Vanessa's New Life
by Vanessa

Chapter 1

Hi - my name is Vanessa, and this is a journal of my life since I decided to make some drastic changes to it.

Background: As I said, my name is Vanessa. I am a 22-year-old Hairdresser, long, almost Blond hair, 5 foot 1 inch tall, with a 34A-24-35, 95 pound figure. I'm not a stunner to look at, just your average young woman. I've never had a great deal of luck with men, and have been on my own for a few months now (I live on my own in a little Flat). My friends say that I should be more outgoing, but that's just not me. I live in a small town in North Wales where life is so dull and boring, and everyone knows everyone else's business.

I started getting ideas when one of my colleagues, Mandy, found a Bondage and Discipline magazine with the other magazines in the Salon's waiting area. She was going to throw it in the rubbish bin, but I asked her to leave it where it was, saying that it would spice-up the place a bit. That afternoon, I deliberately kept myself busy, and hung around until all the other girls had gone home saying that I would lock- up when I'd finished, nothing special in that, one of us often stays back to finish something. Next afternoon, Mandy was looking for 'that' magazine, but couldn't find it. I said that one of the customers had probably pinched it. What I didn't say was that it was me that took it home with me the previous afternoon.

Ever since I was a little girl of about 10 or 11, whenever my Dad spanked me for being a bad girl, I used to get these funny feelings, not the pain, but I suppose that that must have had something to do with it. As I got older, I used to get a bit 'wet', and couldn't understand it. I used to almost look forward to the spankings, especially the ones where Dad would make me take my skirt and knickers off before putting me over his knee. Once I'd discovered masturbation I would always have a good play with myself in bed afterwards. The last spanking that Dad gave me was when I was nearly 18. I'd stayed out late with my friends once too often, and Dad could smell the alcohol on me when I got home. He really gave me a good thrashing that night, and he was so mad that he made me take all of my clothes off first. My Mum wasn't any help, she just said that I had been bad and deserved to be punished. It didn't help that my 13-year-old brother was in the same room all the time. I was so embarrassed, and boy, did my backside glow, but at the same time I was getting so wet that I was sure that Dad would say something.

A few months later, I got the chance to move into a Flat with a female friend and I did. In a way I missed the spankings, and the feelings that went with them. I once managed to get one of my boyfriends to spank me, he didn't enjoy it, but I did.

Right, that's enough of the history, now to how I changed my life forever.

When I got home with 'that' magazine, I read it over and over. I was really intrigued by the stories and the pictures. It was all new to me, nobody around me ever talked about anything remotely like that. I kept reading it over and over again over the next couple of weeks, and when it was quiet in the Salon I usually ended up thinking about what I had read and seen. I had to wash a lot of knickers at the end of each of those weeks. One time when I was reading the adverts again, one suddenly jumped out at me, and I started thinking 'could I?' Well, after a few days I decided that I would reply to the advert and see what happened.

The ad was from a middle-aged man in the East Midlands of England who was looking for a 'submissive, live-in house-keeper'. I wrote a letter explaining a bit about myself, and after a few times of losing my nerve, I finally posted it. About a week later I received a letter from him and got all excited reading it on the bus on the way to work. In the letter he explained that the job would not be very demanding, and wouldn't pay much, but there again, I wouldn't have much to buy, as he would buy everything for me. He also explained that I should expect to be punished every time that I made a mistake or was disobedient. He also enclosed a photograph of himself, and asked that if I was still interested I should write to him again and enclosed a photograph of myself, preferably without clothes on. Well, I didn't have any photos like that, so when I wrote again, I enclosed a photograph of me in a bikini, and apologised saying that even if I had dared to get any nude photographs taken, I could never get them developed in the town where I lived.

When Jon wrote to me again, he told me a bit more about the job, the hours, and what he would expect of me. He also explained that punishment comes in more forms than just spankings, and referred me to the magazine that the advert had been in. He then stated that I was to go over to his place for the weekend for a formal interview, and for us to 'get to know each other' before a final commitment would be made by either of us. He also assured me that no harm would come to me, that I could leave at anytime and that he would pay all my expenses. I was to send him a letter stating which bus or train I would be arriving on, and that he would meet me at the station.

Well, it's one thing writing to someone, but another thing actually going to their house for a weekend when you haven't even met them. I was in a right quandary. I spent the next couple of days trying to make up my mind what to do. I wasn't concentrating on my job, and got told-off a few times. Looking back, I suppose that that helped me to make a decision. I checked the bus times, booked a ticket, and wrote a quick note to Jon. I would be arriving at eight-fifteen the following Friday evening. For me this took a lot of courage and if it wasn't for the fact that I desperately needed for something interesting to happen in my life, that Jon's letters and photograph gave me the impression that he was an alright sort of man, that the thought of the magazine turned me on every time I thought about it; then, I just wouldn't have been going.

On the Friday morning before leaving, I got another letter from Jon saying that I was to wear smart clothes for the interview and that trousers or jeans didn't come into that category as far as he was concerned. That didn't please me too much as it was April and in the UK April is never a warm month. Never mind I thought, I wanted to look my best, and spent hours deciding what to take with me and doing my make-up. I was glad that I had decided to take the whole day off work. In the end, I decided that I would wear a mini-skirt and white blouse, both of which I had made myself. I was quite proud of the fact that I could make a lot of my own clothes, and this short pleated skirt and thin blouse looked good on me.

The journey took five hours, and I had to change twice. If I hadn't been so excited, I'm sure that I would have been quite tired when I got there. Not a good way to be at an interview. The excitement stopped me from getting any sleep.

When I finally got there I had my bag in one hand and the photograph of Jon in the other and walked all over the bus station without finding him. I was just beginning to get a bit worried when a car stopped beside me and Jon jumped out. He just apologised for being late, told me to put my bag in the back, and got back in. As we were driving away he said that he often had to work late, which was one of the reasons why he wanted a housekeeper. Before I knew it, we were pulling into a pub car park. I followed him into the pub, and we sat at a table and waited to be served. This was one of those pubs that has a restaurant attached and Jon had just assumed that I was hungry. Over the meal and a few drinks we just talked about our lives in general, never touching on the subject of discipline at all. Well, not until a couple of hours later after I had had a few drinks. I was a bit nervous, and was looking for some Dutch courage. All of a sudden Jon stated asking about the times that my Dad had spanked me. He wanted to know all the details, everyone who was there, what state of dress I was in, what I was feeling, during and after the spankings. He even asked me to describe how I played with myself afterwards. This was something that I would never have dreamed I would talk about, yet here I was telling this stranger all my most intimate thoughts. It just seemed right; and I imagine the alcohol helped.

As we walked out of the pub, I was feeling quite happy, and was beginning to like Jon. We got back in the car and drove to Jon's house, which was only a few hundred yards down the road. It wasn't a big house, just your average small-detached house with four bedrooms, and a view out the back over the fields. Jon showed me round the place, and which room I was to use, and then made some coffee. It was just general chat over the coffee, and then Jon said that he had had a hard week and was going to bed. The real interview would start at nine in the morning. I went to bed thinking that this was going to be easy. It was a very happy Vanessa that went to sleep that night.

Saturday April 18 - The Interview: I woke up at eight fifteen the next morning, got washed and then thought about what I should wear. I didn't want to look too casual as I was going to an Interview. I decided on a different skirt and blouse, got dressed and went downstairs. Jon was in the kitchen eating his breakfast, and after saying good morning, told me to help myself to anything I wanted. I put some bread in the toaster and poured some coffee. At nine o'clock Jon called me into the living room and said that he was ready to start.

To start with, he told me that the hours I would have to work would not be specific times, as he was at work a lot, and came home at different times most days. I would be expected to work as and when required to complete my duties. These included keeping the house clean, the cooking, the washing and the shopping. He would get me a credit card to use, but he would carefully monitor the bills. I would be permitted to have friend over to the house whenever I wanted, and could use the telephone for reasonable calls. As he did not expect that my duties would take up a lot of my time, he would not mind if I was to look for a part-time job, perhaps working in a pub. I was then asked if I had a driving license, and if I could sew. I was suddenly glad that I had spent the money on learning to drive.

