Vanessa's New Life
by Vanessa

This is part 3 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so happy and never had so much pleasure.

Chapter 3

Week commencing July 20 By the Monday morning the hair on my pubes was getting quite noticeable and really itching. I all most shaved it off without thinking but stopped myself just in time.

Wednesday night was a night that I will remember for a long time. Jon thought that it would be best to restrain me to the bed before starting. He also said that he would start with my lips, because he just knew that I would get very wet, and he thought that he might have problems with the wax if my lips were wet.

When Jon whipped the first strip off the pain was just as bad as when Jon had caned me and the end of the cane had hit my clit. I screamed and Jon asked me if I wanted the ball-gag. I said, "No, as long as you don't mind the noise." He reminded me that none of the neighbours would be able to hear my screams and that he didn't mind. With that, strip number two came off. My lips were smarting something wicked and Jon was right, I was getting excited and wet. By the time Jon had finished my whole pubic area was bright red and stinging one hell of a lot. After releasing me Jon told me to go and sit in a bath of cool water.

By the Friday I was getting used to my new hairstyle and even tried to think about how I could dress like a boy, how I could strap my breasts down. There isn't a lot to hide, I must try it sometime.

Saturday July 25 Wow, what a surprise that day. Jon woke me up at 3 am and told me to pack a bag, we were going on holiday. At 5 am we arrived at East Midlands Airport and were checking-in for a flight to Ibiza. Jon had told me to wear my black pencil type dress and Ben. I had fun getting through the metal detector, it kept going off each time I went through even though I had taken all but my dress off. I'm glad the woman stopped at that point, there were too many people behind me and most of them would probably be on the plane with us.

I had never flown before and I was very nervous. As we were taking off I was sweating and gripping Jon's hand and / or leg. That didn't stop me noticing one of the Stewards looking at my lap every time he walked up and down the aisle. Jon said that if it had been a long-haul over-night flight I could have joined the mile-high club. He had to explain that one to me.

We landed at about 11 am, spent another hour waiting for all sorts of stupid reasons, before finally leaving for the Hotel. As in turned out this was only a few miles away in a place called Playa d'en Bossa. Our room was quite nice and the view from the balcony was partially looking out to sea. The other part of the view was the swimming pool and then about 100 balconies from the Hotel next door. Jon told me that everyone on holiday was more relaxed about nudity and that I was to strip-off every time that I came into the room, and stay like that, even on the balcony.

Jon started stripping off so I quickly took my dress and shoes off. I unpacked our clothes while Jon went and sat on the balcony watching all the people down by the pool.

After about an hour Jon told me to put the short wrap-round skirt that I had made and a top on and we went for a walk along the beach. It was a little breezy and the front of my skirt kept blowing up leaving my right leg exposed, right up to my waist. For some reason the wind only blew the right side up and my pussy never saw the sun. At the end of the beach we turned round, but walked back along the road and went into some of the shops that were there. Spain is so different to England and it was so strange to me, but very pleasant. It was so warm and relaxed.

In one of the shops, Jon bought a couple of big vests with very large armholes. He told me that one was for me and I said that the armholes would probably come down to my waist. Jon laughed and said, "with a bit of luck." He also bought one of those little over bikini skirts that tie at one side for me. The one he bought was for someone a lot smaller than me, saying that when I was wearing it with nothing under it anyone who looked closely at the fastening would be able to tell that I had nothing on under it.

After that we stopped in a cafe and had a snack and drink. Jon reminded me that the same rules applied when we were on holiday and when I sat down the whole of the right side of my stomach was visible and Jon wouldn't let me pull my skirt over me. The waiter really took his time serving me and came back twice to see if everything was all right.

It was still the middle of the afternoon when we got back to the hotel, and Jon decided that we would go for a swim in the hotel pool. Jon told me to put on my orange check cotton bikini, the one with the top too big and the small bottoms. Jon picked a couple of sun beds near a group of Germans and made sure that I bent down facing them so that my breasts were hanging out.

We had just settled down when Jon told me to take my top off, he didn't want me getting white lines. I had a quick look round and saw one other topless woman so I took mine off. Jon told me that I hadn't done it quick enough and that I would get my punishment later.

Jon then decided that we should use some sun tan lotion and I had to rub it on him then me. As I was doing my front I had to put some on my breasts and my nipples shot to attention. That started me thinking about sex and they wouldn't go down. I even started opening my legs a bit and that meant that my lips were trying to spring out of the crotch of my bikini. I think I might just have been a little too ambitious with the scissors when I was narrowing the crotch.

After about an hour we went for a swim, Jon wouldn't let me put my top back on so we were messing around in the pool with my breasts popping in and out of the water. Jon kept trying to squeeze my nipples which kept them very erect. When Jon had had enough we got out and went back to the sun beds. Jon told me to bend at the waist with my back to the Germans so that they would get a good look at my butt and pussy - if they were looking. I don't know if they saw me and I don't know if they said anything, I couldn't understand them anyway.

Jon then told me that we were going for another drink, and we collected our belongings. Jon wouldn't let me put my top on and we sat at a table outside the hotel bar with me still topless. That was a funny, but nice experience, but I didn't see anyone looking at me. After that I had to carry our belongings back to our room, still topless. It was a good job that we didn't have to go through the hotel's reception area, just through a back door and up the stairs. A couple of men had a good look at me when we were walking along a corridor.

Back in the room we stripped off and sat on the balcony until it was time for the evening meal. While we were there one set of our 'neighbours' came out onto their balcony. They were 3 teenage girls and they were only wearing their knickers. We passed pleasantries and talked a bit about the weather and it was as if we were all fully clothed in an English pub. All very strange to me, but I could get used to it.

Jon told me to wear my black 'pencil' dress for dinner and we got a table to ourselves in the restaurant. After dinner we went into one of the bars and had a coffee at the bar. They have high swivel bar stools which made it difficult for me to get on and off without showing too much.

Because Jon will not let me cross my legs I tried to keep facing the bar but it got difficult, especially when we moved on to the alcoholic drinks. I'm sure that I must have given a few people a good eyeful. I only had 4 martinis that night but it took a while for me to realise that the Spanish are a lot more generous with their measures. By the time Jon told me that we were leaving I was well gone and I had to hang on to Jon to stay on my feet. I'm sure that my dress rode up and left my butt and pussy on show, and I vaguely remember Jon saying that it would cost me if I pulled it down.

When we got into the lift and the doors shut Jon said that he was going to adjust my dress and then pulled it up and off me before I realised what was happening. There I was naked in a hotel lift, but I didn't care. When it stopped at our floor I just walked out and down the corridor not caring if anyone saw me. I don't remember seeing anyone though, and Jon will not tell me.

Sunday July 26 I woke up that morning, on top of my bed with the room curtains open and a man looking into the room. It took a while for me to register where I was, but I couldn't be bothered to move. When I did get up the man from the next balcony was still there and still kept looking into our room. He was wearing a swimming costume but I was still in the nude. Jon came out of the bathroom, gave me a bottle of water, and told me to go and sit on the balcony and get some fresh air and drink some water.

It was only 7 o'clock in the morning but it was quite warm. I said, "good morning" to the man next door and he said the same back before going back into his room. The curtains to both rooms on either side of ours were closed and I asked Jon if we should close ours at night but he said that he wanted to wake-up with the dawn, said it was the best part of the day. I have to admit it was quite quiet and fresh, even though it was quite warm and the sun coming over the horizon was a pleasant site.

After a while, Jon told me to go for a shower. After that he gave me one of the vests that he had bought the previous day, told me to put it on and we went for breakfast. On the way through reception I looked in one of the mirrors and could see all the side of my breast. I decided that I must not turn suddenly or else I might 'pop out.' It was self-service in the restaurant and we had to keep going to the food table which was at the other side of the room and we had to wind our way through the other tables which meant twisting. I came very close to coming out and managed to pull the vest straight without Jon seeing me. I wasn't particularly in the mood to be exposing myself. The vest was slightly longer than my dresses so I wasn't worried on that score.

