasts. She was wearing a white thong that was slightly see-through because of the water. Girl three came back wearing only her knickers and carrying her T-shirt, her big breasts bouncing like soggy watermelons.

I had been thinking and when it came to my turn I said to Vicky "let's do a double act." She agreed and we both whipped our clothes off and put the T-shirts on. We got a funny look from one of the girls when she saw that we both didn't have any knickers on. We ran out and onto the stage and I told the man that we were doing it together. "OK, a little shy are we?" he said to us. 'Silly man' I thought as we stated to dance to the music.

They weren't messing about, and within a minute we both had buckets of water thrown at us. We were drenched and the thin T-shirts were sticking to us. I could see exactly where Vicky's bush was, and what colour it was. The audience were shouting "Get your tits out," "Get 'em off,'" and "skin, skin, skin." I moved over to Vicky and got hold of the top of her T-shirt and ripped it a bit down the front. I wasn't sure that I would be able to do it but I was surprised how easy it was. These were probably very cheap T-shirts. Vicky took the hint and did the same to me, but the rip was longer and my right breast was uncovered. The audience loved it. It was my turn again and this time I ripped Vicky's T- shirt right down to her waist. Just as I finished that more water came flying at us.

Vicky wasn't going to let me get the better of her and grabbed my T-shirt and pulled. Not only did it rip right to the bottom, but as I turned away it came right off me. I was naked in front of the whole audience who were cheering very loudly. I grabbed what was left of the T-shirt and held it front of my pussy and then looked at Vicky. She was smiling and waving a finger at me as if to say 'No', but that wasn't going to stop me. I grabbed her T-shirt and pulled.

It only took a second for her to become naked as well. I threw my T-shirt into the audience, closely followed by Vicky's and we danced naked together. I decided to play to the audience a bit and moved to the front of the stage. There were lots of hands reaching towards me as I got on my knees (legs apart), leaned back and danced like that for a while. Vicky was moving about and getting very close to the hands, but I never saw any touch her.

The music stopped and we went up to the DJ who told us to stand next to each other while he called the other girls out. I think that they were a little surprised when they saw us naked. It was 'vote time' and the DJ asked each girl to step forward so that the audience could vote by the loudness of the applause.

On cue, girl one lifted her T-shirt to 'flash' her breasts at the crowd. Girl two ran to the front and ripped her T-shirt off and threw it into the audience. Girl three just waved at the audience but when the DJ said 'four and five' I grabbed Vicky's hand and pulled her to the front. I don't know why I did what I did next, but I faced her, put my arms round her waist, pulled her to me and gave her a big sloppy kiss, right on the lips. At first she didn't respond, but within a couple of seconds we were swapping spit with each other. At the same time our naked breasts were rubbing against each other and the audience were cheering very loudly. It only lasted a few seconds before I pulled away and turned so that my back was to the audience. I bent at the waist, wiggled my ass at them then pulled Vicky back to the DJ.

The DJ declared Vicky and me as winners and gave us a bottle of champagne. All 5 of us entrants went back to the little changing room and put our clothes on. As Vicky and me had a head start on the others (both ways), we were dressed and leaving first. As we were walking out I heard one of the girls say that they didn't stand much of a chance winning with those 2 exhibitionists in the competition. We both ignored the comment and went to look for Jon. It took a few minutes as the place was still crowded and Jon had moved from our original place. When we found him he told us that the competition had taken longer that he thought it would and that we had to leave.

We got a taxi back to the hotel but Jon told the driver to stop about half a mile from the hotel. To start with I didn't realise what Jon was up to but he dragged us into a dark alley and told us to take our clothes off and give them to him. He then told us that we were going to liven the place up a bit and that we had to walk back to the hotel naked and go through reception and to our room; and not to use the back entrance.

It was a good job that it was dark, but there were still quite a few people about, mainly young people who were still moving from bar to bar. Jon told to get going and left us saying that he would be in the room waiting for us. Well, Vicky and I looked at each other and she said, "Well, I reckon that we have 3 options. One is to stay here and hope that Jon comes back for us. Two is to just run like hell, right down the main street and don't stop for anything. And three is to try and get back using side streets and hiding when we see someone. What do you think?"

We discussed it for a minute or so and decided that it was too far to just run fast all the way and there was no chance that Jon would be back. We decided on a compromise, start with option 2 and when we got nearer the hotel we were going to run for it. It was slow going, every time we saw someone we would dive behind a car or wall or whatever was available. In a way, it was fun and at one point I touched my pussy and it was wet so I guess that I was finding exciting.

We made it down to the beach and decided to follow that as far as we could. At least there was less chance of us standing in some dog shit. At one point we heard a noise and ducked behind a pile of sun loungers only to be confronted by a naked couple having sex. I'm not sure who had the biggest surprise but we decided to run for it from there.

We stopped behind a parked car just at the bottom of the road to our hotel and got our breath back before deciding to do the last bit as fast as we could, and hoping that there weren't many people in the reception area. I remember seeing a couple of people and hearing someone shout something but I don't know what they said. It seemed like hours but it must have only taken seconds to fly through reception and up the stairs. It was only when we got to our corridor that we slowed down to a walk.

When we got to our room the door was locked and Jon wasn't answering our knock. After a couple of minutes we heard someone coming and Vicky said that it might be the hotel manager coming to tell us off or something. We hid in an alcove and I was relieved to see that it was Jon. He told us that he had waited in reception to make sure that we went through.

Back in the room Jon told us to shower and get ready to leave for home. We had 10 minutes before the bus arrived. When we got out of the shower we only had time to put on what Jon had got out for us. Everything else was in our cases ready to go. Vicky chose the long wrap-round skirt and blouse which left me with my favourite cheesecloth dress. Jon wore just a T-shirt and shoes.

Out the front of the hotel the bus was waiting, and we jumped on. As we were walking down the aisle I heard the words 'that's them', and 'streak'. Jon was smiling as we sat on the back seat. We had a long wait in the airport, the flight was delayed and the place was so crowded that the only place we could find to sit was the cold marble floor which wasn't very nice with no knickers on. Jon didn't get changed until we were in the departure lounge. On the flight Jon asked Vicky how she was getting home and she told us that she would be waiting for a bus. She said that she wasn't back at work till the Monday and that her two flatmates were away for the weekend.

Jon invited her to come home with us and said that he would drive her home on the Sunday afternoon so that she had time to get back into the 'old routine' before the Monday.

It wasn't long before Jon was pushing the pile of mail away from the back of the door and we were home. After a quick tour Jon told Vicky that she had a choice of 3 places to sleep, with me, with him, or on the 'punishment' bed. She chose me and we fell asleep next to each other just as the sun was coming up.