He then asked why I had applied for the job, so I told him again about being in a 'rut', and wanting a change. "But why reply to my advert in the magazine he asked." I told him all about my feelings when reading the magazine, and decided that I wanted to give it a try. Which is precisely why the advert was in that magazine he said. "But there would have to be a strict set of rules, and if broken, you must expect to be punished, and by punishment, I just don't mean spanking he said, punishment could be mental as well, for example embarrassment or humiliation." I then asked him about the rules, and he produced a piece of paper and passed it to me. He said that it was only fair that I knew what I was letting myself into, and that I could leave at anytime that I wanted to.

This is the list of rules: -

  1. Smoking will not be permitted under any circumstances.
  2. Unless specifically directed to, you will be expected to wear dresses or skirts at all times.
  3. Trousers, leggings or tights will not be tolerated. Stockings, either self supporting or with a suspender belt are acceptable.
  4. All clothes purchased or hand made will be approved by me before being worn.
  5. Unless specifically directed underwear will not be worn.
  6. Spankings will be administered by means of hand, paddle, tawse, or any other item deemed appropriate.
  7. Whenever you have had enough, and wish to stop, you will say the phrase 'chocolate teapot' 3 times. Once you have, you will no longer be employed by me, and you will be expected to leave the premises within twenty-four hours.
  8. Your employer reserves the rights to change these rules at any time.

I read the list, and whilst a little shocked, although I didn't really know what to expect. I thought that maybe it wouldn't be that bad, certainly worth a try. "OK" I said, "I'm happy with everything so far, what else is there"?

The test: He then told me that I would not know if I were going to be offered the job until I was leaving to go home the next day. If I decided to accept the job, then I was to hand-in my notice the next day, and return with all my belongings the next weekend. There was one more issue that had to be established before a job offer was made, and that was my level of obedience. This would be established between now and my leaving time the next day. Was this acceptable to me? After I said it was, he said 'stand-up and take all your clothes off'. Well, talk about sudden shock. It took me a couple of minutes to take in what he had actually said, but I did it, slowly, and with a very red face. I stood there with my hands trying to cover my breasts and my pussy, but he calmly told me to put my arms by my sides. I was then told that sometime over the next day, I would receive one or two painful spankings, and that this weekend would be the only time that I would receive one without just cause. This didn't do anything to stop my embarrassment, but it did make me feel a little happier. He also said that from now on, when there was only the two of us around, I was to call him 'Master', and only to speak to him either when spoken to, or when I wished to ask a question.

Jon then got up and walked over to me. He told me to open my feet about a foot, which I did, and he then proceeded to walk slowly round me. When he went behind me for the second time I felt a sudden pain in my right rear cheek. He had spanked me with his hand. I was then told to keep my legs straight and to touch my feet. This was very difficult and hurt my legs, but I made it. Then I thought about the view that he must have and started to get those stirring feelings where he must have been looking. Just as I was starting to get wet, he told me to stand up and he walked round in front of me and started to prod and then grab my breasts. He smiled and said, "Nice chapel hat pegs". He was referring to my large prominent nipples, which by this time were rock- hard.

My face was still bright red with embarrassment, but there was worse to come. His hands slid down my chest and stomach and stopped at my light brown bush. He grabbed hold of it, tugged it and said, "This will have to go". My mouth dropped, I had never even thought about shaving it off. I had never even had to trim it to wear a bikini, there wasn't that much of it. I started to say that I couldn't possibly do that, but he reminded me of what I had agreed to and asked me if I wished to change my mind and wanted to go home. My brain was saying yes, but the feeling in my pussy and the juices running down my leg said no. I thought for a minute and remembered that I needed to change my life, and one of the stories in the magazine jumped into my mind. "No" I said. Jon suddenly said, "This is the one and only time that I will remind you to call me Master. Be slow in answering, and be insolent like that again, and you will suffer". "Yes Master" I replied. "Now go and get my razor and shaving cream from the bathroom. When I got back downstairs, he had moved into the kitchen. I went in, and he said, "Right, get what else you need, get on the table, and get that hair off". As you can imagine, Jon got an amazing view as I got on with the job.

Just as I was finishing, my hand slipped off my slippery leg and knocked over the bowl of water. Jon was not happy and told me to clean up the mess. After that I was asked if I deserved punishing for making the mess. "Yes Master" I said, and was then told to bend over the table, open my legs about 2 feet, and grab hold of the other side of the table. "You are about to get ten slaps with my hand, I will not be counting, so you had better - out aloud, I'd hate for you to get more than you deserve". "Thank you Master" I said, and waited for him to start.

Wow, he certainly had a strong arm, and by the time I had counted six, tears were rolling down my face. At eight, I lost my grip of the table and stood upright. "Right, that's another five he said, and that will happen every time you get up before being told to". I was about to scream "NO", but managed to keep my mouth shut - just.

When it was finally over, Jon told me to get up, and then walked out of the room. When he came back ten minutes later, I had just about stopped crying, but was still gently rubbing my sore backside. "Right he said, two more things before we go out, firstly sit on the floor, legs apart, and masturbate yourself to an orgasm, the kitchen tiles will cool down your ass". Well, I thought, today is full of surprises, but the feelings that I was having in my pussy got rid of any doubts that I had and I got down on the floor, opened my lips and put one finger inside me while my other hand got busy on my clit. My clit has always stuck out from between my lips, but by now it was hard, and the centre was trying to push itself out of its hood. It didn't take long before my head was rolling from side to side. I wanted to hold back with the scream as I came, but the build-up since my last orgasm weeks ago was just too great. I screamed a little, and Jon just smiled. After a couple of minutes I asked what the other thing was. Jon said, "I like your bald pussy so much that there is a new rule, you will shave-off all your hair below your neck every day. Now go and have a shower before we go out."

The shower was very nice, and I didn't want to get out. After a while I did though, and got dried. Jon was waiting for me as I came out of the bathroom and I asked what I was to wear. "Shoes and a coat only" was the reply. "Master" I said, "I can't do that, someone might see something, and beside it's cold out there". "You're not trying to argue with me are you"? "No Master". "Right then," he said, "get ready".

As we walked to the car I was very nervous, I felt so strange, I felt so exposed, yet I was covered by my coat. It took a while to realise that people couldn't see my body, but my bald pussy made me feel even more naked. We drove to the shopping centre in the middle of town and parked in the car park at one end. Instead of going into the shopping centre we walked down this shabby street and went into a sex shop. Yet another first for me. Jon told me to look round while he bought something. He didn't show me what and I wasn't looking. I was very busy looking at all the 'toys'. We left and headed back to the shopping centre, which pleased me because I was getting cold. In the centre we wandered round a few shops then went into a pub for a drink. After a couple of gin and tonics I started to relax a bit. It was then that Jon said, "Another rule - from now on, whenever I am near you, you will not cross your legs or feet". I was beginning to get used to these surprises by now and did as I was told. The coat was long enough for me not to worry about what was showing.

Just as I thought that we might be leaving, Jon gave me a little box and told me to go to the ladies room, put the contents of the box into my vagina, and then return. He said that I might like to warm them in my mouth for a couple of minutes before inserting them. All this puzzled me, and as I was walking to the ladies I was thinking 'what on earth could it be, or was it a them'? When I was safely locked in a cubicle, I opened the box and just didn't know what to do.

The box contained two metal balls about half an inch in diameter, and were gold in colour.What were these for I thought, and if I do put them in, how can I keep them from falling out? After all, I didn't have any knickers on, and I didn't want them falling out onto the floor as I was walking along - in public! What was I going to do? This was becoming a time when I had to consider 'what the hell was I doing here? am I mad? or am I just changing my life, and finally getting the excitement that I crave?'

Well, I was certainly getting plenty of excitement and I was getting lots of sexual excitement as well, even if it was embarrassing at times.

Life had been so boring before this weekend and I was starting to enjoy the thought of knowing that I was doing things that a lot of boring people would be shocked by. It was giving me a thrill. So, without even thinking, I put the balls into my mouth. After a couple of minutes I squatted down and inserted one of the balls. I pushed it up as far as I could, and then did the same with the other one. As the two came together, I'm sure I could hear a 'clink' as they touched. The thought of me 'clinking' down the street made me smile as I stood up and fastened my coat. As I opened the cubicle door and walked out I stopped because I could feel them moving around, and thought that they were moving down me. I decided that I would have to walk squeezing my legs together. By the time I got back to Jon I had a rosy smile on my face. The experience was turning me on. Amazing, two little balls were turning me on. Jon told me to lift the back of my coat and put my bare backside on the seat and calm down before we moved on.