After breakfast we went back to the room and Jon told me to put some sun tan lotion on him, then me. We were both stood naked on the balcony with me rubbing lotion all round his dick and balls when one of the girls from the next room came out onto their balcony. We said, "good morning" and carried on. She leaned on the railing and I could see that she didn't have anything on under her T-shirt. I kept rubbing the lotion onto Jon's dick and he was starting to get erect. When she turned round she looked at us and went into their room. I thought that it must have looked as if I was wanking him. I wasn't until that point, but I decided that I should.

As he didn't tell me to stop I squatted down in front of him and continued. When he came, it shot all over my face and started running down my chest. Jon then told me to rub it in on me along with the sun tan lotion. I had a quick lick of what I could reach with my tongue before doing what I was told.

Jon decided that I needed a walk to really clear my head and we packed a small bag and put the vests back on. Jon's went just below his bum and just covered his hanging dick at the front.

We went down into the hotel's reception where Jon changed some Pounds into Pesetas and I had to sit on one of the sofas while I waited for him. They were very low and I'm sure that anyone passing would be able to see my pussy if they looked.

We set off walking along the beach and then up along the cliffs. Once we were away from the hotels and houses Jon told me to take my vest off, and along with him we walked nude. There were no houses or people so I didn't mind. In fact it was quite nice, the feeling of freedom and the warm sun on all of my body was refreshing. I got a little worried at one point when we came across a road but we were back in the woods without seeing anyone. Eventually we came to beach, but we had to climb down passed a few houses to get there. I asked Jon if we should cover-up first but all he said was "what the hell, keep going." So we did. There were only a couple of very young kids playing in one of the gardens and they were too young to care.

Once on the beach, Jon decided that we needed a swim to cool down so we dropped our bags and waded in. It was a wonderful feeling swimming and floating in the warm water. So relaxing, so free. I would recommend nude swimming in the Mediterranean to anyone. There were little fish swimming around, and when I told Jon he said that next time we would bring our snorkels and masks and I could get a good look at them.

There hadn't been anyone else on the beach when we arrived, but by the time we got out of the water there were 3 other couples, all wearing swimming costumes, except one woman who was topless. I asked Jon if we should cover-up but he said no and we lay on our towels. A bit later Jon said that we had started a trend and when I looked up 2 of the couples had also stripped off. I dozed-off and when I woke up my head was a lot clearer. Jon told me that we were going and that too much sun on our first day would not be good for us. We didn't put the vests on and walked along the rest of the beach in the nude. There were lots of other people on the beach by then and most of them were also in the nude. We did have quite a few people looking at us as we walked up the path off the beach still in the nude but we just carried on.

We walked along a track that went through some woods, and came across a couple of people walking in the opposite direction. We just said, "good afternoon," and kept walking until we came to a car park. There were quite a few people there and about half way through (and a lot of funny looks) Jon said that we had better put our vests on as we were going to go to the cafe at the other end. We bought a couple of ice creams and the sat on a wall outside near a bus stop. I'm sure that the other people that were waiting could see that we had nothing on under the vests but no one said anything. The only thing that happened on the bus was that I had a look at the Spanish villages and way of life which is so different to that in England. I suppose that it is due to the brilliant weather that they get there. I could get used to living there.

The bus only went passed the end of a road that went down to out hotel and we had to walk about a mile. Jon was walking very close to me and sometimes put his arm round my waist. It felt good.

It was early evening when we finally got back and Jon decided that we would have a swim before getting ready of dinner. When we got to the sun beds I got my white bikini out of my bag and was about to put the bottoms on when Jon said, "take the vest off first then put just the bottoms on and by the way, a new rule, every time that you lay down on a sun bed or on the beach, you will lay with your feet about one foot apart. OK?" "Yes Master" I replied and took my vest off. I was completely naked beside the hotel swimming pool and there were still lots of people there.

I hurriedly put my bikini bottoms on and lay down. I thought that it was a bit risky in a place like that with all those people about, especially when we had to stay there for nearly another two weeks. But I didn't say anything to Jon. Jon also took his vest off and by the time I has organised myself he was laid next to me in a pair of semi see-through briefs.

After we had rested for a while we went for a swim, me still topless and in the bikini bottoms that were virtually see-through as soon as I got wet. We swam around the pool and came across a jet of water at one side about a foot below the surface. Jon said that it was probably the inlet from the filtration system. I was letting the water 'massage' my back when Jon said that he had an idea. Because it was away from all the sun beds and most of the people, Jon told me to face the wall, grab hold of the rails either side of the jet and then lift my knees up and put them either side of the jet. This meant that the jet was 'massaging' my pussy.

Wow, was that good. The look on my face told Jon that I was enjoying it so he told me to move. I was disappointed, but only for a minute, because he told me to take my bikini bottoms off, give them to him and then get back into the position. I wasn't going to argue with that and moved very fast. It was great and knew that it wouldn't take long for me to reach a climax.

Jon knew that I had cum by the expression on my face and he just said, "again." After my second climax Jon told me to move and he put his arms around me and held me close. It was then that I noticed the 2 teenage boys with facemasks on. I asked Jon how long they had been there and he said, "only a couple of minutes and they haven't looked our way yet."

Jon didn't give me my bikini bottoms back, just held on to me and moved us towards the boys. I was very close and facing Jon when one of them saw me and told his mate. They both swam round us underwater, trying to see more, but it was very difficult with Jon and me being so close. Jon then let go of me, turned me round, then put his arms round my waist. The water was up to our necks so no one outside of the water could see anything, but the 2 boys certainly could.

As they swam round and round us, Jon put one of his hands between my legs and forced them apart. He then started playing with my clit. I think that the boys nearly drowned, forgetting to come up for air. After a couple of minutes, Jon let go of me and told me to follow him.

The boys gave up and we swam back to near where our sun beds were. Thankfully, Jon gave me my bikini bottoms back before we got out, not that they covered much. We lay there for a while before going back to our room, me topless again.

I got a couple of funny looks and one old lady went "tut" which just made me smile at her. Back in the room, Jon went and sat on the balcony, nude, and told me to sit on his lap. As I walked out I could see Jon's erection and thought that that was what I was waiting for. I slowly sat on him and breathed out a long sigh. Fortunately, none of our neighbours were there and I slowly went up and down on him.

Just as I was about to cum the curtain and door of the girl's room opened and 2 of them came out onto the balcony, one in just knickers, and the other with just a towel round her waist. I stopped and put my arm round Jon and just sat there watching them. They were giggling and talking about some boys that they had met. Apparently the third girl had gone back to one of the boy's room. They saw us and we said hellos, but we didn't talk. It wasn't long before they went back in.

The excitement of being fucked while saying hello to some one else who was only a few feet away really kept me on a high and it only took a couple more movements for me to cum. Jon followed on my third orgasm. It was ages before Jon told me to get off him and he then told me to clean him up with my tongue. Most of his sperm was just starting to leak out of me and run down my legs but there was still a fair bit of both of our juices on his dick and balls.

It didn't take long and I was grateful that none of our neighbours came out. It's one thing being naked in front of others, but to be licking Jon's penis is something else.

We lay on the bed reading a book for an hour or so before Jon told me to take a shower then put my cheesecloth dress on. We went down for dinner then out to a bar down the road. We sat at a table outside (how often can you do that at 11 o'clock at night in England?) and talked (and drank) about all sorts. He was obviously concerned about my happiness in my new life but I managed to re-assure him that there was no problem on that score. He also told me that I had to make notes for this journal, he didn't want anything 'interesting' missing from it. We had a few to drink, but not as many as the previous night (well me anyway) and as we were walking back Jon put his arm round me and on my bum under my dress. It was still there when we walked into the hotel bar for a coffee before bed.

Monday July 27 When I woke up Jon was sat on the balcony reading. One of the girls from next door was on their balcony looking at him and licking her lips. I think that Jon was so engrossed in his book that he didn't notice her. I wasn't going to disturb the situation and just watched her watching him.

She was in just a pair of knickers and her right hand moved down to the front of them and started run rubbing her pubes then moving down and between her legs. I looked back at Jon, and could see that he was starting to get an erection. Was he just pretending to read? The girl was getting braver and had put her hand inside her knickers and was clearly masturbating. This went on for a minute or so then I heard a noise from next door and the girl stopped and went in. "Poor girl" I thought, I know just what it's like to get worked-up and not to be able to finish the job.