"What the hell are these Master and how did you know I would like them"? "There called 'Ben Wa Balls' and I've read a few stories from women about them. They're a present from me and you don't have to wait to be told to wear them, you can wear them anytime you like". "Thank you, thank you Master, I wish I had heard of them years ago they're just amazing". "And that's when you've only walked 20 yards" said Jon. After a couple of minutes, Jon said, "Right then, let's go". We walked slowly out of the pub and down the road. All the time, I was struggling to contain myself. Just as I thought I was going to have to stop Jon pulled me into this little dress shop.

There was just one young female assistant and a couple of teenage girls in the shop. The assistant smiled at me and said that I looked happy. I blushed and said that I was. Jon and myself both started looking at dresses, but in different racks. We both found ones that we liked at about the same time so Jon told me to try them both on. I went into the changing cubicle, took my coat off and put the first dress on. It was way too big and had just taken it off when Jon pulled back the curtain. There I was, stark naked in full view of the whole shop. It was a good job that no one was looking. I told Jon what the problem with the dress was, and Jon turned and called the assistant over. I hid behind Jon as he asked the assistant to swap it for a smaller size. As Jon walked away, I pulled the curtain closed and stood there waiting for him to return.

I was stood facing the curtain waiting, when it opened again, but it wasn't Jon, he had asked the assistant to bring the smaller dress to me. We both stood there shocked, me stark naked with her staring at my bald pussy. She was the first one to recover and started unfastening the dress saying that she would help me with it. I was still too shocked to object. It was a front buttoning dress and she put it on me and started fastening the buttons. As she was moving down them she was bending down and holding the unfastened part of the dress open. There she was, down on her knees with her face right in front of my pussy, struggling to fasten the bottom buttons.

I was beginning to get embarrassed because of my arousal, and I could feel that my lips were all puffed up, and I was so wet that I thought she might drown if she got any closer. Just then Jon came back and the assistant jumped up and left. This was the dress that I had picked and Jon said that he didn't like it and told me to take it off. Just as I was about to try the other dress on Jon opened the curtain and left taking my coat. Again, there I was, stark naked, in full view of the shop. This time I wasn't as lucky, the two teenage girls were looking right at me, so was the assistant and another couple that had come into the shop. As I closed the curtain I saw the assistant smile and one of the girl's mouths dropped.

This dress was quite nice, except for the fact that it was very short, and was slightly see-through. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror and waiting for Jon to come back. After a while I looked round the curtain looking for Jon. He wasn't far away and when I caught his eye he told me to come out and have a proper look at myself. As I was looking in the big mirrors the bright light made the material even more transparent. This dress was very short but that didn't stop Jon telling me to 'give us a twirl'. Now the skirt part of this dress was 'A' shaped, and as I spun round, the skirt part lifted up revealing everything that I'd got. The assistant was smiling and licking her lips, the girls were just staring, and the woman from the couple was pulling her man out of the shop. As I stopped, I realised that I was smiling at the couple, and wasn't at all embarrassed, in fact, I was enjoying it. Jon said 'very nice, but not quite you, take it off and I will find another for you". I don't know why, but I did take it off, right there in the shop with Jon and three young women watching. What had got into me? I suppose that Ben Wa had something to do with it.

Jon took the dress from me and asked the assistant to help him find something else. While they were looking I just stood there transferring my weight from one leg to the other, cupping my little breasts and looking at myself in the mirrors. The two girls were frozen. After a couple of minutes Jon and the assistant came back with another dress and Jon asked the assistant to help me with it. I went into the cubicle and the assistant followed leaving the curtain open. Jon stayed outside just watching, like the girls, but they were not smiling, just frozen.

This dress was a pull-on, and was a very tight fit, so tight that the assistant had to put her hands all over me to be able to pull it down. As she was pulling it over my breasts her hands seemed to linger and rub my nipples. I would swear that she was gripping them between the backs of her fingers and pulling them with the dress. With nipples as big as mine, it was easy, and nice. When she got the dress down to my pussy she held it front and back and pulled. Not too hard because her fingers were right in between my legs, and her fingers were probing my pussy. I just stood there smiling and moaning a bit. Ben really was working hard. Fortunately, or unfortunately, she stopped before I climaxed, blew a kiss at me and walked out.

I followed her out to show Jon what I looked like. Jon didn't like it and told me to take it off, give it to him, and look for one myself. Before I knew it, I had taken the dress off and was looking through the rack right in front of the two teenage girls. This seemed to snap them back into life and they suddenly giggled and walked out. After looking through a couple of racks I realised where I was and what I was doing. I walked over to Jon and put my coat on. Jon thanked the assistant and said that we might be back, and we left. The assistant said we could call anytime, and thanked us for calling.

This was all getting too much for me, and I asked Jon if we could go home. It took us ages to walk back to the car, Ben was getting to be too much for me, and I didn't want to have an orgasm in the street. When we got into the car Jon told me to take my coat off and finish the job. This didn't take long. Afterwards Jon wouldn't let me put my coat back on and we drove home. I was glad that it gets dark reasonably early in April and Jon gave me my coat when we pulled into his drive.

Back home Jon decided that we were hungry and told me to prepare a meal. Jon let me remove Ben but he wouldn't let me wear any clothes, even when I pointed out that I might get something burnt. I wanted to go up to the bathroom to remove the balls but Jon told me to squat down and get them out with a finger right there in front of him. I put them in the box in my handbag; I wasn't going to lose them.

After dinner Jon said that he had to go out for a while and that I was to rest for a while. Before going out Jon took me to one of the other bedrooms and told me to sit on the bottom of the bed with my feet on the floor. He then put a blindfold on me and told me to lie back. He then proceeded to tie my wrists to the posts at the top corners of the bed. I could then feel him putting some ropes round my ankles and assumed that he was going to tie them to the short wooden posts at the bottom corner of the bed, but no, no sooner than they were both tied my feet were spread about 3 feet apart and my legs were raised up as far as they could go. There I was, spread-eagle, blindfolded, my legs high in the air, and my bottom right at the bottom of the bed. Right I though, this is it, he's going to fuck me. But he didn't, he just said that he was going out and that if I heard anyone come in calling his name, I was to ignore them; it would be one of his friends coming to collect something. I was not to be afraid because there was no need for him to come upstairs.

It was very quiet and dark, and I was lovely and warm. It wasn't long before I was fast asleep. The day's excitement must have really worn me out.

I woke-up with a start. It took only a couple of seconds to remember where I was, and I could hear a female voice calling Jon's name, then there was silence. After a few minutes, I could suddenly see little bits of light through the blindfold. Someone had switched the bedroom light on. "Who's there?" I said, but there was no reply. Everything was quiet. "Please speak to me" I said, but there was no response, instead, I could feel the air moving around my breasts, then something lightly brushed my right nipple, and it jumped to attention. This was embarrassing, there I was, stark naked, with my legs spread wide, with some strange person that I couldn't even see, touching my breast. I suppose that it was because I trusted Jon, and the experiences of earlier that day that made me feel un-afraid. Instead, I was starting to enjoy it. I could feel my juices start to flow. The hand was very gentle, and slowly wandered all over my body, slowly moving down towards my pussy. Then nothing before I could feel the person breathing near my pussy.

The next thing I knew was that something was being pushed into me. I didn't take much because I was dripping, and it didn't take long for me to work out what it was, as soon as it was switched on I knew, then the lights went off and I heard the front door close. At first I was in heaven, I had never had a vibrator before, and was enjoying the experience. It wasn't long before I orgasmed, then again. After the third time, I was desperate for it to stop, and I was starting think that I would die, I had never experienced so much pleasure in such a short time, and the frightening thing was that I had no control over it. In the end, I must have passed out, because the next thing I remember is Jon taking the blindfold off me, asking if I was all right. I just said, "Yes, can I have a drink please". Jon must have untied me and removed the vibrator while I was still unconscious, because my hands and legs were free, and there was no sign of the vibrator. I had to squeeze my stomach muscles to make sure that there was nothing still inside me. After a couple of gulps of the drink, I noticed the metal rings on the ceiling, there were 5 of them directly over the bed, so that was what was keeping my legs in the air. Jon then told me that anticipation of a spanking was often part of the punishment, and that he would remember that I had just forgotten to say "Master" when I asked for the drink. I would get the punishment in the morning. Jon then asked me if I was all right, then told me I could go to bed, and that I had done just fine so far, and was I still happy for the 'interview' to continue in the morning. "Definitely Master" was my reply as I walked out of that bedroom and into mine.