Jon had me wear my long wrap-round skirt, the one that opens wide when I walk, and one of my short baggy tops that day. We got a bus into town, the journey only took 20 minutes but the bus was crowded and we had to stand. I had to reach up to grab a handrail and my right breast was hanging out of the bottom of my top. This seemed to please the old man that was in the seat next to me and with Jon's hand stroking my bum through the thin cotton skirt I was happy.

Just before we got off Jon noticed the mans face and told me to part my feet about a foot. My skirt opened and from the angle that the man was I'm sure that he could see that I didn't have any knickers on. This only happened for a couple of minutes because we were getting to where the bus stopped.

Ibiza town was very interesting, I've never seen a city like that, so different to England. The drivers looked as if they were all mad and I asked Jon if they had any traffic rules. He said that driving there was no worse than driving in London. "Something else that I've never done" I said. My flashes of legs and stomach didn't attract any attention and we walked round a couple of shops before going up to the 'old town'. Now that was interesting, so old, and everything seemed so small and white. Jon told me that just about every house on the island was painted white and that the island was also known as the 'white island.'

There's a couple of places up there that have some fantastic views and at one of them, when there was no one else there, Jon told me to lift my top over my breasts and to hold my skirt wide open while he took a photograph of me with the scenic view in the background.

There are thousands of steps in the old town and I think that Jon picked that skirt on purpose. At one point. He was following me up some steps and he grabbed the bottom of my skirt and pulled it right back. I'm sure that he had seen the teenage boys that were coming down the steps in front of me. They came out with all the expected comments but I daren't do anything about it, Jon would punish me.

We had lunch in one of the many little restaurants before walking back down and to the harbour. There was a big cruise ship there and I only then realised just how big these ships are. In the harbour area there are hundreds of little shops and restaurants and a lot of it doesn't have traffic in it. It was great wandering around looking in the shops. Jon told me that what I was seeing was nothing and to wait until we went back at night. Life only started late at night.

Late afternoon we caught a bus back to the hotel. It wasn't very busy and we managed to get a seat. Back in the hotel room we lay on our beds and read until it was time for dinner. Jon had me wear just my short wrap-round skirt and my white bikini top that evening and I had to be careful as I leant over the buffet table to get what I wanted. We had a bottle of white wine with our meal and I let Jon drink most of it, I didn't want to get drunk again.

Afterwards we went into some of the bars along the main road and found one that was very lively with lots of young people and a comedian cum DJ. He was quite good and we stayed there for a while. He had the knack of getting people up onto the stage and taking part in little funny games. Jon told me to remind him that he wanted to go back there before we went home. It was easy to forget what I wasn't wearing in that place because most of the girls looked as if they were wearing no more than me. I saw quite a few breasts hanging out, a number of bums, and a couple of hairy pussies. Teenage girls seem to lose their modesty when they are on holiday and they've had too much to drink.

Tuesday July 28 Tuesday was a relatively quiet day spent sun bathing on the beach. We caught a bus to a place called Ses Salines and when we got there I discovered that it was where we caught the bus back from on the Sunday. We walked into the big car park and instead of going straight on along the path that we had used before, we turned off into the woods.

As soon as we did Jon stopped and told me to take my T-shirt off and he took his off, that left us both naked. We walked through the trees and out onto the beach and grabbed a couple of sun beds. I covered us both with sun tan lotion and we settled down to a lazy day. We were towards one end of the beach and there were quite a few other naked people there and the only people that seemed to look at us were some of the more modest people who, for whatever reason, wore clothes on the beach.

I think that we attracted more attention because of our shaved pubes and the fact that I was remembering what Jon had said about keeping my legs apart. It was at the bottom of my sun bed that the old man squatted when he came to collect the sun bed hire money and there seemed to be a language problem that took ages to sort out.

After a couple of hours Jon said that he needed some exercise and we did what lots of people were doing, walking along the waters edge. We didn't stop when we got to the end of the area that had naked people but kept going and walked right to the other end of the beach then turned round and walked back. There were quite a few people staring at us and a few nudging their companions and looking as if they were saying "hey, look at those two." I was a bit nervous but at the same time not bothered because Jon was with me.

At lunchtime Jon put his swimming costume on and told me to wrap my towel round my waist and we went to the beach bar for a drink and a sandwich. There were other topless women there and I didn't feel out of place.

While we were there a woman came onto the beach with lots of bags and started spreading the contents over the beach near her. She then turned a ghetto blaster on, and kept picking up what tuned out to be sarongs and putting them on. It didn't take long for the odd one or two people to go and see what she was selling.

On the way back to our 'spot' we went over to the woman and Jon told me to pick one of the sarongs and try it on. Of course I had to take the towel off first. I had never worn a sarong before and didn't know how to fold it so I asked the woman to show me. She must have shown me about a dozen different ways and all of the time she was having to touch my naked body. This was tuning me on a bit and I didn't notice the small audience that had gathered. I wanted to keep things going and asked her to show me some of the ways with a different, smaller sarong.

I must have been 'trying one on' for about fifteen minutes before I decided which one I wanted and Jon paid for it. Jon took it from me and kept my towel and we walked back to the sun beds. When we were about 20 feet away I turned and looked back, the audience had gone.

I topped us up with sun tan lotion and we settled down for another session. I lay on my stomach and noticed a couple laying on their towels on the sand about 10 feet higher up the beach. They were both naked as well, but the thing that I really noticed was that the woman was lying with her feet well apart and I could actually see into her vagina. I had never seen anything like that before and wondered why that was, was she sexually aroused, and would people be able to see up me if I lay like that when aroused.

Anyway, about an hour later I was getting hot and asked Jon if we could go swimming. Jon agreed and we went into the water and started swimming and messing around. At one point when we were about waist deep and I was floating on my back (it's a lot easier in salt water), Jon grabbed my feet and pulled my legs round his waist. He had an erection and rubbed it against my clit. I had a look round to see how many people were close by and if anyone was watching and thought, 'what the hell' and pulled myself onto him.

It was quite easy floating and being fucked. I could see my big nipples sticking out of the water, they were definitely reacting to the situation. Jon calmly pulled me back and forward so that he was going in and out of me for ages. It was so warm, relaxing, natural and nice that I wanted it to go on forever. No one seemed to be bothered by what we were doing, but one or two people did have a good look. I presume that they were trying to make up their minds as to exactly what we were doing. I didn't cum but Jon did and after he stopped we swam back to the beach and lay on our beds. I was still feeling excited and decided to lay with my feet on the sand on either side of the bed. My lips were still swollen and open and I'm sure that anyone who looked could see right inside me, just like I been able to see inside the woman that had been above us.

There was the usual stream of people walking up and down the beach, some naked, and some with costumes on. The naked ones didn't take any notice of me with my legs wide open, but some of the clothed ones seemed to be spending a lot of time hovering near us. Later on we went swimming again but his time we took the masks and snorkels. We spent ages swimming around and looking at the fish and rocks. It was the first time that I had done anything like that and I was enjoying myself. I didn't really notice the other people swimming near us or the fact that there were more of them as time went on. It was only when we came to get out that I realised that we were right in the middle of the area of the beach that didn't have anyone without clothes on. It didn't bother me because Jon was with me, but we got more of the looks that we had got in the morning.

When it got to about 5 o'clock we packed up and put our T-shirts on and headed back to the cafe where the bus stopped. We had an ice cream and sat on the same wall. There were a lot of other people waiting and I had to sit right at the end with only one bum cheek on the wall. I don't think that I was showing anything. As soon as the bus stopped everyone rushed to get on. Jon said that is only the British that queue in an orderly manor and then only in Britain.

We ended up having to stand together with lots of others. It was quite cramped and as the bus bounced along. I felt a hand on my bum. It could have been Jon, he was in the right position, but so was another man. Jon's face didn't tell me anything. Anyway as the bus bounced along the hand was getting more ambitious and was in between my legs, then my pussy.