Sunday April 19 Next morning I woke up early, had a shower, got dressed, and went downstairs to the kitchen and put the kettle on. I was sat drinking a coffee when Jon walked in wearing nothing but a day's growth on his chin. His hairless pubes looked as smooth as mine. He seemed a little surprised to see me and then said that if I took the job I had better get used to it as he usually had breakfast before he got dressed.

As I was lifting my eyes above his waist, he asked me why I had some clothes on. Suddenly remembering, I quickly removed them, but it was too late. As soon as I had got them all off he told me to get on my knees, open my knees about a foot, and lean back and put my hands on the floor behind me. This was the position that I was to put myself in every time he said, "assume the position". He then made himself a coffee and sat in front of me until he finished it. All the time, I could see his dick which was starting to get semi erect, and I was starting to get aroused too. I was getting wet and I could feel my lips tingling and opening; and my clit start to swell.

The coffee cup was put on the table and Jon started walking round me. He stopped behind me and told me to look at him. It was real difficult to look him in the face when his balls and disk were a couple of inches from my face. He was looking up and down my body when he suddenly moved to my left side and put his hand on my pussy, pressed his finger into my very wet slit, and then moved his hand up to my pubic bone. "I thought so, you haven't had a shave today have you"? "No Master" I replied. "Right, you are about to receive the worst physical punishment that you will ever receive from me. Do you remember the words that will make all this stop"? "Yes" I replied. He then told me to go upstairs and lay spread-eagle on the bed where I was punished yesterday.

When he came up he tied my wrists to the top corners of the bed. Then he tied ropes to my ankles and then pulled my legs over my body and tied then to the top corner posts as well. My wet pussy was left open and facing the ceiling. With that he picked up one of those old school canes, about 3 feet long, 'U' shaped at one end, thin and very flexible. He 'swished' it through the air a couple of times before bringing it down on my backside.

"OOOOOOW" I screamed, boy did that hurt. That didn't stop him; neither did the tears that were soon streaming out of my eyes. The fourth stroke was different, it only landed on my right cheek, but the flexibility of the cane made it bend and the end of it hit my pussy. Talk about pain. My scream sounded as if it would wake up the whole neighbourhood. The last 2 were slightly worse as Jon adjusted his aim so that these last 2 hit my clit, which always sticks out between my pussy lips.

He stopped after 6. It took the best part of ten minutes for me to come down from my pain-induced high. I remained almost motionless throughout the orgasm, save for an occasional 'twitch' of my thighs or abdomen as the after-shocks diminished in intensity. That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. I thought it would never stop. My butt was still tingling when Jon came back in and asked me if I was alright. He then untied me and told me to have a shower and shave.

Thirty minutes later, I went downstairs (still naked) and found him reading the Sunday papers. I sat (slowly) opposite him with my legs slightly apart, waiting for him to look at me. After a while he put down the paper and said that we were going for an early lunch before the final part of the interview, and then me going home. This time I had to wear the only dress that I had with me. It was one that buttoned all the way down the front, again, no bra or knickers, and the embarrassing thing was that he would only let me fasten the buttons down to just above my pussy.

We went to a Chinese that did a self-service Sunday lunch. Very nice food and only a problem when I had to walk around without my coat on. Every time I put one leg in front of the other the dress opened at the front and I got a draught on my pussy. Nice feeling, but if anyone was looking...

When we got back to Jon's place we went into the lounge and we sat opposite each other. I deliberately kept my legs apart, and with that dress he should have seen all my stomach as well as my pussy. I was beginning to think that I was going to be unlucky and that Jon wasn't going to fuck me. My pussy really wanted his dick inside it.

Anyway, Jon started by asking me what my verdict was on the job, was it what I expected and did I still want it. He said that I had managed to survive the punishments that he had administered quite well, and even looked as if I were enjoying it at times. "It was more pain than I'd ever experienced, but yes, I did enjoy it". I said. "In fact I had enjoyed the weekend so much that I wanted the job". Jon said that he wasn't going to accept an answer at that time, but that I was to go home and telephone him with my answer on the following Tuesday evening. If the answer was 'yes', then he would come to Wales the next Saturday and collect me and my belongings. There were just 3 more things that I had to do before Jon took me to the bus station.

Firstly, I had to get myself ready for home, minus all my underwear, that I was to leave there. Secondly, I had to insert Ben and leave them there until I got home; and thirdly, he gave me a pen and a notebook. I was to write a Journal starting with my childhood spanking experiences. I thought that Ben and the lack of knickers would be nice, but a little difficult.

On the bus before starting writing this I went through the weekend in my mind, and, as well as having to lift the back of my dress and coat over my ass so that the wet patch was on the seat, not my clothes, I decided that yes, I needed a change, and that this was right for me. I needed to be told what to do, I liked the feelings when I was being punished, and I liked the excitement when Jon was telling me to expose myself.

Next morning I went to work and handed in my notice. The difficult part was trying to avoid telling my friends what I was going to do with myself. I telephoned Jon on the Tuesday evening and gave him the good news. He said that he would collect me at 10:00 am on Saturday morning. I wore Ben most days that week, and every time someone accused me of daydreaming I blushingly smiled and said that I was thinking about my new 'adventure', which was true.

On the Friday evening as I was getting ready to go out for a farewell drink with the girls from work, I decided that I was feeling brave, and went out wearing Ben and no underwear. I had an enjoyable evening (in more ways than one) and after a few drinks, I kept saying that Ben was looking after me. Somehow I managed to avoid telling everyone who Ben was.

Saturday April 25 - The day I started my new Job Next morning I wanted to impress Jon and I was ready and shaved before 10:00 am wearing only my coat and shoes. I decided that too much Ben would wear me out before I had started the day. Also, my head was a little delicate after the drinks the night before.

When the doorbell rang I took my coat off and answered the door. I wanted to please Jon, and it was only when I opened the door and saw Jon and one of my neighbours passing by that I thought maybe that that wasn't a good idea. Jon looked me up and down, put his hand on my pubes, said, "Good, you remembered," and came in. He had a quick look round, then said, "Coat on and pick up your bags and let's go."

The journey didn't take anywhere as long by car as it did by bus and we were soon at Jon's house. Once in, he told me to bring everything into the lounge, and that he would inspect everything to see if I were permitted to have it in his house. I was glad that he had left his central heating on as I had to 'model' every item of clothing that I had, changing right there in front of him. As the 'parade' went on I knew that I was getting wet, and I could see a bulge in his trousers. About three quarters of my clothes were 'unsuitable', and were to be thrown-out. This left we with no underwear, trousers, shorts, tights or leggings. I was then told to 'assume the position' whilst Jon read me the rules again. This time there were more rules than the last time: -

The rules

  1. Smoking will not be permitted under any circumstances.
  2. Unless specifically directed to, you will be expected to wear dresses or skirts at all times.
  3. Trousers, shorts, leggings or tights will not be tolerated. Stockings, either self supporting or with a suspender belt are acceptable.
  4. All clothes purchased or hand made will be approved by me before being worn.
  5. Unless specifically directed, underwear will not be worn.
  6. You will wear tampons when you have your period.
  7. Spankings will be administered by means of hand, paddle, tawse, cane, or any other item deemed appropriate at the time.
  8. Body hair will be removed every day.
  9. Legs will not be crossed whilst in Jon's presence, unless specifically directed to do so.
  10. Clothing will not me adjusted whilst in Jon's presence unless, specifically directed to do so.
  11. You will get 2 days off each week - Monday and Tuesday, unless previously agreed differently.
  12. At most, you will wear only a dress and shoes when working.
  13. Whenever you have had enough, and wish to stop, you will say the phrase 'chocolate teapot' 3 times. Once you have, you will no longer be employed by me, and you will be expected to leave the premises within twenty-four hours.
  14. Your employer reserves the rights to change these rules at any time.