I was getting finger fucked on a crowded bus and I didn't know who was doing it. In a way that fact alone was enough to get me worked up. When the bus stopped and we got off I said to Jon "was that you doing that to me Master." Jon just said, "I wasn't doing anything, what are you talking about Vanessa?" I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything. We went straight to the room when we got back and after a shower we lay on the bed reading until it was time for dinner. Jon had me wear just my sarong and a baggy top that night. The sarong was tied at my right side which meant that all my right side had little covering and I had to be careful sitting down. I hoped that Jon didn't tell me to move the knot round to my stomach. We went out after dinner, and had a few drinks in a couple of bars before having an early night.

Wednesday July 29 I was a bit lazy first thing and wasn't rushing to get up. My pubic hair was starting to show again and Jon told me to go and have what he calls the 3 S's , shit, shave and shower. When I reminded Jon that I had brought some wax strip with me he told me not to bother with the shave part and that he would 'wax' me on the Thursday evening.

We had a lazy day by the hotel pool with me wearing my orange check cotton bikini, well the bottom half anyway. I did manage to go swimming in the pool on my own once and I made use of the water jet again. It's a very lazy way of having an orgasm. I tried to experiment a bit and tried to get the jet to fill me up but I couldn't manage it. I decided that the pressure wasn't great enough to force its way in.

When we got back to our room we stripped off (as usual) and sat on the side of my bed looking out of the patio doors talking. After a while we lay back with out feet still on the floor still talking. The next thing I knew was that I was waking up because of a noise outside. I was still half asleep and realised that we had both fallen asleep on our backs on the bed at right angles to the window, with our feet on the floor.

As usual these days my feet were apart. Anyone looking in would get a real good view of our genitals and they could take as long as they like because we were asleep. I glanced outside without moving my head and realised that the noise was a camera automatically winding on to the next frame.

One of the girls was taking a photograph of us. The other two girls were also there and they were all whispering to each other. Not really caring what they were thinking but wanting to get a bit of excitement out of the situation, I lifted my hand and scratched my belly button and then put my hand on my pussy. I kept it still as if I had just scratched myself in my sleep. I waited a few seconds then started to stroke my lips and clit, slowly at first, then getting faster.

I could hear the girls whispering but couldn't make out what they were saying. I started going for it, just as if I were having a 'wet' dream. I even let my other hand grope about until it found Jon's dick and started playing with that. Jon was starting to get erect but didn't wake up. At one point I thought that the girls had gone because I couldn't hear them. But after a while I heard the camera again. I kept going until I had an orgasm then stopped and pretended to go into a peaceful sleep.

A few minutes later there was a loud noise and I 'woke up'. I sat up and noticed that Jon's erection had gone and that one of the girls was still on their balcony. I picked up my book and went out and sat on a chair. The girl looked over and said hello. I said 'hi' back and started talking about the weather and started a conversation about where each of us had been etc. The usual idle chitchat. The last time I had spoken to someone in that way was when I had been in Wales all those months ago.

The girl's name was Louise and all 3 were on their second week from Manchester. They were having a great time and getting a lot of men. Louise asked me if I was worried about being seen on the balcony naked. I told her that a year ago I wouldn't have dreamed of it and I told her about how I had changed my life, not about the punishment part, I didn't know if she would understand. I said that it didn't matter because it was 3 girls next door, not 3 rough drunken lager-louts and I wasn't sure that there was anyone on the other side. "What about the hundreds of rooms in the hotel next door?" she asked. "Too far away" I replied. Louise then said that lots of people take binoculars with them on holiday, "I hadn't thought about that" I said, "but I'm not worried, I'll never meet them, and anyway, I've got Jon to protect me."

I asked Louise if she had ever sunbathed or swam naked but she hadn't so I said that she should try it. I suggested that she start taking her clothes off somewhere where she felt safe, like on a balcony with her friends there, safety in numbers and all that. Louise said that she would think about it and talk to her friends.

I told her about the beach that we had been to the previous day and how good it felt sunbathing and swimming naked. I told her that I enjoyed the feeling so much that I had even stopped wearing knickers, that I didn't even own any anymore. That surprised her a bit but I could see that she was thinking about it. Just then Jon came out of the room and I watched Louise's eyes looking him up and down and hovering round his hips. I introduced them but Louise excused herself and went in.

We had a late dinner that night before we got a taxi into Ibiza town and went down to the harbour area. I was wearing just shoes and my dungaree dress and had had a difficult time in the restaurant making sure that I didn't turn too quick and end up with a breast hanging out. I got a few funny looks from the 'oldies' in the restaurant. Jon was right about Ibiza town being a different world at night, the place was buzzing with life. Restaurants and bars had sprung up everywhere and there were thousands of people moving about.

I got a bit of a surprise at the number of gays and transsexuals all out dressed as flamboyantly as they could. It was great. I didn't feel at all under-dressed because about 50% of the people seemed to have something showing, on the contrary at times I felt over-dressed. The whole place was a bit like a giant street party. The shops didn't seem to want to shut and we went into a few and I tried a couple of dresses on. One of the shops didn't even have a changing room and I had to change behind a rack of dresses, virtually in full view of the hundreds of people that were passing. The shop assistant didn't bat an eyelid when she saw that I didn't have any knickers on. Another one of the customer did though.

We didn't buy anything, the prices were aimed at millionaires. We did find a shop that sold 'love aids' and had a good look around. Jon bought a bigish dildo (I was a bit worried about the size), a vibrator with a separate box that I didn't understand and a pair of knickers. When I asked Jon about the knickers he said that these were latex ones and were for a special purpose, but he wouldn't tell me what.

In the back of the shop there were 2 small rooms with mirrors on the walls and a sign saying 'peep show'. I couldn't see what was to 'peep' at so I asked Jon. He said that the people in one room could 'peep' at the people in the other room. "That could be fun" I said but Jon just said that the rooms were too small and we left.

We went in a bar that had a lot of English and German people in it and tried to get a drink. It took ages trying to get to the bar then get served because there were so many people. I found out why the bar was called 'Gropers Palace', we hadn't been in there 5 minutes before a felt a hand slide under my dungarees and grab my right breast. I looked at Jon but he just shrugged his shoulder and continued trying to get the barman's attention.

After a few caresses of my nipple the hand stated wandering down to my stomach and with the size of the waist of the dress it didn't have any problems. This hand went down to my pussy and started fingering me. I couldn't even see the face of the man (well I assume it was a man) that the hand belonged to. He was stood directly behind me. It wasn't long before I got wet but the hand suddenly disappeared only to be replaced by another one, but this one was definitely a man, it was big and rough. After he had got one of his fingers wet, that hand disappeared as well.

I looked round but no one seemed to be in a position to have been doing it. As I turned back, Jon stuck a beer bottle in my hand and we moved to a less crowded corner. I told Jon what had happened and he just asked, "did you enjoy it?" When I said, "well yes, but I was just so surprised" he said, "take your pleasures when you can," and then pointed to a 'man' that really looked outrageous in his make-up, see- through blouse, mini-skirt and high heels. I nearly laughed but thought I had better not.

It got more crowded and as a man squeezed by he reached in and gave my right nipple a tweak. Jon smiled. The place got more crowded so we moved over to some stairs. They were a narrow spiral staircase, but no one was on them. Jon told me to go up them a bit, that I couldn't get groped up there. How wrong he was, I was only up about half a dozen steps, but that left the hem of my dress at about head height to the people who were still on the main floor. I then realised that they could probably see straight up my dress. Looking down two men had realised this as well and were looking straight up at my pussy. After a few words from one on the men to the other a hand reached out and up.

First contact was right on target. A finger went straight in me without even touching my legs. There was no resistance because I was wet from the 2 other men. After a couple of minutes Jon turned and looked at me and saw the hand, well the arm actually, and then followed it to the owner. When the owner looked at Jon, Jon just shook his head sideways and the hand withdrew.

Jon grabbed my arm and dragged me into a dark corner of the room, leaned back against a wall and pulled me backwards onto him. He put one arm round my waist holding my back against his front. He then gave me his beer bottle so that his other hand was free and he put it between us and I felt him get his dick out. It was getting hard and he pushed it between my legs and onto my pussy before taking his hand out and taking his beer from me.