Jon then asked me if I was happy to continue, "Yes Master" I replied. He then asked me how my Journal was coming along. I went to get it and showed him that it was written-up until the previous night. I was then told that I was not expected to write something in it every day, just for the days that had something of any significance in them. He also told me that he would teach me how to use his PC so that I could use that. This pleased me as I had had very little training on computers at school. Jon also said that once my journal was on his PC it would be easier for him to publish it, that didn't please me too much. It's one thing keeping a journal that's private (well between Jon and me), but it's something completely different having it available for everyone in the world to read.

My first task was to prepare a late lunch. After that, it was on with my coat and we went to look for some more 'suitable' clothes. We wandered round a few clothes shops, but didn't see anything that Jon liked. Eventually we headed for the dress shop that we had the fun in the previous Saturday. I was happy to see that the assistant was the same one and that she was still the only staff person there. The shop was also empty. The smile on the assistant's face told me that she was happy to see us as well.

As we started looking through the racks I thought about what type of dress Jon was looking for. I guessed that they had to be short, thin and easily accessible. Jon selected a couple for me before I found anything and handed them to me to try on. I went into the changing cubicle and took my coat off. I couldn't see the point in closing the curtain as I was sure that Jon would open it again. I picked-up the first one, it was made of cheesecloth, and was fitted round my shoulders and breasts, but from below my breasts it just went out in a big inverted 'V' shape. If I just stood there, there was nothing touching my body from just below my breasts down, and I was sure that if the light was in the right direction, anyone would be able to see-through it. Jon said that he liked it, but was too long. "Not a problem Master" I said, "I will shorten it, what length would you like it to be?" Jon said that all my dresses were to be no longer than 5 inches below my pussy, unless he specifically said so.

Just as I was taking the dress over my head, the shop assistant came over with another couple of dresses, and asked Jon if he liked them. Jon held each one up in turn, and then said that his Slave needed something that displayed her assets, and that was very short. Whilst he was saying this, the assistant was looking at me standing there listening to Jon. When Jon stopped talking she just stood there and Jon had to snap his fingers to bring her out of her trance.

I took the second dress and held it up. At first I though that it was a denim skirt, but when I looked closer, it was a dungarees dress. It was obviously designed to have a T-shirt on underneath because when I put it on I could see all the sides of my breasts in the mirror, and Jon had obviously picked a size too big for me because the waist was way too big. If I looked down the inside I could see all of my legs and down to the ground. Jon liked this one, but again it was too long for him.

Just as I was taking the dress off the assistant returned with another two dresses and asked if she could help me try them on. When Jon said, "Yes," she told me that her name was Kelly, and asked me what my name was. After I told her, Kelly held the dresses up and asked "which one first." There was one white lycra one, and one black lacy one. I pointed to the lycra one and Kelly gave it to me and then hung-up the black one. As I started to pull it over my head I was finding it a bit difficult. Kelly noticed this and said that she had brought one a size too small deliberately so that it really showed my assets. Jon smiled approvingly. Kelly helped me pull the dress down and as she was doing so her hands were lightly sliding all over me.

The lycra was so thin that it almost felt as if I had nothing on, I could certainly see the dark of my nipples through it. I just stood there as her hands wandered all over. After a minute or so, Kelly looked at Jon and said, "May I?" "Be my guest, but hands only" he said. Kelly's hands moved down to my thighs and then back up under the dress. They went all over my ass then right into the crease of my arse. Her right hand came round my front and found my pussy which was by now getting very wet.

Before the previous Saturday I had never has any form of sex with another woman. Last weekend had been sort of accidental, but this time it was very deliberate. Jon was encouraging it, and I was enjoying it, even though I was a little nervous, after all, this was a public shop. Kelly's left hand was working its way into my arse, and her right hand was working on my clit and going in and out of my vagina.

All three of us were so engrossed it what was going on that none of us noticed a women about my age come in and start going through the clothes on the racks. For some strange reason, I think that I was the one that noticed her first. Well if I wasn't then Jon and/or Kelly had decided to ignore her. She came round the end of a rack, stopped dead and looked straight at me. There I was, dress up round my waist, another woman stood beside me with fingers from one hand in my arse and the fingers from the other in my pussy. I was too far gone to even care who was looking, but the fact that some stranger was looking was giving me an extra kick.

Anyway. this woman was looking at me, and I was looking at her. After a minute or two, her hands started to rub her stomach and her tongue was licking her lips. All of a sudden, she was gone, don't know why and I didn't really care, I was getting my pleasure from Kelly. It wasn't long before I gave a shudder as I orgasmed. Kelly looked me in the eyes and said, "Now you to me." I looked at Jon and he nodded, so I started running my hands over Kelly's dress. She wasn't wearing a bra either and her nipples were nearly as big as mine. I pinched and pulled them with my fingers before moving my hands down to her stomach and then under her dress to her thighs. As I moved up I came across material and looked and saw a thong. As I rubbed her pussy outside the thong my fingers got wet. I pulled the thong aside and set to work. Kelly came a lot quicker than I did.

After we had both calmed down a bit I pulled my dress down as far as I could, went out of the cubicle and asked Jon if he liked it. He told me to bend down, which I did, and the dress rode up over my ass. When I stood up the dress stayed where it was, showing everything that I had, front and back.

Jon then said that he thought that I had had enough fun for one afternoon, and told Kelly that we would take all three dresses. We would come back some other time and try the lace dress on. Kelly composed herself, picked up the cheesecloth and dungarees dresses and waited for me to take the lycra dress off. When I did, she walked over to the counter and started to ring-up the sale. Jon said, "coat on" and went over to Kelly. While we were waiting for the credit card to process, Kelly said that she would like to see us again. Jon wrote his phone number on the credit card voucher, and we left.

We wandered round a few more shops before heading back to the car. On the way back we came across a Post Office and got a Passport application for me.

Back home - well it was my home now, Jon had me get us some food before he tied me to a chair, legs open, gagged and blindfolded. He then pushed a vibrator in me, switched it on slow speed, and went out. The vibe was doing its job slowly, but I was fighting it, I didn't want to be too tired when he got back. I had orgasmed twice when he did get back, and was about ready for number 3.

Before he had chance to say anything I said, "Master please fuck me, I need to feel you inside me." Luckily for me he untied me and then put me over the back of the sofa, took his clothes off and rammed his dick straight into me. 'At last' I thought. I was beginning to think that I wasn't going to get the 'real thing'. By the time Jon shot his load into me I had orgasmed another twice. That made 5 times that day, no wonder I was tired. When he pulled out, he lay on the sofa and told me to clean him up. I started to walk to the kitchen to get a paper towel, but he called me back and said, "No slave - with your tongue." I had given an old boyfriend a blow-job a couple of times, and had managed to avoid getting his sperm into my mouth, so I didn't knew what the taste would be like, especially as Jon's dick and balls were covered with my juices as well. As it turns out, it tasted quite nice and by the time I had licked him clean he had another hard-on, but he sent me to bed.

Sunday April 26 Next morning I got up early, and started shortening the dresses. I started with the cheesecloth one because it was easiest. By the time Jon got up I had finished it so I put it on and went downstairs and cooked us some breakfast. All the time, Jon was sat at the kitchen table naked, reading the Sunday papers. When he was finished he said that I was to go to the Doctors and get myself a supply of the pill and some 'morning after' pills. I had to agree with him when he said that I must not get pregnant. He then said that Sunday mornings were one of the times that he often went to the Gym to workout and that today I was going with him. When I pointed out that I didn't have the proper clothing, he said that we would get some, some other time, and that for today I could borrow one of his T-shirts. "What about the rest Master?" I said. Jon said to bring my trainers and that a T-shirt and trainers would be enough. I hoped that the T-shirt was a long one.

The day was surprisingly warm for the end of April, and Jon told me that we wouldn't have to be outside for more than a couple of minutes and that I was to wear the cheesecloth dress and my denim jacket. I still felt cold and very naked, and I hoped that it wasn't windy. It wasn't, and before I knew it we were pulling into the car park of this big Hotel. Jon said that he was a member of the Leisure Centre there, and that I would be his guest.