I had just found another of the benefits of not wearing knickers. He was virtually fucking me in a crowded bar, my dress looked normal from the front and no one could tell what we were doing, what a turn on. I wiggled my bum about a bit and managed to get him into me. It was great. We couldn't really 'go for it' otherwise people would have realised but I did manage some slow movements. At one point the crowd was really on top of us and I felt hands grab a breast and my pussy. I think that the one on my breast was Jon's, and I bet that the one on my pussy got a shock when it found a pussy with a dick in it. Shortly after that I felt Jon's body shudder then I got that warm feeling of his juice shooting into me.

We finished our beers as he softened and then 'plopped' out. As we were leaving his juices (and mine) started running down my legs. Not that there was anywhere to do it, but Jon wouldn't let me clean myself up and it wasn't long before I had dried cum nearly down to my knees.

We went for a walk round the harbour and up passed where there are a couple of nightclubs. We didn't go in but we did watch some of the people going in. The things that the girls weren't wearing. I thought that I was a little close to the line of decency but a lot of these girls would get locked-up in England. There was even one girl wearing only a thong and another whose skirt only reached her pussy when she stood still and pulled it down. As soon as she moved a leg you could see all her trimmed pubic hair. There were some nice hunks of men as well but Jon wouldn't talk about them. After a while Jon stopped a taxi and we went back to the hotel.

Thursday July 30 We went for a late breakfast just wearing T-shirts, and straight after that Jon put some shorts on and went out leaving me to get a bit more sleep. I saw Louise on their balcony with one of her friends and I said, "Hi," but we didn't chat.

When Jon got back he told me that he had hired a car for the rest of the holiday. It turned out to be one on those ugly Ford Ka cars. Jon had me put on just my sarong and white bikini top only, and we packed our things and went out. We went for a drive in the country so that I could see more of the Spanish culture, Jon wanted to educate me as well.

We stopped at a little roadside cafe for some lunch and learned a little more about the Spanish speed of life. Still, it didn't matter, we were in no hurry and we were sat out in the sun.

When we got moving again I asked Jon if I could sit in the back and try to get some sleep, I still hadn't quite recovered from the booze the previous night. He said it was okay and that he would wake me when we got to anywhere worth stopping. I don't know how long I slept but when I woke I was laid on my back with my head at one side of the car and my feet at the other, one foot on the floor, and the other bent at the knee on the car seat. In effect with my legs wide open.

It took me a while to realise that the car was stopped, that Jon wasn't in it and that we were in the middle of a town. The bit that really startled me was that there were lots of people walking passed the car. Jon had parked on the side of a main road and left me showing everything that I had got to anyone who happened to look in, and some were. Jon had left one of the windows open a bit and I could hear what people were saying.

When I finally realised that I should move, there were a group of teenage lads looking at me and saying all the usual things. I moved and got out of the car and went for a little walk to stretch my legs and met Jon coming towards me. "You're awake then" he said, and I asked him what time it was. He said that we had been parked there for an hour, but I'm not so sure, it didn't seem that long. Well I hope it wasn't.

We drove off, and came to this little beach called Cala Conta where there are trees and sand dunes. We parked in the trees and went down a bit of a cliff to a small beach that was full of naked people. Jon said that the big sandy part was round the corner. We couldn't find enough space on the small sandy bit so we went along the rocks and found a place there. No sooner than we had laid everything down Jon gave me my mask and snorkel and told me that we were going for a swim. This was of course in the nude.

We swam round looking at all the fish and the rocks and I suddenly realised that we had swum round the corner to the place where everyone was wearing something, except us. It didn't really matter because we were in the water, but there were other people using masks who were taking more interest in us than the fish. Jon was oblivious to this but I wasn't and I was collecting a little gathering of young teenage boys. Not feeling very brave at that moment I swam over to Jon and told him. He just told me to practice my floating, on my back with my legs open. "Let them have a good look, it will do them good" he said.

What else could I do except obey him. Fortunately, after about 10 minutes they got bored and moved on, but not before one or two had got so close that I thought that if I suddenly closed my legs I would give them some bruised ears.

A couple of hours later we left and I again lay in the back. Jon didn't warn me, but we stopped for some petrol and I discovered that not all Spanish petrol stations are 'self service'. All of a sudden there was a young man stood next to the car pumping petrol in and looking straight at my pussy. Jon was stood behind him waving his hands trying to tell me to stay still. These Spanish petrol pumps are very slow as well, I could see the pump and it was taking about 30 seconds for each litre. Jon stopped him after 25 litres and gave him some money. Not very bright either, it took ages to sort the change out.

When we got back to our room Jon said that it was time for my waxing and searched for something to restrain me. I realised what he was doing and told him that it wouldn't be necessary. I could take the pain. I got out the wax strips and then lay on my bed waiting.

Jon started at my ankles and moved up my legs. The pain was bad, but I was expecting worse. The ones on my pubic bone were quite bad, but then Jon told me to lift my legs above my head and to hold my ankles with my legs wide open. Jon asked me if I wanted a gag and when I said yes he put the ball-gag on me. In a way that was a relief because it meant that I could scream knowing that the noise couldn't get out. And scream I did. The wax really stuck to the inside of my labia quite well, in-spite of the juices that I was producing. At one point I looked out of the patio doors and I'm almost sure that I saw Louise looking at me but Jon suddenly ripped another strip off and when the pain subsided and I looked again, she was gone.

At last Jon was finished and he let me get up and take the gag off and look at myself in the mirror as I rubbed cream on myself. Yes, I was nice and smooth, but I was also bright red. Jon said that the best way to cool down was to go and have a swim.

I put my white costume on (for the first time that holiday) and we went down to the pool. I was having trouble keeping the 2 sides together at the front and I'm sure that my clit was hanging out.

I jumped straight into the water and it was lovely and cool on my pussy. I pulled the sides apart so that the water could circulate easier. Jon dived in and we swam around for a while before I found myself near the jet of water. I looked at Jon and said, "can I?" "Go on then, but you will have to fuck me afterwards if you do" he said. So I did, it was wonderful, slowly moving slightly so that the jet hit me at different angles. I could feel the orgasm building up from deep in my belly and I nearly sank as I 'froze' when I came. Afterwards I put my legs round Jon's waist and we fucked.

The young kids in the pool were ignoring us but some of the handful of teenagers were looking at us, presumably trying to decide what we were doing. I was glad that Jon had had me make the swimming costume the way he had, and it was a good job that the jet of water is in a part of the pool that doesn't have any sun beds near. Otherwise we would have had an audience of adults and I'm not sure what some of the older people might have said.

I didn't cum but Jon did and when I told him that I hadn't cum this time he said, "don't worry, you will." We got out and went to the outside bar for a drink. I had a real job trying to keep the two sides of my costume together and even resorted to holding my towel in front of me. Jon wouldn't let me do that when we were sat at a table in the bar and I daren't cross my legs. The waitress that served us had a good look but didn't say anything.

Back in the room Jon told me to have a shower then sit on the balcony to dry-off properly. After I had been there for a while he brought out the bag of things that he had bought in Ibiza town. He got out the vibrator and put the battery in it. It wasn't very thick or very long and when he gave it to me it seemed different to the one back home. He told me to move my chair nearer the railings and put my feet on top of the railings about two feet apart. I then had to use the vibe to masturbate without it switched on and to stop just before I reached an orgasm.

Jon could tell when I was about to cum and grabbed the vibe and told me to grab the chair's arm. I hadn't a clue what was about to happen but Jon went inside and then came back after a couple of minutes with the vibrator and the black latex knickers. He then pushed the vibe right into me (still not switched on), gave me the knickers and said, "put them on Vanessa". They were a very tight fit and it took ages to get them into place. The vibrator had no chance of slipping out. Jon gave me my book and we spent the next hour reading me wearing more than Jon - for a change.

The man from one of our neighbours came out on their balcony had a look down to the pool said, "hello," then disappeared back inside. One of Louise's friends did the same a bit later. I was going to try to talk to her but she disappeared before I had had chance.

We went down for dinner at about 8:30, me in my lacy net dress. I could see the black latex knickers through the material so I know that other people could. It seemed so strange wearing knickers again, even if they were rubber ones. It had been over 2 months since I've worn them.