We went to get changed and I was out again long before him. The T- shirt came nearly half way down to my knees. We went into the workout room and Jon showed me how to use the machines. I asked him to stand in front of me when I was using the machine that stretched your legs wide apart. I told Jon that I didn't want to give the old men in there a heart attack. Jon said, "OK - this time, but you're on your own after this."

The other machine that I had a problem with was the rowing machine, every time I went back, I could see my pussy in the mirror. I just hoped that no one was looking. I didn't seem to have an audience so I guess I got away with it. When I came to use the exercise bike Jon raised the seat when I thought he should have lowered it. When I asked him why, he told me to try it and see. He also made sure that my T-shirt wasn't between me and the seat. Well, I had to slide right over the side of the saddle each time I pushed down on a pedal. After a while I was enjoying it and didn't really want to stop when Jon told me to.

After about an hour, Jon said that we were going for a sauna. I'd never been into a sauna before, and wasn't quite sure what to expect. Jon told me to go and strip-off, wrap the towel round me and go out of the other end of the changing room. The towel was only just big enough to cover my breasts and bottom, so long as I didn't bend down. When I met Jon at the other end, there was a sauna and spa there. There was also a smallish swimming pool, but I didn't have a costume. Jon told me that if I made myself a bikini and swimsuit, he would take me swimming; he would describe the design he had in mind later.

There was no one else in the sauna, and we sat facing each other with our feet up and legs bent. This was giving me a good view of Jon's dick and balls so I guess that he could see my pussy. Especially when I held my knees and feet about a foot apart. I was beginning to feel a bit dizzy when Jon finally decided to go out. We took a shower (closed the curtains) and then Jon told me to sit on one of the loungers while he went back in for another session.

I was lying there with my knees up, cooling down, when one of the male assistants came. I wasn't taking any notice of him until I felt that someone was looking at me. I looked round, and as he was the only other person there, I thought 'what's he looking at'? Then I suddenly realised. My initial reaction was to put my legs down, but I suddenly thought 'what the hell, I've enjoyed people looking at me before, so just ignore him' and I did. I put my head back and closed my eyes. He was still there when Jon came out of the sauna and sat down beside me. Jon whispered for me to open my legs a bit then to scratch my clit. After I had done that I looked at the assistant and he caught my eye, blushed and walked out. Jon said 'Come on, get dressed and meet me at the entrance."

The only other thing of interest that happened that day was that Jon started to teach me how to use his PC. He is pretty good at that, but he should be, that's his job. Oh, one more thing, Jon gave me one of his old white cotton shirts to make a bikini out of. It was to be made of 4 triangles held together with white shoelace like 'string'. Each part was to be able to slide along the 'string' making it very adjustable. The other thing was that the bottom front 'triangle' was to start about 6 inches wide, rapidly decrease to 1 inch, then remain at 1 inch as it went over my pussy to the back 'triangle'.

Week commencing April 27 Nothing special happened during the week, Jon was at work most of the time. I went and registered with a doctor on the Monday (the Doctor looked a bit funny at me when he saw that I was shaved and didn't have any knickers on when he examined me before putting me on the pill, but he didn't say anything). I spent most of the time either sewing, or practising on the PC. I've started typing this Journal into it, starting with today's entry. I'll go back and copy the rest into it as soon as I can, but I'm still very slow at this.

Saturday May 2 - The big Shopping Centre Jon was going to spend some more money on me. We went up to Sheffield to a big covered Shopping Centre, Jon told me to wear the cheesecloth dress again, my denim jacket and the Ben Wa balls. This was going to be slow progress I thought.

During the journey Jon said that we weren't going home until 10 people had seen my pussy, 5 male and 5 female, and that I was going to count them. If he thought that I was cheating I would get a sore backside when we got home. As we were driving up the Motorway I adjusted the seat back and laid back thinking about the fun I was going to have. It didn't bother me one little bit that when I was laid back my dress was just above my pussy. If any passing motorist was looking they would count towards the 10. Only problem was that I wasn't looking at them to count them.

When we arrived we had to walk a few hundred yards through the car park, and it was windy. I lost count of the number of times that I wanted to pull the hem of my dress back down and I will never know how I managed to stop my natural reactions. Unfortunately, there weren't many people around as we walked in and I didn't get to start my counting. Ben was doing his job well and just after we got in I had to sit down and calm down before going on.

This rest gave me the chance to start counting, as the seat that we sat on was facing one of the main entrances, and at that time there were quite a few people coming in. The first chance came as 3 young couples came in and walked straight towards us. I told Jon that I was going for it and asked him to watch their eyes. All 3 couples seemed to be engrossed in each other and I thought that my open knee flash had been wasted until 1 of the girls suddenly did a double take. At least I had managed 1 female.

We stayed sitting on the bench for about 5 minutes waiting for other 'suitable candidates', but nothing, so we moved on. The first clothes shop that we went in had some nice things and we bought a dress and a wrap-round skirt. Jon said that with slight modifications the skirt, even though it was a full length one, could be made to show a lot of leg each time I put a foot forward. Unfortunately the changing rooms were cubicles in a separate room and didn't give me any opportunities.

The shop next door was a furniture shop. We went in and went to the part where the beds were. There was a male assistant who looked as if he was still at school, and that this was just a Saturday job. We waited for him to come over to us and Jon started asking him questions about the price and delivery. Jon then told me to get on the bed and see if it was comfortable. There was no way that I could get on the bed in that dress without showing more than most women would want to. "Here we go, number 2," so I sat on the side, then swung first one leg then the other one onto the bed. The assistant's eyes opened wide. Jon told me to lay back and then turn over. With a dress that short half my bum was on show. As I rolled back I noticed that a man and a woman were also looking at me. I smiled and thought that that was a bonus. I was now up to 4, 2 of each.

I then got off the bed in a most un-lady like manor, making sure that I gave them their 'money's worth'. Jon continued to talk to the assistant for another couple of minutes, but then told me we were leaving. As we were walking out of the shop Jon told me that I had left 'a snail's trail' across part of the bed when I got off it. I had to ask him what he meant, and he said that I had left a line of pussy juice as I slid my uncovered pussy over the bed as I got off. I wanted to go back and look, but he wouldn't let me.

I was having to walk slower and slower as Ben had more and more of an effect on me. We were passing a Ladies room and I pleaded with Jon to let me take them out. When I explained to him that I wouldn't be able to go much further he finally agreed. When I came out of the Ladies I was able to walk faster, but at the same time, something was 'missing'. Whilst I was in there, I had cleaned-up myself, but it wasn't long before I was getting just as wet. The next shop that we went it was another dress shop. We didn't find any dresses or skirts that Jon liked, but we did find a bikini that he liked. It was one that had a low-cut, under-wired bra, with shoulder straps that connected at the front, almost under my armpits. It was made of a cotton mix material in orange check.

I selected a top and bottom in my size (34A), but Jon swapped the top for a 34C. He then swapped the bottoms for one that was a size too small. As we were walking towards the changing rooms Jon told me to come out and show him what it looked like on. When I went through the changing room door I saw that it was one big communal changing room, and that there were already about 7 or 8 other women in there. They were all pretty young and in various stated of undress. I took my jacket off, then my dress. This left me naked, and I though that this was the ideal time to expose my pussy to the remaining 3 women that I needed.

I sat on the bench, and made a big deal of putting the bikini on. I put the top on first, then started talking to myself to attract some attention. I got the 3 women that I needed very easily, but would Jon let me count them if he hadn't seen them. Putting the bottoms on was a bit difficult, but I managed it and went out. Jon smiled, and said that I didn't look bad at all, he then asked me to bend forward, and I suddenly realised why he had swapped the top for a 34C, as I looked down I could see inside the top, and there were my nipples clearly visible, not touching the front of the top. I stood up and they fell back in. Jon told me to go and get dressed.

When I had taken the bikini off, I pretended to adjust my dress before putting it on. I was waiting for another one of the women to notice me before putting it on. I wanted to get the count even higher than I needed. It wasn't long before a girl of about 15 looked at me and stared at my bald pussy. I have never been aroused by the thought of another woman just looking at me, but I could feel my juices flowing.