In the restaurant I decided to have something different to Jon and Jon had got his and was sat at our table before I had even managed to get at the food because the queue was so long. I was just stood there waiting for this fat woman to make her mind up when all of a sudden I got the amazing shock. The vibe inside me burst into life. It only lasted a few seconds but the shock was so much that I dropped my plate. It was so embarrassing apologising to the waiter who came to clear the mess up but I couldn't tell him why I had dropped it.

When I finally got my food and got back to the table Jon had nearly finished his food and when I told him what had happened he reckoned that it must have been a loose connection. I was also told that I would get punished for dropping the plate. It happened again when I was bringing my ice cream back to the table but I managed to hang on to that.

The third time was when we were in the hotel bar, we were perched on the high stools, which was a bit painful, but at least I didn't have to worry about men looking up my dress. Just before it went off I noticed Jon put his hand in his pocket and when it stopped he brought his hand out. I'd already noticed a bulge in his pocket - no, a square one, and I wondered if it was related to the vibe going off. I'd remembered reading something about a remote controlled vibrator and wondered. When I asked Jon he admitted that it was a remote control in his pocket.

I was already wet when I put the knickers on but these 'sessions' when the vibe burst into life, the knowledge that Jon could start it again anytime and the sweat that was building up and couldn't get out, was giving me a strange feeling. It was a sort of 'sticky wet' feeling as I moved about.

After a couple of drinks we set off walking down the main street. Jon told me that we were going to the bar that we had been to on the Monday night. On the way there, Jon spotted a sign that said 'Live Sex Show - 23:00 every night.' "There's an idea, we'll go in there one night" he said. I didn't know what he was talking about so I ignored him. In the bar it was karaoke night, I just hoped that Jon didn't 'volunteer' me. There was the usual mix on good, bad and bloody awful singers but in one of the gaps where no one 'volunteered', the DJ sang a few songs. One of them was 'Yesterday' by The Beatles. Before he started he warned everyone to listed close to exactly what he was singing. He didn't change many words but the ones he did, changed the whole context of the song. I still remember the words and I couldn't get it out of my head for days afterwards?

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
The girlfriends in the family way

Suddenly, she's just twice the girl she used to be
There's a shadow hanging over it
Oh, yesterday I came suddenly

Why I had to cum I don't know, she wouldn't say
We did something wrong, now I long for yesterday

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh, I believe in yesterday

During the evening Jon kept turning the vibe on and the sessions were getting longer and longer. In the end I gave-up trying to fight it and leaned back in my chair and let it happen. I must have been very red in the face because the woman next to me asked if I was OK. Jon said that it was the heat and that I'd be okay in a minute. If only she'd known. As we were walking back to the hotel I felt horrible and nice inside the knickers. It was so wet. I was glad to get them off and the vibe out when we got back.

Friday July 31 Jon had me wear just my vest to breakfast. Whilst I was getting some food one of the vest straps didn't fall back into the right place and a breast was on show for all to see. It was only when I saw a couple of kids pointing and giggling that I realised. We were going to the beach that day and as soon as we got in the car Jon took his vest off and told me to take mine off. We drove to the beach naked and no one even noticed. Well, not until we got to the car park and got out, a middle- aged couple and their teenage daughter just stood and watched us walk into the trees. We were at Ses Salines where we had been before. We walked onto the beach and got a couple of sun beds in about the same place as before.

After a while we went swimming and when we got back there was Louise and 2 friends. They'd got some sun beds just next to us and the best thing was that they were all naked. We went over to Louise and said hello. The other 2 were called Ann and Sarah, and all 3 seemed to be a bit embarrassed that someone was talking to them. I also noticed that they kept glancing at Jon's dick.

All 3 of them had 'white bits' that were very prominent. Louise said that as it was their last day they'd plucked up enough courage to actually try it. We kept chatting and it was funny when the man came to collect the money for the beds hire. Sarah and Ann suddenly had the urge to read and had books in their laps. We all went swimming and the 3 seemed to relax, especially when Sarah produced a ball and we started throwing it to each of us. We started trying to take the ball off the person who had it and it got a bit physical. At one point all 4 of us women were grabbing at Jon and trying to pull him under. I grabbed his dick and noticed that it was erect. I thought that I would try something and said that I was getting out and asked if the others were coming.

Everyone agreed, and we walked out of the water. Jon still had most of his erection as we walked up the beach and all of the girls noticed. I noticed Sarah whispering to Ann. I wondered what they were talking about!

Back at the sun beds we got the sun tan lotion out and before I could put some on Jon, Sarah had started on his chest. I offered to put some on Louise and did her back first. I deliberately took my time on her bum and went right in between her cheeks and down between her legs. As I did so they opened a little to make it easier. I asked her to turn over and started at her shoulders. Her nipples were erect before I got to them but I still had a good play with them before moving down.

All this time Ann had finished herself and was lying on her stomach with her eyes shut. Jon was on his back with Sarah's face only inches from his erection. Fortunately, he had his knees bent up and with Sarah between him and the sea the only way that anyone could see what was going on was if they were right close to us. I continued with the sun lotion on Louise's stomach.

I then jumped down to her feet and then moved up. I lifted her legs as I did them, and when I put them down they ended up a few inches apart so when I got to the top it was very easy to do her inner thighs. I 'accidentally' brushed against her lips and heard a slight moan from her. I was a bit nervous but not wanting to miss an opportunity, I rubbed some into her pubes before going for her pussy. There was no resistance and she was already quite wet. She only had a little clit but when I found it I started playing with it. That and a bit of finger fucking and it was obvious by her moans that she was having an orgasm.

I started putting lotion on my legs but Louise 'came back to earth,' and asked if she could return the compliment. And she did. I remember 2 comments that she made, both of which made me feel good. The first was "You've got nipples that are nice and big" and "I wish my clit was that big." When she was putting lotion on my pubes she asked me what it was like to be 'bald.' "Great" I said. "It's a lot healthier, no hair to get caught in zips, and sex is so much better." "What about the looks that you get, you can see everything that you've got, even when you're just walking. And with a clit the size of yours I would be too embarrassed."

"After the first few people staring at you, you tend to just ignore them, or think that they are a bit sad if they haven't seen a woman's pussy before, and if it's a nice hunk of a man it can be a bit of a turn on. Try it sometime, if you don't like it you just have to let it grow again" I replied.

She continued talking to me as she played with my pussy. I remember her asking what we were doing in the room the previous evening when I had my legs in the air, and "what was that in your mouth?" but I didn't answer, I was building up to an orgasm and wasn't interested in talking.

After Louise stopped and I calmed down, we sat and talked about all sorts. I told her more about how I came to be with Jon, how much I was really enjoying my new life, and about the punishment. She was fascinated by that and said that she didn't know if she could stand it. I was quite pleased that she tried to understand me rather than just put me down as most people who don't understand do. I'd had a look over to Sarah and Jon and they had stopped 'messing around', and were also sat talking. I was glad that Jon had had some fun with her.

Jon got up and asked if anyone else was going for something to eat. Both Sarah and Ann put both halves of their bikinis on but Louise only put the bottom half of hers on. Jon put only his vest on and I got my sarong out of my bag and put that round my waist and we all went to the beach bar. We all sat at a table eating and I remember Louise saying that the way we were sitting she could see everything that both Jon and me had got. Neither of us moved as Ann and Sarah had a good look.

When we got back to the sun beds Louise said that they had really enjoyed their morning with us but they had to leave. They'd promised to meet some men that they had met the night before. After they had gone I put more sun tan lotion on Jon then myself and we soaked up some more sun. Later we went for a walk, again, we went right along the sea front to the end of the beach where the unfortunate clothed people were and got a few looks.

After that we went in the opposite direction up onto the path along the rocks. We walked right along passed a sort of lighthouse and ended up on another beach. It was a better beach but more windy, and there were not quite as many people on it but 99% of them were men. Jon guessed that this was a gays beach.

We decided to walk back through the woods along a dirt track. On the way we crossed paths with group of young men on noisy motorbikes. I'm not sure but I think that some of them went round in a circle to have another look. As we were getting near the original beach we saw a few groups of people sitting in the shade of the trees. Most were normal 'family' scenes, but one was two men having sex. I felt sick, I cannot understand gay men. I'm quite happy to 'live and let live,' but that doesn't mean that I have to understand and like it.