When I got outside, Jon was waiting with a matching bikini bottoms that were 2 sizes too big for me. He bought the bikini (top and bottoms) saying that they would be okay, once I had done a few changes to the bottoms; and we moved on. As we approached an escalator, Jon told me to go up and wait for him at the top; he would be up in a minute. I did, and when Jon arrived he told me that I had been followed up by a man who had been following us. Jon said that the man had been a few steps below me and was staring at my legs all the way up. Jon said that next time he told me to meet him at the top, I was to bend down and put a bag on the step in front of me, then pick it up again; but that I could add 1 to my count of men because the man must have had been able to see my pussy.

The last shop that we went into was a Newsagent. Jon kept telling me to pass him something from the bottom shelves, but we never saw anyone looking at me. After that Jon decided to leave and we went back to the car. During the drive home, we went through the whole morning's events and although there were well over 5 women who had seen my pussy there were only 4 men. Jon said that the extra women didn't compensate for the shortage of 1 man. Therefore I would receive some punishment later, and that it would take 3 different forms. Firstly, I would have to be naked for the rest of the weekend, except for when we went out, secondly I would have to spend the night restrained, and thirdly I would receive 10 strokes of an implement that was yet to be decided. He didn't say when I would get the 10 strokes. When we got home I took my clothes off and Jon told me that I would get my punishment the next morning. Before that I was to get us some food, then he would be taking me out for the evening.

Jon had me wearing a low-cut dress that had short full skirt - no underwear of course. We went to a rugby club where the local team were celebrating a win. There were lots of men and only a few women. Jon decided that I would be drinking the same as him that night - beer. I had 2 pints, and he had 4, but I couldn't hold it like he could and I had to keep going to the toilet.

Only problem was that I had to go through a large group of men that were 'quite happy'. Every time that I went through them their hands were everywhere. One even held my skirt up, and as Jon was watching, I couldn't pull it down. I just had to keep moving, and wait for it to come down on its own. A short time later one of the men came over to us and said that I was obviously game for good time, and would I put on a show for the lads. Thankfully, Jon said no, but said that I would next time. I asked Jon what I would have to do, and when, but he just said, "don't worry, it's nothing that doesn't come naturally."

As it was dark when we left. Jon told me to take my dress off and get into the driver's seat. I was going to drive home naked. It was a good job that it was dark. Once home, I had to walk from the car to the house naked and Jon would not let me run. When we were in Jon said, "assume the position." I had to wait like that while he went and got some 'items' that I hadn't seen before.

Firstly, there was a pair of padded leather wrist straps that had a metal hook on, and a similar set of ankle straps. I had to stand up and put these on and follow him to the bedroom that had the bed with the corner posts and the hooks in the ceiling. Once there, he had me lay on the bed, before he tied ropes to my ankles and wrists, before tying them to hooks in the ceiling.

This left me stretched wide apart. He pulled them so tight that I was hardly touching the bed apart from the centre of my back. He then got his video camera and set it up on a tripod so that it was looking straight at my pussy. He started the video and put a vibrator in me, on a low setting. What he did next surprised me a bit, as I had never seen a gag with a ball built into it, but he put that into my mouth and a blindfold on me, then left me. I had already started getting wet when I was naked on the drive home, and by that time I was well on the way to my first orgasm of the night. After a lot of jerking, trying to push the vibe out, and 3 orgasms, I must have passed out. When I came round, I was sweating and very tired, but I was starting again. The next time I came round, the batteries were nearly flat. After what seemed like hours I went to sleep.

Sunday May 3 Jon released me, and took the camera away while I slowly walked to the shower. It took while for my arms and legs to get back to normal. After that the Sunday started the same way as the previous Sunday mornings, except that both of us were naked, me getting the breakfast ready and Jon reading the papers. After breakfast, Jon said that after the Gym, it would be punishment time.

At the Gym, Jon told me to wear just the same T-shirt, and trainers. I went through the same routine as the previous week, but on the leg- spread machine I was on my own. I had to wait until I thought that no one was looking before each stretch. This put my timings all out, and I only scored 35 out of 100. I enjoyed the exercise cycle again and I left my 'mark' on the saddle.

Just when I though that I was done, Jon told me to do a session on the abdominal exerciser. This is a metal frame that you lay on the floor with, with your head on the headrest. You then put your arms straight up in the air, and press on the front of the frame. This lifts your head and tenses your abdominal muscles. This wasn't a problem when I kept my legs on the ground, but after a couple of minutes Jon had a look round the Gym, saw that there was no one else at that end of the Gym, and then told me to look at the diagram on the wall. This showed a woman doing the same as I was, except that her legs were pointing to the ceiling. Jon said, "10 like that." Well, it was a good job that no one else was there, because as soon as I lifted my legs up my T-shirt was round my waist leaving me naked from the waist to my trainers. I rushed the 10.

After that, Jon told me to go and put the white bikini on and meet him in the sauna. Jon was wearing a very brief swimming costume that was made of very fine mesh. It didn't really hold his dick in one place and it bounced about as he walked about. It was also semi-transparent and if you stared at him you could see his dick, although it was a little confusing with him having shaved pubes. After about 5 minutes in the sauna the white polyester and cotton bikini that used to be one of Jon's old shirts, was wet with sweat, and quite transparent. None of the other people in the sauna appeared to notice, and when we left, I went in front of Jon. We had a shower, and went to the swimming pool. I had put my towel round me and when I had to take it off to get into the water it wasn't quite so transparent until I was in the water.

Jon had me swim up and down doing the breaststroke both forwards and backwards. It wasn't long before a couple of teenage boys with goggles started following me. Jon told me to adjust the bottoms by sliding the front and back triangle to the same side. This left me with my pussy lips and clit exposed. I had to do 2 more lengths with the boys even closer to me before Jon told me to get out and get into the spa. I felt very exposed and excited as I walked to the spa. My bikini was very transparent and even I could see my brown nipples and pussy lips. I jumped into the spa as quick as I could but just as I got in the timer stopped the pump. I had to wait for about 2 minutes in the still, clear water with the young couple that were in there with us staring at me. 10 minutes later, Jon decided that it was time to go; and because he took my towel I had to follow him with everyone looking at me. Time seemed to stop as I walked out of that room. Jon gave me my towel back and I got dressed and met him in the entrance.

Back home Jon reminded me that I was supposed to be naked and that it was punishment time. In a way, I was looking forward to this, and the anticipation had helped to keep me damp since the previous day. "Master" I said, "I know that I didn't please you yesterday and that I must be punished. I am yours to do with as you wish. Jon took me up what was now what I called the punishment room and restrained me very much the same as the previous night, except that my ankles were nearer my wrists, and I was completely off the bed. This meant that Jon could swing me back and forward.

Jon stripped off and got a tawse out of one of the drawers and gave me the first stroke. After each one I had to say the stroke number and thank him.

His aim was getting better, and the end of the tawse was just bending round my leg and touching my lips. There were a few screams before some of the counts and thank yous, but at the same time, that feeling in my belly was getting stronger and stronger. When he had finished all 10 I looked up and saw that he had an erection. I said, "Fuck me hard Master, I want you to take your satisfaction from me." He just stood there, and pulled me back and forward onto his dick. After about 20 strokes, he suddenly stopped me from going onto him again and shot his load onto my belly. The first blob nearly reached my face, but I couldn't reach it with my tongue. After a few seconds, he pulled me onto him again, and held me there as he got soft. When he had, he let go of me and walked out. A few minutes later, he came and released me and told me to go and get a shower.

Apart from the pain, I felt good after that, I had made my Master happy and I now knew that I was his to do as he pleased, and what pleased him, pleased me. I spent the rest of the day naked, sitting on cushions, and watching TV. At one point, Jon played part of the video of me that he taken the previous day. It was 'interesting' to watch myself like that and the bulge in Jon's trousers told me that he was enjoying it too.

That night, there was a bad thunderstorm that kept me awake. I have always been a bit frightened of thunderstorms, and I went and asked Jon if I could get into bed with him. He grunted and I got in. When I woke up next morning, we were both laid on our sides, with him behind me. His right arm was over me, holding my right breast, and his erect dick was touching my pussy. This stated me getting wet, and after a couple of minutes, I eased myself down and onto his dick. This didn't wake him, and I practised contracting my vaginal muscles, pulling him further into me. All of a sudden, he squeezed my breast and came inside me. Contented, I went back to sleep, and when I woke up again he had left for work.