As we were walking I discussed this with Jon and was a little surprised that he agreed with everything that I had said. In his opinion women had a lot more to offer than men. He can understand 2 women getting together but not 2 men. Under another tree there was a young couple who were obviously having sex. He was laid on his back and she was on her knees on top of him and moving up and down.

When we got back to the sun beds we went for a swim as we were quite hot. When it came time to go Jon put his vest on but he wouldn't let me put mine on. I had to walk back to, and through the car park still nude. There were a lot of people leaving at the same time and I felt a little embarrassed, brave, and excited. Jon wouldn't let me put anything on when we got into the car, not until we parked the car outside the hotel. Fortunately from the beach to the hotel didn't involve going through any built-up areas. I was allowed to put my sarong on for the walk to our room and got a number of 'looks' as we walked through reception and up to our room.

Back in the room we rested as Jon said we would be up late that night. We both slept lying on top of the beds. I woke as it was getting dark, Jon was already up and had put the light on but hadn't closed the curtains. Not that I would have expected him to, they hadn't been closed since we got there.

ee-through lacy net dress that night but with what Jon called 'virtual' knickers. I got the body paint out and we spent 5 minutes painting 2 little triangles on me, one just above the start of my slit and the other at the top of my bum cheeks. Jon then joined the top of them with 2 narrow bands.

There weren't many people left in the restaurant when we got there and no one took any notice of me. That evening, we went out in the car (I had to take my dress off and sit very still so that I didn't rub the 'knickers' off), and drove for about 30 minutes before we arrived in a place called San Antonio.

We parked the car and walked round the place which was like a small town. I suppose that it was because of the dark, but I don't think anyone could tell that I was naked under my see-through dress. It was getting late (or should I say early) and we walked into an area that was full of bars and literally hundreds of teenagers drinking in and out of the bars. Most of them were just kids enjoying themselves and causing no harm to anyone or anything, but there were a few who didn't know when to stop.

As the night went on we saw more kids who had acquired something that stopped them from standing up. In one bar that we stopped in there was one corner that seemed to have about a dozen girls and boys who were all 'well gone' as Jon says. Some of them thought that they could still manage to have sex with someone next to them and it was funny watching them trying to grope each other. I don't suppose that any of the girls cared that some of their skirts were up round their waists.

Back in the main square the local police were active and we watched 2 of them pick up a youth that a paramedic had just checked out and throw him into the back of a police van. "There's someone who's going to have a bad day tomorrow" Jon said. As we walked passed a policewoman and man they both looked up and down me. "That's it" I thought "I'm about to be arrested," but they didn't, they just walked on. My heart was pounding, but I'd got away with it.

As we were walking back to the car we saw a nightclub with a poster outside saying that there was a 'Miss Ibiza' contest the next night. Jon said, "You're going to enter that that tomorrow." "What will I have to do" I asked. Jon asked me if I could dance. When I said yes he told me to stop worrying. Back at the car I had to take my dress off before getting into the car, just as a drunken couple were passing. There were a few choice comments.

When we got back to the hotel Jon said that I had to get back to the room without my dress. After a quick panic I decided that I could go in the side entrance and up the back stairs and along the corridor. As it turned out I didn't see anyone and in a way I felt a little let down. I had to have a shower before going to bed, to get what was left of the body paint off.

Saturday August 1 As soon as I woke up Jon told me that it was time for my punishment for breaking the plate in the restaurant, I had waited long enough. He told me to bring one of the balcony chars in and to lean over the back of it with my feet apart. The position wasn't quite right for him, he said that he couldn't get a good swing and he had me move slightly. He gave me 50 strokes with one of his shoes. It took ages and as usual I had to count each one and thank him after each one. By the time he got to about 40 tears were dripping from my eyes. When it was finally over I got up and saw Louise on her balcony watching us. I tried to smile at her and she smiled back. I think the noise had woken her up she was wearing a T-shirt and looked as if she had just got out of bed.

So did the young man on the balcony on the other side of us. He was only wearing boxers and looked a but stunned at what he had seen. Either that or he was still half asleep. I suppose seeing a naked man spank a naked woman at that time in the morning would be a bit of a shock to some people. Anyway, Jon told me to go and sit on the balcony while he had his 3 Ss. I had stopped crying by the time I went onto the balcony and said 'Hi' to Louise. She asked me if I was all right and when I said I was she asked me why Jon had done it. I said that it was okay, I deserved it, and in spite of the pain and tears I had enjoyed it. I put my finger in my pussy held it up and said, "Look, I'm soaking." I think that all that was too much, too early for the man on the other side, he has disappeared. I heard Sarah shout to Louise, who then said, "I've got to go, the coach will be hear in 30 minutes and I haven't had a shower yet, nice to have met you," and she was gone.

I didn't want to sit down so I leaned on the railing and watched the few people down by the pool. I didn't want to get too close to the railing in case anyone could see me which meant that my elbows were on the railing but my feet were about 2 feet back from it. I suppose that my bum was stuck out a bit and it must have looked inviting to Jon because when he came out of the bathroom he came straight out onto the balcony, stood behind me and grabbed my breasts. His dick was also pressing against my bum and I could feel it getting bigger. He told me not to move and he started to fuck me. He said that he had always wanted to do that and he kept going in and out. I don't know what anyone below would have thought if they had looked up and seen my head going backwards and forwards over the railing, but who cares.

All the time my breasts were hanging there getting 'caressed' by Jon's hands. We came together and Jon grabbed a chair and we sat down with him still inside me. I felt so happy, and told Jon that I could really get used to life like that. After a shower we put T-shirts on and went for breakfast. I was really getting to like having short hair, I no longer had to worry about drying it. It is just like the advert says 'wash and go.'

We spent most of the day driving around the island taking in the scenery and local culture. The slightly strange thing about it was that we spent all that time driving around in the nude. When we were going down one dirt track Jon laughed at my breasts wobbling about as the car bounced along. I must admit they did look like a couple of small jellies being shaken about.

We stopped at a little resort and Jon told me to put my T-shirt on and go and get us some sandwiches and drinks, and we then found a quiet little road and stopped to eat. I put some sun tan lotion on us both and we sat on a little wall eating. When we had finished Jon decided to take some photographs of me and had me pose in lots of positions, on the wall, with my legs round a little tree, laid on the wall, and laid on the car.

One pose was like that song says, sat on the bonnet with my knees up and legs apart. The other memorable one was spread-eagle on the bonnet. I can't wait to see that one on Jon's PC. Right in the middle of the 'photo session,' a little donkey and cart went passed with a little old man and woman on it, both wearing black. They had a good look at us and I could hear them talking, but they didn't stop.

After lunch we found a little deserted beach and spent a few hours soaking up the sun and resting. At about 5 o'clock we headed back to the hotel and lay on the beds. Jon said that it was going to be a late night and we should get some rest. I woke at about 10 o'clock, too late for the restaurant. Jon told me to pack a bag with my white bikini, white lycra shorts and top, and my black pencil dress.

I had to wear just my white lycra dress. We drove to San Antonio and got something to eat before going a nightclub called Extrasis. Jon asked one of the bouncers about the Miss Ibiza competition and was told where we had to go. I was starting to get a little nervous and Jon bought me a drink to calm me down. When it came close to the time for me to perform, we went to the changing room.

There were 3 other girls in the competition and I thought that they were all more beautiful than me. Jon said that that wasn't true. We were told what we were expected to do then Jon took me to one side and added a bit more. Now I was getting nervous. I changed and put all my clothes on, other than the white dress that I was wearing.

I was on third, and the waiting was agony. Jon had left me to go and watch the others. Eventually, I was called out, and had to start. All the organisers had told me was that we had to dance and take some of our clothes off, leaving on whatever we thought we should, we were supposed to dance to the 3 judges that would be sat on chairs to one side of the dance area.

When I got out the dance area was a circle of about 20 foot diameter with people stood or sat all round. I looked round for the judges and for Jon and saw him sat right next to one of the judges. He was smiling and winking at me which helped me a lot. The music started and I started dancing. I moved slowly to start with then started kicking my legs up as I danced. I started taking my clothes off and throwing them to Jon.

When I was down to my bikini I rolled on the floor again, spreading my legs wide (remember how narrow the gusset of my bikini bottoms are). When I got up again it was time to take my top off. This got a few cheers from the audience. Next was the final item, my bikini bottom, not that it was covering much.

Once off I danced around the edge of the circle letting some of the men touch me. I even bent over (at the waist) so that they could have a good look. I could tell that the music was coming to an end so I ended by sliding on my knees towards the judges so that I ended up in Jon's 'assume the position' position, staying like that until all the applause had ended. It seemed to take ages and there was a lot of shouting and whistling in with it. Even Jon was clapping.

When I got up I went over to Jon and we walked to the side where the first 2 girls were. One of them had put a T-shirt on but the other was only wearing a thong. The first one had only stripped to her bikini bottoms and the second to her thong. The 4th girl was out and ready to start but just as she did a large drunken woman of about 30 staggered onto the floor and started dancing and undoing the zip of her dress. Everyone was laughing at her and the poor girl who was supposed to be dancing just stopped and looked at the judges.

Two bouncers came and tried to persuade the woman to move but she didn't want to know. She was shouting words to the effect of "if they can strip off, then so can I." This got lots of cheers from the audience and in the end the compare said that she could have her turn. She staggered around taking her dress of, then her slip, then her large bra. She was left with tights over a pair of white knickers that were big enough for both Jon and me. When she finally got these off the flab was bouncing about like jelly and the audience were in hysterics.

When the fourth girl finally got to restart her turn I think that she had had her spirit broken and she wasn't very good, she wasn't dancing to the music. Although she took everything off her heart just wasn't in it. I felt sorry for her. I hadn't put any clothes on and the 4th girl didn't either.

We had to wait ages before the judge finally announced the results. I had won and I had to go and collect my prize, 20,000 pesetas and a large bottle of champagne. Wow, was I happy. Jon looked at me and said, "I told you that you would win." After collecting the money I turned to face the main part of the audience, got into the 'position,' and waved my hand with the money in it to the audience. This brought more cheers. I was very happy and when I walked back to Jon he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bar saying "let's celebrate."

We got 2 glasses and went and sat at a table and he opened the bottle. The cork went flying, but I couldn't hear the 'pop' because of the noise of the music. It was only when I had downed the first glass that I remembered that I was still naked. I looked round but nobody was interested. 'If they're not, then I'm not', and had another drink.

Jon wouldn't drink much because he was driving so I had to finish the bottle. I was getting quite happy and when Jon pulled me up to dance I didn't even think about what I was (not) wearing. As we danced, I suddenly thought 'what are they looking at' and then realised. I told Jon that I wanted to put something on but he just said that as no one was complaining then sod it, keep dancing.

After a few more songs Jon grabbed me and pulled me to a door that I hadn't seen before. We went through it and then down some stairs and came to a room with a little bar and a small swimming pool. Jon wouldn't let me jump in straight away, I think that he wanted people to see that I didn't have any clothes on. There was certainly enough of them looking. After a couple of minutes he said, "go on then" and in I went.

That seemed to be a que for other to strip off and jump in. It wasn't long before most of the people were in the water with clothes everywhere. People were generally messing about and most of the women were screaming as they were groped. I certainly remember a few hands on me. Jon had a coke at the barand when he had finished he called for me to get out.

Reluctantly I did, the groping was fun, and I had groped a couple of men, one with a big hard on. Anyway, Jon gave me my white dress to put on but as soon as I had it was virtually see-through with the water, and it didn't help as my hair was dripping down onto it. We went out of the club and back to the car. By then it was about 5 o'clock in the morning and the place was still very much alive. Got a few shouts and whistles from some men because my dress had ridden up and my bum was hanging out.

Just before I got in the car, Jon told me to take my dress off so that I didn't get the car seat wet, and we drove back with me naked. It was still lovely and warm at that time of night. Back at the hotel, Jon wouldn't give me my dress back, so I had to get back to the room naked. Fortunately, I remembered the way I had gone a few nights ago, and managed it without seeing anyone. Back in the room, I remember having a bit of a giggle, then nothing until the next morning.

Sunday August 2 Sunday started slowly and I only just managed to get up and get to the restaurant before they closed the doors. Jon had tried to wake me up and given up and gone for breakfast and then a walk. He was back in the room when I returned. Jon said that it was pointless trying to do anything with me that morning and he told me to get some sleep and then he went out and left me.

I took my T-shirt off and lay on the bed and dozed off. When I woke up our new neighbours were out on their balcony. On one side there were 2 girls in their late teens and on the other side there were 2 girls that looked about 15. Each set were looking round and talking as if they had just arrived. I think that they all looked into our room and saw me at some time. I heard one of the younger girls say to her mate "hey look at this," but I don't know if they were referring to me.

After a few minutes they all disappeared and I grabbed a book and a bottle of water and went onto our balcony and started reading. After I'd read a few pages the younger girls came out again. Our eyes met and I said, "Hi" to them. They seemed a bit nervous talking to a naked stranger but after a few minutes of idle chat they settled down and we had a good chat about nothing special.

They were twins from Leeds and were there with their parents, brother and a friend of his. They told me that the boys were coming to collect them so that they could go and have a look around the place and one of them (Rebecca) asked me if I was going to cover up. They both seemed a little surprised when I told them that it didn't bother me and that my friend wouldn't let me wear clothes in our room. Anyway a couple of minutes later there was knock on their door and in came the 2 boys, both about 14. When they came out onto the balcony and saw me their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. Especially when I said, "Hi" and introduced myself. The girls wanted to go and get on with their exploring but the boys managed to drag out their hellos for ages before they finally left.

Jon got back about mid afternoon and told me to put a T-shirt on and pack a bag with my white bikini, a pair of his brief, briefs, and some towels. We were going to the Water Park about a mile down the road. When we got there we found an area of grass to spread out on and then Jon told me to take my T-shirt off and then put my bikini on - in that order.

I looked around then did it. Jon chastised me for hesitating and told me that I would be punished for it. I tried to tell him that I was worried about all the people but he just said that I had to trust him and that the punishment would be doubled for trying to argue with him. I apologised and told him that I did trust him. As it turned out no one was interested in my display, well, I didn't see anyone looking at me.

We went on most of the water slides and had great fun. The only problem was my bikini. The top kept coming off my breasts and at one point I lost the top completely and spent ages looking for it. At first I thought that it must have been caught up on something back in the tunnel but a woman found it and passed it to me.

I was also having trouble keeping my pussy covered and a couple of times I had to pull my bikini bottoms straight after the movement of coming down the slides had made the crotch disappear between my lips. All that water being forced against my pussy, with very little protection, was also getting me a little excited. In a way I was glad that everyone seemed to be more interested in enjoying themselves rather than in me. However, I did get a few stares when we went for an ice cream and it didn't help when Jon pushed his iced-lolly into my right nipple and it jumped to attention.

When it came to the time to leave Jon had me take my bikini completely off and dry myself with the towel before he would let me put my T-shirt on. This time a middle-aged man lying on the grass near us was looking and I was watching the bulge grow in this costume - until he turned onto his stomach.

Back in the hotel we had a quiet night (for which I was grateful). We had a drink in the outside bar before going to shower and change for dinner. Jon had me wear my short wrap-round shirt and a baggy cropped top. I had to be careful as I bent over the buffet table to get my food. We spent the evening in the hotel bar and lounge drinking and playing cards. I nearly suggested playing strip poker or something but I realised that I would lose and end up naked in the hotel lounge. I didn't think that that would be a good idea.

When we were in the lounge we sat on the big low sofas and I really has to squeeze my legs together to stop people from seeing my pussy. But as the night wore on, and the alcohol started to work, I wasn't quite so caring and once or twice I caught a man looking at me.

Back in our room we took a last drink out onto the balcony and I sat on Jon's knee as we drank. I could feel him getting hard and I stood up, faced him and moved forward. When I was over him I lowered myself onto him. We were just sat like that drinking when the 2 young girls and 2 boys came out onto their balcony. The boys had a good snigger they could see my breasts and I guess that they thought that they knew what we were doing. The girls just said, "Hi", then ignored us. We just drinking and having a motionless fuck. The kids gave-up and went in before we finished. Neither of us came, but it was nice just sitting there.