Week commencing May 4 The week was spent shopping, sewing, and working on the PC. During one of my days off, I spent time in town finding my way around. Not a lot on this city, but more than in the town that I came from in Wales. I had managed to find a stall in the market that sold lots of different materials and found some very thin white lycra for the swimming costume that Jon wanted me to make. It was as thin as some tights and I was sure that if it was stretched I could see through it.

Jon had tried to describe the swimming costume to me, but I was having difficulty understanding what exactly he wanted. In the end he told me to take my dress off and used a ballpoint pen to mark on my skin where it had to go. It started as a thin strap round the back of my neck, then expanded in two pieces to cover my breasts. It then kept going down in a deep 'V' going over my pussy, still in two pieces that were only about an inch wide. They didn't actually meet each other but were both attached to the back part about half an inch apart just where my arse hole is. The back was like a full, high-cut bikini bottom back that came round to the front as two thin tie cords. These cords could either be tied on top of, or underneath the front part. When I had made it and tried it on every time I leant forwards with it fastened underneath the front part the front part would hang forward leaving my breasts and pubis exposed. I also had trouble keeping my clit inside the 2 front parts.

Jon also had me make 2 pairs of shorts, one was with a top made out of the same white lycra. They had to be high cut, and with only a 2 inch crotch. The other pair of shorts were running shorts made of very thin nylon cloth. The sides were to be rounded up to the waist, and the crotch was to be 2 inches wide, and 3 inches longer than needed. With a short length of quarter inch rope that I had to sew into the centre of the crotch, they would easily stick out at the front, giving an easy view in from the side. I went back to the market next day and found some suitable green material.

During my trip to the supermarket on the Friday, I noticed a man watching me as I picked up things and put them in my trolley. At first, I was a little frightened, but I started thinking that I could have a bit of fun with him. I went to one of the freezer aisles that had no one around and leaned over to get something from the back. My dress rode up and he must have been able to see my bare bum. I then went to some shelves and squatted down with my knees apart, to read a label on a packet. As he was walking towards me, I could see the bulge in his trousers, and the wet patch. He must have cum. I looked at his face, he blushed and hurried off. I decided that it had been fun and swore to have more fun like that.

Saturday May 9 As I was slowly getting up I realised that I'm getting used to wearing just a dress or skirt and top now. Apart from when I go outside and get a breeze on my pussy I forget that I have no underwear on. It now seems quite normal to be like that and putting a swimsuit or shorts on feels strange.

Shaving my pubes every day was a bit of a chore, but my skin had got used to it and the itching had stopped. I must talk to Jon about getting an electrolysis machine so that I can remove them permanently. Perhaps Jon will let me use it on him. The other thing that I have realised is that I enjoy exposing myself to other people. I had really enjoyed the previous days experience in Tesco and wasn't the least bit embarrassed. I was very happy with my new job and very happy being Jon's 'slave'. I feel very content having someone to take responsibility for me. I guess that that was what was missing from my life in Wales.

Today was to be different to my previous weekends with Jon. Jon had decided that we were going to decorate my bedroom. We went into town and selected some wallpaper and paint and then got started. Jon didn't trust me with the wallpaper but told me to do the painting. Before I started, Jon told me to take my dress off, he didn't want me to get paint on it. After we had been at it for about an hour I accidentally backed onto a wall that I had just painted, and I got light blue emulsion paint on my bum.

Jon said that that gave him an idea, and he took the paintbrush from me and painted a bikini on me. He started with my pussy, saying that he had to get it before my lips got swollen and my juices made the paint run down my leg. It really tickled as the brush went over my pussy. When he'd finished, it looked quite good, I'm sure that unless you were quite close, you couldn't tell that it wasn't the real thing. I was looking forward to testing that theory, but wondered how long it would be before it started to come off.

It took till late afternoon to finish the decorating, and after some food Jon opened a package had arrived by post that morning. It contained a dog collar and lead, a pair of metal handcuffs, some straps that would hold my wrists to my thighs, and 2 butt plugs. Jon told me that I had to wear the collar when we went out that night. When we did go to a pub in town a couple of hours later, all I was wearing was a black dress, collar and shoes. Jon carried the lead, and put it on the table in the pub, but didn't attach it to the collar. I think I might have been a bit embarrassed being pulled around by a lead but I didn't get a chance to find out. I wasn't at all worried by such a short dress, no knickers and not being able to cross my legs because of the painted-on knickers. So far, the paint was lasting well. A few people did a double take, but no one said anything.

Sunday May 10 This turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far, and instead of going to the Gym, Jon decided that we would go for a bike ride. In his garage, Jon had 3 bikes, all with a crossbar. One had a very narrow saddle and another had a wide saddle, but with a round hole in the centre of it. After Jon had checked out the bikes, he put 2 in the back of his car, and we drove out into the country. As usual, I wore just a dress and shoes, which would be 'interesting' getting on and off, and using a bike with a crossbar. We stopped at a big Water Reservoir that has a path all the way round it. To get on my bike I had to raise one leg high in the air to get it over the cross bar. Even though there were lots of people around, I don't think that anyone noticed. Even if they had been looking they would have only seen some of my blue 'knickers'. Some of the paint had already come off. Jon told me to make sure that I wasn't sat on my dress so that my bare pussy was on the saddle.

As I got on I realised that Jon had set the saddle high enough for me to have to slide from side to side as I peddled. I also bent forward and looked back at the top of my legs and I could see my blue pubes as I peddled. If I could see them, then so could anyone who cared to look, but then again they would think that they were knickers. After a couple of miles we came to a little picnic area that went from the waters edge back about 100 yards to a wooded area. Jon decided that we would have a rest and enjoy the warm sun.

We went to the edge of the wood away from the picnic tables and I un- packed the drinks, snacks, and blanket that Jon had told me to bring. Jon took his shirt and shorts off, just leaving him in a brief pair of briefs. And then told me to take my dress off. I had a good look round and when I was happy that there was no one for about 50 yards, I took it off. There was still enough of the 'blue bikini' left to fool anyone unless they were within a few yards. Jon was not happy that I had hesitated before taking my dress off and said that I would get 5 strokes for that.

After about 30 minutes of soaking up the sun Jon said that it was punishment time and told me to follow him. Fortunately he headed for the woods. I would not have been too happy if he had walked towards the water, there were people there. He found a path into the woods, and off we went. I was enjoying walking in the woods in the nude. It was a nice 'free' feeling, and anyway, the only person to see me was Jon, and he had seen more of me than was on display today.

After a while, we came across a small clearing with a big fallen tree across part of it. Jon told me to lie over the tree and put my feet about a foot apart. As I lay there I could hear Jon moving about, but I couldn't see what he was doing. All of a sudden I knew what he had been doing, my backside stung as a very flexible thin branch wrapped its self round my butt. I screamed and said, "One, thank you Master."

This continued until I had received all 5. As I lay there crying I suddenly felt Jon's dick enter me. It didn't have any resistance as I was very wet by that time. As the tops of his thighs and hips touched my butt, the pain started again. I came before Jon - just. When he pulled out, he just said, "come on" and walked off.

When we got back to the bikes he told me to pack things away, get on my bike, and follow him. When I asked about my dress, he said, "leave it off for now." Fortunately there were not a lot of people on the path that we took and it was about 15 minutes before we came across a group of 4 teenagers - 3 boys and 1 girl, all about 14 or 15. Believe it or not, not one of the even glanced at me. Neither did the old couple that we passed. In a way I was a little disappointed.

Just after that we were getting close to the car park and a lot of people. I could also see a police car. Jon told me to put my dress on. Once the bikes and us were in the car we started to drive off. Just as we went through the entrance Jon told me to take my dress off again. There was slightly less blue paint now, but still enough to stop anyone taking a second glance at me when we were driving home.

Just as we got back to Derby, Jon pulled into a McDonald's Drive In. The poor girl at the window wasn't quite sure what she saw. She didn't look shocked, just puzzled. I don't think she knew what she had seen. When we got home I had get out of the car just in my 'bikini'. I had to help Jon unload the car before going in. Fortunately there was no one around, but I was still 'excited' doing it.

That night, Jon told me to take a long bath, and 'soak' the paint off. I had to use a scrubbing brush on some bits, and had some red patches by the time I had finished.